Luxury Coach Holidays for UK & Europe

Luxury Coach Holidays for UK & Europe

Luxury Coach Holidays for UK & Europe

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Luxury Coach Holidays for UK & Europe
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            Kind regards
                                                                                                                                          Queens p27
                  The Bowens Team                                                                                    Headland p35

                                                                                                                              BEST INN
                                                                                FOUR STAR

                                                                                                                   Burnside Hotel p11    Lansdowne p1

                                                                   Marriott p40
                                                                                               B ridgewood
                                                                                                             p21          HOLDSWORTH

                                                                   Mercure p26             Copthorne p38                       p20
                                                                                                                    Ocean View           Imperial p12

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Luxury Coach Holidays for UK & Europe
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Luxury Coach Holidays for UK & Europe
    Introduction                                2–3    Romantic Highland Railways                     44
    Contents                                      4    Royal Scotland Safari                          45
    Destinations Map                              5    Scotland Top to Bottom                         45
    Local Joining Points                          6    Scotland’s Hidden Railways                     46
    England & Wales                                    Skye, Mull & Arran                             46
    Barnstaple                                     7   Stirling, Edinburgh & Inveraray                47
    Bideford                                       8   Waterways of Scotland                          47
    Boats & Gardens of North Wales                 9   Wonders of Scotland                            48
    Bournemouth                                   10   Ireland
    Cumbria & Lake District                       11   Donegal Delights                               48
    Eastbourne                                    12   The Essence of Ireland                         49
    Falmouth                                      13   Hidden Ireland                                 49
    Gems of Durham & Northumberland               14   Killarney & The Ring of Kerry                  50
    Harrogate & Bronte Country                    15   Irish Melody                                   50
    Hereford                                      16   Europe
    Ilfracombe                                    17   Lake Annecy & Geneva                           51
    Isle of Man                                   18   Austrian Lakes & Vienna                        51
    Isles of Scilly                               19   The Black Forest Hideaway,
    Isle of Wight                                 20   Treiberg & Titisee                             52
    Kent Castles & Cathedrals                     21   Italian Riviera, Cinque Terre & Portofino      52
    Liverpool                                     22   Delightful Dutch Bulbfields & Ostend           53
    Llandudno                                     23   Fuschl, Austrian Lakes & Salzburg              53
    Lytham St Annes                               24   Lake Como, The Italian Lakes & Switzerland 54
    Newquay                                       25   Lake Garda, The Dolomites & Venice             54
    Norfolk ... a Royal Treat                     26   Lakes & Mountains of Switzerland               55
    Paignton                                      27   Classical Italy, Lake Maggiore & Milan         55
    St Austell                                    28   Lourdes & Paris                                56
    Scarborough                                   29   Menton                                         56
    Sidmouth                                      30   Ostend, Ypres & WWI Battlefields               57
    Skegness                                      31   Sights & Sounds of Paris                       57
    Tenby                                         32   Imperial Cities                                58
    The Best of Cornwall in a Weekend             33   Rhine & Moselle Valleys                        58
    Torquay                                       34   San Remo, Monte Carlo & Monaco                 59
    Trains of North Wales                         35   Undiscovered Spain                             59
    Weston-super-Mare                             36   Spain - Bay of Roses                           60
    Weymouth                                      37   St Anton & The Austrian Tyrol                  60
    Windsor & The Chelsea Pensioners              38   Tuscany & The Italian Riviera                  61
    York                                          39   Austrian Winter Wonderland in the Tyrol        61
    Yorkshire Rail & Sail                         40   Short, Twin & Festive Breaks
    Scotland                                           Singles                                   62 – 63
    Edinburgh Tattoo                              41   Day Trips                                 64 – 65
    Hebridean Highlights                          42   Short Breaks                              66 – 67
    Skye & Hebrides                               42   Twin Breaks                               68 – 69
    Northumbria & Scottish Railway                43   Twin Festive Breaks                       70 – 71
    Orkney & Shetland Minicruise                  43   Festive Breaks                            72 – 74
    Railways & Scotland’s Natural Wonders         44   Terms & Conditions                             75

4                    Book by calling 0121 559 1237 / 0845 345 3543 or online at
Luxury Coach Holidays for UK & Europe
2015 Destinations

                                                                                                                 l Orkneys

                    SWITZERLAND       AUSTRIA


                                                                                                                                     l Shetland


                                                                   l Isle   of Skye

                                                                                   l Fort   William

                                                     Isle of Mull l

                                                            Inverarary l
                                                                                           l Stirling

                                                                                               l Edinburgh

                                                                Arran l

                                  l Donegal

                                                                                                                    l Northumbria

                                                                                                l Lake    District
                                                                                                                      l Durham
                                                                            l Isle   of Man
                                                                                                                                l Whitby

                                                                                                                   l Ripon
                                                                             Morecambe l                                    l Scarborough
                                                                                                                   l Harrogate
                                          Dublin l
                                                                                                                 York l
                                                                    Lythan St Annes l                                            l Hull
                                    Wicklow l                    Llandudno l         l Liverpool

                                                                              l Snowdonia

     l Killarney
                                                                                                                                      l Skegness

                                                                                                                                   Norwich l

                                                      Tenby l                                l Hereford

                                                                                                        l Bath
                                                                                       l Weston-super-Mare
                                                      Ilfracombe l                                            l               l Windsor
                                                      Bideford l l Barnstaple                             Oxford
                                                                                                                                     l Chatham
                                                                       Sidmouth                                                            l Canterbury
                                          Newquay l Looe                       l        Bournemouth
                                                                                       l         l                        l
                                            St Austell l l             l                                                         l Eastbourne
                                                                      l       Weymouth                    l         Brighton
                                                 l Falmouth
                                                                                                 Isle of Wight
                              Scilly Isles

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Luxury Coach Holidays for UK & Europe
Travel with Bowens
     SAVE MONEY AND USE ONE OF OUR FREE LOCAL                                                                              For your convenience USE our
    JOINING POINTS FOR NON-DOOR TO DOOR TOURS                                                                              DOOR TO DOOR SERVICE TO
                                                                                                                             JOIN THE TOUR COACH
               35                                   32
     Wolverhampton                        M6
                                                              14        30                                           M42

                            4              28                      Sutton                        A6 Toll

               22                                    Kingstanding Coldfield
                          Bilston    Stonecross
                                                         12                        11
            Sedgley             31             34
                          10              Great 20
                                                                                                                             NEW Door to Door
                           Tipton West    Barr                                                                 M42

                                                                                                                            Service now available
                      Dudley     Bromwich      Perry Barr
                                                26                 BIRMINGHAM           33
                                                                                                Castle     7
                                                                                             Bromwich                         £30 single per person
                      19             Smethwick           3              8
                                                                        Washwood 36 Chemsley
                                                                                          Wood                             Covering: Tamworth, Nuneaton,
                           Blackheath                 Bearwood                                                             Coventry , Balsall Common,
                                13    M5                       City Centre
                                                              23                                  24
                     Old Hill                                                     Yardley
                      9                                                     17          1                                  Dorridge, Knowle, Redditch,
                           Halesowen            Selly Oak          15                         Sheldon                      Bromsgrove, Kidderminster,
                                                                                  Acocks Green
                                                           18 Kings  Moseley
                                                                                                                           Stourport, Droitwich & Worcester.
                                                      21       Heath 16                   27         M42

     Minimum numbers                                                                                                         Within the shaded area
                                                                                                                                   on the map
     per stop apply.                 M5
                                                    Rednal           Maypole Shirley     Solihull

                                                                                                                             £15 single per person
    1    ACOCKS GREEN: Near Jeffries Hardware Store, Shirley Road, Birmingham B27 7XU
    2    ALDRIDGE: Bus stop near Post Office, Northgate WS9 8PL
    3    BEARWOOD: Bus Stop Layby near Coffee, 14 Hagley Road West, Birmingham B67 5DP                                     Bowens offers
    4    BILSTON: Bus Stop Wellington Road near Prouds Lane, Wolverhampton WV14 6AA
                                                                                                                              Coach seating with Air-
    5    BLACKHEATH: Bus Stop near Market Long Lane, Sandwell B65 0HT
                                                                                                                              conditioning and wash room /
    6    CASTLE BROMWICH: Bus Stop near Morrisons, Chester Road, Birmingham B36 0JG
                                                                                                                              W.C. on all tour coaches
    7    CHELMSLEY WOOD: Bus Stop, 46 Chelmsley Circle by Shopping Centre opp KFC, Birmingham B37 5UH
    8    CITY CENTRE: Bus Stop near steps side of Town Hall, Paradise Circus, Birmingham B3 3DQ                               Reserved coach seats on main
    9    CRADLEY: Bus Stop near Labour Club, Wilson Hall, Dudley B63 2BU                                                      tour coach at time of booking
    10   DUDLEY: Bus Stop near Zoo, Castle Hill, Dudley DY1 4FQ
                                                                                                                              Regular comfort stops en
    11   ERDINGTON: Six Ways Bus Stop near Big Johns, Sutton New Road, Birmingham B23 6TJ
    12   GREAT BARR: Bus Stop near Post Office, 30-32 Newton Road, Birmingham B43 6BW
    13   HALESOWEN: Opposite Bus Station, Church Croft, Dudley B63 4AQ                                                        Home pick up service available
    14   KINGSTANDING: Bus Stop near Library, Kingstanding Road, Birmingham B44 9ST
                                                                                                                              Excellent selection of great
    15   KINGS HEATH: Peartree PH, Alcester Road South, Birmingham B14 7JQ
                                                                                                                              value quality checked hotels
    16   MAYPOLE: Bus Stop near Co-op Supermarket, Alcester Road South, Birmingham B14 5JA
    17   MOSELEY: The Junction PH, 1-6 Salisbury House, Alcester Road Birmingham B13 8JE                                      All Hotel stays are half board
    18   NORTHFIELD: Near Boots Chemist, 750 Bristol Road South, Birmingham B31 2NN                                           unless stated.
    19   OLD HILL: Bus stop near to KFC, Halesowen Road, Sandwell B64 5LS
                                                                                                                              Friendly drivers & porterage
    20   PERRY BAR: Bus Stop near United Travel, Birchfield Road, Birmingham B20 3BJ
                                                                                                                              services to help with your
    21   REDNAL: British Legion Club, Legion Road, Birmingham B45 9HU
    22   SEDGLEY: Bus Stop Concord Market, Dudley Street, Dudley DY3 1SE
    23   SELLY OAK: Bus Stop Near Dixons Estate Agents, Bristol Road, Birmingham B29 6HW                                      Pay in convenient instalments
    24   SHELDON: Bus Stop, opposite Barclays Bank, 11 Sheaf Lane, Birmingham B26 3EF                                         at no extra cost
    25   SHIRLEY: Majestic Wines, Haslucks Road, Shirley, West Midlands B90 2LL
                                                                                                                              All holidays are protected
    26   SMETHWICK: Bus Stop High Street, Bus stop near Blue Gates PH, Sandwell B66 1AA
                                                                                                                              under the fair trade condition
    27   SOLIHULL: Bus Station, O’Neil’s Popular Road
                                                                                                                              for passengers financial
    28   STONECROSS: Bus Stop, Ladbrokes, 283 Stonecross, Walsall Road, West Bromwich, Sandwell B71 3LN
    29   STOURBRIDGE: Last Bus Coach Station before Ring Road, Birmingham Street, Dudley,
    30   SUTTON COLDFIELD: Bus stop near Mcdonalds, Lower Parade, Birmingham BY8 1JE                                          Friendly & informed
    31   TIPTON: Bus stop near 69 Owen Street, Dudley DY4 8ES                                                                 reservations staff to take care
    32   WALSALL: Bus Stop near Furniture and Electrical, Bradford Place WS1 1PB                                              of all your booking
    33   WASHWOOD HEATH: Bus Stop near Aldi, Stetchford Lane, Birmingham B8 2AN                                               arrangements
    34   WEST BROMWICH: New Street, West Bromwich, Sandwell B70 7PG
                                                                                                                              Full group booking service
    35   WOLVERHAMPTON: Coach Station, Faulkland Street, WV1 1JX
                                                                                                                              with great offers for group
    36   YARDLEY: Bus stop near Tesco Extra, Church Road, Birmingham B25 8XE
                             Customers with electric scooters must notify in advance and if it can be fitted into the minibus.

6                                    Book by calling 0121 559 1237 / 0845 345 3543 or online at
Luxury Coach Holidays for UK & Europe

Tewkesbury Abbey


Barnstaple is a former river port and is the premier town in North Devon where you’ll find great bars, great restaurants
and big name high street shopping. But that’s not all that makes Barnstaple special. There are the independent
boutique shops within the town, the proud local food producers selling their delicious delicacies in the Pannier Market
and, of course, the town’s colourful history. It’s this mix of new and old, of modern and traditional that’s behind
Barnstaple’s charm.
                                                                                                  31st JAN’15
Day1 -     The tour starts with a visit to the medieval town of Tewkesbury. This historic         To Receive a
           Abbey is well worth a visit along with shops or a stroll along the River Seven.         Discount!

           The next stop is at Taunton where there is time to enjoy the surrounding area
           for a spot of shopping and enjoy a lunch break.
Day2 -     Why not enjoy your free time with a visit to Pannier Market with its huge range
           of exciting fresh produce, handmade arts and crafts, a fantastic range of
           antiques and collectables for all those Bargain Hunters among you and much
           more. In the afternoon visit the famous Barnstaple Heritage Centre that exhibits the history from medieval time to
           present day (admission Included).
Day3 -     Today travel through scenic Exmoor to the twin towns of Lynton and Lynmouth, known as the Little Switzerland of
           England. The Victorians made holiday centres of the town and opened a cliff railway in 1890 to connect Lynmouth to
           Lynton creating some stunning views. Also visit the flourishing holiday resort of Combe Martin. Combe Martin was
           once a very prosperous harbour, exporting locally grown strawberries and hemp. This coastal area was also
           important for precious metals including silver, ensuring that the mining industry flourished here in the 16th Century.
Day4 -     After a hearty breakfast, we visit Clovelly. This unique, historic fishing village is famous the world over. There is no
           traffic on the cobbled street, which winds its way down a cleft in a 400ft cliff between carefully preserved, flower –
           festooned cottages to a tiny working 14th century port. In the afternoon, enjoy a visit to the RHS Garden
           Rosemoor. Spanning 65 acres, Rosemoor is set in the beautiful Torridge Valley. The stunning gardens include Lady
           Anne’s original garden, the arboretum and the cottage garden plus woodland walks offer interesting glimpse of
           local wildlife and wild flowers (admission Included)
Day5 -     Return via Weston-super-Mare with a break for lunch and then continue our journey home.

                           The Barnstaple Hotel is part of The Brend Group, renowned for
                           their excellent service. This modern and comfortable luxury
 Barnstaple                hotel has outstanding leisure facilities, including two swimming
                           pools at the spectacular on-site Barnstaple leisure club. It is just
 Hotel HHH                 a short stroll from the centre of Barnstaple. The team of chefs
                           are highly creative and take pride in serving you mouth-
                           watering cuisine No lift but rooms available on ground floor.

 Tour BARN5 - Half Board
 Departure         11th May
 Dates             5 Days
 Prices            £399
 Supplements: Single Person £100

    Book by calling 0121 559 1237 / 0845 345 3543 or online at                                                 7
Luxury Coach Holidays for UK & Europe

                                                                                                      Gloucester Docks

                                                                           31st JAN’15
                                                                           To Receive a


    Make Bideford your base and you’ll have the best in pubs, music and restaurants to satisfy every palate. It is a perfect
    place for a spot of retail therapy and if you fancy a spot of brand name shopping head out of town to the Atlantic Village
    outlet for bargains galore. There are lanes lined with quirky little shops packed with all manner of interesting items, and
    when it’s time for a break you can stop at one of the many pavement cafes for a coffee and a pasty.

    Day1 -   Start your experience with a visit to the famous
             city of Gloucester, visit the historic docks,
             followed by a visit to the Cathedral. Our journey
             continues with a stop at a small village of
             Tiverton for a short break and then continues to
             our hotel.
    Day2 -   Why not enjoy your free time with a visit to
             Pannier Market with its huge range of exciting
             fresh produce, handmade arts and crafts, a
             fantastic range of antiques and collectables for
             all those Bargain Hunters among you and much
             more. In the afternoon we travel to Great
             Torrington with a visit to Rosemoor Gardens
             (admission included).
             OR                                                             Exeter Cathedral

             Optional extra excursion for a Lundy Island cruise.
    Day3 -   We will have a scenic drive to Bude where there is a wide variety of attractions such as Hartland Abbey and Gardens
             and Tapeley Park, a magical balance of nature and nurture (admissions included).
    Day4 -   Start with a trip to Barnstaple and then continue to the Mort Bay to visit Croyde and Woolacombe. There is so much
             to do to keep you amused. There are excellent shops and award winning beaches with miles of golden sands to
             encourage a laid back atmosphere.
    Day5 -   Return via Exeter and continue with a lunch break at Weston-super-Mare.

                               The Royal Hotel is part of the Brend Hotels collection, which has
                               an unrivalled reputation for luxury hotels in Devon and
     Royal                     Cornwall. At the Royal Hotel, you will enjoy the warm hospitality

     Hotel HHH
                               and excellent service that comes with generations of
                               experience. Complementary use of the indoor and outdoor
                               heated pool. The talented team of chefs create exquisite dishes
                               for you to enjoy, complemented by a fine selection of wines.

     Tour BIDE5 - Half Board
     Departure      8th June
     Dates          5 Days
     Prices         £379
     Supplements: Single Person £40

8                          Book by calling 0121 559 1237 / 0845 345 3543 or online at
Luxury Coach Holidays for UK & Europe

Thomas Telford Aqueduct

                                                                               Boats & Gardens of
                                        31st JAN’15
                                        To Receive a

                                                                                North Wales


North Wales has a number of gardens with spectacular views, which are well known. In this tour we will bring the charm
and beauty of nature in full colour bloom.

Day1 -   We take a leisurely drive to Trevor to board the horse          Day4 - We travel to the seaside town of Porthmadog where we
         drawn boat to see the Horseshoe Falls and travel across                  will enjoy some free time and then continue to
         the Thomas Telford Aqueduct. This is a 2 hour ride                       Portmerion. This popular tourist resort was designed
         which is peaceful, relaxing and scenic. There is some                    and built by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis between 1925 and
         free time to enjoy in Llangollen before we make our                      1975 in an Italian village style. This unique and
         journey to the hotel. (Admission included)                               dreamlike setting is built on its own peninsular on the
                                                                                  southern setting shores of Snowdonia, the gardens are
Day2 - Free day to enjoy in Llandudno or visit Plas Newydd
                                                                                  beautifully designed. The famous TV series ‘The
         gardens where you will find the fine spring gardens and
                                                                                  Prisoner’ was filmed at this resort. In the afternoon we
         Australian arboretum. The estate also holds the largest
                                                                                  take a train ride on the Ffestiniog Railway before
         collection of Rex Whistler works and Military Museum
                                                                                  departing back to the hotel (admission included).
         (admission included).
Day3 - Travel to Bodnant Gardens to lose yourself in the                 Day 5 -Return journey via Tatton Park, which is one of the UK’s
                                                                                  most complete historic estates. It is home to a Tudor
         awesome beauty. Enjoy the sights, sounds and
                                                                                  Old Hall, Neo-classical Mansions, and 50 acres of
         fragrances that you will remember, from the huge
                                                                                  Landscape gardens, a rare-breed farm, and 1000 acres
         variety of plants, ponds, wildlife to the mighty
                                                                                  of deer park. The gardens are known for their
         mountains beyond. An endeavour has been made at
                                                                                  remarkable glasshouse and the Japanese Garden which
         Bodnant Garden to grow a wide range of interesting
                                                                                  is considered the finest in Europe (admission included).
         and beautiful plants from all over the world, particularly
         China, North America, Europe and Japan. The garden
         will interest amateur and professional gardeners, artist,
         photographers and families. Please note that although
         some areas are flat, there will be many hilly areas. In
         the afternoon we continue to Betws-y-Coed for some
         free time and enjoy the scenic village with wonderful
         array of shops (admission included).

                                                                         Tatton Park

                            The Four Oaks is one of the largest seafront hotels in
 Four Oaks                  Llandudno, located on the beautiful North West region of North
                            Wales, that has been fully refurbished. The hotel is well known
 Hotel HHH                  for their excellent service and warm hospitality. Wine and dine
                            at the hotel’s restaurant with their fresh home cooked food.

 Tour BGNW6 - Half Board
 Departure       29th Jun
 Dates           5 Days
 Prices          £329
 Supplements: Limited Singles Nil Sea View Supp.

     Book by calling 0121 559 1237 / 0845 345 3543 or online at                                                       9
Luxury Coach Holidays for UK & Europe

                   31st JAN’15
                   To Receive a


                                                                                                                       Salisbury Cathedral

 Bournemouth is referred to as the “The Garden City by the Sea” and is one of the Europe’s most prestige resorts attracting
 millions per year, to enhance this experience we have chosen the famous Cumberland Hotel to make you experience more
 enjoyable. Bournemouth is a large coastal resort on the south sea directly to the east of Jurassic Coast which is seven miles long
 of golden sands and sheltered water which makes it a firm favourite beach holiday. Bournemouth also has beautiful gardens and
 stunning landscapes with a variety of shops and restaurants.

 3 Day Tour                                                             5 Day Tour
 Day1 -    On our journey we will stop at Winchester where you          Day1 - 2 As 3 Day Tour.
           can explore more than 1000 years of medieval
           history and delve into the 12th century wall painting
                                                                        Day3 - Visit to Poole Harbour to board the Dorset Cruise to Swanage and
                                                                                  sail past the Brownesea Island and Old Harry Rocks to take in the
           and carvings of the Cathedral to view the Illuminated
                                                                                  views of the Jurassic Coast – a UNESCO heritage site. Then we board
           Bible. We also visit the statue of King Alfred the
                                                                                  the steam railway to visit Corfe Castle where you can visit the model
           Great in Broadway.
                                                                                  village, museum or walk around the castle (admissions included).
 Day2 - Today there is free time so why not visit the beach             Day4 - The trip starts with Christchurch to visit the harbour and quay. Then a
            for a stroll and then continue to the 6D cinema with
                                                                                  scenic drive though the New Forest to Lyndhurst. Continue to
            the enhanced simulator experience – the only one of
                                                                                  Lymington, the capital of the New Forest where you can explore a
            its kind in the UK. There are plenty of other things to
                                                                                  wide range of shops, cosy tea rooms, old world pubs and cafes and
            see: visit the modern boutiques, which include
                                                                                  mostly to enjoy the views of the Solent and the Isle of Wight.
            various places to eat. Take a stroll along the
            promenade or visit the Pavilion Theatre where they          Day5 - Our morning starts with a visit to Salisbury Cathedral. Discover over
            have live shows suitable for all tastes.                              750 years of history including Britain’s tallest spire, the world’s best
                                                                                  preserved original Magna Carta and Europe’s oldest working clock on
 Day3 - Our morning starts with a visit to Salisbury                              a private tour with one of the cathedral’s volunteer guides. Built
            Cathedral. Discover over 750 years of history
                                                                                  between 1220 and 1258, in one architectural style, Salisbury is
            including Britain’s tallest spire, the world’s best
                                                                                  Britain’s finest 13th century Gothic Cathedral. After lunch in Salisbury,
            preserved original Magna Carta and Europe’s oldest
                                                                                  our afternoon takes us to a World Heritage Site, the great stone
            working clock on a private tour with one of the
                                                                                  circle of Stonehenge, an exceptional survivor from lost prehistoric
            cathedral’s volunteer guides. Built between 1220 and
                                                                                  cultures. This powerful monument to the Stone and Bronze Age is a
            1258, in one architectural style, Salisbury is Britain’s
                                                                                  must see attractions for all visitors (admission included).
            finest 13th century Gothic Cathedral.

                                      Located on the seafront overlooking Bournemouth Bay, the Cumberland Hotel part of the Oceana Hotel is a
                                      modern resort style hotel that has achieved one of Bournemouth's highest hotel ratings for their service. The

     Hotel HHH                        Cumberland Bournemouth offers comfortable, modern 3 star bedrooms equipped to ensure your stay is an
                                      enjoyable one.

     Tour BOUR5 - Half Board                                                               Tour BOUR3 - Half Board
     Departure      22nd Feb          16th Mar         13th Apr        25th May           Departure        16th Jan         2nd Oct
     Dates          5 Days            5 Days           5 Days          5 Days             Dates            3 Days           3 Days
     Prices         £275              £289             £299            £319               Prices           £149             £159
     Departure       14th Jun         13th Jul         28th Sep        9th Nov             Supplements: Limited Single person Nil

     Dates           5 Days           5 Days           5 Days          5 Days
     Prices          £339             £349             £339            £329
     Limited Single Supplement: Nil. *Turkey and Tinsel

10                                Book by calling 0121 559 1237 / 0845 345 3543 or online at


                                                    31st JAN’15
                                                    To Receive a

                                                                                                  Cumbria & Lake
Ullswater                                                                                           District
Enjoy the Lake District - England’s only true mountain region boasting a national park covering 885 square miles, so there
is no better place to escape to. The Lakes are a popular holiday destination for a quiet retreat with picturesque views and
a tranquil setting. Lakeland is famous not only for its lakes, forests and mountains (or fells), but also for its associations
with the early 19th century poetry and writings of William Wordsworth. Historically shared by the counties of
Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire, the Lake District now lies entirely within the modern county of Cumbria. Why
not visit Cumbria for the famous Laurel and Hardy Museum, which is actually the birthplace of Stan Laurel. Also visit the
beautiful Muncaster Castle and Lowther Castle.

Day1 -      A visit to Southport, which is bursting with things to do                  Arthurian legend, Ullswater still holds many a secret
            to keep you entertained with miles of golden sand and                      today, with Helvellyn dominating the landscape.
            beautiful parks to enjoy your lunch break.                                 Afterwards head for Keswick (boat admission included).

Day2 -      Enjoy a morning visit to the charming village of                 Day4 -    The highlight of today will be a visit to the world
            Grasmere, home to the romantic poet Wordsworth.                            famous Laurel & Hardy Museum in Ulverston. Learn
            Afterwards spend some free time in the picturesque                         about the life and times of Stan and Ollie the world
            village of Hawkeshead, famous for its local resident                       famous comedy stars of 1930s. Laugh and cry at their
            Beatrix Potter. Take a scenic drive along the beautiful                    comedy antics, which will bring pleasure to all both
            lake of Coniston Water, the inspiration for the Arthur                     young and old.
            Ransome novel Swallows and Amazons. Arrive at                    Day5 -    Today we explore the historic City of Lancaster with its
            Haverwaite Railway Station and board the steam train                       castle and museums. Later travel to nearby
            for a short journey though the Leven Valley to Lake                        Morecambe and enjoy the truly remarkable coastline
            Windermere, followed by a 10 mile cruise up the lake                       with over 120 square miles of sand. Take a relaxing
            to Bowness, a popular lakeside holiday town. Spend                         walk along the Stone Jetty, which has been
            free time exploiting or take an optional visit to the                      transformed into a place of fun and artistic beauty. Of
            world of Beatrix Potter Attraction. (train ride and boat                   course a visit to The Eric Morecambe Statue is a must
            included).                                                                 for any visitor to the town, set in gardens surrounded
Day3 -      Start the day with a relaxing morning ‘steamer’ cruise                     by words and phrases relating to the much loved and
            spectacular Ullswater. Renamed the Dark Lake an                            missed comedy due, Morecambe and Wise.

                            This hotel is one of the finest Lake District Hotels located in the
 The Best                   heart of England’s beautiful Lake District National Park, set in
                            mature gardens with views overlooking Lake Windermere and the
 Western                    surrounding Lakeland fells. The luxurious hotel is ideally situated

                            just 300 metres from the steamer piers and bustling village centre
                            of Bowness-on-Windermere, perfect for exploring the many

 Hotel HHH
                            historic, cultural and contemporary attractions within the Lake
                            District. Wine, dine and unwind at one of the restaurants offering
                            delicious food served by friendly and welcoming staff.

 Tour CUMB5 - Half Board
 Departure         24th Aug
 Dates             5 Days
 Prices            £419
 Supplements: Single Room £100

     Book by calling 0121 559 1237 / 0845 345 3543 or online at                                                            11
Tunbridge Wells


 Eastbourne is bursting with so many things to do and see: there are plenty of attractions and fun things to do for all ages
 such as The Victorian pier, which was built in the 1870s, explore the area’s history by visiting the 1066 castle, and the
 museum and art galleries. You can relax and unwind by visiting its magnificent award winning beaches and enjoy the
 fantastic views.

 5 Day Tour                                                            8 Day Tour                                                         BOOK
                                                                                                                                         31st JAN’15
 Day1 -     Leisurely drive via Windsor reaching the hotel             Day1 - As 5 Day Tour – Day 1.                                     To Receive a
            in the afternoon to relax before dinner.                                                                  £10
                                                                       Day2 - Free day to enjoy the area.           Discount!

 Day2 -     Visit to Rye, one of the best preserved                    Day3 - As 5 Day Tour – Day 2.
            medieval towns in England. Spend free time
            discovering its architectural treasures and                Day4 & 5 - Relax and enjoy the town of Eastbourne; well known for
            narrow passageways. On to Battle to visit the                         many public events, parks, traditional seaside attractions and
            1066 Battle of Hastings Abbey & Battlefield                           cultural sightseeing, are among the few things on offer.
            (admission included).                                      Day6 -     Visit Tunbridge Wells to see the stately homes, castles,
 Day3 -     Relax and enjoy the town of Eastbourne; well                          churches and gardens. The Chalybeate Spring that marks the
            known for many public events, parks,                                  beginning of Royal Tunbridge Wells is sure to quench your thirst
            traditional seaside attractions and cultural                          after a stroll along the Pantiles the pretty colonnaded walkway.
            sightseeing, are among the few things on offer.            Day7 -     Full day discovering the coastal resort of Brighton and all its
 Day4 -     A visit to the city of Brighton where you can                         fabulous attraction. Brighton is a rich mix of Regency heritage,
            visit the Brighton Royal Pavilion and Museum                          specialist shopping and lively arts. In the afternoon visit the Royal
            (admission included), relax and stroll along the                      Pavilion, one of the most exotic, extravagant royal places in
            Brighton Pier. After lunch continue our journey                       Europe (admission included). Stroll along the Victorian Pier and
            along the coast and the South Downs and the                           beachfront where you can enjoy local stylish bars and Cafe’s.
            return journey is via Lewes.                               Day8 -     Journey home via Oxford the City of Dreaming Spires, is
 Day5 -     Return journey home via Oxford where we take                          famous the world over with its exquisite architecture and
            a lunch break.                                                        ancient university.

     Imperial                The Imperial is an impressive Victorian Hotel, full of character, situated at the end of Devonshire Place, across the road
                             from the promenade and bandstand, perfect for an early evening stroll. The hotel offers a good standard of
     Hotel HHH               comfortable accommodation, relaxing lounge area and a large restaurant offering hearty, home cooked food.

     Tour EASTIMP5 - Half Board                                                   Tour EASTIMP/8 - Half Board
     Departure      16th Mar          18th May         16th Nov                   Departure           13th Jun             1st Aug
     Dates          5 Days            5 Days           5 days                     Dates               8 Days               8 Days                 Lions
     Prices         £199              £239             £229                       Prices              £399                 £399
     Supplement: Limited Single Nil                                               Supplement: Single Nil; Sea View Single (per night) £7;

                                                                                                                                                    30th Dec
                                                                                  Sea View Double (per night) £0

                                                                                                                                                    4 Days
                                      The Landsdowne hotel is part of the Best     Tour EASTLAN5 - Half Board
                                                                                   Departure          27th Apr             14th Sep                 £339
                                      Western Hotel Chains which is renowned
     Landsdowne                       for their excellent service, the hotel is
                                                                                   Dates              5 Days               5 days
     Hotel HHH                        situated on the seafront and offers live
                                      entertainment most evenings which also       Prices             £299                 £299
                                      has 5 lounges and 3 restaurants.
                                                                                  Supplement: Single Nil; Sea View Single (per night) £7;         Supplement:
                                                                                  Sea View Double (per night) £15                                 Limited Single NIL

12                           Book by calling 0121 559 1237 / 0845 345 3543 or online at
                                                                                                                        31st JAN’15
                                                                                                                        To Receive a

St Ives

Eden Project

Falmouth has the worlds third largest deep-water harbour and is the countrys first and last port. The view is outstanding along the Helford and Fal
Rivers and Roseland Peninsula. Located on the outstanding South West Coast Path. The history of Falmouth is immense with tales of heroic maritime
exploits and endeavours, from the days of the Pocket Ships and Trafalgar Way. There are terrific family friendly beaches in Falmouth with many of
Cornwalls top attractions, walks and villages on the doorstep. There are castles, museums, galleries parks and plenty of boat trips to enjoy.

3 Day Tour                                         5 Day Tour
Day1 -    We take a leisurely drive to Falmouth    Day1 - 2 As 3 Day Tour.
          with a lunch stop at Weston-super-       Day3 - Today, visit Cornwall’s most famous garden – the Eden Project. Experience the sights,
          Mare.                                            smell and scale of rainforest in the Humid Tropics Biome – the world’s largest greenhouse
Day2 - Spend some time in Falmouth. known                  – and discover the tropical plants that are used to produce everyday products. In the
          for its maritime heritage, Falmouth is           Warm Temperate Biome, travel to South Africa and California, as you amble amongst the
          famous for its outstanding Natural               orange and lemon trees, olive groves and gnarled vines. In the 30 acre Roofless Biome
          Beauty alongside the Helford and Fal             see hemp, sunflower and other plants (admission included) In the afternoon, why not visit
          Rivers and Roseland Peninsula. Visit             the bustling city of Truro, which is recognised as Cornwall’s shopping capital, the city’s
          Trebah Gardens, a Cornish valley                 main capital attraction is the magnificent neo-gothic Truro Cathedral with its soaring
          garden, rich and exotic blooms and               spires and eye catching elegant beauty.
          vibrant tunnels of colour and even       Day4 - Today, we visit St Michael’s Mount, one of England’s most famous and dramatic coastal
          has its own private beach (admission             attractions. This rocky island is crowned by a medieval church and castle and lovely
          included).                                       subtropical hanging gardens. (admission included) in the afternoon take a short train
Day3 - Take a ride on the Bodmin and                       journey to St Ives and lose yourself in the maze of narrow cobbled streets and alleyway of
          Wenford Steam Railway. This railway              St Ives, bursting with galleries, craft shops and studios. Also visit the Barbara Hepworth
          is Cornwall’s only standard gauge                Museum and Sculpture Gardens where sculptures by one of the country’s leading 20th
          railway still operated by steam                  century artists are exhibited in tranquil gardens.
          locomotives and the train runs through   Day5 - Take a ride on the Bodmin and Wenford Steam Railway. This railway is Cornwall’s only
          some delightful Cornish scenery.                 standard gauge railway still operated by steam locomotives and the train runs through
          (admission included) Lunch break in              some delightful Cornish scenery. (admission included) Lunch break in Exeter before return
          Exeter before return journey home.               journey home .

                                     Situated in one of the most picturesque regions of

 Membly Hall
                                     Cornwall, the Membly Hall Hotel occupies a sea front
                                     position affording splendid views of Falmouth Bay and the

 Hotel HHH                           majestic Cornish coastline, from the Lizard to St. Anthony
                                     Lighthouse, divided only by the historic Pendennis Castle
                                     which dominates the entrance to Falmouth Harbour.

 Tour FALM3 - Half Board
 Departure         3rd Jul
 Dates             3 Days
 Prices            £199

 Tour FALM5 - Half Board
 Departure         27th Mar         23rd Nov
 Dates             5 Days           5 Days
 Prices            £319             £339
 Supplements: Limited Single Supplement Nil

     Book by calling 0121 559 1237 / 0845 345 3543 or online at                                                                  13

                                                                                                         Lindisfarne Island

     Gems of Durham &
     Northumbria                                                                                         Alnwick Castle

 Northumberland is home to more castles than any other region in England. The gardens are both diverse and plentiful
 with stunning displays throughout the seasons. Durham City is another jewel in the crown of the area.

 Day1 -     We have a leisurely drive with a lunch break in                        followed by a visit to Durham Castle which is one of
            Leeds.                                                                 England’s largest surviving Norman castles date
                                                                                   from 1072 (admission included). In the afternoon we
 Day2 -     A trip to Lindisfarne Priory, a castle perched on top
                                                                                   visit the Beamish Open Air Museum, a living,
            of the rocky Holy Island, accessible only by a tidal
                                                                                   working experience of life as it was in the north in
            causeway. This is a unique castle with a Gertrude
                                                                                   Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian times (admission
            Jekyll garden and a colony of grey seals. The
            journey continues with a scenic drive along the
            Northumberland coast with a stop in Bamburgh,               Day5 -     Return home with a lunch break in Harrogate.
            a lovely village by the sea. Bamburgh is home to
            the impressive castle which has a rich orange red                 BOOK
            structure which can be seen from miles away.                    31st JAN’15
                                                                            To Receive a
            The view of the Farne Islands are very stunning                    £10
            (admission included).
 Day3 -     A visit to Alnwick where you will be inspired by the
            most exciting gardens developed in the last century.
            The inspiration of the Duchess of Northumberland,
            this fascinating garden features the Grand Cascade
            as its centre piece to create spellbinding water
            displays. The pergola-covered paths of the rose
            garden nestle alongside the ornamental garden, the
            Serpent Garden, Poison Garden and Bamboo
            Labyrinth as well as one the world’s largest tree
            houses (admission included).
 Day4 -     In the morning we visit the iconic Durham Cathedral          Beamish Museum

                                           The hotel is located in the heart of Jesmond, a

     Caledonian Hotel,                     chic and leafy area, only one mile from
                                           Newcastle city centre with a vibrant Newcastle

     Newcastle HHH
                                           and bar culture. The hotel combines Georgian
                                           architecture which hs undergone extensive
                                           refubishment and houses the Billabone Bistro.

     Tour GODN5 - Half Board
     Departure     6th Jul
     Dates         5 Days
     Prices        £339
     Supplements: Single £60

14                           Book by calling 0121 559 1237 / 0845 345 3543 or online at

Harlow Carr

                                                                                                    Harrogate &
                                                                                                 Bronte Country
Betty’s Cate Tea Rooms

Harrogate is a Cathedral City, a Spa town, historic marketing towns, a World Heritage Site and an Area of Outstanding
Natural Beauty all within a few short miles of each other, the Harrogate district provides the perfect base for a varied
holiday. Whether you love the great outdoors, prefer shopping, good food, history, art and culture, your passion is for
gardens, you want white knuckle rides or a leisurely round of golf, we have it all and more besides. With so much to
enjoy, it is easy to see why the area was voted the Happiest Place in Britain two years running.
Day1 -    Travel to Yorkshire and check into the hotel in the centre of                                             31st JAN’15
                                                                                                                    To Receive a
          Victorian spa town of Harrogate.                                                                             £10

Day2 -    The morning is free to explore the delights of Harrogate.
          We recommend a visit to the famous Betty’s Tea Rooms.
          With its ornate fascia and delicious cakes, Betty’s is the
          perfect place to enjoy a morning coffee. Afterwards, visit
          the RHS garden at Harlow Carr. Celebrating over 60 years
          of history, the garden reflects the Yorkshire landscape and
          is dominated by stone, water and woodland. Together with
          the recent addition of an alpine house and learning centre,
          there are colourful borders, landscapes lawns and beautiful
                                                                                      Castle Howard
          meadows (admission included).
Day3 -    Visit the Howard Castle (admission included) one of the grandest private residences in Britain. This magnificent 18th
          century house is situated in breathtaking parkland, dotted with temples, lakes, statues and fountains as well as
          formal gardens. In the afternoon visit York City and the world famous Shambles and Minister.
Day4 -    Travel to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Saltaire village this morning and explore this model industrial village
          built by Sir Titus Salt in the 19th century to house his employees at Salts Textile Mill. Local costumed characters lead
          a guided walk bringing the history of this remarkable village to life. This afternoon continue to Howarth for Bronte
          themed guided tour begin your tour in the church with a talk on the Bronte life story followed by a visit to the
          charming canal side village of Kildwick.
Day5 -    Journey back to the Midlands with a stop at Wetherby.

                                    A warm welcome awaits you at the Yorkshire Hotel
                                    centrally located in the historic town of Harrogate, North

 The Yorkshire
                                    Yorkshire. Make yourself at home when staying at The
                                    Yorkshire Hotel, in the heart of Harrogate - the perfect

 Hotel HHH                          base to explore Yorkshire and the stunning Yorkshire
                                    Dales. Our friendly team are on hand to help you
                                    discover what a holiday in Yorkshire is all about whether
                                    it be visiting glorious gardens, historic attractions.

 Tour HARR5 - Half Board
 Departure        6th Jul
 Dates            5 Days
 Prices           £349
 Supplements: Limited Singles Nil

     Book by calling 0121 559 1237 / 0845 345 3543 or online at                                             15


                                                                                                   Minnow Bridge

 Hereford is a cathedral city, civil parish and county town of Hertfordshire; it lies on the river Wye. Hereford is famous for
 its Cathedral, Museums and Gardens. It is also renowned for shopping such as boutiques, family-owned stores and
 specialist food stores. The thriving City of Hereford is situated on the banks of the beautiful River Wye, surrounded by
 unspoilt countryside and is a great place to explore and enjoy whatever the time of year. Attractive alleyways and ancient
 courtyards surround the famous cathedral which stands on the banks of the River Wye. Close by in the cathedral library,
 you’ll find two of Britain’s most important treasures, the Medieval Mappa Mundi and the Chained Library.
 Day1 -     The journey begins by travelling via the scenic route of                                                31st JAN’15
                                                                                                                    To Receive a
            Wyre Forest and then the Clee Hills to Ludlow. The town                                                      £10
            is situated on the River Teme and is full of medieval
            character with ruined castle and has one of the largest
            parish church in England.
 Day2 -     Free day to enjoy the historical sites of the city such as
            Hereford Cider Museum, the magnificent Cathedral, the
            old house or the wonderful Art Galley Museum.
 Day3 -     Full day excursion with brief stop at Ledbury, which has a
            large number of timber framed buildings particularly the
            Market House built in 1617. Eastnor Castle has a
            prominent position 2 miles outside the town where we will
                                                                          Lydney Harbour
            take a short stop (admission included). In the afternoon
            we travel to Lydney Harbour and enjoy a scenic steam train ride on the Dean Forest Railway. We return via
            Monmouth where there is a unique 13th century Minnow Bridge crossing the River Minnow.
 Day4 -     Full day excursion to Hay-on-Wye which is world re-owned for books and bookshops. The journey continues to
            Brecon famed for its ancient Cathedral and Museums. Our return journey to the hotel is through the beautiful
            Brecon Beacon National Park with a brief stop at Abergavenny.
 Day5 -     Return home via the historical medieval town of Tewkesbury and Upton-upon-Seven.

                                      This comfortable and traditional hotel is situated in the
                                      centre of Hereford across from the famous cathedral.

     Green                            The hotel bedrooms have private facilities, telephone,
                                      television, hairdryer, trouser press and complimentary

     Dragon Hotel                     tea and coffee. There is a lift which serves all floor and
                                      the John Spice’s restaurant and bar offers buffet style
                                      meals with a choice of both English and international
                                      cuisine. Porterage is also included.

     Tour HERE5 - Half Board
     Departure      11th May        7th Sep         23rd Dec
     Dates          5 Days          5 Days          5 Days
     Prices         £279            £279            £449*
     Supplements: Limited Single Nil. *Itinerary could change.

16                           Book by calling 0121 559 1237 / 0845 345 3543 or online at
                                                                                              31st JAN’15
                                                                                              To Receive a


The coastal town of Ilfracombe is a perfect location for North Devon holidays, with its whitewashed houses and grand
Victorian villas, which also offers a gateway to an exciting blend of stunning coastal scenery, seaside fun, rural tranquillity and
centuries of heritage and style. Its charming natural harbour and elegant Victorian architecture continue to make it as popular
today as it has ever been. Ilfracombe is the “jewel” of the North Devon coast and a remarkable location for romantic
getaways, family holidays and activity breaks.

Day1 - Start the visit with a brief stop at Tewkesbury and a lunch                     natural grace of the Lake, it feeds the spirit and cleanses
         break at the Weston-super-Mare resort, and enjoy the                          the heart of all who see it and experience its beauty. With
         golden beaches, continue the drive through Tiverton.                          thoughtful woodland walks, abundant organic vegetable
                                                                                       gardens and surprising animal encounters, a day at
Day2 - Why not enjoy your free time with a visit to the Ilfracombe                     Tapeley Park is truly a day to remember. (Admission
         Museum, or just relax on the golden sandy beaches.                            Included) then making our way to Barnstaple.
Day3 - Today travel through scenic Exmoor to the twin towns of                Day5 - Visit Tiverton Castle and drive along the Exe Valley and
         Lynton and Lynmouth, known as the Little Switzerland of                       then continue a lunch break at Burnham On Sea
         England. The Victorians made holidays centres of the town                     (admission included).
         and opened a cliff railway in 1890 to connect Lynmouth to
         Lynton creating some stunning views. Also visit the
         flourishing holiday resort of Combe Martin. Combe
         Martin was once a very prosperous harbour, exporting
         locally grown strawberries and hemp. This coastal area
         was also important for precious metal including silver,
         ensuring that the mining industry flourished here in the
         16th Century.
Day4 - Our journey starts by visiting Bideford, where you can
         visit the Burton Art Gallery for a splash of culture and
         retail therapy, or head to Northam Burrows and discover
         why it’s designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest.
         In the afternoon we will visit Tapeley Park and Gardens,
         The Gardens at Tapeley Park are a magical balance of
         nature and nurture. From the formal terraces to the                  Malmsmead, Exmoor

                          The Osborne Hotel is ideally situated to explore all of which
                          Ilfracombe has to offer, just a short walk from the town, shops,

                          theatre, harbour and the famous Tunnels Beaches. Guests can take
                          advantage of the hotels extensive facilities which include a ballroom,

 Hotel                    bar lounge, sauna, small games room, and a lift serving all floors. The
                          hotel offers a traditional English breakfast and waiter served evening
                          meals with choice of dinner menu. Entertainment and Porterage are
                          also included.

 Tour ILFR5 - Half Board
 Departure        4th May         27th Jul          31st Aug
 Dates            5 Days          5 Days            5 Days
 Prices           £259            £275              £275
 Supplements: Limited Singles Nil

     Book by calling 0121 559 1237 / 0845 345 3543 or online at                                                               17
Snaefell Mountain Railway

     Isle of Man
                                                                                                     Castletown Harbour

 The Isle of Man is without doubt the most unusual destination in the British Isles, with a wonderfully preserved and
 totally unique heritage and culture. So different is the island that even some of its wildlife is indigenous, such as the
 Manx cat. The island is famous for its wonderful glens and mountains, dramatic coastlines and long sandy beaches.
 Amongst its many attractions, you’ll find enchanting medieval castles, ancient village churches, stately homes and
 beautiful parks and gardens.

 Day1 -    Depart for Heysham and the ferry crossing
           to the Isle of Man. Arrival in Douglas for 6
           nights at the Hydro Hotel.
 Day2 -    Day of leisure.
 Day3 -    A full day excursion firstly visiting Laxey,
           home to the famous Laxey Wheel. We then
           continue our journey around the North of
           the Island passing Maughold and onto
           Ramsey with time available before
           concluding the day with a visit to Point of
 Day4 -    A full day tour via the Calf of Man before
           visiting Castletown and Cregneash. After
                                                             Great Laxey Wheel
           leaving Cregneash, the journey continues to
           Port Erin for lunch (not included). Continue to Peel with time available for sightseeing before returning to Douglas
           late afternoon.
 Day5 -    Morning free in Douglas and in the afternoon, we take a ride on the Snaefell Mountain Railway, built in 1895 the
           railway runs from Laxey village to the summit of Snaefell, the Islands only mountain (fare included).
 Day6 -    Day of leisure.
 Day7 -    Ferry crossing back to Heysham and homeward journey.

                     The well-established Hydro Hotel is situated on the beautiful Queen’s
                     Promenade overlooking Douglas Bay, just a short walk to all the shops,

     Hydro           pubs, attractions and the casino. Facilities at the hotel include a bar, WiFi
                     and lift serving all floors. All rooms have private facilities, television,

     Hotel           telephone, hairdryer and tea/coffee making tray. The restaurant offers a
                     buffet style breakfast and waiter served evening meals with choice of
                     dinner menu. Porterage and some entertainment in the summer months
                     are also included.

     Tour IOMA7 - Half Board
     Departure     5th Apr          14th Jun         16th Aug         27th Sep
     Dates         7 Days           7 Days           7 Days           7 Days
     Prices        £459             £519             £519             £499
     Supplements: Single Room £90
                                                          Tour operated by Robinsons Holidays

18                           Book by calling 0121 559 1237 / 0845 345 3543 or online at
Tresco Abbey Gardens

                                                                                              Isles of Scilly
Hugh Town, St Mary’s

Located just 28 miles off the south western tip of the Cornish Coast, lies the Isles of Scilly, one of Britain’s best kept
secrets. With beautiful beaches and clear sea, the Isles bask in the Gulf Stream and as such enjoys a mild climate which
provides a sub-tropical habitat for exotic plants and migrating birds and is an ideal getaway from the everyday hustle
and bustle of the mainland.

Day1 -   Travel to Truro and spend 1 night at the
         Merchant House Hotel in Truro.
Day2 -   Continue to Penzance for the morning
         sailing to St Mary’s and spend 4 nights at
         the Bell Rock Hotel.
Day3 -   Enjoy an introductory guided tour of St
         Mary’s with a local coach operator. A
         commentary will provide an insight into
         life on this, the largest island in the
         archipelago. The rest of the day is spent
         at leisure relaxing in the hotel pool or on
         the beach.
Day4 -   Spend the day exploring Hugh Town, the
         island’s ‘capital’. It is situated between     Cornwall’s Castle, Tresco
         two beaches and is home to a variety of
         shops, art and craft galleries and restaurants. In the afternoon, enjoy a stroll along the garrison walls, high above
         the town or simply relax on Porthcressa or Town Beach.
Day5 -   Another day at leisure enjoying the nature trail and coastal paths of St Mary’s.
Day6 -   Sadly it’s time to leave the tranquillity of the island and return to the mainland on the afternoon ferry back to
         Penzance. Continue to Truro for 1 night at the Merchant House Hotel.
Day7 -   Return journey.

                            The Bell Rock Hotel is ideally situated on a level position,
                            midway between Town Beach and Porthcressa Bay, close to all

 Bell Rock                  amenities, shops and entertainment. Hotel facilities include an
                            indoor swimming pool and all bedrooms have private facilities,

 Hotel                      television, radio, hairdryer and complimentary tea and coffee.
                            There is no lift at the hotel but lower floor rooms may be
                            available on request. The hotel offers waiter served meals with
                            choice of dinner menu. Porterage is also included.

 Tour IOSC7 - Half Board
 Departure        3rd Jun
 Dates            7 Days
 Prices           £899
 Supplements: Single Room £90
                                                      Tour operated by Robinsons Holidays
     Book by calling 0121 559 1237 / 0845 345 3543 or online at                                           19
                     31st JAN’15
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     Isle of Wight                                                                                              TOUR
                                                                                                                                        Sandown Beach

 Superbly situated beside the sparkling waters of Sandown Bay, the twin resorts of Sandown and Shanklin have delighted generations of
 holiday makers for over 150 years. Sandown seafront is just yards from the town’s shops, cafes, pubs and restaurants, with easy level
 walking along the broad promenades and sea wall. Safe bathing and a mild climate provide the essential ingredients for a summer holiday,
 where you will find deckchairs, beach huts, water sports and the pier, dating from 1879 which now provides all weather amusements.

 5 Day Tour                                                                                              8 Day Tour
 Day1 -        Leisurely drive to Portsmouth with lunch breaks en-route. Take the ferry                  Day1 - 3 As 5 Day Tour
               to the Isle of Wight
                                                                                                         Day4 & 5 - Your free time to enjoy the resort.
 Day2 -        Your free time to enjoy the resort.
                                                                                                         Day6 - An excursion firstly to Cowes, the yachting capital
 Day3 -        A full day island tour, starting with the attractive village of Godshill with                         of the Island, before a visit to Queen Victoria’s
               its thatched cottages. Continue to Yarmouth, a bustling town with a                                   seaside retreat (admission included).
               natural harbour, overlooked by Yarmouth Castle. On the west side of the
               island is Alum Bay with its coloured sands and The Needles, the most
                                                                                                         Day7 -      An excursion to Rosemary Vineyard - one of the
                                                                                                                     largest producers of English wine, covering 30
               westerly tip of the Isle of Wight. The return to Shanklin is along the
                                                                                                                     acres it is ideally placed to make the most of the
               Military Road overlooking Brightstone Bay and through Ventnor.
                                                                                                                     mild Island climate.There is a guided tour of the
 Day4 -        An excursion to Cowes, the yachting capital of the Island, and then                                   winery to explain the art of wine making.
               Queen Victoria’s seaside retreat (admission included).
                                                                                                         Day8 -      After a ferry ride enjoy some free time in
 Day5 -        Leisurely ferry ride and free time in Portsmouth to visit the historic sites                          Portsmouth to visit the historic sites and a lunch
               and a lunch break. Take in the sights on the way back home.                                           break, continue your journey back to the Midlands

     Trouville Hotel Sandown HHH                                                      Channel View Hotel Shanklin HHH
     Situated on Sandown’s seafront, the Trouville Hotel is the ideal location for    The Channel View Hotel is in a unique location occupying an elevated cliff-top position
     an Isle of Wight Break. Panoramic views over the sweep of Sandown and            overlooking Shanklin Bay with its sandy beaches and safe bathing that the island is
     Shanklin Bay, the hotel offers the comfort and care for a deserved getaway.      renowned for. During your stay enjoy the heated indoor swimming pool, sauna or sun
     En-suite bedrooms offer the facilities expected by today’s well travelled        bed and holistic therapies. The Gino family owned hotel are justly proud of their
     guest looking for Isle of Wight accommodation. Delight in the pleasure of        reputation for quality with a warm welcome, efficient service, excellent food and
     good food with their blend of traditional cuisine with a modern twist.           attention to detail.

     Tour IOWT5 - Half Board                                                           Tour IOWC5 - Half Board
     Departure            13th Apr            7th Jul              14th Aug            Departure         21st Mar           3rd Aug             30th Sep          13th Nov
     Dates                5 Days              5 Days               5 Days              Dates             5 Days             5 Days              5 Days            5 Days
     Prices               £299                £339                 £339                Prices            £299               £369                £329              £369
     Supplement: Single Room Nil; Front Facing Room per person/night £10               Supplement: Single Room Nil; Sea View Nil

     Ocean View                                    The Ocean View Hotel, an impressive building situated in a prime position overlooking Sandown Bay. The hotel provides a
                                                   good standard of comfort throughout including a heated indoor swimming pool and a snooker room. We offer a fine choice of

     Hotel Shanklin
                                                   accommodation, many rooms commanding beautiful sea views and balconies upon which one can sit and relax enjoying the
                                                   tranquil views.

     Tour IOWO8 - Half Board                                                                                              Tour IOWO5 - Half Board
     Departure            30th May            20th Jun            18th Jul           22nd Aug        12th Sep             Departure          20th Apr           23 Dec
     Dates                8 Days              8 Days              8 Days             8 Days          8 Days               Dates              5 Days             5 Days
     Prices               £357                £406                £406               £406            £406                 Prices             £259               £399
     Supplements: Single Person Nil; Sea View Room £10 per night

20                                   Book by calling 0121 559 1237 / 0845 345 3543 or online at

                                                                                                      Leeds Castle

                31st JAN’15

                                                                                           Kent Castles &
                To Receive a

                                                                                          Cathedrals  Canterbury Cathedral

Kent is regarded as the Garden of England which shows the countryside at its best. The whole of the county is
engrossed with famous sites of interest which are world renowned. Kent is a ‘must’ see place which will captivate you
with its beauty.

Day1 -   Visit the historic Roman city of St Albans, to enjoy a                 Leeds Castle. Enjoy the attraction within 500 acres
         mid-morning of visiting the various sites and shop.                    of ground surrounding the castle and its moat
         St Albans also has a very prominent Cathedral &                        including the aviary, formal gardens and maze with
         Abbey. This is the oldest site of continuous Christian                 its secret underground grotto (admission included).
         worship in Britain. It stands over the place where          Day4 -     Return journey is via Rochester, with history dating
         Alban, the first martyr, was buried after giving his                   back centuries. There is so much to see and do in
         life for his faith over 1700 years ago – more than                     the City itself. Explore the stunning Rochester
         200 years before St Augustine arrived in Canterbury.                   Cathedral, founded in 604 and the second oldest in
Day2 -   Today we will visit the UNESCO historic Chatham                        England. Enjoy the breathtaking views from the top
         Dockyard. This is a unique award winning maritime                      of one of the tallest keeps in the country at the
         heritage destination with a fantastic range of                         magnificent Rochester Castle. Built on the highest
         attractions, iconic building and historic ships to                     part of Rochester’s Roman city wall, to defend the
         explore. From the River Medway you’ll see the                          crossing of River Medway.
         riverfronts of famous building slips and ramparts of
         Queen Elizabeth’s Castle at Upnor. In the afternoon
         there will be free time to enjoy the local area
         (admission included).
Day3 -   Today’s visit starts with a visit to the UNESCO site
         of Canterbury, where we will visit the city’s most
         famous Cathedral. There will be an introductory
         guided tour of the cathedral, where Thomas Becket
         was slain and learn about the style and architecture
         that make up this fabulous cathedral. In the
         afternoon visit the ‘Loveliest Castle in the world’,         Rochester Castle

                                 The four star Bridgewood Manor is situated in
                                 Rochester with easy access to all Medway towns. The

 Manor Hotel
                                 hotel has a beautiful courtyard offering a tranquil
                                 environment. There are health club and spa facilities

 Chatham HHHH                    with an indoor swimming pool. The highly skilled chefs
                                 create the highest quality dishes.

 Tour KENT4 - Half Board
 Departure      10th Aug
 Dates          4 Days
 Prices         £299
 Supplements: Single £68

    Book by calling 0121 559 1237 / 0845 345 3543 or online at                                                  21
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