MALTA - English Language Schools 2018

MALTA - English Language Schools 2018

MALTA - English Language Schools 2018

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MALTA - English Language Schools 2018

“Captain Morgan Cruises Limited operates a fleet of 13 vessels that operate scheduled cruises, boat parties and ferry services.The fleet consists of a traditional Maltese Luzzu, a large catamaran, two Turkish Gullets and 5 large motor vessels and 4 ferries. Our vessels carry a minimum of 60 passengers up to a maximum of 499 passengers. On board all our vessels you can enjoy harbour cruises, full day cruises to the crystal clear waters in the Blue Lagoon and night charters.We offer a wide choice of food and drink menus to suit the group’s needs” FELTOMTrusted Partners FELTOM works closely and in partnership with a number of quality organisations and service providers, who believe that investing in FELTOM is an investment in quality.

PLATINUM CORPORATE Deloitte Malta is a multidisciplinary firm which offers a wide range of professional services. With a globally connected network of member firms in more than 150 countries and territories, all committed to making an impact that matters, Deloitte brings world-class capabilities and high quality service to clients. Deloitte has the largest, award-winning, international tax practice in Malta, a dedicated financial services practice, an experienced audit and assurance team, a financial advisory arm and a growing consulting practice – all servicing a vast range of national and international organisations, together with private and high-net-worth individuals.

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MALTA - English Language Schools 2018

It is with great pride that I would like to present the first ever FELTOM school directory. Here we will showcase our Accredited Member Schools and what they have to offer to the international language student, that chooses the Maltese Islands as their destination to study English. As CEO I feel great satisfaction in being part of this ever-growing industry. To interact with the 20 exceptionally run member schools, that strive on a daily basis, to provide quality & value for the students that choose to come to Malta to learn English. In 2017, the ELT industry in Malta has recorded a total of 87,190 student arrivals, coming from over 27 different countries.

FELTOM member schools amount to 85% of this total figure, which estimate to 10.4% of the national recorded bed nights, thus giving a high contribution to the Maltese Economy. This year we are expecting these numbers to increase even further since Malta is celebrating Valletta 2018 – i.e.Valletta as the European Capital City of Culture.

What is FELTOM? FELTOM (Federation of English Language Teaching Organisations Malta) was founded by ten established English language schools in 1989. Its founding members foresaw the potentional of the ELT industry in Malta and established this self- regulating, non-profit organisation, dedicated to promoting professionalism within the English language teaching industry by setting and maintaining standards in every aspect of a language stay. Mission Statement The objective of FELTOM is to set, improve and ensure the maintenance of standards in, and direct the development of, all aspects and services which together constitute the requisites of an English language stay in Malta and to develop cooperation amongst licensed English Language Schools and strengthen the role of Malta as a destination for English language stays of quality.

FELTOM’s board had developed the 3 main purposes for this federation; ● Marketing & Promotion ● Advocacy ● Accreditation Marketing and Promotion FELTOM works hard to promote Malta as a safe, professional, quality destination for English language learning whilst promoting the choice of FELTOM accredited schools. FELTOM undertakes ongoing marketing campaigns which include participation in some of the most prominent international marketing fairs & workshops.These events enable FELTOM to network and build relationships with international agents and associations, who are considering Malta as the preferred destination for their clients.

FELTOM has an active communications strategy, producing informative editorials for leading industry publications, both locally and abroad. It also contributes to the development of teaching professionals through workshops and conferences, as well as industry networking events. Advocacy One of the three main pillars of FELTOM’s Mission Statement, is inherent in its operation to lobby and promote legislation and regulations that would seek to safeguard and put forward the interests of the Federation’s 20 member schools. Since inception FELTOM has been on the forefront, advocating of development of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) sector in Malta, working closely with legislators and officials, including Government bodies, foreign agents and other industry stakeholders.

FELTOM was instrumental in the introduction of the country’s first law regulating English LanguageTeaching. FELTOM has over the years established itself as a valid lobby group whose interest is solely that of seeing the English Language industry grow further and of establishing Malta as a major quality English Language destination. Accreditation FELTOM prides itself for the quality of its member schools and this could not have been possible without the Accreditation Scheme. The Federation has an independent Accreditation Council that assists and monitors its schools in order to ensure they are the best schools available on the island.

This Accreditation Council is chaired by Mr. Jason Azzopardi, who will be elaborating further regarding FELTOM’s accreditation process. 01 FELTOM board 2018 Chairperson: Rebecca Bonnici – BELS Vice Chairperson: Sean Legault – European School of English Board Members: Alex Lanczet – Institute of English Language Studies Ian Scerri – English Language Academy Ingmar Albig – EC Malta Joe Aquilina – Clubclass Residential Language Schools Karl Farrugia Wismayer – Easy School of Languages James Perry CEO FELTOM 01 James Perry.qxp_Layout 1 17/05/2018 08:36 Page 1

MALTA - English Language Schools 2018

The FELTOM Accreditation Scheme As a self-regulating national body, FELTOM has established a set of codes of conduct and standards of service as a mandatory requirement for its members. These are embodied by the FELTOM Accreditation Scheme which was first implemented in 2006.The scheme is administered by the Accreditation Council, a body separate to the other organisational structures within FELTOM, composed of two independent persons, as well as the FELTOM CEO and the chairperson of the FELTOM Board representing the member organisations. This council is responsible to appoint competent and independent inspectors to carry out inspection activities and also decides on the outcome of those inspections.

Becoming an accredited FELTOM member involves a rigorous application process which includes submission of formalised policies and procedures which go through a desk review. This is complemented by a visit by one of the FELTOM inspectors to carry out an audit.This is held during the peak summer period.Full inspections are held once every three years, with review visits held in the interim. FELTOM ACCREDITATION SCHEME LIFE CYCLE Inspectors visit all premises held by the organisation and not just the main school complex.They have the opportunity to witness classroom activities, interview key personnel, check staff qualifications and evaluate the effectiveness of health and safety risk assessments as well as the correct implementation of policies on handling complaints and customer feedback, amongst many other requirements.

In fact, the accreditation process establishes quality standards in six main areas,namely: 1. Leadership and Management The management of the FELTOM member organisation shall operate to the benefit of its students and professional staff in accordance with legal and regulatory compliance.The management will lead the FELTOM member organisation in its quest for continuous quality improvement.

2. Learning and Teaching Academic staff members of the FELTOM member organisation shall have the appropriate knowledge, skills and competencies to deliver courses and assess students effectively in order to optimise outcomes for students. 3. Student Welfare The FELTOM member organisation shall meet the needs of the students for security, pastoral care, information and leisure activities. 4. Premises and Facilities The learning resources and environment shall support and enhance students learning and offer an appropriate professional environment for the teaching staff. 5. Recruitment of Learners The application and enrolment process shall be clear and easy to follow for students and agents.

Promotional material shall be ethical, accurate and consistent. 6. Care of Minors The FELTOM member organisation shall have organisational structures that effectively support the provision of services to minor students, with particular emphasis on their welfare and safety.

The accreditation process allows members to strive to adhere to and continually improve standards and better understand and fulfil the needs of their learners. By successfully going through this process, the FELTOM member, as an accredited organisation, will manifest a commitment to meeting and maintaining quality standards through the use of the FELTOM Accreditation mark, a globally recognised mark of excellence in the ELT sector. 02 Jason Aquilina Chairman FELTOM Accreditation Council 02 Jason Aquilina.qxp_Layout 1 17/05/2018 08:37 Page 1

MALTA - English Language Schools 2018

The mission of the ELT Council for ELT Schools is to foster the ELT Profession and Industry in all its various aspects.

Regulated by means of a legal notice, the industry handles over 80,000 students per year from more than 60 different countries.These students attend lessons and activities at one of the schools licensed by the ELT Council, whose aim is to safeguard Malta’s reputation as a safe and good quality language learning destination. The ELT Council’s mission is to cultivate the country’s ELT sector. ELT in Malta is not just a simple matter of ‘teaching’ English;it is about making sure that students enjoy their stay while learning the language, in lessons delivered by highly competent teachers.The sector ensures that all teachers are well trained, dedicated and professional.

This in turn establishes a high standard that underscores Malta being internationally renowned as a top-quality ELT destination.

The ELT Council’s main duties are licensing ELT Schools, issuing teaching permits, regulating academic and non-academic aspects of a student’s stay, handling quality assurance, and promoting continuing professional development (CPD). First off, teaching permits are issued based on teachers’ academic and professional qualifications; they are only renewed upon confirmation of an applicant’s completion of a specific number of CPD hours. CPD is considered necessary to ensure that teachers are continuously developing their knowledge, skills and beliefs.

The ELT Council’s biggest CPD event of the year is the ELT Malta Conference.

It is an annual event attended by over 300 delegates and it involves the participation of a host of international speakers.The ELT Council organises this event in collaboration with various academic and non-academic entities. The conference opens with a ceremony during which a teacher is given that year’s ‘Inspiring ELT Professional Award’. This is given to teachers who would have done commendable work in their ELT profession by inspiring their peers and motivating their students to embrace the English language.

Finally,quality assurance is a very big part of the ELT Council’s remit. As a regulatory body, it ensures that schools comply with the legal notice and with the Council’s policies, especially when it comes to health and safety. Apart from this, the Council also ensures that only teachers with a valid ELT permit are teaching. Moreover, the constant presence of a Director of Studies is required on site.All of this is meant to provide the best service possible to students visiting Malta. Sue Falzon Chief Executive Officer 03 MALTA TOURISM AUTHORITY The mission of the MaltaTourism Authority is to advance the economic and social activity of tourism to Malta and Gozo, in the national interest, by working with all stakeholders to develop a sustainable industry for current and future generations.

The MaltaTourism Authority has the responsibility : · To promote and advanceThe Maltese Islands as a tourism destination. · To advise Government on tourism operations and to issue licences · To contribute towards the improvement of the level of human resources in the tourism industry. · To advise Government on the planning and development of the tourism industry as well as on the infrastructure supporting the industry. · To assist and advise on any tourism-related issues and to undertake activities, events and projects to fulfil MTA’s role.

Address: Building SCM01, Suites 301-306, Smart City, Ricasoli, SCM 1001, Kalkara, Malta Tel : +356 2291 5000 - Email : - Web : 03 ELTC - MTA.qxp_Layout 1 17/05/2018 08:42 Page 1

MALTA - English Language Schools 2018

Learn English under the sun. More than we could ever tell.

MALTA - English Language Schools 2018

This sunny island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea offers a vast variety of beautiful beaches, a rich history and great food.The Maltese Islands are made up of Malta, Gozo and Comino with a total population of over 400,000 friendly inhabitants occupying an area of only 316 km2. Even though it is small in size, Malta has its own language, Maltese, which is a combination of Arabic, Italian and English influences. However, this is not the only language spoken on these islands; English is an official language making it the ideal ELT destination.

Malta enjoys some of the world’s clearest and most breathtaking waters, therefore also makes it one of the best destinations for diving due to its vast variety of marine life, beautiful reefs and sunken ships. Malta’s capital city is one of the smallest capital cities in Europe.Valletta is rich in both history and culture, making it one of the most picturesque capital cities in the world. Malta is a religious country with Roman Catholicism being the main faith. In fact,The Maltese Islands have 365 churches meaning you can visit one on each day of the year. According to the Bible, St Paul was shipwrecked in Malta whilst travelling on his way to Rome and converted its inhabitants in 60AD.

After the end of WWII, the whole island of Malta and all of its inhabitants were awarded the George Cross medal for their bravery in resisting the constant attacks from the Axis forces. British rule in Malta lasted until 1964 when Malta became independent. The Maltese adapted the British system of administration, education and legislation, therefore reinforcing its place in the ELT Industry.

Traditional Maltese food is rustic and based on the seasons. Maltese cuisine is the result of a long relationship between the Islanders and the many civilisations who occupied the Maltese Islands over the centuries, giving Malta a vast mix of Mediterranean cooking. 05 About Malta? Why Malta as your EFL Destination ■ English as an official Language ■ High Quality English Language Schools ■ Safe Environment for both adults and teens ■ 300 Days of Sunshine ■ Historical sites dating back 6000 years ■ Culturaly Diverse ■ Great Entertainment for all ages ■ Glorious Food and Local Wine 05 Malta.qxp_Layout 1 17/05/2018 08:45 Page 1

MALTA - English Language Schools 2018

Established in 1991, Alpha School of English offers an extensive range of innovative English language courses to students of all ages in our newly refurbished school. We are a small school with a friendly“can-do” attitude. We specialise in customising our courses to suit each individual student and group. Using the latest techniques and equipment, our courses are run by an international team of dedicated and highly qualified English teachers who are also native speakers of English.The modular nature of our course structure means that students can tailor-make their study experience at Alpha School of English and their stay in Malta to suit their specific requirements.

We are committed to excellence in English language instruction,we strive to exceed our students' expectations. Our mission is to provide the highest standard of education services in teaching English to non-native speakers, using the most innovative and effective methods and incorporating the best technological tools while providing our students with a holistic experience of the language and of our country through active engagement in activities related to history, culture, cuisine, adventure and interaction with the local community.

Conveniently located in St Paul’s Bay, a traditional fishing village, which is also a popular family seaside resort.The school is located just 3 minutes walk from the sea and also just a short distance away from Malta’s main sandy beaches and places of interest.

The relaxed Mediterranean environment in St Paul’s Bay complements the friendly and helpful atmosphere students find when learning English at Alpha School. Our classes are small (average 5-6 students per class), so individual attention is guaranteed. ● Over 90% of our regular teaching staff are British,American,Australian or South African ● We teach students from over 40 different countries every year ● We've been offering English + Sports courses for 27 years ● We pioneered English courses for Families in Malta and cater for children from the age of 2 ● 99% of our students would rec- ommendAlpha School to a friend ● We offer over 20 different sports ● Over 100 different activities ● 18 different types of accommodation ● We have a multi-national office team with full and part-time staff from Malta, the UK,Australia, Italy, France, Germany, Hungary & Russia ● We were the first school to open in the north of Malta - way back in 1991 ● We offer in-house training for our teaching staff with a teacher trainer from the UK who visits Malta twice a year ● We have a reputation for being the friendliest school in Malta! ● We update our website every single day!

● Facilities include smart classrooms (with interactive whiteboards, smartTVs, wifi & individual USB charging points for each student), air-conditioning, roof garden, coffee shop, study room Courses include: ● English courses for familes with children aged 2 years and up. ● Training courses for teachers and professional or educational staff ● School group summer packages with English courses and exciting excursions ● Our unique‘English on the Move’ programme designed for students over 50 who prefer to learn outside the classroom ● Specialised examination training (Cambridge,TOEFL, IELTS, Trinity) Alpha School of English Arznell Street, St.

Paul's Bay SPB 3232 Malta Tel: +356 2158 1474 - 2158 1475 Email: 06 06 Alpha.qxp_Layout 1 17/05/2018 08:46 Page 1

MALTA - English Language Schools 2018

Whatever your reason for wanting to improve your language ability,our school is here to offer you an unforgettable learning experience on the Maltese Islands. With over 13 years experience in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), our school is set up to cater for your particular needs. Established in 1987 as one of the first language schools to offer English language Courses to foreign students, am Language Studio is ISO 9001 certified and is a founding member of FELTOM (the Federation of English LanguageTeaching Organisations of Malta).

Our service is professional, consistent and all our clients are important to us.Come to Malta to learn English with us and we’ll give you something to remember… The concept of globalisation and huge technological advances in today’s world has put the English language at the forefront of global communication.

Strong historical links with the rest of Europe offer you the unique opportunity to participate in a truly English speaking society where Anglo Saxon traditions blend effortlessly with Mediterranean charm and climate. In 2004, Malta proudly became a full member of the European Union. Malta is a very safe place with warm and friendly people. Come and see for yourself… Course philosophy: by offering a varied package of English language courses, we are committed to giving students from all over the world the opportunity to improve their use of English in a stimulating yet relaxed enviroment. English Language Courses are professionally delivered and we are committed to providing students from all over the world the opportunity of improving their English in an environment that is both socially and educationally enriching.

If you’re looking for a course that will effectively emphasise the four components of successful language use that are Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, then your search is over... With courses offered at Beginner, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate, Upper- intermediate and Advanced, we will be able to lead you to a level of English that suits your needs. All our teachers are fully qualified and licensed by the Ministry of Education. Although experienced, we promote enthusiasm and new ideas as part of our Teaching Philosophy. Malta has a rich cultural heritage, which is continuously evolving, as it is a young democracy that has been influenced by other European and Mediterranean nations.

Malta is truly different and, if nothing else, it is a cultural experience!! Come and experience the charm that makes Malta the jewel of the Mediterranean. Our rich history offers the unique experience of visiting a truly southern island with strong northern traditions.

With more than 7,000 years of history, Malta will open a window to the past. The Phoenicians, Romans, Normans, Arabs, The Knights of Saint John, as well as the French and British, have all left their historical mark on the island in some way or other and have all come for a while. So should you! With a full programme of activities, we will ensure that you maximise your learning experience beyond the walls of the classroom. Enjoy our excursions to the ancient cities, take a boat trip to the Blue Lagoon off the Island of Comino or simply bask in the sun on one of our beautiful beaches. Malta is fun and you’ll love the nightlife! All excursions are provided by private transport, our guides are fully approved by the Ministry ofTourism and our leisure team is made up of dedicated staff who really enjoy dealing with our students at all times.

Moreover, we provide the opportunity to learn English in a friendly and relaxed environment. We do our utmost to ensure that you are happily accommodated at all times. Malta’s alternatives are wide and varied. Wander off to one of Malta’s five star resorts or rent a self-catering apartment and you won’t be disappointed. More typically, stay in one of our approved host families or share an apartment with other students to maximise your academic, as well as cultural experience. You choose your level of comfort and we’ll provide it throughout your stay. Accommodation alternatives include: Host Families, Student Hostels, Shared Apartments and Hotels.

All can be booked through am Language Studio. All are situated close our schools. ‘You are . .

... what you make yourself am Language Studio 299 Triq Manwel Dimech, Sliema SLM 1054 Tel: +356 2132 4242 07 07 am Language.qxp_Layout 1 17/05/2018 08:47 Page 1

MALTA - English Language Schools 2018

Our international centre is situated in the heart of the picturesque tourist town of St. Paul’s Bay. BELS Malta is a stone’s throw away from the sea and our superior residence is located in the same building, overlooking the seaside promenade. The neighbouring town, Bugibba, is one of the most popular social meeting places in Malta. The school comprises of 14 spacious, well-lit, air-conditioned classrooms.

Each classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and the building is fully Wi-Fi enabled. BELS Malta is also accessible to clients with disability. At BELS Malta, we offer various accommodations: a Superior Residence which consists of 4 apartments, comfortably furnished, with 3 fully air-conditioned bedrooms, carefully selected host families within walking distance to the school, shared budget apartments and hotels for the more discerning clients.

From the same school building, we also operate our BELS Juniors International Camp for adventure-seeking 11 to 17 year- olds.This programme offers 24-hour student support service and supervision, a high quality language course created to meet the needs of our young learners and a varied & full activity programme.The BELS Juniors programme offers 2 types of accommodation: home stay & residential. 08 BELS 550 West, St.Paul’s Str, St.Paul’s Bay, Malta +356 27555561 BELS are the language schools with a difference. Our clients’ needs are given priority, and we truly mean it.

BELS is an owner-run organisation built on core values: ● We supply quality service, ● We choose to be small ● We remain client-focused. 08-09 BELS.qxp_Layout 1 17/05/2018 08:49 Page 1

Gozo means joy, and a visit to Malta’s relaxed sister island should bring exactly that. With its unspoilt distinctive character; green landscapes & a cool attitude,the island gives clients the perfect break from their busy life- style. Blue seas, red sandy beaches & wonderful walks off the beaten track characterise leisure on this island! Our BELS Gozo school is located on the outskirts of the picturesque village of Kerċem. The school is surrounded by countryside, providing the perfect environment for studying English.The school comprises of 8 bright air-conditioned classrooms, a sun terrace, garden, snack/drinks/ coffee vending machines, library and freeWI-Fi.Each classroom is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and the building is fullyWi-Fi enabled.BELS Gozo is accessible to persons with disability.

Accommodation in Gozo consists of a Superior Residence located in Victoria, the capital, consisting of 2 x 4 air-conditioned bedroom apartments, host families, private self-catering apartments (countryside or sea-view) and hotels to suit all budgets. Triq ta’ Doti, Kerċem, Gozo, Malta +356 2156 4333 09 BELS are the language schools with a difference. Our clients’ needs are given priority, and we truly mean it. BELS is an owner-run organisation built on core values: ● We supply quality service, ● We choose to be small ● We remain client-focused. 08-09 BELS.qxp_Layout 1 17/05/2018 08:49 Page 2

Choosing to study abroad is an important and exciting decision because it presents new challenges. At Chamber College we guarantee that our high standards and personal interest in your welfare will enrich you both personally and professionally. Whatever the reason behind your decision to follow an English language course and whatever your level, we provide expert tuition to help you achieve your goals. Our varied leisure programme with planned social and cultural events enables you to activate what you have learnt in the classroom with other students from across the globe. ‘We are committed to excellence by creating an environment conducive to learning’ The School: Chamber College is a modern school offering a wide range of English language courses all year round,catering for both adult and teenage students.

The school is located opposite the University of Malta sports grounds and a few minutes’ walk from the Gzira promenade. A 15 minute walk from the school takes you to the neighbouring town of Sliema with its cosmopolitan shopping centres and elegant cafes.

School facts: ● 30 air-conditioned classrooms ● Interactive Whiteboards in all classrooms ● In-house Cafeteria (icafe) ● 20 student computers ● FREE WiFi throughout the school ● Use of Self-access Centre ● Use of Library and roof garden Courses Offered: ● General English ● Exam Preparation (Cambridge – IELTS –TOEFL –TOEIC) ● Business ● PrivateTuition ● Junior &Teenage Courses Academic Team: A Team of highly motivated and committed professionals who encourage students to practise the language in an engaging environment. They are trained to adapt materials and resources relevant to the students’ needs.

Our teachers strive to promote learner autonomy through continuous student interaction, thus maximising every student’s learning experience. Accommodation Options: We offer students a wide range of accommodation options within walking distance from the College. Whichever accommodation option best suits you, it will ensure that you can practise your English language skills outside the classroom. Our self-catering apartments are located in Gzira as well as Msida, Sliema, St. Julian’s only a few minutes away from the school. Chamber College offers a wide selection of apartments, ranging from studio apartments to two and three bedroom apartments which can comfortably accommodate between 4 and 7 students.

Every apartment has a sharing bathroom and a spacious living/dining area with a fully equipped kitchen and laundry facilities. Students can benefit from wireless internet and digital TV including English channels in each apartment.

Chamber College also offers economy, standard and superior apartments in order to cater for your needs and budget .Whether you are on a budget and require a two star hotel, or whether you are a company executive and require the comfort of a 5 star, we will help you choose the best option for your stay in Malta. Our host families are rigorously selected to make sure that they will be a second ‘home away from home’ for our students. They are chosen on the basis of their openness to newcomers and their ability to provide their guests with all the facilities they are used to, within their own homes.

Students take an active part in the daily lives of the families, be it by having a chat about what went on during their day over a meal or enjoying a relaxing film. Accommodation on a bed and breakfast, half board or full board basis.

Chamber College Triq Edgar Bernard, Il-Gżira Tel: +356 2132 2234 10 10 Chamber College.qxp_Layout 1 17/05/2018 08:51 Page 1

Clubclass is a modern, average- sized English language school in Malta finished to the highest specifications. The school and residence are centrally located within walking distance of the sandy beach of St. George’s Bay, Paceville and St. Julian’s. Across the road from the school there is a bus stop with links to Sliema andValletta. The school is licensed by the Ministry of Education and officially recognised by the Malta Tourism Authority to offer English Language courses to foreign students all year round.

Clubclass is an accredited member of FELTOM and a full member of ALTO and WYSE Travel Confederation and an accredited test center for NCUK. Being a licensed and accredited school means that all teachers are highly qualified, premises are regularly inspected, and students are placed in licensed accommodation only.

Our residential English language school provides a totally immersive teaching environment where our accommodation block and our school are all under one roof. School amenities include spacious, bright, air-conditioned classrooms, free Wi-Fi within the school, 24-hour Internet Cafe, Self Study Center/Library and a Multipurpose Room. Our courses are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning and Teaching established by the Council of Europe. Courses are offered at six levels that range from beginner to advanced, with each level in between offering incremental language development.

All courses at Clubclass have been designed to engage, stimulate and motivate students.This combination of factors has been shown to deliver the most rapid results for communication and practical usage. Lessons are delivered by highly experienced and professional teaching staff using the latest educational materials. The appropriate level of language- learning is established during the first session by means of a placement test. This determines language ability in four areas: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Regular monitoring is also carried out to assess progress. The Director of Studies is always available to offer support and advice about any academic issues.

On completion of their course, students receive a certificate that confirms attendance and level attained. At Clubclass we pride ourselves of our commitment to deliver quality English language tuition to all students on a personalised level.

A range of accommodations, all inspected and licensed by the Malta Tourism Authority, is available to ensure that every budget and requirement is catered for. The one bedroom and two bedroom apartments are situated in the residence,within the same building as the school. Other alternatives – the residence apartments, the student hostel, the student house,host families and hotels – are within close proximity to the school. Whether students are looking for long term or short term accommodation, we offer them a wide selection of options. Students can choose to live with host families, in flat shares, student residences, or guest houses and hotels.

All these options are provided by our affiliates who specialize in providing a high standard of accommodation within close proximity of our school. Clubclass’ popularity with international students is due to the fact, that we have a team of dedicated and friendly staff who make the students’ experience in Malta unforgettable. In addition, the wide range of amenities, found within the same building as the school, make it ideal for students of different nationalities to get together and communicate through the medium of English.

Clubclass English Language Shool Chelsea Court, Triq L-Imghazel, Swieqi SWQ 3150 Tel: +356 2137 0694 Email: 11 11 Club Class.qxp_Layout 1 17/05/2018 08:50 Page 1

Easy School of Languages is located inValletta,Malta’s capital city and UNESCO World Heritage Site. We offer year-round high quality, intensive English language programmes in small classes of maximum 9 students. Each year, an average of 1,500 students from over 50 countries choose to study English with us, creating a dynamic and stimulating vibe to the school! At our school, you will find English courses for all levels and ages.

General English courses, Business English courses for those who seek career development, Exam preparation courses such as IELTS, Cambridge FCE/CAE, Golden Age Programme, Junior Programme and lastly our Teacher Training courses which are a hallmark of our courses’ excellence and professionalism. Learning English with Easy School of Languages means far more than just taking a language course. You will be given every opportunity to experience the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Valletta. As you step out of school, in every narrow alley, you will find Europe’s finest art works, intriguing historical buildings, churches and museums.

Main streets are lined with domestic to international branded shops for fashion,music,jewellery. Malta is always busy with international festivals and traditional events to enjoy all year round and more than half of them take place in Valletta! Annual events include the Isle of MTV, International Baroque Festival, Carnival, International Firework Festival,Malta Jazz Festival,Notte Bianca, major local wine festivals and more. While it is hard to find a week without events, Valletta allows you to create your own experience as every alley exhales art and culture, with old shops treasuring tales of the early 1800’s.

Similar to the beautiful city of Valletta, our premises are a perfect combination of a historical building with a modern outlook. The recently restored building includes 17 modern, air-conditioned classrooms, all equipped with interactive whiteboards. Facilities include a testing hall, a study room, vending machines and free internet use. Free wifi is also available throughout the school.

In between lectures, you may wish to sit back and relax in the school’s modern and spacious leisure area or on the terrace to enjoy the breathtaking views of Valletta’s Grand Harbour. We also offer host family and apartment accommodation to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Easy School of Languages is licensed by the Ministry of Education and is a full member of IALC and FELTOM. Choose Easy School of Languages and learn English in a city where walls whisper medieval history to you and where every corner is a discovery! Easy School of Languages 21, St Ursula Street, Il-Belt Valletta VLT1230 Tel: +356 2122 5505 12 12 Easy 2.qxp_Layout 1 17/05/2018 08:53 Page 1

About EC With over 25 years of experience, EC brings an innovative approach to learning English. Whether students want to learn for education, for career advancement,or simply to have better knowledge of the language, we work to help them achieve their goals. We offer state-of-the-art classrooms; stylish, comfortable spaces in which to live and learn;and committed teachers who walk with students from the start.We’ve researched what needs to happen inside and outside of the classroom for student success and we are constantly reviewing data and our methods to provide the latest technology and learning techniques.

All our schools are accredited by the leading associations in their respective countries and are members of major international organisations. Our student-centric approach and our award-winning Orange Carpet Experience means every student will be treated as aVIP and we work hard to provide them with a positive and memorable experience. Over 45,000 students come through our doors every year with a dream of fluency. Their success is our goal. Why choose EC Malta? • Great location in the heart of St Julian’s, the island’s entertainment district • Close to key attractions and easy access to public transport • Free language workshops including pronunciation class, conversation partners and CV clinic • Free activities including harbour cruises, karaoke nights and trips to local nightspots • 30+ programme for more mature students to learn with their like-minded peers • Club 50+ programme,exclusive to EC Malta, for older students who want to travel and socialise while improving their English Advantages of Learning English in Malta • Easy to travel throughout Europe • Low cost of living • Special events forValletta as Europe’s Capital of Culture for 2018 • Friendly, English-speaking locals • Access to gorgeous rocky and sandy beaches with blue seas • Great entertainment district with fun for everyone • Excellent choice of restaurants all over the island Facilities • Free WiFi • Interactive whiteboards • Library • Self-study room • Student lounge • Café in building • Outdoor terrace • Capacity – 498 • Classrooms – 44 • Student computers – 23 • Average class size – 10 (maximum 12) • Minimum age – 16 (18 years from 16 June – 28 August) Nationality Mix • Japanese-15% • Turkish-14% • Brazilian-13% • Colombian-8% • Swiss-7% • French-7% • Korean-6% • Italian-5% • Russian-4% • Other nationalities-21% EC Malta Marguerite Mangion Street, St Julian’s, STJ3180, Tel: +356 2379 0000 - 16-17 18-20 21-25 50+ 31-40 41-50 26-30 Age Mix 13 13 EC.qxp_Layout 1 17/05/2018 08:54 Page 1

EF - St. Julian’s Age 16 upwards. Starting every Monday (17+ July & August) EF Academic options -- EF Intensive: 32 lessons/week -- EF General: 26 lessons/week -- EF Basic: 20 lessons/week -- EF English for Business: 32 lessons/week -- EF Exam Preparation (Cambridge English, TOEFL,TOEIC, IELTS): 32 lessons/week -- EF Internship Programme -- EF AcademicYear Abroad Programme Included in the course -- 20, 26 or 32 English lessons of 40 minutes per week with EF Efekta™ Learning System -- Twin room in EF Homestay with breakfast and dinner Monday- Friday and all meals on weekends -- EF digital learning media -- EF SET PlacementTest and progress tracker -- EF Course Certificate and EF SET Certificate of Achievement -- Access to My EF from enrollment -- English post-course for up to 6 months in My EF -- Free Wi-Fi Internet at EF Campus -- Welcome party, town tour, graduation party Why choose EF St Julian’s? -- Modern building located a 5-minute walk from the beach -- Private EF Beach Club during the summer -- Newly renovated interior, fitted with the latest multimedia technology -- Course options for young professionals -- 5-minute walk from restaurants, shops, bars and entertainment -- City center and public transportation just a few minutes away on foot -- Shopping center just a two-minute walk from the campus EF - Sliema - Age 14 to 16 groups, in summer EF Academic options -- General (4 lessons per day) -- International (4 lessons per day) Included in the course -- Escorted travel and course by an EF Leader -- Return flights to Malta -- Roundtrip airport transfer to and from EF School -- 4 English lessons (40 min) per weekday with EF Action Learning -- Shared room in EF Homestay or Residence -- Full board in EF Homestay/ Halfboard in Residence -- EF digital learning media -- EF Certificate of Achievement -- Access to My EF from enrollment -- Free Wi-Fi Internet access at EF School -- Select activities and excursions such as Full Day excursion to Valletta and half day to Golden Bay -- Welcome party, town tour, graduation party Why choose EF Sliema? -- Private EF Beach Club -- Charming campus features bright classrooms and the latest learning technology -- Located on a traditional school campus -- Nearby attractions include Blue Grotto, the Silent City of Mdina, andValletta EF - St.

Paul’s Bay Age 12 to 14 groups, in summer EF Academic options -- Junior General (4 lessons per day) -- Junior International (4 lessons per day) Included in the course -- Access to My EF -- Student handbook & EF backpack -- One EF Leader accompanying you throughout your course and travels, alongside one local EF Leader -- Shared room in EF Residence with halfboard.

-- Return flights and transfers to your EF CourseTown -- Access to the EF Beach Club, EF Lounge and EF Arena -- Wi-Fi access -- EF Certificate of achievement -- Select activities and excursions such as full day inValletta and halfday in Golden Bay. Why choose St. Paul’s Bay? -- Great location especially selected for the age group -- Our student resort includes an on- site swimming pool -- One of the sunniest places in Europe with over 3,000 hours of sunshine per year 14 EF, Lower St. Augustine Street, St. Georges Bay St Julian's, Malta STJ 3312 Tel: +356 2570 2000 Emai: 14 EF.qxp_Layout 1 17/05/2018 08:58 Page 1

Situated in the heart of Sliema, English Communication School (ECS) welcomes students of all ages, nationalities and different walks of life to come and learn, improve and master their English language skills. We offer the ideal environment for learning, combining high academic standards with a relaxed friendly atmosphere and a committed team. Individual attention is our hallmark and improvement is guaranteed in whichever course you choose, whether it’s group classes or private lessons. This approach, along with a vast experience and a variety of courses to choose from, is what makes ECS the successful English language organisation students know and love.

Established in 1988, ECS was one of the first English language schools in Malta and a founding member of FELTOM. We are a boutique operation that provides a personalised learning experience with individual attention lavished on each of our students. This has led to our international success and a corresponding student satisfaction rating of over 95%. Our language school is located right in the heart of Sliema and is housed in two adjacent typical Maltese townhouses that have been expertly converted into classes, leaving the characteristic features and combining traditional charm with modern equipment.

Sliema is one of Malta's most popular tourist areas. We are only a stone’s throw away from the sea, with regular ferry crossings to and fromValletta, as well as being close to shops, cafés, restaurants and beaches. The school premises consist of two blocks, with eighteen classrooms divided between the two buildings. Classrooms in the main block are all fully air-conditioned. A central courtyard with a mature garden acts as an area where our students love to relax and mingle with their school- mates before lessons or during breaks. Block B is wheelchair accessible and is equipped with a lift and a games room.

Free wi-fi access is provided to students throughout all the premises.

Most of our students choose to book their accommodation through the school and have a vast selection of options to choose from, including hotels, self-catering apartments and host family lodging. All our host families live in close proximity to the school, with our apartments being only a short walk away. Due to the size of our operation, we pride ourselves in being able to guarantee that personal touch and offer students a home away from home. At ECS we offer a customised curriculum rather than standard courses, and each week students cover exciting new material depending on their needs. We monitor each student’s progress by individual monitoring, assessment with the collaboration of our teachers and rotational level tests administered every four to six weeks.

Each student is invited to take our online placement test before arrival.

Students benefit from dedicated, experienced teachers, comfortable facilities and modern resources. Sliema’s international feel is mirrored in our great nationality mix. We also offer an exciting social programme to help all our students make the most of their time at ECS after school hours. Through our partner company we can also provide study-work opportunities to help develop students’ professional identity and further improve their language skills. These include quality work shadowing, internships and vocational experiences. International university students, recent graduates, young professionals, post-graduates and voluntary workers can benefit from opportunities with various reputable Maltese companies in more than 60 sectors.

Both companies are ISO certified, further guaranteeing a standard of excellence across all our services.

ECS is here to support and equip students with the language tools they need to break down barriers in communication and succeed in their English language learning ambitions. ECS, 10, Triq San Piju V, Sliema SLM 1424, Malta Tel: + 356 2133 2861 Mob: +356 7944 0816 Email: 15 15 ECS.qxp_Layout 1 17/05/2018 08:59 Page 1

Who We Are & Our Mission English Domain, a member of Domain Group, is an English Language School with an international reputation for providing a wide range of quality English language courses, expert teaching and excellent student services.

Our courses and teaching are designed to provide effective training for students who need English for their work, study, travel or personal pleasure. We are committed to providing you with excellent courses in a warm, friendly and professional environment,as well as caring for every aspect of your stay. Accreditation Apart from attending English courses by our FELTOM accredited school, English Domain students may also follow and obtain top British University Diplomas and Degrees in Malta that are internationally-recognised and delivered by Domain Academy which is also part of Domain Group.

Our Teachers and Staff Our highly qualified TEFL teachers hold qualifications from top international Universities including the University of Cambridge and Trinity College London. We employ teachers, who are mostly native speakers with vast teaching experience and a wealth of knowledge in specific industries as well as specific training in phonology and English-teaching methodologies. Our teachers and multi-lingual support staff are used to working in a diverse cultural environment, in situations where communication and team work are essential.

Our Classes and Facilities Our classrooms are fully equipped with free Wi-Fi and air-conditioning, ensuring that the lessons delivered are more interactive. We are very conveniently situated close to all amenities and public transport passes by our school every 7 minutes. All our students benefit from access to our study area within our library which is equipped with computers which have internet access, as well as the use of our student lounge. Student Support Services At English Domain we are able to provide help and advice with the following: Airport meet and greet, VISA applications, excursions, leisure activities and Emergency services.

Accommodation When it comes to accom- modation, we seek to provide our students with the ideal English speaking environment, such as host families, which encourages students to apply what they learn during their lessons. English Domain recommends host family accom- modation as they provide a safe and welcoming environment; encouraging students to speak English as well as exposing the students to the rich Maltese culture. Apart from host families there is also the option of choosing self-catering apartments.

What we offer at English Domain English Domain has an extensive portfolio of courses ranging from beginners to advanced level. These courses have been specifically designed to meet any requirement a client might ask for. At English Domain we are flexible in creating new courses and we do pride ourselves in offering a personalised service. Internship English Domain boasts an excellent array of rigorous, professional, and intriguing intern- ships combined with English workshops in a professional context. The content of the courses is determined by the specific needs and wants of the unique group of learners taking the course.

With a balanced mix of English workshops and work placements, our goal is to turn knowledge into valuable experience for the benefit of students, graduates and mentors. English Domain, Domain Building, 102/104, Constitution Street, Mosta, MST 9055 Malta, Europe Tel: +356 21 433 688 / +356 99 901 233 Email: website: Facebook: English Domain 16 16 English Domain.qxp_Layout 1 17/05/2018 08:59 Page 1

English Language Academy (ELA) has been established since 1988. This year we are celebrating 30 years of quality English teaching. What sets us apart in the local market is that we are a medium-sized school (max. capacity of 350 students) which operates like a small school.One of our core beliefs is that our students aren’t just customers, but that they’re part of the family. Our ‘family’ atmosphere is extended to students as young as four and with no upper age limit (we’ve even had three generations of the same family taking lessons at the same time!).

This focus on holistic customer care enables us to maintain our reputation as a school that offers that special, personal service and is the reason we have some students returning to us this year for their fifth and sixth visit.

When placing students into classes, we keep our groups small and international, ensuring that everyone receives attention from their teacher and that they get to meet people from all over the world. Every student at the school, as part of their initial placement test, is personally interviewed by either the Director of Studies or the General Manager (who was our previous Director of Studies), ensuring that students are placed into classes with the utmost care.

We offer a large variety of courses for all ages ranging from General English, known as ‘Everyday English’, Business English, Exam Preparation courses,as well as One-To-OneTuition courses such as Personalised General English and Personalised Special English. Our group courses consist of a maximum of eight students in winter and ten in summer, except for business and examination courses where the maximum is six students all year round. Students are placed in groups depending on their level, age and nationality. Package prices for groups, including packages for teenagers and juniors, are also offered, contact us and we can come up with a custom package for your organisation.

As the only officialTOEFL iBT Exam Centre in Malta, we are a school that has always had a good track record with international exam preparation courses. We employ a number of teachers who specialise in these courses, and offer TOEFL, IELTS, and Cambridge English exam preparation courses of the highest quality. We are also a school with a long history of teacher-training. We are committed to offering a broad and varied amount of in-house training to our own teachers, ensuring that our teachers are always equipped to provide engaging lessons.In addition to this,we offer Erasmus+TeacherTraining courses throughout the year, with teachers coming from all over Europe in order to make sure they’re on the cutting edge of academic standards.We also run a number of TEFL Cert.

courses each year,helping people begin their journey into English Language Teaching.

Our teenager summer classes are a maximum of 12 students and we try to keep our teen classes as international and as varied as possible, so that our teen students get to have an unforgettable international adventure. Our SummerTeen Camp, in particular, is gaining popularity each year as we send happy teenagers back to their home countries with the skills and abilities they need to be successful communicators in English. Our school is located in the heart of Sliema, a bustling, metropolitan area, very much considered to be the‘pulse’ of Malta. It is close to the beach, restaurants,shops etc.Our students can benefit from accommodation services, a full leisure programme, airport transfers and assistance from our representatives who are fluent in most languages.

The school offers freeWi-Fi facilities to all ELA students in order to ensure that they can share their language learning journey with all of their friends, family and followers. We are open all year round from Monday to Friday except on public holidays. Should your stay coincide with a public holiday, any lessons that would have fallen on that day, get spread across the remaining days to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything. English Language Academy 9, Tower Lane, Sliema, SLM 1611, Malta Tel: +356 2577 4007 / 2134 6264 / +356 2131 7407 - FAX: +356 2133 9656 Email: Skype: | Facebook: English Language Academy Malta 17 17 ELA.qxp_Layout 1 17/05/2018 08:59 Page 1

ESE - EUROPEAN SCHOOL OF ENGLISH Learn English at ‘The best English Language School in Malta’ ESE is one of the most accredited schools on the island, with over 20 years experience in teaching English as a foreign language,providing the highest standards and quality of teaching. A family run business, ESE was voted by students as ‘The Best Language School in Malta’, earning the ‘Certificate of Excellence’ from Education Stars for 2017. The school is a large, modern, bright and well equipped building in the heart of the vibrant sea-side town of St Julian’s. School facilities include over 60 classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards, free WiFi, 2 terraces and the ‘Cake Box’ cafe, along with a 24 hour Reception Desk and 24/7 student welfare support.

English classes are student centred and are taught by highly professional, qualified, native level proficiency teachers. ESE welcomes students from all over the world, creating a diverse cultural and international atmosphere. Students enjoy a varied nationality mix both in the classroom and in ESE accommodation. ESE has a wide selection of courses available ranging from General English, Business English, Intensive, Private Tuition, Academic, Exam preparation (IELTS, Cambridge,TOEIC andTOEFL iBT),International FoundationYear, Young Adult,50+ programmes,Teen and Junior programmes,English with Sports,Work placements and on-line courses.

Complementing our English language programmes we offer exciting and dynamic leisure programmes along with a wide range of accommodation options to suit all budgets and needs.These include our ESE Residence, White House Hostel,self-catering apartments,host families and hotels such asThe George Urban Boutique Hotel and the 4-star Salini Resort - awarded the 2017 ‘Certificate of Excellence’ by Trip Advisor. ESE e-Learning is also available for free to all Adult students when booking a course.

As part of the Claret Group, ESE sister schools - ExecutiveTraining Institution, (ETI) located in ESE school building in Malta, English in York (EiY) and York Associates (YA), located in York, England offer our students the opportunity to study in more than one school and study destination, combining a course in Malta with one in the UK. 10 Good Reasons to Choose ESE 1 Best Language School in Malta as voted by students. 2 Highly accredited school recognition of our high standards 3 Located in the heart of St Julian's 4 Excellent value for money 5 Quality teaching 6 Wide Range of Courses 7 Accommodation options to suit all budgets and needs 8 Excellent Nationality Mix 9 24/7 Welfare and Emergency Support 10 Outstanding Customer Service ESE provides excellent value for money, combining innovative English courses with high quality teaching, exciting leisure programmes and ESE accommodation to suit, resulting in the ultimate StudyTravel Experience with ESE Malta.

ESE EUROPEAN SCHOOL OF ENGLISH Paceville Avenue, St. Julian's STJ3103, Malta Tel: (+356) 21373789 Site: Mail: Learning for Life 18 18 ESE.qxp_Layout 1 17/05/2018 09:00 Page 1

Established in 1999, GV Malta is a boutique English language school based within a beautiful Maltese villa and situated just 150 metres away from the sea.We are based in St.Paul’s Bay, which is the northeast part of the Island, close to sandy beaches, Gozo and Comino.

With a capacity of 100 students on average, our school size enables us to offer a more personalised service, where our students are not just a number but we get to know them by name. Our GV Team is professional, yet friendly. We take interest and pleasure in making sure that ALL our students enjoy their lessons,free time and make the most of their stay with us. All our teachers are highly-qualified and experienced speakers of English. They are fully trained in the use of interactive whiteboards (IWBs) and have on-going support from our Director of Studies. GV Malta believes in Continuous Professional Development in all areas of academic teaching and methodology.

At GV Malta we cater for students from the age of 4 and up. Courses for young learners/teens (4-17yrs) travelling with parents/guardians are available all year round. Young Learners Club, Teens Club, GV Language Camp & Day Camp. Lessons for students booking Beginners’ & Business Mini Group 20, General English 20, Young Learners Club & Teens Club are held at the same time when booking 20/23.5 lessons. Beginners’ (18yrs+) & Business English (21yrs+) are Mini Group Courses max 6 students in class Best priced, fantastic and popular long-stay packages (course + accommodation) for students booking 8+ weeks.

Very good value for money with high standards.

Our Combi courses are very popular among our GV Malta students, as they can combine General English lessons in the mornings with conversation, business, private lessons (General/Business/ESP/Exam Pre- paration) in the afternoons. Lovely modern residential and sea view self-catering apartments are within walking distance of the school as well as the promenade. A complimentary welcome pack is offered on arrival, Free Wi-Fi throughout the apartments, bed-linen is changed weekly. Air-conditioning (available at an extra charge using a card system) Our Host families are individually selected to represent the high level of our standards which GV Malta strives to achieve and are located within walking distance of GV Malta.

Host- family accommodation can be booked on Bed & Breakfast, Half board or Full Board basis.

GV Summer Camp courses and packages available in summer for students aged 10-17 offering Residential dormitory, shared & single room options Our GV camp is housed in a spacious and welcoming local secondary school in the luxurious area of Tal-Virtu’ in Rabat, just 10 minutes from the old medieval capital city of Mdina. Spread over 58,000 square metres, GV Camp is located high up in a green area, surrounded by the peaceful countryside,boasting panoramic views of the island of Malta. Facilities include football pitches, a theatre hall, gym for volleyball, basketball etc, games room with billiards and table soccer, outdoor green area for water games and area with tall and shady trees for team building and relaxing.

GV Summer Camp packages include: ● General English lessons 20/week (Monday – Friday) ● Live-in Animators/group leaders ● Arrival & departure airport transfers ● Accommodation on FB basis (breakfast, hot lunch & dinner). Monday – Friday & Sunday. Packed lunch on Saturday due to full day excursion. ● Afternoon & evening activities/ excursions (Monday – Friday) ● Full day excursion (Saturday) ● In-house activities (Sunday) ● Travel & Medical Insurance GV Malta English Centre St George's Street, St Paul's Bay, SPB 3476 MALTA Tel : +356 21 573 417 Email: 19 19 GV.qxp_Layout 1 17/05/2018 09:01 Page 1

IELS Malta With over 30 years of English language teaching experience and as one of Malta’s leading English language schools, we understand that travelling abroad to learn English is an important life experience for you, and we are committed to making it a great one! Our language school is one of the largest in Malta, and offers you a fantastic combination of top-notch, high-tech facilities as well as academic excellence and world-renowned teaching expertise. Our English courses have been designed with your needs in mind; contemporary teaching methods, personal attention as well as professional dedication.

IELS also offers exciting leisure programmes that help you make the most of the sun, sea and culture, providing you with countless opportunities to learn English in Malta outside of the classroom.

At IELS Malta we offer courses to anyone from the age of 8. IELS Young Learner Programme (Age 8-17): The IELS YL programme was carefully designed taking into consideration the complexity of the developing mind. Our course content was written to fit in with the programme, ensuring maximum learning progress for each young learner’s individual experience. Courses are offered in the form of a Summer Camp for students aged 8-12 during summer and Vacation English Plus for students aged 13-17 throughout the year with selected start dates. Students aged 16-17 can also opt for the Abitur Exam Preparation course.

Accommodation for young learners ranges from host families and selected hotels while the packages are tailored to your needs. For most of the year, IELS young learners are based in the same 95- classroom school as the adults, and during summer, all young learners are moved to a separate venue for the summer programme.

IELS Malta Adult Courses Students aged 18 and above are considered adults, for whom we offer a wide range of courses covering anything from everyday conversation skills to international business negotiation processes. Our teachers are all well- educated with a native level of English. IELS Malta is also a Cambridge Authorised Teacher Training centre, and trains the international teachers who teach our students, being a testament to our quality courses. We offer two student residences, one of which is an award winner, as well as host family accommodation (from which the students can opt for B&B, half-board or full-board).

IELS Gozo Adult Course The sister Island of Malta, Gozo, is a tranquil and beautiful island a short ferry ride away from Malta. Our school in Gozo has its own self-catering residence right above the school, making it a very convenient set up for students.The students that go to IELS Gozo return year after year, that’s how much they love it. Both Malta and Gozo offer very unique experiences to their students, from great food to long walks, awe-inspiring views and swimming for days, not to mention 300 days of sunshine a year! Get in touch to chat about what we offer or to get to know us better! Check out our website.

Institute of English Language Studies Mattew Pulis Street Sliema SLM 3052, Malta email: Tel: (356) 2132 0381, and follow us on facebook - IELS Malta General Enquiries: 20 20 IELS.qxp_Layout 1 17/05/2018 09:01 Page 1

Our Brand We form part of inlingua international, celebrating 50 years experience of effective language training. inlingua is the largest association of privately-owned language schools currently having 309 language centres in 39 countries worldwide. inlingua Malta was the first Language school on the island of Malta, established in 1980 and backed by 38 years of experience.

We are trend setters in the EFL industry in Malta.We pride ourselves in quality not quantity and offer a personalised service where teaching standards are not compromised by quantity and price. All inlingua trainers are qualified and deliver our own style of training, supplemented with language learning resources developed by our pedagogical department in Switzerland. Students studying at inlingua may continue their studies back home and have the choice of learning online,or at another inlingua centre close by using the same course books worldwide. Our Courses Whether you want to move forward in your career, or further your education in an English speaking country;perhaps you want to study for your own personal satisfaction or improve your social skills in the global environment; whatever your reasons, inlingua Malta has a course for you.We offer something for everyone, with guaranteed start dates for every course, every Monday of the year! Whether its: Business or General English for every possible level; family programmes for children as young as 5; specialised exam preparation courses, or all-inclusive packages.We also offer tailor-made packages for closed groups and long stay programmes for students who want to develop fluency in English similar to that of a native speaker.

Our portfolio sets us aside from the competition. All lessons are of 45 minute duration and our classes are kept to a maximum of 10 students when booking a group course. inlingua Malta is also an open centre for the Cambridge ESOL exams which provide life-long English qualifications that are recognised by thousands of employers, universities and colleges worldwide and are accepted in more than 130 countries. Being an authorised centre for the Cambridge ESOL exams, candidates have the advantage of preparing for the exam on the actual examination premises! As an added bonus inlingua Malta has introduced frequent pre-testing and computer based examinations allowing a wider degree of flexibility for set exam dates.

Accommodation When it comes to accommodation our sales team will help you find the right accommodation for your stay, we offer host-family accommodation, hotels, self-catering apartments and hostels.Another option is our privately owned student residence, that comprises of self-catering apartments located in the heart of St. Julian’s just a 10 minute bus ride away from the school. Students who choose this accommodation have the option of sharing or sole use apartments. Due to the fact that the Residence is owned by inlingua we offer competitive prices all year round for our students. Our in-house activity coordinator and receptionist will make your stay with us a memorable one.

They can suggest places of interest in Malta and book all your tours and transfers.We offer a wide range of both social and cultural activities, with most pick-up points just 100m away from the school. inlingua Malta is situated in a prime location within the touristic area of Sliema, a busy commercial and residential seaside town. Enjoying an excellent location,only 50 metres from the Sliema seafront, you will find two large shopping complexes, high street clothing outlets and seafront restaurants within walking distance. Everything you need is just outside the door.

Choose inlingua Malta for your language learning experience! inlingua School of Languages Malta Tel: +356 2010 2000 - Email: 21 21 Inlingua.qxp_Layout 1 17/05/2018 09:02 Page 1

International House [IH] Malta promotes innovation and high quality standards in language learning, teaching, and teacher training. By taking pride in our teachers, students, admin and academic staff, we bring a sense of community into our school, helping all of our students experience English in and outside the classroom. Located in one of the most cosmopolitan areas in Malta, Swieqi, St.

Julian’s, IH Malta is busy all year round, offering a variety of courses ranging from a more laid-back ‘General English Lite’ to specialised intensive language courses for business and corporate clients.

Type of courses we offer: ● General English (10 or 20 lessons a week in group) ● Intensive English (30 lessons a week in group) ● Combined Intensive (20 lessons in group + 10 one-to-one lessons) ● General English 1:1 and 2:1 lessons ● Teacher Homestay 1:1 and/or 2:1 lessons ● Family programme ● Exam preparation courses (IELTS, Cambridge exams,TOEFL,TOEIC... ● Business English ● English for Specific Purposes ● English for Business Executives and Managers ● Teacher training and development ● Erasmus + ● Tailor-made courses on demand We also run a high quality Young Learners Summer Programme every year from June to August at our annexe within the Paradise Bay Resort, in the north of the island, where we also offer classes or private tuition on request at any time of the year.

This Programme combines serious academic content with a multitude of daily leisure activities. Our affiliation with the International House World Organisation [IHWO] comes with both benefits and responsibilities. Benefits: ● Training provided to all IH teachers ● Access to free materials and resources developed by and for IH teachers ● Annual conferences and webinars ● Internationally recognised professional development courses Responsibilities: ● To provide high quality courses ● To make sure that all of our teachers have at least a CELTA (or equivalent) or higher ● To ensure that the teachers at IH Malta undergo continuous professional development Moreover the quality of the services that we provide is assessed through regular IHWO, as well as annual ELT and Feltom inspections.

With our GE courses we offer a number of options depending on the level of intensity that the students are interested in, as well as their needs and specific requirements. On their first day with us, all our students are given a placement written test, which can also be done online, and a spoken test on the morning of the first day to make sure that all students start off at the right level.

The policy of our school is also to ensure continuous assessment of our students’ progress with the help of weekly progress tests and a free tutorial option. Our lessons are all based on modern printed and digital materials, and supplemented with the teachers’and academic managers’ own design. Teachers in our school all have a CELTA (or equivalent) as a minimum qualification, which means high quality teaching standards and ensures that the same com- municative approach is followed consistently.

This also means that no matter the level or the chosen course, students will be practising the four skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) and language systems (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, functions) in a student-centred environment with a lot of opportunities given to them to process, learn and practise English.

128, Sirk Street, St. Julian’s, Swieqi, SWQ 3211, Malta Tel: (+356) 2138 4139 / 2137 0597 Email: Skype: internationalhousemalta-gozo 22 22 ih.qxp_Layout 1 17/05/2018 09:02 Page 1

Our Schools Established in 1992, Link School of English operates from two branches in the lovely town of Swieqi, offering large outdoor gardens, internet café facilities, twenty five fully air-conditioned classrooms, library and study areas. Our Schools are within distance from one another and serve to separate adults from teens and juniors. A vast range of English Language Courses are available, including specialised subjects followed by possible opportunities for work placements, since our adult programmes aim at helping students achieve career objectives and continuous personal development.

On-site visits related to selected themes of programmes assist students to fully immerse in their chosen subjects thus guaranteeing total participation in small groups. Our teaching staff have one goal in mind, which is, to ensure that all students are given the space and opportunity to “Speak To Me” and “Say it Right”. Special packages for youth and teen groups (minimum 8 years of age) are readily available at any time of the year. A Work & Study National Long-Stay D-visa is now possible thanks to our persistence and recommendations which we are proud of.

Accommodation We offer a wonderful variety of accommodation opportunities which our students consider as important as their course. Our School Residences include a large swimming pool, gym and games room with a vast 700 metre garden and within walking distance to both our Schools. We also provide a fine selection of self catering apartments solely used for our students, hand- picked host families or low budget hotels generally frequented by students, thus maintaining a student orientated environment. Leisure In 2006 we established another Company called Sunlingua Co. Ltd to tackle all non-academic matters such as Conferences & Incentives, airport transfers, all types of accommodation, excursions, cultural/ leisure/educational activities, sports and events all guaranteed with a gentle dose of fun, amusement and enjoyable experiences in small groups to safeguard top quality stan- dards without going to extremes.

Quality Award Link School proudly achieved the “Quality School Award” by Language Bookings which certifies high quality standards in the range of EFL language courses and student services. This Award represents a symbol of dedication to ensure that our school is a discrimination-free environment for students. Discoveries and Recoveries The ambition of the Board of Directors of Link School is to attract more students to discover past connections between our countries. We also give students the opportunity to learn about our history and unique culture whilst in Malta. Accompanied by our professional team of leaders and guides, students can explore the Maltese Islands through the exciting range of activities.

Our policies are one of enthusiasm and dedication, offering value-added benefits to satisfy students’needs and demands. In 2013 Link School set up and curated the first exhibition totally dedicated to the Maltese artist Amadeo Count Preziosi who lived and painted in Pera (Turkey) from 1842 to 1882 in honour of the 89th Anniversary of the Republic of Turkey. A commem- orative catalogue was published under the auspices of H.E.Mrs.Refika Nihal Cevik the Turkish Ambassador to Malta (sponsored by Link School of English).The following year another exhibition was organised and sponsored by our Companies with a full catalogue exposing the Russian Architect Nikolay Krasnov who lived in Malta from 1919 to 1922.

As a team we are now researching 17th and 18th century material related to connections with Poland, Italy, France and Germany due to be published towards the end of 2019. We look forward to welcome you. Roger & Gill De Gaetano 23 Link School of English 88/90 Triq it-Tiben, Swieqi, SWQ3034 Malta Tel: +356 2138 2642 23 LINK.qxp_Layout 1 17/05/2018 09:03 Page 1

Magister Academy Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Magister Academy was one of the original wave of English Language Schools to offer language courses in Malta and one of the founding members of FELTOM. Magister Academy is located in St Julian’s, one of the most well-known and exciting areas of Malta and attracts students of all ages from all over the world. The school offers bright, airy and comfortable classrooms with a modern on-site residence situated just above the school. Both single and sharing options are available to suit every budget and preference.

At Magister Academy, we offer a selection of quality English Courses in Malta including General English and Intensive English in standard classes or mini groups, Business English and Private Tuition as well as long term Academic courses.

All our English Courses in Malta are taught by professional,qualified and experienced teachers who make effective and entertaining lessons.MagisterAcademy is among the top English Language Schools in Malta, and offers a “best value for money” guarantee! Our students gave us a 97% satisfaction rate in 2017 and we are looking forward to beat that in 2018.

GENERAL ENGLISH This course is ideal for students wanting to expand and perfect their everyday English.Whether you are at elementary or advanced level the General English programme will help you reach your goals. INTENSIVE ENGLISH If you have limited time, or simply want to have additional lessons each day, the Intensive English programme adds an extra 7.5 hours per week to your General English course.These afternoon lessons focus on productive skills, i.e. speaking and writing. BUSINESS ENGLISH Our Business English course is your guarantee to broadening your horizons in the business world by building your confidence when communicating in English, and the smaller classes allow focused topics to suit individual needs.

MAGISTER ACADEMY RESIDENCE Our Residence conveniently sits right above the school. It’s bright and airy with twin and triple rooms neatly decorated to maximise the sense of space.The roof terrace is a great social space where students can eat, chat and study to their heart’s content.The rooms are shared to keep the costs low for our students,although,we can provide single rooms if you’d like one (subject to availability).

The Residence has the following amenities available to all our students: ● Free use of washing machine, ● Communal Kitchen ● Private Bathrooms (on request) ● Television (in dining room) ● Roof Terrace ● Air Conditioning in every room ● FREE Wi-Fi (throughout the entire building) ● Newly refurbished ● Comfortably finished Average age of students at the Residence is 26. Get in touch to chat about what we offer or to get to know us better! Check out our brand new website at, and follow us on Facebook for more information! 24 Magister Academy, Mensija Street, St. Julians STJ 1960 Malta Europe Tel: +356 2750 5550 24 Magister.qxp_Layout 1 17/05/2018 09:03 Page 1

Here at NSTS Malta, it’s all about you! You are unique and will be recognised for your individual abilities. Be part of an international community in a friendly, family atmosphere. You will enjoy an outstanding experience with us. Teaching English is NSTS’ greatest asset.You will excel in English at Malta’s first English language school. With more than 55 years of unparalleled professional experience, our high standards, commitment to delivering quality English programmes and services, projected the entire English teaching sector in Malta into worldwide recognition.

From here we expanded into Internships and Work Experiences to provide you with all possible potential opportunities for your personal career development.

What makes NSTS-Malta a leader is not only our high academic standards but also our dedication to promote intercultural learning to prepare you students for living in diverse societies and working in a globalized world by: ● Acquiring sound language skills ● Deepening the knowledge, understanding of, and respect for, other cultures ● The ability to change perspective ● Empathy, tolerance and openness to new things ● Intercultural sensitivity ● Ability to communicate and co-operate We offer programmes for: ● Junior students, 10-17 years: school and other groups throughout the year and also individually during the summer months ● Adult learners, 18-35 years: General English, Intensive English all Mondays of the year ● Adult specialisation: Business programme ● Erasmus+ holders: Internship, English and internship, English and paid work placement ● Living at a Home-stay,Hotel,Family apartment ● Student Residences: Studio with private washing & cooking facilities, service, breakfast 25 NSTS English Language Institute, Malta (+356) 2558 8500 25 NSTS.qxp_Layout 1 17/05/2018 09:04 Page 1

Sprachcaffe Languages PLUS Malta is uniquely situated to offer its clients an all-inclusive English language holiday. In our complex you will find student accommodation, a 24-hour reception, leisure facilities including a large outdoor swimming pool, beach volleyball court, garden, bistro and of course, air-conditioned classrooms, audio visual rooms and a library. In short, everything one could want for, a complete language holiday can be found in one place. Should you decide to venture outside of the complex, we are only a 15-minute walk from Paceville and St. Julians, the main nightlife centre of the island.

We are also on a main bus route to both Sliema and the capital city,Valletta. It takes around 15 minutes to get to Sliema and not more than 30 minutes to reachValletta by bus.

We offer classes from Beginner (A1) to Advanced (C2) level. Students complete either an online level test or are tested at the school on their first Monday morning to make sure everyone is placed at the right level. Most adult classes have a maximum of ten students and are, of course, taught by qualified and experienced teachers. Students can choose between 20 or 30 lessons of General English courses or can alternatively choose an Exam Preparation or a Business English course. Our Business English courses can be booked for 20 or 30 lessons per week and have a maximum of only 6 students per class.

Cambridge Examination Preparation courses are available in January, March and September and are 20 lesson courses. If you are interested in enrolling in an Exam Preparation course, you should contact the school for a list of start dates. One-to-One courses are also available and students can book 2, 4 or 6 individual lessons per day. Courses begin on Mondays and you can choose to stay for as little as one week or as long as one year.

Furthermore,we offer a wide range of accommodation options – standard, comfort and studio self-catering apartments within the complex as well as hotels and homestays. All options can be booked on a single or double room sharing basis. We also offer breakfast, lunch and dinner at our own bistro. Our leisure department organises various cultural excursions and boat trips around the Maltese islands and also sports activities including diving courses given by PADI qualified instructors. In addition our animation team is busy organising various activities within the school throughout the week including welcome and farewell parties, theme nights, karaoke evenings and film nights.

With year round sunshine and countless leisure activities, Sprachcaffe Languages PLUS Malta guarantees learning success and unlimited memories. Learn and live in a place full of new friends and benefit from our extensive experience teaching students of all language levels. Learning has never been so relaxed and so effective at the same time. Our team eagerly awaits your arrival!

26 Sprachcaffe Languages PLUS, Alamein Road, Pembroke PBK 1776, Malta Tel: +356 2137 3574/5/6 Fax: +356 2137 3577 Email: Website: 26 Sprache.qxp_Layout 1 17/05/2018 09:04 Page 1

Connect with schools, educators, industry service providers and agents whilst discovering the ultimate ELT destination.Acclaimed by students for the full immersion learning experience and continuously setting industry standards, Malta is truly the most happening ELT destination.A Mediterranean climate, clear blue seas, steeped in history and a safe and enviable way of life, Malta is TEFL’s best kept secret.

FELTOM, invites you to the March 2019 FELTOM ELT Malta Workshop.This workshop will provide you with an unrivalled opportunity to: • Discover Malta • Meet and network with a number of ELT school representatives under one roof • Visit a number of Malta’s language schools • Relax and discover Malta through a unique social programme Participating Agents will enjoy FREE accommodation for 4 nights in one of Malta’s reputable hotels because we truly believe you have to experience Malta first hand to appreciate it to its fullest. For more information send an email on: 27 2018MALTA WORKSHOP feltom elt 17, Flat 1, Suite 1, Sir Augustus Bartolo Street, Ta’ Xbiex XBX 1092 MALTA Tel: (+356) 2131 0927 | Email: Quality English Learning in a Quality Destination Choose Malta, Choose FELTOM 2019 MALTA WORKSHOP LOOK FOR US AT ALPHE UK ICEF BERLIN MTA STAND 27 Feltom Work Shop.qxp_Layout 1 17/05/2018 09:05 Page 1

Feltom School Locations MALTA 1. Alpha School of English 2. am Language Studio 3. BELS Gozo 4. BELS Malta 5. Chamber College 6. Clubclass English Language School 7. Easy School of Languages 8. EC Malta 9. EF International 10. English Language Academy 11. English Communication School 12. English Domain 13. European School of English 14. GV Malta English Centre 15. Institute of English Language Studies 16. Inlingua School of Languages 17. International House 18. LINK School of English 19. Magister Academy 20. NSTS English Language Institute 21. Sprachcaffe Languages PLUS 1 4 9 8 6 12 14 17 18 1 21 13 28 29 Map.qxp_Layout 1 14/05/2018 18:50 Page 1

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