Manhattan - Pre-Kindergarten Directory 2015

Manhattan - Pre-Kindergarten Directory 2015

Manhattan - Pre-Kindergarten Directory 2015

2015 Pre-Kindergarten Directory Manhattan For Students Born in 2011 Starting Pre-Kindergarten in September 2015 Carmen Fariña, Chancellor New York City District Schools & Early Education Centers 2015 Pre-Kindergarten Directory Manhattan For Students Born in 2011 Starting Pre-Kindergarten in September 2015 Carmen Fariña, Chancellor New York City District Schools & Early Education Centers 2015 Pre-Kindergarten Directory Manhattan For Students Born in 2011 Starting Pre-Kindergarten in September 2015 Carmen Fariña, Chancellor New York City District Schools & Early Education Centers

Manhattan - Pre-Kindergarten Directory 2015

Important Dates 2015 Pre-Kindergarten Admissions Helpful Websites Pre-Kindergarten Admissions Check this site throughout the school year for the latest information about Pre-Kindergarten Admissions.

Stay Connected! 6XEVFULEHWRWKHRI¿FLDO3UH.LQGHUJDUWHQ$GPLVVLRQV newsletter and visit the New York City Department of Education Facebook ( and Twitter ( pages for breaking news and other important updates.

Application Period Begins March 16, 2015 Application Deadline April 24, 2015 Placement Offers Distributed Early June 2015 Pre-registration June 2015 Information Sessions Attend an information session to learn about pre-K admissions for September 2015. Borough Date Location Brooklyn Tuesday, March 17 6:00 – 7:30 pm Clara Barton High School 901 Classon Avenue Queens Thursday, March 19 6:00 – 7:30 pm Flushing High School 35-01 Union Street Bronx Monday, March 23 6:00 – 7:30 pm PS/IS 218 1220 Gerard Avenue Staten Island Monday, March 23 6:00 – 7:30 pm P.S. 069 Daniel D. Tompkins 144 Keating Place Manhattan Tuesday, March 24 6:00 – 7:30 pm The High School of Fashion Industries 225 West 24th Street Brooklyn Wednesday, March 25 6:00 – 7:30 pm Sunset Park High School 153 35th Street Bronx Monday, March 30 6:00 – 7:30 pm Theodore Roosevelt Educational Campus 500 East Fordham Road Queens Monday, March 30 6:00 – 7:30 pm John Adams High School 101-01 Rockaway Boulevard Manhattan Tuesday, March 31 6:00 – 7:30 pm High School of Art and Design 245 East 56th Street

Manhattan - Pre-Kindergarten Directory 2015

2015 Pre-Kindergarten Directory Manhattan For Students Born in 2011 Starting Pre-Kindergarten in September 2015 Carmen Fariña, Chancellor New York City District Schools & Early Education Centers It is the policy of New York City Department of Education to provide equal educational opportunities without regard to actual or perceived race, color, religion, age, creed, ethnicity, national origin, alienage, citizenship status, disability, sexual orientation, gender (sex) or weight, and to maintain an environment free of harassment on the basis of any of these grounds, including sexual harassment, as required by law.


Manhattan - Pre-Kindergarten Directory 2015

Translated versions of this Directory will be available on our website at Ï Ï ϲϧϭήΘϜϟϹ΍ ΎϨόϗϮϣ ϰϠϋ ϞϴϟΪϟ΍ ΍άϩ Ϧϣ ΔϤΟήΘϣ Φδϧ ήϓϮΘΘγ : Ï Ï Ï ᴀᣛफⱘЁ᭛⠜ⱏ䓝ᮐҹϟ㎆キ˖ Ï Des versions traduites de cet annuaire seront accessibles sur notre site Internet Ï Kopi Anyè sa a ap disponib nan lòt lang sou sit wèb nou an nan Ï ␘㢀G⫵䆠㜄㉐G⸬G㙼⇨㉐㢌Gⶼ㜡⸬㡸G⸨㐘G㍌G㢼㏩⏼␘aGG

Ï ɉɟɪɟɜɨɞɵ Ï ɷɬɨɝɨ Ï Ɋɭɤɨɜɨɞɫɬɜɚ Ï ɛɭɞɭɬ Ï ɩɨɦɟɳɟɧɵ Ï ɧɚ Ï ɧɚɲɟɦ Ï ɜɟɛɫɚɣɬɟ Ï Las versiones traducidas de este Directorio estarán disponibles en nuestra página de Internet en:

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Manhattan - Pre-Kindergarten Directory 2015

March 2015 Dear Families, Providingfree, high-quality earlychildhood educationtoall children isacritical investmentinthe future of ourCity. The Pre-KforAll initiative givesusanopportunitytosupport yourchild’ssuccess early inlife. We have workedhard to create new free, full-day, high-quality pre-Kindergarten(pre-K) options this yearin orderto offerpre-Ktoall NewYork Cityfouryear-olds. All pre-Kprogramsare heldtothe same highstandardsand must adhere to NewYorkState’scurriculumexpectations.* Thisyear, applyingforpre-Kiseasierthaneverbefore;forthe firsttime, familiesmayapplytopre-K programsfor districtschoolsand full-dayNew YorkCityEarlyEducationCenters(NYCEECs) usingasingle application.We encourage youtouse the informationinthisPre-KDirectory,aswell asadditional online resourcesat, andapplyforpre-KbeginningonMarch 16th .

ThisPre-KDirectorywill provideyouwithdetailedinformationaboutyourprogramoptions. The deadline tosubmit your single applicationis Friday, April 24, 2015. You may applyonline at,overthe phone bycalling718-935-2067, or in personat one of our FamilyWelcome Centers. If you have questions, please donothesitate tocall the Departmentof Educationat718-935-2009 or checkingthe website forupdates, includingnew pre-Kprograms beingaddedthroughout the spring. We lookforwardto helpingyouthroughthe pre-Kapplicationprocessandpartnering withyouasyour childembarksontheireducational journey.WithPre-KforAll, OpportunityStartsNow forourchildren.

Sincerely, Mayor Bill de Blasio ChancellorCarmenFariña * Pleasevisit formoreinformation.

Manhattan - Pre-Kindergarten Directory 2015

Pre-KLearning Resources for Families Highqualitypre-Klaysthe foundationforchildren tosucceed. Research1 showsthe short-termand long-termbenefitsof highquality pre-K onthe livesof youngchildren. In pre-K,children: x Buildontheirnatural curiosity,develop persistence, andlearntoworkwell withothers. x Developphysically, whichallowsthemtoengage ineverydayactivities (i.e.usingpencils, paintbrushes, andplaygroundequipment). x Developearlyliteracy,language, andmathskills (e.g.usingnew vocabulary,rhyming,counting, and formingpatterns)͘ Curriculumandinstructionin pre-Kprovidesample opportunitiesforstudentstoengage inactive, hands-onexploration,discovery,critical-thinking, andproblemsolvingthroughacombinationof child- initiatedandteacher-directedexperiences.Teacherssupportchildrenindeveloping the skillsand knowledge describedinthe state pre-Klearningstandards,knownasthe PrekindergartenFoundation for the CommonCore.

These standards coverfive areasof learninganddescribe whatchildrenare expectedtoknow andbe able to do at the endof theirpre-Kyear.

Early ChildhoodParent Guides,invariouslanguages, are available toyoufromthe Division of Early ChildhoodEducation. These ParentGuidesprovide youwithinformationonwhatchildrenlearnin pre-K and resourcesyoumayuse to supportyour child’slearningathome andon the go. The ParentGuides below canbe foundonthe Divisionof EarlyChildhoodEducation’swebsite: ŚƚƚƉ͗ͬͬƐĐŚŽŽůƐ͘ŶLJĐ͘ŐŽǀͬĐĂĚĞŵŝĐƐͬĂƌůLJŚŝůĚŚŽŽĚͬƉĂƌĞŶƚĨĂŵŝůŝĞƐͬƌĞĂĚƉƌĞ

Manhattan - Pre-Kindergarten Directory 2015

Table of Contents Manhattan Pre-Kindergarten Directory Introduction Welcome to Pre-K Admissions . 1 The Pre-K Admissions Process . 1 The Pre-K Application .

3 Pre-K Admissions Priorities . ϴ Families of Students with Disabilities . . 10 Families of Students Whose First Language is Not English . . 12 Pre-K in Charter Schools . . 12 How to Read the Pre-Kindergarten Program Lists . . 13 Paper Application . . 16 District Maps District 1 Map . . 19 District 2 Map . . 27 District 3 Map . . 41 District 4 Map . . 51 District 5 Map . . 61 District 6 Map . . 71 Program Lists District 1 . . 21 District 2 . . 29 District 3 . . 43 District 4 . . 53 District 5 . . 63 District 6 . . 73

Welcome toPre-KAdmissions! If you live inNew YorkCityand yourchild wasborn in2011, he or she iseligibleto attendfree pre- Kindergarten (pre-K) inSeptember2015. We are excitedtowelcome yourchildtoourschools, andare here to helpyoualongthe way. Pre-Kisa free,high-quality programthatrunsfive daysperweekfromSeptemberthroughJune.For childrenbornin2011, pre-Kwill begininSeptember2015. Most pre-Koptionsare ona full-day schedule (6 hours and20 minutes);however,some 5-hourandhalf-day (2hoursand30 minutes) options are also available.

NewYork Cityfamiliescanapplyto pre-Konline, overthe phone,orinpersonata FamilyWelcome Center.

Thisbookisdesignedtohelpguide you througheverystepof the pre-KAdmissions process.If youhave any questionsaboutapplyingto pre-K,call 718-935-2009 or The Pre-KAdmissions Process All NewYorkCity childrenbornin2011 are eligible toapplyto pre-K.Thisincludesstudentswith disabilitiesand studentswhosefirstlanguage isnotEnglish.Freepre-Kprogramsare availableat New York CityDepartmentof Education(NYCDOE) districtschools,charterschools, andNew YorkCityEarly EducationCenters (NYCEECs).NYCEECsare approved organizationsthatpartnerwiththe NYCDOEto provide pre-Kprogramstotheircommunities.

There are fourstepsinthe initial admissionsprocess (“MainRound”) inthe yearleadingupto pre-K: 1. Explore Your Options and Make Your List of WƌŽŐƌĂŵƐ 2. Submit Your Application by no later than April 24 3. Receive a PlacementOffer 4. Pre-Registerat the Program Your Childis Offered Here are a few importantfacts that coverthe mostfrequentlyaskedquestionsabout pre-Kadmissions. You shouldknow the followingbefore youstartexploringyour pre-Koptions: x Admissionisnotfirst-come,first-served. Youcanapply at any time before the April 24,2015 deadline.

x You can applyto districtschool pre-K programsandfull-dayNYCEECpre-Kprogramsusingthe same application.

If youwishtoapplyto 5-hour or half-dayNYCEECpre-Kprograms,please contactthose sitesdirectly. Forinformationaboutapplyingtocharter school pre-Kprograms,see page 12. x Studentsare consideredforplacementateach program on theirapplication basedona priority ordercalled the AdmissionsPriorities.Reviewthe AdmissionsPriorities forbothdistrictschoolsand NYCEECs startingonpage 8. x The NYCDOE worksto make as many pre-Kprogramsas possible available tofamilies, butthe numberof applicantsmayexceedthe numberof seats available insome programs.Placementina particularpre-Kprogramis notguaranteedthroughthisprocess.

Pre-K Admissions Timeline Application period begins on March 16, 2015 Application deadline is April 24, 2015 Placement offers distributed in early June 2015 Pre-registration is from June 1 – June 19, 2015 1

1. Explore Your Options and Make Your List of WƌŽŐƌĂŵƐ We recommendyouuse this Pre-KDirectory tofindoutmore aboutthe admissions process andhigh- qualitypre-K options foryourchild, andthen visitdistrictschools, charterschools, andNYCEECsof interesttolearnmore. Thisbookcontainsa listof pre-Kprogramsat NYCEECs, districtschools, and charter schools inone borough.Additional programsmaybe addedbythe NYCDOE throughoutthe applicationperiod.Forthe latestinformation,please reviewthe Pre-KDirectoryonourwebsite (,call 718-935-2009, or visitone of our FamilyWelcome Centers.

Onlyyou can decide whichpre-Kprogramisbestforyour childandyour family.Asyouare preparing your application, make sure torankprogramsinorder of your preference.Youcan listmultiple pre-K programs on your application, butonlylistprogramswhere youwouldenrollyourchildif youreceive an offer.

The listyou submitonyourapplicationshouldbe basedonyourpreferences.Rankfirstthe programyou prefermost,butalsoinclude other programsincase your childcannotbe placedatyour mostpreferred program(s).There isnorightor wrongapproachwhenranking pre-Kprogramsonyour application.Your child’sprioritytobe placedat a program depends onthe AdmissionsPriorities. Visitingprogramsof interestisaveryimportantpart of applyingto pre-K.Tofindopenhouseandtour schedules,’salsoimportantt hatyouknow how longit takesto travel fromyourhome to the programs to whichyouare applying.The NYCDOEdoesnot provide transportationfor pre-Kstudents,withthe exceptionof studentsattendingspecialeducation programs(formore informationaboutspecialeducation,please seepages10-11).

2. Submit Your Application From March 16, 2015 through April 24, 2015, youcan applyto pre-Kprogramsat districtschoolsand full-dayNYCEECsthatyoubelievewouldbe agoodfitforyour child.

You can applyfor pre-Kusingone of three methods: x Applyonline at x Applyoverthe phone bycalling718-935-2067 x Applyinpersonat a FamilyWelcome Center(locationsbelow) To applyto half-dayor5-hourNYCEEC pre-Kprogramsor charter school pre-Kprograms,please contact these sites directly.Formore informationaboutcharterschools,see page 12. 3. Receive a Placement Offer You will receivenotificationaboutyourplacementoffer inearlyJune. Yourchildwill automaticallybe placedonthe waitlistforthe programsyourankedhigherthanthe program where yourchildreceivedanoffer. If youdonotreceive aplacementoffer, yourchildwill be placedonthe waitlistforall pre-Kprogramsonyourapplication.

Pre-Kprograms will contact waitlistedfamiliesdirectlyif theyare able toofferthemaseat; noadditional actionisrequired to remainonthe waitlist. Youmayalsocontact additional programstohave yourchildplaced on more waitlists.


4. Pre-Register In orderto accept yourpre-Koffer,youmustcontact the school or NYCEEC forwhich you receivedan offerandmake an appointmenttopre-registerthroughJune 19,2015. Pre-registeringyourchildatthe program where youreceivedanofferdoesnotpreventyoufrom laterreceivinganoffertoa program where yourchildis on the waitlist. Whenpre-registering, youmust bringyour childwith you, as well asproof of your child’sdate of birthandtwo proofsof your address.Fora full listof acceptable documentation,seepage 6. Please note thatsome NYCEECprograms mayhave additional eligibilitycriteriarelatedto householdincome,place of residence,andchildcare needs.These programswill require additional documentation fromparentsatthe time of pre-registration.Formore information, see page 7.

The Pre-KApplication You can applyfor pre-KfromMarch 16, 2015 through April 24, 2015 usingone of the three methods below. You may listupto 12 pre-Kprogramchoiceson yourapplication. Placementisnotguaranteed;however, your chancesof receivinganofferincrease withthe numberof programchoicesyoulist.Since all offers are made accordingto AdmissionsPriorities,puttingmore programsonyour listwill notdecrease your chancesof receivinganoffertoyourfirst-choice program. No matterhow you apply,make sure yougeta receipt.If youdo not receive areceipt,there mayhave beena problemwithyourapplicationsubmission.

Please donotsubmityourapplicationbymail; applicationsreceivedbymail will notbe accepted.

Application Methods Apply Online anaccount andsubmityourapplication. x You may applyonline 24hoursa dayfrom March 16 throughApril 24, 2015. x The online applicationisavailable innine languagesotherthanEnglish. x Afteryousubmitthe application,a receiptwillbe emailedtoyou. Youmay alsoaccessyour receiptatany time throughyouronline account. Please note:You musthave an email addresstoapplyonline.If youdonothave an email address ordo not wishtoprovide anemail address, youcanapply overthe phone or inperson at a FamilyWelcome Center.

If you do nothave a computerat home andwouldlike toapplyonline,youcanuse a computerat any NewYork Citypubliclibrarywithafree librarycard.

Tosignupforafree librarycard,youneedtoprovide proof of address.Tofindalibraryinyourarea,call311. The deadline toapply online isFriday, April 24th, 2015 at 11:59 PM. 3

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