Manhattan - Pre-Kindergarten Directory 2015

Manhattan - Pre-Kindergarten Directory 2015

2015 Pre-Kindergarten Directory Manhattan For Students Born in 2011 Starting Pre-Kindergarten in September 2015 Carmen Fariña, Chancellor New York City District Schools & Early Education Centers 2015 Pre-Kindergarten Directory Manhattan For Students Born in 2011 Starting Pre-Kindergarten in September 2015 Carmen Fariña, Chancellor New York City District Schools & Early Education Centers 2015 Pre-Kindergarten Directory Manhattan For Students Born in 2011 Starting Pre-Kindergarten in September 2015 Carmen Fariña, Chancellor New York City District Schools & Early Education Centers

Manhattan - Pre-Kindergarten Directory 2015
  • Important Dates 2015 Pre-Kindergarten Admissions Helpful Websites Pre-Kindergarten Admissions Check this site throughout the school year for the latest information about Pre-Kindergarten Admissions. Stay Connected! 6XEVFULEH
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Application Period Begins March 16, 2015 Application Deadline April 24, 2015 Placement Offers Distributed Early June 2015 Pre-registration June 2015 Information Sessions Attend an information session to learn about pre-K admissions for September 2015. Borough Date Location Brooklyn Tuesday, March 17 6:00 – 7:30 pm Clara Barton High School 901 Classon Avenue Queens Thursday, March 19 6:00 – 7:30 pm Flushing High School 35-01 Union Street Bronx Monday, March 23 6:00 – 7:30 pm PS/IS 218 1220 Gerard Avenue Staten Island Monday, March 23 6:00 – 7:30 pm P.S. 069 Daniel D. Tompkins 144 Keating Place Manhattan Tuesday, March 24 6:00 – 7:30 pm The High School of Fashion Industries 225 West 24th Street Brooklyn Wednesday, March 25 6:00 – 7:30 pm Sunset Park High School 153 35th Street Bronx Monday, March 30 6:00 – 7:30 pm Theodore Roosevelt Educational Campus 500 East Fordham Road Queens Monday, March 30 6:00 – 7:30 pm John Adams High School 101-01 Rockaway Boulevard Manhattan Tuesday, March 31 6:00 – 7:30 pm High School of Art and Design 245 East 56th Street

Manhattan - Pre-Kindergarten Directory 2015
  • 2015 Pre-Kindergarten Directory Manhattan For Students Born in 2011 Starting Pre-Kindergarten in September 2015 Carmen Fariña, Chancellor New York City District Schools & Early Education Centers It is the policy of New York City Department of Education to provide equal educational opportunities without regard to actual or perceived race, color, religion, age, creed, ethnicity, national origin, alienage, citizenship status, disability, sexual orientation, gender (sex) or weight, and to maintain an environment free of harassment on the basis of any of these grounds, including sexual harassment, as required by law. Inquiries regarding appropriate ODZV
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Manhattan - Pre-Kindergarten Directory 2015
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Manhattan - Pre-Kindergarten Directory 2015
March 2015 Dear Families, Providingfree, high-quality earlychildhood educationtoall children isacritical investmentinthe future of ourCity. The Pre-KforAll initiative givesusanopportunitytosupport yourchild’ssuccess early inlife. We have workedhard to create new free, full-day, high-quality pre-Kindergarten(pre-K) options this yearin orderto offerpre-Ktoall NewYork Cityfouryear-olds. All pre-Kprogramsare heldtothe same highstandardsand must adhere to NewYorkState’scurriculumexpectations.* Thisyear, applyingforpre-Kiseasierthaneverbefore;forthe firsttime, familiesmayapplytopre-K programsfor districtschoolsand full-dayNew YorkCityEarlyEducationCenters(NYCEECs) usingasingle application.We encourage youtouse the informationinthisPre-KDirectory,aswell asadditional online resourcesat, andapplyforpre-KbeginningonMarch 16th . ThisPre-KDirectorywill provideyouwithdetailedinformationaboutyourprogramoptions. The deadline tosubmit your single applicationis Friday, April 24, 2015. You may applyonline at,overthe phone bycalling718-935-2067, or in personat one of our FamilyWelcome Centers. If you have questions, please donothesitate tocall the Departmentof Educationat718-935-2009 or checkingthe website forupdates, includingnew pre-Kprograms beingaddedthroughout the spring. We lookforwardto helpingyouthroughthe pre-Kapplicationprocessandpartnering withyouasyour childembarksontheireducational journey.WithPre-KforAll, OpportunityStartsNow forourchildren. Sincerely, Mayor Bill de Blasio ChancellorCarmenFariña * Pleasevisit formoreinformation.
Manhattan - Pre-Kindergarten Directory 2015
Pre-KLearning Resources for Families Highqualitypre-Klaysthe foundationforchildren tosucceed. Research1 showsthe short-termand long-termbenefitsof highquality pre-K onthe livesof youngchildren. In pre-K,children: x Buildontheirnatural curiosity,develop persistence, andlearntoworkwell withothers. x Developphysically, whichallowsthemtoengage ineverydayactivities (i.e.usingpencils, paintbrushes, andplaygroundequipment). x Developearlyliteracy,language, andmathskills (e.g.usingnew vocabulary,rhyming,counting, and formingpatterns)͘ Curriculumandinstructionin pre-Kprovidesample opportunitiesforstudentstoengage inactive, hands-onexploration,discovery,critical-thinking, andproblemsolvingthroughacombinationof childinitiatedandteacher-directedexperiences.Teacherssupportchildrenindeveloping the skillsand knowledge describedinthe state pre-Klearningstandards,knownasthe PrekindergartenFoundation for the CommonCore. These standards coverfive areasof learninganddescribe whatchildrenare expectedtoknow andbe able to do at the endof theirpre-Kyear.
  • Early ChildhoodParent Guides,invariouslanguages, are available toyoufromthe Division of Early ChildhoodEducation. These ParentGuidesprovide youwithinformationonwhatchildrenlearnin pre-K and resourcesyoumayuse to supportyour child’slearningathome andon the go. The ParentGuides below canbe foundonthe Divisionof EarlyChildhoodEducation’swebsite: ŚƚƚƉ͗ͬͬƐĐŚŽŽůƐ͘ŶLJĐ͘ŐŽǀͬ
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Manhattan - Pre-Kindergarten Directory 2015

Table of Contents Manhattan Pre-Kindergarten Directory Introduction Welcome to Pre-K Admissions ___ 1
The Pre-K Admissions Process ___ 1
The Pre-K Application ___ 3
Pre-K Admissions Priorities .

ϴ Families of Students with Disabilities ___ 10
Families of Students Whose First Language is Not English ___ 12
Pre-K in Charter Schools ___ 12
How to Read the Pre-Kindergarten Program Lists ___ 13
Paper Application ___ 16
District Maps District 1 Map ___ 19
District 2 Map ___ 27
District 3 Map ___ 41
District 4 Map ___ 51
District 5 Map ___ 61
District 6 Map ___ 71
Program Lists District 1 ___ 21
District 2 ___ 29
District 3 ___ 43
District 4 ___ 53
District 5 ___ 63
District 6 . . 73

Welcome toPre-KAdmissions! If you live inNew YorkCityand yourchild wasborn in2011, he or she iseligibleto attendfree preKindergarten (pre-K) inSeptember2015. We are excitedtowelcome yourchildtoourschools, andare here to helpyoualongthe way. Pre-Kisa free,high-quality programthatrunsfive daysperweekfromSeptemberthroughJune.For childrenbornin2011, pre-Kwill begininSeptember2015. Most pre-Koptionsare ona full-day schedule (6 hours and20 minutes);however,some 5-hourandhalf-day (2hoursand30 minutes) options are also available.

NewYork Cityfamiliescanapplyto pre-Konline, overthe phone,orinpersonata FamilyWelcome Center.

Thisbookisdesignedtohelpguide you througheverystepof the pre-KAdmissions process.If youhave any questionsaboutapplyingto pre-K,call 718-935-2009 or The Pre-KAdmissions Process All NewYorkCity childrenbornin2011 are eligible toapplyto pre-K.Thisincludesstudentswith disabilitiesand studentswhosefirstlanguage isnotEnglish.Freepre-Kprogramsare availableat New York CityDepartmentof Education(NYCDOE) districtschools,charterschools, andNew YorkCityEarly EducationCenters (NYCEECs).NYCEECsare approved organizationsthatpartnerwiththe NYCDOEto provide pre-Kprogramstotheircommunities.

There are fourstepsinthe initial admissionsprocess (“MainRound”) inthe yearleadingupto pre-K: 1. Explore Your Options and Make Your List of WƌŽŐƌĂŵƐ 2. Submit Your Application by no later than April 24 3. Receive a PlacementOffer 4. Pre-Registerat the Program Your Childis Offered Here are a few importantfacts that coverthe mostfrequentlyaskedquestionsabout pre-Kadmissions. You shouldknow the followingbefore youstartexploringyour pre-Koptions: x Admissionisnotfirst-come,first-served. Youcanapply at any time before the April 24,2015 deadline.

x You can applyto districtschool pre-K programsandfull-dayNYCEECpre-Kprogramsusingthe same application.

If youwishtoapplyto 5-hour or half-dayNYCEECpre-Kprograms,please contactthose sitesdirectly. Forinformationaboutapplyingtocharter school pre-Kprograms,see page 12. x Studentsare consideredforplacementateach program on theirapplication basedona priority ordercalled the AdmissionsPriorities.Reviewthe AdmissionsPriorities forbothdistrictschoolsand NYCEECs startingonpage 8. x The NYCDOE worksto make as many pre-Kprogramsas possible available tofamilies, butthe numberof applicantsmayexceedthe numberof seats available insome programs.Placementina particularpre-Kprogramis notguaranteedthroughthisprocess.

Pre-K Admissions Timeline Application period begins on March 16, 2015 Application deadline is April 24, 2015 Placement offers distributed in early June 2015 Pre-registration is from June 1 – June 19, 2015 1

1. Explore Your Options and Make Your List of WƌŽŐƌĂŵƐ We recommendyouuse this Pre-KDirectory tofindoutmore aboutthe admissions process andhighqualitypre-K options foryourchild, andthen visitdistrictschools, charterschools, andNYCEECsof interesttolearnmore. Thisbookcontainsa listof pre-Kprogramsat NYCEECs, districtschools, and charter schools inone borough.Additional programsmaybe addedbythe NYCDOE throughoutthe applicationperiod.Forthe latestinformation,please reviewthe Pre-KDirectoryonourwebsite (,call 718-935-2009, or visitone of our FamilyWelcome Centers.

Onlyyou can decide whichpre-Kprogramisbestforyour childandyour family.Asyouare preparing your application, make sure torankprogramsinorder of your preference.Youcan listmultiple pre-K programs on your application, butonlylistprogramswhere youwouldenrollyourchildif youreceive an offer.

The listyou submitonyourapplicationshouldbe basedonyourpreferences.Rankfirstthe programyou prefermost,butalsoinclude other programsincase your childcannotbe placedatyour mostpreferred program(s).There isnorightor wrongapproachwhenranking pre-Kprogramsonyour application.Your child’sprioritytobe placedat a program depends onthe AdmissionsPriorities. Visitingprogramsof interestisaveryimportantpart of applyingto pre-K.Tofindopenhouseandtour schedules,’salsoimportantt hatyouknow how longit takesto travel fromyourhome to the programs to whichyouare applying.The NYCDOEdoesnot provide transportationfor pre-Kstudents,withthe exceptionof studentsattendingspecialeducation programs(formore informationaboutspecialeducation,please seepages10-11).

2. Submit Your Application From March 16, 2015 through April 24, 2015, youcan applyto pre-Kprogramsat districtschoolsand full-dayNYCEECsthatyoubelievewouldbe agoodfitforyour child.

You can applyfor pre-Kusingone of three methods: x Applyonline at x Applyoverthe phone bycalling718-935-2067 x Applyinpersonat a FamilyWelcome Center(locationsbelow) To applyto half-dayor5-hourNYCEEC pre-Kprogramsor charter school pre-Kprograms,please contact these sites directly.Formore informationaboutcharterschools,see page 12. 3. Receive a Placement Offer You will receivenotificationaboutyourplacementoffer inearlyJune. Yourchildwill automaticallybe placedonthe waitlistforthe programsyourankedhigherthanthe program where yourchildreceivedanoffer. If youdonotreceive aplacementoffer, yourchildwill be placedonthe waitlistforall pre-Kprogramsonyourapplication.

Pre-Kprograms will contact waitlistedfamiliesdirectlyif theyare able toofferthemaseat; noadditional actionisrequired to remainonthe waitlist. Youmayalsocontact additional programstohave yourchildplaced on more waitlists.

4. Pre-Register In orderto accept yourpre-Koffer,youmustcontact the school or NYCEEC forwhich you receivedan offerandmake an appointmenttopre-registerthroughJune 19,2015. Pre-registeringyourchildatthe program where youreceivedanofferdoesnotpreventyoufrom laterreceivinganoffertoa program where yourchildis on the waitlist. Whenpre-registering, youmust bringyour childwith you, as well asproof of your child’sdate of birthandtwo proofsof your address.Fora full listof acceptable documentation,seepage 6. Please note thatsome NYCEECprograms mayhave additional eligibilitycriteriarelatedto householdincome,place of residence,andchildcare needs.These programswill require additional documentation fromparentsatthe time of pre-registration.Formore information, see page 7.

The Pre-KApplication You can applyfor pre-KfromMarch 16, 2015 through April 24, 2015 usingone of the three methods below. You may listupto 12 pre-Kprogramchoiceson yourapplication. Placementisnotguaranteed;however, your chancesof receivinganofferincrease withthe numberof programchoicesyoulist.Since all offers are made accordingto AdmissionsPriorities,puttingmore programsonyour listwill notdecrease your chancesof receivinganoffertoyourfirst-choice program. No matterhow you apply,make sure yougeta receipt.If youdo not receive areceipt,there mayhave beena problemwithyourapplicationsubmission.

Please donotsubmityourapplicationbymail; applicationsreceivedbymail will notbe accepted.

Application Methods Apply Online anaccount andsubmityourapplication. x You may applyonline 24hoursa dayfrom March 16 throughApril 24, 2015. x The online applicationisavailable innine languagesotherthanEnglish. x Afteryousubmitthe application,a receiptwillbe emailedtoyou. Youmay alsoaccessyour receiptatany time throughyouronline account. Please note:You musthave an email addresstoapplyonline.If youdonothave an email address ordo not wishtoprovide anemail address, youcanapply overthe phone or inperson at a FamilyWelcome Center.

If you do nothave a computerat home andwouldlike toapplyonline,youcanuse a computerat any NewYork Citypubliclibrarywithafree librarycard.

Tosignupforafree librarycard,youneedtoprovide proof of address.Tofindalibraryinyourarea,call311. The deadline toapply online isFriday, April 24th, 2015 at 11:59 PM. 3

Apply Overthe Phone Call us at 718-935-2067 to submityourapplication. x Call between8:00 AMand 6:00 PM, Monday throughFriday. x If you speaka language otherthanEnglish,be sure torequestan interpreter. x If you applybyphone,youwill receiveyourapplicationreceiptbymail. The deadline toapply over the phone is Friday,April 24, 2015 at 6:00 PM. Apply In Person Visitthe counselorsat anyFamilyWelcome Center(see below forlocations) x Welcome Centers are openfrom8:00 AMto 3:00 PM, MondaythroughFriday. x If you speaka language otherthanEnglish,be sure torequestan interpreter. x You will receiveyourreceiptfromthe counselorwhen yousubmityourapplication.

The deadline toapply in personat a FamilyWelcome CenterisFriday,April 24, 2015 at 3:00 PM. FamilyWelcome Centers are openMonday – Friday,from8:00 AM – 3:00 PM Family Welcome Center Locations Borough Address Bronx 1 FordhamPlaza,7Floor,Bronx,NY 10458 1230 ZeregaAvenue,Bronx,NY10462 Brooklyn 1780 OceanAvenue,Brooklyn,NY11230 415 89 Street,Brooklyn,NY11209 29 Fort Greene Place,Brooklyn,NY11217 1665 St. Mark’s Avenue,Brooklyn,NY11233 Manhattan 333 SeventhAvenue,12Floor, New York, NY 10001 388 West125 Street,7 Floor, New York, NY 10027 Queens 28-11 Queens PlazaNorth,LongIslandCity, NY11101 30-48 LindenPlace,Flushing, NY11354 90-27 SutphinBoulevard,Jamaica, NY11435 Staten Island 715 OceanTerrace,BuildingA,StatenIsland,NY10301 4

  • Required Information Whetheryouare planningtosubmityourpre-Kapplicationonline,overthe phone,orinpersonat a FamilyWelcome Center, make sure youhave the followinginformationwithyouwhenyouapply: 1. Child’sname 2. Child’sdate of birth 3. Parent/guardianname 4. Child’saddress 5. Your telephonenumber 6. Your email address(foronlineapplications) 7. Siblinginformation,*if yourchildhasa siblingattendingone of the programs that youare goingto listonyour application: x Sibling’sname x Sibling’sdate of birth x Sibling’scurrentgrade
  • ;ŝĨ
  • ĂƉƉůŝĐĂďůĞͿ x Sibling’scurrentschool (if applicable) x Sibling’sOSIS(studentIDnumber) (if applicable) 8. The programs youare applyingto,inorderof yourpreference Please note: You mustlista program more than once if youare applyingtomore than one session offeredatthat site. Forexample, if adistrictschool offershalf-dayandfull-daysessions,andyouare interestedinboth,youmustlistthe programonce foreach sessionof interest. Checkthe programlistto see whichoptionsare offeredatthe pre-Ksitesyouare interestedin. Similarly,if the programoffersa Dual Language optioninadditiontoa general educationoption,andyouwishtoapplytoboth,you must listthe program twice onyourapplication. ProgramsthatofferDual Language options will be markedin the online application andonlineDirectorywithinformationaboutwhichlanguage isoffered.Formore information,please seepage 12.

A siblingisdefinedasa brotheror sister – includinghalf-brothers, half-sisters, stepbrothers, stepsisters, fosterbrothers,andfostersisters –of the applicant,wholivesinthe same household.Youmustlistthe sibling’sinformationonthe application foryourchildtobe consideredforsiblingpriority tothatprogram.All siblinginformationisverifiedbythe district school or NYCEEC before offersare made.Formore informationaboutsiblingpriority,please see page 8. Applying in Languages other than English The pre-Kapplicationisavailable online orin personinthe NYCDOE’sstandard languages other than English: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, French, Haitian Creole, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Urdu.

Interpretation services are available in person or over the phone in over 200 languages. Call 718-935-2067 or visit a Family Welcome Center for assistance. Translated materials are available at 5

After You Apply NYCDOE Distributes Decision Letters In earlyJune 2015, you will receive adecisionletterindicatingwhetherornotyour childhasreceived a placementoffertoone of the pre-Kprogramson yourapplication,whether districtschool orNYCEEC.If youappliedusing the onlineapplication,youwill be notifiedbyemail andbymail.If yousubmittedan applicationoverthe phone orinpersonat a FamilyWelcome Center,youwill be notifiedbymail only. Familieswill receive,atmost,a single pre-Koffer.If yourchildisable tobe matchedto more than one program basedonhisor herprioritylevel atthose programs,youwill onlyreceiveanoffertowhichever of those programsyourankedhigheronyour application.Thisiswhyitisimportantthatyour applicationchoice orderreflectsyourtrue preferencesforyourchild’splacement.Yourfirstchoice on the applicationshouldbe yourfirstchoice of programs youwantyour childto attend.

Please note thatif youdo not receive aMainRound offer,there will stillbe opportunitiesthroughout the summerto finda pre-Kprogramwitha seatfor your child.

Pre-Registration The pre-registrationperiod isfromJune 1throughJune 19, 2015. To accept an offer,youmustpreregisteratthe programwhere youwere offered aplacementbyJune 19,2015, or you will lose your offer. Please be sure youare available duringthe pre-registrationperiod. If foranyreasonyouare unavailable duringthe pre-registrationperiod,please contactthe programimmediatelytomake alternate arrangements. Whenyoupre-register,youmustbring: x Your child x Offerletter x Proof of yourchild’sage (child’sbirthcertificate orpassport) x Two documentsverifyingproof of residence. Acceptable documentsare listedbelow: o Utilitybill (gasorelectric) forthe residence issuedbyNational Grid(formerlyKeyspan), Con Edison,orthe Long IslandPowerAuthority(forthe Rockaways);mustbe dated withinthe past60 days o Water bill forthe residence;mustbe datedwithinthe past90 days o Original lease agreement,deed,ormortgage statementforthe residence o Currentpropertytax bill forthe residence o Official payroll documentfromanemployer(example:payrollreceipt);mustbe dated withinthe past60 days o Documentor letterfroma federal,state,orlocal governmentagencyindicatingthe resident’sname andaddress(example:documentfromInternal Revenue Service (IRS), CityHousingAuthority,the AdministrationforChildren’sServices(ACS));mustbe dated withinthe past60 days 6

Other Eligibility Criteria and Documentation Some NYCEEC pre-Kprogramsreceive federal HeadStartfundingand/orChildCare fundingfromthe NewYork CityAdministrationforChildren’sServices(ACS). Othersmayreceive HeadStartfundingfrom the federal AdministrationforChildrenandFamilies’Officeof HeadStart. Theymay alsohave additional eligibilitycriteriarelatedtoyourhouseholdincome,governmentservicesreceived, youraddress,or your childcare needs.If youreceive anoffertoone of these programs,youmay needtoprovide documentationverifyingyoureligibilityinordertoaccept the offer(inadditiontothe required documentsnecessaryto pre-registerforpre-K).NYCEECsthathave additional eligibilitycriteriainsome or all classroomsare indicated inthe programlistingsinthisPre-KDirectory.

These programsare typicallyable toprovide free orlow-costextendeddayservices tofamilies. It isveryimportantto contact programs that may have these additionalcriteria beforecompletingyour application,inordertofindoutabouttheirrequirementsforenrollingyourchild. Youshouldonly apply to these programsif youbelieve yourfamilywill meettheireligibilitycriteria.If yourchildalready attendsa HeadStart program, youwill continue toremaineligible forHeadStartservices. Waitlists If you are notofferedplacementatthe program yourankedhighestonyourapplication,youwill automaticallybe placedonthe waitlistforall programsyourankedhigherthanthe programwhere your childreceived anoffer.Forexample,if youreceivedaplacementofferforthe programyoulistedthird on yourapplication,youwill automaticallybe includedonthe waitlistforyourfirstandsecondchoice programs.Programswill contactwaitlistedfamiliesdirectlyif theyare able toofferthema seat;no additional actionisrequiredof familiesatthispointinthe placementprocess.

If you wouldlike toaddyour childtothe waitlistof a programyou didnot applyto,please contactthe program directly,afterofferlettersare received.Studentsare orderedoneachprogram’swaitlist accordingto the AdmissionsPriorities.

Round 2 Application Period The New YorkCityDepartmentof Educationisactivelyworkingtocreate additionalfull-daypre-K opportunitiesforSeptember2015. Many newoptionswill be announcedduringthe MainRound application period(March16– April 24,2015) and youwill be able toapplytothem, buttheywillnotbe listedinprintedversionsof thisPre-KDirectory.The onlineversionof the Pre-KDirectorywillbe updated regularlywithnew options,andisavailable at We alsoexpecttoannounce newprogramsinlatespringof 2015 thatwill notbe partof the MainRound applicationperiod.However,familieswillhaveanopportunitytoapplytothe newlyaddedprograms duringasecondapplicationprocess(“Round2”) inthe summerof 2015.

Generally,programsthatwere partof the MainRoundwillnotbe availableonthe Round2application.If youmisstheopportunityto applytoa programthatwasinthe MainRound,youmay contactthese programsdirectlytobe addedto theirwaitlists,startinginJune2015.

Regardlessof whetheryourfamilyreceivedand/oraccepteda pre-Kseatduringthe mainapplication round,youwillbe abletosubmitanapplicationduringRound2forthe participatingprogramsthatare of interesttoyou.More informationaboutRound2andnew pre-Koptionswill be availabletofamiliesin June 2015 viathe pre-Kwebsite ( andcalling718-935-2009. 7

Pre-KAdmissions Priorities Studentsare consideredforplacementateachprogram they listontheirapplication basedonapriority ordercalled admissionspriorities. Studentswhofallinthe firstprioritygroup will be consideredfor placementfirst;studentsinthe secondprioritygroupwill be considerednext;andsoon, until all seats have beenfilled.

If there are more applicantsthanseatswithinagivenprioritygroup,seatswill be assignedbyrandom selection amongapplicantsatthe same prioritylevel. Admissionsprioritiesdiffer between districtschoolsandNYCEECs.

District School Admissions Priorities Livinginthe zone of a school,havingasiblingwhoattends aschool youapplyto, andnot havinga pre-K program inyour zonedschool are all factorsthat impact whichprioritygroupyour childfallsintofor each districtschool onyourapplication. If there are more applicantsthanseatswithinagivenpriority group,seatswill be assignedbyrandom selection amongapplicantsatthe same prioritylevel. Zoned School and District NewYork Cityisdividedinto32CommunitySchool Districts.Yourdistrictisdeterminedbyyourchild’s home address.Ingeneral,studentswhoreside inaschool’sdistricthave ahigherprioritytoattendthat school thanstudentslivingoutside the district.Tofindyourdistrict,call 311 or visitthe NYCDOE School Searchpage ( andenteryourhome addressinthe searchbar.

Your zonedschool isdeterminedbyyourhome address.If youdon’tknowyourzonedschool,call 311 or visitthe NYCDOESchool Search page ( wholive withina districtschool’szone are prioritizedforadmissiontothatschool. Sibling Priority for District School Applicants A siblingisdefinedasabrotheror sister(includinghalf-brothers,half-sisters,stepbrothers,stepsisters, fosterbrothers,fostersisters) of the applicant,wholivesinthe same household.Toreceive sibling prioritytoa districtschool,the applicant’ssiblingmustbe pre-registeredorenrolledatthe school in gradesK-5 at the time of applicationsubmission ANDmustbe enteringgradesK-5inSeptember2015.

Districtschoolsare responsibleforverifyingsiblingstatusbefore placementsare made.Applicantsonly receive siblingpriorityforadmissiontothe school(s) whereaneligiblesiblingisverified. While there are some districtschoolsandprogramswithAdmissionsPrioritiesthatare different,most districtschoolsuse the prioritiesdescribedbelow: 8

Standard Admissions Priorities for District Schools 1. Studentsresidinginthe zone,whohave asibling atthe school in gradesK-5 inSeptember 2015.* 2. Studentsresidinginthe zone,whodonothave a siblingatthe school.* 3. Studentsresidinginthe district,whohave asiblingatthe school,andwho have nozonedschool or whose zonedschool hasno pre-Kprogram. 4. Studentsresidinginthe district,whohave asiblingatthe school,andwho are zonedto a differentschool whichhasa pre-Kprogram. 5. Studentsresidingin the borough,whohave asiblingatthe school. 6. Studentsresidingout-of-borough,whohave asiblingatthe school. 7. Studentsresidinginthe district,whohave nozonedschool orwhose zonedschool hasno pre-K program 8.

Studentsresidinginthe district, whoare zonedtoa differentschool whichhasa pre-Kprogram. 9. Studentsresidinginthe borough.

10. Studentsresidingout-of-borough. * Doesnot apply to non-zoned schools ThroughoutNew YorkCity, thereare district schoolswithouta zonecalled non-zoned schools.Fornonzoned schools,thefirst two AdmissionsPrioritiesabovedo notapply. District 1 (LowerEast Side, Manhattan),District7 (SouthBronx) and District23 (Brownsville,Brooklyn) arechoicedistricts,which meansthey do not haveany zoned schools. New York City Early Education Center Admissions Priorities If your family receivesotherservicesfrom aNYCEEC or yourchild speaksa native language otherthan Englishthatthe NYCEEC specializesinserving, these are factorsthataffectwhichprioritygroupyour childfallsintoforeach NYCEEC on yourapplication.

If there are more applicantsthanseatswithina givenprioritygroup,seatswill be assignedbyrandomselection amongapplicantsatthe same priority level. NYCEECsare responsible forverifying whetherastudentiseligible foranyof these priorities before placementsare made;please readbelowformore information.

Sibling Priority for NYCEEC Applicants Siblingsof NYCEECapplicantsmaybe of anyage frombirth – grade 12, as longas they will be enrolled ina programat the same NYCEEC for September2015 (examples:ayoungersiblingenrolledinadaycare program offeredbythe NYCEEC;an oldersiblingenrolledinanafter-schoolprogramofferedbythe NYCEEC).NYCEECs are responsible forverifyingsiblingstatusbefore placementsare made.Applicants only receive siblingprioritytothe program(s) where asiblingisverifiedasenrolled. Standard Admissions Priorities for New York City Early Education Centers 1. Currentstudentsenrolledatthe NYCEEC(for the 2014-2015 school year) matriculatingfrom three-year-oldprograms.

2. Siblingsof currentstudentsenrolledatthe NYCEEC. 3. Studentswhose familiescurrentlyreceive freeorsubsidizedsocial servicesfromthe organizationoperatingthe NYCEECpre-Kprogram. 4. Students speakinganative language otherthanEnglishthatthe NYCEEC specializesinserving. 5. All otherstudents. 9

Families of Students withDisabilities All familieswithchildrenbornin2011 may applyto pre-Kprogramsfor the 2015-2016 school year. Some familiesmayneedtoworkwiththeirlocal Committee onSpecialEducation(CSE) orCommitteeon Preschool Special Education(CPSE) toidentifyanappropriate placementthatmeetsthe needsof their child.Regional CSE/CPSEofficesservefamiliesintheirhome districts(seeCSE/CPSElocationsbelow).To learnmore aboutplacementsforstudentswhorequire special educationservices,please readthe sectionsbelow: Families New to Special Education If you believeyourchildhasa disabilityandmayneedspecial educationservices,youcansenda written requestforan evaluationtoyourlocal CSE/CPSE.If itis determinedthatyourchildisa preschool studentwithadisability,anIndividualizedEducationProgram(IEP) willbe developedrecommendingthe special educationservicesthatwill meetyourchild’seducational needs.Formore informationabout pre-Kspecial education,contactthe CSE/CPSEinyourhome district(see CSE/CPSElocationsbelow) or visit on-parentspreschoolers.htm.

Students with an Individualized EducationalProgram (IEP) If your childhasalreadybeenevaluatedbyaCSE/CPSEandcurrentlyhas an IndividualizedEducation Program (IEP),please review thissectionformore detailsabouthowplacementfora pre-Kprogram is determined.All familiesof studentswithIEPsare encouragedtoparticipate inthe pre-Kadmissions process. x StudentswithIEPsthatrecommendSpecial EducationItinerantTeacher(SEIT) servicesand/or RelatedServicescanreceivethese servicesatANY pre-Kprogram.Familiesshouldapplyto pre-K throughthe applicationprocessdescribedonpages 1-3.

x The CSE/CPSE isresponsible forfindinganappropriate placementforchildrenwhose IEPs recommendaSpecial ClassorSpecial Classinan IntegratedSetting.The standard pre-K applicationprocessdoesNOTincludethese settings.However,preschool studentswhoseIEPs recommendahalf-daySpecial Classorhalf-daySpecial ClassinanIntegratedSettingmay participate ina pre-Kprogramfor the restof the day.

x If your childhasan IEPthat recommendsSpecial ClassorSpecial ClassinanIntegratedSetting for a full orhalf-day,youcan still participate inthe central applicationprocess,inthe eventthat your child’sIEPrecommendationchangesforthe 2015-2016 school year.Please contactthe CPSE formore informationregardingyourchild’srecommendation.(SeeCPSElocations on followingpage.) 10

CommitteeonSpecialEducation(CSE) andCommitteeonPre-SchoolSpecial Education(CPSE) Locations CSE/District Address Phone CSE1 (Districts7,9,10) One FordhamPlaza,7Floor,Bronx,NY10458 718-329-8001 CSE2 (Districts8,11,12) 3450 EastTremontAvenue,2Floor,Bronx,NY10465 718-794-7429 Español:718- 794-7490 CSE3 (Districts25,26) 30-48 LindenPlace,Flushing,NY11354 718-281-3461 CSE3 (Districts28,29) 90-27 SutphinBoulevard,Jamaica,NY11435 718-557-2553 CSE4 (Districts24,30) 28-11 QueensPlazaNorth,5Floor,LongIslandCity, NY11101 718-391-8405 CSE4 (District27) 82-01 RockawayBoulevard,2Floor,OzonePark,NY 11416 718-642-5715 CSE6 (Districts17,18,22) 5619 FlatlandsAvenue,Brooklyn,NY11234 718-968-6200 CSE7 (Districts20,21) 415 89 Street,Brooklyn,NY11209 718-759-4900 CSE7 (District31) 715 OceanTerrace,BuildingA,StatenIsland,NY 10301 718-420-5790 CSE8 (Districts13,14,15,16) 131 LivingstonStreet,4Floor,NewYork,NY10001 718-935-4900 CSE9 (Districts1,2,4) 333 SeventhAvenue,4Floor,NewYork,NY10001 917-339-1600 CSE10 (Districts3,5,6) 388 West125 Street,NewYork,NY10027 212-342-8300 Site Accessibility All schoolsthatare consideredFunctionallyAccessible are indicatedwiththe accessibilityiconnextto the school name and number.

FunctionallyAccessible DistrictSchools are locatedina fullyorpartiallyaccessible buildingwhere an individualwithmobilityimpairmentmayenterandaccessall relevantprogramsandservices,including the science laboratory,library,cafeteria,andthe gymnasium;insome casesschool programsmayneed to be re-locatedtoaccommodate access.Atleastone restroomisaccessible. Formore informationaboutSiteAccessibility,includingacompletelistof functionallyaccessible district schools,please refertothe Listof AccessibleSchools,availableonline at

For more informationaboutwhether NYCEECsof interestare functionallyaccessible,pleasecontact these programsdirectly.

Families of Students Whose First Language is Not English The NYCDOE providesarange of programsand supportsto ensure thatstudentswhodonot speak Englishastheirnative language developthe languageskillsnecessarytoexcel inschool.Belowyouwill findan overview of the optionsavailable topre-Kstudentswhoare native speakersof Englishorother languages. Dual Language (DL): Dual Language (DL) programs provide instructionintwolanguages(halfinEnglish, half inthe targetlanguage),withthe aimof enablingall studentstobecome bilingual.Theseprograms supportstudentswhose native language isnotEnglishandwhoare inneedof Englishlanguage instructionandEnglish-speakingstudentswhoare interestedinlearningasecondlanguage.Through theirinteractions, bothgroupsof studentsare supportedinthe developmentof bothlanguages.

Dual Language pre-Kprogramsaim fora balance of native Englishspeakersandchildrenwhose native language isnotEnglish,solanguage maybe usedto prioritize applicants. Applicantswhowishtoapply to boththe dual language andgeneral educationclassesshouldlisteachseparatelyontheirapplication. Enhanced Language Instruction (ELI):Some pre-KprogramsinNYCEECs offeradditional supportsto enhance language developmentinthe native languagesspokenbychildren. Forexample,the classroom has schedules, labels,musicandawide range of booksin Englishandthe language(s) otherthanEnglish spokenbystudentsreadilyaccessible.

NYCEEC programswithenhancedlanguage supportstailortheirsupportstochildrenwhospeaka particularlanguage. Inthese cases,language maybe usedtoprioritize applicants. IdentifyingStudentsPrioritizedforDual Language or NYCEECEnhanced Language Instruction Programsthat offerDual Language or EnhancedLanguage Instructionwill be markedinthe online applicationandonline Directorywithinformationaboutwhichlanguage isoffered. If youare interested ina Dual Language program or a program withEnhancedLanguage Instruction,youmustlistthese program(s) specificallyonyourpre-Kapplication. If youapplytothese programs,youwill be askedto provide yourchild’sprimarylanguage spokenathome.Pleasenote thatyourchild’sprimarylanguage may be usedto determine hisorherpriorityforplacementintheseprograms.

Additional Language Support Options:Districtschoolsand NYCEECsmay have otherpre-Koptionsfor studentswhospeaklanguagesotherthanEnglishathome. Please contactschoolsand NYCEECsdirectly for more informationaboutavailable servicesandprogramsthatmeetthe specificlinguisticneedsof your child.These additional supportsmayinclude EnglishasaSecondLanguage (ESL) andTransitional Bilingual Education(TBE). Pre-Kin Charter Schools Charterschoolsare free publicschoolsthatare opentoall New YorkCitystudents.Charterschools operate independentlyfromthe regulationsoutlinedbythe New YorkCityDepartmentof Education (knownas“Chancellor’sRegulations”).Instead,charterschoolsfunctionaccordingt othe termsof a performance contract,or “charter” issuedbya New YorkState authorizer.Charterschoolsare held accountable formeetingspecificacademicgoalsandoftentrydifferentapproachestoensure their studentsmeetthose goals.Anystudenteligible foradmissiontoatraditional districtschool iseligiblefor admissiontoa publiccharterschool inNew York City.

  • Most charter schoolshave a separate applicationprocessfor pre-Kadmissions, butyoumaybe able to apply ƚŽ
  • some throughthe ƐŝŶŐůĞapplicationprocess. If youwouldliketoapplyto pre-Kat a charter school,please contactthe charterschool directlyto learnaboutthe applicationoptionsavailable and how the charter school prioritizesapplicantsforplacement.If there are charterschool pre-Kprograms inthisboroughat the time of printing,theyare listedinthisPre-KDirectory.Additionalcharterschool pre-Kprogramswill be announcedthroughoutthe spring.Pleasevisitourwebsite forthe latest

How to Readthe Pre-Kindergarten ProgramLists Thissectionof the Pre-KindergartenDirectory providesinformation aboutpre-KprogramsinNewYork City,includingschool contactinformation, programfeatures, andthe numberof availableseats forthe 2015-2016 school year. Please note the following: x Pre-Kprogramsforthis borough are listedbydistrict. Withineachdistrict,programstowhich youcan applythroughthe single applicationprocessare listedaheadof programswhichyou mustcontact directlyinorderto apply. x If you wouldlike tofindinformationabout pre-Kprogramsinotherboroughs,youcan access otherPre-KDirectoriesonline at orinpersonat a FamilyWelcome Center.

Belowyouwill findexplanationsof whatyouwill find inthe programlists. 1. Program Code and Name: You will needtoknowthe programcode and name whenyoucomplete the application.

2. Program Alerts:You mayfindsymbol ortextnextto eachprogram name that indicate the following: Ë = indicatesadistrictschool thatisfunctionallyaccessible.Formore information, see page 11. Othereligibility requirements = indicatesaNYCEEC programthat has eligibilitycriteriarelatedto householdincome,place of residence,and/orchildcare needs.Studentscurrentlyenrolledina NYCEEC program thathas othereligibilityrequirementsmustapply topre-Kinordertoreceive an offertoattendthat program or anotherprogram. Currentstudentsare stronglyencouragedto apply.Please contactthe programdirectly,before completingyourapplication,tofindoutabout additional eligibilityrequirements.

Formore information,please see page 7. 3. Contact Information: Providesinformationabouthowtogetintouch with programstaff;whetherit isin person,byphone,oremail,make sure youare aware of the ways youcan reach the programs youare interestedin. Thissectionalsoincludespublictransitinformation. 4. Program Features:Providesinformationaboutmealsserved,programplay space,andwhether extended dayprogramsare available. Some extendeddayprogramsmayrequire afee for participation.Additionally,programsmayhave otherfeaturesnotlistedhere orupdatestothe featureslisted;alwayscontactpre-Kprogramsdirectlyforthe mostup-to-date information.

5. Seat Information: Thissectionprovidesthe numberandtypesof available seatsforeach pre-K program. It alsoreportsthe resultsof lastyear’s admissions fordistrictschools.The program informationlistedinthissectionisaccurate atthe time of publication,butissubjecttochange. 13

You will findthe following informationinthissection: x Total numberof seatsat each program by seattype forthe 2015-2016 schoolyear: FD – Full-Dayseats.Full-dayprogramsrunfor6 hours and20 minutes. HD – Half-Dayseats.For districtschools, half-dayseatsare eitherlistedasAM(morning) orPM (afternoon).Half-dayprogramsrunfor2 hoursand 30 minutes. 5H – 5-hourseats. Some programsmay be listedinthe Pre-KDirectorymore thanonce if theyoffermultiple schedule options. x 2014 LowestPriority Accepted:The LowestPriority information(available fordistrictschools)is meantto give youa sense of yourchild’slikelihoodof admissiontoa districtschool pre-K program forthe 2015-2016 school year, basedonlast year’sadmissions.

Thissection tellsyou the lowestprioritygroup thatreceived placementofferstoattendthe school in2014. All applicants inhigherprioritygroupsreceivedoffers. Somefamiliesinlowerprioritygroupsmay have receivedwaitlistofferslaterinthe process.

The districtschool showninthe sample above,The STARAcademy – P.S.63 has “9-In-boro”inthe “2014 LowestPriorityAccepted”column.Thismeansthatin2014, all childrenlivinginthe school’sborough and all siblings(priority groups1-9) receivedplacementofferstothe school’spre-Kprogram. The table below lists afulldescriptionof the prioritygroupsaswell asthe informationyou’ll seeinthe “LowestPriority Accepted2014”sectionof the districtschoolprogramlists.Pleasenotethatanapplicant mayfall intodifferentprioritygroupsfordifferent programs. Asyoulookthroughthe programlistingsin thisbook,pleasereferbacktothispage tounderstandwhichprioritygroups’applicantswereadmittedto schoolsin 2014.

2014 Lowest Priority Accepted Full Descriptionof Priority Group 1 – Zoned w/ sib Students residingin the zone, who have a siblingatthe school in grades K-5 in September 2015 2 – Zoned Students residingin the zone, who do not have a sibling atthe school 3 – In-district w/ sib Students residingin the district,who have a siblingatthe school,and who have no zoned school or whose zoned school has no pre-K program 4 – In-district w/ sib Students residingin the district,who have a siblingatthe school,and who are zoned to a different school which has a pre-K program 5 – In-boro w/ sib Students residingin the borough, who have a siblingatthe school 6 – Out-boro w/ sib Students residingout-of-borough, who have a siblingatthe school 7 – In-district Students residingin the district,who have no zoned school or whose zoned school has no pre-K program 8 – In-district Students residingin the district,who arezoned to a different school which has a pre-K program 9 – In-borough Students residingin the borough 10 – Out-of-boro Students residingout-of-borough Did not fill This programstill had seats availableafter the main offer period 14

Important Note The informationlistedinthisPre-KindergartenDirectory is accurate at the time of publication, but is subject to change. Have Questions?NeedHelp? Please visitourwebsite ( or call 718-935-2009 for the latest information or if you have any questions about pre-K admissions. 15

NYC-DOE-PREK-2015-2016 APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION TO PRE-KINDERGARTEN FOR THE 2015-2016 SCHOOL YEAR PRE-KINDERGARTEN APPLICANT INFORMATION 1 You may submit this paper application in person at a Family Welcome Center (see reverse). You can also apply online at or apply over the phone by calling 718-935-2067.

All applications are due by April 24, 2015. Do not submit this application by mail or directly to programs. Eligibility Criteria: Applicants must be residents of New York City and have been born in 2011. SIBLING PRIORITY INFORMATION 3 SIBLINGS Name (First Last) Program Code Name of District School or NYCEEC Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy) Sept 2015 Grade (if applicable) Student ID (OSIS) (if applicable) OTHER CHILDREN APPLYING TO PRE-KINDERGARTEN 2 Do you have other children born in 2011 who are applying to pre-Kindergarten for September 2015? R Yes R No If yes, and you want the applicants to attend the same program, you must 1) complete an application for each child and 2) enter each child’s information below.

Applicants must have the same programs listed in the same order on their applications to be placed together. If no, leave this section blank.

Other children include brothers/sisters (including stepbrothers, stepsisters, foster brothers, foster sisters) who live in the same household as the applicant named on this form. All families will receive communications in English. If you would like to receive communications in translation as well, please indicate your language: R Arabic R Bengali R Chinese R French R Haitian Creole R Korean R Russian R Spanish R Urdu Does the applicant have one or more siblings who will be attending any of the district schools or New York City Early Education Centers (NYCEECs) on this application in September 2015? R Yes R No If yes, enter the information for each of these siblings below.

Please do not include other applicants listed in Section 2. If no, leave this section blank. For district schools, the applicant will receive priority for admission if the sibling(s) is currently pre-registered or enrolled at the school and will be in grades K-5 at the school in September 2015.

For NYCEECs, the applicant will receive priority if a sibling aged birth – grade 12 will be enrolled in a program at the same NYCEEC for September 2015. SIBLINGS Name (First Last) Program Code Name of District School or NYCEEC Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy) Sept 2015 Grade (if applicable) Student ID (OSIS) (if applicable) John Doe / / 2 Jane Doe / / N/A OTHER CHILDREN APPLYING TO PRE-KINDERGARTEN First Name Last Name Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy) / /2011 / /2011 / /2011 01 01 2008 12 15 2013 Applicant First Name Parent/Guardian First Name Street Number Apartment # Zip Code Parent/Guardian Email State Street Name City Applicant Last Name Parent/Guardian Last Name Phone Number M.I.

Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy) Applicant’s Gender (optional) SAMPLE P.S. 999 NY Early Learning Center 16

  • NYC-DOE-PREK-2015-2016 Choice Orderª Program Code Name of District School or NYCEEC Session Time (AM, PM, or full-day) Current Student? (NYCEECs only) Social Services Recipient? (NYCEECs only) For Dual or Enhanced Language Instruction programs, or Dual Language options, indicate applicant’s native language 1 NY Early Learning Center Full-Day PS 999 A.M. R R Spanish PS 999 Full-Day INCORRECT R R 9 9 Full-D Full-D
  • CORRECT R R g Center g Center Ful Ful CORRECT R R A A SAMPLE PRE-KINDERGARTEN PROGRAM CHOICES 4 You may list up to 12 New York City pre-Kindergarten programs on this application. Please list your choices in your order of preference. You should only list programs that you are interested in having your child attend. Use the sample below as a guide when entering your choices. For each choice you make, you must enter the: 1. Program Code 2. Program Name 3. Session Time. For district school programs, you may use this application for half-day or full-day options. For NYCEEC programs, you may only use this application for full-day options. To apply to half-day or 5-hour NYCEEC programs, please contact those sites directly. 4. Current Student Priority Information (for NYCEEC applicants only). Check the box if your child currently attends a NYCEEC program listed as an application choice below.

5. Social Services Recipient Priority Information (for NYCEEC applicants only). Check the box if your family currently receives free or subsidized social services from a NYCEEC program listed as an application choice below. 6. Indicate the applicant’s native language in order to apply to an Enhanced Language Instruction program or a Dual Language option at participating programs (see Pre-K Directory for more information). If the program has a Dual Language option and a general education option, and you wish to apply to both, you must list the program twice.

Please check the Pre-K Directory to see which sessions (AM, PM, and/or full-day) are offered in the programs you list below.

List only one session time for each choice. This means that you must list a program more than once if you are applying to more than one session at that program. Only check the box if your child is a current student at the NYCEEC. Only check the box if your family currently receives services from the NYCEEC. Write in your child’s native language if you are applying to a site that offers Enhanced Language Instruction or a Dual Language option. If you are applying to more than one option at the same site, you must list it twice.

Choice Order ª Program Code Name of District School or NYCEEC Session Time (AM, PM, or fullday) Current Student? (for NYCEECs only, check the box if the applicant currently attends the NYCEEC) Social Services Recipient? (for NYCEECs only, check the box if your family currently receives free or subsidized social services from this organization) For Enhanced Language Instruction programs or Dual Language options, indicate applicant’s native language 10 R R 11 R R 12 R R By signing this form, I certify that I am the parent/guardian of the applicant, that the applicant and I live at the same address as listed on this form, that the applicant was born in 2011, that I understand the placement process, and that I am authorized to submit this application on behalf of the applicant.

I understand that if I do not reside at the address provided on this application, I may lose my child’s offer. Parent/Guardian Signature _ Date _ _ PARENT/GUARDIAN NAME & SIGNATURE Applications must be signed and dated. 5 Family Welcome Centers: Open from 8 am – 3 pm, Monday through Friday Borough Address Borough Address Bronx 1 Fordham Plaza, 7th Floor, Bronx, NY 10458 Manhattan 333 Seventh Avenue, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10001 1230 Zerega Avenue, Bronx, NY 10462 388 West 125th Street, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10027 Brooklyn 1780 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11230 Queens 28-11 Queens Plaza North, Long Island City, NY 11101 415 89th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209 30-48 Linden Place, Flushing, NY 11354 29 Fort Greene Place, Brooklyn, NY 11217 90-27 Sutphin Boulevard, Jamaica, NY 11435 1665 St.

Mark’s Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11233 Staten Island 715 Ocean Terrace, Building A, Staten Island, NY 10301 17

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