May / Jun 2019 South Lake Tahoe - (Friendly Little Lodge) Loyal Order of Moose

May / Jun 2019 South Lake Tahoe - (Friendly Little Lodge) Loyal Order of Moose

Events Queen of Hearts Every Monday at 6:00 pm Dinner Every Friday 6:00 pm-7:30 pm LOOM Meetings 1st & 3rd Wednesdays 6:00 pm LOOM Officers Meetings 1st Wednesdays 6:00 pm House Committee 3rd Wednesdays 5:30 pm Moose Legion Meetings 3rd Wednesday of the Month 5:30 pm WOTM Meetings 1st & 3rd Tuesdays 5:30 pm WOTM Officers 1st Tuesday 5:00 pm Joint Officers Meetings 2nd Wednesday 5:30 pm District Meetings Monthly - Rotated among Member Lodges Lodge Orientation & Pizza 2nd Monday every 2 months 5:00 pm LCR Dice 2nd Sunday of South Lake Tahoe Moose Lodge 1632/408 961 Eloise Avenue South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 (530) 541-1632 Winter Hours Monday - Saturday: 3:00 - 8:00 pm Sunday: noon - 5:00 pm May / Jun 2019 South Lake Tahoe (Friendly Little Lodge) Loyal Order of Moose What is the Future of our Lodge? There have been many changes in our Lodge these past few years.

WOTM has stepped up, both in membership and fundraising, but LOOM has remained stagnant. We recently held an “all members” meeting which, while it was very civil, was at the same time, quite controversial. It was a time to discuss Lodge activities and listen to concerns. But we did not resolve issues. One underlying issue, though not actually addressed, was, “Who Runs the Lodge”! This is not an easy issue to answer, because there are mixed issues and feelings about who actually is responsible for running the Lodge. The easy answer is, “All of Us”! But in reality, there is history to review, changes to appreciate, and changes to answer.

The short and not-so-sweet answer is, the “men run the Lodge! Before you get all excited about this, let me discuss some history, followed by recent activities, followed by where we really want to be. Moose Lodges were formed over one hundred years ago by men...for men! Several years into the organization, a women’s auxiliary was formed. In 1913, this women’s group separated from the men and became the “Women of the Moose”, a new organization, formed under the auspices of the Loyal Order of Moose as a separate organization associated with each individual Moose Lodge. LOOM and WOTM became separate organizations under the Loyal Order of Moose umbrella, but WOTM was still a “support group” for their local lodge.

This hasn’t changed to this day.

Early in the 2000’s, Moose introduced an experimental change: Bring WOTM into the governing role of the Lodge Social Quarters. A new voluntary option was created to provide for a “Joint” House Committee, where the officers of both LOOM and WOTM controlled the operation of the Social Quarters. The option was open to every Lodge, but only about 50 Lodges in the United States opted to try it. In the California-Nevada Moose Association, consisting of ___ lodges, only 10 Lodges adopted a Joint House Committee. South Lake Tahoe became one of those lodges nearly eight years ago under the leadership of yours truly, when I served as Governor for my first term.

While the Moose International’s definition of Joint House Committees was restricted only to the management of the Social Quarters, our Lodge chose to expand that role to include oversight of ALL Lodge operations...well beyond the scope that the Mother Ship allowed. Our Joint House Committee had management responsibilities for ALL operations of our Lodge. At the time, we were the only lodge in our District to adopt a Joint House Committee, and over time, became the ONLY lodge in the California-Nevada Moose Association to continue in this manner. We were shunned by both our old District and the Association.

Our Lodge was an considered as an outcast! But we continued to buck the system because it was working for us.

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May / Jun 2019 South Lake Tahoe - (Friendly Little Lodge) Loyal Order of Moose
  • 2 Did You Know?
  • Did you know? If you have an Amazon account, you can use AmazonSmile and pick Moose as the charity to receive donations. Moose Charities web site has many ways to donate.
  • Did you know? You must show proof of membership to purchase drinks in the Social Quarters. It is ok to use a photo of your membership card to be allowed into the Moose Social Quarters. You have to take pictures of both sides of your card. You should not be turned away. Key Ring is an app. where you can keep your Moose Card. In a pinch, you can also the bartender to check the Active Members List kept at the Bar to verify you’re an active member (our Lodge only), but you shouldn’t make a habit of is your job, not the bartender’s, to verify your membership.

Did you know? Active members of the Order (LOOM and WOTM) are allowed in the Social Quarters of any Lodge. A qualified non-member is allowed in the Social Quarters when signed in and accompanied by a member. “Qualified” members include the members spouse and immediate family and any adult eligible for membership, however, qualified guests, with the exception of the member’s spouse (which includes a registered domestic partner), are limited to two visits, after which they must apply for membership to continue to visit the Social Quarters. A guest may not make purchases in the Social Quarters and must leave the Lodge when their sponsor leaves.

  • Did you know? That we can hold two “like” events that are open to the public each year – that means two garage sales, two fundraisers, two Luau’s, etc. We are not limited to only 2 events per year. We could have a fundraiser every month of the year as long as the Social Quarters is closed. If you want the bar to be open, you need a dispensation first.
  • Did you know? To get into Moose Haven, you must be 65 years old, and be a member for 15 years. There are two ways to get in: 1) Turn over your assets which are put into an account. At the end of your life, anything left will be turned over to your family. You cannot intentionally deplete your assets before entering Moose Haven. 2) You can buy your way in. All money is used to support you for the rest of your life no matter how long you live – all meals, medical, 24 hours doctor/nursing care, beauty parlor, activities, etc.
  • Did you know? The Governor and Sr. Regent can fine an unruly member at a meeting of the Lodge or Chapter, respectively? And that member remains suspended until the fine is paid. “Future” Cont’d from page 1 Which brings us to today. WOTM had become used to having a vote on everything the Lodge did. But over time, WOTM’s participation in the Joint House Committee, where they had their say, dwindled. At the same time, LOOM’s participation also disappeared. The Joint House Committee became a meeting that rarely had a quorum, and virtually no real business could be accomplished. Over the next two years, it became obvious that the business of the Lodge had no oversight. At a meeting last year, under the rules of Moose International, the Joint House Committee was dissolved, and management of the Social Quarters and the Lodge went back exclusively to the men.

The rift between LOOM and WOTM started opening back up. The woman were used to having a say in Lodge operations, and that was gone. The men are complaining that WOTM are trying to take over and run the Lodge. Some women are suggesting that they’ll take their meetings (and support) outside the Lodge because of disagreements in funding. Some men are trying to control the women. We are drawing up our battle lines. And the Lodge will suffer. This is NOT where we want to be! The Lodge depends on the support of the WOTM. The Lodge will not survive without the support of the WOTM. It is my goal...has been my bring the Loyal Order of Moose into the 21st Century and merge the men and women into ONE organization.

I am not alone in this, but we still have many men AND women throughout the Moose Organization who do not want to see this happen. But eventually, it WILL happen.

So, where are we today? Our Lodge, South Lake Tahoe Lodge, is ONE Lodge of men and women. Yes, we still have separate meetings and separate finances, but we have to get back to working together as one Lodge! We tried, didn’t have it right, but we need to try again. Let’s be the model for the entire organization to follow. Let’s lead the way. We can work together to achieve this goal. We can! We must! ~ Barry

May / Jun 2019 South Lake Tahoe - (Friendly Little Lodge) Loyal Order of Moose

3 From your Administrator Well, here we are again. Due to the needs of the Lodge (i.e., no one else wanted to do it), and my inability to say no, I am again your Administrator...the third time I have accepted this position.

Our Lodge has gone through changes over the past several years since I was last in this role. I have to adapt to some of those changes, and I will modify some others that I think need to change. But my goal is to build this Lodge, to build the partnership between the men and women, and get us on track to becoming a Lodge that everyone loves to visit.

I don’t have great aspirations, but I do have a great love for our Lodge. And let me repeat: “OUR Lodge”! I want to make our Lodge work (I’m not going to say “great again”, because it has always been great)! Let’s just say that I want our Lodge to be a place where every member feels welcome, and every guest is excited to be here. As part of my job as Administrator, I have taken over management of the Social Quarters. I realize that I cannot do this on my own, so I have named Linda Cherry as the Bar Manager. In the first week that Linda and I have started working together, Linda has really gotten into her job...the net result is that we are making changes in the beer, wine, and liquor inventory, and are moving toward a more “customer” centric assortment and variety.

Linda is already getting all our “background” supplies under control, and the results will be subtle, but significant. Have questions or issues? Contact me: (530) 545-1834, ~ Barry From Your Governor I will officially assume the office of Governor on May 1. I have tried to project items to complete during my term. My number one objective will be to continue our efforts to build cooperation between LOOM and WOTM. The past three weeks have shown that mutual efforts to plan events together are bearing very positive results. I welcome the chance to lead our lodge . Many projects will require us to work together to complete them.

Moose International is extending its grant program again this year, and I plan to submit up to 5 projects to qualify for funding: 1) replacement of our failing beer storage shed, 2) removal of the large tree on the deck, 3) painting the Social Quarters , 4) installing a cover over the deck to extend our usage, and 5) installing new floor coverings in the dining room and entrance. I am looking for members with knowledge in these projects who can assist in the preparation of supporting documentation for our grant proposal. If we are successful obtaining a grant for any of the aforementioned projects, we will need to come up with additional finances to cover anything left out.

Last year our lodge grew by 13 new members, can we beat that number? I believe so. Let’s put excitement back into our Friendly Little Lodge. Thanks in advance for your support and commitment. ~Bob From Your Senior Regent Hello all, I am so excited for the coming year. I look forward to collaborating with the LOOM and making our much-needed summer a prosperous one for our lodge. With the new officers taking the reins, they have fresh new ideas on fundraising. I look forward to meeting all our new members and getting to know you. I look forward to our lodge hosting the District Meeting in May.

One of my goals this year is to make sure we get a group of our WOTM together each month to attend a District Meeting so we can get to know our fellow co -workers. I think this is our year to REPRESENT. This past month the new WOTM officers attended a training and got to meet Debra Price the Moose Technical Trainer. There was a lot to learn, regarding rules and regulations on being part of a nonprofit. She told us about the children of Moosehaven and the how to get accepted into Mooseheart.

Therefore, in parting, I would like to say to our outgoing officers, thank you for your leadership and your commitment. YOU ROCK! In addition, to our new incoming officers, LET’S GO SLT MOOSE LODGE, LETS MAKE THE MOST OF THIS YEAR! ~ Mary Barry Keil Mary Luckel Bob Cook

May / Jun 2019 South Lake Tahoe - (Friendly Little Lodge) Loyal Order of Moose

4 District 4 Meeting Schedules 2018 - 2019 May 19 District Meeting So. Lake Tahoe 961 Eloise Ave, South Lake Tahoe Jun 23 District Meeting Roseville 506 Lincoln Street, Roseville Jul 14 The Mighty Moose Legion 190 Celebration Rancho Cordova Jul 28 District Meeting Placerville 4310 Eight Mile Road, Camino Aug 15-18 District Campout Cisco Grove Campground, Soda Springs Sept 5-8 CNMA Annual Conference - Location TBD Sep 15 Mighty 190 Moose Legion Annual Picnic – Folsom City Park Sep 29 District Meeting Incoming New District President’s Lodge Bold – District 4 Meetings Italic – Moose Legion 190 Meetings Plain Font – CNMA Conventions District Meeting in South Lake Tahoe, Sunday, May 19 Our Lodge is hosting the May District 4 meeting.

We will have members from the 11 other lodges in the Sacramento Valley District attending the meeting and many will be joining us for our Friday night WOTM dinner and our Saturday night Pig Roast (see flyer at beginning of this newsletter). South Lake Tahoe Moose members are encouraged to attend all activities this weekend. Plan to attend the meeting. It will be an eye opener!

Sunday activities will include a breakfast from 9:00 am to 11:00 am, provided by LOOM and WOTM, followed by Bingo, put on by the District. The morning activities are a lot of fun, and the meetings start at noon with the District Officers and Lodge delegates meeting. This meeting is for the LOOM District, with District officers and Governors and Administrators from every Lodge. At 1:00 pm, the District holds a one hour all-member meeting of LOOM and WOTM, with information important to both organizations. Immediately folowing the meeting, our Lodge will provide a lunch (free of charge) for all attendees.

Last year, in July, South Lake Tahoe sponsored our first District 4 meeting. While we had a good attendance at the meeting, we fell short of our expected pre-meeting dinner expectations because lodging and housing costs were outrageously high due to summer price hikes. The meeting this year was moved to May because we are in the shoulder eason, and lodging prices are somewhat lower. Additionally, we were able to reserve several vacation rental houses for groups of members. We expect a much larger crowd this year, and are planning on 80 meals for the Pig Roast, open to all South Lake Tahoe and visiting Moose members.

Schedule of Events: Friday, May 17, 6:00 pm: WOTM Dinner Saturday, May 18, 5:30 pm: Pig Roast Sunday, May 19, 9:00 am - 11:00 am: Breakfast Sunday, May 19, 11:00 am - 12 pm: Bingo Sunday, May 19, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm: District 4 Officers Meeting Sunday, May 19, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm: District 4 All Members Meeting Sunday, May 19, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm: Lunch, compliments of South Lake Tahoe Lodge Honoring South Lake Tahoe Lodge’s Military Veterans Note: These are the only records we have on file . If you are a Veteran, please self-identify on the Moose International Web Page Bob Christen Navy Barry Keil Army Bob Cook Army Orly Larson Navy Christine Chilbert Army Rick Madden Army Curt Emrie Navy Bill Malloy Army John Ellis Nat.

Guard Michael Matz Army Larry Fox (dec.) Army John Olson Air Force Karl Johnson Navy Sal Sunzeri Army

May / Jun 2019 South Lake Tahoe - (Friendly Little Lodge) Loyal Order of Moose

5 South Lake Tahoe Moose Lodge - May 2019 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 House Committee 5:30 pm LOOM Mtg 6:00 pm 2 3 WOTM Dinner 6:00 pm 4 5 6 Queen of Hearts 6:00 pm 7 WOTM Officers 5:00 pm WOTM Mtg 5:30 pm 8 Joint Officers Mtg 5:30 pm 9 10 LOOM Dinner 6:00 pm 11 12 Mothers Day Brunch 11am - 2pm 13 New Member Orientation & Pizza Night 5:00 pm Queen of Hearts 14 15 5:30 pm Legion Mtg LOOM Officers 6:00 pm 16 17 WOTM Dinner 6:00 pm 18 Pig Roast 5:30 pm 19 District 4 Meeting Breakfast 9:00-11:00 am Officers: 12:00 General: 1:00 So Lake Tahoe 20 Queen of Hearts 6:00 pm 21 WOTM Mtg 5:30 pm 22 23 24 LOOM Dinner 6:00 pm 25 26 27 Queen of Hearts 6:00 pm Memorial Day 28 29 30 31 Legion Dinner 6:00-7:30 pm Pay Your Dues Online Go to: Moose International Website: Click on “Pay Dues” Enter your Membership ID Note Date Changes: Orientation is now the 2nd Monday of every odd-numbered month at 5:00 pm House Committee now meets the 1st Wednesday of each month at 5:30 pm Moose Legion now meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 5:30 pm

May / Jun 2019 South Lake Tahoe - (Friendly Little Lodge) Loyal Order of Moose

6 South Lake Tahoe Moose Lodge - June 2019 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 2 3 Queen of Hearts 6:00 pm 4 WOTM Officers 5:00 pm WOTM Mtg 5:30 pm 5 House Committee 5:30 pm LOOM Mtg 5:40 pm 76 7 WOTM Dinner 6:00-7:30 pm 8 9 Second Sunday Games 1:00 pm 10 Queen of Hearts 6:00 pm 11 12 Joint Officers Mtg 5:30 pm 13 14 LOOM Dinner 6:00-7:30 pm Flag Day 15 16 Father’s Day Brunch 11am - 2pm 17 Queen of Hearts 18 WOTM Mtg 5:30 pm 19 Moose Legion 5:30 pm LOOM Officers 6:00 pm 20 21 WOTM Dinner 6:00-7:30 pm 22 23 District 4 Meeting Officers: 12:00 General: 1:00 Roseville 24 Queen of Hearts 25 26 27 28 LOOM Dinner 6:00-7:30 pm 29 30 SHOW YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD Every time you enter the Social Quarters

May / Jun 2019 South Lake Tahoe - (Friendly Little Lodge) Loyal Order of Moose

7 In Memoriam A bright piece of sunshine has left South Lake Tahoe. Past Senior Regent and Star Recorder, Allison Mancini passed away from complications from pneumonia and sepsis. Ally was hospitalized in mid-April and was quickly care-flighted to UC San Francisco Med Center where she was admitted to ICU in critical condition with multiple organ failure. She succumbed to the infection on April 29, surrounded by her family. She was 56. A long time Tahoe local, Ally was known and loved by many, especially by her sons Bryan and Dylan. She will be missed by all of us. Memorial services will be announced at a future date.

May—June Birthdays * *If we’ve missed your birthday, either your birthday is not listed in the Moose International database or your membership had expired at the time the newsletter was published. Please contact the Administrator or Recorder to update your information in the Moose database.

Dustin Huff 2-May Angelica Williams 20-May Diane Waldron 5-Jun Helen Wright 2-May Sherry Hawks 24-May William Fagliano 7-Jun Edward Feigenberg 3-May Carmen Huggler 24-May Rick Madden 9-Jun Julie Garrette-White 4-May Monique McIntyre 24-May Brett Richardson 10-Jun Lynne Gregory 5-May Julie Garrett-White 24-May Jeff Morales 12-Jun Maureen Flaherty 8-May Dallas Packwood 27-May Leanna King 17-Jun Annie Petrig 8-May Troy Edwards 28-May Patricia Frega 18-Jun Christina Irvin 9-May Laura Keil 30-May Terri Potter 18-Jun Darrel Porges 11-May Frank Walsh 31-May Carmen Withrow 19-Jun Adele Lucas 12-May Phyllis Iannetta 2-Jun Erin Matz 24-Jun Iris Kamm 13-May Barbara Arena 2-Jun Mike Warren 25-Jun Dan Papp 15-May Scott Blumenthal 3-Jun Kathy Potnick 28-Jun Chelsea Zermani 15-May Rochelle Konces 3-Jun Curt Huff 29-Jun John Driscoll 17-May Diane Monette 3-Jun Michael Booker 30-Jun Eben Hood 20-May Robert Acuna 5-Jun Doug Reynolds 30-Jun Diana Turner 20-May Jaime Souers 5-Jun Amy Maro 30-Jun Welcome New Lodge Members LOOM Name Sponsor Bill Stark Diane Barry (Pacifica) Chris Kaseman Robert Cook Dallas Packwood Robert Cook WOTM Name Sponsor Julie Garrette-White Scott Blumenthal Aimee Greear Christina Irvin Diane Monette Stephen Dickie (Delta) Amy Bugaiski Kathy Sharp Kathy Potnick Rhonda Dobson Iris Kamm Rhonda Dobson Onawa Corry Christina Irvin Smoking Policy Smoking is not permitted inside the Lodge or outside in front of the Lodge.

Smoking in front of the Lodge detracts from the public’s perception of our Lodge. Smoking is permitted on the back deck, unless food is being served outside, and in the back yard, but not next to any doorway. Please be considerate of non-smokers, and do not throw cigarette or cigar butts on the ground and clean and empty dirty ashtrays when you see them.

May / Jun 2019 South Lake Tahoe - (Friendly Little Lodge) Loyal Order of Moose

8 Letter from a New(ish) Member Dear Moose family, As a newer member of our lodge, I recently had the privilege of cooking my first dinner for St. Paddy's Day. Although it was work, it was fun and an honor to serve. I had lots of support and help, and everyone was kind and gracious. Thank you all for that. So, for the moment at least, I am very content with my role in the Tahoe Moose Lodge. Meanwhile, I must admit, I was one of the fortunate few who actually was allowed to hang around awhile before joining. I must say, I am thankful for that. Perhaps I'm a bit of a sceptic, but personally I needed time to enjoy the lodge and the people before making a commitment to join.

It's one of the things that impressed me most, and in my own time, I felt comfortable. Just saying. Recently I've learned that I should not have been allowed back after two visits without joining. I'm not sure why that's a rule, but I'm disappointed that it is. But I understand that rules must be followed and I am willing to accept that, and I am glad that I was allowed back after two.

Okay, so with that being said, as time goes by and I'm becoming more involved, I see how it's not always easy following rules, and/or working together as a team, especially when there are so many different personalities involved. But at the same time, I am reminded that it's because of that passion that makes our lodge so special. Tension may come and go in all families, and sometimes more than we'd like. But as long as we remain loyal and devoted to our purpose, remembering that we all have our own desires and opinions, and if we're willing to let go of some of our ego, snappy judgements, and tempers, and focus on our team (our Lodge), we will continue to grow, prosper and remain the family we have always been.

I am looking forward to growing along with the rest of you for many years to come, doing what we do best: giving and reaching out to our community, our city, our country, helping those who need help, and while doing so enjoying our time with those around us. We are blessed with a great group of folks and our most wonderful asset is hearts full of love and hands willing to help. Let’s make our Moose Lodge a place where we can gather with friends who make us laugh and feel good about being there. Let’s not take anyone for granted and let’s share good energy while working as a team, and we will thrive.

And, let’s change old habits, where necessary, that no longer serve us.

  • We will be together for many years to come and for that I am grateful. Thank you all for welcoming me into your family and making me feel that I am a part of your Moose lodge. I wish all of us a happy and prosperous 2019. Best Regards, Leanna WOTM Tidbits
  • To achieve WOTM Honors (Award of Achievement), the chapter must have one more member than we had as of April 30th the year before, and the chapter must have more assets than the year before. Mid-year and annual conference representation is also necessary.
  • Co-worker of the Year nominations must be submitted by October 1. There is a Lifetime Achievement Award – the nominee must be a member for 10 years.
  • WOTM Chapters are not required to give annual donations to the LOOM. While all WOTM Chapters support their local Lodge, many do it by paying for repairs and upgrades and purchasing other Lodge enhancements.
  • Moose International sells a Background Check program for $100 to check potential members for felonies. Felons are prohibited from joining and this is the only way to verify.

We are not a 501.c(3) non-profit corporation – that is Moose Charities. We are a 501. c(8) a designation for non-profit fraternal organizations. New Member Orientation The Lodge holds a new member orientation at 5:00 pm on the 2nd Monday of every odd-numbered month. This is a good time to learn about our Lodge and the services we provide to our community. We start with a short video about Mooseheart and Moosehaven, followed by an informal discussion. All new members and older members who have not viewed the new video are encouraged to attend. Pizza is served to all attendees.

May / Jun 2019 South Lake Tahoe - (Friendly Little Lodge) Loyal Order of Moose

9 Welcome our New Officers for 2019-2020 Installation and Dinner LOOM WOTM Governor Bob Cook Senior Regent Mary Luckel Administrator Barry Keil Junior Regent Christina Irvin Junior Governor Steve Cook Recorder Dana Boatwright Treasurer Flip Walker Secretary Kathy Sharp Prelate Curt Emrie Jr.

Grad Regent Kathy Wells Trustee Bill Dickert Jr. Past Governor Scott Blumenthal

May / Jun 2019 South Lake Tahoe - (Friendly Little Lodge) Loyal Order of Moose

10 Are you receiving emails from the Lodge? If you have an email address, but have not received any emails from the Lodge, or from the newsletter editor concerning upcoming events, we either don't have your address or the address we have is incorrect. Please email your current email address to the Lodge at:, AND to the editors at We will update our records so you won't miss any more important messages. Thank you. Are you receiving emails from the Lodge? If you have an email address, but have not received any emails from the Lodge, or from the newsletter editor concerning upcoming events, we either don't have your address or the address we have is incorrect.

Please email your current email address to the Lodge at:, AND to the editors at We will update our records so you won't miss any more important messages. Thank you. LOOM 1632 Officers Governor ... . Bob Cook Administrator . . Barry Keil Jr. Governor ... . Steve Cook Prelate . ... Curt Emrie Treasurer . . Flip Walker Jr. Past Governor . ... Scott Blumenthal Trustee . . Bill Dickert Sgt. At Arms ... ... Inner Guard . ... Outer Guard ... ... WOTM 408 Officers Senior Regent . . Mary Luckel Jr. Regent . . Christina Irvin Jr. Grad Regent . . Kathy Wells Secretary .

Kathy Sharp Recorder . . Dana Boatwright Sacramento Valley District 4 Officers President . . Roddy Myers Vice President . . Chris Peña Chaplain . . Chuck Wilson Treasurer ... . Gary Gildemeister Secretary . . Joe Henderson Past President ... . Chip Wilbur Mighty Moose Legion 190 Officers President . . Jim Erskine Vice President . . Tracy Harris Secretary . . Roddy Myers Chaplin . . Dave Simmet Financial Director . . Chris Peña Fraternal Director ... . Wayne Lemburg Jr. Past President . . Joe Henderson Newsletter Editors: Barry Keil ( Angie Keil ( South Lake Tahoe Moose Lodge LOOM 1632/ WOTM 408 and South Lake Tahoe Women of the Moose 408 Websites Sacramento Valley District #4 Lodges South Lake Tahoe 1632 961 Eloise Avenue South Lake Tahoe (530) 541-1632 Rancho Cordova 2357 10124 Coloma Road Rancho Cordova (916) 362-6667 Auburn 2264 250 Sacramento Street Auburn (530) 885-1013 Placerville 1979 4310 Eight Mile Road Camino (530) 644-6596 Folsom 2009 203 Scott Street Folsom (916) 985-3350 Roseville 1293 506 Lincoln Street Roseville (916) 786-9569 Grass Valley 2217 15694 Allison Ranch Rd Grass Valley (530 273-1070 South Sacramento 2016 8156 Florin Road Sacramento (916) 381-5511 Lindhurst 454 1775 Beverly Ave Olivehurst (530) 743-9359 West Sacramento 1762 3240 Jefferson Blvd West Sacramento (916) 371-9684 Elkhorn 2060 6003 Rio Linda Blvd Rio Linda (916) 992-1273 Yuba City 1204 205 South Walton Yuba City (530) 671-1204

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