MEDIA & COMMUNICATION - Rise With The Best - Taylor's University

MEDIA & COMMUNICATION - Rise With The Best - Taylor's University
R is e W it h The Best

         MEDIA &
MEDIA & COMMUNICATION - Rise With The Best - Taylor's University
MEDIA & COMMUNICATION - Rise With The Best - Taylor's University
                      OF MEDIA &
At Taylor’s University, we are constantly keeping ahead to ensure our students
graduate future-ready. The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) will change the way business
is done. The revolution is characterised by a range of new technologies that are fusing
the physical, digital and biological worlds, impacting all disciplines, economies and
industries, and will challenge the status quo of education and its graduates.

Like most progressive fields of studies, media and communication is evolving at an
exponential pace hand-in-hand with technology. Here are some advancements that
are being discussed, adopted and anticipated globally:

             The Growing Usage of              Improved storytelling will
             AI, VR, AR &                      WIN THE MARKET
             PROCESS                           Brands that create
             AUGMENTATION                      human connections
             for Media &                       through the art of
             Communication                     story will rise

    Better content and
    more content creators                        GROWING
    Brands & social platforms alike
    push for more
                                                 in companies
                                                 over data use

       Automation in media                                            DIGITAL
       will lead the way                                          INNOVATION
       DATA                                           leading to           authenticity

                                               We need to continue to be
                                               digital storytellers and interact
                                               with customers in MEANINGFUL
       become          in demand               and AUTHENTIC ways

       Consumption of content will              AD VIEWABILITY,
         continue to shift towards
                                                AD FRAUD &
           DIGITAL & MOBILE                     AD SAFETY
                                                on digital will
               SPEND will shift
                                                continue to be
                    toward the same
                      areas naturally           challenged
MEDIA & COMMUNICATION - Rise With The Best - Taylor's University

MEDIA & COMMUNICATION - Rise With The Best - Taylor's University
We ensure that our students are in touch with current and future trends and are
well-equipped to embrace the challenges of the 4IR.

Breaking conventions to bring you the first-of-its-kind framework in Malaysia that
allows you to mix and match modules to customise your degree.

Students will receive equal recognition and certification from both Taylor’s
University and the University of the West of England (UWE), United Kingdom,
with the option to transfer to UWE in the final year.

Our learning methodologies are strongly anchored in real-world practices as we
encourage students to explore communication theories via workshops and real
projects with real clients.

proPassion Communications is a Public Relations (PR) consultancy managed by
the final-year degree students which collaborates with local and international

Due to Taylor’s strong industry affiliations, our students are able to work with
multinational and international companies across various industries during their
industry placement. Our curriculum development is also up to date as it receives
input from industry partners.

Students have access to the latest technology and state-of -the-art facilities at
Taylor’s international campus.

Taylor’s is an internationally well-respected and highly recognised centre for
Media and Communication studies with a strong foothold in two main areas, i.e.
research and industry expertise.
MEDIA & COMMUNICATION - Rise With The Best - Taylor's University


 An increasing number of employers, including top                   This is supported by studies such as Corporate Recruiters
 conglomerates like Google and Deloitte, are placing less           Survey 2015.
 value on academic credentials. They prize talents with:            The report released by the Graduate Management
                                                                    Admission Council showed that:

   APTITUDE                  ACQUIRED SKILLS
   PERSONALITY               INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE                                     of recruiters surveyed would consider
                                                                                    a candidate based on their proven
                                                                                    ability to perform


  The TCF is the                                  You can now   PAIR your
  ̌UVWRILWVNLQGLQ                             MEDIA & COMMUNICATION
  Malaysia                                        major with other modules
                                                  of your choice. Or even
                                                                                               In other words, you have
  The uniqueness of this framework                get a 2ND MAJOR
  allows you to CUSTOMISE
                                                  complement your degree.
                                                                                                  of your FUTURE!

           3        KEY STRENGTHS

                                                                                    3       KEY BENEFITS

                                                                                    GRADUATE MULTI-SKILLED
                                                                                    Be marketable with future-proof skills,
                                                                                    enhanced with your unique interests and
              degree to design

              BROAD-BASED                                                           GRADUATE A GLOBAL CITIZEN
              ([SRVXUHDFURVVPXOWLSOH                                              Be global and culturally adaptive through
              discipline areas                                                      international mobility opportunities

              PERSONALISED                                                          GRADUATE FUTURE-READY
              Personalise your course of study based
                                                                                    Be adaptable to high job mobility through
              on your own unique interests, strengths,
                                                                                    independent self-directed learning
              aspirations and career ambitions
MEDIA & COMMUNICATION - Rise With The Best - Taylor's University

                                     PRIMARY MAJOR
                                     PRIMARY CORE                            SPECIALISATION
                                     Common core modules                     Specialised modules related
                                     within the primary                      to primary field of study

                                     UNIVERSITY CORE
                                     COMPULSORY GENERAL                      SPECIALLY-DESIGNED
                                     MODULES BY MOE                          UNIVERSITY MODULES
                                     • Hubungan Etnik /                      • Life Skills for Success &
                                       Malaysian Studies 3                     Well-Being
                                     • Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun             • Millenials in Malaysia:
TYPICAL                                Asia / Bahasa Melayu                    Team Dynamics and
PROGRAMME                              Komunikasi 2                            Relationship Management
STRUCTURE                            • Community Service

     Year 1
  Same Discipline

                                     COMPLEMENTARY STUDIES
     Year 2
                                     Students are given the opportunity to mix and match modules.
  Same Discipline                    They can complement their primary major with the below.
                                     FREE ELECTIVES                          MINOR
                                     Choose 5 – 7 electives from             Gain breadth of
     Year 3                          three clusters which are not            knowledge by taking five
                                     related to the primary major.           set modules (or total 20
  Same Discipline
                                     These clusters include:                 credit hours) outside of a
                                     • Arts, Humanities and                  particular major field of
                                       Social Sciences                       study. There are 54 minors
                                     • Business, Services and                offered.
                                     • Science, Technology
                                       and Society
   MPU Subjects
                                     EXTENSION                               2ND MAJOR
                                     Expand depth of                         A second major provides
                                     knowledge by taking five                students the opportunity to
                                     set modules (or total of 20             master another field of study
                                     credit hours) in a specific             by taking 12 set modules (or
                                     area within a major field of            total of 48 credit hours) in
                                     study. There are 21                     another field or discipline.
                                     extensions available.                   Choose from 11 majors.

                         For more information about Taylor's Curriculum Framework (TCF), log on to:
MEDIA & COMMUNICATION - Rise With The Best - Taylor's University

                                                    Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries
                                                    and Education, UWE, UK Faculty of
                                                       Arts, Creative Industries and
                                                           Education, UWE, UK

UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST OF                              Dating as far back as 1595, UWE represents a
ENGLAND (UWE), UK                                      long and well-established tradition of

Taylor’s Media and Communication offers a dual         first-class    professional   education      and

award degree programme in collaboration with           training.

the Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries and
Education, University of West of England (UWE).        UWE’s graduates are highly employable, and

The partnership provides a truly global education      it is among the top 12 universities for lowest

in media and communication.                            levels of graduate unemployment in the UK.

A quality review committee, comprising                 UWE’s highly-acclaimed Faculty of Arts,

academics from both institutions, is established       Creative      Industries   and   Education    is

for quality assurance and moderation of the            informed by the latest research and partners

standards of the programme, which includes             some of the most innovative and prestigious

curriculum and assessments.                            cultural organisations in Bristol, such as BBC,
                                                       Watershed Media Centre, the Pervasive

Students will receive certification from both          Media Studio and the Festival of Ideas.

Taylor’s University and UWE upon completion of
the degree.
MEDIA & COMMUNICATION - Rise With The Best - Taylor's University
As your vested partner throughout your education journey, future-proofing you is our priority. To do that we
ensure we upkeep our standards and facilities, to be nothing less than world-class. We have state-of-the-art
laboratories and studios for our media and communication students to experience and experiment.

01               Audio Recording Studio
                 The Studio comprises a panel control
                 room, which is built with high quality
                 accoustic materials that create a
                 conducive        environment      for
                 professional audio recording.

                                                                                         Digital Multicam Studio

                                                                                         The million-dollar TV Studio is well
                                                                                         equipped with broadcast studio

                                                                                         cameras, digital consoles and
                                                                                         lighting equipment specific for
                                                                                         studio recording productions that
                                                                                         are on par with international
                                                                                         broadcasting industry standards.

                                 Video Editing Laboratory
                                 This lab has workstations which are well
                                 equipped with the latest Adobe Premier
                                 Version and Final Cut Pro that is in line with
                                 the current industry practices for video

                                                             Audio Editing Laboratory
                                                 The Audio Editing Laboratory has
                                                 workstations complete with Apple iMac and
                                                                  Pro-tools editing software.
MEDIA & COMMUNICATION - Rise With The Best - Taylor's University
05             Project Room
               This project room is equipped
               with      workstations
               students to work on their


                                                                       Adventure Arena
                                                This is a dedicated workspace for students to

                                                brainstorm and develop innovative ideas
                                                through guided techniques taught by
                                                                        experienced lecturers.

                                                                                 The Newsroom is a real
                                                                                 workstation created specifically
                                                                                 for Journalism students to
                                                                                 experience     the    working
                                                                                 environment in a news media

           Ili Ruzanna
        Bachelor of Mass
      Communication (Hons)

     Studying Communications at
       Taylor’s University was an
 eye-opening experience. It made
me realise my passion and I would
 not be where I am today without
 the guidance of the lecturers and
    the practicality and hands-on
 experience from the broadcasting
 degree programme. I am grateful
and cannot thank my lecturers and
friends enough for all the support!
 (Ili is a winer of the Fly FM Flydol
Star Search and is currently a Radio
         Announcer for Fly FM)
The Media and Communication industry undergoes rapid
changes, what was once relevant is not longer so in as soon as one
year. The media consumption landscape has been transformed
completely with digital and technology. Communication is now
bite-sized, fast-paced, always-on, digital and social media-led.

Taylor's ensures it keeps up with the times and is also able to stay
ahead by predicting trends.                                                                              Serene Perera
                                                                                                     PR & Event Management

                                                                                                   The Propassion module gave
                                                                                                  us hands-on experiences with
                                                                                                    real world clients. We are
                                                                                                      provided with industry
                                                                                                  networking and opportunities.
                                                                                                      It definitely boost our
                                                                                                     portfolio as freshgrads.

    proPassion Communications is a student consultancy under the Bachelor of Mass Communication programmes, Public Relations
    specialisation. It promises to demonstrate passion, professionalism, and quality services to reach the clients’ goals. Having dedicated
    students, proPassion Communications has brought fresh and innovative ideas and solutions to clients.

    Services offered:             Public relations campaigns                      Marketing communications

                                  Branding campaigns                              Event management

       Meeting with the client from                  Using the Deadpool mascot for a                       Preparing for in-house
         IOI Properties Berhad                       campaign to promote train riders                    campaign on social media
List of Clients:
Baskin Robbins

Dutch Lady

DiGi Malaysia

Escape Room Malaysia

Happy Fresh Malaysia

IOI Properties Group

LEAP Asia Sdn Bhd

Prasarana Malaysia Berhad

Shopee Mobile Malaysia


                                                 Patrick Wee                 YBHg Dato’ Victor Lo
                                            Founder of YUBERACTIVE               COO of Escape Room

                                              The proPassion team was               It has been a great
          Marissa Zahara                    dynamic and fun, constantly         opportunity to work with
          Bachelor of Mass               making them a pleasure to work            proPassion and I am
   Communication (Honours) (Public         with on collaborative projects.     extremely pleased with the
      Relations and Marketing)                                                 work done by the students.
                                                 During the launch of
                                         YUBERACTIVE.ASIA, the team put       They have all demonstrated a
                                           together an electrifying event        great deal of excellence
                                               showcasing their unique       towards their work. Well done!
                                                creativity. The level of
  Being apart of the Propassion team        commitment and energy the
   in my final semester was probably         team brought to the events
    one of the best highlights of my     served well to demonstrate that
      degree years. The experience         they were certainly more than
 enabled me to get a hands on insight     just a student-led consultancy-
 related to the working field with our         they were professionals.
 client, Prasarana. Despite the taxing
  process from planning, paperwork,
      proposals, presentations, and
     execution, it was undoubtedly
  worthy of an unforgettable journey
        together with my peers.
Daniel Cheang bin
                                                                                                Adenan Cheang
                                                                                         Alumni PR & Event Management

                                                                                          ProPassion has given me the
                                                                                           first hands-on on what the
                                                                                            industry will be like. Not
                                                                                           everything we do is always
                                                                                          sunshine and rainbow, hence

                                                                                          tough clients will teach us to
                                                                                                   be stronger.

Conferences, Public Lectures and Colloquiums are organised throughout
the year. The International SEARCH Conference held once every two
years bring together the best minds in the discipline, notable industry
practitioners as well as students to exchange knowledge. The Media and
Communication Lecture Series (MCLS) provide an on-going platform
throughout the year for acknowledged academics, industry
professionals, policy makers and community leaders to share their work
and address current issues in the industry, public policy and society.

In tandem with that, the Postgraduate Colloquium aims to give a
platform for the postgraduate students to present their research findings
which manifest the various research challenges and opportunities in the
areas of media and communication under the bigger umbrella of social
sciences. These discussion sessions engage and widens the perspectives
of our students to current and future issues.

We collaborate with international institutions through the SMB to allow students to choose to either complete a semester abroad
or opt for a short overseas study trip. This gives exposure and develops international-mindedness.

            Sailing to Volendam                Lectures at the University of Amsterdam           Trip to Bristol, UK
Taylor’s University engage with notable industry professionals and experts that provide input on the relevance of
our curriculum. Members of our IAP include:
   Srikanth Ramachandran                             Farrah Harith McPherson                      Harmander Singh
   Executive Director,                               General Manager,                             CEO, Sledgehammer
   Moving Walls Sdn. Bhd.                            BBDO and Proximity Malaysia

   Ravindran Raman Kutty                             Mohd Said Bani C M Din                       Shuhami Sulaiman
   General Manager,                                  Managing Director,                           CEO, Astro AWANI
   Strategic Communications, MRCB                    bzBee Consult

   Lina Teoh                                         Eileen Ooi
   Executive Director, MyDocs                        Head, PHD Media

Due to our strong industry affiliations, our students are also able to work with multinational and international companies across
various industries during the compulsory internship programme, such as:

                                            ADVERTISING                PUBLIC RELATIONS
                                             ARC Worldwide •           • bzBee Consult Sdn Bhd
                                                   Arc Media •         • Edelman Public Relations
                                         Bates Chi & Partners •        • Eric Pringle Associate PR
                                                       BBDD •          • Essence Burson-Marsteller
                                        Grey Group Malaysia •          • Fleishman-Hillard Malaysia
                           McCann Erikson (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd. •        • Milk PR Remove Fleishman
                                         MindShare Malaysia •          • Sirius Communication Sdn. Bhd.
                                          Naga DDB Malaysia •
                                                                       • Weber Shandwick
                                             Ogilvy Malaysia •
                             Sledgehammer Communications •

                   CORPORATE COMMUNICATION                             JOURNALISM/EDITORIAL
                                                    Air Asia •         • Blue Inc
                                           Allianz Malaysia •          • Burda Media Malaysia
                                           Genting Berhad •            • Cilisos Media
                                          Mesiniaga Berhad •           • MalaysiaKini
                                Panasonic Malaysia Sdn.Bhd. •          • New Straits Times
                                                      Petronas •       • The Edge Media
                                                Shell Malaysia •       • The Star Publications
                                                Sony Malaysia •

                                 MEDIA PRODUCTION                      EVENT MANAGEMENT
                                                Astro Awani •          • Protemp Exhibitions Sdn.Bhd.                   EVENT!
                                 Far East Documentary Centre •         • Roots Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd.
                                                      FINAS •
                                               Media Prima •
                                Red Communications Sdn Bhd •

                                PROFESSIONAL BODY                      MEDIA CONSULTANCY
                                Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union •      • GroupM
                        Institute of Public Relations Malaysia •       • Group MAD
                                  International Association of •       • PHD Media
                                  Business Communicators
                         Centre for Independent Journalism •
You will be exposed to education that is heavily anchored in real-world practices and opportunities to connect
with thought leaders of the industry.

We seamlessly integrate with the industry by engaging with numerous adjuncts and visiting lecturers and
speakers from reputable companies to conduct lessons to students.

         Eliza Abdul Rahim
         Managing Director, Strategic Marketing &
         Corporate Affairs of Essence Burson-Masteller

         Harmandar Singh
         Founder of SledgeHammer Communications &
         Publisher of Marketing Magazine

         Mohd Said Bani C M Din
         Managing Director and Founder of bzBee Consult
                                                                           Malik Ridhwan Bin Zaihan
                                                                               Bachelor of Mass
         Sean Lee                                                           Communication (Hons)
         Radio DJ, 988 FM                                                        (Broadcasting)

         Shukri Rifaie
         Co-founder of Rifaie Chua Sethi Sdn. Bdn.
                                                                       The best moment during my study
                                                                      in Taylor's was during my final year. |
         Suhaimi Sulaiman                                                had the opportunity to intern at
         CEO of Astro AWANI                                             Astro AWANI and prove to them
                                                                      what Taylor's graduates are made of
                                                                       which led me to secure my current
         Rubin Khoo                                                     job. On top of that, my final year
         Associate Publisher Hubert Burda Media Malaysia              broadcasting project was one of the
                                                                        best assignments where we did a
                                                                          24-hour documentary shoot in
         Zan Azlee                                                     Terengganu. What a way to end my
         Writer Director Fat Bidin Media                                        degree in Taylor’s!
DUTCH LADY                                                              ECOWORLD
INSPIRE TOMORROW                                                        RECRUITMENT VIDEO
WORKSHOP                                                                COMPETITION
Our students had integrated classroom learning with                     Over 100 broadcasting students from Taylor’s Media and
industry experience in the Dutch Lady Inspire Tomorrow                  Communication had an exciting five months of competing in the
Workshop, a CSR project for underprivileged children in                 EcoWorld’s Create Tomorrow and Beyond recruitment video
orphanages and child welfare centers.                                   contest. Having put their creative talents and technical skills to
                                                                        the challenge, our students won the RM5,000 cash prize and an
                                                                        opportunity to work in the industry to reproduce the winning
                                                                        video for commercial use.

Students conceptualise ideas and digital media content demonstrating their ability to perform various tasks involved in digital media
production. All the work produced are showcased on our own YouTube channel.

          24 Hours in Terengganu                         Beyond Y (our) World Trip to                   PEMANDU - United Against
          Documentary Shoot 2015                             Kota Kinabalu 2014                            Crime Initiative 2013

SHELL FUELSAVE                                                                                 The InkSlingers
Targeting university and college students,                                          First published in 2003, The InkSlingers is
participants learn about fuel-saving and driving tips,                                Taylor’s University’s official and oldest
through the “Target One Million” campaign.                                              student-run newspaper by Taylor’s
                                                                                    Communication. The monthly publication
                                                                                  features the latest events and happenings in
                                                                                  and around the campus. Moving forward the
                                                                                  InkSlingers will transition into a solely digital
                                       SEARCH Journal of Media and
                                       Communication Research
As your vested partner throughout your education journey, future-proofing you is our priority. To do that we
ensure we upkeep our standards and facilities, to be nothing less than world-class. We have state-of-the-art
laboratories and studios for our media and communication students to experience and experiment.

Under the new structure, SOMAC has two research groups under research cluster Media and Social Transformation;

                      GROUP 1:                                                   GROUP 2:
                      Media policy,                                              Digital media &
                      Industries & audiences                                     social networks

       This group focuses on media policy analysis,           This group focuses on social media influence in
       development and impact of creative industry            social change and creation of networks society,
       on society, and audience interpretative                and its transformation of social, political and
       engagement with different media genres.                economic landscapes.

                             SEARCH JOURNAL

                              The SEARCH Journal was
                             indexed on SCOPUS – the
                            world’s largest abstract and
                                citation database of
                              peer-reviewed literature.

     We have also launched the new website with a fresh
     contemporary look.

     (new look launched March 2019)                                              Crystal Loh Wai Ching                                                  Bachelor of Mass
                                                                                 Communication (Hons)

                                                                            Previously a Taylor's World Class
                                                                            Scholar, Taylor's University offers
                                                                               generous scholarships and
                                                                              financial assistance. Also, as
                                                                              Valedictorian of the Class of
                                                                              2015, it has definitely been a
                                                                               journey of excellence with
                                                                             Taylor's especially as alumni of
                                                                              the Taylor's Communication.
Our students have garnered numerous awards and recognition over the years, something is very sought after in
the industry as well - reflecting the exposure and experience that our students gain. This is also to ensure that
students are applying what they have learnt close to realities of the field.

  2018                                      2015                                       2014
      2nd RUNNER                                 CHAMPION                                  1st RUNNER UP
      PAAB Short Film Competition                EcoWorld Recruitment Video                Shell Fuel Save Campaign

      WINNER                                                                               Moving Walls Love Generator
      Best Short Documentary                     WINNER                                    Challenge in two special
      (Degree) 2018                              Best Short Film (Degree) 2015             categories (AmBank for Youth and
      “The Art of Wing Chun”                     “Homecook”                                Malaysia’s Resume).

  2016                                           WINNER
                                                 Best Short Documentary (Degree)
                                                 2015 “Food Heroes"

      GRAND PRIZE & 3rd PRIZE                                                              1st PRIZE
      KHIND Video Contest                                                                  United Against Crime initiative
      “Delivering Happiness”
                                                                                           Shell Fuel Save Campaign

                                                                                           CHAMPION, Ist & 2nd
                                                                                           RUNNER UP
                                                                                           Petron Malaysia “Rentetan
                                                                                           Kejayaan -A Journey of Triumphs
                                                                                           and Milestones”
 Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union

 Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting

 Association of Accredited Advertising
 Agents Malaysia

 Association for Education in Journalism and
 Mass Communication (AEJMC)

 Centre for Independent Journalism

 Institute of Public Relations Malaysia

 International Association of Business

 Marketing Agencies Association

 National Union of Journalists Peninsular

Since its inception, Taylor’s has continuously provided excellent services for its students in terms of diverse study
options, relevant curriculum and teaching methods, ongoing partnerships with leading universities worldwide,
strong industry linkages, up-to-date facilities and well-equipped campuses. Taylor’s University offers a myriad of
courses in tertiary education, from diploma, to degree, post-graduate and professional programmes. Students can
choose to enroll in courses emcompassing fields such as Business, Hospitality, Tourism, Psychology, American
Degree Program, Architecture, Quantity Surveying, Communications, Law, Computer Science, Design, Engineering,
Pharmacy, Biosciences, Food Studies & Gastronomy, Medicine, Education and Performing Arts.

The quality of the undergraduate teaching and learning at Taylor’s was acknowledged when it garnered a ‘Tier 5:
Excellent’ rating in the Rating System for Malaysian Higher Education (SETARA) by the Ministry of Higher Education
Malaysia in all four audit exercises. Taylor’s University is the best private university in Malaysia for the graduate
employment rate indicator under the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2020 exercise; ranked at no. 135 in Asia
in the QS Asia University Rankings 2019, and listed in the top 1 percent of universities in Asia. Taylor’s University was
also awarded 5-Star rating in six (6) categories of the QS Stars Rating. Taylor’s University was also recognised as the
number 14 university in the world for Hospitality & Leisure Management by QS World University Rankings by Subject
2019. Taylor’s was listed in the top 2% universities in the world by QS World University Rankings. These
achievements are important milestones for Taylor’s, in line with its aim of becoming one of Asia’s leading universities.

Taylor’s has received numerous recognitions locally and internationally from professional bodies such as the CDIO
Initiative (Conceiving, Designing, Implementing, Operating), National Academy of Engineering in the USA and the
Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) to name a few.

Taylor’s continues to play a strong role in developing Malaysia’s human resource capital, and boasts a 100,000-strong
alumnus, many of whom have become leaders in their respective fields.

17                      135             th

 AWARDS                                             EXCELLENT
                        in the 2019          Rating System for
                                             Malaysia Higher
ranking                                      Education (SETARA)
& ratings                                    by the
and more from                                Ministry of Higher
2016 to 2019                                 Education Malaysia

                        Listed in the        No.

PRIVATE                 TOP 1%                        in Business &
                        ASIA                 amongst all
                                             Private Universities
in Malaysia                                  in Malaysia in the 2019
for Graduate
Rankings 2020                                by subject

in the world for
                        TOP 2%
                        WORLDWIDE            9       consecutive
                                                     years of

                                             Gold Award
Hospitality & Leisure
Management Subject        2%                 in the
in 2019
                                             & Learning’
                                             category in
                                             Putra Brand Awards
 Private University in Malaysia
   for Employer Reputation                                                                                        Gold, 2010 - 2018
                                                                                                                   Platinum, 2019
    QS Asia University Rankings 2019                 2019
                                                                                                                 Hall of Fame, 2019
    QS World University Rankings 2020             Teaching      Internationalisation
   QS Graduate Employability Rate 2020            Employability Inclusiveness
                                                  Facilities    Hospitality & Leisure Management


                                                                                                   2011 - 2019

             •   Top 1% in the world and No. 1 in Malaysia for Employer Reputation based on QS World University Rankings 2020
                 among Private Universities in Malaysia
             •   No. 1 in Business and Management Studies amongst all Private Universities in Malaysia in the 2019 QS World

                 University Rankings by Subject
             •   We’ve moved up 7 spots to clinch World No.14 in the 2019 QS World University Rankings by Subject for Hospitality
                 and Leisure Management
             •   No. 1 private university in Malaysia for the graduate employment rate indicator in the 2020 QS Graduate
                 Employability Rankings
             •   Awarded 5-Star rating in six (6) categories of the QS Stars Rating
             •   Platinum Award in the ‘Education & Learning’ category at Putra Brand Awards and inducted into the Putra Hall of Fame
             •   Gold Award in the ‘Private University/College’ category for the 9th consecutive year in the annual Reader’s Digest
                 Trusted Brand Awards

             •   Ranked 135th in the 2019 QS Asia University Rankings
             •   4th best university and Asia’s best for the Graduate Employment Rate indicator in the 2019 QS Graduate Employability Rankings

             •   Placed 216th in the world for the Employer Reputation indicator in the 2019 QS World University Rankings
             •   Ranked 21 in the 2018 QS World University Rankings by Subject for Hospitality and Leisure Management
             •   Awarded 5-Star in five (5) categories of the QS Stars Rating
             •   Gold Award in the ‘Education & Learning’ category for the 9th consecutive year in Putra Brand Awards
             •   Gold Award in the ‘Private University/College’ category for the 8th consecutive year in the annual Reader’s Digest Trusted
                 Brand Awards

20           •
                 Top 200 universities in Asia in the QS Asia Ranking
                 Awarded 5-Star rating in five (5) categories of the QS Stars Rating

             •   Gold Award in the ‘Education & Learning’ category for the 8th consecutive year in Putra Brand Awards
             •   Gold Award in the ‘Private University/College’ category for the 7th consecutive year in the annual Reader’s
                 Digest Trusted Brands Award

20           •   Top 200 universities in Asia in the QS Asia Ranking

             •   Awarded 5-Star rating in five (5) categories of the QS Stars Rating
             •   Gold Award in the ‘Education & Learning’ category for the 7th consecutive year in Putra Brand Awards
             •   Gold Award in the ‘Private University/College’ category for the 6th consecutive year in the annual Reader’s
                 Digest Trusted Brands Award
   OUR CHANGE COMPASS AND                                                         OUR RESEARCH CENTRES PLAY
                                                                                  A CRUCIAL ROLE IN ELEVATING
   TELESCOPE INTO THE FUTURE                                                        THE CAPABILITIES OF OUR
                                                                                  FACULTY MEMBERS, THROUGH
                                                                                  VARIOUS TRAINING ACTIVITIES
Taylor’s University has a firm footing   Our     students     and   faculty       AND TECHNOLOGY MAKING US
in research and innovation as we         members engage extensively in                   WORLD-CLASS.
believe these efforts will contribute    "applied research", which enhances
towards knowledge building and           the body of knowledge and creates a
assist in the development of the         direct impact on real world
industry and society at large now        applications.
and for the future.
                                         All academic staff appointed at                                 Centre for Engineering

We are a university centered on          the degree level actively
                                                                                                       Research and Development

                                                                                        Law               Engineering
research and innovation initiatives.     undertake research within the               (CRELDA)               (CERD)
                                         institution or in collaboration
We adopt a progressive outlook,          with industries or universities,
embedding research components            either foreign or local.
throughout our programmes and
encouraging them at various levels       This research work results in creation
in each faculty.                         and     dissemination      of     new
                                         knowledge, feeding into the practical
                                                                                      Business       Architecture, Building
                                         application, and ultimately enhances          (CAFÉ)         & Design (MASSA)
                                         learning at Taylor’s.

                                                                                  Business (Case &    Hospitality, Tourism
                                                                                  Research Centre)   & Food Studies (CRiT)



Taylor’s is strongly committed to its mission of empowering the
youth of the world through education, so that they may take
their productive places as leaders in the global community.

As one of Malaysia’s oldest, most successful and reputable private
education institutions, Taylor’s provides quality education and exposes
students to the vast possibilities that await them beyond the classroom

Through its partnerships with international universities and industry
members, Taylor’s is committed to providing an outstanding
educational experience, guiding and helping students realise their
potential to obtain a world-class qualification that meets the
requirements of a dynamic, global marketplace.
Home to Our              International Opportunities
International Students   for Our Students
                  TED complements the work of
                  in teaching through practice,
                  development, and innovation.
  Teaching &
  Educational     We offer workshops and seminars
 Development      that address a range of timely topics
                  associated with teaching, learning
                  and technology in higher education.

                  eLA’s task is to help our academic
                  staff effectively implement the use
                  of technology in transforming the
                  learning journey of students.

  e-Learning      This enables them to learn in a
   Academy        collaborative, self-directed and
                  personalised manner, anytime and

                  The Student Success Centre (SSC)
                  assists students as they adjust to
                  university studies.

                  SSC offers intervention for students
                  via a blend of workshops,
Student Success   personalised 1-to-1 consultations
    Centre        and peer support services to
                  provide learning opportunities
                  throughout the students’ journey
                  towards academic success.
   Rise With The Best

LIFE SKILLS MODULES                                          THE LIFE SKILLS
Life Skills Modules is an integrated SHINE Core              MODULES FOCUSES ON:
Empowerment Series into University Core Modules for
all first year and first semester students at Taylor’s
University. It sets the stage for students to start right
and a foundational pathway to SHINE Award.
                                                              Emotional            Self-             Self-
Top employers and research findings indicate that in         Intelligence        awareness        management
future, a balance of cognitive and soft skills become
more important. In the 4IR, technology like AI will take
over most of the cognitive scope staging soft skills as
key differentiators for employees and entrepreneurs.

                                                               Social           Relationship
                                                             Awareness          Management

SHINE PROGRAMME                                              SHINE AWARD
With a strong commitment to holistic development,
Taylor’s University is proud to introduce the SHINE
Award - an achievement record that formally recognises
and rewards all students who wish to reach their full
potential by taking part in fun and diverse
extra-curricular activities both on and off-campus.
                                                                  Shine Award
The SHINE programme is a structured platform that
helps our students to organise, manage and track their
involvement      and      achievement      in   recognised
extra-curricular activities using a point system.
                                                             The SHINE Award highlights the achievements and skills
                                                             obtained by our graduates through their extra-curricular
The SHINE Programme empowers students with
                                                             activities. Upon graduation, students who qualify for the
critical skills that employers seek in graduates, the
                                                             SHINE Award will be conferred with a second transcript
                                                             during their graduation, to complement their academic
                                                             transcript, thus formally recognising their soft skills.

                                                             In order to qualify for the SHINE Award, students must
                                                             participate in the SHINE Programme. Based on the points
  Creativity &      Critical Thinking &       Cultural       that they obtain, students will earn a Platinum, Gold, or
   Innovation        Problem Solving         Adaptation      Silver ranking in their SHINE Award.

Communication          Collaboration
Introduced in 2018, the Taylor’s Curriculum Framework is the first-of-its-kind framework in Malaysia, which enables
students to combine subjects of study. As a Taylor's student, you will now be able to shape and balance your own study
programme. This is unique in Malaysia, adopting similar approaches by world’s leading universities.

The flexibility of our degree and diploma programmes, combined with training modules in employability and life skills, is
designed to ensure that Taylor’s graduates are ready to meet future challenges. If you are able to adapt to the seismic
change anticipated from the 4th Industrial Revolution, you will always be the first choice for leading employers.

There is much more to Taylor’s University than our programmes. Taylor’s attracts many of the brightest and most creative
students from around the world. Our students come together to create a vibrant and exciting community which supports
a wide range of sporting, cultural and leisure activities, which have become the hallmark of the Taylor’s experience.

We hope that you will choose Taylor’s University for your higher education and make your own contribution to the Taylor’s
experience. Most importantly, let us work together to ensure that when you graduate, you are ready to create your own
successful and exciting future.

I hope that what you learn about Taylor’s University will help you decide to make the best possible investment in your future
and join our unique Taylor’s community.

We look forward to seeing you at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus.

With very best wishes,
Professor Michael Driscoll
Vice Chancellor and President of Taylor’s University.
R is e W it h The Best

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