Mountrath Renewal Town Crowned - Leinster Express

Mountrath Renewal Town Crowned - Leinster Express

Mountrath Renewal Town Crowned - Leinster Express

Pollution is 40 metres deep at Port factory site Contamination: Toxic chemicals will take years to get rid of, say the EPA LYNDA KIERNAN Twodecadesoftoxicwastewhichhasseeped up to 40 metres into the earth at a factory in Portarlingtonwilltakeyearstogetridof. From 1978 Avon employed up to 800 people at its Arlington plant making jewelleryandsoap.However,atoxicchemical was used in the process. It was dumped on open ground with a clean-up now only starting. The Environmental Protection Agency has engaged a contractor which is investigating the level of contamination of Trichloroethene(TCE)beforeonsitedetox. “The remediation programme is a risk-based clean-up which will take place over a number of years,” the Agency confirmedtotheLeinsterExpress. CllrAidanMullinshascampaignedforthe clean-up. “The EPA has informed me that there is contamination of the ground to the bedrockatadeptof20to40metresbyatoxic substancecalledTCE,”hesaid. Avon shut in 2000 with the site sold to a developer who since passed away. NAMA controlled the site for a time but it is now understoodtobeownedbyavulturefund. Mulhalls take big step for Alan's memory Holly, Vikki, Sean, Tom and Jamie Mulhall pictured at the Alan Mulhall memorial walk in Emo on Sunday. Vikki Mulhall organised the walk in memory of her late husband Alan to mark his 35th birthday after he tragically died following a workplace accident in November last year. Funds raised on the day were for Rainbows Ireland. See page 36 CONTINUED ON PAGE 2 g Express LEINSTER Mountrath Renewal Community has focus on the future PAGES 24-5 LOVING YOUR LOCAL A CELEBRATION OF OUR PUBS Tuesday,October16,2018 €2.50(GB£3Stg) Leinster Express Our Laois Mountrath feature YOUR LOCAL NEWSPAPER SINCE 1831 Town Crowned County Final coverage in Express Sport Portlaoise sees off valiant O'Dempseys

Mountrath Renewal Town Crowned - Leinster Express

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 2 NEWS Stepping out in Emo in memory of Alan Mulhall Some of the big crowd of walkers who gathered in Emo to help the family of the late Alan Mulhall raise funds for the Rainbows child bereavement service - more on page 36 PICTURE: LUKE WYNNE Express LEINSTER Editorial Team Editor: Pat Somers pat.somers@ 057 86 21666 News Editor: Conor Ganly conor.ganly@ 057 86 21666 Sport Editor: Rory Delaney rory.delaney@ 057 86 21666 Reporter: Lynda Kiernan lynda.kiernan@ 057 86 21666 Reporter: Michelle Hogan michelle.hogan@ 057 86 21666 Reporter: Ryan Dunne ryan.dunne@ 057 86 21666 Leinster Express 107 Lower Main Street, Portlaoise, Co Laois 057-86 21666 Twitter: @LaoisNews Facebook: Advertising Team Commercial Manager: Emer Egan 057 86 63347 /086 782 3552 Advertising Executive: Gemma Fitzpatrick 057 86 21666 /086 047 9762 Advertising Executive: Michelle Donoher 057 86 63345/086 026 1488 Advertising Executive: Alison Casey 057 86 63344/086 0266 713 Classifieds/Family Notices: Caroline Whelan 057 86 21666 Factory land will take years to decontaminate An expensive detox has finally begun on a factory site in Portarlington, but it will take years to make the land goodforuse.

The land was poisoned by chemicals from the factory that closedinPortarlingtonin2000. Arlington Ltd made costume jewellery and soap for Avon Cosmetics at a factory for over 20 yearsontheCanalRoad. A chemical solvent was regularly dumped on land behind the factory anditcontaminatedgroundwater. The water is believed to be contaminateddowntothebedrock,a depthofasmuchas40metres. The ground was tested in 2003 by the Environmental Protection Agency who then informed landowners within 500m to no longerusewaterfromtheirwells. The EPA has now engaged a contractortostartaclean-up. “The first phase of the remediation programme is to conduct a full investigation to determinethescaleandextentofthe contamination plume in order to identify the most appropriate remediation strategy,” an EPA spokespersonsaid.

Itwilltakeyears. “A remediation programme has been agreed with the EPA and work has commenced at the site. The remediation programme is a risk-based clean-up which will take placeoveranumberofyears”. The cost of the clean-up will be paid from an insurance policy taken out by Pat McCormack (now deceased) of Claybourne Properties Ltd who bought the closed factory in 2001. That company later dissolved and the loan first went to NAMA and is now understood to belong to a vulturefund. The empty factory was set on fire in 2014 and then demolished for safetyreasons.

The EPA says that while the factor opened in the late 1970's , it was first grantedalicenceforelectroplatingin 1998,andthatthesitecontamination happened before the licence was granted. “Site investigations conducted in the early 2000’s found extensive chlorinated solvent contamination in the groundwater below the site. This contamination was principally trichloroethene (TCE) and smaller amounts of 1,1,1-trichloroethane (TCA) and had occurred prior to the grantofthelicence. “Groundwatermonitoringresults for a 13-year period (2000 to 2013) suggest that the plume of contaminated groundwater is stable and shrinking and there is no migration of contamination off-site,” theEPAsaid.

It is hoped to do decontamination in situ. It will involve injecting a particular substance into the ground to degrade the TCE and add bacteria tofurtherassisttheprocess. The empty Avon factory in Port during a fire in 2014, later demolished. Twenty year wait to decontaminate 'prime site' in Port It has taken almost 20 years since the Avon factory closed to finally start cleaning up contaminated ground in Portarlington. Cllr Aidan Mullins has questioned the long delay. “I don’t understand why it should have taken so long to get to this point as the site has been vacant for years,” Cllr Mullins told the Leinster Express.

He spoke this week with an official from the Environmental Protection Agency about the works about to begin. “They have engaged the services of a contractor to carry out testing on the site. This work has now commenced and drilling will commence at a number of locations on site and in the adjacent field over the coming weeks,” he said. He explains the level of contamination. “The EPA informed me that there is contamination of the ground down to the bedrock at a depth of 20 to 40 metres by a toxic substance called TCE or trichloroethylene. “This is a toxic organic compound commonly used as an industrial solvent and was widely used in the Avon plant. “The first phase of these tests will take up to 18 months and it could take a number of years to fully decontaminate the site,” he said. He wants Laois County Council to buy the site for community use.

“Hopefully the EPA can now finally resolve the issue as a prime site like this should not be idle,” he said. “I have been pressing the Council for some time in an effort to have the site acquired,” Cllr Mullins said. “My most recent Notice of Motion on this was at our Municipal Meeting last May when I requested that the Council engage with the EPA. In addition I have been in direct contact with the EPA to get them involved as the Government agency responsible,” he said. Cllr Aidan Mullins from Portarlington LYNDA KIERNAN LYNDA KIERNAN

Mountrath Renewal Town Crowned - Leinster Express

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Portlaoise Prison not in Budget The Irish Prison Service and Department of Justice has declined to comment on whether money has been set aside in Budget 2019 for a major overhaul of Portlaoise Prison. The Irish Prison Service plans for the refurbishment of the E Block and the demolition of the D Wing at PortlaoisePrison. Itwasconfirmedlastweek that nearly €18 million extra is being provided to the prisons in 2019 including €8 million in capital funding bringing the total prisons budgetto€359million. “From a total capital funding budget of €32.3 million, it is expected that significant progress will be made on the redevelopment of Limerick Prison with in cell sanitation and a dedicated standalone new female prison for the Munster region,” said the DepartmentofJustice.

Neither Department or the IPS would comment on fundingforPortlaoise. The Midway Food Court, where planning permission for a new filling station has been granted Greenlight for filling station on Portlaoise motorway An Bord Pleanala has upheld a council decision to grant permission for a new filling station attheMidwayFoodCourt,rejecting an appeal by a rival businessman who has plans for a new shop and foodcourtinthearea. Laois County Council gave the goahead to Petrogas Group Ltd, tradingasApplegreen,toconstruct a new filling station consisting of a retail unit adjoining the existing foodcourt.

Includedisanewglazedlobbyto facilitate access to and from the food court and internal connections. However, an appeal was lodged with An Bord Pleanala by both Atlantic Enterprises, owned by Supermacs supremo Pat McDonagh, and Paul Dunne, of DunnesServicesStation,Abbeyleix Road,Portlaoise. Mr Dunne previously made a submission against the Petrogas Group Ltd plans to the council duringtheplanningprocess. In his submission, Mr Dunne said he had major validity concerns about his business considering the town is already oversupplied with fillingstations.

He cited the local area plan, which states that “an undue concentration of filling stations shallnotbepermitted,asinthepast oversupplyhasledtoclosures”. Meanwhile, Mr McDonagh has himself made a planning applicationtothecounciltobuildat the Midway, having applied for permission to build a two-storey building with a retail unit, a food court and drive-thru, communal seating area, office, toilet and kitchen facilities, adjacent to Junction 17 of the M7 at Togher, Portlaoise. A decision on this application is due from Laois County Council by October28.

An Bord Pleanala has now ruled that the proposed development by Petrogas would not seriously injure the visual amenities of the area or have an adverse impact on the trafficsafetyofthearea. It would, therefore, be in accordance with the proper planning and sustainable developmentofthearea. This permission comes some ten years since the board refused permission to another company, Corrigeen Construction Co. Ltd, to buildamotorwayservicesbuilding, petrolfillingstation,associatedcar, coach and heavy goods vehicle parking areas and associated roads andinfrastructure.

Corrigeen were granted permission by the council for these plans, but this was appealed by a number of residents and rejected byAnBordPleanala. Conditions of the planning permissionforPetrogasarethatthe development is to be carried out in accordance with the plans lodged andthefloorareafortheoff-licence is to be reduced so as not to exceed 10% of the floor area of the retail shop. A construction management plan is needed and two car parking spacesadjacenttotheretailunitare tobeomitted. The developer is to pay a financial contribution to the council in respect of the public infrastructure and facilities benefiting development in the area.

NEWS 3 RYAN DUNNE NEWS 1-17 VIEWS 18-19 COMMUNITY 23-36 BUSINESS 20-21 LAOIS LIFE 39-40 & 57-59 SPORT 75-96 Register Now Spark your Imagination Business - Engineering - Science AIT Open Day Athlone Institute of Technology Friday & Saturday, 19 & 20 October 2018, 10am – 1pm

Mountrath Renewal Town Crowned - Leinster Express

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 'Perverse' guilty verdict to be appealed Ajuryverdictwhichfoundadriver guilty of manslaughter, after doctors agreed that he met the criteria to be found legally insane, has been causing the Director of Public Prosecutions some “difficulty”, the Court of Appeal hasbeentold. Dariusz Alchimionek (44), with an address at Barrow Way, Spa Street, Portarlington, Co Laois, had denied the manslaughter of John Gorman (19) and assault causing harm to his brother, Adam, on December 29, 2015. The brothers had been returning home from Tullamore when a vehicle, driven by Alchimionek, suddenly crossed the road into the path of their oncoming car at Ballycrystal, Geashill, Co Offaly. Tullamore Circuit Criminal Court heard how Alchimionek had become convincedtheIslamicStategroup, or Isis, were about to invade EuropeandathirdWorldWarwas abouttobegin.

Consultant psychiatrists for both the prosecution and the defence agreed that Alchimionek met the criteria to be found not guilty by reason of insanity. The juryhadtheoptionofreturningof three verdicts: guilty, not guilty or notguiltybyreasonofinsanity. After two hours and 50 minutes of deliberations, the jury returned majority guilty verdicts of 11-1 on both counts, which were met with applause in the courtroom. The accused was then sentenced nine years imprisonmentwiththefinalthree suspended by Judge Keenan JohnsoninOctober2017. Alchimionek has lodged an appeal against his conviction on the sole ground that the jury’s verdictwas“perverse”andagainst theevidence.

His appeal was due to be heard in the Court of Appeal Tuesday, October 16. Lawyers for the Director of Public Prosecutions were granted an adjournment of thecaseonMonday. Counsel for the DPP, Michael Delaney SC, said it was a case "on which the Director has been reflecting for some time" and it hascaused"somedifficulty". Counsel for Alchimionek, Kenneth Fogarty SC, said the atmosphere in the Circuit Court had been "highly charged". There was an "outpouring of emotion" that was "humanly understandable" but “not desirable in terms of how the law wastobeapplied".

Mr Fogarty said Alchimionek was currently on a landing in Wheatfield Prison and his only instructions were that he’d be “more suitably detained” in the CMH. He said the medication in Wheatfield was the same as in the CMHbuttheresourceswerenot. Thematterwasputback to November 30, next. Laois actor gives candid interview on career and life Robert Sheehan: Teenage discos, school, sex and acting From teen discos and drinking to his sex life, on and off screen, Portlaoise-born actor Robert Sheehan has given a candidly open interviewabouthislife.

The Laois man, who has turned 30andisenjoyinggreatreviewsfor his latest movie 'The Song of Sway Lake', was interviewed for the latesteditionofHotPress. Early on he is recalls youthful exploits with drink and girls and whenhefirstgotdrunk. “Properpissed-Iwasabout15.I was down at a teenage disco, and before it, me and two mates managed to get our hands on three nagginsofvodka.Wedownedquite a significant amount of vodka and meandered down to the disco. There was a grace period of, I'd say, 45 minutes to an hour, when we weretryingtoshiftasmanygirlsas we could. And then, I started to pukeviolently.

“This fella called Tony, who was in charge of the disco was the juvenile liaisons officer and he knew my dad because my dad's a policeman - he's retired now. So he called dad. And dad and mum picked me up. I was like 'I think I had some food poisoning'. They brought me home and put me in bed, and they were like, 'See! You drink - this is what happens. So you've learnt your lessons, haven't you'.” Theactor,whowasastarofLove /Hate, goes on to talk about experimentation and use of other drugs, admitting he dabbles here andthere.

Asked about his favourite drug, he says: “I think the old delicious cannabis was definitely my favourite, I keep it to a very occasionaldabblenow.” A lot of the interview is given overtosex.Hedescribeshimselfas atypicalIrishladgrowingup. “How sweet you could be with girls represented how well your social standing was within your groupofmalepeers,”hesays. He discusses his time at at BallyfinCollege. “I was lucky to go to a co-ed school, which was a great thing, because it humanised women for meatthatage.Themorerestricted you are from female presence of your own age, the more you turn them into these sci fi creatures in your head - who aren't human and they have this sexual f***ing treasure that you have to try and unlock.

“It's not a healthy way to look at women. It sets up a weird precedent going forward. So it was good to go to school with girls, because it meant that you had girl friends,”hesays. The actor also speaks briefly about loosing his virginity aged 17 and sexual experimentation with men. He answers openly about sex scenes in his professional life and recalls work he did with Ruth NeggaonLove/Hate. “Luckily, we were very comfortablewithoneanother.And she is, of course, a beautiful young woman,”hesays.

Nowsingle,healsodiscusseshis sex life off screen. He says his sex life is important and is more enjoyable if you have a strong connectionwiththeotherperson. “I would not in a million years just have sex with somebody because they're physically attractiveanymore.” Hesaysheisattractedtowomen who have fostered an individuality and have a sense of humour and enjoyhavingthecraic. The interview also covers his acting work on Love/Hate. He doesn't regret leaving after just threeseasons. “I had a glorious death and that served the drama of the show. I think it affected the Irish public veryprofoundly,”hesays. Hesays his role in the 'The Song of Sway Lake' came “out of the blue.” The film was shot in a mountain range north of New York City.

“It was a magnificent time (making the film). It was like a dream and there's a dream like elementtothefilm,”hesays. Now living in London after a spell in Hollywood, the Portlaoise manishappytobebackintheUK. “I lost a lot of confidence in LA. It was hard to stay motivated,” he says. Robert Sheehan reveals all in new interview PICTURE: ALF HAREY 4 NEWS CONOR GANLY MY LAOIS LIFE: This week See Ross Munnelly Pages 58-59 ☛ PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT ACT 2000 (as amended) PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT REGULATIONS 2001 (as amended) APPROVED NEWSPAPERS LIST FOR PLANNING APPLICATIONS In accordance with Part 4 of the Planning & Development Regulations 2001 (as amended) Article 18 (1), Offaly County Council as the Planning Authority has approved the following list of newspapers as approved newspapers for the purposes of the Regulations. Accordingly, advertisements in respect of applications for planning permission must be placed in the approved newspapers for the areas outlined as follows: Irish Independent . Municipal Districts of Birr/ Edenderry/ Tullamore Tullamore & Midland Tribune . Municipal Districts of Birr/Tullamore Offaly Independent . Municipal Districts of Birr/Tullamore Offaly Topic . Municipal District of Edenderry Leinster/Offaly Express . Municipal District of Edenderry Tom Shanahan, Director of Planning and Economic Development. October 2018 Áras an Chontae, Charleville Road, Tullamore, Co. Offaly. Tel: (057) 9346800, Fax: (057) 9346868, Web: E-mail:

Mountrath Renewal Town Crowned - Leinster Express

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 (factory)

Mountrath Renewal Town Crowned - Leinster Express

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Mountrath Renewal Town Crowned - Leinster Express

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Laois Fianna Fáil to select one candidate Laois Fianna Fáil members will only beabletopickonecandidatetorunin thenextGeneralElection,withparty headquartersinDublinretainingthe powertodecideonwhetherasecond Laois-basedcandidatecancontest. Two party conventions will take placeinLaois-Offalyforthefirsttime andtheLaoismeetingisscheduledto take place behind closed doors in Portlaoiseinthecomingdays. Party HQ has written to members recommending that one candidate would be selected at the convention. That would mean members in Laois wouldhavetochoosebetweensitting TD Sean Fleming, former TD John Moloney and Cllr Pauline Madigan, the recently co-opted Laois County CouncillorforPortlaoise. Deputy Fleming confirmed that the National Constituency Committee had made the recommendation. He said he hoped local members would choose him, addingthatnosittingTDhasfailedto be selected at any of the 35 of 40 alreadyheld.

Deputy Fleming said the stipulation did not mean that a second candidate from Laois would notbeselected. “My view is that we should have two candidates in Laois and two in Offaly,”hesaid. He said having four candidates would ensure competition within counties and between the two counties. Fianna Fáil held three of five seats in Laois Offaly until 2011 when Brian Stanley of Sinn Féin unseated the thenMinisterofState,JohnMoloney. Deputy Fleming was one of the party'stwocandidatesselectedinthe Laoisthreeseatconstituencyin2016, whenhetoppedthepoll.

Cllr Catherine Fitzgerald was selected,butsubsequentlypulledout oftherace. The convention is due to take place on Thursday, October 18 in the MidlandsParkHotel. The party has also asked the local organisation not to allow the media attendtheconvention. Sean Fleming TD, Cllr Pauline Madigan and John Moloney are in the running to be Laois Fianna Fáil candidates in the next General Election General Election by March predicted by Fianna Fáil TD Leo Varadkar is to blame for the Government's instability, according to Laois Fianna Fáil TD Sean Fleming who believes a General Election will take place by March 2019, but the Government could collapse sooner if the Taoiseach does not improve his people management, he said. Deputy Fleming believes an election will come about as a result of Fine Gael running out of numbers. He said the confidence and supply agreement must be reviewed and, when complete, there can be talks about a possible extension.

However, he believes an election is on the cards. “I think there will be one within the coming months. There will be one before March,” he said. He pointed to the Taoiseach for instability. “He needs, something he has never used in his life before, a bit of people management. He shouldn't have all these people walking off the pitch. The government has been undermined by its own internal actions. A Taoiseach who is good at people management could have dealt with these issues before he landed himself in a situation where he hasn't got the numbers to uphold the confidence and supply agreement,” he said. He believes FF rank and file want out. “A lot of members are more in favour of pulling out than staying in and that is very important,” he said. Laois Fianna Fáil TD Sean Fleming NEWS 7 CONOR GANLY CONOR GANLY NEWS ON THE MOVE: The Leinster Express website is the No 1 digital source of local news and sport. Visit

Mountrath Renewal Town Crowned - Leinster Express

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Psychiatric ward's failures At Risk: Lack of privacy, lack of therapies, building not clean, staff not trained A dozen failures to meet regulations have been found in Portlaoise hospital'spsychiatricunit,inareport bytheMentalHealthCommission. Rules that all patients in high observation must stay in pyjamas all day with no mobile phones are “demeaning”saysDrSusanFinnerty, MentalHealthServicesInspector. There are failures in codes of practice on using Electro-convulsive therapyandphysicalrestraint. The building itself remains High Risknoncompliantsince2016. There are risk areas to patients tryingtocommitsuicide.

“Ligature points in the approved centre had not been minimised despitethefactthattheligatureaudit had identified a number of significant ligature risks that requiredremoval”. Itwasfoundnottobeclean. “External areas including the garden required attention. Internal areas were in a poor state of repair. It wasnotclean,hygienic,andfreefrom offensive odours throughout,” the reportfound. The unit failed in the Codeof Practiceontheadmissionofchildren because there were no age appropriate facilities provided to the four children under 18 who were admittedtotheunitin2017. The report was done following an inspection team that visited the unit andinterviewedstaffandpatients. It failed on privacy regulations, as it has done since 2016, over the pyjamaissueandnamesondisplay. “Not all residents were wearing clothes that respected their privacy and dignity. Residents in the high observation unit were only permitted to wear night clothing, which did not ensure that their privacy and dignity was respected at alltimes,”thereportfound “Thiswasdemeaningastheriskof absconsionwasmitigatedbyalocked door,”theInspectorsaid. Noticeboards detailing residents’ full names, were visible from the corridor and in the male ward, and male patients in seclusion have to walk down a corridor to get to showersortoilets.

This“didnotrespecttheirprivacy anddignity,”saidthereport. It found that patients in the high observation area have no access to therapy, which led to another High Risknoncompliancedecision. “The occupational therapist met withresidents,exceptforthoseinthe highobservationunit,onaonetoone basis.Theyheldgroupsoutsideofthe wardasfacilitieswerelimitedwithin the ward itself. Residents in the high-observation wards could not go”.thereportstated. “There was no access to mobile phones and restricted access to therapeutic and recreational activities.Therewasnoevidencethat all residents in high-obs were individually risk assessed as to whether personal phones presented a risk or there was a risk of absconsion,”saidthereport. There are almost no scheduled recreation activities in the unit, with activites decided arbitrarily by staff withnotallpatientsinformed. “The last recorded activity in the female recreational activities book was two months prior to the inspection, and the last before that tookplacesixmonthspreviously”. “Apart from table tennis there were few opportunities for residents to partake in indoor and outdoor exerciseandphysicalactivity”. However residents in the general ward could attend recovery programmes such as a breakfast club,walkingclubandsoccergroup There was High Risk non-compliance too in the use of seclusion,usedasa“lastresort”. Patients in seclusion do not have adequate toilet or washing facilities and not all the medical staff involved had signed a policy to confirm they understoodit.

It was non compliant in staffing because not all staff were trained in fire safety, Basic Life Support, Therapeutic Management of Violence and Aggression and the MentalHealthAct2001. The unit also failed in how it registers new residents. Their diagnosis was not recorded on either admissionordischarge. There was high risk of non compliance for the use of Electro Shock Therapy. “The ECT record completed after each treatment was not signed by the registered medical practitioneradministeringECT”. There was no risk manager at the unit and the Inspector questioned how risks were recorded in the registerwithnopersonresponsible. The 46 bed unit serves Laois and Offaly with 10 beds reserved for KildareandWestWicklow.

There were positives reported. Compliance on regulations over religion, visitors and complaints procedureswereallratedexcellent. 8 NEWS Dept of Psychiatry says improvements are underway TheHSE'sMentalHealthService hasissuedastatementdetailing howtheyareaddressingfailingsin theinspectioninthedepartment ofpsychiatryinPortlaoisebythe MentalHealthCommission. Itfullyacceptingthefindings. “Theserviceiscommittedto providingahighquality,person centredacuteinpatientserviceto thepeopleoftheLaois/Offalyarea. Whilstthisyear’sinspection deemedthecomplianceratingof theunittobeat70%,considerable actionhasalreadybeentaken locallytoaddressareasof non-compliance,”theHSEsaid. Aweeklyscheduleoftraining forConsultantsandNCHDsisnow providedtoensurecompliance withrulesandcodesofpractice. “Fundinghasbeensecuredto providemaintenanceworkstothe garden/courtyardareathisyear. “Significantfundingissecured tobeginligatureworksanda submissionformajorcapitalto completetheworkshasbeen presentednationally,”theysaid. AQualityandPatientSafety Managerhasbeenappointed. Ahygieneauditiscompleted andascheduleoftasksunderway. Newequipmentwasboughtfora ‘deepcleaningschedule’. Structuralworkonventilation inbathroomsisplanned. Activitiesforresidentsarenow clearlydisplayedoneachward. “Intheeventthatachild requiresadmission,everyeffortis madetoaccessabedinachildren’s specialistunit.Ifabedcannotbe securedtheDeptiscommittedto ensuringwherepossible,an environmentthatmeetsthe individualchild’sneeds”. Residentsinhighobsarenow givenindividualassessmentsof needsforaccesstorecovery programmes.Thewearingof nightclothesandaccesstomobile phonesisnowindividually assessedandreviewedregularly. TheHSEsaidthattheMental HealthCommissionhasaccepted theDeptofPsychiatry’sproposed correctiveandpreventativeaction planonareasofnon-compliance. “TheDepartmentofPsychiatry inPortlaoiseiscommittedto ensuringthewell-beingofallits residentsandminimiseany identifiedrisktotheircomfortand safetythroughtheactionstakento complywiththeregulations,”the HSEsaid.

Residents in the high obs unit were only permitted to wear night clothing, which did not ensure their privacy and dignity was respected DR SUSAN FINNERTY “ LYNDA KIERNAN LYNDA KIERNAN

Mountrath Renewal Town Crowned - Leinster Express

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Helping you stay warm this Winter Stay Dry this Winter Keeping you Powered Be prepared for whatever Winter throws at you Stop when it’s done, not when it’s dark Range of heaters for domestic & industrial use Pump water from flooded areas quickly and efficiently with this range of pumps Small petrol generators to large industrial units Range of Essentials to help get you through the season Lighting equipment for indoor & outdoor use Everything you need Everything you need Everything you need to keep working to keep working to keep working this Winter! this Winter! this Winter! Heaters Lighting Pumps DIY Essentials Generators Long offers term hire available Hire or range of buy from pumps Up to 50% off all Winter DIY Essentials from your local Laois Hire from your local Laois Hire *Terms and Conditions Apply: Subject to availability. Offers can be withdrawn at any time. Up to off 50% Your Local Hire & Sales Specialists Web: Portlaoise: 057 8660232 | Portarlington: 057 864 5033 | Athy: 059 864 0555 Up to off 50% Long offers term hire available

Mountrath Renewal Town Crowned - Leinster Express

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Boxer caused prison ‘pandemonium’ A Leinster boxing champion who punched a prison officer in Portlaoise Prison while in custody has been sentenced to three years jail and also barred from contact with his victim and his family outside a prison setting for the next 25years. Brendan Cummins (23) has 97 disciplinary sanctions fromprison,knownas“P19s”, appeared in Dublin Circuit Criminal Court flanked by five prison officers wearing riotgear.

On February 20, 2017 he was moved from Cloverhill Prison where he was in custodyonadifferentmatter. GardaNoelTiertoldthecourt that Cummins arrived at Portlaoise Prison and was brought into a search room where his handcuffs were removed. Cummins,whoisaformer Leinster boxing champion, then punched the prison officer,breakinghisnoseand cuttinghisinnerlip. Garda Tier said the attack caused “pandemonium” and a “contain and restraint” (CR) team were brought in to controlthesituation. The prison officer later toldgardaíthattheattackwas unprovoked.Thecourtheard the officer still suffers from headaches and his sense of smellhasbeenaffectedbythe injuriessustained. Cummins, of Armagh Road, Dundalk, Co Louth, pleaded guilty to assault causing harm on February 20, 2017. He has 11 previous convictions for assault, including an assault on a prison officer at Cloverhill Prisononthesamedateasthe Portlaoiseassault. Cummins was interviewed by gardaí and claimedthatbeforeremoving his handcuffs the victim had threatenedhimthathewould turnhiseyes“blackandblue” andkickhim“likeadog”. The defendant had previouslygoneontrialwhile flanked by the officers holding a riot shield and wearing visored helmets and protectiveclothing.Thattrial collapsedwhenCCTVfootage which was previously thought missing emerged in themiddleofthetrial. Photographs taken by the CRteamofinjuriessustained by Cummins have never turnedup,SeamusClarkeSC, defending, told Judge Patricia Ryan. Cummins was treated in the Portlaoise Prison medical centre on the day and later brought to a hospital for an X-ray to his hand.

The Dundalk native was boxing champion for Louth/Meath on six occasions and twice Leinster champion. Counsel said he wants to become involved in boxing training for young people once he has finished servinghisprisonsentence. Judge Ryan said this was a serious offence involving a single punch by somebody skilledasaboxer. She imposed a three year prison sentence but suspended the last year after noting Cummins' young age. She said she also taking into consideration his plea of guilty and the prison punishments imposed on him as a result of the assault, including a year of solitary confinement.

Sheorderedthathehasno contact with the prison officer, except in prison, or withtheofficer'sfamilyfor25 years. Prison drug dealing appeal is thrown out in court Criminal gang member Brian Rattigan remains in behind barsaftertheCourtofAppeal dismissed an appeal against his conviction for directing the supply of drugs from PortlaoisePrison. Rattigan (37), formerly of Cooley Road, in Drimnagh, had pleaded not guilty at the non-jury Special Criminal Court to possession of heroin and two counts of possession of the drug for sale or supply on Hughes Road South, Walkinstown, Dublin 12 on May21st,2008.

The three-judge Special Criminal Court agreed with the prosecution case that Rattigan was the director of a drugs gang conducting a €1 million heroin deal. He became the first drug dealer to be found guilty of charges connected to directing the supply of drugs while in prison. During the trial, he was clearedoftwocountsrelating to the possession of two mobile phones at Cell 42, E1 Landing, Portlaoise Prison while an inmate at the prison on May 22nd, 2008, which he hadalsodenied. The sentence, imposed on March 20, 2013 and backdated to June 2008, was directed to run in tandem with a life sentence he was then serving for the murder of 21-year-old Declan Gavin outside an Abrakebabra fast-food restaurant in Crumlin on August 25th, 2001.

However, in December last year, the Supreme Court quashed Rattigan's conviction for the murder of Mr Gavin over closing remarks made by the trial judge to the jury which, a majority of the Supreme Court found, had gone furtherthanwasdesirable. Rattigan appealed his drugs conviction in July on grounds related to search warrants, the admission of certain evidence as well as rulings made by the Special Criminal Court in respect of thevalueandpurityofdrugs. Rattigan acknowledged the court’s decision with a nod to Mr Justice John Edwards, who sat with Mr Justice John Hedigan and Mr Justice Brian McGovern. He shook the hands of senior detectivesinthecase. His lawyers submitted that the trial court erred in upholding the lawfulness of various search warrants, erred in admitting evidence relating to a mobile phone, erred in accepting Garda expertise in respect of the value of the drugs seized, erred in convicting Rattigan where there was no evidence of the purity of the drugs and erred in convicting in circumstances where there was insufficient evidence that he was in possession of thedrugsseized.

In a 44-page judgment,Mr Justice Edwards said the evidence of Sergeant Roberts was properly admitted, as his expertise in the profiling of actors, activities and methods of the drugs trade wassufficient. 10 NEWS PORTLAOISE COURT PRISON ATTACK APPEAL Portlaoise Prison ASSAULT: Serial prison offender punched officer

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LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Portlaoise man tries to evade justice by running from court A Portlaoise man given a six-month sentence for handling stolen property tried to evade justice by racing from the courtroom last Thursday pursued by gardaí. A garda was injured in the resultant chase after Jason Brophy (23), 24 Clonroosk View, Portlaoise, tried to escape by runing out of the courtontoMainStreet. Brophywasfacingcharges of drug possession at his home on July 25 this year; possession of stolen property, namely a caravan, at his home on May 16, 2017; possession of a knife, at Lyster Square, Portlaoise; threatening or abusive behaviour, at Ballyroan on June 4, 2017; and handling stolen property, namely tools andequestrianequipment,at Borris Great, Portlaoise, on November23,2017.

Defence, Ms Josephine Fitzpatrick said the matter of the tools and equestrian equipment had been adjourned for a probation report and for her client to paycompensation. She said he had €290 in courtforthevictim. Judge Catherine Staines noted that the matter came before the court last November and after a number of adjournments the accused entered a guilty plea and the matter was adjourned for a probation report. While on probation he came before the court for handling stolen property, namely a caravan, and the court was informed he had a drug problem so this matter was also adjourned for a probationreport.

Theaccusedthenwentout and stole tools and equestrian equipment, said JudgeStaines. In relation to this, Judge Staines read out a victim impact statement from the injured party which said he had lost out on two days work and was down financially becauseoftheburglary. He said his wife and children are still afraid to go out into the yard at night, especially after seeing CCTV footage which showed one of the robbers waving a pitchforkaround. JudgeStainessaidthatshe hadadjournedthismatterfor a probation report and compensation, and then the accused had been caught withcannabis.

Thejudgesaidtheaccused was stealing to fund his drug habit,andshehadtoimposea sentence. She imposed six months in prison, with recognisance fixed in the event of an appeal. She also directed that the victim of the burglary be given €1,000 from the court poorbox. As the case was being concluded, the accused suddenly turned and ran from the courtroom. He was pursued by a number of gardaí and brought back into thecourtbuildingfollowinga struggle, during which it is understood that at least one gardawasinjured.

He was subsequently arrested and charged with assault causing harm. The matter was adjourned to December 6, with the accusedgrantedbail. Door kicked in and woman assaulted A Portlaoise man has been charged with an offence in whichheallegedlykickedina doorandassaultedawoman. Aaron Kelly (24), 34 Dr Murphy Place, Portlaoise, was charged with trespass, criminal damage, and assault causing harm, at Ossory Court, Borris in Ossory, on January16,2018. Sgt JJ Kirby gave evidence that on January 16 last, at Ossory Court, the accused had a dispute with his partner and she fled to the neighbour’shouse. It is alleged that the accused then kicked in the door and attempted to drag her out. A fight then ensued and the accused allegedly struck a woman, breaking her front teeth. The injured party required medical attention,saidSgtKirby. Thematterwasadjourned toNovember22.

'Cultural attitude' of woman no excuse for 11 offences A woman convicted of begging and shoplifting comes from a culture where such behaviour is more acceptable, the district court hasbeentold. Atlastweek’scourt,Maria Radulescu (19), Hilltop House, Ridge Road, Portlaoise, was charged with six counts of begging, outside Aldi and Lidl, Portlaoise, on dates between March and October this year; and three counts of theft, two from Lidl and one from Dealz, Portlaoise, on dates between April and June this year, with goods totalling €100, €200 and €6 stolen on separate dates.

She was previously charged with two other counts of begging or obstructingpassage. Judge Catherine Staines noted that the accused had a total of eight charges against her for begging, and three for theft from shops. A lot of these offences were committed while she was out onbail. Defence, Mr Barry Fitzgerald said there was “someacceptanceofthistype ofbehaviourinhercountryof origin”. Retorted Judge Staines: “That may be, but there isn’t here.” MrFitzgeraldsaidthatthe probation services were willing to work with her, so theycouldimpressonherthe cultural attitudes of this country.

However, Judge Staines noted the offences committed and also that the accused had failed to turn up incourtonapreviousdate. Ononechargeoftheft,the judge imposed six months in prison, suspended for one year. She warned the accused that if she committed one further offence of begging, there was a suspended sentencehangingoverher. Two elderly women robbed at hospital AStradballymanstolemoney and a phone from two elderly womenatthelocalhospitalin a “mean spirited and nasty” offence. At last week's sitting of Portlaoise District Court, JamieKinsella(27),1Oakglen, Stradbally, was charged with theftandrobbery.

Sgt JJ Kirby gave evidence that on March 29, at the Midlands Hospital, Portlaoise, an elderly woman was robbed of her purse, containing€105.Theaccused was identified and €75 recovered. He was also found in possession of a phone he had stolen earlier from another elderlyladyinthehospital. Sgt Kirby said that one of theladieswasinawheelchair and got a fright from this “sneaktheft”. The accused had eight previousconvictions. Defence, Mr Declan Breen said that his client had a heroin addiction and had spiralledoutofcontrol,losing hispartner.

He said that this offence hadledtheaccusedtochange hisways. “Itwasaparticularlymean spirited and nasty thing to do,”saidMrBreen,explaining that the accused had been at the hospital following a fight with a family member which had been caused by the accused’saddiction. Mr Breen said the accused had absolutely no recollection of the offences, but he has now completed a detox and has been clean of drugssinceMay. Thematterwasadjourned to December 6 next for compensation, a probation report and victim impact statements.

Put off the road for two years A Portlaoise man has been put off the road for two years fordrinkdriving. Dominic Donovan (60), 20 Liogard, Portlaoise, was charged with drink driving at LiogardonJuly12thisyear. Sgt JJ Kirby gave evidence thattheaccusedwasdetected driving with 45mg of alcohol per100mlofbreath. He had no previous convictions. Defence, Ms Louise Troy said her client was a grandfather who was responsible for collecting his grandchildren.Sheaskedthe courttopostponeanydriving disqualification to allow him tomakeotherarrangements. The accused was convicted and fined €300, with the driving ban postponed until April 10 next year.

Laois man charged with sex crimes A 32-year-old man has been charged with sexual offences. There are 11 charges against the man, including sexual assault, sexual exploitation, and sexual intercourse with a person under17. The alleged offences occurred at locations in Laois on dates between January 2017andMay2017. Detective Garda Brian Kennedy gave evidence that the accused made no reply afterbeingcautioned. Thematterwasadjourned to November 15 for the servingofabookofevidence. The accused was released on bail, with conditions that he not approach the alleged injured party, two family members of the injured party, nor a listed address; that he sign on at the garda station; he must provide the gardaí with a phone number and he must give them 48 hours’noticeofanychangeof address.


LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 NEWS PORTLAOISE COURT 13 Port man breached bail A Portarlington man charged with drug offences has been remandedincustodyafterhe breachedhisbailconditions. Anthony Grogan (20), Apartment 1 Mooney’s Apartments, Main Street, Portarlington, is charged with drug possession and having drugs for sale or supply, at his home address on February 13 this year. He was granted bail on these charges at a previous court sitting. At last week’s court, Detective Garda Derek Barnett made an application to revoke bail. He said that bail had been set on September 27 last, with conditions attached including a curfew of 11pm to 7am and for the accused to answerhisphonetogardaí. He gave evidence that on September30hecalledtothe accused home during the period of curfew and there was no answer. He rang the phone number provided and againtherewasnoanswer. On October 1, at 10.50pm, the accused rang the garda station to give the gardaí a different phone number and saidhewasathome.A1.30am on October 2, Det Barnett went to his home but there was no answer. He rang the number given and there was noanswer.

On that same date, at 11.10pm, the detective again went to the apartment where there was no answer, and no answer on the telephone. This was only ten minutes afterthestartofcurfew. Det Barnett said that the same thing had happened on the night of October 10. The accused had also missed a signing on date at the garda station. Det Barnett told the court that it was the front door of the accused’s home he had been knocking on, not just the outer door of the apartment block. He had acquired a set of keys to the apartmentblocktodothis. Defence, Ms Louise Troy said the accused accepted he hadn’t answered his phone on a number of occasions. The accused himself told the court that he couldn’t hear thedoor,butDetBarnettsaid hehadbeenbangingthedoor for a good two to three minutes.

Judge Catherine Staines said she accepted the evidence of the detective and remanded the accused in custodytoOctober16. Brought tablets into jail A woman caught bringing tablets into the Midlands Prison has been given the probationact. Julie Ann Joyce (23), 61 Boru Court, Forest Road, Swords, Co. Dublin, brought thedrugsinonMarch3,2017. She also failed to turn up in courtonseparatedates. Defence, Mr Donncha Craddock said the tablets, 22 D5 tablets, were prescription tablets, but the accused did not have that prescription withherincourt.

He also said that the accused had failed to turn up in court as she had been undergoing a medical procedure. “On four separate occasions?” asked a sceptical JudgeStaines. Mr Craddock replied that on at least one of those occasions his client had been undergoingaprocedure. Judge Staines applied the probationact,section1.2. 22-day-old baby taken into emergency care A 22-day-old baby has been taken into care following serious concerns over its safety, after the baby’s parents were arrested when they became violent during a meeting with social workers inPortlaoise.

An emergency care order was made by Tusla at last week’s Portlaoise District Court, following the arrest of a male (33) and female (30), at Portlaoise Family Resource CentreonOctober10. Garda William Whelan gave evidence that on October 10, there was a child protection conference taking place at the centre and the two accused became violent. After they were arrested, Garda Whelan said he became aware of bench warrantsoutfortheirarrest. Social worker Ms Orla Hennessy gave evidence that achildprotectionconference was facilitated at the centre the previous day, as there were concerns for the 22-day-oldbaby. She told the court that another child was already in careonthegroundsofneglect and the mother has no contactwiththischild. This child had been exposed to domestic violence, was absent from school and suffered neglect. He had to have eight fillings whenhewentintocare Thewomanalsogavebirth last November and this baby passed away two weeks later. Afileisbeingpreparedforthe DPP in this matter on the groundsofmedicalneglect. Ms Hennessy said the mother had not attended for antenatal care and left the hospital before giving birth, against medical advice. She then collapsed and gave birth.

Ms Hennessy said that during the child protection conference the couple made threats to both Ms Hennessy andherteamleader. Ms Hennessy said the coupletoldthesocialworkers they would “sort us out” and that the social workers were “thewalkingdead”. Ms Maria Lawlor, social worker, said that in relation to the child who was already in care, he went into care after his mother was jailed in Limerick Prison and the father failed to collect him fromschool. Shesaidthefatherhashad a baby with another woman and she has a protection orderinplaceagainsthim. Regarding the 22-day-old babywhichwasthesubjectof thecareorder,MsLawlorsaid the mother had been admitted to hospital over concerns about the pregnancy. The mother had failed to attend with her consultant on a number of occasions and also tested positiveforcannabis. Ms Lawlor said the couple made threats, including a threat to Ms Lawlor’s life. A complaint has been made to thegardaíaboutthis. Both the mother and the father gave evidence during thecase.Themothersaidshe wanted to take her new baby andmovebacktoCork.

Asked by solicitor for Tusla, Mr John Cummins, whether she accepted the reasonswhyhersonisincare, the woman replied she did not. The father in his evidence said the child who was taken into care had not missed one day of school and he did not accept the child had dental decay. He denied being violent at the child protection conference the previous day anddeniedthreateningtokill MsLawlor. “Everything she said is a lie,”hesaid. In ruling, Judge Catherine Staines said she accepted the social workers’ evidence and was satisfied that an emergency care order was needed.

She granted the order, with the address of the baby to be withheld from the parents. Punched nurse in the face ABallinakillwomanhasbeen charged with punching a nurse at the Midlands Hospital. Carrie Orr (21), 6 Baunmore, Ballinakill, was charged with assault causing harm,attheA&Edepartment onMarch12thisyear. Sgt JJ Kirby gave evidence that it is alleged that without provocation the accused raised her right fist and punchedanursetothejaw. A medical report on the injuredpartyisstillawaited. Judge Staines said she would reserve making a decision on jurisdiction in and put the matter back to November1next.


LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Little trooper: Portarlington's Rían Mirza bravely begins immunotherapy in intense treatment Left: Pricipal of Portarlington Presentation Primary School Cathal Ruane presents a cheque for €1,500 to Rían Mirza. Above: Charlotte Kelly and Rían with Nuala McMahon Little Port boy is over half way through cancer battle A brave little Laois boy begins immunotherapy this week as part of 18 months of treatment in his life-threatening cancer battle. FiveyearoldRíanMirzafrom Portarlingtonisoverhalfway throughintensetreatmentfor stage4neuroblastoma. RíanwasdiagnosedinJanuary ofthisyear.Doctorsdiscovereda 6lbtumourinhisabdomenand foundthatthecancerhadspreadto hisbonesandbonemarrow. Duringthesummer,Ríanhad majorabdominalsurgeryto removethetumour.Hehas undergoneaggressive chemotherapyandastemcell transplantwhichrequiredamonth inisolation.

Hissixmonthimmunotherapy beginsthisweektohelpbuildhis immunesystembackup. Rían’sdiagnosiscameasahuge shocktohisparentsCharlotte KellyandAsimMirza. “Sofarheistoleratingitfairly well.Wedon’tknowtheexact outcome,hehassixmonthsof immunotherapyaheadandwe won’tknowuntilnextsummer whenhefinisheshistreatmentand wehavetowaitforthescans. “Heisarightlittletrooper,he hadastemcelltransplantinthe summerandisattendingCrumlin everydayfor100dayspost transplanttomonitorit,his immunesystemisverylow becauseofallthat.Weareoverhalf waythroughandploddingalong,” Charlottesaid.

Sheexplainedhowthefamily hascopedsincetheirliveswere turnedupsidedowninJanuary. “Thefirstfourmonthswerea completeandutterblur. “Youcan’tcopewithwhat you’vebeentoldandthehorrorof whatyourlittleboyisdealingwith. Itisweirdhowyoucancometo termswithitanditbecomesanew normal,ifyoucancallitnormal.” InJuly,Charlottewasworried aboutgoingpublicwitha fundraiserforRían,butsaysthe hugelocalsupporthaslifteda weightoffthier shoulders. “Idon’tregretitatall, therehasbeena phenomenalresponse andthemoneyhelpsto coverthecostofgoingup anddowntohospitals, keepingcarsontheroad andkeepingafiveyear oldhappy.

“Ithasbeena horrendous,reallytough yearsofarandthereis stillawaytogo. Hopefullywewillget goodnewsandweworktowards that,hopeandprayheisgoingtobe okay. “Wehaveabrilliantsupport networkwecouldn’taskforbetter neighboursorbettersupport,heis likealittlecelebritywhenwego downtown,heasks‘howcome theyallknowme?’butitisgreatfor usasafamilytohavesuch immensesupportfrom neighbours,theydon’thesitateto help,”shesaid. Ríanisinseniorinfantsin PresentationPrimarySchool Portarlingtonbuthehasnotbeen abletoattendschoolthisyear. Hevisitedtheschoollastweek toseehisfriendsandhewas presentedwithachequefor€1,500 theyraisedforhimata non-uniformday. Heisahappylittleboydespite histoughbattleandhis positiveattitudehas helpedtocarrythe familythroughthis difficulttime. “Heisnotabletogoto schoolatthemoment andheisveryupsetthat hecan’tbeinschool becauseheisalittle characterandwhenwe wentinhewasdancing andgivinghighfives. “Heknowshehasan illnessandthatabump wastakenoutofhis tummy.Hedoesn'tknowexactly howsickheisorforhowlonghis treatmentwillgoon.

“Hecangraspthatheissick,he hasatubeinhisnoseandhehasno hair,otherchildrenaskhimabout it. “Otherthanthatheislikeany otherchild,hewantstobeoutside andhewantstobeinschool.Heisa cheekychapandwearejusttrying tobenormal. “Hisbodyissoreandstiffbut you’dbesurprisedathowchildren canbouncebackhe’sallgoand wantingtobeoutsideplayinginthe freshairandrunningaround. “Childrendon’tknowany different,theydon’thavethesame barrierswe[adults]wouldhave mentally,itisnotinthemtobe negative,hekeepsusgoingandwe havegotnochoicewejusthaveto putonefootinfrontoftheother,” Charlottesaid.

Anonlinecampaignraisedover €12,000forthefamilyduringthe summer.Thismoneyhaslifteda hugeburdenoffthefamilyas CharlottenowtakescareofRían fulltimeandAsimworks part-time. Therehasbeenhugelocal supportwithfundraisersin Portarlingtonthathavealsohelped thefamilytobemorecomfortable duringthistoughjourney. Rían'sschoolraisedfundsas wellashislocalpharmacy McGreals.ThePortarlington SlimmingWorldgroupdid collectionforhimandthestaffin Ladbrokes,Portarlingtonalsoheld araffleandfundraiser.Charlotte thankedeveryoneforthesupport. 14 NEWS COMMUNITY SUPPORTS RÍAN MIRZA'S BATTLE Local “He is like a little celebrity when we go down town” MICHELLE HOGAN Fundraisers for Rían and family Portarlington has rallied behind the Mirza family with numerous fundraisers.

The Presentation Primary School raised €1,500 at a non-uniform day. Pricipal Cathal Ruane said it is a tight knit community. “We look after our own here, we do our bit to support each other. We run a tight knit community and when someone is in need, we help out,” he said. McGreal's pharmacy held a coffee morning and raised €1,105. Nuala McMahon helped organise the fundraiser. “You should have seen all the buns and cakes in here on the day there was great camaraderie it was wonderful, the local support is so so good.

“Rían came in with a card and a candle for me and a big hug he is the dotiest child and a lovely little character and his brother is a lovely little boy too,” she said. Community support

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Shortage of teachers hits adult education A shortage of teachers has hit an adult education course in Portlaoise causingalmost30missedclassesthat willhavetobemadeupduringterm. A student in a one year full time pre-university science course at Portlaoise Institute told the Leinster Express that the class of 15 students feels like they have been let down because of ‘26 days without a teacher and28missingscienceclasses’. “We are all so frustrated and let down by this school we have put our faith in them to provide us with guidance and help and they have donethecompleteopposite. “Weweretoldforanumberofdays to stay at home and not to come in as our whole day would revolve around scienceandwedidnothaveateacher forthis.

“We are obligated to do eight modules and are only taking part in five. No classes as no teacher and moreimportantlynoexplanation. “Wearealleagerandwanttolearn and havebeenlet down day after day. People are traveling to get to the college and are also spending money to receive nothing only disappointment,”thestudentsaid. Portlaoise Institute of Further Education is run by the Laois Offaly Education Training Board. Principal of Portlaoise College, Mr Noel Daly, said there is a shortage of science teacherstofilltherole.

“We recruited a teacher and they left and we are trying to get the availability of a teacher. There was a teacher in place in September and they left - got a job nearer to home. It is a national problem and the ETB is advertisingtheposition,”hesaid. Mr Daly said the issue with securing a teacher was communicated to the students in the class. “We kept the class up to date, we would have explained this. Classes will be made up, this is a recruitmentissue,”hesaid. Mr Daly added that the classes that have been missed will be made up with extra classes throughout the term and that a substitute teacher hasbeenfoundtemporarily. Portlaoise Institute of Further Education has struggled to fill a science teaching position due to a shortage of teachers Electricty network must be used for broadband Plan B Use of the electricity network must be part of a Plan B to deliver high-speed internet to rural Ireland, according to Sinn Féin Laois TD and party spokesperson on communications, Brian Stanley.

The TD said that given the events of the past week and the ongoing issues with the tendering process for the National Broadband Plan (NPD), it is now in a “shambolic state.” He said that with a number of big players leaving the tender process, leaving only one bidder, the Government has allowed itself to be completely squeezed leaving people in Laois/Offaly no closer to a start date for the NBP. He said an alternative must now be used that includes the ESB. “We believe, now is the time to have a Plan B to fall back on. Our proposition is that the significant and extensive state infrastructure crisscrossing the State could be the backbone of rural broadband.

“We have ESB infrastructure leading to every home in the State, we have the State-owned network of the Broadband Metropolitan Network (MAN’S) in towns and the broadband infrastructure that supplies this. The State has also purchased the remaining part of the telecoms company Enet this week. These form huge state infrastructure,” he said. Laois TD Brian Stanley wants a plan B for broadband NEWS 15 CONOR GANLY MICHELLE HOGAN WWW.LEINSTEREXPRESS.IE FOR ALL YOUR LOCAL NEWS, AS IT HAPPENS

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 NEWS 17 Portlaoise houses get the green light Planning: Permission granted despite objections Laois County Council has approved a planning application for 36 new houses on the Borris Road in Portlaoise, despite a number of objectionsfromlocalresidentsciting concerns over security to nearby houses and increased pressure on theexistinginfrastructure. Mr Bryan Reilly applied to Laois County Council for permission to demolish existing barns and outbuildings at the Borris Great, Borris Road, and construct 36 two-storeydwellings.

Also included in the plans are site boundary treatments, landscaping works, a roundabout at the entrance off the Borris Road and all ancillary siteworks. A number of submissions were made to the council during the planningprocessbyPaulandDolores Murphy, James and Treacy Hyland, and Anne and Jimmy Hyland, all living at the Borris Great. James, Treacy, Anne and Jimmy Hyland all said they were not objecting to planning permission, but they wanted their concerns taken into consideration. A further submission was made by Thomas Horan, Borris Dairy Farm, Borris Road, and Jon Ratcliffe, Killone,Stradbally.

And Paul and Maria Delaney, Borris Great, raised concerns, although they were not objecting to theplanningpermission, In response to these submissions, the developer confirm that the existing surface-water sewer is to be retained and extended to the Great BorrisStream. A 1200mm stud rail fence with mesh wire is to be built on the public side to prevent children from climbing as well as a 2m plastered wallwithbrickpiers.Aroundaboutis alsotobeincluded. Regarding the submission by Thomas Horan, the developer has met with Mr Horan and an agreementhasbeenreached. Thecouncilhasnowapprovedthe application, subject to 23 conditions, saying that the development would be compliant with the provisions of the local area plan and with the proper planning and sustainable developmentofthearea.

New homes although estate not in charge Ten houses are set to be built by Raven Constructionat at Lake Drive, Kilminchy,despiteanobjectionfrom a local resident who called on the estate to be taken in charge by the council. John Cowhig, 16 Lake Edge, said large areas of roads and services in theestateremainnottakenincharge by the council, which “causes major headaches for residents on an ongoing basis” and there are no bondsinplace. He said that a director of Raven Construction is John Cleary, who was/is a director of Bresc Estates with Michael McGinn. Bresc Estates were responsible for building large parts of Kilminchy and was liquidatedinJune,2015. Laois County Council has now granted permission to Raven Construction, subject to 18 conditions.

RYAN DUNNE Next generation gets taste of success Young Portlaoise GAA fans celebrate after 'The Town' defeated O'Dempsey's of Killenard to win the Laois GAA Senior Gaelic Football Final at O'Moore Park - lots more coverage in Express Sport PICTURE: ALF HARVEY. Portlaoise firms must get rates cut for roadwork loss Thesummerclosure ofthePortlaoise RetailPark Roundabouthit localbusinessesin theirpockets accordingtoa Portlaoise councillor. Tomakeupfortheloss CllrWillieAirdwantsLaois CountyCouncilcuttheirrates. Theroundaboutonthe TimahoeRoadwasclosedfor allofAugust,when constructionworkstartedon theSouthernCircularRoute extensionlinkingtheTimahoe andAbbeyleixroads.

CllrWillieAirdaskedfor theratesdiscountatthe Septembercouncilmeeting. “Businesswasaffected whenthesitewasclosed.It shutwithtwodays notice,business wenttozero.Isaw thebills.Thetyre companyhadno businessgoingon, theywerecutoff. “Nobodyknew forthefirsttwoor threedays,”hesaid. CllrAirdwantedthe councilputupsignsoncethey sawthatthesebusinesses weregettingnocustomers. Thecouncil’sDirectorof ServicesforRoadsisKieran Kehoe. “Iwillarrangewiththe projectmanagertomeetat thesepremises,”hesaid. “Will you give them something off their rates?” Cllr Aird again asked, to no reply.

Portlaoise councillor calls for gesture EXPRESS NEWS BULLETIN Objection to doctor's sign lodged with Bord Pleanala Anappealhasbeenlodged withAnBordPleanalafora newsignonaproposed medicalcentreontheDublin Road,Portlaoise. DrAshfaqAhmadofthe KilminchyMedicalCentrehas beengiventhegreenlightby thecounciltolocateasignon thesitefrontageforthe medicalcentreatStJoseph's& DePorres,Ballyroan,Dublin Road,Portlaoise. Thesignwillbeforanew pharmacy,doctor’s consultationsurgery,andcafe. Permissionwasgranted, despiteanobjectionfrom ElizabethClearandCecilia O’Keefe,GlenCarrig,Dublin Road,Portlaoise,whoresideat theadjoiningdwellinghouse. Theyraisedconcernsover theeffectofthedevelopment ontheresidentialneighbours, sayingthesigncouldlimit theirviewoftheDublinRoad aswellasimpedetheviewof vehiclesexitingtheir property.

Theyalsoaskedthecouncil forassistanceas“despitea numberofattemptsbothby meansofsubmissionsand discussionswithour neighbouringlandownerthe boundarytotherearsideof oursitestillremainsinavery unsecurestate”. Despitethisobjection,the councilgrantedpermissionto DrAhmadsubjecttothree planningconditions. Anappealagainstthe council'sgrantofpermission hasnowbeenlodgedwithAn BordPleanalabyMsClearand MsO’Keeffe. Medical Centre planning appeal Repair grant can help to house families in Laois A Laois councillor has urged people who own vacant houses but in poor condition take advantage refurbishment scheme designed to help tackle the housing shortage.

Cllr Tom Mulhall said there are a number of vacant street houses and rural houses that could be refurbished through the Repair to Lease scheme. “There is a good grant from the council to refurbish the house. The owner enters in to a lease agreement with the council and the property is then rented by the council to an applicant that are presently on the housing. “This will not take all of people of the housing list but I would like to see more interest in the scheme as I see so many vacant houses in the county,” he said. Scheme for refurbishment of homes

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Minister Charlie Flanagan and Minsiter Katherine Zappone in Portlaoise Services needed since houses have been built The government has been ‘very good’ at building houses and providing housing to people over theyearsandnowneedstofocuson the provision of services according toMinisterCharlieFlanaganTD. Minister Flanagan spoke during an official visit from the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Dr Katerine Zappone, to Portlaoise on Monday.

The visit was organised to show Minister Zappone the family resource centre and youth centre services, largely funded by her department, and see where they canimprove. “Whatwehavedonetoverygood effect over the years is build houses and provide housing and we now need to ensure that the economic recovery is felt in the provision of services. One of the services is in theareaofyouthservices,childcare and family resource,” Minister Flanagansaid. “I am particularly pleased that theMinisterforChildrenandYouth Affairs is present to have a look at the good work that is being done in the youth centre and how we can build on that in order to have a vibrant community and in order to have full services available to people living in Portlaoise,” MinisterFlanagansaid.

Minister Zappone visited Portlaoise Family Resource Centre which provides services like childcare, counselling, youth work, family support and residents associations. “It makes a difference to see the services first hand and to meet the people in terms of the work that I do,”shesaid. Minister Flanagan said services areneededinthecountybecauseof the ‘transformational’ change brought about by the population growthfrom6,000to22,000people overhispoliticalperiod. “This is a great opportunity for the Minister to listen to the concerns and see first hand the challenges of a town that has experienced such a change in populationgrowth,”hesaid. Minister Zappone agreed that this exceptional growth brings the county onto her radar in terms of fundingfamilyandyouthservices. “Because of the growth, because ofthedifferentexceptionalpockets of disadvantage throughout the county that there may be need for more [funding] and I will be able to seethatformyself.

She spoke about the work of local agencies that receive funding through her department including theLaoisDomesticViolenceCentre and Portlaoise Family Resource Centre.“AllofthesectorsthatIhave identified and the amounts of money we are investing, I look forward to seeing what the results are of that, I am anticipating great things,”shesaid. People want certainty and stability Laois TD and Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan has said people want ‘stability and certainty’ in government and he hopes that a confidence and supply agreement can be reached to avoid a 2018 general election.

“It is a real challenge to work on a daily basis in a minority government, that is what people on the street tell me they want - stability and certainty. I hope we can proceed now to a formal negotiated framework with Micheál Martin and Fianna Fáil in order to continue and negotiate the successful confidence and supply agreement,”hesaid. Minister Charlie Flanagan hopes government avoids 2018 general election NEWS 17 MICHELLE HOGAN Written by: Bernard Wogan (Environment Correspondent) All County Councils are now busy carrying out compulsory Septic tanks inspections across the coun- try. To date, 52% of all septic tanks inspected have failed. The clampdown comes as a result of the government's new National Inspection Plan. Under these Plan, an ever-growing number of Inspectors are checking that all Septic Tanks comply with the very latest EU regula- tions.

Mounting costs If your tank fails an inspec- tion your local County Council will issue you with an advisory notice and a time frame to carry out the works as instructed. Failure to do so in the time allowed will result in prosecution and a fine of up to €5,000 and if the council deems a new septic tank system is necessary that is when you could be looking at a cost of €€€THOU- SANDS! The basic problem Septic tanks work by using natural bacteria to do all the dirty work. But modern-day detergents, plus washing up liquids and bleach, kill the good bacteria in a septic tank. When the good bacteria die your tank will 'sludge up' overflow and smell. It costs an average of €250 to have a tank emptied not to men- tion the damage to your garden and the mess and smell associated with having your tank emptied. New Irish solution The clampdown by the inspectors has prompted one enterprising Irish company to come with a simple solution that will reduce the organic sludge by 97%. Bio-Clean Solutions have developed a simple, fast, effective answer to both the bacterial issue in septic tanks - and the EPA's new legislation. Martin Harvey of Bio-Clean said:“We have developed a new product call Muck Munchers which reduces the organic sludge by simply adding a small sachet to your toilet once a month.

Scientifically formulated “Muck Munchers is scientifically formulated, containing the bacteria and enzymes that help accelerate the breakdown of waste matter,” said Mr Harvey. “It helps liquify solids and importantly breaks down the harmful detergents, bleaches, etc, that block your septic tank. “In breaking down organic solids, eliminating smells, drain and soakaway blockages and overflows, Muck Munchers regenerates septic systems. The net result is a massive reduction in waste by up to 97% - meaning fewer expensive pump-outs, less likelihood of septic tank failing an inspection and exorbitant soakaway re-build costs. “And the amazing thing is that Muck Munchers is so easy to use. You put a small sachet in your WC and leave for five minutes and then flush . It couldn't be easier.” Introductory offer To mark the recent upsurge in tests carried out by the inspectors nationwide, Mr Harvey and his team have announced an introduc- tory offer for home owners who have yet to take up the Muck Munchers solution.“For a limited period now we're offering a year's supply for just €49.99 plus a Free Booster Kit worth €19.99. That's real value compared to what you might have to pay if your tank fails it test.” New customers can get their Muck Munchers solution by calling 01 - 685 5760 or visiting WILL YOUR SEPTIC TANK PASS AN INSPECTION? Advertorial

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Broadband plan should go ahead W hat now for The National Broadband Plan after the dramatic political fallout of last week, which saw the Minister responsible for its delivery resign. This is a plan which was first publishedinAugust2012underthe aegis of then communications minister Pat Rabbitte. It seems like alongtimeagonow. It set out an ambitious strategy to connect all homes, schools, and businesses to high-speed broadband. Furthermore, it promised to deliver a high speed service, with minimum speeds of 30Mbps download and 6Mbps upload by 2020.

Now, notwithstanding Taoiseach Leo Varadkar's promise to make the provision of rural broadband a “personal crusade” theoutlookfortheplanhasentered moreuncertainterritory,withonly about14monthstogoto2020. The procurement and tendering process has proven to be a rocky road to say the least, with some bidders pulling out, leaving onlyoneeffectivebiddernowinthe field. Following, last week's dramatic developments, the process is now subject to an audit to ensure it has notbeencompromisedinanyway. Consequently, the date for the rolloutseemsasnebulousasitever did, and there are a variety of opinions as to what the best course wouldbenow.

Meanwhile, up to 1.1 million people in rural Ireland remain stuck in the broadband slow lane and look likely to reamin there for sometimeyet. This at a time when online services are continuing to permeate every aspect of peoples lives. For that reason alone, this processshouldcontinue.Flawedor otherwise as it may be, failure is something that surely should not becontemplated. This won't go down in history as one of the State's greatest project. It's a long way from the rural electrification programme. Broadband though is now an essential service and people are entitledtoit.

Thisnewspaperandits associatedwebsitearefull participatingmembers ofthePressCouncilof Irelandandsupports theOfficeofthePress Ombudsman.Visit PRESS COUNCIL OF IRELAND AMAZING SNAP OF EMO COURT IN THE SUNSHINE ON AN AUTUMN EVENING Our Instagram picture of the week is by Dave Connolly @dave_connolly_photography who is from Laois and takes stunning pictures all around the county, check out his page! Follow us @laoisnews for more PICTURE OF THE WEEK WHAT WE THINK Editor Pat Somers 0578621666 pat.somers@ News Editor Conor Ganly 0578621666 conor.ganly@ Reporter Michelle Hogan 0578621666 michelle.hogan@ Reporter Lynda Kiernan 0578621666 lynda.kiernan@ Reporter Ryan Dunne 0578621666 ryan.dunne@ Sports Editor Rory Delaney 0578621666 rory.dealney@ GET IN TOUCH F WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU Leinster Express,107 Lower Main Street, Portlaoise 057 86 21666 F ADVERTISING CONTACTS Advertising Manager – Emer Egan 057 86 63347/ 086 7823552 Advertising Executive – Gemma Fitzpatrick 057 86 21666 / 086 047 9762 Advertising Executive – MichelleForde 057 86 63345/ 086 026 1488 Advertising Executive – AlisonCasey 057 86 63344/ 086 0266 713 Express LEINSTER READERS’ VIEWS: LETTERS & ONLINE COMMENTS leinsterexpress Twitter: @laoisnews VIEWS ON OUR SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS Twitter @PIERCESIOBHAN: Flying visit to #portlaoise today, lucky to have been able to see exhibition @dunamaise about #fitz who co-piloted first transatlantic flight from east to west.

Beautifully designed, a great story & interesting to see the articles in American newspapers of the time. @SHAUNAMALONEDCU: Very interesting discussions at @IRLpson #psychosocialoncology meeting in Cuisle Centre Portlaoise today. A nice forum to share knowledge and gain a better understanding of support available for individuals living with and beyond #cancer #MedExDCU @SCOILCHRIOSTRI1: Congratulations to our amazing Senior A Basketball team & coaches whose victory over @PresCisland in UL today means they will represent Ireland at the World Schoolgirls Championships in Crete next April! #proud FACEBOOK Students and staff crammed in Port secondary school LORRAINE GUTHRIE HOARY: The Dept of education need to prioritise this secondary school immediately, it's well over due, they owe it to the children to provide a proper purpose built school to educate them in all the necessary subject classroom, and in a safe environment also. MARIE HOGAN BUTLER: Why could new school on canal road be build as secondary school and this fixed of problems for junior boys school.

Would everyone have more space then. Outside opinion. JENNIFER GREGORY: Both schools are run down and the boys needed a new school as the were split between two schools. More than 8,000 no-shows for outpatient appointments in Tullamore hospital NORA SKEHAN: The no shows should have to pay a fee if they don't show up, disgraceful and people crying out for appointments, no wonder their are waiting lists. MARIE BYRON: Shame on those who just didn't show up without an excuse. So many waiting up to 88 weeks to see a consultant. CAROLINE DUNLEA: Absolutely so ignorant to just not to show up and not make contact.

We get it that something can happen that prevents you from attending etc but a phone call is so easy to make. PAT MELIA: Are they still alive they were probably so long waiting. THOMAS BEHAN: 8000 no shows and I had to wait 51 months to get an operation that they cancelled numerous times. Portlaoise hospital national food and safety award winners SIOBHAN LAWLOR THOMPSON: Food always top notch at portlaoise hospital. MARTINA CONROY: Well done to all the staff at Portlaoise hospital who was involved in getting both awards, you're efforts have been rewarded two fold, Congrats to all.

CAROLINE LANTRY: Well done everyone. VIEWS 20 HAVEYOURSAY If you’ve got a view on a local topic, we’d like to hear from you. Email or write to: Letters, Leinster Express, 107 Lower Main Street, Portlaoise. Please include your address and contact details. Letters may be edited for length. Send letters/ emails to the address below @laoisnews

▲ GOOD WEEK Portlaoise senior footballers It was a tough going at times but Portlaoise won their 34th Laois SFC championship after holding off a strong challenge from O'Dempsey's to claim a six point win. ▼ BAD WEEK Hospital psychiatric unit Dr Susan Finnerty criticised Portlaoise Hospital's psychiatric unit in a report which found there were a dozen failures to meet regulations in the unit. “He needs, something he has never used in his life before, a bit of people management. He shouldn't have all these people walking off the pitchThe Government has been undermined by its own internal actions.

Sean Fleming TD {Q THE QUOTE OF THE WEEK Some Government must grasp the nettle and let councils build S ometime in the 1980s my parents decided to take on a campaign against a county council. AsayoungteenagerIwasan interested,butoftenbemused, bystandertothefighttheyand ourneighboursdecidedtomount. Itwasa'notinmybackyard' typeofcampaignwitha conscience. Theywerefightingagainstthe buildingofsocialhousingbya localauthoritynearourhome. Frommyrecollection,theplan wastobuildupto50housesas partofanexpansionofarecently built100houselocalauthority estate.

Socialhousingwasbadly neededinthetownasitwasin manytownsaroundIrelandatthe time.The1980swasadecadeof recessionandemigration- meaningtherewasdamnall moneyorjobsaround.Ourtown wasalittledifferent,therewere twoAmericanfactoriesand farmingwasthriving.Two hospitalsalsomeantthings weren'ttoobad,butthehouses werestillneeded. Bankswereconservativelyold fashionedinthosedaysanda mortgagewaslikeapotofgoldat theendofarainbowformost people. Homeloansjustdidn'texist. Butpeoplestillneededhousing. Thelocalcouncilhada chequeredpastwhenitcameto housing.Substandardhouseshad beenconstructedovertheyears. Theyalsohadnotbuiltenough homeseither.Thesupply availablewasfullwithfamilies. Privatebuildersbuiltestatesfor the'betteroffs'inthe'goodparts' oftowns.So,somethinghadtobe doneforthosewhocouldnot affordahome.

Councilsbackthenhad autonomyandhadthebackingof Govermentstohousepeoplein homesbuiltwithpublicmoney. Thedecisiontobuildhousesin ourtowninthe1980swasthe rightthingtodo.Itmeantpeople wouldgethomestoraisetheir families.Itwouldallowthemto workinIrelandonlowwages. ItwasamessagefromtheState thatcitizenswerevalued. Thenewcouncilhouseswere wellbuiltand,tothisday,still housemanylocalfamilies. Myparentsbecamealarmed whenthecouncildecidedit wantedtobuildasecondphaseof homes. Apartfrombeingagainst havingapileofhousesbuiltnear ourhouse,theyarguedthatthere wouldbealongtermcostto buildingalargeamountofsocial housinginarelativelysmallarea. Theypointedtobigcouncil housingestatesinDublinand elsewherebuiltinthe1970s.Their fearwasthatthesocialproblems insuchestateswouldbe replicatedatourbackdoor.They feltthatbigestatesshouldnotbe builtinsmalltowns.

Ultimately,thesecondphaseof houseswasbuilt.Thecampaign againstthemhadlimitedsuccess. Fewerhomesthanoriginally plannedwereconstructed. Revisedplansalsosetsomeofthe homesasideforelderlypeople. Extragreenspacewasalsoadded. Myparentsweren'toverjoyed buttheycouldaccepttheoutcome asacompromise. Therealityatthetimewasthey werenevergoingtostopthe councilbuildinghouses. Everybodyknewbackthenthatif acouncildecidedtobuildhouses, theywouldbebuilt. Thereasonwasquiteclear- socialhousingwasapriorityfor governmentsofallshadesinthe 1970sand1980s.AlloverIreland badlyneededhousesofahigh standardwerebuiltbylocal authorites.Whiletherewere someproblems,historywilljudge positivelythepeopleinthe councilsandgovernmentsof thosedaysforwhatwasachieved. Nearlyfourdecadeslaterwe haveamonstroushousingcrisisin Ireland.

ThisyeartheMinisterfor Housingcuttheribbonon33new housesinPortlaoisethathadbeen intheworksformorethan10 years.Thelocalauthorityhouses werebuiltbyprivatebuildersand arenowhomestofamilies.They aretheexceptiontotherule.For someunexplainedreasonLaois andothercouncilsareeffectively barredfromhavingafreehandin buildingsocialhousing. Thepolicynowisthatthe solutiontoourhousingproblem mustbeamixofpublicand privatesectorprovision. TheCelticTigercreateda dreamthatwecouldallbuyour ownhomes.Therealityturned intoanightmare.Intruth, developerswillnotbuildlotsof housesforpeoplewhocan'tbuy them.

Butithasn'tworkedsofarand theevidenceisthatthereislittle chanceofitsucceeding. Ultimately,thenettlewillhaveto begraspedbysomegovernment toallowcouncilsbuildagain. John Mulholland, Chief Executive of Laois County Council welcomes the Minister for Housing, Eoghan Murphy, and Minister for Justice, Charlie Flanagan to the official opening of 33 new houses at Conniberry Way, Portlaoise earlier this year. The 33 houses took a decade to turn into reality PICTURE: MICHAEL SCULLY MOST READ STORIES ON OUR WEBSITE IN THE LAST 7 DAYS FRONTPAGESOFTHEPAST 41 Years ago JANUARY 15 1977 The possibility of providing Portlaoise with a television reception for the BBC and UTV was to be investigated and a meeting was arranged for the County Hotel to discuss the matter further.

Tom Jacob was spearheading the drive for multi-channel viewing and said that an expert on piped TV would attend the meeting. Elsewhere it was congratulations for two Rathdowney brothers from the local Vocational School who were among the prizewinners in the Young Scientists competition. Peter and John Dillane entered two sections in the competition TOPFIVEONLINE 1. 'Ferocious looking beast' stark storm warning from Met Éireann weather forecaster 2. WATCH Latest Storm Callum weather update from Met Éireann HQ 3. Latest Storm Callum update from Met Éireann after emergency meeting 4. Severe, damaging wind, heavy rain in latest Storm Callum Met Éireann weather forecast on RTÉ 5. Appeal on Facebook for young woman missing from Laois Met Éireann forecaster Siobhan Ryan VIEWS 21 CONOR GANLY Email: conor.ganly

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 BUSINESS BRIEFS Undetected cyber attacks - survey Over 50% of cyber attacks on Irish businesses may be undetected, the Magnet Networks Cyber Security Survey has found. Just 20% of businesses surveyed say they have suffered from cyber attacks in the past two years, with a further 16% unsure and 64% claiming that they been unaffected, according to the survey carried out by Magnet Networks. However, a leading cyber security expert states that the true average industry figure for attacks is 43%, and that many Irish businesses are unaware that they currently have a sophisticated cyber breach.

Alison Ritchie of Polar Ice will speak at National Women's Enterprise Day which will take place in Longford this week Hospital's catering department take home two major awards The Catering Department of the Midlands Regional Hospital Portlaoise won two awards at the National Q Mark Awards and were named overall national winner for Hygiene and Food Safety. The awards were presented by Excellence Ireland Quality Association (EIQA) and officiated by Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation, HeatherHumphreys.

Portlaoise is the only hospital in the last 10 years to winthisaward. Midlands Regional Hospital Portlaoise Catering Department provide their servicetopatientsandstaffof the Acute hospital, Mental Health facilities and community. The department plan, prepare and serve fresh meals daily and continue to achieve best practice in operation by adhering to the highest standards by sourcing and providing safe andhealthyfood. The full meal service is processed using the cook–freshsystemthroughto service, which is validated by the H.A.C.C.P. Management system.

Due to the hospital's diverse client base, the Catering Department have implemented a “Multilingual Pictorial Menu” which also allows patients with limited communications to choose their daily food requirements. Commenting on the achievement, Trevor O’Callaghan, Chief Executive Officer of the Dublin Midlands Hospital Group said, “To win one of the 27 coveted awards means that the Catering Department of Midlands Regional Hospital Portlaoise are meeting the highest standards of Quality and Excellencein Ireland. On behalfoftheDublinMidlands Hospital Group, we would like to congratulate all the catering team on their excellent achievement, which demonstrates the hospital’s commitment to its patients and staff and it is to becommended.” Michael Knowles, Hospital Manager for Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise stated, “This is a very significant and prestigious award for the departmenta “nd the hospital as a whole. There were in excess of 140 companies competing for this award from both the PrivateandPublicsector. “The staff in the Catering Department have worked tirelessly over the past number of years to achieve this excellence award. It is testament to the efforts of all staff in the department and thewiderhospital.

“ I would like to extend each member of the team on thishugeachievement.” Mary-Ann Coyne, A/Chef for Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise commented on receiving the awards:“WinningtheQMark Award shows us all that we aredoingsomethingright,we are all very committed to working as part of a team and helping each other to do the best job we can. Not only do we view the audit as a tool for learning and compliance but we really appreciate and implement the information that the auditors pass onto us at the end of the process. It informs us about industry changes and standards, as processescontinuetochange and improve within food safety.” Ellen Egan, Chef for Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise commented: “After being nominated for the past six years we are all delighted to finally bring not one but two awards back to Portlaoise.” Irene Collins Managing Director of EIQA pictured with Julette Kearney from Skillsteam presenting a Q Mark Award for Hygiene and Food Safety to Brenda O Connell and Majella Bannon from Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise Collette Brennan from eTravel and Irene Collins Managing Director of EIQA presenting the overall National Q Mark Award for Hygiene and Food Safety to Brenda O Connell and Majella Bannon from Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise with Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation, Heather Humphreys TD and Holly Best from Virgin Atlantic Local entrepreneur to speak at Women's Enterprise Day PAT SOMERS LocalEnterpriseOfficesfrom Laois, Longford, Offaly and Westmeath are hosting National Womens Enterprise Day this Thursday, October 18.

This year the event will take place in the Backstage Theatre, Farneyhoogan, Longford. Thenationalthemeforthe day is 'From Local to Global' with the objective of encouraging more female entrepreneurs to explore potential markets and to 'go international' with their businesses, availing of various supports from their Local Enterprise Office to helpthemachievethis. TheMCforthedayisRTE’s Sinead Hussey who will introduce the panel of speakers which will include Ciara Donlon, CEO and Founder of THEYA Healthcare; Dr. Ciara Kelly, T.V. radio broadcaster and columnist; Louise Lovett, CEOLongfordWomen’sLink; Dr.AnneCusack,MDCritical Healthcare and Alison Ritchie,MDPolarIce. Ciara Donlon who is the keynote speaker has over 15 years experience in marketing in large corporate including RBS, Irish Life and PermanentandVodafone. In 2010, she set up a lingerie retail business in Dublin. Many women undergoing treatment for breast cancer came into her shop looking for a comfortable bra to wear post surgery.

It was Ciara’s desire to help these women that was thecatalystforthecreationof THEYAHealthcare. Louise Lovett is CEO of LongfordWomen’sLink. She has grown and diversified the organisation, doubling turnover to €2.2m by creating a flexible adaptable organisation which can respond to developing needs and which is awake to emerging opportunities. Alison Ritchie, who is from Portarlington is Managing Director of Ireland’s leading manufacturer of dry ice productssince1996.# A serial entrepreneur, Alison established her second business in 2005, growing the business to become the market leader in Cryogenic Cleaning and successfully selling the businessin2016.

Dr. Anne Cusack is the co-founder of Critical Healthcare Ltd., which delivers a range of medical products and SAAS to pre-hospital and emergency serviceprovidersinIreland. Dr. Ciara Kelly will talk on worklifebalance. This event is open to women in business in the midlands and tickets are only €15 and available on /longford LaoisBusiness

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 The Irish Hotels Federation is deeply disappointed with the VAT increase in last week's Budget Hoteliers slam VAT rate hike as major jolt to tourism sector The Irish Hotels Federation (IHF) has expressed its deep disappointment at the increase in the tourism VAT rate to 13.5% announcedbyMinisterDonohoeas partofBudget2019. Matt O’Connor, Chair of the IHF Midlands branch said the increase is a serious jolt to the tourism industryinIrelandandrepresentsa reckless failure to recognise its economic potential and importance, particularly to rural Ireland.

MrO’ConnorurgedtheMinister to defer the increase until there is clarity over Brexit and to allow existing contracts for group bookings to be completed as prices arealreadyagreed. “Ireland will now have a higher tourism VAT rate than 26 countries inEuropewithwhichwecompete. “We are already a very high cost economy by international standards so it is astonishing that the Government is now imposing additional taxes on tourists and making our country less attractive asadestination.” “Have no doubt, this increase will hurt tourism across the countrybutruralbusinesseswillbe hitthehardest.

“Regional businesses will bear the brunt, as about €300m of the €466m in additional taxes will be taken from the rural economy, which has been slower to recover from the economic crisis. This is a devastating blow for the many tourism businesses that struggle to break even or stay open outside the peakseason.” MrO’Connorsaidtheindustryis already facing enormous difficulties due to the uncertainty around Brexit and weakened Sterling. “UKtouroperators,forexample, represent up to 30 per cent of the business for many hotels in Dublin and across the country. This businessishighlycompetitive,with Irish hoteliers competing internationally.

“Margins are slim and vulnerable to any price fluctuation. With bookings made up to two years in advance, prices in many cases are already contracted, meaning hoteliers will have no choicebuttopickupthecostofthis VATincrease.Forsome,itmaywipe out their margin altogether,” he said. Mr O’Connor acknowledged the Government’s foresight in introducingthe9%VATratein2011. “The Government recognised the tourismindustry’sabilitytodeliver on jobs across the country and we delivered, year after year, creating over65,000newjobs.

“Weachievedthisbyprovidinga quality product, high levels of service and competing internationally for business every day. “Today the tourism industry supports over 235,000 jobs in every countyandtown,over70%ofwhich are outside Dublin, generating over €2billionintaxesfortheexchequer eachyear. “It is deeply disappointing and frustrating that despite the strong responseofthetourismindustry to the 9% activation measure, it’s economic contribution and potentialisnolongerofimportance toGovernmentpolicy.

“We understand that Government needs to raise taxes to payformanysocialdemandsonthe exchequer. “However, we have argued that the best way to generate the additional funds needed for public services is to support growth in those business sectors, such as tourism,whicharecontributing. “Time and again, tourism has shown itself to be one of the most effective ways to spread economic prosperity throughout the country and its successful recovery demonstrated its potential. The short-term budget fix will have long-term implications for an important indigenous export industry and rural Ireland in particular.” Commenting on the VAT report published by Department of Finance during the summer, Mr O’Connor said that it failed to take account fully the benefits of tourismtotheregionsortheserious risksassociatedwithBrexit. “It also lacked balance, basing much of its analysis on Irish household spending patterns while choosing to ignore that the vast majority(80%)ofrevenuegenerated by tourism comes from out of state visitors”heconcluded. He called for an immediate introduction of a Tourism Satellite Account within the Central Statistics Office (CSO) to provide a fullanalysisoftheeconomicactivity in the Tourism industry and how much it contributes to each county throughoutthecountry.

“Itwillalsoprovideindependent verification to assist those who rely on the National Accounts, where tourism is not identified, to inform their deliberations on taxation and economicpolicy.” EXPRESS REPORTER Regional businesses will bear the brunt, as about €300m of the €466m inmore taxes will be taken from the rural economy MATT O'CONNOR “ Recruitment Leinster Express, 107 Lower Main Street, Portlaoise, Co Laois Email: Web: Call: 057 86 21666

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Ballinakill Foroige club members with leader Patricia Whelan who produced a telephone directory in June 1991 PICTURE: ALF HARVEY Pat Hennessy, Stephanie Tierney, Richard Duff and Pam Gowing at the Portlaoise Macra personality finals Declan Malone, Ronan Malone, Anne Marie Kelly, jennifer Kennedy, Sinead Kelly, Debbie Tyrerell at Abbeyleix show Miriam McEvoy, Sheila White, Francis McEvoy and Julia Walsh at the fancy dress competition at the Stradbally fete Ann Gorman, Portlaoies with her pony Panther at the Abbeyleix Show PICTURE: ALF HARVEY Laois senior footballers, George Doyle, Tom Conroy, Mick Dempsey, Tony McMahon and team manager, Richie Connor receiving new boots from Pat Kearns, O'Brien's Menswear Ballyroan ICA guild members at the guild's 21st birthday party in the Killeshin Hotel. President Maura Lowry was guest of honour PICTURE:MICHAEL SCULLY TIMESPAST A look back at times past through the photographic archives of the Leinster Express ARCHIVE SPECIAL 22

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Community LOCAL NEWS, NOTES, OBITUARIES & PICTURE SPECIALS Mountrath town revitalisation - Our Laois Pg 24-5 Portlaoise set to get a new lick of paint Pg 27 Portarlington Peoples Park upgrade Pg 27 NOTES INDEX 24-5 27 26 30 30 30 30 35 35 31 31 31 32 32 32 32 32 34 34 34 34 33 33 33 PORTLAOISE PORTARLINGTON MOUNTMELLICK ABBEYLEIX DURROW CULLOHILL ROSENALLIS BORRIS-IN-OSSORY CAMROSS CLONASLEE KMONASTEREVIN CLOUGH-BALLACOLLA MOUNTRATH BALLYFIN CRETTYARD CASTLETOWN ERRILL RATHDOWNEY RAHEEN BALLINAKILL TIMAHOE STRADBALLY GRAIGECULLEN KILLESHIN EMO KILLENARD RATH 35 35 35 WE ARE YOUR COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER If you have notes, pictures or a story for the Community section of the Leinster Express, we’d love to hear from you!

Please email your pictures or news to news@ or give us a call on 057 86 21666. You can also drop into our office at 107 Lower Main Street, Portlaoise Golden anniversary for Ballacolla water scheme A half century of Ballacolla Group Water Scheme was celebrated last Saturday with the unveiling of a plaqueatGranstown. On hand for the occasion was founder member and former MinisterandTD,LiamHylandwho, 50 years ago, was instrumental in settingupthescheme. Theschemeoriginatedfromthe setting up of a local Muintir na Tire branchbyLiamHyland.Asurveyof the community showed a clear needforasustainablewatersupply and the Ballacolla Group Water Schemewasestablished. Liam Hyland was appointed Chairman, Des Roe and Tommy Bergin were appointed to the committeeandastrustees. The community response proved overwhelming. A sustainablesourceandlocationfor a reservoir was located at Dairyhill and a site was made available by Michael Kenny. Construction began and funding got underway which included £20 from each private house and €40 from each farmer.

The construction phase overcame many difficulties, not least of which was the discovery of largeareasofrockinthearea. In 2000 the GWS changed its structure to a co-operative society. A major upgrade was carried out in the 2000s and included the location of a new source at Granstown, and a treatment plant. In2009meterswereinstalledonall connections. Fundingwaspursuedunderthe Rural Water Programme and costs associated with the treatment plant were subject to a maximum €6,475perhousehold. To date they have invested €4.9 million and received funding of €3.6million.

Progress on the scheme was facilitated by the Gorman family andtheBerginfamilyofGranstown where the reservoir and water sourcearenowlocated. The committee appointed Martin Bergin as caretaker and ElaineHylandasmanagerin2007. Today, the scheme provides water to 550 houses, 185 farms, 3 primaryschoolsand4halls. Thecurrentcommitteeconsists of Clifford Roe, Chairman, Liam Bergin, Secretary, Phyllis Foot, John Walsh, Pat Brennan, Noel Shiel,Michael Broderick and Paul Hyland. Liam Bergin, Martin Bergin, Elaine Hyland, Clifford Roe and Liam Hyland who unveiled the plaque at the Ballacolla Group Water Scheme PAT SOMERS Committee members with founding member Liam Hyland at the Ballacolla Group Water Scheme 50th anniversary celebrations at Granstown, Ballacolla on Saturday, October 6. Liam Hyland was appointed the first Chairman of the scheme which he helped found in 1968 PICTURE: ALF HARVEY Express LEINSTER

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Lynda Kiernan visits Mountrath where visionary locals have kickstarted an extraordinary revitalisation of clubs, communities, tourism and businesses. Pictures by Denis Byrne LEFT: members of the Cosy Cottage Choir ABOVE: Mountrath & District camera club members RIGHT: Mountrath Development Forum chairman Martin Meade and treasurer Eddie Phelan OUR LAOIS The four acre Brigidine convent grounds in Mountrath The timing is perfect. We are almost 30 years in existence. Finally we have a home' MOUNTRATH SCOUTS LEADER MARK ROBINSON Mountrath is undergoing a M ountrath is undergoing a big transformation that could restore the type of vibrancy it once had as a busy market town. Thetownisbypassedbythe motorwayandhasapopulationof 2,000,muchofitveryyoungorold. Manyworkersleavedailyforwork, orsimplyleavealtogether.Empty shopsandhouseslinethemain streetsbutthecommunityis closelyknitandnowhasgained freshenergytoworktogetherto revitalisethetown.

Abigpartofthechangeisthe oldBrigidineConvent,generously giventothecommunityin2017. Itisbeingconvertedintoa communityhubandenterprise centre,byMountrathCommunity Forum.Theforumalreadyrunsa successfulCottageMarketanddid afaceliftonemptyshopfronts. ItisbackedbySíolFoundation, anIrishgroupofphilantropic businesspeoplewhofundpractical sustainableprojectstoimprove communities Othergrantsarecomingvia LaoisCountyCouncilandLaois Partnershipfortheconversion, expectedtocost€1.2millioninfull. AndreaDeeringfromSíolhasa fiveyearplaninMountrath,andis sourcingfunding,payingfor trainingandhelpingclubssetup. “Wewerelookingforatown thatneededhelp,andwesawa desireinMountrathtodothings, butalackoffundingorknowledge todoit,”MsDeeringsaid. Shefindsthatalreadylocalsare takingtheleadandsettingupclubs havingfundraisedthemselves. “Themorewedid,thequicker thingsarehappening.Wecan't believethewealthoftalentand enthusiasm,”shesaid. Intheconvent,modernheating andthickinsulationisbeing installed,aswellastopspeedwifi. Theaimistokeeplongterm operationcostslowsothatthe centrecanpayforitselfinrents. Theenterprisehubshouldbe readyin2019,includingthechurch whichwillhaveopenoffices.The studyhallalreadyhasthickfloor matsandcanberentedoutfor martialarts,yogaorotheruses. Alsoplannedisacommunity gymwithshowers,commercial kitchens,cafésandacreche. AGrindSchoolisupand running,offering€15grindsto primaryandsecondarystudents. About15communityclubsand groupswillbemovingintothe conventthisyear,includingthe MensShed,cameraclub,scouts, ForóigeandanewSchoolofMusic. Foróigeyouthclubreformed twoyearsago,andwontwoawards initsfirstyear.LeaderSamantha Hayesexplainedwhatitwillmean tohavetheirownpermanentbase, insteadofrentingahall. “Itmeanseverything.Wewillbe abletopersonaliseourspace,paint thewallourowncolour,display ourawards,hangphotographsand storeourstuff.Itwillfeelmorelike ahome.Youcanfeelabuzzinthe club,weareallexcitedtogetinand getsetup,”shesaid. MountrathscoutsleaderMark Robinsonseeshugepotential. “Wehadbeeninanoldprefabin theGAAgroundsbutithad reachedtheendofitslifeandof coursewecouldn’tcamponthe pitch.Thetimingisperfect.Here wehavealotofwideopenground, withtrees,anorchard,camping fields,basketballcourts.Thereisa lanetotheriversowecanstoreand useourkayaks.Wecanhost visitingscouts.Wearealmost30 yearsinexistence.Finallywehave ahome,”Marksaid. Mountrath&DistrictCamera Club'stalentedmembershavewon severalawards.JimFennellyis chairman.

“It's going well, we have about 24 members, we learn from each other, we visit other clubs, go on outings,entercompetitions,anddo anannualexhibition,”hesaid. They meet at St Fintan's hall everyfortnightandwillalsomoveto theconvent. LastSaturdaywasthemonthly CottageMarketattheMacrahall, abuzzwithmulticoloured marqueesandhappycustomers. MartinMeade,chairpersonof theforum,spoketotheLeinster Expressthereabouttheirplans. COMMUNITY 24

There is a new energy in Mountrath now, there are things happening, it's a new beginning' MOUNTRATH PARISH PRIEST FR JOE BROPHY an extraordinary rebirth “Weaimtohavetheconvent sustainableby2021,thenwecan movetootherprojectsinthetown, wewanttostartdevelopingnew businesses.Abigprojectwillbe workingonthetownplanwith LaoisCountyCouncil. “Wearecomingfromalowbase here.MaybeMountrathdidn't attractthefundingitcouldhavein thepast,butnowwithstrong committeesandsupportfromthe councilandLaoisPartnership, thingswillchangeforthebetter,” hesaid.

Hebelievesinfindingtheright persontoheadupeachproject. “IhavebeenluckywithanyoneI approach,whentheyseewhatwe areabout.Ibelievethateverybody shouldputsomethingbackinto theircommunity,”hesaid. Themarketisgoingwell,says forumTreasurerEddiePhelan. “Wehaveawaitinglist,anda goodmixofproduce,theaimisto boostanyonelocalwithacottage business.Wecharge€20astall, everybodyseemshappy,”hesaid. Theforum'sSplitthePotraffle alsogivesasteadyincome,shared withStFintan'sboysNS,Scoil BhrideNSandClonenaghNS. IwonaBanaszczykfrom Mountmellickwassellingher handmadenaturalsoapsatastall. “It'sfantastichere,thepeople areverynice,Ihaveregular customers,it'sanicesmall community,veryfriendlyandImet newfriendswiththeothertraders, wearelikeonefamily,”shesaid. ThenewparishpriestFrJoe Brophywasatthemarket.The Vicarstownnativewascuratein theMountrathBallyfinparishfor thepastsixyears.

“IloveMountrath.Thereare homelylovelypeoplehere.Thereis anewenergyinMountrathnow, andthismarketisoneexample, therearethingshappening,it’sa newbeginning,”hesaid. ThelongestablishedMountrath DevelopmentAssociationisalso workinghardtobetterthetown. BrendaO'Gradyisthechairperson. “Werunthetidytownsgroup andaredelightedtorecentlygeta €7,000grant,thatwillmakeahuge differencetothesquare,wewill replaceseatingandgenerallygiveit anuplift.Wearealsolaunchinga SlinaSlaintewalkingroute,wegot fundingandthesignsarereadyto goup,”shesaid. Theyalsomaintainthe playground,andrunMountrath YouthTheatreandYouthProject. Theyarethrilledtobeawarded €12,000tohelpdevelopayouth centre.

“Wehaveasiteandalarge temporarybuildingreadyonce permissionisapproved.Itwilloffer teencounselling,grinds,andan afterschoolservice,”shesaid. Withtheforumandother groupsfromsportandbusiness, theyarepartofanew'townteam' toadviseLaoisCountyCouncilona newtownplanforMountrath. “Theplanwillmakeahuge difference.Wearequitedifferent groupsbutweallworktogetherfor thegoodofMountrath,”shesaid. Mountrathisalsohometoa veryspecialchoir,forgedin friendshipandaloveofsinging. The Cosy Café in the square has 25 strong choir that includes café ownerSineadHanlon.

“We started as a breakfast club, meeting every morning before work, Often someone would often start a song so we came up with the idea of a choir. it sounds crazy but its fun. It's all about good friendship,”shesaid. They practice every Tuesday night led by Bernie Coss, and they perform in Ballyfin house at Christmas with Mountrath Community School. Their next gig is the World War I commemoration inMountrathonNovember11. A special song to sing is Lovely Laois, because its composer, ChristyCullen,isinthechoir. Mountrath has a busy historical society based at the library. They will soon launch their third photographic calendar at the WWI event,whichtheyareorganising. PatMcSpaddenischairperson. “Weformedin2014,ouraimisto document the history of the town. When I was in school it was very vibrant, now it's operating at about 20percenttowhatitwas.

“A lot has just disappeared. People love the photographs in the calendars, they go all over the world,”hesaid. COMMUNITY 25

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 PORTLAOISE NEWS AROUND THE TOWN HAVE YOU GOT A STORY FOR US? CONTACT OUR NEWS TEAM NOW e: t: 057 86 21666 SCHOOL REUNION 30th Anniversary reunion party of the Class 1983-1988 Portlaoise Vocational School takes place on Friday night, October 26 8pm in Portlaoise. All class members very welcome to come and reminisce and meet up again. Please confirm your attendance please email to: vocationalschool30threunion or become a friend with us on facebook: Portlaoise Vocational Sch Class of 1983-88 If your a parent / grandparent of a pupil whom attended this class please let them know as we have many many names but few contact details. MOSSE BROWNIE PACK Irish Girl Guides Moss Brownie Pack Portlaoise has a number of vacancies. Meetings are held every Wednesday evening in Wesley Hall Station Rd Portlaoise. Time of meetings: From 6 to 7.15pm. Suitable for girls aged 7 to 10. For enquiries please contact Brownie Guide Leaders: Carmel McSweeney 0876850199 or Maureen Brennan 087 9602899 TRIOGOUE BROWNIES The Triogue Brownie Pack have a limited number of places available for their Monday night meetings Girls aged 7-10 are welcome. For more information contact Carmel on 087 242909 PARENTS FIRST We are looking for parents or grandparents to pass on their valuable knowledge and experience in bringing up children. Please phone Dolores or Rhona at 057 9322996 or 086 1959221. SPECIAL OLYMPICS Laochra Laoise Special Olympics Sports Club activities include training on Mondays, bowling every second Wednesday, athletics training at Portlaoise track, participating in athletics, bowling and floorball events organised by Special Olympics Leinster and very importantly our Halloween games night, Christmas Party, St Patrick’s Day Parade and summer sports’ day and party.

New athletes and volunteers are very welcome. Contact Liz (087) 2778893, Helen (087) 2272128 or call (Mondays 7-8) into St Mary’s Hall, Dublin Rd, Portlaoise. PORTLAOISE LOTTO Portlaoise Parish Lotto numbers drawn on October 11 were: 2,22,24,28. Jackpot not won. The 13 match 3s win €77 each. Next draw jackpot is €20,000. THE HEATH BRIDGE CLUB The Heath Bridge Club AGM elected the folling officers: President - Margaret Nee; Vice President- Barry O Callaghan; Secretary - Mary Mahon; Treasurer - Mary Butler; PRO - Maureen O'Leary; Commitee - Noreen Kilkenny, Breda Keating, Sally Collins, Mary Killeen, Carmel Doorley. Bridge every Wednesday night. Be seated at 7 20pm. Wishing Margaret and her team a successful season. Results Wed 3rd October NS 1st Kathleen Hargroves & Tom Handy, 2nd Mary Claffey & Carmel Doorley, Gross Sally Collins & Noreen Kilkenny. EW 1st Breda Keating & Mary Mahon, 2nd Eileen & Jim Fingleton, Gross Rita Arrigan & Anne Mulligan. Bridge every Wed at 7 3opm. Seated at 7.20pm. LAOIS ALZHEIMER'S Laois Alzheimers Resource Centre at 47 Main Street Portlaoise opens Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. Family Carers Support Group Wednesday October 17 form 7.30pm-9pm in the Resource Centre. The support group provide an opportunity to meet others in a similar situation, to access information and practical advice in a supportive environment. Free to family members affected by dementia and memory issues. Official opening of Centre by ASI CEO Pat McLaughlin on Friday, October 19. For any information on dementia contact Ann Munnelly on 057 866 3398/086 8372168 PORTLAOISE BRIDGE Result for Monday, Oct 8. Nine table Mitchell movement N/S 1st Liz Cotulli & Sylvester Cahill, 2nd Phil Devaney & Mary Ryan, gross Eileen Fingleton & Paddy Conroy. E/W 1st Noreen Kilkenny & Sally Collins 2nd Liz Scully & Tom Handy, gross Ette Kennedy & Meera Saxena. Result for Thursday 11th Oct 2018. Seven table Mitchell movement N/S 1st Mary Claffey & Josephine Hogan, 2nd Liz Cotulli & Rita Arrigan. E/W 1st Eileen Fingleton & Paddy Conroy, 2nd Anne Doolan & Jim Fingleton. Reminder: E.GM before Bridge session on the Oct 18 at 6.45pm. Bridge sessions are held every Monday and Thursday in the Sue Ryder Centre, Kilimnchy. Starting at 7.30pm new members welcome PORTLAOISE CHOIR Portlaoise Singers, a 60 strong choir, is now starting rehearsals for its annual Christmas Concert. New members male and female are welcome, no knowledge of music necessary. For details call 8621841. KILMINCHY MEETING Active Retirement members on fact finding expedition to Wexford Portlaoise Active Retirement members pictured during an EU Poverty Eradication project fact finding trip to Dunbrody Famine ship in Wexford, which was in support of their presentation at Portlaoise Parish centre COMMUNITY 26 Sync your lips with Portlaoise College for astroturf pitch Portlaoise College launched itsLipSyncfundraisingevent lastweektoraisefundsforan all-weather astroturf pitch to be constructed on the college campus.

Following the huge success of the college’s Strictly Come Dancing fundraiser in October 2016 whichraisedover€35,000for a school bus the group of teachers, parents and transition-year students who are taking part are proud to announce the launch of their Lip-Sync show which is will takeplaceearlynextyear. The event is in association with Lip Sync Battles Ireland and takes place on Friday, February 8 2019 in the Midlands Park Hotel. Over a dozen different acts will battle it out live on stage. Tickets will cost €20 and doors will open at 7pm on the night.

The overall cost of the pitch is in the region of €170,000. The college hopes to raise €50,000 from the Lip Sync event and is currently exploring other revenue streams to make up the difference. Speaking at the launch principal, Noel Daly said he waslookingforwardtoagreat night. “The show should be great fun. I remember taking part intheStrictlyandIfounditto be a very rewarding and fun experience. The acts will begin training in November up until the Christmas holidays and, then again, when we come back in January until the day of the show.

“We are really looking forward to putting on a good show for people and to bringing the community together again in what we hope will be a night of great entertainment,”hesaid. People wishing to put on an act do not need to be relatedtothecollege.Thereis no limit to the amount of people that can make up an act. To help with fundraising orputanacttogethercontact the school on 057 8621480 or email kmcclearn@ The launch of Portlaoise College' Lip Sync Battle fundraising event included parents, teachers ans transition-year students PICTURE: STAN HENDERSON CONOR GANLY

Painting the town in bespoke Laois colours A bespoke 42 colour paint palette has been developed specifically for Portlaoise town centre in a new collaboration project between Laois County CouncilandCrownPaints. The Facade Enhancement Scheme is a pilot project developed from the Portlaoise Town Team to freshen up the appearance of thetownaspartofitsrenewal strategy. The first phase of the project will help property ownersatLowerMainStreet, Bridge Street and the Well Road to improve their premises by painting the exterior of both commercial andresidentialdwellings. Laois County Council will contributeupto75percentof the approved costs of the paintjob,uptoamaximumof €750.

The bespoke colour palette for Portlaoise has been laid out in a book of samples with each colour gettingitsownnameinspired by Laois landmarks, events andplaces. Some of the names of the new paints include Errill Grey, Blue Ridge, Top Square, Triogue, Old Fort, The Folly, Ballintubbert, Hint of Emo, Bulfin, Graigue, Poet’s Cottage, Owenass and Killenardtonameafew. This interesting new colour palette aims to brighten the town with a mix of ornage shades, greens, blues,greysandneutrals. Chief Executive of Laois County Council, John Mulholland said this project can restore pride and purpose in the old town centre that has faced strugglesinrecentyears. “There is a very serious message behind it, we have seen the cycle over centuries ofgreattownsandgreatcities beinggreatintheirowntime, greattradingplacesandgreat meeting places, centres of populationandgrowth. “What has happened over the last 20 years or 15 years since the various economic circumstances, like pressures from online purchasing, is you have to consider, what is the purpose ofthetowncentreandhowdo wemakeitgreatagain? “It is more than painting buildings, it is creating a new mood in a town and its real reason would be to uplift the whole perception and presentation of the town centre,”MrMulhollandsaid. Anyone interested in this grant scheme can contact Linda Meredith, Business Support Unit 057 8664133 or John Mulholland, CEO of Laois County Council, Denise Rainey, Linda Meredith, Kieran Kehoe, Director of Services, Jake Lawlor, Cllr John King, Cllr Catherine Fitzgerald and Seamus Doran Fear of flying clinic in Portlaoise Has your fear of flying held you back and prevented you from flying to exotic destinations or visiting familyoverseas?

Learntoconqueryourfear in a two evening seminar on Tuesday and Thursday, October 16 and 18 in the PortlaoiseParishCentre. Conducted by a qualified psychotherapist (MACBT) whoisalsoaqualifiedpilot. The course costs €150 and islimitedto10participantsso book your seat now at 087 9177049. AROUND THE TOWN Meeting for Kilminchy residents to discuss ideas for green and public spaces in the estate. Feedback will be used for a masterplan for public spaces. The meeting takes place on Monday, October 22 at 7.30pm in the Killeshin Hotel. Email: greenpineconsultants@ Supported by Laois Partnership, Laois County Council.

FATIMA FUND Pilgrimage to Fatima departs on June 20 next year. Cost €759 with €100 deposit to be paid in full by December 15. Spiritual Director is Fr Paddy Byrne CC accompanied by Fr Tom O'Reilly, PP, Clonaslee. Contact Maura O'Brien 057 8661601 0 or 086 3344722 or any committee member. Fund street collection In Portlaoise on Friday, Oct 19. ACTIVE RETIRED Portlaoise ARA members are taking part in the UN International Eradication of Poverty Project. Poverty across the world is all too evident. The funds collected in our sponsored walk will benefit the local community through the purchase of food vouchers distributed by the Parish Office.

Event on October 19 about poverty featurs speakes, poetry and songs followed by a welcome cuppa. Open to the public from 2.30pm in the Parish Centre. Drop and help refocus on the effects of poverty. Oct 24th: Variety of quiz questions on many subjects, as set by our long serving Quizmaster Josie. Bowls every Monday at 3pm in St. Mary’s Hall – regular and new members are always welcome to come along and take part. SHOP OWNERS Attention shop owners! Don't miss your chance to avail of the Shopfront Grant Scheme with grant assistance to the value of €750. The cut off for the completion of works is Friday, November 9. Remember applications must be approved before the works begin. Contact LIP SYNC Portlaoise College launched its Lip Sync fundraising event last week to raise funds for an all-weather Astroturf pitch. The event is in association with Lip Sync Battles Ireland and takes place on Friday 8 February 2019 in the Midlands Park Hotel. Tickets will cost €20 and doors will open at 7pm on the night. The pitch costs about of €170,000. The college hopes to raise €50,000 from the Lip Sync. For those who would like to help with fundraising or put an act together for the show contact on 057 8621480 kmcclearn@ REMEMBERING WAR Ceremony of music & song commemorating the end of World War I in 1918 takes place on Sunday, November 4 at 7pm in SS Peter & Paul's Church, Portlaoise.

Organised by Portlaoise Comhaltas the concert features all Laois branchs and the Comhaltas Folk Orchestra. Also features artists from 96 countries. TOASTMASTERS Portlaoise Toastmasters is the perfect place to develop your skills and build confidence in a supportive and warm environment and have fun while doing it. Our next meeting will take place on Monday 22nd of October at 8pm in the Killeshin Hotel, Portlaoise. New members are always welcome, first two sessions are free. HOLY FAMILY Holy Family Junior School enrolments not open for applications. Forms from school at Aughnaharna, Summerhill, Portlaoise tel 0578688224. Return forms with birth cert by December 3. POLISH MASS Fr Marek Zygadlo is the new Polish Chaplin to the Dioceses. He celebrates Mass in Portlaoish Parish Church on the third Sunday of each month starting next Sunday, October 21 at 6pm. LATE BERNADETTE KELLY Condolences to the family of the late Bernadette KELLY (née Mortimer) Parkside, Portlaoise and late of Capoley who died on October 5 peacefully surrounded by her loving family. Mum to Joan and Thelma and late infant Paul. Deeply regretted by her loving family, husband Oliver, extended family, relatives and friends. Reposed at Keegan's Funeral Home on Sunday. Removal to SS Peter & Paul’s Church for Requiem Mass. Cremation afterwards. LATE LIL DOYLE Condolences to the family of the late Elizabeth Lil Doyle (née Horan) Green Rd., Portlaoise who died on Portlaoise, October 4 peacefully surrounded by her loving family. Wife of William and mother to Phillip, Paul, Gregory, Damian, Michael. Deeply regretted by brothers Michael, John, sisters Bernie and Phil, extended family, relatives, friends. Reposed at Keegans Funeral Home. Removal to SS Peter & Paul's Church for Requiem Mass.

Interment afterwards in SS Peter and Paul's Cemetery. PORTLAOISE NEWS HAVE YOU GOT A STORY FOR US? CONTACT OUR NEWS TEAM NOW e: t: 057 86 21666 C'mon the Town Celebrations for Man of the Match Ricky Maher and Cahir Healy after Portlaoise defeated O'Dempsey's in the Laois Senior Football Championship Final at O'Moore Park. More coverage and pictures in Express Sport PICTURE: ALF HARVEY COMMUNITY 27 MICHELLE HOGAN Christmas lights quiz and raffle SPONSORED CONTENT The annual fundraiser to support the Portlaoise Christmas lights that keep the town glowing throughout December is coming up soon.

The Downtown Portlaoise Christmas table quiz will be held this Thursday, October 18 and all are welcome to come along and enjoy the night. Thetablequizisat8.30pm inKavanagh'sPub,Portlaoise. Once again there will be a range of wonderful prizes for quizandrafflewinnersonthe night.

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 AROUND THE AREA BALCONY CINEMA Wednesday October 17, 8pm: ‘Book Club’. Admission €5 includes tea. FUN RUN/WALK There will be a 5k fun run/ walk in aid of Barnashrone NS on Sunday October 21 at 12pm. Registration in the school from 11am. €10 per person or €20 per family. Prizes and refreshments afterwards in the school. CHARITY WALK The Arthur McCluskey Foundation (helping the poor in Bosnia & Herzegovina) is holding its annual charity walk around Emo Court on Sunday October 21, starting at 3pm. The walk begins from Emo GAA Centre and refreshments served afterwards in the centre. All support welcomed, for further information call Tony 086 1225833.

SOCIAL NIGHT A social night will be held in Wolfe Tone Court on Thurs October 25 from 8.30pm to 11pm. All are welcome along to enjoy a raffle, sing song, entertainment and light refreshments. REMEMBRANCE There will be a spoken word evening of remembrance for those who lost their lives and served in World War I from the Mountmellick area on Sunday November 11 in the library at 7.30pm. The evening will consist of poetry, prose, newspaper articles and narratives about those who served in the war. Entrance is free but places will be limited. Tickets on Eventbrite at 2CDdOMQ or call to library. EXHIBITION The Camera Club is holding an exhibition of their work in the library gallery for the month of October during library opening hours. All welcome along to view. TALKS FOR PARENTS Upcoming talks for parents in the library: Thursday November 8, 7pm to 8pm, ‘supporting the dyslexic child’ by Eva Gabor (special education teacher).

Tuesday November 27, 7.30pm to 8.30pm, ‘raising competent teenagers’ with Positive Parenting. CONCERT Chris Kavanagh and Friends will perform the Legend of Luke Kelly in Mountmellick Arts Centre on Saturday October 20 at 8pm, with doors open at 7.30pm. Tickets at €15 available from the Arts Centre and O’Horain’s shop or call 057 8697600. TABLE QUIZ St Paul’s Church of Ireland parish is holding a Halloween table quiz on Friday October 26 at 8.30pm in Turley’s Bar. Table of four, €20. Questions by Paddy Buggy. Fancy dress optional with a prize for best dressed male and female. Raffle also on the night. FANCY DRESS Halloween fancy dress charity party in aid of the Irish Lung Fibrosis Association and the Cuisle Centre on Sunday October 28 at 8pm in Turley’s Bar. Tickets €5 from Turley’s and McConville’s Supervalu. Prizes for best costume. Come along and enjoy the fun. RACE NIGHT Race night in aid of Mountmellick United FC in Moloney’s Gaelic Bar on Friday November 9 at 9pm. Horses on sale for €20, call Alan Comerford or Mick Davis. Race sponsorship is €100 per race and can be shared. Enquiries to 087 6178821.

BEN & JAKE THANKS The Ben and Jake Connolly Trust thank all who supported their recent Dress Sale, which raised €1,320, shared between it and the the Bone Marrow for Leukaemia Trust. A total for the bagged clothes collection will follow. COMHALTAS Traditional music classes every Tuesday night in Mountmellick GAA club, starting at 6.30pm. Classes in whistle, accordion, concertina flute and fiddle with teachers Áine and Patricia. Classes €2 for a limited time for all members. Singers and dancers welcome, all ages. ROSARY Rosary each Sunday evening during October at 7pm in Castlebrack cemetery and in St Joseph’s Church. All welcome.

CUPCAKE CLASS A Halloween cupcake decorating class will be held in The Kitchens at MDA on Wednesday October 31 from 2pm to 5pm. Booking essential. To book send a pm to BakedByLizIre. Cost: €20 per child and €15 per sibling payable at start of class. BINGO Each Sunday evening from 8.30pm to 10.15pm in the Arts Centre. All welcome along. GROW Meetings on Thursdays at 7.30pm in MDA. All welcome. Call Michelle 086 4183805. BABY BOOK CLUB Baby Book Club at 10.30am on Tuesdays. Suitable for babies from 0 to 3 years. Socialise with children, learn rhymes, songs and reading tips. JUNIOR CHESS Junior Chess Club held on Saturdays from 10.30am to 11.30am for ages 7 to13 in the library. Basic knowledge required.

COMPUTER CLASSES Anyone interested in an intermediate 6 week computer course in the library call 057 8644572 for details. Restrictions apply and limited places. ACTIVE RETIREMENT The next meeting is in Wolfe Tone Court on Wednesday October 17 at 10.30am where members will enjoy games, chat and refreshments and the details of the Christmas break will be discussed. Activities: Monday: 7pm to 8pm Boccia in the Macra Hall, all who are interested are welcome along. Tuesday: 12pm aqua aerobics in Portlaoise leisure centre (bus from MDA at 11.15am). New members welcome, call Ann 086 0618955.

WHIST October 3. Community Care. Top score L Pierce. Lady 1 B Hogan. 2 C Drought. Gent 1 E Carroll. 2 S Duff. Half lady 1 B Cooley. 2 J O’Shea. Half gent 1 T Kearns. 2 D Kelly. Lowest score S Cunningham, C Fitzpatrick. Hatcher V Kearns. Raffle E Carroll, J O’Shea, M Barrett, M Flanagan, S Duff. October 4. Old School. Top score S Duff. 2 B Thompson, C Drought, B Ransom. Half 1 M Gowing, P Dowling. 2 R Cole, T Kearns. Best of three H Kelly, K Kavanagh. Raffle M Gowing, B Ransom, K Kavanagh, B Thompson. ROCK LOTTO No jackpot winner. €20 J Brennan, A Dowling, S Conlon, J Conroy, D Blanc. Jackpot now €2,600. Tickets Clubs/The_Rock_Gaa_club BRIDGE October 4. NS 1 B Conlon & A Egan. 2 K Walsh & T Mitchell. 3 K Booth & E Earley. EW 1 A Colgan & T Joyce. 2 C Lawlor & M Hourigan. 3 A Rochford & V Turley. ALZHEIMER’S SOCIETY Laois Alzheimer's Society Resource Centre at 47 Main Street Portlaoise is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

The family carers support group meets up there on Wednesday October 17 from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. Meet others in a similar situation and get support, advice and information. All are invited to the official opening of the resource centre by ASI CEO Pat McLoughlin on Friday October 19 at 2pm. For information on dementia call home care co-ordinator Ann Munnelly on 057 866 3398 or 086 8372168 MOUNTMELLICK NEWS HAVE YOU GOT A STORY FOR US? CONTACT OUR NEWS TEAM NOW e: t: 057 86 21666 COMMUNITY 28 Big welcome at Mountmellick Fire Station At Mountmellick Fire Station were Morgan, Warren and Mia O'Neill hosted by members of the Laois County Fire and Rescue Service in Mountmellick. PICTURE: DENIS BYRNE Windfall grant to restore Mountmellick Arts Centre to glory The architectural gem that is Mountmellick Arts Centre hasreceivedaboosttoensure it will continue to entertain crowdsforyearstocome. The centre first opened as a state of the art cinema in 1951 and nowadays has a theatre downstairs and cinema upstairs. It has received a €98,000 grant from the Government's Town andVillageRenewalScheme. The money will pay to paint inside the main auditorium, add a disabled toiletandreplacecarpetsand floors. It may stretch to repainting the exterior and upgradingthecarpark. The grant is hugely welcome, said Ger Lynch, committeemember.

“It's going to make an enormous difference. We got great cooperation from Laois County Council when applying for it. It will make the centre a lot more presentable and comfortable andpatronfriendly.Ihopewe can increase the amount of showsweputon,”hesaid. “Our priority is the main auditorium.Wehopetopaint it before Christmas. That is a specialist job requiring scaffolding,anditwillhaveto bedonearoundevents.Much of the other work will be in thenewyear,”heexplained. He believes it will make thevenueatopdestination. “It will be one of the leading entertainment venues in the midlands. It is uniquelypreserved,probably because it remains owned by the parish. We are very lucky haveit,”hesaid. They must match the grant with 10 percent of fundraised cash, and to that end,willhostaliveconcerton October20calledTheLegend ofLukeKelly.Ticketsare€15. Mountmellick Community Arts Centre gets €100k grant LYNDA.KIERNAN

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 AROUND THE TOWN E-mail: CHRISTMAS TREE The annual door to door collection in aid of Portarlington Christmas Tree is taking place over the next few weeks. All contributions gratefully appreciated. CREDIT UNION DAY Portarlington Credit Union will join Credit Unions in other communities around the world to celebrate International Credit Union Day on Thursday October 18 from 10.30am. Please call down to help celebrate with us. We will have refreshments and great prizes to give away. We are also holding our Cash Draw where someone will win the top prize of €10,000. Looking forward to seeing you.

SALUTING THE BRAVE ‘Saluting the Brave’ showcased in Portarlington in 2015. Now that we are approaching the end of the commemorations this November, the musicians have decided that they would like to give Saluting the Brave another run with a few adjustments. Come to see them in the Dunamaise Theatre on next Saturday October 20 at 8pm. Tickets €15. DANCING Dancing in Aid of Portarlington St Vincent de Paul continues every Monday night in the Gandon Inn Hotel & Restaurant. October 22, dancing to Brian McDermott. Admission €8. Dancing 9.30pm to 12. A great night assured. FRIENDS TOGETHER Friends Together Social Club meet every Tuesday and Friday in the Scouts Den, Main St from 2.30 to 5pm. Why not call in for a free cuppa and chat. We also play board games, table quiz, art and craft classes. Contact 0872788472 for more information about our club. SYMPATHY Deepest sympathy to the family of Iris Conlon (nee Swayne), Station Court and formerly Oghill, Monasterevin who passed away on Wednesday October 10. Iris will be sadly missed by her loving husband Noel, daughters Josie, Beverley, Kat, Bernadette and Patricia, sons Noel, Sean, Dominic and Liam, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, her extended family and friends. Requiem mass took place on Friday October 12 at SS Peter & Paul’s Church Monasterevin, with burial after in St Evin’s Cemetery. May Iris rest in peace.

SYMPATHY Deepest sympathy to the family of Paddy Monagher, Cloneygowan and formerly Main St who passed away on Monday October 8 at his residence. Paddy was a former employee of Odlums Mills for many years. He will be sadly missed by his loving wife Marian, sons Darren and David, daughters Lorraine and Susan, brother Willie, sisters Kathleen and Mary, grandchildren, extended family, neighbours and friends. Requiem mass took place on Thursday October 11 at St Mary’s Church Raheen, with burial after in the adjoining Cemetery. May Paddy rest in peace.

GAA NOTES Tickets are now on sale for our biggest fundraiser of 2018. The 20K Drop is the hit entertaining show where €20,000 can be won. Tickets are €20 each or €60 for family (four adults or two adults and three children). On sale at the GAA Centre every Tuesday night from 7-8pm or from or from our juvenile chairman Padraig Maher at 087 2387353, club secretary David Clarke at 087 7962461 or juvenile secretary Amy Flood at 089 2458621. The proceeds will go towards the next major development of four new dressing rooms underneath the stand.

Bingo continues every Tuesday night at 8.30pm in the GAA Centre with over €2,500 to be won in prize money. Our weekly lotto tickets are on sale weekly for €2 or 3 for €5. Minimum jackpot is €5,000. We've had two Jackpot winners in the last four months, so don’t miss the chance of being the next one. LIBRARY NOTICES Adult Book Club next meeting at Portarlington Library on Thursday October 25 at 11am. We will be discussing the Great Alone by Kristen Hannah. Copies are available at the library desk and new members are always welcome. Call 057 8643751 for more information.

The knitting circle meets every Friday morning 10.30am-12.30pm. New members always welcome. Junior Book Club (9-12yrs) is currently full but if you wish to place your child’s name on the waiting list call 057 8643751. ALZHEIMER'S SOCIETY Laois Alzheimer's Society Resource Centre at 47 Main Street Portlaoise is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. Family Carers Support Group on Wednesday October 17 from 7.30pm-9pm in the Resource Centre, Portlaoise R32 VRX8. The support group provide an opportunity to meet others in a similar situation, to access information and practical advice in a supportive environment. Free to family members affected by dementia and memory issues. Please join us to celebrate the official opening of the Resource Centre by ASI CEO Pat McLoughlin on Friday October 19 at 2pm. Everyone welcome. For any information on dementia contact Ann Munnelly on 057 866 3398/086 8372168 or email - TEXT ALERT Community Text Alerts was established for Portarlington and Killenard in September 2017. The service allows for the community to receive information on crime prevention and suspicious activity in and around surrounding areas. This alert comes direct from the Gardaí to your mobile phone. To start receiving alerts we require residents to sign a form consenting to alerts been received to their mobile phone number. To support the issuance of alerts a small annual fee of €10 is required. We have purchased some signs for the town and in the process of agreeing locations and timelines for erecting them with the council.

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions you might have. Portarlington Community Text Alerts is affiliated with the (Portarlington Community Development Association). Office is based in the Community Centre. Call in or contact the office at 0858568801. SHOP OWNERS Attention shop owners! Don't miss your chance to avail of the Shopfront Grant Scheme with grant assistance to the value of €750. The cut off for the completion of works is Friday, November 9. Remember applications must be approved before the works begin. Contact Laois County Council at FESTIVAL FUNDING Laois Partnership is accepting expressions of interest before October 26 for Leader grants for Festivals and Events taking place in Laois in 2019. Full details regarding eligibility and application from Laois Tourism and Laois County Council. LAOIS CONNECTS The promotion of positive mental health and wellbeing is the focus of Laois CONNECTS Mental Health Week which takes place from Saturday October 6 until Saturday October 13. To book a place on any of the events contact the relevant organisers or the Community Development Section, Laois County Council, telephone 057 86 64107 People's Park upgrade includes CCTV, lights CCTV and new street lights will be installed at the playground and astroturf pitch at The People's Park in Portarlington, using a grant of€100,000.

The park will also have cables undergrounded, and new furniture and signage. Parking spaces for the park and community centre will beaddedtoandrepainted. Theparkwasgivenitsfirst Green Flag award recently and the improvements will helptoretainthatstatus. The cash is from the Town and Village Renewal Scheme, sought by Laois County Council and Portarlington Community Development Association. It is the next tranche of work in the town paid by the scheme, with cables already undergrounded in Market Square, and a refurbishment of the Barrow bridge railing andlightsabouttostart. Cllr Aidan Mullins is from Portarlington.

“We are delighted to get this money, it helps us to continuework.Portarlington is still playing catch-up for funding compared to other Laois towns like Abbeyleix andDurrow,”hesaid. Cllr Mullins hopes that undergrounding of cables will eventually extend all alongthemainstreet. “Portarlington Tidy Towns have been pushing for this for a long time. It has a three year plan which the council is working with,” he said. MinisterCharlieFlanagan announcedthefunding. “I want to thank Laois County Council and local Councillors for their efforts and co-operation in engaging with local and business communities to identify theseprojects.

“The Town and Village Renewal Scheme is a key part of the Government’s Action Plan for Rural Development. It focuses on projects to enhance rural towns and villages with populations of less than 5,000 people, with an emphasis on stimulating economic development,” he said. People's Park with award LYNDA KIERNAN Port to bloom as 3,000 bulbs planted in ‘Operation Daffodil’ ResidentsandvisitorsinPortarlingtonarein for a treat next spring as 3,000 daffodil bulbs aresettobeplantedinthecomingweeks. Portarlington Tidy Towns and local businesses have teamed up to launch ‘OperationDaffodil’atthebusyLeaRoad. The project involves cleaning up road frontage and planting an amazing 3,000 bulbs that will be ready to bloom in springtime, adding a burst of colour to the roadsideandenhancingthelookofthearea. David Maher is a local businessman and memberofPortarlingtonTidyTowns. “Our works include cutting all the lower branchesofftheexistingtrees,rotivatingand level the ground, adding about 300 new hedging plants and planting 3,000 daffodil bulbsalonga300mstretchofroadfrontage. “Weareveryluckytohavehadthesupport of John Carey of the, an online seller of garden products, who came on board with a donation of 100kgs of Daffodils and expert advice on how to preparethegroundandplantthebulbs. “It is important to note that this section of roadway benefits hugely from the past work of the Portarlington Tidy towns and in particular John O'Kane who oversaw the plantingoftreesonthesectionofroadover20 years which gives a lovely tree line appearancetothispartofthetown. “The works in total will take about two weeksandnextspringwilladdanimpressive splashofcolourtothelivesofresidentsofand visitorstoPortarlington,”MrMahersaid. PORTARLINGTON NEWS HAVE YOU GOT A STORY FOR US? CONTACT OUR NEWS TEAM NOW e: t: 057 86 21666 COMMUNITY 29 John Carey, Fionn Maher, Sadhbh Maher, David Maher and Rex planting daffodils in Port MICHELLE HOGAN

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 AROUND THE COUNTY ABBEYLEIX/DURROW-CULLOHILL/ROSENALLIS ABBEYLEIX E-mail: CONGRATS ANN MARIE Congrats to Midlands 103 fm radio presenter Ann Marie Kelly on winning two Golds at the IMRO National Radio Awards. The Abbeyleix native, who hails from the Portlaoise road, presents three programmes on the local radio station. Daughter of Tom and the late Mary, Ann Marie saw off the likes of Ray D'Arcy to win Ann Marie Kelly, Midlands 103, won Gold in the Specialist Music Broadcaster Category and the Gold award in the Magazine Programme category for The Open Door. Ann Marie FESTIVAL FUNDING Laois Partnership is accepting expressions of interest before October 26 for Leader grants for Festivals and Events taking place in Laois in 2019. Full details regarding eligibility and application from Laois Tourism and Laois County Council.

HALLOWEEEN FUN Heritage House School of Wizardry and Magic halloween event on Tuesday, October 30 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm. On the day you get to pick your wand, or let your wand choose you! Potions and slime workshop, and if you're brave enough to try them, we will have the Every Flavour Jellybeans Challenge. Booking essential. €15 per child. Contact Heritage House for more details. ABBEYLEIX WHIST The following is the Abbeyleix Hospital Whist results: Top Nora Delaney, 1st Lady Sadie Chester, 2nd Lady Margaret Flanigan; 1st Gent Nora Breen, 2nd Gent Tom Jacob; 1st Half Mary Doheny, 2nd Half Rose Cunningham; 1st Quarter Bridget Cashin, 2nd Quarter Paddy Purcell, 3rd Quarter Nora Carroll, 4th Quarter Kathleen Kennedy Juvenile - 1st Draw Tom Jacob, 2nd Draw Kathleen Kavanagh, 3rd Draw Joe Cass. 4th Draw Nora Carroll.

CHRISTMAS FAIR The Abbeyleix Christmas Fair takes place on December 8 next. Volunteers are sought to help. Contact christmasfair@ SOCIAL DANCING Social Dancing takes place every Thursday night in Abbeyleix Golf Club at 10pm. Lessons from 8.15pm. New dancers always welcome. HALLOWEEN MASK Abbeyleix Library is running a Halloween Mask competition. More details call into Abbeyleix Library. Contact 057 8730020 abbeyleixlibrary@ FAMILY HISTORY Have you always wanted to trace your family history but don't know where to start? Heritage House is running a competition for one lucky person to win an hours worth of genealogical research. With almost 10 years experience in tracing family history and genealogy, our resident researcher and heritage assistant Regina will help you trace your family past. Check their Facebook page to enter. Best of luck.

SHOP OWNERS Attention shop owners! Don't miss your chance to avail of the Shopfront Grant Scheme with grant assistance to the value of €750. The cut off for the completion of works is Friday, November 9. Remember applications must be approved before the works begin. Contact CHARITY AUCTION Mary-Clare Knowles charity livestock and fodder auction takes place in aid of on Bank Holiday, October 28 at 9pm in Scully's of Ballyroan with music to follow. All proceeds to Davet Syndrome Care & Research. To donate call Eileen on 085 1641399 or 087 9562491 ABBEYLEIX WINNER Congratulations to Abbeyleix man Reginal Cuddy who won €10,000 in the People First Credit Union August monthly cash draw.

GAA BOXING FUNDRAISER St Lazarian's Abbeyleix GAA Club and Ballinakill GAA are co-hosting a 'White Collar Boxing Night' fundraiser at the Castle Arms in Durrowon Saturday, November 10 next from 7pm. First bout at 8pm. Tickets €20. Ringside premium seats €30 each. ABBEYLEIX GAA THANKS Abbeyleix GAA thanks most sincerely the many businesses who sponsored and took out advertising with us in 2018. The club asks all members to please support these businesses. The club says sponsorship plays a vital role in ensuring that our club continues to grow and prosper. The maintenance and development of the club's facilities and grounds, coaching training and development of young players and the proper resourcing of our adult teams presents a major challenge to the club. It would not be possible to continue with this work without the help of generous sponsors and the selfless commitment of so many volunteers who devote their time, talents and energy in serving our community. The club gratefully acknowledge the support and will work closely with all sponsors to facilitate the best return for their investment. They encourage all sponsors and advertisers (past present and future) to join to build on the successes.

Autumn fun in Abbeyleix at Applefest Pictured on the left is Stasia Kilroy applying face paint to Stella Keyes. Pictured on the right is Jessica and Melissa Donegan. Both pictures were taken during the Abbeyleix AppleFest which was held recently PICTURES: KEVIN BYRNE COMMUNITY 30 DO YOU HAVE COMMUNITY NEWS YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE HERE? Please contact 057 86 21666 or email: DURROW/ CULLOHILL YOUR LOCAL CORRESPONDENT MARTIN LALOR 087 218 5839 E-mail: LOTTO The Parish Lotto with a jackpot of €1,000 was not won on Monday night October 8. The lotto of October 22 with a possible jackpot of €1,300 will be held in the O’Connell’s Cullohill. All tickets must be handed in before 9.30pm on the night of the draw to be included in that jackpot. CRAFT FAIR 2018 Durrow Craft Fair 2018 will be held in the Castle Arms Hotel, Durrow on Saturday November 17. For more information contact Mary on 087-2200199 or email WHIST The Killermogh Parishes will hold their monthly whist drive of the winter season on Thursday night October 25 at 8.30pm in the Parochial Hall, Cork Road, Durrow. All are welcome DURROW FORUM The Durrow Development Forum AGM will take place on Wednesday 7th November in the Library, Chapel Street, Durrow at 8pm sharp. All are welcome to attend.

USED CLOTHES Another Collection is being organised for this October so anyone who wishes to contribute bags of clean clothes can leave them into the Community Hall any morning, Monday to Friday. All in aid of the National Council for the Blind and Durrow Community Centre. Your support will be much appreciated. HALLOWEEN PARTY On Monday October 29 there will be an extraordinary party in Dunmore Woods from 3pm to 5pm. Arrive in costumes suitable for the occasion, follow clues and find pumpkins, have some hot chocolate and marshmallows, make slime and get your face painted. All for just €10 per child fully inclusive.

SYMPATHY The death took place in Naas General Hospital, following a short illness of Patrick (Paugie) Murphy, Hillview, Cork Road, Durrow on Sunday October 7. A member of a highly respected and much loved family in the parish, the late Paugie Murphy will be missed by his loving wife, family, friends and neighbours. A mechanic by trade Paugie was well known throughout the length and breadth of Ireland. The late Paugie also served in the Local Fire and Rescue service for over thirty years. He is survived by his loving wife Margaret, sons Clive, Brendan and Padraig, brother, sister, grandchildren, daughters-in-law, nieces, nephews, relatives, friends and neighbours.

The large attendance at his wake in Phelan’s Funeral home on Monday and at the removal, Mass and burial was a testament the high respect and love everyone had for Paugie and to offer to Margaret ,Clive, Brendan and Padraig their heartfelt sympathy. The remains were removed from his home on Tuesday morning to Church of the Holy Trinity, Durrow with a guard of honour from Durrow Fire and Rescue Service and former retired colleagues. Following Requiem Mass his remains were laid to rest in the adjoining cemetery. SYMPATHY The death took place following a short illness of Tom Dunne, Castlewood, Durrow. A lovely quiet man the late Tom Dunne was a brilliant neighbour, friend and was capable of turning his hand to anything. He will be sadly missed by his cousins, friends and neighbours. Tom reposed at his cousins house (Sheila Moore) in Ballyouskill on Saturday. On Sunday morning his remains were removed to the Church of Holy Trinity, Durrow for Requiem Mass at 11 am. Burial took place in adjoining cemetery . May he rest in peace MCGIOLLAPHADRAIG WAY South Laois Tourism will hold the popular McGiollaphadraig Way Walk on October Bank Holiday Monday 29th October. Starting at 12 noon Cullahill Castle with reg. from 11.30am. ROSENALLIS YOUR LOCAL CORRESPONDENT SHEILA MAHON 087 619 7133 E-mail: ROSENALLIS GAA The club extends sincere sympathy to Cllr David Goodwin and family on the death of his sister Myra last week, may she rest in peace. 11th club monster auction on Sunday 28th October. Thanks to everyone for your support as it would not be successful without community help. If you have items for collecting please contact one of the following Jim Kelly 087 8141520, Tom Conroy 086 8215523 or Mick Lennon 087 2567017. We welcome all contributions big or small. HELP WANTED Rosenallis Senior Citizens Committee bag pack to raise funds from the Senior citizens in our parish, it goes towards events we run during the year. Bag Packing takes place on Friday, 26th and Saturday, 27th October in Dunnes Stores, Kyle Centre, Portloaise. We would greatly appreciate if anyone could spare some time to help us on those days. Please contact Sheila on 0876258329.

DEEPEST SYMPATHY Deepest sympathy to the Wardrop and Goodwin family on the death of Myra, Terenure, Dublin and formerly Rosenallis on 4th October 2018 at St James' Hospital with her family. Our thoughts are with her family especially her husband Keith and children Bruce & Jane, family and friends. RIP. TRAD MUSIC CLASSES Tuesday nights in Mountmellick GAA club. Commencing at 6:30 pm. Aine and Patricia, our fabulous teachers, are looking forward to seeing all our current members and welcoming new members to the group. check out our Facebook page for details. Music, song and dance. Older members welcome to join in the fun. Classes only €2 for a limited time for all members.

SLIEVE BLOOM WALKS Saturday, October 21 Clear Lake meet at Cattle Mart, Mountrath at 1pm Grade B 8km Duration 3 hrs Leader Susan Lawlorand Sunday 21 October 2018 Paul's Lane/Spink Mountain/Silver River meet at Cadamstown Car Park at 11am Grade B 10km Duration 4 hrs Leader

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 AROUND THE COUNTY CLONASLEE/MONASTEREVIN/CLOUGH-BALLACOLLA CLONASLEE YOUR LOCAL CORRESPONDENT ANETTE DOOLAN E-mail: CLONASLEE SHOW The Show was a fantastic success. The society committee would like to thank all who helped in any way with the Show, all the volunteer stewards, those who helped on the day, the setting up and cleaning up of the grounds. Thanks to the people in the tea room and all who donated baked goods. We kindly appreciate the support from all our sponsors. Thank you to all who sold and purchased raffle tickets, your support is appreciated. It was good to see our community spirit in action. Results of the Clonaslee Show raffle are as follows: 1st €750 cash Ellen Makim. 2nd €500 cash Jack Gardiner. 3rd €250 Dunnes Store Voucher Reggie Gyves & Family. 4th Pig - Ready for Freezer €200 Christy Richard. 5th Lamb - Ready for Freezer €125 Martin McDonough, Ballyroan. 6th Deverell Oil Voucher - €100 Jim Phelan, Mountmellick. 7th Hamper No.1 Abbey Prendergast, Portlaoise. 8th Hamper No.2 John Corcoran. 9th Telfords Voucher - €100 Laura Rooney, Killeigh. 10th Molloy Environment Voucher - €50 Lorraine Deegan, Cadamstown. 11th Esker Hills Voucher - €50 Irene Crampton. 12th Laois Hire Voucher - €50 Katie Downs. 13th Laois Hire Voucher - €50 Gary Delaney. 14th Grennans Butcher Voucher - €25 Bridget Horne, Cadamstown. 15th Grennans Butcher Voucher - €25 Róisín Delaney. 16th Jefferson Measuring Wheel -Vanessa Maher.

17th Spanner Set - Patricia Heaney, Clarahill. 18th Mini Grinder - Brendan Blake, Kinnitty. 19th Bahco Screwdriver Set - Sheelagh Clowry. 20th Bahco Screwdriver Set - Eileen Digan. 21st Wine Set - Fiona, Grace & Caoimhe Kinanan. 22nd Jefferson Screwdriver Set - Matthew Miller. 23rd Forestry Helmet - Pat Carroll. 24th Forestry Helmet - Casey Jane Heaney, Clarahill. 25th Hamper No.3 - Katie Corcoran, Clonaslee. 26th Hamper No.4 - Colm Dowling. 27th Hamper No.5 - Megan & Maura Lyons. CCDA NEWS The following items were discussed at the monthly meeting: Painting of the playschool, trees on Brittas Lane being looked into, window repairs at the Heritage Centre, Brittas Lake, composting, new path is a good job done, GDPR, Town & Village Renewal Scheme grant received to upgrade Community Centre, work on the Clodiagh River, footpaths out the Mountmellick road, speed on all roads entering Clonaslee is an issue, all in the community need to write into the County Council with their concerns and it will put on more pressure for action. ESB wires on Brittas Ave and Tullamore Road will be done. Upcoming events in the community: Severino, CCNS clothes collection, Social Services bingo, monthly bingo. Sympathies to all who lost loved ones since our last meeting. Next meeting is November 12.

FLY POSTING No fly posting is allowed in Clonaslee during the upcoming Presidential election. All posters must go outside the 60 km signs. Thank you for your cooperation. CLOTHES COLLECTION Castlecuffe NS are holding a fundraising clothes collection, supporting the National Council for the Blind, on Wednesday October 17. If you have any clothing, linen, curtains, belts, handbags or paired shoes to donate please leave them to the school before 9 am. This is a very worthy cause and all donations are gratefully received.

SOCIAL SERVICES BINGO Bingo is on Wednesdays from 2 – 4 pm in the Community Centre kitchen. We would love to see more come to this social event with a cuppa at break time. Please come along, all welcome. POST OFFICE HOURS Due to changes being implemented by An Post, from Monday October 15th all Post Office’s will now close for lunch every day from 12.30pm to 1pm, but will remain open from 1pm to 2pm. The new opening hours will be 9.00am to 12.30pm and 1pm to 5.30pm MUSIC LESSONS Clonaslee Comhaltas Branch music lessons are on Thursday from 5:30 pm in the Community Centre. Contact John 085-285-1772 or Elaine 087-236-2723 or AUTUMN SCHEDULE Classes at An Sean Chistin, Irey, Ballyfin as follows: Monday Set Dancing at 8 pm. Tuesday Line Dancing at 11 am. Wednesday Line Dancing at 8 pm. Further details Maureen 087-648-2038.

PARISH BOOKINGS Bookings for the Parish Hall must be made, prior to use, by contacting John 083-4712546. All groups, clubs please advise the parish office on 864-8030 two weeks in advance to hold a church gate collection. LAOIS OFFALY LOCAL LINK Bus each Tuesday and Friday to Portlaoise leaving at 9.30am, returns at 12:30 pm. Cost €3 return and travel pass accepted. Bus travels to Bingo each Sunday leaving Clonaslee at 7:30 pm. It is a door to door pick up. The bus will also drop you at hospitals or train stations. Any queries or to book your seat you must phone or text the evening before to 057-869-2168 or 087-743-7444.

WWI REMEMBRANCE There will be a spoken word evening of remembrance for those who lost their lives and served in World War One from the Mountmellick area on Sunday November 11 in Mountmellick Library at 7:30 pm. The evening will consist of poetry, prose, newspaper articles and narratives about those who served in the war. Entrance is free but places will be limited. Tickets are available on Eventbrite at or call into Mountmellick Library. PARENT TALKS Upcoming talks for parents in Mountmellick Library: Thursday November 8 from 7-8 pm: Supporting the Dyslexic Child. A talk by Eva Gabor Special Education teacher. Tuesday November 27 from 7:30-8:30 pm: Raising Competent Teenagers with Positive Parenting. MOUNTMELLICK LIBRARY Mountmellick Camera Club is exhibiting a selection of their work in the Gallery at Mountmellick Library for the month of October. Drop in during library opening hours. Baby Book Club is on Tuesdays at 10.30 am. For babies from 0 – 3 years. Socialise with other children and babies, listen to rhymes, sing along and pick up reading tips. If you are interested in starting an intermediate 6 week computer class please call 057-864-4572 to find out more. Restrictions apply and places are limited.

Junior Chess Club Saturdays from 10.30 am, ages 7 – 13. Basic knowledge required. WHIST RESULTS Sunday October 7: Top score: Annie Parnell. Gents: 1 Dinny Whelan 2 Tom Kearns. Ladies: 1 V Kearns 2 Mary Gowing. Quarters: 1 Dinny Kelly 2 Becky Thompson 3 Mick Kelly 4 Martin Rigney. Raffle: Matt Barrett, Martin Rigney, Annie Parnell, Tom Delaney, Martin Rigney, Tom Gowing. PARISH LOTTO Jackpot won, congrats to Annette Doolan, Castlecuffe on winning €500. Winning no: 23-5-19. €30 winners: Setanta McCann, Lower Gorrough; Colin Snell, Brittas; Matt Barrett, Clonaslee; Jack Byrne, Cadamstown; Tom Feery, Killeigh; Nuala Smith, Bellair. Promoter’s prize: Ann Rigney, Matt Barrett, Shirley Langford. Next week’s Jackpot: €500. Lotto gift cards on sale at the Heritage Centre Mon to Thurs 10 am – 2 pm and Fri 10 am – 1:30 pm or from Dolores Murray on 087-414-8093. Champion Camross teddies Camross fans Lana Dunphy, Mia Conroy and Maeve Dunphy with their teddy friends at the Laois Senior Hurling Championship final in O'Moore Park, Portlaoise PICTURE: DENIS BYRNE CLOUGH BALLACOLLA YOUR LOCAL CORRESPONDENT NOREEN BYRNE E-mail: TABLE QUIZ Hawthorn Community Building Ballacolla will hold a table quiz on Saturday, October 27 in Hayes Bar Ballacolla. All support welcome.

MCGIOLLAPHADRAIG WAY South Laois Tourism will hold the popular McGiollaphadraig Way Walk on October Bank Holiday Monday 29th October. Starting @ 12 noon Cullahill Castle with reg. from 11.30am. The walk will bring you through the spectacular views of Cullahill Mountain and Capponellan Wood to the finish in Durrow where refreshments will be held in Dec's Bar. For information contact 0872395357. BALLACOLLA TIDY TOWNS Results of lotto draw held on Monday October 8th. Jackpot €2,000 was not won. Numbers drawn were 2, 11, 27 and 28 .Winners of €25 were Mary Campion, Rathmakelly, Hannah Phelan, C/o Glanbia, Agnes Hyland, Corraun, Maureen Bergin, C/o Hawthorn, Mary Whelan, C/o Claire Meade Jackpot for Monday October 15th will be €2,200. AGHABOE LOURDES Aghaboe Lourdes collection willbe held at Ballacolla and Clough churches on the weekend of 27 and 28 October. All support will be appreciated POSTERS As Ballacolla is a poster free zone we would appreciate that no posters are erected inside the Ballacolla Stone signs. ABC CLUB ABC club going on a outing on Wednesday October 17th to to visit the Mountmellick Lace museum. .Meet in Ballacolla at 1 45pm. If interested please contact Sheila Coonan call 0868128407 MONASTEREVIN E-mail: WOODLANDS WALKS Minister Michael Ring has confirmed that a grant of €20,000 has been granted to Monasterevin for the upgrading of two woodlands walks. This is a great project and will enhance the amenities of the town. CONCERT Monasterevin Community Centre is a hive of activity and is now a great great asset to the town. On Saturday 27 October at 8pm John Spillane, a well known singer and songwriter will perform there. Special guest will be Naas Sive. Tickets €15 and are available from Next Door to the Library cafe or on PEOPLES MARKET The Peoples Market will be on Saturday 27 October.

Halloween Market Time from 10am to 2.30pm in the Community Centre. A big variety of stalls will be there. Please support the local non-profit market and keep our market alive. TIDY TOWNS Monasterevin Tidy Town Committee. Congratulations to this hard committee on the great results in this years competition, obtaining a total of 280 marks in category D. Nine marks up on 2017 results. The town has a very active committee and are always looking for volunteers for the many projects that they carry out. The committee wish to thanks all involved in supporting their efforts and look forward to future projects.

GFC WEEKLY DRAW Monasterevin GFC Weekly draw on October 10. €150 Paul Duffy, €50 Tom Melia, R/C/J McDonagh, Ber OConnell CU COMPETITION Monasterevin Credit Union National Art Competition is now under way at local level. Entry forms are in all schools and are available in the Credit Union office. BALLYKELLY LOTTO Ballykelly GFC Lotto draw 8 October 01,05,13,17. Jackpot not won. Winners of €20 M.Colgan, Mrs Walshe, P.Pender, D.Lawler, S.Moore Jackpot now €4,400. PARISH LOTTO Monasterevin Parish Lotto draw 9 October 01,04,23,24 Jackpot €4,400 Winners of €20 C.Colgan,P.Gorry, S.Byrne, E.Weldon, D and S Brett.

Jackpot now €4,400 COMMUNITY 31 DO YOU HAVE COMMUNITY NEWS YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE HERE? Please contact 057 86 21666 or email:

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 AROUND THE COUNTY MOUNTRATH/BALLYFIN/CRETTYARD/CASTLETOWN/ERRILL MOUNTRATH/ BALLYFIN YOUR LOCAL CORRESPONDENT ANNE-MARIE PHELAN E-mail: SCHOOL GRINDS In conjunction with the Mountrath Community Forum. Do you know someone who needs a little extra help with any of the following -Primary school subjects, Maths to Leaving Certificate, Science, Business studies, Accountancy, Irish, English or French. All ages and levels catered for students in primary and secondary school. Grinds will take place in the Brigidine Convent and will be done by qualified and Garda vetted primary and secondary school teachers. Group classes (3 to 4 per class) €15 per class per student Each term consists of ten weeks but students are welcome at any time! If you are interested please contact Gina on 086-8739818 or Nick at 085-1678718 CHRISTMAS LIGHTS A bucket collection for Mountrath Christmas Lights will be held on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th of October in Mountrath. Your support would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

KILN LANE EVENTS Kiln Lane Community Building Mountrath events: Monday morning cookery course from 10am. to 12.30pm free. Tuesday evening free- healthy communities programme youth programme 5.30 p.m. to 6.30 pm. Adult programme 7 p.m. to 8 pm. Programmes to follow, first aid, mental health and wellbeing and self-defence, dates to be confirmed. Thursday evening, music generation song group for children 9 years and upwards 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm Cost for this programme is €20 from October to December. LAOIS ALZHEIMERS Laois Alzheimer's Society Resource Centre at 47 Main Street Portlaoise is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. Family Carers Support Group Wednesday, October 17, 2018 7.30pm-9pm.

Free to family members affected by dementia and memory issues. Please join us to celebrate the Official Opening of the Resource Centre by ASI CEO Pat McLoughlin. On Friday, October 19, 2018 at 2pm. Everyone welcome. For any information on dementia contact Ann Munnelly on 057 866 3398/086 8372168 Home-care Coordinator Email COMMUNITY ALERT Ballyfin Community Alert renewal of text alert registration will take place on Saturday, October 20, at 8.45pm and Sunday, October 21,at 10.45 am in the Community Hall. Fee €20 per mobile phone registered. Registration forms are also available in the Deadmans from Ger and June Whelan.

CAMERA CLUB Mountrath Camera Club will hold its AGM on Thursday, November 15, 2018 at 8pm in St Fintan's Hall, Mountrath, Co Laois. GAA LOTTO Mountrath lotto draw results for October 8. Numbers drawn: 1, 12, 21, 25. No jackpot winner. €20 winners: Sadie O'Connor, Liam Byrne, Frank McKenna, Ann Kelly, Linda Phelan, AnnMarie Bergin, Dan Phelan and Peter Middleton. House prize: John Parkinson. Promoters prize: Davy Tobin and Martin Phelan. Next weeks jackpot €5,600. Venue 'Sox's Bar'. LATE PETER DELANEY Condolences to the family of the late Peter Delaney, Trumera, Mountrath who died on October 4 peacefullyat St Vincent's Hospital, Mountmellick. Deeply regretted by, extended family, relatives and friends. Reposed at Burke's Funeral Home, Mountrath.

Removal to St Fintan's Church, Mountrath, for Funeral Mass. Burial in St. Fintan's Cemetery, Mountrath. COMMUNITY FORUM Mountrath Community Forum needs the public's help to make sure they organise the kinds of classes you want to go to. Please click on the link and take our survey - there is only one question: Which class would you want to go to? pick 1 of 10 choices and you're done /r/G5MS8XZ NO POSTERING PLEASE Mountrath Tidy Towns Committee ask all businesses, clubs and associations to not erect any posters or notices inside the 100km limit! If you have an event upcoming and wish us to post it in the Mountrath Tidy Towns, Mountrath Development Association or on Mountrath and District Business Association pm via facebook. BARNASHRONE NS 5km family fun run / walk in aid of Barnashrone National School takes place on Sunday, October 21 from 12pm. Register at Barnashrone NS from 11am. €10 per person or €20 per family. Prizes on the day. Refreshments also.

JAM FOR HOSPICE The sale of Mary Doheny's homemade jam in aid of Laois Hospice continues at Phelan's Shop, Castletown and Costcutters, Mountrath. The jam is made from homegrown fruit donated by Mary's family and friends. Please support this worthy cause as Mary donates all proceeds from sales to Laois Hospice. Celebrating Colonel James Fitzmaurice Tim Costello, RTÉ; Cathaoirleach of Laois County Council, Cllr John King; Hans Rahmann; Teddy Fennelly, chairman of the Fitzmaurice Commemoration Committee and Alan Phelan, committee member at The Dunamaise Arts Centre for the opening of the 'Fitz & the 1st East-to-West Atlantic Flight' exhibition PICTURE: ALF HARVEY. COMMUNITY 32 CRETTYARD YOUR LOCAL CORRESPONDENT ALICE DOWLING FUNDRAISER A table quiz will be held in Sheerins Bar on Friday October 19 at 8pm. Table of 4 costs €40, There will also be a raffle on the night. All are welcome to take part and the organisers look forward to plenty of support.

WEDDING BELLS Congratulations to Vivienne Dorris, Ballylinan and Thomas Kenny, Mayo on their marriage in St Mary's Church, Mayo on Friday October 5. Congratulations are also extended to Nicola Nolan, Carlow and Shane Purcell, Kilgorey on their marriage in St Abbans Church, Doonane on Friday October 5. LADIES CLUB Weekend away from November 23 - 25 in Amber Springs Hotel, Gorey,Co Wexford. Cost is €200 PPS which includes B/B and two evening meals. Single room costs €265. Names and money to Rita Brennan or Mary Wheatley this week please. SET DANCING Classes in set dancing are held in Behans of Tolerton on Thursdays commencing at 8.30pm sharp. Cost is just €5 which includes refreshments. No partner needed.

LINE DANCING Line dancing is held in Newtown School on Mondays commencing at 7.30pm. CRETTYARD GFC Last week’s winners in the Crettyard Footballers Lotto were Katherese Doyle, Kilgorey, Margaret Brennan, Doonane, Lolly Doyle, Tolerton and Aaron Kearney, Doonane Terrace. The winning numbers were 4-6-8-29. Next week’s jackpot is €8400. The club will hold their AGM on Friday November 9. WHIST Top score at Newtown whist on Saturday last was shared by Paul Kavanagh and Rita Brennan. Ladies: 1. Mary Warren. 2. Hannah Moore and Frances Gleeson. Gents: 1. Tom Fenlon. 2. C. Brennan. Halves: 1. Seamus Hennessy and Annette Hennessy. 2. John Egan. Quarters: 1. Tom Gowing. 2. Michael Molloy. Raffle winners were Tom Fenlon, Fr Denis Murphy, Kit Farrell, Christy Maher and Mary Wheatley. Whist continues as usual on Saturday next.

ST ABBANS Development draw 2018. Only two weeks to our first draw. We need your support for our biggest fundraiser of the year. Three €10 draws for an opportunity to win €6,500 in cash prizes. First draw at 9pm Friday October 19. Get your tickets in the clubhouse. COUCH TO 5KM Couch to 5km takes place on Monday and Wednesday 7.30 St Abbans track. Suitable for men and ladies of all ages and all abilities. Come along and bring a friend €2 per night. Anybody willing to help out with coaching, AAI have a new list of courses coaching/fixtures/ we can organise training for anyone interested. Please contact Catriona at the club, we need more coaches.

FESTIVAL FUNDING Laois Partnership is accepting expressions of interest before October 26 for Leader grants for festivals and events taking place in Laois in 2019. CASTLETOWN E-mail: ICA October meeting was presided over by vice-president Betty O'Gorman. Sympathy votes to the Heffernan, Tobin, Hynes family & Doloros Mulhare Stradbally guild on death of her husband Michael. Craft day Castletown Nov 10. Knit & Stitch show RDS Nov 8. Chef Catherine Fulvio Manor Hotel Oct 25 at 630pm. Senior Citizens Party in Community centre on Sun Oct 21. Well done to Vivienne Rigley on third place in All Ireland brown bread comp. Congrats to the Tidy towns committee & all the volunteers for coming 2nd in Laois. Well done Ross & team. Congrats to Naomh Eamann camogie club , Castletown/ Slieve Bloom Juvenile GAA & Slieve Bloom GAA on their success.

Monthly comp: 1st Maura Phelan, 2nd Ann Fitzpatrick. Nov comp - Small delph teapot. Thanks to Maura & Catherine for tasty supper. Prayers also for members & their families who are unwell. LOTTO Oct 8 jackpot €4850 not won. Nos: 4,14,9,23. €30 wins: Chris Phelan c/o self, Sharon Claxton c/o Sarah, Maedbh Doyle c/o Mary Keenan, Noelle Russell c/o Siobhan Cuddy, Sean Byrne c/o Billy. €20 wins: Jimmy Conroy, Joe Heffernan, Pauline Phelan, Sarah Claxton, Ann Dollard. Next jackpot €5000. ERRILL YOUR LOCAL CORRESPONDENT MARY NOLAN ERRILL GAA LOTTO Errill GAA Lotto jackpot is €19,450. Nos drawn: 12 - 18 - 19 and 24. Jackpot not won. Five match 3 tickets won €20 each - Geraldine Hooban, Castletown, Erin Hassett, Lisduff, Paddy Hickey, Rathdowney, Alex Stenson, Rathdowney and Michael Dowling, Rathdowney. Tickets in Errill Post Office, Dowling's Bar, Ray's Bar and promoters. SOCIAL DANCING!

Social dancing in St. Bernadette's Hall on Friday 9th November. Music by Terry and John. Dancing from 9pm til 12 midnight. Supper served. Great music and dancing. RATHDOWNEY LIBRARY Music poetry and song at Rathdowney Library on Thursday, October 18 "Where Old Ghogsts Meet" - tribute to the poet Patrick Kavanagh with Jimmy Rhatigan and directed by Geoff Rose. Starts at 8pm and is an hour long. Break for colcannon & sausages. Second half features music & song with Billy Dollard, Eddie Larkin & various local artists. Out the gap at 10.30pm! Admission €5 includes raffle. No booking, just be on time! All welcome. FUNDRAISER Castlefleming Community Alert are holding a cabaret in Fitzpatrick's Lounge, Clonmore on Saturday night next 13th October Tickets are €8 and are available at the door on the night and from committee members. Music by Blueprint. Door prize and raffle prizes on the night.

Money due for the text alert system is now due. Please pay it to Monica Dunne, Sheila Percy or any member of the committee before the end of the month. This money is needed to fund the text alert system. DO YOU HAVE COMMUNITY NEWS YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE HERE? Please contact 057 86 21666 or email:

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 AROUND THE COUNTY STRADBALLY/GRAIGUECULLEN-KILLESHIN STRADBALLY YOUR LOCAL CORRESPONDENT PAT KEARNS E-mail: ELECTRIC PICNIC The Residents Electric Picnic Committee invites applications from committees and organisations for funding in the community. The closing date for the receipt of applications is Friday, November 2. Applications to Secretary Martin Mahon, Woodview or Assistant Secretary Rita Pullen Delaney, Cill Beg Manor. SYMPATHY The death occurred on October 10 peacefully in the loving care of Kilminchy Nursing Home, Portlaoise of Maura Fennell, 'Aisling', The Elms, Stradbally. She is deeply regretted by her brother Billy, nieces, nephews, grandnieces, grandnephews, relatives and friends.

Her remains were reposing at the Presentation Convent Chapel, Stradbally on Friday until removal to the Church of the Sacred Heart and following requiem mass on Saturday interment took place in Oakvale Cemetery. ST COLMANS NS AGM The Parents Council of St Colman's National School, Stradbally will hold their annual general meeting on Wednesday, October 24 commencing at 7.30pm in the school. Come along and see what we do. A great way to meet other parents and do a little voluntary work in the community. CRAFT FAIR We are holding our first ever Stradbally Christmas Craft Fair in Napper Tandy's, Stradbally on Sunday, November 25 from 11am-6pm. For further information contact Brendan Lynch 085-2317357.

GARDEN CLUB The Stradbally Flower & Garden Club Christmas Dinner will be held on Friday, December 21 in Fiacri House, Roscrea. The cost is €55 with deposit of €20 to be paid at the November meeting. Anyone wishing to travel please contact Breda at 086-8385182 before Friday, October 26. WHIST DRIVE Next whist drive will be held in St Patrick's Hall, Stradbally on Friday, October 19 at 8.30pm. And all whist players welcome. PIETA HOUSE RACE NITE A Race Nite in aid of Pieta House will be held in Ramsbottoms Bar on Saturday, October 27. OUGHAVAL AC Oughaval AC ‘s annual family fun run Beat The Barge, will take place on Bank Holiday Monday, October 29 at 12 midday. This year’s Halloween themed 4K run takes place along the banks of the very scenic Grand Canal.Families and Children are invited to dress in Halloween costumes if they wish.

GOLF OUTING The Stradbally GAA annual golf outing will take place on Friday, November 16. Contact Billy Delaney to book your place. GAA Anyone looking to order any Stradbally Club gear just in time for Christmas – Darren Strong of DS Sports will be in Stradbally GAA Clubhouse on Friday, October 19 from 7pm to size and fit anyone who wants to order any of the gear on display. All orders places on the night must be app paid for un full. SYMPATHY Deepest sympathy is extended to Tom Kearns, Ballycoolan on the death on Wednesday, October 10 of his brother Martin, Markievicz Heights, Sligo Town and formerly Geevagh, Co Sligo. GAA PLAYERS FUND Rams Halloween Fancy Dress on Sunday, October 28. ZOMBIE RUN Beat The Barge Zombie Run will be held on Monday, October 29. Adults €12, children €6. Registration from 11am in Vicarstown Community Centre. Race starts at 12 pm at the Canal. For more information contact John Scully 085-1742251 or Majella 086 0111722. KIDS KAYAKING As part of the Vicarstown Beat The Barge Zombie Run the SVT Canoeing & Kayaking Club will be holding three kayaking Sessions on Monday, October 29 for children aged 10 and up. First slot 1pm-1.45pm, second slot 2pm-2.45pm, third slot 3pm-3.45pm.

STRADBALLY TOWN AFC Stradbally Town tickets for the FAI National Draw are now on sale from all club committee, players and from Napper Tandy's and Ramsbottoms Bar. All proceeds raised by the ticket sales stay right here in the club. Tickets are €10 each. Please support your local club. CHRISTMAS EXPRESS Christmas Express will be held at the Woodland Railway, Stradbally on December 1 and 2 and 8 and 9. This festive season the enchantment of the North Pole is coming to life. Embark on a magical train ride, visit with Santa Claus and join mischievous elves on a journey through our winter wonderland.

LIBRARY UPDATE Tuesday ladies Knitting 6.45pm – 8pm. Adult Book Club 7pm- 7.45pm. Thursday children’s knitting 3.45pm – 4.55pm. Saturday children’s Lego 10.15am – 11.15am Children’s art class 11.30am – 12.30pm. Healthy Ireland Event 10.15am - Saturday, October 13. Mindful colouring workshop for children (8-12 years) with Caroline Keane. All our events are free to join. You just need to sign up to our free library membership. All that is needed is ID and a recent bill with Address. We are also looking for any volunteers that can help to co-ordinate and run any of our clubs. Pop into the library or ring Julie on 057 8641673 if you would like to volunteer. INDOOR BOWLS A reminder that the indoor bowls in Vicarstown Community Centre every Wednesday, at 7.30pm. All new members welcome.

FATIMA INVALID Fatima Invalid Committee thank all who donated to the Church Gate Collection last weekend. Amount raised €750. PILGRIMAGE TO FATIMA Pilgrimage to Fatima 20-27 June 2019. 7 nights €759 per person sharing. Paid before December 14 €100 off. More details in the porches of all 3 churches. Contact M O'Brien, 8661601 / 086 3344722. MID LEINSTER PIONEERS Mid Leinster Pioneers Golden Jubilee Dinner Dance on Friday, November 9 in the Manor Hotel, Abbeyleix. Phone 057 8625321. ART CLASSES Art classes in St Mary's Hall, Stradbally if you are interested. Time to be arranged. Phone 087 2596129. RECREATIONAL GROUP Christmas outing to Shamrock Lodge Hotel, Athlone on November 11. Music by Brendan Shine, dinner and entertainment. Phone 057 8626158 for details on price etc.

SHOP OWNERS Attention shop owners! Don't miss your chance to avail of the Shopfront Grant Scheme with grant assistance to the value of €750. The cut off for the completion of works is Friday, November 9. Remember applications must be approved before the works begin. Contact Laois County Council at FESTIVAL FUNDING Laois Partnership is accepting expressions of interest before October 26 for Leader grants for Festivals and Events taking place in Laois in 2019. Full details regarding eligibility and application from Laois Tourism and Laois County Council.

All-Ireland men at the Ploughing Laois GAA referee and All-Ireland Football Final referre Maurice Deegan from Stradbally visited the Cargill Stand at the recent National Ploughing Championships where he met Limerick All-Ireland Senior Hurling captain Declan Hannon PICTURE: JEFF HARVEY GRAIGUECULLEN /KILLESHIN E-mail: EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS Training Course for young people Thursday 18th Oct @ 4.30pm – 5.45pm in Graiguecullen Parish Centre. PARISH YOUTH CHOIR Practice each Saturday from 12.45pm to 2pm in the Parish Centre. The choir is open to all secondary school students and young adults.

READERS ROTA A new Rota is currently being prepared for the year ahead. Please contact the Parish Office if you wish to take your name off the rota. PRE-BAPTISM MEETING Monday 5th November at 7pm in the Parish Centre. FINANCE COMMITTEE AGM on Thursday 18th Oct at 8pm in the parish centre. Any parishioner with queries regarding parish finances is welcome to attend. SUNDAY SCHOOL Sunday school takes place at the Sunday Mass at 11.30am in St Clare’s in the Parish Centre. GRAIGUECULLEN BINGO This Tues 16th Oct. @ 8.30pm in St Fiacc’s Hall Jackpot €1,160 in 44 No’s. Check on Double No & win €270 In-house Mini Lotto €900 PAINTINGS Studio Sale Paintings by Lily O’Rourke:- 19th – 21st October The Studio, Crossneen, Carlow COFFEE MORNING Friday 19th October 10:30am -12 noon in The Thatch Bar, Graiguecullen in aid of Eist Cancer Support Centre. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

CANCER SUPPORT Eist Cancer Support Centre is hosting an evening for Breast Cancer Survivors - "Ways to mind yourself following Breast Cancer" on Tuesday 16th October from 7.30pm in the centre. Presented by Sasha Roche Kelly (Lymphoedema Specialist), and Nicky Bolger (Physiotherapist). EVENING OF PRAYER Carlow Mental Health Mensana Fest - Carlow Cathedral Evening of Prayer in the presence of the relics of Saint Therese of Lisieux and her parents, Saints Louis and Zelie Martin on Monday 15th October from 7.30pm to 10pm. CHILDREN'S WELLBEING Free Seminar ‘Children’s Emotional Health & Wellbeing-Building Resilience from the Beginning’ Wed17th Oct from 10.30am – 12 noon in The Shaw Room, Carlow Library. Contact Barnardos 0599132868 for info. SVP SHOP The Vincent de Paul shop Tullow Street will be extending their shop in the next few months so they are looking for extra SHOP VOLUNTEERS and also VOLUNTEER VAN DRIVERS. If you have 3 hours free per week can you help. Contact Alex Stenson on 059 9173679 or email SCHOOL CALENDAR Killeshin National School Calendar 2018/2019-The school calendar is out now. It can be purchased from the school, Killeshin Stores or from any committee member. €10 each or 2 for €15. SCHOOL AGM Killeshin National School Parents Association AGM on Tuesday 16th October in the school at 8pm. All welcome. SOCIAL CLUB Bethany House Alzheimer Day Care is running a Social Club on Thursday 2-4pm for people who have been diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer’s. Contact 059 9134736/ 086 4668515 Nurse Manager Moira or Laura or Caroline Kennedy (Home Care Co-Ordinator) 9.30 - 4.30pm. KNITTING AND CROCHET Classes in The Sacred Heart Hall in Graiguecullen every Wed evening from 7-9pm with Tea @ 8pm. Wool is supplied, hats, scarfs & mitts are donated to the homeless. Just bring a pair of needles or a crochet hook. Contact Edwina on 085/7310553. We are also looking for donations of baby wool to knit for the Rotunda Hospital, also double knitting wool, various colours to do lap blankets for the hospice. Any donation greatly appreciated and can be left into Graiguecullen Parish Centre. EVERGREEN'S HOLIDAY Evergreens Holiday 2109 to the 4* Garryvoe Hotel, overlooking Ballycotton Bay, Co. Cork. €395 per person sharing for 4 night, 5 days. Leaving Sunday 9th June and returning Thursday 13th June 2019. Please give names with €100 Deposit per person to the Swimming Pool office. Limited places available. FOOD APPEAL St. Clare’s Hospitality Food Appeal: Currently short of jars of coffee, tins of peas and tins of vegetables of any kind. We are always very grateful for all donations we receive. Thank you for your support. COMMUNITY 33 DO YOU HAVE COMMUNITY NEWS YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE HERE? Please contact 057 86 21666 or email:

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 AROUND THE COUNTY RATHDOWNEY/RAHEEN/BALLINAKILL/TIMAHOE RATHDOWNEY YOUR LOCAL CORRESPONDENT ORLA MAHER E-mail: HARD LUCK LADS Hard look to Rathdowney Errill on loosing out in the Laois Senior Hurling Championship Club Final. Best wishes to Ross King who received a nasty facial injury during the game.. Ross is a very talented player and a gentleman both on and off the field of play. Wishing him all the very best and a speedy recovery.

FESTIVAL FUNDING Laois Partnership is accepting expressions of interest before October 26 for Leader grants for Festivals and Events taking place in Laois in 2019. Full details regarding eligibility and application from Laois Tourism and Laois County Council. CYMS The CYMS club is now opened on Friday night from 7pm onwards. The club will be running a snooker tournament for Christmas and anyone who is interested in playing are asked to contact Tony at 087 7146867 as soon as possible. RATHDOWNEY LIBRARY As part of Healthy Ireland Event Rathdowney Library is holding an introduction to Yoga for children aged 6-12years, on Wednesday October 31 at 4pm. Facilitator will be Oonagh Hoey (Warrior Yoga).

IRISH CLASSES Irish classes for adults in spoken Irish will recommence for a six week period starting in November. All levels catered for from beginner to Cómhrá. Venues are Scoil Bhríde Rathdowney on Mondays at 7pm starting November 5, contact (0505) 46546. Gaelscoil Ballaghmore on Tuesdays at 7 pm starting November 6, contact (0505) 41810. All classes are free of charge, contact above numbers for further details. DANCE CLASSES Social dance classes commence in St. Mary’s Hall Johnstown on Wednesday’s, at 8pm. Dances include jive, quick step, oldtime waltz, fox trot and line dancing. You don’t need a partner, just come along and bring your friends. For further information phone 086 8825200.

COMMUNITY ALERT QUIZ Donaghmore Community Alert Group is hosting a Halloween Table Quiz in Mooney’s Pub, Donaghmore on Friday October 26 at 8pm. Table of four €40. This is an opportunity for the community to get together and enjoy the craic on the night. MUSIC, SONG AND POETRY Evening of music, song and poetry takes plance on Thursday, October 18. Presenting "Where Old Ghosts Meet" a tribute to the poet Patrick Kavanagh with Jimmy Rhatigan and directed by Geoff Rose in Rathdowney Library. Starts at 8pm and is an hour long. Break for colcannon and sausages. Second half features music and song with Billy Dollard, Eddie Larkin and various other young and not so young local artists. We will be out the gap at 10.30 ! Admission €5 which will include entry in to our raffle. No pre booking, just turn up on time ! All ages welcome.

SOCIAL DANCE CLASSES Dance classes for beginners will resume in St. Bernadette’s Hall, Errill on Tuesdays at 8pm. Details if required from Mary on 087 9249633. BINGO A great Bingo is held every Tuesday Night at 8.30 in the Rathdowney Community Centre. Your support would be greatly appreciated. Run by the Community Centre Group. LAOIS ALZHEIMER'S Laois Alzheimers Resource Centre at 47 Main St Portlaoise opens Monday to Friday 9am-5pm. Family Carers Support Group Wednesday October 17 form 7.30pm-9pm in the Resource Centre. The support group provide an opportunity to meet others in a similar situation, to access information and practical advice in a supportive environment. Free to family members affected by dementia and memory issues. For any information on dementia contact Ann Munnelly on 057 866 3398/086 8372168. Home-care Coordinator 47 Main Street, Portlaoise, Co Laois R32 VRX8 Email RATHDOWNEY REVIEW The 34th Rathdowney Review is being compiled. People are invited to discuss story ideas with committee members. Photographs of weddings, obituaries, graduations, anniversaries, babies etc should be emailed to rathdowneyreview or left to Betty O’Brien, Donaghmore Phone: 0505 46270 or 087 2401895; Maureen Guilfoyle at the CE Office 12 Cuan Bhride, Rathdowney Phone: 0505 48672 or 087 2035203 or Niall O’Doherty, The Conoboro Phone: 087 9212200.

Submit their photo’s or articles asap. Anyone wishing to help out in any way is very welcome. SHOP OWNERS Don't miss your chance to avail of the Shopfront Grant Scheme with grant assistance to the value of €750. The cut off for the completion of works is Friday, November 9. Remember applications must be approved before the works begin. Contact Laois County Council at RATHDOWNEY SCOUTS 2nd Laois Rathdowney Scout Group are now accepting membership applications for Beavers and Cubs for the 2018/2019 Scout Year. The Beaver Section caters for boys and girls who are 6, 7 & 8 years of age and the Cub Section caters for Boys and Girls who are 9, 10, and 11 Years of age. Contact Fran on 087-8175025 for membership application forms or for further information. Join the adventure DAY CENTRE Rathdowney Social Day Care Centre is open every Wednesday and Thursday. All welcome.

FESTIVAL FUNDING Laois Partnership is accepting expressions of interest before October 26 for Leader grants for Festivals and Events taking place in Laois in 2019. Full details from Laois Tourism and Laois County Council. RATHDOWNEY NOTES If you wish to put a note in the Leister Express please leave it into the Card Stand by Thursday at 5pm. Brennans gather at the Shanganamore reunion Anne Marie and Joe Brennan with Anne Brennan at the Shanganamore National School reunion which was held in Barrowhouse recently PICTURE: ALF HARVEY TIMAHOE YOUR LOCAL CORRESPONDENT ROGHAN HEADEN E-mail: GAA Well done to Ruari and Damien Ó Connor upon been selected to represent this area in the new area competition. Well done FOROIGE Continues as normal every Friday, membership fees are due shortly. The club is seeking new leaders to give up what free time they can. Perhaps even an hour a month. Please contact 0876813116 if your interested full training giving. HERITAGE CENTRE The Laois Heritage Society will host a talk on the Village on the 25th of October next at 8pm all welcome to join. TIGH MOCHUA LE CHEILE This new group is open to all with an interest in the village. It is in its infancy still and its current main priority is to organise a festival to mark the 1100th anniversary of a Viking attack on the village next year. If you want to find out more about helping out or getting involved please follow local notes here, and church leaflets or contact 087 6813116. SCOIL MHUIRE FATIMA The New build at the National school is coming along nicely, well done all involved. FESTIVAL FUNDING Laois Partnership is accepting expressions of interest before October 26 for Leader grants for Festivals and Events taking place in Laois in 2019. Full details regarding eligibility and application from Laois Tourism and Laois County Council.

COMMUNITY 34 BALLINAKILL / SPINK YOUR LOCAL CORRESPONDENT ANNE DRURY E-mail: PARISH LOTTO Numbers 7, 12, 26, 28. No winner. €20 each to Brian Gallagher, Billy Gorman, James Walsh Junior, Michael Kenny, Collette Egan, Catherine S Hamm, Sheila Delaney, Ballinakill Parents Association, Geraldine Palmer, The Lacey Family. Next jackpot €2,400. CARDS Winners on 11 games were Sadie Chester and P Dunphy. Runners up on 10 games were The Dunnes, Sean O Shea and Gerry Kelly. Raffle winners were Ann Cass, Mem Dunphy, B Costigan, Ann Cass. SPINK WHIST DRIVE Top score went to Joe Cass. 1st lady was Gerry Kealy, 2nd lady was Betty Kehoe, 1st gent was Sean Fitzpatrick, 2nd gent was Paddy Mc Ginty. Next whist drive in Spink Community hall will be on Sun 21st Oct at 3pm and then every second Sun until the end of year. Please support as the proceeds help towards the community hall maintenance. HEYWOOD SCHOOL Heywood community school, Ballinakill are hosting an open night on Thursday, October 18 from 7pm unitl 9pm for prospective students and their parents/guardians. All are welcome.

WALKING TRACK Ballinakill GAA would like to remind the whole community that the jogging track is available to use as a free and safe alternative to the dark roads at this time of year. Each lap of the main pitch is 500 metres. The track and ball wall (sponsored by Copper Face Jack's Cathal Jackson and Dowling Quarries) is fully illuminated up to 9.30pm every evening. Rules at entrance gate. For information regarding Ballinakill GAA Club please see the GAA digest to the rear of the paper. PARISH NEWSLETTER Email address for anyone wishing to put a notice in the parish newsletter, Notices can still be left into the Parochial house and must be in by Thursday evening at 6pm BALLINAKILL BINGO Ballinakill Bingo Committee would like to appeal for more local support to ensure bingo continues in the village. Single books with flyers cost €8 and double books with flyers cost €16. Our jackpot game is €150. Come and try your luck.

SPINK KNITTING GROUP. Spink Knitting Group meet in Headens lounge every Thursday morning from 10 30am until 12 30pm. New members always welcome. GAA BOXING FUNDRAISER St Lazarian's Abbeyleix GAA Club and Ballinakill GAA are co-hosting a White Collar Boxing night fundraiserat the Castle Arms in Durrowon Saturday, November 10 next from 7pm. First bout at 8pm. Tickets €20. Ringside premium seats €30 each. RAHEEN YOUR LOCAL CORRESPONDENT MARTINA SINNOTT E-mail: YOGA CLASSES A six week beginners Yoga class begins on 8 November in the old school, Raheen from 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm. Cost €60. For further details contact Mary at 087 9647655. ZUMBA DANCING Zumba dance classes in the old school, Raheen on Saturdays. Get fit while having fun! Further details from Tanya at 087 0640046 WHIST RESULTS Top score: Mary McCabe. First lady: Maura McQuillan. Second lady: Lena McEvoy. First gent: Billy Carter. Second gent: PJ Cahill. Halves: Rose Cunningham and Bride Reilly. Best of 3: Nora Breen. Raffle: Bride Reilly, John Culleton, Henry Martyn and Lena McEvoy. Thanks for your support. Whist continues at 8.15 pm on Wednesday. COLT LOTTO Numbers drawn: 9– 13 – 20. One winner: John Sinnott. 4 x €20: Jack Dunne, Noel Brennan, Andy Sibhald and John Sinnott. Next week’s jackpot: €300.

DO YOU HAVE COMMUNITY NEWS YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE HERE? Please contact 057 86 21666 or email:

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 COMMUNITY 35 DO YOU HAVE COMMUNITY NEWS YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE HERE? Please contact 057 86 21666 or email: AROUND THE COUNTY BORRIS-IN-OSSORY/CAMROSS/EMO/KILLENARD/RATH BORRIS-IN- OSSORY YOUR LOCAL CORRESPONDENT LILY SHEERAN E-mail: DEVELOPMENT PLAN The Borris-in-Ossory Community Development Association's five year community development plan is complete. The community have worked very hard to achieve this.

There will be a Launch night held on Saturday October 20 in Rosie O’Grady’s pub. Let’s celebrate together. Start time is 8.30pm. Food and music until late. No cover charge. GIRL GUIDES CAKE SALE Borris-in-Ossory Irish Girl Guides are holding a Cake Sale this Saturday, October 20 in the FAS Office in the Church Carpark after evening Mass. Please come and support your Local Ladybirds, Brownies and Guides. IRISH CLASSES Classes for adults in spoken Irish will recommence for a six week period starting in November. All levels catered for from beginners to Cómhrá. Venues as follows: Scoil Bhríde Rathdowney Mondays starting 5th November at 7pm. Contact (0505) 46546. Gaelscoil Ballaghmore Tuesdays starting 6th November at 7pm (0505) 41810. All classes are free of charge. Contact the above numbers for further details. SOCIAL IN KILLASMEESTIA The monthly Parish Social will take place in Killasmeestia Community Centre on this Friday night October 19th with music by J and S Sound. Dancing will be from 9.30pm to 12.30am and supper will be served.

BEST WISHES ROSS Best wishes are extended to Laois hurling captain Ross King (Rathdowney/Errill) Ross received a nasty facial injury in an incident in the County Hurling Final against Camross in O’Moore Park on Sunday October 7th. Ross is a very talented player and a gentleman. Wishing him all the very best and a speedy recovery. FESTIVAL FUNDING Laois Partnership is accepting expressions of interest before October 26 for Leader grants for Festivals and Events taking place in Laois in 2019. Full details regarding eligibility and application from Laois Tourism and Laois County Council.

HARE CATCHING Hare catching continues each Sunday, meeting at Kirwan's, Inver Service Station at 10am. This year a prize will be given out, each week to the most committed juvenile (U16) member, so young lads and ladies its time to polish the wellies! Anyone requiring further details on hare catching please contact Edmund on 087-6890937. All members are expected to attend and new members/supporters would be most welcome SHOP OWNERS Attention shop owners! Don't miss your chance to avail of the Shopfront Grant Scheme with grant assistance to the value of €750.

The cut off for the completion of works is Friday, November 9. Remember applications must be approved before the works begin. Contact SET DANCING Set Dancing recommenced on Monday October 8th in St Canice’s Hall Borris-in-Ossory and will continue each Monday night at 8pm sharp. All are welcome. PUMPKIN PARTY There will be a children's pumpkin party held in Ballaghmore Hall on Sunday 28th October from 3-5pm. Come along and design your own pumpkin. €3 per child. Music, fun and treats for everyone. All welcome. GAA CLUB LOTTO Borris-in-Ossory GAA club lotto results for 09/10/2018. Jackpot worth €7,600 not won.

Numbers 5-6-25-27. 10*€20 1.John & Janie Fitzpatrick C/O Josie; 2 Nora & Eileen Stone C/O Denise; 3 Theresa Whelan C/O Michelle; 4 Josie Keenan C/O Self; 5 Liz Moore C/O Pat Moore; 6 Alison Kavanagh C/O Abe Kavanagh; 7 JP Deegan C/O Kellys Bar; 8 Angela Drennan C/O Canice; 9 Catherine Whelan C/O Kellys Bar; 10 Leo Kavanagh C/O John Kealy. Next jackpot €7,800 SACRAMENTS Borris-in-Ossory First Confessions Wednesday, Feb 27 at 7.30 pm & in Killadooley (Killasmeestia) - Thursday 28th February 7.30pm.

Borris-in-Ossory Communion on Saturday, May 11 at 11 am. and in Killadooley (Killasmeestia) on Saturday, May 18 11 am. Confirmation Day Sunday, March 31 in St Canice’s Church at 11am Celebrating Camross champions Ollie Dowling and family celebrate the Camross Laois Senior Hurling Championship victory over Rathdowney-Errill at at O'Moore Park last Sunday week PICTURE: DENIS BYRNE CAMROSS YOUR LOCAL CORRESPONDENT PAT DELANEY 089 416 9262 E-mail: LOTTO RESULTS Draw Monday, October 8. Jackpot €2,450. Lotto winning numbers were 1, 21, 20 and 28 (No Winner).

Prize Winners: €75 Joan Grady, Derrynaseera, €30 Mary Daly, Northgrove, €30 Con Dunne c/o Sarah Conroy, €30 Pascal Lalor, Shrahane, €Thomas Sheeran, Glebe, €30 Esther Ryan, Coolrain, Promoters: €40 Patsy Ryan, €20 Sheila Carroll, €20 Mick Scully, €20 Mary Kilmartin C., €20 Breda Cuddy, €20 House Draw: Joan Dunphy. Next week’s Jackpot: €2,600 WHIST RESULTS Top score: Kathleen Kennedy. 1st lady: Sadie Chester. 2nd lady: Michael Scully. 1st gent: Joe Dooley 2nd gent: Tom Gowing / P J. Cahill. 1st quarter: Noreen Nilehim 2nd quarter Sean Fitz Patrick 3rd quarter: Mary Gowing, 4th quarter: Paddy Grogan. Raffle: 1st prize: Sadie Chester 2nd prize: Paddy Grogan 3rd prize: Tom Gowing 4th prize: Pauric Dowling 5th prize: Pauric Dowling Free Ticket: Mary Seymour Jackpot 152 for €115 CAMROSS BINGO Weekly Bingo every Friday night in the Parish Hall Camross, Doors open 7pm, first number called at 7.45pm sharp. Over €1,600 in prizes to be won every Friday night. Bus available, free to holders of the Travel Pass.

Contact (057) 86 92168 before Friday at 4pm to book your seat COOLRAIN VINTAGE Coolrain Vintage run takes place on 28th October. There is also a run, walk, job. Vintage only, no modern tractors For details contact: 0894229882 MASS TIMES Parish Mass times are as follows: St. Fergal’s Church, Camross Saturday – 7.30pm Sunday – 11am St. Aidan’s Church, Killanure Sunday – 9am. CAMROSS FUNDRAISER Camross Parish development Association (CPDA) have secured funding to develop a village park. To begin this project, local residents Hannah Dooley and Kathleen Kennedy have turned the first sod to commence the works. They were assisted by Fr. Lalor, committee members and local children.

An evening with Catherine Fulvio Celebrity Chef takes place at the Abbeyleix Manor Hotel on 25th October to provide necessary match funding for the project which is mandatory for any grants secured under the Town and Village Renewal scheme and the Sports Capital Programme. CPDA are delighted to be hosting this evening which will also incorporate an Artisan Food and Craft market. Tickets at Hotel reception, Breda at Camross NS 087-648 5034 or Johanna at 086 601 2153. LACCA THANKSGIVING Lacca Harvest Thankgiving Service will take place on Sunday, October 21 at 4pm, followed by tea. All are welcome.

ACTIVE RETIREMENT Dinner and party of Camross Active retirement takes place this year on Sunday December 16th commencing at 2pm. Sharp charge for members is €10 and for non-members €15. If you intend to attend then please call 057-8735951 as early as possible. PARISH DEV ASSOCIATION Camross Parish Development Association have organised the Local Link bus to transport folk to our “Evening with Catherine Fulvio Celebrity Chef” at the Abbeyleix Manor Hotel on Thursday, October 25. An Artisan Food and Craft market featuring local producers is running alongside, opening at 6.30pm with the cookery demonstration commencing at 8pm.

It should be a very enjoyable evening and perhaps an opportunity to meet friends in pleasant surroundings. This fundraising event will provide funds to commence work on the Village Park which will enhance recreational facilities in the village and be available to our national school. Tickets available from the hotel reception, Poets Cottage, Camross NS (Breda) @ 087 648 5034 or Johanna @ 086 6012 153. The Local Link bus will leave the village at 6pm and of course return Afterword’s, enquiries when booking your ticket.

FESTIVAL FUNDING Laois Partnership is accepting expressions of interest before October 26 for Leader grants for festivals and events taking place in Laois in 2019. Full details regarding eligibility and application from Laois Tourism and Laois County Council. EMO/ RATH/ KILLENARD E-mail: EMO YOUTH CLUB Emo Youth Club are back up and running on Friday nights 8-10pm, in the old school, Emo. Registration will take place every Friday during October and is open to secondary school going students living in the Emo/Rath area. Registration is €10 and weekly fees are €2 every night you go there after. So come along and chill, meet your friends and have some fun!! For further information contact Dominica Scully 0861637828 or Claire Johnston 0876747182. BARGE ZOMBIE RUN Beat The Barge Zombie Run will be held on Monday, October 29. Adults €12, children €6. Registration from 11am in Vicarstown Community Centre. Race starts at 12 pm at the Canal. First 200 runners to register geat a Technical T-Shirt. Light refreshments afterwards in Creans. Feel free to dress up. We'd love to see everyone in costumes, especially zombies. Lots of spot prizes. For more information contact John Scully 085-1742251 or Majella 086-0111722.

As part of the Vicarstown Beat The Barge Zombie Run the SVT Canoeing & Kayaking Club will be holding three Kayaking Sessions on Monday, October 29 for children aged 10 and up. 1st slot 1pm-1.45pm, 2nd slot 2pm-2.45pm, 3rd slot 3pm-3.45pm. COMMUNITY GRANTS The Emo Old School Restoration Committee has has received €9,000 under the grants under the Community Enhancement Programme grant scheme 2018 through the Laois Local Community Development Committee. The funds are for therealignment and supply of an entrance gate, two sesor lights, nonslip tiles, shed upgrade.

LATE MICHAEL LANGFORD Condolences to the family of the late Michael Langford Emo, Laois formerly Dublin & Waterford who died on October 3 peacefully at The Midland Regional Hospital, Portlaoise. Predeceased by his wife May. Deeply regretted by his family relatives and friends. Reposed in the home of his nephew John and Margaret Carn. Removal to St. Paul's Church, Emo for Requiem Mass/. Burial after in The New Cemetery. WELL DONE Well done to the staff at The Heritage Hotel fpr organising the fun run/walk on Sunday October7 in aid of Laois Hospice. Thanks also to all who participated and in doing so raise funds for the charity. O'DEMPSEY'S GAA Well done to the O'Dempseys GAA senior football team who competed so successfully in the Laois Senior Club Football Championship this year and on reaching the final and their display against Portlaoise GAA after many months of training and committment.

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 ALAN MULHALL CHARITY WALK PHOTOGRAPHER: LUKE WYNNE Holly, Vikki, Sean, Tom and Jamie Mulhall at the memorial walk for dad and husband Alan Mulhall in Emo for Rainbows Denis, Darragh and Ella O’Riordan with Tiernan O’Dwyer Danny Kelly, Alan Wright and Robbie Moore Fiona Whelan and Peter O’Reilly Joe Byrne, David Doogue, Jack Duggan and Edward Connors Tommy Doogue and Vikki Mulhall Collette Moore and Amy Donnelly at the memorial walk for Alan Mulhall in Emo in aid of Rainbows Lynn Kelly, Fiona Burke and Hilary Dunne Lorna Dennehy, Olivia Whelan and Jennifer Barry Helen Ging, Eileen O’Connell and Ailish Heffernan COMMUNITY 36

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 EXPRESS SCHOOLS Local schools who would like to feature in this section are very welcome to contact us e t 057 86 21666 Happy children enjoying some gardening at the outdoor classroom in Scoil Mhuire Abbeyleix Pupils in the garden with their Green Flag flying proudly Senior pupils get stuck in planting fruit trees The herb bed in Scoil Mhuire's outdoor classroom The outdoor classroom at Scoil Mhuire Some of the wonderful vegetables grown at the school Sale of produce at Scoil Mhuire this autumn LYNDA KIERNAN Gardening lessons in Abbeyleix Sunflowers, tomatoes, pumpkins,squashes,carrots, potatoes, onions and sweetcorn are all part of the bountiful harvest from a new classroominAbbeyleix. The outdoor classroom is helping to teach children in Scoil Mhuire and autism unit NaomhBrídaboutgardening, wildlife and sustainable food andenergyuse.

The idea formed last April and a group of parents, grandparents, teachers and all the pupils set about makingitareality. Withlotsofhardworkand great support from the Parents Association, Abbeyleix Tidy Towns, the community and local businesses, the garden was finishedbyMay. On June 1 it was officially openedbyBishopNultyalong withNaomhBríd. It has a 3x6m polytunnel, six raised beds and two large vegetablepatches. There is a herb garden, fruit trees, a biodiversity area,compostersandevenan irrigation system powered by amountainbike.

The garden also features a picnic area with a buddy bench for children to make friends. Itwasnamed"ÁrSpásGlas –OurGreenSpace"byIsabelle Foxallfrom5thclass. “It is a motto that resonates with the garden's purpose as an outdoor educational and recreational space as well as our involvement in Green Schools,” teacher Margaret Slevin said, thanking all who helpedestablishthegarden. Scoil Mhuire has an established record in the An Taisce Green Schools programme, with three Green Flags . The principal is AidanMcEvoy.

“Well done to the green fingered committee that workedsohardtoliterallyget this project up and growing fromzero,”hesaid. “There are too many people to name individually but it is a great example of using the talents of parents, pupils and school staff together to create something wonderful,”hesaid. Everybody dug, weeded, planted, watered and nurtured the produce together. The children got to see first hand the processes involved to get something fromseedtotheplate. A sale of produce was held last week by 6th class to fundraise for seeds and stock for next year. Parents came along to buy carrots, potatoes, pumpkins, onions andcourgettes.

The garden also got a special commendation in the national Tidy Towns report bythisyearsjudges. “We look forward to a wonderful Gairdín Scoile in thefuture,”theysaid.

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 FarmingNews FARMING BRIEFS Payment for weighing calves ICSA president Patrick Kent welcomed the €40 for weighing calves announced in the budget. “ICSA asked Minister Creed for this in 2016 as a means of making the BDGP more accurate and rewarding farmers for putting real information into the ICBF database. An accurate calf weight is a real measure of how a cow is performing because it captures genetic potential for growth as well as milk.” Mr Kent also welcomed the full restoration of the ANC payment which was slashed during the downturn. “It is high time it was restored.” However, he was more critical of other tax measures. “The minor level of improvement on earned income tax credits and on the Category A thresholds for Capital Acquisitions Tax represent at best a begrudging admission that they are worthwhile and at worst a rowing back of the ambition set out in previous budgets. The earned income tax credit was only increased by €200 to €1,350 as happened last year as well.” At the IFA County meeting held in the Midlands Park Hotel, Portlaoise at which the special guest speaker was Minister for Agriculture, Michael Creed were Alison Holmes, Sylvester Phelan and Veronica Wheatley PICTURE:KEVIN BYRNE No Budget signal on challenges facing sector Following the announcement of Budget 2019, the President of ICMSA, Pat McCormack said that it is quite clear now that the current Government simply does not understand the scale of the challenges being faced by the farming sector, either in terms of the 50% fall in income predicted for this current year or the transformational challenges that couldfollowBrexitnextMarch. Mr McCormack said that farm families can only conclude that the Government has decided that it doesn’t want to support farm families and the agenda now seems to be about enhancing the position of corporate structures and big business over family farms.

The ICMSA President said he was reluctant to come to this position,butitwastheonlylogical conclusion to arrive at based on theBudget. Introducingnewschemeswith more conditions and more inspections along with tweaks of existing schemes won’t solve the massiveunderlyingproblemsand issimply‘throwingshapes’rather than providing real solutions for thefarmingcommunity “The biggest single-issue facing family farms is income volatility and, as sole traders, the taxation system absolutely hammers farmers trying to make a living in an extremely volatile globalfoodmarket.

“We have corporate structures in Ireland and ‘Big Business’ payingeffectivetaxratesof1%and yet our Government cannot bring inasimplemeasuretoassistfarm families to establish a volatility fund under the supervision of the Revenue Commissioners that could be utilised for difficult years. “One would now have to question at this stage the level of priority that agriculture is getting around the Cabinet table and this shouldbeamatterofconcern.” David Kavanagh winner of the Ashbourne Meats Ploughing Championships competition receiving his prize of €250 from Willie McCormack Procurement Manager of Ashbourne Meats Roscrea 'Must be no delay in delivery of farm direct payments' PAT SOMERS Following Budget 2019, IFA Rural Development Chairman, Joe Brady said there must be no delay in the delivery of direct payments. Minister Creed must ensure that these payments, which play a critical role in supporting farm incomes, arriveontime.

He welcomed the additional allocation of €23m totheANCschemefor2019. “This will bring the total allocation to €250m, which is the level it was at pre-recession. “IFA will be insisting that new payments are put forward to Brussels without delay. In addition, IFA is demanding that no farmer loses out in the upcoming review of ANCs and that the payment rates reflect the naturalhandicap. As part of the next CAP Rural Development Plan post-2020 the annual allocation for ANCs must reach€300m,”hesaid. In relation to TAMS, Joe Brady again expressed concern that this year’s allocation of €70m will not be spent (the projected spend fortheyearis€60m). Even if the €70m allocated for 2019 is spent, it leaves a total of €230m unspent, with only one year remaining in thescheme.

He continued, “Minister Creed must come out of denial on this issue, the €395m allocated in the 7-year RDP will not be spent, if the statusquoremains. “IFAhascalledforchanges to TAMS including; meal bins for the dry stock sector, increasingthestandardcosts to determine grant aid and adjusting the investment limit for the intensive sectors. “Most of all, the bureaucracy around the schemeneedstogo.” On Agri-Environmental Schemes Joe Brady said that the allocation for GLAS at €203m should allow all farmers to be paid on time nextyear.

“This combined with Organic payments worth €11m and locally led schemes worth up to €15m, should ensure that environmental schemes play a bigger role in supporting farm incomes nextyear. He concluded, “Farm schemesincludingKT,BDGP, Sheep Welfare, and Horticulture have funding for next year but the important issue for the Minister is to ensure that there are no delays and that red-tape is kept to a minimum.” IFA President Joe Healy said the Budget was some acknowledgment of income difficultiesinagriculture,but moreneededtobedone.

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Laois lady of the airwaves wins golden radio awards A around twenty years ago Ann Marie Kelly was at home in Abbeyleix reading the Leinster Express. Somethingseemedto jumpoffthepage.Midlands 103Radiowasinviting applicationsforajob. Rolltheclockforwardto October2018andthesame talentedandhardworking Laoiswomaniswinning nationalawardsforherradio shows. AnnMariescoopedtwo Goldsatthenational IMRORadioAwardsforher workonMidlands.Her Mondaynightprogramme, TheOpenDoor,wasselected astheBestMagazineShowin Irelandbeatingoffthelikes ofRayD'ArcyofRTÉand SeanMoncrieffofNewstalk intheprocess.

ShealsowontheBest SpecialistMusicPresenter awardforherRoadhouse Cafeshow. “Youtrojanawayfor20 oddyearsandyousitandyou watchotherpeoplegetting lotsofresearchersand money.Youprobablydothe sameworkasthemand,allof asudden,youareonthe samestage.Iamnotoneto blowmyowntrumpetbutit islovelytohaveitblownfor me,”shetoldtheLeinster Express. AnnMarieworkedfora decadeinnationalradioat TodayFMbutdecidedto returnhometoherroots. “Iwouldhavemovedback toLaoisforfamilyreasons.It justgoestoshowyoucan workinasmallstationand stillthinkbig.Ialwaystellmy childrentothinkbig,”she says.

ReturningtoMidlands wasnotjustahomecoming butalsoajourneybacktoher professionalroots. “Iwantedtobeafilm makerorakeyboardplayer. Mylate,inspirational, motherMarysaid,youare goingtohavetogetyourselfa job.Therewasajobsadinthe LeinsterExpresssaying Midlands103waslookingfor aresearcher.Ireluctantly wentoverinthecarwithmy dadTomtoTullamore.Iwas dreadingit,”shesaid. Butasthingshappened shegotthejobandsoon begantolikethework. “ThenIgotachancetogo onairbecausesomebodygot sick,andgotthepassionfor it,”shesaid. She'dfoundhercareer nichebutgotitchyfeetand thekingdomcalled. “RadioKerrywerelooking foraregularpresentersoI thoughtitwastimetogetout ofthemidlandsforawhile.I wasinthekingdomforfour yearsandlovedlivingin Tralee.IadoredRadioKerry. Ikindoflearnedmytrade there,”shesays. Butthen,Dublincame knocking.Shewasrecruited byTodayFMwhereshespent tenyearspresentingthe morningshow.Shebegan workingondocumentaries andfounditwassomething shewantedtodomoreof. Theysayeverysuccessfull careercomeswithaprice andinvolvesalotofhard work.

AnnMariebeganher familyinDubinwith husbandandPortlaoiseman, StewartQuinn.Theymade thebigmovebackhomeina bidtoachievemoreofawork lifebalance.Ithasn'tworked outquiteaswellasAnn Mariewouldhavehoped.She presentsaMondaytoFriday morningshowwhich requiresshegetsupat 4.30amtocommutefrom PortlaoisetotheMidlands studiosinTullamore.Itis oneofthreeshowsshe presents. “Ihopedtohavemore timewithmychildren. Maybetheawardswillshow thatiswhyIcannotbring themtoschooleach morning. “Imakesuremy weekendsarecompletely freeofwork.Fridayevening, SaturdayandSundayare keptcompletelyfreeformy girlsGrace(aged10)and Molly(aged4),”shesays. Manylistnersprobably thinkradioworkiseasy-sit behindamicrophone,doa bitoftalkingandplayabitof music.Therealityofgetting upat4.30amisfardifferent. Itisnotglamourousoreasy. AnnMariesayssheisupwith thebinmentogettowork. AnnMariebelievesthe jobandsacrificeisworthit. “Itishardandthereare sacrifices.ThatiswhyIamso happytowintheseawards.It takesmeanhourtoprepare andgetmyheadtogetherto pushthemicup.Atthesame timeIhavealotoflisteners whoareupearly,”shesaid. Theawardforher'The OpenDoor'serieswaswon foraprogrammemadein Mountmellickalongthe RiverOwenasswiththehelp ofRickyWhelan.Inithe recallsthepastandponders thefuture.ShecreditsRicky forhavingabigpartinthe win.Inmanywaysthe programmereflectsAnn Marie'sviewoftheroleofa localradiopresenter. “Youconnectwithpeople morebecauseyouareonthe groundwiththem.Youhear morestoriesandpeople trustyoumorebecausethey knowyouarenotgoingback uptoDublinandwillnever seethemagain.Thatiswhat mademerealisethe importanceofstaying connectedandnotbealoof,” shesaid.

AnnMariefeelsradio connectscommunities,but alsohelpsindividuals. “Localradioisafriendto people.Icangetphonecalls frompeopleat6amfrom somebodywhoisveryalone andupsetsaying'AnnMarie youhavemademyday'.Iget thosecallseverydayfrom menandwomen.Thatmakes mefeelitwasworthmywhile gettingupat4.30aminthe morning,”shesays. Shebelievesthisisthe verypersonalaspectoflocal radioconnectingwith communities.Shebelievesit isimportanttogetoutofthe studiotogatherstoriesfrom communities. “Icouldbein Ballickmoylertomorrowand couldbeinBallacollathe nextday.IwasinBallylinan lastweekforayouthcafe. ThatiswhatIlove,goingto placesandgettingstories,” shesaid.

MusicisabigpartofAnn Marie'sprofessionaland personallife.Throughher morningshowandespecially herFridaynightseries,she aimstopromotelocaltalent. Shementionsagreatgig bytheBigSpoonin Portlaoiserecently.She believesmorepublicityfor suchbandswouldmean biggercrowdsatvenues. “TobehonestIamalways inabattletogetthesmaller bandsonair,especiallyIrish bands.ThatiswhyIcreated theRoadhouseCafe programmewhereIcanput thosebandsontheair.” Theshowgoesouton Fridaynightandinvolves bandsandmusicansdoing sessions.Whileshe championssinger songwriters,shepointsto ChasingAbbeyfrom Tullamoreasagroupwho canmakeitbigcomingfrom asmallermarket.

Shefinishesbycrediting Midlandsforprovidingthe vehicleforhershows. Ann Marie on air in the Midlands 103 Studios Conor Ganly talks with Laois radio presenter Ann Marie Kelly about her life and career Ann Marie Kelly, Midlands 103 won Gold in the Specialist Music Broadcaster Category and the Gold award in the Magazine Programme category for The Open Door at the IMRO Radio Awards, held on Friday, October 5 in the Lyrath Hotel, Kilkenny Laois Life If it’s going on locally we’ve got it covered H

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Young Laois stars at major event 13 young musicians from Music Generation Laois travelled to Dublin recently to perform at a major conference hosted by the Department of Education and Skillsinthebeautifulsurroundsof Farmleigh House, the official Irish Stateguesthouse. The young musicians included: Molly Donnery (harp/vocals), Izzy Donnery (bodhran), Aedin Lowry (bodhran), Naoise Kettle (fiddle), Eimear Murphy (fiddle/vocals), Aoibhe Kettle (harp), Tara Fahey (flute/vocals), Caragh LaCumber, Maeve Scott (concertina), Ellen Scott (fiddle), Siobhan (concertina), Conal Nevin (accordion) and Aoibhinn O Connor.

The conference was attended by members of the Department of Education and Skills, along with representatives from the National Excellence in School Leadership Initiative(NESLI),aninternational educationgroup. Performing on the night was the 11-member Trad Group, a representation from the Music Generation Laois Trad Orchestra, which was established just over two years ago under the direction of musicians Siobhán Buckley and PaulFinn. These exceptional young ambassadorswereinvitedtoshare their musical talent with guests as part of the conference. The group performed a spectacular set that they worked on with guest musician Ernestine Healy during the Music Generation Laois Trad SummerSchoolearlierthisyear. Thefirsttunewascomposedby Ernestine, and the second was a traditional song, ‘The Pleasure WillBeMine,’whichwasoriginally introduced to the group by Laois-based traditional singer AineMcGeeney.

To date, members of the ensemble have also performed at national and international events including The Ireland Funds Worldwide Conference 2017 (Powerscourt Estate), for An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Dublin Castle, and for President Michael D. Higgins and Sabina Higgins at Áras an Uachtaráin. The young musicians have also collaborated with esteemed traditional Irish musicians to compose new works, including with Martin Tourish (Altan) and RyanMolloy.Theyareamongsome 3,500 children and young people who are given the opportunity each year to receive regular music tuition through Music Generation Laois, across a broad range of musicalgenresandstyles. NESLI offers responsive and high quality professional learning programmes that focus on school leadership, providing school leaders with the skills, knowledge, frameworks, and confidence to thrive in the complex leadership challenges they face in today’s schoolenvironment.

Music Generation: 13 Laois musicians made journey to Dublin The Legend of Kelly on local stage The Legend of Luke Kelly comes totheMountmellickArtsCentre this weekend, in arguably the best tribute act to the great Dublinsinger. Kelly has left an indelible mark as being the greatest folk artistofthe20thCenturyandhis music is widely regarded as one ofIreland'sculturaltreasures. Multi-instrumentalist Chris Kavanagh was raised on Irish musicandhasbeensingingIrish folk songs since he was three years old. He learned to play the piano by ear when he was five andhisloveandpassionforLuke Kelly's music led him to learn to playthebanjo.

Chris bears a remarkable resemblance to Luke, while his singing talents capture the depth and passion of the great man he was so heavily influencedby. Over the past 17 years he has amazed audiences following powerful sell-out performances in prominent Irish venues such asVicarStreet&TheCorkOpera House with the regular attendance of Luke Kelly's family. The Legend of Luke Kelly comes to Mountmellick on Saturday, October 20, at 8pm. Ticketsarepriced€15. ARTS REPORTER Chris Kavanagh as Luke Kelly Members of Music Generation Laois performing at a major conference hosted by the Department of Education at Farmleigh House in Dublin LAOIS LIFE 40 The Valves set to rock Portlaoise Local rock stars The Valves are taking to the outdoor stage of Kavanaghsthisweekend. The Valves consist of Terry Byrne on guitar and vocals, AidenO’Reillyonbassandvocals and Dick Duff on drums and vocals.

The Valves play a very mixed bag of covers with a quirky, energetic feel. From classic surf guitar to recent Indie rock ,spanningdecadesofinfluences, they cover artists as diverse as The Kinks, The Beatles, Del Shannon, The Venturers, The Pixies, Nirvana, The Breeders and Arcade Fire to name but a few. The Valves are made up of three long time friends that share a love of alternative rock andindiemusic. The Valves are a light hearted side-project the group have talked about for a long time. Theirapproachistokeeptrueto the energy of the music, paying fond tribute to the songs that inspired them become musicians. They take a simplistic approach to the way they play so that the essence of the songs come across with raw energy.

The Valves play Kavanaghs thisSaturday,October20. Lead singer of The Valves, Terry Byrne who are playing Portlaoise Siansa 2019 now open for entries The cultural and linguistic organisation, Gael Linn, is providing young musically and vocally talented teenagers with the chance to shine through participation in their traditional music competition,Siansa2019. The competition, now in it’s 18th year, and run through the medium of Irish, is open to traditional groups with between six and eight members and participants must be over 12 and under 19 yearsofage.

The group members don’t have to attend the same school, or be affiliated to any one club or organisation – friends from all over the country can also band together. There are three stages to the competition and eight groups will selected to go forward to the final stage, the All-Ireland Final, in the National Concert Hall, at which Muireann and Máirín will be assisted in the adjudication by Seán McElwaine of the group ‘Téada’. A prize fund of €4,500 is on offer, and RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachtawillbroadcastthe event‘live’. The final date for entry into Siansa 2019 is fast approaching,Friday,October 26.

All information about the competition, along with the entryform,isavailablenowat Last year's Siansa winners Best Director winner comes to big screen This week’s big screen offering from the Dunamaise Arts Centre is the Polish movie ‘ColdWar’. From the director of the Oscar-winning Ida, comes this passionate, music-filled love story between musician Wiktor and a beautiful young woman Zula, who meet in a post-warPoland. Told over 15 years and shot in stunning black & white, Cold War deservedly won the ‘BestDirector’prizeatCannesFilmFestival. Directed by Pawel Pawlikowski, 'Cold War' comes to the screen of the Dunamaise on Wednesday, October 17. The film is in the PolishandFrenchlanguages. A scene from Cold War STAGE LEFT


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LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 LOVING YOUR LOCAL | 3 Building connections across communities “I have visited half the pubs in the country over the past few years. Sometimes the pub is nearly the only thing left in a village,”says Pat Crotty, a former president of the Vintners’Federation of Ireland (VFI).“Births, marriages and deaths are marked in the local pub. If you took it away, that community would break down. Local pubs provide the face-to-face connection that people need.” Crotty has seen how pubs make the effort to be relevant and appeal to different generations.“It’s about testing the water and seeing what customers want, whether that is a range of gins, craft beers or food,”he says.“In so many cases, publicans allow groups to use their premises to meet. I called into one pub in the middle of nowhere and a knitting club had gathered there.” Last month Crotty, owner of Paris Texas in Kilkenny City, gave a radio interview on KCLR 96FM calling for new local food suppliers as the pub will be revamping its menu in November. It’s just one example of how pubs in Ireland are proactive in supporting local communities and the vital role they play in Irish society. CULTURAL SUPPORT Music has become an integral part of the Irish pub offering and Crotty notes that many pubs around the country are helping local musicians to make a living. Paris Texas, for example, has live music daily from 6.30pm to 11.30pm. Like most pubs, it also supports local sports clubs, including the ladies basketball team Marble City Hawks, which competed in the Women’s Super League for the first time this year. John Clendennen, of Giltraps Pub in Kinnitty, Co Offaly believes pubs need to compete right across society in terms of recreational activities. Later this year, he plans to embrace the fact that the first phase of a free 37km mountain bike trail will be opened near the pub, which is located at the foot of the Slieve Bloom Mountains.

“We work with a number of different groups to run barbeques and music events to combine with adventure races, cycling and kayaking,”he says.“We have diversified our offering and added accommodation so we can be a destination providing a full package. Locals and tourists mix and more people coming through the door means jobs are created for local people.”When Clendennen joined the business seven years ago, only family members worked there. Now it employs 10 people. PUBLIC SERVICE VFI President Padraic McGann is the third generation of McGanns to run the family pub in Monivea, Co Galway. He believes rural pubs are keeping rural Ireland alive. “Loneliness out in the country is one of the big issues rural pubs are addressing,” he says.“Because of the drink driving laws an awful lot of people are not bothered to go out, but pubs like our own will bring them home. We provide a free service in areas where there are no taxis. It’s so important for people to able to come to a place for a chat and some company.” McGann says the family is always coming up with new ideas to keep the pub going, from fashion shows to concerts and card games every Friday.“Around 56% of pubs outside Dublin don’t turn over €4,000 a week but will still keep their doors open. They are providing a vital service. To be sustainable, they have to keep canvassing customers and reassure them they will able to get home.” The heartbeat of so many communities, the local pub brings people of all ages together, supports local jobs and sports clubs and helps to alleviate the growing problem of loneliness in remote areas Aaron Dreeling, Assistant Food Manager; Padraic Rafter, General Manager and James Hogan, Senior Chef, pictured at Paris Texas, High Street, Kilkenny. Percy and John Clendennen in the family pub, Giltraps, Kinnity, Co Offaly

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LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 LOVING YOUR LOCAL | 5 At the Heart of the Community SEAN WARD FISHERMAN’S THATCHED INN FISHERSTOWN, BALLYBRITTAS, CO LAOIS Sean Ward is the owner of one of Ireland’s most original traditional thatched pubs. The Fisherman’s Thatched Inn is nestled on a picturesque crossroads in Fisherstown, Ballybrittas amidst rolling farm land. Originally from Dublin Sean and his wife bought the pub 22 years ago, having worked in the fashion trade up to then. Although it was his first time behind a bar, Sean took to the business like the proverbial duck. “I had spent most of my childhood summer holidays on a farm near Tullamore and my grandfather was from Ballacolla in Laois, so I knew the country quite well,”he said.

“The fashion trade was all about change and, as it turned out, the pub trade would be like that as well.” The Fisherman’s Thatched Inn is an integral part of its local community, and the business caters to a very wide range of customers and clubs. Sean likes to take visitors on a tour of the premises, starting off in the oldest part of the building which dates from the mid-1600s. It now plays host to the “younger”area of the pub, complete with pool table, juke box and TV. As Sean points out, the juke box has become somewhat redundant, with people now playing music off their smart phones. The next area is the local area, which as Sean says caters for people of his own vintage.“You have to be local to sit here!” A cosy open fireplace immediately draws the eye in the lounge area, which is naturally very popular over the winter months. Screened off from it by a removable partition wall is a function room which hosts a variety of functions including parties, meetings, christenings and funerals, and even corporate events.“We have hosted a wedding here, a civil ceremony and it went very well,”notes Sean. An avid collector, the Fisherman’s Inn is a treasure trove of collectors items and curios, a selection which Sean is adding to all the time. Every section of the pub is adorned with items including wall plates, vintage radios, books, statuary, Bali masks (and a bust of St. Patrick who is reputedly passed through the area in 450) and a piece of bog oak, fashioned by local woman Margaret Deegan.

It’s a veritable feast for the eyes and senses. Sean calls the function room a“memory jerker” containing as it does an old cart, radio set and high nellie bike. Throughout the pub, there are vintage photos of bygone characters and times from the local area’s past.“There are many conversation pieces,”says Sean. Outside there is a sizeable beer garden with a smokers shed and a gazebo which hosts barbecues and pigs on the spit. “The pub trade has changed a lot since I came here,” says Sean.“We have lost two trades, the Friday evening after work and the Sunday morning.” However, the pub is remains a central part of the local community, something which the example of the Fisherman’s Thatched Inn attests to. “It is a place of social gathering,”notes Sean. Denoting its place in the local community the pub hosts a number of groups and clubs for meetings and functions. These include weekly meetings of the bridge club, guns clubs, fishing club, ladies club, garden club, and local camera club. The nearby canal at Vicarstown also attracts visitors with canoeists and kayakers as well as a cycling club.“It is a meeting place,”stresses Sean.

“We are a destination pub, and we have people and groups who travel from Portlaoise, Newbridge, Stradbally - we have a wide catchment area. “Most of our tourists are domestic. We have a traditional session every Tuesday night. At the weekends, if we don’t have parties or functions, we also put on music. People must be comfortable and our regulars are very important. “We have pint pulling pint pulling demonstrations for visitors and, if you are successful, you get a souvenir certificate in pint pulling from the Fisherman’s. It’s a bit of fun. Food is also provided, and Sean emphasizes it is for the hungry.“We do pizzas and pies for people and that’s it. We don’t try and disguise it,”he says. The Fisherman’s Thatched Inn stocks a wide range of drink, and among the highlights are its 100 whiskies and 36 varieties of gin.

The pub has won a number of awards, and is nominated in a number of categories in this year’s Irish Pub Awards, an acknowledgment that Sean is always grateful to receive. Sean Ward, Fisherman’s Thatched Inn, Fisherstown, Ballybrittas, Co Laois

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 | LOVING YOUR LOCAL 6 Pub’s Progress While studying bar management at Dublin Institute of Technology in 1999, PJ Kavanagh enjoyed going to The Comedy Cellar at the International Bar on Wicklow Street. It was there he got to know Bernard O’Shea of ‘Republic of Telly’fame. This set him on the path to creating one of the most prominent comedy venues outside Dublin by expanding the pub in Portlaoise, Co Laois that has been in his family since 1869.

“I was eager to try a few different things at PJ Kavanagh’s and test the market. The town had gotten a bit bigger and I thought something similar to The Comedy Cellar might work,”he says. The Kavanagh family demolished and rebuilt the pub on Portlaoise’s main street in 2000 to include a 60-seater venue upstairs. With O’Shea as MC, the first comedy show was held in September 2002. The New Zealand duo Flight of the Conchords sold out, but the second show, an Irish comedian that Kavanagh prefers not to name, only attracted an audience of four people.

“It wasn’t an overnight success, but something that has grown legs over the years with perseverance,”he says.“With Bernard as resident MC, we have managed to consistently get the big names in comedy – from Tommy Tiernan to Kevin Bridges – who like to come here and try out new material.” Receiving a special commendation at the IMRO Live Music Venue of the Year Awards last February, PJ Kavanagh’s now incorporates a 110-seater venue for comedy plus a standing venue for 250 people outside for music. It also hires other venues, such as the Midlands Park Hotel, which have larger capacity to meet the demand for the likes of Neil Delamere and Jason Byrne. A FATHER TED MOMENT Comedy is one aspect of Mickey Finn’s in Redcross, Co Wicklow which makes it more than just a pub. Every year it runs the Redcross Father Ted Fest, where staff members dress up as the characters and items on the menu include bacon and cabbage and‘Father Ted’s Bread Pudding’.

Mickey Finn’s actually started out as a restaurant 15 years ago. Owners Leigh and Ashley Williams decided in 2007 they wanted to put Redcross on the map and so went for a full licence.“We weren’t inheriting an audience but rather building our own,” says Leigh Williams. “Because we’re off the beaten track, we knew we had to do something good to get people off their couches.” Pubs around the country have evolved into destination venues which are all about having an overall experience, rather than just a drink and chat Ola Flanagan in Lock 13, Sallins, Co Kildare

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 LOVING YOUR LOCAL | 7 In the early days that mainly meant having chefs on site and offering a varied menu. With the growing craft beer scene in 2012, the Williams took things a big step further by building their own brewery. This turned Mickey Finn’s into a tourist attraction where people can enjoy a full package – a tour of the brewery, beer sampling and a menu marrying beer and food. “The fact that we became a genuine craft brewery was the biggest thing to change our approach,”says Williams.“It kicked us on the path of beer being the new wine. Every time the brewer comes up with a new beer he talks to the chefs about how to incorporate it into a recipe.”Dishes on Mickey Finn’s menu include pies made with stout and a dessert called‘Beeramisu’. It has recently started to introduce street food for more casual dining in the brewery courtyard.“The African street food event we held with crocodile on the menu really got people talking,”notes Williams.

HONING THEIR CRAFT Moving northwards to Sallins, Co Kildare, Barry Flanagan, owner of Flanagan’s Mill Lock 13 also believes in allowing customers to engage directly with the brewing process. He and his wife Ola opened Kildare Brewing Company on the site in July 2017. “We decided that the only way to have 100% consistent craft beer was to brew it ourselves,”says Flanagan.“Our customers are now doing brewery tours, trying sampling paddles or simply asking staff about the hops and malts in the beers. Six years ago, customers wouldn’t have even contemplated that type of question.” When the Flanagans took over the business in 2012, it needed a lot of love and attention to regain the reputation it once prided itself on – a true family-run pub.“We decided to change the name of the lounge to Lock 13 Gastro Pub as we wanted to start afresh,” Flanagan explains.“We wanted to be different to our competitors and offer something we truly believed in. That was a focus on local beers served with locally sourced food.” Sales have doubled since the couple’s first year of operation and staff numbers have gone up from 12 to over 30.“Customers come to us because we offer simple pub fare, but with a twist and at reasonable prices,”says Flanagan.“Our young and energetic staff have become founts of knowledge about craft beers and brewing. We’re firm believers that if you don’t reinvest or refocus your business in the pub trade you will be left behind.” Because we’re off the beaten track, we knew we had to do something good to get people off their couches - Leigh Williams, Mickey Finn’s, Redcross, Co Wicklow Leigh & Ashley Williams outside Mickey Finn’s, Redcross, Co Wicklow PJ Kavanagh in PJ Kavanagh’s, Portlaoise, Co Laois

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 | LOVING YOUR LOCAL 8 Recipe for success Pubs are now the second most popular destination to eat food outside the home, which isn’t surprising considering the standard and variety of offering that is available around the country Whether it is casual or fine dining, pubs outside Dublin are really giving hotels and restaurants a run for money when it comes to serving food. In fact, the quality of their offerings has gone up so much that pubs are now regularly featured in the Michelin Guide – something which was unheard of until recently.

While carveries and soup and sandwiches are still popular, so many pubs have gone far beyond this and are focused on making their menus and service different and special. In some cases this means an eclectic, international selection of dishes to appeal to a wide audience. For others, it’s about letting customers know that all ingredients are fresh and sourced locally. Pubs have invested in top-of-the-range kitchen equipment and are employing professionally trained staff. Indeed, some are actually owned by experienced chefs who like to put their own stamp on the menu. Food has become much more than an add-on – it is now an integral part of the Irish pub’s identity.

Any dish you order at the Oyster Tavern in Cork City is made using fresh ingredients supplied daily by businesses in the English Market, which is right on its doorstep. “The English Market is literally our pantry. The businesses there have been so helpful and encouraging,”says owner of the Oyster Tavern Alan Clancy.“International tourists can’t take any of the produce home and the traders tell them they can try it around the corner from our menu.” Clancy also owns House in Dublin and House in Limerick.“We created House in Dublin as we saw an opportunity to give people a complete night out including drink, food and music. In Limerick we are doing the same and food plays a very big part in what we provide. People can book a table and sit there from 7pm to 2am. We have the capacity to seat groups of 80 people for dinner,”says Clancy. SEMI-FORMAL DINING Also in Limerick, Flanagan’s Townhouse on Thomas Street has undergone a major refurbishment including the installation of a new kitchen. The result is a“semi-formal dining experience in intimate surroundings”, according to owner Cathal Quinn. “We gutted the building which is 215 years old and renovated it to reflect its Georgian character, but in a contemporary setting,”he says.“We didn’t want to be niche nor offer bacon and cabbage or hot pot. The menu aims to appeal to a more discerning palate.” Produced by a team of four chefs, Flanagan’s Townhouse offers an international cuisine range – everything from steaks, to Indian dishes, chicken wings, traditional fish and chips and pork fillets. “We are very selective about the wine to go with each dish. There are a lot of international companies in Limerick and the Shannon Free Zone and we wanted to appeal to the broadest possible base of customers,”says Quinn, who also owns the gastro pub Flanagan’s on the Lake in Killaloe, Co Tipperary. A FRESH APPROACH When brothers Conor and Ronan Maher took over The Oarsman pub in Carrick-on-Shannon, Co Leitrim in 2002, they felt the time was right to bring a new food philosophy to the town.

“We introduced a progressive, modern Irish menu, buying in all the ingredients and cooking everything fresh, including sauces, chutneys and ice creams,” explains Conor Maher. Ronan had worked in five-star hotels in the UK and South Africa and was focused on flavour and presentation. Meanwhile, Conor’s experience of working in a gastro pub in the UK brought a more casual side to the table. The stylish interior of The Oyster Tavern, Cork The Oarsman Inn, Carrick-on-Shannon Fresh fish at The Oarsman

LOVING YOUR LOCAL | 9 “We fused the two together and found something in between, which tones down fine dining so it’s less stuffy and makes casual dining more attractive in presentation,”says Conor.“From there, it was important to us to hire people with a passion and desire to cook food, not just prepare it.” The Mahers love to work closely with local food producers, including famer James Maguire, who supplies the organic pork for The Oarsman’s popular pork trio dish. They also grow their own vegetables for use at the gastro pub. Mint from their garden is used to make mint jelly and the beetroot, kale, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, rhubarb and raspberries they grow are used in various dishes. One of the chefs the Mahers hired in the early days was Sham Hanifa, who opened Buffalo Boy a year ago in Carrick-on-Shannon with Brian Whelan and former Roscommon footballer Sean Purcell. Buffalo Boy is a steakhouse which serves a selection of Irish gin, whiskey and craft beers. On the site of an abandoned pub, it is a brand new premises built from scratch.

“We saw a gap in the market to pair food with craft beer, gin and whiskey. We use Jameson whiskey in our sauces, and marinate our beef with fine whiskey. Gins are used in deserts and we work with local gin distillery Drumshanbo Gunpowder to come up with new ideas.”The Buffalo Boy menu includes buffalo steak, supplied by famous buffalo farmer Johnny Lynch in Macroom, Co Cork. CHEF AT THE HELM Owner of Murph’s Bistro in Derrygarra, Co Cavan, Fergus Murphy, has over 33 years’experience as a chef, having worked in Michelin-starred restaurants in the UK and Switzerland. As a member of the European community of cooks and chefs Euro Toques, he believes in adhering to its values. “My approach is simple food done really well with two or three flavours on a plate. The ingredients are touched by two or three pairs of hands, not 12,” explains Murphy.“I’m not into food art; it’s all about the flavours.” The menu at Murph’s Bistro is a mixture of casual and fine dining with every element freshly prepared on the day. Among its special dishes are slow-cooked Jacob’s Ladder (beef ribs) and tuskfish supplied by Albatros Sea Foods in Co Donegal marinated in wine from Bordeaux in France.

Murphy has designed a state-of-the-art kitchen for his team of six chefs. Often seen mingling with customers in his chef whites, he is currently investing in a new outdoor space and conservatory which will extend the dining space next year. THINKING DIFFERENTLY A random chat with a builder who was putting in a new smoking area at The Brewery Tap in Tullamore, Co Offaly a couple of years ago led to owner Paul Bell taking the pub’s food offering in a new direction. “Knocking a doorway into the hall gave us improved access to the kitchen upstairs,”he explains.“By coincidence a friend of mine who was a chef, Niall Kavanagh, became available around the same time and we put our heads together.” Tullamore is a bustling town with a lot of food offerings so Bell knew he needed to come up with a different style.“We went for the gourmet-style offering, with everything cooked to order. The beer batter for the fish is made with local beer and the chips are hand cut. We felt it was important to have plenty of healthy options and chose to use trendy crockery and provide table service,”says Bell. “When the Ploughing Championships were cancelled on the Wednesday this year, the pub was packed at 11.30am. If we didn’t do food we wouldn’t have been able to maintain that crowd all day.” The Ploughing Championships was also a busy time for O’Gorman’s The Bog Road in Portlaoise, Co Laois, which has become a“one-stop-shop”for food, according to owner Donal O’Gorman.

The Bog Road serves a traditional carvery daily between 12pm and 2.30pm and has a large and extensive menu between 2.30pm and 9pm. This includes 20 Asian dishes such as Pad Thai and Beef and Oyster Sauce.“We have four Asian chefs and started a takeaway service a year ago which is going very well,”says O’Gorman.“We keep working on the menu, taking off slow sellers and introducing new dishes. We’re starting to look at Mexican food and have introduced a fine dining element.” O’Gorman employs 15 chefs between The Bog Road and his other premises in Kilminchy.“Fifteen years ago The Bog Road was a drink-only pub. We started with the carvery and then introduced the evening menu. Now food accounts for 70% of our sales,”he says.

Fine dining at Murph’s Bistro Food accounts for 70% of sales at the Bog Road says Donal O’Gorman Fergus Murphy outside Murph’s Bistro at the Derrygarra Inn, Cavan

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 PEIGS 12 Market Square, Portlaoise, Co. Laois Tel: 057 8688630 Beer Garden Seated and Live music each weekend

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 LOVING YOUR LOCAL | 11 New generation reinventing the pub scene There is a new breed of younger publicans in Ireland who like to think outside the box and continuously be adaptable – an approach which has helped their businesses to thrive no matter what the economic climate Ever since Ernest Cantillon opened Sober Lane in Cork City in 2006 at the age of 23, he has always tried to do things to keep the pub relevant and give it an edge – from being the first pub in town to serve pizza made in-house from scratch to holding free table quizzes and bingo with novelty prizes. The name Sober Lane is somewhat tongue-in-cheek and a bit of a pun on Cantillon himself as he doesn’t drink. There is a statue of Fr Matthew, one of the figures behind the temperance movement, two streets up.

“We serve good pints and have a good gin menu, but we like to have activities that take the focus away from whether people are drinking alcohol or not,”explains Cantillon, who trained as a chef and has always made food an important focus in the pub.“We aim to be that‘third space’for people, after home and the workplace.” PARTY TIME Forty-two year old Emmet Lynch has tripled the size of Hugh Lynch’s in Tullamore since he took it over in 2004, transforming it from a purely a traditional‘old man’style pub into a live entertainment and party venue. An event which started out as a celebration of the pub being in the family for 40 years has turned into the annual Canal Quarter Festival, featuring live music and dance and various unusual activities from pool tables on the street to crazy golf. “I’ve been lucky that most of the changes I made worked. Over the years, we’ve done all types of things from pig races at the side of the pub to salsa nights and having a clairvoyant upstairs,”says Lynch. “We’ve had music acts ranging from The Strypes to The Wolfe Tones.”Always thinking about what to do next, Lynch feels the future for pubs like Hugh Lynch’s could be in accommodation. Four years ago 27 year old William Clynch decided to give a dig out in the family pub, Moone High Cross Inn in Co Kildare, rather than go into teaching.“It was easy to get into it and I see the pub as my career now,”he says.“The more effort I’ve made the more things have picked up.” Visited by celebrities including Clint Eastwood and Sandra Bullock, Moone High Cross Inn’s client base was mainly older generation men when Clynch came in as a partner.“I could see that 20 years down the line this wouldn’t be sustainable,”he says.“We remodelled one of the parts of the bar to appeal to younger people and make it more female friendly. The bar was the first of 12 around the area to serve cocktails.” OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS With the opening of Kilkea Castle Hotel nearby, Clynch saw an opportunity.“I marketed the pub as the place to go the day after weddings. Ernest Cantillon Emmet Lynch Thomas O Sullivan We’ve had six wedding parties in the past five months with the knock-on effect of staff parties from Kilkea Castle and three 21st parties in one month,” he says.“I believe as areas become repopulated pubs will become more popular – as long as they put the effort in and create a comfortable environment.” Thomas O’Sullivan worked in pubs from the age of 16 and studied hotel management in Shannon College of Hotel Management. His final year placement was in the Four Seasons, Dublin where he continued to work after graduating in 2007. Despite the economic crash, he decided to take up the opportunity to operate Russells Bar, Raheen and the Hi-Way bar in Dooradoyle, Co Limerick in 2009 with Ken Dunne. The pair opened their third premises, The Still House Bar on Thomas Street, Limerick, four years later. They take a structured and strategic approach in all that they do. “Each of our properties has its own unique selling point and we operate them to their strengths,”says O’Sullivan.“However, a common thread between them is that we hire good people who are genuinely friendly and caring. You’re only as good as your weakest member of staff, so you have to train them all. We constantly liaise with our management and staff on our plans for growth and new business opportunities.”

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 | LOVING YOUR LOCAL 12 A story to tell Regardless of what people are drinking in Irish pubs nowadays, there’s a higher expectation of quality, choice and, above all, a good story behind what is in their glass or bottle When people order a drink in an Irish pub, the least they expect is a clean, dry, correct glass and a top quality product. But, increasingly, having a drink has become more of an experience now and pub-goers want to know where their drink has come from and how was it made.

Bar tenders have become historians and storytellers. Instead of simply serving, they need to be well versed in everything from the fact that monks were the first to distil Irish whiskey to the brewing process used by the craft brewer down the road. Particularly in the case of premium Irish whiskey and craft beers, the trend is to sample more than one and learn about the various distilleries and microbreweries. Indeed, whiskey tasting is among the highest rated cultural experiences cited by tourists exiting the country, according to recent data from TripAdvisor.

Craft beer arrived onto the Irish pub scene in 2012 and there are now around 110 microbreweries in Ireland. Consumers like to hear about the passion and backgrounds of the entrepreneurs behind each brand and growth has been driven by a desire to support local businesses. This is not to take away from draft beer – the Irish pub is still synonymous with the pint, but it has to be of the highest standard. According to The Irish Beer Market 2017 report from the Irish Brewers Association, Ireland’s on-trade beer sales continue to outperform off-trade sales by 64.8% to 35.2%. No other country in the EU has a higher percentage of on-trade versus off-trade beer sales. In recent years, gin has really caught the public’s imagination and there has been a shift away from alcopops. Gin remains the fastest growing spirit category among Irish consumers, up by 47.2% in 2017, according to the Irish Spirits Association. Along with the arrival of the distinctive balloon glassware from Spain, ordering a gin and tonic has become quite a ceremony – people want to know about the distillery it came from, which tonic goes best with it and they expect different types of fruits and botanicals to be added. This year, one of the biggest movements has been towards low-alcohol and non-alcoholic products, particularly since the introduction of Heineken 0.0 and Diageo’s Open Gate Pure Brew. The desire for moderation, health and wellness are behind this trend on top of the fact that such products also take the worry out of driving home. Global sales of low/no-alcohol drinks have risen by more than 20% in just one year, with low- alcohol beer and cider sales soaring by almost 30%, according to Kantar Worldpanel. As Irish pubs transformed their food offerings, their clientele became more interested in ordering wine to pair with their meal and Prosecco has also become very popular for family occasions.

What will the next big thing be in terms of drinks? Perhaps it may be tequila or there could be a rum revival. Safe to say though, it is becoming less and less common for people to simply order“a beer” or“a gin and tonic”. The big thing at the moment is gin, it is the fastest growing and is no longer something that your grandmother used to have. Whiskeys are also on the up, the brown spirit has come back into its own. “ ” - Grellan Delaney, Grellan Delaney’s, Main Street, Portlaoise People going to the pub now want a decent quality of drink and they want it cheaper. Premium lagers are harder to sell now. People want lagers at a good price and you have to give them what they are looking for “ ” - Mary Foy, Barrow Lodge, Portarlington In terms of drinks people are going more for lagers now. Heineken and Carlsberg are after getting a huge boost. The traditional ales, though, are not as popular as they once were.

“ ” - Ciaran Gorman, Benny’s pub, Abbeyleix.

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 LOVING YOUR LOCAL | 13 Rural pub going the extra mile Pubs in rural locations have to work that bit harder to get people through their doors, from providing free transport to supporting local groups and holding special events – and their efforts are paying off Paul Flint, along with his wife Madeline, has owned The Hoppers in Walsh Island, Co Offaly, since 2003. They renamed the pub after Madeleine’s late father Jim (Hopper) McGrath, who used to play with Bridge Céilí Band.

“The Hoppers is the hub of the village, which was created in the 1940s for Bord na Mona workers,”says Paul Flint.“We have always worked hard to play our part in the local community.” The Flints are on the secretariat of the local development group which enters the Tidy Towns competition. The couple lends out equipment such as PA systems and Burco boilers for local events and there’s a room in the pub where groups can hold meetings free of charge. On top of this, The Hoppers supports all of the local sports clubs in the wider parish in various ways.

“We are constantly trying to improve the look and feel of the pub and the things we do to pull the locals in,”says Flint. This includes Hoppers Harvest, a vintage steam threshing event held every August with activities for all ages. For the pub’s 50th anniversary in 2012, The Hoppers held a big celebration and charged customers the‘old money’ price for a pint. Every fortnight, it runs free bingo nights and will collect and bring people home. The pub went viral last April when the‘Today with Maura and Daithi’show on RTE1 featured a piece of archive footage from 1988 about a motorised bar stool invented by Madeline’s then boyfriend Noel Duffy. Complete with a 50cc Honda engine, the bar stool still works and is a popular talking point in the only pub in the village.

FROM A TO B Providing such a transport service has become the norm lately for many publicans in rural areas, including Alice Lynch of Maggie’s Tavern in St Johnston, Co Donegal and TJ McInerney of TJ Macs in Mullinahone, Co Tipperary. Local fishermen used to be Maggie’s Tavern’s main source of income in the 1950s and 1960s. The pub had to reinvent itself when fishing was banned on the River Foyle in recent years. Lynch studied culinary arts and tourism at Letterkenny Institute of Technology to enhance the food offering and focus more on events.

“We have to work to get customers in by putting on different events, like live music, Spin the Wheel, fun cycles and barbeques,”says Lynch.“There has to be a reason for people to come to the pub.” Located 7 miles from Derry and 6 miles from Strabane, the prospect of a hard Brexit is a concern now for Maggie’s Tavern.“With labour and products cheaper in the North, we will have to be better at our job and always think about the right thing to do next,”says Lynch. A TASTE OF TENERIFE For McInerney, the right thing this year was to open a new three-quarter acre beer garden inspired by the beach bars of Tenerife. Complete with cast-iron lanterns and a palm tree, the area has a sturdy timber bar serving draft beers, Jagermeister and spirits. “TJ Macs is very much sports oriented and the place where everything happens including fundraisers, meetings and family occasions,”says McInerney. “By doubling the size of the premises with the beer garden we’ve made it much more of an events centre. We’ve had staff parties and stag parties choose to come here instead of going to Kilkenny or Waterford.” The outdoor space has also been a big hit with families as a tranquil place to go during the day and for tourists who enjoy live bands at night.“We’ve had several parties for groups of tourists from the US and celebrity chef from Las Vegas Rick Moonen has paid us a visit,”says McInerney.

The area is steeped in history from the monument to poet and Irish revolutionary Charles J Kickham outside the pub to the barracks and Killaghy Castle nearby. The refurbishment of the pub included two sets of new toilets.“If it wasn’t for us, there would be no public toilet available for tourists,”notes MicInerney. Paul and Mandeline Flint with their son outside Hopper’s Bar, Walsh Island Alice Lynch and her husband Neil outside their pub, Maggie’s Tavern in St Johnston, Donegal Relaxing in the sun in TJ Macs, Tipperary

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 | LOVING YOUR LOCAL 14 Heart of the matter The pub is a unique and treasured part of Irish heritage and – as research from the Vintners Federation of Ireland confirms – means a great deal to both Irish people and tourists Ask any Irish person where they met their partner, what their most memorable family occasion was or simply a night when they had a great laugh with friends and chances are the local pub will have something to do with it.

Our culture is very influenced by new technologies and social media and consumer expectations are so much higher when people go out. But pubs have moved with the times and embraced these changes, ensuring they continue to be the heartbeat of local communities and an integral part of the Irish identity. Recent research by the Vintners Federation of Ireland (VFI) demonstrated the clear affinity that exists between the people of Ireland and the pub. Two thirds of the 1,500 Irish people and tourists surveyed said they want to see pub culture and heritage preserved, while 62% of people believe the pub plays a pivotal role in local communities across Ireland.

The survey shows that over half the population visit the pub at least once a week, with 80% stating that the main reason is to meet friends and family. The pub is an important social hub for families in particular – the results show extremely high numbers for people who chose to mark christenings (82%) and funerals (89%) in their local. Food has become a major draw for people, with 47% of those surveyed saying they frequent the pub to enjoy a meal – a testament to the high quality food offering and value for money available in pubs. The friendliness of staff ranked highest in terms of influencing people to visit a pub, followed closely by quality of service, cleanliness and the availability of food.

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 LOVING YOUR LOCAL | 15 WHAT DOES THE PUB MEAN TO US? • Two thirds of Irish people celebrated their 21st in the pub • 53% of respondents have enjoyed a first date in the pub • Over 50% live within a ten minute walk of their local • Nearly half of men visit the pub to watch sport, compared to 19% of women • Women are more likely to go to the pub to see some form of entertainment (41%) compared to 29.9% of men • Friday evening drinks after work are still a staple for Irish people, with almost one fifth saying this is their favourite time to be in the pub. Source: VFI research For tourists, going to a pub is a top priority in their holiday itineraries. The results of the VFI research cement the pub’s position as the number one tourist attraction. They show that 88% of previous visitors to Ireland had spent time in the pub and a staggering 97% of tourists coming here soon intend to do the same.

For those visitors who had visited the pub, the most enjoyable aspects of their experience were music and entertainment (31%), having‘the craic’(30%) and meeting local Irish people (28%). It’s clear that Irish pubs are here to stay. While expectations are higher in terms of choice and quality, there’s no doubt people both want and need pubs to bring them together and make their lives richer – and of course as simply a place to have fun!

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 A family friendly historical show Not a history lesson but a show based on history, is how Mountmellick musical talent Emer Dunne describes her new stage show which commemorates WorldWarI. ‘Saluting the Brave,’ which comes to the Dunamaise Arts Centre this Saturday, October 20, is a unique production filled with music, drama, song and dance and is a family friendly and entertaining show. The audience will be taken on a journey with the characters, Danny and Johnny, as theydecidetoenlist.

Asked to create something different to commemorate WW1, Emer Dunne, decided to tell the story in a way that would reach all. Using music and songs that are known and loved e.g. ‘Step it Out Mary’, ‘Willie McBride’, ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’ and many more she has woven the music between the acting scenes to create this excitingshow. “I had to think of a way that I could present this show in an entertaining yet respectful and non-political manner. It is not a historylesson,itisashowbasedon history,”shesays. “I had to present it in a way that would allow the audience to be immersed in the story and so I created two characters Danny and Johnny. Through music, drama, song and dance we watch the tale unfold as they naively signed their fate, leaving behind family and a newbride.” Emer is joined on stage by the talented James Harvey on banjo and mandolin, Robert Harvey on fluteandEamonnMoranonguitar. The cast of actors including John Murrell,MaryGorman,AnnClaire Reynolds, Eoghan O Neill, Andrew Dunne, Caitriona Cashin, Shane Fitzpatrick and Shane Carter have alotofexperienceonstage. “I have a wonderful team of people joining me on the night. They are taking on some difficult roles that are interspersed throughthemusicandtheyhaveto show that wide range of emotion from love and excitement to worry and sadness. There are also a number of other people involved on and off stage that play a huge role in the whole event,” says Emer.

The Cathaoirleach, Counsellor JohnKing,willofficiallylaunchthe show this Saturday, October 20. Thisshowwillalsobeamomentin history as commemorations will probably not take place again for anotherhundredyears. Tickets €15 are on sale in the Dunamaise Arts theatre or through the Dunamaise website, WW I: Mountmellick singer presents new stage show in Laois Frankie Valli comes to town Oh What A Night: A Celebration of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons comes to the Dunamaise Arts Centre this weekend.

Putting their charismatic stamp on timeless classics such as ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’, ‘Walk Like A Man’, ‘Sherry’, and ‘Oh What A Night’ the boys take you onanostalgictripdownmemory laneandremindyouexactlywhy The Four Seasons sold over 100 million records and earned themselves a place in the prestigiousRockandRollHallof Fame. With slick choreography, charm, charisma, brilliant audience participation, and amazing live vocals, it’s clear to see why Frankie’s Guys are receiving standing ovations up anddownthecountry.

Following their sold-out run at the Tivoli Theatre in Dublin, don’t miss this fast-paced, energetic production paying tribute to legendary music on thisnationwidetour. The show takes place this Friday, October 19, at 8pm. Ticketsare€25. ARTS REPORTER The legendary Frankie Valli in concert Emer Dunne and cast members during rehearsals for Saluting the Brave, which takes place this weekend in Dunamaise Arts Centre, Portlaoise. The show remembers those who fought and died in World War I A kind of magic in Queen act Flash Harry – A Celebration of Queen comes to Kavanaghs in Portlaoisenextweekend. FlashHarry-ACelebrationof Queen presents a show that embracestheveryessenceoflive music, talent, energy, enthusiasm, passion and pure showmanship.

Local audiences will see the band rocking out Queen’s greatesthitsfromRadioGaga,to We Are The Champions, to Bohemian Rhapsody and everythinginbetween. Quite simply it’s live music entertainmentatitsbest. The band Flash Harry has been celebrating the music of Queenforover20years.Tocarve out a career of that length and sellmoreticketsnowthanatany time in their history proves that thisbandcandeliver. Their track record speaks volumes for the quality of the performances and the sheer entertainment value of their show.

FlashHarry–ACelebrationof Queen comes to Kavanaghs on Saturday, October 27, with the showkickingoffat9.30pm. King of the Queen tribute acts, Flash Harry LAOIS LIFE 57

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Our extraordinary primary school tea L et me set the scene. Picture 33 four and five-year-olds in the one room. The vast majority of them are giddy. They are not used to sitting down for prolonged periods. Theyareallprobablytalking overeachother.Tomeitsounds likeutterhell.However,thatthe realityforAidan’sJuniorInfants teacherfivedaysaweek.Anddo youknowwhat,thewoman deservesamedal. Iwassittingdownonthesofa theothernightwhenIbeganto thinkaboutwhatshedoesevery dayanditsuddenlydawnedonme thatteaching,particularly teachingJuniorInfants,isonehell ofatoughjob.

Ionlyhavetwopersonal experiencesofaJuniorInfants teacher;thewomanwhotaught mebackin1986andthewoman whoisteachingAidanrightnow. Itactuallyhappenstobethe samewomanandhowsheisnotin alunaticasylumbynowisbeyond me! Iknowshe’strainedforthejob andhasdecadesofexperiencebut Istruggledailytokeeptabsontwo childrensohowthehellcanshe lookafter33onherown? It’sactuallymindboggling.In playschoolstheclasssizesare muchmuchsmallerandtherehas tobeoneadulttoeveryeight childrenagedbetweenthreeand sixandhere’sthispoorwoman responsiblefor33ofthem! Itdoesn’tseemtofazeher. She’satthedooreverysingle weekdaymorning,doneuptothe nineswithasmileonherface. Frommydistantmemorysheis firmbutfair.

ByGodshejusthastobefirm, withmyfellaanywaybecauseIcan onlyspeakabouthim.Hedoesn’t listentoanythingIsay,yethe seemstolistentoherandevery singlethingshesaysisGospel!I needtoknowthiswoman’ssecret. Notonlydoesshehavetokeep tabson33ofthemshealsohasto teachthemthings. SofarAidanhaslearnedlotsof lettersorsoundsastheyarethese days,hecanwritesaidlettersand readwordswiththoselettersin them.HecantellmethatFallis whattheYankscallAutumnand cometothinkaboutithedidn’t haveanotionwhatAutumneven wasbeforehewenttoschool! Heisnowawhizzatcolouring inbetweenthelines,whichhewas waytooimpatienttodobefore this.He’dgettwominutesinto colouringapicture,losehistrain ofthoughtandjustscribbleover therestofit!

Ihavegreatmemoriesof learninghowtolinedancein primaryschool.Doyou rememberthelinedancingcraze oftheearly‘90s?Wellthe aforementionedteachercaught thebugandsheasgoodasthought thewholeschooltothrowshapes toAchyBreakyHeart!She obviouslystilllovestoboogie becauseAidancomeshomewith somegreatmovesthesedays. Nowobviouslyshehastohave agreatsystemofdiscipline.Aidan tellsmethatifanyofthechildren misbehavetheygetablackcardso theyareonawarning.Iftheyslip upagainshereachesintoher backpocketforayellowcardand thereafterit’sredandyou’reoffto theprincipal’soffice.

It’shardlysurprisingthat LAOIS LIFE 58 Ross Munnelly Ross Munnelly's long career playing football for club and county includes Laois winning the Leinster championship in 2003 My Laois Life WHAT'S YOUR IDEA OF A PERFECT DAY, OR PERFECT WEEKEND OUT IN LAOIS? PerfectSaturdayevening,datewith Dee McCaul, dinner in La Lola’s restaurant, hoping Wooly isn’t working - peace and quiet is essential!!!! Followed by a trip to Lilly’s Bar for some top quality treatment by the landlord Mr. Kieran Lillis and his new hospitality manager Brian Breen!

WHO HAS MADE THE GREATEST CONTRIBUTION TO LAOIS IN YOUR LIFETIME - AND WHY? There are too many people to mention in this context as many have contributed across a range of areastobenefitLaois. Liam O’Neill has been a phenomenal leader within our county from a sporting perspective. His time with the Laois county board achieved so much, namely themajorreductionofdebtandthe buildingofthestandinOMP. Being elected as GAA President underlines the quality of this man who at all times demonstrates honesty,strengthandclass. A role model for so many people and someone I have learned greatly fromandadmireimmensely.

WHAT'S YOUR FIRST LAOIS MEMORY? FirstLaoismemoryisdefinitelythe walking trails in Stradbally Woods withmyfamily. They provide so many people with amazing views, particularly now in Autumn. Worth a trip to see! WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE PART OF THE COUNTY - AND WHY? Arles. Our family business has grown here over the years and we went to school across the road in ArlesN.S. It was on that tiny pitch which felt sobigatthetime,thatIdecided whatIwantedtoachieveinSport. From there I started playing for Alres at senior grade, on the huge slopeatthebackofthefield. So many good memories where only the basic grass and goal posts were required to start our journey fromJuniorBtowinningtheSenior Championship in 03. A special place.

WHAT'S THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE FACING THE COUNTY TODAY? I think supporting local business is probably a challenge given the explosion of online shopping and hugeretailoutlets. Where possible I think shopping local will help the county flourishinthelongterm. I always enjoy walking through the mainstreet in Portlaoise and seeingsomanylocalbusinesses,long maythiscontinue. IF YOU HAD THE POWER TO CHANGE ONE THING IN, OR ABOUT LAOIS, WHAT WOULD IT BE? IT’S JUST A PHASE RUTH CHAMBERS Those baby and toddler dramas ' I struggle daily to keep tabs on two children so how the hell can Aidan's teacher look after 33 on her own? It's mind boggling'

achers Aidanhasalreadyreceivedayellow card.I’mnotsureforwhatbutI trusther100percent!Thecardsare revokedthefollowingday Soforallthosemoanersoutthere whothinkteachersdon’tdeserveto havetheirpayrestoredorthatthey havetoomanyholidaysjustthink aboutit.Thinkaboutitfolks. Seriously,theyshouldbegetting moremoneyandmoreholidays! Andifyoustillthinkotherwise,put yourselfinaroomwith33ofthem andseehowyou’dbefeelingafter fivedaysofit?Isuspectyou’dbe racingtothenearestpubforastiff drinkhavingpulledallyourhairout between9amand2pm.IknowI wouldbeanyway.

WithonehandI’dberaisinga glasstoallJuniorInfantsteachers andI’dhavethephoneintheother ringingtheVaticancallingforthem alltobemadesaints.Becausethat’s exactlywhattheyare! How to turn conflict into communication C ommunication is an essential part of any healthy relationship. In the world of social media, I do wonder what children and adults do for ‘real communication’. Goodcommunicationisaskillwecantake forgranted,butitislikecommonsense;the realityisbotharenotcommon. STYLE OF CONFLICT Itisn’tjustaboutwords;it’stoneofvoice, facialexpressions,bodylanguageandeven silence.Unresolvedrepeatedconflictislike rust–itcancorrodesomethingthatwasonce freshandstrong.Justlikerust,youcannot justleaveitandhopeitgoesaway:ifyoudeal withconflictproperlyitcanmakea relationshipstrongerandmoretrusting. QUIZ Understandingyourownindividualwayof arguingisagreatstart.Therearefourmain typesofunhelpfularguingresponses/ patterns:Inanargumenthowdoyou normallyrespond?Circlethenumberthat reflectyourstyle.

1. Shouting 2. Make out it’s nothing to do with you 3. Laugh it off 4. Become so upset you forget what you were arguing about 1. Name calling 2. Thinking about what you will say next while they are speaking 3. Not taking the issue seriously 4. Find your mind racing, unable to think clearly 1. Mocking or being sarcastic 2. Make excuses for your behaviour 3. Change the subject 4. Unable to speak 1. Physically attack the other person 2. Refuse to talk about the issue 3. Find something else that is more important to do 4. Become physically immobile, weak or shaking Mostly 1’s – Your response style is Attacking – attempting to control the outcome by use of force Mostly 2’s – Your style is Defending – blocking another person’s (perceived) attack Mostly 3’s – Your style is Deflecting – directing attention away from you Mostly 4’s – Your response style is Freezing – feeling unable to respond because you are overwhelmed or frightened SETTING BOUNDARIES Healthycommunicationinvolvessetting healthyboundaries.Thisisdemonstratingto anotherpersoninaconsistentand non-aggressivewaythatcertainbehaviours areacceptableornotacceptable. Healthyboundariescreatestrengthina relationship.Relationshipboundariesoften workbestifdoneasajointprojectasacouple. Youcansetyourowncommunication boundariesandmanageyourownbehaviour, assettingaboundarymayormaynotcause anotherpersontochangetheirs. Communicatingaboundaryisnotabout stubbornlydiggingyourheelsin,ormaking anotherpersonchangetheirbehaviour.Itis notaboutcriticism,blame,orjudgement. Boundariesarebasedontheunderstanding thateveryoneisanindividual,withtheirown needs,yetisstillpartoftherelationshipand thevaluestheyshare.Youwillnotletanother personjeopardiseyoursenseofsafetyand wellbeingandyouwillnotjeopardisetheirs TOXIC DUMP Thisisimportant.Youcan’tchangeanother person,butbysettingboundariestheymight change.Iftheydon’tanditsimpactingonyou thentheyaretoxic.Toxicpeoplearelike energyvampires,getthemoutofyourlifeor reduceyourtimewiththem.

RELATIONSHIP Communicationinyourrelationshipislike maintenance–youneedtokeepitup,andnot waituntilithasbrokendownorcollapsed. Often,whenaproblemoccurs,itisaboutboth parties:itisabout‘us’. FIVE STEPS TO CONFLICT RESOLUTION Thinkaboutsomethingyourepeatedly argueabout.Startwithalittlething. Step1:Whatistheissueyouaredealing with?Thebestoutcomesareachievedwhen youonlydealwiththeproblemathand.Do notbringinothercomplaints.Example:We can’tagreeonwhoistakingouttherubbish bins. Step2:Whatismypointofview?Example: lwanttorelaxafterwork Step3:Whatmightbetheotherperson’s pointofview?Example:Theydon’tlikethe smellofrubbish Step4:Howisthisimpactingonbothof you?Example:Eventhoughthebinsare overflowing,nooneistakingthemout. Step5:Ifyouwereanobserverofthis situation,includingbothperspectives,what wouldyouadvise?Foryourself,itmightbeto structuretimetorelaxaswellastakingthe binsout.Totheotherpersonitmightbetake binsoutbeforetheysmell.

Advisetobothofyoumightbe:takebins outregardlessofyourpersonalconcerns and/ormakearoster. Bylisteningandlookingatthesituation fromafewangles,bothofyougiveandtake. Bythinkingintermsof‘we’andbeingflexible, communicationcangrowaswilltrust, respectandequality.. Healthy boundaries and learning to resolve conflicts creates strength in a relationship If you are organising a speaker or training for school, community, voluntary, sporting or work groups, call Dr Eddie on 087 1302899 or go to dr.eddie.murphy.psychologist ✱ LAOIS LIFE 59 The only thing missing in Laois is openseawater.

I’mverymuchawaterpersonand really enjoy the beach and ocean - a hard task given our midlands location! You can contact me on; Twitter - @_itsjustaphase_; Instagram - @itsjustaphaseblog, or you’ll find more of my musings at ✱ ASK THE DOC DR EDDIE MURPHY Advice column with the Operation Transformation psychologist

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 = BYRNE PÁDRAIG "GLENHURKE" KILKEERAN, PORTARLINGTON, CO. OFFALY 19TH ANNIVERSARY AND BIRTHDAY, 22ND OCTOBER. BABY PÁDRAIG Nineteen years have passed, And we still don't understand, Why oh why you were taken from us, Life is never fair, But we know you're our Angel, Guiding us through this sad time, Not gone from Daddy's memory, Not gone from Mammy's love, But gone to shine with Jesus, In the beautiful home above. He gazed amid the little ones, And stopped to pick the best, Dear Pádraig was the chosen one, With Jesus now he rests, Look down on us dear Pádraig, And help us through this heartache, We will never let you part, You are always in our hearts. Happy 19th birthday sweetheart, lots of love, hugs and kisses always, Daddy and Mammy. BABY PÁDRAIG Little Angels robed in white, Kiss our special brother everynight. Hugs and kisses from Sean, Stephen and Ciarán.

= SYTHES HARRY DERRYKEARN ABBEYLEIX DIED 10TH SEPTEMBER 2018 The family of the late Harry Sythes would like to sincerely thank all those who sympathised and supported us during our recent sad loss. To those who attended the house, funeral Mass and burial, to those who sent Mass cards, floral tributes, provided food and all who travelled long distances to offer their support, we are so very grateful. Heartfelt thanks to our relatives, friends and neighbours who helped us in countless ways. A special word of thanks to the doctors, nurses and staff of Midlands Regional Hospital, Portlaoise, to Dr. Kemple and Mary Abbeyleix Health Centre, to John O Donnell and staff of O' Donnell's pharmacy, Abbeyleix. To Fr. John Cummins, the Church choir and Anita for their beautiful singing. To Eamonn Kelly Funeral Undertakers who showed us great kindness and empathy.

As it is impossible to thank everyone individually please accept this acknowledgement as an expression of our gratitude and deep appreciation. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass has been offered for your intentions. Harry's Months Mind Mass will be celebrated in The Church of the Most Holy Rosary on Saturday 20th October at 7.30pm. = CONROY KATHLEEN AND JAMES LATE OF COOLNABANCH, CLONASLEE. In loving memory of our mother Kathleen whose 18th anniversary occurs at this time and our father James whose 21st anniversary occurred earlier in the year.

Silent memories keep them near, As time unfolds another year. Sadly missed by all their family. = BRADLEY BRENDAN LAKEGLEN PORTLAOISE DIED 19TH SEPTEMBER 2018 The family of the late Brendan Bradley would like to thank everyone who sympathised with them on their recent sad loss. Thanks to all who attended the funeral Mass and burial and to all who sent Mass cards. Sincere and heartfelt thanks to all the staff members of Portlaoise Regional Hospital who cared for Brendan while he was ill and in particular to both Olive and Karen who showed us such compassion and professionalism. We wish to extend our sincere thanks to the Prison Service and association of retired prison officers and to the members of the Walsh Island GAA club for their guards of honour. A special word of thanks to Fr. Paddy Byrne and matthew Keegan for their kindness and help at this difficult time.

As it would be impossible to thank everyone individually please accept this acknowledgement as a token of our appreciation and gratitude. Months Mind Mass for Brendan will be held on 20th October in SS Peter and Paul's Church, Portlaoise at 6.30pm. = DELANEY TOM 21ST ANNIVERSARY IN LOVING MEMORY OF TOM DELANEY, LATE OF BALLYROAN ROAD, ABBEYLEIX WHOSE ANNIVERSARY OCCURS AT THIS TIME. No matter how life changes No matter what I do A special place within my heart Is always there for you. Lovingly remembered by your son Mike. Though you were gone Before I was born I will know you and love you. Your memory lives on. Your grandson Eoin. = FARRELL MICHAEL AND ELIZABETH LOWER MILLS MOUNTRATH. 6TH AND 17TH ANNIVERSARIES MAM AND DAD Goodbyes are not forever, Goodbyes are not the end, They simply mean I miss you, Until we meet again. Rest In Peace. Loving son Pat. = BIRTHDAY REMEMBRANCE STEPHEN RYAN TINNACRANNAGH, PORTARLINGTON. 31ST BIRTHDAY OCCURS ON 16TH OCTOBER STEPHEN It only seems like yesterday since you went away, 31 years have passed and gone so fast, To get us to this day, Your 31st should be a happy time, Filled with joy and fun, But today we cry the loss of a little boy, A brother and a son.

We hear your voice, We see your face, In everything we do, Happy Birthday Stephen from your family that miss you so, love always, Daddy, Mammy, Emma, Mark, Ann, Evey and Abbey xxxx. STEPHEN Years may pass, memories will stay, Never forgotten, especially today. Jackie, Nannie. STEPHEN A special person, a special face, In our hearts, a special place. Sadly missed Nannie Ryan. STEPHEN Your name is often mentioned, Our thoughts are with you still, You have not been forgotten, And by us you never will. John, Jo, Jack, Ruairi, Sam and Evin. = MARGARET (PEG) WARD LATE OF BORRIS IN OSSORY The family of the late Margaret (Peg) Ward would like to thank and acknowledge the expressions of sympathy and kindness shown to our family on our mothers passing. We are very greatful to all our neighbours, friends and relatives who attended the house and funeral mass.

We wish as a family to acknowledge the great care Peg received during her stay at St. Vincents hospital Mountmellick. To all the staff in St. Martha's and St.Annes ward our heartfelt respect to you for her care and dignity. Thanks to Fr. Jackie Robinson, Jimmy Guilfoyle Funeral directors and all those who helped in anyway over this sad time. As it is impossible to thank everyone individually please accept this acknowledgment as a token of our appreciation and gratitude. Margaret (Peg) Ward's Months Mind Mass will be celebrated on Sunday 21st Oct at 11am in Borris in Ossory.

The Holy Sacrifice of the mass will be offered for your intentions. Another leaf has fallen, another soul has gone. But still we have God’s promises, in every robin’s song. For he is in His heaven, and though He takes away, He always leaves to mortals, the bright sun’s kindly ray. He leaves the fragrant blossoms, and lovely forest, green. And gives us new found comfort, when we on Him will lean. When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. Author Unknown Afterglow I'd like the memory of me to be a happy one.

I'd like to leave an afterglow of smiles when life is done. I'd like to leave an echo whispering softly down the ways. Of happy times and laughing times and bright and sunny days. I'd like the tears of those who grieve to dry before the sun. Of happy memories that I leave when life on earth is done. in memoriam acknowledgments acknowledgments in memoriam Birthday rememBrances Family Announcements Leinster Express, 107 Lower Main Street, Portlaoise, Co Laois Email: advertising@ Call: 057 86 21666

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 = O'REILLY KEOGH BERNADETTE FORMLY 3 MARIAN HILL, PORTARLINGTON The memories are here Ber, They don't just fade away, We see your smiling face, With every passing day, We know that your in heaven, We know your not alone, Mam and Dad are right beside you, In the peace you now call home, Also remembering our 2 brothers and sisters who are also in heaven. Loved and missed everyday by your sister Josephine and all the family xxx = KEOGH O' REILLY BERNIE 10H ANNIVERSARY In loving memory of my dear wife Bernie, whose 9th anniversary occurs today 18th October.

BERNIE I loved you so much, You were a lady in oh so many ways, You lived your life for all of us, And brightened all our days, I speak your name Bernie with joy and pride, I smile through tears too hard to hide, So look around your garden Lord, She won't be hard to find, She had a heart so full of love, And a face that always smiled. You were so dear to me Bernie, No friend or family will ever know, I will always love you so, It hurts not to see your lovely face, As each day goes. Loved and sadly missed by your husband Pat, son Mario, Catriona, grand kids and family. Anniversary mass on Thursday 18th October, Portarlington THANKSGIVING NOVENA TO ST. JUDE O Holy St. Jude, Apostle and Martyr, great in virtue and rich in miracles, near kinsman of Jesus Christ, faithful inter- cessor of all who invoke your special patronage in time of need, to you I have recourse from the depth of my heart and humbly beg to whom God has given such great power to come to my assistance. Help me in my present and urgent petition. In return I promise to make your name known and cause you to be invoked. St. Jude pray for us and all who invoke your aid. Amen. Say three Our Fathers, three Hail Mary's and Glorias. Publication must be promised. This Novena has never been known to fail. I have had my request granted.

Publication promised. P.N. = MAHON CHARLIE GRAIGUE, MOUNTMELLICK, AND CAPPABEG, ROSENALLIS 5TH ANNIVERSARY REMEMBRANCE People still recall your stories every day, The character you were, in our memory stays, Time does not ease our grief or sense of loss, Five years of living without you came with a cost We wish you peace in your resting place, We all know why you left us. We would encourage anyone to seek help if you are being bullied please contact, don't suffer alone. Mass was celebrated on 13th October in St. Joseph's Church, Mountmellick. = HEFFERNAN ANN 1ST ANNIVERSARY In loving memory of Ann Heffernan, Clon- boyne, Portlaoise whose 1st anniversary occurs on 16th October 2018. We are sad within our memory, Lonely are our hearts today, For the one we loved so dearly, Has forever been called away. We think of her in silence, No eye may see us weep, But many silent tears are shed, When others are asleep. Loved and never forgotten by your loving family.

Anniversary Mass on Tuesday 16th October at 10am in SS. Peter and Paul's Church, Portlaoise. = HEFFERNAN ANN CLONBOYNE, PORTLAOISE 1ST ANNIVERSARY In loving memory of Ann whose 1st anniversary occurs on 16th October 2018. SISTER, I MISS YOU Precious mementoes left behind, Are safely tucked away, Precious memories that we shared, Are in our hearts to stay. Loved and remembered always, your sister Agnes and family (UK). = KAVANAGH KEVIN LATE OF 16 BORRIS ROAD, PORTLAOISE . 9TH ANNIVERSARY OCTOBER 15TH A remarkable man , lovingly remembered, Along with his beloved wife Geraldine whose 27th anniversary falls in December You are both never far away from our thoughts.

Love Niall, Madeleine, Geraldine, Kean, Jimmy and John Memorial Card Service CONTACT Tel Caroline Whelan on 0578621666 or email Leinster Express = LAWLESS LISA MARIE 2ND ANNIVERSARY In loving memory of Lisa-Marie Lawless, 17 Summerhill Lane, Upper Beladd, Portlaoise, whose anniversary occurs on the 17th of October 2018. MAMMY Two extra stars are in the skies, I know they are my mother eyes, Looking down upon her fold, Remembering memories wrapped in gold. I love and miss you mammy, I wish you were here today, Just to say these words to you, I love you in every way. R.I.P Mammy.

Love you lots like jelly tots, Lots of love Jayden. LISA Today is the anniversary, Of the day that we lost you, And for a time it felt as though, Our lives had ended too. But loss has taught us many things, And now we take each day, With hope and happy memories, To help us on our way. And though we are full of sadness, That you are no longer here, Your influence still guides us, And we still feel you near. What we shared will never die, It lives within our hearts, Bringing strength and comfort, While we are apart.

Sadly missed and never forgotten, Love you lots to the moon and back, Love all the family x x x. = MARK MCDONNELL CULLENBEG PARK MOUNTMELLICK 8TH ANNIVERSARY Your needs in life were simple, Your love for your family true, As long as we were happy, You were happy too, You thought us many things in life, Always good and true, But you never thought us how to cope, With the pain of loosing you, Today we bring you flowers, Sprinkled with our tears, For you are still a part of us, In spite of passing years, Never forgotten by your loving family. Anniversary Mass 20th October, St. Josephs Church, Mountmellick at 7.30pm. = MALONE KEVIN 20TH ANNIVERSARY Treasured memories of Kevin, Irey, Ballyfin, whose anniversary occurs on 18th October. October comes with sad regret, The day, the month, we will never forget, Precious memories, tears unseen, Wishing your absence was just a dream, Deep in our hearts your memory is kept, To love and to cherish and never forget. Loved and remembered always by your loving family x x.

Anniversary Mass in St. Peter and Paul's Church, Portlaoise on Sunday 21st October at 11.15am. PRAYER TO OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL O most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel, fruitful vine, spledour of Heaven, blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my necessity. O star of the sea, help me and show me herin that you are my Mother. O Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of heaven and earth, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart, to succor me in this my necessity. There are none that can withstand your power. O show me herin that you are my Mother. O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us that have recourse to thee. (3 times). Sweet Mother, I place this cause in your hands. (3 times). B.K.

= KAVANAGH PETER LATE OF 64 MARIAN AVENUE PORTLAOISE Whose 6th anniversary occurred on September 15th. Remembered with love today by his sister Angela, nieces and nephews When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. Author Unknown Another leaf has fallen, another soul has gone. But still we have God’s promises, in every robin’s song. For he is in His heaven, and though He takes away, He always leaves to mortals, the bright sun’s kindly ray. He leaves the fragrant blossoms, and lovely forest, green. And gives us new found comfort, when we on Him will lean. When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. Author Unknown Thanksgivings in MeMoriaM in MeMoriaM Thanksgivings in MeMoriaM in MeMoriaM FAMILY ANNOUNCEMENTS Call: 057 86 21666 Email: Post or call in at: 107 Lower Main Street, Portlaoise

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 = CAROLINE MOORE (NEE WHELAN) IN LOVING MEMORY OF CAROLINE 19 COIS NA HADHAINN, GREEN MILL RD, PORTLAOISE 7TH ANNIVERSARY OCCURS 16TH OCTOBER 2018 It was a sudden parting, too bitter to forget, Those who love you dearly are the ones who cannot forget, The blow was hard, the shock severe, to part with one we loved so dear, Our loss is great, we'll not complain But trust in God we'll meet again. Our family chain is broken, nothing seems the same, But as God calls us one by one, the links shall join again. Caroline we miss and think of you each day From your loving family, mother, brother and sisters.

May Caroline Rest in Peace. = MULHALL JOHN AND BRIDIE MAIN STREET BALLYROAN 31ST ANNIVERSARIES In loving memory of John and Bridie whose anniversaries occur at this time. We hold you close within our hearts, And there you shall remain, To walk with us throughout our lives, Until we meet again. Cherished memories of loving parents, Kay, Shem, Eamon and Mary. = MCGLYNN FIONA KILLENURE BALLYBRITTAS 1ST ANNIVERSARY OCCURS ON 20TH OCTOBER SISTER I really don't know where to start, The day you left Fo, it broke my heart, Not just a crack, it broke in two, Filled with love, just for you. That love is not gone, it is kept safe inside, But when you left part of me died, I want to remember the bond we share, But the pain in my heart is so hard to bear. I miss you so much and more everyday, And love you so much more than words could ever say.

For as long as I live, I will always be glad, For a wonderful sister I was lucky to have. Fo, you are missed everyday and loved and remembered always, Angela, James, Ashling, James, Rachel and Fionn x x x x x x. SISTER We think of you in silence Fo, We talk about you too, We have so many loving memories, But we wish we still had you. Nothing can replace you, And nothing ever will, In life we loved you dearly, In death we love you still. Loved and remembered always, Brian, Vera, Megan, Samantha, Ross and Tianna x x x x x x.

SISTER Fo, quietly today your memory we treasure, Loving you always, forgetting you never, Happy memories we keep forever, Of days when we were all together. Each of us in our own way, Have special memories of you today. Loved and remembered always Mick, Karen, Jason, Chloe and Sophie x x x x x. Anniversary Mass at St. Peter and Paul's Church, Monasterevin on Saturday 20th October at 6.30pm. = TIERNEY COLM ERRILL CO. LAOIS 12TH ANNIVERSARY In loving memory of Colm. Nothing on earth will ever replace, The sound of your voice, The smile on your face, No flowers and no tears can say, How much you are missed and loved everyday.

From mam, William, Rosie, Billie Jean, Sean and Faye. With an In Memoriam notice in your Speak with our Family Notices Team on 0504-29100 / 29102 Remember Them... Tel 057 8621666 email: Leinster Express = RYAN DAVID 2ND ANNIVERSARY In loving memory of David Ryan, late of Ryevale Lawns, Leixlip and late of Abbeyleix who died on 19th October 2016. Those we love don't go away, They walk beside us everyday, Each of us in our own way, Have special thoughts of you today. From your loving sister Mary, brother in law Tommy and extended family.

= WHELAN JAMES 35TH ANNIVERSARY In loving memory of James, late of Chapel St., Ballinakill, who died on 20th October, 1983. The hands of time keep turning, Thirty four years have slipped away, But memories of you Jim will never go away, Our Lady of Lourdes pray for him. Missed and loved everyday, your loving wife Mary. Your needs in life were simple, Your love for your family was true, As long as we were happy, You were happy too, You gave all you had to give, Gifts both big and small, But most of all you gave us love, The greatest gift of all. No longer in our life to share, But in our heart you are always there. Loved always your son, daughters, grandchildren, sons-in-law and daughter-in- law.

Anniversary Mass Sunday 21st October at 11am in St. Brigid's Church, Ballinakill. When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. Author Unknown In MeMorIaM In MeMorIaM In MeMorIaM FAMILY ANNOUNCEMENTS Call: 057 86 21666 Email: Post or call in at: 107 Lower Main Street, Portlaoise

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 MOUNTRATH COTTAGE MARKET PHOTOGRAPHER: DENIS BYRNE COMMUNITY 63 At the Cottage Market Mountrath were Mick, Eoin and Mary Gorman PICTURES: DENIS BYRNE A vast seleciton of chocolate and tasty treats Katie and Ruairi Kavanagh with Amelie Lalor Joe Moore, Paddy Kelly and Patsy Sydes Lorriane Strang having a browse through the many books on display Mountrath Historical Society, Cllr James Kelly, Lindsay Cuddy, Sec, Pat McSpaddan, Chair, Samantha Hayes, C.M and Eddie Phelan Treasurer The Dunne family Erin Delaney, Keith Lalor Fitzpatrick, Davina Fitzpatrick and Abbey Lalor Fitzpatrick Enjoying the banter at the Cottage Market The Cottage Market in Mountrath

64 LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 43" J.V.C TV 2 Arm- chairs, New Coffee Table €290. 087 7566736 We, VP Equipment Rental Ireland Ltd, intend to apply for Per- mission for a Change of Use for a development at Bay Road Business Park, Bay Road, Townspark, Mountmel- lick, Co. Laois. The Change of Use Applica- tion will include amend- ing the use from light Industrial and manufac- turing area to proposed hire depot for construc- tion and construction related equipment. The development is located at Bay Road Business Park, Bay Road, Townsparks, Mount- mellick, Co. Laois. The planning application may be inspected or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasona- ble cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public open- ing hours. A submission or observation in rela- tion to the application may be made to the authority in writing on payment of the pre- scribed fee within a period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the author- ity of the application. LAOIS COUNTY COUNCIL HEARING AIDS Patricia Kilmartin, B.A.A.T., M.I.S.H.A.A., Audiolo- gist/Hearing Aid Cons. Hearing Assessments, Full range of Digital Hearing Aids available, earmoulds, swim plugs, ear wax remov- al, etc. Social Wel- fare Grants availa- ble. Contact (057) 86 92289, Camross, Co. Laois. New Loca- tion 10 Lismard Court , Portlaoise.

WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS Covering the Laois area. Telephone George O'Brien on 057 8736644 or mobile 087 2544168 MATHEMATICS, PHYSICS, APPLIED MATHS, SCIENCE All levels. 0863842350, 0578732663 MARTINS POULTRY Attending Wednesday 17th October at Roscrea Fountain 11.30am, Mountrath Mart 12 - 2pm, Mountmellick Square 2.30pm, Portarlington Square 3.30pm, Tullamore Old Market Square 4.30pm. Growing turkeys white and bronze, pullets point of lay, growing broilers, rare breed hens, laying and table duck- lings, fully vaccinated, (091)841079 or (087) 2320690. STRONG AND SONS Chimney cleaning, we have a new machine for tar and blocked chimneys, oil boiler, power washing, tree surgeons., window cleaning phone 086 8888012.

uPVC, Aluminium, Timber & Vertical Sliders, Sun Rooms, Conservatories, Porches & Composite Doors FREE QUOTATION Drummond, Rosenallis, Co. Laois 086 8600201 / 057 86 28770 Fully Certified A Rated Windows Supplied & Installed ACE CHIMNEY SWEEP Expert in stove chim- ney sweeping. Power sweeping system, spotless work. Open fires, cookers, cowls fitted. Call Seamus 087-7794047 E: We, Abbeyleix Park Development Commit- tee & St Lazarians Abbeyleix GAA wish to apply to Laois County Council for planning permission for the con- struction of a 3 metre wide walkway measur- ing 550 metres around the perimeter of the playing field with the inclusion of LED safety lighting mast measur- ing a height of 6.0 metres surrounding the walkway. Permission is also sought to install LED pitch floodlight measuring a height of 18.0m and to erect a 2.0m high security fence around the main boundaries and pitch railing around the perimeter of the pitch and associated site works all located at St Lazarians GAA Club, Father Breen Park, Tully- roe, Abbeyleix, Co. Laois. R32 H7WR. The planning applica- tion may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the rea- sonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public open- ing hours. A submission or observation in rela- tion to the application may be made in writing to the planning authori- ty on payment of the prescribed fee (€20) within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the applica- tion.

LAOIS COUNTY COUNCIL WANTED! TRACTORS, Diggers & Tele- handlers in all condi- tions - All Makes and Models for Exporting and Breaking. Top Prices Paid, Cash Wait- ing. Nationwide Col- lection. Tel UK: 00447818452267 ROI: 086 278 0014 www. webuytractorsanddig- trillick.trac- IrishChimneySpecialists We Solve ALL Chimney Problems Specialising in: • Lining & Insulation Of Fire Damaged Chimneys • Masonry Chimney Systems Nationwide Service Quotation Given 087 2750396 / 087 6834277 087 7686584 / 0505 46421 087 2750396 / 087 6834277 087 7686584 We, The Board of Man- agement of Scoil Phad- raig National School intend to apply for planning permission for development at Canal Road, Portarlington, Co. Laois. The develop- ment consists of an AstroTurf pitch, associ- ated lighting, fencing and all associated site works. The planning application may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the planning authority during its public opening hours. A submission or observa- tion in relation to the application may be made in writing to the planning authority on payment of the pre- scribed fee, within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the author- ity of the application. Application prepared by Ruairi Whelan Consult- ant Engineers & Archi- tectural Services, Portar- lington, Ph 057 8636570 or email info@ LAOIS COUNTY COUNCIL MEGABOUNCE slides, castles, rodeo bull, marquee hire and ice cream van. Offering huge discounts. Book for Communion and Confirmations. Kara- oke/D.J. Hire. Contact Noel 0878622176. I Keith Brew intend to apply to the above planning authority for planning permission for the erection of a straw based cattle shed, dungstead and all ancillary works at Down, Cloneygowan, Co. Offaly.

The planning applica- tion may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the rea- sonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public open- ing hours. A submission or observation in rela- tion to the application may be made in writing to the planning authori- ty on payment of the prescribed fee (€20) within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the applica- tion. OFFALY COUNTY COUNCIL BALLYPICKAS BOARDING KENNELLS. Dogs and cats. Contact 087 7674723.

MASSAGE Offering a wide range of male2male Holistic Massage. Therapuetic, relaxation, or just a sensual experience. Shower available. Discreet, private country clinic. Professional and confidential service. Phone 085 8273960. HEALING MASSAGE Full body abdominal, head, neck, face and eyes masage. 085 1284359 SEPTIC TANKS EMPTIED Rodding ser- vice available, also Per- colation areas upgrad- ed and installed. 0878532599 or 0879482745. IRISH LEAVING CERT AND JUNIOR CERT both Higher and Ordinary level grinds available with qualified Irish teacher who worked extensively in the Gaeltacht. Based in the Clonaslee area call 0857351341 for more information.

LaoisTarmacadamLTD • Private Driveways • Kerbing • Game Courts • Car Parks QUOTATIONSFREE Serving The Midlands. Tel:057 86 21672 Mob: 087 2510536 Web: SINGLE BED FOR SALE with headboard & mattress also, duvet & cover €150 085 1529558 FIREWOOD (SEASONED) bags logs €3, bags kindling wood €2, free delivery to your door, please contact 087 7645855 I, Gary Oxley intend to apply to Laois County Council for full planning permission for the fol- lowing (a) 1 no. new two storey type dwell- ing house, (b) Installa- tion of a new waste water treatment system (c)1 no. new domestic garage (d) new vehicu- lar entrance (e) new landscaping and all associated site develop- ment works at Rossnum Vicarstown, Co Laois. The planning applica- tion may be inspected, or purchased at a fee not exceeding the rea- sonable cost of making a copy, at the offices of the Planning Authority during its public open- ing hours. A submission or observation in rela- tion to the application may be made in writing to the planning authori- ty on payment of the prescribed fee (€20) within the period of 5 weeks beginning on the date of receipt by the authority of the applica- tion.

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LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Location: Townparks, Mountmellick Description: 21-acres of land Price: Public auction Seller: John Hennessy Contact: 057 86 25554 AT A GLANCE Mountmellick land, comprisig 21-acres for public auction in late November J ohn Hennessy is bringing to public auction this parcel of land at Townsparks, Mountmellick in late November. It comprises 21- acres (8.54 hectares). Theauctionwilltakeplace on Friday, November 30 at 3pm in O'Loughlins Hotel, Portlaoise. The land is described as being well located on the Rosenallis road within walking distance of Mountmellick.

The land in one division overthreefields. It is currently in grass and is described as being in good fertilityandwellmaintained. There is a natural water supply(drain). Also for auction on the same day is 0.13 of an acre (small plot) at Derrycloney, Mountmellick. It is located adjacent to ManorGrove. JohnHennessyalsohas95 acres of farm land and forestry for sale by private treaty at Clonkeen, Portlaoise. It is located a half mile off the Mountrath M7 interchange, and one mile fromPortlaoise. The lands are in one division.

Forty five acres are in grassland and 50 acres are in forestry. Some of the land is described as been in need of reclamation, and is suitable forgrassorpossibleforestry. The forestry is approximately 20 years planted and has achieved goodmaturity. Maps are available on request from Hennessy Auctioneers. For further information contact John Hennessy, Stradballyat0578625554. An aerial view of the 21-acres at Townparks, Mountmellick which is to be auctioned PROPERTY TO ADVERTISE IN THIS SECTION: Contact Gemma: 086 047 9762 Email EXPRESS

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Location: Gorteen Daingean Description: Bungalow with 42 acres Price: Made €270,000 at public auction Seller: Matt Dunne Contact: 057 86 23349 AT A GLANCE Daingean land sells at auction Auctioneer, Matt Dunne held an auction at the Keadeen Hotel in Kildare on October 10. Among the properties for auctionwasabungalowon42 acres at Gorteen, Daingean, countyOffaly. Lot 1 comprised the bungalow on 42 acres at Gorteen. First up Lot A featuring the bungalow on 23 acres.

Matt Dunne offered this semi derelict bungalow c. 1,000ft2 with 3 span hay shed and lean-to standing on 23 acresofgoodarableland. It was all in grass with the exception of 3.5 acres of Sitka Spruce. This lot opened at €150,000 and rose to €190,000 in a series of €10,000and€5,000bids. There were four parties interested. Matt Dunne then offered Lot B which consisted of 19 acres and derelict house, which only achieved one bid of€50,000. The Auctioneer then put the entire to the floor with an initial minimum bid of €240,000.

Straight away two parties got interested and the biddingwentto€260,000. TheauctioneertriedLotA and Lot B again but, with no further bids, he then consultedthevendor. The property was rightly contested between two bidders and the hammer camedownat€270,000. The purchaser Mr. Edward Spollen, a builder, hopes to refurbish the houses. The vendor, The Gaffneys from Kildare International Equestrian Centre were happy with the price achieved. The Auctioneer Matt Dunnewasdelightedwiththe outcome as he had been endeavouring to sell this out farmforoverayear.

“Some places are tricky to sell”,hesaid“becauseoftheir backward location, and I eventually succeeded in attracting an outsider to buy it”. Overall the land made c. €6,500 per acre of which 12 acreswasinforestry. The bungalow at Gorteen, Daingean and some other views of the property Matt Dunne properties MattDunnehadanumber of other properties for sale lastweek. “Burnville”, a dormer bungalow on the Ballyfin Road, Portlaoise sold prior to auction. “We had three people interested in the property” said Matt Dunne “and one of them insisted he didn’t want togotoauction.

“He made us a cash offer the owner simply couldn’t refuse. That’s why you always insert ‘Unless Previously Sold’intheads”. Also up was 15.75 acres at Ballyfarsoon, Monasterevin, incountyKildare. “The world of property never ceases to amaze me”, saysAuctioneerMattDunne “I would have bet all the tea in China that this land would sell ‘under the hammer’ as it is well located, scenic and excellent arable land.” Itwasonlybid to €145,000 in the auction room, that is €9,200peracre.

Matt Dunne then received atelephonebidof€150,000. When he put it to the floor there was no further bidding and the 15.75 acres was withdrawn. Matt is currently dealing with the highest bidder and hopes to have it sale agreed this week at close to the reserve price of €160,000 or €10,000peracre. Meanwhile, the Club House at Main Street, Rathdowney was withdrawn prior to auction by the Receivers, Moore Stephens butnegotiationsareongoing. Burnville on the Abbeyleix Road in Portlaoise was sold prior to auction. Below, two interior pictures of the property. Above left, the Club House on Main Street, Rathdowney 67 EXPRESS PROPERTY The world of property never ceases to amaze me MATT DUNNE “

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 DUBLIN ROAD, PORTLAOISE - Tel: 057 8622048 Open Mon-Fri. 9am-6pm; Sat. 9am-2pm – EXIT 16 ON M7 HUGE AUTUMN SALE EVERYTHING MUST GO!! 16 NISSAN QASHQAI 1.5TD H/B Met Black, 34,175m, 1 owner, 5-dr, NCT EXPIRY 2020 February, Reverse Camera, ABS, Air Con, Drivers & Passenger airbags, Alloys, Bluetooth Phone, CD player, Cruise Control, E/m, E/w, Imm, Rcl, Multiple Airbags, Fogs, Traction Control, Traction control, was €20,950 NOW €18,450 16 FORD ECOSPORT 1.5TD H/B Met Black, 11,495m, 1 owner, 5-dr, NCT EXPIRY 2020 July, Alloy Wheels, Electric Mirrors, Electric Windows, Immobilizer, Metallic Paint, Remote Central Locking, Front Fog Lights, was €18,500 NOW €16,500 15 FORD FIESTA 1.5TD H/B Met Black, 39,892m, 1 owner, 5-dr, NCT EXPIRY 2019 August, ABS, Drivers & Passenger Airbags, Alloy Wheels, Bluetooth Phone, CD player, Electric Mirrors, Electric Windows, Immobilizer, Parking Assistance, Multiple Airbags, Traction Control, Foglights, Heated screen, Traction control, Air Conditioning, was €15,750 NOW €12,750 15 KIA SPORTAGE 1.7TD H/B Met Black, 56,300m, 1 owner, 5-dr, NCT EXPIRY 2019 February, ABS, Driver & Passenger Airbags, Air Con, Alloys, Bluetooth Phone, CD player, Climate Control, Cruise Control, E/m, E/w, Imm, Parking Assistance, Rcl, Sat Nav, Sunroof, Multiple Airbags, Traction Control, Foglights, was €18,950 NOW €16,950 15 HYUNDAI IX35 1.7TD H/B Met Silver, 66,486m, 1 owner, 5-dr, NCT EXPIRY 2019 January, Reverse Camera, ABS, Driver & Passenger Airbags, Air Con, Alloys, Bluetooth Phone, CD player, Cruise Control, E/m, E/w, Imm, Parking Assistance, Rcl, Multiple Airbags, Traction Control, Foglights, was €18,500 NOW €15,900 14 NISSAN PULSAR 1.5TD H/B Met Grey, 19,884m, 2 owners, 5-dr, NCT EXPIRY 2018 September, Air Con, CD Player, E/w ABS Brakes, Drivers & Passenger Airbags, Alloys, Cruise Control, E/m, Fog Lamps, Imm, Traction Control, Multiple Air Bags, Bluetooth, Rcl, was €14,900 NOW €11,900 14 KIA SPORTAGE 1.7TD H/B Met Silver, 50,331m, 1 owner, 5-dr, NCT EXPIRY 2018 February, ABS, Driver & Passenger Airbags, Air Con, Alloys, Bluetooth Phone, CD player, Climate Control, Cruise Control, E/m, E/w, Imm, Parking Assistance, Rcl, Sat Nav, Sunroof, Traction Control, Foglights, was €18,950 NOW €14,950 14 KIA SPORTAGE 1.7TD H/B Met Silver, 59,775m, 3 owner, 5-dr, NCT EXPIRY 2018 May, ABS, Driver & Passenger Airbags, Air Con, Alloys, Bluetooth Phone, CD player, Climate Control, Cruise Control, E/m, E/w, Imm, Parking Assistance, Rcl, Sat Nav, Sunroof, Traction Control, Foglights, was €18,950 NOW €14,950 13 KIA SPORTAGE 1.7TD H/B Met Orange, 51,573m, 2 owner, 5-dr, NCT EXPIRY 2019 April, ABS, Driver & Passenger Airbags, Air Con, Alloys, Bluetooth Phone, CD player, Climate Control, Cruise Control, E/m, E/w, Imm, Parking Assistance, Rcl, Sunroof, Traction Control, Foglights, was €15,450 NOW €12,950 13 FORD C-MAX 1.6TD H/B Met Red, 69,593m, 3 owners, 5-dr, NCT EXPIRY 2019 February, ABS, Driver & Passenger Airbags, Air Con, Bluetooth Phone, CD player, E/m, Alloys, E/w, Imm, Rcl, Traction Control, Foglights, Heated screen, was €13,250 NOW €9,900 12 MAZDA 3 1.6TD H/B Met Blue, 67,108m, 2 owners, 4-dr, NCT EXPIRY 2018 May, ABS, Airº Conditioning, Alloy Wheels, Bluetooth Phone, Climate Control, Cruise Control, E/m, E/w, Immobilizer, Remote Central Locking, Multiple Airbags, Traction Control, Foglights, was, €9,450 NOW €6,450 11 FORD FOCUS 1.6TD H/B Met Black, 107,497m, 3 owners, 5-dr, NCT EXPIRY 2019 May, ABS, Driver & Passenger Airbags, Air Conditioning, Alloy Wheels, Bluetooth Phone, CD player, Immobilizer, Remote Central Locking, Foglights, Traction control, was €8,900 NOW €6,900 SAVE €2,500 SAVE €2,000 SAVE €3,000 SAVE €2,000 SAVE €3,000 SAVE €4,000 SAVE €4,000 SAVE €2,500 SAVE €3,000 SAVE €2,000 SAVE €3,350 SAVE €2,600 SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 MOTORS TO ADVERTISE IN THIS SECTION: Contact Alison 086 0266713 The best deals on wheels from local garages every week EXPRESS Toyota happy with move In a statement on the budget, Steve Tormey, CEO of Toyota Irelandsaid, “Meeting our environmental commitments relating to carbonemissionswillrequire a huge effort on the part of Government, industry and public over the coming years, andthedecisiontoextendthe hybrid VRT relief is an important step in that campaign.

“Toyota has led the motor industry in environmentally friendly technology for the past 30 years and we will continue to do so through the developmentandadoptionof energy-saving options such as self-charging hybrid and fossil fuel alternatives including hydrogen and electric. “As many people know, hybrid cars operate in electric mode almost 50 percent of the time in city driving conditions and until such time as pure electric motoring issues such as range anxiety on affordable mass market cars and charging infrastructure are addressed,itisourfirmbelief that hybrid represents the best solution for a lower carbon reliant society and therefore cleaner air for futuregenerations. The Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) at their National Executive Council meeting, announced the appointment of Brian Cooke as the new Director General Designate for SIMI. As part of the planned retirement of the current Director General Alan Nolan, Brian Cooke will act as Director General Designate until the official retirement of Mr. Nolan in quarter two of 2019. Mr. Cooke has extensive experience within both the Society and Industry having previously held the position as Deputy Director General, Financial Controller and Secretary Budget: Move to extend VRT hybrid relief is welcomed as important step in campaign DUBLIN ROAD, PORTLAOISE Tel: 057 8664895 Open Mon-Fri. 9am-6pm; Sat. 9am-2pm – EXIT 16 ON M7 OPEN WEEKEND THIS SATURDAY, 20th & SUNDAY, 21st OCTOBER OPEN SATURDAY 9am-4pm and SUNDAY 12noon - 4pm

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 The Paris Motor Show celebrates 120 years Hugh Maguire: On the enduring appeal of Paris The Paris Motor Show is held everysecondyear. This year the motor show celebrated its 120th anniversary and continues to be one of the most visited showsintheworld. Theshowwaspackedwith concept cars, new car launches, world debut’s of manynewmodelsandevents, workshops and exhibitions allmotorrelated. Ihaveenjoyedmanyhours and tired feet wandering the halls of this show and I can vouchforitssignificance. This year however there were a few notable absentees from the Paris show, namely Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Bentley, Fiat, Ford, Infiniti, Jeep, Lamborghini, Mazda,McLaren,Mitsubishi, Nissan, Rolls Royce, Subaru, Opel,VolkswagenandVolvo. These manufacturers claim that they are concentratingmoreondirect media and local (to their customerbase)marketing. So has Paris lost something?

Yes, indeed, as some of the above names are big players the most obvious being Ford who have just launched the new Focus to the world market. However,withallthatsaid Paris is still a very significant show and it gives a flavour of wheretheworldofcardesign anddevelopmentisheading. So here is just a sample of what was new at the Paris Motor Show this year with relevance to the Irish market. First of all it's worth pointing out that while electric cars are seen as the way forward with every manufacturer at work on an electric car of some kind, it's evident at Paris that there is some way to go before we are all whirring around silently inelectricpoweredcars. First of all how really environmentally friendly are they when you consider their full carbon footprint from production to end of life for carandbattery?

Sure they have zero emissions, but the factories that build them don’t, and what about the mountain of lithiumIonbatteriesthatwill need to be recycled (the tech isnotfullythereonthatyet). What about the charging infrastructure, it's way behindwhereitneedstobe! The charge times are still way too long for practical everydaymotoringneedsand the ranges, while slowly getting better, are no where near what a petrol or diesel canoffer. Furthermore, the motor industry itself admits that as electric cars need little or no servicing it's a huge potential revenue and employment loss thats staring them in the face.

So while we have all this hysteria about the need to go electric we are a long way off yetfolks! Highlights of this years show werre the new BMW 3-Series range and new 8-Seriesrange. This is the seventh generationofthe3-Seriesand will boast petrol, diesel and plug-inhybridsintherange. While sales of the traditional saloon decline in favourofSUV’sthe3-Seriesis an important new car for BMW. Mercedes gave us a first look at the new B -Class as wellastheA35hothatch. Peugeot revealed a range of hybrid alternatives for its new 508 model with plug-in hybrids available for the 508 saloonandestate.

Audi launched the new A1 a VW Polo rival and their new Audi E-Tron electric SUV, theirfirstelectriccar. Kia are showing the new Seed GT and five door hatchback. Porsche have their new MacanSUVandconfirmation of the new 911 Speedster production. Renault are showing off the facelift Kadjar, while Seat have the lovely new Tarraco largeSUV. Finally Toyota are showing their new Camry andCorollaSportsTouring. In addition there were a multitude of concept cars, sub models and design ideas, toonumeroustodetailhere. The new BMW 3-series range was one of the highlights of the Paris Motor Show. This is the seventh generation of the 3-Series and will include petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrids EXPRESS MOTORS 70 DUBLIN ROAD, PORTLAOISE Tel: 057 8674800 Open Mon-Fri. 9am-6pm; Sat. 9am-2pm EXIT 16 ON M7 OPEN WEEKEND THIS SATURDAY, 20th & SUNDAY, 21st OCTOBER OPEN SATURDAY 9am-4pm and SUNDAY 12noon - 4pm DOWNEY’S NISSAN

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 SIMI disappointed at diesel VRT increase Budget: Tax rise on diesel cars is 'poorly considered' Commenting on the Budget decision to increase VRT on theregistrationofdieselcars, SIMI Director General Alan Nolansaid,“Thiswasapoorly considered measure that appears to have been included to give the perception of an environmental focus in the Budget. “Concerns about diesel centre on air quality in cities but city-based car buyers have already moved away from buying new diesel cars, the Dublin diesel share having reduced from 70% in 2014to51%thisyear.

“The bigger impact here will be on rural and business buyersforwhomdieselisstill the better environmental choice. “The real problem is that this type of provision is likely to have a different impact to whatisintended,forinstance it may cause some purchasers to postpone their car change, reducing the potential to add cleaner new carsintothefleet. “This industry has been strongly supportive of the transitionawayfrominternal combustion engines and in reducing the diesel market share. “The Government is well aware of the fact that this transition has already been happening quite rapidly without this type of negative provision which appears to bemoreabouttheperception of being seen to take some environmental action in the aftermath of the decision not toincreasecarbontaxes. “The real disappointment forbusinessesandjobsinour sector is that we were already facing an increase in VRT in January,onlyonthepriceofa newcar,intheregionof€450, due to the new EU emissions test(WLTP).

“This additional 1% surcharge, announced in the Budget, is likely to add a further €400 on average to a newdieselcarfromJanuary. “With the low value of Sterling driving up the number of older cars being imported into Ireland the Motor Industry was already apprehensive about the outlookfor2019. “Surveyed before the VRT increase, 73% of Franchise dealers were already anticipating a worse year in 2019becauseofBrexit. “This Budget decision on VRT flies in the face of the stated support and consideration for those impacted by Brexit. Our sector has been the worst impacted to date by Brexit and the 14% fall in new car sales since Brexit is likely to acceleratefurthernextyear. “This increase is more likelytoencouragethosewho may want a diesel car to opt for an older imported used diesel.

“Given that older diesels can be up to 30 times worse on emissions than a new car; this would hardly pass for environmentalprogress. “From a revenue point of view, if even only 5,000 new cars are replaced by imports as a result of this VRT increase,theStatewouldface anetreductionof€20million intaxreceiptsratherthanthe Department’s projected increaseof€25Million. “The industry had been seeking some consideration inrespectoftheimpactofthe new emissions test on VRT in January. “In this context, the additional imposition of this Budget VRT increase in the full knowledge of how Brexit is currently impacting shows a total lack of concern for businessesinoursector.” BUDGET IMPLICATIONS FOR THE MOTOR INDUSTRY - 1% VRT surcharge across all VRT Bands for diesel cars, newandusedimports - Extension of VRT Reliefs for Plug-In and Conventional Hybridsuntiltheendof2019 - No increase in carbon taxes -Noincreaseinfuelduties -LPGcommercialvehicles relief - A new accelerated capital allowances scheme for gas-propelled vehicles andrefuellingequipment - Buses – no diesel-only buses for the urban public service obligation (PSO) bus fleetsafterJuly2019. - The 0% Benefit-in-kind rate for electric vehicles is beingextendedforaperiodof 3 years, with a cap of €50,000 on the Original Market Value ofthevehicle The bigger impact the increase in VRT on diesel cars wlil have will be on rural and business buyers for whom diesel is still the better environmental choice, SIMI have said 71 EXPRESS MOTORS HUGE SAVINGS! TypicalFinan ount:€10,990,61paymentsof€210.93.DocFee:€63.49. HirePurchasePrice€15,743.71.APR6.9%.Terms&ConditionsApply.Ratequotediscorre ctasat07/08/18andissubjecttochange.ThecreditproviderisBankof IrelandwhichisaregisteredtradingnameofBankofIreland.Warning:Youwillnotownth esegoodsuntilthefinalpaymentismade. alFinan 3 ount €10990 61paymentsof€21093 DocFee €63 ount:€1 1 € 0990 61paymentsof€21093 DocFee:€63 €4,000 €4 00 UPTO nceEx Ex xample:Hyundaii10DeluxePetrol.Price€13,740.Depositattradein:€2,750.FinanceA mo ePrice€1 €15,743.71 1 7 .APR6.9%.Terms&ConditionsApply.Ratequotediscorrectasat07/08/18a nceExample:Hyundaii10DeluxePetrol Price€1 €13740 Depositattradein:€2750 Finan nceAmo nceAmo € € U SAVE 5 Years Service 5 S FREE UPTO U E Service S FREE on all Ex-Fleet Cars.Offer Ends 26th October. The Fleet is Back at Fitzpatrick’s Hyundai 181 Hyundai i10 Deluxe Petrol NOW ONLY €13,740 €48 per week SAVE €1,900 181 Hyundai i20 Deluxe Petrol NOW ONLY €16,190 €57 per week SAVE €2,460 181 Hyundai i30 Deluxe Petrol NOW ONLY €20,450 €73 per week SAVE €3,000 181 Hyundai i30 Deluxe Diesel NOW ONLY €21,900 €77 per week SAVE €3,550 181 Hyundai i30 Fastback NOW ONLY €22,750 €79 per week SAVE €3,500 181 Hyundai i30Tourer NOW ONLY €21,800 €75 per week SAVE €3,400 181 Hyundai Kona Executive NOW ONLY €21,400 €74 per week SAVE €2,850 181 Hyundai i40 Executive NOW ONLY €27,800 €97 per week SAVE €4,000 181 HyundaiTucson Executive NOW ONLY €29,300 €98 per week SAVE €3,000 181 HyundaiTucson SE NOW ONLY €30,300 €99 per week SAVE €3,000 Tullamore: 057 9352700 | Kildare: 045 533300 | Naas: 045 848800 ONLY 2 LEFT ONLY 2 LEFT ONLY 4 LEFT ONLY 3 LEFT ONLY 4 LEFT

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 SKODA SCALA is a new name for a new compact model NEW MODEL ŠKODA has revealed the name of its new compactmodel–ŠKODASCALA. The name comes from the Latin word ‘scala’ which means ‘stairs’ or ‘ladder’ and willmarkthenextstepforwardfortheCzech carmanufacturerinthiscompactsegment. It has also been confirmed that the new SCALA will be the first European model by the brand to carry ŠKODA lettering in the middle of the tailgate, in place of the more accustomedŠKODAlogobadge. BernhardMaier,chairmanoftheboardof ŠKODA AUTO, commented: "With the new ŠKODA SCALA we are proposing a new chapterinthecompactclassofŠKODA. “It is a completely new development that sets standards in terms of technology, safety and design in this class. Thus we are confident that SCALA has the best chance to redefinetheA-segmentforŠKODA." With SCALA, ŠKODA presents its new emotional exterior and interior design languageforthefirsttimeinseriesform.This designlanguagehasalreadymadeastiratthe Paris Motor Show in the form of the VISION RS concept. With this new model, the Czech brand also promises a big leap in technological advancement and innovation offering features that so far are found only in highersegmentvehicles.

The ŠKODA SCALA will be unveiled in December and will be available in Ireland from June 2019, in time for the 192 registrationperiod. SKODA's new model is the SCALA which will be unveiled in December Volkswagen announces range of 191 offers 191 offers: Range of finance offers available for 191 period Volkswagen strengthens its position as Ireland’s favourite automotive brand in 2018 and heading into the ‘191’ registration period, the brand is pushing forward withtheannouncementofits 191offers.

Volkswagen will offer customers who order their newvehiclebeforeDecember 31st the opportunity for low and in some cases 0% PCP financeonselectedmodels. 0% PCP Finance is available on Golf and Golf Estate Highline and R-Line models, Touran Highline and R-Line models, Tiguan and TiguanAllspaceHighlineand R-Line models, and Passat Saloon and Estate Highline models. There are also Purchase Contributionsofupto€2,500 on selected models in the range when you finance your car through Volkswagen Bank. And very much in keeping with the theme of Drive your future forward, there is a suite of technology upgrades available across the range, which allows customers to upgrade to the latest technology in their new Volkswagen, for a fraction of theprice.

The technology upgrades vary among models but include advanced features such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Change Assist, Road Sign Recognition plus manymore. Great news for fans of the popular R-Line packs on Volkswagen models is that these will now become their own trim line, sitting at the topoftheVolkswagenrange. Buyers will now be able to buyspecificPolo, T-Roc,Golf, Touran, Tiguan and Tiguan Allspacemodels. There will be significant savings for customers as a result of this measure - up to €1,066 in the case of the Tiguan R-Line trim compared to the options addedindividually. With a combination of low-rate PCP finance as low as 0%, purchase contributions of up to €2,500 on selected models when financed with Volkswagen Bank, the benefit of cost-saving technology upgrades and Volkswagen’s freshest line-up for some time,nowisanexcellenttime tobuyanewVolkswagen,and to ensure that you can Drive your Future Forward with confidence.

For more information, log on to or contact your local Volkswagen retailer, but make sure to do so before December31st! As we head into the new registration period, Volkswagen is pushing forward with the announcement of its 191 offers and with the freshest line up for some time, Volkswagen are saying its an excellent time to buy one of their models EXPRESS MOTORS 72 42" COMBINED ROLLER CABINET AND TOOL CHEST (16 DRAWER) Expert Quality, 16 drawer, professional combined roller cabinet and tool chest. Attached with braked and swiveling castors and soft grip pulling handles . The reinforced lid is fitted with supportive gas struts and two soft grip handles. Manufactured from thick sheet steel with a protective powder coated finish. Drawers are fitted with an aluminium trim, 3mm EVA foam linings, auto retention ball bearing runners delivering a smoother operation and a secure locking system with two keys.

SOCKET SET IN FULL DRAWER EVA INSERT TRAY (84 PIECE) 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" Buy Cabinet and get Socket Set FREE €845Price Inc.Vat 60656 63540

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Models shown are for illustrative purposes only. (T-Roc, Touareg, Tiguan) Fuel Consumption l/100km : combined 6.6 – 4.8. CO2 emissions g/km: 173-119. Increased weight of a vehicle, including higher trim levels and the addition of options may have an effect on the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions produced. *Typical Finance Example: Tiguan HL 2.0TDI 150HP. OTRP €39,470. Deposit / Part Exchange €12,174.95. 36 monthly payments of €339. Optional Final Payment €15,091.05. Total cost of credit €0. Typical APR 0%. 0% APR is available on selected new models. No minimum deposit required. Subject to lending criteria. This offer is made under a hire purchase agreement. Volkswagen Bank GmbH Branch Ireland is authorised by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority in Germany and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for conduct of business rules. *Offers available on orders before 31st December 2018. **Purchase Contributions only available on selected new retail sales financed through Volkswagen Bank. These offers are subject to availability and may be withdrawn at any time. These offers do not apply to fleet sales. Information correct at time of print. See for details.

What drives us, is driving you into the future. That’s why, right now, on our 191 range, we’re offering PCP finance starting from 0% APR*, Purchase Contributions of up to €2,500** , and our most future-facing Technology Upgrades ever, including features like Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Change Assist and Road Sign Recognition. Request your quote online or visit us before December 31st to avail of these offers. Michael Moore Car Sales, Garryhinch Cross, Portarlington, Co. Laois. T. 057 8624102. W. Technology Upgrades 0%APR PCP Finance* Purchase Contributions of up to €2,500** Drive your future forward with Volkswagen.

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Renewals of provisional licence DRIVING TEST Along with school exams, the driving test is one of the most daunting tests there is and according to research from Carzone, 57% of those who hold a provisional licence have renewed it over three times. The research was carried out as part of the Carzone Motoring Report which examines trends in the Irish motoringmarket. According to the RSA there are almost 83,000 learnerdriversonthewaiting list, with the average waiting timeatnearly12weeks.

Evenwiththealreadylong wait to take the driving test, drivers are happy to see this increase, by applying mandatory re-tests for driversovertheageof70. Currently drivers over 70 require a certification of fitness to drive from their GP andcanonlyapplyfora3-year oraone-yearlicence. Despite the restrictions already in place over one in two respondents (55%) believe there should be a mandatory retest for everyoneovertheageof70. Theresearchalsorevealed that failure rates are on the increase. The Carzone Motoring Report found that 68% of drivers who took the driving test over 10 years ago, passed first time around compared with 48% in the past five years, a 20% decrease in the firsttimepassrate.

It also found that those who took the test in the past two years required two or more attempts at passing the test. Commenting on the findings, Karl Connolly, Audience Manager Carzone said, “Passingthedrivingtestis ahugemilestoneinlife. Whether you take the test once or 12 times, most of us canrememberexactlywhatit felt like to finally remove the ‘L’plates. It’sinterestingtonotethat first time pass rates have decreased significantly over the past 10 years,” he pointed out. Motorists can prepare to kick start 2019 in truly affordable style, all with thanks to SEAT’s incredible 191 offers now availablefromits23-strongdealernetwork.

Those in the market for an SUV will be impressed by the phenomenal savings across SEAT’s SUV range which includes the award winning SEAT Ateca SUV and the SEAT Arona Crossover SUV. Finance is now available on these models from as little as 1.9%. As part of its 191 campaign, customers can enjoy up to €5,000scrappageontheSEATLeonrange,€3,000ontheSEAT Ateca, €2,000 on the SEAT Ibiza, and €1,000 on the SEAT Arona. SEATisofferingathree-yearserviceplanforjust€299toall customers.Futurecarownerscansaveasignificant€531onthe SEATAtecaSEproductpack,whichnowcomesinat€500. There’s over €1,825 savings on the SEAT Leon SE product pack,nowavailablefor€500;andover€395savingontheSEAT IbizaSEproductpack,costingjust€300.

SEAT puts forward its 191 range of offers The SEAT Arona is included in the 191 offers which SEAT is offering as the new year approaches on the horizon 191 OFFERS EXPRESS MOTORS 74

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 S'porting the Little Things hears powerful stories This was an event not to be missed and what an evening we had with these inspirational men - Padraig Bannon, Mark Keane and Cathal McCarron sharing their adversities and how theyhaveovercomethem. Their stories had powerful messages for us all and showed us how easy issues can spiral. They were open, brutality honest, emotional and powerful as they each talked about their lifeandleftthewholeroomin awe and emotionally charged.

Mark Keane had three years at U-21 with a hat-trick of All-Ireland medals and a personal haul of 9-100 in 15 games, which has not been broken, and the last time LimerickmadeanAll-Ireland finalin2007,MarkKeanewas close to his lowest point. "If I’m being really honest now, I didn’t think drink was my problem,"Keanesays. "I thought it was other people. I thought they didn’t understand me. That I was a youngmanwhowasthesame as everyone else. But I wasn’t because they were getting up and going to work, they weren’t missing things that they should have been at. I thought that they were only bringing it up because I was a hurler.

"Looking back and thinking, it wasn’t a conscious decision that very evening to give it up. It could have been that I didn’t have enough in my pocket to buy a couple of drinks. That could have been what started it but it finished with two weeks and then three weeks and now it has been seven years withoutadrink." Mark has put a lot of distance between himself andhisstruggles,andfurther still between the family man he is now and the hurler who once threatened to end Limerick’s Liam MacCarthy famine with the best young playersinthecountry. Padraig Bannon, who played in Sunday's Laois SFC final for O’Dempsey's, shared his gripping experience with a 'secret' gambling addiction. “Lies, secrecy and deception go hand in hand with a compulsive gambling addiction,andIwasanexpert inallthree.

“I lied, cheated, scammed and pulled every trick I could thinkofinordertogetmoney to gamble. Some of the excuses I came up with to get money were just crazy, imaginative, but absolute madness. Car problems, not getting paid properly and card/bank problems were just some of the 'problems' I invented to get a loan of money from family and friends, which usually wouldn'tbepaidback. “TheamountoftimeI'dget myself a new phone or Playstation or whatever only for it to 'break' a few weeks later.Inreality,Iwouldhavea big win, splash out, then have a run of losing days and have to sell these new possessions againtogetmoneytogamble. This happened all the time. I'd say I bought 4/5 new iPhones on prepay at differentstages...maybeeven 6 or 7. The worse of it all, I resorted to stealing on numerous occasions, and this is probably the aspect I strugglewiththemost.

“When I think back on what I did, I feel physically sick at the thought of it. It feels like it wasn't even me a lot of the time! I was brought up with good morals and a respectforpeople,butduring that time, the height of my addiction, people didn't matter; they were secondary inmylife. Cathal McCarron is a Tyrone footballer, very talented and has been nominated for an All-Star twice in the last three years. However, Cathal hid a dark secret for years, a gambling addiction which almost destroyedhim.

While effectively on the runinLondonin2013,hislife had spiralled so viciously out of control that he ended up having sex with a man for a gay porn website. After gettingpaid,hewalkedacross theroadandgambledhalfhis earningsinabettingshop. When footage subsequently leaked, Cathal could no longer hide his terrible secret, and keep running from his troubled past.Heslowlybeganthelong road back to rehabilitation. After a year out of the inter-county game with Tyrone in 2014, McCarron made a remarkable recovery in 2015, ending the season withanAll-Starnomination. His story is a remarkable tale of the hidden demons that often visit and terrorise inter-county players. It also underlines the pressures and expectations so often taken for granted with amateur players. Cathal recalls his journeywithsearinghonesty, from the depths of depression and to the edge of suicide to path taken back to recoveryandrehabilitation. He is now studying to be a counsellor, aiming to help people rid themselves of the demons that once almost destroyedhislife.” Their strength, courage and brutal honesty touched everyone in the room and we wish them every success in the future both on and off the field.

Pictured are Leona Conroy, Sec County Health and Wellbeing, Caroline Myers, LSP, Mark Keane, Limerick Hurler Padraig Bannon, O'Dempseys GAA, Cathal McCarron, Tyrone Footballer, Steven Miller, Mediator, Tom Jones, County Health and Wellbeing Group and Josephine Rigney, HSE Resource Officer Pictured are Mark Keane, Limerick Senior Hurler, Padraig Bannon, Laois and O'Dempseys GAA, Cathal McCarron, All Ireland winning Tyrone footballer at the S’porting The Little Things Launch in the Leinster Council Offices, Portlaoise PICTURE: DENIS BYRNE. Attendees at the S'Porting the Little Things talks held in Portlaoise last week PICTURE: DENIS BYRNE SPORT 75

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 LaoisAthletics: WeeklyNews LAOIS ATHLETICS UPCOMING RACES PARKRUNS - Vicarstown Parkrun every Saturday at 9:30am. - Junior Parkrun Vicarstown every Sunday at 11am. COUNTY RACES - 29th October – Beat the Barge 4k - Vicarstown. DOWNEY NISSAN COUNTY CROSS COUNTRY - 4th November - Laois Senior Cross Country and Underage Relays – Hosted by Rosenallis Kilcavan. - 2nd December - Laois Masters and Development Races Cross Country– Hosted by Portlaoise AC.

NATIONAL RACES - 27th October - Leinster Cross Country Uneven and Novice -Navan Race Course. - 28th October - AAI National Marathon Championships – Dublin. If your race does not appear on the calendar please contact us via Facebook or our website or our Gmail BALLYFIN AC TRAINING SCHEDULE Tuesday7.30pm- meet at St Fintans Car Park, Portlaoise (opposite Portlaoise Prison). Thursday 7.30pm- meet at St Fintans Car Park, Portlaoise (opposite Portlaoise Prison). Sunday10.30am- meet at Emo Court Car Park.

Training session can vary from 6k or 10k runs, on Road or Grass, or also take in Fartlek sessions. BALLYROAN ABBEYLEIX AND DISTRICT AC TRAINING Training for all ages in Ballyroan GAA field at 7.30pm every Tuesday. EMO RATH AC TRAINING Training continues every Monday night 6.45pm-7.45pm for our younger athletes. Training for our older athletes includes: Strength Training in Emo Community Hall on Wednesdays 7-8pm; Technical Training on Friday Nights in Emo 7-8pm, and Performance Squad training in Vicarstown on Sunday mornings 11am-12.30pm.

MOUNTMELLICK AC CLUB TRAINING You can find us training at the track in Smiths field any Monday or Wednesday from 7-8pm. Contact us with any questions you might have on our club phone at 087-3493503, or check out our Facebook page for our most up to date information - MountmellickAthleticClub/ OUGHAVAL AC BEAT THE BARGE 2018 Oughaval AC's annual family fun run - Beat the Barge - will take place on Bank Holiday Monday October 29th at 12 midday. This year’s Halloween themed 4K run takes place along the banks of the very scenic Grand Canal. Families and Children are invited to dress in Halloween costumes if they wish. The more serious athletes will also be catered for, with great cash prizes for the top senior men and senior ladies, as well as prizes for junior and juvenile boys and girls.

This year 'design a logo' t-shirt competition was won by Carol Sheehy from 6th class in St. Colman’s NS. Carol’s design will be featured on this year’s technical T-shirt, which will be given to the first 200 registered. So, put the date in your diary - Monday October 29th.Registration opens at 11am. TRAINING Juvenile training is on Monday and Wednesday evening from 7-8pm. Enquires can be made to John Scully 085-1742251. PORTLAOISE AC LAOIS HOSPICE RUN This charity 5k took place in the Heritage Hotel, Killenard on Sunday last and the Walsh family were our representatives, with Amy and her dad Joe putting in solid runs for this great local cause.

PARK RUN The Vicarstown Park Run continues to be as possible as ever on Saturday mornings and once again we had a good crew present. Maria Cuddy was our first lady home, finishing 4th lady overall. The youthful Ursula O'Malley was next, while Nuala Arrigan continued her marathon preparations with a fine run, closely followed by Claire Cosgrove. FENAGH 5K James Hamm crossed the border into Car low last Sunday for the Fenagh 5k and took second spot overall. James has been out of race action for the past few months and used this race as a stepping stone on his return to top form in the coming months. DUBLIN MOUNTAIN HALF MARATHON After a 5 year gap this event returned last Sunday, with Aengus Burke our only man in action. This year the start was at the Hellfire Club car park half way up the Dublin mountains. After a 500-meter start on a trail path reality soon hit home with a 2k climb to the Hellfire in itself. From there on it was tough going, with some testing climbs and rocky underfoot conditions to deal with, not a day to take in the superb scenery. After a solid climb Aengus struggled on the decent but managed to take second spot in the O-50 section. TRAINING Training for juveniles and seniors as follows: Monday: Seniors - St Fintans: Meet at 8pm - run at 8.15pm.

Tuesday: Juveniles - Portlaoise Track: All Ages From 6+ Meet at 7pm. Tuesday: Seniors - St Fintans: Meet at 6.15pm - run at 6.30pm. Wednesday: Seniors - Portlaoise Track: Meet at 7pm. Thursday: Seniors - Portlaoise Track: Meet at 6pm. Thursday: Juveniles Portlaoise Track: All Ages From 6+ Meet at 7pm. ROSENALLIS KILCAVAN AC TRAINING Training Monday and Wednesday evenings in Kilcavan. ST ABBAN'S AC DEVELOPMENT DRAW 2018 Only two weeks to our first draw. We need your support for our biggest fundraiser of the year. Three €10 Draws for an opportunity to win €6,500 in cash prizes! **First Draw @ 9pm Friday 19th October** Get your tickets in the clubhouse.

COACHES NEEDED Anybody willing to help out with coaching, AAI have a new list of courses - coaching/ fixtures/ we can organise training for anyone interested Please contact Catriona at the Club. TRAINING Senior training Tuesday and Friday 7:30 – 9:00pm. Cost will be just €2 per session, contact Bernard, Michael or Gavin for more information. Juvenile training has resumed at the track. Cross Country training begins Sunday 2nd of September at 11:00am in Tolerton, park at Behans.

ST MICHAEL’S AC SENIOR TRAINING Senior training takes place twice each week from 7pm to 8pm. Tuesday training takes place at Emo House – meeting at 7pm in the back-car park. Thursday training takes place in Corrig. New members are always welcome at any time, just turn up at one of our training sessions, and give it a go! Senior members still meet each Saturday morning at 9am in the Lidl car park (beside Odlums) for a long steady run. Distance range from 5K to 20K, and anyone is welcome to join in for an easy run and a friendly chat on the scenic country roads and forest trails around Portarlington, Emo and Killenard.

JUVENILE TRAINING Juvenile Training resumes on September 3rd for Monday and Thursday at 6pm in the Portarlington GAA Centre. ST MICHAEL'S AC Find us on Facebook (Michaels AC) and send a friend request to keep up to date with all that’s happening. Any questions and comments are welcome by Messaging us on Facebook. Aengus Burke, Portlaoise AC, competing in the Dublin Mountain Half Marathon Emo Rath Athlete Emily O'Neill Delaney with Cara Maher and Aoife Gallagher at Day 1 Laois Athletics Cross Country Emo-Rath athlete Darragh Duffy proudly displaying his medal from Day 1 of Laois Athletics Cross Country Emo Rath Athletes at Day 1 of Laois Cross Country Recently SPORT ATHLETICS 76

O Comhraide and McDonald win again Abbeyleix was the location of Day 2 of the Downey Nissan Laois Cross Country Championships, on Sunday last. Ballyroan Abbeyleix & District AC hosted a fantastic eventinbeautifulsunshine.It was the turn of the uneven ages for juveniles and Intermediate for the Women and Men. It was an enjoyable course for any cross country enthusiast, with a few challenging hills to spread thefield. The day began with an U-8 non championship race where our youngest athletes gotexperiencetocompetefor their club. All participants of both the girls and boys races gotamedalfortheireffort,so there were smiling faces all around.The first of the championship races began with girls and boys U-9. Ciara Milton of St Abban's AC had a greatracefinishingin1stwith Katie Harnett St Abban’s AC in2ndplaceandHannahCox, Ballyroan Abbeyleix AC in 3rd.

Boys U-9 was won by Michael Brennan St Abban’s AC and his cousin Aaron Brennan was close behind him in 2nd place. Third place was Conor Prendergast from BallyfinAC. U-11 Girls had 35 competitors with the top six girls all represented from different clubs. Cara English of St Abban's AC lead the girls race and finished with a comfortable lead. Katie Mcloughlin Oughaval AC was 2nd and Grace McEvoy BallyfinACwas3rd. There were 31 Boys U-11, with six teams competing. Portlaoise AC athlete Daniel Downey had a great race taking the gold over the 1K with Kalem Buggy from St Abban's AC in 2nd place and Darragh Brady, Portlaoise AC in3rdplace.

It was a 2k course for the 22 Girls and 17 Boys that competedU-13.Firstplacefor the girls was Caoimhe Cuddy fromPortlaoiseAC,2ndplace was Rachel Ayres St Abban’s AC and 3rd place was Evanna RylefromRosenallisKilcavan AC. The boy’s race was won by Evan English, St Abban’s AC and teammate Jack Milton was 2nd. 3rd place was Niall LalorRosenallisKilcavan The U-15 girls and boys had to race over 3k. Faye McEvoy stormed home to takethegoldforthegirlswith Michelle Conroy Mountmellick AC in 2nd place and Poppy Hackett, St Michael's in 3rd place. Jack Fenlon St Abban's AC led the 12 boys home, with team mates Adam Buggy and Jack Miltonin2ndand3rdplace. Niamh McDonald Ballyroan Abbeyleix AC had a very convincing win in 3.5K U-17 girls race. 2nd was teammateSarahDelaneyand 3rd was Emily O’Neill from Emo Rath. The boys U-17 had 4.5k to run. Will Fox from St Abban’sACwas1stwithOisin Jago, Oughaval in 2nd place and TJ Burke, St Abban AC in 3rdplace.

IntheU-19’sracewomen’s race,CaraMaherwasthesole competitor, winning gold. In the boys race it was Cian McDonald of Ballyroan Abbeyleix AC that won gold, with Cathal Connaughton Oughaval in 2nd place and Ryan Hogg Ballyroan AbbeyleixACin3rdplace. Next up were the women and men to battle it out for Intermediateglory. Thewomenhad4ktorace. It started off at a nice steady pace, with the young guns takingthelead.Afterthefirst lap Caitlin McDonald, St Abban'sACdecidedtopickup the pace and broke away at ease.

The field than quickly began to spread as the many hills took their toll. Siobhán Burke Ballyroan Abbeyleix AC and Aoife McEvoy St Abban's AC had good battles throughout the course, with Siobhántaking2ndandAoife 3rdovertheline. St Abban’s AC had good team support with Caitríona McDonald in 4th place, MaireadMoorein7th,Sharon Buggy in 8th and Marie Murray in 9th place. Portlaoise AC had two athletes competing, Marie Cuddy was 5th and Anna Dugganwasin6thplace. There were 21 men competing in the intermediate race and it was great to see a variety of clubs represented. Ballyfin AC, Ballyroan Abbeyleix AC, PortlaoiseAC,StMichael'sAC and St Abban's AC all had athletes competing. Similar to Day 1 in Tolerton, Aindriu O’ComhraidheofStMichael's AC, went from the whistle and won the 8k with a huge leadatthefinish.

Gary Cantwell, St Abban's AC had a very strong last lap to take 2nd place from Tom Dunne Ballyroan Abbeyleix AC, who had to be content with 3rd place. 4th athlete over the line was James MooreStAbban’sACandPaul Cuddy was 1st for Portlaoise ACin5thplace. St Abban’s AC won the men’s team gold with 49 points, Ballyroan Abbeyleix AC were one point behind on 50 points and Ballyfin were 3rdteamon69points. Thank you to Ballyroan, Abbeyleix and District AC for hostingagreatevent.Alltheir volunteers, cake bakers and everyone that helped out on the day were a credit to the club.SpecialthankstoDanny and Michael Cass for their grounds and Abbeyleix GAA forallowinguspark. Day 3 on the 4th of November is hosted by Portlaoise AC in Emo Court. This will be a great battle between all the clubs to compete for the senior title and the juveniles will be racingrelays.

Team medals will be presented in Downey’s showrooms this Saturday the 20thinPortlaoise. The St Abban's U-11 teamwhich took part in the Laois Cross Country finals on Sunday. LMA Rumble up some trophies in Dublin Laois Martial Arts were in action again on Sunday 7th of October in Citywest. The team, consisting of eight members, took to the mats to compete in Pointfighting and LightContact. The team ranging in ages fromsixto13yearshadabusy day of competition at the event run by Kickboxing Ireland President Roy Baker. The event saw clubs from all overthecountrycompeting. The club had a mixed bag of success on the day. It was a verypositivedayforeveryone learning from both winning and loosing on the day. The youngest members of the club to take to the mats were Alex Bolger (6), Edward Comerford (7) and Anthony Conroy(7).

Alex had two great fights on the day, one for point fighting and one for light, gaining some great experience on the mats. Edward had a terrific day securing his first win as well as going on to earn a third place for point fighting and firstplaceforlightcontact. Anthony Conroy gained somegreatexperienceaswell as picking up his first fight win and securing a second placefinishinlightcontact. Next up for the club was Shannon Conlon who won her point fighting section becomingRumbleChampion 2018. Shannon also gained some great experience on the mats in her light contact contests.

Meisa Dunne stepped up to intermediate level in this event coming away with a bronzeinpointfightinganda silver in light contact. Sophie Lyons followed next securing a second place finish in light contact and only her second eventfortheclub. Our solo club Black Belt and Junior Coach, Amelia Reinhardt was tested on the day competing in the advanced section, going on to secure a third place finish for pointfighting. Our solo adult of the day, Jen Bracken, had a remarkable day on the mats winning her Veterans sections on both point fighting and light contact, becoming Double Rumble Champion2018.

Coach Shane Culleton, commented “This team train over six classes a week to be abletobeatalevelthatallows themtobecompetitiveonthe nationalstage. “The level of focus from the fighters and the support of the parents is a huge factor in competing. It's amazing to see young kids and adults competingatthatlevelandto see them improving all the time. “It takes so much effort. They are truly my inspiration.” Next up for the club is the final event of the year, The Northeast Open in Co. Monaghan. For details on Kickboxing in Co Laois contact 086-3399287 or find usonFacebook.

Shannon Conlon, Meisa Dunne, Edward Comerford, Anthony Conroy, Alex Bolger. SPORT ATHLETICS/KICKBOXING 77 Athletics Kickboxing Sophie Lyons, Amelia Reinhardt, Jen Bracken

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 GOLFLOG ABBEYLEIX SHAWS OPEN SINGLES October 4 and 5 1st - Noel Burke (13) 37pts. MENS OCTOBER MEDAL October 6 and 7 1st - Declan Byrne (19) 65; 2nd - Noel Burke (13) 70; 3rd - Enda Cassin (14) 71; Gross - Frank Rowland (6) 75. LOTTO Draw on Sunday 7th October. No Winner. Numbers drawn 1, 5, 22, 30. Next week's jackpot €12,000. €20 Winners - Kevin Joyce c/o Jimmy Joyce; Jack O’Shea c/o Self; Barbara O’Donnell c/o Frank O’Donnell; Liz Meagher c/o Andrea Rogers; Larry Fitzpatrick c/o Jimmy Joyce; Sheelagh Kerins c/o Murty Kerins; Ita Ryder Pre-paid; John Madden Pre-paid.

MOUNTRATH GOLFER OF THE YEAR - BRIAN PURCELL JNR CLUB SINGLES October 14th 1st - Bobby Bergin (8) 41pts; 2nd - James Conroy (11) 40pts; 3rd - Brian Purcell Jnr (8) 38pts; 4th - Paul Coleman (19) 37pts (cb). CSS - 37pts. THURSDAY OPEN SINGLES October 11 1st - Arthur Mitchell (13) 39pts. CSS - 37pts. OCTOBER MEDAL October 5 to 7 1st - Walter Byrne (19) 71; 2nd - Paul Coleman (19) 72; Gross - Padraig Hearns 80 (cb); 4th - Brian Dunphy (17) 73 (cb); 5th - Matty Cuddy (17) 73 (cb). CSS - Fri 72, Sat 73 R/O, Sun 72. LADIES OCTOBER MEDAL October 5 to 7 Sponsor - Dolores Mulhare 1st - Phyllis Clegg 73 (cb); 2nd - Maeve Morrissey 73; 3rd - Catherine Scully 76. THURSDAY OPEN SINGLES October 4 1st - Padraig Hearns (6) 38pts; 2nd - Seamus Armshaw (4) 37pts. CSS - 37pts.

THURSDAY SERIES WINNER - PADRAIG HEARNS PORTLAOISE MENS OPEN SINGLES October 9 1st - Eddie Kelly (14) 41pts; 2nd - Wayne Darby (19) 38pts (cb); 3rd - Paddy Ging (12) 38pts. MENS SINGLES STABLEFORD October 14 1st - Wayne Darby (18) 40pts; 2nd - Tim Finlay (18) 38pts; 3rd - Andy Lambe (12) 36pts (cb). RATHDOWNEY 3 BALL CLASSIC October 13 and 14 Sponsors - Breslin’s Super Valu 1st - Dermot Gibbons (18), John O’Malley (5), Michael Shortt (15) 88pts (cb); 2nd - Noeline Delahunty (11), Kathleen Maher (14), Teresa Cahill (22) 88pts; 3rd - Jim Murphy (22), Sean Kelly (22), Timmy Williams (19) 87pts HUSQVARNA TUESDAY SINGLES October 9 1st - Tom Doheny (19) 37pts. CSS - 71/36pts.

LOTTO Numbers drawn 3, 10, 19, 21. No winner. Match 3’s - Tony Holohan (Harristown), Ray Kelly (Errill), Sean Bolger (Rathdowney). Jackpot now €10,400. ROSCREA 18 HOLE STABLEFORD October 14 1st - Johnny Carroll (15) 40pts; 2nd - Neil O’Connor (7) 38pts; 3rd - Thomas O’Toole (18) 37pts; 4th - Albert Quealy (10) 37pts; Senior - Michael Lorigan (12) 36pts WEDNESDAY OPEN SINGLES October 10 1st - Aidan Shanahan (11) 43pts; 2nd - Mark Talbot (10) 38pts; 3rd - Michael Delahunty (11) 37pts; Gross - Mark Rowland (3) 35pts; Senior - Frank Cullinan (15) 32pts. CSS 36pts. LADIES 18 HOLE V PAR October 9 1st - Marcelline Cody (21) All Flat (cb); 2nd - Ruth Cryan-Wright (15) All Flat; 3rd - Marion Bergin (25) 3 Down. 9 HOLE QUALIFIER 1st - Marie Carroll (32) 15pts. SPORT 78 Master craftsman Andy Lambe with the hand-crafted feature he made for Portlaoise Golf Club recently. Jack Fennell, prize winner at Portlaoise Golf Club, pictured with Declan Dempsey, Vice Captain. Ber Fitzpatrick, The Heath GC, receiving her prize from Lady Captain Teresa McEvoy at Portlaoise Golf Club recently. Portlaoise Golf Club set to host One Armed Golfers Championship Portlaoise Golf Club will host the Society of One Armed Golfers this weekend.

The President of the Society is Portlaoise man Ken Nicholls, who is a memberinPortlaoiseGC,andhewillbe welcoming golfers from Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales, to his homecourse. This Friday, October 19 will be a practice round for the visiting golfers, run as a 3 Person Scramble, as club members will also play alongside the visitors. The serious compeition will then beginonSaturday,whentheIrishfinals of the One Armed Golfers Championshipwilltakeplace,andthen Sunday will see the finals of the English finals decided in Portlaoise Golf Club also.

Over twenty one armed golfers are expected to play their part in the event over the coming weekend. Ken has been a member of the Society since 2010, and the World One Armed Golfers Championships were held in Ireland earlier this year, at Carlow Golf Club. The World Championships are held on a rota basis between Ireland, England and Scotland each year. The actiongetsunderwayonSaturday. The One-Armed Golfers Society after a competition in St Andrew's, Scotland, recently.

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 THE HEATH GOLF CLUB PRESENTATION NIGHT Colin Delaney winner of the August Medal and Vice Captain Paul O'Callaghan. John Maher winner of the Saturday Singles and Vice Captain Paul O'Callaghan. Danny Timmons winner winner of the 12 Hole Singles and Vice Captain Paul O'Callaghan. Carl Grant winner of the July Singles and Vice Captain Paul O'Callaghan Laurence Cushen winner of the Men's Singles and Vice Captain Paul O'Callaghan John Croke winner of the July Medal and Vice Captain Paul O'Callaghan.

John Commins winner of the Open Seniors and Vice Captain Paul O'Callaghan. Eoin Keane winner of the August Singles and Vice Captain Paul O'Callaghan. George Christie winner of the June Singles and Vice Captain Paul O'Callaghan. Tony Murray winner of the September Singles and Vice Captain Paul O'Callaghan. Pat Dunne winner of the Saturday Singles and Vice Captain Paul O'Callaghan. SPORT GOLF 79

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 RATHDOWNEY ERRILL SPORTS HUB RATHDOWNEY ROUNDERS A massive thanks to Rathdowney GAA club for the use of their facilities, also a big thanks to Pat Barnaville who has given his time and knowledge to help develop the players and fun within the hub surrounding rounders, The children got to sample some rounders every Monday for 10 weeks. We look forward to next March and restarting the club and its activities and competing in 2019. YOGA This continues on Monday from 7 to 8pm. Venue: Rathdowney GAA Club house, and cost is €5 per class. To book your spot contact James on 086-7962177, places are limited! PRE XMAS WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMME WITH ALL4FITNESS This starts on the 26th of October, and takes placed from 7:30pm-8:30pm. It will take place at All4Fitness Rathdowney. It will cost €50 for 8 weeks, which includes: 2 Weekly Classes; Goal Setting; Body Fat Analysis; Weigh-ins; Limited to 20 Places. Contact James to book your space on 086-7962177.

BE ACTIVE 2018 Rathdowney-Errill Activity hub wish to thanks all attendees from our Be Active Night 2018. A Wonderful 864 people came out to show their support for the night, and activities ranged from BEACTIVE GAA blitz, yoga, boot camp, rounders, tug of war, born to move and fit sticks. The night also saw an array of bouncing castles and photo opportunities with cups including the Sam Maguire and Liam McCarthy. We would like to take this moment to thank all tutors and sports leaders who came out to provide activities and help. Also a thank you to Laois senior hurlers Ross King and Mark Kavanagh who presented medals on the night to a selection of underage hurlers from The Harps, Clough Ballacolla, Borris in Ossory Kilcotton, and Rathdowney-Errill. We finally extend our gratitude to Rathdowney GAA club for the use of their wonderful facilities on the night, and Ann and Sophie who worked tirelessly all night in providing our big crowd with refreshments.

STRADBALLY VICARSTOWN TIMAHOE SPORTS HUB FAMILY FUN CYCLE Well done to everyone who took part in our casual cycling sessions since May of this year, we had lots of chats, cups of tea, new friendships made, great social aspect and our final gathering was last Tuesday evening we will resume in the spring of 2019 when the evenings lend themselves to us yet again. Thanks to Orla & Philip Crean at Barrow Way Bike Hire for being so accommodating all summer and Mary Crean and Sarah at Vicarstown Inn and Sean Ward Fisherstown for their continued support in SVT Activity & Wellness Hub.

Big thank you to Kathleen Sheridan, James McGovern and John Scully from Vicarstown SVT Committee for another great spring and summer of keeping people active in the community. For anyone who wants to continue cycling, we are hoping to get a group cycle going on Sunday mornings at 11am. There is something for everyone on Sundays in Vicarstown, junior parkrun at 10.45am and canoe club members canal trips at 11.15am. Getting out and getting active is available on your doorstep you just need to make the first step.

Check out Facebook page for further details or email Majella on BEAT THE BARGE 2018 Details on SVT Activity & Wellness Hub Halloween Beat the Barge Bank Holiday Monday October 29th along the Canal in Vicarstown Registration 11am at Vicarstown Community Hall. check out HUB/ for more details. Great family event fancy dress optional, spot prizes for best dressed. Well Done to Carol Sheehy Stradbally on her winning LOGO for this year’s Beat the Barge t-shirt logo competition. RUGBY FOR ALL DISABILITY CAMP Portarlington RFC, in association with Leinster Rugby and Laois Sports Partnership are running a two day Rugby For All Disability Camp, for those with intellectual and physical disabilities. It will take place on Monday, October 29th and Tuesday, October 30th, over the mid-term break. It takes place from 10am to 1pm each day at Portarlington RFC club grounds at Lea Road. If you would like to book a place at the camp or have any further questions, contact Catriona Slattery on 086-7935234.

Ross King and Mark Kavanagh show their dance moves at the Be Active night in Rathdowney recently. SPORT LAOIS SPORTS PARTNERSHIP 80 Liam McCarthy was in high demand at the Be Active night in Rathdowney. Smiles all round at the Be Active night in Rathdowney recently. Panthers U-20s grind out overtime win over Liffey Celtics in National Cup Portlaoise Panthers young guns emerged with an exciting overtime win after a nail biting climax away to Liffey Celtics on Friday night in Leixlip, in the preliminary round of the U-20 Mens NationalCup.

The game drew a large crowd to The Amenities gym as the doughty Panthers got their maiden victory in the competition and moved on to face Dublin powerhouses Killester in the next round with the added bonus of a homedraw. Panthersplanswereupset during the week when 7ft centre James Gormley was ruled out with injury. Gormley would be a huge presenceinthisagegroup. Not to worry though as his twin tower team mate Sean Condon carried his usual heavy load and then some for James as he utterly dominated the game with an unstoppable 23 points in the secondhalfalone.

He combined with the returning Rian O'Connell to put on a post player masterclass and propel Panthersintothelast16. Portlaoise started nervously as the well drilled Liffey Celtics outfit moved the ball smoothly through their offense and punched holes in Panthers apprehensivedefence. The diminutive Valenzuela brothers attacked relentlessly and found more thanwillingopenteammates to push into an early lead. Rian O'Connell registered Panthers opening score and thatwasquicklyfollowedbya nice finish from Trevor Swayneandalongthreefrom LiamKinsella.

Valenzuela and Salna pushed Celtics into a 21-14 lead after the opening quarter and Panthers were losing their foothold in the game. Panthers began to make headway into the Celtics lead early in the second with the arrival of James Phelan, Dylan Dunne and Eddy Rosenkovas for the visitors. Rosenkovas’ intensity providing a much needed impetus to the Portlaoise pressingdefence. Panthers began to get in foul trouble in the second quarter. Pierce Bolger Hinds had picked up two fouls early in the first and James Phelan also picked up his second. Celtics took advantage of the changes in rotation and rallied to maintain their advantageandled34-29atthe half.

Portlaoise struggled for inspiration throughout the game but then Condon came to life in the second half. He beganbyworkinghardonthe offensiveboardsandproveda handful for Liffey Celtics star player Salna forcing him to pick up his third foul early in thequarter. This took away Celtics mainscoringthreataswellas leaving Condon in a mismatch inside. Panthers who were struggling with their shooting tasked Rian O'Connellwithexploitingthe high post weakness in Celtics defence and his immaculate passingandsmartmovement opened up the game for Condon.

A confident Sean Condon is a tough man to control and Celtics had no answer to the big man. But this Celtics side were so well drilled and patient that they made another run just before the endofthethirdtolead49-45. The final quarter was end to end excitement and the lead changed hands numerous times. Portlaoise would claw their way back ahead and Celtics would come back the other end and dropalongthree. The crowd was on its feet for most of the quarter and the noise in the gym was deafening. The game looked like it was destined to go either way multiple times in the period. It really was an amazing atmosphere and old andyoungalikecheeredtheir teamstowardstheclimax. Valenzuela looked like he had nailed the winner for Celtics but then O'Connell stole an offensive rebound and leveled the game again. Then Panthers hearts looked like they would be broken when Buckley drained another three for Liffey Celtics but O'Connell again responded with a bank shot from the top of the arc. The game was headed for overtime.

Celtics opened the extra period with the first two baskets and Panthers again seemed to be heading home. But Dylan Dunne, Kinsella and Trevor Swayne finished strongafterPanthersdefense forced turnovers and Portlaoise moved on in a game neither team deserved tolose. A brilliant game and phenomenal support from both clubs. Next up Killester in St Mary's in a last 16 matchupthatbothteamswill berelishing. TEAM: James Phelan, Gary Morrissey, Pierce Bolger Hinds, Sean Condon, Liam Kinsella, Dylan Dunne, Conor Byrne, Ed Rosenkovas, Rian O'Connell, Shane Buggie, Trevor Swayne, Glen Comerford. Basketball PANTHERS LIFFEY CELTICS 78 70 MENS U-20 NATIONAL CUP PRELIMINARY ROUND

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Red-hot Celtics prove too good for young Panthers Limerick Celtics powered their way to a 12 point win over Portlaoise Panthers on Sunday with an spectacular display of shooting in St MarysHall. The visitors brought a touch of Spain to the Midlands with two highly impressive Spanish players on show as well as the impressive American Turrell Morris. It proved a little too much on this occasion but again will prove to be a valuable learning experience for the very young Portlaoise squad.

Games like this will stand to Panthers as they develop over the next couple of seasons. It's really impressive whatPanthersaredoingwith this young home grown core of talent and clubs like Portlaoise, who are laying their trust in their young stars, are sure to grow into a permanent fixture in the league and hopefully a consistentpowerhouse. The game started at an electric pace as Kyle Burke opened the scoring as he regularly does with a free throw after slicing his way to the hoop. Mantas Vilimas hit a jumper from twelve feet before Celtics opened their accountwithabig threefrom experienced point guard Hernandez.

Turrell Morris was fouled as he bullied his way to the rim and put away his first two free throws. Limerick hit another three before Morris hit four big shots on the trot, most of them with a hand in his face or falling off balance. Hernandez hit a second three as Celtics nailed six shotsintotalfromdowntown inthequarter. The highly impressive LiamKinsellahittwomassive three’s of his own before the endofthequarterbutastring of very questionable refereeing decisions upset the flow of the game and Panthers trailed 18-31 at the endofthefirstquarter. Panthers struggled as the inconsistent refereeing continued in the second quarter and Limerick Celtics were ruthless in their offensiveexecution.Theyput on a masterclass in shooting and blew Panthers away in thequarter.

Hernandez, Morris and Hehir were to the fore for the visitors as Portlaoise struggled to stay in touch. Limerick led 59-34 at the breakandweregoodfortheir money. This is a highly impressive Limerick Celticsoutfit. A much improved Panthers effort in the second half saw James Phelan, Dylan DunneandLiam Kinsella begin to make inroads into the Celtics lead. Phelan was very impressive as he hounded Hernandez on defence and finished in his own indomitable style after repeatedly scything his way tothebasket. Kinsellahadhisbestgame of the season as he pressurized Morris defensively as well as contributing 17 impressive points in the game. Celtics continued to nail absolutely everything they shot though and continued to stretch their lead. Celtics led by 32 points heading into the last quarter.

A very impressive final quarter saw Panthers roar back into the game as Kinsella, Dunne, Phelan, Mike Pierre and Eddy Rosenkovas put in displays full of guts and pride. Panthers got the lead back to 10 at one point but it was a little too late to change the courseofthegame. It gave a glimpse of what thesekidscandothoughonce they learn from these experiences and bring more consistency to their game. This was a highly impressive Celtics team and their three imported players proved the differenceinthegame. It does give them a big advantage over teams like Portlaoise with one imported player. Portlaoise continue to add strings to their bows though even in defeat and their never say die attitude is tobeapplauded.

TEAM : James Phelan, Gary Morrissey, Pierce Bolger Hinds, James Gormley, Sean Condon, Liam Kinsella, Kyle Burke, Jack Dooley, Dylan Dunne, Mike Pierre, Conor Byrne, Ed Rosenkovas, Mantas Vilimas, Rian O Connell, Shane Buggie, Trevor Swayne Upcoming Games NATIONAL LEAGUE MENS PRESIDENTS CUP Wednesday 24th October: Carlow IT vs Portlaoise Panthers. Barrow Centre Carlow @ 8pm Panthers White claim bragging rights in local derby Portlaoise Panthers White outlasted Portlaoise Panthers Black in what was an entertaining first derby matchoftheseason.

Panthers White started the better of the teams with Noel O'Hara draining a coupleoflongjumpshotsand Ger Egan finishing strong at the board after a wonderful pacefromRodyMcEvoy. The Panthers Black were not going to let their opponents have it all their ownway,andMantasVilimas was causing all sorts of problemsontheoffence,first nailing a long three pointer and then linking with Jack Scully who finished a fantasticmoveatthebasket. Baskets were few and far between in the first quarter, but David Keane was able to open up the defence of the Panthers Black with a couple of excellent move. Panthers Black were always very dangerous on the break with Kyle Burke and Evan Maher racingupanddownthefloor. Panthers White ending the quarter the same way they started with O’ Hara punishing the opposition for leavinghimopen.

The second quarter was a much more open, with both teams bring in fresh legs of the bench. Christopher Higgins and Peter O'Sullivan came in for the Panthers Blackandtheyspacedoutthe floor for their team, this lead to another three point score forVilimas. The Panther White team didn’t slow down with Keane and Sean O'Neill finishing off a couple of fast breaks. Anthony Dunne and Egan worked tirelessly inside for their team pulling rebound after rebound, this was vital asitdidn’tallowthePanthers Blackanysecondchances.

Peter Duignan was able to capitalise on the bit of space he was given and hit a long range shot and Scully was abletoaddtohistallytoclose the gap between the two teams before the first half ended. Panthers White lead bythreepointsatthebreak. Thethirdquarterwasvery positive for the Panthers White, they started well with Nico Dudek hitting a three. Dunne and Mark Byrne kept the Panthers Black at bay with some excellent work on defence. McEvoy controlled the game and was able to makethemostoftheroomhe was given to extend the lead forthePanthersWhite. Jack Dooley re-entered the game for the Panthers Black and made an instant impact for his team, assist Vilimas twice and making a strong move for his own score. But the Panthers Whitewerenotgoingtoallow theiropponentsbackintothe game, both Egan and Dudek getting a brace of baskets apiece. The Panthers White led the game going into the finalquarterbytenpoints. Both teams came out in the last quarter and exchanged early baskets. Vilimas and Duignan hitting three points for the Panthers Black, while O’ Hara scored twice to maintain the lead for his team. As time was ticking away and the lead was still being preserved, Panthers Black put more pressure on theball.

This led them to closing the gap, Dooley and Burke working inside and getting numerous opportunities. Free throws turned out to be vital for the Panthers White, with them scoring ten free throws in the final few minutes. Panthers Black never gave up and kept competing right uptilltheend,butitwastheir night.Itwasanexcellentstart for the Panthers White, with a nine point victory over a verystrongopposition. PANTHERS BLACK: Jack Scully, Peter O’ Sullivan, Christopher Higgins, Evan Maher, Shane O’ Neill, Tiernan Dempsey, Jack Dooley, Kyle Burke, Mantis Vilimas, Peter Duignan.

PANTHERS WHITE: Rody McEvoy, Anthony Dunne, David Keane, Nico Dudek, Noel O’ Hara, Sean O’ Neill, Ger Egan, Mark Byrne. Kyle Burke makes this pass to Jack Scully for a chance at the basket in St Mary's Hall on Friday night PICTURE: DENIS BYRNE. 83 95 MENS NATIONAL LEAGUE DIVISION 1 63 56 MENS MIDLANDS LEAGUE DIVISION 1 17 points scored by Liam Kinsella PANTHERS LIMERICK CELTICS PANTHERS WHITE PANTHERS BLACK SPORT BASKETBALL 81

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Portlaoise maintain winning run Abbeyleix Tennis Club host successful annual Open Week Another year and another very successful Shaws sponsored Abbeyleix Tennis ClubOpenWeek. The tournament welcomed150playersplaying over the course of a week in beautiful Autumnal weather with the finals played on Sunday 7th of October in amazingsunshine. The players came from all over the country from Athlone right down to Wexford and all counties in between. Munster entries included a massive group of players from Cashel, TipperarytownandNenagh. The large entry made for some mouth watering matches, with plenty of awesome tennis filled with tension and drama in all divisions. The spectators each night were truly served upafeastoftennis.

Winners were presented with beautiful towels from Shaws embroidered with our club’s name. We as a club are very thankful to Shaws for their continued support of ourclub. A massive thank you has to go out to the committee and other club members for organising a brilliant tournamentonceagain. FromRodgerwhokeptthe courts in impeccable condition, the ladies who kept beautiful fresh food and home backing served up nightly, to Leisa who organized the prizes and the competition committee who kept the games running smoothly.

RESULTS FROM THE WEEK: GRADE 1&2 WINNERS MENS SINGLES:Kristian Redmond (Athy); LADIES SINGLES: Emma Nolan (Carlow); MENS DOUBLES: Marcin Juszczyk & Mateusz Lach (Longford); MIXED DOUBLES: Fiona & David Brophy (Abbeyleix). GRADE 3WINNERS MENS SINGLES: Simon Whelahan (Birr); MENS DOUBLES:Arthur Fitzell & Daniel Murphy (Cashel); LADIES DOUBLES: Christine Bruce & Paula Quinllan (Birr); MIXED DOUBLES: Mickie McDonnell & Michelle O’Meara (Cashel) GRADE4 WINNERS MENS SINGLES: Bratislav Dimitrijevic (Kilkenny);WOMENS SINGLES: Emma Nolan (Carlow); MENS DOUBLES: Colin Doheny & Juan Venegas (Abbeyleix); MIXED DOUBLES: Roger Munnis & Paula Quinlan (Abbeyleix & Birr); LADIES DOUBLES: Yvonne Guilfoyle & Sinead O’Neill (Kilfeakle).

GRADE 5/6 WINNERS MENS SINGLES: Cyril O’Byrne (Carlow); MENS DOUBLES: Cyril O’Byrne & Ziedonis Mezciems (Carlow); MIXED DOUBLES: Cyril O’Byrne & Carmel Dalton (Carlow); LADIES DOUBLES: Christina Costello & Assumpta O’Kelly (Nenagh). Two wins from two for Panthers senior ladies in National League The Portlaoise Panthers women’s national league team made it two wins from two after defeating a tough Limerick Celtics team on the roadlastSaturday. This was always going to be an intriguing contest as both teams got off to a winning start the week previous. Limerick Celtics got off to a quicker start with Americans Taylor Williams and Frannie Frazier getting someearlybaskets.

It was Portlaoise captain Catherine Ashe who settled them down with a big three pointer. Portlaoise started to take control in the middle of the first quarter as they relentlessly ran the floor as Maeve Cahillane and Sinead Melia converted some fast breakscores. Claire Melia was as always proving a handful for Limerick as she began to dominate inside the key converting a few baskets of her own. Celtic's Frazier was proving to be a very tough opponent as she kept her sides scores ticking over. Portlaoiseled20-14attheend ofthefirst.

The second quarter was a very mixed affair. Portlaoise adapted a triangle and two defence to try and limit Frazier and Williams. This worked extremely well as Jamie Sherburne and Sinead Melia were tenacious on defence which left Celtics with limited opportunities onoffense. Ciara Byrne and Shauna Dooley showed their youth as energy levels never let up. Ciara Byrne picked off some scores of her own and Sherburne scored the next five points. Unfortunately, Cahillane had to leave the game with injury for Portlaoise and the scoring began to dry up as they failed to convert some great chances.

Celtics maintained a few steady baskets but Portlaoise still maintained the lead at half time on a score line of 35-30. The third quarter proved to be the winning of the game as Portlaoise stepped up a gear. Their defence was brilliant and as they ran the floor, Celtics began to fatigue early forcing them to foul on numerous occasions. Sharon Melia and Ashe closed out the key on defence and forced Celtics to turn the ball over on many occasions. Ashe, Sherburne and Byrne were scoring time and time againwhichbegantoopenup forClaireMeliainside. She was continuously being sent to the free throw line which she gladly converted. From this point on, Portlaoise never looked back.

The fourth quarter remained like the third as Portlaoise had total control. The mix of youth and experience is vital in times like these and the strength in the squad was evident in the finalfewminutes. Gillian Wheeler got her first taste of national league basketball and it was great to see Deirdre Tomlinson return to the squad. Portlaoiseranoutwinnerson ascorelineof71-54. The next home game is this Saturday evening at 7:30pm against the University of Limerick and is sure to be good contest. Get down and support the girls and let’s keep the winning streakgoing.

Basketball Tennis Action from the Portlaoise v Mullingar game on Saturday. Jack Scully about to score on Friday night PICTURE: DENIS BYRNE Sean O'Neill looks to get past Peter O'Sullivan on Friday. SPORT MISCELLANEOUS SPORT 82 PANTHERS LIMERICK CELTICS 71 54 LADIES NATIONAL LEAGUE DIVISION 1 There was great rivalry between Portlaoise Ladies’ Hockey Club and Mullingar 1st on a very wet afternoon in Tullamore on Saturday 13th October. The teams were well-matched and a fierce battle ensued. Great play from Emma Brophy resulted in Portlaoise having a number of attacks on the Mullingar goal in the first half. Finally, a goal came for Portlaoise from a short corner, when a powerful shot from Brophy made its way past the Mullingar goalie, putting Portlaoise ahead. Mullingar fought back hard in the second half but the Portlaoise defence held strong, giving Portlaoise their third win from three league matches this season. The date for the club’s big Jersey Sponsorship draw is 25th October. Businesses can purchase tickets (€50 each) for the draw and be in with a chance to win advertising on the club’s new set of jerseys.

Ticket sales are on-going at the moment. Contact Susan on 087-9503651 to claim a ticket before the limited supply is all gone. PORTLAOISE: Linda Monaghan, Jayne Telford, Marian O’Boyle, Susan Fingleton, Claire Igoe, Ruth Maxwell (C), April Kent, Eimear Dunne, Lucy Dwyer, Emma Brophy, Orla Dwyer, Yvonne Hargroves, Claire Dwyer, Eimear O’Sullivan, Ruth Wilkinson and Kellie O’Sullivan. Grade 1/2 Mixed Doubles Winners David and Fiona Brophy, competition organiser Leisa Fitzgerald and Runners Up Mary Verling and Jimmy Morrow

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Banrion Gaels host annual awards night Banríon Gaels Camogie Club rounded off their most successful year to date with an awards ceremony held in McCann Park, Portarlington earliertoday. The Club, set up in 2013, and which encompasses players from Portarlington, Emo, Killenard and surrounding areas has gone fromstrengthtostrength. From relatively modest beginnings in 2013 they had 105 players and 26 adult members registered for 2018 and fielded teams at U-8, U-10,U-12andU-14level. The club reached two Shield Finals in the Laois league at U-14 and U-12 level. U-14 lost out to Clough-Balacolla while the U-12girlswerevictoriousbya single point over the same opposition.

Not known for being a hurling or camogie stronghold the local schools have also excelled with Banríon Gaels players at Cumann na mBunscoil competitions in 2017 and 2018. The hardest working little ladies in the Parish have garnered huge support locally and at the recent Club AGM the executive has tripled its members for the comingseason. Trophies were awarded today to Rising Star and Player of the Year in the U10/U12/U14 squads while all players received a Certificate of Achievement for their outstanding commitment to the club. The U8's fondly known as Banríon Gaels "Rockets" were there is huge numbers to receive their Certificates from their Mentors.

Another highlight of the event were the "Ninja Hurls" presented to a player at each level after names were drawn fromahat. U-10 Rising Star: Roisin McCourt Player of the Season: Ava Beth Howlin U- 12 Rising Star: Rosalea Hayden Player of the Season: Aoibhin Stynes U-14 Rising Star: Holly Hanway Player of the Year: Aoibhe McMahon (Aoibh also made the Laois U-14 Team) Signs of improvement for Port RFC Portarlington showed signs that their rebuilding work is makinggoodprogressasthey put it up to Birr in the Leinster League last Sunday, but a seven minute spell in the first half during which they conceded three tries ultimately cost them as they clocked up a third successive loss.

Portarlington, who had suffered heavy defeats to the league’stoptwosidesintheir opening fixtures, dominated the opening quarter with James Sherlock and Stephen Oakley coming close to crossingthetryline. Further Port pressure led to Birr conceding a penalty but Kieran Hyland’s kick was unsuccessful and so the home side’s pressure was not reflected on the scoreboard aftertwentyminutes. Thencamethespellwhere the momentum shifted and Birr took control of the encounter. The visitors began to work through phasesandsuckeddefenders into rucks which presented them with space out wide which they exploited with tries in the twenty second, twentyfifthandtwentyninth minutes.

Two of these scores were convertedleavingthescoreat 0-17 after a hugely disappointing spell of poor defendingforPortarlington. Pádraig Mahon’s men responded well though and had the better of the final ten minutesofthefirsthalf.They began to play with some increased pace and focus and when eighteenyear old scrum half Séan Mooney made acleverbreaktheball was shifted wide to debutant Jack Walsh who finished well in thecorner. This score will have delighted the home crowd who are eager to see this exceptionally young and inexperienced side being rewarded for their endeavours.

A hugely physical Birr pack had been dominant all day against the younger Port pack at scrum time and this dominance was rewarded five minutes into the second half when they marched a scrum fully twenty metres to thetrylineandscored. Despite this setback Port showed good togetherness as they matched their opponents for a twenty five minute spell that saw no further scores registered for either side. Portarlington looked to take more encouragement from this deadlocked spell and in the seventieth minute they were again rewarded when they broke from their own twenty two.

They showed good energy to quickly recycle the ball on multiple occasions including some clinical offloading before Aaron Ryan scored in the corner. The score was now 10-22 and Port had a glimmerofhope. Minutes later Port looked to have scored again after a strong line break but only for thereftocallthembackforan infringement off the ball which led to a yellow card each for the sides. Birr’s pack then took control of the game and slowed proceedings down which prevented their younger counterparts to maintain the pace that they hadbuiltup.

As the clock wound down Birr tried a speculative kick through that asked questions oftwofirsttimePortflankers and their confusion allowed the visiting scrum half to pounce and add a gloss to the scoreboardforhisside.The final whistle then came with scoreboard reading10-27. Best on the day for Port were Jack Walsh, Andrew Wilkinson and James Sherlock. PORTARLINGTON RFC: Arran Maher, Conor Houlihan, Brendan Molloy, James Sherlock, Andrew Wilkinson, Aaron Ryan, Keelan Hunt (Captain), Stephen Oakley, Séan Mooney, Kieran Hyland, Séan Higgins, Reece Cuddihy, Ben Frey, Jack Walsh, Tadgh Tully, Cian Farrell, Dylan Stronge, Iarlaith Lawlor Boland, Jamie Connolly, Ciaran Kavanagh, Jake Doyle, Hayden Weldon, Liam Long. The Banríon Gaels juvenile club members at their annual End of Season Awards day, held in McCann Park recently. 10 27 LEINSTER LEAGUE DIVISION 2B PORTARLINGTON BIRR SPORT 83 Rising Star U-10 Roisin McCourt with Coaches Tara Brereton & Shay McCourt at the Banrion Gaels awards ceremony. Player of the Year U-12 Aoibhin Stynes with Coach James Holden at the Banríon Gaels award ceremony. Rising Star U12 Rosalea Hayden with Coach James Holden. Player of the Year U-14 Aoibh McMahon with coach Frankie Andrews at the Banríon Gaels awards ceremony.

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Clonaslee Utd U-11s who played Frankford Utd in the MSL on Saturday. MSLFIXTURES&RESULTS MSL FIXTURES Saturday MSL U-8 Tullamore Tn v Walsh Island, NO Ref - 5v5, Leah Victoria Pk, 12:00; Rosenallis v Abbeyleix, NO Ref - 5v5, The Grove, 12:30; Mountmellick v Abbeyleix Utd, NO Ref - 5v5, Conor Davis Pk, 12:30; Birr Tn v Tullamore Utd, NO Ref - 5v5, Frank O'Connell Pk, 13:15; MSL U-9 EAST St Aengus v T&S Rvs, NO Ref - 5v5, Derrycanton, 10:00; Emo Utd v Abbeyleix Utd, NO Ref - 5v5, Com Cen, 10:00; St Aengus Utd v T&S, NO Ref - 5v5, Derrycanton, 11:00; Mountmellick v Emo Cel, NO Ref - 5v5, Conor Davis Pk, 12:30; Rosenallis v Abbeyleix, NO Ref - 5v5, The Grove, 12:30; MSL U-9 WEST 1 Mucklagh v Birr Tn, NO Ref - 5v5, Charleville, 10:30; Willow Pk, v Clara, NO Ref - 5v5, Willow Pk, 11:15; Tullamore Tn v Kilbeggan SC, NO Ref - 5v5, Leah Victoria Pk, 12:00; MSL U-9 WEST 2 Clara Utd v Birr Utd, NO Ref - 5v5, Stanley O'Hara Pk, 12:00; Tullamore Utd v Birr Rvs, NO Ref - 5v5, Leah Victoria Pk, 13:00; Kilbeggan Utd v Frankford Cel, NO Ref - 5v5, Streamstown, 15:00; MSL U-10 MAJOR Birr Tn v Frankford, D Nagle, Frank O'Connell Pk, 09:30; Tullamore Utd v Clara, G Vicars, Leah Victoria Pk, 09:45; Mullingar Ath Lions v Banagher, R Tkaczyk, Gainstown, 12:30; Mountmellick v Tullamore Tn, M Lee, Conor Davis Pk, 12:30; MSL U-10 EAST 1 Portlaoise AFC v Abbeyleix Rvs, P Pardy, Rosleighan Pk, 09:30; Abbeyleix Utd v Emo Cel, B Conlon, Fr Breen Pk, 12:15; T&S v Abbeyleix, D Moran, Timahoe, 14:15; MSL U-10 EAST 2 Clonaslee Utd v St Aengus, C McFadden, Com Cen, 10:00; Portlaoise Tn v Rosenallis, P Pardy, Rosleighan Pk, 10:30; MSL U-10 WEST 1 Raharney Utd v Mullingar Ath Cubs, D McCormack, Higginstown, 09:30; Clara Utd v Mucklagh, M Feery, Stanley O'Hara Pk, 10:00; Raharney Cel v Kilbeggan SC, D McCormack, Higginstown, 12:45; MSL U-10 WEST 2 Gallen Utd v Frankford Cel, D Kiernan, Brosna Press Pk, 09:45; Willow Pk v Banagher Tn, J O'Connor, Willow Pk, 10:00; MSL U-11 MAJOR EAST Mountmellick v Emo, M Lee, Conor Davis Pk, 11:30; Abbeyleix v Walsh Island Shamrocks, B Conlon, Fr Breen Pk, 13:15; Emo Utd v T&S, J Griffin, Com Cen, 13:45; MSL U-11 EAST 1 Abbeyleix Rvs v Portlaoise Tn, TBC, Fr Breen Pk, TBC; T&S Rvs v St Aengus, D Moran, Timahoe, 13:15; Abbeyleix Utd v Portlaoise Rvs, B Conlon, Fr Breen Pk, 14:15; MSL U-11 EAST 2 Tullamore Rvs v Frankford Cel, G Vicars, Leah Victoria Pk, 10:45; Rosenallis v Walsh Island, K Dunne, The Grove, 11:15; MSL U-11 MAJOR WEST Clara v Willow Pk, M Feery, Stanley O'Hara Pk, 11:00; Mullingar Ath Cubs v Frankford, R Tkaczyk, Gainstown, 13:30; Mullingar Ath v Tullamore Tn, B James, Gainstown, 13:45; MSL U-11 WEST 1 Birr Utd v Mucklagh Rvs, M Kelly, Frank O'Connell Pk, 09:45; Mucklagh v Banagher, A Conroy, Charleville, 10:30; Birr Tn v Mucklagh, M Kelly, Frank O'Connell Pk, 10:45; MSL U-11 WEST 2 Raharney Utd v Tullamore Utd, D McCormack, Higginstown, 11:45; Kilbeggan SC v Clara Utd, G Bridges, The Land Lake, 12:15; Kilbeggan Utd v Kinnegad, G Bridges, Streamstown, 13:15; MSL U-12 MAJOR Mullingar Ath Eagles v Gallen Utd, B James, Gainstown, 09:45; Birr Tn v Tullamore Tn, D Nagle, Frank O'Connell Pk, 10:30; Mountmellick v Willow Pk, G Donogher, Conor Davis Pk, 11:15; Portlaoise v Portumna, P Pardy, Rosleighan Pk, 13:00; MSL U-12 EAST Emo v Mtmellick Ath, N Culleton, Com Cen, 09:45; Clonaslee Utd v St Aengus, C McFadden, Com Cen, 11:00; Abbeyleix v Portlaoise Tn, B Conlon, Fr Breen Pk, 11:00; T&S v Portlaoise Utd, D Moran, Timahoe, 12:00; MSL U-12 WEST Kinnegad v Clara, N Dempsey, Lagan Pk, 09:45; Gallen Bhoys v Banagher, D Kiernan, Brosna Press Pk, 10:45; Willow Cel v Mucklagh, J O'Connor, Willow Pk, 11:00; Kilbeggan SC v Tullamore Utd, G Bridges, Streamstown, 11:00; Mullingar Ath Kestrals v Frankford, R Tkaczyk Gainstown, 11:15; MSL U-13 MAJOR Tullamore Tn v Birr Tn, M Buckley, Leah Victoria Pk, 09:45; Mountmellick v Mullingar Ath Kestrals, G Donogher, Conor Davis Pk, 10:00; Rosenallis v Clara, K Dunne, The Grove, 10:00; Portlaoise v Mullingar Ath Eagles, E Dynan, Rosleighan Pk, 12:15; MSL U-13 EAST T&S v Emo, D Moran, Timahoe, 09:30; Killeigh Utd v Tullamore Utd, S Comerford, The Pond, 10:00; Portlaoise Ath v Kinnegad Dragons, E Dynan, Rosleighan Pk, 11:00; Kinnegad Dragons v Portlaoise Ath, N Dempsey, Lagan Pk, 12:15; MSL U-13 WEST Raharney Utd v Kinnegad Titans, D McCormack, Higginstown, 10:30; Rahanine v Portumna, T Cunningham, Rochfordbridge, 11:30; Clara Utd v Mullingar Ath Hawks, M Feery, Stanley O'Hara Pk, 12:00; MSL U-14 MAJOR Kilbeggan SC v Frankford, G Bridges Streamstown, 09:45; MSL U-14 DIV 1 T&S v Banagher, D Moran, Timahoe, 10:45; Kinnegad v Tullamore Utd, N Dempsey, Lagan Pk, 11:00; Emo Utd v Gallen Utd, N Culleton, Com Cen, 11:00; Birr Tn v Abbeyleix, M Kelly, Frank O'Connell Pk, 13:15; SFAI SKETCHERS CUP U-15 R2 Portlaoise AFC v BBC Utd, E Dynan, Rosleighan Pk, 13:30; SFAI SUBWAY U-15 NDSL v MSL, TBC, NDSL, TBC; MSL U-15 EAST Mountmellick v Mucklagh, M Lee, Conor Davis Pk, 10:00; Portlaoise Utd v Tullamore Tn, P Pardy, Rosleighan Pk, 11:30; Emo v Clara, N Culleton, Com Cen, 12:15; MSL U-15 WEST Mullingar Ath Pumas v Kinnegad, R Tkaczyk, Gainstown, 09:45; Rahanine v AC Celtic, T Cunningham, Rochfordbridge, 10:00; Mullingar Ath Tigers v Portumna, B James, Gainstown, 12:15; MSL U-16 EAST Portlaoise v Mucklagh, E Dynan, Rosleighan Pk, 09:30; Mullingar Ath Tigers v Portlaoise Utd, B James, Gainstown, 10:45; Birr Utd v Emo, M Kelly, Frank O'Connell Pk, 11:45; MSL U-16 WEST St Josephs Red v Mullingar Ath Lions, P Tone, Bealnamulla, 10:30; St Josephs v Mullingar Ath Pumas, P Tone, Bealnamulla, 12:00; Templevilla v Raharney Utd, J O'Connor, TP Hickey Pk, 12:45; MSL U-10/11 GIRLS Hodson Bay Aces (10) v Tullamore Tn, B Kelly, Hodson Bay, 09:45; Real FA Swans v Bealnamulla, D Sweeney, Wilsons Hospital, 10:30; Hodson Bay Belles v Tullamore Utd, B Kelly, Hodson Bay, 10:45; Clara v Tullamore Utd, A Looney, Stanley O'Hara Pk, 12:30; Kinnegad v Clara, N Dempsey, Lagan Pk, 13:45; MSL U-12 GIRLS Clara v Hodson Bay Celtic, A Looney, Stanley O'Hara Pk, 09:45; Real FA Swans v Bealnamulla, D Sweeney, Wilsons Hospital, 11:30; MSL U-14 GIRLS Tullamore Tn v Portlaoise, M Buckley, Leah Victoria Pk, 11:00; MSL U-15 GIRLS Clara v Mullingar Ath, A Looney, Stanley O'Hara Pk, 11:00; Athlone Tn v Bealnamulla, Z Kelly, Athlone Town Stadium, 12:15; MSL GIRLS U-17 Killeigh v Clara, S Comerford, The Pond, 11:15; Birr Tn v Portlaoise, D Nagle, Frank O'Connell Pk, 11:45; Bealnamulla v Kinnegad, B Kelly, Bealnamulla, 14:00; Sunday MSL U-10 EAST 2 Killeigh Wdrs v Killeigh Rvs, G Vicars, The Pond, 10:00; MSL U-11 EAST 2 Killeigh v Clonaslee Utd, G Vicars, The Pond, 12:00; SFAI SUBWAY U-13 Kilkenny v MSL, TBC, Kilkenny, 14:30; MSL U-14 MAJOR Mullingar Ath v Mullingar Ath Kestrals, N Dempsey, Gainstown, 10:30; Portlaoise v Tullamore Tn, S Comerford, Rosleighan Pk, 10:30; Mucklagh v Emo, B James, Charleville, 10:30; MSL U-16 WEST Birr Tn v Banagher, E Dynan, Frank O'Connell Pk, 10:30; MSL U-10/11 GIRLS Killeigh v Killeigh Utd, G Vicars, The Pond, 11:00 MSL RESULTS U-12 MAJOR Gallen Utd 7-3 Portumna; Willow Pk 1-1 Portlaoise; Mountmellick 1-1 Mullingar Ath Eagles; Mullingar Ath Hawks 2-2 Birr Tn U-12 EAST Portlaoise Tn 3-1 T&S; Killeigh 0-3 Abbeyleix; Portlaoise Utd 4-1 Mtmellick Ath; St Aengus 6-2 Emo U-12 WEST Clara 2-1 Gallen Bhoys; Mucklagh 1-0 Banagher; Mullingar Ath Kestrals 1-2 Kinnegad; Frankford 2-2 Tullamore Utd; Kilbeggan SC 3-1 Willow Cel U-13 MAJOR Birr Tn 3-0 Mountmellick; Clara 5-0 Killeigh; Rosenallis 3-2 Portlaoise; Mullingar Ath Eagles 2-1 Tullamore Tn U-13 EAST Kinnegad Dragons 5-4 T&S; Emo 3-3 Abbeyleix; Portlaoise Ath 2-4 Tullamore Utd; St Aengus 4-4 Killeigh Utd U-13 WEST Portumna 4-3 Kinnegad Tietans; Clara Utd 3-2 Raharney Utd; Mullingar Ath Hawks 3-7 Rahanine U-14 MAJOR Kilbeggan SC 5-3 Mucklagh; Tullamore Tn 5-1 Emo; Frankford 3-5 Mullingar Ath; Killeigh 4-5 Mullingar Ath Kestrals U-14 DIV 1 Tullamore Utd 5-0 Emo Utd; Gallen Utd 7-3 Kinnegad; Banagher 4-6 Abbeyleix; T&S 2-1 Birr Tn U-15 EAST Portlaoise Utd 0-4 Clara; Abbeyleix 1-4 Tullamore Tn; Emo 1-4 Killeigh U-15 WEST Portumna 3-0 Mullingar Ath Pumas; Kilbeggan SC 0-0 Kinnegad SFAI SKETCHERS U-16 CUP R 2 Prosperous Utd 1-6 Portlaoise AFC U-16 EAST Mucklagh 6-3 Birr Utd; Mullingar Ath Tigers 4-1 Emo; Portlaoise Utd 2-6 Tullamore U-16 WEST Mullingar Ath Lions 0-4 Mullingar Ath Pumas; St Francis 3-1 Templevilla; Birr Tn 4-0 St Josephs Red; St Josephs 4-3 Raharney Utd U-12 GIRLS Portlaoise 2-2 Bealnamulla; Clara 4-2 Real FA Swans U-13 GIRLS Bealnamulla 2-1 Mucklagh; Tullamore Tn 4-1 Killeigh; Hodson Bay Celtic 3-1 Kilbeggan SC U-14 GIRLS Tullamore Tn 4-1 Banagher U-15 GIRLS Clara 0-6 Athlone Tn; Mullingar Ath 2-6 Bealnamulla U-17 GIRLS Clara 1-6 Birr Tn; Portlaoise 1-4 Bealnamulla; Killeigh 3-3 Kinnegad SPORT SOCCER 84 Clinical first half sets up Stradbally Town victory Stradbally travelled to Ballinagar to play Geashill on Sunday morning and ran outconvincingwinners. Despite dominating the early exchanges Stradbally failed to make the break through that all of their possessiondeserved. Eventually the goal that was deserved arrived through Jody Dillon, who finished nicely after a great passfromJackLangton.

Dillon doubled the lead on the 40 minute mark with anothertidyfinish,thistime withhisheadafteragreatset piece delivery from Benny Lawlor. Stradbally weren't finished for the half just yet though as Damien Murphy ran through the home side's defence and calmly slotted home to make it 3-0, and a deservedleadathalftime. The home side came out and made a game of it in the secondhalf.Pushinghardto try get back into the game left openings for Stradbally and again they punished Geashill, Richie Ryan with a great finish for the edge of the penalty area making it 4-0.

Geashill pulled a goal back but never really got any closer to Stradbally for the restofthegame. Best on the day for Stradbally were Jody Dillon, Richie Ryan and Damien Murphy. TEAM: Jack Larkin, John Clancy, Ray Mullally, Billy Murphy, Conor Delaney, Jimmy Langton, Damien Murphy, Richie Ryan, Jack Langton, Jody Dillon, Benny Lawlor. Subs: Darren Fowler, Alan Delaney, Conor Brady, John Hayden, Benny Gannon, Jake Byrne. STRADBALLY TOWN GEASHILL UTD 4 1 CCFL DIVISION 2

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Portlaoise get better of Prosperous in SFAI Cup MSL U-15 EAST PORTLAOISE UTD 0 CLARA TOWN 5 On a wet Saturday morning last, Portlaoise Utd and Clara squared up at the Leisure Centre for this U-15 league clash. Portlaoise have struggled to date, with one win out of four, while Clara are well in contention for a top four finish before the leaguesplitsinDecember. Portlaoise started well, with David Burke and Luke Makemplayinggoodfootball, while at the other end AndrewGogginandMatteusz Kocon were defending well. Clara started to gain control however, and Hubert Siller had to be quick off his line to thwartaClaraattack.

Portlaoise failed to heed this warning, and within minutes a defensive error resulted in a fine Clara effort rattling the net. Worse followed two minutes later when a cross from the right took a deflection and looped inoverHubert'shead. Portlaoise had the best of the play till half time, with Cameron Clarke probing down the left flank, while Usman Tarig made a vital intervention in defence as Clara looked set to get a third before the break. Portlaoise went close themselves from a Cian Bartley Bray free kick andaCalumLeonardeffort. Any hopes of a recovery weredashedminutesintothe second half when slack marking in defence from a corner saw three Clara players free, and they gladly took the opportunity to increasetheirlead. Claragainedinconfidence now, and but for some excellent defending from Usman Tarig, they would have extended their lead. Portlaoise had a few chances, with Cameron Clarke and Cian Bray putting in two fine balls into the box but the chanceswentabegging,while Cian also went close with an effort.

Clara added two more late goals, with the last piece of action a fine save from Aidan Keane. Portlaoise's best player in the day was Usman Tarig who made some vital interceptions and recovery tackles, giving his all for the team. SFAI NATIONAL CUP ROUND 2 PROSPOROUS 1 PORTALOISE 6 Portlaoise AFC were hosted by Prosperous United in the second round of the SFAI National Cup in continuous drizzleonSaturdaylast. The visitors had the best possible start when Toby Olaoye drilled the ball low into the bottom left corner of the net, having been set up with a move involving Gearoid Dempsey, Josh Hogan and Tiernan Cahill after only two minutes of play.

Kyle Enright and Darragh Kelly were required to deal with a couple of Prosperous forays as the locals endeavoured to draw level withoutdelay. However, in the fifth minute Portlaoise doubled their advantage when Kyle Enright and Tiernan Cahill combined to release Michael Culliton who beautifully squared the ball across the face of goals for Toby Olaoye to pass the ball to the open net. Portlaoise were in complete control in the middle third with Finn Culleton and Josh Hogan pulling the strings aided on the flanks by Jason Horan andJamesWheeler.

In the tenth minute Jason Horan found Josh Hogan with a neat pass on the left wing. Josh’s exquisite cross was powerfully headed to the net by Toby Olaoye to completehishat-trick. Prosperous finally got some purchase in the middle of the park and managed to capitalise on some hesitation inthemiddleofthePortlaoise defence, and their number ten finished beautifully to pull one back in the Usman Tarig in control for Portlaoise AFC U-15s against Clara on Saturday morning. Matteusz Kocon in action for Portlaoise against Clara.

SPORT SOCCER 85 CCFLFIXTURES&RESULTS FIXTURES SATURDAY U-17 PREMIER DIVISION Willow Park v Emo Celtic, Willow Park Athlone, Midlands; Portlaoise v Mullingar Ath, Rossleighan Park Portlaoise, Offaly; Abbeyleix Ath v St Francis, Fr Breen Park Abbeyleix, Offaly. U-17 DIVISION 1 Rosenallis v Horseleap Utd, The Grove Rosenallis, Offaly. U-19 DIVISION Mullingar Ath v Tullamore Town, Gainstown Mullingar, Midlands; Edenderry Town v Willow Park, Fr Paul Park Edenderry, Offaly. NEW BALANCE FAI JUNIOR CUP 3RD ROUND Mullingar Athletic v Willow Park, 7.30, Gainstown, Mullingar, Midlands. DIVISION 1 SATURDAY Ballymahon v Dynamoe Rooskey, Tara Park Ballymahon, Offaly; Castlepollard Celtic v Camlin Utd, Mergon Park Castlepollard, Midlands; Gaels Utd v Grange Utd, The Hill Bawn Drumlish, Midlands; Moydow FC v UCL Harps, Wanderers Park Longford, Offaly. Idle – Colmcille.

Sunday All games at 11.00 unless stated NEW BALANCE FAI JUNIOR CUP 3RD ROUND Derry Rovers A v Monksland Utd A, 8.00 Fri 19th, Brians Park, Edenderry, Offaly; Mountmellick Utd v St. Carthages Athletic, Conor Davis Park, Bay Road, Mountmellick, Offaly; Birr Town v St Peters FC, Frank O’Connell Park Birr, Midlands. LFA JUNIOR SHIELD 1ST ROUND Clonmore United V Stamullan FC, Community Centre, Lemore, Boora, Co. Offaly OFF; Ballinahown AFC v Dearg Celtic, 2.00, Ballinahown Sportspark, Ballinahown Village, Midlands.

LFA JUNIOR SHIELD 2ND ROUND Raharney United v St Cormacs Athletic, Higginstown, Delvin Road, Raharney, Midlands; Derry Rovers v Tombrack United, 1.00, Brians Park,Edenderry, Offaly; Abbeyleix Athletic v St Josephs AFC, 1.00, Fr Breen Park, Main Street, Abbeyleix, Offaly. FAI WOMENS MIDLAND REGION JUNIOR CUP Group A: Newbridge Colts v Killeigh, 2.00, Chapel Lane, Newbridge, Local; Bealnamulla v Clara Town, 2.00, Bealnamulla, Athlone, Midlands. Group B: Kildare Town v Mullingar Athletic, 2.00, Rathbride Road, Kildare Town, Local; Willow Park v Birr Town, 2.00, Willow Park, Athlone, Offaly. SENIOR DIVISION Clara Town v Tullamore Town, Stanley O’Hara Park, Lisanisky, Clara, Offaly. DIVISION 1 Rosenallis AFC v Coolraine, The Grove Rosenallis, Offaly; Horseleap Utd v Walsh Island Shamrocks, Horseleap Village, Midlands; Mullingar Town v Gallen Utd, Dalton Park, Mullingar, Midlands; Idle - Clonaslee Utd, Towerhill Rovers, Highfield Utd. DIVISION 2 Stradbally Town v O’Moore FC, The Lawn, Stradbally, Offaly; Moate Celtic v Gentex, Community College Moate, Midlands; FC Killoe v Geashill Utd, Dernafest, Lough Gowna, Midlands; Idle - Clonown Rovers.

DIVISION 3 Banagher Utd v Cloneygowan Celtic, Middle Road, Banagher, Midlands; St Aengus v BBC Utd, Derrycanton, Mountrath, Co. Laois, Offaly; Idle – Kinnegad. DIVISION 4 Kenagh Utd v Mountmellick Celtic, The Mall, Longford, Co Longford, Midlands; Monksland Utd B v Rosenallis B, Cushla Park, Cushla, Monksland, Athlone, Midlands; Riverside FC v Maryborough, Clonbonniffe Road Belmont, Offaly; Idle - Clara Town. RESULTS FAI YOUTH CUP 1ST ROUND Willow Park 5 Parkville Utd 2; Killeshin 1 Portlaoise 8; Vale Wanderers 6 Temple Villa 4; U-17 PREMIER DIVISION Mullingar Ath 7 Willow Park 1; DIVISION 1 SATURDAY Camlin Utd 4 Ballymahon 1; Colmcille Celtic 7 Gaels Utd 4; Grange Utd 4 Moydow FC 1; UCL Harps 1 Castlepollard Celtic 1; NEW BALANCE FAI JUNIOR CUP 2ND ROUND Derry Rovers 4 Redwood Naas 0; Birr Town 4 Rosenallis AFC 2; FAI WOMENS MIDLAND REGION JUNIOR CUP Group A: Bealnamulla 4 Newbridge Colts 1; Killeigh 4 Clara Town 0; Group B: Mullingar Athletic 0 Birr Town4; SENIOR DIVISION Ballinahown 2 Clara Town 3; Monksland Utd 3 Mountmellick Utd 1; DIVISION 1 Walsh Island Shamrocks 3 Coolraine 1; Clonaslee Utd 0 Highfield Utd 2; Mullingar Town 1 Horseleap Utd 0; Gallen Utd 1 Towerhill Rovers 2; DIVISION 2 Gentex FC 2 Clonown Rovers 1; Geashill Utd 1 Stradbally Town 4; O'Moore FC 2 St Carthages Athletic 4; DIVISION 3 Banagher Utd 3 Derry Rovers 2; BBC Utd 1 Cloneygowan Celtic 0; Kinnegad Juniors 1 St Aengus 2; Raharney Utd 3 Ballinahown 2; DIVISION 4 Rosenallis 1 Abbeyleix Athletic 2; Clara Town 0 St. Cormacs Athletic 0; Clonmore Utd 1 Kenagh Utd 3; Maryborough 7 Monksland Utd 1; Mountmellick Celtic 6 Riverside FC 0; thirteenthminute.

Prosperous spurned a good goal scoring opportunity when their attacking midfielder fired welloverfromatwentymeter freekick. On the half hour it was four for Portlaoise when Tiernan Cahill cleverly lobbed the advancing keeper as he came to cut out an excellent through ball from Gearoid Dempsey from fully thirty meters. Tiernan Cahill then shot wide following a long delivery from a Darragh Kellyfree. Michael Culliton finished anexcellentfirsthalfwhenhe created an opening for Luke Dunne O'Connor who slotted calmly beyond the Prosperous custodian to makeitfiveoneathalftime. Portloise made it six within minutes of the resumption when Jason Horan turned his man and finished beautifully from an acute angle. Portlaoise relaxed then allowing their opponents to show a little of theirflair.

Prosperous managed to create several scoring opportunities thanks mainly to the pace and determination of their right winger.DarraghKellycleared one off the goal line, while Conall Rowney was forced to make two smart saves, one fromafreekickandtheother from a shot from an acute angle.TheteamwishesJamie Preston a speedy recovery fromhisinjury. Portlaoise now face stiff opposition in Suncroft, away in the next round of this competition in two weeks time. SQUAD: Conall Rowney, Gearoid Dempsey, Darragh Kelly, Kyle Enright, Michael Culliton, Jason Horan, Finn Culleton, Josh Hogan, James Wheeler, Tiernan Cahill, Toby Olaoye, Luke Dunne O’Connor. Jamie Preston & Munashe Karigomba injured. Brian Smith & Darragh McDonald unavailable.

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 The Portlaoise Accordian Band lead out Portlaoise and O'Dempsey's in the SFC final at O'Moore Park on Sunday afternoon PICTURE: ALF HARVEY. Darrell Dooley was hit with a two game ban after footbage of the incident involving him and Rathdowney-Errill's Ross King came to national attention last week PICTURE: DENIS BYRNE Darrell Dooley hit with two-match ban after SHC final clash with Ross King Camross wing-back Darrell Dooley has been handed a two-match suspension for incident involving Rathdowney-Errill's Ross King in last weekend's Laois SHCfinal.

The suspension was handed down last Thursday night after a meeting of the Laois CCC. A video emerged on social media last week of the incident, in which Dooley clashed with King, resulting in the Rathdowney-Errill man having to leave the field withafacialinjury. Dooley was booked at the time for a couple of wild swings of his hurl in the moments before he clashed with King, and with the referees report indicating that the clash between King and Dooley had not been dealtwithontheday,itmeant that Laois GAA could deal withitasaseparateincident. Dooley appeared to catch King with the butt of his hurl, which resulted in the Laois captain suffering a nasty injurytohismouth.

He was forced off the field and was subsequently taken to the Midlands Regional Hospital in Portlaoise. It is understood that, contrary to reports, he did not lose any teeth in the incident, but has suffereddamagetofourteeth which will require ongoing dental care. He also received cuts to both lips which requiredstitches. He was initially held in Portlaoise hospital before being released at around midnight. Camross have the right to seek a hearing in relation to Dooley's suspension, which would rule him out of their game with either St Martin's or Naomh Eanna from Wexford in the Leinster Club SHC, a game which will be played in O'Moore Park on November4.

If winning isn't enough, then maybe sport isn't for you Winning is a wonderful thing. By its nature, it is a by-product, a reward even, for the effort which goes into putting yourself in a winning position. Depending on the sport, the spectre of winning can be very different. In a sport like golf or tennis, the joy of winning is predominantly the preserve of the individual.Therewillbeafew people in their orbit who can enjoy it as well, but it doesn't spreadtoofarbeyondthat. Itisalotdifferentinateam sport,andespeciallysointhe GAA. Now, the victory is certainly a shared moment, among all 30 or so players on the panel, among the management team who got them there, among the committeewhokeeptheclub running, and among the community who supports andsustainsit.

Winning a championship is an arduous affair. It requires a massive communal effort from many people outside the immediate confines of the actual team. Winning two championships in a row is evenmoreimpressive. After doing just that, Camrossshouldbelaudedfor an impressive feat of consistency, especially so given how hard it is to do that in Laois. Instead, they have managedtotakethelustreoff thevictoryallbythemselves. What happened just before half time was an ugly scene, a throwback to a simpler, wilder time which shouldn't be tolerated. Sadly it was, with Ross King leaving the field with a mouthful of blood and couple of Camross playersshownyellowcards. While that was bad enough, it can be viewed in the context of the game. Tempers flare, players lose the run of themselves and injuries happen. That's not to condone it happening, far from it, but we've all seen it happen within a game and canunderstanditwithinthat context, even if we find it appalling.

However, what has happened since has been even more disheartening. The pictures which have circulated, taken from social media, of some Camross players apparently taking delight in the injuries suffered by Ross King denigrates the game of hurling, the Laois captain, andtheclubinvolved. It would be unfair to say everyone in Camross condones the behaviour, the clubmembershipistoobigto make a blanket statement like that, but there's no doubting it reflects very poorlyontheclub. The offending images won't get an avenue for reproduction here, but quite why, having won the Laois SHC title, some people felt the need to mock an injured opposition player is anyone's guess.Youcouldwriteitoffto drink, but that's to absolve blame from those who must bearit.

Theycouldhavekepttheir thoughts to themselves, but as the old saying goes, "Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something." Winning should be enough for anyone after the culmination of the time, effort and commitment is needed to get that far. If that's not enough to sustain you, then maybe sport isn't for you. - RORY DELANEY THIS ARTICLE FIRST APPEARED ON WWW.LEINSTEREXPRESS.IE Opinion Ross King, and the injuries he suffered, were the subject of much media attention last week. SPORT GAELIC GAMES 86 RORY DELANEY

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 GAADigest BALLINAKILL DATE FOR YOUR DIARY A night not to be missed, the biggest boxing event, since the 'Rumble in the Jungle', is taking place on Saturday 10th November. Abbeyleix v Ballinakill . Venue: Castle Arms Hotel. 7pm. Ticket Details to follow. PORTLAOISE MOTHERS & OTHERS NATIONAL BLITZ Bringing to a close the football season for Mothers&Others, Portlaoise GAA ladies participated once again this year in the All Ireland Blitz which was held in Portmarnock, Co Dublin.

The organisation of Mothers & Others has grown in popularity throughout the country, mainly due to their ethos, which specifies that it is a non competitive game, where all ladies enjoy themselves in a cordial athmosphere, socialize with each other, learn the skills of the game of football, and travel to other clubs and make friends. Over 2500 participants, ladies from all over Ireland, emerged on Portmarnock over the weekend which turned out to be an outstanding success once again, not only for the organisers LGFA, but also the Portlaoise Mothers and Others Panel of players.

Having been invited back again this year speaks volumes for the standing of the Portlaoise Mothers & Others for this Tournament, and once again, the Portlaoise ladies endeared themselves to all the officials and teams they played for their friendliness, sportsmanship and skill throughout the day. Portlaoise played Badoney from Tyrone in their first game and emerged winners after a hard fought game played in a sporting manner. Scorers for Portlaoise - Bernie Lawless 0-2, Sarah Byrne 0-1, Aisling Bohan 1-0, Nicola Flaherty 1-0.

Second game was played against Naomh Conaill of Donegal, and again a fine display of football was played by both teams and victory was again down to the Portlaoise girls. Scorers for Portlaoise - Jenny Brereton 1-0, Lara Brennan 0-1, Edel McCormack 0-1. Third and fourth game proved to be outstanding from a football point of view, where Portlaoise excelled in both games, overcoming opposition from Castlebar Mitchels of Mayo and St Anne's from Waterford. Scorers for Portlaoise - Aisling Bohan 0-2, Nicola Flaherty 1-1, Bernie Lawless 0-1, Jenny Brereton 0-2, Edel Hyland 0-1, Maeve Conroy 0-1.

Game 5 saw another win from Portlaoise Mothers & Others by beating Skerries Harps from Dublin. Scorers for Portlaoise - Sarah Byrne 1-0, Aisling Bohan 0-1. Although Portlaoise had great success on the field of play, it was also a sad day for the team, as one of the girls, Jenny Brereton, played her last game for Portlaoise Mothers & Others, as she has moved to Kildare and will not be available. A fitting tribute was made to her before she played her last game, when all members of the panel formed a guard of honour and led her out on to the field. She will be sadly missed, not only for her playing skills, but for her personality which always shone at training and at games.

Full Panel of players on the day: Rachel O'Brien, Anne Marie Lynch, Edel Hyland, Mary McEvoy, Sarah Byrne, Aisling Bohan, Nicola Flaherty, Bernie Lawless (Capt.) Norma Skehan, Hannah Horan, Lorna Keenan, Martine Boylan, Tracy Houlihan, Maeve Conroy, Edel McCormack, Jenny Brereton (Capt), Lara Brennan, Aoife O'Connor, Olive Maher, Gillian Peacock, Amy O'Brien, Pauline Madigan. Trainers - Kevin Farrell and Martin Sinnott. SARSFIELDS LEINSTER CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP The Sarsfields Seniors face their biggest challenge to date this year when they take on Westmeath champions Milltown on Saturday October 20 in the Leinster Club Championship semi-final. It’s a home game for the club and is scheduled for 2.30pm in Acragar.

After winning their sixth Laois Senior title in a row in O’Moore Park four weeks ago, and recording a comfortable 0-20 to 1-8 win over Eadestown in the Leinster Q-Final last week, the panel has prepared well for what is expected to be a tough challenge on Saturday. MINOR CHAMPIONSHIP The Minors lost out to Portlaoise in Rathleague on Sunday morning by 5-10 to 1-12 after a brave performance. Again the concession of a few very easy goals cost them dearly. They now enter the Shield competition and will play St Conleths in the semi-final on Sunday next.

ST FINTAN'S MOUNTRATH LOTTO Lotto draw results for October 8th. Numbers drawn: 1, 12, 21, 25. No jackpot winner. €20 winners: Sadie O'Connor, Liam Byrne, Frank McKenna, Ann Kelly, Linda Phelan, AnnMarie Bergin, Dan Phelan and Peter Middleton. House prize: John Parkinson. Promoters prize: Davy Tobin and Martin Phelan. Next weeks jackpot €5,600. Venue 'Sox's Bar'. STRADBALLY CLUB LOTTO Lotto Result. 1, 23, 24, 34 No jackpot winner or €20 winner. Jackpot next week €5,800.

ANNUAL GOLF OUTING Our annual golf outing take a places on Friday 16th November, contact Billy Delaney to book your place. CLUB GEAR Anyone looking to order any club gear just in time for Christmas, Darren Strong of DS Sports will be in our clubhouse this Friday the 19th of October from 7pm to size & fit anyone who wants to order. Any orders placed on the night must be all paid for in full on the night. THE ROCK LOTTO Jackpot €2,500. Numbers drawn 3, 4, 8, 24. No winner. Five €20 winners - John Brennan, Áine Dowling, Stephen Conlon, James Conroy, Damien Blanc. Next week jackpot €2,600. HOLLOWEEN FANCY DRESS CHARITY PARTY The Rock are proud to host this Fancy Dress Charity party on Sunday 28th of October at 8pm in Turleys. Tickets €5. All proceeds of this event are going to two charities, The Irish Lung Fibrosis Association and The Cuisle Cancer Support Centre.

Prize for best costume and plenty of craic on the night. Please support this great event. Supporting Portlaoise against O'Dempsey's in the SFC final at O'Moore Park PICTURE: ALF HARVEY. SPORT GAELIC GAMES 87 GAAFIXTURES&RESULTS FIXTURES WEDNESDAY FR MANNING CUP U-16 FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT LOETB Centre of Excellence: Laois v Wicklow @ 7.30pm FRIDAY LAOIS SHOPPING CENTRE ACFL DIVISION 4 FINAL REPLAY (Extra time if necessary) LOETB Centre of Excellence: Camross v Rosenallis @ 7.30pm SATURDAY LEINSTER CLUB JHC ROUND 1 (Extra time and Winner on the Day) Dublin Venue: Naomh Mearnog or St Maurs (Dublin) v Slieve Bloom @ 1.30pm LAOIS DIVISIONAL TRIAL TOURNAMENT ROUND 2 Stradbally: East Central v South East @ 6.30pm Mountmellick: West Northwest v North East @ 4pm LEINSTER LGFA SENIOR CLUB SEMI- FINAL Mountmellick: Sarsfields v Milltown (WH) @ 2.30pm FR MANNING CUP U-16 FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT Clann na nGael: Roscommon v Laois @ 2pm LAOIS SHOPPING CENTRE U-19 FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP GROUP A ROUND 2 (First Named Home Venue) Portlaoise v Courtwood Emo The Rock @ 4pm; The Heath v Ballyroan Abbey @ 4pm - TBC LAOIS SHOPPING CENTRE U-19 FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP GROUP B ROUND 2 (First Named Home Venue) The Harps v St Joseph's @ 4pm LAOIS SHOPPING CENTRE U-19 B FOOTBALL COMPETITION GROUP A ROUND 3 (First Named Home Venue) Rosenallis v Graiguecullen @ 4pm; Clonaslee St Manman's v O'Dempseys @ 4pm MIDLAND PARK HOTEL U-14 FOOTBALL DEVELOPMENT COMPETITION GROUP A ROUND 1 Ballyroan Abbey V Kilcavan @ 3pm; St Joseph's v Stradbally Parish Gaels @ 3pm MIDLAND PARK HOTEL U-14 'B' FOOTBALL DEVELOPMENT COMPETITION GROUP A ROUND 1 The Rock v Mountmellick @ 3pm; Rosenallis v Ballyfin @ 3pm MIDLAND PARK HOTEL U-14 'B' FOOTBALL DEVELOPMENT COMPETITION GROUP B ROUND 1 Park Ratheniska Spink V Ballylinan @ 3pm SUNDAY MIDLANDS PARK HOTEL MFC FINAL REPLAY (Extra time if necessary) O’Moore Park: Portarlington v Ballyroan Abbey @ 1.30pm MIDLANDS PARK HOTEL U-14 AUTUMN HURLING A COMPETITION GROUP A ROUND 1 Abbeyleix St Lazarians V Portlaoise @ 12pm; Rathdowney Errill V Camross @ 12pm MIDLANDS PARK HOTEL U-14 AUTUMN HURLING A COMPETITION GROUP B ROUND 1 Castletown Slieve Bloom v The Harps @ 12pm MIDLANDS PARK HOTEL U-14 AUTUMN HURLING B COMPETITION GROUP A ROUND 1 Park Ratheniska-Timahoe v Ballinakill @ 12pm; Raheen Parish Gaels v The Harps @ 12pm MIDLANDS PARK HOTEL U-14 AUTUMN HURLING B COMPETITION GROUP B ROUND 1 St Fintan's Mountrath v Na Fianna @ 12pm; Borris in Ossory Kilcotton v Rosenallis @ 12pm RESULTS LAOIS SHOPPING CENTRE SENIOR FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP O'Dempseys 1-13 Portlaoise 2-16 MIDLANDS PARK HOTEL U-15 B HURLING CHAMPIONSHIP Park Ratheniska Timahoe Gaels 0-9 St Fintan's Mountrath 3-6 MIDLANDS PARK HOTEL U-15 C FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP Clough-Ballacolla 0-7 Castletown Slieve Bloom 4-14 MIDLANDS PARK HOTEL U-15 HURLING CHAMPIONSHIP Borris in Ossory Kilcotton 1-21 Portlaoise 1-6; Clough-Ballacolla 3-9 Rosenallis 2-14 MIDLANDS PARK HOTEL U-17 B FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP Graiguecullen 0-16 Clonaslee St Manmans 1-10; O'Dempseys 2-6 Park Ratheniska 4-15 MIDLANDS PARK HOTEL U-17 FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP Ballyroan Abbey 2-11 Portarlington 3-8; Portlaoise 3-7 The Heath 0-13 LAOIS SHOPPING CENTRE U-19 B HURLING COMPETITION Rosenallis 0-15 Clonaslee St Manmans 0-12 LAOIS SHOPPING CENTRE U-19 HURLING CHAMPIONSHIP GROUP A Raheen Parish Gaels 0-10 Castletown 0-17 LAOIS SHOPPING CENTRE U-19 HURLING CHAMPIONSHIP GROUP B The Harps 0-13 Camross 0-9; Portlaoise 3-7 Clough-Ballacolla 4-13 The Portlaoise Mothers and Others group at the national blitz in Portmarnock.

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 East Central cruise to big opening round win On paper, the first of John Sugrue’s divisional matches between East Central and Northwest looked a bit of a mismatch, and that’s the way it panned out, as East Central incurred no difficulty in beatingWestNorthwest. East Central had the betteroftheearlypossession, but failed to make it count, as they struck a number of sloppy wides in the dreadful conditions. This allowed Northwest to take a surprising early lead, as centre forward James Moore sailed the first two points betweentheposts.

East Cental began to settle in front of the sticks shortly afterthough,scoringthenext three points to swing the tide in their favour. Ruairi O’Connor knocked over the first from a free, before some good play from Jody Dillon resulted in wing back Aaron Carroll drawing the game. Brian Daly then played a nice one-two with Diarmuid Whelan to give his side the lead. SeanMooregotNorthwest back on level terms, but they were second best for the remainder of the match. The first goal of this new format was scored by Stradbally native Jody Dillon, as a neat give and go with Michael Keogh put him through on goal, and he made no mistake withthefinish.

Michael Keogh then went from provider to goalscorer, as he showcased blistering pace that was matched with a low finish to get East Central’s second goal. He followed that up with a point,before Niall Mullen got one back for Northwest. Ruairi O’Connor and John Rogers kept East Cental on top as we approached the half-time whistle. Colm Coss and Diarmuid Whelan (free) swapped points before the break, as East Central led on a score lineof2-7to0-5. As expected, Northwest changed things up at half-time, introducing Joey Shelley along with a new and youthful midfield duo of Eoin DunneandRobertTyrell. Northwest began the second half like they began the first, brightly. Sean Moore scored the first of the half, before hard running fromFiachraFennellallowed NiallMullentocurlover. Northwest were running harder at the East Central teaminthenewhalf,andthat was causing them problems. Good build up play meant Niall Mullen could release Robert Tyrell through on goal, but he missed the chance.

Brian Daly was showcasing all sorts of abilities at midfield, andhiscarryingof the ball allowed Diarmuid Whelan a tap over point. A good ball from Ruairi O’Connor gave Padraig Dunne the opportunity to get on the scoresheet, and he obliged, as East Central brought the gap back up to eight. Niall Mullen kept Northwest in the game with his third of the evening, but East Central kicked the next threepointstoassurevictory. It was St Joseph’s duo Brian Daly and Michael Keogh who found the target. Another St Joseph’s man, Mikie Dempsey, scored East Central’s last of the match, as they ran out 2-13 to 0-11 winners.

EAST CENTRAL SCORERS: Michael Keogh 1-2, Brian Daly 0-3, Jody Dillon 1-0, Ruairi O’Connor (0-1 free) and Diarmuid Whelan (0-1 free) 0-2 each, Aaron Carroll, Padraig Dunne, John Rogers and Mikie Dempsey 0-1 each. TEAM: Aaron Cooney (St Joseph’s); Kevin Byrne (Ballylinan), Richie Hitchcock (Park-Ratheniska), Adam Campion (St Joseph’s); Marty Scully (Ballyroan-Abbey), Eoin Buggie (Stradbally), Aaron Carroll (Ballyroan-Abbey); Brian Daly (St Joseph’s), Jack Deegan (Stradbally); Seamus Lacey (Ballylinan), Michael Keogh (St Joseph’s), John Rogers (Ballyroan-Abbey); Ruairi O’Connor (Timahoe), Diarmuid Whelan (Ballyroan-Abbey), Jody Dillon (Stradbally). Subs: Mikie Dempsey (St Joseph’s), Andy McEvoy (Ballylinan), Damien O’Connor (Timahoe), Liam Knowles (Stradbally), Padraig Dunne (Park-Ratheniska), Justin Lalor (Stradbally), Shaun Murphy (Ballyroan-Abbey).

WEST NORTHWEST SCORERS: Niall Mullen 0-5, Sean Moore and James Moore 0-2 each, Eoin George and Colm Coss 0-1 each. TEAM: Eoghan Keogh (Mountmellick); Marcus Redmond (Rosenallis), Ruaidhri C Fennell (Rosenallis), Conor Storey (The Rock); Darren Fitzpatrick (Mountmellick), Eoin George (Mountmellick), Fiachra C Fennell (Rosenallis); Cathal C Fennell (Rosenallis), Colm Coss (Mountmellick); Ryan Mullaney (Mountmellick), James Moore (Ballyfin), James Mullaney (Mountmellick); Aaron Dowling (The Rock), Niall Mullen (Mountmellick), Sean Moore (Ballyfin). Subs: Joey Shelley (Rosenallis), Robert Tyrell (Camross), Eoin Dunne (Rosenallis), Ronan Gorry (Kilcavan).

REFEREE: Clifford Ward (Portarlington). South East win eight goal thriller An entertaining eight goal affair resulted in South East joining East Central in the winners circle for the first round of the Division championshipgames. Donie Kingston, who would eventfully be worryingly taken off through injury, produced a bit of a classforthefirstgoal.Hesold Paddy O’Sullivan a delightful dummy, before laying it on a plateforDavidConwaytofind thenet. Aaron Forbes then showed off his impressive strength to put over the first point of the game, before fellow Graiguecullen man Brian Byrne added another. North East got up and running through an Evan Costello free, but a lot of the first half was dominated by theSouthEastside.

Aaron Forbes again ran at the North East defence, and they couldn’t stop him charging through on goal, as heoffloadedtoKevinMeaney, who’s shot came off the post. PaulKingstonslottedoverthe rebound, before older brotherDoniekickedhisfirst andlastpoint. South East scored their second shortly after, as Cormac Murphy unselfishly laid it to Paul Kingston, who blasted low and hard past Niall Gorman. Cormac MurphyandBrianByrnekept South East’s dominance going with scores, before James O’Rourke pointed NorthEast’ssecond. David Conway replied with a close range free, and NorthEasthittheirthirdgoal not long after, as nice play from Paul Kingston and Aaron Forbes meant Cormac Murphy planted a straightforward one past NiallGorman.

North East, totheir credit, fought back valiantly. Robbie Dowlingcurledabeautyfrom distance,beforetheygrabbed a goal. Evin Keane fired into the net after Killian Horgan’s effort was well saved. Robbie Dowling and Evin Keane kicked three more for North East, but all that work was undone when David Conway’s flying fist hit the back of the net down the otherend. The second half was a muchmoreevencontest.Paul Kingston opened the scoring withafree,butEvinKeanehit back with one of his own, and Evan Costello reduced arrearstoeleven. South East hit the next three points to get them back on track, as Brian Byrne and TrevorCollinsbothfoundthe target, with Paul Kingston taggingonanotherfree. NorthEastcamestorming back with three points of their own, with two Nigel Murphyscores(thefirstonea fantastic outside of the boot score), and Evin Keane picking out his sixth point of theday.

PaulKingstonrepliedwith a free, but Jack Owens got through for a goal after a sweet ball from Emo teammate Nigel Murphy. Theygotathirdnotlongafter, as Nigel Murphy found the net after good play involving Evan Costello, Finbarr CrowleyandEvinKeane. However, Michael Nash scored South East’s fifth goal to end the goal getting for the day,alongwithDavidConway andPaulKinstonpoints. SOUTH EAST SCORERS: Paul Kingston 1-5 (0-2 frees), David Conway 2-2, Cormac Murphy and Michael Nash 1-1 each, Brian Byrne 0-3, Aaron Forbes, Trevor Collins, Donie Kingston and Kevin Meaney 0-1 each. TEAM: Darragh Phelan (Barrowhouse); Joe Mulhare (Arles-Killeen), Dave McDermott (Killeshin), Conor Keightly (Arles-Killeen); Luke Alysbury (Graiguecullen), Trevor Collins (Graiguecullen), Sean O’Shea (Crettyard); Kevin Meaney (Arles-Kilcruise), Aaron Forbes (Graiguecullen); Emmet Malone (Barrowhouse), David Conway (Arles-Kilcruise), Brian Byrne (Graiguecullen); Cormac Murphy (Crettyard), Paul Kingston (Arles-Killeen), Donie Kingston (Arles-Killeen). Sub: Michael Nash (Crettyard).

NORTH EAST SCORERS: Evin Keane 1-4 (0-2 frees), Nigel Murphy 1-2, Jack Owens 1-0, Evan Costello (0-1 free) and Robbie Dowling 0-2 each, James O’Rourke 0-1. TEAM: Niall Gorman (Emo); Paddy Dunne (Emo), Paddy O’Sullivan (Portarlington), Alan Whelan (The Heath); Finbarr Crowley (Emo), Nigel Murphy (Emo), Shane Murphy (Emo); Robbie Dowling (The Heath), James O’Rourke (Emo); Brian Ging (The Heath), Evan Costello (Emo), James Phelan (The Heath); Killian Horgan (Annanough), Evin Keane (The Heath), Jack Owens (Emo). Subs: Darren Strong (Emo), Elliot Scully (Annanough), Scott Osbourne (Portarlington).

Niall Mullen kicks for a score in the West Northwest v East Central Divisional Trial on Saturday night PICTURE: DENIS BYRNE ANDREW EGAN at LOETB Centre of Excellence 2-13 0-11 LAOIS DIVISIONAL TRIAL FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT ANDREW EGAN at LOETB Centre of Excellence 5-16 3-11 LAOIS DIVISIONAL TRIAL FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT 77 players in total played in trial games SPORT GAELIC GAMES 88 EAST CENTRAL WEST NORTHWEST SOUTH EAST NORTH EAST

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Kelly kicks a dozen to steer Graiguecullen to MFC 'B' title Graiguecullen sprung a bit of a surprise on Clonaslee St Manman’s last Friday night, as the Carlow border outfit gained revenge for the six point loss in the group stages towintheMFC'B'final. They were aided, in no small part, by their sensational centre forward Conor Kelly, who kicked twelve of their sixteen points. Kelly began proceedings in the Centre of Excellence with a point from play, but Clonaslee St Manman’s looked the sharper team early on. They had a couple of early sniffs at goal, with the first one falling to Lee Fitzpatrick, who was denied by Graiguecullen shot stopperCraigDoyle.Offofthe resulting ’45, DJ Callaghan found the target after some quickhands.

Craig Doyle pulled off another top drawer save for Graiguecullen, as he got a hand to Robert Downey’s first shot, before corner back Jason Slatterydid similar to Downey’sfollowupeffort. Kelly pushed Graiguecullen back in front, before it was Clonaslee St Manman’s keeper’s time to shine. Some incisive play from Conor Kelly and Robert Mullholland resulted in an opportunity for Ricky Brennan, but Ethan Cusack reacted excellentlytopalmaway. DJ Callaghan grabbed his second of the evening after some powerful running, before Darragh Hogan put Clonaslee St Manman’s into thelead.However,thatwould be the last time they would lead, as Graiguecullen took control.

Kelly, who was Graiguecullen’s sole scorer after twenty minutes, scored a trio of points, with two coming off of placed balls. Robert Mulholland finally changed that stat with Graiguecullen’s sixth point, before Cathal Lee hit Clonaslee St Manman’s last scoreofthehalf. One of the main reasons for Graiguecullen’s strong secondquarterofthehalfwas the fielding ability of their midfielder Lee Nolan, who won everything that came in his direction. Two points apiece for DanielMurphy and Conor Kelly meant Graiguecullen led by sixattheinterval. Despite playing against the wind in the second half, Graiguecullen picked up where they left off, scoring the first two points. Kelly converted a free, before he played a smart one-two off of another free to kick his ninth ofthegame.

A mention has to go to the Graiguecullen back line during this period, as they held off Clonaslee St Manman’s attack with discipline and organisation. You could see Clonaslee St Manman’s beginning to get frustrated, but they kept pluggingaway. Theygottheirfirstscoreof thehalfthroughDJCallaghan after a nice ball by Robert Downey. They came close to goal once more after, as some lovely build-up play resulted in Cathal Lee getting a shot away, but once again Craig Doyle kept the Clonaslee St Manman’smenwaiting. Dillon Flynn then came charging up from the back’s for Clonaslee St Manman’s, but again Graiguecullen got bodies in the way. Robert Downey knocked over the rebound to leave the differenceateight. Robert Mulholland and Conor Kelly exchanged points with DJ Callaghan and Cathal Lee, before Clonaslee St Manman’s were handed a lifeline. Full forward Cian Barrett was expertly denied by the flawless Craig Doyle, but Adam Daly poked in the follow-upeffort.

Cathal Lee and DJ Callaghan left the gap at just two, but Conor Kelly gave Graiguecullen enough of a cushiontosecurevictory. GRAIGUECULLEN SCORERS: Conor Kelly 0-12 (0-4 frees), Robert Mulholland and Daniel Murphy 0-2 each. TEAM: Craig Doyle; Jason Slattery, Cillian O’Reilly, Aaron Cullen; Oisin O’Reilly, Conor Holohan, Kian Lawlor; Lee Nolan, Daniel Murphy; Jake Haughney, Conor Kelly, Myles O’Leary; Robert Mulholland, Ricky Brennan, Conor O’Grady. Sub: Lee Byrne for O’Leary (34 mins).

CLONASLEE ST MANMAN’S SCORERS: DJ Callaghan 0-5 (0-1 free), Adam Daly 1-0, Cathal Lee 0-3, Robert Downey and Darragh Hogan 0-1 each. TEAM: Ethan Cusack; Eoghan Conroy, Dillon Flynn, Alan Dunne; Darragh Scully, Oisin Murray, Cian Conroy; DJ Callaghan, Ciaran Fitzgerald; Darragh Hogan, Robert Downey, Jack Hillard; Cathal Lee, Cian Bennett, Lee Fitzpatrick. Sub: Adam Daly for Darragh Hogan (half-time). REFEREE: Des Cooney (St Joseph’s). 12 points scored by Graigue's Conor Kelly The Graiguecullen team and management celebrate their win on Friday night PICTURE: DENIS BYRNE GRAIGUECULLEN CLONASLEE ANDREW EGAN at LOETB Centre of Excellence 0-16 1-10 MIDLANDS PARK HOTEL MINOR 'B' FOOTBALL FINAL GAMEATAGLANCE MAIN MAN CONOR KELLY (GRAIGUECULLEN) There were a number of excellent performances on the Graiguecullen winning team, from Craig Doyle in goals to gigantic Lee Nolan in midfield. However, Conor Kelly’s kicking exhibition was on show all night, and he will be one to watch for the future.

TURNING POINT The second quarter in the second half, where Graiguecullen kicked eight of the last nine scores. They used the wind advantage very effectively, and Clonaslee St Manman’s left themselves with too much work to do in the second half. TALKING POINT The performance of Kelly was so cool, calm and collected, that it’s even more mind blowing to think he is eligible for this grade for the next two years. You would imagine that Graiguecullen have the ability to contest ‘A’ Minor finals in the future.

WHAT NOW? Thoughts will turn to next year now for both. SPORT GAELIC GAMES 89

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 BALLYROAN ABBEY PORTARLINGTON RORY DELANEY at O'Moore Park 2-11 3-8 MIDLANDS PARK HOTEL LAOIS MFC 'A' FINAL Portarlington leave it late to claim dramatic MFC replay A late, late goal from Ceilum Coughlan-Maher saw Portarlington claim a dramatic draw against Ballyroan Abbey in Sunday's LaoisMFC'A'final. Ballyroan Abbey lead by five with ten minutes to go, and three with normal time up, but Coughlan Maher picked up a loose ball in the penalty area in the 64th minute to slot home the all-importantgoal. Portarlington made a bright start, with corner-forward Ciaran Ward slottingoverafreewithalittle over a minute gone. Things quicklygotbetterforthem,as they won a penalty a minute later, which Ward stepped up totake.

He shot low to the bottom left corner, and Ballyroan Abbey 'keeper Patrick Mulligan managed to get a hand to it, but it hit post and wentinfortheopeninggoalof thegame. Ballyroan were struggling to get anything going in attack, but finally sprung to life in the eighth minute with Enda McWey and Dylan Cuddy pointing within secondsofeachothertohalve thedeficit. Portarlington responded by doing likewise, as Sean Michael Corcoran (free) and PJ Ward both hit the target in the space of a minute to restore their four point advantage.

That set the tone for the ebb and flow of much of the first half, as again Ballyroan Abbey made inroads into the Port lead. Brian Whelan landed a couple of frees to get them within two, but another PJ Ward point kept the goal betweenthesides. Things then took a downward turn for Portarlington as centre-back Darragh Galvin was shown a red-card. James McWey then curled over a free to narrow the gap to two, but a Sean MichaelCorcoranfreesettled Portbackdown. They couldn't enjoy equilibrium for too long though, as Ballyroan Abbey drew themselves level in the 27th minute when Eoin Egan raced clear on goal before calmly slotting to the bottom corner.

Portarlington were reeling after that, but the managed to lead going in at half time when Ciaran Ward tapped over a free, leaving them1-6to1-5tothegood. Ballyroan Abbey almost made a spectacular start to the second half when Davin McEvoy, introduced as a sub at the break, saw the ball break to him in the penalty area. He shot first time, but saw the ball strike the crossbar and bounce away from goal. Moments later, McEvoy landed a nice pointfromtheleft wing to level the scores. Ballyroan were playing with more confidence now, and Davin McEvoy was provingareal threatsincehis introduction. To highlight that, he got on the end of a Brian Whelan pass to fire a rocket of a shot into the top corner, as Ballyroan Abbey took the lead for the first time.

Port hit back with a point from Aaron Coss, but Ballyroan Abbey were enjoying their best spell of the game and hit back with two James McWey frees and another effort from Davin McEvoy. That left them five clear and they looked to be cruising, but Portarlington cameroaringback.Abrilliant pass saw Rioghan Murphy sent clear on goal, and he was hauled down by Eamonn Fitzpatrick for another Port penalty. Ciaran Ward stepped up, and his crisp effort gave Patrick Mulligan nochance. Thecrowdwasinfullvoice now and it looked like the momentum was about to shift, but Ballyroan Abbey cameupwithsomebigscores through Davin McEvoy and Shaun Fitzpatrick to go four aheadwithfourminutesleft. Sean Michael Corcoran then curled over a free before Coughlan Murphy came up with his vital late intervention to send the gametoreplay.

PORTARLINGTON SCORERS: Ciaran Ward 2-2 (2-0 pens, 0-2 frees), Sean Michael Corcoran 0-3 (frees), PJ Ward 0-2 each, Aaron Coss 0-1. TEAM: James Haberlin; Conor McCarthy, Jack O'Neill, Ryan Clancy; Rioghan Murphy, Darragh Galvin, Cathal Bennett; Michael Bennett, Sean Michael Corcoran; Aaron Coss, Patrick Sobczak, PJ Ward; Ciaran Ward, Rhys Donagher, Adam Lambkin. Subs: Ceilum Coughlan Maher for Donagher (29 mins), Rhys Donagher for Haberlin (half time), James Haberlin for Bennett (47 mins), Cian Connaughton for Lambkin (58 mins), Dylan Murphy for R Murphy (60 mins, inj) BALLYROAN ABBEY SCORERS: Davin McEvoy 1-3, James McWey 0-3 (all frees), Eoin Egan 1-0, Brian Whelan 0-2 (frees), Dylan Cuddy, Shaun Fitzpatrick 0-1 each. TEAM: Patrick Mulligan; Eamonn Fitzpatrick, Fionnan Mahony, Robert Wall; Eoghan Dunne, Adam Dunne, Danny Brennan; Ciaran Byrne, Cathal Doyle; James McWey, Enda McWey, Dylan Cuddy; Eoin Egan, Brian Whelan, Shaun Fitzpatrick. Subs: Davin McEovy for Wall (half time), Lawson Obular for A Dunne (55 mins), Conaire Gee for E McWey (64 mins).

REFEREE: Tomás Moore (Park-Ratheniska) LEFT: Adam Dunne gets his kick away for Ballyroan Abbey against Patrick Sobczak, Portarlington, in the MFC Final on Sunday. ABOVE: Portarlington players chat to referee Tomás Moore as they leave the field after Sunday's final. RIGHT: Brian Whelan in possession for Ballyroan Abbey PICTURES: ALF HARVEY. 64 minutes played when Port drew level SPORT GAELIC GAMES 90 GAMEATAGLANCE MAIN MAN DAVIN MCEVOY (BALLYROAN ABBEY) He may have only played the second half, but no one else had such a profound impact on the game. He had scored 1-2 in his first ten minutes of play, and added another point after that in an eye-catching performance. Cathal Doyle and Ciaran Ward also did well.

TURNING POINT While the sending off played its part, the introduction of the aforementioned McEvoy added to spark to the Ballyroan Abbey attack, and it set up an exciting second half, which ultimately culminated in high drama in the closing stages. TALKING POINT The replay will be highly anticipated now, but Port will likely be missing Rioghan Murphy, who picked up a nastly looking shoulder injury, so they have another big job on their hands. WHAT NOW? We await the decision of the fixture makers on the replay!

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 SFC Team of the Year DANNY BOLGER (Graiguecullen) BARRY KELLY (O'Dempsey's) KIERAN LILLIS (Portlaoise) Matthew Finlay and David Hoilland chase down the ball in the SFC final at O'Moore Park PICTURE: ALF HARVEY. GARY SAUNDERS (Portlaoise) ROBBIE KEHOE (O'Dempsey's) MARK TIMMONS (Graiguecullen) SHANE NERNEY (O'Dempsey's) ADAM CAMPION (St Joseph's) DAVID HOLLAND (Portlaoise) MARK BARRY (O'Dempsey's) MÍCHAEL FINLAY (O'Dempsey's) CONOR BOYLE (Portlaoise) BRIAN MCCORMACK (Portlaoise) MATTHEW FINLAY (O'Dempsey's) RICKY MAHER (Portlaoise) Ricky Maher goals for Portlaoise against O'Dempsey's as Conor Boyle roars his approval in the SFC final at O'Moore Park on Sunday afternoon PICTURE: ALF HARVEY.

Boyle takes top gong in end of season awards Club football in Laois is over foranotheryear,andwiththe seasonnowatanend,wetake a look back to hand out some awards. Player of the Year - Conor Boyle (Portlaoise) A brilliantly consistent season at centre-forward for Portlaoise, a position which no doubt didn't come naturallytohim.Ahugework ratewhichsawhimpopupall over the field, and he still managed to chip in with 1-11 from play over the course of theirfivegames. Like so many of the Portlaoiseteam,thetimingof his interventions were so important, whether it was coming up with a score or tracking back to make a dispossession, something which was in evidence against St Joseph's in the semi-final.

It can be hard to pick out one particular Portlaoise player for praise, such is the strength of their collective, but Boyle was excellent from starttofinishin2018. Young Player of the Year - Matthew Finlay (O'Dempsey's) At just 21 years of age, Matthew Finlay terrorised defences throughout the SFC this year, and was the top scorer in the competition, 12 points ahead of his nearest rival. Excellent movement, ability to kick off either foot and plenty of pace too. This was the year he announced himself as a force at senior level. Kudos also to Gary SaundersandMarkBarry. Golden Oldie - Brian 'Bruno' McCormack (Portlaoise) Hemayhavemissedthefinal, but he had done enough beforethattogetPortlaoiseto thedecideronceagain.Tosee him almost single-handedly beat Graiguecullen in a devastating ten minute spell before half time in that game wasasighttobehold.

At37he'sshowingnosigns of slowing down, and no doubt he'll back back in the thick of things once again nextyear. Game of the Year - Graiguecullen 2-15 Killeshin 2-12, Quarter-Final Replay A corker of a game between the two local rivals, it had been set up nicely by Graiguecullen's comeback in thefirstgametoforceadraw. The replay had everything,withapenalty,an OG and a Goal of the Season contender coming in the first halfalone. There were some brilliant scores, old lads playing well, young lads playing well, and the scoreline was close all the way through. A good, proper championshipgame.

Special mention also to Stradbally v Arles-Kilcruise, Emo v Arles-Killeen (replay), and the O'Dempsey's v Ballylinangames. Highlight of the Championship It was exciting to see a young, attack-minded side like O'Dempsey's really have a crack at the championship thisyear. They were tremendous fun to watch, got some great scores, and have enough about them to improve in the years ahead, if they are preparedtoputinthework. Lowlight of the Championship Onceagain,therewereteams struggling to stay relevant in the competition, and something will eventually have to be done about the numbersinthecompetition. Two of the three Gaels teams ended up in the relegation playoffs, while the other only barely avoided them. There is too much short-term thinking and not enough long-term thinking when it comes to the Laois SFC, and clubs need to be realisticabouttheirfuture. OVERALL TOP SCORER 46 POINTS Matthew Finlay (O'Dempsey's) 1-43 (0-24f, 0-3 45S) 34 POINTS Gary Walsh (Ballylinan) 1-31 (0-24f, 0-1 45) 26 POINTS Evin Keane (The Heath) 2-20 (0-11f) 24 POINTS Evan O'Carroll (Crettyard Gaels) 0-24 (0-14f) Brian 'Bruno' McCormack (Portlaoise) 3-15 (1-0p, 0-5f) 23 POINTS Ross Munnelly (Arles- Kilcruise) 1-20 (0-9f) 22 POINTS MJ Tierney (Ballyroan Abbey) 2-16 (0-12f) Míchael Finlay (O'Dempsey's) 2-16 21 POINTS Jamie Parr (Graiguecullen) 0-21 (0-16f) 20 POINTS Jody Dillon (Stradbally) 3-11 (1-0p, 0-1f) Brian Byrne (Graiguecullen) 0-20 (0-4f) TOP SCORERS FROM PLAY 22 POINTS Míchael Finlay (O'Dempsey's) 2-16 19 POINTS Matthew Finlay (O'Dempsey's) 1-16 16 POINTS Jody Dillon (Stradbally) 2-10 Brian 'Bruno' McCormack (Portlaoise) 2-10 Brian Byrne (Graiguecullen) 0-16 Ricky Maher (Portlaoise) 3-7 15 POINTS Evin Keane (The Heath) 2-9 Paul Kingston (Arles-Killeen) 3-6 Mark Barry (O'Dempsey's) 1-12 14 POINTS Ross Munnelly (Arles-Kilcruise) 1-11 Donie Brennan (Arles-Killeen) 1-11 13 POINTS Michael Keogh (St Joseph's) 2-7 12 POINTS Cieran Farrell (Ballylinan) 1-9 TOP SCORING MIDFIELDER 12 POINTS Brian Daly (St Joseph's) 0-12 (0-8 frees) 10 POINTS Darren Strong (Emo) 0-10 (0-2 frees, 0-1 45) 7 POINTS Donie Kingston (Arles-Killeen) 0-7 (0-6 frees) Barry Kelly (O'Dempsey's) 0-7 5 POINTS Kevin Meaney (Arles-Kilcruise) 1-2 TOP SCORING DEFENDER 9 POINTS Mark Timmons (Graiguecullen) 1-6 (1-0p) 7 POINTS Nigel Murphy (Emo) 1-4 6 POINTS Colm Begley 1-3 (1-2f, 0-1 45) 3 POINTS Adam Ryan (Portarlington) 0-3 Luke Alsybury (Graiguecullen) 0-3 2 POINTS Chris Finn (Portlaoise) 0-2 Ciaran Booth (The Heath) 0-2 TOP SCORING GOALKEEPER 11 POINTS Danny Bolger (Graiguecullen) 0-11 (0-9fs, 0-2 45s) 4 POINTS Dan Dunne (St Joseph's) 0-4 (0-2f, 0-2 45s) 3 POINTS Conor Gorman (Clonaslee) 1-0 (pen) 2 POINTS Graham Brody (Portlaoise) 0-2 (0-1 45, 0-1f) SPORT GAELIC GAMES 91 SFC Review RORY DELANEY

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 LAOIS SHOPPING CENTRE SFC FINAL IN PICTURES Portlaoise celebrate after winning the SFC final at O'Moore Park PICTURE: ALF HARVEY. Bruno McCormack as a supporter celebrates Portlaoise winning the SFC final at O'Moore Park PICTURE: ALF HARVEY. Celebrations for Conor Dunphy and Gary Saunders with fans after Portlaoise defeated O'Dempsey's in the SFC final. Celebrations for Scott Lawless and Kieran Lillis. Captain Paul Cahillane celebrates with Dick Sides after Portlaoise defeated O'Dempsey's in the SFC final. Gareth Dillon celebrates with family and friends after Portlaoise defeated O'Dempsey's. The Finn family celebrate after Portlaoise winning the SFC final on Sunday PICTURE: ALF HARVEY. Stapo Brown celebrates with Graham Brody on Sunday. Portlaoise fans celebrate after winning the SFC final. Portlaoise celebrate after winning the SFC final. SPORT GAELIC GAMES 92

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Frustration replaced with elation for Cahillane Afterafrustratingyearonthe sidelines with injury, Portlaoise captain Paul Cahillane was able to lead his team up the steps in O'Moore ParkafterSunday'sLaoisSFC final. Having only made his return from injury in the semi-final, it was a positive end to the club season for Cahillane, but he admitted the sensation of lifting the cup was better than he could havehopedfor.“Ididn'tknow if it would ever come around after the year I had, but it's brilliant.

“I remember Cahir Healy speakingafewyearsagoandI thought to myself, 'what a feeling that must be', to captain where you are from, andtheladsyougrewupwith toacountytitle,butit'sbetter thanIthought.” While it was a disappointing season for him personally, he admits that he had total faith in his team mates to get Portlaoise over the line. “It was a tough year, but I trust the boys 100%, like Bruno trusted us today, I knew they'd get the job done and I knew they'd give me a chance to help them out and for most of the year they didn'tneedme. “Theboysdidthebusiness all year, they did the business again today as a team, we win Maher delights as hard work bears fruit in county final Withtheexceptionofcaptain Paul Cahillane and Co receiving the Delaney Cup andliftingitaloftonthesteps of the stand in O’Moore Park, the biggest cheer of the afternoon rang out when Portlaoise’s Ricky Maher was announced as the Man-of-the-Match. The Portlaoise forward has been in scintillating form throughouttheyear,carrying that form into the County final where he hit O’Dempsey’s for 2-2 on the bigstage.Thatsaid,it’sbeena longroadforMahertocollect hisMan-of-the-Matchaward. He’sbeenknockingonthe door of this Portlaoise team foralmostadecadenow,nine years to be exact, waiting patientlytotakehischance. On Sunday afternoon, he took it with both hands - his two crucial goals, one in eitherhalf,andMOTMaward aretestamenttothat. Speaking after the game, Maherrecountedhisbraceof goals: “The ball just came in. Kieran won it back, and it broke and just fell right to my foot. At first I thought the shot was going wide but it went in off the post and I’m delighted with that because I’ve been practising my finishingalotlately.

“I was doing a bit of a crossbar challenge for the second one, really. Luckily it fell to me and that went in as well, and I think that was at a crucial point in the match for ustoo.” He didn’t break into this Portlaoise team and give a MOTM display overnight, that much is certain. No, Maher’s rise from the bench to a spot in the pre-match parade is down to countless hours slogging away in Rathleague - and that’s not coming from the man himself, such has been his rise that captain Paul Cahillane felt obliged to mention Maher in his post-matchinterview: “I’ll tell you what about that man, I’ve never seen a man work as hard as he has this year. He is ten years tryingtobreakintothatteam. He gets a sniff of it this year and he changes his life off the fieldtotally.

“He worked his socks off and is man of the match in a county final – now that is a story for you. He was absolutely brilliant all day again today, and he has been brilliantallyear.” Looking ahead, Maher said:“Thehardworkispaying off and I’m not finished yet. Malachy told me if I put it in that I would get my chance. I’m delighted to have got that chance and two goals in a County final is beyond my wildest dreams. It still hasn’t sunkin.” Lillis as hungry as ever to keep Portlaoise on top Kieran Lillis is enjoying his football at the minute, that much is clear. Fresh from claiming his tenth Delaney Cup, the Portlaoise midfieldercaughtupwiththe LeinsterExpress.

He’s had a big year - Lillis was midfield on the Laois Senior team that made it to the Leinster Final under the mentorship of John Sugrue, and that same weekend he opened the doors to Lilly’s Bar, a joint venture with Dublin GAA star Bernard BroganandAlanClancyofthe NolaClangroup. The overbearing theme of Lillis’ post-match interview was that of hunger, not just from Lillis but from this wholecropofplayers. “Even last night I was thinking to myself that, personally I’ve won ten titles, but I’d give up the ten to win today.

“They’re grand for when I’m retired and I’m looking back on my career - but at the moment I’m hungry to be current champions, and current champions in the provinceaswellifwecangeta goodrunatit. “I think we have the players there, the attitude, thedrive.Youneedtogetabit of the rub of the green on the day, but please God we push on,”saidLillis. Over the last decade or so where The Town have been unerringly dominant, the camaraderie amongst the Portlaoise players has been visible for all to see. Speaking of his teammate and captain, PaulCahillane,Lillissaid: “It’s brilliant for Paul, he’s abrilliantservant.I’veplayed withhimsinceIwasfiveorsix years of age. His love of The Town is second to none. His attitude this year when he was made captain, he provided a shoulder for lads, drivingladson,textshereand there. He did a captains role, and I’m delighted he got just rewards here today and lift thecup.

Portlaoise have been playing an attractive brand of football this year, as Lillis describes: “We try to play free-flowing football. Maybe we were criticised last year for playing a bit lateral at times, so we tried to go more direct.We’re trying to play free-flowing football, and head-up football, and that’s what’scameouttheretoday.” With a Leinster Club Championship campaign just weeks away, Lillis was unwilling to settle for their previous successes and instead looked to the present: “2009 is a distant memory for me, I couldn’t tell you anything about it. I was nineteen and I didn’t appreciate it really. Every year there’s always a hope, there’s always a dream, and we just have to go chase that dream now and knuckle down. It’s going to be a serious challenge, but we’ll assess it in the next week and please God drive on and give anyonearattle.” Ricky Maher kicks at goal for Portlaoise against O'Dempsey's on Sunday PICTURE: ALF HARVEY. Kieran Lillis celebrates with family after Portlaoise defeated O'Dempsey's in the SFC final at O'Moore Park PICTURE: ALF HARVEY SPORT GAELIC GAMES 93 GREG MULHALL at O'Moore Park RORY DELANEY at O'Moore Park GREG MULHALL at O'Moore Park The hard work is paying off, and I'm not finished yet RICKY MAHER “ and lose together as a team, and thankfully today we are onthewinningside.” The final proved to be bit closer than many expected, as O'Dempsey's gave as good as they got for long spells. It caught some of the crowd by surprise, but not the Portlaoise captain. “O'Dempsey'sweretheteamI fearedmostthisyear.

“They had a lot of quality players, if you go through the list of them, many current county players, ex county players and lads that should beplayingcounty. “Through the years we would have had great battles with Robbie Kehoe in his age group and we know how tough they are, they proved today.Ithinkwegottherubof the green on a few things todayandwe'lltakethat.” Cahillanealsopaidtribute totheinfluenceofhispartner in the full-forward line, Brian 'Bruno' McCormack, who missed the game through suspension. “The man is a legend, he took me under his wing in my first year, eleven yearsago,andI'mstilllooking uptohimtoday.

It was nice to do that one forhim,afterhimcarryingus so many times over the years when things we going wrong, but he won't want me talking about him, because he knows how valuable all of the teams istous.He'sbackthenextday, whichisgreatboosttous.”

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 PORTLAOISE O'DEMPSEY'S 2-16 1-13 LAOIS SHOPPING CENTRE SFC FINAL SPORT GAELIC GAMES 94 PORTLAOISE V O'DEMPSEY'S TALKING POINTS MAIN MAN RICKY MAHER (PORTLAOISE) Got the official award on the day and he gets the nod here too. His two goals both came at crucial times, but the second in particular was a massive score. He had to really scrap to get it over the line too, and this has been his best season to date for the club. Credit also to Conor Boyle, Paul Cahillane and Kieran Lillis for Portlaoise, while Mark Barry, Shane Nerney, Conor Meredith and Dan McCormack played well for O'Dempsey's also. TURNING POINT As alluded to above, the second Portlaoise goal changed the complexion of the game entirely. Portlaoise were only four points ahead at the time, and we had only had one score in the opening ten minutes of the second half. Then, when Paul Cahillane picked out Ricky Maher in the 41st minute, he managed to eventually get the ball over the line at the third attempt. Portlaoise hit another gear after that, and O'Dempsey's were left with too much to do to claw it back.

HIGHLIGHT A few in what was a decent game overall, but Conor Meredith's point in the 54th minute was the pick of them. Winning possession outside the 45 yard line, his dummy solo sent Gareth Dillon crashing to the ground before he composed himself and pinged over a peach of a point off the outside of his left foot . It was as good a score as you could expect to see anywhere. LOWLIGHT With both teams doing their best to attack it meant there wasn't too many lulls in the game, apart from the opening ten minutes of the second half.

The the first half had ended whetted the appetite for what was to come in the second, but the opening ten minutes of the second half was the poorest spell of the game. It only yielded one point, and had O'Dempsey's managed to put the pressure on during this time, we would have had a real cracker of a game from there on out. REF WATCH Maurice Deegan was in charge here and he did well overall, but with Barry Kelly racing through on goal and appearing to be pulled back in the 53rd minute, he rightly gave a free, but it seemed odd that neither a yellow or black card followed. Other than that, he managed the game well and used the advantage rule to good effect.

WHAT'S NEXT Portlaoise play the Kildare or Westmeath champions, away, on November 11. Portlaoise's Ricky Maher Second half surge sees Portlaoise retain title Portlaoise held off a determined O'Dempsey's side to retain their Laois SFC title in an entertaing final at O'MooreParktoday Malachy McNulty's charges made it 11 titles in 12 years and 34 in total, and despite the six point margin, they were made to battle all the way by a well-drilled and competitive O'Dempsey's side. There was only three points between the sides at half time, but a scoring spree from Portlaoise midway through the second half ultimately won them the game.

While Portlaoise will rightly get the plaudits for maintaining their incredible run of success, O'Dempsey's deserve some praise for their performanceaswell. They played some excellent football on the day, and showed a willingness to stand up and fight against this Portlaoise team that not many other clubs have managedinrecenttimes. They fell seven points down in the first half, but fought back brilliantly, kicking some wonderful points and then they saw two of their youngest players, Mark Barry and Dan McCormack,carvePortlaoise openforagoal.

They were only four behind after 40 minutes of play, but once Ricky Maher bundled home his second goal of the game, Portlaoise tightened their grip on proceedings and made sure there would be no more O'Dempsey'scomebacks. Portlaoise will no head off on another provincial adventure, with a tough draw lying ahead of them, but they are playing as well as ever. While Dublin teams have dominated the provincial club championship, Portlaoise have been battling them all the way, and they should be in the mix once again.

For O'Dempsey's, when they eventually get over this defeat, they will see a competitive, young side capable of improvement. Seven of their starting team were aged 21 or under, and only two were over 30. If they can keep them together and committotheworkneededto chase down Portlaoise, it should see them narrow the gap on the champions in the yearsahead. Portlaoise got off to the better start, as was expected, with Craig Rogers tapping over a free and Ricky Maher adding another from play. O'Dempsey's took a little while to settle, but finally got onthescoreboardthankstoa Matthew Finlay free in the sixthminute.

A good team move involving Shane Nerney and Tom Kelly saw them set up Mark Barry for the equaliser, and then Matthew Finlay nailedalong-rangefreetosee O'Dempsey's into the lead for thefirsttime. They should have pushed further ahead in the tenth minutewhenMatthewFinlay wheeled away from David Holland and found himself one-on-one with Graham Brody, but his shot hit the Portlaoise 'keeper in the face andbouncedawaytosafety. Portlaoise made the most oftheletoff,asPaulCahillane drew them level, and then a long-range shot from Craig Rogersputthemintothelead. Colin Finn then had a goal chance saved, before Conor Boyle pointed twice in a minute to push them three clear.

With momentum building, Portlaoise then struck for the opening goal as Ricky Maher ran through on goal, held off his marker and unleashed a soccer-style shot to the bottom corner. Gareth Dillon quickly added a point, and Portlaoise were seven clearandcruising. Many teams would have buckled at this stage, but O'Dempsey's came back surperbly. Míchael Finlay pointed either side of a Mark Barry free to see them hit three in a row, and even Portlaoise captain Paul Cahillane and David Seale raise the trophy after winning the SFC final against O'Dempsey's at O'Moore Park on Sunday PICTURE: ALF HARVEY. O'Dempsey's came closer than anyone else this year, but Portlaoise are Laois champions again writes Rory Delaney

HOW THEY LINED OUT PORTLAOISE SCORERS: Ricky Maher 2-2 (0-1 free), Paul Cahillane 0-5 (0-3 frees), Conor Boyle 0-3, Craig Rogers 0-2 (0-2 free), Graham Brody (free), Gareth Dillon, Conor Dunphy 0-1 each. TEAM 1. Graham Brody 5. Colin Finn 3. David Seale 2. Gary Saunders 4. Chris Finn 6. Cahir Healy 7. David Holland 8. Ciaran McEvoy 9. Kieran Lillis 10. Gareth Dillon 11. Conor Boyle 12. Benny Carroll 14. Paul Cahillane 15. Craig Rogers 13. Ricky Maher SUBS: 19. Scott Lawless for McEvoy (38 mins), 18. Frank Flanagan for Colin Finn (48 mins), 20. Conor Dunphy for Carroll (50 mins), 21. Paul Cotter for Chris Finn (59 mins) O'DEMPSEY'S SCORERS: Matthew Finlay 0-5 (0-4 frees), Mark Barry 0-3 (0-2 frees), Dan McCormack 1-0, Barry Kelly, Míchael Finlay 0-2 each, Conor Meredith 0-1.

TEAM: 1. Padraig Bannon 2. Tommy Kehoe 4. Shane Nerney 5. Cormac O'Hora 6. Robbie Kehoe 3. Peter O'Leary 10. Tom Kelly 8. Rory Bracken 7. Barry Kelly 12. Matthew Finlay 9. Conor Meredith 13. Mark Barry 11. Míchael Finlay 15. Dan McCormack 14. Brian Nugent. SUBS: 22. Johnny Kelly for Nugent (41 mins), 21. Stephen O'Leary for Barry (59 mins) REFEREE: Maurice Deegan (Stradbally) Hard slog makes it a sweet win for Healy GREG MULHALL at O'Moore Park His list of honours almost surpasses the amount of words in this article.

He’s one of the most decorated players in the country, and he’s still hungry for more. On Sunday afternoon he picked up his second medal in as many weeks, and according to Cahir Healy they’re the sweetest he’s received. Sixteen seasons: Fourteen County football finals, reaping twelve titles. Two Leinster club titles. Throw-in a Senior hurling title, five Senior hurling final losses, and two Senior A hurling titles for good measure - and that’s just his haul at adult club level. Healy collected his second Senior A hurling title last weekend when Portlaoise saw-off the challenge of The Harps in the decider, before adding his twelfth SFC title when Portlaoise beat O’Dempsey’s to claim their thirty-fourth title in total.

To anyone in attendance on Sunday, you may have seen an emotional Healy drop to his knees on the hallowed turf of O’Moore Park at the final whistle, and few can blame him for taking an extra minute to savour this one - especially given the lengths he went through to get there. He’s not long back from a devastating cruciate injury he picked up last summer while lining out for the Portlaoise hurlers in their opening Championship game. “I got back from the cruciate (injury) about eleven weeks ago, and it’s just the dream. The dream year after the last few horrible ones, I guess. I’ve had a lot of lonely nights the last few years trying to get back playing, but I’m here today,” said Healy. While speaking to the Portlaoise manager, Malachy McNulty, in the build-up to the final, he took a minute to single out Healy: “Cahir had a huge injury to his knee over a year ago. The man is immense in relation to his rehab and his application. He’s done astonishingly well to get himself right and come back to play Championship. The thing with the likes of Cahir is that with every game he’s getting under his belt, he’s becoming more confident and stronger - and it’s great for our club, and for Laois.” Recounting the journey to his twelfth title, Healy says: “They all mean as much as the previous one. Your hunger never gets blunted. I suppose these two titles, bar my first Senior hurling and football, are probably the most special. “We won in 2015, and then the ten-in-a-row was snatched off us at the death - that one hurt a lot, and I’m not getting another go at the chance to win that. If you’d lost by ten points you could say we were just hammered. You’d have no quips. But when you lose to a last minute goal, it’s what-ifs. “You get relegated from the hurling. You’ve torn your cruciate.

You’re missing out last year when they got the title back - I just think these two wins, the hurling last week and the football today, are the sweetest I’ve ever had for me personally. “It’s been a lot of lonely nights in the gym in London on my own, pushing leg weights non-stop.” Referee Maurice Deegan has words of advice for Matthew Finlay. Celebrations for man of the match Ricky Maher and Cahir Healy after Portlaoise defeated O'Dempsey's in the SFC final at O'Moore Park PICTURE: ALF HARVEY. LAOIS SHOPPING CENTRE SFC FINAL SPORT GAELIC GAMES 95 though Paul Cahillane broke that run with a free, O'Demspey's were on a charge.

Brilliant play from Mark Barrysawhimcutinfromthe left wing, hold off his marker and play a pass across goal which was palmed to the net byDanMcCormack. Barry Kelly then added a point and rapturous O'Dempsey's support roared on their approval. They were just one point behind now, but Portlaoise hit two frees beforetheinterval,bothfrom Paul Cahillane, to lead 1-10 to 1-7atthebreak. The second half started out a much cagier affair, with scoresfewandfarbetweenin the opening minutes. Paul Cahillane managed to twist and turn away from Shane Nerney in the 34th minute to squeeze a shot over the bar, and that was the only score of theopeningtenminutes. Things quickly picked up after that, however, as Portlaoise got their second goal. Paul Cahillane won the ball on the left wing and played the ball into space in front of goal for Ricky Maher, whose initial attempt to fist the ball past Padraig Bannon dropped short. He followed it up, however, goaling on his third attempt after the secondhitthecrossbar. Kieran Lillis added a point moments later, and Portlaoise were now eight clear, their biggest lead of the game. That lead kept growing too, as Graham Brody (free) and Conor Boyle sent them ten clear, and it was up to O'Dempsey's now to come up witharesponse.

They were unlucky not to hit back with a goal, as Míchael Finlay palmed the ball over Graham Brody, and it looked to be heading in, only for it to hit the crossbar and bounce away. O'Dempsey's won the loose ball and Matthew Finlay pointed. It all seemed academic even at that stage, but O'Dempsey's hadn't gotten this far without character, and they showed plenty of it once more. Finlay added another free before a fine score from Barry Kelly was bettered by a stunning long-range effort from Conor Meredith, and they were now backtowithinsix.

Ricky Maher and Mark Barry traded pointed frees to keep that six point gap betweentheteamswiththree minutes of normal time still togo. Unfortunately for O'Dempsey's they couldn't get any closer than that, as Matthew Finlay and Conor Dunphy traded late points to see the reigning champions retain their title thanks to a sixpointwin. Gareth Dillon on the attack for Portlaoise against Tom Kelly PICTURE: ALF HARVEY.. Gary Saunders, Portlaoise is tackled by Brian Nugent, O'Dempsey's in the SFC final at O'Moore Park PICTURE: ALF HARVEY.

LEINSTER EXPRESS Tuesday, October 16, 2018 C CH HA AM MP PI IO ON NS S O ON NC CE E A AG GA AI IN N Portlaoise players and supporters celebrate their Laois SFC final victory over O'Dempsey's on Sunday in O'Moore Park PICTURE: ALF HARVEY Title 34 for Portlaoise after latest SFC win RORY DELANEY at O'Moore Park Portlaoise are the Laois SFC champions for the 34th time after holding off a strong challenge from O'Dempsey's to claim a six point win. Malachy McNulty's charges found the going a little tougher than many expected, with O'Dempsey's trailing by just three points at half time on the back of an encourging first-half display, but a goal in the second half from Ricky Maher eventually set Porltaoise on their waytovictory.

They will eventually turn their focus to the Leinster Club SFC, but theyhavealmostamonthtoprepare for that, as they are not due to play until the 11th of November, when they will meet the winner of the game between the Westmeath and Kildare champions. It will be an awaygameforPortlaoise. The wait for O'Dempsey's to secure a third Laois SFC title will now do on, their last title come in 1980, but they emerged from this game with a lot of credit, and with seven of their starting team aged 21 or under, they have plenty of scope forfurtherimprovement.

Speaking after the win, captain Paul Cahillane paid tribute to his team mates for maintaining their currentrunofsuccess.“Wetrytodo therightthing,taketherightoption as much as possible, and work as hard as we can when we don't have theball. “ If that is making things look easy then fair enough, but it is getting there, it's hard to get it to click on the right day at the right time, and we've done it enough over the last few years to make it really pleasing” For match report, reaction, analysis, end of season awards and topscores,seepages91to95. Craig and Dillon Rogers after the final whistle on Sunday. Sport Tuesday, October 16 Basketball: Busy week for Portlaoise Panthers as season gets into full swing Pages 80, 81 & 82 Leinster Express