Mt Lawson and Mt Granya State Parks

Mt Lawson and Mt Granya
                            State Parks
                                                                                 May 1998

This 1998 plan was evaluated in 2009 and will continue to be implemented for a further five years.
This Management Plan for Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya State Park is approved for
implementation. Its purpose is to direct management of the Park until the Plan is reviewed. A Draft
Management Plan was published in May 1997. A total of eight submissions were received.

Copies of the Plan can be obtained from:

        Parks Victoria
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        Parks Victoria Information Centre
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        Flinders Street
        MELBOURNE VIC 3000
        ∋ 13 1963

        NRE Information Centre
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For further information on this Plan, please contact:

        Tony Long, Chief Ranger - Murray Park Management Area
        Parks Victoria, Wodonga Office
        ∋ 03 6055 6111
Published in May 1998 by Parks Victoria
378 Cotham Road, Kew, Victoria, 3101

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Parks Victoria.
Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya State Park.

ISBN 0 7306 6254 3.

1. National parks and reserves - Victoria - Management.
2. Mount Lawson State Park (Vic.). 3. Mount Granya State Park
(Vic.). I. Title.


Cover: Koetung Creek: Mount Lawson State Park. (Photo: Peter Ashton, Parks Victoria.)

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ii                                                                      Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya State Park

Although Mount Lawson and Mount Granya                 The Parks have the potential to become an en-
State Parks in north-east Victoria are not             route attraction for travellers between Victoria
widely-known parks, they have significant              and NSW, and a part of nature-based tourism
conservation values and allow for a range of           opportunities in north-eastern Victoria.
visitor activities in scenic and remote settings.
                                                       I look forward to the community’s support in
Featuring slopes, ridges and plateaux with             managing these parks, which are important
attractive waterfalls and cascades and rocky           components of Victoria’s outstandingly diverse
cliffs and bluffs, they protect areas of               park system.
uncommon Black Cypress-pine Woodland and
contain several rare or threatened plant and
animal species.
The Plan proposes that the remote atmosphere
and natural values of the Parks will be
protected and that low key facilities for visitors
will be provided.                                      Marie Tehan MP
                                                       Minister for Conservation
                                                       and Land Management

Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya State Park                                                       iii

This Approved Management Plan has been      The Plan provides the basis for the future
prepared under section 17 of the National   management of Mount Lawson State Park and
Parks Act 1975 (Vic.) and is approved for   Mount Granya State Park. It was finalised
implementation.                             following consideration of eight submissions
                                            received on the Draft Plan.

Mark Stone                                  Jeff Floyd
Director                                    Chief Executive
National Parks                              Parks Victoria

iv                                              Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya State Park

This Management Plan covers Mount Lawson                   Major management directions for the Parks are
State Park (13 150 ha) and Mount Granya                    outlined below.
State Park (6140 ha). These Parks are
separated by a small forested area including               •    The remote character and scenic qualities
                                                                of the Parks will be protected.
State forest and privately owned land. The
Parks share many characteristics and                       •    Significant features, and flora and fauna
management issues.                                              will be given special protection.
Extending from Lake Hume and the Murray                    •    A pest plant and animal strategy will be
River in the north to the Murray Valley                         prepared which identifies key sites, target
Highway in the south, these Parks form a large                  species and methods of control.
tract of remote and undeveloped land. Both
                                                           •    Visitation will be increased through the
Parks contain a range of environments with                      promotion of three key visitor contact
significant conservation values.                                points, located near major tourist routes.
The Parks are not highly visited but offer a
                                                           •    A new picnic and camping area will be
range of opportunities for recreational                         established at ‘The Kurrajongs’ in Mount
activities, especially bushwalking, picnicking                  Lawson State Park within easy access of
and self-reliant camping.                                       the Murray River Road.
These Parks will be managed for conservation
                                                           •    New walking tracks will be constructed to
and recreation consistent with their State Park                 improve access for visitors.
status. Management will aim to retain an
undeveloped and remote character and to
protect and enhance the largely undisturbed
environments of each Park.
Visitors will be able to use low key visitor
facilities while enjoying a sense of remoteness,
pleasant scenery and interesting cultural
features. As part of a series of similar Parks in
the North East, these two Parks will play an
important role in nature-based tourism in the
Upper Murray area.

Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya State Park                                                           v
vi   Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya State Park

     FOREWORD                                                             iii

     SUMMARY                                                               v

     1       INTRODUCTION                                                  1

             1.1      Location and planning area                           1
             1.2      Regional context                                     1
             1.3      Significance of the Parks                            1
             1.4      Creation of the Parks                                2
             1.5      Legislation and guidelines                           2
             1.6      Park management aims                                 2

     2       STRATEGIC DIRECTIONS                                          4

             2.1      Park vision                                          4
             2.2      Management directions                                4
             2.3      Zoning                                               4

     3       RESOURCE CONSERVATION                                         7

             3.1      Geological and landform features                     7
             3.2      Vegetation                                           7
             3.3      Fauna                                                8
             3.4      Landscape                                            9
             3.5      Cultural heritage                                    9

     4       PARK PROTECTION                                              11

             4.1      Fire management                                     11
             4.2      Pest plants and animals, and diseases               12

     5       THE PARK VISIT                                               13

             5.1      The Park visitor                                    13
             5.2      Visitor recreational activities and facilities      15
                      5.2.1     Vehicle access                            15
                      5.2.2     Day visits and camping                    18
                      5.2.3     Bushwalking                               18
                      5.2.4     Horse riding                              21
                      5.2.5     Rock climbing and abseiling               21
                      5.2.6     Orienteering and rogaining                21
                      5.2.7     Dogs                                      21
             5.3      Visitor information, interpretation and education   21
             5.4      Commercial tourism operations                       22
             5.5      Public safety                                       23

Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya State Park                             vii
6        COMMUNITY AWARENESS AND INVOLVEMENT                                                24

                6.1   Friends and volunteers                                                       24
                6.2   Community awareness and Park neighbours                                      24

       7        OTHER ISSUES                                                                       25

                7.1   Authorised uses                                                              25
                7.2   Boundaries and adjacent uses                                                 26

       8        IMPLEMENTATION                                                                     27

       REFERENCES                                                                                  28


           1      Management zones and overlays                                                     6
           2      Summary of recreation activities                                                 14
           3      Management of vehicle roads and tracks                                           16
           4      Existing and proposed visitor facilities                                         19
           5      Management of walking tracks                                                     20
           6      Priority management strategies                                                   27


           I      Rare or threatened flora                                                         29
           II     Rare or threatened fauna                                                         29


           1      Regional locality plan                                                End of Plan
           2      Mount Lawson State Park                                               End of Plan
           3      Mount Granya State Park                                               End of Plan

viii                                                         Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya State Park

                                            1 INTRODUCTION

1.1    Location and planning area                     • Lake Hume — one of the Region’s major
                                                          attractions, popular for fishing, camping and
Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya
                                                          water sports.
State Park are in North East Victoria, about
400 km north-east of Melbourne and 50 km
                                                      1.3    Significance of the Parks
east of Albury-Wodonga.
                                                      Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya
The Parks are to the north-east of the
                                                      State Park make a valuable contribution to
Tallangatta township. They are bordered on the
                                                      Victoria’s parks system, which aims to protect
north by the Murray River and Lake Hume, and
                                                      viable, representative samples of the State’s
to the south by the Murray Valley Highway
                                                      natural environments occurring on public land.
(figure 1).
                                                      Parks also provide opportunities for visitors to
At their closest point the Parks are separated by     enjoy and appreciate natural and cultural
approximately 5 km of forested land consisting        values, and make important contributions to
of State forest and freehold land.                    tourism.
This Management Plan covers the following             The Parks are assigned the IUCN Category II
areas:                                                (National Parks) of the United Nations’ List of
                                                      National Parks and Protected Areas. Category
• Mount Lawson State Park (13 150 ha)
                                                      II areas are managed primarily for ecosystem
   which includes the Bungil Reference Area
                                                      conservation and appropriate recreation.
   (1750 ha) (figure 2);
                                                      The Parks are both listed on the Register of the
• Mount Granya State Park (6140 ha)
                                                      National Estate, in recognition of their
   (figure 3).
                                                      outstanding values and their importance as part
                                                      of our heritage.
1.2    Regional context
                                                      Two areas including Aboriginal art sites in
These Parks are two of a series of parks in the
                                                      Mount Lawson State Park are listed on the
Upper Murray Region extending eastwards
                                                      Register of the National Estate in recognition of
from Lake Hume to Corryong and across the
                                                      their value as part of our heritage.
New South Wales border into Kosciuszko
National Park.                                        Significant features of the Parks are
                                                      summarised below.
There is a variety of recreational opportunities
on public land within the Upper Murray area
                                                      Natural values
                                                      •     Highly diverse vegetation, including Black
• Burrowa-Pine Mountain National Park—a                     Cypress-pine Woodland and Clay
   relatively undeveloped Park which offers
   opportunities for day visits, extended
   bushwalking and camping;                           •     The occurrence of several rare or
                                                            threatened flora and fauna species.
• Jarvis Creek Regional Park (proposed)—
   utilised for day use, 4WD touring and              •     Natural rugged beauty including
   camping;                                                 prominent mountain ranges, rocky
                                                            outcrops and waterfalls.
• Alpine National Park and Kosciusko
   National Park—both of these Parks provide          Cultural values
   for a diverse range of visitor experiences
   and attract large numbers of visitors;             •     Aboriginal rock shelters and art sites.

• Murray River—attracts many visitors for             •     Historic mine sites and relics.
   fishing and camping;

Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya State Park                                                      1

Tourism and recreation values                       for enjoyment, recreation and education. The
                                                    Act also provides for appropriate research.
•     A variety of attractions and recreational
      opportunities in remote settings without      Specific LCC recommendations for Mount
      significant intrusion by developments or      Lawson State Park include phasing out grazing
      high visitor numbers.                         unless considered necessary for management
                                                    purposes, and permitting apiculture (LCC
•     Visitor attractions adjacent to major
      tourist routes in the Upper Murray.
                                                    The Bungil Reference Area in Mount Lawson
•     Opportunities for self-sufficient walking
                                                    State Park has been proclaimed under the
      and camping in rugged and remote areas.
                                                    Reference Areas Act 1978 (Vic.) and is
•     A network of 4WD touring tracks with          managed in accordance with Ministerial
      spectacular views of the Parks and the        directives and the relevant park guideline.
      Murray River Valley.                          Within this area, which forms a reference for
                                                    comparative study purposes, natural processes
•     Several short walks to some of the Parks’
      interesting features.                         are to be allowed to continue undisturbed.
                                                    The Parks are managed in accordance with
1.4     Creation of the Parks                       park guidelines for the management of parks
Mount Lawson State Park was included on             and LCC recommendations, and other park
Schedule Three of the National Parks Act on 21      plans and guidelines, including the North East
June 1988 as a result of the National Parks         Region Regional Fire Protection Plan (DCE
(Amendment) Act 1987 (Vic.) and was                 1990).
transferred to the new Schedule Two B (State
Parks) in 1989.                                     1.6     Park management aims

Mount Granya State Park was included on             Sections 4 (Objects) and 17 of the National
Schedule Two B (State Parks) on 3 August            Parks Act provide the main basis for
1995 as a result of the National Parks (Yarra       management of the Parks. The following
Ranges and Other Amendments) Act 1995               management aims are derived from those
(Vic.).                                             sections and as such govern all aspects of park
Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya
State Park were created following Government        Resource conservation
decisions on the following recommendations
from the Land Conservation Council (LCC):           •     Preserve and protect the natural
•     Mount Lawson State Park: North-Eastern
      Area (Benalla-Upper Murray Review)            •     Allow natural environmental processes to
                                                          continue with the minimum of interference.
      (LCC 1986);
                                                    •     Maintain biodiversity.
•     Mount Granya State Park: North Eastern
      Study Area District 1 (LCC 1973) and          •     Conserve features of archaeological,
      North-Eastern Area (Benalla-Upper                   historical and cultural significance.
      Murray Review) (LCC 1986).
                                                    Park protection
1.5     Legislation and guidelines
                                                    •     Protect water catchments and streams.
Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya
                                                    •     Protect human life, the Parks and adjacent
State Park are reserved and managed under the             lands from injury by fire.
provisions of the National Parks Act. The Act
requires the Director to preserve and protect the   •     Eradicate or otherwise control introduced
natural environment of the Parks, and their               plants, animals and diseases.
natural and other features and, subject to this,    The Park visit
to provide for the use of the Parks by the public

2                                                         Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya State Park

•    Provide opportunities for appropriate            Other
     recreation and tourism.
                                                      •   Provide for and encourage scientific
•    Promote and encourage an appreciation,               research, surveys and monitoring that will
     understanding and enjoyment of the                   contribute to a better understanding and
     natural and cultural values of the Parks             management of the Parks.
     and their recreational opportunities.
                                                      •   Co-operate with local, State and interstate
•    Encourage appropriate park use and                   government authorities, the community
     visitor behaviour, and foster a                      and other interested organisations to assist
     conservation ethic in visitors and an                in the management of the Parks.
     understanding of minimal impact
•    Take reasonable steps to ensure the safety
     of visitors.

Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya State Park                                                      3
Strategic directions

                                 2 STRATEGIC DIRECTIONS

2.1     Park vision                                  community groups, ensures that the parks
                                                     values will be maintained for future
A future visitor to Mount Lawson State Park
and Mount Granya State Park finds well
managed and relatively undeveloped Parks.
                                                     2.2     Management directions
The Parks are being managed with an
increasing understanding of their diverse            Major management directions for the Parks are
natural environments.                                outlined below.
A number of interesting short walks, including       Resource conservation
walks to Granya Falls and Mount Lawson
Summit, are popular with day visitors. Many          •     Significant species and communities will
visitors also enjoy car-based sightseeing and              be monitored, and threats to these species
4WD day tours and picnicking at pleasant                   and communities identified and managed.
locations such as Cotton Tree Creek and ‘The
                                                     •     Cultural features will be monitored and
Kurrajongs’.                                               protected from visitor impacts,
Rugged gorges and rock outcrops, a semi-                   management activities and other threats.
remote atmosphere and panoramic views
present popular and challenging opportunities        Park protection
for adventurous bushwalkers, cyclists and            •     Fuel reduction burning will be managed to
4WD tourists.                                              protect particular assets and adjacent land.
The Parks and their attractions are well known       •     A pest plant and animal strategy which
in larger population centres like Albury-                  identifies key sites, target species and
Wodonga, and by people in Melbourne and                    methods of control will be prepared.
Sydney, and are appreciated by the local
community and adjoining landholders for their        •     Roads and tracks will be maintained, and
important conservation values.                             closed on a seasonal basis as required to
                                                           prevent erosion.
Highly successful control programs have
virtually eradicated pest plants and animals         The Park visit
from the Parks. Native plant communities have
recolonised areas once heavily infested with         •     Visitor information and day use facilities
weeds.                                                     will be provided at key attractions near
                                                           major tourist routes.
In conjunction with Lake Hume, the Murray
River and other nearby parks and reserves, the       •     The experience of relative remoteness will
Parks are increasingly valued as an important              be retained at the same time as access to
part of the nature-based tourism opportunities             several semi-remote areas through the
in the area, facilitated by the popular tourist            development of walking tracks is
routes of the rail trail along the former                  improved.
Cudgewa Railway and the Murray Valley
Highway.                                             2.3     Zoning

Visitor facilities are low key and restricted to a   A park management zoning scheme has been
minimal number of sites, mostly near Park            developed to:
boundaries. A quality visitor experience is          • provide a geographic framework in which to
facilitated by high standard interpretation of the       manage the Parks;
values of both Parks.
                                                     • indicate which management directions have
Careful and sensitive management by Parks                priority in different parts of each Park;
Victoria, with some input from volunteer and

4                                                          Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya State Park
Strategic directions

• indicate the types and levels of use                Special Protection Areas
   appropriate throughout each Park;
                                                      Special Protection Areas have been designated
• assist in minimising existing and potential         surrounding the following locations:
   conflicts between uses and activities, or
   between those and the protection of park           • Black Cypress-pine Woodland—occurs in
                                                         both Parks on the dry north-western slopes,
                                                         and is particularly fire sensitive;
• provide a basis for assessing the suitability
   of future activities and development               • three Aboriginal art sites in Mount Lawson
                                                         State Park—the cultural significance of
                                                         these sites warrants protection from visitor
Two principal management zones apply to the              impacts and management activities;
Parks—Reference Area, and Conservation and
Recreation.                                           • Clay Heathland—occurs near Thologolong
                                                         Track in Mount Lawson State Park. This
In addition, Special Protection Areas are used           Ecological Vegetation Class is poorly
to summarise requirements additional to those            represented in parks and reserves.
of the underlying primary management zones.
                                                      Table 1 specifies management zone and overlay
                                                      characteristics, and figures 2 and 3 show the
                                                      location of these areas except for the Aboriginal
                                                      art sites.

Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya State Park                                                      5
Strategic directions

                                                 TABLE 1        PARK MANAGEMENT ZONES AND OVERLAYS

                                                         MANAGEMENT ZONES                                                      MANAGEMENT OVERLAY
                       REFERENCE AREA                                 CONSERVATION AND                                 SPECIAL PROTECTION
                                                                      RECREATION                                       AREAS

AREA/LOCATION          Mount Lawson State Park: Bungil                All of Mount Lawson State Park except            Black Cypress-pine Woodlands,
                       Reference Area (1750 ha, 13% of the            for the Bungil Reference Area                    Aboriginal art sites and Clay Heathland.
                       Park).                                         (11 400 ha, 87% of the Park).

                                                                      All of Mount Granya State Park
                                                                      (6140 ha, 100% of the Park).

VALUES                 Relatively undisturbed land types and          Important natural values and scope for low       Discrete significant areas requiring special
                       associated vegetation.                         impact recreation opportunities.                 attention.

GENERAL                Protect viable samples of one or more land     Protect less sensitive natural environments      Protect specific natural or cultural values
MANAGEMENT             types that are relatively undisturbed for      and provide for sustainable dispersed            in specific areas and sites where a special
AIM                    comparative study with similar land types      recreation activities and small-scale            management focus is required.
                       elsewhere, by keeping all human                recreation facilities without significant
                       interference to the essential minimum and      impact on natural processes.
                       ensuring as far as practicable that the only
                       long term change results from natural

6                                                                Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya State Park
Resource conservation

                                 3 RESOURCE CONSERVATION

3.1     Geological and landform                       •     Prevent erosion of vehicular and walking
        features                                            tracks during wet weather by closing roads
                                                            and tracks, particularly those on granite
The landforms of Mount Granya State Park                    soils, on a seasonal basis as required.
and the southern section of Mount Lawson
State Park are similar in appearance. Montane         •     Ensure adequate drainage of all tracks to
slopes rise from valley floors to form prominent            minimise erosion, particularly on granite
ridges and plateaux at elevations of                        soils.
approximately 240 – 610 m. Mount Granya
(870 m) and Mount Lawson (1041 m) are the             3.2     Vegetation
highest points in the respective parks.
                                                      A feature of both parks is the wide diversity of
Soils range from friable red gradational soils on     vegetation types.
the plateaux of both Parks to granite-derived
soils in the northern portion of Mount Lawson         The uplands of Mount Lawson State Park
State Park. These granite soils are particularly      support open forests dominated by Narrow-leaf
susceptible to erosion.                               Peppermint, whereas ridges and drier sites have
                                                      open forests of Broad-leaf Peppermint. Other
The Bungil Land System covers the majority of         species including Candlebark, Manna Gum,
Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya              Blue Gum and Brittle Gum also occur in these
State Park, but the northern portion of Mount         open forests.
Lawson State Park is different. This area is a
northern extension of the Koetong uplands and         A small isolated Clay Heathland community
contains an intrusion of Devonian grey granite.       occurs in Mount Lawson State Park. This
This has resulted in the rocky ridges, cliffs and     community is not well represented in existing
prominent bluffs characteristic of Mount              parks and reserves.
Lawson State Park.                                    The northern portion of Mount Lawson State
Both Parks feature scenic cascades and                Park contains large areas of the Ecological
seasonal waterfalls. Granya Falls in Mount            Vegetation Class (EVC) known as Granitic
Granya State Park is a pleasant destination for       Hills Woodland. This EVC is characterised by
day visitors. Flaggy Creek Gorge in Mount             Black Cypress-pine Woodland with a sparse
Lawson State Park is a more remote feature            shrubby understorey. Shrubby Dry Forest,
with an impressive and rugged atmosphere.             Heathy Dry Forest and Herb-rich Foothill
Koetong Creek in Mount Lawson State Park              Forest are common EVCs in the remainder of
flows throughout the year and is popular with         the Park.
campers.                                              Vegetation in Mount Granya State Park is
                                                      dominated by open forest of Red Stringybark
Aims                                                  and Long-leaf Box on the dry steep north and
• Minimise impacts from visitors and                  north-eastern slopes. The plateaux and southern
    management on significant geological              slopes are dominated by Broad-leaf and
    features, including waterfalls and rock           Narrow-leaf Peppermint. The understorey
    outcrops.                                         varies throughout the Park but is dominated by
                                                      distinctive open tussock grass areas or low
• Prevent and control soil erosion caused by          shrubs. Shrubby Dry Forest and Heathy Dry
    visitors and management activities.               Forest are the predominant EVCs present. A
Management strategies                                 small area of Black Cypress-pine is also
                                                      present on the dry northern slopes of Mount
•     Monitor the impact of visitors at Granya
                                                      Granya State Park (section 4.1).
      Falls and develop management guidelines
      as required.                                    Some 235 native plant species have been
                                                      recorded in Mount Granya State Park,

Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya State Park                                                      7
Resource conservation

including two significant species, Crimson          pine Woodlands. A comprehensive fauna
Grevillea and Grey Rice-flower (appendix I).        survey of the Parks has not been undertaken.
Approximately 278 native plant species have
                                                    Common species in both Parks include the
been recorded in Mount Lawson State Park,
                                                    Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Black Wallaby and
including two additional significant species:
                                                    Common Wombat. The Parks also provide
Mountain Dampiera and Cupped Bush-pea
                                                    habitat for many species of bats, birds and
(appendix I).
Aims                                                The Barking Owl, a rare species in Victoria,
                                                    has been recorded in Mount Lawson State Park
• Protect native plant communities in their
                                                    (appendix II). These Parks contain significant
    natural condition, and maintain genetic
                                                    areas of rarely visited habitat suitable for the
                                                    Spot-tailed Quoll and Tree Goanna. These
• Enhance the long-term survival prospects of       species previously inhabited these Parks but
    threatened or significant plant species or      have not been sighted in them in recent years.
                                                    Trout Cod were released in Mount Lawson
Management strategies                               State Park at Koetong Creek in 1990 as part of
                                                    a statewide re-introduction program (CNR
•     Manage Flora and Fauna Guarantee listed       1994). Trout Cod are listed on Schedule 2 of
      plants according to approved action           the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988
      statements.                                   (Vic.) as a threatened species. Koetong Creek
                                                    was identified as a suitable release site, but
•     Encourage surveys and research on             preliminary surveys indicate that the release
      significant flora and plant communities in    was unsuccessful.
      the Parks to improve knowledge of their
      management requirements.                      Aims

•     Ensure that significant plants and            • Protect native fauna from management and
      communities are adequately protected              visitor activities, and maintain genetic
      from management activities, including fire        diversity.
      protection works.                             • Enhance the long-term survival prospects of
                                                        threatened or significant fauna.
•     Survey and investigate management
      requirements for the Clay Heathland           Management strategies
      Special Protection Area.
                                                    •   Undertake an extensive faunal survey of
•     Increase knowledge of fire regimes                the Parks and identify any significant
      required for the conservation of vegetation       species and their habitats. Encourage
      communities within the Parks. Use                 university groups to participate.
      ecological burning in accordance with fire
      management policies and guidelines where      •   Increase knowledge of the management
      necessary to ensure the conservation of           requirements of the Park’s fauna, and
      plant communities (section 4.1).                  develop management actions for their
                                                        protection as required.

3.3     Fauna                                       •   Continue to implement the Trout Cod
The range of vegetation, topography and                 Research and Recovery Plan in
climates within the Parks creates a variety of          accordance with the Flora and Fauna
faunal habitats. There are three main habitat           Guarantee Trout Cod Action Statement.
types: wet open eucalypt forest, dry open
eucalypt forest and dry rocky Black Cypress-

8                                                        Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya State Park
Resource conservation

•     Manage any Flora and Flora Guarantee                  particularly near the northern boundary of
      Act listed species according to approved              Mount Lawson State Park.
      action statements.
                                                      •     Maintain the view from the Mount Granya
3.4     Landscape                                           summit viewing area through the slashing
                                                            of regrowth as required.
Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya
State Park are dominant features in the Upper
                                                      •     In consultation with the Forests Service
Murray landscape. The steep forested slopes of              and licensees, seek to minimise the visual
the Parks rise dramatically above Lake Hume                 impact of the Mount Granya Fire Tower
and the surrounding valleys of cleared                      and telecommunications facilities on the
farmland, creating a spectacular and                        Park (section 7.1).
contrasting landscape.
The landscape of the northern part of Mount           •     Investigate the construction of a viewing
Lawson State Park is particularly distinctive.              platform on the Mount Granya Fire
The steep dry slopes, cliffs, gorges and rocky              Tower. Seek the involvement of licensees in
bluffs in this area enhance the Park’s remote               construction.
and rugged character. Developments on land
adjoining each Park have the potential to             3.5     Cultural heritage
impact on landscape values.
                                                      Aboriginal people are said to have inhabited the
Panoramic views of the Parks, Lake Hume, the          area and are thought to have used the rock
Australian Alps and the surrounding landscape         shelters and rock outcrops overlooking the
can be obtained from lookouts on the summits          Murray River for shelter and lookouts.
of Mount Lawson and Mount Granya.
                                                      Three art sites are recorded in Mount Lawson
Views from Mount Granya Summit are                    State Park at two separate locations. These
potentially outstanding but are largely restricted    sites have been surveyed and recorded by
by surrounding vegetation and the lack of a           Aboriginal Affairs Victoria. Two areas
suitable vantage point. The Mount Granya Fire         totalling 620 ha around these sites have been
Tower currently has an adverse visual impact          entered on the Register of the National Estate.
on the site.                                          These areas have been designated Special
There are pleasant waterfalls in each of the          Protection Areas (section 2.3).
Parks: Granya Falls in Mount Granya State             These sites are of particular significance given
Park, and Flaggy Creek Falls within the Flaggy        the lack of known artefacts or other links with
Creek Gorge in Mount Lawson State Park.               Aboriginal culture in the area. One of these art
                                                      sites is occasionally visited by the general
Aim                                                   public and has been the subject of some
• Protect and preserve the landscape values of        vandalism. Many parts of these Parks are
    the Parks, especially areas of greatest scenic    inaccessible and rarely visited and may contain
    quality and viewer interest.                      further archaeological sites.
                                                      The Shepparton Aboriginal Arts Council Co-
Management strategies
                                                      operative Ltd is the relevant authority for
•     Ensure that maintenance, developments           cultural heritage in these Parks. All Aboriginal
      and fire protection works are designed to       sites and relics are protected under the
      have a minimal impact on the landscape          Archaeological and Aboriginal Relics
      values of the Parks.                            Preservation Act 1972 (Vic.) and the
                                                      Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
•     Liaise with the Towong Shire and                Heritage Protection Act 1984 (Cwlth).
      adjoining land owners to minimise impacts
      on landscape values from developments
      proposed on adjoining freehold land,

Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya State Park                                                      9
Resource conservation

Mining occurred in both Parks, particularly in          Shepparton Aboriginal Arts Council Co-
Mount Lawson State Park. Alluvial tin mining            operative Ltd and Aboriginal Affairs
occurred periodically around Flaggy Creek and           Victoria. Give attention in the Plan to fire
Koetong Creek from 1872 until the early                 management (particularly fuel reduction)
1980s. Lukins Wolfram mine, later known as              in the vicinity of each art site (section 4.1).
the Womoboi Wolfram Mine, operated near
Flaggy Creek between 1939 and 1943. The             •   Investigate and document Aboriginal
mine produced fluorspar, bismuth and                    history and protect identified sites as
molybdenum as a by-product of wolframite. A             appropriate in consultation with the
number of interesting relics remain intact at the       Shepparton Aboriginal Arts Council Co-
Womoboi Wolfram Mine. Gold mining also                  operative Ltd and Aboriginal Affairs
occurred in and around Mount Granya State               Victoria.
                                                    •   Identify, assess and manage historic
The disused Wodonga to Cudgewa railway line             places in accordance with Parks Victoria
adjoins the southern boundary of Mount                  guidelines.
Lawson State Park.
Grazing and small-scale logging for posts,          •   Record and catalogue the location of
firewood and sawlogs occurred in both Parks             relics at the Womoboi Mine and assess
prior to their declaration.                             their significance. Identify any threatening
                                                        processes and take appropriate action, in
A log hut constructed by the Granya Scout               consultation with relevant experts, to
Group in 1937 is situated on the walking track          ensure appropriate protection. Encourage
between Cottontree Creek Picnic Area and                university groups to participate.
Granya Falls.
Part of Bridle Track in Mount Granya State          •   Develop a strategy for the conservation,
Park was a former access road for coaches               management and interpretation of the
travelling to Granya. Sections of the road’s            Womoboi Mine and tin mining sites.
original stonework are still visible.                   Record and catalogue the location of
                                                        relics at these sites. Encourage university
Aims                                                    groups to participate.

• Protect cultural sites and significant historic   •   Encourage the Granya community to
     sites from potentially damaging human              maintain the Scout Hut near Cotton Tree
     activity.                                          Creek Picnic Area.
• Improve appreciation and understanding,
     and where appropriate foster the use, of       •   Monitor the condition of, and any threats
     historic sites as a cultural, scientific and       to, significant historic places.
     educational resource.
                                                    •   Maintain an archive of historical records
Management strategies                                   and records of relevant ongoing land
                                                        management activities.
•    Develop a Management Plan for the
     protection and management of Aboriginal
     art sites in consultation with the

10                                                      Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya State Park
Park protection

                                         4 PARK PROTECTION

4.1    Fire management                                • Maintain fire regimes appropriate for the
                                                          conservation of native flora and fauna and
The National Parks Act requires the Director of
                                                          natural ecological processes within the
National Parks to ensure that appropriate and
sufficient measures are taken to protect parks
from injury by fire.                                  • Minimise the adverse effects of fires and fire
                                                          suppression methods.
Current fire protection measures are in
accordance with the North East Region Fire            Management strategies
Protection Plan (DCE 1990). This Plan
provides for fire prevention and suppression          •       Undertake prescribed burning in
activities in order to protect life, property,                accordance with the North East Region
assets and natural and cultural values within                 Fire Protection Plan (DCE 1990) and the
the Parks and surrounding areas including                     Code of Practice for Fire Management on
Victorian Plantations Corporation plantations                 Public Land (CNR 1995a).
and farmland.
                                                      •       Review burning zones in conjunction with
Wildfires in 1952 and 1985 burnt extensive                    the review of the North East Region Fire
areas within Mount Lawson State Park.                         Protection Plan.
The fire protection strategy for the Parks will
be reviewed in association with any review of         •       Ensure the continued exclusion of fuel
the Fire Protection Plan, or as new information               reduction burning from the Bungil
becomes available. Mount Granya State Park is                 Reference Area.
virtually all designated as a priority 3 burning
zone. Mount Lawson State Park is mostly               •       Where practicable, exclude intensive fire
designated as priority 3 and priority 4 burning               from Aboriginal art sites in the Special
zones but also contains significant areas which               Protection Areas.
are not to be burnt. Priority 3 and 4 burning
zones have a relatively low burning frequency         •       Give preference to using the following
                                                              suppression methods whenever practicable
in comparison with priority 1 and 2 burning
                                                              in the Bungil Reference Area:
                                                          •     use of hand tools and aerial
The Bungil Reference Area is to remain
unburnt. Black Cypress-pine communities are
                                                          •     use of existing roads and tracks and
located in both Parks but are mainly
                                                                natural features as control lines;
concentrated in Mount Lawson State Park.
                                                          •     backburning;
Because of their fire sensitivity, these
                                                          •     allowing wildfires to burn out to
communities have been designated as Special
                                                                appropriate control lines, outside the
Protection Areas and should not be burnt.
                                                                main fire danger periods and where
Research is required into the fire ecology of the               conditions allow.
flora and fauna in each Park, especially fire
sensitive species and communities, threatened         •       Avoid, as far as practical, earthmoving
species and significant plant communities.                    and other suppression operations in
Ecological and other controlled burning                       sensitive areas including scenic areas,
strategies may be necessary to ensure the                     sites of significance and recreation areas,
conservation of certain plant communities.                    or exercise extreme care to minimise
                                                              environmental disturbance if operations in
Aims                                                          such areas are essential.
• Protect human life, property and park values
   from injury by fire.                               •       Rehabilitate any areas of the Parks which
                                                              may be disturbed by control lines and

Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya State Park                                                       11
Park protection

      other suppression activities as soon as       A detailed study of pathogens within the Parks
      practicable following fire suppression        has not been conducted.
      operations, in accordance with the Code of
      Practice for Fire Management on Public
      Land (CNR 1995a).                             • Control, and where possible eradicate, non-
                                                        indigenous plants and animals.
•     Exclude Black Cypress-pine Woodlands
                                                    • Minimise the impact of control programs on
      within the Black Cypress-pine Special
                                                        native flora and fauna.
      Protection Areas from prescribed burning.
                                                    • Protect the Parks from other threats, in
•     As research provides a better                     particular new infestations of non-
      understanding of fire regimes, ensure that        indigenous plants and diseases.
      this information is included in any
      ecological fire management strategy, and      Management strategies
      in the review of the North East Region Fire
                                                    •       Prepare and implement a pest plant and
      Protection Plan.                                      animal control strategy for the Parks
•     Incorporate information on fire
      regulations and the role of fire in the           •     identifies key target species and
      Parks into Park brochures, guides, display              locations;
      boards and interpretation programs.               •     identifies particular conservation areas
                                                              where special efforts may be required to
•     Slash grassed picnic areas regularly to                 control pest plants and animals (e.g.
      protect visitors to the Parks.                          rare or threatened species locations);
                                                        •     specifies appropriate control methods
•     Minimise the use of earth-moving                        which ensure maximum protection of
      equipment in fire suppression operations                non-target species, in particular the
      on steep granite slopes within Mount                    Spot-tailed Quoll, and which minimise
      Lawson State Park                                       their impact on the natural
4.2     Pest plants and animals, and                    •     gives initial priority to the control of
                                                              Blackberry, St Johns Wort and
                                                              Patersons Curse.
A number of pest plant species are present
within the Parks. Blackberry, Patersons Curse       •       Reduce the risk of new infestations by
and St Johns Wort are the major weed                        checking sites of potential weed sources
problems.                                                   (e.g. cleared areas, recent roadworks) and
                                                            implementing an appropriate control
Although accurate numbers of pest animals
have not been obtained, wild dogs, foxes, pigs,
goats and rabbits are recognised as problem
                                                    •       Identify and record the presence of any
species. Feral cats and foxes are believed to
                                                            pathogens which occur in the Parks, and
have caused a significant reduction in the
                                                            take appropriate action.
numbers of ground-dwelling native mammals.
There are several wild dog fences on the
boundary of Mount Lawson State Park.

12                                                          Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya State Park
The Park visit

                                            5 THE PARK VISIT

5.1    The Park visitor                               • self-reliant visitors seeking an ‘adventure
                                                          experience’ in the more remote areas. These
Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya
                                                          visitors may be involved in four-wheel drive
State Park contain a variety of features in a
                                                          touring, bushwalking and camping,
semi-remote setting. Most day visitor sites are
                                                          particularly in Mount Lawson State Park.
easily accessible, while other attractions are
accessible to the more adventurous. The Parks         Future management will focus on these visitor
offer a variety of quality recreational               types. Most visitor facilities will be confined to
opportunities, including picnicking, 4WD              existing sites near Park boundaries, ensuring
touring and bushwalking.                              that the semi-remote atmosphere of each Park is
Visitor use of the Parks is relatively low. Long
travel times from major centres mean that most        Two sites accessible to 2WD vehicles are
visitors to the region will be attracted by the       proposed for promotion as key visitor contact
better known features of the Australian Alps.         points; Cotton Tree Creek Picnic Area and the
Nevertheless, there is scope to promote the           proposed ‘Kurrajongs’ picnic and camping
Parks as an en-route attraction for such              area. A third site is at the Historic Bridge
travellers, or as part of a series of natural         Picnic Area, south of Mt Lawson State Park.
attractions in the Upper Murray area including        The more isolated areas will remain
nearby parks and the Murray River.                    undeveloped but will be promoted as
Promotion of the key attractions within these         ‘adventure’ destinations, with interesting
Parks is currently limited. Increasing tourism        features and a variety of recreational
in the Upper Murray and the development and           opportunities.
promotion of key visitor attractions in the Parks
is anticipated to increase visitor numbers            Aims
significantly.                                        • Develop an understanding of visitor
Most Park visitors are local residents involved           numbers, profiles, attitudes, expectations
in recreational activities such as trail bike             and needs.
riding, 4WD touring and camping. Day                  • Provide for visitors in accordance with the
visitors from Albury-Wodonga also use the                 above overview of future management for
Parks. Natural adventurers and Escape to                  visitors.
Nature are the visitor segments most likely to
display an interest in the Parks.                     • Ensure that visitor use of the Parks is not
                                                          detrimental to their natural values.
Vehicle access to both Parks is restricted
because of inadequate signs, steep rocky terrain      Management strategies
and complex access routes which pass through
private property in many cases. Most tracks           •   Permit recreational activities in
within the Parks are suitable for 4WD vehicles            accordance with table 2.
                                                      •   Provide facilities and services which
Providing for the visitor                                 highlight, but are in keeping with, the
                                                          area’s distinctive character (section 5.3
Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya                  and tables 3, 4 and 5).
State Park offer opportunities for two distinct
visitor types:                                        •   Promote the Parks as an en-route
                                                          attraction for Victoria-New South Wales
• day visitors who enjoy accessible attractions
   on the fringes of each Park such as Cotton             travellers and as part of a series of natural
   Tree Creek Picnic Area;                                attractions in the Upper Murray area.

Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya State Park                                                      13
The Park visit

                       TABLE 2        SUMMARY OF RECREATION ACTIVITIES

ACTIVITY                                 REFERENCE AREA           CONSERVATION &           SPECIAL
                                         ZONE                     RECREATION ZONE          PROTECTION AREAS

Picnicking                               No                       Yes                      Yes
Camping—designated sites                 N/A                      Yes                      N/A
(with facilities)
Camping—dispersed                        No                       Yes                      Yes
(no facilities)
Horse riding                             No                       YC (5.2.4)               YC (5.2.4)
Camping—horse based                      No                       No                       No
Walking                                  No                       Yes                      Yes
Bicycle riding                           No                       YC (5.2.1)               YC (5.2.1)
Orienteering and rogaining               No                       YC (5.2.6)               YC (5.2.6)
Rock climbing and abseiling              No                       YC (5.2.5)               YC (5.2.5)
Hunting                                  No                       No                       No
Trail-bike riding                        No                       YC (5.2.1)               YC (5.2.1)
2WD sightseeing                          No                       YC (5.2.1)               YC (5.2.1)
4WD touring                              No                       YC (5.2.1)               YC (5.2.1)
Fishing                                  No                       Yes                      Yes
Dogs                                     No                       No                       No
Firewood collection                      No                       Yes                      Yes
Fossicking                               No                       No                       No

Yes       Appropriate
No        Not appropriate
YC        Conditional—refer to relevant section for details
N/A       Not applicable

•    Investigate development of a regional                    •   Encourage all visitors to adopt minimum
     touring guide in consultation with the                       impact techniques and to adhere to codes
     Towong Shire.                                                of conduct appropriate to their activity.

•    Conduct visitor surveys to assess visitor                •   Monitor visitor use to ensure adequate
     profiles, patterns of behaviour,                             provision of facilities, consistent with
     expectations and preferences.                                appropriate types and levels of use.

•    Establish a program to determine levels of               •   Monitor the impacts of visitor use at
     recreational activity consistent with                        popular visitor destinations and take
     protecting recreational experiences and                      appropriate action as required to reduce
     park values.                                                 visitor impacts.

14                                                                 Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya State Park
The Park visit

•     Liaise with the Towong Shire and tourist        Aims
      agencies to ensure that the Parks are
                                                      • Provide an appropriate network of tracks for
      included in any future tourist promotions
                                                          2WD and 4WD vehicles for both recreation
      for the region.
                                                          and management purposes.
                                                      • Minimise the impact of vehicle use on park
5.2     Visitor recreational activities
        and facilities
                                                      Management strategies
5.2.1     Vehicle access
                                                      •   Manage roads and tracks in accordance
Vehicle access is important for park                      with table 3.
management and for enabling visitors to use
and enjoy the Parks. The existing small               •   Apply temporary or seasonal closures to
network of 2WD and 4WD tracks (table 3, and               tracks as required, to ensure public safety
figures 2 and 3) gives adequate access for                and minimise environmental disturbance
management but visitor access is restricted,              (section 3.1).
particularly during wet weather when seasonal
closures are required on a number of tracks to        •   Liaise with the Victorian Association of
prevent damage. All roads and tracks in the               Four Wheel Drive Clubs (VAFWDC) over
Parks are managed by Parks Victoria. There                temporary, seasonal and any necessary
are opportunities in both Parks for 4WD                   permanent public road closures.
touring, trail-bike riding and mountain bike
touring.                                              •   Permit cycling on all roads and tracks in
Mount Granya State Park has 2WD vehicle                   accordance with table 3, but not on
access to two key visitor attractions: Mount              walking tracks.
Granya Summit and Cotton Tree Creek Picnic
Area.                                                 •   Permit cycling on Koetong Creek Track
                                                          with prior approval from the Ranger in
Vehicle access is restricted in Mount Lawson              Charge.
State Park, particularly in the north of the Park.
There is 2WD vehicle access to the Mount              •   Investigate opportunities for improving
Lawson Summit, but the existing route through             public vehicular access to the northern end
Victorian Plantations Corporation land is                 of each Park and in particular to Flaggy
poorly signposted and is primarily used for               Creek Gorge.
plantation timber extraction. Flaggy Creek
Gorge is potentially a popular attraction but         •   Investigate opportunities for the
requires the resolution of inappropriate access           development and promotion of 4WD
through private property before it can be                 touring routes through each Park in
effectively promoted as a visitor destination.            consultation with adjoining landholders.
There are a number of legal access points into
                                                      •   Liaise with VicRoads and the Towong
both Parks through private property. Many of              Shire to improve signs for both Parks in
these access points are infrequently used by the          the surrounding area, and in particular
public and are an annoyance to adjoining                  along major tourist routes.
landholders. Identification of appropriate 4WD
access points will enable several public access       •   Liaise with the Victorian Plantations
points to be promoted.                                    Corporation to improve signage to Mount
The northern part of Mount Lawson State Park              Lawson Summit through pine plantations.
is relatively free of vehicle tracks. This area
will remain relatively undeveloped to preserve
its remote and natural values.

Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya State Park                                                   15
The Park visit

                                      TABLE 3       MANAGEMENT OF VEHICLE ROADS AND TRACKS

ROAD/TRACK           CLASS   COMMENTS/USES                                    STATUS                         MANAGEMENT STRATEGY

                                                                       CURRENT    PROPOSED

Mount Lawson State Park

Firebrace Track       3      Forest & Fire/PV management track.          O              O    Unchanged.
                             Park access.
Firebrace Link        3      Forest & Fire/PV management track.          O              O    Unchanged.
Track                        Park access.
Koetong Creek         3      PV management track. Fire access.          MVO            MVO   Undertake drainage work where necessary to minimise
Track                                                                                        erosion. Investigate realignment of steep eroded sections.
                                                                                             Permit horse riding and cycling subject to prior approval.
Mt Lawson Road        3      Shire/VPC/Forest & Fire/PV. Alternative     O              O    Upgrade to Class 3 for 2WD summer access and establish
                             access to Mt Lawson Summit.                                     signage in conjunction with VPC and Shire.
Mt Lawson Road/       1      VPC/Forest & Fire/PV. Current access to     O              O    Seek to establish signage in conjunction with VPC and
Hempenstall Road             Mt Lawson Summit.                                               Shire.
Boulder Track         3      PV management track. Park access.           O              O    Seasonal closure. Ensure maintenance does not impact on
                                                                                             the Bungil Reference Area.
Thologolong Track     3      PV track. Park access through private       O              O    Seasonal closure. Ensure maintenance does not impact on
                             property.                                                       the Bungil Reference Area.
Flaggy Creek Track    3      PV track/Private Property. Access to        O              O    Undertake drainage work were necessary to minimise
                             Flaggy Creek Gorge & freehold inlier.                           erosion. Continue to maintain and upgrade in conjunction
                             Park access through private property.                           with the owner of the freehold inlier (section 7.2). Part
                                                                                             seasonal closure.
Houstons Track        3      PV track. Park access through private       O              O    Seasonal closure.
The Park visit

Table 3 (cont.)
 ROAD/TRACK             CLASS    COMMENTS/USES                                         STATUS           MANAGEMENT STRATEGY

                                                                                CURRENT      PROPOSED

 Stockyard Creek          3      PV track. Park access through private             O             O      Unchanged.
 Track                           property.

 Mount Granya State Park
 Mount Granya             1      PV management road. Access to Mount               O             O      Continue to maintain in conjunction with the Forests
 Road                            Granya Summit and Fire Tower.                                          Service.
 Webb Track               3      PV management track. Park access.                 O             O      Unchanged.
 Bridle Track             3      PV management track. Park access.                 O             O      Unchanged.
 Jurgies Track            3      PV management track. Park access.                 O             O      Unchanged.
 Jurgies-Wises            3      PV management track. Park access.                 O             O      Unchanged.
 Creek Link Track
 Wises Creek Track        3      PV track. Park access through private             O             O      Unchanged.
 Pub Track                3      PV track. Park access through private             O             O      Unchanged.
 Star Track               3      PV track. Park access through private             O             O      Unchanged.
 Webb Lane                1      Shire road. Access to Cotton Tree Creek           O             O      Unchanged.
                                 Picnic Area.
 Sugarloaf Track          3      PV track. Steep fire access track.                O             O      Unchanged.

Class   1 All vehicle - all weather                       Status      MVO   Management vehicles only
        2 All vehicle - dry weather                                    O    Open to public vehicles
        3 4WD - dry weather
The Park visit

5.2.2     Day visits and camping                    • Establish and maintain day visitor and
                                                        camping facilities which enhance visitor
Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya
                                                        enjoyment of the Parks and are consistent
State Park have many interesting features, some
                                                        with protecting park values.
with adequate 2WD access.
Mount Granya State Park offers two main             Management strategies
destinations for day visitors, Mount Granya
                                                    •   Provide and maintain low key, unobtrusive
Summit and Cotton Tree Creek Picnic Area.
                                                        picnic and camping facilities in
Both sites have low key picnic facilities and
                                                        accordance with table 4, and figures 2 and
short walks. A short walk from Cotton Tree
Creek Picnic Area leads past an old scout hut to
Granya Falls.
                                                    •   Permit dispersed camping in accordance
Mount Lawson State Park has day visitor                 with park guidelines in areas more than
facilities at Koetong Creek and the Mount               50 m from a road or a designated picnic
Lawson Summit. The Summit has a picnic                  or camping area.
area, and a short walk around the Mount
Lawson summit with outstanding views and            •   Allow fires in designated picnic or
interesting rock outcrops.                              camping areas only in fireplaces provided.
There are currently no designated campsites in      •   Allow fires for cooking and heating
Mount Granya State Park. Dispersed camping              throughout the Parks except within 50 m of
is permitted in the Parks, but most camping             a designated picnic or camping area or
occurs at designated sites on Koetong Creek in          road.
Mount Lawson State Park. These sites are
popular during holiday periods but are              •   Design and construct a picnic and
generally only accessible to 4WD vehicles.              camping area at ‘The Kurrajongs’ in the
A site on the northern boundary known as ‘The           north of Mount Lawson State Park.
Kurrajongs’ is proposed as the main camping
and day visitor site in Mount Lawson State          •   Monitor visitor use at Cotton Tree Creek
Park. This site is adjacent to the Murray River         Picnic Area and establish camping areas
Road near a rehabilitated gravel pit.                   as demand requires.
Development at this substantially modified site
would have a minimal impact on park values.         5.2.3    Bushwalking
This site is proposed as the starting point for     The Parks offer several short walking tracks
walking tracks with spectacular views of the        but also provide opportunities for self-reliant
Parks and Lake Hume. It would be a key visitor      walks to a variety of interesting features.
contact point for visitors travelling along the     Because of the remoteness of both Parks and
Murray River Road.                                  the lack of vehicular access, walking is an ideal
                                                    way to experience the features of the Parks.
The Historic Bridge Picnic Area, to the south of
Mount Lawson State Park, is an existing day         The northern section of Mount Lawson State
visitor area with picnic facilities and a short     Park in particular has enormous potential as a
walking track to an historic railway bridge.        destination for adventurous, self-sufficient
Day visitor facilities at this site are currently   walkers. Rocky outcrops, cliffs and bluffs
managed by Parks Victoria. The site is              overlooking the Murray River, a semi-remote
adjacent to the Murray Valley Highway outside       atmosphere and a diversity of features make
Mount Lawson State Park and is a key visitor        interesting and challenging conditions for
contact point to the south of the Park. This        walkers. In Mount Granya State Park there are
area is proposed for consideration as an            short, easy walks at the Granya Summit
addition to the Park (section 7.2).                 (Lyrebird Walk) and from Cotton Tree Creek

18                                                       Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya State Park
The Park visit


SITE                CAMPING      TOILET     PICNIC     FIRE        CAR    WATER    WALK      INFO    MANAGEMENT
                                           TABLES     PLACES       PARK            TRACK    BOARD    ACTIONS AND

Mount Lawson State Park

Mount Lawson            -           -         E         E           E       -        E         -     Maintain.

Koetong Creek          E            -         E         E           -       E         -        -     Maintain.
Camping Area
(2 sites)

‘The                   P           P          P         P           P       -        P         P     Design and
Kurrajongs’                                                                                          construct.
                                                                                                     Establish a
                                                                                                     screen from

Mount Granya State Park

Cotton Tree             -          P          E         E           E       E        E         P     Upgrade
Creek Picnic                                                                                         walking track
Area                                                                                                 to Granya
                                                                                                     fencing and

Mount Granya            -          E          E         E           E       -        E         E     Revegetate
Summit                                                                                               and maintain
                                                                                                     weed control

KEY:               E          Existing facility
                   P          Proposed facility
                   -          Not available

Picnic Area to Granya Falls. In Mount Lawson                   Management strategies
State Park there are two short walks Summit
                                                               •     Develop new tracks in the more remote
Track and Explorers Track at the Mount
                                                                     areas of the Parks and maintain the
Lawson Summit.
                                                                     existing walking tracks in accordance with
There is potential in both Parks for the                             table 5 (section 3.1).
development of several long walking tracks
linking interesting and remote features.                       •     Encourage the use of fuel stoves for
                                                                     cooking and heating by dispersed campers.
                                                               •     Promote minimal impact practices for
• Increase the range of walking opportunities                        bushwalkers.
   while minimising impacts on park values.

Mount Lawson State Park and Mount Granya State Park                                                             19
The Park visit

                           TABLE 5        MANAGEMENT OF WALKING TRACKS

 NAME                            LENGTH           CURRENT           FUTURE          ADDITIONAL WORK
                                 (ONE WAY)        STANDARD          STANDARD        REQUIREMENTS

 Mount Lawson State Park

 Summit Track                    1 km             D                        D        Upgrade signage.

 Explorers Track                 1.5 km           D                        D        Upgrade signage and
                                                                                    link to summit track.

 ‘The Kurrajongs’                2 km             Proposed                 D        Locate and construct a
 Loop Track                                                                         loop track starting at
                                                                                    ‘The Kurrajongs’ and
                                                                                    incorporating the nearby
                                                                                    lookouts and rocky

 Flaggy Creek Gorge              10 km            Proposed                   E      Locate and construct a
 Walking Track                                                                      track from The
                                                                                    Kurrajongs to Flaggy
                                                                                    Creek Gorge
                                                                                    incorporating the
                                                                                    Womoboi Wolfram

 Mount Granya State Park

 Lyrebird Walk                   400 m            C                          B      Upgrade.

 Granya Falls Walking            1 km             D                        C        Upgrade and investigate
 Track                                                                              a loop walk option.

 Mount Granya                    4 km             Proposed                 D        Locate and construct a
 Summit Walking                                                                     track, incorporating
 Track                                                                              Jurgies Track, which
                                                                                    links the Mount Granya
                                                                                    Summit with Cottontree
                                                                                    Creek Picnic Area.

Standard (Parks Victoria - guideline 17.5R)

Category B       Track well defined and drained and surfaced where necessary.
Category C       Track well defined, benched and drained where necessary.
Category D       Track defined through use, usually drained and cleared.
Category E       Track defined through use with no basic construction.

20                                                                               Burrowa-Pine Mountain National Park
The Park visit

•    Seek the assistance of volunteers in         Management strategy
     constructing and maintaining walking
                                                  •     Promote the use of minimal impact
                                                        techniques for abseiling and rock climbing
•    Investigate the potential for the
     development of walking routes
                                                  5.2.6     Orienteering and rogaining
     (particularly within Mount Lawson State
     Park) which create a walk linking ‘The       Both Parks have been used infrequently for
     Kurrajongs’ to the southern end of the       orienteering and rogaining, although both are
     Park.                                        well suited to these activities.

•    Investigate the development of a walking     Aim
     track along the Conic Range to Mount
                                                  • Provide for orienteering and rogaining in the
     Lawson in Mount Lawson State Park.               Parks, but minimise impacts on park values.

5.2.4     Horse riding                            Management strategies
Horse riding is not a popular use of the Parks.   •     Permit orienteering and rogaining in
Despite this, precautions must be taken to              accordance with Parks Victoria guidelines.
minimise soil erosion and the introduction of
weeds. Areas suitable for camping with horses     •     Liaise with orienteering groups to
are available outside the Parks.                        minimise impacts on park values.

Aim                                               5.2.7     Dogs

• Provide opportunities for recreational horse    Dogs have never been allowed in the Parks and
     riders but minimise the impact of horse      the area has not been used for walking or
     riding on park values and other users.       exercising dogs in the past.
                                                  Native fauna is at risk from injury or predation
Management strategies                             by domestic dogs and may be frightened away
•    Permit horse riding on public vehicle        from an area by their scent or noise. Dogs can
     roads and management vehicle only tracks     also cause inconvenience and annoyance to
     (table 3) but not on walking tracks, or      other Park users.
     seasonally closed roads.
•    Permit horse riding on Koetong Creek
                                                  • Minimise disturbance to fauna and visitors
     Track with prior approval from the Ranger        by dogs.
     in Charge.
                                                  Management strategy
•    Do not permit horse camping in the Parks.
                                                  •     Continue to prohibit dogs from both
5.2.5     Rock climbing and abseiling                   Parks.
Rock climbing is not a popular activity in the
                                                  5.3     Visitor information,
Parks, but some opportunities exist for rock
climbers in Mount Lawson State Park.
                                                          interpretation and education
                                                  Information, interpretative services and
Aim                                               environmental education help to orientate
                                                  visitors, foster an understanding and
• Provide for rock climbing and abseiling in
     the Parks but minimise impacts on park       appreciation of a Park’s features and values,
     values.                                      management problems and contribute to a
                                                  broader understanding of natural environments
                                                  encourage appropriate visitor use, reduce

21                                                                    Burrowa-Pine Mountain National Park
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