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                                                                                2021–MEMBERSHIP D IREC TORY   3
The National Affordable Housing Management             NAHMA concentrates its efforts on housing policy,
Association (NAHMA) is the leading voice for           finance and other current issues shaping affordable
affordable housing, advocating on behalf of multi-     housing legislation and regulation, presenting
family property owners and managers whose mis-         testimony, drafting white papers and disseminating
sion is to provide quality affordable housing. As an   alerts, newsletters and other communications to its
advocate for professional standards for affordable     members. NAHMA also maintains strategic alliances
housing providers, NAHMA holds a unique posi-          with other industry groups, thereby strengthening
tion in the industry. Founded in 1990, NAHMA’s         the voice of the affordable housing industry.
membership today includes the industry’s most
distinguished multifamily owners, managers and         Now, more than ever, it is vital that we as a nation
industry stakeholders.                                 not only protect low-income housing, but also
                                                       ensure appropriate government involvement
Our Mission:                                           at all levels. We believe that a public/private
NAHMA’s mission is to support legislative and reg-     partnership will take advantage of the best both
ulatory policy that promotes the development and       sectors have to offer to low-income residents,
preservation of decent and safe affordable housing.    and it is more efficient and less expensive to the
NAHMA serves as a vital resource for technical edu-    country.
cation and information, fosters strategic relations
between government and industry, and recognizes        Standards of Excellence:
those who exemplify the best in affordable housing.    The promotion of professional standards is a
NAHMA is the voice in Washington for 18 regional,      cornerstone of NAHMA activities. NAHMA offers
state and local affordable housing management          several professional education and certification
associations (AHMAs) nationwide.                       programs:
                                                       • National Affordable Housing Professional
NAHMA advocates a supply adequate to meet the            Executive (NAHP-e)
growing need for multifamily, residential afford-      • National Affordable Housing Professional
able housing by bringing nationwide attention to         (NAHP)
the necessity of preserving decent and safe hous-      • Certified Professional of Occupancy (CPO)
ing. The foundation of NAHMA’s vital mission is        • Fair Housing Compliance (FHC)
based upon:                                            • Specialist in Housing Credit Management
• Solid partnerships with HUD, Congress, RHS,          • National Accredited Housing Maintenance
  state housing finance agencies, and housing            Technician (NAHMT)
  credit monitoring agencies.                          • National Accredited Housing Maintenance
• Promotion of industry standards for profession-        Supervisor (NAHMS)
  als in affordable housing management through         • Credential for Green Property Management
  initiating and maintaining professional educa-         (CGPM)
  tion and certification programs.                     • Blended Compliance Designation (BCD)
• Commitment to Communities of Quality for
  families living in affordable housing.
• Preservation of existing units of affordable

4   NAH MA
Our Members:                                          NAHMA Staff
The management of affordable housing is
                                                      Executive Director
a specialized business, requiring skills and          Kris Cook, CAE
programmatic knowledge not required of other real     703-683-8630, ext. 113
estate management professionals. Since the 1970s,

NAHMA members have been actively involved in          Director, Finance & Administration
federally regulated housing programs.                 Rajni Agarwal
                                                      703-683-8630, ext. 115
Owners, managers and industry stakeholders  
join NAHMA because it is essential to their           Director, Government Affairs
business. They rely on NAHMA for representation       Larry Keys Jr.
in Washington, D.C., invaluable professional          703-683-8630, ext. 111
education, information, networking and
opportunities for one-on-one dialogue with federal    Director, Meetings & Membership
and state agencies impacting the industry.            Brenda Moser
                                                      703-683-8630, ext. 114
Whether you own or manage LIHTC, Section 8,
202 or 236 properties, or participate in one of the   Manager, Communications & Public Relations
many other affordable housing programs, NAHMA         Jennifer Jones
                                                      703-683-8630, ext. 100
membership is essential to smart asset management.

NAHMA membership is not limited to property           Manager, Government Affairs
owners and managers. Supporting them are              Michal Machnowski
                                                      703-683-8630, ext. 116
providers of goods and services, nonprofit  
organizations and other stakeholders who know
that NAHMA helps them better serve the industry.      Manager, Education & Training
                                                      Natasha Patterson
                                                      703-683-8630, ext. 117
NAHMA members manage and provide quality    
affordable housing to more than 4 million
Americans with very low and moderate incomes.         Manager, Administrative Services
                                                      Paulette Washington
Presidents and executives of property management      703-683-8630, ext. 110
companies, owners of affordable rental housing,
public agencies and national organizations
involved in affordable housing and providers of       NAHMA Office
supplies and services to the affordable housing
                                                      400 N. Columbus St.
industry make up the membership of NAHMA.             Suite 203
                                                      Alexandria, VA 22314

                                                           2021–MEMBERSHIP D IREC TORY             5
NAHMA         Past Presidents
                  In Chronological Order:

                  Bill Kargman

                  Harold Platter (Deceased)

                  Charlie Wilkins

                  Johrita Solari

                  John Autry

                  Jack Murray

                  Phil Carroll

                  Wayne Fox

                  Jim McGrath

                  Michelle Norris

                  Dan Murray

                  Scott Reithel

                  Gianna Richards

                  Ken Pagano

                  Michael Johnson

                  Timothy Zaleski

 6   NAH MA
  Membership Categories

             Tier 1-3:
             Executive Council (“Direct”
             NAHMA members)

             Tier 4:
             NAHMA Subscribers
             (via membership and dues paid
             through an AHMA)

                  2021–MEMBERSHIP D IREC TORY   7

         Board of Directors

                                                             Michael Simmons

                                                             Larry Sisson

             Vice President
             Peter Lewis

             Vice President
             Sandra Cipollone

             Nancy Evans

                                                                                        Christina Garcia

                                                                                        Past President
                                                                                        Timothy Zaleski

    Voting Members of Board

              Phil Carroll                                    Jim McGrath
              Term ends 2022                                  Term ends 2021

       *Officers’ terms are for two years; current officer terms expire Oct. 31, 2022

8   NAH MA

Jasmine Borrego          Melissa Fish-Crane       John Kuppens           Kimberlee Schreiber
Term ends 2021           Term ends 2021           Term ends 2022         Term ends 2023

Sonya Brown              Janel Ganim              Cindy Lamb		           Jack Sipes
Term ends 2022           Term ends 2022           Term ends 2023         Term ends 2022

Alicia Stoermer Clark    Noel Gill                Jim Nasso              Angie Waller
Term ends 2023           Term ends 2023           Term ends 2021         Term ends 2021

Nonvoting Members of Board

   Bill Kargman                 Jack Murray                   Gianna Richards
   Harold Platter (Deceased)    Wayne Fox                     Ken Pagano
   Charlie Wilkins              Michelle Norris               Michael Johnson
   Johrita Solari               Dan Murray
   John Autry                   Scott Reithel

                                                              2021–MEMBERSHIP D IREC TORY   9
       Board of Directors

     Alice Fletcher          Amber Day          Carlita Mendez     Diane Smith
     Chair                   Term ends 2021     Term ends 2021     Term ends 2021
     Term ends 2023
                             Daria Jakubowski   Gemi Ozdemir       Lisa Tunick
     Karin McGrath Dunn      Term ends 2021     Term ends 2021     Term ends 2022
     Vice Chair
     Term ends 2022          Stefanie Lee       Greg Proctor       Christopher Voss
                             Term ends 2021     Term ends 2022     Term ends 2023
     Megan Davidson
     Secretary               Lisa McCarroll     Anthony Sandoval   Larry Sisson
     Term ends 2023          Term ends 2022     Term ends 2022     NAHMA Board Rep
                                                                   Term ends 2022
     Alicia Stoermer Clark
     Term ends 2023

10   NAH MA
  Betty Jo Bailey, SHCM, NAHP-e    Jack Oliver, NAHP-e
  Denton, TX 76208                 202-528-9238
                                   Patty Ownby, NAHP-e
  Larry Barrett, NAHP-e            7941 Cranley Road
  296 Forest Trail                 Powell, TN 37849
  Isle of Palms, SC 29451          865-947-9449
                                   Scott Reithel, NAHP-e, CGPM
  George C. Caruso, SHCM, NAHP-e   Owner
  CEO                              Scott Reithel Consulting LLC
  The Cooper Companies             13300 Langford Drive
  706 Amer Drive                   Midlothian, VA 23113
  Fort Washington, MD 20744        804-314-8261
                                   Karen Steinbaum, NAHP-e
  Carole Glodney, SHCM,            3625 Potosi Ave.
  NAHP-e                           Studio City, CA 91604
  10847 Garland Drive    
  Culver City, CA 90232
  310-704-9052                     Timothy Zaleski, SHCM, NAHP-e               3711 Overlook Trail
                                   Evergreen, CO 80439
  David Houze, NAHP-e    
  P.O. Box 390
  Worthington, OH 43085            Deceased
  614-204-8654                     Harris Davis, NAHP-e                  Tom Denhart
                                   Harold Platter, NAHP-e
  Jack Murray, SHCM, NAHP-e        Robert Shirer, NAHP-e
  4720 Julious Lane                Gilbert Silverman
  Myrtle Beach, SC 29588           Jerry Steinbaum, NAHP-e

                                              2021–MEMBERSHIP D IREC TORY   11

       Members                                *As of Dec. 1, 2020

        Amy Albery                                   Lisa Beffa
        Chief Operating Officer                      Senior Vice President/COO
        Wallick Communities                          McCormack Baron Management Inc.
        160 West Main St., Suite 200                 720 Olive St., Suite 2500
        New Albany, OH 43054                         St. Louis, MO 63101
        614-552-5609                                 314-229-1474                

        Michael Alexander, NAHP, CGPM, CPO,          Sylvia Blanco
        FHC, BCD                                     Chief Operating Officer
        Executive Director                           Housing Authority of the City of Austin
        AHMA East Texas                              1124 S. IH 35
        7211 Holder Forest Court                     Austin, TX 78704
        Houston, TX 77088                            512-477-4488
                                                     Steve Bodkin
        Brian Alford                                 Senior Vice President & Chief Operating
        President                                    Officer of Senior Living & Affordable Housing
        Grady Management Inc.                        National Church Residences
        8630 Fenton St., Suite 625                   2335 North Bank Drive
        Silver Spring, MD 20910                      Columbus, OH 43220
        301-495-1975                                 614-273-3543               

        John Autry, NAHP-e                           Jasmine Borrego, NAHP-e, CPO
        President                                    President
        Monarch Properties Inc.                      TELACU Residential Management Inc.
        770 Block Road                               1248 Goodrich Blvd.
        Gunter, TX 75058                             Los Angeles, CA 90022
        505-260-4800                                 323-838-8556               

        Sue Baker                                    Sonya Brown, SHCM
        President                                    Vice President of Property Management
        Cambridge Management Inc.                    National Church Residences
        1911 65th Ave. W                             2335 North Bank Drive
        Tacoma, WA 98466                             Columbus, OH 43220
        253-460-3000                                 314-302-0407                  

12   NAH MA
Connie Buza, NAHP-e                   Sean Denihan
Senior Property Manager               Homewood Real Estate Partners
WinnCompanies                         274 Madison Ave., Suite 1401
500 Village Way                       New York, NY 10016
Somerset, PA 15501                    646-434-0405
                                      Terry Doherty Rice
Phil Carroll, SHCM, NAHP-e            Executive Director
President                             Mid-Atlantic AHMA
Community Housing Services Inc.       909 Westham Parkway
649 East South Temple                 Richmond, VA 23229
Salt Lake City, UT 84102              804-673-4128
                                      Doreen Donovan, SHCM, NAHP-e
Jazmin Ceballos                       Vice President Administration and
Executive Director                    Compliance
AHMA-PSW                              Peabody Properties Inc.
P.O. Box 226969                       536 Granite St., 2nd Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90022                 Braintree, MA 02184
866-698-2462                          781-794-1000             

Sandra Cipollone, SHCM, FHC, NAHP-e   Kristi Downing
Senior Vice President                 Director of Compliance
Michaels Management—Affordable        Monroe Group Ltd.
P.O. Box 90708                        6875 E. Evans Ave.
Camden, NJ 08101                      Denver, CO 80224
856-596-0500                          303-322-8888          

Hugh Cobb                             Chuck Durnin, SHCM
Partner                               Senior Vice President
Alpha Barnes Real Estate Service      Michaels Management—Affordable
12720 Hillcrest Road, Suite 400       2 Cooper St., 14th Floor
Dallas, TX 75230                      P.O. Box 90708
972-643-3200                          Camden, NJ 08101                       856-596-0500
Bob Cuttle, SHCM
Vice President                        Nancy Evans, SHCM, NAHP-e
Vesta Corporation                     Chief Executive Officer
175 Powder Forest Drive               CSI Support & Development
Weatogue, CT 02110                    8425 E. Twelve Mile Road
860-325-1715                          Warren, MI 48093                 586-753-9002

                                                    2021–MEMBERSHIP D IREC TORY   13
Melissa Fish-Crane, NAHP-e                  Michael Gerber
     Principal & COO                             President & CEO
     Peabody Properties Inc.                     Housing Authority of the City of Austin
     536 Granite St., 2nd Floor                  1124 S. IH 35
     Braintree, MA 02184                         Austin, TX 78704
     781-794-1000                                512-477-4488       

     Rusty Fleming, FHC, SHCM, NAHP-e            Jonathan Gershen, Esq., SHCM
     AAMCI                                       President & CEO
     708 S. Gay St., Suite 200                   Moderate Income Management Company Inc.
     Knoxville, TN 37902                         P.O. Box 3709
     865-525-7500                                Princeton, NJ 08543                     609-989-8500
     Alice Fletcher, CGPM, FHC
     Senior Vice President                       Noel Gill, NAHP-e, SHCM, CPO
     Park Properties Management Company          Executive Vice President
     1821 Avon St., Suite 200                    Northwest Real Estate Capital Corp.
     Charlottesville, VA 22936                   210 W. Mallard Drive, Suite A
     434-979-2900                                Boise, ID 83706             208-947-8593
     Wayne Fox, SHCM, NAHP-e
     President                                   Perry Glenn
     Realty Management Associates Inc.           Vice President of Affordable Housing
     14340 Sullyfield Circle, Suite 220          Retirement Housing Foundation
     Chantilly, VA 20151                         911 N. Studebaker Road
     703-818-6588                                Long Beach, CA 90815                          562-257-5120
     Christina Garcia Sanchez, CPO
     Vice President Business and Leadership      Timothy Goodman, SHCM
     Development, Housing                        Director of HUD Programs
     National Church Residences                  Seldin Company
     18838 Stone Oak Parkway, Suite 206          16910 Frances St., Suite 200
     San Antonio, TX 78258                       Omaha, NE 68130
     210-680-9199                                402-934-6121

     Ann Gass                                    Bobby Griffith, NAHP-e
     Director of Strategic Housing Initiatives   CFO/Principle
     Housing Authority of the City of Austin     JL Gray Company
     1124 S IH 35                                1816 East Mojave St.
     Austin, TX 78704                            Farmington, NM 87401
     512-477-4488                                505-325-6515                  

14   NAH MA
Michelle Hawley                     Layne Hurst, SHCM, CPO
Director of Property Management     Regional Vice President
Bellwether Housing                  Wallick Communities
1651 Bellevue Ave.                  701 Glenwood Ave.
Seattle, WA 98122                   Cincinnati, OH 45229
206-957-2709                        614-552-5647

Stephanie Haynes, FHC               Jason Icenbice, CPO
Senior Analyst                      Marion County Housing Authority
LHP Management LLC                  2645 Portland Road NE, Suite 200
900 South Gay St., Suite 2000       Salem, OR 97301
Knoxville, TN 37902                 541-643-5822
                                    Barbara (Babbie) Jaco, CPO
Jennifer Hayward                    Vice President of Property Management
Vice President                      CAHEC Management Inc.
Pennrose Management Company         P.O. Box 23589
One Brewery Park                    Columbia, SC 29224
1301 N. 31st St.                    803-788-3800
Philadelphia, PA 19121    
267-386-8621               Michael Johnson, SHCM, NAHP-e
                                    Executive Vice President
Nancy Hogan, NAHP-e                 Alco Management Inc.
Vice President of Administration    35 Union Ave., Suite 200
Beacon Communities LLC              Memphis, TN 38103
2 Center Plaza, Suite 700           901-544-1707
Boston, MA 02108          
617-574-1100, ext. 183     Bill Kargman, NAHP-e
Sonja Horn, SHCM, CPO               First Realty Management Corp.
Director of Compliance              151 Tremont St., PH 1
Marcrum Management Company          Boston, MA 02111
200 Cahaba Park Circle, Suite 210   617-423-7000
Birmingham, AL 35242      
205-933-2585               Kathryn Kargman Holden
                                    Vice President
Scott Hunley                        First Realty Management Corp.
Vice President                      151 Tremont St., PH 1
Showe Management Corp.              Boston, MA 02111
45 N. 4th St., Suite 200            617-423-7000
Columbus, OH 43215        

                                                   2021–MEMBERSHIP D IREC TORY   15
Joy Keels, CPO, CGPM, FHC, NAHP-e            John Kuppens, SHCM, NAHP-e, CGPM
     Vice President of MRC Affordable Housing     Executive Vice President
     Methodist Retirement Communities             WinnCompanies
     1440 Lakefront Circle, Suite 140             One Washington Mall, Suite 500
     Spring, TX 77380                             Boston, MA 02108
     979-255-6363                                 617-532-2100                  

     Jamie Kerr                                   Cindy Lamb, SHCM, NAHP-e
     President                                    Chief Financial Officer
     AMCS                                         CSI Support & Development
     2409 Mall Drive, Suite A                     8425 E. Twelve Mile Road, Suite 100
     North Charleston, SC 29406                   Warren, MI 48093
     843-345-8166                                 586-753-9002             

     Chad Ketler, FHC                             Stephen Lavery
     President                                    Senior Vice President of Property
     CPO Management Sevices LLC                   Management
     910 E. Broad St.                             Kittle Property Group
     Columbus, OH 43205                           500 E. 96th St., Suite 300
     614-253-0984                                 Indianapolis, IN 46240                            317-710-4689
     Alicia Khasky, CPO, SHCM
     National Director of Regulatory Compliance   Trish Leonard, SHCM, FHC, NAHP-e
     Mercy Housing                                Senior Vice President Operations
     1600 Broadway, Suite 2000                    Housing Management Resources Inc.
     Denver, CO 80202                             500 Victory Road
     303-830-3478                                 North Quincy, MA 02171                     617-471-0300
     Jeffrey Kohler
     Vice President of Operations                 Peter Lewis, SHCM, NAHP-e, CPO, CGPM
     Mercy Housing                                Executive Vice President of Property
     1600 Broadway, Suite 2000                    Management
     Denver, CO 80202                             The Schochet Companies
     303-830-3300                                 536 Granite St., Suite 301                     Braintree, MA 02184
     Kevin Krier, SHCM                  
     Managing Agent
     Hillcrest Management LLC
     459 Shasta Drive
     Bridgewater, NJ 08807

16   NAH MA
Michael Liebe, FHC, CPO                Nancy McIlhaney
Regional Vice President                Director of Compliance
Mercy Housing Management Group         Housing Authority of the City of Austin
2512 River Plaza Drive, Suite 200      1124 S. IH 35
Sacramento, CA 95833                   Austin, TX 78704
916-414-4442                           512-477-4488      

Bert Loe, FHC, SHCM, CPO, NAHP-e       Michael Milko, SHCM, NAHP, CGPM
Executive Vice President               Divisional Vice President
Standard Enterprises Inc.              WinnCompanies
3104 Breard St.                        43 Grover Road
Monroe, LA 71201                       Ashland, MA 01721
318-387-2662                           617-974-3868

Leah Lyerly, FHC, SHCM, NAHP-e         Mark Morgan
Executive Vice President               Chief Operating Officer
Westminster Company                    The Michaels Organization
3859 Battleground Ave., Suite 100      P.O. Box 90708
Greensboro, NC 27410                   Camden, NJ 08101
336-375-1552                           856-596-0500

Jack MacGillivray, SHCM, NAHP-e, CPO   Theresa Morris
Vice President                         Vice President, Client Engagement and
Monarch Properties Inc.                Administration
1720 Louisiana Blvd. NE, Suite 402     The Schochet Companies
Albuquerque, NM 87110                  536 Granite St., Suite 301
505-260-4800                           Braintree, MA 02184                    617-398-5125
Jim McGrath, SHCM, NAHP-e
Chairman of the Board                  Anita Moseman, FHC, SHCM, NAHP-h, CPO
PRD Management Inc.                    President
587 Haddon Ave.                        Monfric Inc.
Collingswood, NJ 08108                 1165 Bookcliff Ave.
856-486-1990                           Grand Junction, CO 81501                       970-434-9719
Karin McGrath Dunn, CPO
President                              Fern Mullen, CPO, FHC, NAHP-e, SHCM
PRD Management Inc.                    Program Compliance Manager
587 Haddon Ave.                        Corcoran Management Company
Collingswood, NJ 08108                 100 Grandview Road, Suite 205
856-486-1990                           Braintree, MA 02184                   781-849-0011

                                                      2021–MEMBERSHIP D IREC TORY   17
Jim Nasso, NAHP-e                                Ernie Pilpil, FHC, NAHP-e
     President & CEO                                  Executive Director
     Wesley Living                                    Alpha Property Management
     1615 Appling Road                                145 W. Magnolia Blvd.
     Cordova, TN 38016                                Burbank, CA 91502
     901-380-4900                                     323-231-4174                

     J. Kenneth Pagano, SHCM, NAHP-e                  Debbie Piltch, SHCM, CPO, NAHP-h, FHC
     President & CEO                                  Vice President, Compliance
     Essex Management Company LLC                     Maloney Properties Inc.
     1060 Broad St.                                   75 Dana St.
     Newark, NJ 07102                                 Cambridge, MA 02138
     973-643-8588                                     978-807-2650            

     Ninette Patrick, NAHP-e                          Tamme Polson, SHCM, CPO
     Vice President Learning and Development/Senior   Vice President, Compliance
     Regional Property Manager                        Peabody Properties Inc.
     Habitat America LLC                              536 Granite St., 2nd Floor
     180 Admiral Cochrane Drive, Suite 200            Braintree, MA 02184
     Annapolis, MD 21401                              781-794-1032
                                                      Michelle Prunier, NAHP-e
     Katrina Pavetto, FHC                             Assistant Director of Compliance
     Senior Director of Compliance                    Maloney Properties Inc.
     WinnCompanies                                    27 Mica Lane
     One Washington Mall, Suite 500                   Wellesley, MA 02481
     Boston, MA 02108                                 781-943-0200
                                                      Todd Puhl
     Darlene Perrone, FHC, NAHP-e                     Regional Vice President
     President                                        National Church Residences
     Beacon Communities LLC                           2335 North Bank Drive
     Two Center Plaza, Suite 700                      Columbus, OH 43220
     Boston, MA 02108                                 614-570-6117
                                                      Reese Quick, NAHP-e
     Gil Piette                                       President
     Executive Director and CEO                       Southern Development Management
     Prospera Housing Community Services              Company Inc.
     3419 Nacogdoches Road                            1403 Jarret Court
     San Antonio, TX 78217                            West Columbia, SC 29169
     210-821-4300                                     803-463-0295                   

18     NAH MA
Gianna Richards, SHCM, NAHP-e             Anne Sackrison, CGPM, NAHP-e
President                                 Chief Operating Officer
Solari Enterprises Inc.                   CSI Support & Development
1507 W. Yale Ave.                         8425 E. Twelve Mile Road
Orange, CA 92867                          Warren, MI 48093
714-282-2520                              586-753-9053           

Sabrina Ridings                           Anthony Sandoval, NAHP-e
Regional Vice President                   President & CEO
National Church Residences                WSH Management Inc.
2335 North Bank Drive                     18881 Von Karman Ave., Suite 720
Columbus, OH 43220                        Irvine, CA 92612
573-450-6534                              949-748-8202

Julie Rodriguez                           Kimberlee Schreiber
Chief Operating Officer                   President
Sage Apartment Communities Inc.           Michaels Management—Affordable
18006 Sky Park Circle, Suite 200          P.O. Box 90708
Irvine, CA 93614                          Camden, NJ 08101
949-757-1330                              856-596-0500       

Jennifer Rogers, NAHP-e, SHCM, CPO        John Seehorn, NAHP-e
Asset Operations Manager                  Director
The Housing Company                       All-American Realty Inc.
565 W. Myrtle, Suite 250                  385 Carroll Creek Road
Boise, ID 83707                           Johnson City, TN 37601
208-331-4747                              423-282-8138              

Michael Roth                              Laura L. Selby
Director of Housing                       Executive Vice President and COO
Housing Authority of the City of Austin   Hispanic Housing Development Corporation
1124 S. IH 35                             325 N. Wells St., 8th Floor
Austin, TX 78704                          Chicago, IL 60654
512-477-4488                              312-602-6500            

L. Thomas Rowe                            Melanie Shapiro, SHCM, NAHP-e
Chief Executive Officer                   Director of Compliance and Training
Murfreesboro Housing Authority            Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing
415 N. Maple St.                          88 E. Broad St., Suite 1800
Murfreesboro, TN 37130                    Columbus, OH 43215
615-893-9414                              614-224-8446                

                                                        2021–MEMBERSHIP D IREC TORY   19
Michael Simmons, NAHP-e                      Keith Spalsbury
Past President-Senior Advisor                Vice President, Procurement, Capital Planning,
Community Realty Management Inc.             HUD Policy
36 S. Main St.                               National Church Residences
Pleasantville, NJ 08232                      2335 N. Bank Drive
609-646-8861                                 Columbus, OH 43220       614-273-3832
Jack Sipes
Partner and Senior Vice President Property   Heather Staggs Wezensky, CPO, FHC, SHCM
Management                                   Senior Vice President
Dominium Inc.                                Seldin Company
2905 Northwest Blvd., Suite 150              16910 Frances St., Suite 200
Plymouth, MN 55441                           Omaha, NE 68130
763-354-5500                                 402-934-6146             

Larry Sisson, FHC, SHCM, NAHP-e, CGPM        Alicia Stoermer Clark, SHCM
President                                    President/CEO
TESCO Properties Inc.                        Seldin Company
2171 Judicial Drive, Suite 200               16910 Frances St., Suite 200
Germantown, TN 38138                         Omaha, NE 68130
901-759-7277                                 402-952-4561        

Diane Smith, SHCM                            Nicole Storms
National Finance & Development Manager       Manager
CSI Support & Development                    Monroe Group Ltd.
8425 E. Twelve Mile Road                     6875 E. Evans Ave.
Warren, MI 48093                             Denver, CO 80224
586-753-9029                                 303-226-9128               

Johrita Solari, SHCM, NAHP-e                 Panuly Vangay, SHCM
Board Chair-Chief Visionary Officer          National Director, Business Revenue Support
Solari Enterprises Inc.                      Mercy Housing
1507 W. Yale Ave.                            1600 Broadway, Suite 2000
Orange, CA 92867                             Denver, CO 80202
714-282-2520                                 720-840-3582             

                                             Amy E. Young
                                             Vice President of Property Management
                                             Fairfield Homes Inc.
                                             603 W. Wheeling St.
                                             Lancaster, OH 43130

20   NAH MA
Julie K. Wall, NAHP-e, FHC, CPO, SHCM,   Eileen Wirth, SHCM, FHC, NAHP-e
BCD                                      President & CEO
Vice President                           MEND Inc.
Cornerstone Corporation                  99 E. Second St.
2074 Smith St.                           Moorestown, NJ 08057
N. Providence, RI 02911                  609-784-4028
                                         William Wollinger, SHCM, NAHP-e
Angie Waller, FHC, SHCM, NAHP-e, CPO,    Chief Operating Officer
BCD                                      WinnCompanies
Regional Vice President                  One Washington Mall, Suite 500
Ambling Management Company               Boston, MA 02108
171 Waterloo Drive                       617-742-4500
Moncks Corner, SC 29461        
229-219-6612                      Jennifer Wood
                                         Vice President
Alan Weckerly, FHC, NAHP-e               The John Stewart Company
Vice President Operations, Revenue and   1388 Sutter St., 11th Floor
Resident Services                        San Francisco, CA 94109
Millennia Housing Management Ltd.        415-345-4400
127 Public Square, Suite 4000  
Cleveland, OH 44114
216-520-1250                             Russell Wylie                     President/CEO
                                         Park Bixby Tower Inc.
Chris Williamson, FHC, NAHP-e, CPO       8618 Treasure Ave.
President                                Stockton, CA 95212
The Sellers Group                        209-931-6472
12636 South 125 West, Suite A  
Draper, UT 84020
801-878-7370                             Skandar Zaouali            Chief Financial Officer
                                         PRD Management Inc.
Sondra Wimbs, SHCM, NAHP-e, FHC, CGPM    587 Haddon Ave.
Vice President, Property Management      Collingswood, NJ 08108
Alco Management Inc.                     856-486-1990
35 Union Ave., Suite 300       
Memphis, TN 38103

                                                        2021–MEMBERSHIP D IREC TORY   21

            Members                               *As of Dec. 1, 2020

      Larry Anderson                                   Angela Cruz, CPO, SHCM
      Vice President                                   Senior Compliance Specialist
      Rural Housing Preservation Associates LLC        The Schochet Companies
      8507 Jenner Court                                536 Granite St. #301
      Springfield, VA 22153                            Braintree MA 02184
      571-296-4746                                     617-571-8332                    

      Kasey Archey, FHC, NAHP-e                        Wes Daniel
      Senior Vice President Property Management        Senior Vice President of Affordable Housing
      Eden Housing Management                          ConAm Management Corporation
      22645 Grand St.                                  3990 Ruffin Road, Suite 100
      Hayward, CA 94541                                San Diego, CA 92123
      510-303-4344                                     858-614-7325           

      Jessica Chiamulera                               Margaret Davey, NAHP-e
      Regional Vice President                          President
      Conifer Realty                                   Paragon Management Inc.
      1000 University Ave., Suite 500                  3176 Pikewood Court
      Rochester, NY 14607                              Commerce Township, MI 48382
      585-324-0520                                     248-685-2421             

      John Crane, SHCM                                 Kellie Falk, SHCM
      Director                                         Managing Director
      Rose Community Management                        Drucker & Falk LLC
      9000 Shore Road                                  7200 Creedmoor Road, Suite 300
      Brooklyn, NY 11220                               Raleigh, NC 27613
      347-487-7722                                     919-846-7300               

 22     NAH MA
Sarah Furchtenicht, FHC                Carol Jackson
Executive Vice President               Regional Portfolio Manager
GK Management Co. Inc.                 Virginia Housing
5150 Overland Ave.                     601 S. Belvidere St.
Culver City, CA 90230                  Richmond, VA 23220
310-280-5048                           804-343-5888

Priscilla Gilliam, NAHP-e, FHC         Celia Kendall
President                              Chief Executive Officer
Falkenberg/Gilliam & Associates Inc.   Beacon 360 Management
P.O. Box 7070                          3409 E. Broad St.
1560 West Colorado Blvd.               Columbus, OH 43213
Pasadena, CA 91109-7070                614-452-4184
                                       Mollie Kickbush
Martha Graves                          Director of Affordable Compliance
Compliance Manager                     Cushman & Wakefield
National Church Residences             5055 Keller Springs Road
2335 North Bank Drive                  Addison, TX 75001
Columbus OH 43220                      214-891-7800
                                       Stephen J. Margetic
Adina Grossman                         President
Property Manager                       Hyder & Company
Joined Management                      1649 Capalina Road #50
127 Hazel St.                          San Marcos, CA 92069
Clifton, NJ 07011                      760-591-9737
                                       Sue McElhatton, FHC, NAHP, CPO
Geneva Hartle                          Vice President of Property Management
President                              PRD Management Inc.
Hartle Management Agency               587 Haddonfield Ave.
2201 Walton Drive, Suite A             Collingswood, NJ 08108
Jackson, MO 63755                      856-486-1990
                                       Gina Metzger, SHCM, CPO
Connie Howard                          Vice President of Affordable Housing
Executive Director                     Fairfield Residential
Housing Authority of Fort Mill         13124 W. Crestline Drive
P.O. Box 220                           Littleton, CO 80127
105 Bozeman Drive                      303-910-4653
Fort Mill, SC 29716          

                                                     2021–MEMBERSHIP D IREC TORY   23
Leeann Morein                                  Bonnie Smetzer, FHC
     Senior Vice President                          Partner/Executive Vice President
     Aimco                                          JMG Realty Inc.
     4582 S. Ulster St., Suite 1100                 4840 Dairy Road, Suite 104
     Denver, CO 80237                               Melbourne, FL 32904
     303-691-4342                                   321-728-4447              

     Marie Morreale, SHCM, FHC, NAHP-e              John Tatum
     Director of Compliance                         Partner
     Corcoran Jennison Management                   Fairstead Affordable
     150 Mt. Vernon St., Suite 520                  250 W. 55th St., 35th Floor
     Boston, MA 02125                               New York, NY 10019
     617-822-7381                                   212-798-4081           

     Linda Orange                                   Bobby R. Wood
     Senior Vice President of Property Management   Owner
     Gene B. Glick Company                          J&A Inc.
     8801 River Crossing Blvd.                      P.O. Box 180
     Indianapolis, IN 46240                         Corinth, MS 38835
     317-469-0400                                   662-287-6158                  

     Samuel M. Rotter                               Reva Young, CPO
     Chief Operating Officer and                    Director of Compliance
     Chief Financial Officer                        InterMark Management Corporation
     MMS Group                                      808-B Lady St.
     4 Executive Blvd., Suite 100                   Columbia, SC 29201
     Suffern, NY 10901                              803-744-9229

     Carrie Sapp, FHC, CPO
     Manager of Affordable Compliance
     Royal American Management Inc.
     1022 West 23rd St., 3rd floor
     Panama City, FL 32405

24   NAH MA

   Members                                *As of Dec. 1, 2020

Margaret Allen                                  Nathan Burnett
President/CEO                                   Principal
AGM Financial Services Inc.                     Watchtower Security Inc.
20 S. Charles St., Suite 1000                   127 Weldon Parkway
Baltimore, MD 21201                             Maryland Heights, MO 63043
410-727-2111                                    314-427-4586               

Brian Ball, CPA, SHCM                           Christine Carter
Senior Vice President, Sales                    Owner
Domuso                                          Carter & Company CPA LLC
2110 Main St., Suite 302                        543 Harbor Blvd., Suite 201
Santa Monica, CA 90405                          Destin, FL 32541
312-663-2137                                    850-650-0125                 

Jamie Borodin                                   Caroline Caselli, FHC
Vice President of Operations                    Haven Connect
National Tenant Network                         1936 University Ave., Suite 280
188 Fries Mill Road                             Berkeley, CA 94704
P.O. Box 1023                                   408-209-3436
Turnersville, NJ 08012                
856-513-4022                         Carl Coan III
Andrew Boyle                                    Coan & Lyons
Director, Asset Management                      1100 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 600
New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority         Washington, DC 20036
32 Constitution Drive                           202-728-1070
Bedford, NH 03110                     
603-472-8623                                Mike Coco
                                                Choice Property Resources Inc.
                                                752 N State St., Suite 264
                                                Westerville, OH 43082

                                                                2021–MEMBERSHIP D IREC TORY   25
Robert Conroy                              Jenny DeSilva
     Director of Asset Management               Director
     MaineHousing                               Blueprint Housing Solutions LLC
     26 Edison Drive                            1124 S. IH 35
     Augusta, ME 04330                          Austin, TX 78704
     207-626-4624                               512-767-7723         

     Stephen A. Crane                           Naren Dhamodharan
     Executive Director                         President
     Our Neighbors Inc.                         Hampden Park Capital & Consulting
     512-B Willow St.                           167 Dwight Road, Suite 302
     P.O. Box 2466                              Longmeadow, MA 01106
     Gastonia, NC 28053                         413-565-7144
                                                Jeff Eynon
     Michael Cummings                           National Sales Director
     Vice President                             CRG Residential
     Southwest Housing Compliance Corporation   805 W. City Center Drive #160
     1124 S. IH 35                              Carmel, IN 46032
     Austin, TX 78704                           317-800-8491
                                                Scott Farnes
     Megan Davidson                             Partner
     Vice President                             FJ & Associates PLLC
     Alliant Insurance Services Inc.            1284 W. Flint Meadow Drive, Suite D
     1420 Fifth Ave., Suite 1500                Kaysville, UT 84037
     Seattle, WA 98101                          801-927-1337
                                                Rue Fox, CPO, SHCM
     Amber Day                                  ResMan
     Division Vice President                    2901 Dallas Parkway, Suite 200
     TrashPro                                   Plano, TX 75093
     1515 Haddon Ave.                           469-323-9001
     Camden, NJ 08103                 
     856-722-9797                      Graham Fraser
                                                Director, Business Development
     Leo Delgado                                Empire Today for Business
     President                                  333 Northwest Ave.
     Converged Services Inc.                    Northlake, IL 60164
     800 W. Cypress Creek Road, Suite 260       209-207-4170
     Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309        

26   NAH MA
Janel Ganim                              Jenny Hidalgo
Vice President, Business Development     Sales Executive
ResMan                                   Buyers Access
2901 Dallas Parkway, Suite 200           1325 S. Colorado Blvd., Suite 605
Plano, TX 75093                          Denver, CO 80222-3323
972-632-8423                             267-987-2024       

Dori Garmeiser                           Maxx Hofmann
Principal                                Producer
Hessel Aluise & O’Leary PC               Conner Strong & Buckelew
1730 Rhode Island Ave. NW, Suite 900     P.O. Box 99106
Washington, DC 20036                     Camden, NJ 08101
202-466-5300                             856-446-9239            

Matt Garrow                              Fred Hutchins
Vice President of Operations             President
National Center for Housing Management   EPS Inc.
333 1st St. N, Suite 305                 19 Gregory Drive, Suite 200
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250             South Burlington, VT 05403
800-368-5625                             800-639-6512               

Katie Goar                               Trent Iliff
President                                Vice President
Quadel Consulting & Training LLC         USI Insurance Services
1200 G St. NW, Suite 700                 2021 Spring Road, Suite 100
Washington, DC 20005                     Oak Brook, IL 60523
202-789-2500                             312-442-7244               

Catherine Hanick                         Nick Keiser
Vice President of Sales                  Senior Strategic Account Manager-MultiFamily
The EnergyLink                           Moen Inc.
1000 Parkwood Circle SE                  25300 Al Moen Drive
Atlanta, GA 30339                        North Olmsted, OH 44070
770-405-8020                             570-850-9142      

Stephen Harville                         Jennifer Kelly
McGriff Insurance Services Inc.          Senior Marketing Manager
433 E. Center St.                        MRI Software
Kingsport, TN 37660                      28925 Fountain Parkway
423-857-8031                             Solon, OH 44139           800-321-8770

                                                        2021–MEMBERSHIP D IREC TORY     27
Nate Kepner                                  Connie Loyola
     Director, National Accounts                  Director
     Mohawk Industries                            Los Angeles LOMOD
     160 S. Industrial Blvd.                      2600 Wilshire Blvd., 5th Floor
     Calhoun, OH 30701                            Los Angeles, CA 90057
     206-530-4395                                 213-252-2510          

     Ryan Kim, NAHPe, CGPM                        Charyl Luth
     Director of Product Marketing                Executive Director
     ProLink Solutions                            Affordable Housing Association of Indiana
     98 Inverness Drive East                      530 S. 13th St.
     Englewood, CO 80112                          Decatur, IN 46733
     720-746-2455                                 260-724-6492          

     Jordan King, CPO, SHCM                       Lisa McCarroll
     Senior Product Manager                       CEO
     Entrata                                      Navigate Affordable Housing Partners
     5601 Granite Parkway #750                    1827 1st Ave. N, Suite 100
     Plano, TX 75024                              Birmingham, AL 35203
     801-375-5522, ext. 5747                      205-445-2722                  

     Betsy Krieger, SHCM                          Carlita Mendez
     Compliance Training & Technical Assistance   CMS Director
     Director                                     CMS
     Ohio Housing Finance Agency                  600 Park Ave.
     57 E. Main St.                               Bremerton, WA 98337
     Columbus, OH 43215                           360-616-7202
                                                  Ken Merrifield
     Mark Kudlowitz                               Director of Account Management
     Policy Director                              HAI Group
     Local Initiatives Support Corporation        189 Commerce Court
     1825 K St. NW, Suite 1100                    Cheshire, CT 06410
     Washington, DC 20006                         800-873-0242
                                                  Bruce Mitchell
     Stefanie Lee                                 Director
     Community Relations Specialist               PODS Enterprises LLC
     CAHEC Foundation                             13535 Feather Sound Drive
     7700 Falls of Neuse Road, Suite 200          Clearwater, FL 33762
     Raleigh, NC 27615                            727-647-4368

28   NAH MA
Brent Monachino                             Kiya Patrick
National Accounts Strategic Marketing       Vice President
Manager                                     Greater Dayton Premier Management
Sherwin-Williams                            400 Wayne Ave.
101 W. Prospect Ave.                        Dayton, OH 45410
Cleveland, OH 44115                         937-910-7558
                                            Linda Pellegrino
Scott Nelson                                Vice President
Senior Vice President, Affordable Housing   Rockport Mortgage Corporation
RealPage Inc.                               17 Rogers St.
2201 Lakeside Blvd.                         Gloucester, MA 01930
Richardson, TX 75082                        978-238-9208
                                            Scott Ployer, NAHP-e, CGPM
Tracy Newman                                President & CEO
President                                   National Property Management Strategies
PMCS Inc.                                   Group LLC
829 W. Genesee St.                          39 Linfield St., 1st Floor
Syracuse, NY 13204                          Holbrook, MA 02343
315-451-2423                                857-702-2956               

Sheila O’Leary                              Marc Podnos
Hessel Aluise & O’Leary PC                  Retired Partner/Consultant
1730 Rhode Island Ave. NW, Suite 900        CohnReznick LLP
Washington, DC 20036                        7501 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 400E
202-466-5300                                Bethesda, MD 20814                            301-657-7758
Ronell Owens
CEO                                         Scott Precourt
Ventract LLC                                Founding Partner
1 Smith St., Suite B202                     US Housing Consultants
Norwalk, CT 06851                           160 Dover Road, Suite 6
914-482-8740                                Chichester, NH 03258                         603-223-0003, ext. 102
Gemi Ozdemir
Dauby O’Connor & Zaleski LLC
501 Congressional Blvd., Suite 300
Carmel, IN 46032

                                                           2021–MEMBERSHIP D IREC TORY   29
Greg Proctor, SHCM, NAHP-e,CPO                   Seth Strongin
     Vice President of Affordable Housing Solutions   CPA
     RealPage Inc.                                    Seth D. Strongin CPA PC
     2201 Lakeside Blvd.                              4704 Sharon Valley Court
     Richardson, TX 75082                             Atlanta, GA 30360
     972-810-5461                                     770-451-9998              

     Jeffrey Promnitz                                 Larry Sylvain
     CEO                                              National Director-Real Estate Division
     Zeffert & Associates Inc.                        Granite Telecommunications
     12101 Woodcrest Executive Drive, Suite 180       400 S. Australian Ave., Suite 200
     St. Louis, MO 63141                              West Palm, FL 33401
     314-514-7711                                     561-868-8118                  

     Julie Reynolds                                   Valerie Todaro
     Chief Operating Officer                          CEO
     Navigate Affordable Housing Partners             National Housing Compliance
     1827 1st Ave. N, Suite 100                       1975 Lakeside Parkway, Suite 310
     Birmingham, AL 35203                             Tucker, GA 30084
     888-466-5572                                     770-939-3939          

     Daniel Schachter                                 Lisa Tunick, Esq.
     Managing Director                                Member
     Specialty Consultants Inc.                       Reno & Cavanaugh PLLC
     320 Ft. Duquesne Blvd., Suite 2710               455 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Suite 400
     Pittsburgh, PA 15222                             Washington, DC 20001
     412-355-8200                                     202-804-6932                  

     Scott Scharlach                                  Kirby Vogler
     Chief Operating Officer                          Vice President
     Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority          Champion Contractors & Services
     880 East 11th Ave.                               2300 Greenhill Drive, Suite 600
     Columbus, OH 43211                               Round Rock, TX 78664
     614-421-6215                                     877-242-6748                 

     Blake Schrader                                   Gwen Volk, SHCM, NAHP-e, CPO, FHC
     Director of Business Development                 President
     Dauby O’Connor & Zaleski LLC                     Gwen Volk INFOCUS Inc.
     501 Congressional Blvd., Suite 300               P.O. Box 1965
     Carmel, IN 46032                                 Marshall, TX 75671
     317-819-6120                                     903-938-2605                      

30   NAH MA
Christopher Voss, CPO               John Yang
Yardi Systems                       President
2822 Lyndale Ave. S        Inc.
Minneapolis, MN 55408-2108          227 West Fairview Ave.
202-422-4683                        San Gabriel, CA 91776          626-281-8300
Charles Wilkins, NAHP-e
Principal                           Melissa Zilke
The Compass Group LLC               Sage Computing Inc.
2001 Richmond Highway, Suite 1000   11491 Sunset Hills Road, Suite 350
Arlington, VA 22202-3617            Reston, VA 20190
703-217-8394                        703-223-7282 

Robin Williams
Vice President
Auto-Out Cooktop Fire Protection
1911 Windsor Place
Fort Worth, TX 76110

                                                   2021–MEMBERSHIP D IREC TORY   31
Company Descriptions
     EXECUTIVE MEMBERS                                   includes affordable, tax credit, conventional,
                                                         and public housing. We measure our success
     AAMCI                                               by the strength of the relationships we build
     Our mission is to be known as the affordable        with our partners, which includes our residents,
     housing provider of choice for our residents,       employees, investors, and regulators.
     employees, and clients. We continuously aspire      Member Contacts: Michael Johnson and Sondra
     to deliver innovative, high quality, residential    Wimbs
     management solutions with enthusiasm,
     integrity, and professionalism. AAMCI owns/         All-American Realty Inc.
     manages 8,500 units in 16 states and the            Founded in 1975, All-American Realty Inc. is a
     District of Columbia, mostly in the Midwest,        small real estate agent and manager in Johnson
     Southeast, and Florida. Our portfolio consists of   City, Tenn.
     conventional and affordable properties; family,     Member Contact: John Seehorn
     elderly, and special needs.
     Member Contact: Rusty Fleming                       Alpha Barnes Real Estate Service
                                                         A leader in property management, ABRES’
     AHMA East Texas                                     portfolio of over 30,000 units across Texas results
     Founded in 1983, the AHMA of East Texas is a        in the eighth largest nationally. Having leased
     nonprofit organization representing companies       up over 40,000 units and maintaining offices in
     and individuals involved in the ownership           Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin, few
     and/or management of affordable housing,            can match our expertise. The award-winning
     particularly multifamily housing communities        team maintains excellent relationships with
     subject to federal regulation.                      housing agencies, tax credit investors, and
     Member Contact: Michael Alexander                   lenders by achieving superior results on audits
                                                         and inspections. Texas-based; People-focused!
     AHMA-PSW                                            Member Contact: Hugh Cobb
     The Affordable Housing Management
     Association-Pacific Southwest (AHMA-PSW)            Alpha Property Management
     is a nonprofit organization representing the        Alpha Property Management is an experienced
     management agents and owners of over 80,000         owner, developer, and manager of an extensive
     housing units in Arizona, Nevada, and Southern      national portfolio of HUD and LIHTC properties.
     California. Members of our organization come        In recent years, the company has created a
     from all aspects of the housing and property        successful record of repositioning assets within
     management agencies. Together we work to            the LIHTC program, often combining IRC Section
     promote, develop, and maintain affordable           42 and HUD Section 8 subsidies to create high-
     housing in the Pacific Southwest region.            quality, long-term, affordable communities.
     Member Contact: Jazmin Ceballos                     Portfolio size: 5,300 units.
                                                         Member Contact: Ernie Pilpil
     Alco Management Inc.
     Alco owns and manages more than 7,000 units         Ambling Management Company
     in the southeastern United States. Our portfolio    Programs involved include HUD, LIHTC, and

32     NAH MA
Student. Portfolio size: 13,500 units. Real estate   Cambridge Management Inc.
investment, development, and management              For 30 years, the Cambridge Management team
company. Ambling develops, constructs, and           has provided safe and efficient homes for those
operates affordable, AVO insured, student,           with limited incomes. Cambridge has grown to
conventional, and resort properties.                 manage 15,500 affordable apartment homes in
Member Contact: Angie Waller                         172 communities, serving thousands of residents
                                                     in California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana,
AMCS                                                 North Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah,
AMCS is a locally owned and operated                 and Washington. Cambridge is headquartered
investment real estate property management           in Tacoma, Wash., with regional offices in
company in Charleston, S.C. AMCS was founded         Jacksonville, Tampa, and West Palm Beach, Fla.
in 1990 to provide property management               Member Contact: Sue Baker
services to residential apartment communities.
AMCS manages a varied portfolio in multiple          Community Housing Services Inc.
locations in Florida, Columbia, and Greenville,      Community Housing Services Inc. is a 501(c)
South Carolina, and mainly in the Charleston Tri-    (3) Utah nonprofit housing provider operating
County Area.                                         in 13 urban and rural counties. CHS also
Member Contact: Jamie Kerr                           owns properties in Minnesota and California.
                                                     Programs include HUD, RHS, and LIHTC. Our
Beacon Communities LLC                               mission is the new construction and preservation
At Beacon Communities, we are intentional            of affordable housing through acquisition rehab.
about articulating our values and aspirations.       Member Contact: Phil Carroll
Our mission statement guides our every
decision: Beacon Communities will advocate           Community Realty Management Inc.
for, develop and operate quality housing and         Programs involved include HUD, LIHTC, and
services for the aging and other people with         conventional. Portfolio size: 8,800 units in
limited resources and/or disabilities, enabling      New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia,
them to thrive in a positive, affordable, and        and U.S. Virgin Islands. A full-service property
supportive community.                                management organization specializing in the
Member Contacts: Nancy Hogan and Darlene             management of multifamily properties. CRM
Perrone                                              works with HUD and state housing finance
Bellwether Housing                                   Member Contact: Michael Simmons
Bellwether Housing creates stable communities
and access to opportunity through affordable         Corcoran Management Company
housing. We develop and manage homes for             Corcoran Management Company (CMC) is one
people with limited incomes near job centers,        of New England’s leading management firms
transit, and services. We amplify our impact by      specializing in delivering unmatched customer
helping other organizations in the Puget Sound       service and maintaining exceptional quality
region do the same.                                  standards. CMC demonstrates integrity and
Member Contact: Michelle Hawley                      competence in all relationships with residents,
                                                     owners, and local organizations. CMC’s vision
CAHEC Management Inc.                                and philosophy for the communities we develop
CAHEC Management Inc. is the largest rural           and manage are to provide a commitment to the
development property management firm                 value and enhancement of the assets through
of USDA properties, managing more than               superior customer service, exceptional quality
325 multifamily assets. We boast nearly 475          standards, and uncompromising dedication from
employees and manage approximately 13,150            our team.
units across the Southeast.                          Member Contact: Fern Mullen
Member Contact: Barbara (Babbie) Jaco

                                                                    2021–MEMBERSHIP D IREC TORY         33
Cornerstone Corporation                              throughout Ohio. Our current developments
Founded in 1989, Cornerstone Corp. is a mid-         underway will also take us into neighboring
sized property management company in                 states across the Midwest. We specialize in the
Westwood, Mass.                                      management of affordable, quality housing to
Member Contact: Julie K. Wall                        low- and moderate-income households. Our
                                                     portfolio includes affordable and conventional
CPO Management Sevices LLC                           multifamily housing as well as senior housing. We
CPO Management Services is a tenant-endorsed,        specialize in HUD Section 8, Rural Development
community-based management company                   515, LIHTC, and combination properties.
dedicated to meeting the needs of residents and      Member Contact: Amy E. Young
the community. Through our 501(c)(3) nonprofit
foundation, Community Properties Impact              First Realty Management Corp.
Corporation (CPO Impact), we link residents to       A family-owned and privately held property
community resources to help stabilize their lives.   management company, First Realty Management
Member Contact: Chad Ketler                          has more than 67 years of experience with the
                                                     industry knowledge to match. We create quality
CSI Support & Development                            communities together by providing the best
CSI Support & Development is a 75-year-old,          living and working environment for residents and
nonprofit resident-controlled organization that      employees, the best economic return for owners,
utilizes a cooperative management system and         and service before it is requested by residents
engages its membership in decision-making            living in 7,400 residential units at 76 properties
at every level of operations at its 60 HUD and       throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and
LIHTC properties in Maryland, Massachusetts,         New Hampshire.
California, and Michigan. CSI’s portfolio includes   Member Contacts: Bill Kargman and Kathryn
more than 6,300 apartments.                          Kargman Holden
Member Contacts: Nancy Evans, Cindy Lamb,
Anne Sackrison and Diane Smith                       Grady Management Inc.
                                                     GMI is a full-service residential, commercial,
Dominium Inc.                                        and consulting real estate firm dedicated to
Headquartered in Minnesota, Dominium                 maintaining professional excellence, trust,
is one of the nation’s largest and most              respect, and integrity in all aspects of our
innovative affordable housing development            real estate operations. Our focus is to build
and management companies. Dominium is                and maintain quality real estate and provide
focused on real results and long-term value.         environments where people wish to live.
With the distinct view that long-term returns        Exceptional People Exceptional Communities.
matter, from development to management, the          Member Contact: Brian Alford
growth-oriented, high-performance culture
strives to ensure each of our stakeholders—          Habitat America LLC
residents, financial and community partners, and     For over 30 years, Habitat America has been
employees—are well served.                           managing apartment communities with the
Member Contact: Jack Sipes                           highest service level for our residents. Offering
                                                     senior living, affordable and market-rate
Essex Management Company LLC                         apartments in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania,
Essex Management Company LLC is a real estate        Virginia, and Washington, D.C., we strive to deliver
company located in New Jersey.                       professionally run communities that provide
Member Contact: J. Kenneth Pagano                    space to enjoy happy, healthy lifestyles.
                                                     Member Contact: Ninette Patrick
Fairfield Homes Inc.
Fairfield Homes Inc. is a full-service property      Hillcrest Management LLC
management company present in over 113               Between our two principals, we have over 100
communities, managing more than 4,700 units          years of experience in affordable housing. This

34   NAH MA
experience extends to virtually every federal        Housing Management Resources Inc.
financing aspect, including 202, 811, 236, Section   Housing Management Resources Inc. is a
8, 202 PRAC. Hillcrest Management has also           dynamic, full-service property management
worked with the NJHMFA in both traditional           company whose approach is “hands-on”
financing and Low-Income Housing Tax                 professionalism. Their philosophy is to set
Credits. Additionally, we have developed and         expectations high for each team member and
managed complex subsidy layering deals. Our          provide the training and support to foster
experience even includes financing projects with     success. HMR manages over 8,000 apartment
nontraditional, private purpose municipal bonds.     homes spanning 11 states. The organization
Member Contact: Kevin Krier                          located in Quincy, Mass., was established to
                                                     manage properties developed by The Silver
Hispanic Housing Development Corporation             Street Group in Portland, Maine.
The purpose of Hispanic Housing Development          Member Contact: Trish Leonard
Corp. is to stabilize Latino communities by
developing, managing, and investing in ventures      JL Gray Company
that increase affordable housing availability,       The JL Gray Company Inc. is a fully integrated
promote economic opportunity, and enhance the        company that acquires, develops, and manages
quality of life.                                     multifamily residential communities in the
Member Contact: Laura L. Selby                       Southwest.
                                                     Member Contact: Bobby Griffith
Homewood Real Estate Partners
Homewood Real Estate Partners finds and invests      Kittle Property Group
in exceptional office, hotel, and multifamily real   We develop, build, manage, and own multifamily
estate in various areas throughout the United        rental housing and self-storage facilities. HKP has
States. Homewood seeks properties with the           developed and managed properties in 16 states,
highest probability of return on investment based    including high-quality apartment complexes
on their three asset classes’ expertise. Return is   and self-storage facilities throughout the U.S. We
maximized through Homewood’s strategic asset         currently manage a portfolio of more than 150
oversight, local and regional market awareness,      properties, including more than 14,000 apartment
and extensive relationship network.                  homes and more than 6,000 self-storage units.
Member Contact: Sean Denihan                         Member Contact: Stephen Lavery

Housing Authority of the City of Austin              LHP Management LLC
As a high performing housing authority that          LHP is a national leader in the development
assists over 18,000 Austinites, the Housing          and management of affordable housing. We
Authority of the City of Austin (HACA) owns          have developed more than 11,000 affordable
and operates 1,929 units of conventional             apartment units in 12 states. At LHP, we strive
public housing in 19 developments throughout         to maintain the highest level of quality in our
Austin. Development sites range from high-rise       development and management activities. Our
apartments on Lady Bird Lake to small duplexes       ultimate goal is to provide quality homes for our
in residential neighborhoods. HACA also              residents.
manages the Housing Choice Voucher/Section 8         Member Contact: Stephanie Haynes
Program that provides rental vouchers for more
than 5,000 units of housing in Austin’s private      Maloney Properties Inc.
rental market.                                       Full-service property management firm providing
Member Contacts: Sylvia Blanco, Ann Gass,            a broad range of services to more than 10,000
Michael Gerber, Nancy McIlhaney and Michael          residential housing units in Massachusetts,
Roth                                                 Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and
                                                     New Hampshire. Maloney also offers real
                                                     estate brokerage services for large-scale
                                                     developments, as well as consulting services on

                                                                    2021–MEMBERSHIP D IREC TORY       35
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