National Science Day 2019 Organized by Industry Institute Interaction Cell

National Science Day 2019 Organized by Industry Institute Interaction Cell
National Science Day 2019
                        28th February 2019
           Organized by Industry Institute Interaction Cell
National Science Day is celebrated in India on 28th February each year to mark the
discovery of the Raman Effect by Indian physicist Sir C. V. Raman on 28th February 1928.
For his discovery, Sir C.V. Raman was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930.

National Science Day is a major event in India which is dedicated to Science.

The main objective of celebrating National Science Day is to widely spread a message
about the importance of science used in the daily life of the people, to display all the
activities, efforts and achievements in the field of science for human welfare, and to
discuss the new technologies and challenges in the field of science.

The theme for the National Science Day for the year 2019 was “Science for the People
and the People for Science”.

The events held on the National Science Day were:

   1. Inaugural of Advanced Computing and Communications Society (ACCS) Student

   2. Debate Competition

   3. Felicitation of Students Achievers

   4. Poster Presentation

   5. Science Quiz

   6. Book Exhibition in association with Library Department.

The National Science Day of the year 2019 at GAT welcomed two eminent personalities
as guests; Dr. Saragur Srinidhi and Dr. Rajendra Bera.

The event began with a melodious invocation, followed by the inauguration of the ACCS
student chapter. The student chapter was inaugurated by Dr. Saragur Srinidhi, President,
ACCS. Dr. Srinidhi delivered the inaugural talk highlighting the importance of having such
student chapters, various learning initiatives and activities that can be planned under
the ACCS student chapter; thereby motivating the students.

The keynote address on “Raman Effect” by Dr. Rajendra Bera followed. Dr. Bera
enlightened the gathering on the research work related to the award-winning discovery
of Sir. C. V. Raman.

This was followed by the Debate competition. The topics that were up for debate were:

   1. ‘Man eating Tigers’ and ‘Tiger eating Men’ - Are humans the cause for extinction
      of other species?
   2. Space exploration V/S Feeding the hungry
National Science Day 2019 Organized by Industry Institute Interaction Cell
The chief guests Dr. Saragur Srinidhi and Dr. Rajendra Bera were the chief evaluators,
along with Mr. Abhishek S. Murthy and Mr. Abhay Deshpande, students of Global Academy
of Technology.
Rules and Regulations for Debate Competition
   1. Participants can speak in either English or Kannada.
   2. The time duration for each participant is 6 minutes (5+1 mins)
   3. Short Bell (Warning Bell) will be rung at 5 mins and a long bell will be rung at 6
   4. Extending the debate beyond the long bell (6 mins) will be penalized with marks
   5. Participants are allowed to prepare for the debate. However they are not allowed
      to carry sheets of paper or any reference material during the debate.

Evaluation Criteria for Debate Competition

The participants will be judged based on the below criteria:
   1. Organization and Clarity
   2. Use of Argument
   3. Facts Presented
   4. Presentation Style and Flow of Language
   5. Time Duration
The winners of the Debate Competition were announced; below is the list of prize

S l .
No. Name of the Student            USN
  1    Nikhil                      1GA18CS097
  2    Manasa Verma Kumar          1GA18CS084
  3    Sagarika Thiyagarajan       1GA18CS136

All the prizes were in the form of Book Coupons. This was planned as an initiative to
encourage reading amongst the student community.

Debate was followed by the felicitation of deserving students of GAT. It has been a
matter of pride and honor for GAT, especially the III Cell to have few enterprising
students with some achievements to their credit. In this regard, on behalf of GAT, to
recognize their efforts and contribution in taking forward the initiatives of the III Cell
since it was set up. The following students were felicitated for their achievements in
various non-academic fields.
    1. Shriya - Winter vacation training
    2. Vaishnavi Gururaj - Winter vacation training
    3. Akhila - Winter vacation training
    4. Mani Ashwin - Winter vacation training
National Science Day 2019 Organized by Industry Institute Interaction Cell
5. Tejaswini - Winter vacation training
   6. Vinith - Winter vacation training
   7. Yathish - Winter vacation training
   8. SriVishnu Bharadwaj- Internship in Center for Child Law- a non-technical
      internship with societal impact
   9. Sanjay TJ-Designing an exclusive website for the III Cell
   10.Tejaswini -Internship at IoTracx
   11.Vinith -Internship at IoTracx
   12.Yathish -Internship at IoTracx
   13.Revanth- Water Audit-has done exceptional data collection in just 2-3 days
   14.Mani Ashwin -Internship at IoTracx
   15.Jeevan Swaroop -Internship at IoTracx
   16.Shikhar -Internship at IoTracx
   17.Krishan Kumar -Internship at IoTracx
   18.Sumukha- Involved in multiple projects and activities and quiz master for most of
      the Quiz conducted by III Cell.
   19.Adithi - entered the finals of ARM Design Challenge-National Level contest
   20.Bharathi - entered the finals of ARM Design Challenge-National Level contest
   21.Agnirath Dutta- Completed internship at Birla Group with stipend
   22.Channabasava- Developed Google Map exclusively for GAT
   23.Ruchitha-facilitated streaming of project videos on the CrowdProduct Platform
   24.Shruthi EK- Official Banner and certificate designer for III Cell Office since she
      joined GAT

Poster Presentation

The Theme of the Poster was given as "About any Indian scientist or Mathematician"

Rules and Regulations made for the contest:
   • Online registration is required.
   • Last date for registration and online submission of posters is Feb 24th, 2019. Any
      submissions after this won’t be encouraged.
   • Teams of ONE/TWO only can submit a poster. Templates available in the file
      section on this page
   • Each team can submit ONLY one poster.
   • The poster must be about any Indian scientist or Mathematician
   • Posters must be designed for A3 size (11.69 x 16.5 inch) – Portrait or Landscape
   • At the time of registration, the poster must be uploaded as a PDF file. The
     filename must include the student names. For Example,
     studentname1_studentname2.pdf. Only pdf files will be accepted.
   • PRINTED POSTERS OF SIZE A3 SHOULD be DISPLAYED on the day of the event, i.e.,
     on Feb 28th, 2019
   • There is no limitation on how many colors can be used on the poster.
   • The color of the actual poster board can be anything as long as it fits the
     dimensions mentioned above.
National Science Day 2019 Organized by Industry Institute Interaction Cell
• Poster Text: There are no specifications for text/font size. Text should be of
     enough size for easy reading at a distance
   • Original photography, magazine clippings, stencils, buttons; glue-ons may be
     utilized on the poster. But proper referencing must be seen.
A detailed Evaluation Criteria and Poster specifications have been given in the website.

Post Lunch session witnessed the conduction of Science Quiz. Written Prelims was
conducted; followed by Oral quiz as finals.

A book Exhibition was also arranged as part of National Science Day to encourage and
enhance the reading ability in students. The exhibition was supported by the
department of library in association with SK Publishers and The Hindu Group.

Photos from the event

        Dr. Bera inaugurating the Event along with Dr. Saragur Srinidhi and Principal
National Science Day 2019 Organized by Industry Institute Interaction Cell
Dignitaries on the Dais
Dr. Rajendra Bera delivering Keynote Talk
One of the Posters from the Poster Contest

Book Exhibition on National Science Day, supported by The Hindu Group
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