2019 programs international students - University of South Australia

2019 programs international students - University of South Australia
2019 programs international students - University of South Australia
2019 programs international students - University of South Australia
Research / Employability /
  Teaching / Facilities /
  Internationalisation /
  Social Responsibility /      FIVE-STAR
     2018 QS Stars Ratings
                               2018 QS Stars Ratings

                                   To be the best in
                             your field, you need a
                              university that offers
                              a choice of over 200
                              world-class degrees,
                                     and is globally
                                  recognised for its
                                 teaching, research
                                       and facilities.
2019 programs international students - University of South Australia
4         ACADEMIC

                           U ni SA B U SIN ESS SCH OOL
                            ED U CAT ION , A RT S A N D                      RESEARCH
                               SOCIA L SCIEN CES
                                H EA LT H SCIEN CES
                                                                E HR E N B E R G-BA S S I N S T I T UT E
                        IN FORM AT IO N T ECH N O LOG Y,
                                                                  FO R M A R K E T I N G S C I E N C E
                             EN G IN EERIN G A N D
                             T H E EN VIRON M EN T                   FUT UR E I N D US T R I ES
                                                                          I N S T I T UT E
                                                                     SA N S O M I N S T I T UT E
                                                                   FO R HE A LT H R ES E A R C H
                                                               C E N T R E FO R C A N C E R B I O LO GY


         C ITY EAST
         C ITY WEST

      MAWSON LAKES                                                                                          STUDENT
      2 REGIONAL                                                                                              PARTN E R
                                                                                                           IN STITUTION S
                                                                                TOTA L N UM B E R O F
                                                                          I N T E R N AT I O N A L
      2016 figures


                            S TA F F
                           P OP U LATION

                     *Full-time equivalent

                                                          TOTA L N UM B E R O F


2019 programs international students - University of South Australia
TOP 10
                                  IN AUSTRALIA                                      97% OF OUR
                              Ranked 9th – 2017 THE World University Rankings

                                                                                     R AT E D AT O R A B O V E
                                                                                      W O R L D S TA N D A R D

    R AN K E D I N TH E                                                                                         R ANKED IN TH E
                                                                                2015 Excellence in Research
                                                                                for Australia (ERA)

                                                                                                                    TO P 5
   TO P 50 U N D E R 5 0                                                                                      IN S T ITU TIO N S
      FOR B OTH QS AND TH E                                                                                   IN AU S TR A L IA
        WOR LD RANK INGS                                                                                           FOR TEACHING
                                                                                                              INTERNATIONAL OUTLOOK
Ranked 26 in QS Top 50
Universities Aged Under 50 2017
                                                RA N K E D                                                       INDUSTRY INCOME
Ranked 32 in THE World Top
200 Young Universities 2017               2N D I N                                                                     2017 THE Top 200 Under 50

                                        AU S T RA L I A
                                      FOR STUDENT SERVICES
                                   International Student Barometer
                                   2017 – Campus Central Services

2019 programs international students - University of South Australia
I am delighted that you            We are also one of the world’s most
                                        international universities, as recognised
                                        by Quacarelli Symonds (QS). We have
    are thinking of studying            Australia’s most internationally-diverse
                                        academic staff population and have always
          at the University of          given a warm welcome to international
                                        students, graduating people from more
     South Australia. We are,           than 140 countries throughout our history.

        after all, considered           If you decide to study with us you’ll find
                                        that the University of South Australia
                                        is innovative and creative, and focused
     one of the world’s best            on educating the next wave of global
                                        professionals. Our degrees are designed
       young universities by            with strong professional emphasis and in
                                        partnership with industry. Our research is
    ratings agencies such as            focused on finding answers to the world’s
                                        most pressing problems.
    Times Higher Education              We are also a globally engaged institution
                                        with a network of international partners
    and Quacarelli Symonds.             which include XAUAT, Shandong, Tianjin
                                        and Beijing Normal Universities in China,
                                        Keio University in Japan, Trinity College
                                        in Ireland, University College London, and
                                        numerous collaborations with universities
                                        elsewhere in Europe and North America.
                                        If you decide that the University of South
                                        Australia is the right place for you, we will
                                        help you prepare for the career path of
                                        your choice.

             Professor David G. Lloyd   I hope that you do consider coming to
                                        Adelaide to study with us and I look
    VICE CHANCELLOR AND PRESIDENT       forward to seeing you on campus soon.

                      Welcome to the University
                                                     of South Australia.

2019 programs international students - University of South Australia
About us/6
                 An enterprising spirit/8
           Your journey begins here/10
                    Discover Adelaide/12
                         Our campuses/18
                           New spaces/22
                   Getting to campus/24
              Your study experience/26
                            Student life/28
                       Supporting you/30
            Accommodation options/32
                              Go global/34

Get started: undergraduate programs/36
                     Business and Law
        UniSA Business School/38–51
 Education, Arts and Social Sciences
   Art, Architecture and Design/52–55
           Creative Industries/56–58
             Psychology, Social Work
          and Human Services/61–64
        Health and Medical Sciences
        Nursing and Midwifery/65–66
               Rehabilitation, Health
           and Sport Sciences/67–70
Pharmacy and Medical Sciences/71–74
IT, Engineering, and the Environment
 Construction and Environment/75–76
      Information Technology/82–84
     Science and Mathematics/84–85

          How to become a student/86
              Pathways to university/90
                          How to apply/92

          Images on pages 12–17 courtesy of the
          South Australian Tourism Commission
                  and the City of Holdfast Bay.

2019 programs international students - University of South Australia
About US

               The University of South Australia was
               formed in 1991 through a collection of
               colleges, institutes and schools coming
               together to become a single university.

               Today, we have graduated
               more than 160,000 students
               and are ranked in the top 10
               universities in Australia. *

               Our teaching is industry-informed and
               highly practical. You will learn from top
               ranking teachers and work on real-world
               issues to ensure you are career ready.
               We partner with more than 2,500
               companies worldwide to bring our
               students valuable placement, project,
               research and work opportunities.

2019 programs international students - University of South Australia
Pridham Hall is part of a major expansion
                                                                                                    of UniSA in Adelaide's West End.
                                                                                                  Check out the virtual fly through at

The University has developed an enviable        Art and the Hawke Centre, and through
research profile, engaging with more            our sponsorship of events such as the
than 500 international collaborations           world-class Santos Tour Down Under –
across 45 countries. We are focused on          the first event on the UCI WorldTour road
making a difference in areas as diverse         cycling calendar.
as cancer treatments, renewable energy,
cybersecurity and social innovation.
We have invested heavily in new buildings
                                                We are a young and
and facilities totalling over $400 million to   confident university,
expand our campus blueprint.
Our students have access to world-class
                                                boldly taking on the needs
learning spaces and the latest                  of a changing world.
technologies, along with enhanced
research facilities and facilities that
further collaborate and connect with            We are focused on the next generation of
the community and industry.                     great minds and invite you to come and
                                                study with the best.
We also actively contribute to the
intellectual, cultural and sporting life in     *Ranked 9th in the 2017 THE World
South Australia through facilities such as      University Rankings
the Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum of

2019 programs international students - University of South Australia

      an industry

   Student Demand
  Learning Resources
  Skills Development            Study.
      Social Equity
 2018 Good Universities Guide   We are South Australia’s
                                largest university and offer
                                a wide and varied range of
                                degrees, including programs
                                that are unique just to the
                                University of South Australia.
     DIVERSE                    Solutions.
academic teaching staff
   2017 QS World University
                                We are taking on the
                                challenges of tomorrow, by
                                finding solutions through
                                world-class research.

WITH OVER 2,500                 We are teaming up with
  COMPANIES                     local icons and international
                                heavyweights to drive
                                powerful partnerships
                                focused on building more
                                vibrant, advanced and
                                connected communities.

  $400 MILLION                  We are Australia's
                                University of Enterprise.


     Be bold and take    GET THE CAREER YOU WANT

     on the needs of a   Industry projects / internships and

     changing world.     placements / travel opportunities /
                         employment and career expos /
                         networking events / and more.

                         At the University of South Australia we are focused on life
                         beyond the classroom and helping you get career ready
                         – that’s why we are number one in South Australia for
                         graduate careers.* We have strong links with industry and
                         take a practical approach to teaching and learning, so that
                         you can make a real impact in your chosen profession.
                         Career development planning is one of the most important
                         aspects of university life, so we have a dedicated Career Services
                         team to support you with achieving your career goals. They offer
                         an extensive range of services, resources and tools to help you
                         plan your career, get yourself ready for the workplace, connect to
                         industry and most importantly find a job in your chosen field.

                         *QILT: Graduate Destinations Survey 2014-2015 and Graduate Outcomes
                         Survey 2016 – Full-time Employment Indicator.

STUDY IN WORLD-CLASS                                               SEE THE WORLD
FACILITIES                                                         Each year our students have the chance to take part in
                                                                   study tours, work placements, volunteer trips, international
Our campuses are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities         conferences and student exchange programs. We work
including modern lecture theatres, libraries, workshops,           with more than 70 partner institutions offering a variety of
laboratories and areas that simulate real work environments.       full-semester and full-year international exchanges and
These are all supported by the latest technologies and a fully     short-term opportunities during summer or winter school.
interactive online learning platform.                              In addition, most overseas experiences are available for
                                                                   credit, and the University has several funding and scholarship
For more information see our campuses on pages 18–23.


TEACHERS                                                           JOIN OUR GLOBAL ALUMNI
Learn from highly experienced academics and industry
                                                                   When you graduate, we’ll welcome you to our global alumni
professionals who are leaders in their field. We are Australia's
                                                                   network. We have over 200,000 alumni around the world,
number one young university for teaching quality in the 2017
                                                                   supported by five formal international networks in Hong Kong,
Times Higher Education Top 200 Under 50 Teaching Indicator
                                                                   China, Singapore, Malaysia and the United Kingdom. Membership
and are in the top 10 nationally for the number of staff who
                                                                   is free, lifelong and worldwide. All you need to do is update your
hold a PhD.
                                                                   details when you graduate to start accessing benefits including
                                                                   the Alumni Business Directory, professional services, and online
                                                                   networking community – Global Connect.


     The University of South Australia                                                            NORTHERN

     is located in Adelaide, Australia’s                                        WESTERN
                                                                                AUSTRALIA                            QUEENSLAND

     education city.                                                                                   SOUTH
                                                                                                                      NEW SOUTH

     THE DESTINATION                                                                                   NORTHERN      VICTORIA

     Adelaide is a beautiful and well-ordered city, surrounded by                     WESTERN
     parklands, pristine beaches, and the lush green hills and valleys                AUSTRALIA                           QUEENSLAND
     of Australia’s premier wine districts. You’ll find it makes an ideal                                     AUSTRALIA
                                                                                                                          NEW SOUTH
     home away from home with a strong sense of community                                                                   WALES

     usually reserved for small towns, combined with the vibrant                                                                 ACT

     activity of a capital city.                                                                                          VICTORIA

     Adelaide is also globally connected, sharing partnership
     agreements with cities around the world, including:
     Austin, USA / Christchurch, New Zealand / George Town,
     Malaysia / Himeji, Japan / Qingdao, China / Dalian,
     China / Chengdu, China


     FAST FACTS                                                              SOUTH
     Capital city / Adelaide                                                                        NEW SOUTH WALES
     State population / 1.7 million                                                                           QUEENSLAND
     Adelaide population / 1.3 million                                          SOUTH
     Language / English                                                        AUSTRALIA                                        ACT
                                                                                                         NEW SOUTH WALES
     Currency / A $
     Area / 984,377 square kilometres                                                                                                   SYDNEY
     Coastline / 3,700 kilometres                                                    ADELAIDE
     Major exports / Metals, wine, education
     Dubai – 13 hours 25 minutes
     Hong Kong – 8 hours 20 minutes
     Kuala Lumpur – 7 hours
     Singapore – 6 hours 30 minutes
     Approximate times displayed for direct flights.

WHY STUDYING                             COMFORTABLE
HERE IS SO                               CLIMATE
REWARDING                                Adelaide has a Mediterranean
                                         climate with hot, dry summers and
Accessible                               mild winters.
Adelaide offers all of the                                        temperatures
advantages of big city life yet
is small enough to get around            Summer.............. 25⁰C–35⁰C
easily. It takes just 20 minutes         December–February
to get from the airport to your          Mainly hot & dry
city campus, or from your
city campus to the beach.
                                         Autumn............. 20⁰C–25⁰C
Accepting                                March–May
                                         Mainly dry
Almost one in four people in South
Australia were born overseas with
ancestry tracing back to more than       Winter....................10⁰C–15⁰C
120 countries. Australia also has a      June–August
democratic system of government          Cool & wet
and is tolerant of different religious
beliefs and practices.
                                         Spring................... 20⁰C–25⁰C
Affordable                               September–November
                                         Little rain
Adelaide has one of the highest
standards of living of any city in
the world, yet is one of the least
expensive.                               AUSTRALIA’S
           19% less to live in
                                         GREEN CITY
           Adelaide compared to
           Sydney & Melbourne*           Did you know?
                                         •   Adelaide is one of Australia’s
           7% less to live in
                                             most environmentally
           Adelaide compared to
                                             friendly cities.
           Brisbane & Perth*
                                         •   The famous parklands are
                                             made up of 29 parks, which
*Based on information                        surround the city centre.
from Study Adelaide
studyadelaide.com/live                   •   Adelaide City Bikes has more
                                             than 500 bikes available for
                                             free hire. We also have hire
                                             sites located at both the City
                                             East and City West campuses.

Adelaide.. ................................................ page 18
Suburban............................................... page 20
Campus location map.. .......................page 25

     Adelaide is ranked as the world’s fifth most
     liveable city in the latest Economist Intelligence
     Unit’s Liveability Index and has been recognised
     for its stability, healthcare, culture, environment,
     education and infrastructure.

     Adelaide is home to a vibrant sporting culture and
     events such as the adrenalin-charged Adelaide 500
     motor race and World Solar Challenge.
     The multi-million dollar refurbishment of Adelaide
     Oval has also brought a new edge to the city’s
     sporting scene with ‘Aussie Rules’ football games,
     international cricket matches, soccer, and more.
     The Santos Tour Down Under, the first ProTour
     cycling race to be held outside of Europe, brings
     the world’s cycling elite to Adelaide. The University
     sponsors the Australian national team and is a huge
     participant in the eight-day event.


Image courtesy of Adelaide Oval SMA Ltd
                                                  (Photographer: John Montesi).

                                         Adelaide Oval / Based in the heart
                                          of the city, this iconic venue plays
                                          host to national and international
                                        entertainment and sporting events,
                                               seating over 50,000 people.

       Glenelg Beach / Located just
12 kilometres from the city, Glenelg
 offers classic seaside charm with a
  white sandy beach known for wild
    dolphins, diving and snorkelling.

     Adelaide is the festival city and every year it
     comes alive with an explosion of colour, lights,
     music and culture.
     The world-famous Adelaide Festival is Australia’s
     largest multi-arts festival. Held every year around
     March, it attracts hundreds of thousands of people
     from across the country and around the world.
     Other big festivals include the Adelaide Fringe
     Festival, OzAsia Festival, Adelaide Film Festival,
     WOMADelaide, Tasting Australia and the Adelaide
     Cabaret Festival. The University supports
     Adelaide’s festival scene through sponsorships
     and links to many of these events, and discounted
     tickets are often available to our students.

                                                                                   South Australia
                                                                                     is host to
                                                                               MORE THAN
                                                                             400 FOOD, ARTS
                                                                              AND CULTURAL
                                                                                        each year

                                                                   Barossa Valley / This
                                                             world-famous region offers
                                                           breathtaking views, gourmet
                                                            food and wine festivals, and
                                                           magical experiences such as
                                                                    hot air balloon rides.
Fringe Festival/ This is
                                     the largest open access
                                            arts festival in the
                                       Southern Hemisphere,
                                    providing 31 magical days
                                    of events where Adelaide
                                    comes alive with exciting
                                              pop-up venues.

     OzAsia Festival / This
      is Australia’s premier
 international arts festival
     focusing on Asia. The
          city of Adelaide is
   transformed through a
 mix of contemporary art,
the annual Moon Lantern
Festival, and international
         music at the Good
            Fortune Market.

                                Santos Tour Down Under / The
                                  University is a proud Premier
                                    Partner of this global event
                                    held in Adelaide each year.

                      Our two city campuses are
                  conveniently located in the
                       heart of the Adelaide CBD.

                                                                                City West Campus

      IRESS Finance Trading Room at City West Campus

                                                       Replica hospital setting at City East Campus

                                   City East Campus
CITY WEST                                                        CITY EAST
City West campus is located on the western edge of the           City East boasts impressive educational facilities and is
CBD. The West End is fast becoming an arts, food and             located in close proximity to some of Adelaide’s best
cultural hub, paired with exciting new developments in           eateries, bars and shopping, providing a vibrant city setting.
business and the health industry. City West features a variety   The campus is home to our health science programs and
of modern facilities including the multi-award winning           community health clinics. City East also features a range of
Jeffrey Smart Building (JSB) and the newly-built Pridham         state-of-the-art laboratories and a fully-equipped gym.
Hall – home to a flexible event and graduation space, public
sports complex and swimming pool.
                                                                 What you’ll study

What you’ll study                                                Construction Management

Art, Architecture and Design                                     Human Movement

Business                                                         Medical and Medical Radiation Sciences

Finance                                                          Nursing and Midwifery

Law                                                              Nutrition and Food Sciences

Marketing                                                        Pharmacy

On campus                                                        Podiatry
IRESS Finance Trading Room / Law Clinic /
Mock court / Marketing Clinic / Architecture
studios and workshop / Visual art and design                     On campus
studios / Photography darkroom / Post
                                                                 Replica hospital and community health settings /
office / Cafés with outdoor dining / Jeffrey Smart
                                                                 Anatomy Lab / Pharmacy Lab / Histopathology and
Building / Student Lounge / SASA Gallery /
                                                                 Haematology Lab / Microbiology Lab / Biomechanics Lab /
Architecture Museum / Samstag Museum /
                                                                 Sensory Lab / Exercise Physiology Lab / X-ray suites /
Pridham Hall / Health Innovation Building /
                                                                 Virtual Environment Radiation Training Suite (VERT) /
UniSA Health and Medical Clinic / MOD. (a futuristic
                                                                 Built Environment Experiential Learning Suite /
museum of discovery)
                                                                 Commercial kitchen / Environmental Chamber / Gym /
                                                                 Cafés and outdoor plaza / Student lounges
                                                                 There are also multiple community health clinics
Live music venues / Fashion, music and books stores /            located on campus including the Physiotherapy
Cafés and restaurants / Lion Arts Centre and Mercury             Clinic, Podiatry Clinic, High Performance and Exercise
Cinema / The Jam Factory / Adelaide Oval / Royal                 Physiology Clinic, and the UniSA Health Medical Clinic.
Adelaide Hospital / Central Markets and Chinatown

Lonely Planet has ranked Adelaide’s West End as one of           Nearby
the top three “coolest neighbourhoods” in Australia. It
                                                                 Rundle Street cafés, shops and cinemas / Adelaide Zoo /
has been recognised for its pedestrian friendly laneways,
                                                                 Botanic Gardens / Museum, State Library and the Art
world-class food and hospitality scene, architectural
                                                                 Gallery / River Torrens / National Wine Centre / Adelaide
gems and buzzing atmosphere.
                                                                 event zones


MAGILL                                                      MAWSON LAKES
     Nestled near the foothills in the leafy eastern             Located near more than 85 high-technology companies
     suburbs, Magill campus combines lush gardens                that make up Technology Park, Mawson Lakes campus
     and open spaces with world-class study facilities.          forms part of an innovation hub in Adelaide’s northern
     These include industry-standard television and radio        suburbs. This campus is home to South Australia’s largest
     studios, a purpose-built social work studio, community      IT School and features state-of-the-art learning spaces
     Psychology Clinic and a theatre for performing arts.        for engineering, science, technology and design.

     What you’ll study                                           What you’ll study

     Arts                                                        Aviation

     Communication and Journalism                                Education (Primary)

     Education (Early Childhood)                                 Education (Secondary)
     Education (Primary)                                         Engineering
     Psychology                                                  Information Technology
     Social Work                                                 Science and Mathematics

     On campus                                                   On campus
     TV Studio / Sound Studio / Radio Studio / Journalism        Industry-standard engineering facilities / Specialist IT
     newsroom / Theatre / Language Lab / Social Work             facilities / Mac and CISCO networking labs / Materials
     Studio / Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory / Sleep          and Minerals Science Learning and Research Hub / Future
     Centre / Psychology Clinic / Allied Health Clinic / Gym /   Industries Institute / Planetarium / UniSA Aviation Hangar
     Outdoor sports field / Swimming pool / Cafés / Parklands    (located near campus) / Ecological precinct / Drama
     and lawn areas                                              centre / Cafés, lawn and outdoor dining areas / Sports
                                                                 centre and gym

     Cafés and restaurants / Norwood Parade shopping
     precinct / Movie cinemas / Historic winery /                Cafés and restaurants / Walking and bike trails / Drive-in
     National parks / Cleland Wildlife Park / Magill Road        movie cinema / Mawson Central Shopping Mall /
     shopping precinct / Walking and hiking trails               Sporting grounds and golf course / Mawson Centre –
                                                                 a shared space for the University and community /
                                                                 Technology Park

Our suburban campuses
                offer picturesque settings
                               in Adelaide’s northern
                                   and eastern suburbs.
Mechatronics Lab at Mawson Lakes Campus

                                           Mawson Lakes Campus

Magill Campus

                                           TV Studio at Magill Campus   21
Pridham Hall
 This is the new heart of the University where we host
 graduations, functions and sporting events. Take a virtual
 tour by downloading the Pridham Hall app in Google Play
 or the App Store.

                                                                                               Student Lounge
                                                                    This was designed by our students as a place to come
                                                               together outside of study time. It includes kitchen facilities,
                                                              mobile charging stations, large-screen TVs, table tennis and
                                                              pool tables as well as a variety of social spaces. See more at

Jeffrey Smart Building
The award-winning Jeffrey Smart Building features the
very best in modern learning facilities. It boasts over
$8 million in new technologies with 600+ student
computers, high tech and silent study zones, cafés and
social spaces. Discover more at unisa.edu.au/JSB

                                                                Health Innovation Building
                                                           The $247 million Health Innovation Building is located
                                                           in SA’s health and biomedical precinct in the Adelaide
                                                               CBD, and is focused on creating new opportunities
                                                             for research, teaching and community engagement.
                                                          Check out this world-class project at unisa.edu.au/HIB

     PUBLIC TRANSPORT                               CAR PARKING                                    MOTORCYCLE
     You’ll find bus stops near each campus and     The Magill and Mawson Lakes campuses           PARKING
     train stations close to the city and Mawson    provide on-site car parking. Tickets are
     Lakes campuses. Check your bus, train or       purchased through the UniSA Parki app          You can park your motorcycle on
     tram options on the Adelaide Metro website.    available through the App Store and            University grounds at City East, Magill
     You’ll also be entitled to the same public     Google Play, or from easily located ‘Pay and   and Mawson Lakes campuses with a
     transport discounts as local students saving   Display’ metered parking machines. Car         UniSA parking permit. At City West,
     you hundreds of dollars every year.            parking will cost you from $0.20 an hour       motorcycles can be parked in the
                                                    to $1.50 for a full day (8:00am–6:00pm).       designated council parking bays.
     adelaidemetro.com.au                           For city campuses, there is metered
                                                    on-road and commercial parking nearby,
                                                    with costs starting at $4.00 an hour
                                                    to $15.00 a day for early bird rates.          RIDE YOUR BIKE
                                                                                                   Cycling is a great way to get to your campus.
     We run a free bus service between the                                                         It’s fun, cheap, good for the environment, and
     Magill and Mawson Lakes campuses to
     make life easier for staff and students who
                                                    ACCESS PARKING                                 an excellent form of exercise. Each campus
                                                                                                   has shower facilities and secured bicycle
     make the journey. For full timetable and       Access parking for people with a disability    storage areas. You can also hire an Adelaide
     route details visit:                           is available with a parking permit on every    Free Bike from Security at City East or City
                                                    campus. Council disabled parking bays are      West to get around during daylight hours.
     unisa.edu.au/campusconnector                   also available.

3 Mawson Lakes
            Campus 14 kms
                                                                                                                                                                            Magill Campus
                                                                                                                                                                            7.5 kms

                                                                                                                               City East Campus
City West
                                                                                        11                         12
                                                                   NORTH TERRACE
                                                                   5       6                                                                               15

                                                                                                                                                                                        EAST TERRACE
                                                                   HINDLEY STREET                                       RUNDLE MALL                        RUNDLE STREET

                                                                                             KING WILLIAM STREET
                                                                   CURRIE STREET
                                 LIGHT                                                                                        HINDMARSH

                                                                                                                                                                    FROME STREET
                               SQUARE                                                                                            SQUARE

                                         MORPHETT STREET

                                                                                                                                          PULTNEY STREET
                                                                   GROTE STREET                                    SQUARE
                                                                                                                    WAKEFIELD STREET
                                                           9                        8

                            WHITMORE                                                                                                                       HURTLE
                              SQUARE                                                                                                                       SQUARE

                                                                                    SOUTH TERRACE

                 City West Campus                                                                         UniLodge Student Accommodation30 Victoria Street, Adelaide
                  1-73 North Terrace, Adelaide
                 6                                                                                        UniSA Student Accommodation by urbanest 1 2 Bank St, Adelaide
                                                                                                          Adelaide OvalInternational and national entertainment and sporting events
                 City East Campus
                 Corner Frome Road and                                                                    Adelaide Central Markets Fresh produce, groceries
                 North Terrace, Adelaide                                                                  ChinatownAdelaide’s home of Asian food and culture
                                                                                                          Adelaide Festival CentreAdelaide Festival, theatre, cabaret, concerts
                 Mawson Lakes Campus
                 Mawson Lakes Boulevard,                                                                  Adelaide Railway StationCentral terminus of the metropolitan railway system
                 Mawson Lakes                                                                             Adelaide Cultural Hub North TerraceMuseum, State Library and SA Art Gallery
                                                                                                          Adelaide Event ZonesAdelaide Festival, Fringe, Clipsal 500, WOMADelaide
                 Magill Campus
                 Lorne Avenue, Magill                                                                     Adelaide’s Botanic Gardens and ZooPalm House, Bicentennial Conservatory
                                                                                                          Rundle StreetCinemas, eateries, coffee shops

                 FREE tram route                                                                          Rundle MallCentral shopping precinct

                 FREE bus route

                                                                        We can                            One big advantage of Adelaide is its accessibility, with direct flights from major
                                                                                                          Asian airports, Dubai, Doha (Qatar) and all Australian capital cities. We offer a free
                                                                       meet you                           on-arrival reception service and if you complete the online booking form before
                                                                        at the                            you leave home we will meet you at the airport.
                                                                        airport                           unisa.edu.au/on-arrival-reception

     LIBRARY RESOURCES                                                                       STUDENT APP
     Your campus library provides easy access to a large range of resources including        Download the UniSA app through the
     books, electronic journals, databases and more. Make the library catalogue and          Apple iStore or Google Play to view your
     databases your first stop for researching your assignments, and attend one of our       assignments, access your timetable and
     workshops designed to improve your research skills. We also have private group          calendar, check your emails, book study
     learning spaces available on every campus and you can connect to our free Wi-Fi.        rooms, enter competitions and receive
                                                                                             notifications. You will also be able to check
     Library staff can be contacted virtually using videoconferencing or you can arrange     course information, check printing quotas,
     to meet in person. The Ask the Library/IT service is also available via phone, email,   login to MyLibrary services, download campus
     video and chat.                                                                         maps and even find the nearest PC!


     Our multi-million dollar fully interactive online learning environment provides
     for online submission and return of assignments, support for learning, virtual
                                                                                             SAFEZONE APP
     classrooms, lecture recordings and more. It’s part of our comprehensive Digital         The free SafeZone app provides you with
     Learning Strategy, and it’s available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.         additional security and support when studying
                                                                                             on campus. The app allows you to get help
                                                                                             quickly in a personal emergency or if someone
                                                                                             else needs first aid or general assistance. You
     STUDY HELP                                                                              can check-in when you are working alone, after
                                                                                             hours or in high risk areas, which shares your
     Our team of Learning Advisers are dedicated to helping you                              status with an on-site response team. You can
     develop academic and professional literacies and the learning                           also receive notifications so you know what
     skills needed during your studies, and in the workplace.                                to do in an emergency situation. The app can
                                                                                             be downloaded through the Apple iStore or
     unisa.edu.au/studyhelp                                                                  Google Play.


Each year more than 2,500 students at the University benefit from scholarships
and grants totalling millions of dollars. We have a range of categories including
support for high achievers and students in need, along with scholarships
specifically for international students.


Australia Awards
The Australia Awards are prestigious international scholarships and fellowships funded
by the Australian Government, offering the next generation of global leaders an
opportunity to undertake study, research and professional development in Australia.
We host a number of awardees and our dedicated team provides a support service
from application to graduation.


Hear from some
     of our students
       about their
     experiences at:

Enjoy an energetic student experience
brought to life by events, entertainment,
sports, clubs, volunteering opportunities
and more. Get involved and build lasting
friendships along the way.

Take some time out from your studies and enjoy year-round
entertainment, including:
Campus BBQs / Multicultural Week / UniTopia / Spiced
Cooking Demonstrations / Reconciliation Week /
Community Gardens / Volunteering Expo / City to Bay /
Halloween Party / Careers Expo / and more.

Get involved with UniSA Sport and join one of the many sports
clubs on offer including basketball, volleyball, karate and
rock-climbing. You might even be interested in representing
Team UniSA at the Australian University Games. You can also
keep active by taking advantage of our gyms and participating
in campus-based sports.


USASA provides a voice for students and offers key services
including student representation and advocacy, coordinating
student clubs and selling second-hand text books. They also
organise social events, competitions and the student-led
magazine – The Verse.

Start your day with cheap breakfast options served up on
campus. Our Brekky Bar is run by USASA and open to all
students across all locations on various days throughout
the year.


                        Check out what’s happening on each
                        campus and across the University.


Supporting YOU
     Connect with our expert support
     services to make your life at
     university easier.

     We want you to be successful, and if you need
     help you’ll have it. We provide a full range of
                                                             FAMILY SUPPORT
     integrated support services including academic
                                                             The University also offers advice and assistance
     counselling, personal counselling, social support
                                                             on settling into life in Adelaide and Australia
     services, common rooms, prayer rooms, security
                                                             for partners or other family members who
     officers, and a range of other services offered
                                                             accompany international students.
     through our students association, USASA.
     Your Campus Central office will help you with your
     enrolment, ID cards, fees, timetables and any other
     questions you might have.                               GETTING STARTED
                                                             We have specialised services and staff that can
                                                             help you transition into the University, and provide
     YOUR SUPPORT AT                                         information and advice about:

     A GLANCE                                                 •
                                                                  On arrival transport to your accommodation
                                                                  Life in Adelaide
     Community health clinics / disability                    •   Your orientation to university
     services / counselling / mentoring /                     •   Work rights in Australia
     Legal Advice Clinic / health and fitness                 •   Community and government services
     centres / wellbeing resources and advice /               •   Academic policies and procedures
     international student services /                        unisa.edu.au/internationalstudentsupport

     We provide a range of free online services and
     resources specifically for international students. We
     also offer face-to-face support including counselling
     and disability services, careers advice, study
     help, and assistance with student health cover.

                                                                             Apply now with our online
                                                                             application system
                                                                             Save and submit your application at any time, track its
                                                                             progress, and accept your offer, all in one place. For
                                                                             more information visit:


Help for sponsored students
A sponsored student is someone who has all or part
ofsponsored     student
   their education    costsis someone     who party,
                              paid by a third  has allsuch
                                                       or part
                                                            as a
of their government,
foreign  education costs the paid   by a third
                               Australian       party, such
                                           Government,        as a
                                                           a partner
foreign  government,
university  or an employer.the Australian   Government,
                                 We currently   host more athan
university  or an students
300 sponsored       employer.and  Weunderstand
                                     currently have
500 sponsored
international       students
                office           and understand
                        has a team                 their needs.
                                      of staff dedicated          Our
                                                           to working
with students office    has a number
                 and sponsor              of achieve
                                  bodies to  staff dedicated
                                                      the bestto
working with
outcome         students and sponsor bodies to achieve the
           for all.
best outcome for all.
As the central contact point for sponsors, the international
As theliaises
office  central   contact
               with  a widepoint   forofsponsors,
                               range               the international
                                         services across   the
office liaises
University,  to with
                ensurea wide    range ofare
                         applications     services  across
                                             prioritised,   the
student      to ensureand
          orientation    applications     are processed
                              support services             quickly,
                                                 are readily
and  student
available      orientation
           after  arrival.     and support services are readily
available after arrival.

    Bangladesh                 Jordan
                                Iraq                Philippines

      Bahrain                  Kuwait
                               Jordan                  Qatar

       Bhutan                   Laos
                               Kuwait              Saudi  Arabia

        Brazil                 Libya
                               Laos                 Singapore

     Cambodia                 Malaysia
                               Libya                Sri Lanka
                                                   Saudi Arabia

     Costa Rica
     Colombia                Mongolia
                             Malaysia                Tanzania

  Czech Republic
    Costa Rica               Myanmar
                             Mongolia                Thailand
                                                     Sri Lanka

  Czech Republic              Nepal
                             Myanmar                Timor Leste

       Egypt                  Nigeria
                              Nepal                   Tuvalu

         Fiji                 Oman
                              Nigeria          United ArabLeste
                                                   Timor   Emirates

       India                  Pakistan
                               Oman                  Vietnam

     Indonesia          PapuaPakistan
                              New Guinea       United Arab Emirates

        Iran                  Peru Guinea
                        Papua New                    Vietnam

Shared outdoor balcony space
 located on North Terrace.

       Dedicated student accommodation
                                                     kitchen, living and bathroom facilities.
       Student hostels                               Chores and household expenses are usually   Non-profit housing
       A$140–A$200 per week                          negotiated with fellow tenants.             Several not-for-profit and subsidised housing
                                                     Please see the map on page 25 for site      options are open to students. Eligibility
       Student hostels provide fully-furnished                                                   criteria and waiting lists apply.
       single rooms with a shared kitchen,           locations.
       bathroom and recreational facilities. Bills
       (such as electricity) are included in the
                                                                                                 For more information about your
       rent. These are great places to meet fellow   Residential colleges                        accommodation options visit:
       students and build networks.
                                                     A$325–A$490 per week                        unisa.edu.au/accommodation
                                                     Located in North Adelaide, a 10 minute
       Student apartments                            walk from the city, are a number of         For personalised advice contact:
                                                     residential colleges which offer fully-     Phone: +61 8 8302 0877
       A$150–A$390 per week                          furnished single rooms with a bed, desk,    Email: accommodation@unisa.edu.au
       A variety of student apartment options are    chair, telephone and wardrobe. Most
       available in the city and near our suburban   include meals and provide access to
       campuses. These include fully-furnished       computers, the internet, a library, music
       one to six bedroom apartments, with shared    rooms, sporting facilities and a laundry.

Private rental

                                                Private rental
                                                A$120–A$350 per week
                                                Renting privately can be a very affordable housing option
                                                if you are prepared to shop around. You can rent an entire
                                                property, share with other students, or live in a home with

                                                a family, couple or single person.

ACCOMMODATION                                   Homestay
BY urbanest                                     Approximately A$300 per week
                                                Students can live in a home with a family, couple or single
The new urbanest Bank Street offers             person. Costs include your own furnished room, meals and
intelligently designed, modern apartments       utilities. Stays can be as short as four weeks.
and studios. Located in the heart of
Adelaide’s CBD, it’s directly across from
the central railway and tram stations, and             STUDENT RENTAL DATABASE
bus links to a number of suburbs. It’s a five
                                                       This is a great way to find the ideal place to stay.
minute walk to Rundle Mall – Adelaide’s                Login for exclusive search access, get contact
premier shopping district – and in between             information for listings, save listings to your
our City East and City West campuses.                  shortlist and more.
There is also easy access to public
                                                       You can also look for vacancies through real estate
transport for both our Magill and Mawson               agencies and newspaper classifieds.
Lakes campuses. You can choose to live
in a fully-furnished shared apartment                  unisa.edu.au/accommodation/rental
or your own studio, both including the                 Note: the University does not inspect private rental
following services:                                    properties (including those in the rental database). It is
                                                       very important that you inspect the accommodation
Swipe card access and CCTV / gym                       carefully and meet future housemates before paying
                                                       money or agreeing to lease.
facilities / iMAC stations / secure bike
store / wireless internet / 24/7 onsite
team / big screen TV and games room /
outdoor balcony with BBQs / laundry

There is also additional value included         TEMPORARY ACCOMMODATION
in your rent such as electricity, water,
                                                If you have not finalised your long-term accommodation,
contents insurance (up to A$3,000) and          please ensure that you arrange temporary accommodation
100GB internet allowance per month.             before arriving in Adelaide. Plan to arrive two weeks before
You’ll have support upon arrival with a         the start of your program to allow enough time to select
property induction and welcome events,          accommodation and get settled.
along with access to uLife – a community
support and engagement program that’s
free for all residents.

Your rent also gives you access to gym and      HOUSING FAQs
pool facilities on all campuses, cooking        If you decide to rent, it is important to know your rights and
classes, a peer assisted learning support       obligations. To help avoid common rental traps, go online
program and free transport services from        and check out our helpful Housing FAQs.
the airport when you arrive in Adelaide for
the first time.

For more information and a 360° virtual tour
visit unisa.edu.au/accommodation

                                                Note: all costs are per person in Australian dollars and are
                                                only an approximate.


     OFFSHORE                               Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA)
     PROGRAMS                               HKMA is a non-profit organisation aiming to advance management excellence in Hong
                                            Kong and the region since 1960. Since its establishment, HKMA has played a major role in
     We are committed to building strong    contributing to the economic success of Hong Kong by providing a wide variety of high
     global links with highly ranked        quality management training and services.
     partners to deliver quality offshore
     programs meaning you can still         PROGRAMS:
     be part of the University of South     • Master of Business Administration (Finance) – OMMAA
     Australia from your home country.
     Discover some of our offshore          • Master of Business Administration (Human Resource Management) – OMMAA
     offerings in Hong Kong.                • Master of Business Administration (Marketing) – OMMAA

                                            Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU)
                                            The University has partnered with the School of Continuing Education (SCE), at Hong Kong
                                            Baptist University for over 20 years. The SCE was founded in 1975 and has been providing
                                            people of all ages with options for professional and academic advancement to meet the
                                            needs of the rapidly changing society.

                                            • Bachelor of Business (Management) – OBBGH
          For more information
             about our global               • Bachelor of Business (Tourism and Event Management) – OBBTH
         partnerships and other             • Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Sciences (Food Sciences) – OBFSH
         offshore programs visit:           • Bachelor of Psychological Sciences – OBPSH
                                            • Bachelor of Aviation (Management) – OBANH
           university-partners              sce.hkbu.edu.hk

Take part in global experiences including student exchange programs,
study tours, work placements, volunteer trips and Summer Schools. Once
you arrive in Adelaide, you can apply to travel to another country as part
of your degree. It’s a great opportunity to challenge yourself, enhance
your career prospects, experience a new culture and make lifelong friends.
We work with more than 70 partner institutions offering a variety of
full-semester international exchanges as well as short-term opportunities.

     Full-semester/ full-year exchange
     Full immersion – live like a local by embarking on six or twelve
     months of overseas study.

     Study tours
     Travel with a group of fellow students alongside a University
     staff member. Talk to your Program Director to find out what
     study tours are planned for your degree.

     Short-term options are affordable and include summer and
     winter schools. They’re a great way to fast-track your degree
     and combine your holiday and studies.

Not only do our overseas experiences offer credit towards your degree, we
also offer eligible students international travel grants to help with out of
pocket travel expenses. Funding is available via grants and scholarships
which are available from both the University and government bodies.

UniSA Business School/38–51

Art, Architecture and Design/52–55
Creative Industries/56–58
Psychology, Social Work and Human Services/61–64

Nursing and Midwifery/65–66
Rehabilitation, Health and Sport Sciences/67–70
Pharmacy and Medical Sciences/71–74

Construction and Environment/75–76
Information Technology/82–84
Science and Mathematics/84–85

     The UniSA Business School is ranked in the top
     one per cent worldwide* and is one of only nine         UniSA BUSINESS SCHOOL IS RANKED
     business schools in Australia to be accredited by       IN THE TOP 1% WORLDWIDE* AND
     EQUIS – the EFMD Quality Improvement System.
     Our business degrees will provide you with a solid
                                                             RATED FIVE STARS^.
                                                             *UniSA Business School is one of just nine institutions in the country and
     foundation of contemporary theories and practical       169 globally to be accredited by EQUIS. There are a total pool of 16,585
     applications, enabling you to achieve key business      business schools worldwide, AACSB, May 2017. ^2018 QS Stars Ratings.

     objectives in a broad range of organisational
     contexts and manage emerging issues within
     today’s global business environment. Our strong
     partnerships also give you the opportunity to work
     on industry projects, receive business mentoring
     and undertake internships as part of your studies.

     • Bachelor of Business (with various specialisations)
     • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
     • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting),
       Bachelor of Business (Finance)
     • Bachelor of Laws (Honours)
     • Laws (Honours) Double Degree
     • Bachelor of Marketing and Communication

     For more information visit:

       TO P 100
               IN L AW

                             RANKED 27TH
     2018 THE World
     Subject Rankings

                             FOR HOSPITALITY AND
                             LEISURE MANAGEMENT
                           2017 QS Subject Rankings


   SUMMER               FIRST SEMESTER                       WINTER                   SECOND SEMESTER                        SUMMER
   SCHOOL                  (MARCH)                           SCHOOL                       (AUGUST)                           SCHOOL

                                                                                                                                             UniSA BUSINESS SCHOOL
 intensive courses          Mon 4 March –                  Mon 17 June –                   Mon 12 August –              intensive courses
December/January             Fri 14 June                    Fri 9 August                   Fri 22 November             December/January

  JAN       FEB       MAR        APR        MAY         JUN         JUL         AUG        SEPT        OCT        NOV         DEC
                                   Please note: Summer School and Winter School are not compulsory.

             Featuring shorter semesters starting in March and August, the UniSA
                 Business School timetable gives you opportunities such as...

               TAKING UP COURSES                           INTERNSHIPS                           GOING ON OVERSEAS
              DURING SUMMER AND                           AND INDUSTRY                             EXCHANGE OR A
                WINTER SCHOOLS                             PLACEMENTS                               STUDY TOUR

             FAST-TRACKING YOUR                          MORE TIME FOR                          VISITING FAMILY BACK
            DEGREE OR SPACING OUT                         SEEKING PAID                           HOME DURING THE
                YOUR COURSES                              EMPLOYMENT                               8-WEEK BREAK

                     SOCIAL                             ACADEMIC                               PROFESSIONAL
            • Business Buddies                     • Peer Assisted Study                      • Transferable
            • Your Culture, My Culture               Sessions (PASS)                            employability skills
            • Spiced Cooking                       • Guest lectures                           • Networking sessions,
              Demonstrations                       • Business Student Hub                       site visits and role plays
            • Community Gardens                                                               • Career mentoring
                                                                                              • Placements in local and
                                                                                                international companies

Bachelor of


     Develop a strong business mind.      SPECIALISATIONS
     Establish a solid foundation of
     theory with core business courses.
                                          ECONOMICS, FINANCE AND TRADE
     Build your practical skills
     and networks through
     industry placements.                 FINANCE
     Specialise in either a profession,
     enterprise or discipline area.       HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT
     Diversify your skills with a
     cross-disciplinary specialisation
     from across the University.
                                          LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT
                                          SPORT AND RECREATION MANAGEMENT
                                          TOURISM AND EVENT MANAGEMENT

                                          CROSS-DISCIPLINARY SPECIALISATIONS

                                          INFORMATION STRATEGY AND MANAGEMENT
                                          INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP
                                          INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS
                                          LEGAL STUDIES

Campus: CE: City East, CW: City West,                                                            Quota applies
                                                                                                                        M: Magill, or ML: Mawson Lakes.                                                              SAIBT pathway
                                                                                                                       Full-time program duration in years                                                       Honours available

Bachelor of                                                                                                          Bachelor of

BUSINESSDBBN                                                                                                        BUSINESS
CW         3       S unisa.edu.au/business                                                                           ECONOMICS, FINANCE AND
ENTRY                                                                         FURTHER STUDY                          TRADEDBIB
Selection Rank(ATAR)................................. 70                    • Master of Management
                                                                                                                     CW         3       S unisa.edu.au/business
CRICOS code*...................................082882D                       • International Master of

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              UniSA BUSINESS SCHOOL
Fees*(indicative 2019)....... A$31,000 pa                                      Business Administration
IELTS Total............................................................6.0                                          ENTRY                                                                         FURTHER STUDY
IELTS Reading....................................................6.0         PROGRAM STRUCTURE                      Selection Rank(ATAR)................................. 70                    • Master of Finance
IELTS Writing......................................................6.0                                              CRICOS code*......................................027743E                    • Master of Finance (Banking)
Start date............................February, July                          FIRST YEAR                             Fees*(indicative 2019)....... A$31,000 pa                                    • International Master of Business
                      *See pages 95–98 for details                            Business Law                           IELTS Total............................................................6.0     Administration (Finance)
                                                                              Accounting Principles for Business     IELTS Reading....................................................6.0
                                                                                Decisions                            IELTS Writing......................................................6.0
                                                                              Business and Society                   Start date............................February, July
                                                                                                                                                                                                   PROGRAM STRUCTURE
Enjoy the flexibility of a
broad business degree.                                                        Principles of Economics                                      *See pages 95–98 for details                            FIRST YEAR
                                                                              Quantitative Methods for Business                                                                                    Principles of Economics
Gain a solid foundation in core
                                                                              Marketing Principles: Trading and                                                                                    Accounting for Business
business concepts and tailor your                                               Exchange
studies based on your interests.                                                                                     Develop an in-depth                                                           Marketing Principles: Trading and
                                                                              Professional Development in Business
                                                                                                                     understanding of the global                                                     Exchange
Participate in industry                                                       Minor 1
                                                                                                                     business environment.                                                         Business and Society
placements and build your                                                     SECOND YEAR
                                                                                                                     Be at the forefront of the                                                    Business Law
professional networks.                                                        Business Intelligence                                                                                                Quantitative Methods for Business
                                                                                                                     latest industry developments
                                                                              Management and Organisation                                                                                          Professional Development in Business
Discover pathways into other                                                                                         and apply logical, critical
                                                                              Minor 1                                                                                                              Macroeconomics
business specialisations.                                                                                            and creative solutions to
                                                                              Minor 2                                                                                                              SECOND YEAR
                                                                                                                     key business problems.
                                                                              Business Operations                                                                                                  Business Operations
                                                                              International Business Environment     Focus on currency markets,
MAJORS AND MINORS                                                                                                                                                                                  Growth Development and the
                                                                              Minor 1                                economics exchange and                                                          Macroeconomy
You can major in Information                                                  Minor 2                                global trade activities.                                                      Economic Analysis of Business Decisions
Strategy and Management,                                                      THIRD YEAR                                                                                                           Management and Organisation
                                                                                                                     Gain practical skills with computer
Innovation and Entrepreneurship,                                              Strategic Management                   simulation software and access                                                International Business Environment
or International Business; build                                              Minor 1                                                                                                              Forecasting and Business Analysis
                                                                                                                     the new state-of-the-art IRESS
your own degree by undertaking                                                Minor 2                                                                                                              Business Finance
                                                                                                                     Finance Trading Room on campus.
two minors in a range of different                                            Elective                                                                                                             Elective
areas; or undertake a one-year                                                                                       Embed an internship, undertake
                                                                              Elective                                                                                                             THIRD YEAR
exchange with Rennes Business                                                                                        an overseas exchange or
School in Brittany, France.                                                   Minor 2                                                                                                              Portfolio and Fund Management
                                                                                                                     participate in the Business
                                                                              2 x Electives                                                                                                        Strategic Management
                                                                                                                     Career Mentor Program as
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                                                                                                 part of your studies.                                                         2 x Electives
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Economics of Public Policy
 • Business owner and
                                                                                                                                                                                                   International Economics
                                                                                                                                                                                                   International Currency and Banking
 • Business adviser                                                                                                  CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                                                            Markets
 • Business consultant                                                                                                • Economist                                                                  Elective
 • Business development                                                                                               • Policy analyst
   manager                                                                                                            • Business development
 • Human resources adviser                                                                                              manager
 • Marketing and                                                                                                      • Market research analyst
   communications officer                                                                                             • Investment adviser
                                                                                                                      • Financial risk analyst
PATHWAY TO MASTERS                                                                                                    • Lobbyist and policy advocate
Fast-track your way into a master
degree with the 3 + 1 Pathway                                                                                        PATHWAY TO MASTERS
to Masters program. Advance
                                                                                                                     Fast-track your way into a master
your studies in the final year of
                                                                                                                     degree with the 3 + 1 Pathway
your three-year undergraduate
                                                                                                                     to Masters program. Advance
degree and then transition into
                                                                                                                     your studies in the final year of
a one-year master qualification.
                                                                                                                     your three-year undergraduate
Eligible programs only and
                                                                                                                     degree and then transition into
GPA requirements apply.
                                                                                                                     a one-year master qualification.
                                                                                                                     Eligible programs only and
RELATED DEGREES                                                                                                      GPA requirements apply.
 • Bachelor of Business
   (Management)                                                                                                      RELATED DEGREES
 • Bachelor of Business                                                                                               • Bachelor of Business (Finance)
                                                                                                                      • Bachelor of Business (Property)
 • Bachelor of Business (Tourism
                                                                                                                      • Bachelor of Commerce
   and Event Management)
 • Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of                                                                                                             Bachelor of

     BUSINESS                                                                                                                BUSINESS
     FINANCE DBCF                                                                                                           HUMAN RESOURCE
     CW         3       S unisa.edu.au/business                                                                              MANAGEMENT DBBH
                                                                                                                             CW         3       S unisa.edu.au/business
     ENTRY                                                                         RELATED DEGREES
     Selection Rank(ATAR)................................. 70                    • Bachelor of Commerce
     CRICOS code*................................... 080918B                        (Accounting)                            ENTRY                                                                         FURTHER STUDY
     Fees*(indicative 2019)....... A$31,000 pa                                    • Bachelor of Commerce                    Selection Rank(ATAR)................................. 70                    • Graduate Certificate in Human
     IELTS Total............................................................6.0     (Accounting), Bachelor                  CRICOS code*................................. 080603K                          Resource Management
     IELTS Reading....................................................6.0           of Business (Finance)                   Fees*(indicative 2019)....... A$31,000 pa                                    • Graduate Diploma in Human
     IELTS Writing......................................................6.0       • Bachelor of Business                    IELTS Total............................................................6.0     Resource Management
     Start date............................February, July                            (Economics, Finance and Trade)          IELTS Reading....................................................6.0         • Master of Management (Human
                           *See pages 95–98 for details                                                                      IELTS Writing......................................................6.0         Resource Management)
                                                                                   • Bachelor of Business
                                                                                                                             Start date............................February, July
                                                                                                                                                   *See pages 95–98 for details                            PROGRAM STRUCTURE
     Join South Australia’s most                                                   FURTHER STUDY
     established finance degree.                                                                                                                                                                           FIRST YEAR
                                                                                   • Master of Professional                  Learn about the latest discoveries                                            Business Law
     Develop the knowledge and                                                       Accounting                              in human resources.                                                           Foundations of Human Resource
     confidence to succeed in the                                                  • Master of Management                                                                                                    Management
     fast-paced financial sector.                                                  • Master of Finance                       Focus on people management                                                    Management and Organisation
                                                                                                                             including recruitment, training,                                              Business and Society
     Focus on borrowing, lending                                                   • Master of Finance (Banking)
                                                                                                                             performance and retention.
     and investing money.                                                          • International Master of Business                                                                                      Marketing Principles: Trading and
                                                                                     Administration (Finance)                Develop an understanding                                                        Exchange
     Gain practical skills with market                                                                                       of effective management                                                       Work Health and Safety Management
     simulation programs and access                                                                                          systems and leadership                                                          Principles
     the new state-of-the-art IRESS
                                                                                   PROGRAM STRUCTURE                                                                                                       Quantitative Methods for Business
                                                                                                                             skills in a global context.
     Finance Trading Room on campus.                                               FIRST YEAR                                                                                                              Professional Development in Business
                                                                                                                             Work closely with the                                                         SECOND YEAR
     Embed an internship, undertake                                                Accounting for Business                   University's Centre for Workplace
     an overseas exchange or                                                       Quantitative Methods for Business
                                                                                                                             Excellence (CWex) – conducting
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Accounting Principles for Business
     participate in the Business                                                   Principles of Economics                                                                                                   Decisions
                                                                                                                             world-class research at the                                                   Business Intelligence
     Career Mentor Program as                                                      Business and Society
                                                                                                                             forefront of current and future
     part of your studies.                                                                                                                                                                                 Training and Development
                                                                                   Business Law                              workplace challenges.                                                         Principles of Economics
                                                                                   Financial Accounting 1
                                                                                   Macroeconomics                                                                                                          Performance and Compensation
                                                                                   Financial Markets and Institutions                                                                                        Management
     CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                                                                                                    CAREER OPPORTUNITIES                                                          Business Operations
                                                                                   SECOND YEAR
      •     Business adviser                                                                                                  • Recruitment consultant                                                     2 x Electives
      •     Investment banker                                                      Business Finance                                                                                                        THIRD YEAR
                                                                                   Financial Planning and Personal Finance    • Learning and
      •     Financial planner or adviser                                                                                        development officer                                                        Management of Industrial Relations
                                                                                   Management and Organisation
      •     Investment fund manager                                                Professional Development in Business       • Human resources adviser                                                    Strategic Management
                                                                                                                              • Human resources manager                                                    Staffing Organisations
                                                                                   International Currency and Banking
     PROFESSIONAL                                                                    Markets                                  • Occupational health, safety
                                                                                                                                                                                                           International Business Environment
     ACCREDITATION                                                                 Marketing Principles: Trading and            and welfare officer                                                        Employment Law
                                                                                     Exchange                                                                                                              Strategic Human Resource Management
     ASIC: This degree is Tier 1
                                                                                   Forecasting and Business Analysis                                                                                       2 x Electives
     accredited by the Australian                                                                                            PROFESSIONAL
     Securities and Investments                                                    International Business Environment
     Commission (ASIC) for the                                                     THIRD YEAR
                                                                                                                             This degree is accredited
     training requirements of                                                      Portfolio and Fund Management
                                                                                                                             by the Australian Human
     financial product advisers.                                                   Taxation Law 1
                                                                                                                             Resources Institute (AHRI)
     FINSIA: Graduates are eligible                                                                                          and graduates are eligible for
     for membership with the                                                                                                 professional membership.
                                                                                   Commercial Law M
     Financial Services Institute                                                  OR
     of Australasia (FINSIA).                                                      Elective                                  PROFESSIONAL RECOGNITION
     CFA: We are one of only eight                                                 Business Operations                       This degree is recognised by
     universities in Australia to be                                               Applied Financial Planning                the world’s largest HRM body
     recognised through the Chartered                                              OR                                        based in the United States – the
     Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute                                             Corporate Valuation and Risk              Society for Human Resource
     University Recognition Program.                                                 Management                              Management (SHRM).
                                                                                   Financial Risk Analysis
     PATHWAY TO MASTERS                                                            Strategic Financial Analysis              RELATED DEGREES
     Fast-track your way into a master                                                                                        • Bachelor of Business
     degree with the 3 + 1 Pathway                                                                                              (Management)
     to Masters program. Advance                                                                                              • Bachelor of Psychological
     your studies in the final year of                                                                                          Science (Counselling and
     your three-year undergraduate                                                                                              Interpersonal Skills)
     degree and then transition into                                                                                          • Bachelor of Business (Sport
     a one-year master qualification.                                                                                           and Recreation Management)
     Eligible programs only and                                                                                               • Bachelor of Business
     GPA requirements apply.                                                                                                    (Marketing)

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