Nevada edition - Bingo Bugle

Nevada edition - Bingo Bugle


PAGES 3 & 19 $30 “GRAND” SIZZLIN’! PAGES 9 & 16 $500,000 SUPER GALA! PAGE 11 $12,000 CASH GIVEAWAY! PAGE 18 $100,000 MATINEES! PAGE 22 SWIPE AND WIN GAME! PAGE 27 $7,250 STARS & STRIPES! PAGE 29 HAWAIIAN GETAWAY! PAGE 31 $1,000,000 BINGO WEEKEND! PAGE 38 $17,225 DOUBLEACTION! Teri yelled bingo on the 35th number of the Double Action at the Eldorado and won $14,725. She won this on a $2 orange Double Action and also won an additional $2,500 making the total $17,225! Way to go! $77,745 DUAL ACTION!

Rampart Bingo recently had their biggest bingo jackpot winner to date. Lucky Rafael won the Dual Action Coverall on the 34th number for $77,745! Wow, congratulations Rafael! $12,326 DUAL DAUB! Deborah Logan won the Dual Daub progressive at Plaza Bingo recently.

She is being congratulated by one of the lovely Plaza bingo agents. Way to go Deborah! Brenda Wray won $4,213.00 by hitting the Nugget Ball at Jerry’s Nugget. Brenda excitedly said : “Jerry’s Nugget is the Only Place To Play Bingo!!

4,213.00 NUGGET BALL! South Point had a 50 Grand Event on May 1st. One of the lucky winners of the 50 $1,000 games was Virgie Finadayag from San Francisco, CA. Congratulations Virgie! $1,000.00 GRAND WIN! Henderson local Ione B. hit it big at the 9 am session by winning the Dual Action jackpot at the Green Valley Ranch Bingo for $21,570. She did it on just the 34th number! $21,570 DUAL ACTION! Boyd’s $500,000 Power Bingo game was held May 23rd and 24th. Winning a big $25,000 at the Gold Coast on the first day was very happy Aileen Wada. Congratulations!

25,000 1ST DAY WIN!

Nevada edition - Bingo Bugle

Page 2; Bingo Bugle (Nevada) June 2016

Nevada edition - Bingo Bugle

Page 3; Bingo Bugle (Nevada) June 2016

Nevada edition - Bingo Bugle
  • Page 4; Bingo Bugle (Nevada) June 2016 INDEX NEVADA EDITION B 11 G 56 I 25 PUBLISHER: CIRCULATION: CONTRIBUTING RenedeGuzman 24/7 Distributing WRITERS: Reva & Kate ADVERTISING: PHOTOGRAPHERS: Jeffrey Charboneau RenedeGuzman Ed Oliphant Gayle Mitchell Jill Arons Michael Shackelford Henry Tamburin PRODUCTION Annie E. Ennis MANAGER: Bonnie Mitchell Jill Arons Bob Whittmore Frederick Woodruff The Bingo Bugle is printed on recycled newsprint. Verified Circulation 115,000 Nevada 35,000
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A Vegas trip

  • Happytobehome Summer is finally here with all the flowers in bloom and the pollen no longer falling from the trees. I am a happy camper. So Kate and I talked it over and decided it would be a great time to go to Las Vegas where, I am told, you can play Bingo 24/7.
  • When we got there and got checked in at Sam’s, we discovered you can’t exactly play Bingo 24/7. Close, but not quite. We were directed to what was supposed to be the best place to play and found it quite different to what we were used to. We filed in, bought our cards and were asked to donate to the “giant jackpot.” We each gave $5, but thought it a bit strange until we learned that the “giant jackpot” was $800. That made our small contribution all right and we settled in to play.

    It all went very fast. I scarcely had time to nod to my nearby fellow players. Kate nudged me and said, “That man is winking at you.” I looked up in surprise to find she was right and he winked again.

    Embarrassed, I ducked my head and concentrated on my cards. The first game was a double Bingo and someone won with a diagonal and four corners before I had time to blink. Next was two parallel lines which seems really hard to me, but someone won it in what I would call record time. The man winked at me again. Kate waved at him and at break he came over to say “Hi.” He was a Californian, come to Vegas to play and “to meet some lucky lady who is also a Bingo nut.” I was flattered but declined his invitation to a deeper relationship. “My sister and I are just visiting and don’t really have time for more,” I said, feeling bad for his disappointment.

    We whipped back into regular play and I was on! It felt so good to be near a win that I didn’t even feel bad when someone else won the game. Before long we were onto the “giant jackpot.” We had two onthe-way games and I had one good card. Kate was doing all right also but neither of us won. We left the game without even saying goodbye to my ‘winker.’ I thought for a while and then said, “I would rather be home.” “Me, too,” said Kate. “What’s say we just take off and head north.” We did, loving the warm night air and the feeling of freedom.

    As soon as we got home I wanted to find a good Bingo game and we did so, going to my favorite place where we were comfortable with the way the play went.

    We nodded to old friends and acquaintances and settled ourselves in our usual spot. Almost immediately I was on and won a happy big picture frame game. At intermission I said to Kate, “Do you see anyone trying to get my attention?” She looked around, but could find no one who seemed especially interested in us. “I guess we will have to settle for Cliff and Rod.” And at that moment, those two worthy gentlemen walked in, searching until they found us. “We decided you would be at a Bingo game,” said Cliff, hugging Kate. “So we just took a chance and came here,” said Rod, kissing me lightly. “How about some dinner after the games?” “What a great idea,” I said.

    I knew we rushed home for some good reason and this is undoubtedly it.” and lifting that often comes with cooking, makes the kitchen one of the most challenging rooms in the house for seniors to use. Here’s what you can do.

    Small Modifications There are lots of simple solutions and inexpensive add-ons that can make a big difference in making your mom’s kitchen safer and easier to maneuver. Consider these tips for the: Cabinets: Start by reorganizing your mom’s kitchen cabinets so that the items she frequently uses are within comfortable reach. You can also make her cabinets and pantry easier to access by installing pull-out shelves or lazy susans, or for the hard-to-reach upper shelves, a pull-down shelving system (see D-shaped pull-handles for the cabinets and drawers are also recommended because they’re more comfortable for arthritic hands to grasp than knobs.

    Lights: Aging eyes need more light, so install the highest wattage bulbs allowed in How to Seniorize a Kitchen Dear Savvy Senior, Awhile back you wrote a column on how to seniorize a bathroom to make it safer and easier to use. What about the kitchen?At 80, my mother still loves to cook, but has arthritis and some mobility challenges that make it difficult for her.What senior-friendly kitchen tips can you recommend?

    Aching Cook DearAching, The standing, bending, reaching, gripping your mom’s fixtures, and to brighten up her kitchen countertops add task lighting under her cabinets. Faucet: If she has twist handles on the faucet, replace them with easy-to-turn lever handles, or replace the entire fixture with an ADA compliant faucet with a single lever handle, or the new Delta touch technology faucet. And for safety purposes, set your mom’s hot water tank at 120 degrees to prevent water burns. Stove: If her vision is poor, clearly mark the controls on her stove or replace her dial controls with larger easier to read dials.

    And if memory is an issue, an automatic stove shut-off device (see, and is a smart solution.

    Microwave: If your mom’s microwave is mounted above her stove, consider moving it to a countertop. It makes it safer and easier to reach. Other areas: If she has kitchen throw rugs, to reduce the possibility of tripping, secure them to the floor with double-sided rug tape or replace them with non-skid floor mats. If standing for long periods causes her problems, get a kitchen stool so she can sit down while she works. And to help her arthritic hands, invest in some OXO Good Grip ( or other ergonomic kitchen utensils.

    User-Friendly Appliances If you’re looking to buy your mom some new appliances, manufacturers like General Electric, Whirlpool, Bosch and Siemens make a variety of products designed with seniors in mind.

    Here’s what to look for. Refrigerator/freezer: Side-by-side doors work well for seniors because the frequently used items (refrigerated and frozen) can be placed at mid-shelf range for easy access. Pull-out adjustable height shelves and water/ice dispenser on the outside of door are also very convenient.

    Dishwasher: Drawer designed dishwashers that slide in and out are very handy, and have it installed on a raised platform (6 to 10 inches) to eliminate bending over. Stove or cooktop: Look for one with the controls at the front so your mom won’t have to reach over hot burners to turn it off, and make sure the controls are easy to read and use. Flat surface burners or continuous grates on gas stoves are also great for sliding heavy pots and pans from one burner to the next. And ask about automatic shut off burners. Oven: Self-cleaning ovens are a plus, and consider a side-swing door model. They’re easier to get into because you don’t have to lean over a hot swing-down door.

    Also consider a wall-mounted oven, installed at your mom’s preferred height to eliminate bending. Washer and dryer: Front-load washers and dryers with pedestals that raise the height 10 to 15 inches are back-savers and easy to access.

    For more kitchen modification tips see and Send your senior questions to: Savvy Senior, P.O. Box 5443, Norman, OK 73070, or visit Jim Miller is a contributor to the NBC Today show and author of The Savvy Senior book.

    Nevada edition - Bingo Bugle

    Page 5; Bingo Bugle (Nevada) June 2016

    Nevada edition - Bingo Bugle

    Page 6; Bingo Bugle (Nevada) June 2016 Bingo is like the real estate game In a conversation the other day with a woman who has played Bingo for over 70 years, I heard a comment that makes a lot of sense.

    Bob,” she said, “Bingo is a lot like selling real estate. Even if you have the right numbers, it’s still LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.” There is a big amount of truth in that statement. How many times have you had all the numbers being called but they are just not in the right place to form the pattern you need to win, even if that pattern is only a SIMPLE Bingo?

    I often begin to think that my card is filling up to win the COVER-ALL, but still not winning at any other game. That is what makes Bingo the game we love so much. I don’t think there is any game of chance that is more random than is Bingo. The balls are called at random. This is the case whether the numbers appear from a huge air-driven glass-sided box, with the ball shown on a monitor and registered on a huge lighted board ... or simply drawn from a hand-cranked cage with nothing but the power of the caller’s voice to announce the balls.

    I really get angry when someone claims that Bingo can be rigged.

    Oh, I admit, that if enough really smart people teamed up with the owners of a big Vegasstyle hall, there is a slight chance that the electric machines MIGHT be tweaked. But, I don’t like to think so. Understand this, it is the random way the numbers are called that keeps Bingo the pure, un-rigged game of chance that it is. It creates the excitement. And, to prove my point, think about this. When was the last time you played Bingo and not a single B or I or N was called for what seemed like ten minutes? All the other rows started filling up, but one row was not called from.

    • Then, the next game, the calls were totally different. Maybe this time another row seemed to be slighted. Now THAT is proof of just how random Bingo is. And, not to totally change the subject, but when I play on Monday nights, the hall still gives us only ONE card. I really wish more big halls would do this. Oh, I can just hear a lot of people say: I CAN’T WIN WITH ONE CARD! Sure you can. You should try it sometime. And, if the hall wants to charge different amounts for that single card and then tag the winnings level to the cost, that’s fine with me. Next time: SOMETHING ENTIRELY DIFFERENT
    • This month: Bingo USA pays big! By Jeffrey Charboneau Special to the Bingo Bugle BINGO LAND ...Stories from the Real World & Cyberspace $1 Million Bingo in Alabama At 80,000 sq. ft., Bingo USA, located in Piedmont, Alabama, claims to be the largest Bingo hall in the United States. This November, the hall will host the first ever $1 million weekly Bingo. In addition, Bingo USA announced that Bingo will officially return to Piedmont beginning July 2 with a first-ever $250,000 jackpot Bingo game. The $250,000 jackpot game is then expected to take place monthly throughout the year. “We cannot be more excited to bring Bingo back to Piedmont and give Bingo players the opportunity to win up to $1 million,” says Ron Foster, president and CEO of Bingo USA. “We expect the massive new jackpots will create tremendous interest and opportunity for Bingo players across the U.S., while driving significant traffic to our first-class facility.” For more information on Bingo USA visit or Volunteers Allegedly Skim From Church Bingo The Indianapolis Star reports that a church that hosts a lucrative Bingo parlor is suing several congregation members, claiming they skimmed winnings from the charity gambling operation, which took in more than $40 million over the past decade. Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church in Beech Grove, Indiana, alleges the volunteers who ran the operation violated Indiana Gaming Commission rules, filed fraudulent and deceptive accounting reports and misdirected church money for their personal benefit, according to the lawsuit pending in Marion Superior Court. The volunteers are also accused of selling concessions at the games under the pretense the money was going to the Beech Grove Little League. The lawsuit, however, says that the youth sports organization never received any of the money, which instead was directed to the “personal use and benefit” of at least a dozen accused church members. Questions about the operation of the church’s Bingo has also prompted a State Gaming Commission probe.

    Bingo in the Olympics? A British Bingo company has applied to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to have Bingo declared an Olympic sport by Tokyo 2020. Mecca Bingo has written letters of intent to the IOC arguing that “alertness, observational skills and sportsmanship” mean the game should qualify. Mecca is following the example of bridge, the card game, which applied for inclusion in Tokyo 2020 last year. Bridge, however, is considered a game of skill—unlike Bingo, which relies on chance—and its application to be recognized as a sport was turned down by Sport England in 2015 on the basis that it did not entail a “physical activity.” The IOC told Newsweek Europe that the process for recognition of sports by the IOC is “under way.” When asked how it planned to get around the lack of an international Bingo federation, Mecca said that it was acting on behalf of Bingo and was waiting for an initial IOC response before proceeding further.

    Nevada edition - Bingo Bugle

    Page 7; Bingo Bugle (Nevada) June 2016

    Nevada edition - Bingo Bugle

    Page 8; Bingo Bugle (Nevada) June 2016

    Nevada edition - Bingo Bugle

    Page 9; Bingo Bugle (Nevada) June 2016

    Nevada edition - Bingo Bugle

    Page 10; Bingo Bugle (Nevada) June 2016 Lynn, Bingo Agent JoJo and Toni Watson Toni won $4,861 Cashball Eastside Cannery Shalawn Williams - $1,000 Oakland, CA Suncoast $30,000 Sizzlin’ Summer Barbara Sue Pineda - $250 Las Vegas Gold Coast $25,000 Bingo Event Kri Denby - $10,054 Cash Ball Bingo Buddy Ninfa McDaniel Palace Station Keisha Scretchin - $100 Twice New Jersey, now Las Vegas 2nd Anniversary Celebration Rampart Casino Roger - $3,675 Bingo and Money Ball Eldorado Bingo - Henderson Sue Winspear - NY $1,000 Stations Big Bingo Weekend Palace Station

    Page 11; Bingo Bugle (Nevada) June 2016

    Page 12; Bingo Bugle (Nevada) June 2016

    Page 13; Bingo Bugle (Nevada) June 2016

    Page 14; Bingo Bugle (Nevada) June 2016

    Page 15; Bingo Bugle (Nevada) June 2016 BINGO INFORMATION ON THE WEB! Locate information on your favorite bingo games and cash balls on the web. ALIANTE ARIZONA CHARLIE’S BOULDER STATION CANNERY EASTSIDE CANNERY ELDORADO FIESTA HENDERSON FIESTA RANCHO GOLD COAST GREEN VALLEY RANCH JERRY’S NUGGET NUGGET RENO PAHRUMP NUGGET PALACE STATION PLAZA RAMPART CASINO RED ROCK SAM’S TOWN SANDS REGENCY SANTA FE STATION SILVER SEVENS SOUTH POINT SUNCOAST SUNSET STATION TEXAS STATION VIRGIN RIVER NEVADA BINGO BUGLE WEBSITE NEVADA CASH BALL UPDATES! ARIZONA Phoemix ( 830) 885-4818 Tucson ( 520) 797-6555 CALIFORNIA Central ( 559) 907-7215 Los Angeles . Oakland/E Bay ( 925) 829-2009 Orange County . Riverside . Sacramento ( 916) 421-5512 San Bernardino . San Diego/Santa Barbara . San Francisco ( 925) 829-2009 San Jose ( 925) 829-2009 Santa Barbara & Ventura . Marin,Sonoma,Lake,Napa & Salono Counties ( 925) 829-2009 COLORADO Denver ( 303) 458-6601 FLORIDA Cape Coral/Ft.Myers ( 239) 945-4830 Tampa/St.Petersburg ( 954) 776-3322 Central/East Coast ( 954) 776-3322 IDAHO ( 888) 478-3088 ILLINOIS Chicago ( 708) 579-3629 Rockford ( 815) 547-1096 South Chicago ( 800) 938-1285 INDIANA Indianapolis Metro & Fort Wayne Metro ( 765) 348-2859 Northwest Indiana ( 800) 938-1285 KANSAS ( 785) 654-3939 MAINE ( 207) 883-4582 MARYLAND South Maryland ( 540) 943-0898 MICHIGAN ( 616) 784-9344 MINNESOTA ( 651) 600-9019 MISSOURI West Missouri ( 816) 822-1940 NEVADA ( 702) 269-3300 NEW HAMPSHIRE ( 603) 382-4800 NEW MEXICO ( 866) 443-4373 NEW YORK Western New York/Buffalo ( 800) 938-1285 Syracuse ( 315) 451-1071 Long Island ( 516) 797-0224 OHIO Cleveland/Akron ( 877) 210-5700 Columbus ( 877) 210-5700 North Central Ohio ( 877) 210-5700 OREGON Portland Metro ( 360) 798-0391 Oregon ( 888) 478-3088 TEXAS Austin ( 830) 885-4831 Houston ( 800) 459-9558 San Antonio ( 830) 885-4831 VIRGINIA Richmond/Petersburg ( 804) 615-6977 Lynchburg/Roanoke ( 434) 239-3072 Norfolk ( 800) 938-1285 WASHINGTON Seattle/Everett ( 206) 453-5756 Tacoma ( 360) 798-0391 Vancouver & SW Washington ( 360) 798-0391 Eastern Washington ( 888) 478-3088 WASHINGTON D.C ( 804) 615-6977 WISCONSIN ( 414) 327-0705 Where Can I play Bingo? I found out on my local Bingo Bugle’s website THE BINGO BUGLE NEWSPAPERS Hotlines,Information Numbers & Websites Listings Assuming your husband is retired as well, I can’t help but wonder if part of his issue is that you are off enjoying an activity for hours at a time, multiple times a week— without him.

    I remember when my parents first retired. Mom immediately got more involved with her church, joined a community chorus, and began making and selling baked goods through a local farmers market. Dad mostly just puttered, determined not to do anything that even remotely resembled work. Needless to say, for a while they really got on each other’s nerves. Whenever Mom was home, Dad was always underfoot, hovering and sticking his nose into whatever she was doing, and talking her ear off. This made her spend more time outside the house, which made him resentful. It took years before Dad finally developed his own interests and activities—to my Mom’s great relief.

    • Does any of this sound like your situation? While you are off playing Bingo, is your husband home alone, roaming through an empty house and blaming your interest in Bingo for his boredom? If so, it seems to me that the only remedy is to help your husband find constructive ways to occupy himself and stop resenting your personal interests. Now, about that Bingo spending... It sounds like you are doing a good job of keeping a written record of your gaming expenses—but be sure you are tracking it ALL. Wear and tear on your vehicle as well as the cost of gas, gaming supplies, beverages, meals, and more, all add to the real cost of playing Bingo. If you are playing three or four days a week, depending on how many packs you play, this could easily come to $100 or more a week, which comes to $5,000-plus a year. (Of course, this is based on zero wins; a couple of good jackpots will slash that total considerably.) I, for one, see nothing wrong with spending $100 a week on something I enjoy—as long as I have the means to pay for it without creating financial hardship in other areas. If this is true for you, then your husband really has no right to be criticizing your Bingo play, especially since he has refused to even look at your accounting. All I can suggest is that the next time he starts in, stand your ground and tell him you have budgeted for it, you can afford it, you have the paperwork to prove it, and it’s time for him to get off your back. Good luck! — Aunt Bingo Share your views! Write to Aunt Bingo c/o the Bingo Bugle, P.O. Box 527, Vashon, Washington 98070, or email her at Be sure to include your name and address (you can request that your name not be published), as typically she will not include anonymous letters in her columns. Bingo costs
    • Trackyourexpenses DearAunt Bingo, I have enjoyed reading your column as well as the rest of the Bingo Bugle newspaper for many years. The columns and puzzles are enjoyable and the game listings are invaluable—especially since I retired last year and have increased my Bingo playing. Which brings me to my problem. When I was working at my job as an office manager, I mostly limited my Bingo playing to one evening a week. Now that I am retired and have more free time, I play Bingo at least twice a week and sometimes three times...and occasionally as much as four times a week.

    I rotate to different games and have many Bingo friends I see when I am out who make Bingo even more fun. I keep a record so I know how much I am spending on Bingo. If my spending gets too high, I cut back. When I win a jackpot, I include that in my budgeting and may play a little more. The bottom line is that Bingo is great fun for me and I am certainly not squandering my retirement income in order to play. Unfortunately, my husband sees it differently. He is convinced that Bingo is a big waste of time and money and that I am throwing money away. I’ve tried more than once to show him my Bingo account book to prove to him that I keep track of every penny, but he brushes it aside.

    I also reminded him that part of my former job was tracking office inventories and expenditures and that I was quite good at it. He said that didn’t matter and that all my Bingo playing is going to take us to the poor house. At this point I am at a loss as to how to reason with him. Do you have any ideas? —Budget Conscious in Colorado Dear Budget Conscious, I suspect that there is a little more going on here than just your spending at Bingo. Gladys Wray $1,000 Gold Coast $25,000 Bingo Event Robert Plotkin - $200 Las Vegas 2nd Anniversary Celebration Rampart Casino

    • Page 16; Bingo Bugle (Nevada) June 2016 VA paperless claims
    • Processinghitssnag An anonymous call to the hotline of the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General claimed that mail wasn’t being properly handled by the regional office in St. Petersburg, Florida. Little did they know...a photo at the contractor scanner facility taken by the VAOIG shows 1,600 boxes haphazardly stored. It was discovered that veterans’ claims were comingled with the contractor’s documentation, as well as office furniture and boxes of trash. Those claims to be scanned had come from five different regional offices.

    It turned out that it was taking 30 days to scan materials, even though the contract calls for a five-day turnaround. Part of the problem was the condition of the material within the boxes when they arrived: scattered, jumbled documents, loose and sometimes blank. A report photo shows what might be a box of junk for recycling. Forms with personally identifiable information weren’t secured within the piles of material. However, scanning-facility management claimed to be unaware of improper storage of the files until OIG inspectors found the storage room. Additionally the OIG “observed malfunctioning video surveillance of the rear storage area, employees freely roaming in this area, and adjacent unlocked and unarmed exit doors.” In rebuttal, the VA claimed that of the 1,600 boxes, approximately 40 percent had already been scanned and were awaiting shipment.

    Further, the VA claimed that documents were “date stamped, rubber banded with the original envelope, and carefully placed in boxes for shipment” to the scanning facility.

    Welcome to paperless claims processing. From the photos, here’s what it looks like to me: Those opening the mail just threw material in boxes without regard for security or organization of those documents, and those receiving the boxes for scanning just threw them into a storage room with unused office furniture. Gina and Paul Stroh – IL Paul won $250 Stations Big Bingo Weekend Sunset Station Ametrius Sidney - CA $500 Stations Big Bingo Weekend Santa Fe Station Julio Barea and Cheri Vaughn West Las Vegas Aliante All Paper Bingo Carmen Martinez - $1,000 Riverside, CA Suncoast $30,000 Sizzlin’ Summer Doreen Smith - Bermuda Bingo Manager Tom Palace Station $100,000 Big Money Matinee

    Page 17; Bingo Bugle (Nevada) June 2016 JACKPOT PHONE NUMBER 702-269-3300 QUICK CODE SYSTEM: CASINO AREA CODE NORTHWEST AND SOUTHWEST Rampart 1 10 Santa Fe Station 1 11 Fiesta Rancho 1 12 Texas Station 1 13 Suncoast 1 14 Arizona Charlie’s Decatur 1 15 Palace Station 1 16 Gold Coast 1 17 Red Rock 1 18 Aliante 1 19 NORTHEAST AND SOUTHEAST South Point 2 20 Poker Palace 2 21 Cannery Eastside 2 23 Jerry’s Nugget 2 24 Cannery 2 25 Boulder Station 2 26 Sam’s Town 2 27 Arizona Charlie’s Boulder 2 28 Silver Sevens 2 29 DOWNTOWN LV, HENDERSON, PAHRUMP AND RENO Eldorado 3 31 Fiesta Henderson 3 32 Sunset Station 3 33 Plaza 3 34 Green Valley Ranch 3 35 Pahrump Nugget 3 36 Nugget 3 37 Sands Regency 3 38 Virgin River 3 39 To repeat a message, Press 1.

    For address, session times and casino phone number, Press 2.

    To go back to the main menu and listen to another Casino Jackpot message, Press 9 Just dial our Jackpot phone number, 702-269-3300 and listen to the first message. If you want Jackpot information in the Northwest & Southwest of Las Vegas push the #1 on your telephone (Rampart, Santa Fe, Fiesta Rancho, Texas, Suncoast, Arizona Charlie’s Decatur, Palace, Gold Coast, Red Rock andAliante). For Jackpot information in the Northeast & Southeast push the #2 on your telephone (South Point, Poker Palace, Cannery Eastside, Jerry’s Nugget, Cannery, Boulder, Sam’s Town,Arizona Charlie’s Boulder and Silver Sevens).

    For Jackpot information in Downtown Las Vegas, Henderson, Laughlin, Mesquite, Pahrump and Reno push the #3 on your telephone (Eldorado, Fiesta Henderson, Sunset, Plaza, Green Valley Ranch, Pahrump Nugget, Nugget, Sands and Virgin River). Listen to the announcement and it will explain everything you need to know to completely understand the system.

    Sweet,Sweet Summer What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness? —John Steinbec Summer officially arrives this month on Monday, June 20th. Are you ready for blasts of cold air from air conditioners; trips to the beach wearing your bikini or thong? I’m not, that’s for sure. I keep a sweater in the car at all times because restaurants seem to think their customers like to freeze their noses and toes as they attempt to enjoy a hot meal. As for wearing a bikini—that would be a sight to behold. Let’s just say, my body is not shaped for bikini wearing and my husband, Robert, in a thong? We’d be sent to prison for causing so many other beach goers to laugh themselves to death.

    I’ll bet you didn’t know that June is also the official National Candy Month? Sweet! Not sure why, but who really cares if it means we can eat as much candy as we crave this month and be guilt free? Chocolate covered cherries and coconut bonbons, here I come. Our friends, Don and Peggy, from Round Rock, Texas, rave about Lammes Chewie Pecan Pralines— which are made in Austin. This candy featuring only Texas grown pecans debuted in 1892 after seven years of recipe tasting and is beyond yummy. When our friends visit, they usually bring us a box, which Robert and I hoard and eat slowly to prolong the pleasure of this creamy confection.

    That being said, dear readers, it’s easy to figure out why the bodies of Robert and I are not swimsuit ready at any season of the year. We both love sweet stuff, but in my case, I might as well skip eating it and paste it directly on my hips. That’s where it ends up anyway. Also this month, who could forget Father’s Day, June 19th? This is a perfect time to take your dear old dad to Bingo. Hey, he might win some money, but more important, you can spend time with the man who along with your mother is responsible for your existence. If your dad has never been to Bingo, then introduce him to our favorite game.

    Explain the basics, escort him to the snack bar, and tell everyone he’s your dad and how much you love him. I wish I could do the same with mine, but he’s been gone for many years. I think of him often because he was one of a kind. My mother passed away about ten years before he did. During that interim, Dad and I came to an understanding and appreciation of each other’s unique abilities. He was a woodsman who could name all the trees. He could build anything without a blueprint. He was a self-taught electrician, plumber, and jack of all trades. I was blessed to know and love him. Until next month, may Lady Luck blow you kisses as you dance out the door with dollars.

    Win big. You can email me at to share your thoughts. Your emails are among my greatest joys.

    on “too many” Lotto tickets. Do not worry about these type of dreams. I look forward to your next letter! —Dream Lady Dear Dream Lady, I dreamed I was going to drive a team of horses through a tall rusty gate—which was locked with a gigantic padlock. At first, I was going to leave the horses in the pasture, but I decided to figure out the combination. I sat quietly and fiddled with it until it opened! I then drove my horses through the gate and woke up. I think it is an “obstacle” dream; is it? I’ve read your column for many years. Thank you.

    • Nila B., Long Beach, California Dear Nila, You are correct. This is a classic “obstacle” dream. You showed patience and ingenuity getting past your obstacle. Horses usually symbolize fulfillment and personal success. It sounds like you are doing just fine in life and your dream reflects this. —Dream Lady Confidential to Bonnie in Titusville Florida, I was unable to publish your last dream about your daughter and son due to the sensitive nature of your dreams, so I sent you a private letter. I hope your health improves. My condolences on the death of your son. —Dream Lady Please send your dreams to Dream Lady at P.O. Box 414, Entiat, WA 98816. Enclose an SASE if you want a personal reply before publication. Not all dreams are published due to space limitations. Loyal Reader
    • Still dreaming big! Dear Dream Lady, It’s me again, Harry from Sun City. In my latest dream I won a voucher—which offered me either a new Oldsmobile car or $75,000 cash. I can’t recall which one I chose; I think it was the money because the car would not fit in my garage. Also, I wrote you about a dream many months ago about winning the lotto, but so far I’ve had no luck. Maybe it is still to come. Take care.

    Harry G., Sun City, Arizona Dear Harry, Good to hear from you again. I think you set the record for being the longesttime dreamer-reader of Dream Lady! I am sorry to read you haven’t won Lotto yet. Regarding your dreams—it is clear that you spend a lot of thought about winning prizes and money. Dreaming about this is healthy since you are not spending money Sandra Curtis and Janet Savage - Sandra won $1,000 South Point 50 Grand Event Dorothy Abate - $50 Las Vegas 2nd Anniversary Celebration Rampart Casino Mary McKnight $1,000 Gold Coast $25,000 Bingo Event

    Page 18; Bingo Bugle (Nevada) June 2016

    Page 19; Bingo Bugle (Nevada) June 2016

    Page 20; Bingo Bugle (Nevada) June 2016

    Page 21; Bingo Bugle (Nevada) June 2016

    Page 22; Bingo Bugle (Nevada) June 2016

    Page 23; Bingo Bugle (Nevada) June 2016

    Page 24; Bingo Bugle (Nevada) June 2016 carelessness. We will certainly continue to do our best to make Bingo enjoyable for our players. But, sadly, there are some aspects of the smaller games that will always be in need of repair.

    Tommy S., Ohio, via email Hi Guy, My group sponsors Bingo, and we have received complaints from players similar to what V. Lang wrote in to you about in your column. Upgrading the electronics or replacing tables and chairs is not cheap. And while players must think that we have buckets and buckets of extra cash lying around, I assure you that is not so.

    We have made commitments to many charities to help them in their good work and they rely on our funding in order to do so. We also are committed to making sure our players have a fun and exciting time, and offering large jackpots has shown to be the best way to do that. So my question is this: How do we pay for that new monitor or bank of folding chairs? Do we give less to our charities or pay out less to our players? Because those are pretty much our only options. —Cash Poor in Wisconsin Hi Tommy and C.P., I must confess that I was a bit surprised by the mail generated on this topic. Clearly it is an issue that Bingo operators are well aware of and wish they could deal with in a way that makes their halls better.

    I wonder if there is some way a Bingo sponsor could do a special fundraiser—a raffle, an auction, or some such—independent of the Bingo games and specifically designed to pay for hall improvements. This would be especially effective for a sponsor whose hall is multipurpose; it would not be a Bingo fundraiser, but an organizational fundraiser benefiting the building and all who use it. Short of that, it sure would be great to find a kind benefactor to write a check and save the day! Any takers? —Guy Hey guys! (And gals!) Write to: Guy’s Turn c/o The Bingo Bugle, P.O. Box 527, Vashon, Washington 98070, or email Guy directly at

    Be sure to include your name and address (you may request that your name not be published), as typically Guy will not include anonymous letters in his columns.

    • By Guy Williams Keepingupappearances
    • Halls in need of improvements Hi Readers, We received a number of responses from Bingo operators to a recent reader’s letter about the need for improvements at the Bingo halls where he plays. Following are two examples. —Guy Hi Guy, Recently you ran a letter from a man who had quite a bit to say about the conditions in a number of the Bingos he visits. In one, he was unhappy with the sound system. In another, he didn’t like the monitors. In a third, he thought the tables and chairs were bad.
    • News flash: All the things he is complaining about are the result of overuse and misuse of equipment by too many people. Oftentimes, Bingo isn’t the only thing that happens in these spaces. There are concerts, dances, flea markets and fundraisers. Some are used as cafeterias, overflow classrooms and rehearsal halls. As a result, virtually anyone and everyone traipses through these spaces and can get their hands on the equipment and abuse the furnishings. I volunteer at two Bingos, both of which have made significant investments in their operations within the past two years. In both instances, in a matter of months, someone damaged the costly new equipment. I will never forget the look on one chairman’s face when he switched on the microphone at the caller stand and the sound system cracked and sputtered because the speakers had been blasted and damaged. Thousands of dollars wasted. I think that it is fair to say that most halls would like to provide deluxe, casinostyle operations. But upkeep is simply too costly and fraught with risk because of By Jeffrey Charboneau Special to the Bingo Bugle Bugle Cruise News
    • Explore 2016’s Exquisite Ports of Call:GrandTurk; Last in a four-part series Setting sail from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on November 12, 2016, the 28th Annual World Championship Bingo Tournament & Gaming Cruise explores the eastern Caribbean with stops at four exciting island destinations—St. Maarten, St. Kitts, San Juan and Grand Turk.

    Entering your seventh day at sea, Carnival Conquest drops anchor at GrandTurk, part of a string of beautiful islands that make up the Turks and Caicos Islands. Historically, Grand Turk is believed by some to be the landfall island of Christopher Columbus during his 15th-century discovery of the New World. Today,GrandTurkisatropicalislandgemvisited by tourists from around the globe. The island offers many activities, such as: Shopping: Carnival Conquest docks at the Grand Turk Carnival Cruise Terminal, which includes a tourism village packed with shops and restaurants, one of the largest pools in the Caribbean, and an 800 ft.

    stretch of beach. There is also plenty of shopping opportunities in the town itself. Scuba Diving: GrandTurk has one of the most breathtaking ocean bio-systems in the entire world. Lush corals, diverse marine life and water visibility to depths of more than 100 feet lure swimmers and divers from around the world. Amazing diving can be found after a 10 minute boat ride from the beach. You can also dive or snorkel at the many nearby uninhabited cays.

    Horseback Riding: Enjoy a leisurely horseback ride along the beach while taking in the views of the crystal blueAtlantic. Off-Road Safari: Experience the natural history and cultural heritage of Grand Turk with a jeep safari. Some jeep tours include a stop near the town center for a 15-minute leisurely walk down the quaint Front Street lined with turn-of-the-century Bermudian architecture. Dune Buggy Fun: Climb behind the wheel of a sand dune buggy and head down the narrow tracks that skirt the beach and rock coastline around the southeast side of the island. Take a trek to the bluff where you can capture the beautiful view of Gibb’s Cay and other uninhabited islands that are visible in theAtlantic.

    Snorkel at Gibbs Cay: Explore an uninhabited island and have a close encounter with stingrays on this exciting combination excursion. Bicycle Tour: Ride up and down Front Street and glide into town by the shore to explore the many facets of Cockburn Town. Turks and Caicos National Museum: Learn about the cultural history of the islands and the discovery and impact of early European settlement on its history. StrollthroughCockburnTown:Aleisurely stroll through Cockburn town will reveal the history of the island. Here you will find the first landfall of Christopher Columbus. Grand Turk is just part of all that’s in store during the 2016 World Championship Bingo Tournament & Gaming Cruise.

    Go where no Bingo Cruise traveler has gone before. Learn more about this exciting cruise adventure by visiting us online at cruise or by phoning the Bingo Bugle Tournament Cruise Hotline: 888-352-2464. RestlessLegsSyndrome For many people with moderate to severe symptoms, RLS is debilitating—disrupting sleep, influencing mood and negatively affecting everyday life. It affects both men and women, though the incidence is about twice as high in women, and can start at any age.

    The condition causes an irresistible urge to move the legs. This urge is usually caused or accompanied by unpleasant sensations of burning, creeping, tugging or tingling inside the patient’s legs, ranging in severity from uncomfortable to painful. Symptoms typically begin or worsen during rest or inactivity, particularly when lying down or sitting, and may be temporarily relieved by movement, such as walking or massaging the legs. Symptoms often worsen at night, and disturbed sleep is a common result. Left untreated, this can cause exhaustion, daytime fatigue, inability to concentrate and impaired memory.

    Now, this common, treatable neurologic disorder is the focus of a social media campaign: #StopMakingExcuses, designed to raise awareness about the impact of RLS on sleep. Through this social media campaign, XenoPort, Inc. wants to educate Americans about RLS and encourage sufferers to talk with their doctors about their symptoms. You can join the RLS conversation on Facebook or Twitter using the #StopMakingExcuses hashtag. For further information about RLS, visit © NAPSA Wendell Branch - $2,500 Henderson with Beverly Green Valley Ranch Roderick and Damaris Scott - $4,861 Cashball Eastside Cannery Richard and Gloria Gutierrez Las Vegas Richard won $100 2nd Anniversary Celebration Rampart Casino

    • 702-657-4247 CELEBRATING DADS WIN UP TO $1,000 ON THE WHEEL SPIN** EVERY SUNDAY & TUESDAY 11AM 2nd Single Winner of the Session Gets to Spin the Wheel MANAGER’S SPECIAL Buy 3 Small Rainbows and GET 2 FREE!

    EVERY DAY EVERY SESSION FREE RAINBOW PACK 1PM AND 7PM SESSIONS WITH MINIMUM BUY-IN FREE BLUE PACKS EVERY FRI, SAT. AND SUNDAY JUST SHOW YOUR SLOT CARD AND I.D. IN THE BINGO ROOM. One per person per day. Minimum Buy-in Required. Not valid with other offers or coupons. DONUT BALL** FRIDAY, JUNE 3RD - ALL SESSIONS Bingo on the DONUT BALL and win an additional $1,000! With Validation CASINO WEEKLY DRAWINGS** Friday & Saturday Win $500 to $10,000 6:30PM, 8:30PM & 10:30PM $500 CASINO DRAWINGS** SUNDAYS 2:30PM & 4:30PM

    Page 26; Bingo Bugle (Nevada) June 2016 BUFFET LISTING ALIANTE Medley Buffet, B, Mon-Fri 7-11am, $5.99; L, Mon-Thu 11am-4pm, $8.99; L, Fri 11am-3pm, $8.99; D, Sun-Thu 4-9pm, $10.99; D, FriSeafood Night 4-9pm, $19.99; Sat-Steak Night 4-9pm, $15.99; Sat & Sun Brunch, 7am-3pm, $10.99 (All prices are with Players Club Discount) ARIZONA CHARLIE’S BOULDER B, 8-10:30am, $7.32 (RGO$5.49/B$6.59); L, 11am-3pm, $9.32 (RGO$6.99/B$8.39); DMon,Wed&Thu 4-8pm, $11.99 (RGO$8.99/ B$10.79); D-Fri&Sat 4-9pm and Sun&Tue 4- 8pm, $13.32(RGO$9.99/B$11.99); Sunday Brunch 8-3pm, $11.99 (RGO$8.99/B$10.79) (RGO-ace Red-Green-Orange/B-aceBlue) ARIZONA CHARLIE’S DECATUR B, 8-10:30am, $7.99 (RGO$5.99/B$7.19); L, 11am-3:30pm, $9.99 (RGO$7.49/B$8.99); D-SunThur 4-8pm, $11.99 (RGO$8.99/B$10.79); DFri&Sat 4-9pm, $14.65 (RGO$10.99/B$13.19); Sunday Brunch 8-3:30pm, $11.99 (RGO$8.99/ B$10.79) (RGO-ace Red-Green-Orange/B-aceBlue) BOULDER STATION Feast Buffet, B, 8-11am, $5.99 (WBP$7.99); L, 11am-4pm, $7.99 (WBP$10.99); D, 4-9pm, $9.99 (WBP$14.99); Sunday Brunch, 8am-4pm, $9.99 (WBP$14.99) WBP (Without Boarding Pass) FIESTA HENDERSON Festival Buffet L, 11am-4pm, $6.99 (WBP$9.99); D, 4-9pm, $8.99 (WBP$12.99); Saturday and Sunday Brunch, 8am-4pm, $8.99 (WBP$12.99) WBP (Without Boarding Pass) FIESTA RANCHO Festival Buffet L, 11am-4pm, $6.99 (WBP$9.99); D, 4-9pm, $8.99 (WBP$12.99); Tuesday Hawaiian Nights, 4-9pm, $12.99 (WBP$18.99); Saturday Brunch, 8am-4pm, $8.99 (WBP$12.99); Sunday Brunch, 9am-4pm, $8.99 (WBP$12.99) WBP (Without Boarding Pass) GREEN VALLEY RANCH Feast Buffet, B, 8-11am, $7.99 (WBP$9.99); L, 11am-3pm, $9.99 (WBP$12.99); D, 4-9pm, $14.99 (WBP$18.99); Friday “Seafood & Wine”, 4-9pm, $27.99 (WBP$32.99); Saturday Prime Rib, 4-9pm, $16.99 (WBP$21.99); Sunday Brunch, 8am-3:30pm, $14.99 (WBP$19.99) WBP (Without Boarding Pass) GOLD COAST Ports ‘O Call Buffet, B, 7-10 a.m., $6.95; L, 11a.m.-3p.m., $8.45, D, 4-9 p.m.; $12.95; Sunday Brunch, 8a.m.-3p.m., $12.95; Sunday Steak Night $13.95; Thursday Night Seafood $17.95.

    PALACE STATION Feast Buffet, B, 7-11am, $5.99 (WBP$7.99); L, 11am-4pm, $6.99 (WBP$10.99); D, 4-9pm, $7.99 (WBP$14.99); Sunday Brunch, 7am-4pm, $9.99 (WBP$14.99) WBP (Without Boarding Pass) RAMPART L, 11am-3pm, $7.99 (WRR$9.99); D Sunday thru Wednesday, 4-9pm, $13.99 (WRR$15.99); D Thursday thru Saturday, 4-9pm, $16.99 (WRR$18.99); Saturday and Sunday Brunch, 9am-3pm, $12.99 (WRR$14.99) WRR (Without Resort Rewards Card) RED ROCK Feast Buffet, B, 8-11am, $6.99 (WBP$9.99); L, 11am-3pm, $8.99 (WBP$11.99); D, 4-9pm, $13.99 (WBP$18.99); Saturday Prime Rib, 4- 9pm, $16.99 (WBP$21.99); Sunday Brunch, 8am-3pm, $13.99 (WBP$18.99) WBP (Without Boarding Pass) SAM’S TOWN The Firelight Buffet, B, Mon.-Sat.

    7am-10am $5.99(WBC$8.99); L, Mon.-Fri.11am-3pm $7.99 (WBC$10.99); D, Sun.-Thu 4pm-9pm $9.99(WPC$14.99); Fri. & Sat. 4pm-9pm $12.99(WPC$17.99); Sun Brunch 8am-3pm $9.99(WBC$12.99) WBC (Without B Connected Card) SANTA FE STATION Feast Buffet, B, 8-11am, $5.99 (WBP$8.99); L, 11am-4pm, $7.99 (WBP$10.99); D, 4-9pm, $10.99 (WBP$15.99); Saturday Prime Rib & Shrimp, 4-9pm, $13.99 (WBP$18.99); Sunday Brunch, 8am-4pm, $10.99 (WBP$15.99) WBP (Without Boarding Pass) SOUTH POINT B, 7-10a.m., $6.95; L, M-F-11a.m.-3p.m., $9.95; D, Sun-T-W-Th-4-9p.m. Sat 4-10p.m., $14.95; M-4-9p.m., $15.95; F-4-10p.m., $18.95; Sat/Sun Brunch 8a.m.-3p.m., $13.95 BUFFET LISTING CONTINUED SUNCOAST St.

    Tropez Buffet, B, 8-11a.m., $6.99; L, 11a.m.- 4p.m., $8.99; D, 4-10p.m., $12.99, Tue-$13.99, Fri-$17.99; Sunday Brunch 8a.m.-4p.m., $12.99; Hours vary on Fri, Sat & Sun. SUNSET STATION Feast Buffet, B, 8-11am, $4.99 (WBP$7.99); L, 11am-4pm, $7.99 (WBP$10.99); D, 4-9pm, $9.99 (WBP$14.99); Sunday Brunch, 8am-4pm, $9.99 (WBP$14.99) WBP (Without Boarding Pass) TEXAS STATION Feast Buffet, B, 8-11am, $4.99 (WBP$7.99); L, 11am-4pm, $7.99 (WBP$10.99); D, 4-9pm, $9.99 (WBP$14.99); Sunday Brunch, 8am-4pm, $9.99 (WBP$14.99) WBP (Without Boarding Pass) Summer Fruit Bowl The best part of the bounty of summer is the abundance of fresh fruits.

    Eating fruit is not only delicious and refreshing, it’s also good for you. Most fruits are naturally low in fat, sodium and calories. None have cholesterol.

    People who eat fruit as part of an overall healthy diet are likely to have a reduced risk of heart disease, including heart attack and stroke. It also may protect against certain types of cancers, and reduce the risk of obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Fruits are the source of many essential nutrients that aren’t consumed as much as they should be, including potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin C and folate (folic acid). Diets rich in potassium may help to maintain healthy blood pressure. Sources of potassium include bananas, prunes and prune juice, dried peaches and apricots, cantaloupe, honeydew melon and orange juice.

    Dietary fiber from fruits helps reduce blood cholesterol levels and may lower the risk of heart disease. Fiber is important for proper bowel function, and helps reduce constipation and diverticulosis. Fiber-containing foods such as fruits help us feel full with fewer calories. (Note: Fruit juices contain little or no fiber.) Folate (folic acid) helps form red blood cells. In women of childbearing age, folic acid reduces the risk of neural tube defects, spina bifida and anencephaly during fetal development.

    My recipe for fruit salad is combined with quinoa to make it a healthier and more versatile dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    Quinoa is native to Bolivia and is a relative of Swiss chard, spinach and beets. It comes in three varieties (whole grain white, red and black) and is glutenfree and packed with nutritional benefits. Quinoa also is a complete protein, which means it provides all nine essential amino acids necessary for good health. Your body can’t produce these nutrients itself, so you have to get them frequently through food. Just one cup contains 8 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, plus significant amounts of iron, magnesium, folate and heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids.

    Summer Fruit Salad with Quinoa can be served for breakfast with the sweet Poppy Seed Dressing. For a spicy, sweet and savory lunch or as a light summer supper or side dish, serve with the Spicy Chili Vinaigrette. SUMMER FRUIT SALAD WITH QUINOA 11 /3 cup water 2/3 cup quinoa (whole grain white, red or black varieties) 2 cups sweet cherries, stemmed 1/2 pound watermelon, cut in small wedges 4 small plums, pitted and cut into wedges 1 medium papaya, peeled, seeded and sliced 2 tablespoons finely chopped fresh mint Poppy Seed Dressing or Spicy Chili Vinaigrette 1. Combine water and quinoa in a medium saucepan.

    Bring to a boil, reduce heat to simmer and cook with cover on for 15 minutes. Remove from heat and set aside, with cover off, to cool completely.

    2. Arrange cherries, watermelon, plums and papaya in container with lid. Toss with quinoa and mint. Cover and refrigerate salad until ready to serve with your choice of dressing. Do not dress salad until ready to eat. Makes 6 servings. POPPY SEED DRESSING 1/4 cup honey 2 tablespoons lemon or lime juice 1/2 teaspoon poppy seeds 1/8 teaspoon salt 1/3 cup oil Beat together honey, lemon juice, poppy seeds and salt. Gradually beat in oil until dressing thickens. Cover and chill. Makes about 2/3 cup. SPICY CHILI VINAIGRETTE 2 tablespoons finely minced red onion 2 tablespoons lime juice 1/8 teaspoon salt 1 Thai or serrano chile pepper, finely chopped 2 tablespoons chopped cilantro 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil In a large bowl, whisk together onions, lime juice, salt, chile and cilantro.

    Drizzle in oil while continuing to whisk constantly. Makes about 2/3 cup. Angela Shelf Medearis is an award-winning children’s author, culinary historian and the author of seven cookbooks. Her new cookbook is “The Kitchen Diva’s Diabetic Cookbook.” Her website is To see how-to videos, recipes and much, much more, Like Angela Shelf Medearis, The Kitchen Diva! on Facebook. Recipes may not be reprinted without permission from Angela Shelf Medearis.

    • © King Features Breakfast
    • An impressive casserole Dear Annie, Every time I visit my brother and his wife they make a breakfast casserole. They are coming to our home this summer and I need some ideas of a breakfast that will impress them. By the way, they love sausage and bacon. Including their children and our children there will be eight people. Thanks. Belinda from Pflugerville, Texas Dear Belinda, I have a recipe for a Sunday Morning Sausage Ring. Serve it with a platter of scrambled eggs (allow two per person). It will satisfy the adults. I would also serve either pancakes or waffles with sausage links and bacon strips. This will keep the kids happy, and possibly the parents too. Don’t forget a healthy glass of orange juice, too. If you think the kids will eat some of the sausage ring, I would double the recipe. Enjoy! —Annie SUNDAY MORNING SAUSAGE RING 2 pounds bulk sausage 2 eggs beaten 2 tablespoons grated onion 1 1/2 cups fine dry toast or bread crumbs 1/4 cup chopped parsley Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Lightly butter a 9 inch ring mold. In a large bowl, mix the ingredients and pack into the mold. Bake for 20 minutes. Remove from the oven, pour off the excess fat and bake for an additional 20 minutes. Turn onto a large platter and cover with the scrambled eggs (two per person). Serves 4 to 6.

    Dear Ask Annie, Do you have any simple solutions to get my children to eat fish? I love to serve broiled salmon and several varieties of white fish. Help me please! James John from Toms River, N.J. Dear James, I have a very simple solution for you. I serve fish with a peach, apricot or orange jam. It is so delicious. I have never had any complaints. Bottled salsas would also be an option. —Annie Your comments and questions about cooking and entertaining will be addressed in this monthly column. Write to “Ask Annie” c/o Annie Ennis, 8312 SE 168th Trinity Place, The Villages, Florida 32162. So Ask Annie.

    Don’t forget you can email me at And let’s get cooking!

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