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Fall 2019
                                                               Volume LXVI

              New Mexico

Be sure to check out Marcia Neel’s article on beginning
Instrumental techniques.

Check out de-stress tips from Ella Wilcox.

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New Mexico Musician - New Mexico Music Educators
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New Mexico Musician - New Mexico Music Educators
New Mexico Musician - New Mexico Music Educators
                                                                           NEW MEXICO
   Jennifer Rogers, President
   3252 E. Missouri Ave, Apt. A
   Las Cruces, NM 88011

   Amy Williams, Band VP
   9008 Rainspot St NW
   Albuquerque, NM 87114                                                             Official Publication of the
   ‭(505) 321-2703                                                            New Mexico Music Educators Association
  Clarissa Clark, Choir VP
  6029 Celestial Ave NW                          Volume LXVI                            Number 1                                                              Fall 2019
  Albuquerque, NM 87114
  (505) 238-0148                                                                     ISSN 0742-8278
                                                                               NMMEA Website:
  Carla Lehmeier-Tatum, Orchestra VP
  27 Jennifer Dr
  Sandia Park, NM 87047                          CONTENTS                                                                                                              Page
  (505) 321-7997                          DEPARTMENTS
  Julie Rombach-Kendall
                                                 President’s Report .................................................................................................2
  1916 Buffalo Dancer Trail NE
  Albuquerque, NM 87112
                                                 Office Notes ..........................................................................................................6
  Cell: (505) 362-0875
                                                 From the Editor’s Desk .........................................................................................8
                                                 Vice Presidents’ Reports
  Michael Mapp, Collegiate VP
  Department of Music MSC 3F, NMSU
                                                  Band ..................................................................................................................11
  PO Box 30001
  Las Cruces, NM 88003
                                                  Orchestra ...........................................................................................................15
  Office: (575) 646-3319
  Cell: (316) 644-0780
                                                  General Music ...................................................................................................20                          Choral ................................................................................................................21
  Paul Nielsen Guitar VP
  1200 Dalota NE
  Albuquerque, NM 87110
                                                  Collegiate ..........................................................................................................26
  Cell: 505-268-6320
                                                  Jazz ....................................................................................................................27
                                                  Mentoring/Retired .............................................................................................36
  Bernie Chavez
  503 S. Tin
  Deming, NM 88030
  Office: 575-546-2678                           ORGANIZATIONAL MATTERS
  Home: 575-636-3930                               Marci Neel Article ..............................................................................................17
  VICE-PRESIDENT, JAZZ                           University News .................................................................................................28
  Bruce Dalby
  6701 Mountain Rd NE                            NMMEA Music Industry Council Members ......................................................43
  Albuquerque NM 87110
  (505) 293-6597‬                                Advertisers ......................................................................................................... 44
  Neil Swapp, Executive Director &
  4540 Giddeon Truesdell                         Keith Jordan, Editor                                                   All correspondence should be
  Silver City, NM 88061
  Home: 575-649-4507                             Home: 505-379-0024                                                     addressed to the editor,
                                                 Office: 505-831-8529                                                   4912 Woodburne Rd. NW
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The New Mexico Musician – Fall, 2019                                                                                                                                       1
New Mexico Musician - New Mexico Music Educators
President’s Report
Jennifer Rodgers, President
                                          speak directly with Congresswoman            the workshop and Rio Rancho High
                                          Torres-Small and Congresswoman               School for donating their facilities.
                                          Haaland. The national organization
                                          works year round to protect and in-          Our state has incredible music edu-
                                          crease access to music education. If         cators, and the announcement of
                                          you would like to take a more ac-            the NMMEA awards exemplifies
                                          tive approach to advocacy, please            this. Kudos to all the nominees
                                          contact me and I will share with you         and applicants, you are some of
                                          the resources NAfME provided this            the finest professionals in our state,
                                          year. Together, we can take steps            and it is an honor to call you col-
                                          to ensure music education is avail-          leagues. Special congratulations to
                                          able to all New Mexico students.             the NMMEA 2020 award recipients.
                                                                                       •Administrator of the Year – Dana
                                          Don’t forget to utilize the many op-         Sanders
                                          portunities that NMMEA and NAfME             •Award of Distinction – Rio Rancho
                                          have to offer. There are many re-            Public Schools
                                          sources beyond professional devel-           •Emeritus Teacher – Neil Swapp
Hello fellow music educators. I hope
                                          opment at the All State In-Service           •Hall of Fame – Kathleen Hill,
you have had a rejuvenating summer
                                          Conference and student participation         Marianna Gabbi
and that you are excited for a new
                                          in our district and state festivals; the     •John Batchellor – Alexander Flores
year of inspiring students. I love the
                                          NAfME website provides access to             •Music Educator of the Year – Ryan
beginning of a new school year, all the
                                          curriculum resources, lesson plans           Finn
potential for new musical experienc-
                                          that are built with the National Core        •New and Emerging Music Educator
es, teaching new students, and build-
                                          Arts Standards, a variety of forums          – Jonathan Robak
ing new relationships. I wish you all
                                          to discuss current trends or concerns,       Congratulations to the NMMEA 2020
the best as you begin your semester.
                                          advocacy resources, articles on in-          honor ensembles and their directors.
                                          novative classroom practices, da-            Thank you for your dedication to
This year I challenge you to find a
                                          tabases of repertoire, and so much           creating music at the highest levels.
way to try something different. If
                                          more. Dive into the website and see          •Band – Artesia High School, Lisa
you are a new music educator, or
                                          some of what NAfME can offer you.            Dillon
you are in a new teaching situation,
                                                                                       •Choir – Los Alamos Topper Acad-
this will be an easy task. However,
                                          While at the National Assembly               emy, Jason Rutledge
if you are returning to a similar situ-
                                          we had an opportunity to meet the            •General Music – Tucumcari Rat-
ation consider pushing yourself to
                                          NAfME candidates for president-              tlers, Andrew Kesten
try implement a new idea in your
                                          elect, Scott Sheehan and Johanna             •Jazz – La Cueva High School, John
classroom, reach out to an emerging
                                          Siebert. Both candidates are highly          Converse
music educator and become a men-
                                          qualified, well spoken, and have much        •Orchestra – Las Cruces High
tor, or find a journal that gives you
                                          to offer the organization. Elections         School, Jennifer Rogers
a different insight on our profession.
                                          for this important position will be in       Make sure to attend the busi-
Someone once told me that when we
                                          early 2020, so check out the candi-          ness awards luncheon and the
are comfortable, we are not grow-
                                          dates and make a commitment to vote.         honor concerts at All State to cel-
ing; as educators we need to seek
                                                                                       ebrate the NMMEA award re-
opportunities for personal growth.
                                          This summer, NMMEA partnered                 cipients and honor ensembles.
                                          with the New Mexico Music Educa-             I wish you a wonderful school year.
This summer was a busy affair for
                                          tion Task Force to create a profes-          As you enter your classrooms, re-
NMMEA. I had the privilege to at-
                                          sional development workshop. More            member you are part of a commu-
tend the NAfME National Assembly
                                          than 70 educators shared in a day            nity, and that together we are work-
with Neil Swapp and Keith Jordan.
                                          full of valuable information, inspira-       ing to bring music to the students
While in DC we spent a day on
                                          tion, laughter, and community. It left       of New Mexico. NMMEA is your
Capitol Hill advocating for music
                                          me energized for a new school year,          organization, and if you need sup-
education. We had very produc-
                                          and excited to continue to develop           port don’t hesitate to contact me.
tive meetings with representatives
                                          this workshop next year. A special
of our state senate and congress of-
                                          thank you to all who helped make             Sincerest Regards,
fices. It was exciting to be a voice
                                          this workshop possible, most nota-           Jennifer Rogers
for music education, and an honor to
                                          bly Donna Schmidt for organizing
2                                                                                    The New Mexico Musician – Fall, 2019
New Mexico Musician - New Mexico Music Educators
T H E       U N I V E R S I T Y            O F     N E W   M E X I C O

                in Music
                          To Schedule an Audition Please Contact

             Michelle Morrison • • 505-277-8998

                                       MONDAY, FEBRUARY 17
                                  SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22
                                         AT UNM, ABQ NM

             Additional scholarships are available in
             Jazz Studies, Music Education, and String Pedagogy.

             Music Ed: Robin Giebelhausen,
             Jazz Studies: Glenn Kostur,
             String Pedagogy: Kimberly Fredenburgh,

             For general scholarship questions contact:
             Undergraduate Advisor
             Dr. Michael Hix

The New Mexico Musician – Fall, 2019                                                 3
New Mexico Musician - New Mexico Music Educators
Ella Wilcox, NAfME State Editors Meeting, Washington,
D.C., June 18, 2019

De-Stress for Success! Eight Tips for Feeling Better
8. “Motion is lotion.” Physical therapists say that movement helps the joints of the body func-
tion better.1 Couch potatoes may deny it, but exercise improves how we feel and think.

7. Sleep is cheap. Those who insist that laughter is the best medicine need to crash for a few
hours and see what a long nap or good night’s sleep can do for mind and body.

6. Complaining is draining. Telling others about how things “ought” to be doesn’t get you
nearer your goals. A positive outlook affects both you and those around you for the better.

5. Food sets the mood. A healthful diet can lift your spirits as well as lengthen your life. Five
fruits or veggies a day really does make a difference.

4. Drink water? You oughta. By the time you’re thirsty, you may already be dehydrated. Keep
your brain cells firing better by keeping your body hydrated and happy.

3. Stretch, don’t kvetch! Getting up from your chair can help increase your alertness.

2. Focus is locus. The Star Wars character Qui-Gon Jinn insisted that what you focus on de-
termines your reality.7 Concentrate on things that uplift you, not the dark side!

1. Have an “attitude of gratitude.” You are everything your ancestors wished for. Count your
blessings, and realize that many of your problems are minor. Try life in a major key!

By Ella Wilcox, NAfME State Editors Meeting, Washington, D.C., June 18, 2019. Information Sources:

1.Rene Pelletier,

2.“Exercisers Achieve Greater Acute Exercise-Induced Mood Enhancement than Nonexercisers,” Science
Direct, January 28, 2008,
3.“Sleep cures 99 percent of humankind’s ills.”—Dr. Archer C. Wilcox, 1977.

4.If you’re constantly fussing about your situation, you’re protected by the First Amendment, but you may
find that changing your tone changes your perspective.

5.The “5 a Day” campaign is based on advice from the World Health Organization, which recommends eat-
ing a minimum of 400 grams of fruit and vegetables a day to lower the risk of health problems such as heart
disease, stroke, and some types of cancer (

6.Joe Leech, “7 Science-Based Health Benefits of Drinking Enough Water, Healthline, June 4, 2017, https://

7.“Always remember: Your focus determines your reality.”—Qui-Gon Jinn, The Phantom Menace [Film]. See
a discussion of this perspective at

4                                                                         The New Mexico Musician – Fall, 2019
New Mexico Musician - New Mexico Music Educators
The New Mexico Musician – Fall, 2019   5
New Mexico Musician - New Mexico Music Educators
Office Notes
Neil Swapp, Executive Director
                                       Public Schools. Donna Schmidt               portions of our website. If you are
                                       also deserves a huge thank you for          experiencing login issues since the
                                       chairing the event and organizing           upgrade, please contact member
                                       the presentations, of course I also         support at: membersupport@nafme.
                                       have to thank Mika Proctor for              org.
                                       opening her home for the educator
                                       mixer held on Friday night. And             Please make sure your informa-
                                       lastly, thank you to all the presenters     tion is up to date with NAfME as I
                                       who shared their time and exper-            will use email addresses from the
                                       tise. What an amazing experience            national database to contact you.
                                       for everyone involved. Plans for
                                       next year’s events are already being        All-State Auditions
                                                                                   Please make sure to check All-
Office Notes
                                       The Executive Committee and                 State registration deadlines posted
Neil Swapp, Executive Director
                                       Board of Directors met in mid-July          on the website and remember no
                                       for their annual summer meetings. I         students will be registered after the
Hello from NMMEA! I hope that
                                       would like to thank all involved for        final deadline. Before registering
your school year has started off
                                       their relentless dedication and work        students, please check the NMMEA
smoothly and your students are
                                       on behalf of music education in New         handbook posted on the website to
making great progress. I’m always
                                       Mexico. Our leadership is second to         review procedures and eligibility.
reminded that music teachers go to
                                       none!                                       When submitting student names,
work every day and make music…
                                                                                   make sure all names are spelled cor-
what a great life!
                                       Jennifer Rogers; NMMEA Presi-               rectly, first and last name are entered
                                       dent, Keith Jordan; New Mexico              correctly, and all students are on the
I am humbled to begin my tenure as
                                       Musician Editor and I attended the          list. If you are requesting special
your Executive Director. I would
                                       NAfME National Assembly in early            audition times, please remember
like to thank Don Gerheart for leav-
                                       July. It was a stark reminder of the        that not all requests will be hon-
ing the organization in great shape
                                       unending work our national orga-            ored. With thousands of auditions to
and his willingness to still take my
                                       nization does for music education           schedule it is impossible to meat ev-
calls! He is a tremendous mentor
                                       in our nation. I truly believe that         eryone’s wishes. Audition fees are
and friend. Thank you, Don! I will
                                       without NAfME, music education              listed under the All-State General
do my best to make the transition
                                       would not be part of public-school          Information tab on the website.
smooth and continue the great work
                                       curriculum. Trust that your dues are
                                       being put to good use!                      All-State
On behalf of the NMMEA, I would
                                       And on that note, I would encourage         Remember to check the NMMEA
like to extend a welcome to all new
                                       all music teachers to join NMMEA            website often for updates on the
teachers in our state. Please feel
                                       / NAfME. These organizations                2020 All-State Music Festival and
free to contact myself, other teach-
                                       are prime examples of the power             In-Service Conference. We will
ers in your area or anyone on the
                                       of working together for a common            again be using EventSquid for on-
NMMEA Board of Directors if you
                                       goal. Please remember that in order         line registration for the conference.
have any questions. We are fortu-
                                       to participate in any NMMEA event           I encourage everyone to pre-register
nate to belong to a very supportive
                                       (MPA, All-State, Solo and Ensemble          to speed up check in at the confer-
music education community where
                                       and etc.), your membership must             ence.
everyone is always willing to lend a
                                       be current. All memberships can
helping hand.
                                       be renewed directly on the NAfME            Conference Hotel
I would like to thank everyone
                                                                                   The conference hotel will again be
involved in our first Summer Music
                                       In order to better serve the mem-           Sheraton Uptown which is located
Educators Workshop held at Rio
                                       bership, NAfME rolled out a new             at the corner of Menaul and Loui-
Rancho High School on July 27th.
                                       membership platform this summer.            siana. We are also working with
A special thanks to Matt Casarez
                                       This platform is the software that          the Sheraton to secure a second
and Alex Austell for hosting the
                                       tracks member records and allows            hotel for overflow. Please check the
event as well as to Kurt Schmidt,
                                       members to access member only               NMMEA website for pricing and
coordinator of music for Rio Rancho
6                                                                                The New Mexico Musician – Fall, 2019
New Mexico Musician - New Mexico Music Educators
Office Notes...
registration details.                  Swapp, Hall of Fame – Kathleen        serve our students throughout their
                                       Hill, Marianna Gabbi, John Batch-     lifetime. Bravo on your work!
NMMEA Award Winners                    ellor – Alexander Flores, Music
                                       Educator of the Year – Ryan Finn,     See you at the 2020 All-State Music
Congratulations to the NMMEA           New and Emerging Music Educator       Festival and In-Service Conference!
award recipients who will be           – Jonathan Robak.                     for the amazing work you do with
honored at the 2020 Awards and                                               our students.
Business Luncheon: Administrator       And lastly, I would like to thank
of the Year – Dana Sanders, Award      each of you for the work you do in
of Distinction – Rio Rancho Public     the classroom. You are enriching
Schools, Emeritus Teacher – Neil       lives and teaching skills that will

     New Mexico State University
     Department of Music

                               Come           discovermusic
                                                            in you
                          Simón Gollo                               
                          Director of Orchestra                           

The New Mexico Musician – Fall, 2019                                                                               7
Editor’s Desk
Keith Jordan
                                              of kids that have benefited from the     ning of my article was put in mo-
                                              All-State experience in the Concert      tion by the all-state conductor
                                              Band since 1961, I have no regrets       listed in the 1959 conference issue.
                                                                                       Don’t you just love it when
                                              I think it’s amazing that we in NM       a      plan      comes      together!
                                              music saw the need and formed            Take a minute and check out the
                                              the Concert Band for all-state in        three conductors, we in NMMEA
                                              1961, I think it’s equally amaz-         have always brought in HIGH
                                              ing that we also formed the Small        QUALITY conductors for each
                                              School Band to meet the needs of         of our ensembles!       The orches-
                                              our smaller schools in the state.        tra was being conducted by the
                                              Lots of kids have benefited from         Atlanta Symphony Conductor,
                                              the Concert Orchestra, Concert           WOW! The choir conductor was
    Dear Music Colleagues;                    Band and Small School Band, not          the choir conductor for Temple
                                              to mention our Treble Choir and          University, a MAJOR powerhouse
    A wonderful historic story                Guitar programs! We have inspired        in that time period. Again, WOW!
    by my friend, Norvil Howell.              a LOT of kids with our programs.         I’m just so impressed that NMMEA
                                                                                       was bringing in such incredible mu-
    By 1961 NMMEA still had only one          Check out the page from our his-         sical talent! Thank you all for car-
    All-State Band and it had grown in        torical magazine issue, 1958 to          rying on the tradition of amazing
    size to over 150. The late Dr. Paul Van   be exact. Sorry about the line but       choral, orchestral, band and guitar
    Bodegraven (All-State Band direc-         copying these things in a library        teachers that support NMMEA and
    tor from New York University) said        was less than ideal but you get the      make it possible to bring in talent
    the band was to large and unwieldy.       picture! Note on the FIRST col-          like this in our modern day all-state!
                                              umn Mr. Carl Jacobs of NM College        The kids don’t know what they are
    I knew at the time several band di-       of A. and M.A. purposed that each        getting for the most part but I do
    rectors including Gregg Randall,          college or university music depart-      and I thank you one and all. You are
    Harold Van Winkle, Jack Reynolds,         ment furnish one person for the all-     amazing musicians that care about
    Bill King, and me felt that we should     state audition team. You realize that    and take care of kids. Hope you are
    start a second All-State band. As I       we still follow this model today for     having a great fall semester and en-
    was serving as NMMEA band vice-           the most part. We ask folks from         joying your classes and ensembles.
    president at the time I brought this      each of our colleges to participate      Have a fabulous year, look forward
    idea to the attention of the Executive    on the audition team for all-state.      to seeing you at all-state next year.
    Committee and it was quickly shot         The second column is amazing to
    down. I said this would come up in        me because this is the beginning of      Respectfully submitted, ‘
    the band director’s section meeting       our sending the NMMEA President          Keith Jordan
    the next day and a member of the          to MENC, now known as NAfME.             State Editor
    board said just call on me and I will     We still send our president to the
    move the idea be tabled for a future      NAfME (MENC) conference but it
    conference. The band directors sec-       started in 1958, with a single motion.
    tion meeting was held at Highland         Every year the end of June we send
    High School and during the meeting        our President and Executive Di-
    there was a lengthy discussion con-       rector to the Washington Confer-
    cerning the need for a second All-        ence. Every other year, I get to go
    State band. Gregg Randall moved           with them and attend the State Edi-
    that we establish a second all-state      tor’s National Conference as well.
    band to be called the New Mexico          Executive Director, Neil Swapp and
    All-State Concert Band. Gregg’s           President Jennifer Rodgers, repre-
    motion was seconded and the All-          sented NMMEA very well at NAfME
    State Concert Band was unani-             this last June. We are indeed fortu-
    mously approved. The board mem-           nate to have both of these capable
    ber that was opposed to a second          leaders heading up our organization.
    All-State Band reminded me that I         Check out Page 10 of our NM
    did not call on him to table the mo-      Musician magazine, the story
    tion. But as I think of the thousands     that Norvil related at the begin-

8                                                                                  The New Mexico Musician – Fall, 2019

The New Mexico Musician – Fall, 2019   9
The New Mexico Musician – Fall, 2019   10
Band Section
Amy Williams, Vice President
                                          impact our youth for generations to      1st: La Cueva HS Wind Symphony -
                                          come. Do not hesitate to contact me      John Converse, Director
                                          ( should you            2nd: V. Sue Cleveland HS Wind
                                          need any assistance.                     Symphony - Daniel Holmes, Direc-
                                          NMAA State Band Contest Results          3rd: Volcano Vista Symphonic Band
                                          Thank you to Rio Rancho Public           - Paul Blakey, Director
                                          Schools, Cleveland HS band direc-
                                          tors Daniel Holmes and Josh Du-          2020 All-State Information
                                          mais and their students for hosting
                                          the State Band Contest this Spring.      The 2020 All-State Festival and
                                          A special thank you to Dana Pappas       In-Service Conference will be held
                                          and Shari Kessler-Schwaner from          Wednesday, January 8th through
                                          NMAA for their administrative help       Saturday, January 11th. Remember
                                          and unwavering support of music          to stay informed and check our web-
Fall Article                              in New Mexico. Results are listed        site for any updates that may occur.
Amy Williams, Band Vice President                                                  2019-2020 All-State Audition Dates
                                          Thank you to the NM Concert              & Sites:
While I write this article in late July   Band Advisory Council members
and you read this in September, I         (Chris Argotsinger, Anthony Baca,        Nov. 4, 2019 - Las Cruces, Onate
hope you had a splashing summer           Laura Eberhardt, Ty Frederick, April     HS
and are off to a fantastic fall! I am     Pickrell, Melissa Rice-Perez, and        Nov. 5, 2019 - Portales, ENMU
always excited when the new year or       Steve Snowden) who have been hard        Nov. 6, 2019 - Albuquerque, AYS
semester begins; it’s a fresh start! I    at work collaborating with NMAA          Facility
am especially re-energized after pre-     to continue to make the 2020 State       Nov. 7, 2019 - Albuquerque, AYS
senting at and attending last week’s      Band Contest a terrific educational      Facility
inaugural NMMEA summer work-              opportunity.                             Nov. 8, 2019 - Aztec, Aztec HS
shop. It was such a fun time con-
necting with new teachers, reflecting     Middle School                            Audition materials and information
on my practice, and receiving a           1st: Eisenhower MS Symphonic             can be found on the NMMEA web-
boost of energy and support to start      Band - Sam Nesbit, Director              site. Please encourage your students
the new school year! Thank you to         2nd: Tony Hillerman MS Symphon-          to participate and make All-state
the NMMEA Education Task Force            ic Band - Patrick Beare, Director        auditions a priority. Please note that
and Donna Schmidt for coordinating        3rd: Los Alamos MS Symphonic             all required tempos of the etudes are
such a successful day of Profession-      Band - Ryan Finn, Director               included in the audition list, some of
al Development. Seasoned teachers,                                                 which may be different than what is
take time to reach out and meet a         Class A - 3A                             printed in the etude books.
new teacher in your District. Sup-        1st: Cimarron HS Wind Ensemble
port and community is necessary for       - Pam Towry & Laura Eberhardt,           Registration is done electronically
sanity and vitality in our profession.    Directors                                online with students required to sign
                                          2nd: Cobre HS Concert Band -             a commitment form. Directors will
This year, I challenge you to find        Chuck Gerheart, Director                 need to make sure that they have
joy in all aspects of what to some        3rd: Rehoboth Christian School           validated and collected all signed
may become “the daily grind”. Find        Band - Keven Zwiers, Director            commitment forms when they reg-
gratitude and joy in the little things                                             ister their students. Directors will
and try not to get bogged down by         Class 4A                                 not turn in forms to the state but will
the little daily challenges. When         1st: Valencia HS Wind Symphony -         keep them on file for one year.
you are feeling stressed by those         Anthony Baca, Director
non-musical challenges, ask your-         2nd: Kirtland Central HS Concert         Reminder: Small School and Large
self - “Will this matter in a week?”      Band - AJ Carson, Director               School audition excerpts are the
Remember, when the festival bus is        3rd: Artesia HS Concert Band - Lisa      same; and students must specify
late or you are swamped in email, it      Dillon, Director                         which ensemble they are audition-
is an enormous privilege to be able                                                ing for.
to make music daily and positively        Class 5A

11                                                                               The New Mexico Musician – Fall, 2019
                                         •Der Lehrmeister, Robert Sheldon       Colorado, as well as throughout
All-State Volunteers Needed:             (Alfred)                               Europe, Mexico, and China.
                                         •The Sun Will Rise Again, Philip
The success of our All-State conven-     Sparke (Dehaske)
tion is contingent upon the partici-     •Old Scottish Melody, Charles Wiley
pation of ALL educators across the       (TRN)                                  Concert Band - Emily Moss, Con-
state. Participation can come in         •Imaginarium, Randall D. Stan-         ductor
many forms, whether as a monitor,        dridge (Grand Mesa Music)              •Overture for Winds, Charles Carter
presider, band chair, stage crew, and/   •Go Galop, Cotorino/Fillmore           (Bourne Co.)
or sectional coach. Serving along-       (Daehn Publications)                   •Satiric Dances, Norman Dello Joio
side colleagues is great evidence for                                           (Associated Music Pub)
Domain IV!                               Dr. Ingrid Larragoity-Martin is the    •Rivers, Samuel Hazo (Hal Leonard)
                                         Director of Bands for the Visual       •Serenade, Op. 22C, Derek Bour-
Please contact me at bandvp@             & Performing Arts Academy at           geois (G&M Brand International) and let me know where          Skyline High School in Longmont,       •Alleluia Laudamus Te, Alfred Reed
you are able to help. Your ideas         Colorado. Dr. LM, as her students      (Hal Leonard)
and anything that can help make          affectionately call her, directs the
the All-State conference better are      Concert Band, Symphonic Band,          Dr. Emily A. Moss is the Director of
welcomed and necessary!                  Percussion Ensemble, Jazz Band,        Bands and Chair of the Department
                                         and Pep Band.                          of Music at
                                                                                California State University, Los
2020 Honor Band Selection                Dr. Larragoity-Martin received         Angeles. As Director of Bands,
                                         a Bachelor of Music Education          she conducts the Wind Ensemble,
Congratulations to the Artesia High      Degree from the University of South    oversees the Symphonic Band and
School Concert Band under the di-        Florida and a double Master Degree     Instrumental Area, and teaches
rection of Lisa Ann Dillon on being      in Music Education and Instrumental    undergraduate and graduate music
selected as the Honor Band for the       Conducting, also from the Univer-      education courses and conduct-
2020 All-State Conference. We look       sity of South Florida. After teach-    ing. Prior to her current position,
forward to hearing the results of the    ing high school band and orchestra     she conducted the Wind Ensemble
students’ hard work in January!          in South Florida for ten years, Dr.    and taught courses in music educa-
                                         LM decided to pursue her doctoral      tion for the Conservatory of Music
Preference for the 2021 NMMEA            degree in Instrumental Conduct-        at Brooklyn College of the City
Honor Band will be given to High         ing at the University of Colorado at   University of New York. Originally
Schools with an enrollment of 1201       Boulder, under distinguished Profes-   from the Pacific Northwest, Dr.
students or greater; however, schools    sor Allan McMurray. During her         Moss began her collegiate music
of all classifications are always        tenure at CU, she was active in the    studies at the University of Washing-
allowed to submit recordings and         new music community conducting         ton in Seattle, earning a Bachelor’s
materials. I strongly encourage all      several premieres for the Pendulum     degree in Music Education. After
directors to submit their application    New Music Concert series and CU        teaching middle school band in
for 2021 NMMEA Honor Band con-           Wind Ensemble.                         Chandler, AZ, she returned home to
sideration regardless of school size.                                           teach band and jazz band at Kellogg
There are MANY outstanding pro-          Dr. Larragoity-Martin has served       Middle School in Shoreline, WA. Dr.
grams in our state at all levels. This   as Associate Director of Bands and     Moss served as a teaching assistant
is an incredible opportunity for all     Music Education Coordinator at         with the University bands at the
bands to receive overdue recognition     Henderson State University as well     University of Northern Colorado,
for the type of high quality teaching    as Associate Director of Bands at      earning her Master’s degree in Wind
and learning that is going on day to     New Mexico State University. She       Conducting and the Doctor of Arts
day across New Mexico!                   continues to keep an active guest      in Music Education and Bassoon
                                         conductor, adjudicator, and clini-     Performance, studying with Ken
2020 All-State Concert Conductors        cian schedule with concert bands,      Singleton, Dick Mayne, and Charles
and Programs                             marching bands, and orchestras. Dr.    Hanson.
                                         Larragoity-Martin has conducted in
Small School Band - Ingrid Larrago-      California, Arizona, Florida, Con-     As a conductor and clinician, Dr.
ity-Martin, Conductor                    necticut, New York, Georgia, Louisi-   Moss is in high demand across
                                         ana, Illinois, Texas, New Mexico,      the United States and Canada, and
The New Mexico Musician – Fall, 2019                                                                                12
recently travelled to Hong Kong as a   administrating the graduate program       President of the Southwest Divi-
guest adjudicator for the Hong Kong    in wind conducting, pedagogy and          sion of the College Band Director’s
International Music Festival. While    wind literature, while overseeing         National Association as well as Pres-
her duties as chair of the music de-   all facets of the university band         ident of the Big 12 Band Director’s
partment keep her busy on campus,      program which include 5 concert           Association. She is a member of the
she regularly gives band clinics at    bands, the 400-member Goin’ Band          Texas Music Educators Association,
middle and high schools throughout     and other athletic bands. Under Dr.       Texas Bandmasters Association,
Southern California. She is also an    McKoin’s direction, the Symphonic         Phi Beta Mu, Pi Kappa Lambda
accomplished bassoonist, actively      Wind Ensemble has been featured at        and holds honorary memberships
performing during her degree pro-      the Midwest Clinic in Chicago, the        in Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta
grams in Washington and Colorado,      Texas Music Educators Association         Sigma.
with the Conservatory Orchestra        Conference, and the College Band
and other ensembles at Brooklyn        Director’s National Association           Clinics to Look Forward To
College, and for student and faculty   Southwest regional conferences.
recitals at Cal State LA.                                                        Sight-Reading Made Simple Jose-
                                       Dr. McKoin’s ensemble has re-             phine Gonzales (Highland HS)
Dr. Moss has presented at confer-      corded for Naxos and Albany on            This clinic we will discuss the
ences across the United States on      world premiere recordings of the          research behind sight-reading im-
topics ranging from effective re-      wind music of Chen Yi and Narong          provement, activities for ensembles
hearsing and good ensemble tone to     Prangcharoen and she has been             to improve sight-reading, and re-
practical tips for non-percussionist   involved in numerous consortiums          sources for you and your students.
band directors. Her professional       and premieres of modern wind
memberships include College Band       works. A world premiere recording          Developing an Effective Marching
Directors National Association         of Israeli American composer Avner        Band Musically and Visually Bill
(CBDNA) where she serves as the        Dorman’s wind music is in the early       Allred (Clovis HS)
President of the Western Division,     stages of production.                     A two-part series with musical and
National Association for Music Edu-                                              visual tips and tricks to improve the
cators (NAfME), California Band        Active as a guest conductor and           marching band.
Directors Association (CBDA),          clinician, Dr. McKoin has trav-
and the National Honor Society Phi     eled extensively throughout the           Pedagogical Tips and Tricks for
Kappa Phi.                             United States and abroad. She has         Improving Your Ensemble
She currently resides in Altadena,     worked in China, Taiwan, Thailand,        Part 1: Woodwind Panel Stephanie
CA with her husband Noah and their     Canada, and Israel where she served       Lenhart (Gattis MS), Melissa Rice-
daughters Ella and Sadie.              as producer for the world premiere        Perez (Marshall MS), Katie Tomicek
                                       recording of Roberto Sierra’s Fan-        (Las Cruces)
Symphonic Band - Sarah McKoin,         tasia Correliana with the Castellani-     Part 2: Brass Panel Alex Austell
Conductor                              Andriaccio guitar duo and Israeli         (Rio Rancho MS), Ryan Finn (Los
•Through the Looking Glass, Jess       Chamber Orchestra.                        Alamos MS), Steve Snowden (Jack-
Turner (Jess Turner/Murphy Music                                                 son MS)
Press)                                 Prior to her appointment at Texas         Hear from outstanding middle
•Into the Silent Land, Steven          Tech, Professor McKoin was the            school band directors and learn their
Danyew (Steven Danyew)                 Director of Bands at the                  top pedagogical tips and tricks for
•Soul Has Many Motions, John           University of Missouri-Kansas City        improvement in tone and technique
Mackey (John Mackey)                   Conservatory of Music and held            when teaching young musicians.
II. Night on Fire                      appointments at the State University
III. Unquiet Spirits                   of New York at Buffalo and SUNY           MPA Adjudication
IV. Ringmaster March                   Fredonia. Additionally, McKoin            Panel Discussion: Chuck Gerheart
                                       spent nine                                (Cobre HS), Joseph Flores (Zia MS),
Dr. Sarah McKoin serves as the         summers in residence on the con-          Pam Towry (retired)
Director of Bands, Professor of        ducting faculty at the Brevard Music      This two-part small panel discus-
Music and Chair of the conducting      Center in Brevard, North                  sion of experienced MPA judges
area at Texas Tech University. Her     Carolina as the Director of the Tran-     will have an open discussion on the
responsibilities include Conduc-       sylvania Wind Ensemble and has            adjudication process and scoring.
tor and Musical Director of the        taught at the Interlochen                 Participants will have an opportunity
TTU Symphonic Wind Ensemble,           Arts Academy. She has served as           to listen to recordings and calibrate

13                                                                             The New Mexico Musician – Fall, 2019
with colleagues.                         The purpose of this session is to in-      strategies in the classroom.
                                         spire collaboration among students’
Keeping Your Sanity: Balancing           thorough motivational techniques           Avoiding Burnout: A Three-prong
Life Inside and Outside of the Band      based in relevant and practical ap-        Approach to Longevity, Health, and
Room                                     plications of their musical activities     Happiness in a Career in Music
Panel Discussion: Matt Casarez           to their daily lives.                      Dr. Angela Winters (Adams State
(Rio Rancho HS), Brad Dubbs (El-                                                    University)
dorado HS), Donna Schmidt (Desert        Unhelpful Conducting Habits                Dr. Angela K. Winter and Dr. Pa-
Ridge MS)                                Learned from “Helping” Students            tricia Surman will discuss thoughts
Hear from three seasoned band di-        Dr. John Ginnochio (Southwest Min-         and strategies on creating a personal
rectors and learn their personal and     nesota State University)                   philosophy and guiding principles
professional tips and tricks for sus-    This session will highlight some of        for decision making in regards to
taining a first-class program while      the conducting habits commonly             career.
enjoying family life and avoiding        seen in music educators at
burnout.                                 all levels. We will discuss the well-      An Analysis of Beginning Band
                                         intentioned origins of these habits        Percussion Education Through Wind
Braving the Road Less Traveled:          and as well as the communicative           Band Repertoire and Method Books
Modern Concert Literature for            and educational difficulties they tend     Christopher Wilson (Southeast Min-
Modern Winds (Bleeding Edge and          to cause.                                  nesota State University)
Otherwise)                                                                          Explore the disconnect between
Tyler North (Sandia HS)                  Motivating and Preparing Students          what is introduced in level one
In this clinic, we will discuss reper-   to Be Effective Practicers                 percussion method books and what
toire selection philosophy and prac-     Dr. Natalie Steele Royston (Iowa           is actually required of percussion
tice with special emphasis on newer      State University)                          students in today’s Grade 1 band
and more hard-to-find literature.        Using a practical and developmental        repertoire. I will provide the attend-
                                         approach, Royston will discuss the         ees with pedagogical strategies with
Band: It’s not life, but a great way     importance of teaching students how        which to combat these method book
to live!                                 to practice and suggest ways the           shortcomings.
Steven Smyth (NMSU)                      teacher can address some of these

     New Mexico State University
     Department of Music

                           Keep your job and get your advanced degree
                                         Master of Music in Music Education - ONLINE

                           Dr. James Shearer
                           Coordinator of Graduate Studies
                           575-646-2601                                                        575-646-2421

14                                                                                The New Mexico Musician – Fall, 2019
Orchestra Section
Carla Lehmeier, Vice President
                                         teachers to submit an application to be   Carmelo de los Santos - UNM As-
                                         considered for the prestigious oppor-     sociate Professor of Violin, Thomas
                                         tunity to showcase their ensemble at      Goodrich- NM Music Commission
                                         the 2021 NMMEA All-State Confer-          Administrator and accomplished ed-
                                         ence. We had a number of applicants       ucator, Janet Anthony - retired cello
                                         this year that highlighted our strong     professor of 34 years from Lawrence
                                         orchestra programs in New Mexico.         University, and Jeffrey Holsen-As-
                                         While the preparations can be some-       sistant Principal Bass of the Tucson
                                         what stressful, the reward to play for    Symphony. I thank them for their
                                         one of the most supportive audiences      willingness to assist NMMEA in
                                         in Popejoy Hall is a lifelong memo-       this very important role in estab-
                                         ry that will stay with you and your       lishing the All-State Orchestras.
                                         students for many years to come.
                                                                                   Please remember that the All-State
                                         As a new member of the NMMEA              audition registration deadline is
While the days are slowly getting        Executive Board, I can attest that be-    September 14th and late registra-
shorter and the heat is still ramped     ing involved in the workings of the       tion closes on September 21st.
up, we are preparing to get back         conference is an incredibly gratify-      We are very fortunate to have amaz-
into our classrooms and start mak-       ing task. It has been inspiring to see    ing audition hosts for the fall audi-
ing music with our students. This is     the energy that my colleagues have        tions. Please take a moment during
a time of some regret of the end of      brought to the planning process and       the upcoming auditions to thank
our summer, but more importantly         recognize what an amazing opportu-        them for their tremendous efforts
it is a time when we anticipate the      nity both our students and educators      and time to organize the auditions:
opportunity to share our passion for     experience this coming January. The
music with our students. As I serve      Concert Orchestra will be conducted       October 15 – Las Cruces (NMSU)-
as the String VP for NMMEA I feel        by Creston Herron who is the Klein        Nate Cantu, Jennifer Rodgers
very fortunate to be part of a strong    High School Chamber Orchestra Di-         October 16 – Farmington (Farming-
musical community that each year         rector in Klein, TX. Mr. Herron is        ton High School) Monica Leaming
produces amazing music programs          an accomplished educator and musi-        October 17 and 18th – Albuquerque
throughout the state. As the new Or-     cian whose ensembles have received        (AYS Building) Emily Awes, Drew
chestra VP, I am working to build        numerous UIL Sweepstakes awards,          Austin, and Natalie Phillips-Perkoff
our communications and network-          first division ratings and “best in
ing and ask that all string teachers     class” awards at festivals. The All-
send me their current email address      State program he has selected is          I encourage all teachers to attend and
so that I can update the orchestra       extremely engaging and challeng-          participate in our string educator’s
teacher email list. (Orchestravp@        ing: Sleeping Beauty Waltz, Tchai-        sessions at the NMMEA In-service I plan to send opportu-      kovsky Arr. Merle Isaac, A Hectic         All State Conference. This year we
nities and updates on a regular basis.   Overture by John Lloyd and Dan-           will have the opportunity to learn
                                         zon No. 2 by Arturo Marquez. The          from some incredible educators.
One of my first duties as VP, was to     Symphonic Orchestra will be under         ASTA is sponsoring Gloria Velasco
appoint a selection committee for the    the direction of Thomas Heuser who        and Ruth Streigel which will feature
2020 NMMEA All-State Honor Or-           currently serves as the Music Direc-      a session on Teaching Orchestra for
chestra. I am honored to announce        tor of both Idaho Falls and the San       the non-string player. The band and
that the committee selected Las Cru-     Juan Symphony. Our students will          orchestra will be co-presenting a ses-
ces High School Chamber Orchestra        have an inspiring and engaging ex-        sion by Natalie Steele Roytson on
as the 2020 NMMEA Honor Or-              perience working with Mr. Heuser          “Motivating and Preparing Students
chestra. Congratulations to this very    as they perform the original Three        to be Effective Practicers.” Former
fine ensemble and to their Orches-       Dances from Bartered Bride, by Bed-       Highland High School graduate,
tra Director Jennifer Rogers for her     rich Smetana and Franz Liszt’s Hun-       Natalie Steele Roytson, is the Asso-
amazing contributions to this accom-     garian Rhapsody No. 2 in C minor.         ciate Professor of Music Education
plished string program. Please make                                                at Iowa State University. Her pre-
sure to have your students attend I know some of your students have                sentation will include information
and support the NMMEA Honor Or- been working extremely hard on                     on motivating students to practice,
chestra at their performance Friday preparing for the All-State audi-              creating goal-based practice charts,
afternoon during the All-State Con- tions. This year’s All-State Orches-           utilizing effective practice activi-
ference. I encourage all of our string tra string audition team includes:          ties and strategies, organization and
The New Mexico Musician – Fall, 2019                                                                                   15
Orchestra Section...
time-management of the practice ses-      berg who is organizing a music read-    in sharing her expertise with me! In
sion, self- reflection, and assessment.   ing session through JW Peppers. I       my learning, I have found that there
Our presentations will also include       am hoping to include this session       are a number of resources available
two sessions by Janet Anthony who         during a morning of learning at Rob-    on the NMMEA website. I recently
recently retired after 34 years serv-     ertson’s Violin Shop Recital Hall.      discovered a NMMEA $500 schol-
ing as the Cello Professor at Law-                                                arship that provides financial assis-
rence University. Ms. Anthony will        I ask that the string teachers attend   tance to high school music students
offer a glimpse of her teaching in        the area string section meeting and     intending to pursue undergraduate
Haiti which she began in 1996 and         participate in a number of important    studies in music education at a New
then became one of the founding           discussions. Please know that this      Mexico University. The application
members of “BLUME.” This music            year I was faced with the possibility   deadline is December 1st and more
program in Haiti works with Haitian       of losing the excerpts in our string    information can be found on the
and international partners to develop     audition format. You will notice that   NMMEA website. I also discov-
leadership skills, awaken individual      teachers were required to purchase      ered an All-State audition training
potential, and create opportunities       parts on-line to access the excerpts.   video that you can share with your
for civic collaboration and econom-       This was to make sure that NMMEA        students. This can serve as a valu-
ic development through the shared         did not violate any copy right laws.    able learning moment for your stu-
pursuit of musical excellence. Ms.        This is a very valuable component to    dent to understand what to expect,
Anthony will share her exceptional        a string student’s audition training,   including the time constraints in-
teaching skills through another pre-      so it is important for the NMMEA        volved in the audition. I encourage
sentation; “Setting up your Cellist       Orchestra Educators provide input       to you to have your students practice
for Success”- a guide to the tech-        in the 2021 audition format. I am       getting through the audition mate-
nical set up of your cello student.       always grateful in my own orches-       rial within the time allotment so they
                                          tral performances when I perform        understand the need to keep mov-
I am pleased that we will be includ-      works I studied so many years ago, I    ing through their audition literature.
ing a double bass session by one of       won’t tell you how many years ago!
my former teachers, Albert Laszlo.                                                I wish everyone a wonderful fall and
Mr. Laszlo is a faculty member at the     This has been an exciting opportu-      ask that you encourage your stu-
Julliard Pre-College Division, he is a    nity for me to serve as the NMMEA       dents to audition for the NMMEA
faculty member at the Aspen Music         Orchestra VP. I look forward to         All-State Orchestras.    Please feel
Festival and Associate Professor of       working with you this fall in prepar-   free to contact me if I can assist
Bass at the University of Cincinnati      ing for our All-State conference. I     you and please remember to send
College – Conservatory of Music.          wanted to thank former Orchestra        me your current e-mail address so
He is also the author of the Double       VP Cherokee Randolf for her assis-      we can keep everyone in the loop!
Bass Workbook. I would like to in-        tance in mentoring me as I learn the
clude a huge thank you to Art Schein-     VP duties. She has been invaluable

The New Mexico Musician – Fall, 2019                                                                                 16
Strategies for the Instrumental Music
Teacher - Marcia Neel
Previously published in School            positive attributes of each.                better. I am not referring to level
Band and Orchestra, July 2013                                                         of difficulty of literature, but to the
                                          Establishing a routine not only             achievement of musical aspects
It’s only a few short weeks before        makes rehearsals easier for you—it          within each work.
the beginning of the school year and      makes them easier for the students          7.
if you are like most, questions like      you serve because it provides struc-        At the end of the rehearsal, do two
“how might I do things better this        ture. To ensure consistency, consider       (2) things.
year?” will grow louder and louder        the following sequence.                     a.
as the first day of school gets closer                                                Review the musical accomplish-
and closer.                               1.                                          ments made by asking the students
                                          Students enter quickly and quietly          a question like, "What improve-
The new school year provides us           (music may be playing in the back-          ments did we make in the Mozart
with opportunities to enhance what        ground).                                    today?" At the high school level, it
we have done in the past and it is in     2.                                          is recommended that teachers use
this spirit of life-long learning that    Students retrieve their folders and         rehearsal review forms to record
the following ideas are presented as      take their seats.                           daily achievements made in rehears-
you prepare for the fall.                 3.                                          als. Have students submit them
                                          Students put their music in rehearsal       every Friday as part of their course
Consider developing a personal            order as indicated by the detailed          requirements. These could be used
checklist that will remind you            lesson plan which should be clearly         in authentic assessment and your
throughout the year of how impor-         visible on the board in the same            commitment to literacy will be ap-
tant it is to be genuine, enthusiastic,   place each day. The plan should not         preciated by all. Be certain to expect
fair, and consistent. Although these      only indicate the order of the selec-       good writing, spelling, punctuation,
seem to be traits that should come        tions you will rehearse but which           etc.
naturally, we can sometimes get           sections and what specifically will         b.
bogged down in minutia that can           be rehearsed—i.e. dynamics, articu-         Articulate what needs be worked on
chip away from all of the above.          lation, etc.).                              "tomorrow" as a result of what was
                                          4.                                          achieved “today.”
Genuinely caring about students and       Attendance is taken as soon as the          8.
sharing your love of music-making         bell rings—can you require students         Make relevant announcements
will keep you focused on the vital        to be in their seats with folders in        within the last couple of minutes.
contributions you are making to the       hand by the time the bell rings? If         Never start
lives of each of your students. En-       not and students are still getting to
thusiasm is contagious and this will      their seats from retrieving their fold-     rehearsals with announcements—al-
help with classroom management            ers, it should be done as quickly as        ways begin rehearsals promptly with
since students will be inspired to re-    possible. I know of a band director         music-
main productively engaged by your         who starts a recording of a march           making.
level of energy. If students see that     (changes weekly) when the bell              9.
YOU are sold on your product—ac-          rings. Students are not considered to       Dismiss.
tive music-making—it will become          be tardy so long as they are in their
infectious and they will be inspired      seats with instruments in hand by the       We should also strive to continually
by your passion.                          conclusion. It works well because           improve our communication skills
                                          the march encourages a prescrip-            which also includes listening. Be-
Being fair is always a challenge          tive expectation as well as a weekly        ing a more effective communicator
that takes constant vigilance. We         listening lesson. The students love         means building meaningful rela-
naturally like some students more         it!                                         tionships with everyone you come
than others but we should look for        5.                                          in contact with each and everyday.
good qualities in each and capitalize     Begin with scales and warm-ups              Communication is often viewed
on them. Acknowledge and reward           and ensure there is relevance to the        simply as the passing of information
all students for their achievements—      literature you will be rehearsing that      from one source to another but it is
both in the music classroom as well       day.                                        so much more extensive than this.
as in other school and out-of-school      6.                                          Communication is also the special
activities. Viewing our students as       Try to make strides in at least 3           way that you walk through the hall-
individuals, as well as members of        pieces of music each day. Remem-            way with that “approachable aura”
the ensemble, helps us to see the         ber that the more you expect, the           surrounding you; the way in which

17                                                                                  The New Mexico Musician – Fall, 2019
you look at your colleagues with         best “mentors” always make the           The students will be extremely
a smile on your face; the way you        time to answer questions because         excited to show off for their fami-
work cooperatively with others and       they want to help others achieve         lies all that they have learned and it
the genuine concern you show by          success. Ask away!                       will go a long way to creating that
being a good listener. In short, how                                              excitement for performing. Students
you communicate defines you as a         Actively engage your beginners           will practice more because they are
person as well as you as an educator.    within the first 6-7 weeks of school.    preparing for a concert and parents
                                         The best instrumental recruiters         will be thrilled with the outcome.
If you are a young teacher, seek         have received an enormous response
out the advice of your immediate         from parents by hosting an “Infor-       A number of directors have also
supervisor often and if you are an       mance” early in the school year.         actively engaged these parents by
experienced educator, provide coun-      The Music Achievement Council            asking the beginning students to
sel and assistance to your younger       has implemented the First Perfor-        teach their parents how to play
colleagues—even when they aren’t         mance National Day of Celebration        their chosen instrument. At the
asking. A simple phone call from a       (FPNDoC) to recognize beginners          final performance of the year, the
friendly voice will be a welcomed        as the “graduate” to a full-fledged      parents take the stage to play several
respite to any new teacher who is        member of the band/orchestra. This       selections from the method book as
going through those initial grow-        innovative program was designed          they stand side-by-side with their
ing pains. When you think about          to help increase retention and it        budding musician sons and daugh-
it, instrumental ensemble directors      works! All you have to do is choose      ters. The parents enjoy participat-
are (or at some time “will be”) ac-      the pieces to play right from the        ing in this supportive activity and
countants, architects, authors, career   method book. All of the materials        the students learn a great deal from
planners, financial planners, travel     (including modifiable certificates       teaching their parents how to play.
agents, politicians, psychologists,      and letter samples) are complimen-       Everyone gets a kick out of seeing
public relations executives, quality     tary and available to download at        the parents as they struggle to play
assurance executives, sales execu-           the perfect performance.
tives and, at times, magicians! To do    This is when our students and their
all of these well (especially within     parents are the most excited about       The final concept to keep in mind
the prescribed school or district        playing an instrument and we should      is to always-always-always ensure
guidelines that administrators           capitalize on this level of enthusi-     that “the student” is at the center of
know in detail) we need the help of      asm. Ask your principal to serve as      everything that you do – especially
these leaders as we move forward.        the emcee of your program and pro-       in your decision-making. It is very
When supervisors become actively         vide him with the included FPNDoC        easy for “the good of the program”
involved in decision-making, they        that can be used or improvised on        to supplant what was once “the good
soon see that you are committed          while your students demonstrate          of the student.” These are not always
to providing what is best for the        what they have learned so far. You       the same thing.
students. The best directors say that    might begin by having the princi-
they have wonderful principals yet       pal ask the students to demonstrate      A much more extensive Teacher
in most cases, the reason for this       how they tried to put together their     Checklist is available in the Tips for
is because the director has repeat-      instrument when they first received      Success; A Guide for Instrumental
edly sought out the counsel of the       it. Students could then open their       Music Teachers available from the
principal along the way and has thus     cases, pull out their instruments        Music Achievement Council at
developed more of a professional         then display a very confused look
partnership.                             on their faces as they try, unsuccess-   The first Tip provides an extensive
                                         fully, to assemble the pieces. The       checklist for teachers to not only
Questions that young educators may       emcee could then continue by asking      help us become the best professional
want to ask of more experienced          the students to demonstrate how          music educator possible, but also to
directors might include, “What           they have now learned to put their       help us realize the full potential in
selections are best for my particular    instrument together and, of course,      each and every one of our students.
instrumentation this year? What          they will do it flawlessly and get a     The list delineates a core of note-
classroom management techniques          great round of applause. This per-       worthy concepts to keep in mind—
work best? How can I inspire my          formance should last no more than        particularly for those in the earlier
students to practice? What grading       30 minutes and should demonstrate        stages of their careers. It also serves,
policies do you have in place? What      to parents how well their children       however, as an effective reminder
does your handbook include?” The         perform when part of an ensemble.        for all of us no matter at what stage

The New Mexico Musician – Fall, 2019                                                                                   18
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