NEW TITLES AUTUMN/WINTER 2020 - Edinburgh University Press ...

NEW TITLES AUTUMN/WINTER 2020 - Edinburgh University Press ...
NEW TITLES AUTUMN/WINTER 2020 - Edinburgh University Press ...

    Classics and Ancient History..........................................3                   Politics.................................................................................31
    Film Studies.........................................................................4    Scottish Studies...............................................................37
    Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies........................10                              Law.......................................................................................38
    Literature...........................................................................15   Scots Law............................................................................40
    Language and Linguistics...........................................24                     Representatives, Agents & Distribution................42

                          Welcome to our Autumn/Winter 2020 seasonal catalogue. We find ourselves in strange and difficult
                          times, and recognise that many – if not all – of our colleagues across the academic world now find
                          themselves dealing with new ways of working. Our vision seems all the more important at present: to
                          publish the best academic books and journals that seek to promote understanding, stimulate debate
                          and communicate scholarly ideas to the world.
                          The new books and series you will find across these pages do just that, and I hope there is much
                          here to inform, and in some cases entertain you (see the exploration of Monty Python in And Now
                          for Something Completely Different and a cultural history of the werewolf film, Phases of the Moon p.4).
                          You might also want to lose yourself in some beautiful books of Islamic art (see p.10–11). Meanwhile
                          lecturers in linguistics will be delighted to see a new edition of Lyle Campbell’s Historical Linguistics
                          (p.24) alongside a range of other textbooks. And anyone with an interest in thinking critically about the
                          world and how we live in it will want to read Tristan Garcia’s We Ourselves as well as Etienne Balibar’s
                          Spinoza, the Transindividual (p.28). In the world of politics, new books in the Intelligence, Surveillance
                          and Secret Warfare series give much food for thought.

                                                                                                                   Nicola Ramsey, Head of Editorial

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NEW TITLES AUTUMN/WINTER 2020 - Edinburgh University Press ...
SECTION TITLE                                                                   CLASSICS AND ANCIENT HISTORY
                   Screening the Golden Ages of the                                          The Politics of Association in
                   Classical Tradition                                                       Hellenistic Rhodes
                   Edited by Meredith Safran, Trinity College,                               Christian Thomsen, The Saxo Institute,
                   Hartford, USA                                                             University of Copenhagen
                   • A collection of fourteen essays exploring                               • The first comprehensive study of Rhodes
                     how the dominant media of our time – film                                 in more than 20 years and one of the few
                     and television – have engaged with the                                    books dedicated to a single Hellenistic
                     golden age as formulated in the Western                                   city-state
                     classical tradition
                                                                                             • Introduces the reader to Hellenistic
                   • Draws on ancient Greek and Roman                                          Rhodes, an important, but also remarkably
NEW IN PAPERBACK     literature and culture, from Hesiod to                                    understudied, city-state of the ancient Greek
                     Suetonius                                                                 and Roman world
                   • Considers prestige projects, cult classics and                          • Challenges traditional assumptions about
                     classical influence on genre productions                                  political organization in the ancient Greek
                   Paperback £24.99 August 2020 352 pages                                      city-state
                   978 1 4744 4085 1 Also available in Ebook
                                                                                             Hardback £80.00 August 2020 192 pages
                   28 b&w illustrations Screening Antiquity
                                                                                             978 1 4744 5255 7 Also available in Ebook
                                                                                             9 b&w illustrations
                                                                                             New Approaches to Ancient Greek Institutional History

                   Screening Divinity                                                        Early Rome to 290 BC
                   Lisa Maurice, Bar-Ilan University, Israel                                 The Beginnings of the City and the Rise of the
                   • Investigates a single issue over a range of                             Republic
                      genres in cinema and television from fantasy                           Guy Bradley, Cardiff University
                      movies to biopics to Bible stories                                     • Offers a view of early Rome as a
                   • Considers the gods of Greek and Roman                                     highly mobile society within a wider
                      mythology alongside the biblical God of the                              interconnected Mediterranean networks
                      Judeo-Christian tradition                                              • Covers the rise of Rome from small scale
                   • Draws on recent trends in scholarship                                     community to supremacy in central Italy
                      in both classical reception and film and                               • Uses the latest archaeological evidence
NEW IN PAPERBACK                                                          INSPECTION COPY
                      theology to provide an interdisciplinary                                 to demonstrate the sophisticated and
                      study and synthesis between two rarely                                   cosmopolitan nature of early Rome
                      connected fields                                                       • Analyses the origins of Rome’s Republican
                   • Examines the portrayal of deity on screen in                              form of government and of its aggressive
                      films such as Le Tonnerre de Jupiter (1903), The                         drive to conquer
                      Ten Commandments (1956) and Troy, Fall of a                            Paperback £29.99 October 2020 320 pages
                      City (2018)                                                            978 0 7486 2109 5 Also available in Hardback & Ebook
                   Paperback £19.99 February 2021 240 pages                                  70 b&w illustrations
                   978 1 4744 2574 2 Also available in Hardback & Ebook                      The Edinburgh History of Ancient Rome
                   18 b&w illustrations Screening Antiquity

                   The Stoic Theory of Beauty                                                Plutarch and the Persica
                   Aiste Celkyte, Utrecht University                                         Eran Almagor
                   • Highlights the important contribution Stoic                             • Bridges the gap between Plutarch Studies
                     philosophy made to aesthetics                                             and Achaemenid Studies through analysis of
                   • Shows that this is a largely unexplored                                   key texts
                     area of interest to scholars of both ancient                            • Builds a picture of the character and
                     philosophy and aesthetics                                                 structure of the lost Persica works by Ctesias
                   • Analyses material to show that there                                      of Cnidus, Deinon of Colophon, Heracleides
                     is a coherent and substantial attempt                                     of Cyme
                     at systematic enquiry into aesthetic                                    • Shows how Plutarch used the Persica works
                     phenomena                                            NEW IN PAPERBACK
                                                                                               in his Lives with a specific focus on Artaxerxes
                   • Discusses how Stoic ideas could enhance                                 • Considers the depiction of famous
                     our understanding of ancient aesthetics and                               figures such as Alexander the Great and
                     even contribute to contemporary aesthetics                                Themistocles in Plutarch’s works
                   Hardback £80.00 September 2020 224 pages
                                                                                             Paperback £24.99 November 2020 352 pages
                   978 1 4744 6161 0 Also available in Ebook
                                                                                             978 1 4744 8015 4 Also available in Hardback & Ebook
                                                                                             1 Map
                                                                                             Edinburgh Studies in Ancient Persia

                                                                                                        New Titles: Autumn/Winter 2020               3
NEW TITLES AUTUMN/WINTER 2020 - Edinburgh University Press ...
                       Gillian Armstrong                                                         Phases of the Moon
                       Popular, Sensual & Ethical Cinema                                         A Cultural History of the Werewolf Film
                       Julia Erhart, Flinders University                                         Craig Ian Mann, Sheffield Hallam University
                       • Explores how Armstrong’s films re-work                                  • Develops a cultural understanding of the
                         conventions about literary adaptation,                                    werewolf film
                         biography and realist storytelling                                      • Reconsiders the psychoanalytic paradigms
                       • Highlights parallels between Armstrong’s                                  that have dominated scholarly discussion of
                         filmmaking and topical, cutting-edge                                      werewolves in pop culture
                         themes in feminist media scholarship                                    • Includes over 40 individual case studies
                       • Reflects Armstrong’s activities across several                            to illustrate how werewolf films can be
    OPEN ACCESS          inter/national filmmaking industries and                                  understood as products of their cultural
                         thus appeals to both international and                                    moment
                         Australianist readerships                                               • Identifies the cinematic werewolf’s most
                       • Includes a never-before-utilised oral history                             common metaphorical dimensions
                         project with Armstrong                                                  Paperback £19.99 November 2020 256 pages
                       Paperback £14.99 November 2020 160 pages                                  978 1 4744 4111 7 Also available in Hardback & Ebook
                       978 1 4744 3432 4 Also available in Hardback & Ebook                      25 b&w illustrations
                       10 colour illustrations

                       And Now for Something                                                     Contemporary Cinema and the
                       Completely Different                                                      Philosophy of Iris Murdoch
                       Critical Approaches to Monty Python                                       Lucy Bolton, Queen Mary University of
                       Edited by Kate Egan, Aberystwyth University,                              London
                       Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock, Central Michigan                                • Opens a dialogue between contemporary
                       University                                                                  film and Iris Murdoch’s thinking on art,
                       • Explores the range of factors that contribute                             goodness and existentialism
                         to Monty Python’s continuing status as                                  • Stages an encounter between Murdoch’s
                         ‘something different’                                                     moral philosophy and a range of
                       • Offers a reappraisal of the originality,                                  international contemporary films
                                                                              NEW IN PAPERBACK
                         influence and impact, from the perspective                              • Furthers the discipline of film–philosophy
                         of its 50 years of cultural circulation                                   by bringing Murdoch’s thinking into relation
                       • Includes analyses of a range of output, from                              with cinema in a sustained and detailed
                         the Monty Python’s Flying Circus television                               analysis
                         show, to the Monty Python films, albums,                                Paperback £19.99 February 2021 248 Pages
                         and live shows, including consideration of                              978 1 4744 8135 9 Also available in Hardback & Ebook
                         Monty Python’s use of music and songs and                               25 b&w illustrations
                         forms of animation
                       Hardback £75.00 October 2020 240 pages
                       978 1 4744 7515 0 Also available in Ebook
                       24 b&w illustrations

                       Cinematic Realism                                                         Shoe Reels
                       Lukács, Kracauer and Theories of the Filmic                               The History and Philosophy of Footwear in
                       Real                                                                      Film
                       Ian Aitken, Hong Kong Baptist University                                  Edited by Elizabeth Ezra, University of Stirling,
                       • Explores classical and contemporary theories                            Catherine Wheatley, King’s College London
                         of cinematic realism to assess their overall                            • Traces the relationship between one
                         key concepts and intellectual configurations                              particular object (shoes) and film as a
                       • Provides analysis of Lukacs/Bergson/time                                  medium in order to reveal the significance
                         and Kracauer/Husserl/Space                                                of material things to cinema, thematically,
                       • Offers conclusions on what the central key                                formally and philosophically
                         concepts and intellectual configuration                                 • Reveals the political, cultural and economic
                         of cinematic realism are; and on what                                     power of film through its deployment of the
                         consequences flow from this                                               iconography of shoes
                       Hardback £80.00 December 2020 352 pages
                                                                                                 • Asks if, and how, film “uses” shoes differently
                       978 1 4744 4134 6 Also available in Ebook                                   from other art forms, and if so what this
                       1 b&w illustration                                                          difference reveals about the medium, and
                                                                                                   about our current age of art
                                                                                                 Hardback £85.00 December 2020 272 pages
                                                                                                 978 1 4744 5140 6 Also available in Ebook
                                                                                                 50 colour illustrations
                                                                                                 Films and Fashions

NEW TITLES AUTUMN/WINTER 2020 - Edinburgh University Press ...
                   Lesbian Cinema after Queer                                                The Pulse in Cinema
                   Theory                                                                    The Aesthetics of Horror
                   Clara Bradbury-Rance, King’s College London                               Sharon Jane Mee, University of New South
                   • Explores lesbian cinema in the context of                               Wales
                     political, social and cultural transformations                          • Develops a concept of the pulse and argues
                     in LGBT civil rights while challenging the                                for the importance of its use in cinema
                     assumed relationship between visibility and                               spectatorship theory
                     progress                                                                • Builds on ideas of rhythm in early and
                   • Explores the gendered invisibility instituted                             experimental cinema to develop a
                     in critical discourses of sexuality by queer                              progressive theory that is valuable for a
NEW IN PAPERBACK     theory’s departure from identity politics                                 cinematic understanding of body horror
                   • Proposes the mutual, rather than                                        • Analyses five body horror films – Le Sang des
                     synonymous or substitutive, use of ‘queer’                                bêtes/Blood of the Beasts, The Tingler, Dawn of
                     and ‘lesbian’ to describe sexuality on screen                             the Dead, L’aldilà/The Beyond and Possession –
                   • Situates contemporary lesbian cinema in                                   using aspects of the pulse
                     the history of the image of the woman as                                Hardback £75.00 December 2020 216 pages
                     theorised by feminist film theory                                       978 1 4744 7584 6 Also available in Ebook
                                                                                             32 b&w illustrations
                   Paperback £19.99 November 2020 208 pages
                   978 1 4744 3539 0 Also available in Hardback & Ebook
                   36 b&w illustrations

                   The Cinema of Disorientation                                              Contemporary Political Cinema
                   Inviting Confusions                                                       Matthew Holtmeier, Ithaca College
                   Dominic Lash, film scholar                                                • Explores political films that have emerged on
                   • Examines disorientation and confusion,                                    the global film festival circuit (1990s–2010s)
                     and their theoretical implications, in                                  • Updates and critiques the work of Deleuze
                     contemporary narrative film                                               and Foucault in order to develop its efficacy
                   • Explores the relationship between                                         for understanding recent cinematic and
                     orientation and disorientation for the film                               political trends
                     viewer                                                                  • Draws upon the study of Third Cinema and
                   • Critically discusses a very wide range of texts                           Deleuze’s film–philosophy
                                                                          NEW IN PAPERBACK
                     in film criticism, film theory, philosophy, and                         • Situates each film discussed within its
                     beyond                                                                    particular national or regional context, such
                   Hardback £75.00 September 2020 208 pages                                    as the specific issue of Kurdish filmmaking
                   978 1 4744 6277 8 Also available in Ebook                                   in Iran
                   30 b&w illustrations                                                      Paperback £19.99 November 2020 200 pages
                                                                                             978 1 4744 7771 0 Also available in Hardback & Ebook
                                                                                             15 b&w illustrations

                   No Power Without an Image                                                 Intermedial Dialogues
                   Icons Between Photography and Film                                        The French New Wave and the Other Arts
                   Libby Saxton, Queen Mary, University of                                   Marion Schmid, University of Edinburgh
                   London                                                                    • A wide-ranging study which examines the
                   • Reviews the lives of seven legendary                                      complex, often ambivalent ways in which
                     photographs through the lens of cinema,                                   the New Wave engages the other arts in
                     expanding understanding of these                                          both its discursive construction and filmic
                     interlocking media                                                        practice
                   • Presents new archival research into and                                 • Affords a new optic for understanding
                     close analysis of the double lives of four of                             French New Wave cinema and innovative
                     these photographs as pieces of footage,              NEW IN PAPERBACK     readings of New Wave films
                     enhancing knowledge of some of film                                     • Offers an inclusive view of the New Wave
                     history’s most haunting moments                                           through discussion of lesser-known directors
                   • Explores developments in technology and                                   alongside renowned New Wave filmmakers
                     aesthetics that shaped the iconic image,
                                                                                             Paperback £19.99 February 2021 240 pages
                     enriching appreciation of its historical                                978 1 4744 8137 3 Also available in Hardback & Ebook
                     emergence                                                               18 b&w illustrations
                   Hardback £75.00 October 2020 184 pages                                    Edinburgh Studies in Film and Intermediality
                   978 1 4744 6315 7 Also available in Ebook
                   10 b&w illustrations
                   Edinburgh Studies in Film and Intermediality

                                                                                                        New Titles: Autumn/Winter 2020              5
NEW TITLES AUTUMN/WINTER 2020 - Edinburgh University Press ...
                                                                                                                                            Antonioni and the Aesthetics of                                            Killers, Clients and Kindred Spirits
                                                                                                                                            Impurity                                                                   The Taboo Cinema of Shohei Imamura
                                                                                                                                            Remaking the Image in the 1960s                                            Edited by Lindsay Coleman, University of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Melbourne, David Desser, University of Illinois
                                                                                                                                            Matilde Nardelli, University of West London
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       • A thorough exploration of the work of one of
                                                                                                                                            • Critically and comprehensively explores the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Japan’s most controversial directors
                                                                                                                                              relation between Antonioni’s cinema and art
                                                                                                                                              in the 1960s and 1970s, at a time of profound                            • The first book to look at the entire career of
                                                                                                                                              transformation in, and dialogue between,                                   Imamura Shohei
                                                                                                                                              both cinema and art                                                      • Incorporates the work of top Japanese
                                                                                                                                            • Moves away from traditional readings of                                    Cinema scholars from the US, UK, Australia,
                                                                                                                                                                                                 NEW IN PAPERBACK
                                                                                                                                              Antonioni’s cinema in terms of ‘purity’ by                                 Canada and Japan
                                                                                                                                              addressing its engagement with mixed and                                 • Organised by thematic concerns that cut
                                                                                                                                              mass media                                                                 across Imamura’s career
                                                                                                                                            • Approaches Antonioni’s work through a                                    Paperback £24.99 February 2021 360 pages
                                                                                                                                              comparative – trasnational and transmedial                               978 1 4744 8136 6 Also available in Hardback & Ebook
                                                                                                                                              – lens                                                                   47 b&w illustrations
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Edinburgh Studies in East Asian Film
                                                                                                                                            Hardback £75.00 September 2020 248 pages
                                                                                                                                            978 1 4744 4404 0 Also available in Ebook
                                                                                                                                            35 b&w illustrations

                                                                                                                                            Geraldine Chaplin                                                          British Music Videos 1966 – 2016
                                                                                                                                            The Gift of Film Performance                                               Genre, Authenticity and Art
                                                                                                                                            Steven Rybin, Minnesota State University,                                  Emily Caston, University of West London
                                                                                                                                            Mankato                                                                    • A historical and theoretical study of British
                                                                                                                                            • Offers new readings of Chaplin’s presence in                               music video culture and industry from 1966
                                                                                                                                              important films by key film directors across                               to 2016
                                                                                                                                              various international cinemas, including                                 • Sets out a new theoretical framework for
                                                                                                                                              Carlos Saura (Spain), Jacques Rivette                                      music video analysis
                                                                                                                                              (France), David Lean (Britain), Robert Altman                            • Locates music video within the larger
                                                                                                                                              (America), Alain Resnais (France)                                          historical context of the entertainment
                                                                                                                                            • Offers a unique approach to film                  PREVIOUSLY ANNOUNCED
                                                                                                                                              performance studies, showing how                                         • Considers evidence from detailed case study
                                                                                                                                              performative moments created by one actor                                  analyses of one hundred landmark videos
                                                                                                                                              evoke the memory and performances of
                                                                                                                                              another related star in a different historical                           Hardback £75.00 September 2020 232 pages
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       978 1 4744 3532 1 Also available in Ebook
                                                                                                                                              and aesthetic context
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       20 b&w illustrations
                                                                                                                                            Hardback £75.00 September 2020 264 pages                                   Music and the Moving Image
                                                                                                                                            978 1 4744 2796 8 Also available in Ebook
                                                                                                                                            96 b&w illustrations
                                                                                                                                            International Film Stars

    Volume 43 Number 1 March 2020
                                                                                                                                            New Takes on Film and                                                      Legacies of the Past

        Mediating Thought: Essays in Honour

              of Christopher Johnson
                   Edited by Nicholas Harrison
                                                                                                             New Takes on Film and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Memory and Trauma in Mexican Visual and


            Introduction: Chris Johnson in his Writing

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Screen Cultures
                        Nicholas Harrison
            Leroi-Gourhan and the Field of Ethnology
                                                                 Mediating Thought (ed. Nicholas Harrison)

                                                                                                                                            Paragraph, Volume 43, Issue 3
            Christopher Johnson (edited by Judith Still)
     Imagining the Emergence of the Human: Reflections on
                   Chris Johnson’s Late Work
                                                                                                                 Edited by Sarah Cooper
                          Terence Cave

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Edited by Niamh Thornton, University of
     ‘The Prey or the Shadow’: Klossowski, Kierkegaard, Desire
                            Leslie Hill

                                                                                                                                            Edited by Sarah Cooper, King’s College
         ‘Give us back our eleven days’: Brexit or Breaksit
                         Marian Hobson

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Liverpool, Miriam Haddu, Royal Holloway,
          Translating Mouvement, Translating Movement
                        Michael Holland
                  On (Not) Translating Lacan:

       Barbara Cassin’s Sophistico-Analytical Performances
                        Michael Syrotinski

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       University of London
                  Chris Johnson’s Writing Lesson
                           Peggy Kamuf
                      Notes on Contributors

                                                                                                                                            • Features discussion of theoretical and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       • Examines how trauma haunts the spaces
                                                                                                                                              philosophical explorations of imagination as
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          and places of Mexican film and visual culture
                                                                 Edinburgh University Press

          Edinburgh University Press
                                                                                                                                              they relate to questions of spectatorship, film
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       • Case studies include Flor en Otomi, El
                                                                                                               Edinburgh University Press

                                                                                                                                              form, and cinematographic time.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Atentado, Mujer Guerrilla, Biutifel and Children
                                                                                                                                            • Ranging widely in historical and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          of Men
                                                                                                                                              geographical purview, and intersecting with
                                                                                                                                              political and especially ethical concerns                                • A decade-long period of commemoration
                                                                                                                                              where relevant.                                                             in Mexico (2010-2020) makes it a timely
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          moment for reflection on memory and
                                                                                                                                            • Includes solely theoretical pieces in addition
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          traumas of the past
                                                                                                                                              to close analyses of particular films, with
                                                                                                                                              examples from documentary through art                                    • Engages in an interdisciplinary investigation
                                                                                                                                              house and experimental to narrative cinema.                                 of space and the spectral
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Hardback £75.00 December 2020 192 pages
                                                                                                                                            Paperback £24.99 November 2020 128 pages
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       978 1 4744 8053 6 Also available in Ebook
                                                                                                                                            978 1 4744 7760 4
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       16 b&w illustrations
                                                                                                                                            Paragraph Special Issues

NEW TITLES AUTUMN/WINTER 2020 - Edinburgh University Press ...
                   ReFocus: The Films of Barbara                          ReFocus: The Films of Michel
                   Kopple                                                 Gondry
                   Edited by Jeff Jaeckle, Portland Community             Edited by Marcelline Block, LIM College,
                   College, Susan Ryan, The College of New                Jennifer Kirby, Massey University
                                                                          • Explores a range of complex works by Michel
                   • Traces Kopple’s entire career to date,
                                                                            Gondry, examining significant themes
                     including her deft navigations of
                                                                            throughout his filmography including
                     independent documentary production,
                                                                            surrealism, adaptation, memory, dreams,
                     ethical relationships between filmmaker
                                                                            play, and African–American identity
                     and subject, and the shifting digital media
NEW IN PAPERBACK                                                          • Compares Gondry to other filmmakers
                                                                            including Wes Anderson and Jean Vigo,
                   • Provides cultural contexts for Kopple’s films,
                                                                            allowing for an understanding of how
                     including representations of class, gender,
                                                                            Gondry’s films might compare with both his
                     sexuality and race
                                                                            global contemporaries and his predecessors
                   • Assesses the contours of Kopple’s critical             in French and international cinema
                     reputation and popularity, including her
                     influence on contemporary filmmakers                 Hardback £80.00 September 2020 240 pages
                                                                          978 1 4744 5601 2 Also available in Ebook
                   Paperback £19.99 November 2020 272 pages               7 b&w illustrations
                   978 1 4744 3995 4 Also available in Hardback & Ebook   ReFocus: The International Directors Series
                   30 b&w illustrations
                   ReFocus: The American Directors Series

                   ReFocus: The Films of Rachid                           ReFocus: The Films of Pablo
                   Bouchareb                                              Larraín
                   Edited by Michael Gott, University of                  Edited by Laura Hatry, Universidad Autonoma
                   Cincinnati, Leslie Kealhofer-Kemp, University          de Madrid
                   of Rhode Island
                                                                          • Provides cultural and historical context for
                   • Devotes attention to Bouchareb’s under-                Larraín‘s films, including consideration of his
                     explored films, including the Oscar-                   own influences
                     nominated Poussières de vie/Dust of Life
                                                                          • Assesses Larraín‘s standing in Chilean film
                     (1994), those shot in English, and recent
                                                                            and his cinematic style through close
                     made-for- television films
                                                                            analysis of all his works
                   • Offers an interdisciplinary approach to
                                                                          • Analyses Larraín‘s oeuvre in the context
                     Bouchareb’s work, drawing on gender
                                                                            of film aesthetics, philosophy, history,
                     studies, cinema studies, French and
                                                                            adaptation studies and cultural studies
                     francophone studies, Islamic studies, and
                     history, among others                                Hardback £80.00 September 2020 248 pages
                                                                          978 1 4744 4828 4 Also available in Ebook
                   Hardback £80.00 October 2020 272 pages                 29 b&w illustrations
                   978 1 4744 6651 6 Also available in Ebook              ReFocus: The International Directors Series
                   20 b&w illustrations
                   ReFocus: The International Directors Series

                   Film Reboots                                           Contemporary Hollywood
                   Edited by Daniel Herbert, University of
                   Michigan, Constantine Verevis, Monash
                                                                          Noel Brown, Liverpool Hope University
                   University, Melbourne
                                                                          • A cultural history of the contemporary
                   • Offers a specific focus on the new millennial
                                                                            Hollywood animated feature, from Toy Story
                     phenomenon of rebooting
                                                                            to The Lego Movie
                   • Provides extended case studies of key
                                                                          • Examines critically a range of prominent
                     rebooted films and franchises
                                                                            contemporary Hollywood animated features
                   • Interrogates the film reboot as an industrial,
                                                                          • Reveals the aspects which make these texts
                     textual and discursive category
                                                                            attractive to multiple audience sections
                   • Considers the reboot in relation to other
                                                                          • Situates the genre in its social, cultural, and
                     formatting practices: remakes, sequels,
                                                                            industrial contexts
                     prequels, series and franchises
                                                                          • Contributes to current debates on children’s
                   • Situates film reboots in relation to larger
                     political and social realities, including issues
                     of gender and race                                   Hardback £70.00 January 2021 208 pages
                                                                          978 1 4744 1056 4 Also available in Ebook
                   Hardback £75.00 October 2020 256 pages                 18 b&w illustrations
                   978 1 4744 5136 9 Also available in Ebook              Traditions in American Cinema
                   20 b&w illustrations
                   Screen Serialities

                                                                                    New Titles: Autumn/Winter 2020            7
NEW TITLES AUTUMN/WINTER 2020 - Edinburgh University Press ...
                        The Franchise Era                                                         The Other Hollywood Renaissance
                        Managing Media in the Digital Economy                                     Edited by Dominic Lennard, University
                        Edited by James Fleury, Washington                                        of Tasmania., R. Barton Palmer, Clemson
                        University in St. Louis, Bryan Hikari                                     University, Murray Pomerance, independent
                        Hartzheim, Waseda University, Stephen                                     scholar
                        Mamber, UCLA                                                              • Provides a revisionist account of the
                        • A collection of essays that examine the                                    Hollywood Renaissance (which took place
                          management strategies of franchises across                                 between the late 1960s to the early 1980s)
                          multiple media, including film, television,                             • Includes in-depth analysis of 24 directors
                          video games and mobile apps                                                working within this period, such as Jerry
    NEW IN PAPERBACK    • Explores the production, distribution and                                  Schatzberg, Hal Ashby, Peter Bogdanovich,
                          marketing of franchises as a historical form of                            William Friedkin, Peter Yates, Joan Micklin
                          media-making                                                               Silver and John Boorman
                        • Case studies include: the Alien franchise,                              • Reassesses American art cinema of the 1970s
                          Disney theme parks, Star Wars franchise, the                            Hardback £80.00 November 2020 384 pages
                          Marvel Cinematic Universe and Nintendo                                  978 1 4744 4264 0 Also available in Ebook
                          Classic Edition mini-consoles                                           48 b&w illustrations
                        Paperback £24.99 November 2020 336 pages                                  Traditions in American Cinema
                        978 1 4744 7774 1 Also available in Hardback & Ebook
                        20 b&w illustrations
                        Traditions in American Cinema

                        Contemporary Balkan Cinema                                                Francophone Belgian Cinema
                        Transnational Exchanges and Global Circuits                               Jamie Steele, Bath Spa University
                        Edited by Lydia Papadimitriou, Liverpool                                  • An industrial and representational analysis
                        John Moores University, Ana Grgić, Monash                                   of films produced in Wallonia since the early
                        University Malaysia                                                         2000s
                        • A critical and comprehensive analysis                                   • Includes detailed case studies of five key
                          of post-2008 Balkan cinema through a                                      filmmakers to emerge from Belgium and
                          transnational and cross-cultural approach                                 Wallonia: the Dardenne brothers; Joachim
                                                                                                    Lafosse; Olivier Masset-Depasse; Lucas
                        • Emphasis on co-productions, transnational
                                                                                                    Belvaux; and Bouli Lanners
                          exchanges and global circulation
                                                                               NEW IN PAPERBACK   • Provides a new outlook on European film
                        • Reference tables on national and regional
                                                                                                    cultures and cinemas from small nations that
                          film supporting institutions and film festivals
                                                                                                    share linguistic partners
                        • Focus on small and as-yet underrepresented
                          cinemas, such as Montenegro, Kosovo,                                    Paperback £19.99 November 2020 240 Pages
                          Macedonia, and Albania                                                  978 1 4744 5963 1 Also available in Hardback & Ebook
                                                                                                  24 b&w illustrations
                        Hardback £75.00 November 2020 256 pages                                   Traditions in World Cinema
                        978 1 4744 5843 6 Also available in Ebook
                        45 b&w illustrations, 8 tables
                        Traditions in World Cinema

                        The New Romanian Cinema                                                   Moroccan Cinema Uncut
                        Christina Stojanova, University of Regina                                 Decentred Voices, Transnational Perspectives
                        • This pioneering collection of essays on New                             Will Higbee, University of Exeter, Flo
                          Romanian Cinema is the first to contextualise                           Martin, Goucher College, Jamal Bahmad,
                          it aesthetically, theoretically and historically                        Mohammed V University at Agdal, Morocco
                        • Covers more than forty films made since                                 • Features interviews with key industry figures
                          2001 – including The Death of Mr. Lazarescu,                              and filmmakers
                          The Paper will be Blue, Police, Adjective and                           • Case studies include the controversial Much
                          Beyond the Hills                                                          Loved, and an analysis of its reception within
                        • Includes thorough bibliographic                                           and outwith Morocco
    NEW IN PAPERBACK      and filmographic references, and a                                      • Argues that Moroccan cinema has de-
                          comprehensive historical overview                                         orbited from Francophone cinema and
                        Paperback £24.99 February 2021 344 pages
                                                                                                    Morocco’s postcolonial legacy to become a
                        978 1 4744 7773 4 Also available in Hardback & Ebook                        transnational cinema
                        36 b&w illustrations                                                      Hardback £80.00 August 2020 288 pages
                        Traditions in World Cinema                                                978 1 4744 7793 2 Also available in Ebook
                                                                                                  21 b&w illustrations

NEW TITLES AUTUMN/WINTER 2020 - Edinburgh University Press ...
                   Blood in the Streets                                   Greek Cinema and Migration,
                   Histories of Violence in Italian Crime Cinema          1991–2016
                   Austin Fisher, Bournemouth University                  Philip E. Phillis, independent scholar
                   • Winner of the BAFTSS Best Monograph
                                                                          • Discusses issues of immigration and
                     Award 2020
                                                                            identity within contemporary Greek cinema
                   • A historical contextualisation of 1970s Italian        (1991–2016)
                     genre films that depicted violent crime in
                                                                          • Brings Greek cinema to the forefront of
                     contemporary Italy
                                                                            Anglophone Film and Cultural Studies,
                   • Case studies include Giallo films and                  responding to growing needs to investigate
                     Poliziottesco films                                    the cinema of small nations and to provide a
                   • Offers a range of fascinating insights into the        holistic study of European cinema
                     wider anxieties of this decade                       • Includes a wide selection of case studies
                   Paperback £19.99 November 2020 240 pages                 covering the period from 1991 to 2016
                   978 1 4744 7772 7 Also available in Hardback & Ebook     illustrate the growing fascination of Greek
                   15 b&w illustrations                                     filmmakers with the plight of immigrants
                                                                            and refugees in Greece and the shifting
                                                                            ideological and cultural zeitgeist
                                                                          Hardback £75.00 December 2020 240 pages
                                                                          978 1 4744 3703 5 Also available in Ebook
                                                                          16 b&w illustrations

                   New Blood in Contemporary                              Mediating War and Identity
                   Cinema                                                 Figures of Transgression in 20th- and 21st-
                                                                          century War Representation
                   Women Directors and the Poetics of Horror
                                                                          Edited by Lisa Purse, University of Reading,
                   Patricia Pisters, University of Amsterdam
                                                                          Ute Wölfel, University of Reading
                   • Discusses how contemporary women
                                                                          • Examines the processes of conceptualising
                     directors have appropriated horror
                                                                            the self through ambivalent figures like
                     aesthetics, enlarging its generic scope and
                                                                            traitors in representations of war
                     expanding its emotional spectrum
                                                                          • Includes case studies from a range
                   • Includes case studies of important female
                                                                            of disciplinary and interdisciplinary
                     directed films, including A Girl Walks Home
                                                                            perspectives, examining different types of
                     Alone at Night, The Babadook and Venefica
                                                                            cultural representation
                   • Revisits feminist themes such as female
                                                                          • Extends understanding of how figures of
                     agency, gender and race relations and affect
                                                                            transgression are situated in Western visual
                     by returning to the work of feminist directors
                                                                            and media culture, and to what ends
                     of the 1970s and 1980s
                                                                          Hardback £75.00 November 2020 208 pages
                   Hardback £75.00 October 2020 256 pages                 978 1 4744 4626 6 Also available in Ebook
                   978 1 4744 6695 0 Also avauilable in Ebook             27 b&w illustrations
                   26 b&w illustrations

                                                                                      RECENT RELEASES
                   Vampires in Italian Cinema, 1956-                      Nasty Business
                   1975                                                   The Marketing and Distribution of the Video
                   Michael Guarneri
                   • Actively engages in the ongoing academic             Mark McKenna, Staffordshire University
                     debate about the cultural legitimacy of              • Examines factors that contributed to the
                     Italian genre cinema                                   common understanding of the “video
                   • Covers unpublished film production data                nasties moment” outside of the established
                     (from the Archivio Centrale dello Stato                and well documented social history
                     in Rome), original screenplays (from the             • Draws upon global technological histories
                     Biblioteca Luigi Chiarini in Rome), cinematic          to better understand how they relate and
                     paratexts and vampire-themed paraliterature            impact on the British marketplace in the
                     (from libraries all over Italy)                        early 1980s, considering how these forces
                   • Outlines the 1945-1985 historical and                  and factors contributed to the economics of
                     industrial context of Italian cinema                   the early British video industry
                                                                          • Historicises and examines the marketing
                   Hardback £75.00 July 2020 232 pages
                                                                            materials/promotional strategies that are
                   978 1 4744 5811 5 Also available in Ebook
                   12 b&w illustrations
                                                                            believed to have triggered the video nasties’
                                                                            moral panic
                                                                          Hardback £75.00 July 2020 216 pages
                                                                          978 1 4744 5108 6 Also available in Ebook
                                                                          10 b&w illustrations

                                                                                     New Titles: Autumn/Winter 2020         9
NEW TITLES AUTUMN/WINTER 2020 - Edinburgh University Press ...
                         Islamic Manuscripts of Late                                               Reframing the Alhambra
                         Medieval Rum, 1270–1370                                                   Architecture, Poetry, Textiles and Court
                         Production, Patronage and the Arts of the
                         Book                                                                      Olga Bush, Vassar College
                         Cailah Jackson, The Oxford Centre for Islamic                             • Integrates the study of poetic inscriptions,
                         Studies                                                                     textiles and court ceremonial into the
                                                                                                     discussion of architecture
                         • Meticulously analyses 15 Persian and Arabic
                           manuscripts including the Masnavi of Jalal                              • Investigates the neglected, interdisciplinary
                           al-Din Rumi (1278), the Qaramanid Qur’an                                  contexts of medieval poetics and optics
                           (1314–15) and the Divan-i Kabir of Jalal al-                            • Reconstructs the Alhambra’s underlying,
                           Din Rumi (1368)                                                           integrated aesthetic, focusing on the
                         • Translates new and unpublished primary                                    harmonious relationship between
                           sources, including manuscript colophons,                                  architecture, poetry and textiles
                           dedications and endowment notes                                         • Case studies explore specific, relatively
                         • Includes a catalogue of key manuscripts                                   neglected spaces within the Alhambra
                         • Fully illustrated with 150 colour illustrations,                        Paperback £35.00 October 2020 344 pages
                           many previously unpublished or hard-to-find                             978 1 4744 8090 1 Also available in Hardback & Ebook
                                                                                                   94 colour illustrations and 21 b&w illustrations
                         Hardback £95.00 September 2020 320 pages                                  Edinburgh Studies in Islamic Art
                         978 1 4744 5148 2 Also available in Ebook
                         150 colour illustrations
                         Edinburgh Studies in Islamic Art

                         Architectural Culture in British-                                         Art, Allegory and the Rise of
                         Mandate Jerusalem, 1917–1948                                              Shi’ism in Iran, 1487–1565
                         Inbal Ben-Asher Gitler, Sapir Academic                                    Chad Kia
                         College & Ben-Gurion University of the Negev                              • Explores the ways in which esoteric religion
                         • An architectural history of 4 prominent                                   shaped the masterpieces of classical Persian
                           buildings in in the contested urban space                                 painting
                           of Jerusalem: the Muslim Palestinian Palace                             • Marks an important interpretation of
                           Hotel, the Jewish–Zionist Zionist Executive                               celebrated, but enigmatic paintings from
                           Buildings, the British Palestine Archaeological                           collections in the Metropolitan Museum, the
                           Museum and the American Jerusalem YMCA                                    British Library and the Freer Gallery
                                                                                NEW IN PAPERBACK
                           Building                                                                • An interdisciplinary work that bridges art
                         • Includes new research on public and civic                                 history, literature and religion to offer a novel
                           architecture of Mandate Palestine                                         reconsideration of Shia and Safavid cultural
                         • Reveals the major role that architecture and                              and intellectual history
                           architectural culture had in constructing                               Paperback £24.99 February 2021 304 pages
                           communal and national identities in                                     978 1 4744 5039 3 Also available in Hardback & Ebook
                           Jerusalem and in Mandate Palestine                                      12 colour illustrations
                                                                                                   Edinburgh Studies in Classical Islamic History and
                         Hardback £95.00 November 2020 224 pages                                   Culture
                         978 1 4744 5749 1 Also available in Ebook
                         49 colour illustrations and 75 b&w illustrations

                         Ottoman Historical Documents
                         The Institutions of an Empire
                         V. L. Menage (1920–2015), SOAS
                         Edited by Colin Imber, University of
                         Manchester (retired)
                         • The first systematic collection of source
                            materials for students of Ottoman history
                         • Includes notes and a glossary to explain
                            technical terms and interpretive problems
                         • Organises documents around key topics:
                            Legitimation and Titulature; Princes;
                            Recruitment into the Sultan’s service; the
                            Vizierate and the Dīvān; the Religio-Legal
                            Institution; Kānūnnāmes (sultanic legislation);
                            Taxation and Finance; Waqfs (endowments);
                            and Treaties and Foreign Relations
                         • Contextualises the documents in a succinct
                            introduction to each chapter
                         Paperback £24.99 January 2021 272 pages
                         978 1 4744 7937 0 Also available in Hardback & Ebook
                         16 colour illustrations
                   Henrietta Liston’s Travels                                                  The Politics of Armenian
                   The Turkish Journals, 1812–1820                                             Migration to North America,
                   Edited by Patrick Hart and Valerie Kennedy,
                   both Bilkent University, Ankara, and Dora                                   1885–1915
                   Petherbridge, National Library of Scotland                                  Migrants, Smugglers and Dubious Citizens
                   • A scholarly edition of Henrietta Liston’s                                 David Gutman, Manhattanville College
                     Constantinople journal and associated                                     • A study of migration, mobility control and
                     writings, giving an original perspective on                                 state power in the late Ottoman Empire
                     the early 19th-century Ottoman Empire                                     • Sheds light on the phenomenon of migrant
                   • Includes extensive critical apparatus                                       smuggling from a historical perspective
                   • Sheds light on the events described in the             NEW IN PAPERBACK
                                                                                               • Demonstrates the effects of different
                     journal, the Listons’ life in Turkey and the                                regimes of mobility control on the migration
                     circles in which they worked, socialised and                                process
                     corresponded                                                              • Examines the limits of citizenship and
                   • Includes online access to a complete set of                                 nationality in the context of global migration
                     digitised images of the original manuscripts,
                                                                                               Paperback £19.99 February 2021 264 pages
                     semi-diplomatic transcriptions and other                                  978 1 4744 4525 2 Also available in Hardback & Ebook
                     related visual material                                                   2 b&w illustrations
                   Hardback £80.00 October 2020 288 pages                                      Edinburgh Studies on the Ottoman Empire
                   978 1 4744 6735 3 Also available in Ebook
                   19 colour illustrations

                   Cemberlitas Hamami in Istanbul                                              Migrating Texts
                   The Biographical Memoir of a Turkish Bath                                   Circulating Translations around the Ottoman
                   Nina Macaraig, Koç University, Istanbul                                     Mediterranean
                   • Istanbul’s Çemberlitaş Hamamı provides                                    Edited by Marilyn Booth, University of
                     a case study for the cultural, social and                                 Edinburgh
                     economic functions of Turkish bathhouses                                  • Explores translation in the context of the
                     over time                                                                   multi-lingual, multi-ethnic late-Ottoman
                   • Applies a biographical approach that                                        Mediterranean world
                     presents a new paradigm for the discussion                                • Provides a lively picture of cultural transfer
                     of architectural monuments, not only in an                                  and culture production in the eastern
NEW IN PAPERBACK     Ottoman context, but across time and space             NEW IN PAPERBACK     Mediterranean as new nationalisms were
                   • Reconstructs the story of the hamam using                OPEN ACCESS        forming within late imperial formations
                     architectural surveys, archival documents,                                • Goes beyond a documentation of what
                     media analysis and participant observation                                  was translated to explore how works were
                   Paperback £24.99 February 2021 392 pages
                                                                                                 interpreted and conveyed by translators
                   978 1 4744 3411 9 Also available in Hardback & Ebook                        Paperback £24.99 February 2021 368 pages
                   93 images                                                                   978 1 4744 3900 8 Also available in Hardback & Ebook
                   Edinburgh Studies on the Ottoman Empire                                     18 b&w illustrations
                                                                                               Edinburgh Studies on the Ottoman Empire

                   Arabs in the Early Islamic Empire
                   Exploring al-Azd Tribal Identity
                   Brian Ulrich, Shippensburg University
                   • Asks what tribal identity meant to Arabs at
                     different stages of the caliphate’s evolution
                   • Provides a study of early Islamic
                     tribalism influenced by more up-to-date
                     anthropological ideas than the theory of
                   • Applies developments in cultural memory
NEW IN PAPERBACK     studies and early Islamic source criticism to
                     the study of tribal identity
                   • Provides an in-depth look at the large al-Azd
                     tribal confederation, which has previously
                     been examined only in Oman
                   Paperback £24.99 February 2021 272 pages
                   978 1 4744 3680 9 Also available in Hardback & Ebook
                   1 b&w illustrations

                                                                                                          New Titles: Autumn/Winter 2020              11
                        Conflict on Mount Lebanon                                             Protestants, Gender and the Arab
                        The Druze, the Maronites and Collective
                                                                                              Renaissance in Late Ottoman
                        Makram Rabah, the American University of                              Syria
                        Beirut                                                                Deanna Ferree Womack, Emory University
                        • Explores the underlying reasons for the                             • An exhaustive study of Arab Protestantism
                          conflict between the Druze and the                                    during the Nahda in Ottoman Syria
                          Maronites of Lebanon                                                • Explores macro-questions of Arab–American
                        • Introduces collective memory as an                                    relations and gender roles in the Islamic
                          innovative lens and framework for                                     world
                          understanding sectarian and communal             NEW IN PAPERBACK
                                                                                              • Makes rare and neglected writings by
                          hostilities: equally applicable to other                              Syrian Protestants accessible to non-Arabic
                          disputes including the current Sunni–Shiite                           speakers
                          conflict in the region                                              • Brings Middle Eastern studies into
                        • Uses untapped primary and secondary                                   conversation with the field of World
                          sources, paving the way for further research                          Christianity
                          on collective memory and conflict
                                                                                              Paperback £24.99 November 2020 424 pages
                        Hardback £80.00 August 2020 344 pages                                 978 1 4744 3672 4 Also available in Hardback & Ebook
                        978 1 4744 7417 7 Also available in Ebook                             15 b&w illustrations/photographs
                        67 b&w illustrations 1 tables                                         Alternative Histories
                        Alternative Histories

                        The Arab Lefts                                                        EU Diplomacy and the Israeli–
                        Histories and Legacies, 1950s–1970s                                   Arab Conflict, 1967–2019
                        Edited by Laure Guirguis, Aarhus Institute of                         Anders Persson, Linnaeus University, Sweden
                        Advanced Studies
                                                                                              • Argues that the Israeli–Arab conflict has
                        • Introduces new transnational and
                                                                                                been more important for the EU than other
                          generational approaches to the study of
                          left-wing revolutionary movements across                            • Provides a reader-friendly historical overview
                          the Arab world                                                        with chronologically organised chapters,
                                                                                                making it easy to find the EU’s position on
                        • Addresses concerns including radicalisation
                                                                                                each specific event
                          processes, revolutionary hopes, neoliberal
                          globalisation, Islam and the Left, and the                          • Covers recent events that contributed to the
                          legacy of Marxism and communism                                       fragmentation of the EU’s policy vis-à -vis
                                                                                                the conflict, such as the election of Donald
                        • Examines the interventions of a wide range
                                                                                                Trump, Brexit, and the rise of various right-
                          of leftist parties and groups, and individuals
                                                                                                wing, nationalist or populist parties and
                          such as Khaled Bakdash, Mahdi Ben Barka,
                                                                                                governments in Europe
                          Khalid Ahmad Zaki and Arwa Salih
                                                                                              • Includes an annotated selection of key EC/
                        • Opens new avenues for research on the Cold
                                                                                                EU declarations on the Israeli–Arab conflict in
                          War, the Sixties and national emancipation
                                                                                                an appendix
                                                                                              Hardback £75.00 July 2020 232 pages
                        Hardback £80.00 August 2020 312 pages
                                                                                              978 1 4744 7472 6 Also available in Ebook
                        978 1 4744 5423 0 Also available in Ebook

                        Jihadi Audiovisuality and its                                         Matzpen
                        Entanglements                                                         A History of Israeli Dissidence
                        Meanings, Aesthetics, Appropriations                                  Lutz Fiedler, Humboldt University, Berlin
                                                                                              Translated by Jake Schneider
                        Edited by Christoph Günther and Simone
                        Pfeifer, both Johannes Gutenberg University                           • Tells the story of the Israeli Socialist
                        Mainz                                                                   Organization – better known under the
                                                                                                name of its journal Matzpen (compass) –
                        • Fosters theoretical approaches to visuality
                                                                                                who advocated for a community of Israeli
                          in the context of ‘propagandistic’ imagery in
                                                                                                Jews and Palestinian Arabs in a socialist
                          images, sounds and videos in Jihadi media
                                                                                                Middle Eastxx
                        • Explores the use of humour, re-enactments
                                                                                              • Focuses on Matzpen’s protagonists and their
                          and memes in cultural resistance
                                                                                                links to the key events in Israeli history
                        • Includes a chapter by renowned Sudanese
                                                                                              • Uses the history of Matzpen as an entry point
                          artist and political cartoonist Khalid Albaih
                                                                                                to broader questions around Israeli and
                        • Draws on empirical data collected in online                           Middle Eastern history, politics and culture
                          environments and through ethnographic
                                                                                              • Tells a history of Israel from the margins and
                          research in Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia,
                                                                                                raises new questions about the Jewish state
                          Sudan, Spain, Switzerland and Germany
                                                                                                in the Middle East
                        Hardback £85.00 December 2020 336 pages
                                                                                              Hardback £80.00 December 2020 408 pages
                        978 1 4744 6751 3 Also available in Ebook
                                                                                              978 1 4744 5116 1 Also available in Ebook
                        41 colour illustrations
                                                                                              15 b&w illustrations
                   Islam in Modern Turkey                                                      Religion, Identity and Power
                   Kim Shively, Kutztown University of                                         Turkey and the Balkans in the Twenty-First
                   Pennsylvania                                                                Century
                   • Explores how the secular policies and                                     Ahmet Erdi Öztürk, London Metropolitan
                     practices of the Turkish state have                                       University and Linköping University
                     continuously shaped Turkish Islam                                         • Discusses the effects of Turkey’s authoritarian
                   • Investigates Islamic beliefs and practices in                               turn during the AKP rule on the political
                     Turkey since the foundation of the modern                                   relations between Erdoğan’s Turkey and the
                     Republic                                                                    Balkan states of Bulgaria, North Macedonia
                   • Includes case studies on issues that have                                   and Albania
INSPECTION COPY                                                                                • Examines the role of religion, ethnicity, state
                     shaped public debates on the role of
                     religion in the secular state, for example the                              identity and power in the relations between
                     Kemalist state’s attempt to cultivate the ideal                             Turkey and the Balkan Peninsula
                     Republican woman; the evolving debate                                     • Draws on the results of 120 semi-structured
                     around veiling; and the liberalisation of the                               interviews with political actors, diplomats,
                     media                                                                       religious leaders, scholars, journalists and
                   Paperback £24.99 January 2021 224 pages
                                                                                                 religious community representatives
                   978 1 4744 4015 8 Also available in Hardback & Ebook                        Hardback £75.00 January 2021 224 pages
                   The New Edinburgh Islamic Surveys                                           978 1 4744 7468 9 Also available in Ebook
                                                                                               20 b&w illustrations
                                                                                               Edinburgh Studies on Modern Turkey

                   Modern Hadith Studies                                                       The Rise of Islamic Political
                   Continuing Debates and New Approaches                                       Movements and Parties
                   Edited by Belal Abu-Alabbas and Christopher                                 Morocco, Turkey and Jordan
                   Melchert, both University of Oxford, and
                                                                                               Esen Kirdiş, Rhodes College, Memphis
                   Michael Dann, University of Illinois
                                                                                               • Examines the variation and similarity in the
                   • Brings together western and Middle Eastern
                                                                                                 political choices of Islamic movements
                     scholars to explore medieval and modern
                     approaches to the study of Hadith                                         • Compares three sub-regions of the greater
                                                                                                 Middle East/North Africa: Morocco, Turkey
                   • Addresses several methodological issues and
                                                                                                 and Jordan
                     questions in evaluating Hadith reports
                                                                            NEW IN PAPERBACK   • Contrasts different Islamic movements
                   • Provides a rich analysis of the global
                                                                                                 coming from diverse Islamic trends including
                     trends in Hadith studies, affording a broad
                                                                                                 the Muslim Brotherhood, Salafism, Sufism
                     understanding of the field
                                                                                                 and Islamic parties
                   Hardback £85.00 August 2020 232 pages                                       • Based on qualitative fieldwork before
                   978 1 4744 4179 7 Also available in Ebook                                     and after the Arab Spring, including
                                                                                                 personal interviews with leading party and
                                                                                                 movement leaders
                                                                                               Paperback £19.99 February 2021 240 pages
                                                                                               978 1 4744 5068 3 Also available in Hardback & Ebook
                                                                                               16 b&w illustrations, tables, graphs and charts

                   The Life and Work of                                                        Dialectical Encounters
                   W. Montgomery Watt                                                          Contemporary Turkish Muslim Thought in
                   Edited by Carole Hillenbrand, University of
                   Edinburgh                                                                   Taraneh R. Wilkinson, The Foundation for
                                                                                               Religious Sciences John XXIII
                   • Celebrates the life and work of one of the
                                                                                               • Critically reframes the category of modernity
                     most famous of all Western scholars of Islam:
                                                                                                 through the responses of Turkish theologians
                     W. Montgomery Watt (1909–2006)
                                                                                                 – both critical and appreciative – to the
                   • Publishes Watt’s diary and ‘The Testament of                                Western intellectual tradition
                     a Search’ for the first time
                                                                                               • Provides a concise survey of Turkish Muslim
NEW IN PAPERBACK   • Discusses different aspects of                         NEW IN PAPERBACK     positions on religious pluralism and atheism
                     W. Montgomery Watt’s career and his
                                                                                               • Offers a fresh look at the mediation of
                     outstanding achievements
                                                                                                 authenticity and authority in Turkish
                   • Contributors include Carole Hillenbrand,                                    expressions of Islam
                     Fred Donner, Bishop Richard Holloway and
                                                                                               • Features the work of Recep Alpyağıl and
                     the late David Kerr
                                                                                                 Şaban Ali Düzgün
                   Paperback £19.99 November 2020 192 pages
                                                                                               Paperback £19.99 November 2020 256 pages
                   978 1 4744 4733 1 Also available in Hardback & Ebook
                                                                                               978 1 4744 4154 4 Also available in Hardback & Ebook
                   11 b&w illustrations
                                                                                               4 b&w illustrations 3 tables

                                                                                                          New Titles: Autumn/Winter 2020              13
                         Hydrofictions                                                                 Islamic Modernism and the
                         Water, Power and Politics in Israeli and                                      Re‑Enchantment of the Sacred in
                         Palestinian Literature
                         Hannah Boast, University of Warwick                                           the Age of History
                         • Places water at the centre of a new approach                                Monica M. Ringer, Amherst College
                           to literary criticism                                                       • Shows how the adoption of historicism
                         • Covers a broad range of contemporary Israeli                                  in the 19th century engendered Islamic
                           and Palestinian authors including Mourid                                      modernism as a theological reform
                           Barghouti, Sayed Kashua and Amos Oz                                           movement
                         • Brings together approaches from literary                                    • Shows that Islamic Modernists adopted
                           studies, cultural geography and world                                         intellectual frameworks that first emerged in
                           politics                                                                      Europe, then deployed them to argue for the
                         • Contributes to debates within literary studies                                superiority of Islam
                           on the environmental humanities, national                                   • Includes case studies of 4 Islamic Modernists:
                           literatures and ‘cli-fi’                                                      Jamal al-Din al-Afghani (Iran), Imam
                         Hardback £80.00 August 2020 248 pages                                           Bayezidof (Russia), Namik Kemal (Ottoman
                         978 1 4744 4380 7 Also available in Ebook                                       Empire) and Syed Ameer Ali (India)
                                                                                                       Hardback £80.00 September 2020 216 pages
                                                                                                       978 1 4744 7873 1 Also available in Ebook
                                                                                                       7 b&w illustrations

                         Aging in the Modern Arabic Novel                                              Women, Writing and the Iraqi
                         Samira Aghacy, Lebanese American
                                                                                                       Ba‘thist State
                                                                                                       Contending Discourses of Resistance and
                         • Examines the representation of aging men                                    Collaboration, 1968–2003
                           and women as it is understood, practiced
                                                                                                       Hawraa Al-Hassan, University of Cambridge
                           and problematised in the modern Arabic
                           novel                                                                       • Explores discourses on gender and
                                                                                                         representations of women in Iraqi writing
                         • Offers close readings of 16 novels, including
                                                                                                         under the Ba‘th, when illiteracy among
                           semi-autobiographies, bringing together
                                                                                                         women was almost completely eradicated
                           authors from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Tunisia and
                           Egypt published since the 1950s                      PREVIOUSLY ANNOUNCED   • Expands the canon by including
                                                                                                         marginalised voices in Arabic literary
                         • Incorporates younger and older – and
                                                                                                         scholarship, such as religious writings by Iraqi
                           female and male – authors in a bid to
                                                                                                         Shia women, and propaganda texts, such as
                           distinguish between their representations of
                                                                                                         the novels of Saddam Hussein
                           the aging process
                                                                                                       • Relates to broader regional issues such as
                         • Uses feminist theories of aging and
                                                                                                         national identity and the status of women in
                           gerontology that focus on sexism and
                                                                                                         Arabic societies
                                                                                                       Hardback £80.00 September 2020 264 pages
                         Hardback £75.00 October 2020 200 pages                                        978 1 4744 4175 9 Also available in Ebook
                         978 1 4744 6675 2 Also available in Ebook                                     13 b&w illustrations
                                                                                                       Edinburgh Studies in Modern Arabic Literature

                         Blogging from Egypt                                                           Occidentalism
                         Digital Literature, 2005–2016                                                 Literary Representations of the Maghrebi
                         Teresa Pepe, University of Oslo                                               Experience of the East–West Encounter
                         • Explores blogs as a new form of literature                                  Zahia Smail Salhi, University of Manchester
                           emerging in Egypt during the rise of political                              • Explores the encounters between East and
                           protests                                                                      West in Maghrebi literature in the pre-1945
                         • Studies these ‘autofictional’ blogs through                                   period
                           a combination of literary analysis and                                      • Focuses on the work of early Algerian
                           interviews with the authors                                                   intelligentsia known as the Young Algerians
                         • Sets out an innovative methodology for                                        and their insistent letters to the Occident
     NEW IN PAPERBACK                                                            NEW IN PAPERBACK
                           studying literary texts distributed on social                               • Includes readings of key texts by Chukri
                           media, opening new avenues for research                                       Khodja, Saad ben Ali, Djamila Débêche,
                         • Based on the study of 40 blogs written from                                   Fadhma Amrouche, Mouloud Feraoun,
                           Egypt, 6 of which are analysed as detailed                                    Mohamed Dib, Ferhat Abbas and Albert
                           case studies                                                                  Memmi, amongst many others
                         Paperback £24.99 November 2020 256 pages                                      Paperback £19.99 February 2021 288 pages
                         978 1 4744 3400 3 Also available in Hardback & Ebook                          978 1 4744 5322 6 Also available in Hardback & Ebook
                         8 b&w illustrations                                                           Edinburgh Studies in Modern Arabic Literature
                         Edinburgh Studies in Modern Arabic Literature

                   The Gothic and Theory                                                     Ovidian Transversions
                   An Edinburgh Companion                                                    ‘Iphis and Ianthe’, 1300–1650
                   Edited by Jerrold E. Hogle, University of                                 Edited by Valerie Traub, University of
                   Arizona, Robert Miles, University of Victoria                             Michigan, Patricia Badir, University of British
                   • Provides the first detailed discussion of the                           Columbia, Peggy McCracken, University of
                     interrelationship between literary theory and                           Michigan
                     the Gothic from the inception of the Gothic                             • Intervenes in the history of Ovidian
                     to the present day                                                        reception and literary history, particularly in
                   • Enables students to connect what otherwise                                terms of gender and sexuality
                     seem a wide variety of diverse phenomena,                               • Brings medieval and early modern, English
NEW IN PAPERBACK     from the rise of philosophical ‘emotivism’ to        NEW IN PAPERBACK     and French appropriations of the tale into
                     poetic tales of terror and Gothic film                                    productive dialogue
                   • Advances current scholarly investigation,                               • Provides new readings of John Lyly’s
                     by invigorating debates within both Gothic                                Galathea and Issac Benserade’s ‘Iphis and
                     studies and literary theory                                               Ianthe’, and of medieval versions of the story
                   Paperback £24.99 November 2020 344 pages                                  Paperback £24.99 November 2020 344 pages
                   978 1 4744 2778 4 Also available in Hardback & Ebook                      978 1 4744 4891 8 Also available in Hardback & Ebook
                   Edinburgh Companions to the Gothic                                        29 b&w illustrations

                   Shakespeare’s Body Parts                                                  Shakespeare’s Essays
                   Figuring Sovereignty in the History Plays                                 Sampling Montaigne from Hamlet to The
                   Huw Griffiths, University of Sydney                                       Tempest
                   • Presents a sustained, formalist reading of                              Peter G. Platt, Barnard College
                     Shakespeare’s history plays                                             • Offers a new way of accounting for the
                   • Reads Shakespeare’s history plays for their                               different sorts of plays that Shakespeare
                     contribution to political thought, and to                                 wrote later in his career
                     theories of sovereignty                                                 • Provides a detailed history of the
                   • Delivers a thorough and wide-ranging                                      literary-critical interest in the Montaigne-
                     formal analysis of Shakespearean body parts,                              Shakespeare connection, from the
                     both literal and figurative                                               eighteenth century to the present day
                   Hardback £75.00 October 2020 192 pages
                                                                                             • Includes case studies that, through sustained
                   978 1 4744 4870 3 Also available in Ebook                                   close-readings of Montaigne’s essays and
                                                                                               Shakespeare’s plays, shows the shared
                                                                                               concerns of the authors
                                                                                             Hardback £75.00 September 2020 200 pages
                                                                                             978 1 4744 6340 9 Also available in Ebook

                   Face-to-Face in Shakespearean                                             The Poetics of Friendship in Early
                   Drama                                                                     Modern Spain
                   Ethics, Performance, Philosophy                                           A Study in Literary Form
                   Edited by Matthew James Smith, Azusa                                      Donald Gilbert-Santamaria, University of
                   Pacific University, Julia Reinhard Lupton,                                Washington
                   University of California, Irvine                                          • Traces the evolution of classical Aristotelian-
                   • Bridges philosophy and performance studies                                Ciceronian notions of perfect friendship into
                     in original readings of plays by Shakespeare                              an independent formal principle within the
                   • Broadens recent interest in the ethics of the                             literary production of early modern Spain
                     face associated with Emmanuel Levinas to                                • Includes chapters covering several important
                     the ideas of other prominent writers and                                  genres from the period including the
                     theorists, including Hannah Arendt, Bernard                               interpolated short story, the pastoral novel,
                     Beckerman, J. L. Austin, Ludwig Wittgenstein,                             the comedia, and the picaresque novel
                     and Bernard Steigler                                                    • Argues for a dialectical transformation within
                   • Includes thirteen original essays that cover                              the poetics of friendship as an important
                     major plays by Shakespeare, including                                     influence in the oft-cited modernity of
                     Hamlet, Lear, Macbeth, Richard II, and the                                Cervantes’s Don Quixote
                     comedies                                                                Hardback £75.00 September 2020 272 pages
                   Paperback £24.99 February 2021 304 pages                                  978 1 4744 5804 7 Also available in Ebook
                   978 1 4744 3569 7 Also available in Hardback & Ebook

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