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In this issue... From the Principal . 1 Diary Dates . 2 Student Absences/Late Arrivals . 2 Tesharna Maher . 2 From the Deputy Principal . 3 Basketball Carnival . 3 Important Information . 3 From the Business Manager . 4 Term 3 Information . 5 Yr8Japanese-BentoBoxCreations . 6 Term 2 Drama . 8 Year 10 Poetry . 9 Middle Years . 10 Senior Years . 11 Students Perform at Southern Cross.... 12 Future Pathways . 12 Community Noticeboard . 13 Dear Families Staff News Mrs Narelle Rowlands has resigned her position at the College and her last day was Friday 22 June 2018. Narelle and her family are moving interstate as a result of a job offer for her husband. Narelle has been a much loved and respected teacher and leader at Mount Carmel College. Narelle has used her talents in many ways, including as Acting Deputy Principal and Director of Administration. We wish her and her family all the best as they begin a new chapter in their lives.

Mrs Dina Hasaneen has accepted a permanent position in Queensland and will be concluding her contract with us at the end of this term. Our Unit students will particularly miss Mrs Hasaneen and we have greatly appreciated her care and concern for all of our Unit students and their families. Mrs Emma Westwood will commence maternity leave at the end of this term. Our best wishes to her on the impending birth of her third child. Ms Michelle Tomlinson has concluded her contract as Personal Assistant to the Principal and Deputy Principal. Mrs Sandy Adcock who has been on Long Service Leave for part of Term 1 and most of Term 2 has decided to retire. We wish Sandy all the best in retirement and thank her for 10 years of service at Mount Carmel College.

Students Demonstrating Leadership At Mount Carmel College our students have many opportunities to show leadership, both in the formal leadership roles and leadership in other circumstances. Below are just a couple of recent examples where our students did themselves and our College proud. Student-led Transition Research Project Last week 22 of our Year 8 students led discussions in small groups with 70 Year 6 and Year 7 students from St Margaret Mary’s School. From the Principal Amongst the topics discussed, the students talked about what their ideal secondary school would look like, what they would like their new school to know about them and what they would like from their primary school as they graduate to secondary school. Continued on page 2.

MOUNT CARMEL COLLEGE Belonging ~ Diversity ~ Excellence ~Relationship News @ the Mount Edition 10 5July,2018 A Catholic co-educational Years 8-12 secondary school in the Josephite Tradition. Year 7-12 in 2019. Campus: 33 Newcastle Street, Rosewater SA 5013 | Postal address: PO Box 35, Port Adelaide Business Centre SA 5015 T: (08) 8447 0500 | E: | Japanese Bento Box Creations Refer to page 6

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2 MCC News @ the Mount - Issue 10, 5 July 2018 The information from the various groups is being collated to assist Mount Carmel College and the primary schools to make the transition from primary to secondary school a successful and enjoyable experience. This is particularly important in this unique period of having two year levels graduate at the same time from primary school. Opening of Mount Carmel Southern Cross Aged Care Extension Last week some of our talented music students performed at the official opening of the Mount Carmel Southern Cross Aged Care Extension on Torrens Road. Our students sang the National Anthem and then after the official proceedings were concluded, our students performed songs to entertain the guests and residents.

From the Principal Continued... Diary Dates JULY 6 End of Term 2 - 3pm Dismissal 23 Term 3 Begins 23-25 Year 12 Exams 31 College Tour - 4pm AUG 1 Stage 2 Parent Teacher Interviews 8 St Mary MacKillop Feast Day - 1pm Dismissal 15 Subject Information Evening 6pm - 8pm 23-24 Josephite Exchange Further dates are available from our website at When a student is absent or going to be late, parents should notify the school by 9am on that day by texting the Absentee Line on 0438 368 846 (SMS) or phoning (08) 8447 0500. You will need to state the following: NAME OF CHILD YEAR LEVEL REASONS FOR ABSENCE eg If late approximately what time will your child arrive etc. A medical certificate is required if a student is away for more than 3 days. For any planned extended absence, a letter to the Principal is required to explain circumstances. Student Absences/ Late Arrivals Low Carbon Living Research Project Some of our Year 10 and 11 students and their parents are participating in an environmental research project re low carbon living. A former Catholic Education SA office employee is undertaking, as part of her PhD, a survey of child friendly precinct design for low carbon living: improving policies and procedures. The study looks at the mode of transport students use in a four day period, aspects of environmental design in the local area and student and parent attitudes to transport and the precinct.

Best wishes and blessings for a relaxing and enjoyable school holiday break Mr John Konopka, Principal Tesharna Maher VET course: Certificate III Fitness Registered Training Organisation: South Australian Aboriginal Sports Training Academy (SAASTA) Tesharna is currently in Year 11 and as part of her studies she is involved with the South Australian Aboriginal Sports Training Academy (SAASTA). SAASTA runs the Women’s Aboriginal AFL Academy where Tesharna is involved in weekly sessions which is split between theory and practical tasks related to her Certificate III in Fitness with an AFL focus. In addition academy students receive mentoring from PAFC players and staff, compete in AFL training and games and participate in various development activities.

Certificate III in Fitness can receive approximately 100 Stage 2 credits and leads to many employment pathways in Fitness.

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MCC News @ the Mount - Issue 10, 5 July 2018 3 Important Information... From the Deputy Principal Semester Reports The end of semester reports will provide an excellent opportunity for parents to discuss the progress of the child’s learning. Whilst for the majority of our students this will be an overwhelmingly affirming experience there can be some instances where the report indicates that there is an opportunity for growth. I have attached a very good online article by Jen Taylor titled ‘How To Review Your Child’s Report Card Like a Pro’; how-to-review-report-card-like-a-pro/ Stage 2 External Assessment Whilst our Year 12 students have now completed their Research Project the attention now turns to the assessment requirements in other subjects. For many subjects that have an external assessment requirement the due dates will fall toward the end of Term 3. The holiday period will provide an excellent opportunity to get on top of these tasks. An efficient use of time over the next few weeks will reduce the stress at the end of the year. It is also important that Year 12s take the time to thoroughly prepare for their trial exams. We are reminded that we ‘practise as we play’. It is difficult to gauge what a student needs to do in order to improve their exam performance if they haven’t adequately prepared for these trial exams. Past experience has shown that it is hard to turn results around at the last minute and that there is never a better time to start preparing than now.

Mr Jon Cenko, Deputy Principal Donations for Fred’s Van Bake Off The big bake off for Fred’s Van, which provides food for those in need, will occur next term in week 6. However, we are seeking donations of non-perishable foods or money donations to purchase ingredients, now in preparation. Donations of food or money can be left at the reception office College Group Photos Fred’sVan Bake off! StVincent DePaul provide approx. 550 meals a week, to people who need support Items to donate: S- Raising Flour Eggs Sugar Bacon Cheese Capsicum Onion Long-life Milk Blueberries Choc Chips DONTATIONS CAN BE LEFT ATTHE OFFICE Donations of Blankets, Beanies and Gloves are also accepted Please note Individual and Group Photos will be distributed Week 1, Term 3. Last Friday, our Year 8 and 9 students competed in the Western Zone Basketball Carnival. It was a great day of competition and sportsmanship. Well done to everyone involved. A special mention to our student Referees from Year 10 and 11 and a big congratulations to our Year 9 boys who won the Carnival.

Basketball Carnival

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4 MCC News @ the Mount - Issue 10, 5 July 2018 From the Business Manager The College fees for 2019 were ratified at the Board meeting in May and are presented here for your information. The College and Finance offices will close at 4.00pm this Friday and re-open on Monday 23 July. If you need to contact the College during the school holidays then please call 8447 0500 and either leave a message or follow the prompts. Mr David Cotton, Business Manager MOUNT CARMEL COLLEGE A Catholic co-educational Years 7-12 Secondary School in the Josephite Tradition. 33 Newcastle Street, Rosewater SA 5013 | PO Box 35, Port Adelaide Business Centre SA 5015 T (08) 8447 0500 | E | W MOUNT CARMEL COLLEGE FEES FOR 2019 Full Fee School Card Tuition Fee: Year 7 1,840 1,104 Year 8 3,080 1,848 Year 9 3,370 2,022 Year 10 3,690 2,214 Year 11 4,280 2,568 Year 12 4,280 2,568 • We encourage families to discuss their circumstances with us and we work together with families to achieve a manageable payment plan.

• Virginia Reimann can be contacted on 8447 0502 and David Cotton on 8447 0525 should families wish to discuss further. MOUNT CARMEL COLLEGE Summary of Fees for 2019 MT CARMEL CARITAS ET DIGNITAS . Resource Fee: Year 7 1,040 740 Year 8 and 9 1,220 920 Year 10 - 12 1,370 1,070 Building Fund: Voluntary per family 500 Refugee: First year full payment 500 Second year meet fee schedule Acceptance Fee: 250 50

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MCC News @ the Mount - Issue 10, 5 July 2018 5 Term 3 – First Day Back Students will return to school to begin Term 3 on Monday 23 July. Year 8 to Year 11 students will commence regular classes, however, the Year 12 students begin their term with Trial Examinations. Stage 2 Trial exams run from Monday to Wednesday 25 July (Please see below for the Exam Timetable). Year 12s will resume their regular teaching and learning timetable from Thursday 26 July. Semester 1 Reports After a busy Term 2, Semester 1 wrapped up at the end of Week 8. Students finalised assessment tasks and Year 11s concluded their Semester with examinations.

For Year 8 to Year 11 students, grades in the Semester 1 report reflect the entire Semester of work across the first two terms. Therefore, the overall grade is an accumulation of each student’s achievement across an extended period of time. For Year 12 students, the Semester 1 report is, in essence, a progress report indicating how they are tracking in their year-long subjects (apart from Research Project which was completed by students in its entirety during Semester 1). While all grades are subject to the SACE Board’s marking and moderating processes, the Semester 1 report is the best indication thus far of the level that students are working against the particular performance and assessment standards for each subject.

Parent Teacher Interviews As a College we believe that interviews are an essential part of building community and help bridge the gap between school and home regarding the academic progress of students. There will be two parent/teacher/student evenings in Term 3: • Stage 2 Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews will be held on Wednesday, 1 August between 3:30pm – 7:30pm. The purpose of this evening early in Term 3 is to support the Stage 2 students, including those studying Stage 2 Religion at Year 11, as they move into their last full term and begin their final assessment tasks.

This is also a time to discuss the Year 12 trial exam results and their Semester 1 report. Please note that Year 12 students and families will be collecting their trial exam results at this parent evening which will facilitate discussions. Term 3 Information Codes and details to book times for this will be emailed/posted to families. • Year 8 – 11 Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews will be held on Tuesday, 11 September between 1:30pm – 7:30pm. Year 12 Parents and students are more than welcome to attend this evening also.

This parent evening sits at the mid-point of Semester 2 and provides an excellent opportunity for teachers and families to engage in conversations regarding the current progress of students and indicate areas for growth. Codes and details to book times for this evening will be communicated to families closer to the event. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities. It is an expectation that all students will attend interviews with parents at the appropriate evening. Subject Selection 2019 Process Subject selection is almost upon us and straight after the school holidays students will be asked to begin to focus on their subject choices for 2019. While there is an array of subject offerings, students will be encouraged to engage with the new-look Middle Years and Senior Years 2019 Curriculum Handbooks, to ask questions of their teachers and to put some serious thought into their skills, capabilities and future pathways.

There are two key dates to put in your diaries for subject selection in Term 3: • Subject Information Evening (for current Year 9-11 students): Tuesday 14 August 6.00-8.30pm • Subject Selection Interviews (for current Year 10-11 students): Monday 27 August 3.30-8.00pm More information regarding the exact structure and timing of these events will be released to parents closer to the dates. Should you have any questions regarding parent teacher evenings, subject selection or upcoming events, please do not hesitate to contact us at the College.

Mr Nick Tattoli Director of Administration SACE STAGE 2 TRIAL EXAMINATIONS TIMETABLE Monday, 23 July to Wednesday, 25 July 2018 All exams will be held in D14 and D13. Supervised Study Room will be operating in T02 from Monday to Wednesday. Session 1 *Students enter exam room at 8:20am Session 2 *Students enter exam room at 12:50pm Monday 23 July, 2018 Chemistry (D13) 8:30am – 10:40am (2 hours + 10 mins reading time) Psychology (D13) 8:30am – 10:40am (2 hours + 10 mins reading time) Physics (D13) 1:00pm – 3:10pm (2 hours + 10 mins reading time) Tuesday 24 July, 2018 General Mathematics (D13) 8:30am – 10:40am (2 hours + 10 mins reading time) Mathematical Methods (D14) 8:30am – 11:40am (3 hours + 10 mins reading time) Modern History (D13) 1:00pm – 3:10pm (2 hours + 10 mins reading time) Wednesday 25 July, 2018 Italian (Continuers) (D14) 8:30am – 11:40am (3 hours + 10 mins reading time) Specialist Mathematics (D13) 8:30am – 11:40am (3 hours + 10 mins reading time) Biology (D13) 1:00pm – 3:10pm (2 hours + 10 mins reading time) Physical Education (D13) 1:00pm – 3:10pm (2 hours + 10 mins reading time) Thursday 26 July, 2018 Regular Year 12 classes and timetable resumes.

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6 MCC News @ the Mount - Issue 10, 5 July 2018 Year 8 Japanese - Bento Box Creations Year 8 Japanese – Bento Box Creation 八年せい の 日本語 おべんとう Year 8 Japanese students recently learned about the Japanese Students researched the Bento boxes, how they are used in Japa today make interesting designs for their Bento. Students spent a own Bento boxes: as you can see from the photos, there were m Bento boxes which students then enjoyed eating! Student Reflections A bento box is a packed lunch box and is common in Japanese made for their children for school by their mothers. A bento bo as rice, broccoli, carrot, peas, cheese and nori (edible dried seaw by using these vegetables to create characters and designs t appealing to the child.

Bento box designs include characters such as Mario, Pikachu, animals such as cats and pandas. Bento boxes can also include in or landscapes. In my bento box, I used rice, carrot, broccoli, lettuce, furikake (a peas and nori to create my design. I chose to create a snowman o First, I put my base of rice down as a foundation. Then, I used b sized balls which I used as the snowman’s body. I then adde background and nori to create the snowman’s hat. I used chee Year 8 Japanese students recently learned about the Japanese Bento box (or lunchboxes.) Students researched the Bento boxes, how they are used in Japan, and also how many people today make interesting designs for their Bento. Students spent a double lesson creating their own Bento boxes: as you can see from the photos, there were many creative and interesting Bento boxes which students then enjoyed eating!

Student Reflections A bento box is a packed lunch box and is common in Japanese households. They are usually made for their children for school by their mothers. A bento box usually contains food such as rice, broccoli, carrot, peas, cheese and nori (edible dried seaweed). Bento boxes are made by using these vegetables to create characters and designs to make the food look more appealing to the child. Bento box designs include characters such as Mario, Pikachu, Hello Kitty or other cartoon animals such as cats and pandas. Bento boxes can also include intricate designs such as trees or landscapes.

In my bento box, I used rice, carrot, broccoli, lettuce, furikake (a Japanese seasoning), cheese, peas and nori to create my design. I chose to create a snowman out of the ingredients. First, I put my base of rice down as a foundation. Then, I used my hands to create 3 different sized balls which I used as the snowman’s body. I then added peas and lettuce for the background and nori to create the snowman’s hat. I used cheese to create my snowman’s scarf, and carrot to create my snowman’s nose. Finally, I used furikake to add detail to the sky in the background.

I thoroughly enjoyed designing and creating my bento box. I enjoyed creating my own design and learning about the history and background of a bento box. Madison Wells (8Y) A thing I learnt about shaping the rice is that you need a bit of water on your hand so that the rice doesn’t stick on your hands. It was harder than I thought it would be. What I enjoyed was making the picture because it was creative and all Bento boxes in my class looked amazing! Andy Ly (8Y) A bento would usually contain rice, seaweed, meat and vegetables. The bento box I made has two oval shaped rice wrapped with nori, decorated with cheese to form a cat face. It also contains an egg omelette, sausage octopus and other common food as side dishes. After this experience, I learnt that it was somewhat challenging and time consuming but enjoyed making them with my friends.

Jessica Truong (8Y) The bento boxes include characters or interesting designs to catch kids attention to eat the food and to also make the food look delicious. I made it mostly with rice, fruit and meat. I turned the rice into balls and made a face out of it using seaweed too. I enjoyed collecting the ingredients and also cutting up the faces for the rice ball. Gavebreille Aguado (8G) My bento box was originally going to be designed as Baymax from Big Hero 6, but it was hard to cut and stick on his eyes. I ended up making 1 Baymax and the rest are smiley faces. I placed seaweed underneath the smiley faces and Baymax laid on top.

Cianneh Nyantee (8G) Ms Suzanne Sullivan, Year 8 Japanese Teacher

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MCC News @ the Mount - Issue 10, 5 July 2018 7 Year 8 Japanese - Bento Box Creations Continued...

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8 MCC News @ the Mount - Issue 10, 5 July 2018 Term 2 Drama This term brought many exciting events of the dramatic nature. In Week 6, all Year 10, 11 and 12 Drama students went to watch State Theatre’s Education Production called Terrestrial. It was an exciting new work, commissioned especially for regional touring and metro school performances. Jill Blewett Playwright Award winner Fleur Kilpatrick makes her State Theatre Company debut with this ode to the abandoned communities of regional South Australia. The play centred around Liddy, a teenage alien obsessive, and her mum arrive in a remote South Australian town seeking escape. What they find is a community collapsing in on itself due to an impending mine closure. Liddy swiftly connects with Badar, a witty, cynical 15 year old just like her. He is an outsider just like her and a lover of sci-fi, just like her. The two newly crowned best friends explore what is fast becoming a ghost town, embracing their difference and celebrating their shared eccentricities. But when Badar disappears, Liddy must search back through her recent past to find the point where reality and fantasy divide. Terrestrial was directed by Nescha Jelk and she created an experience that both touched the heart and engaged the mind. All students commented on how enjoyable the play had been and chatted about their perceptions of what happened to Badar.

In Week 8 the Year 12 students went to see their second live production, this time Slingsby’s storytelling concert, “Songs for Those Who’ve Came Across the Sea.” In this world premiere, as part of the Cabaret Festival 2018, students were exposed to a magical story which was brought to life through original songs, and mesmerising projected imagery, that explore universal themes of beauty and strength in diversity. Unlike anything we had ever seen before, this performance was uplifting and moving. The artists effortlessly worked their way through fifteen different types of musical instruments and presented every possible emotion through song.

Also, in Week 8, Year 10 Drama students also presented their mini-production to a live audience, a sci-fi comedy called, “Frankenstein and the Horrendous Goo.” Students had learnt the process of ‘page to stage’ and had learnt lines, built characters and worked within the production elements of lights, sound and set design. It was a rewarding, learning experience. Next term will bring the Senior Drama performance in Week 6, Wednesday the 29 August. Students will be presenting the Australian drama, “The Return” at the Star Theatre. Pencil the date into your diaries. More exciting news to come in the next newsletter. Mrs Lisa Bartemucci, Arts Coordinator

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MCC News @ the Mount - Issue 10, 5 July 2018 9 Year 10 Poetry As part of the Year 10 English curriculum at Mount Carmel College, students undertake a detailed study of poetry. Within this study, students examine broad questions, such as why is poetry studied throughout the world at university level, is the study of poetry relevant for a contemporary education and why do people all over the English-speaking world, and beyond, feel compelled to write poetry? Students are also asked to study a wide range of poems, ranging from free verse to more traditional forms, such as sonnets, odes and elegies. During this study, an emphasis is placed on the way that poetic conventions shape the major ideas expressed within the poems. After gaining experience at analysing the works of various published poets, our Year 10 English students are required to put what they have learnt about poetry into practice, by writing their own poem on any theme and in any style that they wish. They then submit this poem to their teacher with an accompanying writer’s statement.

Please read the following samples of our Year 10 students’ poetry work. As an English teacher, it is indeed a privilege to read the creative works of such intelligent and thoughtful young people. It is one of the very best aspects of my job. Mr Steve Jelonek, English Coordinator GREATEST GIFT I was brought to you, young and new, Leaves were leaving you, old and brown. Cold clouds dispersed, and light shone through, Rays of golden sun, all around. Hues of green and pink came to view, Upon the boughs, upon your crown. Green, yellow, red and white leaves fell, As a toddler waddled and babbled. In brown soil and dry water you dwelled, As newfound horizons unravelled. You dropped an apple on my head And a cry-baby munched and prattled. A new leaf turned, filled with worries, A youngster grew, in loving limbs. The unpredictable stories Over my teenage years you trimmed, With wet weathers and sour furies. The clock ticked, and I left with the wind. I returned with a diploma, Leaves and flowers danced upon the sight. You stood with pride in an aurora, As the last petal faded into night. The hollow tree leaned for a hug, “Thank you for everything,” the girl cried. By Mi Le RATNE SLIKE MOG DJETINJSTVA My heart is thumping, I tightly hold my mother’s delicate hand. The bombs are dropping, Ruining our sacred Bosnian land. Tears trail down my pale skin, Landing on the cold concrete floor. My brothers give me an anxious grin, Trying to protect me just as they swore. Glimmers of light peek through the window, Lighting up the pitch-black room. Will there even be a tomorrow? I’m too scared to resume. Ratne slike mog djetinjstva I dalje prolaze kroz moje misli I vraćaju bolne uspomene. By Maja Pasic BEYOND Beyond a star, Mankind so far, Not a peep from down below, Never a thought of how far we’ll go. They ignore the glimmer of the cosmos above, Caring only for their shoes and gloves. They look to the light of the silver screen, Rather than the night, oh that old, dark scene. Oh, they’ll never know, Oh, they’ll never know. They neglect their place of birth, Caring only for their pointless worth. They go outside to get a tan, Forgetting all about our star-man. Oh, he’s waiting, Oh, he’s waiting. One night, drunk in monotony, I felt a presence drain my autonomy. Taken away to my only dream, These things cannot be unseen. Oh, the glory, Oh, the glory. And beyond a star, Mankind so far, I know they’ll never look. My dream, I live, seems somewhat like a book. He came to me, that one cold night, And with him, my life he took. By Izak Baldaccino

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10 MCC News @ the Mount - Issue 10, 5 July 2018 Middle Years Ms Tania Daniele MrsCelinaBolding As we come to the end of a very busy term we wish all our students and their families a restful and safe holiday. We look forward to seeing refreshed faces on Monday 23 July to begin Term 3. Reports will be issued to students on Friday 6 July at the end of the day. If students are not at school on Friday reports can be collected from teachers at the start of Term 3. Families are reminded that winter uniform will continue to be worn during Term 3 with sport uniform to be worn on PE days only. The holidays are a good opportunity to ensure that student uniforms continue to meet the requirements set out in the College Diary. Next term we look forward to several school community activities that students can get involved with, including basketball and volleyball tournaments, Science and Engineering Challenge, celebrating the feast of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, National Science Week and National Literacy and Numeracy week primary school visits. Students will also be participating in subject selection workshops in preparation for making subject choices for 2019.

Transition visit to St Margaret Mary’s school – Thursday 28 June As part of our work with the CNWC, a group of Year 8 students, accompanied by Mr Konopka and Ms Daniele, spent some time with the Year 6 and 7 students at St Margaret Mary’s School, Croydon Park. This was part of a student led transition program designed to involve students in the transition from primary school to secondary school. Some of the topics discussed were the ideal secondary school, what students would like to know about secondary school before they start and how they would like to continue their connection with their primary school. It was wonderful to see some of our current students go back and visit their primary school friends and teachers. We would like to thank the students and staff of SMMS for their warm welcome.

I would like to acknowledge the following students for their participation in the visit: Nick Tripodi Eleni Cook Ryan Le Gavebreille Tialban Aimy Lieu Amy Knight Prabhsimran Kaur Celeste Navacchi Joshua Hannam Yanna Mydaras Brock Bartusevics Andy Ly Dhanush Sharma Alyssa Woolman Madison Wells Satine Lavender Harrison Astley Aliana Mato Ethan Avina Kyen Harrison-Ocampo Fenix Lai Cianneh Nyantee Ms Tania Daniele, Year 8 Coordinator Mrs Celina Bolding, Year 9 Coordinator

MCC News @ the Mount - Issue 10, 5 July 2018 11 The end of Term Two is fast approaching and with it comes a much welcome break for the Year 11 students. Over the past few weeks the Year 11s have busily been completing tasks for Semester 1 subjects, undertaking exams and transitioning into their Semester 2 subjects. At this time, I would like to call upon students to think very carefully about the position that they are in with their studies as they go into holidays. Quite a number of students found themselves somewhat overwhelmed at times during the first Semester as they acclimatised to the rigor of Year 11 studies and now is a great opportunity for all Year 11s to ensure they are able to get ahead and stay up to date with the requirements. I urge all students to be proactive with managing their workloads and to speak with myself and their relevant subject teachers if they are struggling.

Further to this I would like to draw attention to the Subject Selection Assembly that will take place in Week 1 of Term 3 for the Year 11 students. This will be a great opportunity for students to receive information pertaining to their options for Year 12 subject choices. This will lead up to the Subject Selection counselling which will take place later in Term 3. Once again, I urge students to begin thinking about their potential future pathways and the subjects they may wish to study next year. Lastly, I would like to wish all of the Year 11 students and their families a safe and enjoyable mid-year holiday. Hopefully it will be a chance for students to recharge their batteries and get ahead on work for their subjects.

Mr Christopher Zammit Year 11 Coordinator Mrs Rebecca Footner, Year 12 Coordinator Term 2 holidays are welcome at this time of year: with the chilly days, there is nothing more inviting than rugging up and relaxing. As the Year 12 students head into the final term of their schooling, it is important there is some rest and relaxation for them during the break, but it is just as important that the students maintain their momentum and drive in their studies. Week 1 next term is the Year 12 trial exam period. It is vital therefore that sound study skills are employed consistently during the holidays. Ensuring that your child is touching base in each subject, each day of the holidays, is one positive way to maximise their chances of success. The brain will retain information more effectively if it is exposed to content regularly. Each day, spending at least 15 minutes reading and 15 minutes completing questions for each subject, along with some time spent on assignments, will mean your child will be well on their way to being successful. During Term 2, there have been a variety of seminars and programs run for the Year 12s, including Year Level and Senior Years Assemblies, Learning Expos and a Year 12 Challenge. In the recently-held year level challenge, students worked in groups, and participated in a variety of activities like a Scavenger Hunt, Cup Stack and also Bridge Building. It was a way of having a break from the normal routine of school, while working as a team to achieve the tasks. Watching the group work through the challenges again highlighted how amazing and supportive this cohort is: as their Year Level Coordinator, it is so enjoyable and makes me so proud to watch them grow into wonderful young adults.

Senior Years

12 MCC News @ the Mount - Issue 10, 5 July 2018 FUTURE PATHWAYS Please see Mrs Kelly Peucker in the Transition Pathways Office for more information and application forms if you are interested in these or any other VET programs. Mrs Kelly Peucker, Transition Pathways Coordinator Australian Jobs is one of the country’s foremost jobs publications. It provides an easy-to-read overview of industry and occupation trends in the labour market. This year’s edition has identified four key trends: Australian Jobs 2018 • Labour market conditions are strong — employment is up by a robust 403,300 over the year to January 2018. • Young people are benefiting from the strong labour market conditions — industries with large numbers of young workers include Retail Trade (around 386,000), Accommodation and Food Services (385,000) and Construction (175,000).

• Australia’s industry structure is changing — today, more than three in every four Australian workers are employed in a service industry, with much of the growth driven by Health Care and Social Assistance. • There are now more jobs for higher skilled workers — the majority of employment growth over the past five years has been in occupations that generally require post- school qualifications, and this trend is likely to continue. The full report and a series of data snapshots is available on the Australian Jobs page. Download the Report - https://docs. Mount Carmel College students sang the National Anthem and then entertained guests and residents at the official opening of the Mount Carmel Southern Cross Aged Care extension.

Students perform at Southern Cross Aged Care

MCC News @ the Mount - Issue 10, 5 July 2018 13 Community Noticeboard 2018 Program These clinics will sell out fast - DON’T MISS OUT Registrations close Tuesday 28 August 5-8 year olds | $90 Tuesday 2 October, Alberton Oval 9am – 12pm OR 1pm – 4pm Restricted to 120 registrations per session. 9-14 year olds | $200 Wednesday 3 October & Thursday 4 October Alberton Oval | 9am – 2pm each day. Maximum 125 registrations. Each participant will receive: Personalised Guernsey, football, SANFL Macca’s League Grand Final Family Pass & other awesome goodies.

Register before 1 August, for your chance to be one of the 2018 Grand Final Medal Presenters The Flag Experts Flag Factory Phone 1300 66 77 25 Fax 1300 82 13 11 Email Web Healing Mass Wednesday 11th July and every 2nd Wednesday of the month, Rosary 7.00pm Mass 7.30pm including the Sacrament of Anointing, followed by Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Prayer Ministry, and Candlelit prayer in the Spirit of Taize, and supper at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church. 420 Seaview Road, Henley Beach. All welcome. Enquiries: Pauline 0403 002 240

14 MCC News @ the Mount - Issue 10, 5 July 2018 Taperoo Shop 356 Victoria Road Volunteers Needed Join us in changing lives Do you have a genuine desire to help others? If so, we would love you to volunteer in our Taperoo Shop To register your interest in volunteering contact us today Phone 8112 8711 or email or visit the shop - ask for the Manager Community Noticeboard International Youth Silent Film Festival Like us on Facebook! Stay up to date with all the latest Mount Carmel College news and events!

Visit us at and click ‘Like’. MOUNT CARMEL COLLEGE MT CARMEL CARITAS ET DIGNITAS . BOOK A COLLEGE TOUR Visit: or phone 8447 0500 Next Tour: Tuesday 31 July 4pm COLLEGE TOUR COLLEGE TOUR Year 7 in Secondary from 2019 33 Newcastle Street, Rosewater SA 5013 | T (08) 8447 0500 | E | W