2019 TERM 1 WEEK 7 - Colonel Light Gardens Primary School

2019 TERM 1 WEEK 7 - Colonel Light Gardens Primary School

2019 TERM 1 WEEK 7 - Colonel Light Gardens Primary School

PRINCIPAL: Rick Bennallack DEPUTY PRINCIPAL: Brianna Frahn ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL: Penny Rowe ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL: Simone Percy 14th March 2019 Issue: Term 1 Week 7 Colonel Light Gardens Primary School NEWSLETTER WINDSOR AVENUE, COLONEL LIGHT GARDENS, SA. 5041 P: (08) 8276 1523 F: (08) 8374 1038

2019 TERM 1 WEEK 7 - Colonel Light Gardens Primary School

WHAT’S INSIDE COVER - MYLOR ADVENTURE CAMP PG 2 - PRINCIPAL’S NEWS PG 3 - PRINCIPAL’S NEWS Cont... PG 4 - PRINCIPAL’S NEWS Cont... VAC. CARE PROGRAM SCHOOL PHOTOS INFO LIFE EDUCATION VAN PG 5 - MYLOR ADVENTURE CAMP Cont.. PG 6 - MYLOR ADVENTURE CAMP Cont.. PG 7 - LIBRARY NEWS PREMIER READING CHALLENGE PG 8 - SAPSASA TRIAL DATES UPDATE PG 9 - SAPSASA, PE & SPORTS DAY CANTEEN NEWS 2019 - 2021 TERM DATES PG 10 - COMMUNITY NEWS Dear Parents, carers, students and community friends, ASSEMBLY AWARD NOTIFICATION A number of teachers and leaders have recently been asked about the rationale behind our school’s decision not to advise parents in advance if their child is receiving an award at an assembly.

The short answer is that this approach is designed to be student focused. Parents are invited to attend any assembly if they so choose.

Assemblies are held at a time that meets the needs of the school and our students. I am sure parents would prefer they be held at the start of the day or the end of the day instead of in the middle, however between recess and lunch is best for our students, the timetable, availability of the hall and allow for a morning rehearsal etc. Colonel Light Gardens Primary School assemblies:  provide an opportunity for classes to showcase their work and the outcomes they have been achieving  strengthen our whole school ethos where we can learn about the educational experience of others and build a sense of unity, cooperation, pride and school spirit  promote and reinforce our school values and our expert learner qualities  acknowledge and celebrate student excellence and achievement  help classes and students to develop their organisation, presentation and public speaking skills  highlight the use of the whole school focus on digital technologies  communicate important information to the whole school  provide an opportunity to practise attentive listening skills and respect for performers and speakers Every class hosts at least one assembly a year.

When the time comes for your child’s class to host, the teacher is expected to advise their parent community. Times of all assemblies are published in advance in the school newsletter.

Any awards presented are for the students. We want their reactions to be spontaneous and celebrated with their class. For the sake of maintaining this experience and for consistency, we do not notify parents in advance if their child is receiving a certificate or award. In the past at CLG and other locations, when some teachers did advise parents, the spontaneity was spoilt by parents telling their child beforehand. It can really detract from the purpose and experience. With prior knowledge, we have also had assemblies disrupted by parents wanting to get prime positions for photographs and distracted students.

I have also experienced some families bringing along ‘cheer squads’ which was really disruptive and not equitable for those who didn’t. We want the school to be everyone’s cheer squad. And of course, a major issue would be if some teachers informed and other teachers didn’t. In the past I have had understandably upset parents when they were not told but their friend was. It needs to be a consistent rule for all teachers.

In this day and age, with so many working parents, it is not possible for all parents to make assemblies. In fact, if they did our hall would be too small. With our position of not advising parents, those students receiving an award will have the thrill at the assembly and then experience it again after school when they share their wonderful news with their family. DIARY DATES 13/03/19 - ST PATRICK’S DAY DANCE PERFORMANCE 10:30am 18/03/19 - WINGFIELD WASTE EXCURSION YR 4 / 5 18/03/19 - GOVERNING COUNCIL MEETING 7:00pm 18-19/03 - SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHS 19/03/19 - URRBRAE AG. HIGH OPEN DAY 22/03/19 - SCHOOL PHOTOS CATCHUP DAY 22/03/19 - REC - YR2 CLASSES ASSEMBLY 11:20am YR2/3 - YR7 CLASSES ASSEMBLY 12:20pm 25-28/03 - PARENT TEACHER INTERVIEWS 25/03/19 - SCHOOL TOUR 2:00pm 27/03/19 - SPRINGBANK SEC.


2019 TERM 1 WEEK 7 - Colonel Light Gardens Primary School

PRINCIPAL’S NEWS Cont... Harmony Day is coming next Thursday March 21st and is an important part of the school calendar. It is wonderful to see that our school has become more multi-cultural. Again this year we are inviting students with links to other countries and cultures to come dressed in their national costume or related clothing. As long as the weather is suitable, we will have a parade at 10:30am to celebrate our diversity. The Junior singers will perform during the parade on the Tennis courts.If it is raining, the parade will be cancelled.

All students are invited to come to school replacing part of the school uniform with something sun-safe in the Harmony Day colour of orange.

It could be a shirt or shorts or even just a hair tie. This is not a casual day, it is an opportunity to celebrate cultural diversity. We don't expect families to buy new clothing to wear. If you wear an orange top, the shorts need to be the regular school uniform. Sports uniforms are not appropriate for this celebration. If students don't have cultural connection clothing or anything orange to wear they will need to come dressed in their regular school uniform. HARMONY DAY - come in your national costume or wearing orange Chloe, Edward, Tommy, Sam, Ben, Chelsea, Macy, Maya, Belle, Will, Lacey, Evie, George, Elliot, Tyler, Verity, Milla, Phoebe, Rosie, Eliza, Jakeb, Ivy, Nikita, Zavier, Zainab, Lachlan, Naomi, Chloe and Petros.

Absent: Isla & Bastien. SCHOOL VALUE AWARDS Last Friday at our whole school assembly, we announced and congratulated the first 2019 recipients of the CLG School Values Award. This award is presented at each of the whole school assemblies.

The purpose of the award is to acknowledge and celebrate excellence. Teachers in every class in the school can nominate one student who has demonstrated the 3 school values of , and since the last whole school assembly. Specialist teachers can also nominate a student from any class across the school. This is an achievement not an encouragement award. Each of the 3 school values has a number of layers that teachers have worked on unpacking with their classes. Our desire is for every student at CLG to learn about, develop, demonstrate and model each of these values. I would again like to congratulate all those who received an award.

We are extremely proud of their behaviour, attitude, work ethic and sense of community. I thank them for their contribution to our school.

2019 TERM 1 WEEK 7 - Colonel Light Gardens Primary School

N.B. The Vacation Care Program for April School Holidays is now available from the Front Office or from our school website (follow link below): VACATION CARE PROGRAM PRINCIPAL’S NEWS Cont... SCHOOL PHOTOS / LIFE EDUCATION VAN SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHS School photographs will be on Monday 18th & Tuesday 19th March. A catch up day will be held on Friday 22nd March for those students who were absent on the day their class photos were taken. If you would also like your children to have a family group photo taken, the family photo payment/order envelopes are available at the front office. Please remember the school does not handle payments or orders for the photography company.

Payment and/or Order envelopes are to be sent to school with students and handed directly to the photography staff on the day photo’s are taken. Please put correct money in sealed envelope if paying cash, NO CHANGE is given. As part of our Health and Wellbeing program, our school will be hosting the Life Education Van from 29th March. Each class will have one specialised session with the van focussing on positive and respectful relationships. The Life Education program empowers young people to make safe choices. It is not a rulebook, it does not dictate to children and this is essential to its success.

The lessons provide information, understanding, skills and strategies children require to make safe decisions about their own health and wellbeing.

As part of the program we will be offering a Parent Information Session on Friday 29th March at 9.00am. This is a great forum to increase knowledge, share views with other parents and develop strategies to help raise happy, healthy children. (More information can be found on the website at https://www.lifeeducation.org.au/parents/). Please phone the school or email Simone Percy (simone.petherick915@schools.sa.edu.au) to register your attendance. * Simone Percy Assistant Principal PARENT / TEACHER INTERVIEWS Parent / teacher interviews will be held in in week 9 this term. Coming home soon will be the information required to book an interview with your child’s class teacher.

We encourage every parent and carer to attend an interview as it is a key component of our reporting procedures. Bookings will again be made through www.schoolinterviews.com.au Unless you are advised differently there is no expectation that students attend the interview. Kind regards Rick Bennallack Principal 0412 261 231 rick.bennallack149@schools.sa.edu.au

2019 TERM 1 WEEK 7 - Colonel Light Gardens Primary School


2019 TERM 1 WEEK 7 - Colonel Light Gardens Primary School

NEWS FROM ROOMS 8 & 9 Cont...

2019 TERM 1 WEEK 7 - Colonel Light Gardens Primary School

Readingisfun,exciting,mysterious,adventurous,scary&informative! Our school Library has an amazing range of books that are just bursting at their seams to be picked up, devoured [read] and shared. If solving a mystery is your passion, or riding on the back of a dragon to a fantasy world, or travelling to an unknown universe with a back-yard built rocket ship that blasts you forward 100 years, we have it covered. Encourage your children to come visit the Library and discover the power of : ‘I can’t put this book down!’ ‘I don’t want this book to end!’ ‘Do you have anymore like this?’ PREMIER’S READING CHALLENGE LIBRARY NEWS BOOK CLUB A BIGTHANKYOU SA PREMIER’S READING CHALLENGE UPDATE FOR 2019 Premier’s Reading Challenge is sailing along smoothly with students proudly filling up their sheets.

It’s still early days but a BIG congratulations to Mrs Ellidge’s Room 23 who proudly returned their sheet completed as a whole class. Also a BIG congratulations to the following champs who have also completed the Challenge: Room 16 - Mike W.

Room 19 - Hamish A, Henry A, Cleo B, Emma C, Max C, Cody D, Darcy E, Lawrence H, Sienna H, Alannah J, Lloyd K. Hudson P. Follow the link below to SA’s Premier’s Reading Challenge website for any information on the challenge, including time lines and book lists etc. http://www.premiersreadingchallenge.sa.edu.au/ to all who ordered from the first issue of the Scholastic Book Club. Your school will benefit greatly from the rewards gained from your purchases. The next issue will be out early in term 2.

2019 TERM 1 WEEK 7 - Colonel Light Gardens Primary School

SAPSASA TRIALS SAPSASA Trials have started. On Friday 8th March from 9am to midday all students born in 2009, 2008, 2007 and 2006 trialled in the events of high jump, long jump, discus, shotput, 100m, 200m and 800m.

The students who come first in field events; high jump, discus, shotput and long jump and 1st and 2nd in track 100m and 800m and 1st only in 200m will be invited to attend the SAPSASA Athletics Championships on Thursday 2nd May. Students will be notified of their selection and training sessions this week.

Congratulations to Sam B, William H, Angus C, Harry C, Oskar E, Sam L, Thomas Z, Ben V-R, Ned R, Lukas E and Max T who have been selected to represent our school in the SAPSASA Boys Cricket Knockout competition. Their first game will be on Tuesday 12th March against Black Forest Primary school. If they win, they will continue to play more rounds throughout terms 1 & 4. Maggie H, Chloe D, Keira O, Beth V-R, Talulla M, Evie Z, Lily S, Emma L, Chloe M, Macy P and Lauren R who have been selected to represent our school in the SAPSASA Girls Cricket Knockout Competition. Their first game will be played before April 4th.

More information will follow shortly.

Cross Country and Softball selections are continuing. Please note that the students who have shown an interest in representing our school at Cross Country are required to attend the Cross Country practices on Friday mornings at 8.15am commencing 8th March. We meet at the pergola on Mortlock Park. It is an expectation that all students who have nominated come along to learn interval sprints. SAPSASA TRIALS UPDATE SPORT DATES BOYS TEAM GIRLS TEAM TRIAL DATE PRACTICE SESSION NETBALL Terms 2 & 3 Ashley Blight Jess Roberts Week 8 Boys - Tuesday Girls - Thursday Term 1 Week 9 Girls & Boys - Monday FOOTBALL Terms 2 & 3 James Simmons Eddie Allen (not enough for a team at present-being offered to Year 5 girls) Week 7 Boys & Girls - Tuesday Term 1 Week 8 Boys & Girls - Wednesday CRICKET & T20 Terms 1 & 4 Kim Boothey Kim Boothey Week 4 Boys & Girls - Friday Term 1 Week 5 Boys & Girls - Thursday (Springbank Secondary College - Pasadena) SOFTBALL Terms 1 & 4 Kim Boothey Kim Boothey Week 5 Boys & Girls - Wednesday Term 1 Week 6 Boys & Girls - Wednesday SOCCER Term 2 & 3 Shane Pluck Kim Boothey Week 8 Girls - Monday Boys - Friday Term 2 Week 1 Boys & Girls - Friday BASKETBALL Term 3 Natasha Jachmann Tamra Waye Week 9 Boys - Tuesday Girls - Thursday Term 2 Week 1 Boys –Tuesday Girls - Thursday SWIMMING Term 1 Kim Boothey Kim Boothey Completed N/A ORIENTEERING Terms 2 & 3 Kim Boothey & Des Norman Kim Boothey & Des Norman Term 2 Week 3 Friday Term 2 Week 4 Friday CROSS COUNTRY Term 2 Kim Boothey & Rachael Craig Kim Boothey & Rachael Craig Week 5 Friday Term 1 Week 6 Friday mornings 8am ATHLETICS Term 2 Kim Boothey & Meg Wright / Glenda Weaver Kim Boothey & Meg Wright / Glenda Weaver Term 1 Week 6 Friday Competition Term 2 week 1 Specific days (short term) TBA

2019 TERM 1 WEEK 7 - Colonel Light Gardens Primary School

LUNCH ORDERS Sports Day lunch order forms were sent home on Friday of week 6. Please make sure you have ordered prior to the cut-off date which is on Friday 22nd March, with correct money enclosed in bag and/or you have provided a lunch bag for sushi orders.  Payment can be made via if this option suits you best.  PLEASE do not use staples to secure the lunch order bags. Wrap money or put in a zip lock bag (which will be returned) and fold down the bag, that is all that is needed. This saves us from potentially cutting our fingers whilst opening the bags.

Thank-you for supporting the Canteen! We are loving all the positive feedback we have been receiving.

Pop in say hi, have a cuppa with us, join in, we’d love to see you. SAPSASA, AHS & SPORTS DAY UPDATE Kelly Gilbert Canteen Manager CANTEEN NEWS 2019 - 2021 TERM CALENDAR YEAR / TERM TERM 1 TERM 2 TERM 3 TERM 4 2019 29 Jan - 12 Apr 29 April - 5 July 22 July - 27 Sept 14 Oct - 13 Dec 2020 28 Jan - 9 Apr 27 April - 3 July 20 July - 25 Sept 12 Oct - 11 Dec 2021 1 Feb - 16 Apr 3 May - 9 July 26 July - 1 Oct 18 Oct - 17 Dec PE BLOG ( http://peclg.edublogs.org/ )... Remember updates are posted on the PE Blog. Kim Boothey PE Teacher SAPSASA DISTRICT SWIMMING CARNIVAL Congratulations to Lotte K-D, Drew S, Alexander G, Thomas T and Hugh H who have been invited to represent City South at the State Metropolitan Swimming Carnival on Thursday March 28th at the SA Aquatic and Leisure Centre, Marion.

Results from the State competition will be published in the newsletter when available. The House Captains have completed writing the House Chants and creating the health hustle. The House Relay trials were run on Wednesday 13th March. Results will be published in the next newsletter. A reminder that all Sports Day Houses will be meeting to learn their chants, health hustle and practise for Sports Day weeks in 8, 9 and 10. The program for the day will be sent out to all families in week 10 in readiness for Sports Day on Friday 5th April. Don’t forget to put the date in your diary.

AFTER HOURS SPORTS UPDATE A big that registrations are still open for the Winter sports – football, soccer, netball and basketball. Please go to this link and register before it CLOSES ON Friday 29th of March. http://www.trybooking.com/ZULZ

2019 TERM 1 WEEK 7 - Colonel Light Gardens Primary School

COMMUNITY NEWS The award-winning team at Pelican Productions brings another of the world’s best loved musicals, ‘The Little Mermaid JR’ to audiences this March. It will be starring some of our students - Chloe D, Beth V.R. and Olivia B - who would love to see some familiar faces in the audience! Based on the beloved story by Hans Christian Anderson, The Little Mermaid JR follows the adventures of the beautiful young mermaid Ariel and her longing to leave the safety of her magical underwater kingdom to experience the big wide world above.

Having disobeyed her overprotective father King Triton to explore the human world, Ariel is forced to make a deal with the evil sea witch Ursula to pursue her dreams, making the ultimate sacrifice for ln’s reimagining of this fantastical classic tale will delight both young and old. This production is bursting with colour, energy and of course all of the songs so familiar to generations.

The Little Mermaid JR is playing at the Arts Theatre, Angas Street, March 22 - 24. Tickets are on sale now through: http://pelicanproductions.com.au/ Adults $35, Concession $30 and Children $25.