March 2019 - Creek Street Christian College

March 2019 - Creek Street Christian College

March 2019 - Creek Street Christian College

Newsletter March 2019 COLLEGE PURPOSE STATEMENT Helping students all God made them to be. Our 2019 school year continues to unfold well. We have enjoyed our Swimming Sports this past Monday and the previous Monday we enjoyed our Official Opening. This has made for a busy start but we are very pleased with how everything is going. Thank you to all the members of our community who came along to both of these events. We appreciate the support that our parents give to the College and I am sure that the children enjoy having their parents involved as well.

In the previous two newsletters I have included an excerpt of our Staff Prayer so please find below the next two sections which are on Environment and Infrastructure and Governance and Leadership planning areas.

Lord we thank you for so many successful building projects in the recent years. We pray for timely completion of current projects and that they have a minimal impact on the school’s operation during this first term. We ask for a blessing upon the future projects that may be planned and that these will be of benefit to the college and that we continue to express gratitude and respect for our school facilities. We thank you for providing a safe place here at CSCC for all those who enter the premises and that as a college we will continue to grow and thrive.

Lord we thank you for your financial provision and give us wisdom in using this resource. We thank you for our government bodies as they make decisions towards the allocation of funds to our schools. We pray for continued freedom to be a Christian school and that Christian Education would be valued in our nation. We pray that our community will know and understand the value of having Christ at the center of all that we do. I know that we have quite a number of praying families within our community and I would like to thank you for praying with your children the prayers that we have included.

God answers prayer and we know that He is the one who continually cares for us and our school.

Talking with Him each day, as we go through our day, is just the relationship that He wants to have with us. I look forward to catching up with many of our families at Parent/teacher interviews next week. Enjoy the rest of March. College Value for Term 1 Devotion ‘Till I come, devote yourself to reading, to exhortation and to teaching and instilling doctrine.’ 1 Timothy 4:13 AMP Mrs Coral Maxwell College Principal From our College Principal

March 2019 - Creek Street Christian College

F Whole School News Focus on the Family Healthy Phone Boundaries When I was growing up, my generation negotiated with our parents about the keys to the car, curfew, a telephone in our bedrooms and dating rules. Today's parents have to add technology. Although they may appear to be standard fare, mobile phones are not an inalienable teen right. They are a communication tool that can make family contact easier but not without risks. Weigh the pros and cons of a phone before purchasing one for your child. Then establish clear boundaries up front. Mobile phones allow opportunities for teens to have private conversations with anyone at any time, without accountability or adult oversight.

Because of this, conversations and text messaging can easily become inappropriate. In addition to conversation concerns, most phones are equipped with features, such as a camera, where teens can store digital pictures. Inappropriate pictures of classmates, captured in a school locker room and sent to other friends, is not an innocent prank. They may be considered pornographic. Most teens do not realise that sending and receiving pornographic pictures is a crime. Depending on the age of the subject and the offender, charges related to phone photos can range from inappropriate to criminal. Having a mobile phone is a privilege that must be earned through maturity and responsibility, especially for young teens.

Consider alternatives to buying a phone for individual use. For example, your daughter could borrow your phone for emergencies or to contact you when she is away from home. Like a family car, you could also have a family phone that is available to all family members. This eliminates extra costs and provides accountability. If you allow your teen to have a mobile phone, consider the following boundaries: Limitations of equipment and plans If you have concerns about your teen's ability to make wise choices with camera, video and Internet options, find a phone without those features. And even if the phone is equipped to contact someone halfway around the world, you can choose a plan that excludes international calls.

The power of the dollar Perhaps the easiest way to set boundaries with phones is through money. A mobile phones generally cost between $100 and $2000, and most plans that include a decent number of data and text messages can range from $30 to $100 per month. You may opt for a family phone plan in which you have one bill but your teen pays for his portion. Or if you allow your teen to have an individual plan, remember that consequences teach lessons. I've heard stories about teens who went over their phone limits and discovered on their first bill that they owed the phone company several hundred dollars.

By requiring a teen to pay for a phone and his use of it, you encourage maturity and create accountability.

Manners of technology As I write this article, I'm sitting in a restaurant where I see at least three adults wearing wireless headsets while having lunch with another person. Adults and teens alike need to relearn their manners and use them when technology is concerned. Set and enforce family phone rules that reflect consideration, moderation and manners. A few reasonable rules may include: No technology at the dinner table; no texting or answering a phone while in the middle of a conversation; and no phones when visitors are at the house. Accountability One of the dangers of phones is the lack of accountability.

Consider having a rule that all phones need to be turned off and turned in to Mum at the end of the day and that no phone may be used while driving. Also, establish the understanding that phone bills are not private property. As a parent, you have the right (and responsibility) to know with whom your teen is interacting. Emphasise accountability — not control.

Perhaps you have a knot in your stomach because your teen has had a mobile phone without restrictions. Don't panic! Evaluate your teen's age, maturity level and the amount of responsibility he has displayed with the phone. Based on these variables, you may choose not to change anything. But if you believe boundaries are necessary, don't be afraid to enforce them. You are not simply setting boundaries for phones; you are teaching lifelong principles of consideration for others and of consequences, self-control, financial stewardship and accountability. Now that sounds like a good use of minutes! © 2008 Focus on the Family.

All rights reserved. Used with permission. Originally published at Dr. Julianna Slattery PHD PSYCHOLOGY, MA SCIENCE CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY, MA ARTS PSYCHOLOGY, BA

March 2019 - Creek Street Christian College

Uniform Shop Hours Wednesday 8:30am to 9:30am Thursday 3:00pm to 4:00pm You can also use our Qkr app. Orders will be filled and sent home with students. If your child is going to be absent please notify the college office. You can do so by phoning our college absence line 54412442 or by email or by phoning the admin staff directly on 54421722. Please always make sure the office is notified. Admin staff will then record on the roll and notify the respective homeroom teachers as appropriate. Absence notifications Parent/Teacher interviews College Uniform We are excited this year to implement a different way of holding our Parent/teacher interviews.

Interviews will be held next Wednesday from 1:00pm and Thursday from 3:30pm if required. On each of these occasions staff will be available in the College Stadium. (with the exception of 4 year old Kinder parents who will go to the ELC) We are asking that ALL parents visit their child’s Homeroom teacher and that a time is booked to do so. We are also asking that students attend this interview with their parent.

Prep parents have already had their interviews so they are not included in this planning. If you have not yet booked in a time please do so. Bookings close 3:30pm Tuesday the 12th . All other teachers who are not Homeroom teachers, will also be available in the stadium but there are no set times booked for them. It will be a matter of seeing who is free and then having a chat with them. We ask that students are also present for these interviews. Our aim is to help our students take more responsibility for their own learning and for parents and students to be informed on how the students have started 2019 and how they can make progress in their learning as they move into the remainder of the year.

Labour Day Holiday Monday 11th March 2019 Lost property Lost property has quite a few items un-named in it at the present moment. If you could please check your child/ren’s clothing (eg: swimming gear), it might just be in there!!

March 2019 - Creek Street Christian College

2019 Student Residential Address and Other Information collection S

March 2019 - Creek Street Christian College
March 2019 - Creek Street Christian College

Important information regarding school bus travel At the beginning of Term 1, 2019, PTV rolled out the new School Bus Management System (SBMS) in the Bendigo Network. Below is some important information for families with students travelling on a country school bus: ASSIGNED TRAVEL Families who have a student/s travelling on the Bendigo School Bus Program (SBP) network will have an account in SBMS.

Each student will have an assigned bus service route, bus stop and where applicable, shuttle service/s relevant to their specific travel needs.

It is the family’s responsibility to check their student/s assigned travel (and shuttle if applicable) in SBMS and ensure that s/he is accessing their assigned service/s. UNAUTHORISED TRAVEL Bus drivers are checking bus rolls, and students’ bus passes to ensure that only approved travellers are accessing their service. Unauthorised travellers are reported to the bus coordinator. Please be aware that the driver is not obliged to accept unauthorised travellers in the afternoon and the student’s family will be contacted to collect him/her from the school.

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT In the event of an emergency whereby a bus is involved in an accident or a rapid on-set emergency such as a bushfire, the accuracy of the bus roll is critical in ensuring that all students are accounted for and schools/families can be notified immediately.

Bus rolls may also be requested by emergency personnel including the police, together with the Department’s Emergency Management team to support their efforts in managing the event or incident. Therefore, unauthorised travel comprises the Department of Education & Training’s duty of care, and also places the driver at risk of liability which is unacceptable. BUS PASSES Bus passes are sent out by PTV to the postal address listed in SBMS. If you have not yet received a bus pass, you can print a temporary bus passes from your SBMS account. Please make sure your postal address is correctly listed in your SBMS account.

You can also order new bus passes if your student loses his/her pass. Please note, these are sent out via Australia Post and can take up to 4 weeks to arrive. ADHOC TRAVEL Adhoc travel requests are assessed on a case-by-case scenario at a local level and not processed through SBMS, and only apply in the event of a family emergency. Adhoc travel is not available for non-student travellers. All applications are to be made via the attending school, in writing with a minimum of 24 hours-notice. CUSTOMER HELP LINE If you require any assistance with your SBMS account or have travel queries, please contact PTV’s Customer Help Centre on 1800 800 007.

NOTE: Families it is your responsibility to inform PTV and/or update your SBMS account if your child/ren no longer requires travel. Country School Buses Whole School News

March 2019 - Creek Street Christian College

House Swimming Sports 2019 We had a very successful day at the 2019 House Swimming Sports. It was a particularly successful day for Deborah! All houses competed with integrity and a competitive spirit. A big thank you is due to the Senior House Captains of 2019 who did an outstanding job organising their houses and creating house spirit! The lower years enjoyed their events and activities in the wading pools.

Luckily we finished the program just in time as thunder rolled in! Well done to the parents who had a win in the teachers vs parents vs students race. We’ll get you next year don’t worry!

Mrs Camille Lovell Final Results Swimming Sports By Haylee Nicholson On Monday the whole school went to Bendigo East Swimming Pool for the House Swimming Sports. The first events were the retrieval relay, rescue relay and house relay. Everyone did well and cheered each other on. Next came to 50m freestyle events. Henry broke a record! At lunchtime there was a BBQ and the line was long! They put a huge inflatable obstacle course in the water and it was so much fun! Each house had to do a chant. Shamrock’s chant was good and one of the boys did a backflip into the pool! Londonderry was very red and Jeremey wore a long wig.

The girls in Eureka wore lots of yellow tutus and the kids in Deborah shook blue pom poms.

March 2019 - Creek Street Christian College

Early Learning Centre At kinder the children learn to interact in relation to others with care, empathy and respect. You can see this when children show interest in other children and being part of a group, engage in and contribute to shared play experiences, express a wide range of emotions both positive and negative, as well as thoughts and views constructively. Children learn to empathise with and express concern for others and reflect on their actions and consider consequences for others. We spend a lot of time in the first month or two working hard on these skills with children as it sets up their learning for the rest of the year as they work together as a team.

As educators we promote this learning through providing opportunities to initiate one-to-one interactions with children. We organise learning environments in ways that promote small group interactions and play experiences. Educators model care, empathy and respect for children, other educators and families. We also set aside time most days to model explicit communication strategies to support children to initiate interactions and how to join in play and social experiences in ways that sustain productive relationships with other children as this is very important as they grow and learn. We trust you can see your children grow in this area of development as we look specifically to build on their skills.

Empathy Care Respect

Junior School Prep Student of the Week Skandar is a pleasant class member, greeting the teacher each morning. He has settled well into the Year One routines and is displaying excellent work habits. Emma has settled well into Creek Street Christian College. She is an enthusiastic participant in class and has made new friendships. Alexis has received Student of the Week for her consistent hard work and positive attitude. Year 1 Student of the Week Angus for making good choices and settling into routines. Keela for settling into start of school well.

Isaak for making brave choices.

Year 2 Student of the Week Ezekiel for always giving 100% to every task, and persevering if he didn’t get it right the first time. Airlie for using ‘WOW’ Words to write a very entertaining short story. Dan for completing tasks independently and on time, and remembering to ask for help if he needed assistance. Year 3 Student of the Week Isabella for her very enthusiastic start to using the Mathletics maths program, being a responsible table monitor and thoughtful friend! Micah for his super willingness to help and ingenuity used to solve problems and clearly explain them! Eleanor for her mature and responsible remembering of all the tasks and routines in year 3! Christopher for showing initiative in sharing his knowledge in devotion time, helping out and respectfully considering others!

Year 4 Student of the Week Rochelle for putting in 100% effort into every single task that she attempted. Johann was able to start every task without distraction and help others when finished his own work. Jonathan for putting in 100% effort in Health project, Maths work and Writing tasks.

Memory Verse Year 1 : Concept maps for past, present and future This term Year 1 students are working on a History project: An Exploration of Time-Creating Personal Timelines. The project aims to develop children’s knowledge of past, present and future in the context of their own personal history.

The unit explores the concept and language of time and then moves to using resources to create a personal representation of the passing of time by exploring memory and creating a personal timeline. There are words and phrases that we can use to describe when things are happening, have happened or will happen.

Pile your troubles on God’s shoulders, he’ll carry your load, he’ll help you out.’ Psalm 55:22 MSG Year 3 : For Sale The Year Three class are selling some stick insects for $10 each. We are fundraising for Fiji. They are great pets. You need to have tank water, gum leaves and somewhere to store them. Please see Mrs Hall for further information. By Zali (Year 3)

Middle School Year 5 Memory Verse Year 6 Student of the Week Jeremey for positive communication and mentoring with his Prep buddy during the STEM task. Nathan C for making an excellent start in French classes.

Araminta for her enthusiasm and desire to learn. Student of the Week Connor for his excellent listening skills. Madeleine for her kindness and good work ethic. Angelin for conscientiously studying for all her tests. ‘So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.’ Galatians 6:9 NLT Year 5/6 Resiliency Camp - Thursday 28th and Friday 29th March Year 5/6 will attend their biannual resiliency camp at Lake Eppalock. The first part of our camp will be at Crusoe Reservoir under the guidance of a park ranger to inform us about the local forest, continuing on to Lake Eppalock for lunch.

The camp involves setting up tents, outdoor activities, campfire, preparing and cooking your own meals, bush donuts and more! In particular, students will need a sleeping bag and small sleeping mat. Look out for more details soon to be posted on CareMonkey.

Year 7 Student of the Week Seth for settling in well at Creek Street and giving his best effort in classes. Aiden for his enthusiasm and eagerness to get involved in the Creek Street community. Lachlan for his hard working attitude and participation on Year 7/8 camp. Jasper for stepping out of his comfort zone and trying new things on camp.

Year 5: Sensational Science!!! Two marvellous Year 5 Creek Street Students have an amazing opportunity to be involved with the Zonta Girls in STEM program held at the Science Discovery Centre once a term this year.

They will be working alongside students from various other Central Victorian schools to develop skills in science, communication and leadership. The program is to involve some robotics, minibeasts, astronomy and challenge workshops. Here we see Maddy and Emma enjoying their slime creations.

Maddy - ‘It was very enjoyable and I’m excited to go back next time.’ Emma - ‘I am thankful to have this opportunity and can’t wait to learn about robotics.

Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 Student of the Week Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Brooke Tyler Harrison Amelia Mackenna Kieran Joshua Lily Thomas William Ninh Angel Senior School Amazing Race - Year 9 & 10 This year the Amazing Race will be on Tuesday 2 April and Wednesday 3 April in Melbourne. Year 9 & 10 students will travel by train to Southern Cross Station, accompanied by several teachers, and teams will navigate themselves around the city, learning how to use public transport and completing challenges as they go.

Overnight accommodation is at Easystay apartments in St Kilda.

Departure will be from Bendigo Railway Station at 7.30am, and we will return to the station 5.10pm the following day. Students will need to make arrangements with casual jobs and after school commitments around these times. We look forward to another exciting Amazing Race! ‘So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap and harvest of blessing if we don’t give up.’ NLT Memory Verse

Art Year 5 Digital Photography Elective The Digital Photography Elective students have been learning about Aperture and Shutter Speed. Last Friday we used water bombs to practice taking photos with a fast shutter speed, freezing the motion of the water bombs exploding.

French : Madame Boulanger and Madame Bergin Bonjour tout le monde! We are Madame Marie Boulanger and Madame Jo Bergin, Creek Street Christian College’s French teachers. Here is a little about us. Madame Bergin has taught in the Bendigo area for most of her teaching career; specialising in teaching Junior aged children. She has been learning French for over 10 years. Madame Bergin teaches French to the Junior classes. In Semester 1, students will learn essential language building blocks with topics such as Greetings, Numbers, Colours, Days of the week and Months. They will also discover French cultural facts about Easter.


My name is Marie Boulanger and I am a French native speaker. I have lived in Australia for 12 years, and feel very blessed to have taught at C.S.C.C for 11 years. I am passionate about sharing my culture and language. I particularly enjoy seeing the growth of our elective students who often pursue their French education with VCE classes at Bendigo Senior Secondary where I also teach. Middle and Senior French students learn to talk about topics related to everyday life by exploring language skills such as grammar, spelling, reading and listening comprehension, writing and speaking. Topics include describing their home, introducing family, pets, following directions, shopping scenarios and planning a holiday.

French culture such as the French school system, Paris and its landmarks, the European Union, main historical events, traditional foods and more will be explored.

Merci et au revoir! Using Chatterboxes to practice French Greetings. French Elective using Euros to buy camembert and baguettes. Practicing French Numbers.

Maths - update : VCE Methods 1 & 2 This year Thomas and Harrison are completing VCE Mathematical Methods Units 1&2 via the VLNN (Victorian Virtual Learning Network) offered by BSSC. Both Thomas and Harrison completed Extension Mathematics last year when they were in Year 9 with Mr Dunstan, and have been selected to complete these VCE units in 2019. They were selected due to showing a great work ethic and being competent in Mathematics.

The VLNN program is completed online and Thomas says ‘this takes a lot of getting used to, it’s so different without a teacher, but you can work at your own pace and get ahead if you want, so that is good’. Harrison says ‘he enjoys the challenge that this level of mathematics provides for him’. Both students have completed their first SAC nearly two weeks ago and they prepared by working through practice SAC’s beforehand. They were still a little nervous before their first SAC as they didn’t know what to expect, but both felt they were well prepared, and it was actually a little easier than they expected.

Their current area of study is ‘Functions, Relations and Transformations’, their first area of study was ‘Quadratics’. Harrison and Thomas are both looking forward to completing Methods Units 3&4 next year and also Specialist Mathematics 1&2.

Performing Arts Last week the Performing Arts students participated in a Theatre Sports workshop to develop their improvisational theatre skills. Creek Street hosted the day, which also involved students from River City Christian College in Echuca. Students worked in mixed teams to perform in a range of theatre ‘games’. Next term they will use their improvisation skills to compete against other schools in the Theatre Sports heats. A few quotes from students about the workshop: “Theatre Sports was fun. It made me feel more confident. I volunteered a lot and I did demonstrations with Allen (the person who conducted the day - Lily “A refreshing take on theatre.” -Linc “At first we were a little bit hesitant to really open up and get into playing a role of a character.

My favourite activity to act out was ‘Death in a Minute’. I’m glad I got the opportunity to participate in theatre sports and I can’t wait for the next time we get to participate.” - Mary “There was a very nervous atmosphere at the start but most people seemed to break out of their shells near the end. It will be interesting to compete next term and maybe even go to Melbourne [for the finals].” - Jake “The games that we played were very enjoyable and really amusing to watch. I learned not to be so afraid when I’m acting in front of people-instead just to go with what I’m supposed to do and not care so much what people think.” - Maddy

Technology (Design and Technology : Year 9 and 10) Currently our students are working through the design process for a 3D object that stores components for a mini boom box speaker system. Last year students came up with some interesting ideas such as a rocket ship, a storage box and a small replica of a personal computer. The class size is bigger this year so we are expecting lots of novel ideas. Students need to keep in mind the limitations and constraints of a 3D printer when designing their ideas. This often leads to many modifications and revisions until a suitable final version is produced.

The entire design process challenges students to be very creative. Initial designs are generally mapped out on paper whilst the final 3D models need to be created in software where all angles and views are visible. Once this project is complete, students will turn their attention to other creation involving 3D printing technology.

Community Noticeboard

Community Noticeboard FUN FRENCH for KIDS at Creek Street A Fun French class for pre-schoolers & parents (2yrs-5yrs) Tuesdays 11.30am – 12.15pm Classes held in the school library during term time Games, songs, craft, conversation, drama & role-play and other fun activities – all in French. Children learn and use the French naturally and quickly through play and conversation. Cost: $16.50 per 45min class. FREE CLASS on 19th March - REGISTRATIONS essential! French Teacher: Jacky Vincent Day or time doesn’t suit – let us know for our planning.

Is before school pick up better? Enquiries to: or 0418 390 824

Parents who are willing to support the Christian philosophy of our College and who agree to their children fully participating in the programs of the College are free to apply for enrolment. Prospective parents should: 1. Obtain an Information Pack and read the College’s Parent Handbook which is contained within this pack 2. Contact the College office to arrange an interview with the Principal and a tour of the school 3. Submit the Enrolment Application Form and supply a copy of the student’s most recent report; as appropriate 4. Payment of a $200 (or $100 Kinder) non-refundable fee is required once a position has been offered 5.

At this point parents will be given additional documentation to complete and will be given assistance with uniform and booklist purchases.

6. Once these steps are completed children or young people will be able to commence as a student at Creek Street Christian College. 2020 ENROLMENTS 2020 enrolments for all levels are now being taken. Thank you to those of our current families who have been promoting our college. Your support is very much appreciated. Don’t forget to claim your fee rebate for any families that you encourage to join our school community. 3 YEAR OLD AND 4 YEAR OLD KINDER ENROLMENT OPEN Enrolments are now being taken for the 2020 year. These enrolments are submitted directly through the college as we do all other enrolments.

Kinder and Pre-Kinder Information Packs are available from the college office. Enrolment Process

  • (Note: all dates are subject to change) Term 1 (29th January - 5th April) March 8
  • Year 9 girls - STEM Careers - Bendigo Tech School March 11
  • Labour Day Holiday March 12
  • Junior School Chapel March 13 - 14
  • ELC 4 year old Parent/Teacher Interviews - 3:00pm - 7:00pm March 13
  • Year 1 - Year 10 Parent/Teacher Interviews - 1:00pm - 7:00pm March 15
  • Auto Tech excursion - Formula One March 18
  • CSEN Swimming Program : Ballarat March 19
  • Junior School Chapel - Mrs Jenny McWilliam
  • Year 7/8 Tech School March 26
  • Junior School Chapel March 27
  • Clean Up Australia Schools Day March 28
  • Year 7/8 Tech School March 28 - 29
  • Year 5/6 Resiliency Camp - overnight March 29
  • Year 7 Immunisations March 30
  • Working Bee - 8:00am to 12:00pm April 1
  • Year 7/8 Tech School April 2
  • Junior School Chapel April 2 and 3
  • Year 9 & 10 Amazing Race April 5
  • Final Day of Term 1 - Dismissal at 2:15pm Calendar - 2019 - Term 2 (Friday, 26th April - Friday, 28th June) April 22
  • Easter Monday April 23 - 24
  • Staff PD - Pupil Free Days April 25
  • Anzac Day April 26
  • Day 1 April 29 - May 2
  • Year 6 CBD May 3
  • Leadership GRIP - Year 6
  • CSEN Swimming Program May 7 - 10
  • Year 5 CBD May 7
  • Rally Day - Bendigo May 8
  • Theatre Sports May 13 - 17
  • NAPLAN May 20 - 23
  • Prep/Year 1 Swimming Program May 20 - 24
  • Year 8 CBD May 25
  • Working Bee May 27 - 30
  • Prep/Year 1 Swimming Program May 27 - 31
  • Year 9 CBD
  • Year 10 Work Experience June 3 - 7
  • Year 7 CBD June 10
  • Queens birthday holiday June 13
  • College Photo Day June 14 & June 17
  • Year 10 Exam June 18 - June 20
  • Year 9/10 Tech June 28
  • Final Day of Term 2 - Dismissal at 2:15pm
  • (Note: all dates are subject to change) Calendar - 2019 - Term 3 (Wednesday, 17th July - Friday, 20th September) July 17
  • Day 1 July 23
  • Parent/Teacher Interviews
  • Optometrist visit July 25
  • Parent/Teacher Interviews
  • Year 10 Immunisations July 26
  • Sean W Smith concert - CSCC July 27
  • Sean W Smith Parent Session August 1
  • CSEN Cross Country August 13
  • College Athletic Sports Day August 22
  • Rally Day - Geelong August 24
  • Working Bee - 8:00am - 12:00pm September 6
  • Year 2 Sleepover September 9
  • CSEN Athletics Sports Day - Bendigo September 17
  • MIP event September 20
  • Final Day of Term 3 - Dismissal at 2:15pm Creek Street Christian College has its own Facebook page. If you would like to see more about what is happening and support the college please take some time to have a look and feel free to Like our page.
  • As we are able to give early notification of holiday periods for 2019 we would ask that parents make every effort to ensure that their children are at school at all times during the year. It is our college request that families do not take holidays during school terms. Term 4 (Monday, 7th October - Monday, 9th December) October 17
  • Rally Day - Ballarat October 26
  • Working Bee - 8:00am - 12:00pm October 29
  • Year 7 Immunisations October 30
  • Bendigo Cup Day holiday November 6
  • Prep Transition November 11 - 15
  • NUDE Food week November 13
  • Prep Transition 20th November - 22 November
  • Year 3/4 camp - Creswick Log Cabin November 20
  • Prep Transition November 21, 22 & 25
  • Year 10 exams November 23
  • Working Bee - 8:00am - 12:00pm November 25
  • Year 10 Dinner November 27
  • Prep Transition December 3
  • Orientation Day December 4
  • Year 7/8 Tech December 5
  • Kinder picnic December 6
  • Activity Day December 9
  • Junior School Celebration evening December 10
  • Middle & Senior Awards evening 91 Creek St. Bendigo, 3550 ph. (03) 5442 1722 fax (03) 5441 7782 email: ABSENTEE LINE : 5441 2442
March 2019 - Creek Street Christian College March 2019 - Creek Street Christian College