Welland Valley Feeds NEWSLETTER September 2018 ~ Volume 232


Euromec Contracts Limited, Valley Way, Market Harborough, Leics. LE16 7PS TEL: 01858 434011 LAWNMOWERS We are main dealers for Mountfield, Stiga and Kubota lawnmowers. See the complete ranges at our Market Harborough showroom and get expert advice and the best prices. Receive superb aftersales service from a local company. Please note that all prices INCLUDE VAT From £399 From £2499 From £1299 From £169 From £4152


3 T: 01858 461463 F: 01858 461464 e: Welland Valley Feeds #WVFonline Opening Times: Monday - Friday 8am to 5.30pm Saturday 8am to 5.00pm Sunday 10am to 4.00pm 2018 ADVERTISING RATES FOR NEWSLETTER Charges are per month Lineage adverts (approx 30 words) £5 Small display advert £20 50 words plus one image (H45mm x W120mm, H90mm x W60mm) Quarter Page £55 (£45.83 + VAT) H130mm x W90mm Half Page £100 (£83.33 + VAT) H130mm x W185mm, H273mm x W90mm Full Page Inside £180 (£150 + VAT) Non bleed: H275mm x W185mm, Bleed H297mm x W210mm plus 3mm bleed to each edge Back Page £240 (£200 + VAT) Non bleed: H275mm x W185mm, Bleed H297mm x W210mm plus 3mm bleed to each edge The cut off date for the Newsletter is the 20th of Month at 9am Website updated Tuesday & Friday If you are supplying your own press ready artwork please ensure it is 300dpi at full size and supplied as high resolution cmyk pdf or jpeg, with 3mm extra bleed to each side.

Please leave 12mm clear copy space to each edge. Welland Valley Feeds Ltd produce this Newsletter for the benefit of our customers and whilst every care is taken when producing this Newsletter, we cannot accept any liability for typing or printing errors. Please note for safety reasons we will not include any second hand riding hats or Body Protectors. Adverts to be specific to our industry. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to ensure they comply with the law when advertising. Thank you. Welland Valley Feeds Ltd Rockingham Road, Market Harborough LE16 7QE AUGUST 2018 • VOL. 231 EQUESTRIAN 12 PETS 21 AGRICULTURE 28 MISCELLANEOUS 30 DIARY DATES 33 CONTENTS Welland Valley Feeds neWsleTTeR September 2018 ~ Volume 232 If you no longer wish to receive a copy of our newsletter please advise us by telephone or email.

Welland Valley Feeds offer a FREE delivery service within a 15 mile radius of Market Harborough Tel: 01858 461 463 We ask for a minimum of 10 bulk items (can be a mix of shavings and / or feed – don’t forget to include the cat and or dog food!). Ideally to plan the deliveries if orders could be placed by 2 p.m the day before your delivery day – thank you. As a rough guidleline we deliver to these areas on set days. Full list is available on line or please ask in store for confirmation. Monday – Langtons, Tugby, Tilton, Stonton, Houghton Tuesday – Great Glen, Kibworth, Shearsby, Gilmorton Wednesday – Great Bowden, Medbourne, Hallaton, Corby Thursday – Clipston, Welford, Spratton, Guilsborough Friday – Brigstock, Kettering, Braybrooke, Desborough


August winner is Sophie Spokes from South Croxton. Congratualtions! 4 WELLAND VALLEY FEEDS NEWS Name . . Address . . . Postcode . . Email . Telephone . . No purchase necessary to enter, just complete the quiz and return it to us with your contact information. All correct entries will be entered into a prize draw which will take place on Friday, 14th August at 9.30 a.m. 1: What is a Gloucestershire Old Spot . . 2: Which breed of cow is the biggest producer of milk in the UK . . 3: What name is used to describe a chicken that is bred entirely for its meat . . 4: Which breed of sheep is usually found in the English Lake District .

. 5: What was the first breed of animal known to have been domesticated as a source of food . . 6: What name is given to the type of animal, common amongst farm animals, that have four stomachs . . 7: What colour is the face of a Suffolk Sheep . .

8: How many acres are there in a hectare . . 9: On average, how many grains of wheat are there in a ton - 10 million / 20 million / 30 million . . 10: What is the name of the process of pulling a deep tine through the ground to remove compaction . . 11: Which of the following is hay, straw or silage? A. Grass stored in airtight conditions for winter feed . . B. Naturally dried grass, baled and fed to livestock . . C. Dried stalks of grain used as fodder & bedding . . 12: Grass Staggers in Cattle and Sheep is caused by a deficiency of which mineral . . 13: What type of animal is a Rhode Island Red .


14: Turkeys are native to which continent . . 15: ‘Away to me’ and ‘Come by’ are words of command used by farmers to what animal . . MSF Welland Valley Feeds – Competition Terms: When entering this competition, you are agreeing to us using your information for our marketing purposes. The information is NOT shared with any third party. We will announce the winner on our Facebook page and in the next issue of our newsletter. Please indicate how you would prefer us to contact you: Post Email Telephone Once we have updated our database with your information and after the winner has been chosen and advised the paper copy of this competition will be destroyed.

Send completed entries to: MSF Welland Valley Feeds Limited, Rockingham Road, Market Harborough, Leicestershire. LE16 7QE. Or by email to: Or drop off your entry in store. Good Luck. Closing date: Friday, 14th August 2018 by 9.30 a.m. Win a £10 Welland Valley Feeds Voucher Farming Quiz Date voucher purchased: Till Ticket Number: Date voucher used: Till Ticket Number: Vouchers cannot be redeem ed for cash.

Cash redeem able value £0.000001. No photocopies of vouchers will be accepted Voucher issued by: Expiry Date: Six Months from date of issue ten pounds ten pounds Welland Valley Feeds £10 Gift Voucher


5 Tel: 01858 461463 WELLAND VALLEY FEEDS NEWS What’s happening at Welland Valley Feeds Congratulations Congratulations to Becky who has just got engaged to Sean Jukes. We look forward to their forthcoming wedding. Welcome Clare joined us at the beginning of July and is very much enjoying working with our team. Having come from a farming background and as an owner of horses, dogs etc, she is delighted to use her knowledge to help our customers.

Farewell We say goodbye and good luck to James who has been working for us on a Saturday and is leaving us to take up a full time apprenticeship in accountancy.

AMTRA We are delighted to announce that Rosie has passed her Animal Medical Training exam for companion and equine. Well done Rosie. Staff Training We have been busy in the training field again and we have 2 members of staff, Joanne and Anne, who have obtained their Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate and we also have 3 members of staff, Joanne, Clare and Holly, who have successfully completed the instruction course on how to fit Charles Owen Helmets to the standards set by Charles Owen & Company (Bow) Ltd.

New boots from Muck Boots Muckmaster Mid Boot These high-performance work boots have extended rubber overlays and durable outsoles for ultimate protection and stability.

No matter the weather conditions you’re working in, these boots will make sure you stay dry and comfortable.. Moss Sizes 4 – 13 £94.99 Muck Boots Arctic Apres The Arctic Apres has a unique 8-inch height for easy-on, easy-off convenience and a smart cuffed-fur look. These casual slip-on boots are perfect for keeping you warm, dry and stylish all winter, at the office, around the house, or to and from the slopes.

Otter/Navy Sizes 4 – 8 £89.94 Muck Boots Arctic Weekend Print Designed to keep even the most experienced explorer’s feet warm in extreme conditions. These cosy fleece-lined mid-height wellies have the signature Muck Boot neoprene stretch-fit; keeping warm air in and cold air out whilst helping the boot stay snug to your calves. Black Quilt Sizes 4 – 8 £90 Muck Boot Greta Max The Muck Boot Greta II Max wellington boots provide complete support and comfort in harsh conditions and are designed to keep warm air in and cold air out for welcome insulation during cold days out in the field.

Purple Sizes 4 – 8 £109.99 B A L A N C ED NUTRITION WHATEVER YO U R N E E D #dandhbalancer IN STORE NOW


6 WELLAND VALLEY FEEDS PRODUCTS 90L Wheelbarrow The highly anticipated wheelbarrow from Red Gorilla, in store now! •  puncture proof tyre •  double tough tray • quality build • available in red £59.95 Stock up for Winter Kincade Haylage Net Black or Red (while stocks last) 30” £3.95 (Normal price £5.50) 40” £5.95 (Normal price £7.50) 50” £7.95 (Normal price £9.99) NEW SPECIAL OFFER Did you know that 70 to 100% of your horse’s diet should be provided by forage?

Your choice of forage should be the most important feed purchase you make and therefore of the best possible hygienic and nutritional quality possible.

Horses have evolved to utilise a high fibre diet, using bacterial fermentation in a highly developed large intestine. Low levels of fibre, or poor quality fibre in the diet put horses at serious risk of problems such as colic and gastric ulcers. Leaving horses for long periods of time with nothing to eat can also lead to serious digestive and metabolic disturbances.


7 Tel: 01858 461463 WELLAND VALLEY FEEDS NEWS New In Stock Snowflake Wood Pellets Wood pellets make a lovely, warm fluffy bed that is very absorbent, being able to soak up to 3 times their volume in water, locking in odours too. The pellets are fully biodegradable and rot down quickly on the muck heap into a rich compost. 20kg £6.60 each 20 or more £6.30 100 or more £6.19 NEW AVAILABLE IN STORE Time to stock up on your Bedding! We stock: Snowflake, Bedkind, Littlemax, Bedmax, Pureflake, Easibed, Nedzbed Original, Nedzbed Pro, Nedzbed Advance, Megazorb, Aubiose. NEW As a great alternative to a traditional straw bed, we offer an extensive range of horse bedding alternatives ideal for horses with respiratory problems, those who tend to eat their beds and for owners looking for an easier to manage bedding system, ask our trained staff in store for information.


8 WELLAND VALLEY FEEDS PRODUCTS New from Anco Naturals Specialising in 100% natural dog treats Anco produce a variety of biscuits, chews, treats and food. Their Naturals range keeps things pure and simple by letting mother nature do all the work. Finest ingredients are sourced and gently air dried to preserve as many natural vitamins and nutrients as posssible. Key Benefits: • Air-dried • 100% natural • Hand selected ingredients • Nothing artificial • Gluten free • Rich in vitamins and minerals • Sourced and packaged in Europe • Quality products guaranteed Cows Ears 8 pack Bully Tendons 250g Bully Tripe 135g Bully Chewies 200g Chicken necks 7 pack Chicken Feet100g Chicken wings 200g Chicken ‘n chips 100g Puffed Chicken feet 80g Duck feet 100g Duck necks 5 pack Puffed Rabbit Ears 100g Chudleys Duck with Rice & Veg 15kg £27.50 Naturally hypoallergenic diet for adult dogs that require moderate energy levels, ideal for both working and sporting dogs that have lighter workloads that require bursts of energy.

The diet contains a unique package for the maintenance of healthy joints, immune system support and an improved coat condition. NEW


9 Tel: 01858 461463 WELLAND VALLEY FEEDS PRODUCTS Shooting Supplies Field Trial Lead Deluxe Slip Lead Two Dog Clip Brace Bisley Clip Ring Lead - Acme Silent Dog Whistle Bisley Training Whistle Ultra/High/ Standard Bisley 1/2 lb Puppy Dummy Bisley 1lb Standard Dummy Bisley 1lb Orange Dummy Bisley 1lb Advanced Dummy Rabbit Fur Skin for 1lb Dummies Bisley Patches for Shotguns Bisley Gun Oil 125ml tin Bisley Gun Oil 150ml Aerosol Bisley Gun Lubricant 30ml Bisley Gun Grease Bisley Bore cleaner 125 tin or aerosol Disposable Ear Plugs Coloured Targets (pack 25) Pegs – Gun Stand Numbers


10 WELLAND VALLEY FEEDS PRODUCTS Garvo Poultry Feed Hens and bantams fed on Alpha Garvo Mix savailable at WVF.

Photograph sent in by Jackie Bradford-Turner, many thanks! Farmyard Mixture 20kg £14.95 Barley, maize cracked, wheat, shell grit, maize gluten feed, soya dehulled extracted toasted*, rape seed extracted, lime stones, dehydrated alfalfa meal, dari red, sunflower seed black, cane molasses, soja oil*, softacid Alfamix Chickens 12.5kg £18.95, 4kg £7.95 A complete feed for adult chicken. Rather than pellets only, the mix comprises pellets, seeds and small amphipods. This adds interest for the chickens and makes for a more balanced diet. Fancy Breeder Pellets 20kg £16.95 A special pelleted feed that is suitable for fancy birds such as pheasants (including tragopans), quail, partridges, peacocks, francolins, grouse, guinea fowl and turkeys.

Complete Layers Pellets 20kg £12.95 Maizemash, soya dehulled extracted toasted*, wheat, maize, lime stones, rape seed extracted, maize gluten feed, shell grit, dehydrated alfalfa meal, soja oil* Mixed Corn 20kg £11.95 A supplement feed that should be fed in addition to a complete pelleted feed. Offer a handful per bird in the afternoons.

Sheep Drenchers from United Farmers Sheep Vitamin & Mineral Drench Highly concentrated blend of multivitamins and chelated trace elements Ready to use, free flowing liquid formulation Ensures maximum bioavailability for fertility in ewes and thrive in lambs Ewes - use at pre-tupping, mid-pregnancy and at lambing. Lambs - use for store and weaned lambs. 1 litre £29.95 2.5 litres £59.95 5 Litres £79.95 Cobalt, Selenium & B12 Drench Highly concentrated blend of multivitamins and chelated trace elements Ready to use, free flowing liquid formulation Ensures maximum bioavailability for improved fertility, growth performance for thriftiness in cattle A Concentrated oral drench containing Cobalt, Selenium and Vitamin B12 together with high levels of vitamins A, D & E For lambs, calves, adult sheep and cattle 1 litre £24.95 2.5 litres £47.95

11 Tel: 01858 461463 WELLAND VALLEY FEEDS PRODUCTS Ram Marker Crayons In order to better manage tupping consider using crayons and a harness on tups. Allocating a marker crayon colour to each ram working in a field shows which rams are working and which ewes he has served. If a ram has not marked any ewes this could indicate potential fertility problems. The use of crayons can also help to forecast lambing dates. By using crayon colours in sequence, it is possible to identify when ewes will lamb and group them in accordance. It can also help to forecast busier periods during lambing when additional labour may be required.

Use paler coloured crayons first, such as yellow and then darker crayons for subsequent cycles. This will also enable the identification of barren ewes.

Be prepared for Tupping Time Dagging shears straight 5”, bent 5” and straight 3.5” Crystalyx Extra High Energy 22.5kg Fed all year round to provide supplementation for ewes, rams and lambs. High in protein, energy and contains minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Nylon Ram Harnesses Heptavac P+ Sheep Vaccine 50ml, 100ml, 250ml Ovivac P Plus Sheep Vaccine 100ml, 500ml Footvax Injectable Vaccine for Footrot in Sheep 20ml, 50ml, 250ml Footrot Shears Plain blades and serrated blades available Stock Marker Sprays Rumivite Blocks Maxcare Super Ewe Boost 25kg