Welland Valley Feeds NEWSLETTER September 2018 ~ Volume 232


Euromec Contracts Limited, Valley Way, Market Harborough, Leics. LE16 7PS TEL: 01858 434011 LAWNMOWERS We are main dealers for Mountfield, Stiga and Kubota lawnmowers. See the complete ranges at our Market Harborough showroom and get expert advice and the best prices. Receive superb aftersales service from a local company. Please note that all prices INCLUDE VAT From £399 From £2499 From £1299 From £169 From £4152


3 T: 01858 461463 F: 01858 461464 e: Welland Valley Feeds #WVFonline Opening Times: Monday - Friday 8am to 5.30pm Saturday 8am to 5.00pm Sunday 10am to 4.00pm 2018 ADVERTISING RATES FOR NEWSLETTER Charges are per month Lineage adverts (approx 30 words) £5 Small display advert £20 50 words plus one image (H45mm x W120mm, H90mm x W60mm) Quarter Page £55 (£45.83 + VAT) H130mm x W90mm Half Page £100 (£83.33 + VAT) H130mm x W185mm, H273mm x W90mm Full Page Inside £180 (£150 + VAT) Non bleed: H275mm x W185mm, Bleed H297mm x W210mm plus 3mm bleed to each edge Back Page £240 (£200 + VAT) Non bleed: H275mm x W185mm, Bleed H297mm x W210mm plus 3mm bleed to each edge The cut off date for the Newsletter is the 20th of Month at 9am Website updated Tuesday & Friday If you are supplying your own press ready artwork please ensure it is 300dpi at full size and supplied as high resolution cmyk pdf or jpeg, with 3mm extra bleed to each side.

Please leave 12mm clear copy space to each edge. Welland Valley Feeds Ltd produce this Newsletter for the benefit of our customers and whilst every care is taken when producing this Newsletter, we cannot accept any liability for typing or printing errors. Please note for safety reasons we will not include any second hand riding hats or Body Protectors. Adverts to be specific to our industry. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to ensure they comply with the law when advertising. Thank you. Welland Valley Feeds Ltd Rockingham Road, Market Harborough LE16 7QE AUGUST 2018 • VOL. 231 EQUESTRIAN 12 PETS 21 AGRICULTURE 28 MISCELLANEOUS 30 DIARY DATES 33 CONTENTS Welland Valley Feeds neWsleTTeR September 2018 ~ Volume 232 If you no longer wish to receive a copy of our newsletter please advise us by telephone or email.

Welland Valley Feeds offer a FREE delivery service within a 15 mile radius of Market Harborough Tel: 01858 461 463 We ask for a minimum of 10 bulk items (can be a mix of shavings and / or feed – don’t forget to include the cat and or dog food!). Ideally to plan the deliveries if orders could be placed by 2 p.m the day before your delivery day – thank you. As a rough guidleline we deliver to these areas on set days. Full list is available on line or please ask in store for confirmation. Monday – Langtons, Tugby, Tilton, Stonton, Houghton Tuesday – Great Glen, Kibworth, Shearsby, Gilmorton Wednesday – Great Bowden, Medbourne, Hallaton, Corby Thursday – Clipston, Welford, Spratton, Guilsborough Friday – Brigstock, Kettering, Braybrooke, Desborough


August winner is Sophie Spokes from South Croxton. Congratualtions! 4 WELLAND VALLEY FEEDS NEWS Name . . Address . . . Postcode . . Email . Telephone . . No purchase necessary to enter, just complete the quiz and return it to us with your contact information. All correct entries will be entered into a prize draw which will take place on Friday, 14th August at 9.30 a.m. 1: What is a Gloucestershire Old Spot . . 2: Which breed of cow is the biggest producer of milk in the UK . . 3: What name is used to describe a chicken that is bred entirely for its meat . . 4: Which breed of sheep is usually found in the English Lake District .

. 5: What was the first breed of animal known to have been domesticated as a source of food . . 6: What name is given to the type of animal, common amongst farm animals, that have four stomachs . . 7: What colour is the face of a Suffolk Sheep . .

8: How many acres are there in a hectare . . 9: On average, how many grains of wheat are there in a ton - 10 million / 20 million / 30 million . . 10: What is the name of the process of pulling a deep tine through the ground to remove compaction . . 11: Which of the following is hay, straw or silage? A. Grass stored in airtight conditions for winter feed . . B. Naturally dried grass, baled and fed to livestock . . C. Dried stalks of grain used as fodder & bedding . . 12: Grass Staggers in Cattle and Sheep is caused by a deficiency of which mineral . . 13: What type of animal is a Rhode Island Red .


14: Turkeys are native to which continent . . 15: ‘Away to me’ and ‘Come by’ are words of command used by farmers to what animal . . MSF Welland Valley Feeds – Competition Terms: When entering this competition, you are agreeing to us using your information for our marketing purposes. The information is NOT shared with any third party. We will announce the winner on our Facebook page and in the next issue of our newsletter. Please indicate how you would prefer us to contact you: Post Email Telephone Once we have updated our database with your information and after the winner has been chosen and advised the paper copy of this competition will be destroyed.

Send completed entries to: MSF Welland Valley Feeds Limited, Rockingham Road, Market Harborough, Leicestershire. LE16 7QE. Or by email to: Or drop off your entry in store. Good Luck. Closing date: Friday, 14th August 2018 by 9.30 a.m. Win a £10 Welland Valley Feeds Voucher Farming Quiz Date voucher purchased: Till Ticket Number: Date voucher used: Till Ticket Number: Vouchers cannot be redeem ed for cash.

Cash redeem able value £0.000001. No photocopies of vouchers will be accepted Voucher issued by: Expiry Date: Six Months from date of issue ten pounds ten pounds Welland Valley Feeds £10 Gift Voucher


5 Tel: 01858 461463 WELLAND VALLEY FEEDS NEWS What’s happening at Welland Valley Feeds Congratulations Congratulations to Becky who has just got engaged to Sean Jukes. We look forward to their forthcoming wedding. Welcome Clare joined us at the beginning of July and is very much enjoying working with our team. Having come from a farming background and as an owner of horses, dogs etc, she is delighted to use her knowledge to help our customers.

Farewell We say goodbye and good luck to James who has been working for us on a Saturday and is leaving us to take up a full time apprenticeship in accountancy.

AMTRA We are delighted to announce that Rosie has passed her Animal Medical Training exam for companion and equine. Well done Rosie. Staff Training We have been busy in the training field again and we have 2 members of staff, Joanne and Anne, who have obtained their Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate and we also have 3 members of staff, Joanne, Clare and Holly, who have successfully completed the instruction course on how to fit Charles Owen Helmets to the standards set by Charles Owen & Company (Bow) Ltd.

New boots from Muck Boots Muckmaster Mid Boot These high-performance work boots have extended rubber overlays and durable outsoles for ultimate protection and stability.

No matter the weather conditions you’re working in, these boots will make sure you stay dry and comfortable.. Moss Sizes 4 – 13 £94.99 Muck Boots Arctic Apres The Arctic Apres has a unique 8-inch height for easy-on, easy-off convenience and a smart cuffed-fur look. These casual slip-on boots are perfect for keeping you warm, dry and stylish all winter, at the office, around the house, or to and from the slopes.

Otter/Navy Sizes 4 – 8 £89.94 Muck Boots Arctic Weekend Print Designed to keep even the most experienced explorer’s feet warm in extreme conditions. These cosy fleece-lined mid-height wellies have the signature Muck Boot neoprene stretch-fit; keeping warm air in and cold air out whilst helping the boot stay snug to your calves. Black Quilt Sizes 4 – 8 £90 Muck Boot Greta Max The Muck Boot Greta II Max wellington boots provide complete support and comfort in harsh conditions and are designed to keep warm air in and cold air out for welcome insulation during cold days out in the field.

Purple Sizes 4 – 8 £109.99 B A L A N C ED NUTRITION WHATEVER YO U R N E E D #dandhbalancer IN STORE NOW


6 WELLAND VALLEY FEEDS PRODUCTS 90L Wheelbarrow The highly anticipated wheelbarrow from Red Gorilla, in store now! •  puncture proof tyre •  double tough tray • quality build • available in red £59.95 Stock up for Winter Kincade Haylage Net Black or Red (while stocks last) 30” £3.95 (Normal price £5.50) 40” £5.95 (Normal price £7.50) 50” £7.95 (Normal price £9.99) NEW SPECIAL OFFER Did you know that 70 to 100% of your horse’s diet should be provided by forage?

Your choice of forage should be the most important feed purchase you make and therefore of the best possible hygienic and nutritional quality possible.

Horses have evolved to utilise a high fibre diet, using bacterial fermentation in a highly developed large intestine. Low levels of fibre, or poor quality fibre in the diet put horses at serious risk of problems such as colic and gastric ulcers. Leaving horses for long periods of time with nothing to eat can also lead to serious digestive and metabolic disturbances.


7 Tel: 01858 461463 WELLAND VALLEY FEEDS NEWS New In Stock Snowflake Wood Pellets Wood pellets make a lovely, warm fluffy bed that is very absorbent, being able to soak up to 3 times their volume in water, locking in odours too. The pellets are fully biodegradable and rot down quickly on the muck heap into a rich compost. 20kg £6.60 each 20 or more £6.30 100 or more £6.19 NEW AVAILABLE IN STORE Time to stock up on your Bedding! We stock: Snowflake, Bedkind, Littlemax, Bedmax, Pureflake, Easibed, Nedzbed Original, Nedzbed Pro, Nedzbed Advance, Megazorb, Aubiose. NEW As a great alternative to a traditional straw bed, we offer an extensive range of horse bedding alternatives ideal for horses with respiratory problems, those who tend to eat their beds and for owners looking for an easier to manage bedding system, ask our trained staff in store for information.


8 WELLAND VALLEY FEEDS PRODUCTS New from Anco Naturals Specialising in 100% natural dog treats Anco produce a variety of biscuits, chews, treats and food. Their Naturals range keeps things pure and simple by letting mother nature do all the work. Finest ingredients are sourced and gently air dried to preserve as many natural vitamins and nutrients as posssible. Key Benefits: • Air-dried • 100% natural • Hand selected ingredients • Nothing artificial • Gluten free • Rich in vitamins and minerals • Sourced and packaged in Europe • Quality products guaranteed Cows Ears 8 pack Bully Tendons 250g Bully Tripe 135g Bully Chewies 200g Chicken necks 7 pack Chicken Feet100g Chicken wings 200g Chicken ‘n chips 100g Puffed Chicken feet 80g Duck feet 100g Duck necks 5 pack Puffed Rabbit Ears 100g Chudleys Duck with Rice & Veg 15kg £27.50 Naturally hypoallergenic diet for adult dogs that require moderate energy levels, ideal for both working and sporting dogs that have lighter workloads that require bursts of energy.

The diet contains a unique package for the maintenance of healthy joints, immune system support and an improved coat condition. NEW


9 Tel: 01858 461463 WELLAND VALLEY FEEDS PRODUCTS Shooting Supplies Field Trial Lead Deluxe Slip Lead Two Dog Clip Brace Bisley Clip Ring Lead - Acme Silent Dog Whistle Bisley Training Whistle Ultra/High/ Standard Bisley 1/2 lb Puppy Dummy Bisley 1lb Standard Dummy Bisley 1lb Orange Dummy Bisley 1lb Advanced Dummy Rabbit Fur Skin for 1lb Dummies Bisley Patches for Shotguns Bisley Gun Oil 125ml tin Bisley Gun Oil 150ml Aerosol Bisley Gun Lubricant 30ml Bisley Gun Grease Bisley Bore cleaner 125 tin or aerosol Disposable Ear Plugs Coloured Targets (pack 25) Pegs – Gun Stand Numbers


10 WELLAND VALLEY FEEDS PRODUCTS Garvo Poultry Feed Hens and bantams fed on Alpha Garvo Mix savailable at WVF.

Photograph sent in by Jackie Bradford-Turner, many thanks! Farmyard Mixture 20kg £14.95 Barley, maize cracked, wheat, shell grit, maize gluten feed, soya dehulled extracted toasted*, rape seed extracted, lime stones, dehydrated alfalfa meal, dari red, sunflower seed black, cane molasses, soja oil*, softacid Alfamix Chickens 12.5kg £18.95, 4kg £7.95 A complete feed for adult chicken. Rather than pellets only, the mix comprises pellets, seeds and small amphipods. This adds interest for the chickens and makes for a more balanced diet. Fancy Breeder Pellets 20kg £16.95 A special pelleted feed that is suitable for fancy birds such as pheasants (including tragopans), quail, partridges, peacocks, francolins, grouse, guinea fowl and turkeys.

Complete Layers Pellets 20kg £12.95 Maizemash, soya dehulled extracted toasted*, wheat, maize, lime stones, rape seed extracted, maize gluten feed, shell grit, dehydrated alfalfa meal, soja oil* Mixed Corn 20kg £11.95 A supplement feed that should be fed in addition to a complete pelleted feed. Offer a handful per bird in the afternoons.

Sheep Drenchers from United Farmers Sheep Vitamin & Mineral Drench Highly concentrated blend of multivitamins and chelated trace elements Ready to use, free flowing liquid formulation Ensures maximum bioavailability for fertility in ewes and thrive in lambs Ewes - use at pre-tupping, mid-pregnancy and at lambing. Lambs - use for store and weaned lambs. 1 litre £29.95 2.5 litres £59.95 5 Litres £79.95 Cobalt, Selenium & B12 Drench Highly concentrated blend of multivitamins and chelated trace elements Ready to use, free flowing liquid formulation Ensures maximum bioavailability for improved fertility, growth performance for thriftiness in cattle A Concentrated oral drench containing Cobalt, Selenium and Vitamin B12 together with high levels of vitamins A, D & E For lambs, calves, adult sheep and cattle 1 litre £24.95 2.5 litres £47.95

11 Tel: 01858 461463 WELLAND VALLEY FEEDS PRODUCTS Ram Marker Crayons In order to better manage tupping consider using crayons and a harness on tups. Allocating a marker crayon colour to each ram working in a field shows which rams are working and which ewes he has served. If a ram has not marked any ewes this could indicate potential fertility problems. The use of crayons can also help to forecast lambing dates. By using crayon colours in sequence, it is possible to identify when ewes will lamb and group them in accordance. It can also help to forecast busier periods during lambing when additional labour may be required.

Use paler coloured crayons first, such as yellow and then darker crayons for subsequent cycles. This will also enable the identification of barren ewes.

Be prepared for Tupping Time Dagging shears straight 5”, bent 5” and straight 3.5” Crystalyx Extra High Energy 22.5kg Fed all year round to provide supplementation for ewes, rams and lambs. High in protein, energy and contains minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Nylon Ram Harnesses Heptavac P+ Sheep Vaccine 50ml, 100ml, 250ml Ovivac P Plus Sheep Vaccine 100ml, 500ml Footvax Injectable Vaccine for Footrot in Sheep 20ml, 50ml, 250ml Footrot Shears Plain blades and serrated blades available Stock Marker Sprays Rumivite Blocks Maxcare Super Ewe Boost 25kg

12 EQUESTRIAN Horse/Pony Wanted Wanted – Quality M/W Type 15hh- 15.2hh For dressage, showing, hacking.

Must be safe, sane and sound. Good in all traffic. No greys or coloureds. Tel: 07713 725475 Wanted – Approx 16hh, Quality, Light– Middleweight Show Horse, 4–11Yrs Must have good level pace, correct conformation and presence. Will primarily be used for showing but must be able to jump small course. Experienced 5* permanent home awaits. Tel: 07702 882579 Saddlery & Clothing Kent & Masters 16” GP Pony Saddle. Fitted with wide (red) gullet. Little used, VGC. £475. Tel: 07900 011731 / 01858 880982 Pony Double Bridle Hardly used, from Pugh’s (Market Harborough). £80. Tel: 07922 555021 New Saddles.

Made to measure – Ponies to Shires, whatever shape or size. New and old saddles microchipped for security. Ring Chris Allen on 01858 466 195 or 07711 115 571 Equestrian Miscellaneous For Sale Due to closure of Ketton Cross Country Course, two sets of Signam plastic poles, flags and numbers (1-25) + extras for sale. Tel. Mrs. J. Mills 07967 491533 Ketton Park Cross Country Course (Morcott A47 4 Miles) Three heights 2`6”, 2`9”, 3`3” approx. Adults £15, Child £12. Contact Mrs. J Mills 01780 460226 / 07967 491533 www.kettonparkcrosscountrycourse. Due to retirement, Ketton Park Cross Country Course will close at end of season after 40 years.

Equestrian Services NeedSomeHelpWithYourHorsesFreelance rider and groom Laura Cochrane Equestrian. Contact: 07791 092907 lauracochrane26@ Lester Ford DipWCF Farrier Rutland / Northants / Leicestershire. Tel: 07880 968489 Free To Good Home Shetland pony, bay gelding, 5 yrs. Good to handle. Tel: Ann Marlow 07443 910105 / 01858 289561 12.2hh Cob, Mickey, 7yrs Confidence giver. Lives out all year alone/in company. Bomb proof in fields and roads esp with cyclists and farm vehicles. Affectionate, good to catch. Popped over small jumps and lunges with ease. ps. Suit small adult/child share.

Great with farrier, dentist and jabs up to date. £1,300ono including tack. Tel: 07984 729465 Sullivan, 13hh, Family Pony, 6Yrs, Black/ brown Gelding Lovely temperament, eager to please. Loves to jump, hacks alone/with company. Good in traffic, to box, catch and trim. Easily carries a small adult. £750ono. Tel: 07588 576101 Full Loan Beautiful 14hh Gypsy Cob Mare, 10yrs. Lovely temperament. good to catch, box, farrier. Good with traffic. Needs to continue her education with confident experienced rider. 5*home only Tel: 07875 087405 Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary Reg. Charity No. 1116394. Based at Long Clawson, Leics.

Are you able to help, either through donations, fundraising or to give your time at the stables? Currently have horses, ponies, goats, pigs, chickens and sheep. Re Horse welfare issues contact Carole Fielding on 07745 628684 or Andrea Leavis 07786 764453.

Horses & Ponies for sale or loan 14hh Connemara Grey Mare, 7 Yrs Fun pony, completely bombproof in traffic, no vices. Good to show, box, clip. Lives in/out. Very confident over any jump, both show jumping fillers and XC ditches etc. Loving home essential. Needs competent rider to achieve full potential as forward going. £3,300 Tel: 07740 948194 11.1hh 14yr Bertie Bassett Lovely lead rein pony. Barefoot, good doer, will live in/out. Attended PC camp, rallies, showing, fancy dress, schooling lessons, hacks. Great with young children. Easy to catch, tack, farrier etc. Loads but easier if another pony to follow on.

Sadly outgrown. 5* home essential. £950 including tack. Tel: 07951 681830 Ladies Frank Hall Navy Hunting Coat Size 12/14, as new. Recently valued by Frank Hall @ £850 – sensible offers.

Ladies/teenagers Beaufort navy Frank Hall cutaway showing/ hunting coat. Lining showing water marks, otherwise in very good condition – needs buttons £175. Ladies High Crown Patey Hat excellent condition, size 6 7/8 £130. Gent’s Black Tailor Made Hunting Coat, approx. 42” chest - £100. Tel: Sally Beaty 07730 956116

13 Tel: 01858 461463 EQUESTRIAN TNR Haulage Ltd Horse Transport FULLY INSURED AND DEFRA APPROVED 3.5 TONNE TWO HORSE LORRY We ensure that your horse arrives safely, stress free and on time at a competitive rate T: 07557 772076 TNRhaulageLtd ✶ Highly recommend.

Amazing service and very professional” Katie Wallace review Megan Bills Pauline Blaaberg BHSI, British Eventing Accredited Coach, British Dressage Trainer I have:- •  Ridden and trained homebred horses to Advanced Level Eventing •  Won at 1, 2 and 3 Day Event Level •  Trained and evented clients’ horses •  Trained clients up to and including Intermediate and 3 Day Event level •  Trained and ridden dressage horses from Novice level up to Prix St George and Inter 1 working towards Grand Prix level. I now teach clients of ALL abilities from the very novice to those wishing to compete at all levels in any sphere.

Your choice of venue. Competitive rates. Tel: 07710 659669 or 01858 555538 email: 07941 512 933 Now Available for jumping and flatwork lessons at your yard – specialised individual tuition to help you develop your horse’s potential Jumping, Dressage, GP and Pony Saddles available, representing most major saddle brands Made To Measure Service if required Large selection of Used Saddles listed on website On-site checking and flocking Service E: saddles@ ANTONIA WILLS SMS QUALIFIED SADDLE FITTER B E ACCREDITED TRAINER “specialising in comfort for horses and riders” Jane Boulton Rug Repair and Cleaning Service Jane Boulton Rug Repair & Cleaning Service.

All types of horse rugs, boots, numnahs etc. Repaired and cleaned. Speedy professional service, special price for multi orders. Zips for jackets and clothing and heavy duty mending.

Rugs can be dropped off at Welland Valley Feeds or home, I will contact you on completion. Tel 01858 525509 / 07866 889280

14 EQUESTRIAN We provide a respectful equine collection and cremation service, we handle your horse or pony with the upmost care and compassion. Equine Bereavement Service 01536 763230 Mobile 07540 766845 “ Our promise is to be respectful in the collection, transportation and licensed disposal of your Horse or Pony” We provide a respectful equine collection and cremation service, we handle your horse or pony with the upmost care and compassion.

Equine Bereavement Service 01536 763230 Mobile 07540 766845 “Our promise is to be respectful in the collection, transportation and licensed disposal of your Horse or Pony” Tel: 01327 300 395 High density, heavy duty, 100 % recycled 7 year manufacturers warranty Smooth fit, no bending or curling Non-slip, easy-sweep pebble top finish 12’ x 12’ stable floor from £230 delivered. High Quality Rubber Stable Mats G-M-W HORSEBOX TRANSPORT FOR HIRE WITH QUALIFIED DRIVER FULLY INSURED DEFRA AND LANTRA REGISTERED For a free quote and more information please call Mike: Tel: 07802 984402 Available 24/7 Email: Carries Two Horses Horsebox Transport available for Half Day • Full Day Weekend Rates Approved Masta Rug Cleaner We Clean, Reproof and Repair Horse Rugs and other equestrian related equipment, with a Collection & Delivery Service.

Standard Clean: 1 for £8.00 3 for £20.00 Clean / Reproof: 1 for £13.00 3 for £35.00 Tel: 01536 411906 or email:

15 Tel: 01858 461463 EQUESTRIAN

16 EQUESTRIAN Bridles • Headcollars • Dog Equipment • Bags and Cases • Other Goods Saddlery and Leather Goods Repaired and Restored Saddle Security Marking and Micro-chipping Jim Barrett BSc., Craftsman Bridlemaker, Kettering, Northamptonshire Tel: (07966) 448296 or (01536) 510708; Email Full portfolio to view at: EQUESTRIAN AND CANINE Saddlery and Leather Goods Hand Made and Repaired EQUINE DENTAL TECHNICIAN Louisa Fear EqDT. Tel: 07855 482 931 You have regular dental check- ups and so should your horse.

Defra and RCVS level 2 qualified. Member of the British Association of Equine Dental Technicians.

Visit my website at Vikki Jenkins Riding Coach Helping Horse Riders Dreams Come True UK partner for The Compassionate Equestrian I am dedicated to taking a patient approach with both equine and human clients I have passion for showing and compete at a nation level Contact me to book lessons Tel- 07767626888 Drop off any time at: The Grange, Cranoe, Market Harborough LE16 7SW or if more convenient The Meadows Livery Yard, Kilby Road, Fleckney. Any queries please ring Susie Bowie 07880 715574 Collection available for 10+ Rugs PW RURAL SERVICES EQUESTRIAN AND AGRICULTURAL CONTRACTOR • Paddock and Estate Maintenance • Grass cutting and topping • Overgrown paddocks cleared • Chain harrowing and rolling • Stable and livery yard repairs • Fence and gate repairs • Haymaking and small baling • Saw bench and log splitting • Post hole boring.

Contact: Peter Wattam 07860 524642 / GINNY PATTERSON THE HORSE LISTENER Equine communication: Equine facilitated mindfulness coaching: Reiki & animal communication workshops: Reiki & crystal therapy for animals. Call: 07802 317852.

Email: Facebook @ginnypatterson.thehorselistener Website: Calm and Collected Kay Willoughby SEBC PTC Equine Behaviour Consultant Working with you to restore the balance in a language your horse understands Tel: 01858 575630 Mobile: 07734 927932 Email: Web: RUGGLES RUG WASHING REPROOFING AND REPAIRS Collection/delivery service within 12 miles of Loddington LE7 9XE for 5+ rugs. Contact 01572 717447 / 07920 855562 or e-mail David Horton Dip WCF Registered Farrier Trained in South Leicestershire, I am experienced in shoeing and trimming a wide range of horses, ponies and donkeys.

If you would like to contact me or make an appointment please telephone: 07841 343631 email: Registered with FRC and a member of NAFB&AE

17 Tel: 01858 461463 EQUESTRIAN Michael Lees DipWCF Farrier Covering Leicestershire and surrounding areas. Professional and reliable. Tel: 07892 993542 Show Jump Training at Professional 5* Competition Yard, Holcot. Train with experienced show jumper. Suit all levels of rider. Competitive rates. Horses taken for Schooling/Competition/Sales at Foxhill Sports Horses.

Call Michaela 07896 748225 Clipping, Trimming, Mane & Tail Pulling, Plaiting for Shows Top class turn out with attention to detail. Tel: Sarah Holton 07711 824190 Freelance Groom Available for riding, yard cover, house sitting, HGV driver, show preparation, clipping etc. Please call Stuart Ward 07790 885789 anytime.

Jane Williamson, Freelance Instructor. BHSAI plus Stage 4 Riding and SM Registered. Proven success coaching competition riders in dressage and eventing. DBS cleared and fully insured. Positive, sympathetic approach to help riders of all ages and abilities improve their skills and confidence. For more information please tel 07778 347606 or email Equine Sports Massage Therapist. Charlotte Medcroft (ESMT DIP). Sport massage is manipulation of soft tissue (muscles) which can help to prevent injury, promote health and wellbeing, improves performance, improve circulation, moving nutrients around the body, relieves muscle soreness.

Give it a go! Treat your horse and see the difference for yourself. Contact me on 07780 703763 e-mail charlottemedcroft@ Richard Geldard Animal Communicator & Medium Equine and pet communication, photograph readings, animal Reiki mediumship. Tel: 07947 840461 FINER STABLES Manufacturers and suppliers of Bespoke Equestrian Buildings E: T: 01455 209893 M: 07709 315438 • Delivery and installation available throughout the UK • Handmade by trained Joiners using the highest quality timbers • Field shelters, stables and barns to suit all budgets WWW.FINERSTABLES.CO.UK

18 Liveries, Grazing, Land & Property Stable yard with Accommodation Wanted for Long Term Rent/ Lease 10-15 stables and 10 -30 acres for our small, exclusive stud business. Would prefer a horsewalker, ménage and some barn space but some flexibility. Location needs to be within 45 miles of Northants so could be Peterborough, Beds, South Leicestershire, South Oxfordshire, Warwickshire etc. Reliable tenants with healthy income outside of the horse industry and no pets or children. We come highly recommended as tenants and have excellent references. We ideally need to move before March 2019.

Contact 07785 594863 or 12 box yard on private property, 25x55 outdoor school with full set of show jumps. Great hacking. Top standard of care - attention to detail, with horses treated as if they are our own. We pride ourselves on training and producing horses to the highest of standards.

Yard is located just outside Wellingborough with easy access to numerous competition venues. Contact Seb Hughes on 07884 338349 to discuss your individual requirements. Full, competition, schooling & sales livery available EQUESTRIAN Fishponds Farm, Stoke Albany Has vacancies for new clients This small friendly yard is offering full livery packages tailored to suit your individual needs. Hunter, schooling and sales livery all available. Facilities include large outdoor arena with show jumps, horse walker, individual turnout paddocks and rubber matted stables. Great hacking. Reputable trainer, judge and former international rider Jane Wallace on site for tuition.

The yard comes highly recommended by current liveries. Your horses well-being is my number one priority. For further information, please call Steph Britain on 07858 507327 or email H J Equine Transport Based in Northamptonshire so is ideally placed to provide transport for your horse throughout the UK. Offering a reliable, professional and safe journey for your horse and pony. CCTV monitors mean we can see your horse throughout its’journey to ensure it is travelling comfortably in our rear travelling Equi-Trek Sonic. Fully insured for any accidents or breakdown. Defra registered.

For a quote, please call Henry 07780 627540 / 07949 482966 or email: Part, Full and Hunt Livery Available The newly established facility is beautifully presented and maintained to the highest standard. Set amongst 60 acres of pasture, offering stunning views over the Welland Valley and perfectly positioned within a network of local bridleways. Internal stables with rubber matting & auto drinkers • CCTV • heated wash box • secure heated tack room with kitchen & washing machine • all year turnout • covered horse walker • large all-weather • floodlit arena • grass gallops with a variety of cross country jumps • lorry/ trailer parking At Spinney View Farm, we offer a range of inclusive livery packages to suit you and your horse’s specific needs.

Built on good traditional values, we pride ourselves on our individual care and attention each horse receives on a daily basis. Contact Lisa on 01858 555356 / 07986 515519 Hallaton, Market Harborough, Leics. LE16 8UP Spinney View Farm Livery

19 Tel: 01858 461463 Equine Hospital, Referral Centre and Equine Fertility Services We are a long established equine hospital with purpose built facilities and an extensive range of diagnostic equipment. As a clinical associate of the University of Nottingham Vet School we benefit from their specialist staff who work alongside our own experienced veterinary surgeons and nurses. Together they provide the highest level of veterinary care and expertise as required by our RCVS Tier 3 hospital status.  MRI and Scintigraphy  Specialist medicine and surgery  In house lab providing rapid results  BEVA approved AI service  DEFRA approved semen collection, freezing, storage and distribution to the UK and Europe  24 hour, CCTV monitored foaling service  24 hour emergency service available at yard or hospital  Competitively priced yard visits  Routine healthcare including vaccinations, passport ID, microchipping and dentistry  Prior to Purchase examinations  Digital Radiography, Ultrasonography, Endoscopy and Gastroscopy 01572 722647 Find us on Facebook

20 DIY Livery, Foxton Small, friendly yard with all year turn out in individual paddocks with excellent grazing. All weather manege, fantastic off-road riding and nearby bridle paths. Competitive rates. Tel: 07875 987046 DIY Livery Sudborough. Internal stables, wash down area, laundry facilities, large 40 x 60 arena, 20m lunge pen, individual turnout, quiet hacking, fully alarmed. Tel: 07799 806491 Hunter Liveries Full and DIY liveries also available from Aug18 at Saddington Riding School and Livery. Professional, individual care provided. Excellent references available.

Please contact Emma 07581 286259 HOLCOT - Professional 5* Competition Yard Space available Part/ Full/Competition/Schooling/Sales Livery. First class care & attention to detail. Competitive rates. References available. Show jump training available at Foxhill Sport Horses. Call Michaela 07896 748225 Van Oppen Equine Have Spaces, Middleton, Corby. DIY grass keep and stables- £35 per week. Facilities: Exercise track, polo ground, schooling ring, manege. Call James: 07976 252991 Beaufield Lodge Stables, Kibworth, Full, part, DIY liveries available, speciality Hunter Liveries done to the highest standard.

Ideally located in the middle of the Fernie Country. Floodlit all weather manege. Quality stabling, excellent turnout and grassland management. Quiet hacking and easy access to bridleway network. Qualified and professional help available. Competitive rates. Tel: Hannah Vickers 0116 279 1061 / 07860 689 928 Stables to Rent in Stoke Albany All horses catered for from DIY to full or just holiday cover. All year turnout in individual paddocks, all weather, floodlit manege. Under cover horse walker with rubber floor. Miles of off road hacking linking to many bridleways. For further info please call Alison on 07970 881737 5* LIVERY WELFORD Space available for Full or Assisted Livery in small private yard.

Beautiful purpose built Stables, Individual all year turnout, Manege, Horse Walker, Solarium/wash down area and fantastic hacking on the doorstep. Genuine youngsters also taken for backing – ponies a speciality with a light weight jockey on site. Whether you do the work or we help you, everything is here to ensure your horse is kept fit and happy. Your Horse - Our Priority. Tel 07734 927932 or 01858 575630 DIY Livery Church Brampton, Northampton. Small friendly yard, manege, individual turnout. Fabulous Hacking. Tel: 07979 351446 Livery Available at Professional Yard with top facilities DIY £52p/w including haylage (assistance available) Facilities include top of the range Andrews Bowen 65 x 35 outdoor arena, horse-walker, large internal matted stables with drinkers, wash box with heat lamps, excellent turn out 24hr supervision.

Tel: 07786 853930 Husbands Bosworth VINCENT BROWN – KEECH Now has space for full and part livery at Pipewell. In a small secluded family yard, with the owners living on site. The yard offers great facilities including; Livery packages can be tailored to fit individual needs – breaking, sales, schooling, training, hunter, eventing and holiday livery are all available. Please ring Vincent to discuss your requirements on 07957 270286 • A flood-lit manege •  Individual or mixed turn out •  Wash box with hot and cold running water • Solarium • A horse walker •  Great off road hacking in the area • 24hour CCTV in operation EQUESTRIAN Suregrow Fertiliser 20kg £14.99 Equipaddock Original 10kg (1 acre) £39.95 Rejuvenator Grass Seed 10kg (1 acre) - £44.95 2.5kg (1/4 acre) - £15 Available in store

21 Tel: 01858 461463 PETS Dogs, Puppies & Stud Dogs Labrador Puppies Black and yellow, dogs and bitches. They are KC Reg, from working stock and parents’ health checked. Well socialised with children and other dogs. Ready first week in Sept. Northampton. Tel: 07597 085498 Two Pedigree Cocker Spaniel Male Puppies £750 Both come with Kennel Club Registration, microchipped, 8 week vaccination. Tails docked with documentation and dew claws removed, Wormed every two weeks. Are ready to leave on 3rd August. Please contact on 07852 518066 or English Springer Puppies Two bitches and one dog available from stunning litter of 8.

Wonderful mum bred by gamekeeper. Dad FTCH and fully tested. FTCH abound across both pedigrees. Bred for temperament. Make wonderful pets/workers. KC reg. Legally docked and d/c. Chipped, wormed, vaccinated. Ready Sept 1st. Tel: 07850 018069 AT STUD LABRADORS AND GOLDEN RETRIEVERS - Fully health tested working gundogs GUNDOG TRAINING - Beginners to advanced classes and 1-1 in a variety of outdoor locations. Also residential training available.

PET OBEDIENCE - training (any breed) Contact - Gaynor 0798 461 6638 Member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers VILENDAL GUNDOGS Please visit: Contact: Henrik Vilendal Tel: 01536 77 22 55 ; Mobile: 07952 907 867 email: Labrador Pups now for Sale LABRADORS AT STUD IN NORTHANTS - All dogs Hips, Elbows, Eyes, PRA and CNM tested Puppies and Part Trained Dogs sometimes available All Breeds taken in for training, 1 x 1 Tuition and Training Classes Bulldog Puppies 10 weeks old. KC registered, had first injections, microchipped, lifetime support, HU clear.

2 girls and 1 boy available. Tel: 07855 739546 Market Harborough Black Labrador Puppies KC Registered, both parents have Hip, Elbow and Eye Tests. 1st Vaccination, microchipped, wormed and 4 weeks insurance. Born 27th July, ready to leave 21st September. Tel: 07740 929293 New Home Required – Free to Good Home After the recent birth of our daughter, we are reluctantly looking for a new home for Obi, our 6 year old Collie. Obi is a wonderful dog but his behaviour can be unpredictable and he is more suited to a working home with no children. Contact: Jamie 07903 774176 Springer Spaniel Pups Black & white, 1 dog and 3 bitches.

Ready to go mid September. Tel: 07990 712775 Miniature Wire Haired Dachshund Puppies Black & tan, 1 boy, 1 girl. Both parents can be seen. Vet checked, wormed and flead up to date. Microchipped, 1st and 2nd injections done. Tel: 07733 296818 Two Remaining Beautiful Male Springer/Poodle x Standard Dachshund Puppies, 11 weeks One black smooth coated, one broken coated. Both parents can be seen, as were accidents. Country homes only. £250. Tel: 07947 198967 Dog Lost is a free service run by volunteers. Reuniting dogs with their owners. Tel: 0844 800 3220

22 Small Animals/Birds/Fish 2 Terrapins, 4Yrs With stand, very large tank and accessories. H50cm x D50cm x W120cm. £180ono. Tel: 07595 206260 / 07709 423595 Naseby Sept18 Pet Services Wuf Cuts Dog Grooming Billesdon based. Also horse clipping available. Tel: Jayne 07779 008798 Dog Boarding Kennels. Harborough Kennels: family run business on farm. Open February - October. Dogs walked twice per day. Tel: 01858 432553. Perches Bird and Pet Hotel Caters for parrots, birds and small animals in a safe and secure, clean and caring environment at good value. Tel: 07720 235100 PETS Luxury FAB listed cattery All Enquiries Welcome Tel: 01858 545422 Email: ILLSTON MEWS CATTERY Spacious, light, fully insulated and individually heated chalets providing ‘home from home’ comforts for your feline friend.

H Built to FAB specifications H Fully licenced and insured A luxury, small, family-run, indoor cattery Clippits Farm, Illston on the Hill, LE7 9EG 0116 259 6479 Newly built Luxury Cat Hotel in Kibworth 14 Fleckney Road, Kibworth, LE8 0HE. Licenced by Harborough District Council and built to F.A.B specifications. Personalised individual care, diet and attention given to your very precious cat. All double suites are secure heated well-lit and ventilated. Tel Lorna/Troy 01162 796855 / 0781 4526633 or email THE CAT H O T E L KIBWORTH Dog Training Professional Puppy & Dog Training Market Harborough, Kettering, Desborough and surrounding areas.

Puppy home visits prior to vaccinations.

Puppy socialisation classes. Junior to adult obedience classes. Ringcraft. 1-2-1 Training for individual needs. Mobile ultrasound pregnancy scanning. Contact Terri 01536 760023 Your dogs may stay in our home whilst you are away. I can visit once or twice daily, feed cats, rabbits, guineas, any small animal and change litter trays etc. I have lots of experience and love animals. Fully insured and police checked. References available. Contact Kathy on 01858 461446 or 0771 262 1345. Email: Classy Kuts Professional dog grooming services including: clipping, trimming, bathing, eyes, ears, nails, hand stripping, collection and delivery available.

Tel: Jill 07948 600152 / 01536 359978 HARPERSBROOK KENNELS Gundog and obedience training. David and Harry Chudley. Well established family run kennels. Long/short term and refresher courses available. One to one tuition - training classes - well stocked rabbit pen for hire. Puppies, partly and fully trained and stud dogs available.

Website: Contact: 07714 646889 / House / Pet Sitter Available. Mature, privately educated lady with 22 years’ experience of all aspects of house sitting. A life time’s experience with horses. Lovely references. Please call: 01572 747813 / 07751 364777 The Dog House (formally Hounds at Home) Going away? Let your dog’s stay in the comfort of our own home! Fully insured. References available. Relaxed & friendly environment. Call Martyn or Sue 0116 2603172

23 Tel: 01858 461463 The Purrfect Cattery heated, insured, bespoke design.

Relocated to The Corner House, 25 Tiverton Avenue, Kingsthorpe, Northampton NN2 8LY for bookings and info. Tel: Kay 07921 030813 or www. Gundog Training for H.P.R. Breeds HPR specialist trainer now available for 1:1 and small group bookings. Training at Walcote or Husbands Bosworth. Tel: Stevie Allerton 07968 018551 Dog Obedience Classes Based on a process of simple commands and tested techniques to help handler and dog to build a relationship in an enjoyable, structured and friendly atmosphere. Tel: Carl 07798 563693 Bertie Dog Training by internationally renowned trainer and author.

Venues at Oadby and Great Glen. Small friendly structured classes which your dogs will enjoy. Tel: 0116 2920315 / Mob: 07530 439561 PETS Fully insured Appointments not always necessary All breeds All sizes DogGrooming Clipping De-matting Nail clipping Hand stripping Scissoring De-shedding Ear plucking Bath & Brush 01858 466997 57 Northampton Road, Market Harborough, LE16 9HD FREE OFF ROAD PARKING RB Artistry & Design Pet portrait specialist based in Northamptonshire.

Custom arts, crafts and photo editing. 07889 564823 Puppy and Dog Training Classes near Market Harborough and across Leicestershire 07388 377 379 dogschool_leicestershire dogstrustdogschool A walked dog is a happy dog Gail, Mark & the Team invite you to visit Brankley Farm, Naseby Road, Haselbech, Northampton, NN6 9LH Telephone 01604 743 900 Email Fully licensed facilities – all kennels/pens individually heated • Dogs exercised regularly on or off the lead daily in a secure 1.5 acre paddock.

• Feeding and exercise routines to meet your requirements. • Day care facilities available.

•  Full grooming services available in the new Grooming Parlour for residents and non resident dogs • Collection & drop off service. Call for a viewing and come see what we have to offer your pet Brankley Farm KENNELS & CATTERY The Grooming Parlour Northamptonshire Pet House Sitting Service I can give you peace of mind that your precious pets are looked after in the comfort of their own homes. Fully insured, 25years experience looking after cats & dogs. DBS checked. £23 per night weekday rate, £25 per night weekend day rate, £8 pet pop-ins, prices vary depending on mileage.

Call Jenny on 07713 939862 or email

24 PETS Paws 4 Walking are family run and owned business and are the Premier Pet Services Company covering Market Harborough and surrounding areas Dog Walking Puppy Visits including basic training Home Pet Visits Doggie Day Care and Boarding Pet Boutique Small Pet Boarding Rabbit and Guinea Pig Boarding at “The Paws Inn” House Sitting Pet Taxi transported in secure TransK9 Dog Cages All staff are CRB checked Licenced and approved by Harborough District Council All staff hold Animal Aiders First Aid Certificates Paws 4 Walking We Care When You Can’t Be There Licenced and Approved by Harborough District Council Winners of Pride in Harborough Awards 2014 and 2015 For further information, please call Myles or Polly on 01858 682007 Mobile: 07885 155900 Email: Fully insured for Public Liability, Care Custody and Control and Employers liability with Cliverton.

References Available LeicesterAnimalRescue Leicester Animal Rescue have many dogs and cats seeking kind, permanent homes. All are microchipped and up to date with flea and worm treatment, and adults are neutered.

Please note we only re-home within the Leicestershire area. Please telephone to book a viewing appointment 0116 259 9399. Cerberus, 10 months. He is a lovely, young dog and very friendly. Ok with other dogs, but behaviour unknown around cats. Will only be rehomed him with children over the age of 12 years old as he can be quite boisterous Shadow, 1 year. Came to us because the other cats in the household were bullying him. He has not been around young children and could possibly be homed with another cat but he is not used to dogs AGRICULTURE With over 40 years’ experience, we are a highly regarded business with considerable expertise in all types of earth moving.

Our skilled operatives are committed to delivering a high quality, professional job, using highly productive, specialist equipment. Our services include: Top soil stripping. Road and site excavations. Water storage lagoons. Fishing lakes. Bulk earth moving. Site preparation for agricultural buildings and industrial units. To discuss your requirements and to arrange a free, competitive quote call: 07831 275758 email: Paul Badger Earth Moving Ltd

25 Tel: 01858 461463 AGRICULTURE HERITAGE FENCING FOR ALL YOUR FENCING AND BOUNDARY NEEDS Call now for free quotations and advice Telephone David on: 01858 565173 or 07989173038 Full public liability insurance Certified and recognised by:- HERITAGE HERITAGE FENCING FENCING FOR ALL YOUR FENCING AND BOUNDARY NEEDS Phone - 01162720194 David - 07989173038 Jason - 07990588069 Call now for free quotations and advice Full public liability insurance.

Certified and recognised by :- Agricultural Angora Goats for Sale Twin sisters born 19th May. Meg and Harriet are hand reared so very friendly. Make lovely pets, great for clearing ground. To approved home. Tel 07948 737597 6 Texel x Charolais Shearling Ewes Home bred from established flock. Well grown, grass fed, quality sheep on Heptavav P System. tel. 01858 575408 1 Texel x Charolais Shearling Ram Homebred, grass fed, used successfully as a ramlamb on a few ewes with good results. On Heptavac P System. £350. Tel: 01858 575408 Topsoil for Sale Buyer to collect, Knaptoft near Husbands Bosworth, £10 a ton (minimum 5 tons), Tel: 07970 099985 or 0116 2478246 N Hall For All Your Fencing Needs Stock fencing, post and rail, and all types of gates (not electric).

Plus field topping and spring tyning. Orders for next season’s hedge laying. Fully insured. Tel: Dougie 07762 236222 J W Wilkins Specialising in small muck heap removal, hedge trimming, muck trailer hire, muck spreading, flail mowing, heavy flat rolling, chain harrowing, fencing, digger work. Tel: Jack 07889 194331 / 01858 535296.

Fencing Post Knocking, Scrub Clearance Tel: 01604 890435 Alhill Plant Hire Ltd All types of digger work, supply hardcore. Tel: 07860 611834 MY Fencing Services All types of fencing undertaken, equestrian, stock and domestic. Free no obligation quotes. Phone Mark 07715 359731 AE & BA Randoll & Son Digger hire, Volvo 9 tonne tracked, JCB 3CX. Muck spreading, grass harrowing, heavy flat rolling, topping, forestry work (we now have tree shear), hedge trimming and heavy flail work etc. Tel: 07710 113359 / 01858 545202

26 Vehicles & Trailers Ifor Williams HB506 (New Model) Horse Trailer Excellent condition.

Finished in black. Complete with all paperwork and keys. Tel: 07787 554108 HORSE TRAILER SERVICING, With over 40 years’ experience of servicing and repairs to all makes and models. We offer a collection and return service, a steam clean internal and external plus a full check of the lights, brakes and general condition with a written report on completion. References can be supplied on request. Contact Alan Sercombe 07804 250986 / email We also buy and sell Horse Trailers Horse Trailer for Rent from 1 day – 1 week. Ifor Williams 510, will take 2 large horses. Tel: 07850 942094 Poultry/Pheasants 4 Doubled Laced Barnevelder Cockerels (Pure Dutch Lines).

1 Black Australorp Cockerel All 10 weeks old, free ranging, hatched under chicken. Tel: 07941 001689 Black Rock Laying Pullets and Hubberd Free Range Table Cockerels. All 6 week old growers on the 28th August, off heat and well feathered. £5.00 each. Tel 07921 772409 Trio of Gold Partridge Bantams (2 Hens, 1 Cock) 4 months old. £30. Tel: 01858 432553 For Sale Legbars and Copper Black Marans (dark brown egg layers) hatching eggs, day old chicks, growers and POL. Assortment of Pekins. Tel: Westaway Poultry 01572 737310 Iveco Ford 7.5 Ton Horsebox Easy to drive, reliable horsebox 2000, plated to end June 2019.

2 horses or 3 ponies travelling diagonally. Living with fridge & gas hob. Exterior tack box. Well maintained box with all documentation.

Tel: 07850 614355 Rutland AGRICULTURE The countryside is covered with examples of farm diversification projects- some of which are hugely successful; the vineyards and visitor centres of Cornwall, or closer to home, the caravan storage or corporate events companies in Husbands Bosworth. However, there are a large number of less successful, costly, niche producers who have tried to diversify and lost a lot of money. There is absolutely opportunity to create alternate income streams on working farms; letting cottages or creating products from farm produce; Heck Sausages for example. But successful diversification businesses are almost always offshoots of profitable farming businesses, not a plaster cast to fix the broken bones of a failing farm.

Diversification should be considered as a long-term entity for a farm. The business plan created ahead of diversification should not follow fashion or fads- you would need to sell a huge amount of organic hand milled flour at farmers’ markets to break even, as well as being the course of least resistance. For example, it would arguably be more cost effective and profitable to rent cottages out to long term tenants rather than turn beds twice a week on holiday lets. A regular rent pays the bills more regularly than the “ifs buts and maybes” of the “staycation” market.

We do, however, wholeheartedly support diversification, when a few steps are followed in planning and preparation; • Step One: Start with the end in mind. What is your reason for diversification? What do you want to achieve and how does the journey fit with your existing business? • Step two: Play to your strengths. Be sure that the existing farm is working to the best of its capabilities. Ensure the staff are engaged, focused and can continue to run the farm and production whilst you are busy starting the new venture. Making money in your diversification will only be damaged if the existing business loses as much as the new makes.

• Step three: If the shoe fits… Be sure that your new project fits with your existing landscape, and adds to it, rather than taking away from or suffocating the breadwinner. Always take the option of least resistance and minimal outlay to develop slowly rather than a boom- and-bust curve-ball change of direction. • Step four: Right people, right place, right time. Make sure you have people focused on all sections of the business. Be sure not to strip the existing business too lean of people, resources, care and attention, whilst your focus is on the new diversification income streams.

• Step five: Keep the balance.

Back to point one- starting with the end in mind; if diversification of the farm is to improve your work-life balance, bringing in more income for less heavy lifting, be sure that you are enjoying the journey and don’t end up working yourself into the ground trying to manage two businesses. Of course, starting a new venture takes time and effort, but if that outweighs the positives, consider putting the effort into developing the existing business rather than the diversification.

At King West, we are experienced at managing farm diversification, supporting landowners through the planning and implementation processes, the legal requirements and the opportunities for funding. If you require support, at any point of your journey, in the first instance, please contact Harry Epsom on 01858 411539 or by emailing Harry Epsom BSc (Hons) Is Diversification the answer? Tilton ATV Ltd ATV & Quad sales, repairs, servicing and parts. Collect and return service. Honda, Yamaha, Polaris, Kawasaki, Suzuki,, Kawasaki Mule, John Deere Gator, JCB Workmax, Kubota RTV.

Horse Box and trailer repairs and servicing, brake adjustment, lights, tyres, steam cleaning, welding.

Tel 0116 2597374 or 07973 845487


Hay/Straw Glebe Farm Feeds & Bedding. Small bale hay and straw, haylage in 3ft round bales. Also straw in 6ft long 4 string big bales. Can be collected or delivered. Welford area. Tel: 07740 410915 or 07710 627232 J A Knight & Son (Farmers) Ltd Hay, Haylage & Straw Suppliers. High quality and additive free hay & haylage; good quality barn stored straw. FREE delivery with orders above 25 bales or you can collect from our yard.

Small conventional and round bales available. Tel: 07764788657 / 01604 781630. Also check out our website for further details at Hay Small bale, good quality hay - £4 per bale. Free delivery for orders over £55 within a 10 mile radius of West Haddon. Tel: 01788 510041 / 07754 488292 28 Grange Farm Hay, Straw & Haylage Supplies All types and size bales. Delivered all year round.

Tel: Jim Mount 01858 545109 / 07879 695096 Thorpe Langton, Market Harborough                            AGRICULTURE Top Quality Hay & Straw Delivered to Your Stable Door All products are barn stored, additive, dust and weed free. Small bale hay £4 per bale or 14 small bales of hay £55 delivered and stacked. Large square bales hay (equivalent to 6-7 small bales) - £20 each or 3 large square bales for £55 delivered and stacked. Round bales of hay - £35 each delivered and stacked. Small bales of straw - £2.50 each delivered and stacked. Large bales of wheat straw (equivalent to 6-7 small bales) - £10 each.

Large square bales of barley straw (equivalent to 6-7 small bales) - £15 delivered and stacked. Large 6 string bales wheat straw (120cm x 70cm x 2.45m long) - £45 each, delivery available. Free delivery within a 10 mile radius of NN6 9SW and £1 per mile thereafter, minimum delivery £55. Tel: Lisa 07923 471513


30 Gardening Garden Services Regular or one-off maintenance. Soft landscaping, turfing, fencing etc. Allotments ploughed, rotavated. Also paddock maintenance. Tel: Barry 07803 266278 or email Situations Vacant Part Time and Holiday Cover Help Required at Brigstock Flexible hours. Small private yard, all usual yard duties and exercising of horses. Tel: Jane 07775 830526 Part-time Help Wanted Small, family yard in South Leics requires part-time help with hunters to assist full time individual. 2-3 hours each morning, Wednesday-Saturday, with possible alternate Sundays.

Must be competent rider and happy to help with all yard responsibilities. Contact Victoria: 07710 094805 Groom Required Full time position in a friendly, private livery yard. Excellent facilities with plenty of riding. Experienced rider needed. Also requires weekend work. For more information tel: 01604 770436 Miscellaneouos J W Wilkins Top Quality Seasoned and Kiln Dried Firewood. Competitive prices available in bags or loose. Tel: 01858 535296 / 07889 194331 Stoves & Rayburn Spares. All solid fuel appliances serviced and maintained. Woodburners supplied and fitted, bought and sold. Gareth the Stove - find me on facebook.

Tel: 07875 687607 Email: Website: PGM Reclaimers We buy old bricks, slates, tiles, timber and anything old. We dismantle walls and/or buildings. Good quality hand made bricks and materials for sale. Cash paid. Please ring: 07713 442530 or 01858 440976 Bookkeeping, VAT Returns & Self Assessment Market Harborough based with over 15 years’ experience in all trades, especially farming/agriculture. AAT qualified. Competitive rates. Contact: 07585 129588 / J.P Building Services New builds, extensions, roofing, plastering, carpentry, landscaping and all other aspects of building work undertaken.

Tel: 07890 518369 / 01858 433586 Marina Hale – Domestic Help for Village People Domestic cleaner, animal aunt, house sitter, assistant or driver (30 yrs experienced of domestic services & holiday cover, caring for pets, horses, farm animals). Tel: 01858 880344 Charities Many thanks to all who gave to Air Ambulance - £17.25. Part-time Staff for Reindeer and Mixed Animal Business Staff required for Christmas season. Mostly weekend work but also weekday work available.

If you are friendly and enjoy working with animals/horses please apply. Training given. Flexible on days and hours worked. Also help required on the yard at weekends for morning and evening feed rounds. Work experience placements also welcomed. Contact: 07973 958313 or MISCELLANEOUS Empire Scaffolding Ltd Unit 1 Welham Lane, Great Bowden, Market Harborough, LE16 7FN Contact: 01858 431250 07834 563770 Hardwood Firewood £55 per tonne bag. Free delivery ten mile radius of Market Harborough. Tel: 01858 443519 / 07856 306994

31 Tel: 01858 461463 A natural oak timber framed building really can be awe inspiring.

At Natural Structures, we’re passionate about capturing the beauty of oak; using the skills of our architects and artisan craftsmen, we create fabulous living spaces inspired by you. 01858 545 518 Main Contractor Service · Architectural Services New Builds · Extensions · Orangeries Conservatories · Garages · Garden Rooms Barns · Stables · Home offices · Car Ports Design|Plan|Build natural beautiful oak buildings structures We specialise in carrying out work in listed and period properties. From design through to completion, we will carefully handle all aspects of your project.

Please visit our website to find out more. B U I L D I N G & R E S T O R AT I O N w w w. g d t ru s l o v e a n d s o n . c o m NEW BUILDS BESPOKE JOINERY LISTED BUILDINGS HANDBUILT KITCHENS 0116 259 8095 E s ta bl i s h e d i n 1 9 6 9 MISCELLANEOUS HARRIS & CLARKE CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS …Specialising In... Farms, Estates and Rural Businesses Since 1986 For further information or a free no obligation meeting please contact: Oak House Farm, Braybrooke, Northamptonshire, LE 16 8LH 7 Billing Road, Northampton, NN1 5AN Telephone 01604 622274

32 MISCELLANEOUS Timber frames 01858 433519 Basic groundworks to complex builds, from concept to completion, we provide an unrivalled and outstanding building service.

Spring Hill House The Meadows Kilby Road Fleckney LE8 8BQ Tel 0116 240 4149 Mobile 07866 562229 Email • Bespoke House Building • Track & Road Maintenance • Restoration & Renovation • Agricultural Buildings • Foundations & Bases • Concreting & Drainage

33 Tel: 01858 461463 If you would like your advertisement professionally designed please contact: ThinkOutside theBox... • Advertising • Newsletters • Invitations • Presentations • Magazines • Flyers Woodland Pytchley Hunt Sunday 7th October 2018 Autumn Hunter Trial at Stoke Albany House Stoke Albany, Northants LE16 8PT By kind permission of Mr Julian White & Mr Fred Vinton. Main Sponsor: Hows Racesafe Approx 2’0” Mini, 2’9 Novice, 3’3”Intermediate.

All natural course with no water jump. BBQ & Refreshments available all day.

Schedules & further details from Mrs Carol Lees Tel: 01536 790485/ 07739 393996 E-mail: Or download from; Diary Dates: X-Country Schooling Day £20/horse. Riders 16yrs & under £15/horse - Dingley Park Sun 23rd September 2018. WPHSA Fun Ride Sunday 30th September 2018 at New Leys Farm, Ringstead NN14 4DS £20/horse to include refreshments. DIARY DATES

34 DIARY DATES SEPTEMBER 2018 01/09/18 Saturday Market Harborough Gardening Club 48th Annual Open Show, Congregational Church Centre, Julbilee Hall, Bowden Lane, Market Harborough LE16 7JD.Open for public viewing 2pm. Closing date for entries 8pm Wednesday 29th August. 02/09/18 Sunday South Kilworth Riding Club Show at Stanford Hall, Lutterworth, LE17 6DH. Friendly show with classes for everyone including show jumping, in-hand and ridden showing, fun classes, working hunter and gymkhana games. Entries on the day. For schedule and details please visit or find us on Facebook.

09/09/18 Sunday Rockingham Forest Riding Club Hunter Trial and Clear Round at Boughton House, Warkton. To avoid disappointment please book online at (RFRC Events Tab) 09/09/18 Sunday Rearsby Lodge RC Open Indoor Dressage Show Brooksby Equestrian Centre, Brooksby, Nr Melton Mowbray LE14 2LJ Contact Claire Atkins on 0116 2871662 for more information 09/09/18 Sunday WPHPC Junior and Novice Hunter Trial. Hillside Farm, Grafton Road, Brigstock, NN14 3NA. Schedule to follow. Contact Katherine Painter 01536 373573 or see website (

15/09/18 Saturday Sibbertoft Manor 1940’s Vintage Garden Party 2.30pm Live music, code-breaking, produce stall, bric-a-brac, tombolas, vintage vehicles, fun family games, bake off and much, much more. 16/09/18 Sunday MUSIC IN ASHLEY. LE16 8HF. 6.15 for 7pm. The Levy, a local five-piece band that perform memorable melodies and harmonies. Their unique sound of acoustic rock with a soulful feel makes for a set list filled with original music and famous covers. Tickets £15 - includes a glass of wine or soft drink and generous canapés. Children under 16 free. For more information and tickets please contact 01858 565 110. The Levy on youtube/Facebook Raising funds for the upkeep of a grade 1 listed church and for Lakelands Day Care Hospice 16/09/18 Sunday Rockingham Forest Riding Club Unaffiliated Show Jumping at Desborough Deer Farm. To avoid disappointment please book online at (RFRC Events Tab) 16/09/18 Sunday WOODLAND PYTCHLEY HUNT – ESCORTED FUN RIDE at Main Street, Glooston, Leicestershire, LE16 7ST By kind permission of Marcus Pugh. Join the Woodland Pytchley Hunt to enjoy an escorted morning ride through some of Leicestershire’s best private farmland and bridleways.

With optional jumps (using the Tur Langton team chase course) and two speeds of ride, everyone is welcome. The ride will be approx. 10 miles and will mainly be off-road. Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult. -fun-ride/ For any queries relating to the ride/route please contact Carol Elderton 07710 323455 or for any booking queries please call Mel 07557 535664. 22/09/18 Saturday A Charity Ride In Aid of Macmillan Cancer Support held at Park Farm Equestrian & Chasers, Cold Ashby Road, Stanford On Avon, Northants NN6 6JR.

Ride round the 3 or 8 mile course, all off road with optional jumps. Suitable for all ages and abilities. Handy Pony course in the arena, a tombola with some amazing prizes, trade stands - and lots of cake! Contact Belinda Tyler on 01788 511000, see Macmillan Charity Ride on Facebook or email 22/09/18 Saturday Leicestershire and Rutland Bridleways Association’s RUTLAND WATER LAGOONS RIDE, 7 or 9 miles alongside the wading bird lagoons, stunning countryside and villages. For details, Membership and Ride Entry forms visit LRBA’s website www. 23/09/18 Sunday Sundays Strictly Come Walk & Trot Confidence Event.

If you’ve ever wanted to take part in a Fun Ride but are a novice and/ or nervous rider this is for you. A talk with a confidence coach, ride round the 3 mile course, optional walk/trot dressage test and a rosette for every rider. See Macmillan Charity Ride on FB, call Belinda Tyler on 01788 511000 or email macmillancharityride@ for more information 23/09/18 Sunday X-Country Schooling Day £20/horse. Riders 16 years & under £15/horse. Dingley Park. For further details contact: Mrs Carol Lees 01536 790485 / 07739 393996 Email: 23/09/18 Sunday WPHSA Summer Ball XCountry Schooling Day £15/horse - Dingley Park.

For further details contact: Mrs Carol Lees 01536 790485 / 07739 393996 Email: 23/09/18 Sunday Clear Round Jumping Carvells Home Farm, Carvells Lane, Naseby, NN6 6DH 10am - 1pm. Heights on request all morning. Tel: Peggy 07850 437788 26/09/18 Wednesday Market Harborough Gardening Club Japan and the Rising Sun by Dr Sue Ablett. The Conservative Club, Fairfield Road, Market Harborough 7.30pm 29/09/18 Saturday Atherstone Hunt Hunter Trials Beginners, Novice and Mini Classes. Lodge Farm, Ibstock LE67 6PD Entries and more details available at 30/09/18 Sunday WPHSA Fun Ride at New Leys Farm, Ringstead NN14 4DS £20/horse to include refreshments.For further details contact: Mrs Carol Lees 01536 790485 / 07739 393996 Email: 30/09/18 Sunday Fernie Hunt Supporters Association Hunter Trial at Limepits Farm, Illston on the Hill, Nr Billesdon, Leicestershire LE7 9ER.

Classes for everyone. Clear round jumping over WH fences, Pre-Novice, Novice, Pair and Interschools XC competition and the Intermediate XC course is back. Pre-enter for allocated times. Entries and info at 30/09/18 Sunday NORTHAMPTON BRANCH OF THE PONY CLUB OPEN SHOW Delapre Park, London Road, Northampton NN4 8AW To include In Hand and Ridden Showing, Mini and Open Show Jumping, Working Hunter, Gymkhana and Fun Classes. Schedules: www.pcuk.northampton branch or with SAE from Mrs K Amos, 52 High Street, Harpole, Northants. NN7 4BS Tel: 07704 511352 / 01604 832075 email: 30/09/18 Sunday Unaffiliated SJ on a surface.

Carvells Home Farm, Carvells Lane, Naseby, NN6 6DH Starting at 10.30am. 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm (not before 1pm), 1m. Tel: Peggy 07850 437788Starting at 10.30am

35 Tel: 01858 461463 Equestrian property in 2 acres Modern 3 bedroom bungalow with a 2 acre paddock and 1 stable LUDDINGTON IN THE BROOK, PETERBOROUGH An exceptional equestrian property situated in open countryside. The stone built farmhouse has five bed- rooms, three reception rooms a large kitchen diner and utility room, over 3,620 sq ft. Outside, there is a land- scaped garden, a large off road parking area, three stables, a tack room and a wash room. A detached of- fice building with additional storage buildings are also available.

The property is set within 2 acres of land including a 1.1 acre paddock and a 24m x 50m ménage.

Surrounding areas provide several miles of bridleways. BELTON IN RUTLAND, NEAR UPPINGHAM Launde View is a modern bungalow completed in 2011 located on the northern edge of the village with views over open countryside to the rear. The accommodation extends to approximately 1,125 sq ft (104.6 sq m). The property benefits from underfloor heating throughout and a multi fuel burner in the living room. Outside, there is ample off road parking space for sev- eral cars and a double garage. A single stable and a 2 acre paddock, which benefits from a secondary access off College Farm Lane and a wide network of bridle- ways beyond.


36 Joy Brankin-Frisby William Green Louise Newton William Young Market Harborough 01858 410200 £ Guide price – £490,000 Medbourne, Leicestershire Modern stone cottage in popular village • Bright breakfast kitchen • Open plan sitting and dining room • 3 / 4 bedrooms • Delightful gardens • EPC Rating C £ Guide price – £650,000 South Kilworth, Leicestershire Beautifully presented modern family home • 3 reception rooms • Family kitchen/dining room • Master bedroom with en suite • 4 further bedrooms • EPC Rating C