Nor'Wester Issue 40 February 2020 - Ashburton District Council

Nor'Wester Issue 40 February 2020 - Ashburton District Council
                                                                                                                                 February 2020
                                                                                                                                            Issue Forty

                                                                         N ews
                   Incorporating the Mayfield Message and Mt Somers News
  Bringing you the News from Carew in the south to Alford Forest in the north and all places in between.

                                                                                RDR Foothills Race
                        Methven and District                                    This 23km coarse is ideal for those less experienced who still want a good
                                                                                workout. This a very rewarding ride and is sure to get the heart racing.
                        Lions Club                                              Adult $60 Junior $35
                                                                                Donald Love Lowland MTB
   Mt Somers Mountain Challenge                                                 A 17km of easy ride that caters for all levels of fitness. Blow the cobwebs off
                                                                                the bike and have a go.
       Saturday 22 February                                                     Adults $60 Junior $35
                                                                                Big Al’s Foothill Duathlon
   Postponement day 23 February                                                 Ride the MTB foothills race, finishing off with a 6km run.
                                                                                Adults $60 Junior $35
The race winds it way through the historic Mt Somers Station, home to the
                                                                                Victory Lime Lowland Duathlon
Acland family. Journey through this rugged, captivating landscape, weaving
                                                                                This event is for the under 18 competitor and split into 3 age groups.
around grassland and tussock, shade forests and flourishing native bush.
                                                                                Parents can accompany children. The mountain bike course covers 17km of
The event caters for a range of sports, levels and competitiveness, making it
                                                                                easy rolling hills and followed by a 3km run.
a day the whole family can enjoy.
                                                                                Adults $60 Junior $35, and under 13 $20
An added bonus to the day includes a meal at the conclusion of the races,
included in the entry fee. This is a great chance to enjoy a day with fellow
The event was created purely and simply to raise money for community
causes. A recipient of this year and past years is Ronald McDonald House.
As well, a host of local organisations benefit from this event.
The Hokonui Radio MTB Challenge
For the competitive racers, invigorating descents, grind up steep inclines
as you wind your way around the station. Not for the faint hearted is this
31km course.
Adults $60 Junior $35

                                                                                Cross Contracting Mountain Run
                                                                                A challenging 12km run.
                                                                                Adults $60 Junior $35
                                                                                Sponsors Walk
                                                                                A 2hr walk that takes you through the station past the lime works and
                                                                                ammunitions magazines. A great chance to join in the fun loving nature of
                                                                                this special day whilst supporting this worthy cause.
                                                                                $20 per person

                                                                                Races start from Mount Somers Station at 10am, registration from 8am.
                                                                                On line entries close on Thursday 20th February. You can still enter on the

     PROUDLY SUPPORTED BY                                                                         Talk to us today about your requirements
                                                                                                  Contact us on:
                                                                                                       0800 303 980


                                                                                                       Peaches Rd, Mt Somers, RD 1, Ashburton 7771

ISSUE FORTY                                                       The Nor’wester                                                          FEBRUARY 2020
Nor'Wester Issue 40 February 2020 - Ashburton District Council
SOIL QUALITY FACTSHEET                                                                                                               PRESENTED IN CONJUNCTION WITH VICTORY LIME

  Reduce your NPK fertiliser cost by 50%

  IT IS understood that growing almost anything increases your soil acidity or lowers the soil’s pH. While Aglime easily corrects
  acidification the final target pH level for optimum nutrient availability is and always has been a moving target.

  WHAT IS THE OPTIMAL PH                        The absolute building blocks                                                       FERTILISER EFFICIENCY AT VARIOUS SOIL PH VALUES
  AND WHY?                                  for growth such as Nitrogen,            “One aspect that has
     Your soil’s pH is one of the           Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium,                                                   Soil pH               N                  P                  K            Overall
                                                                                    baffled us for years, is
  key drivers in making nutrients           Sulphur and Magnesium, are not                                                                          Efficiency         Efficiency         Efficiency   Fertilizer
                                                                                    the apparent disconnect                                                                                            Efficiency
  available to the plant.                   even close to their peak availability
                                                                                    between fertiliser
     With a pH that is too low              at a pH of 5.5 as shown in the
  (< 5.5) trace minerals such as            table below.                            application and the                       pH = 6.5              95%                63%                100%         86%
  Aluminum become available                     As you can see a pH at 5.5          availability or efficiency
  which can heavily diminish                seems inefficient and illogical.        of the very nutrient being                pH = 6.0              89%                52%                100%         80%
  growth or even kill crops. While          However, a pH between 6 and 6.5         applied due to soil acidity.“
  the general consensus is that a           increases availability exponentially                                              pH = 5.5              77%                48%                77%          67%
  pH of 5.5-5.8 is ‘good enough’, the       and even starts peaking across
                                                                                    Almost every element of a fertiliser
  science just doesn’t back this up.        many nutrients.                                                                   pH = 5.0              53%                34%                52%          56%
                                                                                    is represented in the nutrient
                                                                                                                              vanRoestel, J. (2014, March). The Value of Maintaining a Good soil pH.
        NUTRIENT AVAILABILITY TABLE                                                 availability table. When you are
                                                                                    spending good money on fertiliser,
        5     5.5     6       6.5       7      7.5     8     8.5     9                                                       NOT ALL LIME IS CREATED                           long term release into the soil.
                                                                                    you should be concerned if your          EQUAL                                             Consider solubility and ensure
                    ACIDITY                          ALKALINITY                     advisors aren’t ensuring that the            As a rule of thumb 1 tonne/ha                 you are dealing with a limestone
                           NITROGEN                                                 nutrient you are applying is at, or      of high quality Aglime will raise                 resource that has been proven to
                                                                                    near, maximum availability. If they      the pH by 0.1 pH unit. Therefore a
                       PHOSPHORUS                                                                                                                                              lift pH as expected. Talk to a few
                                                                                    are not, you need to ask yourself        6 tonne/ha application is required                neighbours, they will know the
                                                                                    why not? Maybe they have a vested        to increase the pH from 5.7 to 6.3.               history.
                                                                                    interest in selling more fertiliser?     To maintain the optimum pH of
                                                                                                                                                                                 Keep in mind that many lime
                              SULPHUR                                                   One of the fastest ways to           6.2-6.5, maintenance applications
                                                                                                                                                                               companies can create specific lime
                                                                                    neutralise soil acidity and increase     of at least 500kg per annum will be
                              CALCIUM                                                                                                                                          and fertiliser/mineral blends prior
                                                                                    pH is to apply lime. Liming is           required.
                                                                                                                                                                               to dispatch to make your
                          MAGNESIUM                                                 relatively cheap, especially when           The above rates are based on
                                                                                                                                                                               annual applications even more
                                                                                    you consider that a shift in pH          high quality Aglime – that means
                                                                                                                                                                               cost effective.
                                            IRON                                    could potentially double the             a lime equivalency or ‘as delivered’
                                                                                    efficiency of a fertiliser in both the   Calcium Carbonate content of 90%                  SOIL PH TESTING
                                                                                    short and long term. The fertiliser      or greater.                                           It is vital that you have a
                                            BORON                                   efficiency table indicates this point        The particle size should meet                 comprehensive soil test done prior
                                                                                    and goes some way to show how            New Zealand Aglime standards of                   to any fertiliser application to
                                            COPPER & ZINC                           a capital investment in lime may         50% passing 0.5mm and no more                     show what other trace minerals
                                                                                    affect your overall and ongoing          than 10% passing 2mm to allow                     are present. Talk to your specialist
                                                                                    annual fertiliser spend.                 good even spreading and consistent                lime company today.

  We’re here to help. If you have concerns contact us:
  0800 303 980 • •

ISSUE FORTY                                                                          The Nor’wester                                                                                                FEBRUARY 2020
Nor'Wester Issue 40 February 2020 - Ashburton District Council
“To love. To be loved. To never forget your own
insignificance. To never get used to the unspeakable
violence and the vulgar disparity of life around you.
To seek joy in the saddest places. To pursue beauty
to its lair. To never simplify what is complicated or
complicate what is simple. To respect strength, never
power. Above all, to watch. To try and understand. To
never look away. And never, never to forget.”
                                       Arundhati Roy,
                                    The Cost of Living

                “If you’re reading this...
             Congratulations, you’re alive.
        If that’s not something to smile about,
              then I don’t know what is.”
                                            Chad Sugg,
                             Monsters Under Your Head

                                                         Nor’Wester Newsletter is published by the
                                                         Mt Somers District Citizens Association.
                                                         Editor: Jeremy Hunter
                                                         8 Bruces Road Mt Somers, RD1 Ashburton 7771
                                                         Telephone: 03 3039 722

               Your Local Farm Digger

                9 Competitive, Fast
                  and Reliable
                9 General Excavation
                9 Trenching
                9 Waterway Cleaning

                 Call Reon Blake
                  021 170 3715

ISSUE FORTY                                   The Nor’wester                                  FEBRUARY 2020
Nor'Wester Issue 40 February 2020 - Ashburton District Council
    Baling Silage Straw
    Mow condition
    4x3, 3x3, round
    Tube & individually wrap
    Forage Harvester – working with
    Robert Love (Plains Contracting)

    MacDon Windrowers
    Wide variety of fronts sizes
    Mowers including a new
    Specialist Grass Seed mower

   Plains Contracting offers a complete cultivation and drilling and forage harvesting service
                                             SERVICES INCLUDE
    • 6m Allen custom drill for direct and conventional drilling • HeVa disc roller with mixing
      tynes and levelling paddles, ideal for ex winter feed paddocks • Ploughing • Complete
   Plains Contracting offers a complete cultivation and
   drilling and forageforage  harvesting
                       harvesting service. service from mowing through to stacking
   6m Allen custom drill for direct and conventional drilling
   HeVa disc roller with mixing tynes and levelling paddles,
   ideal for ex winter feed paddocks
   Complete forage harvesting from mowing to stacking
   We offer you competitive rates from planting to harvest for
   grass and cereal silages
   Working in conjunction with Donald Love Contracting for
       We offercontracting
   the complete    you competitive
                              service    rates from planting to harvest for grass and cereal silages.
   We treat your
    Working       crop as if with
             in conjunction  it were yourLove
                                  Donald  own.Contracting for the complete contracting service

    25 years in contracting locally
    We are a family business living in the Mayfield area. • We are hands on – out working with our staff.
                                Call Robert Love today on 027 304 8837
    We have an emphasis on service and doing a quality job. • You can deal with experienced local contractors.

    For a quote please contact
    Donald Love ph 027 treat
                          704your crop asLove
                                   Robert if itph
                                                were  our own
                                                  027 3048 837
ISSUE FORTY                                   The Nor’wester                                      FEBRUARY 2020
Nor'Wester Issue 40 February 2020 - Ashburton District Council
HAVE YOUR SAY ON                                                                  Rural Driver
                                                                                  Licensing Scheme
                                                                                  The Mid Canterbury Rural Driver Licensing Scheme is a project in
Several roads around the Ashburton District may be set to receive a new           partnership with the Mid Canterbury Rural Support Trust and Safer
speed limit as part of the Council’s Speed Limit Review, and residents are
                                                                                  Mid Canterbury. The aim of the project is to reduce isolation and
invited to have their say on the proposals when consultation opens on
Monday 27 January.                                                                increase community integration among newcomers and migrants to
The Council is seeking to reduce injuries on its roading network and ensure       the district.
there is a consistent district-wide approach to managing speed, and is            To achieve this we assist people to attain their learners licence and
proposing to alter some speed limits.                                             then restricted license. In conjunction with the Ashburton Learning
The last time the Council conducted a speed limit review was in 2012, and         Centre ,we run road code classes over a nine week period. These
Ashburton District Mayor Neil Brown says since that time, the district has        classes are very social and gives participants an opportunity to meet
seen significant growth and expansion, particularly on the outskirts of many      other newcomers and build friendships while they learn. After
urban communities.                                                                gaining their learners licence we match them up with volunteer
“The Council is constantly assessing the physical aspects of our expansive
                                                                                  driving mentors who take them for driving lessons while they work
roading network to ensure it is safe for all users. Sometimes, this means road
improvements that help improve safety under the current speed limit, but          towards their restricted licence.
in some instances it means lowering the speed limit to ensure that the roads      This is the third year of the project and we have had a great success
have safe travel speeds.                                                          rate. We have assisted 36 women through the learners licence and
“We want to make sure that everyone who uses our roads gets to their              24 towards their restricted licence to date. We are now looking for
destination safely. Help us determine if we’ve got the speed proposals right      participants for the next learners licence course which begins in
by having your say when consultation opens. We are welcoming feedback             March. Our programme is open to adult newcomers and migrants
from everyone.”                                                                   who are living in rural Mid Canterbury who would like help to learn
In addition to growing urban areas, the Council has also received several         to drive or to convert their international licence.
speed limit suggestions from residents in the last eight years, and these ideas
                                                                                  We are also looking for volunteer driving mentors who live in the
have helped to formulate the proposals being put forward.
Mayor Brown adds that although speed changes are not proposed for all             area. It’s a lot of fun and a great opportunity to meet someone from a
Ashburton District roads, residents are welcome to include their suggestions      different culture and help them settle into the New Zealand lifestyle.
for any roads around the district.
The consultation will be open from 27 January until 8 March. Information          If you know of someone who would like to join the programme as a
about the proposals and how to provide feedback will be available on the          volunteer or a mentor, please contact the coordinator Wendy Hewitt
Council website from 27 January at                on 027 611 3301 or through our face book page.

Do stuff. Be clenched,
curious. Not waiting
for inspiration’s shove
or society’s kiss on your
forehead. Pay attention.
It’s all about paying
attention. Attention is
vitality. It connects you
with others. It makes you
                                                      Tom Lowe Dipping
                                                      Taking care of all your fly and lice problems
eager. Stay eager.
                                                      Give Tom a call today on 027 350 5196
                 Susan Sontag

                      For a job
                  first Rlaus
                               PLUMBING & DRAINLAYING


                                          CRAFTSMAN PLUMBER / REGISTERED DRAINLAYER
    Phone: 03 693-8512 • Mobile: 0274 373 158
                                                                                            •   NEW HOUSING              •   DRAIN CLEANING
                                                                                            •   REPAIRS & MAINTENANCE    •   LOGFIRE INSTALL ATIONS

           33 South Terrace, Geraldine
                                                                                            •   ROOF REPAIRS             •   CONCRETE CORING
                                                                                            •   RENOVATIONS              •   BACKFLOW TESTING

ISSUE FORTY                                                         The Nor’wester                                                    FEBRUARY 2020
Nor'Wester Issue 40 February 2020 - Ashburton District Council
The Old Post Office Library

Happy New Year to all our readers and hopefully our new ones this year. It
is great to see the village in Mt Somers thriving with new homes going up;
welcoming new business owners such as Peter and Georgie at the holiday
park and most recently a lovely friendly new publican called Bryan. These
people will draw others to want to stay here and hopefully we get more
people reading through the library or just taking books off the outside
shelves. Many thanks to those of you who have left us boxes of books. We
can usually find a home for them and at present have some rather nice books
on railways and rail transport around the world. If anyone has a passion in
this area and would like these books please phone Anne or Pam.
As usual we have new books to read and one I have just read is Where the
Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. The title sounds totally uninspiring but
the storyline is fantastic. Set in the marshes of North Carolina this books
journeys through the life of a young girl left to survive almost on her own.
It brings into play racial prejudice, betrayal, love, death and survival. Very
descriptive. A wonderful novel.
Anyone wanting to be involved at our unique wee library please phone one
of the names below. We have been open nearly 8 years thanks to all your
support. Keep reading and I’m sure while this heatwave continues it’s a great
time to immerse your senses in a snowy or watery or chilly book!!
Pam 021 126 4310. Anne 3039 734. Robbie 3039 767
                                                                Pam Annand

 We are a small, unique community
 preschool and we currently have
 limited spaces available on our                                                  MAYFIELD HOME AND
 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
 and Friday sessions. Sessions are
                                                                                     SCHOOL AGM
 8.30 - 3pm school terms.
 We offer 20 hours free for 3 years and over otherwise $5 an                     Tuesday 18th February 2020, held at
 hour for our 2 year olds.
                                                                                 the Mayfield Store/Café at 7.30pm.
 Please contact Chantelle at Peel Forest Preschool on 03 6963
 740 or come out and visit us and meet the team and see what                     Please come along and join our
 our centre can offer your whānau.
                                                                                 great committee. Contact Emma on
                                                                                 0274833110 if you have any questions.

                                                                                       Laying Hens
                                                                                 Brown Shaver point of lay pullets
                                                                                 Orders taken   Delivery possible
                                                                                 Telephone or text
                                                                                 Margaret for information
                                                                                 027 502 6569
ISSUE FORTY                                                        The Nor’wester                             FEBRUARY 2020
Nor'Wester Issue 40 February 2020 - Ashburton District Council
Free learners license course.
   The Mid Canterbury Rural Driver
  Licensing Scheme are again offering
   our free Learners Licence Course.
  This free course for newcomers to rural
 Mid Canterbury begins again in March in
Ashburton. The course runs for 9 weeks on a
         Tuesday from 11am – 1pm.
 On gaining a learners license we will begin
    working towards a restricted license.
     We can also help you convert your
             international licence.
To register, please contact the coordinator:
 Wendy Hewitt on 027 611 3301 or wendy.
      Or through our Facebook page.

                                                                  “Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the
                                                                  Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”
                                                                                                      Arthur C. Clarke

 The Nor’Wester Newsletter is now available
           in colour online at:

                                                                         GAS HOT WATER
                                                                    ON DEMAND HIGH PRESSURE HOT WATER
                                                                          WHEN EVER YOU NEED IT.
                                                                          FREE QUOTATIONS CALL

                                                                           DAVE WORKMAN
                                                                    PLUMBING HEATING GASFITTING
                                                                                  03 302 9555
ISSUE FORTY                                               The Nor’wester                                 FEBRUARY 2020
Nor'Wester Issue 40 February 2020 - Ashburton District Council
DAIRY LANE MAINTENANCE                                                        Our Young People
                                  • Now is the time to maintain
                                    your Lanes for healthy feet
                                                                               Leading the World
                                    and productive cows             “What’s wrong with kids today?”
                                                                    “Lazy and entitled – are our youth unemployable?”
                                        Servicing our               “The smashed avocado generation.”
                                         Community                  Just a few of the many headlines from a brief search of newspaper stories
                                         for 20 years               relating to young people.
                                                                    When I was growing up just down the road in Ashburton we had one

                  RUT FILLER                                        computer in every classroom. Email wasn’t in common use. Mobile phones
                                                                    were as big as a brick and almost as heavy.
                                                                    So much has changed in twenty five years. Email, mobile phones, and apps
                                  • Help eliminate wet muddy        like Facebook and Snapchat are in constant use. They’ve changed the face of
                                    patches in paddocks             bullying. What used to exist from 9.00am until 3.00pm Monday to Friday
                                  • Help prevent bogging            can now be ever-present.
                                  • Maintain Irrigator Efficiency   Social media itself has had an impact. People creating a false version of
                                  • Reduce Irrigator Downtime       themselves through platforms like Instagram, increasing the pressure on our
                                                                    young people to live the most perfect lives when we know the reality is far
                                  • Improve access and safety
                                                                    from it.
                                    across paddocks                 What’s remarkable is that, despite all those challenges, despite all that
                                                                    pressure, our young people are succeeding.
               For our other services visit                         If you want to see an example of just how strong our future is, look no
                                      further than this district.
                                                                    Just recently I handed out the scholarship that I sponsor, awarding $1500
                                                                    to a local student heading off to study a course in science, technology,
                                                                    engineering or mathematics.
                                                                    We raise the funds at local A&P Shows in Mayfield, Methven, Ashburton
                       Locally Owned & Operated                     and down in Winchester.
                Steve 027 640 3414                                  Going through the 29 applicat ions was heartening. Reading the thoughts
                                                                    of young people, of not only the problems that they see, but the solutions.
                  Office Phone 03 693 7457                          Coming up with practical ways of fixing issues rather than just complaining
               E-mail:                    about them.

                          FOR ALL YOUR
                  CONCRETE PRODUCTS

                                                                              Mt Hutt College’s Samantha Fitzgerald,
                                                                              The winner this year was Mt Hutt College’s Samantha Fitzgerald,
                                                                              from a farm locally and off to study Ecology at Lincoln University.
                                                                              She’s exactly the sort of person I had in mind when I established
                                                                              the annual scholarship two years ago.
                                                                              Too many people still think of farming as some backward
                                                                              nineteenth century occupation. The reality now is so far from
  Stock Water Troughs (in various sizes) Holding TanksHeadwalls            that. Modern farming is a technology and data based enterprise.
     Stock Stops Underpasses/Box Culverts Fenceposts                       Soil and stock are measured daily, checked and rechecked.
         Certified Farm Bridges Pivot Irrigator Bridges                     It’s no exaggeration to say we know more about the inside of
                                                                              a dairy cow than we do a human being. Farmers today have a
     Pipes and Accessories Dog Bowls Stays and Blocks                      much broader knowledge of science than they did just a couple
                     308 2397 Craig Sinclair                                 of decades ago.
                                                                              Our next generation of farmers are leaping at the challenge, and
         Locally owned and operated for 25 years                              locals like Samantha are a great example of that.
                                                                              Our society often looks at the generation coming after it in
  21 Malcolm McDowell Road Ashburton                                          despair.
  Email:                                               But despite those pressures, despite those challenges and despite
                                                                              those headlines, our people are succeeding. Let’s cheer them on.
ISSUE FORTY                                               The Nor’wester                                                    FEBRUARY 2020
Nor'Wester Issue 40 February 2020 - Ashburton District Council
Hospice Mid Canterbury
Exercise Classes - but not quite as
you know them
Hospice Mid Canterbury, in conjunction with the EA Networks, has been
running exercise therapy classes for clients since September 2019. Two
groups are currently running, one for those with neurological conditions,
and one for those with dementia or Parkinson’s disease.

                                                                             DEADLINE DATE
There is not a hint of lycra to be seen at these classes; instead hospice clients ISSUE        DEADLINE DELIVERY
strive to maintain or improve their mobility, improve their energy levels and     March 2020   23 February 30 February
achieve a general feeling of well-being. Sessions are also very social, offering
clients and caregivers gentle exercise with the
support of others.
Matt Roxburgh, from EA Networks takes each
class. He has a particular interest in working
with people with chronic conditions. “Everyone
is different even if they have the same diagnosis,”
says Matt, so he’s happy to try the “shotgun”
approach when it comes to therapeutic exercise.
“Probably my favourite part about this approach
is it allows me to be pleasantly surprised and to
learn more about the person when they can do
things that I might have otherwise dismissed
based on observation or preconceived notions.”        
Classes are small (4-5 people) and each exercise
is offered at a variety of levels to suit the needs
of the client. There is wheelchair access into
the Hospice base, 64 Park Street, and those in
wheelchairs are welcome. Caregivers are also
welcome and encouraged to take part. Hospice
may also be able to organise transport to and
from the venue with the help of volunteers.
Anyone with a life limiting illness
is welcome to come to these classes,
no matter what shape they are in. As
with all our services and activities,
there is no charge.
If you know someone who is
caring for someone with a life
limiting illness and would like
our support, contact Christine
on 307 8387, or 027 227 8387
or email manager@hospicemc.
Also see our website www.                                          Contact Peter for all your contracting needs: and our
Facebook page www.facebook.
                                                                            027 436 9134
                                       Sales | Baling | Cultivation & Drilling
                                       Forage & Beet Harvesting | Effluent
ISSUE FORTY                                                   The Nor’wester                                             FEBRUARY 2020
Nor'Wester Issue 40 February 2020 - Ashburton District Council
A COMMENT:                                                          and discussing the reasons of them owning these beasts and what to do with
                                                                                   them. I come across many dogs and their owners, in all cases I would class
                                                                                   them as responsible dog owners, it is the exceptions that create the laws
Today has been a long day, an early start, collect two passengers and take
                                                                                   asking people to have dogs on leashes at all times.
part in a 4 wheel drive outing starting at the Stour stream in the Ashburton
                                                                                   Local authorities and Government tend to solve problems by rule and law.
Gorge and ending near Lake Herron. It was a wonderful way to spend a
                                                                                   In the case of governments it tends to be more taxes, this is a great method
very good fine day. I return home to be met by my dog Leo and some young
                                                                                   as it gives greater revenue. With local authorities that is not so easy so the
children that frequent my house and garden, largely to visit dog Leo and
                                                                                   method tends to be rules and laws, which at times carry an inappropriately
cat Nick. In time the children disappear and it then is time for myself and
                                                                                   heavy fine, thereby giving revenue. There is a crying need for lessons in
Leo to go walking. I have trained and encouraged Leo to walk on the foot
                                                                                   diplomacy. Diplomacy is low cost and can often bring satisfaction to both
paths and some tracks unleashed. This, I find quite good as Leo has got past
                                                                                   parties. Like the man that shouted to me tonight, I should have told him to
chasing cats and exploring other gardens so we often walk unleashed. But,
                                                                                   cross the street and speak to me in a civil manner should he have an issue
this time a couple across the street had a small lively dog on a leash so as me
                                                                                   with me and my dog. I suspect that the Ashburton District Council has a
and my dog normally act in this situation I tell Leo to sit which he does and
                                                                                   bylaw hidden away in a dark corner ruling that dogs in public places have
I bend or kneel and hold his collar to be certain he doesn’t cross the street to
                                                                                   to be leashed at all times. And I would suggest that the majority of dogs are
visit this other lively dog, but to my astonishment this male across the street
                                                                                   leashed and the few that may not be are not creating any problem.
yells at me to put my dog on a leash, I hesitate, thinking once this other dog
                                                                                   We have, what are known as house dogs for a reason, largely therapeutic
moves on we too would move on, not quite so, this character continues to
                                                                                   reasons. For those living alone they are company and give pleasure, an added
yell at me to have my dog on a leash. I relent and leash Leo, perhaps he was
                                                                                   advantage is security, my 14 month old dog is very good at letting me know
a dog control officer but I doubt it, I would suggest he was a busy body who
                                                                                   if anything strange is happening outside generally at night time, he is very
thought he owned the street and all that was on it. Dogs I always thought
                                                                                   alert to different sounds. Also several children and at least two adults living
were a little similar to children, while it is important to have them under
                                                                                   in this street get pleasure and enjoyment from my dog Leo. I will continue
control it is also important to allow them freedom, to develop and have a
                                                                                   to walk him unleashed when practical and not creating a problem to others.
sense of independence for this to happen we have to allow them a reasonable
                                                                                   I also will certainly continue to keep a dog and a cat for that matter, and I’m
level of freedom.
                                                                                   convinced I am better for their company.
On another occasion I came across to ladies with a very powerful ugly beast
                                                                                                                                                     Cheers Denis
of a dog, they were yelling at others about to keep away because theirs was
a ‘Rockwheeler’, they had just crossed a park where there were numerous
dogs and children, it was all they could do to control that beast and get it       “You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the
into the boot of their car, I’m guessing that is the very animal I sighted some
months back as a pup that the owners were carrying along the street behind
                                                                                   dog will give you a look that says, ‘Wow, you’re
my house, I had asked the breed to be informed it was a ‘Rockwheeler’.             right! I never would’ve thought of that!’”
Just why do folk have this breed of dog is well beyond my understanding,
If the individual that accosted me tonight is a dog control officer then I                                                Dave Barry
would suggest he should put his energy into seeking out dangerous dogs

ISSUE FORTY                                                         The Nor’wester                                                           FEBRUARY 2020
choice is made. Moderation and balance will be where you get to.
                                                                                    Body image issues can lead to chaotic eating. Constantly telling yourself you
                                                                                    are fat will inevitably lead to making sure you do things that will seal the
                                                                                    deal - therefore increasing the fear of being fat.
                                                                                    Remember it is usually a combination of factors that creates distress in
                                                                                    this area. It is no-one’s fault but it is up to you to explore all areas which
                                                                                    contribute to your makeup. This will allow your brain to get understanding
                                                                                    of how and why you make the choices you make. It’s never a quick fix cos it
                                                                                    is never a quick creation. You may find that you want to protect yourself or
                                                                                    others by not exposing this part of yourself, that’s ok however this can add
                                                                                    pressure or distress to you. It often takes a brave family member to change
Compassionate Letter                                                                patterns and cycles of the wider family.
                                                                                    It isn’t always necessary or in fact in some situations advisable to involve
                                                                                    family or friends in this initial phase of exploration, you will be feeling
Happy New Year! Most of us have been back in the saddle for a while now             vulnerable and exposed. Conversely for some, talking about it is freeing and
(some of us never left it) and so the decade begins. 2020 has a good ring to        liberating and just doing this can release loads of energy and create relief.
it. Here’s hoping our vision for the year is as good as it sounds and we see an     Trust yourself on this one or talk it through with someone before broaching
ideal balance of abundance, growth, fun and love.                                   the topic. Stick with it, this is an area which, with some focus, dtermination
Meanwhile, this can be a tricky time of year for some - such a long run of          and compassion for yourself, if very much able to be changed for the better.
holiday eating and drinking. I was witness recently to a helpful exchange
as someone reached out in despair. I thought I’d share part of it as it was
insightful and if it’s useful to anyone that’s great.
Good for you wanting to get food sorted. As you will know from your                                      Painter Available
experience it isn’t just about food. Lots of people talk about an ‘emotional
food journey’ with feeling and food being entwined. You might know                                         Friendly, professional service, good
already exactly what this relationship is for you or you may need some
help exploring what the connection is. Keeping a diary of your feelings and
                                                                                                             rates, excellent local references.

                                                                                                                  Ph 0279 624 841
eating patterns can be helpful to really see what your relationship is. It’s
important to see your own cycle, when you binge, why you binge, what

                                                                                                                   or 03 693 9803
are you thinking and feeling before and at the time of eating. How do you
feel afterwards, do you give yourself a hard time or can you be gentle with
Usually overeating is in response to unexpressed emotion, the need to stuff
down the feelings. Trouble is the feelings don’t go away and in fact doing this
can add other emotions like shame or guilt. For some people food issues are
in response to already feeling emotions like shame or guilt or even anger and
                                                                                                    Work Wanted
sadness. Our mind has the ability to redirect by getting us to do things like        Part or full time work on a farm in the Mayfield -
overeating, this ensures that at some point we will surely hear the distress           Mt Somers area for semi-retired farm worker.
signals and tend to the emotional distress.                                               Experience with stock work, sheep and
It doesn’t need to be just one event that triggers a behavioural response like
eating, there could be myriad life events and experiences which have us                      beef mostly, but has reared calves
turning to strategies like overeating or over drinking or other destructive                   and worked with pigs and deer.
actions. By exploring and talking these things out we have greater ability to            Experienced with fencing, water supply
rechoose our ongoing behaviour.                                                               and general farm maintenance.
Family eating patterns also set us up for our ongoing relationship with food.
If as a kid you didn’t have choice over your food it can be a challenge to
                                                                                      Ideal for farm-minding while you take a break.
choose your options as an adult. If a parent has had chaotic eating often            Contact John on 0210 246 1321 or 03 3036 144
a child will adopt similar patterns. It can take time and effort to set a new
food regime. Kids can sometimes hold parent’s emotions which the parents
don’t want to express and visa versa. A parent making radical food changes
can also upset other family members - suddenly things have changed and
it wasn’t your choice. It can be really hard to talk to parents about this stuff
especially if the parent has food issues.
Lots of people have chaotic eating and in a busy day it can be hard to
consistently give our body nutrients. If long periods of not eating are
happening through the day then it can be a challenge to hold back when
food is allowed. Setting up a robotic schedule can be helpful - choose healthy
food which gives maximum energy and is easy to eat. Keep it simple but
remember your body may still have physical cravings for sugar and carbs.
Being hungry is ok for a short time but if it lasts too long your body will
start to panic and it will look for high calorie quick food - usually sugary or
carb laden food groups. Making sure there is food stability will allow you
to get a clearer picture of your emotional aspect of eating ... feel sad, lonely,
empty = eat; angry, frustrated = eat. It is a complex relationship we have with
our mind, body and behaviours.
Maintaining the body we are happy with can be a challenge, fear of getting
fat can settle in particularly if you see food as good and bad. Yoyo dieting is
problematic because it sets up a good and bad system - you’re good if eating
well, bad if eating poorly. The idea is to neutralise all food and be allowed
to have whatever you want whenever you want but to trust yourself to make
good choices most of the time, and to forgive yourself if a not-so-healthy
ISSUE FORTY                                                          The Nor’wester                                                           FEBRUARY 2020
ISSUE FORTY   The Nor’wester   FEBRUARY 2020
Former Winchmore Research
Station Comes To Life Again With                                        Mt Somers
The Next Generation Of Learning                                         Rugby Club
Seventy plus years after beginning its life as a leading agricultural research
centre in Mid-Canterbury, the Winchmore Research Station is coming back
to life once again in the world of agricultural education. Agri Training is
New Zealand’s newest education provider who has partnered with City &
Guilds now have their base at the Winchmore site.
                                                                                Senior B Training has started these are on a Thursday night
Agri Training is offering two Diplomas beginning with a Diploma in              at 7pm. at our grounds at the Domain. New players welcome
Agriculture which leads to a second Diploma in Agricultural Business            to come along to these trainings or feel free to contact Dale
Management.                                                                     Stanley 021-508-294 or message mtsomersrfc facebook page.
Agri Training’s programme includes an ‘learn as you earn’ opportunity
making the investment in education easier. All students are placed with our     The Senior competition is set to begin on the 28th March.
accredited farmers and are receiving income while learning in a practical       We have 2 Pre season games before then. !stone is Saturday
sense to complete their diploma. This allows the qualification to essentially   14th March against Waimate and then 1 against McKenzie
pay for itself with a pay as you go offering so students can graduate and enter
the workforce with no student loan at the end. Scholarships are also open for   on the 21st March. Both of these are away games.Club will be
applications now for the 2020 programme                                         running a Bus, more details on this later.
Agri Training’s General Manager Greg Barnaby says, “It’s great to be able to    We look forward to seeing our Sponsors and Supporters on
keep the theme of agriculture and education going on this iconic site, and
we look forward to the next generation of learning being developed here
                                                                                the sideline again this season.
with some really smart students with very bright futures ahead of them”.
Agri Training’s mantra of Elite Education
– A World Class Learning Environment –
Strengthen Primaries goes hand in hand with
its new home base at Winchmore by offering
a programme in partnership with City and
Guilds who have been operating for 140 years
working with education providers, governments
and companies to deliver globally recognised
qualifications. Greg Barnaby goes on to say,
“The partnership with City and Guilds means
students and employers can be very certain of
what they are getting with a qualification due
to the reputation they have for accountability
throughout a programme.” “Agri Training has
always had the goal of lifting education in the
area of primary industries to a new level here
in New Zealand and having City and Guilds as
part of that demonstrates our level of intent”.
“We ultimately want to produce students who
are confident and highly capable of becoming
community and company leaders”. “Our
programme is such that we are anticipating
students who are focused on long-term careers
in this sector”. Agri Training have designed                  seed?
a programme that allows people who are                     Call today!
serious about their studies every opportunity
to succeed by combining the classroom with
practical training, and delivery with online
capability as well.                                                                             Your seed &
The programme will have specialist streams
across dairy production sheep & beef, deer,
                                                                                                agronomy specialist...
and arable. This offers students a unique
                                                                                                      • Pastoral seed sales, access to
approach to training and assessment across
                                                                                                          all varieties
the agricultural industry producing a wide
range of knowledge for graduates. A four-week                                                         • Spot market purchases of feed &
Residential Training Programme is mandatory                                                               milling grain
for all students beginning a diploma, before                                                          •   Forward contracting of all grains
beginning full studies then farm placement.                                                           • Ag chemical supply services                                                                                • Domestic & international sales
Contact:                   Or                                                                             - multiplication contracts for peas
Matt Jones 				            Campbell Dore                                                                  & Asian brassicas
Managing Director				      Media and
Agri Training				          Communications
021 502 480                Agri Training                  John Fulton 027 489 4504 | 03 303 0856 |
                           027 214 2589

ISSUE FORTY                                               The Nor’wester                                                   FEBRUARY 2020
ST AIDAN’S CHURCH                  St Johns Mayfield
               CLEANING ROSTER
                                                  The Mayfield ambulance has had a relatively busy start to the year,
                                                  responding to calls in both rural and urban locations.
 February           Robbie Martin                 The Rural Address Property Identification (RAPID) system is a standard
 March              Hazel Glasson /Wendy Grigg    numbering system for rural properties in New Zealand. The source for
 April              Margaret Cook                 RAPID numbering is the Territorial Local Authority in which the RAPID
                                                  address is located, which in our district is the Ashburton District Council.
 May                Wendy Millichamp              By way of background, the system is based on the distance to a property
 June               Daphne Syms                   entrance from a clearly defined reference point, usually the beginning of
 July               Sarah Grigg                   the road on which it is located. A plate with the allocated RAPID number
                                                  is attached on to a gatepost or other place at the entrance to the property
 August             Marian Bellamy                where it can be easily seen from the road. Emergency Services (including
 September          Lorna Dent                    St John) then have access to this information to enable faster response to
 October            Elspeth Jaine                 incidents at rural properties.
                                                  Other ideas you can do to enable a faster response to incidents is:
 November           Working bee
                                                       ·    Ensure your rapid number is readable and can be easily
 December           Rhonda Reveley                          seen from the road.
                                                       ·    Park a car with its hazard lights or park lights on at the
                                                            entrance to your rural property; Please remember to
                                                            keep the entrance way clear for emergency vehicles.

  Mid Canterbury Baling Ltd                            ·    If there are several houses that use the same driveway
                                                            with the same rapid number, please ensure each house
                                                            is allocated with a number that can be clearly seen at
  Your Local Foothills Baling Contractor                    each individual house entrance.
      c Mowing c Raking c Tedding                      ·    Have lights on in the house and secure all animals.
        c Round and Square Baling                           While your dog is friendly to you it may not like strang-
                                                            ers coming into the house.
  c Truck and Trailer Cartage c Wrapping
 c Feed Trading c Wanted: Standing Lucerne        Mayfield St John is looking for more volunteers
                                                  to join their team to ensure they can continue
   Fergus Wakelin                                 to provide an ambulance service 24/7 in their
    027 460 3921                                  local community. If you’d like to learn more,
   Neville Nelson                                 contact me on 0274312282.
                                                  Cushla Murdoch   Station Manager
    021 293 1515
 31 Anama Cavendish Rd Mt Somers

ISSUE FORTY                               The Nor’wester                                                  FEBRUARY 2020
Hi From UK.
Well Happy New Year to you all hope you had a great Christmas/New Year
and made lots of lovely memories with family and friends.
Well, our Christmas was not so good this year as I was in hospital just before
with a very bad asthma attack and I had a serious coughing fit and could not
breath and while the doctor was helping me I managed to slip a disc and trap
a nerve my neck which is still very painful and I am on morphine if the pain
gets to bad. We had Christmas dinner with my daughter and family then
came home and spent the next three days in bed.
But New Year was great as I had my cousin and hubby from Auckland stay
for 10 days. I love having friends and family stay.
We had a few days out visiting family I have not seen for 40+ years it was
great to catch up and chat about the good old days!!! And Sharon shopped
till she dropped she loves the English shops like M&S Primak and Yours.
Mind you, we are losing so many high street shops they are closing down as
on line shopping is taking over.
I am having a scan on 27th so that should show, I hope, why I am in so
much pain still and find it hard to balance sometimes.
What great news to see that Mt Somers Tavern has been sold and has new                                        24 HOUR ON-CALL
owners. I hope they are going to give it the happy feeling it had in the past                                EMERGENCY SERVICES
when I worked there, so good luck to Bryan Carter on the successful journey
in Mt Somers. Let’s hope it’s a very happy one for all the village.
                                                                                                             Phone: (03) 693 9060
The fires in Australia have been very upsetting to watch on TV and the poor
people that have lost everything and the farmers losing stock with no time
                                                                                   Servicing Mayfield, Mt Somers, Hinds and South
to move them it’s heart breaking. I have a friend in Hinds her hubby is a
firefighter and spent time over there fighting fires with others. Those guys                        Canterbury.
and lady’s are so special and put their heart and sole into saving property              Independent and locally owned.
and lives. The saddest thing is seeing the wild animals run for life but sadly               Large and small animals.
getting burnt trying. It will take years to get back to normal if ever they can.
                                                                                        Delivery service for all farm supplies.
Well we have Brexit happening on 31st but the main news at the moment is
Harry and Megan. Well that’s another debate for the world. I would say one            Cnr Woodbury / Main North Rds, GERALDINE
life just live it but royals are different I will leave it there.                             Phone 03 6939060, email
Ok that’s enough from me for now so stay safe and look after each other.            
Miss you all still, God bless.       Andrea and Allan Thompson.

ISSUE FORTY                                                         The Nor’wester                                       FEBRUARY 2020
Being a friend takes a lot of intentional effort, especially if that     FEBRUARY WORSHIP SCHEDULE
friendship occurs from a distance. Do we choose to give it the Feb 2nd St Johns Methven                 10.30 am
priority such effort requires? It may be friendship within a                              All Parish Service
family – that between older adults and their grandchildren, for Feb 9th St Johns Methven                10.30 am
example. How wonderful it is when a grandparent makes the            Feb 16th St Johns Methven          10.30 am
effort to travel to be with children and grandchildren. There
                                                                     Feb 19th (Wed) Carew                7.00 pm
are very good health reasons to make an effort against loneli-
ness and isolation, but it is also that general life satisfaction is Feb 23rd     Mayfield              10.00 am
greater amongst people who are not lonely. It’s something we
might be aware of for ourselves but it is also a gift to others – Minister: Rev Arii Taimataora
the effort we make into building friendship.                         Phone 03 3028835 or 027 284 2173
Loneliness is how we feel about the level of social contact we             Parish Contacts:
have or don’t have. It will be different for different people;             Kevin Taylor ph 303 6392
some are ok at home reading a novel while others crave con-                Kay King       ph 303 6033
versation and interaction. We all need a helping hand and a                Information on  Face Book
smile – the person sitting on the street hoping for a donation
may need that smile more than a coin or two.
Like so many aspects of our faith life, thinking about the other person as well as oneself is necessary in building
life satisfaction through friendship. Why not practice finding the beautiful centre of our solitude through medi-
tation and let us remember in our times of quiet to be thankful for friends.
As members of God’s Church we surely have a duty to acknowledge, greet, smile, and nod and when the time
is right to pause in conversation. The human race is designed to interact one with another but we of the church
need also to extend ourselves to look for those who through changing circumstances, have no company other
than their own, there may be someone waiting for a visit from you.

 We are now a month past Christmas and a                                ANGLICAN SERVICES
twelfth of the way into the New Year and next                    Parish Priest: Rev Annette Eggleston
Christmas! How time does fly. I hear people                  Feb 2 10 a.m. St Aidan’s, Mt Somers
complaining about our lack of Summer                                     Holy Communion
weather. But it has been said, for as far back               Feb 16 10 a.m. St Aidan’s, Mt Somers
as I can remember, that we always get the                                Holy Communion
best weather after the children go back to                   Feb 26 ASH WEDNESDAY SERVICE
school.                                                               7 p.m. St Aidan’s Mt Somers
  You will see from our February services, that              Mar 1 10 a.m. St Aidan’s Mt Somers
Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, falls on                           Holy Communion
February 26th and then the countdown to
Easter begins. Unlike the “world”, for                        CHRISTCHURCH CITY MISSION - MEAT &
Christians, Easter is a more important festival                  FOOD DONATIONS (especially meat)
than Christmas. It is the start of Christianity as           Please contact Harvey & Annette Eggleston on
we know it. A religion that was for everybody,               3024 006 if you have donations
not just the Jewish nation, and a religion, now                           PARISH CONTACTS
formed of many denominations that is still very              Parish Priest - Rev Annette Eggleston
relevant throughout the whole world, despite                    Email: 3024 006
competition from other religions and the sects               Church Warden – Pauline Hewson 3036 397
which come and go.                                           Church Warden, Secretary / Treasurer
  I wish you all a happy and healthy 2020.                          - Marion Jacobson           3036 122
       Blessings,                                              Email:
       Annette Eggleston

ISSUE FORTY                                    The Nor’wester                                        FEBRUARY 2020
 ^ĐŽƵƚ'ƌŽƵƉ                                                                       GORSE
 “Mayfield Scouts” is actually “Mayfield and Districts” and includes Mt Somers

                                                                                  ROSS BROWN CONTRACTING LTD
 ƐƐŽĐŝĂƚĞ>ĞĂĚĞƌ                                                                 Registered
                                                                                   Registered Chemical  Applicator
                                                                                               Chemical Applicator
                                                                                     with 30
                                                                                     with  26 years
                                                                                              years experience

                      High Country Cuisine and Chalets
                      Open Wed-Sat from 6pm, Sunday lunch from 12

                       Phone 03 303 9814
                                  Bookings essential

ISSUE FORTY                                                            The Nor’wester                      FEBRUARY 2020
Mayfield Hall & Domain
                 Cross                                                                       The Tri Annual Meeting of the
    Contracting Ltd                                                                           Hall and Domain Committee
            Experienced operators with over
               45 years local knowledge                                                           will be held at The Hall
                                                                                         Wednesday 19th February
                                                                                              at 7.30pm.
                                                                                    The currant committee members would like to see a few new
                                                                                    faces, especially from the village. If you are able to help on
                                                                                    the odd Saturday morning working bee, but don’t wish to be
                                                                                    on the committee, come along anyway and show your interest
                                                                                    in our community asset, we welcome new ideas and feedback.
                                                                                    Some good feedback has been received about the removal
            For all your digging requirements                                       of the trees alongside the playing fields, the view has been
•   Stock water race cleaning            • Tip truck hire                           greatly improved. A replanting plan has not been decided,
•   Irrigation race cleaning             • Tree stump removal & root raking
•   Disposable pits                      • Operating three diggers                  low natives to hid the stumps together with a few autumn
•   Soak Pit • Trenches                  • On farm shingling – laneways,            colour trees spread along, seems to be a common suggestion.
•   Gorse fence & shelter belt removal     stockyards, water troughs                The current dry spell is making the watering of the new
•   Irrigation mainline trenching        • Pipe line installation & repairs
•   Shingle screening bucket             • Cow lane cleaning                        shrubs and lawns time consuming, hopefully rain will come
                                                                                    in a few days.
Grader and 20
   Proudly    ton digger
           supporting    available
                       the MayfieldonShow
                                                                                    At least John hasn’t had to do much mowing.
                            Phone Ron                                               See you on the 19th.

               021 347 958 or 303 6067                                                                                                 Barry Austin

ISSUE FORTY                                                       The Nor’wester                                                  FEBRUARY 2020
Mayfield Clubs and Sports Groups as at July 2019
               Group name                 Contact Person             Contact Phone         Meets on
               A &P Association             Emma Hammond              021-300-871         3rd Wed of month.
                                            Rebecca Taylor            0276321303          Annual show March
               Church                       Marion Jacobson           3036122             Some Sundays!
               Church Lounge Bookings Kay King                        3036033
                                            Kevin Taylor              3036392
               Collie Club                  Fraser McKenzie           3036071
               Dinner Club (Ladies)         Sonya Spencer             3036440             Last Tuesday of month
                                            Di Lake                   3036085
               Domain Board                 Barry Austin              3036366
               Federated Farmers            David Clark               3036132
               Fire Brigade                 Ian Fielder
                                            (Station Officer)
               Golf Club                    Jan Clucas                3036342             various
               Mayfield School              Principal: R Kidd         3036214             Open most weekdays!
               Memorial Hall                Bookings: Cushla Murdoch 3036189              Hall available for hire
               Lions                        Grant Early               3036252             monthly
               Netball (Southern)           Jnr Jo Doyle              021893637
                                            Snr Anna Tonks            0273105213
               Playcentre                   Victoria Morrow           021378885           Mon, Tues, Wed morning
               Plunket 			                                                                Coffee morning 3rd Mon of month
               RSA                          Jan Early                 3036252
               Rugby Club (Southern)        Jnr Lyall Jemmett         0275459455
                                            Snr Darryl Oldham         0272026896
               Rural Women                  Jackie Ryan               3036546
               Squash Club                  Robyn Sewell              3036376
               Smallbore Rifle Club         John Fleming              3036246
                                            Carl Nordqvist            027-335-9939
               Swimming Pool                Gerald Jacobson           3036122
               Scouts/Cubs/Keas Group       Derek Barrett             3036339
               St John Ambulance            Cushla Murdoch
                                            (Station Officer)         027-431-2282
               Tennis Club                  ?
               Walking Group (Ladies)       Liz McAllister            021972012           Wednesday mornings
                                            Cushla Murdoch            3036189
               Young Farmers                Foothills Young Farmers
               Justice of the Peace (JPs): Pauline Hewson (Anama) 3036397; Bev Tasker (Ruapuna) 3036003;
               John Fleming (Lismore) 3036246; Alistair Wing (Maronan Rd) 3037313; Wendy Millichamp (Mt Somers) 3039743;
               Alistair Morrison (Anama) 3036466; Anne Marie Allen (Mt Somers) 3030890; Rob Withers (Springburn)
               Please notify Alison Fleming of any corrections/additions on

   Please Note: The above list of Clubs and Associations in the Mayfield area has been diligently compiled by
   Alison Fleming but may not be complete. If you wish your club etc to be included, and as people leave positions
   or change phone numbers please contact Alison so that this list is kept up to date. Editor

       Under New Ownership

  - PUBLIC WEIGHBRIDGE                                                       Ph: (03) 303 6102 Mayfield - Ph: (03) 693 8352 Orari
                                                                                      Post: PO BOX 151, GERALDINE 7956

ISSUE FORTY                                             The Nor’wester                                                      FEBRUARY 2020
Book of the Month – Mt Somers
                                               Title: ‘The Shearers: New Zealand Legends’
                                               Author: Ruth Entwistle Low
                                               (with photography by Mark Low)
                                               Publication year: 2019
                                               Curious to find out more about the ins and outs of professional sheep
                                               shearing in New Zealand, writer Ruth Entwistle Low travelled all over
                                               the country interviewing station owners, farmers, contractors, shearers,
                                               woolhandlers, pressers, wool classers and, last but not least, shearing gang
                                               cooks, trying to get to the bottom of “how and why they do the work that
                                               they do” (p. 11). In her recently published book ‘The Shearers: New Zealand
                                               Legends’ Low shares her findings with the reader and aims to honour the
                                               men and women in the sheep shearing community – past and present.
                                               The book is divided into four main sections. The first section called ‘The
                                               Shearers’ is dedicated to blade shearer Peter Cassidy (‘they call us the cavemen
                                               cos’ we’re still using stones to sharpen our gear’ (p.21)), Kelly Hokianga
                                               from Hawkes Bay who has shorn almost 3 million sheep and explains the
                                               importance of being a good – rather than a fast – shearer, 26-year-old
                                               contractor Sarah Higgins who “caught the shearing bug” at fifteen and has
                                               since won many prizes in woolhandling and shearing competitions, Jack
                                               Lutrell, who never really wanted to be a shearer but ended up in the industry
                                               during the war years when extra hands were needed, 85-year-old Murray
                                               Grice from Ashburton who still fondly remembers the glory days of the
                                               Terrace Station shed, and contractors Peter and Elsie Lyon from Alexandra,
                                               who at the peak of the shearing season employ 240 people. All chapters are
                                               easy and enjoyable reads, as Entwistle Low gives a bit of background history
                                               or context and then lets the people talk themselves, telling stories and sharing
                                               anecdotes in their own words, with photographs bringing everything to life.

S a t u r d a y 14 March                                                th

 Tractor Pull • Pig Racing • Scavenger Hunt • Pet Tent • Kids Entertainment and much more

   MAYFIELD A & P Show
        Adults $15 • School Age Children FREE

                                      The Nor’wester
                                                                                                          FEBRUARY 2020
In the second section ‘Their
Work’, the reader learns
about the actual day-to-day
work that is involved in sheep
shearing, focusing on the
physical and mental strength
and teamwork skills that are
needed to survive in what
is “one of the toughest jobs
around” (p.149). A lot of
successful shearers have had a
strong work ethic instilled in
them from a young age, were
lucky to meet good teachers,
and have a competitive
streak that helped them
grow. Incredibly important,
too, is good food to get you
through the day. We meet
Ann Robinson, or Pappy, a
cook cherished by many.
The third chapter, ‘Their World’, focuses on the culture of the industry, with
humour and the notion of whanau or family being an essential element
for everyone involved. In one chapter, we meet three generations of the
Hape family, “all proud of being part of a long tradition of Maori contract
shearing” (p.156). The fourth and last chapter ‘Their Guts and Glory’ zooms
in on competitive shearing, and includes interviews with Malcom Sadler,
Reg Benjamin and Brian ‘Snow’ Quinn, amongst others. At the end of the
book we find a glossary of shearing shed jargon and suggestions for further
reading (books, magazines and online material).
‘The Shearers: New Zealand Legends’ is put together extremely well. It
contains a wealth of information for those unfamiliar with the shearing          “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the
world; at the same time, its pages full of fond memories, good yarns and         unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to
tons of photographs will entertain those directly connected to that world.       himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable
                                                                                                   George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman

ISSUE FORTY                                                        The Nor’wester                                           FEBRUARY 2020
THE ART OF FOOD                                            by Jen Dearborn

                                                             We have a great crop of silverbeet in the garden this year. We let a plant go
                                                             to seed in Autumn and at least 50 little “volunteer” silverbeet plants have
                                                             grown up. I have been doing my best to use it all - mostly steaming it and
                                                             putting it in salads but when a friend got out of hospital recently, I invented
                                                             this soup. I wanted to make her something light but nutritious and this is
                                                             what I came up with. It tasted much better than I expected so I will make
                                                             it again. I used dried brown lentils and cooked it for a long time but you
                                                             could easily add a can or two of cooked lentils and reduce the cooking time
                                                             by an hour. Using dried lentils and home-grown vegies makes this a very
                                                             inexpensive way to feed a crowd and it’s a lovely light summery meal.



                                                                            FIRST TIME






           $61=6&HUWLILHG:HOGLQJ               K
                                                               03 308 3400
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    ISSUE FORTY                                The Nor’wester                                                          FEBRUARY 2020
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