Traditional Housing Online Room Selection Instructions
                       Students without roommates AND
          Roommate Groups smaller than the room/suite/apartment size

Rooms with access to a hall bathroom
 Double = 2 persons
 Double (H) = 2 persons

Rooms with a Private Bathroom
 Double – Private Bath = 2 persons
 Double – Private Bath (H) = 2 persons
 Triple – Private Bath [DuPont & Richmond] = 3 persons
 Triple (H) - Private Bath [Landrum] = 3 persons

 Single/Double suite [Chandler & Hardy] = 3 persons
 Double/Double suite = 4 persons
 Double/Triple suite (H) [Chandler] = 5 persons
 Triple/Triple suite (H) [Landrum] = 6 persons

 1 Bedroom Apt [Ludwell] = 2 persons
 Studio Double Apt [Ludwell] = 2 persons
 2 Bedroom Triple Apt [Ludwell] = 3 persons
 2 Bedroom Apt [Cabell] = 4 persons
 Single (H) – 4BR Apt [Tribe Square – 11.5-month contract] – 4 persons
 4 Bedroom Apt. [Grad 400 building – includes winter break housing] = 4 persons
 3 Bedroom Apt [Nicholas] = 6 persons
Keep in mind:
1. Residence Life will do a nightly audit of all assignments and may move students if
   there is a gender discrepancy – will move the last person(s) to select into the space.
2. If you are part of a roommate group, the roommate group leader should be the
   student in the group with the earliest time slot.
3. We recommend that all students complete steps 1-13 before the individual without a
   roommate group or the roommate group’s earliest time slot opens so they can start
   their search when that time slot opens.
4. Steps 14-19 will be available when the time slot opens.
5. Roommate groups can make adjustments to the group at any time until a selection is
   made if needed – be sure to communicate changes to affected group members –
   anyone dropped from the group will automatically receive an email.
6. Students who select into Tribe Square must answer “Yes” on the Tribe Square
   acknowledgement question – if it not, the group’s Tribe Square assignment will be
   removed and that space will be placed back into the process for selection.
7. Chandler, Hardy, Landrum, One Tribe Place and Tribe Square will all be billed at the
   higher rate for 2020-21 Academic Year. Rates are typically set by the Board of
   Visitors at their April meeting.
8. All Tribe Square residents have an 11.5 month contract that includes summer
   2019, fall 2019, and spring 2020 – no exceptions. First bills will be due June 1, 2020.
9. REMINDER: All personal belongings must be removed at check-out in May.
1. Log into the W&M Housing Portal at:

2. Click on “2020-2021 Housing Application”.

3. Click on “Continue” in the Form Selector page.

4. These pages should already be done before your time slot opens:
   a. Contract Release Request
   b. Personal Details
   c. Contract Request to Cancel Housing
   d. Priority Housing Accommodations

5. “Living with a Resident Assistant or accepted a staff position?” page – answer “No”,
   click “Save & Continue” at the bottom.

6. These pages should already be done before your time slot opens:
   a. Special Interest Housing
   b. Tribe Square Acknowledgement
   c. Returning Student Room Preferences
   d. Lifestyle Questionnaire
   e. Same Room/Building/Complex Sign Up – no longer visible/viewable
7. Flexible Housing
   a. Students without a roommate group or who will be living with
      roommates/suitemates/apartment-mates of the same gender will choose “No”,
      click “Save & Continue at the bottom and skip to step #10 to continue that
   b. Students who will be living in a Flexible Housing space with
      roommates/suitemates/apartment-mates of the opposite gender read the page
      and choose “Yes” at the bottom of the screen & click ‘Save & Continue” at the

8. Read the Flexible Housing Roommate Proxy Agreement.

9. Add the name & email address for each preferred Flexible Housing
   roommates/suitemates/apartment-mates. This will generate an email for the student
   to accept the proxy agreement initiated by you.

   You must enter the student’s name and email address exactly how they would
   complete the same information. If you incorrectly enter it you can Delete the entry
   and resend the proxy request.

   Each group member will need to add and accept every member of the group.

   If a student has accepted your proxy agreement request but you no longer wish to
   select a space with them, go back and simply add a new person to your proxy
   agreement list – email to have the unwanted entry deleted the next
   business day.

   You will see a time/date stamp when a proxy has been accepted. You may need to
   refresh the page to see it.

   Once all of the proxy agreements have been completed by all parties you will be
   able to move on to the next step by clicking “Save & Continue”.
10. Roommate Groups: The Roommate Group Leader will need to be the person
    using their same room sign up time slot to make the same room sign up room
    selection for the roommate group.
    a. Non-leaders will skip to step #12.
    b. Students without roommate groups click “Save & Continue” at the bottom of the
       Roommate Groups page and skip to step #14

11. Group Leader steps to create roommate groups.
    a. On the Roommate Groups page:
       i. Click on “Create Group”
b. On the Roommate Group Details page create the group name, password, & click
   “Save Group”. Write the password down as you may need it later.

c. The easiest way to find your group members is by clicking on “Search for
   Roommates by Details”.
d. Type in the student’s legal first and/or last name. If you are having difficulty you
   can uncheck the “Exclude results that cannot be added or joined”.
    i. If you still cannot find a student, talk to them to confirm they have completed
       their contract, are not in an employee, and/or does not already have an
       assigned a space for the 2020-21 Academic year. If the student cannot be
       found, stop the process here & contact the Residence Life office for further

e. When the person you are looking for appears, click “Add to Group” and the
   system will automatically send an email to their W&M email account to accept the

f. Your screen will show them as an Outgoing Request until they accept your
12. Non-group leader students will receive an email asking that they join the group.
    a. In the application they will go to the roommate group section.

   b. Accept the roommate group request, & click “Save & Continue”. Then skip to
      step #19.

13. Group leaders may need to refresh their Roommate Group Page to see that all of
    the group members are now part of the group and click “Save & Continue”.

14. Students without a roommate group and Group leaders will now be advanced to the
    Traditional Room Selection page if their time slot has opened. If you were in the
    housing portal before your time slot opened, you may need to log out/log in to
    access this page.
15. On the Traditional Room Selection page you will see available spaces. The
    example here shows a roommate group of 6 persons.
       a. You can narrow down your search by building and room type.
       b. You may need to click on subsequent page numbers at the bottom to view all
          of your options.
       c. When you choose a space by clicking “Add to Cart” the system will auto
          select the connected rooms, place them in your cart, & the system will auto
          advance you to the next page.
       d. If you have accidently clicked “Add to Cart” and want to change your
          selection, click the browser’s “Back” button to get back to the Room List
          screen and click “Removed from Cart” on the rooms you mistakenly selected
       e. If the screen does not auto advance you to the next page after you have
          clicked “Add to Cart” for the correct space, click “Save & Continue” at the
          bottom of the screen
16. Assign yourself to a bed space from the drop down list.

17. If applicable, assign your roommate’s or roommates’ bed space(s) and then click
    “Assign Beds”. If any bed spaces are not filled:
    a. Flexible Housing Groups – all bed spaces must be assigned or Residence Life
        will void the assignment and the group members will be assigned Traditional
        Room Selection Timeslots
    b. Single Gendered Groups/Rooms – any be spaces not assigned by you will be
        assigned to a student by Residence Life staff.
18. You will get a new Confirmation Screen that lists the assignments you just made.
    Click “Save & Continue”.

19. When the room assignment has been made you will end the process by reviewing
    the Application Status Screen at the bottom then STOP. This is your final, official
    2020-21 Housing Assignment. No further action is needed.
       a. Non-group leaders can also log in or refresh their screen to access this
          Application page at the bottom of their application.
       b. You will only see the list of students in your group on this page if everyone in
          the group has given their FERPA consent to allow roommates to see their
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