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For a child is born to us, a son is given us; upon his shoulder dominion rests. They name him Wonder-
 Counselor, God-Hero, Father-Forever, Prince of Peace. His dominion is vast and forever peaceful, from
 David’s throne, and over his kingdom, which he confirms and sustains by judgment and justice, both
                      now and forever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will do this!

                                                    Isaiah 9:6-7

                   This time of year ushers in hope, just as we witness in Isaiah 9:6, with the birth of the Prince of Peace.
                    The season of Advent, beginning December 2, signals a time of preparation and the anticipation of
                   the new liturgical year. For some, the season triggers anxiety, negativity, broken hearts and isolation.
                                                              How can we help?

                                                                 We can:
                         Encourage others to believe in their faith, just as St. John Paul II told us, “Be not afraid.”
                                               Share the gifts of peace, love and forgiveness.
                                                         Pray for and with others.
                                Commemorate the glory of the season by remembering its true meaning,
                    one not found in store windows or within newspaper ads, but rather that which fills our hearts and
                                              calls upon our spirit with the light from above.

                             Merry Christmas! Wesołych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia!
                May you and your loved ones have a blessed Christmas and a grace-filled A.D. 2019.

                                         Very Rev. Can. Mirosław K. Król
                                      Chancellor of the Orchard Lake Schools
Orchard Lake Schools
                      BECOMES MICHIGAN STAPLE
                                                             The Michigan celebration of Polish Bilingual Day (PBD) took
                                                    place at the Orchard Lake Schools campus and the American Polish
                                                    Cultural Center in Troy on October 27-28, 2018. This year's PBD
                                                     program was carefully crafted to fit interests of many attendees. The
                                                     main attraction was a performance for children and adults prepared by
                                                     the Polish Theater Institute from New York. Many attendees expressed
                                                     interest in this educational and cultural event becoming part of the
                                                      permanent repertoire of Polonia events in Michigan.
                                                             The two-day acting workshop series was led by Jacek Zuzanski,
                                                      a theater artist and teacher with over 35 years of experience. Magda
                                                      Zawadzka, an artist of naive art, ran folk art workshops, which
                                generated a great deal interest.
         The Polish games room was also very popular. Professor Alina
Klin from Wayne State University had many interesting board and
computer games, including Scythe, The Witcher, Queue (Kolejka) and
many others to offer. Professor Klin also gave a lecture for adults about
The Witcher, the most popular Polish computer game.
         The older audience had a chance to listen to a lecture by Professor
Christopher Caes from the University of Columbia on the subject of
"Personal Guide to Polish Culture.” Caes, an American and a lecturer
of Polish at Columbia University, holds a PhD in Slavic Studies with a
specialization in film from the University of California in Berkeley.
                                                                          A large part of the PBD program consisted
                                                                 of unique presentations prepared by the Polish American

   The Mary Project                                              Numismatic Society under the direction of its president,
                                                                 Mr. Les Rosik. The society displayed a number of
                                                                 exhibitions related to numismatics, devoted to the history
                                                                 and culture of Poland and Poles in America and Europe.
                                                                          For a younger audience, there was a party with
   The Mary Project is dedicated to the beautification           DJ Mario. All participants at the events had opportunities
     of the Marian Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes at              to visit with representatives from Polish schools, Wayne
     Orchard Lake St. Mary’s. All proceeds will help             State University, and Polish organizations and media and
      improve the beauty of this special place. With             ask questions based on specific interests. Polish language
      donations of $150 or more, you will receive a              speech therapists, Mrs. Plata and Mr. Rudczynski, from
  limited edition ornament (only 196 numbered). For              the Polish University Abroad (PUNO) of London, and
  more information, please contact Maureen Gross at              a special education professional, Mrs. Agnieszka Ubysz,
    (248) 421-8179. The Mary Project is a 501(c)(3).             offered free consultations.
              All donations are tax exempt.                               The event was organized thanks to the
                                                                 cooperation of the Polish Mission with the Polish
                               Please make checks                American Numismatic Society, local Polish language
                                    payable to                   schools and Slavic faculties of local universities, the
                                The Mary Project                 Polish American Congress - Michigan Division, and the
                                   and mail to:                  American Polish Cultural Center. It was financed by the
                                The Mary Project                 Polish Mission with the support of the Polish Consulate
                               3535 Commerce Rd.                 General in Chicago, the Polish-American Credit Union
                             Orchard Lake, MI 48324              and many other Polish organizations and businesses.
Orchard Lake Schools
America’s oldest Polish-American institution, the Orchard Lake Schools, welcomes all to partake in a
 merry Polish Christmas custom, at the Archdiocesan Shrine of St. John Paul II & Chapel of Our Lady
 of Orchard Lake, on the grounds of our historic campus in Orchard Lake, Michigan. All are welcome
to come celebrate our anticipation of the Savior’s birth in traditional Polish style, as we altogether enjoy
                                 beautiful music and Polish hospitality.

 The Chancellor’s Christmas Concert is a longstanding tradition, and this year, we’re proud to welcome
 the sounds of a traditional Polish Highland band, Kontra Banda & Friends from Chicago! The joyous
   evening will begin with performances from musical ensembles from all the student bodies of the
Orchard Lake Schools: the St. Mary’s Preparatory Band, the SS. Cyril & Methodius Seminary Choir, and
                   the Fr. Józef Dąbrowski Polish Language School Children’s Choir.

Our Chapel doors will open at 5:30 pm, and the musical program will begin at 6:00 pm. Following the
performances, guests are welcome to our campus dining hall for a Christmas social hour, where all can
     enjoy handmade Polish traditional sweets like Kremówki Papieskie (cream cake) and others.

 On behalf of Orchard Lake Schools Chancellor Very Reverend Canon Mirosław K. Król and the staff
and faculty of the Orchard Lake Schools, all are welcome to celebrate this joyful occasion with us free of
                charge, in thanks for free-will donations made in the spirit of Christmas.

           For more information, including a program, and a campus map,
                         please visit www.polishmission.com
                              Contact:(248) 683-0433

                 (Faculty) Fr. Przemyslaw J. Nowak: Born in Poddebice, Poland. Moved to U.S. in 2010 to serve the
                 Church. Attended Nicholas Copernicus University in Poland and SSCMS in Michigan. Earned M.Div
                 in 2013, and M.A. in Theology. Ordained a priest of the Diocese of Paterson, NJ in 2013. Assigned to
                 Assumption Parish in Morristown, NJ, and two others. Serves at SSCMS as Dean of Formation.

                        (Seminarians) Daniel Mikolajewski: Born and raised in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Felt the calling
                        to priesthood as a teenager. Began seminary studies in home diocese in 2007. Moved to U.S.;
                        lived in Chicago and Detroit. Began studies at SSCMS in September, 2018. Enjoys reading,
                        writing and horseback riding.

                 Bao Quoc Nguyen: Comes from Dak Lak province in Vietnam’s Central Highlands. Received Bachelor
                 of Engineering (computer networks) from University of Information Technology, Saigon, Vietnam.
                 Studying to become a missionary priest. Enjoys reading, chess, tv, music, football and table tennis.

                        Thach Ngoc Nguyen: Born in Ha Tinh, Vietnam. Graduated with a degree in engineering.
                        Served in a Catholic parish in 2016. Began seminary studies and ESL program. Enjoys writing,
                        reading and playing football.

                 Przemyslaw Lukasz Rozestwinski: Born in Gdynia, Poland. Has a twin brother. Received bachelor’s
                 degree in business from CityU of Seattle and master’s in hospitality & tourism from FDU in Teaneck,
                 New Jersey. Entered SSCMS this semester for priestly formation. Enjoys many things, including

                                          PREP NOTES
Congratulations, Michigan Math Prize Competition Finalists! Sean Coyne and William Xia scored high
enough on Part 1 of the Michigan Math Prize Competition to sit for Part 2, which is given Wednesday,
December 5 at OLSM.

The following students were accepted into the National Honor Society this fall: Ryan Romaya, Zachary
Yaksich, Charles Ambrose, Nicholas Grimes, Matthew Czmer, Thomas Skellett, Ryan Smith, Trey Cosnowski,
Americo Milani, Luigi Milani, Henry Ficyk, Sean Coyne, Grant Henson, Jack Mesojedec, Chris Jiang, Kevin
Clouse, Cooper Mills, Charles Haynes, Ethan Estrada, Joshua DeBaker, Nathan Harrington, Jake Nader, Jacob
Vucinaj, Anthony Anton, Alexander Stasiak, Nicholas Kramer, Joseph DeSana, Alex Ying, Jacob Janda, Daniel
Heuschele, Casey Seyka, Joseph Hickson, Joshua Hailo, Chris Du, Jacob Atty, Mark Wang, Charles Keegan, and
Alexander Weber. The Induction Ceremony will take place in the winter semester.

Many thanks to those who provided leadership and guidance throughout November’s KAIROS Retreat.
ALUMNI NEWS                                                DECEMBER 2018
      Thanks, Eaglets, for showing your spirit and                   MASS SCHEDULE
    support at Alumni Night on November 21 at the
        varsity hockey game against Brighton.
                                                               All are welcome to
                                                               Holy Mass with us!
     Alumni, please plan to join us and catch up
    with fellow Eaglets at the Thursday, December         December 2nd (1st Sunday of Advent):
      6 quarterly Alumni Association meeting at            9 am		      Fr. Flis - Polish - Seminary Chapel
    6:30 PM in the Dining Hall. We welcome your            11 am       Fr. Grzybowski - Chapel OLOL
              comments and suggestions.                    1 pm		      Fr. Nowak - Polish - Chapel OLOL
                                                          		            (Polish Dinner after 1 pm Mass)

        Upcoming Event Highlights                         December 7th (Eve of the Solemnity of the
                    December 2018                         Immaculate Conception):
2       First Sunday of Advent/Polish 1st Sunday Dinner    5 pm		Bp. Paprocki - Seminary Chapel
        Campus Bookstore Open (12-3 PM)
5       Wrestling @ W. Bloomfield                         December 8th (Solemnity of the Immaculate
5-8     V Hockey CHSL Tournament @ OLSM                   Conception - Holy Day of Obligation):
6       Advent by Candlelight @ Chapel OLOL
                                                           9:30 am     Fr. Król - Bilingual P/E) - Seminary Chapel
        6 PM Mass
8       Wrestling @ Birmingham Groves                     December 9th (2nd Sunday of Advent):
        Chancellor’s Christmas Concert @ Chapel
        OLOL @ 5:30 PM                                     9 am        Fr. Nowak - Polish - Seminary Chapel
9       Chancellor’s Senate Recognition Dinner @ PLCC      11 am       Fr. Banazak - Chapel OLOL
10-14 Final Exams (SSCMS)
11      V Basketball vs. Walled Lake Western @ 7 PM       December 16th (3rd Sunday of Advent):
12      Wrestling @ Rochester Stoney Creek                 9 am        Fr. Król - Polish - Seminary Chapel
14      End of 3rd Marking Period (OLSM)                   11 am       Fr. Nowak - Chapel OLOL
        Christmas Wigilia Mass & Dinner (SSCMS)
        V Basketball vs. Brother Rice @ 7 PM              December 23rd (4th Sunday of Advent):
16      End of Fall 2018 Semester (SSCMS)                  9 am        Fr. Flis - Polish - Seminary Chapel
16-Jan. 7 Christmas/New Year Recess (SSCMS)                11 am       Fr. Król - Chapel OLOL
18-21 Midterm Exams (OLSM)
21      First Day of Winter                               December 24th (Christmas Eve):
21-22 Wrestling @ Oakland Co. Invitational
22-Jan. 6 Christmas Recess (OLSM)                          10 pm       Fr. Nowak - Polish - Chapel OLOL
25      Merry Christmas                                    12 am       Fr. Król - English - Chapel OLOL
                                                          		            (Midnight Mass)

                                                          December 25th (Merry Christmas!):
                                                           9 am        Fr. Król - Polish - Seminary Chapel
                                                           11 am       Fr. Nowak - Chapel OLOL

                                                          December 30th:
                                                           9 am        Fr. Flis - Polish - Seminary Chapel
                                                           11 am       Fr. Król - Chapel OLOL
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