OXYGEN OZONE THERAPY - Innovation and Sharing to grow

OXYGEN OZONE THERAPY - Innovation and Sharing to grow

5rd International Congress OXYGEN OZONE THERAPY Innovation and Sharing to grow MARCH 16-17-18, 2018 Pontifical Faculty ECM CERTIFICATION SERAPHICUM 1 Serafico Street, Rome Preliminary Program

OXYGEN OZONE THERAPY - Innovation and Sharing to grow

PRESIDENTS OF THE CONGRESS GENERAL INFORMATION ORGANIZER COMMITTEE SCIENTIFIC SECRETARY Prof. Marianno Franzini Dr. Felix Pastor Loscertales Dr. Hector Pesantez DATE March, 16-17-18 2018 (Friday to Sunday) VENUE Pontifical Faculty Seraphicum, 1 Serafico Street, Rome OFFICIAL LANGUAGE The official language of the Congress are Italian, English and Spagnish Prof. Giovanni Ricevuti Prof.

Umberto Tirelli Prof. Rafael Martinez Dr. Maria Dolores Calderon Dr. Francesco Vaiano Dr. Luigi Valdenassi Dr. Vincenzo Simonetti Dr. Antonio Galoforo Dr. Fortunato Loprete Dr. Savio Renato Fornara Dr. Giuseppe Bonforte Dr. Calogero Buscemi Dr. Gaetano Di Mauro Dr. Manuele Camolese FOLLOW US OSSIGENOOZONOTERAPIASIOOT

OXYGEN OZONE THERAPY - Innovation and Sharing to grow

SESSION 1 - OXYGEN OZONE THERAPY: MODES OF ACTION moderators: Dr. F.Loscertales Pastor – Dr. S. Pandolfi 9.30 9.40 10.00 10.15 10.30 10.45 11.00 11.15 12.00 11.30 12.15 11.45 12.30 - 13.00 13.00 - 14.00 State of the art, new prospects for Oxygen Ozone Therapy Efficacy and safety of diagnostic imaging in Ozone Therapy Experience of Oxygen Ozone Therapy in an African Mission Ozone and Solidarity Aspects of pharmaco-economy in Ozonetherapy Oxygen Ozone Therapy: possible transfer to the clinical level of treatments based on experimental results Ambulatory Valuation about oxidative stress in the patients on Systemic Oxygen Ozone Therapy Opening Open ceremony – Greetings to the Authority Talk Break Masterclass about the modes of action of Oxygen Ozone Therapy Prof.

G. Ricevuti Prof. L. Valdenassi Prof. M. E. Ferrero Dr. F. Loprete Dr. A. Galoforo Fra Fiorenzo Priuli Dr. A. Gaspari Dr. A. Galoforo Dr. H. Pesantez Prof. M. Franzini SESSION 2 - OZONE AND VASCULAR DISORDERS moderators: Prof. G. Ricevuti – Prof. L. Valdenassi 14.15 14.30 14.45 15.00 15.15 15.30 15.45 16.00 16.45 16.15 17.00 16.30 17.15 18.00 - 18.15 Cardio vascular Surgery and Ozone Therapy, a new tool Chronic Pain disease treat with Oxygen Ozone Therapy: strategy of method Immunomodulatory action and hemorheological effects of Oxygen Ozone Therapy through autoinfusion Oxygen Ozone in nephropathic patients Scleroderma treatment with Oxygen Ozone Oxygen Ozone: supplemental therapy in hospitals Oxygen Ozone Therapy in macular dystrophies Systemic ozonization: Blood and Physiology Oxygen Ozone Therapy in the rehabilitation of the main disabling disease of geriatric patient Protection of organ : Ozone potential role in the treatment of Post Ischemia - reperfusion injury - Myocardium and Kidney Oxygen Ozone Therapy for the prevention and rehabilitation of myocardial infarction The Oxygen Ozone therapy through trans rectal insufflation in the treatment of prostatic benign hypertrophy Appropriateness of Ozone Therapy in Vulconogy lesions Talk Dr.

F. Vaiano Dr. A. Rutigliano Dr. G. Bonforte Dr. G. Bonforte Dr. S. Pandolfi Dr. R. D’Alterio Prof. M. Franzini Dr. P. Barone Dr. G. Grechi Dr. P. Rossi Dr. S. Ciampa Dr. R. Martinez Dr. A. Galoforo Usefulness and purpose of SIOOT protocols Cervical Spondylosis Myelophaty treats with Ozone Therapy 16march 16march

OXYGEN OZONE THERAPY - Innovation and Sharing to grow

16marzo SESSION 3 - HERNIATED DISC, PAIN AND OZONE moderators: Prof. M. Franzini – Prof. M.C. Vulpiani 9.00 9.15 9.30 9.45 10.00 10.15 10.30 10.45 11.30 11.00 11.45 11.15 12.00 12.15 12.30 12.45 13.00 - 14.00 Oxygen Ozone and alpha lipoic acid in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy Follow up trattamento con ossigeno ozono dell’ernia discale Talk Break Effect of Ozone in the mechanical and functional characteristics of Scaffold 3D for the tissue regeneration (Prof. A. Gloria, Dr. R.De Santis, Dr. B. Varriale, Dr. L. Ambrosio, Prof. D. Ronca) Oxygen Ozone on the gluteal sciatic nerve given with neurostimulation needle (Dr.

M. Chierchia, Dr. Silvestri, Dr. C. Baiano, Dr. A.Romeo) Ozone in robotic spinal surgeon in combination with autologous stem Guided infiltrative technique Ozone in myofascial and periarticular syndromes Ozonetherapy in the carpal tunnel syndrome – clinical records Cases of algodystrophy treat with GAEI Oxygen Ozone effects in Roth’s syndrome: a case report Nucleolisis vs Nucleotomy plus intradiscal ozone infiltration results Ozone Therapy in Sport Vascular Regenerative Medicine Ozone Treatment in temporomandibular TMJ Oxygen Ozone applications in rheumatoid arthritis Treatment experience in gonarthrosis with ozonated blood (No PRP) L’impiego dell’ Ossigeno Ozono mirata nel trattamento della patologia da sovraccarico della sacro-iliaca Dr.

M. Chierchia Prof. A. Panfili Dr. E. Marinoni Dr. F. Scandone Dr. V. Dell’Anna Dr. A. Della Puppa Dr. A. Romeo Dr. S. Guelbenzu Dr. V. Di Donna Dr. F. P. Loscertales Dr. D. Bellardi Dr. L. Valdenassi Dr. P. Bonacina Dr. R. Buscemi Dr. A.S. Bruno SESSION 4 - OZONE IN BRAIN AND NEUROVASCULAR DISEASES SESSION 5 - OZONE AND INFECTIONS moderators: : Prof. M.E. Ferrero – Dr. A. Rutigliano moderators: : Prof. L. Valdenassi – Dr. F. Vaiano 14.00 14.15 14.30 14.50 15.10 16.00 15.30 16.15 15.45 20.30 16.30 - 18.30 PRACTICE TESTS GAEI – DRIP – PAE – INSUFFLATIONS – SUBCUTANEOUS INJECTION – INTRAMUSCULAR INJECTION Variation of neurotransmitter after Ozone Therapy Oxygen Ozone in the treatment of the neurological bladder Oxygen Ozone Therapy for nephroprotection and neurovascular disease Oxygen Ozone: a therapeutic reality for the vulvar and urogynaecology infections Oxygen Ozone Therapy between past and future CONGRESSUAL GALA DINNER The new frontiers in rehabilitation: Oxygen Ozone Therapy and Neuronal Plasticity in the treatment of Parkinson’s symptoms (Dott.ssa S.

C. Bramani) Oxygen Ozone Therapy in Meningoencephalitis and in the Chronic Fatique Syndrome. The treatment also in the area of competitive sport (Dr. L. Morelli, Dr. C. Branami) Ozone treatment for neuro-dermatitis of lower extremity Oxygen Ozone Therapy in the antimicrobial resistant infections Dr. S. Pandolfi Dr. C. Jovine Dr. F. Donati Dr. L. Morelli Dr. L. Morelli Dr. V. Simonetti Dr. V. Merenda Dr. G. Petrou Prof. M. Franzini 17march 17march

OXYGEN OZONE THERAPY - Innovation and Sharing to grow

11.10 10.30 11.20 10.50 11.40 12.00 Oxygen Ozone in painful Lipodystrophy New treatment of capillary with Oxygen Ozone Therapy and Diatermo Oxygen Ozone in Dentistry TALK Oxygen Ozone Therapy in dentistry: actua applications and new perspective Are we sure that all the water are the same? Ozonized water... Prof. Franzini Dr. C. A. Rossi Dr. A. Pulga Dr. O. Cardoso Dr. F. Donati SESSION 6 - OZONE AND CHRONIC FATIGUE IN SEVERAL DISEASE moderators: Prof. M. Franzini – Dr. V. Simonetti moderators: Dr. F. Loprete – Dr. A. Galoforo 9.00 9.15 9.30 9.45 Association of ozone with 5-fluorouracil and cisplatin in regulation of human colon cancer cell viability: in vitro anti-inflammatory properties of ozone in colon cancer cells exposed to lipopolysaccharides Prof.

U. Tirelli Prof. U. Tirelli Prof. U. Tirelli Dr R.V. Iaffaioli Oxygen Ozone CFS and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Oxygen Ozone and fibromyalgia Oxygen Ozone and Tumors SESSION 7 - MEDICINE COSMETIC - DYSBIOSIS - DENTISTRY SESSION 8 - WATER, NUTRITION, AGRICULTURE, ENVIRONMENT E ANIMALS (VETERINARY) moderatori: : Prof. M.E. Ferraro – Dott. A. Rutigliano 12.00 12.15 12.30 12.45 13.00 13.15 Oxygen Ozone in zootechnics Nutrition and dysbiosis Different areas of application of Ozone in the industrial and agricultural area TALK CONCLUSION OF THE WORK Technological innovation for the sustainable management of the agri-food activities.

The role of Ozone Oxygen Ozone: an innovation in agricolture Dr. F. Campana Dr. F. Loprete Dr. M. Camolese Dr. P. Garbelli Prof. L. Bonizzi SPEAKERS LIST AMBROSIO Dr. Luigi - ITALY National Council of CNR Research BAIANO Dr. Carolina - ITALY UOC Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Hospital U.Primo – Siracusa BARONE Dr. Paolo - ITALY Spec. Anaesthesiology and reanimation ASST Lariana Como BELLARDI Dr. Debora - ITALY Spec. Radiodiagnostics 18march 18march

OXYGEN OZONE THERAPY - Innovation and Sharing to grow

16marzo SPEAKERS LIST SPEAKERS LIST BONFORTE Dr. Giuseppe - ITALY Head of S.S. Dialysis – Regional Mendrisio Hospital BONACINA Dr. Paolo - ITALY U.O. Ortopedia - Ospedale Fatebenefratelli Erba CO BONIZZI Prof. Luigi - ITALY Tenured Professor of infectious disease of domestic animals Dip. Veterinary Science and Public Health University Milan BRAMANI Dr. Simona Carla - SWITZERLAND UMC United Campus of Malta, Smart City, Lugano BRUNO Dr. Antonio Santo - ITALY Spec. Orthopedics BUSCEMI Dr. Riccardo - ITALY Spec. Anaesthesiology and reanimation and pain therapy CAMPANA Dr. Francesco - ITALY Science of animal production CARDOSO Dr.

Olga Lidia - CUBA Spec. Physiatry -Pio Albergo Trivulzio XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Ozono Terapia in Uroginecologia CHIERCHIA Dr.ssa Marianna - ITALY Spec. Orthopedics – University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli” CIAMPA Dr. Stefano - ITALY Spec. Anaesthesiology and reanimation and pain therapy D’ALTERIO Dr. Raffaele - ITALY Spec. Rheumatology DELL ’ANNA Dr. Vincenzo - ITALY Spec. Rheumatology DELLA PUPPA Dr. Andrea - ITALY Spec. Anaesthesiology and reanimation and pain therapy DE SANTIS Dr. Roberto - ITALY National Council of Research CNR DI DONNA Dr. Vincenzo - ITALY Spec. Vasculary Surgery DONATI Dr.

Franco - ITALY Spec. Gynaecology and Obstetrics FERRERO Prof.Maria Elena - ITALY Tenured Professor of Pathology and General Pathophysiology Dip. Biomedical Science for health, University of Milan FRANZINI Prof. Marianno - ITALY Spec. Otorhinolaryngologist Professor of Oxygen Ozone Therapy at University of Pavia SIOOT PRESIDENT GALOFORO Dr. Antonio Carlo - ITALY Surgeons – Responsible Oxygen Ozone Pio Albergo Trivulzio GARBELLI Dr. Paolo - ITALY Spec. Veterinary

SPEAKERS LIST SPEAKERS LIST GASPARI Dr. Antonio - ITALY Director Frammenti di Pace GLORIA Prof. Antonio - ITALY National Council of CNR Research GRECHI Prof. Giorgio - ITALY Spec. Ophthalmologist GUELBENZU Dr. Santiago - SPAIN Director of Neuroradiology Miguel Servet Saragozza Hospital IAFFAIOLI Prof. Rosario Vincenzo - ITALY Dirictor Medical Oncology National Institute Tumors Pascale Institute JOVINE Prof. Carlo - ITALY Chief of Neurology S. Giovanni Battista dell’Ordine di Malta Hospital. Official expert of Congregazione delle Cause dei Santi e del Supremo Tribunale della Segnatura Apostolica (Vatican City) LOPRETE Dr.

Fortunato - ITALY Spec. Pediatric surgery – Padova MARINONI Dr. Enzo - ITALY Spec. Orthopedics ASST Grande Ospedale Metropolitano Niguarda Milan MARTINEZ Dr. Rafael - SPAIN Head of Cardiovascular Surgical service, university HospitalCanarias Professor of Surgery, President of Medicine department, University of La Laguna Tenerife Spain MERENDA Dr. Vincenzo - ITALY Spec. Surgeon MORELLI Dr. Luca - ITALY Spec. Sport Medicine NUCERA Dr. Domenico - ITALY Spec. Orthopedics ASST Grande Ospedale Metropolitano Niguarda Milan PANDOLFI Dr. Sergio - ITALY Spec. Neurosurgery – Rome PANFILI Prof. Adolfo - ITALY Director Vertebral Robotic Surgery Center Ars Medic ROME PASTOR LOSCERTALES Dr.

Felix - SPAIN Head of Tramautology and Orthopedic surgery - President ACEOOT PETROU Dr. Giorgio - GREECE Spec. Physiatry PESANTEZ Dr. Hector - ECUADOR Spec. Physiatry PRIULI Dr. Frà Fiorenzo - AFRICA Hospital Saint Jean de Dieux - Africa PULGA Dr. Antonello - ITALY Spec. Orthopedics RICEVUTI Prof. Giovanni - ITALY Spec. Cardiovascular system disease, Clinical and Laboratory Haematology, Internal Medicine Tenured Professor of Internal Medicine Dip. and Medical Treatment, Pavia University Director Master Degree Oxygen Ozone, Pavia University ROCCA Dr. Dante - ITALY Director UOC Ortopedia e Scuola di Specializzazione di Ortopedia e Traumatologia Università degli Studi della Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”

SPEAKERS LIST REGISTRATION PROCEDURES - FEES WITHIN DECEMBER 15th 2017 REGISTRATION PROCEDURES - FEES AFTER DECEMBER 15th 2017 The registration fee includes: the access to: the conference, the practical tests, the lunch of the 3 days, the folder with the documentation about the congress, the certificate of attendance and the ECM participation certificate Associated ASOO up to date with fee 2017 Associated ASOO up to date with fee 2017 € 270,00 € 350,00 € 390,00 € 470,00 € 490,00 € 580,00 € 200,00 € 270,00 € 200,00 € 240,00 € 90,00 € 110,00 Associated SIOOT/ ACEOOT up to date with fee 2017 Associated SIOOT/ ACEOOT up to date with 2017 fee Not Associated Not associated Young doctors (BY THE AGE OF 35) Young doctors (BY THE AGE OF 35) One day fee One day fee Plus one (not doctors) Plus one (not doctors) ROSSI Dr.

Carlo Alberto - ITALY Spec. Dentistry ROSSI Dr. Pierluigi - ITALY Resp. Physiatrist – Pio Albergo Trivulzio RUTIGLIANO Dr. Antonio - ITALY Spec. Immunohaematology Responsible Head of Lab. Hospital Analysis. S. Pietro V.co – Brindisi Hospital ROMEO Dr. Alfredo - ITALY UOC Med. Fisica e Riablitaz. U.Primo Hospital – Siracusa SCANDONE Dr. Francesco - ITALY Spec. Surgeon SILVESTRI Dr. Claudio - ITALY Engineer SIMONETTI Dr. Vincenzo - ITALY Spec. General Surgery - Turin TIRELLI Prof. Umberto - ITALY Head of Medical Oncology Department, Primary Doctor of the Medical Oncology Department at the Centro di Riferimento Oncologico (CRO), National tumors Institute Aviano VAIANO Dr.

Francesco - ITALY Spec. Emergency Surgery and Emergency Room - Professor of the Second Level Master in Oxygen Ozone, Pavia University VALDENASSI Prof. Luigi - ITALY Spec. Medical Hydrology and Medical Toxicology - Prof. of Medical Hydrology Graduate School – Pavia University VARIALE Dr. Bruno - ITALY National Council of CNR Research

to be paid by bank transfer: Beneficiary: Società Scientifica Ossigeno Ozono BANCA POPOLARE BPM AG.10 AG. CELADINA IBAN: IT 03 N 05034 11110 000000001029 SWIFT BAPPIT21AT5 METHOD OF PAYMENT REGISTRATIONform To fill in and send by fax 035 2922550 or by mail info@ossigenoozono.it with enclosed copy of the transfer REGISTRATION 5rd INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OXYGEN OZONE THERAPY MARCH, 16-17-18 2018 - PONTIFICAL FACULTY SERAPHICUM - ROME NAME - LAST NAME ADDRESS NATIONALITY PHONE - CELLULAR EMAIL SPECIALTY DO YOU PRACTISE OZONE? YES NO PLACE OF BIRTH FISCAL CODE DATE SIGNATURE DATE For Legislative Decree 196/2003, the data provided will be used for sending associative, congressional forms and updating the SIOOT database.

For acceptance:

  • VENUE HOWtoGET? Auditorium Seraphicum 1 Serafico Street, Rome Take the G.R.A. exit 25 towards Laurentina centro, continue for about 2.5 Km, at the traffic light turn right onto street Serafico Take the Metro line B to Laurentina stop, exit at the station and continue on the right onto Laurentina street for 200 mt, at the traffic light on the right you find 1 Serafico Street Recommended airports: ROME FIUMICINO AND ROME CIAMPINO UNDERGROUND LINE B PLATFORM LAURENTINA UOMO CIETA’ SCIENTIFICA OSSIGENO OZONO TERA PI A Hotel Tre Fontane **** 51 Serfaico Street - 00142 Rome - Italy
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Rome is the ideal meeting point for the scientific cultures of the world. S.I.O.O.T. has pleasure in welcoming all members and colleagues from around the world to this beautiful city, in order to discuss our experience in the field and to challange the future in terms of efficency, safety and quality. www.ossigenoozono.it Organizational reception office: Ph:+0039 3351293821 – Fax:+0039 035/300903 – mail: info@ossigenoozono.it – francesca@ossigenoozono.it Official language: Italian – English – Spanish

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