PAACS Daily Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020 - Pan-African Academy of Christian ...

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PAACS Daily Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020 - Pan-African Academy of Christian ...

     Daily Prayer Guide

            2019 - 2020
PAACS Daily Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020 - Pan-African Academy of Christian ...
               We envision African surgeons
                    living the Gospel
                and ministering to the sick.

             PAACS exists to train and disciple
                    African surgeons
                      to glorify God
                and to provide excellent,
               care to those most in need.

2   PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020
PAACS Daily Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020 - Pan-African Academy of Christian ...

Dear PAACS Family,

Thank you for your support and prayers for PAACS. Your prayers have blessed
this ministry, our residents, faculty and programs. PAACS continues to train
and disciple African physicians as surgeons to care for the sick and to show
the love of Christ to those who are suffering. In 2019, PAACS is training 95
surgeons in 8 countries. We currently work in 9 mission hospitals and have
15 surgical training programs. PAACS has issued 88 graduate certificates
and by the end of 2019 we expect to graduate an additional 11 surgeons
for Africa. God is growing this ministry and doing incredible work in Africa
through PAACS.

God is expanding our borders in 2020 by adding 3 new programs and a
new country in Africa with a PAACS training program. All of this has been
made possible because of prayer. Your prayers have been instrumental in
sustaining and advancing PAACS.

We truly desire your continued prayers. Please use this prayer guide to pray
daily for the needs of the PAACS residents, faculty, graduates and others.
Your prayers will change impossible situations, move mountains, and make a
difference in the lives of those who are diligently serving God and His people.
As God’s children seek His face, prayers will be answered and miracles will
happen. PAACS is blessed by your faithful prayers and love. Thank you for
being a part of all that God is doing through this ministry and helping to
advance God’s kingdom in Africa.


Susan Koshy, JD, MPH
Executive Director
Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons

                                           PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020         3
PAACS Daily Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020 - Pan-African Academy of Christian ...
PAACS Daily Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020 - Pan-African Academy of Christian ...
Stay Alert and Constantly on Call
Deep in the jungles of South America a man bows before a stone altar and
prays to the spirits of the rain forest. A woman in a crowded hospital waiting
room bows her head and whispers incantations as her fingers stroke the
figurine in her hands. Somewhere a Tibetan monk sits cross legged and hums
to some unseen spiritual force. As a 737 jet makes its initial ascent out of
Reagan National airport a passenger overhears the prayer like whispers of the
person seated in the window seat. Being a Christian she asks, “what are you
asking God for?”. “Oh, I wasn’t asking God for anything, I was asking Satan to
rule and reign in our nation’s capital”, came the reply.

Paul sums up the above scenes with these words; “we wrestle not against
flesh and blood but against…cosmic powers…the spiritual forces of evil…”
(Ephesians 6:12). Graciously he does not leave us to despair, rather we are
pointed towards the only means by which we combat such forces. Powers
that seek to destroy everything PAACS attempts to accomplish for the cause
of the gospel. Paul exhorts us; …praying at all times in the Spirit, with all
prayer and supplication. To that end, keep alert with all perseverance, making
supplication for all the saints…(Ephesians 6:18).

             Here are a couple of points for us to take to heart.

Prayer is the ongoing work of every believer. It is not an item in our bucket list.
It is not a rotation of spiritual disciplines. We never graduate from God’s school of
prayer. Elsewhere Paul tells us “pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17).

Prayer is only effective when it is in partnership with the Holy Spirit. We
dare not wrestle against such spiritual forces of darkness alone. The phrase
“in the Spirit” carries the meaning of relationship, in close union with. It implies
there is close fellowship with the Holy Spirit. When you come to your place of
prayer, are you conscious of the Spirit’s presence? Have you invited the Spirit
to join with you as you wrestle for the things on your prayer list? We need the
Spirit if we are to accomplish all God has designed for us.

It is imperative that we keep alert and stay on call. Not just subconsciously
aware of the forces against us, but a persevering consciousness. We are
involved in a battle for the soul of the universe. It is on a cosmic level. It is our
biggest obstacle.

As we go into this next year of ministry, would you take a moment or two and
commit to the ongoing ministry of intercessory prayer. Ask the Spirit to be your
partner in this ministry.

Rev. Ed Scearce
PAACS Spiritual Dean

                                             PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020             5
PAACS Daily Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020 - Pan-African Academy of Christian ...
    The Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS) is a rural-based surgical
    training program in African Christian Hospitals, directed by experienced board-
    certified surgeons. It is a Christ centered five-year residency that:

       •    Disciples and trains young African physicians as surgeons and
            followers of Jesus Christ;
       •    Provides close supervision with increasing responsibility;
       •    Promotes life-long learning and self-assessment.

    PAACS began as a unique response to the great need for surgical care in Africa.
    According to the World Health Organization, there should be one surgeon for a
    population of 20,000. Many places in Africa only have one surgeon for 250,000
    people. In other places, it is worse – only one surgeon for 2.5 million people,
    resulting in needless death and permanent disability. Many Africans, especially
    in rural and under resourced areas find themselves unable to find surgical care,
    or having to travel long distances, sometimes for days, to get the care they
    need. This can lead to the worsening of their medical condition; increasing the
    likelihood of serious complications and potential death.
    The Pan-African Academy of Christian Surgeons (PAACS) was created to help
    meet this need. PAACS trains African physicians to become surgeons to care
    for Africa’s sick and those without access to surgery. PAACS also disciples these
    surgeons to provide spiritual hope to their patients in the name of Jesus Christ.
    At this time, PAACS is the only program in Africa that combines accredited
    surgical training with a spiritual curriculum. This model provides a permanent
    and sustainable solution to the critical surgical need, rather than a temporary
    PAACS partners with established mission and faith-based hospitals to provide
    training in surgery to African physicians. PAACS recruits Christian doctors who
    have been called to make a commitment to serve God and those in greatest
    need in the underserved areas of Africa. PAACS residents receive intensive
    training from board certified surgeons who serve as short and long-term faculty.
    Without PAACS, most of these residents would not be able to afford this type
    of training. PAACS also provides a formal spiritual curriculum and theological
    training; teaching residents to minister and spread the good news of Jesus to
    their patients. This equips them to become medical, community and spiritual
    leaders. Those who benefit the most are the people of Africa, who otherwise
    might not have access to quality surgical care and the opportunity to know the
    truth of Jesus Christ.
6          PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020
PAACS Daily Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020 - Pan-African Academy of Christian ...
                 PAACS ORGANIZATION

L   earn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the
    fatherless; plead the case of the widow.
                                                                       ~ Isaiah 1:17

Prayer Requests:
•    PAACS will glorify God and be used to impact Africa for His Kingdom
•    God will help PAACS remain focused on educational excellence and
     evangelism for Christ’s honor and glory
•    God will bring His chosen long and short-term missionary and
     national surgeons to help train African residents in the PAACS
     training programs
•    God will bring His chosen and qualified African physicians to be
     trained as surgeons through the PAACS programs
•    God will provide wisdom and guidance to the PAACS Commission to
     lead this organization
•    God will increase the finances of PAACS to be able to achieve all that
     He has called us to accomplish for His Kingdom
•    God will bless the PAACS donors and partners for the sacrificial
     giving of their finances, time and talent

                                            PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020        7
PAACS Daily Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020 - Pan-African Academy of Christian ...
                   Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre, Tanzania
                   General Surgery

                         Wendy Willmore, Co-Program Director (GS)
                         Pray for the melding of the new Arusha PAACS program
                         direction team. Wisdom for the new leadership at Arusha
                         Lutheran Medical Centre. Pray that they hunger for the
                         Bread of Heaven.

                         Catherine Mlelwa Mung’ong’o, Faculty (Ped. Surg.)
                         Noelle, Christina, Kaanasimoyande & Moses (children)
                         Pray for the PAACS Program in Africa so that God
                         is present all the time and goes with us. Pray for our
                         families and for all the patients we touch to get spiritual
                         healing. Pray that everyone in the PAACS program hears
                         God’s voice and lives according to His word.

8     PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020
PAACS Daily Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020 - Pan-African Academy of Christian ...
P   raise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of
    compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our
    troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we
    ourselves receive from God.
                                                          ~ 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

                   Charles Sweke, Faculty (Ob/Gyn)
                   Marina (spouse)
                   Pray for God to give me abundant health and much more
                   strength and his guidance in delivering my knowledge
                   and skills to our young Residents. To continue serving
                   our Lord in healing the needy physically and spiritually.

                   Also pray for other faculty members:
                   Frank Madinda, Co-Program Director (GS)
                   David Halter, Assistant Program Director (GS)
                   Emmanuel Lema, Educational Coordinator (GS)
                   Jefrey Kibira (Ortho)
                   Paul Kisanga (GS)
                   Happiness Rabiel (Neurosurgery)
                   Please pray for God’s protection, grace and favor.

                   Benson Harrison Lyimo, Resident 5th year (GS)
                   Anastazia (spouse), Celine (child)
                   I pray for the Mbingo program that God will place His
                   mighty hand on the situation in Cameroon as a whole.
                   May God bless my baby girl Celine that she grows strong
                   in this world. May she and her mother live a happy
                   life guided by this very God that I believe in. May God
                   supervise me and other 5th year residents as we prepare
                   towards our final PAACS and COSECSA exams.

                   Yamikani Ellard Limbe, Resident 5th year (GS)
                   Nyandaro (spouse), Melissa (child)
                   Pray for peace in the world. Pray for success in the
                   upcoming PAACS and COSECSA exams.

                                      PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020         9
PAACS Daily Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020 - Pan-African Academy of Christian ...
                  Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre, Tanzania
                  General Surgery

                        Fred G. Minja, Resident 4th year (GS)
                        Teddy Ndakidemi (spouse), Abigail (child)
                        Pray for my family, our daughter Abigail that she grows
                        as a Christ follower, our Arusha PAACS program, my
                        upcoming exams, and academic excellence.

                        Julius Paul Shayo, Resident 4th year (GS)
                        Joyce (spouse), Hubert Julius (child)
                        Pray for peace across the African continent and the
                        world-at-large. Pray for success in academics. Pray for
                        spiritual growth and continued success for all PAACS
                        programs. Pray for God’s protection for my family and
                        physical and spiritual healing for our patients. Pray for
                        the professional development of my wife Joyce.

                        Goodwill Kivuyo, Resident 3rd year (GS)
                        Judith (spouse), Gladys and Ivanna (children)
                        I am thankful to God for enabling me to pass my MCS
                        exams, and his guidance for my family and PAACS family
                        as a whole. Pray for my family to grow wise as we continue
                        serving his purpose. Pray to God that he will continue to
                        guide me in my residency training years ahead of me.

                        Elirehema Kimaro, Resident 2nd year (GS)
                        Deborah (spouse), Jarrett (child)
                        Pray that I know God more and that my family and I will
                        serve God's purpose. Pray for excellence in my studies.
                        Pray for God to continue keeping, protecting, sustaining
                        and expanding the work he does through PAACS. Pray
                        for divine intervention in the situation at Mbingo and for
                        blessings to all PAACS supporters.

10   PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020
T   hose who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings
    like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint.

                                                                      ~ Isaiah 64:4

                      Erick Ramson Mulla, Resident 2nd year (GS)
                      Diana Mkwizu (spouse), Caleb (child)
                      Pray for my family and pray for the PAACS programs all
                      over the Africa.

                      Henry Kosmas Takule, Resident 1st year (GS)
                      Pray for strength and endurance throughout the surgical
                      training, and for the vision entrusted by God to serve His
                      people through surgical service. Pray for grace for the
                      upcoming PAACS exam for my colleagues in the program,
                      and those in other programs. Pray for spiritual growth to
                      be able to serve God diligently, and reflect Him in day to
                      day activities.

                      Minyali Lomnyaki Rith, Resident 1st year (GS)
                      Pray for the upcoming PAACS examination. Pray for all
                      PAACS residents. Finally, pray for the Mbingo program
                      especially the residents, faculty and all their families
                      along with peace in Cameroon.

                      Also pray for other residents:

                        Mugisha Nkoronko, 5th year (GS.)
                        Verdiana Mwijage, 1st year (GS)

                      Please pray for God’s protection, grace and favor.

                                         PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020          11
DAY 4                BONGOLO PROGRAM
                      Bongolo Hospital, Gabon
                      General Surgery

     Bongolo Program Prayer Requests:
     •   Pray for the upcoming start of a two-year anesthesia training program
         to begin in September 2019.
     •   Pray for the preparations and that God would bring motivated students
         to teach, disciple, and mentor.
     •   Pray for continued 3-month anesthesia training for the PAACS
         residents at Bongolo, that they would gain basic practical skills and
         theoretical knowledge to assist and collaborate with dedicated
         anesthesia providers.
     •   Pray for our medical team at Bongolo as we go through many staffing
         transitions in the coming year.

12       PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020
N   ot to us, Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your
    love and faithfulness.
                                                                   ~ Psalm 115:1

                   Zachary O’Connor, Program Director (GS)
                   Jennifer O’Connor, Faculty (GS)
                   Caleb (child)
                   Wisdom in leading, training, and discipling residents
                   and their families. Work-family balance, good health, to
                   know God more and to see God at work with reaching
                   the lost. Pray for revival in our country of service, team,
                   and hospital. Please for our son's growth, spiritual
                   development, and protection.

                   Anatole Nzanzu, Faculty (GS)
                   Niva Kakalo (spouse), Hope & Faith (children)
                   DR Congo
                   Pray for growth into Christ-likeness; For love in the
                   midst of inter-cultural environment; and for wisdom in
                   family management and offspring raising mainly their
                   schooling. Finally, please pray for peace in Africa in
                   general and in my country (DR Congo) in particular.

                   anDrew Huang, Faculty (Plastic Surgery)
                   Kim Huang, (FM / Anesthesia)
                   Nolan and Solène (children)
                   USA / Taiwan / Canada
                   We ask for supernatural strength and peace as we adjust
                   to the climate, the needs of the hospital, and the team
                   as whole. We also ask for patience with ourselves and
                   children as we settle into family routines and school.

                   Jeffrey Lane, Faculty (Anesthesia)
                   Amy (spouse), Sarah & Aaron (children)
                   Pray for our continued health and strength as we serve
                   Jesus at Bongolo. Pray for Amy as she continues to help
                   with hospital finances, insurance, and accounting as well
                   as the visitors ministry.

                                     PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020          13
                  Bongolo Hospital, Gabon
                  General Surgery

                         Samuel Fabiano, Resident 5th year (GS)
                         Amanda (spouse), Isabella (child)
                         Praise God for His protection and provision over the
                         past 4 years in Gabon. Pray for strength, focus, and good
                         learning in this last year of training. Pray that the Lord
                         will go ahead of us as we prepare to transition back to
                         Angola at the beginning of 2020.

                         Elyse Nkunzimana, Resident 4th year (GS)
                         Aline Uwera (spouse), Gaddiel & Jeyden (children)
                         My family and I praise the LORD for his protection and
                         good health. Pray for obedience to God's will and having
                         time for sharing the Gospel with those who don't know
                         Jesus Christ. Pray for success in the coming exam. Pray
                         for my country for recovering peace.

14   PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020
F   or my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,
    declares the Lord. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my
    ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.
                                                                 ~ Isaiah 55:8-9

                   Olivier Ndizeye, Resident 3rd year (GS)
                   Jeanine Nifasha (spouse), Janelle Oliana (child)
                   Thankful to God for His love, endless protection and
                   provision. Pray for my upcoming away rotations. Pray
                   for my daughter that as she grows she continues to
                   walk on the path of the Lord. Continue to pray for peace
                   especially in the Great Lakes Region.

                   Solomon Machemedze, Resident 2nd year (GS)
                   Pray for the upcoming COSECSA MCS exam, PAACS
                   Mbingo and that I continue to firmly stand on Christ the
                   only true and solid rock.

                   Asaph Elvam, Resident 1st year (GS)
                   Pray for grace to accomplish the will of God for my
                   life and for my family. Pray for grace to fulfill all of the
                   mission God has entrusted to me.

DAY 6                 GALMI PROGRAM
                       SIM Galmi Hospital, Niger
                       General Surgery

     Galmi Program Prayer Requests:
     •   Pray for transition as Yakoubou Sanoussi becomes the incoming
         Program Director.
     •   Pray for the residents' academic and spiritual growth; that they would
         manifest the compassion and love of Jesus in the lives of their patients.
     •   Pray for the Lord to increase their faith as they proclaim the gospel to
         their patients in the ward and outpatient clinic.
     •   Pray for our new residents for smooth transition in Galmi.
     •   Pray for more faculty in this program. We need at least 2 General
         Surgeons and one Orthopedic Surgeon.
     •   Pray for financial support to enable us to build another surgical ward,
         to decrease the number of overcrowding of patients in ward. We really
         need another ward to be able to contain the numerous incoming

                              Yakoubou Sanoussi, Program Director (GS)
                              Yop (spouse), Nathaniel, Elisha & Dan (children)
                              Pray for our children to stand firm in their faith and
                              abound in love and patience in an ever changing world.

16       PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020
T   hough the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines, though
    the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep
    in the pen and no cattle in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be joyful
    in God my Savior.
                                                                       ~ Habakkuk 3:17-18

                        Also please pray for PAACS new faculty:
                             Katherine Shafer (GS)
                        Please pray for God’s protection, grace and favor.

                        Elvis Mbanzabugabo, Resident 5th year (GS)
                        Louise Delphine (spouse), Nathan & Zoé (children)
                        Pray for God's favor and protection. Pray for complete
                        healing of our daughter Zoé who has a congenital cardiac

                        Andrew John, Resident 4th year (GS)
                        Diane (spouse), Abigaël & Joanne (children)
                        We praise the Lord for his provisions and blessings. We
                        pray for spiritual growth, thirst and hunger to share the
                        good news and love of Jesus to the patients. We also pray
                        for peace and love among all Burundians.

                        Enock Mupepe, Resident 3rd year (GS)
                        DR Congo
                        May God help me in my spiritual life so that I will keep
                        on growing in my faith. Pray for spiritual healing of our
                        patients, pray for the exam in few months and pray for
                        all PAACS members.

                                              PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020             17
DAY 7            GALMI PROGRAM
                  SIM Galmi Hospital, Niger
                  General Surgery

                        Noël Ndayisenge, Resident 2nd year (GS)
                        Edissa Kwizera (spouse), Ben Ariel (child)
                        I really appreciate being part of PAACS family and praying
                        for one another is great! I and my family pray for the
                        well-being and for wisdom we need while raising up our
                        children. Pray for success in our residency training. Pray
                        for spiritual growth in our family.

                        Audry Banza, Resident 2nd year (GS)
                        DR Congo
                        Pray for God's guidance, wisdom and strength as well
                        as continuous spiritual growth. Pray for success in
                        upcoming PAACS and COSECSA exams.

18   PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020
I   f any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all
    without finding fault, and it will be given to you. But when you ask, you must
    believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea,
    blown and tossed by the wind.
                                                                     ~ James 1:5-6

                      Chidi Hanson Otuneme, Resident 2nd year (GS)
                      Grace Oghuasuan (spouse), Liam Ugonna (child)
                      Please pray for smooth transition for me and my family as
                      we move to continue my training at SIM Galmi Hospital.

                      Clarisse Girincuti, Resident 1st year (GS)
                      Audace (spouse), Ineza Ettie & Meira Daring (children)
                      Please pray for my new baby and my other child. Pray for
                      their safety and well-being.

                      Sadock Irakunda, Resident 1st year (GS)
                      Pray for my studies that God will give me strength and
                      courage. Pray for my family and my wedding / marriage.

                  Harpur Memorial Hospital, Egypt
                  General Surgery

                        Sherif Hanna, Program Director (GS)
                        Mary Lou (spouse), Tim & Joy (children)
                        Pray for wisdom and strength to make difficult decisions.
                        Pray for a smooth transition to the PAACS clinic in the
                        new outpatient building. For two excellent candidates to
                        apply to join PAACS in 2020. Thankful for two graduates:
                        Dr. Nayer and Dr. Amgad Amir.

                        Shady Fayik Ekladious, Asst. Program Director (GS)
                        Rania Ramez (spouse), Sandra & Sarah (children)
                        Pray for my wife Rania for strength and wisdom as she
                        is taking care of our kids nearly by herself as I am away
                        most of the time. Pray for God's protection for our kids
                        and wisdom for us to raise them in God's fear. Pray for
                        strength and wisdom for me in my work and for better
                        time management.

                        Todd Lavery, Asst. Program Director (GS)
                        Jen (spouse), Anneke & Tabitha (children)
                        Thanksgiving for safe delivery of our second daughter
                        Tabitha Ruth. Pray for our family as we adjust to the new
                        little one, as well as the many transitions required in this
                        season of life.

20   PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020
C   onsider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials
    of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces
    perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature
    and complete, not lacking anything.
                                                                  ~ James 1:5-6

                     Alicia Lay, Faculty (GS)
                     Pray that I would transition well as new faculty both
                     as a new role in general and at Harpur specifically,
                     particularly as female surgeons are rare in Egypt. Pray
                     also for a smooth transition from language learning to
                     practicing surgery again, to adapt well to a new hospital
                     working environment and for wisdom as a new faculty

                     Amgad Bakheet Nashat, Resident 2nd year (GS)
                     Mera (spouse), Evan (child)
                     Please pray that God will help us in raising our new baby
                     and to be good parents for him. Pray that God gives us
                     power to serve patients and share the gospel.

                     Armia Samuel, Resident 2nd year (GS)
                     Alexa (spouse)
                     Pray for encouragement and strength in studying and
                     for guidance in our work. For our spiritual life, that we
                     grow in his image and to have a vision of God’s will and
                     plan for us. Pray also for Alexa's work with refugees and
                     our relationship together.

                     Mena Rasmy, Resident 1st year (GS)
                     Pray that the Lord would help me as I learn what it means
                     to study in a new way. Pray that I will be able to learn
                     English better, and that I would be successful in my first
                     year as a surgical resident. Pray that I would grow in my
                     spiritual life.

                                       PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020       21
                 Kibuye Hope Hospital, Burundi
                 General Surgery
                 NEW PROGRAM STARTING 2020

                        Jason Fader, Faculty (GS)
                        Heather (spouse), Anna, Abi, and Keza (children)
                        When starting a program, the precedents that are set
                        are very important, as they set the culture/tone of the
                        residency for years to come. The residents who come to
                        start the program are even more important to getting
                        the program off to the right start. Pray that God would
                        bring 2 residents that would help develop an excellent
                        program as well as give the faculty wisdom in setting
                        good precedents.

                         Alliance Niyukuri, Faculty (GS)
                         Cynthia (spouse), Tracy & Keren (children)
                         Praise God for peace in Burundi and pray for peaceful
                         elections and transition in 2020. Praise God for the
                         opportunity to mentor the next generation of physicians
                         and surgeons for Burundi and beyond. Pray for continued
                         growth of the ministry at Kibuye Hope Hospital.

22   PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020
V   ery truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been
    doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going
    to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the
    Father may be glorified in the Son.
                                                                 ~ John 14:12-13

                    Michael Harling, Faculty (GS)
                    Jennifer (spouse), Amelia & Madelyn (children)
                    Please pray for God's sustaining presence in our day to
                    day lives and that we would continually seek Him first in
                    all things. Pray that we won't get caught up in the tyranny
                    of the urgent and will be able to protect our quiet time
                    with the Lord. Pray for our daughters, that they would
                    adapt well through all the transitions and that God would
                    make Himself know to them. Pray for wisdom as we
                    move to our field of service and start the work to which
                    God has called us.

                    Also pray for other faculty members:
                         Jeshiah Thiessen (GS)
                         Ted John (GS)
                    Please pray for God’s protection, grace and favor.

DAY 10            KIJABE PROGRAM
                  AIC Kijabe Hospital, Kenya
                  General Surgery and Plastic Surgery

                        Please pray for PAACS faculty members:
                          Jack Barasa, Program Director (GS)
                          Tim Berg, Faculty (GS)
                          Jana MacLeod (GS)
                          Chege Macharia (GS / H&N)
                          Irungu Juma (Urology)
                          Peter Nthumba (Plastic Surgery)
                        Please pray for God’s protection, grace and favor.

24   PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020
T   herefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone,
    the new is here!
                                                                 ~ 2 Corinthians 5:17

                      Beryl Akinyi Mawe, Asst. Program Director (GS)
                      Laison Royas (spouse), Atieno (child)
                      Pray for God to help me become a better teacher and
                      mentor to our residents. Pray for peace in English

                      Peter Bird, Faculty (GS)
                      Sue (spouse) Elizabeth & Joanna (children)
                      Pray for our family, for God's grace, and for His direction
                      as we look ahead to our future in 2020 when Liz will
                      graduate from RVA. Pray for God to be glorified through
                      Kijabe Hospital, and for His guidance in planning
                      partnership/outreach to a hospital in north-eastern

                      David Nolen, Faculty (Otolaryngology & H&N)
                      Brittney (spouse) Ward & Bennie (children)
                      Please pray for God's blessing and protection over our
                      family. Please pray for the Gospel to dwell richly in our
                      hearts and in the hearts of everyone in our clinic and for
                      all of us to be rooted in the love of Christ in all that we do.

                      Justin Daggett, Faculty, (Plastic Surgery)
                      Cassandra (spouse) Carrington, Bromley, Edison, Roark,
                      Carver & Leland (children)
                      Pray that we may grow in our experience of God and
                      our children may come to know His love. That Justin
                      finds success in advancing craniofacial care in Kenya and
                      establishing a plastic surgery program at Kijabe Hospital.
                      Pray that we may integrate into the local community
                      and help to establish relationship between RVA and
                      homeschooling families.
                                          PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020         25
DAY 11            KIJABE PROGRAM
                  AIC Kijabe Hospital, Kenya
                  General Surgery and Plastic Surgery

                        James Joseph Apollo, Resident 5th year (GS)
                        Margaret (spouse), Jesse & Jane (children)
                        South Sudan
                        Pray for my adjustment in the new program and
                        settlement of the family. Pray for my academic and
                        surgical skills and the up-coming exams. Pray for our
                        continual spiritual growth. Pray for peace and stability
                        in South Sudan.

                        John Deng, Resident 4th year (GS)
                        Peninnah Makau (spouse), Grace & Jonathan (children)
                        South Sudan
                        Pray for God to help us continue to serve Him in our
                        profession. Pray for my wife who is pursuing her masters
                        in Ob/Gyn to keep growing always under God's grace.
                        Pray that God will bring stability to my country.

                        Morgan Otido, Resident 4th year (GS)
                        Thanking God for how far he has brought me in the
                        program and praying for His wisdom as I prepare to
                        finish and go out to serve Him with diligence.

                        Dimingo Gomez, Resident 3rd year (GS)
                        Jankey (spouse), Edward (child)
                        The Gambia
                        As a family we are so grateful to God. We are also very
                        grateful to Him for the gift of a beautiful boy who by His
                        grace, is healthy and growing well. Glory to God also for
                        our adaptation to Kenya and for academic progress.
                        Pray for our families back home, that God will continue
                        bless and watch over them.

26   PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020
W   hen you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass
    through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through
    the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.
                                                                ~ Isaiah 43:2
                 Manakhe Nassiuma, Resident 2nd year (GS)
                 Pray for wisdom and favor in the new year. Pray also
                 for grace to trust God with things that seem impossible.
                 Pray for joy in my life this year.

                 Mbabazi Pitman, Resident 2nd year (GS)
                 Wendy Nyamusana (spouse)
                 Pray for God's guidance as to how and where to serve
                 him as a surgeon. Pray for my family to endure the
                 demands of residency. Also pray for my excellence in
                 the PAACS and COSECSA exams this year.

                  Gady Barutwanayo, Resident 1st year (GS)
                  Alida Kaze (spouse), Jodie Michelle (child)
                  Pray for my training in a foreign language so that I may
                  get knowledge and skills to help people in the Glory of
                  our Lord Jesus. Pray for my family life so God can be
                  glorified. Pray for peace for my country and within the

                 Joseph Nderitu, Resident 1st year (GS)
                 Pray for successful completion of my five year residency
                 and thereafter for God to use me for His glory through
                 my work. Pray for the discord in my family; may harmony,
                 communication, and forgiveness be restored.

                                   PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020        27
DAY 12           KIJABE / CURE
                 ORTHOPAEDIC PROGRAM
                 AIC Kijabe Hospital & CURE Hospital, Kenya
                 Orthopaedic Surgery

                         Please pray for PAACS faculty members:

                           Francis Mbugua, Program Director (Ortho)
                           James Kinyua, Asst. Program Director (Ortho)

                         Please pray for God’s protection, grace and favor.

                         Joseph Theuri, Faculty (Ortho)
                         Lilian (spouse), Daniel, Josephine, David & Reuben
                         Pray for my son, Daniel who is just applying for college,
                         for guidance with the choice of course and acceptance
                         into a good college. Pray for improvement of the training
                         experience for the residents in our hospital.

28   PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020
B   ut a Samaritan, as he traveled, came where the man was; and when he
    saw him, he took pity on him.
                                                                 ~ Luke 10:33

                  Daniel Galat, Faculty (Ortho)
                  Heather (spouse), Jeremiah & Tory, Emma, Claire, Levi,
                  Josie, Jane & Ethan (children)
                  Pray for the strengthening of PAACS orthopaedic
                  programs at Kijabe/CURE, Tenwek and CURE/Soddo
                  Ethiopia. Pray for expansion of PAACS Orthopaedics to
                  new program sites. Pray for the Galat home ministry
                  assignment for one year which begins July 2019. Pray
                  for strong connections for our family, and grace as I
                  complete a fellowship in adult reconstruction.

                  David Jomo, Resident 4th year (Ortho)
                  I would like to thank God for the opportunities He has
                  given me. He has been faithful and has been by my side
                  throughout this residency program. I pray that He goes
                  before me this year, that He may make my path straight
                  and keep giving me a heart of compassion and one that
                  is eager to learn and perfect my skills, all for His glory.

                  Morris Kitua, Resident 4th year (Ortho)
                  Stella (spouse)
                  We thank God for His favor this far. We pray that the Lord
                  will empower us with the knowledge and skills to serve
                  His people, and that through our work, our patients may
                  see God's healing and His love for them.

                  John Mandela, Resident 4th year (Ortho)
                  Pray for grace and perseverance. For God’s favor with
                  the co-workers and patients. Pray for an opening to do a
                  fellowship in Arthroplasty.

                                    PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020         29
DAY 13           KIJABE / CURE
                 ORTHOPAEDIC PROGRAM
                 AIC Kijabe Hospital & CURE Hospital, Kenya
                 Orthopaedic Surgery

                         Eva Lang’at, Resident 3rd year (Ortho)
                         Brian Rono (spouse)
                         Thanksgiving for my family, work and the residency
                         program. Pray for God’s grace and wisdom in finding a
                         balance between family and work and excelling in both.

                         Daniel Yoseph, Resident 3rd year (Ortho)
                         Pray for God’s guidance through my residency. Please
                         pray protection for my family back in Tanzania and for
                         God to use me accordingly in completing His mission on

                        Norbert Kipkoech, Resident 2nd year (Ortho)
                        Let's commit this year's candidates (MCS and FCS) to
                        God as they prepare for exams towards the end of the
                        year. Pray for God's guidance as I continue to pursue my

                        Kazadi Kalombo, Resident 2nd year (Ortho)
                        Aline Elameji (spouse), Nathan, Ulrich & Precious
                        DR Congo
                        Pray for God's help as I am stand for many exams this
                        year including COSECSA. Please pray for God to keep my
                        faith in Jesus Christ alive.

30   PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020
T   he Lord makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him; though he
    may stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand.

                                                               ~ Psalm 37:23-24

                    Chelsea Shikuku, Resident 1st year (Ortho)
                    Pray for wisdom through this 5 years long journey. Pray
                    that I may grow not just professionally but also spiritually
                    to be a Christian orthopaedic surgeon who serves for
                    God's glory.

                    Brian Maluki, Resident 1st year (Ortho)
                    Veronica (spouse), Adrien (child)
                    Pray that I may be grounded in Christ to lead a life
                    dedicated to His glory. Pray for my family, work and
                    studies. Please pray for a smooth transition for my wife
                    and to be able cope with changes and daily commute to
                    her work place. Pray for the deliverance of my relatives
                    who are not born again, including my father.

                                       PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020        31
              AIC Kijabe Hospital, Kenya

              Pediatric Surgery

                        Ken Muma, Program Director (Ped.Surg.)
                        Sarah (spouse), Getumba & Tafadzwa (children)
                        Pray for additional faculty and that I am able to manage
                        my busy schedule / positions. Pray for a smooth start to
                        the newly introduced MCS pediatric surgical track.

                        Jason Axt, Faculty (Ped.Surg.)
                        Meridith (spouse), Nathaniel, Ezekiel, Titus & Anina
                        Pray that we would settle well in Kenya and develop real
                        and strong relationships with the PAACS residents and
                        their families. That we would grow to know our Saviour
                        deeply and be conformed to His image in the service of
                        families, patients, and those around us. Pray that we
                        would not lose the French language that we have just
                        learned. Pray for resolution to the war in Cameroon.

32   PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020
M   any, Lord my God, are the wonders you have done, the things you
    planned for us. None can compare with you; were I to speak and tell of
    your deeds, they would be too many to declare.
                                                               ~ Psalm 40:5

                 Eric Mwangi Irungu, Resident 3rd year (Ped.Surg.)
                 I am thankful to God for allowing me to begin my pediatric
                 surgery training and for a smooth transition. I pray that
                 He may give me the strength to pursue the training with
                 excellence. That I may be able to grasp the concepts and
                 gain the skills needed. I also pray that the hospital may
                 continue to grow as one body in the hope of attaining our
                 vision to provide excellent healthcare for God's glory.

                 Bethleen Waisiko, Resident 1st year (Ped.Surg.)
                 Pray for God's strength and grace in my residency
                 training. May God mold me to live out His will in my
                 personal life and in my work. Pray for God's wisdom and
                 grace upon our PAACS faculty as they mentor and train
                 us. Pray for God's blessings upon all the people who
                 support the vision of PAACS in cash or kind.

                 Please pray for the Program Fellows:
                     Alain Jules Ndibanje, 5th year (Ped.Surg.)
                     Yves Mpongo, 4th year (Ped.Surg.)
                 Please pray for God’s protection, grace and favor.

                 AIC Litein Hospital, Kenya
                 General Surgery

                 NEW PROGRAM STARTING 2020

                        Philip Blasto Ooko, Faculty (GS)
                        Sandra (spouse), Catherine Juanita (child)
                        Pray for God's wisdom and guidance for the new
                        program as we embark on training the residents. Pray
                        for Dr Sowayi and his family in this tough time after the
                        loss of his child. Pray for God's provision in the changes
                        that are required to improve the hospital.

                        John Kanyi Kabaiku, Faculty (GS)
      The first         To thank God for the visit and subsequent approval of
 PAACS PROGRAM          AIC Litein Hospital as a PAACS training site. Prayers as
        with            I plan for hopefully marriage during the course of the
PAACS GRADUATES         year. Prayers for growth in my faith and devotion to
    being 100%          Christ as I faced new responsibilities.
   of the faculty.
                        Valentine Mbithi, Faculty (GS)
                        Peter (spouse), Adriel Lemmy (child)
                        Thankful that God allowed us to start PAACS residency
                        at AIC Litein in January 2020. We pray for God's provision
                        and guidance.

                        Also pray for Victor Sowayi, Faculty (Ortho)
                        and his family
                        Please pray for God’s protection, grace and favor.

34   PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020
T   ruly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to
    this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be
    impossible for you.
                                                                 ~ Matthew 17:20

BANGLADESH General Surgery Program
Memorial Christian Hospital, Bangladesh
       This program is currently seeking interested and qualified applicants.
       Please pray for them to find the right candidates.

                      Steve Kelley, Program Director (GS)
                      Stephanie (spouse), Shane & Lauren, Sarah, S. Luke &
                      Shannon (children)
                      Pray that our churches will be strengthened through
                      the preaching and teaching of the Word, worship, and
                      intentional discipleship. Pray for holiness, hope in God,
                      and joyful obedience among us as believers in the midst
                      of a hostile environment. Pray for our medical team as
                      we prepare to move into our new facility (late 2019).

Also pray for:
KENYA Anesthesia Program
Kijabe Hospital, Kenya
KENYA Ob-Gyn & Neurosurgery Program
Tenwek Hospital, Kenya
TOGO General Surgery Program
Hôpital Baptiste Biblique, Togo

                                        PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020        35

     SIM Galmi Hospital
     Galmi, Niger

     Mbingo Baptist Hospital
     Bamenda, Cameroon

     Bongolo Hospital
     Lebamba, Gabon

     Kibuye Hope Hospital (starting 2020)
     Kibuye, Burundi

     Malamulo Adventist Hospital
     Makwasa, Malawi

36   PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020

              Harpur Memorial Hospital
              Menouf, Egypt

              Soddo Christian Hospital
              Soddo, Ethiopia

              Kijabe Hospital & BethanyKids
              Kijabe, Kenya

              AIC Litein Hospital (starting 2020)
              Litein, Kenya

              Tenwek Hospital
              Bomet, Kenya

              Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre
              Arusha, Tanzania

                     PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020   37
              Malamulo Adventist Hospital, Malawi
              General Surgery

                        Ryan Hayton, Program Director (GS)
                        Sharlene (spouse), Benson, Hudson & Jet (children)
                        Pray for courage, serenity, and wisdom in our lives. Pray
                        for God's guidance as we live out His plans for us. Praise
                        for how far He has led us.

                        Moses Kasumba, Program Director (GS)
                        Valeriia Manuilenko (spouse), Michelle (child)
                        Pray that God continues to provide for the selection
                        of residents. Pray that He readies PAACS resident
                        accommodations and blesses those who have donated
                        and supervised the projects. Pray for the Malamulo
                        Mission School project to start and be completed on time
                        for the school year. Pray for my family as they prepare to
                        finally join me when school is available for our daughter.

                        Cassandra Graybill, Faculty (OB/Gyn)
                        Aaron (spouse), Anna & Alice (children)
                        I pray that the PAACS program can continue to grow and
                        additional faculty can be recruited.

38   PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020
A   nd without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who
    comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who
    earnestly seek him.
                                                              ~ Hebrews 11:6

                  Etta-Ayum Constance Ndum, Resident 5th year (GS)
                  Praying for God to touch the hearts of the decision makers
                  in Cameroon to act for the common good of the nation.
                  Thanking Him for the opportunity to continue training in
                  Malamulo and for Him to give me the strength and grace I
                  need to integrate into my new program and complete my
                  residency in time.

                   Lijalem Taye Garba, Resident 4th year (GS)
                   Ayantu Arega (spouse)
                   Pray to grow in wisdom, knowledge and skill. Also pray
                   for our first born baby to be healthy and grow in God's
                   knowledge and will.

                   Prosper Ngwang, Resident 2nd year (GS)
                   Ngong Unity (spouse)
                   Cameroon is being torn apart by a conflict. It is a
                   challenging time for Mbingo PAACS residents who have
                   been displaced from Mbingo and some separated from
                   their families. Please pray for peace in Cameroon, and
                   that God will intervene to re-establish PAACS Mbingo
                   again. Pray for my training at Malamulo to be successful.

                   Admire Munjeri, Resident 1st year (GS)
                   Remember me in your prayers that I continue to grow in
                   the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ and that I may be
                   a surgeon that God fully purposes me to be.

                                     PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020      39
                Mbingo Baptist Hospital, Cameroon
                General Surgery and Head & Neck Fellowship
               The General Surgery Program is currently
               suspended due to civil strife in the area.

 Mbingo Program Prayer Requests:
 •   Pray for peace in Cameroon.

 •   Pray for the relief of the humanitarian crisis and the end of human rights
     violations by both sides of the conflict.

 •   Pray that patients will have unhindered access to Mbingo Baptist Hospital
     and that we can provide emergency and life saving care during this conflict.
     Pray that both sides will honor our neutrality in treating anyone who
     presents in need.

 •   Pray for protection of the hospital.

40   PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020
W   hatever you have learned or received or heard from me or seen in me—
    put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.

                                                             ~ Philippians 4:9

                 Jim Brown, Program Director (GS)
                 Carolyn (spouse), Jennifer, Catherine, Rachel, Julie, Laura
                 & Robert (children) and 16 grandchildren
                 Pray for adequate faculty to resume training when we
                 have a secure environment to resume the program.
                 Pray for our residents and their families and for proper
                 placement for each of them while the program is

                 Wayne Koch, Program Director (Head & Neck)
                 Debbie (spouse)
                 The Head and Neck Program is suspended. Pray that we
                 can reopen the program soon.

                 Richard Bardin, Faculty (Pathology)
                 Debbie (spouse), Jess, Jeanna (children)
                 Pray for peaceful resolution of the armed conflict
                 currently going on in Cameroon so that patients who
                 need care can safely reach the hospital. Pray that the
                 hospital compound will remain a safe environment so
                 that patient care can continue. Pray that people come to
                 know Christ through this ministry and glorify Him.

                 Mark Snell, Faculty (GS)
                 Yvonne (spouse), Marika & Nate, Joel & Dana (children)
                 Pray that the program at Mbingo can be restored. Pray
                 for peace in Cameroon and for wisdom moving forward.

                                    PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020         41
              Mbingo Baptist Hospital, Cameroon
              General Surgery and Head & Neck Fellowship

                        Debbie Eisenhut, Faculty (GS)
                        Pray that I would walk closely with the Lord. That my
                        mom's health will allow me to stay on the field. Pray for
                        the re-opening of the PAACS program at Mbingo and for
                        safety, comfort and courage for all residents, faculty and
                        hospital staff. Pray that I would be able to learn enough
                        French to be useful in patient care.

                        Also pray for other faculty members:

                                Evaristus Acha (ENT)
                                George Ngock (Ped.Surg.)

                        Please pray for God’s protection, grace and favor.

                        Sama Akanyun, Resident 5th year (GS)
                        Khan Teyim Pila (spouse), Miyanyu Pila (child)
                        Pray for Cameroon. Since 2016, there has been civil
                        unrest in the two English speaking regions. It cost us the
                        PAACS program, several lives and properties. Pray for
                        my family. Thank God for unity, health and above all love.

                        Tresor Mabanza, Resident 4th year (GS)
                        Blandine Mukuna (spouse)
                        DR Congo
                        We pray for God to grant us grace as we are expecting
                        our first child soon. Also as my wife is still settling in

42   PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020
I   n your unfailing love you will lead the people you have redeemed. In your
    strength you will guide them to your holy dwelling.
                                                                ~ Exodus 15:13

                     Chukwuemeka Nwegbu, Resident 2nd year (GS)
                     Deborah (spouse), Joshua (child)
                     Pray for peace and love in Cameroon. Help for the
                     people of Cameroon. Resumption of the PAACS program
                     at Mbingo. Deeper fellowship with God and brethren.

                     Deng Malek, Resident 1st year (GS)
                     Lina Achuil (spouse), Manasseh (child)
                     South Sudan
                     We thank God for all He has done last year. Pray for
                     peace and prosperity in South Sudan and the health
                     and protection of my entire family. May God bless my
                     professional career for his Name Sake. May God open
                     our hearts to His word.

                     Also pray for the program resident:

                       Ifeanyichukwu Ogbonnaya, 3rd year (GS)

                     Please pray for God’s protection, grace and favor.

DAY 19             SODDO PROGRAM
                   Soddo Christian Hospital, Ethiopia
                   General Surgery and Orthopaedic Surgery

 Soddo Program Prayers:
 Firstly, a note of heartfelt thanks to all of you - our prayer supporters! Your
 faithfulness in prayer has seen God bless PAACS Ethiopia above and beyond our
 imaginations over the past 4 years.
 •   We are thankful for the growth of residents in surgical skill as well as
     Christian character.
 •   We are thankful for the many visiting faculty who have come to teach and
     encourage, to fill in so that we could leave to attend conferences and home
 •   We are grateful for the arrival of the Jeffcoach family AND the Love family
     coming later this year. An amazing answer to many years of prayer! Pray
     for strength and stamina for the 2 incoming faculty and their young
     families, for their transition into another culture, language acquisition and
 •   Pray for Ethiopia’s Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, as he leads the country
     forward with positive and radical reforms such as never been seen before,
     that there will be love, peace and unity in the country.

                           David Jeffcoach, Program Director (GS)
                           Krichelle (spouse), Vivienne, Bruce & Clara (children)
                           As a new PAACS faculty member, I would covet your
                           prayers for a smooth transition for my family and I. Pray
                           that I would bond quickly with the PAACS residents, local
                           staff and fellow missionaries. My wife and I hope that our
                           children would make new and lasting friends. Through all
                           the transition, we want to glorify God and not miss the
                           lessons He has in store for us.
44   PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020
T   hanks be to God, who always leads us as captives in Christ’s triumphal
    procession and uses us to spread the aroma of the knowledge of him
                                                           ~ 2 Corinthians 2:14

                    Andrew Chew, Faculty (GS)
                    Sok Hui (spouse), Carolyn, Timothy & Rebekah (children)
                    Please pray for us as faculty that we will be good and
                    faithful mentors to the residents, to be examples of
                    servant leadership. Pray for employment opportunities
                    for graduates, and our ability to adapt to the changing
                    medical and surgical technological advances being
                    embraced in Ethiopia.

                    Mark Karnes, Faculty (OB/Gyn)
                    Allison (spouse), Joshua, Anna-Marie, Miriam, David &
                    Sara (children) also their spouses and children
                    Please pray for Ethiopia and our Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy,
                    who is a great leader. Pray for his safety and protection
                    and for peace with the multiple people groups in
                    this country. Also please pray for the building of new
                    operating rooms. And construction on a NICU.

                    Nate Ross, Faculty (Ob/Gyn)
                    Cheryl (spouse)
                    Please pray for the safety and health of the patients
                    in both our obstetrics as well as gynecology program.
                    Please pray also as we train residents to perform these
                    vital surgeries.

                    Duane Anderson, Asst. Program Director (Ortho)
                    Jackie (spouse), Lucas, Karl, Hope & Amy (children)
                    Please pray for humility, love for Jesus and commitment
                    to Jesus' mission.

                                      PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020        45
DAY 20            SODDO PROGRAM
                  Soddo Christian Hospital, Ethiopia
                  General Surgery and Orthopaedic Surgery

                        Please pray for other faculty members:
                            Tim Nunn, Program Director (Ortho)
                            Tewodros Tilahun, Faculty (Ortho)
                            Frehun Ayele (Ped.Surg.)
                        and for the program resident:
                            Franklin Umenze, 3rd year (GS)
                        Please pray for God’s protection, grace and favor.

                        Challa Regassa, Resident 5th year (GS)
                        Jalale Tagessu (spouse), Eliana & Christian (children)
                        Pray for God's guidance and mercy. Pray for my
                        placement after completing my residency this year. Pray
                        for my country.

                        Hailemariam Woldegiorgis, Resident 3rd year (GS)
                        Thanks to God for my passing the MCS exam. Pray
                        to God for me to work hard and to glorify Him in my
                        residency. Pray for me to grow spiritually and for surgical
                        excellence. Pray for peace in my country.

                        Temesgen Zelalem, Resident 3rd year (Ortho)
                        Praise God for the Orthopedic program that started
                        in PAACS Ethiopia. Pray for the program so that it
                        will continue. May God bless the program with more
                        orthopedics surgeons. Pray for me so that God will give
                        me wisdom, courage and passion in order serve Him and
                        my patients with all my heart.

46   PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020
D   o you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the
    Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and His
    understanding no one can fathom.
                                                                 ~ Isaiah 40:28

                   Mehret Desalegn, Resident 2nd year (GS)
                   Amanuel Berhanu (spouse), Selam (child)
                   Thanksgiving for a blessed year and for an answered
                   prayer for the new residents God blessed us with this
                   year. Thanksgiving for increasing surgical case flow at
                   our hospital. Pray for continued strength and unity at
                   our program to win more souls for Christ and for more
                   strength and grace as we go through the upcoming
                   exams with PAACS and COSECSA.

                   Leul Shigut Kejela, Resident 1st year (GS)
                   I ask that you pray for God to give me strength, courage
                   and wisdom. Please pray that God will help me with all
                   that is going on in my life.

                   Abenezer Wotango, Resident 1st year (Ortho)
                   Eliel Abenezer (child)
                   Pray for peace in Ethiopia, for my spiritual and academic
                   growth, and for the health and well-being of my family.
                   Pray for fruitfulness of mission team that I am involved
                   in. I want to marry a God-fearing wife. Pray also for the
                   growth of Soddo Christian Hospital and for the well-being
                   of the Mbingo program in Cameroon.

                Tenwek Hospital, Kenya
                General Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery
                and Cardiothoracic Surgery

                        Heath Many, Program Director (GS)
                        Angela Many, Faculty (OB/Gyn)
                        Rees and Mary Taylor (children)
                        Give thanks alongside of us for how God has grown
                        the Tenwek residency programs over the past decade.
                        Pray for wisdom as we seek to continue to advance our
                        training programs in Kenya’s rapidly changing healthcare
                        system. Pray that our residents will grow in their faith
                        during residency and will seek to serve the under-served
                        following graduation.
                        Andrea Parker, Asst. Program Director (GS)
                        Robert Parker, Faculty (GS)
                        Madison (child)
                        This year has been one of transition for us as Madison
                        has gone to boarding school at Rift Valley Academy. We
                        praise God that she is doing so well, but we miss her
                        greatly at home. Pray for this ongoing transition for all of
                        us. Also pray for our positions at the hospital as we care
                        for patients and mentor and disciple residents.

48   PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020
F   or I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you
    and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

                                                                  ~ Jeremiah 29:11

                     Justus Lando, Faculty (GS)

                     Pray for my post residency and the new role as surgical
                     faculty to be able to teach and mentor residents

                     Michael Mwachiro, Faculty (GS)
                     Elisabeth Mwachiro, Asst. Program Director (GS)
                     Esther & Rehema (children)
                     We pray for the PAACS family, the alumni serving in
                     various places and especially for all the new trainees as
                     they settle in their various programs.

                     Jens Vaylann, Faculty (GS)
                     Dr. Eva Vaylann (spouse), Joana & Noah (children)
                     Please pray with us, about how we can serve with PAACS
                     in the future. Please pray for the development of a
                     Christian laboratory teaching course that Eva wants to

                     Cheryl Cowles, Faculty (Ob/Gyn)
                     Dean (spouse)
                     Pray that Tenwek can host the first PAACS sponsored
                     Ob/Gyn residency program. Specifically pray for the right
                     faculty to join us and for God's will in the selection of our
                     first residents. Pray as we develop the program that can
                     be modeled in other PAACS hospitals.

                                        PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020        49
                Tenwek Hospital, Kenya
                General Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery
                and Cardiothoracic Surgery

                        Russ White, Program Director (Cardiothoracic)
                        Beth (spouse), Anna & Jamie & 3 married boys (children)
                        Please pray for us as we develop our Cardiothoracic
                        Fellowship and venture into our second year of training.
                        We hope to start construction of our new cardiothoracic
                        facility this year. Please pray for us as we raise funds
                        and work with others on many logistics. Praise God for
                        helping us to grow into a vibrant, thriving team.

                        Arega Leta Fekadu, Fellow (Cardiothoracic)
                        Bikiltu Kenna (spouse), Keron & Lillian (children)
                        Please pray for our family as we continue to seek his
                        guidance and His continued presence in our lives. Please
                        pray for a smooth transition as we are preparing to move
                        to the US for my one year of Cardiothoracic fellowship

                        Agneta Odera, Fellow (Cardiothoracic)
                        Thankful to God for completion of pediatrics surgery
                        fellowship and continued guidance and favor as I embark
                        on the last 3 years of pediatrics cardiothoracic surgery.
                        Pray for grace and wisdom in leadership, career and life
                        as I pursue what He has called me to do.

                        Will Copeland, Faculty (Neurosurgery)
                        Alisa (spouse), Liam, Hayden, Harper, Charley, Nora &
                        Emery (children)
                        Pray that as each of our children grow, they would
                        develop a mature understanding of who God is, who
                        they are in Him, and the joy that comes in serving Him.
                        For the health of Alisa and baby #7 due September 29.
                        For yielding to God's leading for all those involved in the
                        investigation of beginning PAACS neurosurgical training.

50   PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020
S   o do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will
    strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

                                                                      ~ Isaiah 41:10

                       Mike Ganey, Faculty (Ped.Surg.)
                       Julie (spouse), Eden & Caleb (children)
                       Pray for God’s guidance and provision in our lives and
                       ministries, and for pouring out of His empowering Spirit
                       to accomplish His will. Pray for PAACS Pediatric Surgery,
                       our fellowship programs and trainees.

                      Amanda McCoy, Program Director (Ortho)
                      Please pray for God’s protection, grace and favor.

                       Please also pray for the program faculty:
                           Kiprono Koech, (Ortho)
                       Please pray for God’s protection, grace and favor.

                Tenwek Hospital, Kenya
                General Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery
                and Cardiothoracic Surgery

                        Patricia Chesang, Resident 5th year (GS)
                        Thank God for all who support the PAACS program
                        in any capacity. May God bless and provide for them.
                        Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance this final year and
                        for opportunities to serve him on completion. Pray for
                        faculty for the orthopedic program and success to all
                        sitting for the COSECSA exams this year.

                        Sylvester R. Kimutai, Resident 4th year (GS)
                        I thank God for His grace in my life. Nothing short of it
                        explains my existence and role in the body of Christ. I
                        pray for strength to withstand the winds of this world
                        and uphold His word each second of my life. I also pray
                        for insight and His power of transformation amongst
                        those I am privileged to share His love with.

                        Sinkeet Ranketi, Resident 4th year (GS)
                        Joy (spouse), Nashipae & David (children)
                        Pray for peace in the several countries with conflict to
                        return to normalcy. Pray for the PAACS trainers and
                        trainees as they continue with the program.

                        Samuel Odongo, Resident 3rd year (GS)
                        Caroline (spouse), Nathan & Jayden (children)
                        Pray that we know God more as a family and experience
                        Him in everything we do. Pray for Him to guide us in every
                        way and to experience His peace and joy in whatever

52   PAACS Prayer Guide 2019 - 2020
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