Join Hawaii's television personality, Emme Tomimbang, as she brings you the music, the people and the culture that makes Hawai'i unique and special. Meet Alex and Jane Nakatani ot Maui who have learned t.o carry 011 after losing one son to murder and two to aids; legendary singer Auntie Irmgard Aluli, who inspires her daughters and grandchild ren to carry 0/1 their heritage; and Amy Hanaiali'i and Willie K. (Na Hoku Award winners) who n"'npl'"n," the great tradition of Hawaiian Music.

$29.95 each (includes shipping & handling) send check or money ordcl" to: EMME INC. c/o Christine Biaggi P.O. Box 90024 • Henderson, Nevada 89009 1-702-565-4388 " payable to EMME INC. r - , -n . ~ 2 ". DYeaJM£ Mold HaMJ-ai/~ Steel Guitar Instrument al . Eight different Steel Artists romance the Songs o f H awai 'i POftcafcU fYO/1/V HaUJ--aj/~ A one-hour Story and Song Tour o f Music Places in Waikiki and Honolulu, featuring eight Local Entert ainel-sl SOlUff Of HaM)~U/~ SolUf FoUo 36 H awaiian and hapa haole annotated m usic sheet s of the recorded songs ofVic "Lanakila" Rittenband and Nancy Gustafsson, w ith lyrics an d ukulele chords. Includes stories, pictul-es and I-eferences to t he H awaiian artists who I-ecorded them, plus pages of guitar and ukulele fi ngeringsl Spiral bound to lie nat.

Send check o r m o ne y o rd e r to: CD's $15.00 • Cassettes $10.0 0 • Fo lios $20.00 All Postpaid! KOKUA RECORDS P. O . Box 8100, Honolulu, Hawai'i 96830 (Questio ns? Call 808-923 · 1644)


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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - - 0 ALOHA NUl LOA, MEL! What a nice surprise!! And who said this was a big world?? It has been a lon g time Mel. And I see you have bee n busy as Publisher and Editor of the 'Ohana magazine, which I enjoy tremendously, better than the Aloha magazine I subscribe to from the Islands. My girlfri end Roberta Lausen works at one of the travel agencies there and brought me back a copy of your Keep Up With The News In Hawaili 6 Ha""ai'i Ne""s Update a ,..,QU Haw and the Pacific Basin ilable by e.mail and fax for more informlition ~, contact: Vuen MedJa. Se~ " " '1 £800 ~ 1-80.o"FAX-YU magazine. Read it and cou ldn't wait to subscribe to it.

One more thing before I say Aloha. I found one of my cousins through your magazine. It was in the advertising section. They were having a Gala in San Francisco. I had not seen or heard from her and her family since the early 60s. When I phoned her from the number you had, it was like we had really never been apart. Her voice was the same as I always remembered , and we talked for hours trying to catch up. Frances (Kalei) Givens, Fort Benning, GA (EDITOR'S PANE, I MET CHARM- ING KA LEIIN 1984 W HILE RE SID- I NG AT fT. BENNING AND COMMUT IN G T O TUSKEGEE UNIVERSITY IN ALABAMA TO TE AC H ARMY ROTC. KALE I I S MANAGE R OF TH E MILITARY CLOTHING SA LE S STORES AT BENNI NG. MAHA LO, KALEI!) ALOHA, Enclosed is check for $20.00 to start my subscription with June/July iss ue. I bought th e April/May issue at the BX at Nellis AFB. Enjoy it very much. Keep up the good work.

Born and raised on Big Island, went to Pahoa High School. ALOHA! Jacqueline Regan, Las Vegas, NV Please accept my check for a renewal subscription to 'Ohana. It has been a pleasure receiving your magazine every month in a timely manner and I've truly enjoyed it from cover to cover. Good luck and much mahalo l ALOHA, Marilyn Barnes, Las Vegas, NV Thank you for the opportunity to advertise in your magazine. I am excited to be a part of a publication that is catered to people from Hawaii. I was born and raised in Honolulu and I miss it all the time. If there is anything I can do for you , please give me a call.

Puanani Gilbert, Las Vegas, NV 'OHANA MAGAZINE Thank you for responding to my request for a subscription to your magazine. I'm originally from the island of Maui. Though I have been in United States Air Force for over 17 years, I will always consider myself a local boy. I have recently transferred from Japan to North Dakota, and th e first thing I do is to seek out folks from Hawai'i. It's a great feeling to know that no matter where I go I can always find family. I appreciate that your magazine gives us a taste of home and some insight on what other "local" folks are doing in the mainland.

Much Mahala, Victor Silva, Minot AFB, NO DEAR MR . OZEKI. What a pleasant surprise to receive a copy of 'Ohana Magazine and to see the review on "Beyond Barbed Wire ." (Reviewed December 1997). We were lucky to get Pat Morita to nar- rate it. His wonderful voice really gave the film a professional and polished finish. What a nice and very complete write-up you gave ill We appreciate it very much. Mollie Sumida, Monterey, CA THE LAW OFFICES OF KAJIOKA CHRISTIANSEN & TOTI DEAN Y. KAJIOKA, ESQ. (O'AHU) ~ 510 SOUTH EIGHTH STREET LAS VEGAS , NEVADA 89101 702-366-1528 FAX: 702-366-1653 ' OHA NA EVERY TUESDAY & THURSDAY Rozita Lee's ~Drums o f the Islands.W las Vegas. Imperial Palace.

NOW· JAN 3, 1999 "Fro m Bento to Mixed Plate, H Japanese Amer. Ntl. Museum. l os Angeles. 213-625-0414. JULY 29-AUGUST 2 Hot August Nights, Reno/Sparks. 702-829-1955. AUGUST 1-30 Awesome August. Stay and ploy a t the California Hotel. Cosh and m ore than 525,000 in draw- ings. AUGUST I UHAA East Membership meeting. New York. NY, Kimo Gerald, 212- 903-9605; Martha 8ell. 516-582- 6522. Miss Howai'j Filipino Pageant. Maul Arts & Cultural Center, B08- 242-2787. Howai'j 50th Club of Tacoma, Washington. Pal Cerbona. 253- 582-9362.

AUGUST 1-2 Celebration of Aloha '98 , Sonoma County. Leilani Morino. 707-576-8184. AUGUST 2 Hawaiian Canoe Racing Stole Championship, 5-islonds, 808- 689-6798. AUGUST 3-7 Hawaiian Inti. Billfish Tournament. Kona Coost, HI. 808-329-6155. AUGUST 5-7 A Chorus line. Broadway musi- cal. Maui Arts & Cultural Center. 808-242-2787. AUGUST 7 All-Star Jazz Band. las Vegas. 702-229-62 11. AUGUST 7- 8 Aloha March to Washington, D.C .. 888-875-2233. Flower power, 70s Review. Fremont st. Experience. l as Vegas. AUGUST 7-9 Ann. Tohite Fete. Uhu'e. Kouo 'i, 808-821-0098.

AUGUST 8-9 Son Francisco Aloha Festival. Makomoe Fangonilo, 408-274- 1224. AUGUST 8 Mission Boy 9-man Outrigger Canoe Races, Son Diego, CA.. Dee Van Wilnkle, 6 19-422-5995. AUGUST 10 - 16 Hwn. Invitational Water Polo Tourney. Honolulu. Univ of HI. AUGUST 10-17 38th Intnl. Festival of the Pacific, Hilo. HI. 808-934-0177. A UGUS T 15 UHAA. San Francisco Chapter. Annual Scholarship Lv 'cu, Bruce Reynolds, 408-286-0422. AUGUST 15 - 16 UHAA-Mainland Council Meeting, San Francisco. CA, UHAA C hap ters, Pu 'ukohala Heiou 25th Cultural Festival, Kawaihae (Big Island), 808-882-7218.

AUGUST 16 Na Hula 0 Hawa1'i Festival. Honolulu, 808-5,47-7393 or 266- 7655. 16th Annual Gabby Pahinui - Isaacs Slack Key Concert, Ho nolulu, HI.. Milton Lou. 808- 239-4336. AUGUST 17 UHAA San Francisco Ann. Scholarship lu'au. Bruce Reynolds. 408-286-0422. AUGUST 20 - 24 Koua'j Country Fair. 808-245- 3971. AUGUST 21 Maui Calls. Wine/gourmet pupu ann. fundraiser. Maui Arts & Cultural Center, 808-2,42-2787. AUGUST 21-22 Island Beach Bosh, Fremont Sf. Experience. Las Vegas. AUGUST 23-27 Ultimate Slot Tournament, California Hotel. 702-385- 1222. AUGUST 25 NIl. Park Svc.Day. Kono . HI, BOB- 328-2288.

AUGUST 29 Centennial Grand Cotillion. Ballys Hotel. lIocano-Amer. Assn. of NV. Los Vegas. Investiture of Aloha Festivals Royal Court. Halema 'umau C rater (Big Island). 808-885-8086. AUGUST 29-30 Quenn Uli 'uokalani Outrigger Canoe Races, KailUa-Kona , 808- 329·0833. SEPTEMBER 3 UH Warriors at Utah. SEPTEMBER 3-4 Heiva i Reno . email . SEPTEMBER 4-6 4th Ann . E Hula Mau. Irvine, CA, 310-549-5064. SEPTEMBER 5 - 6 Mokaha Sons. Reno, NV, 800- 723-6500. Outrigger Ca noe Regatta . Chester, MD, John Fulton. 410- 643- 1306.

SEPTEMBER 11 - 12 Mexican Independence Day, Fremont 51. Experience, los Vegas. SEPTEMB ER 11 - 13 A Taste o f Lahaina, Maui's largest food festival. 808-667- 9194. SEPTEMBER 11 - OCTOBER 30 Aloha Festivals, Hawai'i, see island-specific celebrations below. 800-852-7690. ' AUKAKE / KEPAKEMAPA 1998 SEPTEMBER 11-20 O'ahu Aloha Festival. Janet Hyrne, 800-852-7690. SEPTEMBER 12 Air Force at UNLV, 7 p .m. SEPTEMBER 18-19 Big Island Bounty. Hawaiian cel- ebration. 808-885-2000. 800-845- 9905. SE PTEMBER 18-26 14th Kaua'i Mokihana Festival, 808-822-2166.

SEPTEMBER 18- 27 Hawa1'; Aloha Festival. Janet Hyrne. 800-852-7690. SEPTEMBER 19 44th Annual Waikiki Ho'olaule'a. Honolulu. HI.. 808-545-1771. SEPTEMBER 19-2 0 Ho'oloule'a, Las Vegas. NV.. 702-384- 11 99. SEPTEMBER 20-24 Seniors Golf Classic, California Hotel. Lo s Vegas. NV .. 702-385- 1222. SEPTEMBER 20 Sam Choy Poke Recipe Contest, Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel. Kohala Coast, 808-880~ 111l. SEPTEMB ER 25-26 Bandstand Experience. Fremont St. Experience. Los Vegas. Ku Kanoka, Maul Arts & Cultural Center, 808-242-2787.

SEPTEM BER 27 Sam Choy's Poke contest , Big Island. 808-880- III I. 800-880- 3023. SE PTEMBER 27 - OCTOBER 11 Moloko'i Aloha Festival, Janet Hyrne. 800-852-7690. SEPTEMBER 28 UHAA Ann. Pic nic. San Diego, Aden Brown, 760-439-0366. OCTOBER 1- 31 -October is Hawai'; Month ~ at the California Hotel. SpecIal Hawaiian entertainment/ foods. OCTOBER 2 - 11 Moui Aloha Festival, Janel Hyrne. 800-852-7690. OCTOBER 3 UN-Reno 01 UNLV. 7 p .m . OCTOBER 3 Ironman Triathlon. Kailua-Kona , HI. 808-329-0063. OCTOBER 3 - 4 Aloha Pacific Festival, Sunset Pork. las Vegas. NV.. Dione Ohato Sims. 702-736-4917. OCTOBER 4 Hawaiian lu'au . JACL. Las Vegas. NV , George Gota. 702- 382-4443.

OCTOBER 7 - 10 Indy Racing League Event. Chiti Cook-Off & Festival, Fremont 51 Experience, Los Vegas. OC TOBER 9 - 18 Kauo'; Aloha Festival , Janet Hyrne . 800-852-7690. OCTOBER 10 UH Warriors at San Diego State. Hawai'i Club of San Antonio Annual Aha 'aina. Bracken, TX.. Lou McCabe. 210-654-1149. OCTOBER 11 Big Island International Marathon, 808-961-6666. OCTOBER 15-1 B 530.000 Blackjack Extravaganza . Lady luck, Los Vegas, NV. 800- 523-9582. OCTOBER 17 Wyoming at UNLV. 4 p.m. Homecoming. OCTOBER 16 - 17 9th Annual Hula 0 No Keiki. Honolulu, HI. 808-661 -0011. OCTOBER 17-25 Lana'i Aloha Festival. Janet Hyrne, 800-852-7690.

OCTOBER 23-24 Oktaberfest. Fremont St. Exp erience, Las Vegas. OCTOBER 24 6th Annual Lu'au, Modesto. CA, Harold Mara. 209-523-7071. Hila Macadamia Harvest Moon Festival. 808-982-6562. OCTOBER 29-NOV 1 $30,000 Slot Tournament at lady LUCk . 800-523-9582. OCTOBER 31 Tulsa at UNLV, 1 p.m. UH Warriors al Texas EI-Paso. NOVEMBER 5 - 7 World Invitational Hula Festival. Honolulu, HI., 808-486-3185. NOVEMBER 6 - 7 Brothers Capimero. Overland Parle KS" larry Nicholson. 816- 486-3185. NOVEMBER 6 - 8 3rd Ann. Las Vegas Matsuri Festival. Top 100 cultural event in North America.

NOVEMBER 7 - 14 Kana Coffee Cultural Festival , Kailua-Kona . 808·326-7820. NO V EMBER 7 - 29 Feast 01 Famine. mullimedia art exhibit. Maui Arts & Cultural Center, 808-242-2787. NOV EMBER 11 HOlocaust Memorial Concert: The Spirit of Terezin. UNLV, 702- 792-4337 NOVEMBER 12- 14 Win'er Wine Escape Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel. Kohalo Coast. 808-880-I I I I NO V EMBER 13- 19 Howai'i Intnl. Film Festival. MmJi Arts & Cultural Center. 808-242- 2787 NO V EMBER 14 UH WarrIors 01 Fresno State Aloha Taro Festival Big Island 808-962-0704 Calendar confined on page 35 7


- - EMME'S ISLAND MOMENTS • • EMME TOMIMBANG It was "NEW YORK-NEW YORK" for the cast and crew of "Island Moments" earlier this summer. We found slices of "island life" in THE BIG APPLE and discovered that there were many island moments to expe- rience, too! We attended the GODZILLA p re- miere at Madison Square Garden. The giant summer flick was the dream project of Chris Lee. preSi- dent of Columbia Tri-Star Pictures. The I'olani grad said he saw Godzilla films at Toho Theater and always wanted to bring them back to the giant screen in color. He did with the creators of "Independence Day" - Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin. Devlin. by the way. is an actor turned screenplay w riter and producer. His earlier fi lm credits included the Hawai'i TV series "Island Son". "L.A. LAW" a nd numer- ous other TV c redits.

Several Hawai' i folks attended the mega-blockbuste r p remier. Stunning Elizabeth Lindsey ("China BEACH." "Byrds of Paradise") was escorted by her co-star. Chow Yun- Fat. Both are filming a movie for director Oliver Stone in New York City called "The Corrupters." Former TV star of "Nash Bridges" Kelly Hu dazzled photographers with her glamorous smile. Even though this Godzilla doesn't , resemble the original 8 HOURS: MONDAY - SATURDAY 9 AM - 11 PM SUNDAY 9 AM - 9 PM 382-0338 • fax 388-2695 Loca ted in t he Califo rnia Hotel & C asino Godzilla. the effort behind the anima- t ion and life-li ke advent ures of the mutant monst er in New York is incredible! And if you don ' t blink yo u r eyes in the first five minutes you' II catch a glimpse of Yours Truly shoving a mic ro- phone into Matthew Broderick 's face. Another Hawai' i local in the film is Rob FukuzakL former Hawai'j newscaster now LA newsman.

Also, fhe scenes dubbed as "Panama" are really Kualoa Park and Chinoman's Hat Island I Bul there were other island moment adventures in the Big Apple. too. We met Ed Ok ubo . an Aiea g rad who has a very q uaint restaurant In Chelsea called" 18th & Eighth" on 18th and 8th streets in Manhattan. While filming there we also met Kimo Gerald . manager of Carnegie Ha ll. Ge rald rece nt ly helped ente rtainers. Keali'i Reichel, Makaha Sons, Robi Kahakalau and Aunty Genoa Keawe shine o n stage at Carnegie Hall. Gerald. a native of Hila. has lived in the Big Apple for about 30 years! He hopes to bring more island conce rt s to t h e Carnegie Hall stage for East Coast Hawai'i transplants to enjoy. We went for a carr iage ride in Central Park with songwriter/screen- play write r Dean Pitchford. Pitchford. a '68 g raduate of St. Louis Hig h School. w rote t he mus ic for the mov ie "Fame" and screen- play/music for "Footloose." He is about to b ring the popular Footloose film to the stage on Broadway. It opens up with nine new songs in October!

One of the most famouS "hide- aways" for stars as Harrison Ford , Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas is The Mark on the East side of Manhattan. The very chic. elega nt boutique hotel has island connec- tions. For the past 10 years. general manager Raymond Bickson has maintained the hotel's impeccable charm and ambia nce. Bickson, a lso a graduate of St. Louis. is proud of his island roots. Every noW and then he longs for Ii hing mui. Local bay a t heart! Yes, there are more island folks in the Big Apple than you can imag- ine. There's not e nough room in this column to mention them all. Just know, there are folks doing their thing in film. food. hotels. Broadway and even Wall SI. and they a ll still co li Howoi'j "home ," Excerpts of our " NEW YORK ISLAND MOMENTS" were featured in the June segment of Emme's Island Moments.

If you have an "is land moment " st ory / feature to share w i th us you con email me a t emmeinc . Until next time. make time for an island moment - wherever you are! ALOHA . Emme ' O HANA Cultural & Community Affairs Division City of Las Vegas Department of Parks & Leisure Activities presents Special Guest Concert I ~ f.J 0: U Fri:2j!li : : Jtl!IJr:!iI[ll1, ~s~t;e1ifl!!)&r 'l® ~ 'iJ~ 7:30 pm C : I....: , , Artwork by Chad Keliiliki Sammy Davis Jr. Festival Plaza Tickets : $10 (advance) $12 (gate) Concert Tickets & Information 702-229-6704 NEW EVENT! 1 Hula Workshops by guest Kumu Hula Masters from Hawaii For tickel prices and more information call (702) 837·8593 Friday, September 18 Charleston Heights Arts Center Presented by Nani Ola Dance Company Co-sponsored with the Las Vegas Hawaiian Civic Club 9 am - 5 pm Lorenzi Park (W Washington & Rancho) Free Admission Arts & Crafts Food Entertainment For vendor information, call Oni Onekea at (702) 384-1 199 TJ'CKISr (;i~JZ=-,"® SMJTH'S/ROBINSON5-MAY!TOWER AECORDS 702'474- 4000 C A LL_F OR. T IX


I S LAN HOP P I D NG ST. LOUI S TO PLAY PREP FOOTBALL GAME IN LAS VEGAS The Saint Loui s Crusaders wi ll trek to Las Vegas a nd tangle with the pe rennial po werhouse Gree n Valley GalOrs in the inaugural A loha Prep Football Class ic on September 5. The Crusaders are the 1998 Hawai ' i high sc hoo l c hampions. Green Valley Hi g h was in the Nevada state cham- pio ns hips from 1992-97 . Jon Denton, fo rme r UNLV quarterback, prepped a t Green Valley. A tail gate party is planned at Sam Boyd Stadi um before the 7 p.m. ki c k- ofr. O rgani zed by Hawai


12 1998 Na Hoku Hanohano Award Winners Category Female Vocalist Male Vocalist Group of the Year Most PromiSing Artist Anthology flawaiian Album Island Contemporary Album Contemporary Album Instrumental Religious Album Single Song of the Year Album of the Year Winner Amy Gilliom Fuji Na Leo Pilimehana / O'Brian Eselu Lena Machado Amy Gilliom Sean Na'auao Na Leo Pilimehana Keola Beamer Kekapa Lee Elua Kane The Rest of )?;ur Life Amy Gilliom Hawaiian Tradition Born and Raised Colours Ke KUl11u Hawaiian Song Bird Hawaiian Tradition Fish &: Poi Colours White Mountain Journal Aloha Kekahi I Kekahi Ukulele Boy Colours Hawaiian Tradition 1998 Merrie Monarch Winners The 35th Annual Merrie Monarch Festival, long considered the most prestigious hula competition in the world, was held in Hilo, Hawai'i in April. KUlll U hula Willialll "Sonny" Ching swept both the wahine (pronounced "wa-he-nay," women's) and kane (pronounced "ka-nay," men's) championships.

The 36th festival will be on April 4-10, 1999, \:Va llill c GroujJ ( O ve rall ) t Halou Kumu Hula Points 1. Ha lau No Mamo '0 pU'uanahulu William "Sonny" Ching 1182 2. Ka Po Hula '0 Kauanoe '0 Wa'ahila Maelia Loebenstein 1154 3. Kealalaulani Halau 'Olapa '0 Laka Aloha Dalire 1144 4. Halau Hula 0 Kahikilaulani Ray Fonseca 1140 5. Halau Hula Olano Howard and Olano Ai 1117 6. Halau Mohola 'llima Mapuana de Silva 1091 7. Hula Halau 0 Kamuela Paleka Leinaala Mattos/Kunewa Maak 1089 8. No Hula '0 Kaohikukapulani Kapu Kinimaka-Alquiza 1074 9. Halau '0 Ke Anuenue G lenn Kelena Vasconcellos 1074 10. Halau Kealakapawa Michael Ka'ilipunohu Canopin 1072 11 . Halau Keali'i 0 Na lani Keali'i Ceballos 1055 12. Halau Hula '0 Hokulani Hokuloni De Ergo 1040 13. Halau Hula No Pua U'i 0 Hawai 'i Etua Lopes 1010 14. Pukalani Hale Hula Nina Maxwell and Hi'ilei Moxwell Juan 975 15. Keali'ika'apunihonua Ke'ena A'o Hula Leimomi Ho 9710 I( allf" Cruup ( OVI.'I"(/ I/ ) Ha l au Kumu Hula Points 1. Halau No Mama '0 Pu'uanahulu William "Sonny" Ching 1163 2 No Wai Eha '0 Puna Thoddius Wilson and O'Brien Eselu 1143 3. Halau Hula 0 Kahikilaulani Ray Fonseca 1086 4. Hula Halau 0 Kamuela Paleka Leinaola Mattos/Kunewa Maok 1063 5. No Mele Hula O hana Mark Ho'omalu 1046 6 . Ku Kanaka Kaua 0 Ko na Jay Jay Akiona 1033 7. Ha lau Keali'i 0 Nalani Keali'i Ceballos 1015 8. Halau Ka Ua Kilihune AI Barcarse 953 9. Halau Ke Kapa Maile Randol Ngum 929 10. Lehua Dance Company '0 Wai'anae Kaulana Kasparovitch 903 ' OHANA ALOHA JOE'S HAWAIIAN ADVENTURE S My website - - was recently nominated as a "HOT' Hawaiian site. If you own a comput- er. you have to visit my website so you can catch up on the Hawaiian Top 10, Island recipes , travel deals, events and enter my contest. You could win on "Aloha shirt" from Hila Hattie, The Store of Hawai'i. BUSY , BU SY , BUSY!

This is Ho'oloule'o and Hawaiian music season. We started the season on June 6 & 7 in Northridge, CA Auntie Maebelie and I emceed the two-day funfest. We rounded off June at The Aloha Concert Jam. Many, many Hawaiian celebs appeared o n that show; such as, Sistah Robi, Darlene Ahuna, The Canoe Club, The Makaha Sons, Palolo, Cyril Pahinui, Stan No'cuao. Talk about excitement - I'm pooped! Don Ho played all over the Mainland in June and C&K (Cecilia & Kapono) played to SRO houses all over the West Coast in July, C&K named their tour after their newest album "Journey Through The Years." AUGUST W I LL BE JAMMIN ' TOO!

I w ill be emceeing at Whittier College four Sundays in August . The Ruth B. Shannon Center will showcase Island ALOHA FROM SUNNY CALIFORNIA • • ALOHA JOE e nte rtainment. August 2: Lehua Kaapana Nash , Lokilani Rhythm of the Islands & No Pu'ukane, August 9: Daniel Ho, The Ca n oe C lub & Non osi n o 's Polynesian Review. August 23: The Ventura Ukulele Club, Kowiko '0 Leinani, Stee l Gu itar Master Duke Ching & Company. August 30; Kua'Ana, Hiti 'A Otero, Pau Hana. Four great Island shows and you'll love the p rice - just S12 per show or buy a ll four and save SSS - call the box office 562-907-4203 and mention Aloha Joe to get the dis- count. See you at Whittier in August. S EPTEM B ER I S ALO HA FESTIVALS! !

I'm planning to be in Hawai'j again for Aloha Festivals. Here are some "key· events; O'ohu, Downtown Honolulu Ho'olaule'a, September 11; Aloha Floral Parade, September 12; The Waikiki Shell Concert, September 19. Outer Islands - Kcua 'i, October 9-18; Maui, October 2-11; Hawai';, September 18-27; Mo1oka'i , September 27- October 11; Lana';' October 16-25. Aloha Festivals is a wonderful time to visit Hawai'j - you'll love all the "free" stuff that takes place on each island.

WH E RE D O I G O? WH O DO I SEE? Several times each week someone will call. e-mail o r w rite to tell me that they need my help before visiting the Islands. Here are some sample ques- tions: "What's the best Lu'au? Where do I hear steel guitar music? Where d o I see the best sunset? Who has the best tropical drinks?" If you need similar info, call me, 213-734-2523 or e-mail me at or w rite Aloha Joe - P.O. Box 2140 - Culver City, CA, 90231. Tell me where you're going and when, and I'll help you have a great Hawaiian Adventure. A loha Joe , 0 _ 0 ALOHA EVERYBODY - IT ' S TIME TO TALK ABOUT THE MUSIC OF HAWAII.

LET ' S LOOK AT TWO CONTEMPORARY ALBUMS AND ONE VINTAGE HAWAIIAN TREASURE _ bV Aloha Joe NO BOUNDARIES - BB Shawn - © 1999 Flying Solo Music. BB Shawn , 29, was born in Honolulu. BB has been blind almost since birth, a victim of can- cer of the retina in both eyes. But nothing, and I m ean nothing was going to get him down. BB began p laying piano at four. the d rums at age 5 and by 7 he was laying down tracks on all kinds of instruments. BB ploys acoustic and electric guitar. ukulele, steel guitar, trumpet. etc. In 1993 BB Shawn was rapping with a small bond when Hawaiian record- ing star Henry Kapono saw in BB on enthusiasm for performing . Henry knew that someday BB Shawn would become a major performer. Henry was right!! No Boundaries is BB's third solo album. ("Finding My Way," 1996 'AUKAKE/KEPAKEMAPA 1998 - "live & Kickin'," 1997) This album is BB's first "studio album" and it con- tains some great c uts including some original material. " E Ku'ulei" written by BB Shawn is sung in Hawaiian and written w ith a con- temporory jazz flair. Other standout cuts inc lude "Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone ," "Kanaka Waiolina " (written by Reverend Dennis Kamakahi) and the hit sound of " Language of The Heart." No Boundaries is a perfect description of BB Shawn's talent. A loha Joe Tip: If you really want a trea t you have to see BB , live! PS: I love the family photos on this new album - BB was a cute Boy Scout.

PURE HEART - Pure Heart - © 1998 Four Strings Productio ns. They came out of nowhere to stand the Hawaiian music business on its ear. Lopaka Colon, Jake Simabukuro & Jon Yamasato are the three young gentlemen who p e rform under the name Pure Heart. This first album is produced by Tracy Terada and it really cooks! These gentlemen may be young but their performance is SOLID! Lopaka handles the percus- sion & bird calls - YES I said bird calls. Jake plays as good a ukulele as I' ve ever heard and Jon plays guitar and bass and does the vocalizing. The sound is very seasoned. The album features 16 tracks which include "The Green Rose Hula" (a great ren- ditio n), a nd two remakes from Hapa albums, Olinda Road and Europa. The difference he re is that Jake's ukulele is featured for a totally differ- ent island sound. O ther favorites are " M oloka'j Sweet Home" and a new arrangement of "Waimanalo Blues. " Pure Hea rt premiered on Tempo Music 's Top 10 (its first wee k on the market) at #7. The next week Jake, Jon & Lopaka were in third place and during its third week in re lease, Pure Heart hit number one. This one is o n Aloha Joe 's " g otta have list. " LEI OF STARS - The Best of Hawaii 's Vintage Hawaiian Treasures - © 1998 Hana ala Records. If you love Hawaiian music you 're really going to love "The Best of Hawaii's Vintage Hawaiian Treasures . H This album . continued on page 35 13


.---The Northern California Hawaiian Scene by Hal K op . T wo bu sinesses serving the San Francisco Bay Area for five or more years celebrated anni versaries earlier thi s year. A Touch of Aloha Family Restaurant in Milpitas celebrated their 5th Anniversary on February 23. En te rtainme nt was by singer Gordon Fernandez with hula by Vida Luning. Sun Jose Hawai'i in San Jose cele- brated the ir 10th Anniversary May 9- 10. Most ite ms in the store were on sale and the parking lot in front of the store was turned into a ho'olau le'a w ith li ve Hawaiian mus ic by loca l musicians Island Blend, Patrick Landeza, Island Riddinl Band, Mo'opuna, ShoreBreak, 'Olena Blend, and Ka E hu Kai , hula pe rformances by loca l halau Hul a Halau ' 0 Pi ' ilani, Kau lana Na Pua, Ke 'ala Kupaoa 0 Ka Pu Hala , Na M e le Hula 'Oha na, a nd food and lei booths. Two C D s produced by loca l Hawaiian music ia ns began selling in May. S lack key arti st Patrick Landeza (5 10-763- 1822) released I~ VISIT UNLV ONLINE http:/ / Over 145 bachelor's, master's and doctoral degree programs offered to more than 20,000 students. Reduced tuition through the Western Undergraduate Exchange Program. Call now for more information 702-895-3443. his first CD, "Pu 'unaue-To Share." Patrick's CD incl udes nine of his original songs and guest perfor- mances by several well-known musicians from Ha wai ' i: Rev. Dennis Kamakahi, George Kuo, Martin Pahinui, and Pekelo Cosma. Ka Ehu Kai Hawaiian Band (510-471-5155 ) released their second CD, "Where the Tides Lead," which includes guest per- formance s by several Bay Area music ians. Like their first CD , "Cool Breeze of Aloha," the new CD includes many original songs. Northern Californ ia is blessed with many Hawaiian events. Halau Hula o Leilani (707-576-8 184) and Luther Burbank Center (707-546- 3600) present Celebration of Aloha '98 in Santa Rosa August I . Dennis Pavao, Darren Benitez, Tony Conjugacion, and George Kahumoku provide daytime enter- tainment on the lawn of the Luther Burbank Center. Then at night one of Hawaii 's ho ttest musicians, Keali'i Reichel, takes the stage in the Cen ter' s Theate r following per- for m ances by loca l hula ha la u: Halau Hula Na Lei Hulu I Ka Wekiu, Na Mele Hula 'Ohana, and Halau Hula 0 Leilani. Also on Aug u st I In San ta Rosa, Hawaii 's dynamic duo. Hapa, per- form s tw ice at the Sonoma County Fair (707 -545 -4200). With Hapa a re mas te r Hawaiian cha nter, Charles K. Ka'upu and hula dance r Healani Voun , a kumu hula and former Mi ss A loha Hula. On A ugust 8, Northern California Kamehameha Schools Alumni Association (5 10-223 -1 668) s pon- sors the "4th Annual Explorat ions Cultura l Works hop" in Palo Alto. Thi s year's a ll day workshop is call ed th e Hi story of Hawaiian Music and is taug ht by Rohert Cazimero and Kaipo Hale. The 4th Annual San Francisco Aloha Festival is hoste d by Pac ific Is landers' Cu ltura l Associat io n (408-758-0033) A ug u st 8-9 at the San Francisco Presidi o . This festi- COil /iI/li ed 011 page 35 ' O HANA The only thing • • missing • IS you! KLVX TV WORTH WATCHING Become a Channel 10 member today Call 799-1010 #334 Receive Las Vegas Life - the Channel 10 program guide each month in your home. , AUKAKE / KEPAKEMAPA 1998 15


0 _ 0 GASA-GASA GOSSI P • STEVEN LUM Allison Kneubuhl and family have tions from Hawai'i and California. relocated to Las Vegas where she is Their company, the John B. Rudy the director of sales and marketing Co.. sells fiber optic c oble to the fo r the new Resort at Summerlin. She casinos and other Los Vegas busi- was previously at the Kohola nesses. tg) Former Kailua resident Mandarin Oriental Hawai'i Hotel Lori Solodyna is residing in Las Vegas (the old Kahala Hilton). With its w ith husband Bradley Burns, matching 40,000 square foot President of Real Homes. Real grande spa, this new resort has Homes is poised to become a top been touted as the new Grand 20 builder in Las Vegas with his Wailea . Look for Summerlin to be affordable entry level homes in the the most progressive master- northwest. ~ Dr . Mary Jean planned community in the U.S. with Cuaycong has joined the Shearing- their recent announcement that all Westfield Eye Institute where she is homes will be wired with fiber optiC the first Los Vegas surgeon to use a te lephone lines to provide ISDN line breakthrough cataract t reatment speeds o n the Internet direct to your called the Array Multifocol infraocu- home. 1.:) Ronald Chun and family lor lens. IS) Bryan Chun is a sales have expanded their w iring opera- manager at the Flamingo Hilton. , V ego s - b a u n d 16 eMovedl Las Vegas' .. ISland Kine Badio :1I,\'15Pi!!II.1,', Hawaiian Connection Same Walaau Channel (KLAV AM 1230) Same Walaau Time (12 noon to 2:00pm) Different Wala'au Day (Saturdays) Request Line: 731-1230 "See You On Do RAY-JOE" travelers have a w ide selection of packages and hotels to choose from as more offers pop up. ~ Mizuno's Restaurant owner Warren Seta has opened Ninth Island Adventures and is bringing Hawa i ' j g roups to the Tropicono H otel


Join us aga in fo r E Hul a Mau 1998' Make yo ur reserva- tions e arl y and remembe r to book for the Ho·olau lc'a Ha la u Celebrati on poolside BBQ at the A trium o n September 5 - ' In the Spi rit or Aloha. the Atrium is pl eased to ex tend a specia l 'Ollalla rate through December 30, 1998 - but call soon. space is lim ited! Ma/w/o and Aloha.' 18 A m ericansof JoponeseA ncestry inM ulticulturol HoY/oi'i Exhibit thru January 3, 1999 Japanese American Na tional Museum 369 East First Streel Los Angeles, CA 90012 phone, 2'13-625-0414 websi te: WW\N .lausd. k'[ janm / ._ Tamuras in Hawai'i . Shows Real "Aloha Spirit" by Kimberly Fit Tamura Superette in Waianae has served Hawaii 's communities as more than just a grocery store for almost 100 years. Tamuras, as it is called by local residents, has been a gath- ering point for friends, fami lies and newcomers to share a bit of gossip while performing the necessary chore of shopping. People fl ock to Tamuras frol11 all over the islands and from all walks of life, both as c ustomers and employees. They come on bikes and by cars, on bus and by foot. A few even come on skateboards.

Generations of fam ilies have passed through "the estab- lishment," and many children who practically grew up in the store often return to introduce thei r own children to Tamuras. Customers say the store's appeal lies in its island- style friendliness, a place where the "aloha spirit" li ves. "It's a landmark," says Al Aduca. "Yo u mention Tamuras and everybody knows where it is." The bartender says he's shopped at Tam uras fro l11 "lillie kid days, " o ft en stoppi ng in for a quick snack after a long day of work or surfing. Longtime shopper Mary Aipolani , vice president of the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Hea lth Center Board, says her fondest memories of the store are childhood visits at Christmastime. Aipolani says the Tam uras would dole OLit candy to eager chi ldren , whose faces they knew by name. "They always knew who already had candy and who didn't. You couldn't get candy twice." When the infamous Hurricane Ini ki hit in 1992 . residents were th rown into 3n uproar. Radios and TV sets blared warnings for residents to stockpile supplies but only 24- hour convenience stores were open _ and their limited stock would soon be depleted. Where woul d they get can- dies, batteries, fl ashlights, food and o ther emergency necessities so earl y in the morning'! Tamuras opened at 5 a.lll. with family members ancl employees - some not schedu led to work but eager to volunteer _ working togeth- er to serve the residents.

Cliff Tamura, part Owner of the store. says hi s fami ly docs- n't expect nor seek credi t for contributio ns. ThaI could be the reason the fa mily's numerous awards. plaq ues and tro- phies are stu ffed into a small roo m o n the second floo r of the bu ilding. crowned with a thin layer of dust. "We don't do Ihings for recognition," Tamura said. "'A' e j ust try to help Ollt when we I.:an." "It's a good store. especia lly for (Leeward res idents) because some of them don't make as much money as they'd like so they ha ve 10 make do wilh what they ha ve." says homemaker Antasia Kapololu . "It 's cheaper and the same quality as an ywhere e lse ( " o llfillll ed (l ll ' 3-1 ' OHANA "qfo/ ainr.l/ 'i'V a 'eau, Mai 'i'Va 1Qlp~[,na lVai" "To., Vrink (ar indu1ge) tfifV 1(nolldedgfV of a~[,r qferita~" EHM Competition FOURTEEN HALAU'S Thirty-Five Artisans, Crafters & Food Booths EHM Merchandise & Souvenirs Workshops The "Mahalo Bash" THE BROTHERS CAZIMERO Dennis Pavao Na Pu'ukani Darlene Ahuna N~ H~~~ PROUDLY PRESENTS Southern California's 4th Annual Hula & Chant Competition Labor Day Weekend September 4th, 5th, & 6th, 1998 The BREN Events Center University of California Irvine E Hula M all Special Hotels Ask f or th e "Special E Hula Mau Rate" ATRIUM HOTEL (Host Hotel) - (800) 854-3012 HILTON HOTEL - (714) 833-9999 T ickets Sold @ Bren Events Center Box Office - (949) 824-5000 Me rchandise, Flyers, a nd Q uestions - Phone/FAX (310) 549-5064 'A UKAKE / K EPAKEM APA 1998 19

20 K ea li'i Re ic he l c reate d the re na issa nce of Hawa ii an mu sic a nd c ulture in the 1990s like no o the r na tive Hawa ii a n s inger. Wherever Re iche l pe rfo rm s. the a udie nce fee ls the vibes dow n to thei r toes beca use he s ings by " pulling himse lf in to the composer's shoes to convey what that com pose r fe lt.·· Expa triat e d is la nde rs in Las Vegas gel to see Re ic he l agai n a t 7:30 p. m . Septe mber 18 and 19 in s in g le perfo rmances at the Sammy Davis Jr. amp h ithe at e r. Re iche l last pu t h is Las Vegas fo ll owers into a tra nce in 1996: both were se ll - outs that gave everyo ne the " Hawaiian fix" that they came for.

" 1"111 re a ll y exc it ed abo ut pe rfo rming in Las Vega!'> agai n . I e nj oy Las Vegas, but more importa ntl y. the re are so ma ny loca l people who app rec ia te us co m ing. That he lps me pe r- form a t my bes t." In !'>pea king w it h Re ic he l. it"s in stant ly appa re nt that thi s 'X2 g raduate of Lahai nalun a High on Maui. i!'> indeed a reserved man with grea t humili ty. Hc was ra ised in traditiona l Hawai ian way . Hi !'> pare nt s follo wed ClI !'> tOI11 and a llowed Tickets - In Las Vegas, tickets can be obtained (Area code 702): Krissy Ayon , 229-6704; Ticketmaster 474-4000; Charleston Heights Art Center, 229-6383; Reed Whipple Cultural Center, 229-6211. $10 advance , $12 at door. Reicket ColiUrt irv LM VfjM ql»-u !s{aJtden Their ((H~ F~x." by Mel Ozeki him, as the e ldes t child, to spend his first fi ve yea rs w ith his grand parents.

" I learned through osmosis Hawai ia n values a nd p hiloso- phy," he said . But life became even m o re c hall e ng ing whe n he move d bac k with his pare nts. " M y dad is fro m Germ any , Major clash. It took mos t o f m y life to reali ze tha t being both (Hawaii an a nd Ge rma n) is okay."' That be lief is the core of Re ic he l's ph il osophy. " I see a need to become more inclusive because I co me fr0111 a m ixed heritage. I don' t like to be exclusionary. I th ink that's really, reall y wrong. Instead, whe n we ' re incl us ive. we respect everybody and view di ffe re nces as assets rathe r than defici ts. Tha t's the beg inning fo r ha rmo ny throug h unde rstandi ng othe r c ult ures." HE (> Ma i," Re ic he l' s th ird a lbum , was re leased last October and de buted at No.2 on the wo rld mu sic c ha rt in Ja nu ary; it re mained on the c harts fo r 17 s tra ig ht wee ks! The a lbum contain s a n ullu s ua l mi x o f" tra d iti o nal Ha waiian music sung in Hawaiian as we ll as songs like " If I Had Words" fro m the "Babe" soundtrac k . It is con- s iste nt in the mes o f love a nd c ultura l ide ntit y. A forme r klllll ll, or teacher, o f Hawa ii a n cu lture. Reic he l' s overwhel ming popul arity is inex tri cab ly lin ked wi th a popul ace retu rn ing to its once-forgotte n- roots. " It ·s thi s · O H A N A sp ir it th a t has s truck a c h ord wi th na ti ves a nd o 1I t s id e r s ." R e i c h e I exp lai n s.

T h r Oll g h ., E (> M a i .. Re ic h e l b r i ngs awa re - ness to Hawaii a n c ultur- al pride and nati ve sov- e re ig nt y. " M y goal is c ultural freedo m. Be ing abl e to be as Hawa ii a n as yo u wa nl to be ye t st ill be in g a b le to fit into thi s di ffere nt soc i- e ty," he dec la res. The a lbum is di stribute d thro ugh the A lt e rnative Di s tri b uti o n A lli a nce (A D A) o n th e At la nti c R ecord s label in th e · AUKAKE/KEPAKEMAPA 1998 U.S. a nd i n H awa i'i b y t h e Mo untai n App le Co. John deMel lo. CEO o f Mou nta in Ap ple. says that the dedi cation of for m e r is landers li ving on the mainla nd bleeds into th e ir s u rro un di n g s . "T h ere's a tre me ndo ll s amo unt of peo pl e th a t ca rr y th e s pirit of Hawa i ' i wit h th e m . eve n i f th ey ' v e bee n go ne fo r 25 years .·· says deMe ll o . (See (llso Ihe Reichel i llf en'i e ll' i/l ·OHANA .III h· J997.) 21

KAU KAU KITCHEN To order the Kau Kau Kitchen Cookbook or The Banana Book . call toll free: 1-800-YES YUEN, lax: 1-800-FAX-YUEN, Email: or write to: Auntie lele, Kau Kau Kitchen c/o Yuen Media Services, P.O . Box 1199, Hilo, HI 96721-1199 • • AUNTI E LELE YUEN K au kau, p ronounced "cow cow" means "food," o r "meal" in Hawaiian p idgin. It is a lso used to mean "t o eat." as in " let's go kau kau". let's go eat." DEVILED EGGS AVOCADO 1 ripe avocado • 1 dozen eggs Hard boil the eggs. Peel off the shells and slice them in half. Put the yolks in a bowl and crum- ble them. Add a little avocado at a time until you have the proportions which you want . Mix in any spices to which you are partial, such as curry powder, paprika, minced garlic, etc. Stuff the whites with the yolk mix. You may garnish these with paprika, pars- ley, pimientos, olives, or fresh herb leaves. B ehind my g ra ndmother's house in Hilo stands a huge old avocado tree . In season, the ground beneath it is carpeted with avoca- dos and fruit flies. Years ago, she had a little cocker spaniel which was trained to run into the bushes and retrieve the good avocados. My grandmother would c ut off 0 slice for the cocker "to keep her coat shiny" (it worked) and slice the rest for the two legged family members.

AVOCADO CREME When avocados a re ripe. they are RIPE! All at once. Too mony to eat and too good to woste. Here are two recipes. The first is ideal for potlucks and parties, the second makes an e legant dessert. 2 large very ripe avocados lime juice • sugar skim milk, whole milk, or (most decadent) table cream. A hui hou, Put the avocado meat in a blender and add the juice and sugar to tas te. Add just enough milk to give the avocado the consis - tency of heavy mayon- Auntie Le/e 22 MANGO COBBLER Crust : 2 1/4 block butter or margarine 1 cup sugar • 4 c. flour Filling : 2/3 c . sugar 1/2 tsp cinnamon. 1 /4 c . flour 3 c . ripe , but firm mangoes In a bowl combine all pan . Bot t om c r ust s houl d filling ingredients . In be 3/8 to 1/2 i nc h t hic k. another bowl combine but- ter and sugar, then blend in the fl our . Mixture will be lumpy . Take 1/2 of the crust mi xtu re and press it evenly into an ungreased 9x12 baking Pou r and spread even ly all of the fi l li ng mi x . Break up a nd spr ink l e t he remaining crust mix to evenly and completely cover the Eilling . (Do not p ress t he top crust) . naise. Swirl the avocado creme into sherbet glass- es and chill. Garnish with vanilla wafers just before serving.

In addition to avocado, another islond fovorite is mango, which is also in season. Here's the receipe for mango cobbler. • - STRESS BUSTERS - Don't answer th e telephone during dinnel: Stop try ing to please everybody. Start pleaS ing yourself. Carve out an hour a day f.or solitude. Set a side one day a wee" f.o.' rest and renewa l. Never make a promise you ca n't heel" Allow an extm 1 1Cl lf.-llOur f.or everything you do. 'OHA N A We can show you more of Hawaii. IMust have something to do with our name_I 111C wann, bluc waters of Ha\\'aii arc gently kissing the shore, calling your name. And there isn't a better way to fly to the islands than Hawaiian Airlines. \Vic have the Illost non-stop flights frolll the \X/est Coast. And once you get here, w e have over 140 all-jet nights per day to ali six island destinations. \x/c can take you where you want to go. Plus, you'l[ love our in-cabin servicc. It's 100% Hawaiian.Just [ike our nalllc. ror rcsclvations c.:l11 1-800-367-53 20 or visit us at www.hawaiianair.cOI11 Your Friendliest Hawai'i Buyer's Agent in Las Vegas Residential and Commercial • Sales • Leasing • Property Management Free Consultation for Your Real Estate Needs Give Us a Call at 1-800-697- 7246 101 S, Rainbow Blvd.• Suite 20 • las Vegas, NV 89128 • 702-259-7540 ' AUKAK E/ K EPAK EMAPA 199 8 23

Thew res tl e r s s it o n e lev at e d fa rumi (s tra w) m .]( s a nd tra nspo rt their belo ngings in jilroshiki ( large J apa nese-s t y le c lo th. w ra pp e d aro und obj ec ts and t ied a t th e t o p ) o r akelli ( trunk s) lI se d b y sek it o ri w r est l e r s o nl y. W h e n a wre st l e I" reac hes the jl/ ryo l eve l. all or th e ac t ive w res t le rs in hi :-. e nt e ri ng cla ss ( th (}~e w ho jo ined SUIll O a l the s am e t i m e ) p il ch III to bu y an akell; to co n g ratulat e h im o n bec {) l1lin g sekil(Jri. Ilew Akt!lIi are hanu made \v ilh ha mboo and Backsta~e at aSumo Tournament by Mi,w Hall, 'Oll(lIlCl colulllnist Inside the locker room, or shitakubeya at the Kokugikan Arena in Tokyo, there are no chairs or lockers.

three, necessary to carry the yokozuna (suI/a (rope) and the three keslto-mmvashi used for his doyho-iri. In the locker room there are two te lev ision sets hang ing from th e c e ilin g so that wres tl e rs can moniLOr wh e n th e ir bout s b e gin. Wres tl e rs are bu sy ge ttin g th e ir hair done, stretching, or getting psyched up for their upcoming bouts. Some sit quie t- ly and read or li sten to music through headphones, while trying to contain the ir nerves . Others use their t.w kebito (atte n- dants) to practice mo ves and strategies against. Yobidashi (ring atte ndants) come in a few minutes before each dohyo -iri and c lap wooden blocks to notify the j uryo and maku//chi wrestlers to chanoe into the ir kesho-IJ/{/washi and prepare f~r the rin g enterin g ceremony.

The loc ke r roo m space ass ignme nts are by ra nk. YOkOZlllla Afte r a wrestler re turns to his sta- ble, he re laxes and has dinner. Some times they watc h video tapes o f that day's bouts . One wrestler that I know would g o o ve r his match each day in s lo w Illoti on and di ssect every mo ve . He sa id that once a bOllt beg ins . things happen so fast - that o ften , he couldn ' t e ven re me mbe r exac tly what hap- pened . He e xplaine d that in a pres- sure-filled match, hi s body lVould just reac t witho ut thinking . That is why practi ce is so important - so that your body has the necessary A ke/Jfllw. f r olll H'a;lII(//w lo. H(I\I'(/ j'; (Se(' A kdJ(} lI (1 ;11 'Oh(/I/tl FdJ. 1997) T(Jch;a: lIl1/u clwlfillg 11 ' IVakll llohll . lI"ashi pape r.

fo rced w ith rc ill - s tee l IWII .I·a.\·hiIl/Clrll ' okell; are al ways sea te d at the e nd w ith the mO s t s pa ce . Ne xt to th e m are th e ozeki wrestle rs, the n th e sekilV ake, th e kOl11 /1subi and so on. Th e o rd e r is ba se d o n th e h al/ z u ke ( rankin g s h ee t ). No n -se kit o ri wrestle rs, w ho don't ha ve th e ir Ow n ass ig ne d s pa ce, s it near the ir alli -deshi or se ni or w res tl e r. A ft e r th e ir bo ut s, they mUst sta y and ass ist the ir seni o r w r es tl e r. W h e n roti s. They a re pai nted g ree n w ith 11lL' ho rde I'''; and c harac te rs fo r the w re~ l le r '~ na me in red and the n laL"llue red . Eac h s{'kilori is give n (l U l." o/..ell i. On ly YOkOLlllla ha ve 24 the hi gh ranki ng sekilo!"i wrestl e r fin - ishes his bout , he takes a shower or bath, c ha nges c lothes, and the n leaves w ith Hukehilo (a tte ndant s ) w ho ca rry all o f hi s be long ings.

IVlIkWf(!/tillll l ,.l'I(l.Iillg h ((o / hlll/f . 'O HANA Akt'/lol/o pi/flil/ g 0 /1 hix IIIlI lI·(I.\·hi. K I'I/ko I )flsing H'('tlring kl'.I"I/O- /l/ (/ II"(I.I"lIi. Th e w res tl e r s s it on el e vat - e d ICI lwlli (straw ) m

Islander Growth in Ninth Island Creating More "Local" Businesses 'OHANA published a story ~bout the accelerating Increase of former islanders moving to Las Vegas as well as the number of island stu- dents, ranked second from out-of-state, studying at UNLV. Their numbers are growing geometrically! Eve n though 'OHANA ~agazine is Las Vegas-based, Islanders are moving to many other states in the Union. The objective of "Island Businesses in the Ninth Island" (n inth intend- ed as the mainland) is to apprise you of these busi- nesses and how to contact them.

'OHANA will list your busi- ness or club one time - regard less of geographical location - free for any annual subscription. If you are already a subscri ber and w ish to be listed, write or FAX. Even if you're not a business owner - listing your work- place allows your friends to visit you for business. Chris Carrillo Pasadena, CA 626-796-2574 (Natural glass pendants) Aloha Specialties in California Hotel Larry Yamagata, 702-382-0338 (Hawaiian menu) Jetsetter Kriss Hammond 702-252-1647 ' (Editorial & Graphics designing) Beauty Center _ Ultra Salon Lori Hanashiro 702-431-6690' (manicurist) Mahalo, Inc. jose & janet Masaoy Crystal River, FL 352-527-2577 (Music of Hawai'i) Lauhala Trading Co. Robyn Fong Honolulu, 808-949-7371 (importing/exporting) LAS VEGAS 26 LA Kanakas Gus & jessie Manliguis La Puente, CA 626-917-4450 (Hawaiian catering) E Mau Ana Ka 'Olelo Hawai'i EI Toro, CA 949-458-0933 Hawaii Heirloom Jewelry Ron Toguchi, Montebello, CA 213-725-6175 Fletcher's Cobre Tire Byron Rellin (Svc Technician) Las Vegas, 702-648-9870 Kauai's Abreu Ohana Alex Abreu, Morgan Hill, CA 408-776-0458 No Pressure Sportswear john Abreu, Kaneali'i Designs Renee Abreu, Waipahu, HI 808- 678-21 15 Amaorican Enterprises Michael & Shirley Beer Las Vegas, NV 702-451-9777 (WebCrawler) (Fine bone &. greenstone carvings) AND Caren Fujita Flower Depot Don Kono Fujita, Brea, CA 714-672-0217 Menehune Magic Barbara Analani 1mbach Reseda, CA 8 18-343-3026 (Hawaiian apparel) Sonia Low Reseda, CA 8 18-344-9204 (Northridge Ho'olaule'a) Makani Designs Carol Kalola Wong Cerritos, CA 562-402-161 9 Island Legends Todd Matsuoka Gardena, CA 310-352-6333 Gold Dust Travel Margie Slavin Henderson, NV 702-896-9773 (Travel consultant) Tropical Poiz Tusapa Lee Laolagi Cypress, CA 310-739-4574 (Island apparel) Carol's Cookies, Incl A Taste of Paradise, Las Vegas Len Inokuma, 720-568-11 33 'O HANA Barrick Museum of Natural History Exhibits of archeology, anthropology and natural history of the Mojave Desert and Southwest, plus traveling exhibit gallery. 895-3381. Admission: None.

Caesars Magical Empire An unprecedented dining and enter- tainment experience where guests descend into an underground world of mysticism, illusion, wizards and sorcer- ers. 731-7770; 800-276-2442. Admission: Yes. Donna Beam Fine Art Gallery Changing contemporary art exhibitions in all media featuring invited national and regional artists, plus faculty and student artists. 895-3893. Admission: None. Cinema Ride Three-dimensional motion simulator w ith four different exciting five-minute action films. 369-4008; 800-750-5545. Admission: Single feature, $5; double featu re, $8.

Cowboy Trail Rides Red Rock Canyon riding stable offers horse~ack, mustang viewing, campfire musIc and cowboy poetry. 387-2457. Admission: $25 and up. Eagle Canyon Air Tours A great family excursion to see by air and ground the majestic Grand Canyon, America's most famous nation- al park, and Lake Mead, the man-made lake which supplies Las Vegas' water. 702-740-8300 or 800-446-4584. Fremont Street Experience Unique pedestrian mall featuring ~orld-class gaming, festival retail, spe- Cial events and an incredible light and sound show. 678-5777. Admission: None.

Gameworks 'OHANA featured Gameworks, Las Vegas' premiere entertainment venue. Climb Surge Rock, the world's tallest indoor rock climbing challenge at 75- feet ta ll, or three levels of games and two. great restaurants in an upbeat, hip enVIronment. 702-432-4263. Grand Slam Canyon Theme park contained within a climate- controlled pink glass dome with thrill rid es for all ages, plus dinosaurs and other attractions. 794-3939; 800-634- 3450. Admission: Yes. Guinness World of Record s Museum See the amazing facts and feats of the Guinness Book of Records brought to life' 792-3766. Admission: Adults $5; senior citizens, students, &. military-$4; children (12 & under) $3.

' AUKA KE/ KEPAKEMAPA 1998 Imperial Palace Auto Collection Over 250 antique, classic and special interest automobiles on display. 794- 3174; 800-351-7400. Admission: Adults, $7; senior citizens, $3; children (12 & under), $3. Las Vegas Art Museum Showcases local and national artists, featuring drawings, paintings and sculpture; ask about "Permanent Collection". 259-4458. Admission: None. Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix Offering a ride of a lifetime on Nascars, adult Gran Prix, gokarts and kiddie karts. Information: 259-7000. Admission: $4/ride or $17.50/5 rides. Las Vegas Motor Speedway State of the art superspeedway designed to provide a superior motor- sports experience for fans, drivers and crews. 644-7774. Admission: Yes. Las Vegas Natural History Museum Marine life, Nevada's wildlife and ani- mated dinosaurs are featured, plus chil- dren's hands-on room. 384-3466. Admission: Adu lts, $5; senior citizens, military & students, $4; children (4-12), $2.50.

Liberace Museum Memorabilia from the world-famous pianist and legend, including a rare piano collection, automobiles, the world's largest rhinestone and samples from his glittering wardrobe. 798- 5595. Admission: Adults, $7; senior citi- zens, $4.50; students, $3.50; children (12 & under), $2. Lied Discovery Children'S Museum Over 100 hands-on exhibits in the arts and sciences at one of the country's largest children'Smuseums. 382~3445 . Admission: Adu lts, $5; senior Citizens & military, $4; children (12-17), $4; chil- dren (3-11 ), $3.

Magic &. Movie Hall of Fame Explore displays of magiC, movie and ventriloquist memorabilia, experience the history of magiC first hand, and see a live magiC show. 737-1343. Admission: Adults, $10; children (12 & under), $3. N eva da State Museum and Historical Society From the Ice Age to modern times, the museum depicts southern Nevada's plants, animals, fossils and history. 486- 5205. Admission: Adults, $2; children (under 18), free. Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort Historic Park Built in 1855, the fort is the oldest European- American building in Nevada and the site of the first settle- ment of Las Vegas. 486-3511 . Adm ission: None.

Debbie Reynolds Ho llywood Movie Museum A multi-media presentation of film, cos- tumes and collectibles from "Hollywood's Golden Era." 734-0711 ; 800-633-1777. Admission: $8. Scandia Family Fun Center Features miniature golf, Lil' Indy race- way, bumper boats, batting cages, arcade and snack bar. 364-0071. Admission: Pay per activity. Wet 'n Wild America's favorite water park on the Las Vegas Strip - a fun filled adventure for the whole fam ily. 734-0088. Admission: General, $22; children (3-9), $16; chil- dren (under 3), free. 702-737-3819. Zoological, Botanical Park Displays many rare birds and animals, plus chimpanzees, reptiles, Geoffroys cat, Barbary apes and features a petting zoo. 648-5955. Admission: Adults, $5; senior citizens (60 & over), $3.; chil- dren (2-12), $3.

2 Riding Stables Experience the Nevada Desert on horseback with rides ranging from one hour to one day; som e rides include cattle drives and BBQ lunches; Hoover Dam area rides also available. 256- 7433. Admission: Call for prices. "iTP:llalohaworld com • A home on the Internet designed especiall y (or rormer H awaii locals, H awaiian s living on the mainland & H awaiians-a t-heart Iclwid organi zations & individuals. • Southern California & Las Vegas H awaiian Events Calendar ecipes, hia\>vaiic n musit:, High school well sites, local news, f1l3inland Hawaiian Web sites.

• Southe rn California & Las Vegas H aw aiian Community Directory (J\fV\ll nokaol@alohaworld com ALOHAWORLD COMMUNICATION 8'18'9019735 27

McCarran Opens Grandiose II D-gates""y Emily Ozeki M cCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. the nation's 12th busiest, added 26 new gates in brand-new D- gate satellite concourse in June. throu g h th e ir ga t es. Built at a cost o f $200 million , the D gales expand the airport' s capacity by an additi onal 15 million passe ngers per year. Terminals I and 2 present- ly accommodate a total o f 30 million pa sse ngers. Ame ri c an , C an ad ia n Int e rn at io n al. De lt a. H awa ii a n A irlin es. Midwe s t E xp r ess, Nort hwest. TWA and Un ited Airlines occupy D-gates. Hawaiian Air fli ghts at the 0 concourse are for the daily fli g ht s via Los Angeles. not chartered fli g hts .

"Everything IS completely dif- fere nt," Airport s pok es m a n Adam Mayberry beams. Instead of maroon carpeting at the three other gates, D -ga tes' are li g ht blu e. " The movin g wa lk ways are a ls o four-fee t The rolllllda Itas 90-/001 high glass I\'{/I/s.' Pho/O hy JO/III'ki. From the center of the grand rotunda, anyo ne would fee l tin y because a De- 10 can fit inside it. Sunlight pours throug h a 90-foot-high wall of g lass, sparkling like g litter across the round ma rble table fl oor. Some 60 ste ps. or about 40 feel highe r via escala tor. must be scaled to reach the level whe re passengers wi II meet or de part wide, compared with the other three terminal s, so people can more easi ly pass those standing on the right." The terminal connects to the main air- port via a 90-second tram ride that runs in part beneath Paradise Road. Once passengers arrive, they walk into the rotunda and head upstairs 10 the two branches with 13 gates each. Each concession area has a different Nevada-related the me and physical ~ HAWAiiAN ~;AIRLINES KSSK Beams First "Live" Show from the California Hotel I'rrn tri J.! lIl } & P dt·I' ,/uri lll; li n / " 0 - ( 1.\1 . { Ph",os /1.1' fJriall )ulli.l} The first-eve r " live·· broadcast of the ·-Pe rry & Price" sho\I,.'. Hono lul u· s top - rat ed s ho w. wa s h e ld a t the C a l ifornia H o te l. More th a n JOO apprec ia ti ve fa n s . in c lu di n g 15 KSS K con tes t w inn e r s w h o a ls o brou ght one free guest. we re decked in co lorful Hawaiian attire to la ugh and app laud fo r Ihree h our ~ du ring ihe ir i c l c ca ~ t In Hono lulu . The- e ve n!. which i.

... also plan ned again !le xt year. was spon sored by 28 Ha w a i ian Ai rlin es. Vacation s !-I awai ' i. C a lifo rnia Ho tc l a nd KS S K, The lVillllers were: Cecily C hing, Gayle Newcomer, Grace Rivera, Tammy Thoemmes, Patricia Morris, C ha rmaine Mayeda, Ala n Murakam i, Bert Fujinaka, Gerald Nagasako, Janet Lien, Lei Lien, Jonah Cordeiro, Karen Huston, Sharon Hayamizu, Isabelle Kaonohi, motif - from alie n affections for Area 51 to a rustic cowboy scene for an old-West section. A $3 surcharge on all tickets is fund - ing the airport projec t, M ay be rry said. The nearl y $350 million extra v- aganza includes $200 millio n for te r- minal expansion, $80 millio n for the tram , $48 million fo r compute r sys- te ms upgrades, and $ 19 milli on for four morc baggage carollsels . KAMA'AINA TAX SERVICE ~ Of Honolulu ~ Tax Returns Prepared With Aloha Is Pleased to Announce The Opening 01 Its Las Vegas Ollice at 1811 W. Charleston Blvd., Ste 4 Las Vegas, NV 89102 KAMA'AINA DISCOUNTS (When Was The Last Time You Got a Kama'aina Discount?) Call For An Appointment In Las Vegas 702-386-5589. In Honolulu 808-526-1273 'O HANA ' AUKAK E/ K EP AKEMAPA 199 8 29

LAS VEGAS GAMING • • PLAYING THE PERCENTAGE S AT VI DEO POkER Y ou can beat the odds at video poker by being okamai with this game because the payback is usually 96-98 percent, regardless where you ploy, The rules are the some as regular poker and the strategy is nearly identical. Here are 'OHANA's tips: • Don't draw to on inside stra ight. You'll lose money, just as you would in a regular game . If you have a pair and three ca rds work- ing toward a flush or three c a rds workingtoward a stra ight - keep t he pair a nd d raw t hree cards, Exception: At t he poke r t able, w h e n you ' re dealt three o f a kin d, d raw one card. Keep the fou rth c ard (t he "kicke r") bec ause it in c reases your c hances of getting a full house.

At a video poker m achine, you'll win more if you keep the t hree of a kind and d raw two co rds. Rationale: Four o f a kind pays bet- ter than a full ho use. • If you have a high pair - jocks or better - and three t o a roya l flush, keep th e pair. If you have a low p air - lOs o r lower - and t h ree c ards workin g towa rd a roya l fl ush, throwaway t he p air a n d d raw for the royal flush , On over- age, a royal flush p ays 4 ,000 to one . • Don't p laya h u nch . In regular poker, it's som e t im es wise to plo y a hunch (st aying in becau se you th ink your oppon e nt h a s a bod hand). In vi d eo poker, th e out- come is e nt ire ly d etermin ed by statistics and playing h u n c h es o nly hurt, • Don't overdo you r "dou ble-ups." If you' re p laying a special v ideo poker machine tha t allows you to " d ou b le up" (dou b le you r bet). beware. DOing so o n ce is fin e, But if you win a n d t hen d o u b le up fi ve o r six t imes in a row, you'l l eventu- ally lose. Quit while you 're a h ead, And bring your Good Luck Charm! LAS V EGAS DIS .N DAT Compiled by 'OHANA from bolh The Insider and Las Vegas Advisor. CASINOS • Harrah ' s complete purchase of Showb o at for 51.15 billion, making Harrah ' s th e larg es t c asino com- pany wit h 19 pro perties .

• A lot of the slot club c ards that you now have will "e xpire " if you do not use them in cert ain t ime frame s." .6- 18 months , . ond you will NOT b e told about it until you tr y and c ash in any p o ints you may have accum ulated o n your c ard . • New Yo rk-New York's overage nightly room ra te has fall e n from a hig h o f $ 110 w h e n it o pened in Jan uary 1997 to t he high 560s. a cco rd ing t o a Wall Stree t source, A maller fro m the Casino marke t- ing o ffers 550 rates thr ough Octo ber 1 It fakes more time to walk all the way to the Ballys m o norail to M G M than it d oes to simply wa lk along Ih e sidewal k . take the m ono ra il if yo u ore tn n o hurry , you have to walk a lo ng way fwice an d waif awhi le o n ce no advantage doing thai . e» Arizona Cha rlie s are resurrect- Ing penny slot machines , The machin es toke coins a n d cash, but instead of paying winn ers wi th coins, they prin t receipts t hat must be refunded a t a cashier' s cage. This saves o n labor costs in not having to stock machines o r making hand payouts. Oh, one more benefit: the casino fig ures that a player will be more opt to " take one last p ullan a d ouble- or-nothing" than cash-in a few hundred pennies . Hah , there's a strategy in casino gaming . VIDEO POKER • Here are some video poker sta ts .... please don ' t get disco u r- aged . you only get a Royal Flush about e very 40.000 hands.... and th e re are 2.6 MILLION possible hands o f five cards thaI- can be dealt from a 52-card deck . th e average video player needs to put in abo ut 80-100 hours in order to h it a Roya l Flush ... in fa c t . ony kind of winning hand is dealt O NLY 47 percent of the time.. " In spite of all o f the above there a re many c asino s that pay over 50 Royals e very dayl • You must no tify police YOUR- SELF if yo u have a h o tel bur- g lary .. lt seem s that when you tell the hotel sec urity n ow . that is a s fo r as it goes , if you wan t a ny more action . YOU m u st ca ll Metro Po lice ... This is a g reat way to keep c rime fi g ures down in the hote ls . b ut how about t h e fo lks w ho get" ' c rim ed?" • Las Vegas show rev iewe r Joe Delaney ra tes t h ree Las Vegas sh ows at 5 10 o r less as outstand- ing . . you con see t wo o f them in one afternoon . and spend mo re time at the third on t he fo llowing day.. it lays out li ke t h is: V ivo Los Vegas shows twice a day a t the Stratosphe re for S10 a pop . less if you p loy slots before you gO . Comedy Magic a t Maxi m Casino fo r 59 .95 w ill fill out your afternoon . then t ry Siegfri ed & Roy 's Secret Garden at 510 Ihe next day and st ay as long as you wanl .. works out to about 530 per person for all three deals , • Fi tzge ra ld's (downtown) has over 30 roo m s fo r handicapped visitors call 'em at 1-800-274- 5825 ...and if you are ov er 55 years old .. ,ask ' em about their special seasonal deals the first two weeks in December are best t ime o f year.

' O HANA DEKE C ASTLEMA N , M ANAG I NG EDITOR, L AS V EGAS AD V I SO R LAS VEGAS HONORS SINATRA No o ther e ntertainer was m ore syno ny- mous with Las Vegas and none infused it with more g la m our. Sinatra he lped Los Vegas b ury its W ild West image a nd gave it a sound track to re fash ion itself in to an upscale d esert oasis in the 1950s and 1960s. Sinatra as a performe r w a s the biggest high-roller d raw Las Vegas has ever seen. But as a casino pOintholder, gam- bier, and g uest o f the town , he m ode less of a positive impression. A d im- ming-the-lig hts t ribute tha t the Strip casinos tried to put togethe r seem ed to reflect Sinatra's storm y re lationship w ith Los Vegas: the light dimming, which went like clockwork for Samm y Davis Jr. , was inconsistent for Fronk. Any inad vertent disrespect shown by the ha lf-he a rted tribute was m are than mode up for, however. by Steve Wynn who, in a rare public appearance, sat in the Golden Nugget showroom a nd rem- inisced about his longtime friendship with Sinatra for local reporters. ULTRA-EXCLUSIVE CASINO Hyatt Hotels has released details of the 5150 million 500-room Mediterra ne a n- themed lUXUry hotel-casino it plans to build at La ke Los Vegas, the newest hotbed of Las Vegas development , loca ted near Lake Mead. The Monte Logo (" Mountain by the Lake") will have a small casino (13,000 square feet), spa and fitness center, restaurants, retail, and on an 18-hole golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus.The Hyatt resort, w hich is scheduled to open in early 2000. will be port of the 40-acre Village a t Monte Logo, which will include the 200-room Grand Boy Hote l. condos, a nd a moll. All-NIGHT BUFFETS With the addition of the late-nig ht buf- fet at the Frontier. there ore now two casinos that offer all-night all-you-can- eat smorgasbords.

Frantier - Beginning at 9:30 p .m . and running until 7 a.m .. Ihe Cattlemen's Buffet includes carved prime rib and ham . salads, o melets cooked to order, fresh fruiL and a variety of other breakfast foods. This is a g ood c hOice if you' re rea lly hungry. ' AUKAKEiKEPA KE M APA 1998 Board walk - The advertisements for a 53.99 "steak & eggs bre akfast," whic h is served in the b uffet from 11 p.m . to 6 a .m ., are misleading, You're given a single ticket redeemable for either a steak or on omelet, If you choose the stea k, your eg g options are reduced to the c rusty scrambled eggs from the steam tab le, The buffet p ort of the deal is a weak version of the usual sausage, bacon, cereal, oa tmeal and biscuits & gravy; the fresh watermelon saves the day (night), The Rio's Carnival World a nd the Santo Fe b uffet run a ll night every Monday. while Boulder Station's Feast goes thro ugh the night every second Monday. The Santo Fe b uffet for just 51.99 is on excellent deal, with omelets and waffles cooked to order (II p.m.- 5:30 a.m.).

POOL SCENE One of the most important considera- tions for Las Vegas visitors this time of year is which resort-casinos have the best pools. We rate the Flamingo first and the Tropicona second. Both are best known for their outdoor "porks." w hich includ e multiple pools, hot tubs, water slides, and tropical atmosphere. Other notables are: the Rio, Monte Carlo, Hord Rock, MGM Grand, Luxor, Treasure Island, a nd the Mirage. Every summer, a handful of resorts hold parties by their pools. As o f now, there a re confirmed pool parties at Hard Rock (Wednesday and friday) and the Orleans (Tuesday). This summer, Imperiol Palace is running its "Luau & Polynesian Revue " on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 525.95 per person. It's a poolside show with on 011- you-con-eot buffet and unlimited tropical d rinks, Silverton is running a "Summer SteakOut " picnic by the pool, Fri.-Sun. from 5 to 9 p .m . Get a 12-ounce steak. fixin 's, and Silverton 's strawberry toll coke for 57,77.

f inally , for the 13th year running , Tropicona has Los Vegas' only swim- up blackjac k tables, Players sit on stools built into the pool. Wet money is dried in heated drop boxes. You can play bla c kjack waist deep in worm water from 10 a ,m . to 6 p ,m. doily. These reports contain the most "ideo poker strategies ever published, (or casual" intermediate dnd professional players. DEUCES WILD Ii you play video poker in Nevada you should learn deuces wild. Why? II can Deuces \\'ild Video Poker be beaten . Dancer pro- \'ides a tri-Ievel strategy $ . 1 - 'O ·~" Quick & Dirty, Intermedi- ate, Professional - and pre ~ ~ u!J I sen!s the most in-depth anillysis available on penalty cards. 45 pages.

9/6 JACKS OR BETTER Jacks or beller is the basic video poker v

It 's the pe rfec t time of the year to get o uts ide and golf. Golfers allo ver the city rejoice in the rebirth o f their go lf ga mes. UnFortu nately, for many of us. o ur go lf c lubs have co llected du st. The Ca ll away Golf Center is the perfec t pre face to a slIcccess FlIl year on the links. A re lat ively new add iti on to the Las Vegas golf scene, the center is prov ing to be a wo nder- ful com mod ity. Perhaps you' re nervous that yo ur muscles may snap at the shock of the mo tio n of a go lf' swing after so many months of silting. If thi s is the case. you may want to slart Ollt slowly. A good investment wo uld be to spend Cathy Lee & Judy Nitura Golf in Las Vegas by Slep/",";e Hol/olld Divine Nine Par 3, Callaway liolt Center Offers lireat Way to liet Bach in Swing - some time on the 14 acre driving range. They offer both grass and synthetic tees with landing areas that encourage prec ise shot making. Golfers wishing to use this range pay fo r use by the bucket. This helps those who are meticulou s in shot assessme nt.

After you've worked out Illost of the ki nks and your swing is looking as good as it did before the winter, per- haps you would do well to play the Divine Nine Par 3 golf course. This is not simply a pitch and putt, un wo rthy of a true golfer's attentio n. This course has a wide variety of holes ra nging in length from 125 to 200 yards and P.G.A . qual ity 6,000 sq. ft. greens. This lighted par 3 has both natural and synthetic tees and is chal- lenging enough to assist you in brush- ing up on yo ur short game. Before you know it. yo u' ll be all yo ur way to winning golf bets all over the city. Now, say after you have played a few holes you realize, to your horror, that you' ve deve loped a slight slice since you las t played. You complete your round and reali ze that it isn't going to get any better and that you' d beller get some help and fast. The Callaway Golf Center is a lso home to the David Leadbetter Golf Academy. They offer schools that last one, two. three and five days as well as half-day and senior sessions.

There is also a performance center that combines computer technology with the game of golf to assist golfers in finding ways to improve their game with a full c lub evaluati on. Combine these elements w ith a top of the line golf shop and cou ntry c lub sty le restauran t and it 's obvioLis that tillle spent at The Callaway Golf Center is a great investment to yo ur game. It is also because of these qua lity ameni - lies that the Golf Cell ter has already been voted the Nu mber 2 Golf Range in the United States by Golf Ranges and Recreation Reports magazine. My adv ice to yo u. my go lfing fri ends. is to blow the dust off from yo ur clubs, stretch the kink out of yo ur muscles and heed the wo rds o f your mother, "Go outside and play." #e illVlfeYOU fo Experience fhe ,4/0110Spirit! WE HAVE THE LARGEST SELECTION AND VARIETY OF SPECIALTY FOOD PRODUCTS AT THE BEST PRICES! • Beef Steak Nuggets* , tUUM \}'\. ~ ~ 32 • Beef Jerky • Dried Fruits • Clam Jerky • Nuts • Turkey Jerky • Candy • Salmon Jerky • Cookies • Li Hing Goddies • Chips (Secret Family Recipe) Stop by and say Hello! Bring this ad with you for a Special Discount, 702-388-0073 112-8 North 3rd Street • Las Vegas, NV 89101 (Across from the Fremont Hotel) - ""'" ~ ~ @' ~~ O-fTJIVUG~~'\. *Home of the SoftantiDeliciotls BeefSteak Ntlflflets We toke prio'e ill our reputofioll for customer service 0110'competitive prices! ' O HANA OPEN APRIL 30 - SEPTEMBER 27, 1998! A \i,j l/~ N ~ " SAHARA AVE. ~;,ltftd',~ I~OINEN1lOIl I \ CENTER ~ DESERT INN ROAD 7 %\ "- ' ' ii' '1 >- '" ~ "' x ().. TROPIC ANA ROAD >- -.

' AUKAK E/ K E PAK E MA P A t9 9 8 If you're looking for fun, the odds are in yo ur favor at Wet'n W ild.With acres and acres of some of the most incredible rides, slides, chutes, floats and flumes, everyone's sure to be a winne r! EXPERIENCE OUR N EW RIDE ROYAL FLUSH LAS VEGAS The Waterpark on the Strip (702) 734-0088 33

'JrtJJjJ;::':lilllled / r o/ll page 5 started strumming her ' ukule le as a tot and has memorized every chord and technique with incred ible ease. Her lightning picking style can be heard o n the c lassic "Cumana" o n the JOY album. Candyce was grad- uated fro m A'iea Hig h in Jun e . Candyce & Nell y also teach ·ukulele seve ral days a week. Even with these extre me ly busy schedu les Nelly and Candyce said tha t they wi ll continue performing . Roy & K athy Sakuma wanted to do something special for the girl s, who m they have known since they were lil- tie . so they recorded them and gave them the CD as a prese nt. Roy ex pla ins thal "When we got the girls in the studio everything changed." Ly le RiI Z. who a rra nged the album material. and the Sakumas reali zed after hearing just a tune or two that this recording was going to be good enough to release. The four young women thought it would be a "neat" idea to have a CD. But the group needed a name.

Roy Sakuma remembered all of the times they had spent together and that "working Wilh these children has always been a joy." Kathy said, '"'That 's it, that ' s the perfec t name, JOY." The album was released in Hawai:j to great reviews but that was o nly the beginning. JOY performed at Aloha Stadium on O 'ahu at the opening of Hawaii 's newest freeway, H3. The audience wouldn' t let them off the stage - it look seven !wna hOlls before the girls could ex it. Their next performing tri- umph came when they opened for The Ka 'au Crater Boys' "Finale ' Tour." They were also a smash hit on Maui.

In Las Vegas the concert began wi th " the heartbeat of JOY," L y le Ritz. Lyle is o ne of the le ading 'ukulelelbass players in the world and it was a treat to hear Lyle swing out on "Honolulu " Lulu 's Back In Town." JOY 's set consisted of a few tunes from the ir album , but mainly we heard Fresh , new material. The final han a hOI{ (there were four) was a new piece for the girls - a four-part harmony version of " Make Someone Happy" from the movie Sleepless in Seattle. The audience loved it!

When the girls came for the ir inter- view at The Lady Luck Casino Ho tel, they brought their ' ukuleles w ith them. Jeana said that they al ways carry their ' ukuleles, " Ever since we were kids." Future ' ukulele players take note . that's the beginning to become a star! - Tamuras in Hawai'i Shows Real "Aloha Spirit . CfJIIlilllfl!d Ji'mll page I S. . Joe Lum Ho can cert ainl y vouch for lhat, an he's bee n a Tamuras patron since 1957. Back then. the store was located on old Government Road. then called K. Tam ura Sto re. II had j ust changed hands fro l11 the work-rou g he ned pa lms of Katsu ichi Tamura to those o f so ns C liffo rd and Herbert , who re named the store Tamura Superette and moved it to its current locatio n o n Farrington Hi ghway in Waianae In 1969.

Maki taro Tamu ra started the grocery in the earl y 1 900~. serving pl antat ion workers. He gave it \0 oldesl son Kat....uichi in the 1 920~. who then Laser Barcode Solutions pro· vides the total solution to your barcoding needs or require· ments. We can he lp your I)usi- ness to operate more efficiently, increase speed and accuracy. and improve productivity. We specialize in: passed it to his sons. Clifford and his famil y lOok full ownership of the store in late 1995. allowing Herbert and hi s famil y to realize their long- lime dream of opening their own store in Wahiawa.

LUIll Ho says that famil y stores like Tamuras are hard to beat for the love they show the community , and the community'S YOLith. One of the few bu sinesses ill Wa ianae that hires worke rs as young as 16. Tamuras is o rtcn the first taste of business for area teens. Says baggage clerk Li za Line. a Waianae High School student. "They give yo ung people a chance to experi ence worki ng." LASER BARCODE SOLUTIONS • Barcode Scanning Equipment • Barcode Software Integration & Development: • Inventory Control' POS • Asset Management· Document. Key Tracking· Time & Attendance' Shop Floor Data Collection. Barcode Printing Equipment and Software' Identification/ID Systems' Radio Frequency Systems Contact us for free Barcode Co nsultation/ Product Demo: l4 25 45 Sout h Br u ce Street. SUite #3 • Las Vegas. NV 89109 Pilone: (702) 7373211 • Fax: (702) 737 -3447 280 0 Woodlawn Drive . SU ite 11 1 60 " Honol ulu . Hi 96822 Pilone (808) 5393722 • Fa x: (808) 5393721 General manager Royde n Yamane says many teen-aged employees are the SO il S or daughte rs of ot her employees, whi ch encourages good work. "We get to know the families. There's trust." Yamane says wit h pride. Yamane adds that the teens usually leave after two years to go to college. although moms stay to help pay fo r schooling. Management is proud to have taught them about money and to have given lhem a start in the business world, he says. Former and present employees say they are grateful for the experience. And customers say they are a lso grateful because happy empl oyees mean topnotch service. Someone wisc once said , "If it's ton goat.! to be truc. it probabl y is. And Tallluras has always seemed

While on the beaches oj Hawai'i or the desert landscape oj Las Vegas, enjoy Nevada's most Prestigious Monthly Real Estate Publication. Metropolitan fem ures the Finest and Most Exclusive Propenies Las Vegas has to offer. Appeali ng to the discriminating buyer or business eIllrepreneur who is looki ng fo r a home, busi- ness o r land purchase. Providing the finesl: • Custo mer Service • Q uality • Circulation • Distri bution O n your next visit to Las Vegas pick up your personal copy at any of the follOWing 1 0caLions: Black MOUIllain Golf & CounLry Club, Palm Valley Golf Course, Borders Book Shops, Vons, Lucky's, Sav-on, Payless Drug, & K-Man . Located in outdoor sidewalk racks at vari- ous convenience stores all ove r town. Local restaurants include Ph ilips Suppcr House. The Coffee Pub. and The New Starboard Tack. For AdverLisillg illjonllaLioll [(I ll Barbara DeMarco at 870-3 435. f? W OU LD You LIK E A COPY...Dclivcrcd to your door? Mrlropofi((f/J Rcal ESf(lf(' Guide \Viii pill Y{l1I (III the "J(/il i ll

DR. LO-LO • PEOPLE A RE WEIRD Why do people always rush to play the adjacent machines when someone hits a good payoff or a jackpot on a slot or video poker/keno machine? "Because people are weird," says Dr. La-La. For some strange reason, people believe that when one machine hits. the others near- by are "due" to hit also. The other night, La-La hit four Aces and a trey on a Double-Double machine for 2,000 coins and the light on the LOp of the machine began to blink to alert the floor persons of a hand payo ff. There were around 12 machines in the carousel where La-La was playing, and only three or four other players. Right after he hit, people immediately rushed to sit at the vacant machines, because they thougbllhat the other machines would gel hot, too. 'Whassamalter with dis guys, they 1 0-1 or what? No mo'clocks or timers in da machines. No rna' such thing as a machine being due to payoff, no mat(a how long since the last payoff." Forget all this horse manua stuff, says Dr. La · La: just get your coins, pick Oul a machine, put your card in the slot, order a drink, make yourself comfortable, and hope for the best, like he does. GAMBLERS SCREA M "FRAUD!" Have you ever sat at a video poker or SIOl machine and felt that the machine was "due" to pay the jackpot because you've come "close" several times? Perhaps you've been dealt a 4-card Royal Flush or you've lined up the 7s on other than the center payline. Well, there's a great deal of publicity in the media the last few months about how casinos are misleading the public about the actual chances of winning at slot and video poker machines. Among the alle- gations, the plaintiffs claim that video poker machines are not truly random, that slot machines purposely "tease" players by showing thejackpot symbols just above or below the payline, and that video poker machjnes do not actually utilize the full 52-card deck as stated on the machines. Now, these are very seri- ous allegations, but the problem is, they are difficult to prove in a court of law. Why? Because the data/information necessary to prove the accusations are embedded in the computers which run the machines and are not available for public scrutiny. Lawyers for the casinos claim that these allegations are "frivo- lous" because the plaintiffs cannot pro- vide actual dates, limes and facts to jus- tify their conclusions. The federal judge who is hearing the case is leaning to throw out the suit until the plaintiffs can provide the court with the necessary details and specifics to justify their claims. Of course, this can never be done. So expect to be " teased" by these machines, but don ' t be fooled into thinking that the machine will soon pay. JOB SEEKERS If you have access to the internet, tell anyone who was laid off in Hawai ' j and is interested in employment in Las Vegas to check Companies such as Citicorp, Boyd Gaming, TIMET, and 30-40 others flOW advertise for positions. It's a quick, effi cient way to search by job title, send reSllmes, arrange several interviews in one trip - all from home. Continue reading 'OHANA Magazine or thru for useful information . For $20 annual subscription (6 issues), no can go wrong. You also help 'GHANA spread Aloha with your ko kua!

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