PARENT/STUDENT HANDBOOK 2020-2021 - Dr. RW Goines STEM ...

PARENT/STUDENT HANDBOOK 2020-2021 - Dr. RW Goines STEM ...

        Updated May 2020


This handbook was developed to answer commonly asked questions that you or your
scholar may have during the school year. This Handbook contains information about the
rights and responsibilities of both scholars and parents at RWG STEM. It is both the
parent’s and the scholar’s responsibility to take the time to become familiar with all of the
information in this Handbook including Dr. R. W. Goines STEM Academy’s Statement of
Faith and keep it available for your use. It can be a valuable reference during the school
year and a means to mitigate confusion and misunderstandings when questions arise.

RWG STEM reserves the right to interpret the content of this Handbook, including the rules
and regulations governing the academic and non-academic conduct of scholars. This
Handbook is not a contract, nor is it intended to be so constructed. However, this
information is provided with the understanding that this Handbook reflect the
expectations, morals, beliefs, and standards of the school. RWG STEM further reserves the
right to modify and/or amend the content of this Handbook at any time during the year. If
any written modification or amendment is made to this Handbook, a copy of such
modification or amendment will be distributed or made available to scholars and parents
all of whom are responsible to keep apprised of any such changes.

Excitement does not even begin to describe the electric atmosphere here at Dr. R.W. Goines
STEM Academy!

If you have any questions about the Handbook or any of its policies, please contact
Principal Tramaine Reynolds.

Dr. R.W. Goines STEM Academy
Principal:                                Tramaine Reynolds
Assistant Principal                       Geolaina Copeland
Office Attendants:                        Erica Gomez & Shamele LaFrance
School Hours:                             7:15 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.

At the Dr. R.W. Goines S.T.E.M. Academy we couple a rigorous, S.T.E.M.-infused curriculum
with a Christ-centered environment. Project based learning is implemented to engage
students in critical thinking and problem solving daily. In order to achieve this goal,
teachers work together to design projects that address the needs of the surrounding
community, thus making learning relevant to our students.

The RWG Way… Our Educational Philosophy

All children and youth are gifted and talented in their own way, and each one brings a different
strand to the cloth that makes Dr. RWG STEM Academy (Inspired by 1 Cor. 12:1-31). At RWG,
we strive to provide a learning experience for scholars that stimulates their minds, cultivates their
abilities and instills Christian values that will allow them to live healthy, disciplined lives
(Inspired by Prov. 22:6). It is our goal to provide a safe and nurturing environment that will help
them grow spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. We believe in equipping our
teachers with the necessary tools needed to ultimately equip our students for endless
opportunities. By providing a viable core content and Bible-based curriculum, we know that our
scholars will be equipped to take the world head-on. We believe in the well-rounded scholar.
That it is not only important to pour into them academically and spiritually, but that we must also
teach them the importance of taking care of their temples (1 Cor. 6:19-20). Therefore, we
incorporate a physical education and health program that educates scholars on the importance of
getting healthy and staying healthy. Scholars also engage in an electives program that helps them
to explore various interests.

  At RWG, we will AIM HIGH. We will PERSEVERE. We will CONQUER! We will ACHIEVE!

                                         We are Lions!

Statement of Belief

  ● God is the eternal Creator, Sustainer and Provider of all things. He created the
    universe, man and all things in it.
  ● Jesus Christ is the only begotten, virgin born Son of God; He lived a sinless life, shed
    His blood for our sin, rose from the grave, ascended in heaven, and will return to
    earth. He is the Lord and only Mediator, our Savior.
  ● The Holy Spirit convicts of sin, righteousness and judgment; in believers, he affects
    the new birth, indwells, fills, empowers, instructs and guides.
  ● Salvation: The Holy Spirit convicts of sin, righteousness and judgment; in believers,
    he affects the new birth, indwells, fills, empowers, instructs and guides.
  ● Resurrection: All men will be resurrected in the body; the saved unto life: and the
    lost unto damnation.
  ● Believers have spiritual unity in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  ● The Bible is the inspired, only infallible, authoritative preserved Word of God. We
    believe in the inerrancy of scripture.

                                  Mission & Principles

  ● Mission - To prepare students to be Christocentric and academically excellent; to
    expand and impact their spheres of influence.
  ● Lift - Lift up the Name of Jesus in word and works.
  ● Laugh - Having fun in the process.
  ● Love - Showing love towards one another.
  ● Learn - Through a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

Our Banner Verse
 “Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will
make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:19

Message from Our Pastor

After much prayer and due diligence of researching the best educational practices, we are now
ready. We have established a model to help us produce the top students in the country! Our
program is built upon dynamic and cutting-edge approaches that address national and state STEM
standards and the Common Core. Student learning communities will be developed through single-
gender classrooms designed to promote social and intellectual development. Additionally, our small
class sizes mean that your student will have more opportunities for participation, more
individualized instruction and more personal attention from well-qualified teachers.

Central to our vision is a commitment to grow our learners into leaders. We nurture academic
excellence in the classroom but are just as intentional to mentor our students to be socially and
professionally astute. God used education to elevate the trajectory of my life. Being the first college
graduate in my family and the only person from my neighborhood (that I’m aware of) with an
earned doctorate, I see education as a vehicle in which God “…is able to do immeasurably more than
we could ask or imagine.”

Evidence suggests that students’ achievement is elevated when schools and parents form strong
partnerships. I’ll be the first to inform you that our expectations are high, and we will require your
student’s very best effort along with your full commitment to support their educational
experiences. If you share this paradigm of thinking, we’d love to partner with you!

In Him,

Dr. Ronnie W. Goines

Message from Our Principal

Dear Lions,

Let me hear you ROAR!!! We are excited to have you as our scholars here at the Dr. R.W. Goines STEM
Academy! We strive to provide the best well-rounded academic experience for you through
implementation of viable curriculum and instruction, project-based hands-on learning, field trips, college
and career preparation and much more! We promote and are advocates of your physical and spiritual
well-being. Through our robust athletic and health program, we want to make sure that you are
physically healthy and in shape. We also want to plant the seed of godliness in your life through our
Bible classes, so that you will grow up to be Christ-centered productive citizens. So, let’s be the
courageous lions that we are and get ready to have a fantastic year(s) of productivity, learning and
continuous growth!

                                        Welcome to the PRIDE!

-Mrs. T. Reynolds, M.Ed.

Dr. R.W. Goines Academy, Principal

Table of Contents
What Is STEM?                                        10
Our Staff & Teachers                                 10
Academic Credit                                      10
Academic Probation                                   10
Academy Expectations                                 10
  General School Expectations                        10
  Assembly Expectations                              11
  Lion’s Cafe Expectations                           11
  Hallway Expectations                               11
  Gym Expectations                                   11
  Field Trip Expectations                            11
Afternoon Dismissal                                  11
  Early Release                                      12
  Late Arrivals to School                            12
  Morning Arrival                                    12
  Release from Class                                 12
  Students Walking or Biking to School               12
Assessments                                          12
Athletics                                            13
Attendance                                           13
Change of Address – Withdrawal Procedures            13
Classroom Interruptions                              14
Classroom Visitation                                 14
Communication                                        14
Cumulative Records                                   14
Curriculum                                           15
  Physical Education                                 15
    Dress Code for PE                                15
    Participation in PE                              15
  Social Studies – Pearson my World Social Studies   16

Interactive and Dynamic Elementary Social Studies Instruction   16
Discipline                                                        16
  Restorative Discipline                                          16
  Procedure for Expulsion                                         16
  Disciplinary Probation – no field trips                         17
  Bullying                                                        17
  Reporting                                                       17
Electronic Communication Devices                                  18
  Texting or Social Media                                         18
Electronic Devices and Technology Resources                       18
Emergency Response Team                                           19
Enrollment and Admissions                                         19
Field Trips                                                       19
  Designated Driver                                               20
  Expenses                                                        20
  In-school Provisions                                            20
  Medical Care and Insurance                                      20
  Number of Chaperones                                            21
  Parent Participation                                            21
  Overnight Trips                                                 21
Grading Scale                                                     22
  Homework (LEs)                                                  22
  Late Work                                                       22
  Make-Up Work                                                    23
  Term Grade Calculations                                         23
Honor Code                                                        23
  Student Code of Conduct, Character, and Citizenship             23
Inclement Weather and School Closings                             24
Lesson Extension Guidelines                                       25
Lockers                                                           25
Lost and Found                                                    26
Messages to Scholars                                              26
Nursing Clinic                                                    26
  Illness                                                         26
  Immunization                                                    27
Over-the-Counter Medications                              27
  Prescriptions                                             27
Off-Campus Behavior                                         28
Other Financial Information                                 28
Parent Involvement                                          28
Past-Due Account Policy                                     30
Principal’s List                                            31
RenWeb                                                      31
Safety Drills                                               31
Search Policy                                               31
Standard of Appearance                                      32
  Enforcement of Dress Code                                 32
  Standards                                                 32
    Shirts                                                  32
    Pants                                                   32
    Shoes                                                   32
    Skirts                                                  33
    Socks                                                   33
    Physical Education                                      33
    Chapel Days                                             33
    Girls                                                   33
    Boys                                                    33
    College, University, or Military Branch Day Wednesday   34
    Spirit Day                                              34
    Parents                                                 34
Teacher Conference                                          34
Testing                                                     34
Technology Acceptable Use Policy                            34
  Student Accounts                                          35
Tuition, Fees, and Activity Costs                           37
  Tuition Payment Options                                   37

What Is STEM?
“The United States has developed as a global leader, in large part, through the genius and hard work of
its scientists, engineers, and innovators. In a world that’s becoming increasingly complex, where success
is driven not only by what you know, but by what you can do with what you know, it’s more important
than ever for our youth to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to solve tough problems, gather
and evaluate evidence, and make sense of information. These are the types of skills that students learn
by studying science, technology, engineering, and math—subjects collectively known as STEM.” – U.S.
Department of Education

Our Staff & Teachers
The staff at Dr. R.W. Goines S.T.E.M. Academy are dedicated to the holistic development of our students.
Teachers at RWG are committed to being lifelong learners. While specializing in their content areas,
these teachers also mentor and minister to the student body.

Academic Credit
DR. R. W. Goines STEM Academy awards credit on a semester basis, with each course counting as
.5 for electives and 1 for core courses. Any student who fails a class for a semester will need to
recover academic credit. A failing grade does not prohibit reenrollment; however, failing to
acquire credit for the course(s) failed can prohibit a student’s promotion to the next grade or
course level.

Academic Probation
Any student who violates the academic honesty policy/standards will be placed on academic
probation as well. All students involved, including those who knowingly offered information, in
academic dishonesty will be given a zero on all assignments regardless of their weight.

Academy Expectations
  General School Expectations
   ● Follow directions and procedures the first time.
   ● Respect self, others and property.
   ● Be prepared to learn with supplies, proper attire, and a great mindset.
   ● Practice safety at all times.
   ● Keep hands, feet and all other objects to yourself.
Assembly Expectations
   ● Each class should enter quietly.
   ● Students should sit flat in their chair, not on their knees.
   ● Students are expected to be active listeners.
   ● All students are expected to behave appropriately as RWG Scholars
   ● Students will not use electronic devices during the assemblies, unless otherwise directed by
       the presenter.

  Lion’s Cafe Expectations
    ● Follow directions and procedures the first time.
    ● Walk. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
    ● Speak quietly in a ‘restaurant voice’.
    ● Clean area and deposit trash.
    ● Put away electronic devices in the presence of food and drinks.
    ● No Microwaves

  Hallway Expectations
   ● Follow directions and procedures the first time.
   ● Walk. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
   ● Talk with inside voices.
   ● Speak at a voice level 1.

  Gym Expectations
   ● Do not enter the gym without an adult/teacher.
   ● Follow directions and procedures the first time.
   ● Remain in assigned areas unless directed otherwise by the instructor or campus personnel.
   ● No horseplay
   ● No teasing or name-calling.
   ● Do not eat or drink during our regular school hours of operation.

  Field Trip Expectations
    ● Follow directions and procedures the first time.
    ● Stay in assigned areas with group unless your teacher gives you permission to do otherwise.
    ● Give outside guides and presenters respect and attention.
    ● Do not touch or take anything you did not bring with you.
    ● Stay seated on bus rides and maintain a “public transportation” voice level 1.
    ● All students are responsible for their own spending money.
    ● No student will be allowed to leave a fieldtrip without written authorization.

Afternoon Dismissal
Please be considerate of other RWG STEM families and do not arrive earlier than 10 minutes before
dismissal. Following the afternoon carline schedule will allow everyone to move through carlines in
a timely manner. Please do not ask your child to meet you at any other designated area at the end of
the day. All parents are expected to drive through the carline for pick-up. The students will be
dismissed at grade level designated doors only. Please do not wait outside the classroom or in the
hallways to pick-up your child. Going through the carline is important to the safety of our students.

For the safety of our students, students are not permitted to remain on campus after school hours
without prior administrative approval, unless for an after- school program. Scholars cannot be
unattended on campus before or after school. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. All
students will be dismissed in an orderly fashion to after school clubs, car lines, or athletics. All
walkers and drivers must have an authorization form in their student files.

  Early Release
For your convenience, please consider scheduling necessary appointments a minimum of 30-45
minutes prior to dismissal time. Students departing from school early must provide the Office
Administrator with a written or electronic explanation noting the expected time of departure.
Parents will need to sign their students out at the reception desk. Students may never leave school
without permission. When a student has an early release, the parent should complete and submit the
Early Release that is found on the Family Portal.

  Late Arrivals to School
Students arriving late to class will be counted tardy; three unexcused late arrivals will be counted as
1 day absent. A student who misses more than 15 minutes of any class will be counted absent and
will not receive credit for attendance.

  Morning Arrival
The school start time is 7:45 am therefore the morning carlines are open for student arrival starting
7:15am. Carline procedures apply to all students.

Children who arrive after school start time will be considered late to school.

  Release from Class
Absences, which are initiated from the school and given prior approval from an RWG STEM Principal,
are not reported on the student’s report cards. These include school-scheduled and school-initiated
activities such as, field trips.

  Students Walking or Biking to School
Students must arrive and leave the campus at the designated times.

At the beginning of each school year, every student will take an academic screener that will
provide data and their academic progress. Classroom Assessment grades such as tests, papers or
projects may be corrected for a maximum grade of 75% but must be completed within ONE WEEK
of the original assessment date. Additional time may be granted by the teacher due to absences
in the class in accordance with the absence policy.

RWG is excited to be a part of T-Caf for our Middle School and T-Cal for our High School Athletic
We believe that athletics is an integral part of the overall education of a student. It prepares the
student mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually for the rigors of life. The athletic department
is committed to preparing leaders with Biblical convictions for tomorrow and is in accordance with
the overall mission of RWG STEM Academy. All athletic participants are required to adhere to the
standards set forth in the conduct section of the handbook. These standards apply to practice
sessions and all games whether home or away. The athletic participant must understand that
he/she is representing RWG STEM Academy. Christian conduct and sportsmanship will be exhibited
during a contest. It matters not that the participant is in the game or on the sideline or bench area,
his/her conduct must be commendable.
A student must be in attendance 90% of the days a class is offered to receive full credit. The school
interprets the law to mean no more than nine (9) days absent in a semester or eighteen (18) days in
a school year. Attendance is taken daily in each class. All students arriving after 7:45 a.m. will be
counted as tardy.

When a student is absent, the parent should complete and submit the Attendance Notification that is
found on the Family Portal.

A child who arrives after attendance is taken will be counted absent for the day unless the child was
seen by a health care provider and has a note stating the time and date seen by the physician. The
note is to be given to the office when the student arrives at school. The student must be in instruction
for part of the day for this to be in effect. For your child’s benefit academically, please arrange
appointments after school or after the morning attendance is taken.

Please check the school calendar before you plan family vacations or trips. Regular and punctual
attendance is essential for school success.

Change of Address – Withdrawal Procedures
Please notify the office of any change in address or telephone numbers. It is very important that we
have a telephone number where we can reach the parent(s)/guardian(s) in the event of an
emergency. It is advisable to have at least one other contact who can be reached if needed.

Please notify the office at least 30 days in advance when you decide to withdraw your child from RWG
STEM. This will allow the office to properly prepare all necessary forms, check in all textbooks and
prepare the necessary records you need to transfer to another school. We are asking that you keep
all documents updated.

Classroom Interruptions
For the child’s safety, you must come to the office to sign a child out if the child needs to leave during
the school day. All parents should come to the office and have school personnel take care of the
situation. Please do not interrupt class to deliver lunches, glasses, sweaters or other items. The office
attendant will provide a drop off/message slip that can be used for student communication.

Unless it is an emergency, teachers will not be interrupted during their class time to take phone calls
or messages. Office personnel will take the drop off/ message slip and give it to the teacher. Parents
can also leave a voice message after school hours or email them. Teachers will return phone calls and
emails during their conference period, before school or after school. Students will not be allowed to
make or receive phone calls during school time unless emergency.

Classroom Visitation
Parents are welcome and encouraged to visit our school and classrooms at any time. Visits with
teachers or other school staff members should be by appointment as this will assure that the person
and/or subjects you want to see are available when you come. Please do not visit with a teacher
during class time so the teacher can continue teaching and/or give you undivided attention when you
are conferencing. For the safety and protection of all students, visitors must first check in at the office
and show picture identification before entering the classroom. The visitor or volunteer badge must
be worn visibly at all times.

RWG STEM has put in place several methods to communicate with our families. Special events of
school-wide interest will be noted on the annual calendar and/or posted on the school’s website
and/or ParentsWeb and/or Google Classroom. Please make it your commitment to read all
communications carefully. The RWG STEM website (www.RWG will be the main source
for news, forms and other items of interest to RWG STEM families.

RWG STEM Faculty and Staff welcome constructive communication from parents at any time.
If you are going to be out of town and someone else will be taking care of your children, please notify
the teachers by email, with the most updated information. It is important that the school know whom
to contact in the event of an emergency.

Cumulative Records

In accordance with revised federal and state statues, permission of the parents is no longer required
when authorized school personnel request records. (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act,
Final Rule on Educational Records, Federal Register, June 17, 1976. Vol. 41, No. 118, Page 14673)

Cumulative records are the academic record of the student and do not generally contain a discipline
record. In accordance with state law, parents may view their child’s cumulative record upon request.
To view a student’s cumulative record, the parent must make arrangements with the Office Manager.
In the event a parent requests a release of records, the request must be in writing to the admissions
office and will be fulfilled within 72 hours.

Each parent should make sure that all records submitted to RWG STEM are up to date, including
family legal records pertinent to custody, education, and parental rights.

At the Dr. R.W. Goines S.T.E.M. Academy we couple rigorous, S.T.E.M.-infused curriculum with a Christ-
centered environment. Here project-based learning is implemented to engage students in critical
thinking and problem solving daily. To achieve this goal, teachers work together to design projects that
address the needs of the surrounding community, thus making learning relevant to our students with
real- world applications.
         The Dr. R. W. Goines STEM Academy engages in the use of an integrated curriculum and
instruction model approach with the implementation a four different curriculum and instruction
tools. We use the Texas Education Standards by way of the TEKS Resource System as the base for
our core subject curriculum. This curriculum program outlines what students are expected to know
or be able to master by the end of the grade level(s). It provides a pacing tool for teachers that aides
them in being able to cover all concepts within the school year. The TEKS Resource System also has
a parent portal in which parents are able to follow the curriculum that is being taught in class. We
also incorporate the ABEKA Christian Curriculum. This curriculum provides a comprehensive basic
understanding of the Bible and teaches students how to apply principles of Christian living not only
in their daily lives, but also in the areas of reading, math, science, social studies and PE. Edgenuity is
a web-based program that we use to enhance the learning experience of our scholars. Edgenuity
allows our scholars to take online courses in the areas of reading, math, science, social studies,
electives, foreign languages and college prep courses. Lastly, we use the web-based online learning
tool of IXL. IXL provides our scholars with the opportunity for continuous practice of concepts that
are being taught in class to build automaticity of concepts. Students have access to all of the
mentioned resources both at school and at home.

  Physical Education
                  Dress Code for PE
All grades dress out for P.E., must purchase uniforms from Affordable Uniform Company.

                  Participation in PE
When any student has a physical challenge that limits activity or prohibits a particular activity, the
school requires a note from the family medical doctor indicating the reason for limitation and the
period of time for which the limitation is valid. Parental requests for exemption (sore throat, cold,
nausea, etc.) can only be honored for two days without a doctor’s notice. If your child is well enough
to attend school, he/she is well enough to participate in PE.

  Social Studies – Pearson my World Social Studies
Welcome to myWorld Social Studies™, where social studies come to life through storytelling, literacy
instruction, and streamlined materials that are flexible for today’s elementary classroom. The
program focuses on stories from our world—engaging students and encouraging them to be
thoughtful, literate citizens.

  Interactive and Dynamic Elementary Social Studies Instruction
        • Connect social studies content to literacy instruction every day
        • Build knowledgeable, thoughtful, and active citizens
        • Engage with interactive, hands-on learning
        • Print, digital and blended program options


It is the goal of RWG STEM to establish an atmosphere throughout the school in which children feel
safe, secure and happy. Consequently, students will have a maximum opportunity to learn.

In an effort to establish this goal, school and classroom rules and procedures have been established
at RWG STEM. In addition, Christian character education is taught and reinforced in the classroom to
encourage appropriate behavior.

For those students who struggle with following school rules and procedures, teachers will follow the
schoolwide discipline plan. For major infractions, students will be referred immediately to the
Principal’s Office.

 Restorative Discipline
Teachers will go through the steps of their discipline management plan (detailed in their class syllabi)
to correct most misbehaviors. In the event a student is referred to the principal, a meeting will be
scheduled, and the parents will be called in to participate in the process of restoration.
    ● Teacher Referral is submitted in FACTS.
    ● Principal counsels the student and schedules Parent Circle Meeting
    ● Student is assigned an apology project based on the offense
    ● Restoration session is scheduled with all parties involved and consequence is assigned to
        Note: Our discipline policy/ steps will be given to each parent at the beginning of each
        school year.

  Procedure for Expulsion
In the case of such an offense, the matter will be referred to the Dr. R.W. Goines.

Expulsion from Dr. R. W. Goines STEM Academy does not relieve parents of their obligation to pay a
full year’s tuition.

  Disciplinary Probation – no field trips
A student may be placed on disciplinary probation after chronic or severe infraction of school rules
and policies. Probation means students may not participate in sports or other RWG STEM Co-
curricular activities (choir, cheer, student council, etc.). Additional restrictions may be detailed in
their probationary report. RWG STEM administration reserves the right to determine whether or not
a student will be retained at the end of any probationary period.

Dr. R. W. Goines STEM Academy acknowledges the heightened awareness today with respect to
bullying and clarifies its stance regarding such conduct with the policies. It is the expectation of RWG
STEM that parents will work to honestly identify any concerns with respect to their own child’s
treatment of others and help to prevent any form of bullying starting in their own home. Single or
isolated incidents most often are not “bullying.”

RWG STEM defines “bullying” as aggressive, unwelcome behavior that is intentional, repeated
behavioral pattern over time, it is toward one or more individuals or groups, and involves an
imbalance of power or strength whether real or perceived. Bullying can take on various forms,

     ●   Physical bullying – when one engages in physical force against another, such as by hitting,
         punching, pushing, kicking, pinching, or restraining another.
     ●   Verbal bullying – when someone repeatedly uses his or her words to hurt another, such as
         by belittling or calling others hurtful names.
     ●   Nonverbal or relational bullying – when one person manipulates a relationship or desired
         relationship to harm another person. This includes intentional and repeated social
         exclusion, friendship manipulation, gossip, or intimidating another by using gestures.
     ●   “Hazing” – An activity expected of someone joining or participating in a group that
         humiliates, degrades, abuses, or endangers that person regardless of that person’s
         willingness to participate.
     ●   Sexualized bullying – Bullying that involves behaviors that are sexual in nature. Examples
         of sexualized bullying may include sexting, keep involving exposure of private body parts,
         and verbal bullying involving sexualized language or innuendos.

Anyone who witnesses bullying and who then encourages it will be considered to be engaging in
bullying. This policy applies to all students, parents, school employees, school volunteers, and school

All school employees are required to report alleged violations of this policy to the principal. All other
members of the school community, including students, parents, volunteers and visitors are
encouraged to report any act that may be a violation of this policy. Retaliation against individuals
who report such alleged violations is prohibited.

The school will accept and review all reports of bullying. The school will consider the ages and
maturity of the students involved, the types of behaviors, the frequency and/or repetition/pattern of
behaviors, the context in which the incident occurred, and other relevant circumstances. Isolated
incidents may not constitute “bullying,” but all such incidents will be handled appropriately.
Consequences may range from positive behavioral interventions up to and including suspension,
expulsion, and/or reports to law enforcement officials.

Electronic Communication Devices
The school prohibits students from using electronic communication devices without permission at
school during the instructional day. Electronic communication devices include, but are not limited
     • Cell phones
     • Two-way radios
     • Any other electronic device capable of transmitting electronic signals (including Bluetooth
         and/or infrared technology, iPods, MP3 players, handheld games, etc.)

A student violates this policy if the electronic communication device is either visible and/or turned
on without the express permission of a school official. A violation of this policy will result in the
confiscation of the device. The device will be returned to the student’s parent after a parent

  Texting or Social Media
Students are not to text during the school day. Students who are out of class or who are off campus
because of early release may not contact their peers during the class day. Parents also are asked to
direct communication to students through the school office rather than texting students. Text
communications that originate outside the boundaries of the school or outside of school hours, but
which affect the reputation of other students or reflect behavior that is not in keeping with the
student code of conduct may be subject to disciplinary sanctions that include detention, suspension,
or withdrawal from the school. Every effort will be made to reconcile the parties through
parent/teacher/administrator conferences.

Electronic Devices and Technology Resources
All Grade Levels
Possession and Use of Personal Telecommunications Devices, Including Mobile Telephones
For safety purposes, the academy permits students to possess personal mobile telephones; however,
these devices must remain turned off during the instructional day, including during all testing. The
use of mobile telephones or any device capable of capturing images is strictly prohibited in locker
rooms or restroom areas while at school or at a school-related or school-sponsored event.

If a student uses a telecommunications device without authorization during the school day, the device
will be confiscated. The parent may pick up the confiscated telecommunications device from the
principal’s office for a fee of $10. All charges will be added to the student’s account. Confiscated
telecommunications devices that are not retrieved by the student’s parents will be disposed at the
end of year.

In limited circumstances and in accordance with law, a student’s personal telecommunications
device may be searched by authorized personnel. Any disciplinary action will be in accordance with
the Student Code of Conduct. The academy is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen
telecommunications devices.

Emergency Response Team
In the event of an emergency situation (i.e. fire, tornado, local or national crisis), the school has
developed protocols with the direct priority of protecting our students. The school has set up a
Preparedness Team that will assess all emergency situations, confer with local authorities, validate
the information, and then provide proper communication via the school communication systems to
all RWG STEM families. In the event of an emergency, please know that our priority is protecting all
of our students. During challenging times, we ask that all parents/visitors comply with any
instructions given and demonstrate patience and calmness as limited school staff will be available to
greet visitors as they work in the emergency situation.

Any parent wishing to view RWG STEM ’s school preparedness manual should contact the office for

Enrollment and Admissions
DR. R. W. Goines STEM Academy’s mission and beliefs are expected of all of its scholars and families.
RWG STEM reserves the right to consistently apply and pursue its mission, values, and Statement of
Faith in its admission and enrollment, and to reserve admission for those scholars and families that
share in those values. Persons who do not share the values and beliefs, as set forth by the school are
encouraged to pursue education opportunities with institutions that do share their values and beliefs.
RWG STEM will select those individuals who wish to join with us in a common endeavor and mission,
as enrollment will play a critical role in the culture, traditions, and future of our school.

Field Trips
Field Trips are intended to allow students experiences that provide them with insight, information,
or knowledge that cannot be adequately developed through regular classroom instruction. Field
trips, therefore, become an integral part of the curriculum and are as essential to the instructional
process as textbooks, equipment, and other instructional devices and teaching/learning strategies.
As it is widely acknowledged that not all children learn in the same way, field trips allow students
the opportunity to expand their intelligence in ways different from those typically available only
inside the classroom.

While most field trips are directly related to specific, academic curricula, they also may address the
need for intra and inter personal growth in children, and thus may be designed to promote social
and emotional development and to provide for the development of the “whole” child. Students shall
be transported by public or chartered conveyance traveling to and from a destination for all field
trips or school events. Exceptions are:
     ● The parent of a child transports his/ her own child,
     ●   The field trip is within the boundaries of Frisco and the principal determines that the use
         of private automobiles with individual / community drivers would better meet the needs
         of the field trip.

  Designated Driver
The principal, in consultation with the teacher/ teachers planning a field trip, shall determine
whether or not a designated driver shall travel by separate private vehicle in order to provide for
transportation of student(s) should an emergency arise or, for example, should a student be lost,
thereby permitting the remainder of the group to proceed as scheduled.

Field trips may be funded through a variety of sources: school budget, grants and contributions from
outside the school budget, parent teacher fellowship support, and parent contributions. Gift shop or
souvenir purchases are encouraged on any day trip.

On overnight trips, organizers will suggest the amount of funds students need for food and
miscellaneous items. Amounts for gift shop and souvenir purchases will be at parent discretion.
Ample notification will be given to parents regarding overnight trips so that students themselves can
contribute to defraying their own expenses, e.g., earning money with summer, weekend, and after-
school jobs.

NO student shall be denied access to any class trip due to financial restraints. A class trip is one in
which the entire class is participating during a school day; not including overnight or special elective
trips. In cases of need, parents should contact the principal, or teacher, for financial accommodations.

  In-school Provisions
Appropriate educational accommodations will be made for those students who are not participating
in field trips.

Medical Care and Insurance
To ensure accurate, up-to-date health information, permission slips for field trips must require
parents to indicate if their child has any medical issues to be considered or medication to be taken
and to list the steps that should be followed in case of an emergency. For day and night trips, an RWG
STEM staff member will be required to ensure that all 5-8 students actually take their required
medicines. In addition, appropriate release forms for emergency medical treatment should be signed
by all parents/guardians and kept in the care of a designated adult on all overnight trips.

On the Field Trip Permission Form, parents will be required indicate the name of the student’s medical
insurance carrier and the insurance policy number.

  Number of Chaperones
Criteria to be considered in determining the number of chaperones needed include, the age of the
students, distance to be traveled, nature of the field trip activities, and safety requirements. At least
one adult chaperone must be available to handle emergencies or other matters that develop and must
not be assigned a group of students without another adult who could take charge of the group if

  Parent Participation
All RWG STEM parents are allowed to attend daily class trips with their child. In the rare instance in
which limitation exists due to venue size, parents might be asked to attend, but to give participation
preference to the scholars first.

Chaperones and drivers participating on an RWG STEM trip should be concerned with the safety and
security of students while away from campus. Therefore, the following criteria for adults are in place:

     1.   All chaperones and drivers must be at least 21 years of age.
     2. All chaperones and drivers must have a background screening performed by the school’s
        designated vendor prior to becoming a chaperone.
     3. Chaperones must be approved the by the teacher.
     4. Chaperones may not consume alcohol or illegal drugs nor will they be allowed to be a
        chaperone if they report for any duty after consuming alcohol or taking illegal drugs.
     5. Chaperones are not permitted at any time to purchase questionable or illegal items for
        students including cigarettes, alcohol, illegal drugs, weapons, or any sexually suggestive
        materials, clothing or other items.

  Overnight Trips
Occasionally, RWG STEM students have the opportunity to travel on overnight trips. Due to the
nature of these trips, special requirements will be appointed as appropriate. While every effort will
be made to accommodate all students and parents wishing to travel on an overnight trip, limitations
may be caused by group size and mirroring accommodations. When an RWG STEM group becomes
too large due to parent participation, parents will have to financially cover the additional costs that

the trip incurs on their behalf.

Parent participation on overnight trips may be limited to the size of the class/student attendees and
chaperones that meet the minimum a 1:10 ratio.

Sleeping arrangements during overnight trips are selected with safety and security of students as the
primary goal.

     1. Room assignments should always include two adults when housed with students. Students
        must be placed in rooms with supervising adults. Students may be housed with their
     2. Adults are not to use community showers with students, nor should they be in any state of
        undress in the presence of students.
     3. The monitoring of clothes changing or showering of students is not to be supervised by a
        lone adult. More than one adult must be present. All adult chaperones must understand
        that extreme caution must be exercised at these times so that no actions, words, looks or
        touch have the potential for misinterpretations.
     4. Coed sleeping in tents or hotel rooms is not allowed.

Grading Scale
7th through 12th Grade
                    Letter Grade                                    Numerical Average
                          A                                               90-100
                          B                                               80-89
                          C                                               70-79
                          D                                               65-69
                          F                                                0-64

  Homework (LEs)
At RWG, our desire is to teach organizational and study skills to all students in order to be
successful in the classroom and transition smoothly to the next level. RWG STEM homework
demands must increase as students mature. Teachers will continue to work together to balance
tests and assignments, but students should expect homework on a regular basis. It is understood
that extra time is required for honors classes as well as major papers and projects. Students can
expect that weekend homework will become a necessary part of academic life, and all students
are expected to read outside of class on a regular basis.

  Late Work

All homework and assignments are due at the time designated by the teacher. The following
policies have been designed to help students develop personal responsibility. When the teacher
is grading the assignment, the missing assignment will be recorded on RenWeb as a zero,
resulting in a notification from FACTS to parents.

  Make-Up Work
When a student has been absent from school, in order to make up the missed work, please follow
the guidelines below:
     ● Look for homework on FACTS.
    ●   Students are to follow up with teachers immediately upon their return to class for missed
        notes and handouts.
    ●   After a student has been absent for 2 or more consecutive days, a parent may request
        needed materials (texts/handouts) by emailing the office manager by 9:30 am. items can
        be pick-up in the front office, after school. Due to the number of requests, the office will not
        be able to deliver books to siblings or carpool members.
    ●   For absences due to illness, students will have two days to make up work for the first day
        out and an additional day for each day thereafter.

  Term Grade Calculations
Report cards will be made available in the Family Portal after the completion of each term.
Quarterly grades are separated into six categories: Daily, Homework, Projects,
Presentation, 9 Weeks Assessments and Test. The percentage breakdown for each grade
level is as follows:

                                           7th – 12th Grade
                      Daily work                                           20%
                      Homework (Lesson Extensions)                         15%
                      Projects                                             20%
                      Test or Quizzes                                      15%
                      9 Weeks Assessments                                  10%
                      Presentation                                         20%

An Incomplete (I) may temporarily be recorded on a report card if the student has been absent
during the last few days of a grading period and the student has not completed all their makeup
work when grades are submitted for posting. If the work is not completed, zero(s) will be averaged
in with the other grades for the course.

Students who fail to comply with the minimum attendance rule will not receive academic credit and
will receive a failing grade on their report cards.

Honor Code

The Honor Code establishes behavior guidelines for a scholar in any situation. The Code is
the minimum standard expected of all scholars, and the “spirit” of the code should foster the
desire for the highest standard of Christian behavior.

  Student Code of Conduct, Character, and Citizenship
     ● We will obey our Lord Jesus Christ and the Word of God.
     ●   We will cheerfully, promptly and completely obey the authority under which we are
         placed and respond with proper manners and courtesy.
     ●   We use our words and actions to love, honor, praise, and encourage one another.
     ●   Our language is courteous, kind, truthful, respectful and free from gossip. It is not critical,
         obscene, prideful, hurtful, or rude.
     ●   We do not lie, cheat, or steal.
     ●   We do not tease, fight, push, exclude others, or manipulate to get our way.
     ●   When we do wrong, we seek forgiveness and restitution.
     ●   When we have work to do, we do it without complaining. We attend to our responsibilities
         such as being on time for class, being prepared, and having our homework and reading
     ●   We are good stewards of all God has given us, including: our bodies, our minds, our hearts,
         our families, and our school.
     ●   We remember that we are ambassadors for Christ wherever we are. We accept
         responsibility for our actions, words, and attitudes. We realize that it is important to fill
         our minds with things of God and not of the world in order to maintain a high level of
         purity, integrity, and responsibility. We seek to be leaders for God and to serve in any way
         we can to enhance His kingdom here on earth.

Inclement Weather and School Closings
DR. R. W. Goines STEM Academy values the instructional time our teachers have with our students.
Therefore, we have developed a policy that allows RWG STEM to have an instructional day in the
event inclement weather.

In the event RWG STEM closes school for the day due to inclement weather, RWG STEM will
automatically enforce a 10:00am start. RWG STEM will use the following safety guidelines in
determining IF school will open for the day.

    1. If roads are not safe to travel on or the school is not operational, then school will be closed
       for the remainder of the day.
    2. If roads are safe to travel on and the school is operational, then school will open at 10:00
       a.m. for the remainder of the day.

Once a determination is made regarding school open or closure, communication will be made to RWG
STEM faculty, staff, and families by 6:00 a.m. Follow AISD and MISD closing at Principal Discretion.

 Notification will be either:
    1. RWG STEM will be closed for the school day.
     2.   RWG STEM will be open at 10:00 a.m.

 RWG STEM will use the following methods to communicate school closure details:
   1. Automated phone calls through parent alert.
     2.   Email to all RWG STEM families.
     3.   Posting on the RWG STEM website.
     4.   Posting on the two major media outlets; Facebook and Instagram.

In the event the parent deems that a safe arrival to campus is prohibited or are not able to arrive at
campus, the parent should make the decision to remain at home until conditions are safe to travel to

Lesson Extension Guidelines
If students have an excused absence, they will not be penalized for work that may not be completed.
Additional time and lesson extensions may vary per class. It is the student’s responsibility to meet
with the teacher to find any assignments missed.
A student has two days to turn in any work assigned on a day a student was absent.
If a quiz was administered on a day a student was absent, the quiz must be made up on the first day
the student returns.
If previously assigned work was due on the day of the absence, the work is due on the first day the
student returns.
Students with an IEP will have different extensions and accommodations.

Lockers are school property and at the end of the year should be in the same state as when assigned.
Stickers, tape or anything that will permanently adhere to the interior or exterior of the locker is not
permitted. Any such damage will be considered vandalism of school property will result in a fee.

The locker area is to be kept neat and orderly and clear of all personal items. Books, backpacks and
musical instruments are not to be left on the floor outside the lockers. Students with musical
instruments too large to fit in the student’s locker should arrive at school early enough to leave these
items in the appropriate, designated areas.
     1. Students should not switch lockers with another student. If a student uses a locker, it must
         be the one to which that student was assigned. Students who violate this rule will be subject
         to discipline.
2. Students must not share their own locker combination with any other student. This
        combination is given to them in confidence. What they do with it is their responsibility.
        Allowing another—even friends—to know a locker combination is the greatest cause for
        loss of personal items from lockers.
     3. Lockers may be inspected and searched at any time by RWG STEM.
     4.   Writing or painting on any part of the lockers is not allowed.
     5. It is unwise to leave valuable items in a locker. Students should carry the items with them
        or check with the office if the items need special security.
     6. Students should not enter anyone else’s locker.
     7. Students are responsible to pay for any locker damage they do in violation of the above
        rules, including the lock.
     8. Violation of any of the above rules can result in temporary or permanent suspension of
        locker privileges.
     9. Any problems with a locker should be reported to the school office.
     10. The school is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged goods belonging to students.
     11. Replacement locks will be $5.00.

Lost and Found
All personal articles, PE clothes, outer garments, class materials, binders, notebooks, lunch boxes,
musical instruments, iPods, cell phones, etc. should be labeled with the student’s name. Lost items
will be kept in the Lost and Found designated area. Items will be donated to charity if unclaimed after
a month.

Messages to Scholars
Valuable instruction time is protected when interruptions are kept to a minimum. Parents, school
volunteers, and non-school personnel entering the school for any reason MUST come to the reception
area before going to the classroom or instructional areas. Office personnel will deliver urgent
messages or supplies for students to the classroom. Parents should not take items directly to the
classroom. Parents should not text or call student cell phones; as this will result in the confiscation
of all such items in accordance with our personal electronic device policy. Drop off communication
slips will be available in the front office.

Nursing Clinic
After initial enrollment, Health History Updates are required each year.
The Health Alert Form is required for students diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening illness
(i.e. asthma, diabetes, seizures). The parent must complete the Emergency Protocol Form provided

by the office staff. This form is also located on our family portal. This must be updated annually or in
the event of any major change in the care plan for the student.

Sick children (temperature of 100+F, vomiting, diarrhea, skin rashes or repeated visits to the
nursing clinic during the school day) or children that the school nurse or office manager feels should
go home based on symptoms, complaints and/or past experiences with similar situations will be
sent home from school. For fevers registering less than 100° F, the parent will be called to discuss
the child’s symptoms and the proper action to take for the welfare of the child and the other students
in the school. The final decision to send a student home from school due to illness will reside with
the Office Manager. Students should be free of fever, vomiting, or diarrhea for a minimum of 24
hours without the use of any type of medication before returning to school. (For example, if your
child runs fever or vomits during the night they cannot come to school that morning when they rise)
Therefore, if the school sends a student home for one of these reasons, they should not return to
school the following day. Parents may also be asked to pick up their child if they are found to have
possibly contracted conjunctivitis (“pink eye”) or head lice. In the case of head lice, the child will be
readmitted to school only after he/she has been treated with the proper lice-killing shampoo and
has been re-evaluated by the office manager. In the event any student has a communicable disease,
the parents are expected to notify the school office and to re-admit the student only after a doctor
has given written permission for the child to return to school, however the decision on the time of
return will reside with the Office Manager. All parents must pick-up or have somebody pick-up their
child within one hour of the nurse calling and leaving a message or speaking with the parent or
emergency contact person.

Students will not be allowed to stay longer than 20 minutes in the office unless they are waiting for
someone to pick them up. Any student unable to return to class will need to be picked up for the
remainder of the day.

Any time your child is diagnosed by a physician with an illness please call and e-mail the Office
Manager. This information is very helpful in tracking and controlling various illnesses.

Students must be vaccinated as required by the Texas Department of Health. This can be submitted
as a photocopy of the doctor or clinics signed immunization records.

Updates and changes in state requirements can be found at under school

  Over-the-Counter Medications
After careful consideration RWG STEM has made the decision to no longer provide over the counter
medications at school. Prescribed medications will be given as directed by a physician; only
medications needed throughout school hours will be given at school.

Prescribed medications from a physician will be given to students with a former written doctor’s
note. Medications will be in the original container with a clear and legible label and contain:
●       Name and address of pharmacy
●       Name of patient
●       Name of prescribing practitioner
●       Date prescription dispensed
●       Instructions for use
●       Expiration of medication
●       Name of medication
●       Strength
●       Name of manufacturer or distributor

Any changes in directions for administration must be in writing from the prescribing provider;
they can be faxed or scanned but must be legible.

A student with clarification of parent/guardian, nurse and principal can carry inhalers and

Off-Campus Behavior
DR. R. W. Goines STEM Academy seeks to maintain a Christian testimony to the surrounding
community. Therefore, students’ off-campus behaviors and lifestyles are important in building and
maintaining the Academy’s Christian witness. Any student who involves himself or herself in
activities which are out of harmony with Christian standards and school policies during evenings,
weekends, or holidays could face disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion.

Other Financial Information

1. COMMUNICATION – To better serve you, RWG Financial Services will be communicating with you
first via e-mail, if we cannot reach you via email, then, we will call you.

2. ANNUAL/SEMESTER PAYMENTS –Monthly payments are due on the 1st and are considered late
after August 5th paid directly to Dr. R.W. Goines STEM Academy by money order or cashier’s check.
A $15 late fee will be assessed after the 5th. We also accept online payments for tuition. The payment
link is located on FACTS. Semester payments are due on or before August 5th and again, on or before
January 5th paid directly to Dr. R.W. Goines STEM Academy by money order or cashier’s check.

Parent Involvement
We welcome parents to join our students for lunch or chapel services. Pastors from local churches
may be permitted, after obtaining principal approval, to lunch and chapel time with our students. All
pastors and guests should report to the school office to check-in upon arrival.

Parental involvement at RWG STEM is welcomed and encouraged. Parents are provided
opportunities at the beginning of each academic year to become involved in various opportunities
within the classroom and in support activities. We ask that parent volunteers refrain from
interrupting a teacher during class, during off periods or while eating lunch to discuss issues specific
to their child unless scheduled by the educator. Any parent that enters RWG STEM must sign-in
at the front desk and be escorted by campus staff if he or she desires to go past the front office.
A 30-minute time-frame is permitted when visiting scholars on campus.

The Parent Teacher Fellowship is active in supporting RWG STEM in all areas of social events and
fundraising activities. Parents are encouraged to attend the PTF events and become involved in
supporting RWG STEM and its role in educating and equipping students to serve God. God has given
parents the responsibility to educate and raise. It is the desire of our teachers to work together with
parents in this endeavor. The best education can only be achieved when parents and teachers
cooperate together to support and encourage students. Therefore, the administration and faculty
request parental support with the following responsibilities:

●        Parents are to read and subscribe to all rules and policies as stated in the Parent/Student
Handbook and should encourage their children to do so.
●        It is the parents’ responsibility to make sure that their students of all ages are in proper
dress code ironed and clean going to school. The teachers do not have to lose valuable teaching time
to check for uniforms violations.
●        Parents are asked to make every effort to support RWG STEM by attending all school
educational meetings held throughout the year.
●        Parents are required to remember that the proper procedure for handling any concern,
grievance or offense is to go directly and privately to the one responsible for the difficulty. If
resolution is not accomplished between parent and student then a request for principal
involvement is appropriate. Verbally maligning the school, its personnel, or policies undermines the
relationship between the parents and the school.
●        Parents shall ensure that students acquire the proper amount of rest on school nights by
setting a reasonable bedtime.
●        Parents should set standards for study times and provide the necessary materials and the
proper environment for homework. Parent signatures on daily assignment sheets may be required
as well.
●        Parents need to allow the student to demonstrate his/her own working knowledge of the
subject, but at the same time be available to assist the student in the understanding of a concept.
●        Parents are to make sure students are at school ON TIME each day.
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