PARENTS AND FAMILIES GUIDE 2020 - Griffith University

PARENTS AND FAMILIES GUIDE 2020 - Griffith University

PARENTS AND FAMILIES GUIDE 2020 - Griffith University
Why choose Griffith?
    We’re known for delivering an outstanding student experience, our
    high-quality degrees, welcoming environment, and flexible study options.

    Students come first                              Skills and knowledge that                                  An exceptional community
    Griffith students are supported, from help       employers want                                             At Griffith, your teenager will join a
    with scholarships, career advice and study                                                                  community of like-minded students. Once
                                                     Innovative degrees
    skills, to employment opportunities through                                                                 they graduate, their Griffith degree will
                                                     Our future-focused degrees are designed to
    our Unitemps service. The Good Universities                                                                 be their passport to a global network of
                                                     prepare your teenager for new opportunities
    Guide awarded us five-star ratings for overall                                                              contacts. They will be a valued member of
                                                     in a fast-changing world. We’ve introduced
    university experience, staff qualification,                                                                 an alumni community of more than 200,000
                                                     Australia’s first degrees in a wide range of
    teaching quality and skills development.                                                                    graduates who span the globe. Working in
                                                     important areas, including: Asian studies,
                                                                                                                every field, they range from groundbreaking
                                                     environmental science, forensic science,
    Ranked in the top                                aviation, Australian Indigenous arts and
                                                                                                                medical researchers to gold medal-winning
                                                                                                                athletes, from professional musicians to
    2% worldwide                                     dental technology.
                                                                                                                company executives.
    Griffith ranks among the world’s best
    universities. We’re consistently ranked          Work opportunities and
                                                     industry placements                                        Generous
    in the top 300 of the largest and most
    credible world university rankings—placing       Griffith students put what they learn in the               scholarship program
    us in the top two per cent worldwide.*           classroom into practice, with the opportunity              Our scholarships are a great way to help fund
                                                     for industry experience included in many                   your teenager’s study. Scholarships provide
                                                     of our degrees. Depending on what your
    Australia’s top teachers                                                                                    direct financial support to make university
                                                     teenager studies, they could learn through                 more affordable by covering tuition fees,
    Your teenager will learn from some of the        work placements, overseas field trips or                   education and living expenses, helping
    best teachers in the country. In the last        industry projects for real clients.                        students successfully complete their degree.
    five years, our teachers have won more
                                                                                                                You might be surprised at how easy it is
    Australian Government awards, citations
    and fellowships than any other university,
                                                     Flexibility and control                                    to qualify. Your teenager could be eligible
                                                                                                                for different scholarships based on their
    including the 2018 Australian University         Griffith is known for its flexibility. Depending
                                                                                                                background, chosen study area, hardships
    Teacher of the Year award.†                      on their degree, your teenager will have
                                                                                                                they’ve experienced, or their achievements.
                                                     the choice to study in person at one of our
                                                                                                                They can submit just one application to apply
                                                     campuses, online through our Digital campus,
                                                                                                                for multiple scholarships. Our website has
                                                     or a combination of both, either part-time or
                                                                                                                a filter that will help match your teenager
                                                     full-time over two or three trimesters.
                                                                                                                to the right scholarship. Find out more
                                                     Your teenager can study across three
                                                     12-week trimesters each year. Depending
                                                     on their degree, they can pace their study
                                                     or fast-track and graduate earlier. We have
                                                     degrees starting in February, July or October.

                                                     Study online
                                                     Our online study options mean your teenager
                                                     can study, learn and connect when it suits
                                                     them. Around 40% of our students study
                                                     at least one course (subject) online.

                                                     *	Based on the International Association of Universities – World Higher Education Database,
                                                        listing more than 18,500 institutions of higher education. Current as at May 2019.
                                                     †   Based on Learning and Teaching results from the Department of Education and Training.

                                                     Cover. Chelsea Mclachlan, Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Digital Media,
1 | Griffith University                              and her father Jason Mclachlan
PARENTS AND FAMILIES GUIDE 2020 - Griffith University
‘We had extensive conversation
exploring different options about
degrees and universities and Griffith
offered the program he wanted.’

For Marta Garcia de Blakeley, the mother       Now in his second year Peter, says he’s
of 18-year-old Bachelor of Science student     enjoying the study. ‘The quality of lecturing
Peter, the decision for him to study at        is very high. They expect a lot from us
Griffith was almost a foregone conclusion.     but that’s what helps to make you better
‘Peter could have chosen from several          a student.’
universities, but we have a long affiliation   Peter Blakely
with Griffith as I’m a student myself, so we   Bachelor of Science and his
were happy with this choice,’ she says.        mother, Marta Garcia de Blakely
Marta completed her undergraduate degree
in psychology and is completing a combined
Masters/PhD in clinical psychology. ‘We had
extensive conversation exploring different
options about degrees and universities and
Griffith offered the program he wanted.
Peter decided to study medicine when he
was in grade 10 and we support his choice
of undergraduate degree in preparation
for medicine.’

                                                                                               Parents and families guide | 2
PARENTS AND FAMILIES GUIDE 2020 - Griffith University
Unique opportunities
    At Griffith, students gain the academic knowledge you’d expect from a world-class university,
    as well as the skills and confidence that employers want, giving them an edge in the job market.

    Mentoring                                         Go global                                        Griffith Sports College
    Griffith’s Industry Mentoring Program             Through our Global Mobility program, we          Griffith has one of the highest numbers of
    supports your teenager’s career development       offer a variety of global learning experiences   elite athlete students in the country. Through
    by providing opportunities for them to learn      to diversify your teenager’s degree and          the Griffith Sports College, we provide
    from and connect with leaders in industry,        enhance their graduate outcomes. They may        dedicated assistance for more than 550
    government and the community. Depending           have the opportunity to spend as little as       student athletes, helping them successfully
    on their study area, they might be paired         one week, or as long as one year, living and     balance the high demands of elite sport
    with a mentor who can give them insights          breathing a whole new global experience.         and university life. As part of the AIS Elite
    into a job, company or industry. They will help   Find out more at       Athlete Friendly University network, we
    your teenager gain a deeper understanding                                                          work one-on-one with students and directly
    of their study area and connect them              Griffith Honours College                         with teaching staff to provide a supportive
    to a world of opportunity. For more                                                                environment for athletes. Find out more at
                                                      If your teenager is a high-achieving student,
    information visit                                                
                                                      the Griffith Honours College can help
                                                      them reach their full potential. They’ll have
    Unitemps                                          opportunities to enrich their university study
    Unitemps is Griffith’s own recruitment agency     with mentoring, international experiences,
    providing work opportunities that fit with        leadership roles, research opportunities
    your teenager’s studies. Griffith students can    and community engagement activities.
    register with Unitemps to access a broad range    The Griffith Honours College produces
    of general and degree-related vacancies.          highly sought-after graduates with the
    These can help your teenager support              specialist knowledge and broad management
    themself through their degree and gain            skills needed to become business leaders,
    valuable skills to improve their employability    researchers, educators, creators and
    before and after they graduate. Unitemps          community leaders. Find out more
    recruits for casual, part-time, project and       at
    full-time graduate positions. For more
    information visit

                                                      ‘Griffith Honours College
                                                      provided me with great                           Oliver Dupen made the most of every new
                                                                                                       experience afforded to him through Griffith
                                                      contacts and a high level                        Honours College. The Bachelor of Nursing
                                                      of professional mentoring.’                      graduate has enjoyed a range of career
                                                                                                       affirming opportunities during his studies,
                                                                                                       including a two-week internship with the
                                                                                                       Royal Flying Doctor Service. ‘To have the
                                                                                                       opportunity to work with the Service was
                                                                                                       wonderful and would not have been possible
                                                                                                       without the support of the Honours College
                                                                                                       which provided me with great contacts
                                                                                                       and a high level of professional mentoring,‘
                                                                                                       Oliver said. The program includes community
                                                                                                       service, leadership camps and professional
                                                                                                       development seminars.
                                                                                                       Oliver Dupen
                                                                                                       Bachelor of Nursing

3 | Griffith University
PARENTS AND FAMILIES GUIDE 2020 - Griffith University
Student services and support
We offer a wide range of support services across all our campuses
to help your teenager feel confident and succeed in their studies.

Focus on safety                                   Learning support services                        Aboriginal and Torres
At Griffith we place a high importance            Our libraries offer free workshops, self-help    Strait Islander students
on student safety. Security services are          resources and personal consultations to help     The GUMURRII Student Support Unit (SSU)
available 24-hours on all campuses, with          your teenager develop their academic, digital    is a dedicated support unit for Aboriginal
students equipped with a free call number.        and library research skills. They’ll also have   and Torres Strait Islander students. Our staff
Our Campus Support Team also offers               access to Peer Assisted Study Sessions, peer     assist students with recruitment, orientation
a Security Escort Service for students            mentoring and tutoring. Find out more at         and graduation, and provide undergraduate
studying at night to be safely transported                    support, including tutorial assistance.
around campus.                                                                                     Servicing each of Griffith’s campuses,
                                                  Personal support services                        with officers who also assist online students
Student accommodation                             When your teenager needs it, our personal        studying through the Digital campus,
Griffith’s on-campus student accommodation        support services are here to help. Our           GUMURRII SSU offers a safe and culturally
provides facilities to create a smooth            services and programs include counselling,       appropriate learning environment.
transition to uni life for your teenager.         job search and career development, health        Find out more at
Accommodation is available at the Gold Coast,     services, transition and support services for    gumurrii-student-support-unit
Nathan, Mt Gravatt and Logan campuses.            students from educationally disadvantaged
We can also provide information on how to         backgrounds, specialised support for
find off-campus accommodation. Find out           students with disabilities, chaplaincy,
more at             and personal development programs.
                                                  Your teenager can access our services
Orientation                                       and programs in person, by phone or online.
                                                  Find out more at
To help your teenager get settled, we
hold Orientation Week, or O-Week, the
week before each trimester starts. They’ll
meet other students, get familiar with our        Financial assistance
campuses, and have the chance to sign up for      Our welfare and student liaison officers
clubs and societies. As well as practical tours   can help your teenager plan budgets, apply
and information sessions, O-Week includes         for loans and equity schemes (if eligible),
fun activities and social events, plus live       and explore other financial options, such
music, food stalls and giveaways. For more        as Centrelink payments. Find out more
information visit     at

                                                                                                                      Parents and families guide | 4
PARENTS AND FAMILIES GUIDE 2020 - Griffith University
Study at Griffith
    At Griffith, students learn in and out of the classroom. Depending on their degree,
    your teenager may learn through a combination of lectures, tutorials, workshops
    or laboratory classes.

    Degree structure                                    Study options                                       You can also register to receive email updates
                                                                                                            about our degrees, events and key dates.
    Here’s a general overview of how a typical          Double degrees                                      Sign up at
    Griffith degree might be structured.                Griffith double degrees allow your teenager
                                                        to explore their passion and future-proof
                                                                                                            Get the latest news
    Foundation: 1st year                                their career. They can choose from a range
                                                                                                            Find news and information about our
    The first year of study is foundational. Your       of double degrees in related fields to become
                                                                                                            degrees, campuses, teaching, research,
    teenager will explore the core skills and           a specialist, or from different areas of
                                                                                                            students, staff and graduates.
    concepts related to their chosen study area.        interest to multiply their options.
                                                                                                            •	Explore our study areas and degrees:
    It’s also a great time for them to get to know
    the students they’ll be studying alongside          Double majors                                       •	Search frequently asked questions:
    for most of their degree. They’ll learn in a        Some degrees offer the option of choosing
    collaborative atmosphere from students of           two areas of specialisation, known as majors.
    all ages and backgrounds, making it a rich          This is called a double major. Your teenager 
    learning environment.                               will still graduate with one degree, for     
                                                        example, a Bachelor of Business, but they    
    Specialisation: 2nd year onwards                    have the knowledge and expertise from
    From second year onwards, your teenager             two majors, for example, Marketing and
    will focus on their chosen specialisation which     Management. They can use a double major      
    at Griffith University is referred to as a major.   to become a specialist by combining two             #Griffithuni
    They’ll also get the chance to put what they        similar areas or choose two different areas
    learn in lectures and tutorials into practice.      and broaden their options.                          Other resources
    Depending on their degree, they might learn                                                             A range of other resources can help your
    through work placements, overseas field             Online study                                        teenager choose the right degree and right
    trips, industry projects for real clients,          We are one of Australia’s leading providers         university for them.
    or laboratory studies.                              of online education and a founding member           •	Explore career opportunities for
                                                        of Open Universities Australia. Almost all              different industries at
    Capstone: Final year                                our degrees have some online components,            •	Learn more about student fees and
    (3rd or 4th year)                                   offering students flexibility in their learning.        tertiary options at
    In their final year, they’ll continue to advance    Depending on their degree, students may
    their knowledge and skills and undertake a          be able to study online, on-campus, or a            Find out more about the application process
    capstone course which consolidates their            combination that suits their needs.                 and key dates at:
    learning and prepares them to transition                                                                •	Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre
    into the workplace.                                 Choosing a degree                                       (QTAC):
                                                                                                            •	University Admissions Centre
                                                        Explore our degree and                                  (UAC, for NSW students):
                                                        career finder                                       •
                                                        You can help your teenager find a degree by
                                                        encouraging them to search our degree and
                                                        career finder to see what’s on offer at Griffith.
                                                        Search by degree, career or course and
                                                        find out everything from prerequisites and
                                                        course options to fees and how to apply.

5 | Griffith University
PARENTS AND FAMILIES GUIDE 2020 - Griffith University
Deciding what to study
It’s common for high school students to be unsure of what they want to
study at university. Here are some questions that could help your teenager
start thinking about what degree might suit them.

What subjects do you like                         Do you have an ideal job in                       Get help choosing a career
at school?                                        mind, or are you thinking more of                 Future job clusters describe someone’s
University study offers the opportunity to        a general area you’d like to work in?             natural interests and abilities and can help
focus on an area of interest in more depth        Some degrees can lead to a specific job           your teenager to pre-think their future
than high school allows.                          title—for example, teacher, doctor, architect     career goals. Rather than being specific
                                                  (this sometimes involves further training to      to a career, they are transferable across a
What interests do you have                        meet accreditation requirements). If your         range of different jobs. They can use these
                                                                                                    clusters to help them work out what career
outside of school?                                teenager doesn’t have a specific job for
                                                  their future career in mind, they might find      path they might take. Find out more at
There are more options at university than at
                                                  studying a more general degree, like arts,
school, giving your teenager the chance to
pursue other interests they may have picked       business or science, can be helpful, as they’ll
up through sport, casual work, volunteering,      get to learn about different areas before
art, music—or other extracurricular activities.   choosing a specialisation and be prepared
                                                  for work in a wide range of industries.
How do you like to work?
If your teenager enjoys working in a group,
they might want to consider a career where
they can work with people, such as teaching
or healthcare. Independent workers might
find that working in areas such as business
or law will suit them. Lots of jobs involve
a bit of both.

Right. Josh Tuning, Bachelor of Medical
Laboratory Science student, and his
mother Martina Barwu-Bush

                    Don’t panic!
            It can be helpful to remind your teenager
             that if they change their mind, or if they
            don’t get into their first choice, there are
              usually options to change their degree
                after they’ve started at university.

                                                                                                                      Parents and families guide | 6
PARENTS AND FAMILIES GUIDE 2020 - Griffith University
Applying to Griffith

    The information in this guide relates to         Ordering preferences
    applying for university as a domestic student.
                                                     Your teenager can list up to six preferences on their QTAC or five preferences on their
    This includes:
                                                     UAC application. They’ll receive an offer for the highest preference they’re eligible for.
    • Australian citizens
                                                     Here’s a guide on how to order preferences:
    •	Australian Permanent Residents (holders
        of all categories of permanent resident
        visas, including Humanitarian Visas)          1st and 2nd           Desired degrees—These are the degrees that they really want to
    •	New Zealand citizens.                                                study, and have a reasonable chance of gaining entry to.

    How to apply                                      3rd and 4th           Preferred degrees—These are degrees that they want to study and
                                                                            have a good chance of gaining entry to.
    Students can apply for most Griffith degrees
    through the Queensland Tertiary Admissions
                                                      5th and 6th           Pathways—These are degrees or diplomas that will help them upgrade
    Centre (QTAC). Applicants for Gold Coast
                                                                            to one of their desired or other preferred degrees.
    degrees can apply through QTAC or the
    University Admissions Centre (UAC, for
    New South Wales applicants).                     Useful tips
    • QTAC:                              •	Nominating a degree for all six preferences using the guide above gives your teenager
    • UAC:                                   the best chance of being offered a place at university.
                                                     •	If they are applying for a double degree, they should also list the two component single
                                                        degrees as preferences because these are usually easier to gain entry to. They may have
                                                        the chance to upgrade to the double degree after a year of study.
                                                     •	Your teenager can apply through UAC for degrees at the Gold Coast campus only.
                                                        If they are applying for degrees at other campuses, they should apply through QTAC.

                                                     Changing preferences
                                                     After they have submitted their QTAC or UAC application, your teenager can
                                                     change their preferences. This can help if they change their mind, or if they
                                                     don’t get the OP, IB, ATAR or selection rank they were hoping for. Visit the
                                                     QTAC or UAC websites for more information and important dates.

7 | Griffith University
PARENTS AND FAMILIES GUIDE 2020 - Griffith University
Other applications                               Deferring—taking a gap year                       Griffith College
                                                 Deferment allows your teenager to delay           Griffith College offers diplomas that provide
Your teenager may also have other
                                                 the start of their studies while still securing   an admission pathway to Griffith University
applications to submit, such as scholarships
                                                 their offer. Deferment is not available for       if your teenager doesn’t get in to their chosen
or accommodation. Online application forms
                                                 all degrees and cannot exceed 12 months.          degree. After completing the diploma, they
and due dates can be found at:
                                                 They can request to defer after they receive      are eligible for entry to second year* of a
•	accommodation:
                                                 an offer by selecting the deferment option        Griffith bachelor degree, so they’ll lose no
                                                 when responding to their QTAC offer. For UAC,     time in graduating. Griffith College programs
•	scholarships:
                                                 they can email           are equivalent to university-level study and
                                                 to request deferment.                             are delivered in a supportive and specialised
                                                                                                   learning environment to better prepare them
Accepting an offer
                                                 Admission pathways                                for success in their bachelor degree.
and enrolling
                                                 Our admission pathway options can help
Year 12 students may receive an offer as         your teenager improve their selection
                                                                                                   Bridging and enabling programs
soon as results are released in December,                                                          We offer bridging courses if your teenager
                                                 rank, upgrade to their preferred Griffith
which can assist with organising                                                                   has limited or no prior studies in a study
                                                 undergraduate degree or satisfy subject
accommodation, changing preferences                                                                area, has had a significant break from
                                                 prerequisites. Find out more at
or seeking other admission pathways.                                                               prior studies or simply wishes to have
Most degrees will participate in the                                                               a refresher course in a particular field.
December round. Offers to a small number                                                           These courses can bridge the gaps in their
                                                 VET pathways
of degrees are made only during the                                                                knowledge and help them meet subject
                                                 Griffith recognises the skills and knowledge
mid-January offer round. To check degrees                                                          prerequisites. Enabling programs can
                                                 gained through Vocational Education and
and their offer round dates, visit                                                     provide an admission pathway if they lack
                                                 Training (VET) as a highly effective pathway
or We recommend students                                                               the qualifications required for admission
                                                 to university. While Griffith encourages high
accept their offer and enrol as soon as                                                            to undergraduate study.
                                                 school students to achieve an OP or ATAR,
possible to secure their place. They can
                                                 we will continue our policy of recognising
then select classes and create a timetable.
                                                 stand-alone VET qualifications completed
                                                 at high school, private providers and TAFE.
                                                 If your teenager has completed a Certificate
                                                 III or IV and meet the English subject            * Entry into second year is dependent on successfully
                                                                                                   completing the Griffith College program and meeting
                                                 prerequisite, or a Diploma or Advanced
                                                                                                   admission requirements. In their second or third year of
                                                 Diploma, they may be eligible for a place         the degree, students must complete any first-year core
                                                 in a selected number of Griffith degrees.         courses for which credit transfer has not been granted.

                                                 ‘From the outset Griffith
                                                 was inclusive and                                 As a mature-age student, Tiana Abbott (25)
                                                                                                   chose to study at Griffith because of the
                                                 welcoming. My lecturers                           high level of support and opportunities it
                                                 are very knowledgeable                            offered. ‘From the outset Griffith was
                                                                                                   inclusive and welcoming. My lecturers are
                                                 and approachable.’                                very knowledgeable and approachable,’ she
                                                                                                   says. Her mother Angela agrees. Tiana and I
                                                                                                   discussed going to university and as I had
                                                                                                   studied at Griffith a long time ago, was able
                                                                                                   to give her some advice. ‘We also attended a
                                                                                                   couple of Open Days which helped reinforce
                                                                                                   in our minds that Griffith was the best
                                                                                                   choice of universities.’
                                                                                                   Tiana Abbott
                                                                                                   Bachelor of Psychology and her mother
                                                                                                   Angela Abbott

                                                                                                                          Parents and families guide | 8
Frequently asked questions
   Visit for more frequently asked questions,
   or phone 1800 677 728 to talk to our expert staff.

   How are                                          Experience                                      What if they change their
                                                    Some degrees, in particular those offered
   applications assessed?                                                                           mind after they’ve started
                                                    at the Queensland Conservatorium, require
   University applications made through QTAC        applicants to attend an audition. Education     their degree?
   or UAC are assessed on eligibility and merit.    degrees require applicants to submit a          If your teenager changes their mind about
                                                    Non-academic Requirements for Teacher           what they want to study, or decides they
   Eligibility                                      Education (NARTE) statement. You can            don’t like their degree, they may be able
   Subject prerequisites                            find specific information about these           to apply for an internal transfer to change
   All Griffith degrees have English as a subject   requirements at         to a different Griffith degree.
   prerequisite. This means that your teenager
   must achieve a minimum of four semesters of
   Sound Achievement across Years 11 and 12,
                                                    What is an ATAR?                                How many hours do
   or equivalent. Maths, Physics, Chemistry and     ATAR is the standard measure of overall         they need to dedicate
                                                    school achievement used by all other states
   Biology can be listed as ‘assumed knowledge’                                                     to university study?
   which means it is not compulsory for them        and territories. Queensland will also use the
   to have studied these subjects in high school    ATAR for tertiary admissions from 2021.         A standard full-time study load is four
   (or equivalent) to be eligible for an offer.     It is a rank indicating a student’s position    courses (subjects) for Trimesters 1 and
   However, it is highly recommended that they      overall, relative to other students. The ATAR   2, with study in Trimester 3 optional for
   have undertaken these subjects or bridging       is expressed on a 2000-point scale from         some degrees. This means that for most
   courses, as it will improve their chances of     99.95 (highest) down to 0, in increments        degrees, full-time students will complete
   success. ‘Recommended studies’ are not as        of 0.05. ATARs below 30 will be reported        eight courses per year. Part-time study is
   crucial as assumed knowledge and are listed      as ‘30.00 or less’. Find out more at            typically two courses for Trimesters 1 and 2,
   to encourage applicants to consider these                   or less than 75% of a standard full-time load.
   foundational content areas.                                                                      Generally, students will have three hours
                                                                                                    of scheduled classes per course per week.
                                                    What if they don’t get in                       This means that full-time students will spend
   OP, IB, ATAR or selection rank
                                                    to their preferred degree?                      around 10–15 hours in class each week.
   Eligible Year 12 students in Queensland          There are a number of different pathways        They will also be expected to commit
   receive an Overall Position (OP) based on        to help your teenager improve their             additional time to their studies outside of
   their performance in senior secondary school     selection rank, upgrade to their preferred      class to complete course-related activities
   subjects. Some high schools also offer the       Griffith undergraduate degree or satisfy        such as assignments and weekly readings.
   Diploma of the International Baccalaureate       subject prerequisites. We partner with
   (IB) program. If you do not have OP or IB,       Griffith College, TAFE Institutes and private   How much does
                                                    providers to offer admission pathways
   you can still receive a selection rank based
                                                                                                    university cost?
   on your secondary schooling. An Australian       into a range of undergraduate degrees.
   Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) is the rank       They can also upgrade their selection rank      You can find indicative fees for specific
   assigned to eligible Year 12 students in         by undertaking studies in an alternative        degrees via our study website.
   other Australian states and territories.         Griffith degree. See admission pathways         Commonwealth Supported Places are
                                                    on page 8 or find out more at                   available for eligible domestic students
                                                                  studying an undergraduate degree.
                                                                                                    This means they pay a student contribution
                                                                                                    for their degree with most of the cost
                                                                                                    covered by the Australian Government,
                                                                                                    through the HECS-HELP scheme.
                                                                                                    Find out more at

9 | Griffith University
Transitioning to university
From learning about university life to realising potential opportunities
and challenges, your understanding of your teenager’s experiences will
help you give them important support.

Support, encourage                                •    e realistic—Understand the transition
                                                      B                                            •   F ind balance—Students who can
                                                      takes time and a wide range of factors            balance their academic and personal
and connect                                           impact accomplishments at university.             responsibilities and look after their health
•    ommunicate—Keep communication
    C                                                                                                   and wellbeing tend to better manage
    lines open and discuss concerns with          •    tay involved—Ask questions and
                                                                                                        demands of university and find it less
    your teenager and see how you can                 follow news about Griffith, while
                                                                                                        stressful. Encourage your teenager to
    best manage the transition together.              respecting the boundaries that your
                                                                                                        look after themselves, stay positive,
                                                      teenager sets their own experiences.
•    ncourage independence—You may
    E                                                                                                   and remember they are not alone.
    not agree with every decision they            •    tart strong—Research shows students
    make but try to support them to make              experience an easier transition to           Support for parents
                                                      university and greater chance of success
    informed decisions.
                                                      if they make a positive start. Encourage
                                                                                                   and families
•    ncourage responsibility—Be
    E                                                 your teenager to become familiar with        We offer free seminars for family and
    supportive but not intrusive. Your                the university environment by attending      friends of new students to provide
    teenager needs to choose the degree               events such as Open Day, to get to           information on managing the transition
    and career they are interested in and             know the campus and meet their future        from school to university, supporting
    make decisions regarding their own life.          teachers and peers.                          a student’s aspirations, wellbeing and
                                                                                                   development, and succeeding at university.
•    ncourage boundaries—Give them
    E                                             •   F ind their purpose—Students who            Find information about events and useful
    space when they need it, and respect               know why they’re at university are more     resources for parents, families and friends
    their boundaries, while remaining                  likely to find their study meaningful and   at
    available for support.                             rewarding. Encourage them to trust
•    uild confidence—Focus on your
    B                                                  in their own abilities, strengths and
    teenager’s strengths, celebrate their              aspirations to achieve their goals.
    achievements and don’t dwell
    on mistakes.

‘Griffith was always on the agenda because I liked how
diverse and welcoming the campus was on Open Day.’

As the first in her family to go to university,   Tristan’s mother Tamara said she supported
Tristan Petera paved the way for her younger      her in whatever she wanted to do but was
sister Lucy to study at Griffith. ‘Griffith was   glad she chose Griffith. ‘She loves the
always on the agenda because I liked how          people, the atmosphere and the support
diverse and welcoming the campus was on           Griffith offers.’
Open Day,’ she says. Tristan completed a          Tristan Petera
Diploma of Social and Psychological Science       Bachelor of Social Work and
at Griffith College before enrolling in a         her mother Tamara
Bachelor of Social Work. ‘The degree I
wanted was one that included helping others
become better people and social work fits
the bill. My sister was inspired to come to
Griffith after seeing how much I enjoyed
studying. She’s now completing a double
degree in criminology and criminal justice
and psychological science.’

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Open Day—Gold Coast, Nathan and
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‘We looked at other universities but
Griffith just felt right, and made
Erin feel very welcome and included.’
Right. Erin Condrin, Bachelor of Psychology with Honours,
her assistance dog Lacey, and her mother Kerri-Ann Condrin
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