Parents and Family Guide 2018-2019 - Collegian Media Group

Parents and Family Guide 2018-2019 - Collegian Media Group
Parents and Family Guide
Parents and Family Guide 2018-2019 - Collegian Media Group
Parents and Family Guide 2018-2019 - Collegian Media Group
Table of Contents
    4   About This Guide

    6   Welcome from Student Leaders

    8   Career Center

   10   K-State First

   12   K-State Traditions

   14   Student Involvement

   16   K-State Proud

   18   On-Campus Housing

   20   Parents and Family Association

   22   Campus Safety

   24   Student Spirit

   26   Around Manhattan

   28   Calendar
Parents and Family Guide 2018-2019 - Collegian Media Group
About This Guide
    The K-State Parents and Family Guide is a collaboration between
    the Parents and Family Association and the students of Collegian
    Media Group. Our goal is to provide families with the information and
    messages that they care about most. The content is crafted by students
    to target the interests of K-State parents and their new Wildcat

    Please refer to the Parents and Family Association at
    parentsandfamily and for updates about the university.
    If you have questions about this guide or suggestions for its content,
    please contact us at Collegian Media
    Group makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information in
    this guide.
    © 2018 Collegian Media Group. All rights reserved.

    K-State Parents and Family Association
    122 Anderson Hall
    (785) 532-2222

    Collegian Media Group
    103 Kedzie Hall
    820 Mid-Campus Drive, South
    (785) 370-6350

    Cover Photo by K-State Photo Services


4                                                        Kansas State University
Parents and Family Guide 2018-2019 - Collegian Media Group
Call us today! (785) 776-1118
       2100 Westchester Drive | Manhattan, KS 66503 |

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          1401 Monticello Drive | Manhattan, KS 66502 |

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Parents and Family Guide 2018-2019 - Collegian Media Group
Lacy Pitts, Student Body Vice President, left, and Jordan Kiehl, Student Body President.

Welcome from
Student Leaders
It is with great excitement that we         to the State of Kansas in order to
welcome you and your student(s)             help the state grow in both culture
to Kansas State University. Our             and industry. Through academic
university is known for its sense of        excellence and exceptional career
community, and we are thrilled to           preparation, we are confident that the
add you to the family. Whether your         experience your student will embark
K-State story goes back three decades,      on at K-State will empower them to
or you are on campus for the first          achieve their greatest aspirations for
time, there is a place for you here at      the future.
K-State, and we are sure that this
decision will serve as beneficial to        With nine colleges, over 250 academic
your family for years to come.              majors, and more than 475 clubs
                                            and organizations, there is truly
The K-State tradition is that of a          something at K-State for everyone. In
well-rounded collegiate experience          addition to a great variety of academic
which builds on generations of              programs, K-State continues the
success and dynamic aspirations for         tradition of “putting students first”
the future. The decision to enroll          through numerous student success
is a commitment to the land grant           programs, social entertainment
mission, by bringing premiere               outlets, and nationally ranked
education and elite research programs       Division I Athletic programs.

6                                                           Kansas State University
Parents and Family Guide 2018-2019 - Collegian Media Group
This year, as Student Body President           experience is one which is constantly
and Vice President, we are fortunate           striving to improve. Working with
to represent one of K-State’s student          university administration to enhance
organizations, the Student Governing           our campus through emphasizing
Association.Through engaging in the            affordable textbook alternatives,
dialogue of important decisions being          advocating for the creation of
made in the university, SGA serves             a multicultural student center,
as the communication link between              improving campus transportation as
students and administrators. One               well as advising technology.
of our most important decisions is
the allocation of over $16 million in          Once more, please accept our warm
student privilege fee dollars, which           welcome and we look forward to
are essential to our university’s              the year ahead. And as always, go
efforts to provide a “home away from           ’Cats!
home” for your student through the             Jordan Kiehl
support of campus entities such as the         Student Body President
K-State Student Union, Lafene Health           Senior from Fairway, Kansas
Center, Chester E. Peters Recreation
Complex, campus entertainment                  Lacy Pitts
funds, and much more.                          Student Body Vice President
                                               Senior from Buhler, Kansas
As students’ representatives, we
will work to ensure the student

                    AND DELIVERY OPTIONS!

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     1129 GARDEN WAY, MANHATTAN, KS 66502 | PH (785) 320-6363
                WWW.MANHATTANRUNNINGCO.COM                                            7
Parents and Family Guide 2018-2019 - Collegian Media Group
Shopping the Career Closet.            Photo by Saya Kahim, Collegian Media Group

Career Center
The Career Center facilitates the         and a staff committed to assisting
career readiness of all students          students in the career development
throughout the K-State community.         process. The Career Center also
It offers free assessments for            provides students with opportunities
exploring majors/careers, job search      to attend career fairs, interview on-
training, career advising, employer       campus with employers, and enroll in
connections, interview preparation,       credit-based courses for

8                                                        Kansas State University
Parents and Family Guide 2018-2019 - Collegian Media Group
major/career decision-making and
internship experiences.

Students can also visit the Career
Center to:                                We’re hiring!
• Shop the Career Closet’s wide              Mornings | Evenings
  selection of professional attire and
  accessories.                                   Weekends
• Learn about personal branding and
  maintaining a professional online
                                          Starting at $11.00/hour.
• Look up K-State curriculum
  guides, or obtain graduate school          Up to $12.50 in 3
  information.                                    months!
Additional resources include
employment profiles, salary
information, relocation tips, advice
from K-State grads, job offer
guidelines, career reference books,
and career planning workshops.

The Career Center hosts career fairs
in the fall and spring semesters, which
bring a multitude of employers to
campus to recruit K-State students for
internships, part-time jobs, co-ops,
and full-time jobs. In October, the
Career Center also holds a browsing
fair to explore more than 250 majors,
                                                      Big Lakes
minors and certificate programs,             Development Center is...
known as the “Majors, Minors and           Teamwork • Respect • Integrity
More Fair.”                               Quality Care • Making a Difference
After registering their free Handshake
account, students can apply for
jobs and internships, schedule an                (785) 776-9201
appointment with their career adviser, 
sign up for events, workshops,            1416 Hayes Drive | Manhattan, KS
information sessions and interviews
with employers coming to the K-State

For more information about the
Career Center, visit
/careercenter.                                    9
Parents and Family Guide 2018-2019 - Collegian Media Group
Hale Library.                     Photo by Olivia Bergmeier, Collegian Media Group

K-State First
K-State First is the University’s first-   A group of 22 students enroll in two
year experience program, our way           general education courses and a one-
of helping students establish a great      hour connections course during the
foundation for the rest of their college   fall semester. The two main courses
career. The program offers seminar         count toward graduation in most
courses and learning communities           programs, and the friendly faces
designed specifically for first-year       in the CAT Community make the
students. Home to the university’s         larger, mostly lecture-based classes
common reading program (KSBN),             feel a lot smaller. To apply what
a one-on-one mentoring program             they have been learning, students
(GPS), and other unique opportunities      meet once a week in the connections
for first-year students, K-State First     course with this core group of
is deeply committed to academic            classmates and a professor from
excellence, community, diversity, and      one of the main classes. Students
the empowerment of students                can enroll in Residential, Non-
                                           Residential, and Study Abroad CAT
CAT Communities                            Communities.
Connecting Across Topics                   Residential CAT communities provide
Communities are designed around            an added opportunity for first-year
student interests, and offer mentoring     students to connect with others who
from a professor, as well as an            share their academic interests by
advanced undergraduate Learning            placing them in the same on-campus
Assistant who shares the students’         residence hall along with their
interests. They are an ideal place for     Residential Learning Assistant. Like
students to meet each other and to         the other CAT Communities, first-
study together.                            year students take a group of classes
                                           together, and also live, eat, sleep,
10                                                       Kansas State University
study, and socialize near each other,    have the opportunity to connect on
too.                                     their own, or at GPS-sponsored events
                                         at least three times per semester.
First-Year Seminars
                                         K-State Book Network
The First-Year Seminar program           (KSBN)
provides students with the chance to
take small, exciting classes that are    The motto of KSBN is “A campus
taught in a lively, interactive way.     on the same page.” The program
Students have the opportunity to ask     is designed to provide a common
questions, interact with the professor   experience around a book to help first
and the other students, and challenge    year students transition from high
themselves with personalized,            school to college, grow academically
hands-on attention. All of the classes   and socially, and share something
carry general education credit, and      with all other first year students.
they meet the program of study
requirements for most students and       The KSBN book for 2018 is “The
most majors. Many of the courses         Hate U Give,” by Angie Thomas,
fulfill K-State 8 requirements, as       about a sixteen-year-old girl whose
well.                                    life is up-ended when she becomes
                                         the sole witness to the shooting of
Guide to Personal Success                her best friend by a police officer.
(GPS)                                    K-State holds guided academic and
                                         social events that go along with
GPS is K-State First’s first-year        the novel, which are geared to help
mentoring program that matches           students bond over their common
guides (or mentors) with first-          reading experience, as well as learn
year students. The guide serves as       new things about the book, related
a professional point of reference        themes, K-State, and the Manhattan
throughout the student’s first           community.
year at the university, providing
information outside of academics         K-State First is dedicated to assisting
and class selection. Guides share        new students with the transition to
their knowledge of campus resources      university-level learning and college
and provide support and feedback         life. For more information, check out
as needed. Students and their guides                                       11
K-State Traditions
K-Staters have been creating purple-       windows in Aggieville and building
tinted traditions since the university’s   parade floats.
inception in 1863.
                                           ‘Wabash Cannonball’
Purple Power Play
                                           Get on your feet, clap, bend and
Go crazy for the football team, watch      twist to this rousing anthem. After
fireworks and sample local cuisine at      a fire destroyed the home of the
the annual Purple Power Play in the        music department in 1968, the band
Park. Manhattan’s City Park is home        performed the only music that was
to this exciting citywide rally on the     left: “The Wabash Cannonball.”
Thursday and Friday nights before the      Now doing “the Wabash” is a rite of
first home football game.                  passage. Recently, the Wabash was
                                           named the No. 1 pregame tradition in
Homecoming                                 the Big 12 by ESPN.
Students compete in various events         KS Letters
to generate K-State spirit throughout
Homecoming week. Today’s                   High on a hill overlooking Manhattan,
activities include designing banners,      they are hard to miss. Engineering
performing group chants, painting          students plotted the 80-foot-tall
12                                                       Kansas State University
“K” in 1921 and later added the “S” on   1903. Students, alumni and Wildcat
K-Hill. The “U” was never added, but     fans alike can be seen swaying back
students still whitewash the letters     and forth as the melody progresses,
every year.                              connected by the powerful loyalty
                                         expressed through the lyrics.
Call Hall
                                         I know a spot that I love full
Our campus dairy bar offers more           well
than 30 flavors of student-made ice
cream, including espresso ecstasy,       ‘Tis not in forest nor yet in dell,
chocolate brownie delight and a          Ever it holds me with magic
campus staple — purple pride.             spell,

Open House                               I think of thee, Alma Mater.

More than 20,000 visitors show           K-S-U, we’ll carry the banner
up every April to check out majors
and campus life. Experience K-State      K-S-U, long, long may thy colors
through performances, eating              fly.
contests, science experiments and        Loyal to thee, thy children will swell
more.                                     the cry.
Willie the Wildcat                       Hail, hail, hail. Alma Mater.

Our fearless mascot, Willie the          University Fight Song
Wildcat, does a pushup for every point
scored at K-State football games and     Written in 1927 by Harry E. Erickson,
electrifies fans with his famous K-S-U   Wildcat Victory is the official fight
pose. He may not say much himself,       song of Kansas State, and it is a
but he sure gets the crowd to make       rousing anthem of Wildcat Pride and
some noise.                              pure fandom fun. Clap along to the
                                         playful melody and do not forget to
Royal Purple                             pump your fists along to the final
The school color Royal Purple was
adopted in the fall of 1896. Although    Fight, you K-State Wildcats
K-State’s only official color is royal   For alma mater fight-fight-
purple, white has been used as a           fight!
complementary color for many
years. The university’s yearbook is      Glory in the combat
also named after this prominent          For the purple and the white.
                                         Faithful to our colors.
Alma Mater
                                         We will ever be,
K-State’s Alma Mater was written by      Fighting ever fighting for a
H. W. Jones in 1888 and was later
selected to represent the university     Wildcat Victory!
during a campus contest held in          Go State!                                        15
Students learn a dance before a screening of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

Student Involvement
Beyond your student’s academic
area of focus at K-State, experiences
outside of the classroom including
extracurricular activities, community
service events, and other involvement
opportunities help to ensure that your
student finds their niche within the
K-State community.

“K-State is special because of the
ownership that students feel for
campus,” said CJ Steiner, junior
in mechanical engineering. “By
taking the time to volunteer with          Black Student Union members watch an
organizations on campus, I’ve had the      inspirational video during their meeting.
ability to grow and develop myself          Photo: Cassandra Nguyen, The Collegian
professionally. Doing college visits
and interviewing to be in these clubs      and Theta Xi Fraternity.
are great practice for when you’re in
an interview setting for an internship     During the Week of Welcome, as
or job in the future.” Steiner is          well as in the spring, there is an
involved with the CLUE Program             Activities Carnival that all of the
Program, Engineering Ambassadors,          campus organizations attend, offering
14                                                        Kansas State University
quick and easy access to information                Michelle Anderson, senior in finance
about K-State’s many involvement                    and accounting and K-State Student
opportunities.                                      Ambassador, said, “I am involved
                                                    with several organizations on campus,
With over 500 clubs and                             and each group is very different
organizations to choose from,                       from the others. This has allowed
students are bound to discover an                   me to meet so many impactful and
activity they are passionate about.                 unique people, and these experiences
One of them, the Black Student                      have expanded my horizons. Being
Union, received the Clarence Wine                   involved on campus has pushed me
Award for Outstanding Big 12 Council                far outside my comfort zone and given
of the Year in 2018 for the tenth time              me the resources to learn and grow
in 13 years.                                        both inside and out of the classroom.”
Students can explore their interests                Anderson is a member of Business
through honor societies, intramural                 Ambassadors, Gamma Phi Beta
sports teams, fraternities and                      Sorority, Student Alumni Board, and
sororities, academic groups, major-                 Student Finance Association.
specific clubs, and hobby groups.                   For a list of student organizations and
All K-State student groups have                     more information, visit
something to offer students, both new     
and returning.

                                                            Four Points by Sheraton Manhattan
                                                                            530 Richards Drive
                                                                     Manhattan, Kansas 66502
                                                                               T 785-539-5311

 The largest hotel in Manhattan with nearly 200
 guestrooms and more than 20,000 square feet
 of flexible convention space.

 We have what matters most, a comfortable
 bed, delicious breakfast, and great coffee. Plus
 free Internet, pool, and 24 hour fitness center.
 Whether you’re in town for work or just for fun,
 you’re in for a great stay with Four Points.

 For Reservations:
 Phone: 785-539-5311
 Website:                                                      15
Photo by Parker Robb, The Collegian

The spirit of family runs deep at        completed 12 annual campaigns,
K-State. The K-State Proud campaign      raised more than $1,140,000,
is all about students helping students   and distributed more than 600
— about students taking care of          awards to help students stay at the
the K-State family. Guided by the        university.
leadership of Student Foundation,
K-State Proud is a student-led,          Money raised by the campaign goes
nationally recognized fundraising        toward Student Opportunity Awards,
campaign for K-State. All student        which are allocated to students who
campaign donations establish             demonstrate extreme financial need.
awards for K-State students who          Awards are given to students whose
are struggling financially, as well as   future at K-State may be in jeopardy
scholarships for outstanding students.   and to students who have exhausted
K-State proud has successfully           all other forms of aid.

16                                                     Kansas State University
Students and faculty members are           and celebrate the success of the
encouraged to nominate students            campaign.
in need, or students may nominate
themselves. Applications are received      As a new student, your student can get
online on a continuing basis and           involved by donating, volunteering,
awards are allocated year round.           or serving on a committee. K-State
                                           Proud is a unique, student-led
K-State Proud’s annual campaign            philanthropy led by the KSU Student
takes place each spring, helping           Foundation, and is designed to
bring in donations and raise               recognize outstanding K-State
awareness throughout the university        students and help students stay in the
and community. During K-State              Wildcat family.
Proud Week, an online or in-person
donation of $20 or more earns the          To learn more about K-State Proud,
donor a K-State Proud shirt. Other         visit
activities occur over the course of        /k-stateproud.
the academic year to raise awareness

 Manhattan’s Favorite Mexican

  Open 11:00am - 10:00pm Sunday-Thursday                 2301 Tuttle Creek Blvd.
     11:00am - 11:00pm Friday-Saturday                        785-587-5258                                            17
Wefald Hall dormitory.                    Photo by Timmerman Photography Inc.

On-Campus Housing
More than 5,000 students call the       traditional-private rooms with
K-State campus home. The university     multiple single-use bathrooms per
features ten residence halls, a         floor, and suite-style rooms with
leadership/scholarship house for        private bathrooms. Residents can live
women, a hall for honors students,      alone in single occupancy rooms, or
and a large apartment community.        with one, two or three roommates.
Each option provides different          Community bathrooms are cleaned
amenities to help students get the      each weekday.
most of out their K-State experience.
The newest residence hall, Wefald       All residences are staffed 24/7 by
Hall, opened in fall 2016 along with    front desk staff, maintenance staff
the state-of-the-art Kramer Dining      and resident assistants. Resident
Center. It is a great time to live on   assistants are upper-division students
campus!                                 who are trained to help with common
                                        issues such as stress, relationships
Residence hall room styles vary         and classes. All entrances to residence
by hall, and include traditional        halls are locked 24 hours a day and
rooms with community bathrooms,         require residents’ K-State ID card
18                                                    Kansas State University
to unlock. Guests must be checked        floor plans. Jardine is available to
into residence halls and accompanied     undergraduate and graduate students,
by a resident at all times.              as well as single students, married
                                         couples and families. Students who
Meal plans are required as part of the   live in Jardine are not required to
residence hall contract. An award-       purchase a meal plan, but several
winning dining program offers a wide     plans are available. A popular
range of nutritious foods through a      restaurant, as well as a convenience
choice of meal plans to use at any of    store and coffee shop, are on site.
the three dining centers, as well as     In addition, the sports complex
12 retail operations to accommodate      and recreation center are right next
residents’ unique backgrounds and        door.
busy lifestyles. Dining Services’
Cultivate You and Nutrition Now          Students who wish to live in the
programs is focus on wellness,           Jardine community also have the
community and sustainability,            option of a hybrid apartment. This
and offer a variety of healthy meal      model allows students to live in a
selections. Registered and licensed      four-bedroom Jardine apartment, but
dietitians are available at all dining   to rent the room as an individual. No
centers to assist with nutritional       need to confirm roommates, no meal
choices and medically necessary diet     plan requirement, and no need to buy
plans.                                   bedroom furniture (bed, dresser and
                                         desk are provided).
The Jardine Apartments community
provides flexible housing with           For more information, visit:
790 apartments and 76 different

                           Elegant colonial setting
                          two blocks from campus.
                           For a single or couple.

                             500 Denison Avenue
                          Innkeeper Tim Lindemuth                                     19
Parents and Family
Welcome to the Family! When              those who apply themselves to their
your student enrolls at K-State, you     studies to remain in school, recognize
automatically received membership        academic achievement, and promote
into the K-State Parents and Family      diversity in the student body.
Association. The PFA serves as your
connection to the university, other      Emergency fund for students in
K-State families, and students.          crisis

K-State PFA allows you to feel           The emergency fund is utilized when
actively engaged with your student’s     faculty and staff notify the Dean of
college experience by participating      Student Life that an urgent situation
in campus programs and activities        has occurred for a student needing
specifically geared towards families,    immediate financial assistance. The
while at the same time letting your      funds are awarded at the Dean’s
student make the most of their college   discretion.
experience.                              Alcohol-free programming
PFA is funded solely by private          for students at K-State After
contributions, which help to             Hours
provide:                                 K-State’s Union Program Council is
Student scholarships                     responsible for organizing events and
                                         entertainment for the campus. The
Nearly 70% of K-State students           Parents and Family fund supports
receive some sort of financial aid.      the UPC “After Hours” initiative,
Donations to the Parents and Family      which provides substance-free
fund support scholarships for            entertainment and activities every
undergraduate students and enable        Friday night.
20                                                     Kansas State University
Campus Safety Awareness                 award, Putting Students First award
Video                                   and the Extraordinary Student
The PFA sponsored the Campus
Safety video, which provides valuable   Your gift to the PFA will support
tips and information for how students   programs at K-State that enhance
can stay safe and prevent crime on      student life in all aspects — academic,
campus.                                 social, and professional development.
                                        Your donation is an investment
Alcohol and Sexual Assault              in the future of K-State. While
Prevention (ASAP)                       your membership is automatic, we
All new students under the age          encourage you to become active
of 22 are required to complete a        members of the organization.
web-based Alcohol and Sexual            Parents volunteer to serve on the
Assault Prevention Program. The         PFA advisory board, represent the
PFA provides funding encouraging        association at information booths,
students to have a healthy and safe     attend recruitment events, and
college experience.                     serve as a connection to new K-State
Family Day
                                        Engage with PFA
Family Day has been a K-State
tradition for more than 90 years.
Family Day includes numerous            /parentsandfamily
programs and activities. The            (785) 532-2222
K-State Family Tailgate and the
K-State Legacy Pinning Ceremony 
are two signature events. For more
information regarding the schedule of     @kstatepfa
events, visit 
                                        Mark your calendars:
Orientation and Enrollment
                                        Family Day
Orientation and enrollment is an
opportunity for new students to         September 15, 2018
prepare them for their first day of
college. Activities include meeting     K-State Family Day is a special
with their advisor, enrolling in        tradition. The 2018 event will
classes, visiting with other new        celebrate 90 years of welcoming
students, and learning about campus     families to the campus for a day of
resources.                              activities designed around family,
                                        togetherness, and pride. Participants
Awards                                  will enjoy a variety of events
                                        showcasing the history, tradition, and
Other programs funded by the            special connection between K-State,
Parents and Family fund include         our students, and their families.
the Outstanding Graduating Senior                                      21
A Blue Light Phone Box at Kedzie Hall.        Photo by Evert Nelson, The Collegian

Campus Safety
Your student’s safety is a top priority    and damage to property by offering
at K-State. Faculty, students, and staff   students and their guests a safe
approach campus safety as a shared         alternative to drunken driving
responsibility, which allows K-State       and other threatening situations.
to be among the safest universities        SafeRide provides free buses that run
in the Big 12. Together we make            designated routes from 11 p.m.-3 a.m.
K-State what it is: a safe, supportive,    Thursday through Saturday.
and caring community where the
well-being of each of us is the            LiveSafe App
responsibility of all of us.               LiveSafe is a smartphone app for the
Wildcat Walk                               K-State community that provides
                                           safety resources and communication
If your student is ever uncomfortable      tools. LiveSafe users can anonymously
walking on campus alone, Wildcat           share information and safety concerns
Walk can provide an escort to meet         with K-State police via text, with
them and walk with them to another         picture, video and audio attachments;
on-campus destination or up to two         use peer-to-peer location tracking
blocks off-campus. Ensuring they           with group chat; access emergency
arrive safely to their destination, the    help, telephone numbers, and
service operates 24 hours a day, seven     important safety information and
days a week. Wildcat Walk can be           resources; and see where the latest
contacted at (785) 395-7233.               campus incidents have occurred and
                                           nearby safety locations. The free app
SafeRide                                   can be downloaded through iTunes
The mission of the SafeRide Program        and Google Play, and is available to
is to save lives and prevent injuries      students, parents, faculty, staff,

22                                                       Kansas State University
campus visitors, and community             quick access to emergency services.
members.                                   You can also use these boxes to ask
                                           for directions, or report a crime or
Campus Police                              accident.
The campus police department               Lafene Health Center
includes commissioned and non-
commissioned officers available to         Lafene Health Center is an on-campus
respond to emergencies 24/7, 365           medical facility where students in
days a year. Campus police can be          need of general medical care can
contacted at 911 or through their non-     see a healthcare provider free of
emergency number:                          charge. Lafene also has a pharmacy,
(785) 532-6412.                            along with additional services such
                                           as X-rays, nutrition counseling
Campus Wide Emergency                      and an immunization clinic, which
Notification System                        are typically discounted below the
K-State’s emergency alert system           rates of a regular doctor’s office in
sends emergency signals to police          Manhattan.
officers in the case of an emergency.      Counseling Services
The alert system also notifies students
through email and on the K-State           Counseling Services has licensed
website. Students can sign up for text     clinical psychologists and other
message alerts, or “K-State Alerts,”       professional resources who attend
at Friends        to students’ psychological needs,
and family can also sign up to receive     promote their well-being, alleviate
these emergency messages.                  concerns, facilitate problem
                                           resolution, and enhance their overall
Blue Light Phone Boxes                     success. Four individual counseling
KSU Police monitor numerous blue           sessions are provided free of
light phone call boxes located at          charge to students every fiscal year;
numerous spots throughout campus.          additional sessions run $15-$25 per
These phone boxes are placed outside       visit. Counseling Services also offers
of buildings in heavily traveled areas     resources for parents at www.k-state
to allow campus community members          .edu/counseling/parents.

                                                       SERVICES OFFERED:
                                                           Individual,  group &
   Counseling Services                                     couple Services
                                                         • Biofeedback training
         is now located at:                              • Urgent mental
                                                           health consultation
      1105 Sunset Ave, Rm 101                            • Free initial visit for
                                                           enrolled students      785-532-6927                                           23
Cheering with Willie at a football game.               Photo by Hannah Hunsinger

Student Spirit
To see K-State school spirit, you don’t    student organizations, the Manhattan
have to look very hard.                    community will always be, “One big
                                           happy purple family.”
You might see students at the
basketball games shaking their shoes       School spirit also comes shows up
in the air before tip off. You could run   in organizations including K-State
into a sea of purple walking through       Proud, a student philanthropy which
the quad. You can’t miss hundreds of       has raised over $1 million over the last
students lined up more than 30 rows        11 years and gives the money back to
deep at Bill Snyder Family Stadium         students who need temporary help to
rocking back and forth to “The             continue their education.
Wabash Cannonball.”
                                           And there are plenty of other ways
But one thing you will never see: a        that the students and faculty at
lack of school spirit at K- State.         K-State show their love and passion
                                           for being a part of the Wildcat
Whether it’s at athletic events, on        family.
campus between classes, or through
24                                                        Kansas State University
“People take pride in that family
slogan,” said A. J. Krehbiel, freshman
in business.

Krehbiel also mentioned that the
school spirit and family community at
K-State made his big move to Kansas
after high school in Spring, Texas,
much easier.
                                          We Have What
Adam Houghton, a sophomore in
                                          Students Need
animal science, has seen the K-State
school spirit through being a student
ambassador on campus.                      Futons w/ 10” pads           Twin Mattresses
                                               Starting at                Starting at
“One of the best ways you can see
                                               $349                        $128
school spirit and the Wildcat way
is the way that students interact
with people that they don’t know,”
Houghton said.                              Computer Desks            Sofa/Loveseat Sets
                                              Starting at                 Starting at
Houghton, from Stillwell, Kansas, said
that learning the fight song, singing          $169                        $699
the alma mater and the “Wabash
Cannonball” are some of his favorite
traditions at K-State.                      4 Drawer Chests           4 pc. Bedroom Set
                                                                    (Dresser, Mirror, Queen/Full,
                                               Starting at            Headboard, Nightstand)
“We’re happy here,” Krehbiel said.
                                                $99                        Starting at
“It’s something that you kind of share                                     $559
with everybody, the whole student

Andre Vila, a sophomore in sociology,
transferred here from Fort Hayes
State University. A Topeka native, he
said the adjustment to K-State went
smoothly thanks to the community
and spirit around campus.

“I think everybody here is pretty
proud of their university and really
happy to be here,” Vila said.

                                                                2326 Sky-Vue Lane
                                         785.537.2288           One Block S. of Ft. Riley Blvd.
                                                                 Behind Briggs Auto Lane

The Flint Hills Discovery Center.

Around Manhattan
Take just a few steps off the K-State     City Park
campus and you will find museums,
nature trails, shops and more. The        City Park is located in the east central
Manhattan community is home               part of Manhattan, close to downtown
to a unique variety of activities         and Aggieville. Home to the statue
and attractions that will be sure to      of legendary Johnny Kaw, the park
entertain everyone in the family.         is a place for anyone who loves the
                                          outdoors. A playground, picnic tables
Aggieville                                with grills, tennis courts, a basketball
                                          and volleyball court, a mile-long
Since 1889, Aggieville’s variety of       multi-use trail, rose garden, seasonal
quirky shops and trendy restaurants       splash park, aquatic center, and
has made it a family-friendly             ice rink make City Park a spot for
environment during the day and a          everyone. For more information, visit:
college hot spot at night. Hosting
events like the K-State Homecoming        /City-Park.
Parade and Pep Rally, and the Little
Apple New Year’s Eve Celebration and      Flint Hills Discovery Center
Ball Drop, “The ‘Ville” is the place to
experience Manhattan’s cozy, small-       The Flint Hills Discovery Center
town feel. Learn more at                  showcases the geology, ecology, and                       cultural history of the Flint Hills.
26                                                       Kansas State University
Discover what makes this area so          at the shopping districts in town.
special through interactive and           Poyntz Avenue, which is anchored
interpretive exhibits, and learn how      by Manhattan Town Center, along
you can help preserve the last major      with Westloop, Town East, Seth Child
stand of the tallgrass prairie. The       Commons, and Fort Riley Boulevard,
museum is located just 2 miles from       are just a few of the shopping areas
campus and is an engaging activity        around Manhattan. For more
for the whole family. For more            information, visit:
information, visit:             
                                          Sunset Zoo
Historical Sites
                                          Open year-round, Sunset Zoo offers
Dive into Manhattan’s rich history by     up-close views of more than 200
visiting the numerous historical sites    animals from various continents.
located throughout the community.         From April to October, visitors can
Take a step back in time by learning      experience daily feedings and attend
about the area’s early settlers, 19th-    zookeeper chats. Sunset Zoo also
century pastimes, and influential city    hosts special events, including Brew at
residents, like Isaac Goodnow. The        the Zoo, SPOOKtacular, and Wine in
Riley County Historical Museum,           the Wild. To learn more, visit:
Goodnow House, Pioneer Log Cabin,
and Wolf House Museum offer unique
opportunities to experience what          Tuttle Creek State Park
Riley County was like more than 200       Outdoor adventures await at Tuttle
years ago. Learn more at                  Creek State Park, located less than 10                         miles from campus. The park offers
Konza Prairie                             nature trails, a mountain biking trail,
                                          a scenic equestrian trail, picnic areas,
Experience the vastness of Kansas’        an 18-hole disc golf course, volleyball
rolling hills by walking through this     courts, horseshoe pits, shooting and
native tallgrass prairie preserve, open   archery ranges, and a swimming
to the public from dawn to dusk.          beach. Fishing is also a popular
Located off McDowell Creek Road,          activity in Tuttle Creek Lake, as well
trail lengths vary from about 2.5 miles   as in the river above and below the
to longer than 6 miles. While there,      lake. Looking to stay overnight? The
it is important to observe and follow     park offers a campground with more
the rules, as most of the Konza Prairie   than 600 sites, as well as 11 reservable
is a privately owned research station.    cabins. Visit to
Learn more at www.keep.konza              learn more.
                                          For a complete list of attractions,
Shopping Centers                          visit the Manhattan Convention and
                                          Visitors Bureau at
Needing to do some back-to-school
shopping? From furniture to clothes
to groceries, find everything you need                                        27
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28                                            Kansas State University
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                 Spring 2019

                               Spring 2019 Term begins

                               Student Holiday

                               Spring 2019 Term ends

                               Spring 2019 Term examinations


                               Term Final Grades available in KSIS

                For more information visit:
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