Parkwood Green Primary School - 1-to-1 Netbook Program

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Parkwood Green Primary School - 1-to-1 Netbook Program
Parkwood Green
 Primary School

1-to-1 Netbook
Parkwood Green Primary School - 1-to-1 Netbook Program
1-to-1 Learning Netbook Program
1-to-1 learning offers students with a personal portable Netbook computer
to enhance opportunities for learning at school and at home. This initiative
helps schools engage the digital generation by nurturing individual (1-to-
1) learning experiences, which can increase independence and self-
initiated learning, and extend student learning beyond the classroom.

The Netbooks are loaded with the most up to date software students are
using at school, including access to the school’s network and the Internet
through a wireless connection.

Students can respond to and keep records of feedback, including
multimedia records of their learning and assessment. They will have
anywhere, anytime access to work in progress and evidence of their
learning, as well as to personal digital spaces for ongoing reflections on

A learner's individual, connected, digital device becomes an important part
of a blended learning environment because it supports personalised
learning and ‘real time’ integration of ICT into learning activities.

Benefits of 1-to-1 programs

A 1-to-1 Netbook program promotes improved learning outcomes both in
and out of school, including:

   anytime, anywhere access to digital learning
   strengthening student and teacher technology use and skills
   higher student engagement and interest level
   independent, collaborative and student driven learning
   an increase in student achievement
   greater pride and ownership over student work and knowledge
   opportunities for extending learning communities and collaboration to
    include family, friends and other schools
   ability to have more focus on issues relating to cyber safety and cyber
   access to a wealth of information, multimedia resources, online tools
    and applications, and educational software for learning and presenting
   real-world context for student learning
Parkwood Green Primary School - 1-to-1 Netbook Program
Ownership model

   All Netbooks will be owned by Parkwood Green PS, giving parents the
   option to pay an annual lease payment in exchange for their child having
   24/7 access. At the end of the 3 year lease agreement, when students
   complete Grade 6, the Netbook will become the property of the student.
   The Netbook will need to be returned to the school in full working order so
   that it can be reimaged and all licensed eduStar software can be

   If students leave the school for any reason they will return the Netbook to
   the office in full working order, including all accessories and components.
   At this time families will have the option to pay off the remainder of the
   lease payments if they wish to keep the Netbook.

   The school reserves the right, at any time, to request the return of the
   Netbook for inspection, maintenance and software updates to ensure all
   machines are working at an optimum level.

   Failure to return the Netbook upon the school’s request may be
   considered theft of government property and will be immediately referred
   to the police.


   The lease payments schedule includes a $30 non-refundable deposit,
   followed by an annual instalment of $250, due by the end of Term 1 each
   year. The total cost of leasing the Netbook over the 3 years will be $780.

   This cost covers the lease and insurance of the Netbook only. Students
   leaving the school prior to the end of Year 6 will have the option of either;
   a) returning the Netbook when leaving; or b) buying-out the Netbook, by
   paying all remaining lease payments.

   At the end of the 3 year lease period, when students are at the end of Year
   6, and all lease payments have been met, the Netbook will be reimaged and
   become the property of the student.

   Lease Payment Schedule:

   When                         Date                             Amount

2011 – Term 4   4:30pm Thursday 15th December 2011       $30 non-refundable deposit

2012 – Term 1   4:30pm Thursday 22nd March 2012          $250

2013 – Term 1   4:30pm Thursday 21st March 2012          $250

2014 – Term 1   4:30pm Thursday 25th March 2012          $250
Parkwood Green Primary School - 1-to-1 Netbook Program
Costing Breakdown

                                              Our price          Retail

Initial Deposit (non-refundable)                 $30
Netbook – Acer Aspire 753 11.6”                 $515              $564
Upgrade to 4GB RAM                               $0               $28
Individualised Skin                              $15              $16
Protective carry case                            $20              $22
Replacement Battery Policy                       $50             $70-80
3 year Insurance                                $150           $150-$400
Educational Software                            Free             >$999
Anti-virus software                             Free              $300
Technical Support                         Provided by school     None
Total cost: (not including $30 deposit)         $750           Over $2,000
                        Cost per year:          $250           Over $670
Parkwood Green Primary School - 1-to-1 Netbook Program
Netbook Model & Specifications
Parkwood Green Primary School - 1-to-1 Netbook Program
Everki Hard case Clamshell Protective Case

                              All Netbooks come with a hard case, with
                              memory foam padding inside, to provide
                              extra protection for the machine when not
                              being used.

                              It will be an expectation that Netbooks are
                              kept inside this case when not being used
                              at school, home or during travel (case will
                              be in child’s school bag).

Battery Replacement Policy

All Netbooks come with are replacement battery policy, which allows the
school to organise a new battery towards the end of the second year in
the lease or when deemed necessary by the school. This will improve the
battery life of the machine and overall performance of the machine for the
remainder of the lease period.
Parkwood Green Primary School - 1-to-1 Netbook Program
Software and Applications

Software available on the Netbooks is the same offered to schools
through the Department’s ‘School Technology Architecture and Resources’
(eduSTAR) standard platform. The eduSTAR program provides schools
with standardised models, patterns, management practice and tools in
order to deliver an effective mix of educational software and tools to
enable teachers and students to access and embrace the Ultranet. There
are currently over 80 software applications available on the eduSTAR
software list. The broad range of applications cover:

   animation
   concept and Mind Mapping
   digital video and image creation
   drawing and painting
   interactive curricular resources
   logic and problem-solving
   3D modelling and game-making
   presentation and multimedia tools
   sound and music making
   thinking skills
   typing tutors
   web authoring tools
   writing tools
Parkwood Green Primary School - 1-to-1 Netbook Program
Usernames and Passwords

The Netbooks will be set up for students to use an individualised
username and password to access the Netbook and the school’s server
(this will also work for accessing workstations within the school).

Password protection helps to secure personal information and access to
the Netbooks from other users and in incidents of loss or theft.

Personalising the Netbook

As the Netbooks are the property of the school they are not to be altered
or personalised in any way that is irreversible. Each Netbook will have an
individualised, removable skin identifying its owner. Students may
personalise certain settings within their Netbook, such as their desktops
and icons, but be aware that periodic updates and reimaging (if required)
will revert the hard drive image to its original form which may result in
students losing settings and stored files if they have not been correctly
backed up.

Software licensing and copyright

Software installed by the school is subject to licensing conditions and
must not be distributed or deleted without written permission from the
school. Due to these conditions, if families decide to buy-out their
Netbook at the end of the lease the software licensed to the school will be

Any additional media installed on the Netbook must not infringe copyright
laws and must not include crude or explicit language or content. This will
contravene our ‘Acceptable Use Policy’ and may result in confiscation of
the Netbook, removal of the software or reimaging.

Installing your own software

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that there is enough hard drive
space available to engage in all educational requirements. Students will
be permitted to install software onto the Netbook, however, this must
comply with licensing and copyright laws. It is also an expectation that
any additional applications or files loaded onto the Netbook will be
appropriate to the age group of primary students, and not be considered
inappropriate to use at school (i.e. violent or offensive). Downloading
music, games and videos from the Internet during school hours is
prohibited except when directed by a teacher.
Internet usage

Use of the Netbook by students is governed by the ‘Acceptable Use Policy’
that students and parents must agree to for the use of ICT both within
and outside the school. Parents are also to familiarise themselves with the
‘Acceptable Use Policy’. Any inappropriate use of the Internet is
unacceptable and is subject to disciplinary action, including exclusion from
the school network and resources or confiscation of the Netbook.

Charging of Netbooks and Power Supply

All Netbooks will need to be charged overnight and returned back to
school fully charged at the beginning of every day for use at school. The
Netbook battery will generally last the full school day. It is the
responsibility of the student to ensure that the Netbook is fully charged
for the school day, as access to a power supply at school may not be

Backup/ recovery process

Students will be responsible for the backing up of all data at all times.
This may be through a USB or external drive. Students will have the
opportunity to periodically back up their work on the school network. This
is the sole responsibility of the student.

It will become regular practice at school to educate students and allow a
regular time for students to backup important files to a USB.
Technical Support

The school employs an ICT technician who will support the Netbook
Program. Students are to inform their teacher immediately of any
problems. For matters that cannot be fixed immediately by the either
students, teachers or the technician there may be time needed to repair
the machine.

The school will organise any hardware repairs for the Netbooks during the
school term. During this time students will not have access to their own
Netbook until it is repaired. The school will try to provide students with a
‘swap’ machine for use at school while their own machine is unavailable.

In situations where the Netbook has a hardware fault during the school
holidays, parents are able to directly call the suppliers service centre and
organise for repair at home, which may have up to a 3 day waiting period.

School based technical support will be limited to addressing the issues
that will impact student’s ability to use the Netbook for educational
purposes. For example, support for setting up printers at home or
connecting home Internet will not be supported by the school.

Please refer to the Parkwood Green Trouble Shooting Guide for more
information on this.

Warranty / Insurance

If the Netbook is lost or stolen, parents will be required to contact the
school and complete a police report. For any damage or loss, parents will
need to fill out an appropriate school based form and pay the insurance
excess payment of $50 per claim.

The school will then arrange any and all repairs or replacements. Please
see Attached ‘Acer Damage Protection Warranty’ and ‘iBroker Insurance’
flyers for more details about what is included. There is a limit to one
replacement machine for any insurance claims where the Netbook
requires a complete replacement.
Frequently Asked Questions

  Can students bring their own devices from home instead?

  No. Home devices are not configured to the school network and they will
  not be licensed to use the school’s image and educational software.

  Is the device password-protected?

  Yes. Students will be prompted to log on with a password when turning
  on the device. A password-protected device may help protect students’
  personal information in incidents of loss or theft.

  Where do the devices go when not in use?

  When not in use, the devices will be in the student’s bag within the

  How will teachers be trained and supported?

  As this is a new learning tool for the students, it is also for the teachers.
  This will mean that sometimes the teachers will learn with the students. It
  might mean that in the early stages of the program, students might not
  be using it as much as they will as the program develops further.

  Teachers complete the Department ICT Capabilities Survey and set ICT
  professional learning goals as a result. Support is a strong element for
  success and teachers will be involved in mentoring and coaching each
  other to complement their growing ICT capabilities.

  Will students use computers ‘too much’ for schoolwork?

  The 1-to-1 device will enhance the existing school curriculum by providing
  appropriate digital learning tools in balance with more traditional learning

  Wireless access will allow for ‘just-in-time’ learning where students can
  search for information or collaborate with others in a real-time context.
  Students will be able to use their school files at home and be able to
  collaborate with their peers on projects through social networking, such
  as the Ultranet.

  Students will continue to write with paper and pencil/pen and work to
  improve their handwriting as well as using the keyboard.
What if my child forgets his/her Netbook at home?

Students will still have access to technology within the school as usual,
however may be required to use a desktop computer or school Netbook
instead of their own for the day.

The school monitors computer usage at school, but who monitors
it at home?

That is the responsibility of the parents. When out of school, parents and
students will be responsible for monitoring the usage of the Netbook.
Examples of this include:

      students to share their learning and achievements with their parents
      encourage use in a family room and not in the bedroom
      remaining vigilant as to what is being accessed on the computer
      restrict use to certain people and use at certain times of the evening or
      advise not to take on long trips or to places it may be left behind
      examine the documents and other contents of the device on a regular basis

How can students access the Internet from home?

Home Internet connection is not supplied by the school. There is no
mandated expectation that Internet access be made available at home. If
there is an existing Internet provision at home, the Netbook is able to be
configured for access at home.

How can devices be used at home?

Examples of home use for which internet access would be required

      using online collaborative websites such as class blogs, wikis, Ultranet
      completion of homework using online resources

Examples of home use for which Internet access would not be required

      using any of the Microsoft applications or open source software provided
      using any subject-specific software
      working with audio, picture or video files on the devices
What about safe internet use?

Students are offered a device to facilitate anytime, anywhere learning.
Teachers will supervise students as they would for any learning activity as
they create and maintain a safe, comfortable and learning-focused
classroom. Appropriate use of the internet service within the DEECD
network is closely monitored by a filtering system, which allows for
inappropriate content blocking by a regularly updated list of categories
and sites. This does not apply to use of devices outside of the school

Available Support Resources

DEECD Working with the Web:


Australian Government’s Net Alert:

 What if the Netbook is used for inappropriate purposes? This will
be seen as a breach of our school’s ‘Digital Technologies acceptable Use
Contract’ and the device may be banned for a period of time, depending
on the severity. It may also be confiscated and restored to its original
image and all personalised content may be deleted. It is important that
teachers, students and parents share the responsibility to ensure safe and
responsible use of devices at all times.

Will children be safe carrying 1-to-1 devices?

Overseas research has shown that insurance companies have reported
very few incidents while students travel to and from school. Students
should be specifically warned not to take the devices out in public, and to
carry them in the protective cover provided, which should be placed
within their school bags.

Are these devices going to add to the heavy loads students carry
from home to school?

The device has been deliberately chosen for a number of reasons,
including its weight specifications. The device should not be packed into
the bottom of an oversized backpack with other books and items, because
this can lead to a compression fracture of the screen.
Will the student files on the device be private?

Students can expect their device to be periodically inspected and
monitored for appropriate usage. Teachers may request access to the
browser history and/or caches as well as all files belonging to the student
resident on the netbooks as well as stored on the school servers.
Students and parents need to be aware that files stored locally or on
school servers are not private.

Evaluating the program

We will evaluate the effectiveness of this initiative. This may involve areas
such as literacy, numeracy, collaboration and attendance. We will
consider using:

• Anecdotal evidence provided by teachers, parents and students

• Tracking the amount of time students use the 1-to-1 device in

• Surveying parents, students and teachers concerning the impact of 1-
to-1 access on student learning.

What if I can’t afford it or don’t want to participate?

This is an optional ‘opt in’ program. It is not compulsory. Your child will
still have the same quality program they currently have. They will have
access to our current allocation of desktop and Netbook computers within
the school but will not have the opportunity to take a Netbook home, or
exclusive use of a Netbook.
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