Pause for some positivity!

Pause for some positivity!

                                  Pause for some positivity!

         We asked our staff to share some positivity and gratitude and wow, did you all
         deliver! Thank you to everyone for sharing these wonderful acts of kindness! Keep
         on sending them and we'll do this every week!

                              Shout out to Alene Candles of New Albany for creating face
                              shields! We received 30 shields for direct support professionals
                              and are very thankful!- Brandi Body

                              Emmanuel Osei, Juliet Ofori, and Christabel from Prina Health
                              Care have done a super job with one of the individuals on my
                              caseload. We are all adjusting to the stay at home order and social
                              distancing, which is not always easy. The people on our caseloads
                              are no exception. Emmanuel, Juliet and Christabel have gone
                              above and beyond to help out one of my individuals and her
              family! You guys are awesome! -Robin Bussey

              I would like to recognize Meagan Withrow for helping other providers during this
              crazy situation. She shared with us individuals that would make masks so we could
              protect our frontline staff. She continued to research and found a company that was
              making face shields and again shared this information. We feel better protected
              because of her. She is awesome! Shout out to Brandi Body who continues to
              share her amazing smile during this difficult time. Who would of thought someone
              could bring so much happiness by delivering disinfectant, hand sanitizer and toilet
              paper? Thank you and the county board. -Becky Hamilton, Licking County Director
              Consumer Support Services

              Many thanks to Amanda Wilbur for her genuine care and follow up regarding those
              she supports. Challenges pop up but they're so much easier to deal with when the
              whole team steps up to support all involved. -Meagan Withrow, Associate Director,
              Newark Resident Homes

              To Tina Angeletti and all those at Licking Memorial Health Systems who have

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Pause for some positivity!

         gone our of their way to support our Project SEARCH interns. There have been
         some really creative projects to keep them engaged remotely. To Dorinda Burley,
         Patricia Luning, Lisa Miller Linda Hogue Denise Rose and Tyde Flowers of
         OOD for being willing to record special video messages for the Project SEARCH
         interns. To Shane Smith for, as always, providing tech help to make this possible.
         To Luke Pintz, for powering through and smiling through Zoom calls, even when his
         wi-fi and iPad are conspiring against him. -Anna Jeffries

                                  Shout out to Spiderman for visiting the Provider and
                                  Transition Supports team meeting! -Anna Jeffries

                                 Shout out to Cheree Nelson for being such an awesome
                                 team lead through all of this craziness! She is always
                                 willing to listen and help brainstorm ideas on how to meet
                                 caseload needs. Her upbeat and positive attitude is very
         much appreciated! - Jennifer Hammond

         Shout out to Admin for all of your help with mailing out forms to our families,
         sending faxes and getting ISP’s out quickly! A big thank you to Teresa McCullough
         for mailing out our mileage checks – that is so appreciated! -Kim Burke

         Thank you to Gary Smith and Luke Pintz for making sure that I have
         masks/gloves and cleaning supplies. It makes me feel better that you take the time
         to check on me and make sure that I have what I need to get me through each
         day. So appreciate it! Thank you to Shane Smith for the support you are always so
         willing to help out with – whether it is a computer issue or whatever else is needed. I
         so appreciate you! - Melissa Swearingen

         Shout out to Ashley Barr, our COTC intern. Ashley completed her time with us as
         a “remote intern.” Throughout this challenging time, she remained positive, creative
         and diligent in the completion of her studies. -Kristen Morris

         I cannot thank Brandi Body enough for her efforts to gather and coordinate the
         delivery of PPE to our providers, maintain the data for tracking COVID-19 cases,
         while also working with that amazing Anna Jeffries on DSP recruitment and
         recognition. Such ROCKSTARS! A HUGE SHOUTOUT to Shane Smith for setting
         me up to do electronic signatures and giving me more email storage to keep up with
         pandemic communications. He is truly a lifesaver! -Angie Finck

         Shout out to Melissa Swearingen for mailing anything we ask of her! Connie
         Bryant, Lea Bonner, Amanda Wilbur, and Aleesa Womer for just hearing their
         sweet voices on phone calls this week! -Jaime Lawson

         Dorothy Booth, thank you for helping with my Tracker Sheet a handful of times,
         you are always so willing to help others. -Patricia Luning

          Send additional shout outs (pictures welcome) for next week to Anna

                Licking County Board of DD | 116 N. 22nd St, Newark, OH 43055

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Pause for some positivity!

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