Perry-fect - APRE Katy Perry Fairtrade Foundation + WEDDING Special

Perry-fect - APRE Katy Perry Fairtrade Foundation + WEDDING Special Issue 352 Wedding 2020

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      XCLUSIVE What can we expect from the wedding of the year?
Perry-fect - APRE Katy Perry Fairtrade Foundation + WEDDING Special

Amelia Roberts was     Did you know?

beautiful, vivacious   1 in 100 people in the UK have epilepsy.
                       1 in 1,000 people with the condition tragically die.
and just 21 when
                       Epilepsy Society is committed to driving
she tragically died    forward research to change these statistics.
from a seizure.        Read Amelia’s story on our website at
                       how you can donate to help us. Thank you.

                                            Registered charity number 206186
Perry-fect - APRE Katy Perry Fairtrade Foundation + WEDDING Special
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037   Best Picks> Briefing
053   Classified> Business                                                                ELLA MAI
063   SceneOn> Reviews                                                                    Ella Mai is bringing old-school soul back
                                                                                          into the mainstream. Despite being only
065   Take10> Report                                                                      25-years-old she has already racked up
                                                                                          multiple Grammy nods, with her hit ‘Boo’d
066   WinOn> PlayOn                                                                       Up’ winning Best R&B song two years ago
                                                                                          while she was also in the running for Best
                                                                                          R&B Album this year for her self-titled debut.

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Perry-fect - APRE Katy Perry Fairtrade Foundation + WEDDING Special
Perry-fect - APRE Katy Perry Fairtrade Foundation + WEDDING Special
If it's on, it's in: Colin Mcllwaine and Sam Alim reports on what's trending. For

more scoops & frolics check out
                                   1 Hello

                                  WELCOME to the first ever WhatsOn UK Ireland Guide! Inside,
                                  you will find a comprehensive introduction to both my native
                                  Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. Things to see, places to
                                  stay, eating and drinking establishments, leisure activities and
                                  other aspects of life in both parts of the island. Oh and of course,
                                  very important-how to get there. Enjoy reading and here's hoping
                                  that a trip to the Emerald Isle might be on the cards for you.

                                   2 Focus
                                  FAIRTRADE fortnight returns to celebrate all things Fairtrade, inviting
                                  people to take a simple step, like swapping your tea to Fairtrade, or a
                                  bigger one, like asking everyone in your office to do the same. If you
                                  do, you’ll be joining thousands of others from Bangladesh & beyond.
                                  Make it as daring, funny or messy as you like. Just remember, every
                                  step counts for millions of farmers, workers & their communities in
BUY Ethically                     developing countries who urgently need a better deal

                                   3 Infomania
                                  Avoid the plague and why not turn the centre pages of WhatsOn
                                  into an anti-virus mask. 1 Pullout the centre pages. 2 Fold pages
                                  into a fan. 3 Put rubber bands at each end. 4 Walk around with
                                  Mag-mask. 5 Follow this easy recommendation, in case the
                                  zombies take over.
PROTECT Yourself

                                   4 Lookalike
                                  PUTIN has appointed a new cabinet with remarkable similarity
                                  of his own image. The Russian president is power crazed,
                                  and intolerant of any dissent. Russia is becoming increasingly
                                  authoritarian for the benefit of the oligarchs & powerful - and
                                  Putin gave the illusion that he would end the corruption. Putin will
                                  fail unless he sets his people free and boldy turns Russia into a
PUTIN"S Double
                                  participatory democracy!

                                   5 Soundbytes
                                  THE paradox of our times that McDonald’s doesn’t make money
                                  from selling burgers & fizzy drinks, it does so from buying and
                                  leasing. Coca-Cola doesn’t earn its profit bottling and selling
                                  Coke, but by selling the right to make it to others. Apple doesn’t
                                  make a single phone itself; it just designs them. Airlines don't own
                                  their planes; they lease them. It seems, everything is just built on
MCMONEY Makers                    thin air!

                                   6 Upfront
                                  FINALLY plant a tree and fix climate change! Trees are fantastic
                                  carbon capture machines on the planet. They lock carbon up and
                                  release oxygen, which is essential for a healthy body & mind.
                                  Trees also lower temperatures, increase rainfall, filter pollution and
                                  create habitats. It's a cheap, safe & simple way to save our planet!

                                 Q What happened when the wheel was invented? A It caused a revolution.
Perry-fect - APRE Katy Perry Fairtrade Foundation + WEDDING Special
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ensure that no young adult faces cancer alone.
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Trekstock is a company limited by
guarantee registered in England and Wales under
number 06919669 and Registered as a Charity Number 1132421
Perry-fect - APRE Katy Perry Fairtrade Foundation + WEDDING Special
LIVE Dispatches
Make way for the new generation of talent. The rising stars shaping

our world, with Alice Hudson. More at youtube/whatsonuk                                                                   7

         Brand New Friend                                 Celeste                             Smoke Fairies
Brand New Friend are an indie-pop          Rising    British-Jamaican       star,   Smoke Fairies, made up of Jessica
five-piece from Northern Ireland.          Celeste, has recently been crowned       Davies and Katherine Blamire, are
Following their debut album                2020’s BRIT’s Rising Star, as well       releasing new album ‘Darkness
‘Seatbelts For Aeroplanes’ they            as winning the BBC Sound of 2020         Brings The Wonders Home’. Inspired
are returning with an exciting new         Poll. Heading on a tour of the UK        by real and imagined mysteries,
single inspired by ‘indie veteran’         and Europe. Celeste is entirely          their album was the product of
Lloyd Cole. A tour, having previously      self-taught, earning critical acclaim    a month-long creative session in
supported acts such as Snow                for her original compositions,           Seattle. The album is available for
Patrol, and impressed at major             including her breakout EP ‘Lately’.      pre-order, and tickets for their UK
festivals. Familiar, yet exciting, their   She has performed at Glastonbury         album tour are on sale now. Smoke
7-track EP, ‘A Cure For Living’, will      and isn’t set to slow down anytime       Fairies’ podcast, Smoke Signals, is
be released in February 2020.              soon. Her new single ‘Stop This          currently the #1 music commentary
> @brandnewfriendz                         Flame’ is out now.                       podcast on Apple Music.
                                           > @celeste                               > @smokefairies

            Ncuti Gatwa                               Park So-dam                               Ifte Borno
Scottish-Rwandan actor Ncuti               Park So-dam is a South Korean            Ifte Borno started his musical
Gatwa has risen to fame with his           actress who began her career             journey with folk songs and now
portrayal of Eric Effiong in Netflix’s     whilst at Korea National University.     also sings rock. He has appeared
‘Sex Education’. After graduating          She became prolific within Korean        on stage, TV and radio throughout
from the Royal Conservatoire of            independent       cinema,     before     Bangladesh since childhood. He is
Scotland he moved to London                breaking into the mainstream in          a member of rock band ThikanaHin,
and despite finding work at the            2015 with films like ‘The Silenced’.     who regularly perform concerts and
Globe, admitted he struggled with          Her role in Bong Joon-ho’s ‘Parasite’    on the radio. Their song, ‘Desh’,
homelessness, being kept afloat by         has garnered her worldwide fame.         gained a lot popularity during the
the ‘good-will’ of his friends. Gatwa      The Oscar winning film has broken        Bangladesh student protests. Ifte
is now an ambassador for youth             box office records & become              can play khomok, guitar, dotara
homelessness charity, Centrepoint.         Korea’s biggest international hit.       plus other folk instruments.
> @NcutiGatwa                              > @sodam_park_0908                       > @BornoIfte

     IF YOU would like to appear on WhatsOn Live, please email :
Perry-fect - APRE Katy Perry Fairtrade Foundation + WEDDING Special


          Forget the big, extravagant wedding – in this era of eco-friendly
          living it’s time to embrace simplicity and go back to basics. Your
          big day is about celebrating your future with the one you love, but
          unless we all unite to protect the planet there won’t be much of a
          future. So think about sustainability while you are picking out the
          venue, the outfits, the decorations and more. Photo> Rob Roach
          Design by Osmond Zhang, MA Fashion Design, University for the Creative Arts (UCA) Rochester
Perry-fect - APRE Katy Perry Fairtrade Foundation + WEDDING Special

 Fishtail Maxi Dress    Raw Silk Indowestern    Maroon Embroidered              Bit Kits
       £45.00             Sherwani £476.29      Fabric Purse £20.64              £6.09        

Miller Dickey Jacket       Dark Blue Neo          Serpenti Tubogus         Babyliss Velvet Hair
       £621.21            Fit Blazer £40.27       Watch £35,709.44            Dryer £35.00       

High Waist Belted Peg   Grey Neo Fit Trouser    Gajaree Printed Pocket     Phone Arm Holder
   Trousers £39.00            £13.41                Square £7.659               £20.69     

   Ballerina Heel       Venturini Embroidered      Printed Cufflinks     OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren
        £29.86                Shoes £64                 £19.67            Edition Phone £689.71            
Perry-fect - APRE Katy Perry Fairtrade Foundation + WEDDING Special
18 – 26 APR


Supported by                             Community & charity partners

 To Make                                                                                                                                  11

 Your Meals
 You don’t have to cut
 out your favourite
 foods to start living a
 healthier lifestyle.
                                          1     PORTION CONTROL: The easiest way
                                                to make a difference to your diet, is by
                                                                                            LESS OIL: Cutting down on oil will
                                                                                            reduce your fat intake immensely. In
                                                simply cutting down on your portions,       fact, most oils contain 100 calories
 Sometimes just making a few little             so if you like your second helping, cut     per tablespoon! So avoid these added
 changes to your mealtime eating                that out completely. Instead of piling      calories and buy yourself a non-stick
 habits can make a big difference too!          your plate high at supper time, put half    frying pan, or a non-stick spray instead
 So before you ditch the carbs for a            the amount of food on your plate - it       of using olive oil and sunflower oil. You
 plateful of greens or throw out your           may be tough at first but your body will    can even steam or par-boil vegetables
 meat and declare yourself vegan,               adapt to it and before you know it, half    before you make a stir-fry - there is
 here are five ways you can start to            a plateful will be just as filling.         always an alternative to oil.
 make your meals healthier.

 3GET GRILLING: We all love a good
  fry-up once in a while, and that’s
                                          4   ADD WATER: If you don’t already, replace
                                              any liquids you have alongside your meals
                                                                                       5    CARB SUBSTITUTIONS: It is true
                                                                                            that carbs are the biggest culprit
  fine. But if you indulge in this simple     with a bottle/glass of water. It seems so     when trying to live healthier, get fitter
  pleasure a little too often then trade in   simple but the temptation to have a glass     or lose weight. But do not turn your
  the frying pan with a good old grill - a    of orange juice for breakfast or a glass of   back on them completely because
  much healthier way of cooking your          wine for dinner is a strong one. Opting       they provide us with the energy
  meat. Just pop your sausages and            for the calorie-free and super healthy        we need to get through the day.
  bacon under the grill and boil, rather      choice of water will not only keep you full   Instead, toss out you potatoes for
  than fry, some eggs. This is also true      for longer but it will make your meal a lot   some healthier sweet potatoes - or
  for chicken and steak, and any other        more satisfying.                              opt for brown rice instead of white
  meat you may consume - grilling is                                                        and whole-wheat pasta instead of
  always better than frying.                                                                enriched. These small substitutions
                                                                                            won’t taste any different (in fact, they
                                                                                            might taste better).



Indie-pop duo APRE are at the top of their musical game,
and now top of the bill, embarking this month on their first
headline tour. They spoke exclusively to Caroline Fairclough.

        ince     piercing      public       A well-oiled writing machine, the      APRE is a gift that keeps on giving.
        consciousness with their         duo boasts a catalogue of almost          Their latest single, an irresistible
        evocative alt-bop ‘All Yours’,   ninety ‘as-yet-unreleased’ songs.         romp entitled ‘Your Heart’s Like a
trail-blazing two-piece APRE has         ‘We’re lucky that both of us play         Jungle’, combines intuitive melody
shown no signs of slowing down,          guitar, drums, piano, bass and keys       lines with an infectious, pounding
with both a Glastonbury set and          so we can flip between’, explains         beat and lovelorn lyricism. ‘I don’t
headline tour under their collective     Jules. ‘If one of us doesn’t have         know where it came from’, says
belt. As polished purveyors of           inspiration then the other one does       Charlie, ‘it literally just fell out of the
alternative pop, members Charlie         - we just build it up from there’.        sky. I never wrote the words down,
Brown and Jules Konieczny favour            Combining         heady     synths     especially for the chorus - they just
an instinctive, organic approach to      and      anthemic       hooks     with    came out’ Jules adds: ‘We wanted
songwriting.                             socially-conscious        storytelling,   a song that really digs in and was
   As Charlie exclusively told           APRE’s songs are both musically           almost a bit drum and bass".
WhatsOn: ‘I think it should be a         and thematically compelling. It’s no         Citing influences as disparate
relatively quick process. If it takes    secret that Charlie and Jules share       as Tears For Fears and Bombay
                                                             a fascination with    Bicycle Club, Charlie and Jules
“In some ways being impatient is                             the passage of        proudly refer to their music as being
good - it makes you move on”                                 time; much of the     ‘wonky’. By allowing old and new to
                                                             band’s     oeuvre     coexist, APRE crafts a unique sonic
                                                             meditates        on   landscape which outright refuses to
                                                             ideas of change       confine itself to any one genre.
more than an hour to get some kind       and transformation. ‘We felt like            Charlie summarises: ‘We’re not
of idea going then it’s probably not     we’d been on such a journey               trying to be anything. We want
a very good one. I think in some         through life’, Charlie says. ‘A lot of    people to feel like they don’t have
ways being impatient is quite good,      the songs are talking about that.         to try and be someone.’
‘cause it just makes you move on to      The way life moves, and moves
the next stage. I think you have to      with us, through all these things                  For more on APRE and their
have ten terrible ideas to have one      we’ve done’.                                       tour go to
idea that actually works’.                  Certainly, the evolving sound of


Valentine’s and Mother’s Day are the busiest times for the

UK’s £1.4 billion flower business. Anna Barker of Fairtrade
Foundation reveals their origins aren’t always beautiful.

       he majority - 94% - of the        good wages and dignified working          income. The four year initiative will
       flowers sold in the UK come       conditions. Through Fairtrade             benefit more than 11,000 flower
       from Africa and the Middle        Africa, she received a one-year           farm workers, in a region where
East, where many communities rely        bursary to study for a Diploma in         85% of the workers are women. It
on the trade for work but can be         Information Technology (IT) helping       is funded by the Finnish Ministry
mistreated, experience poor health       Esther to provide a higher standard       of Foreign Affairs, the Swedish
and safety and little in return for      of living for her children.               Post Code Lottery and Aldi UK,
hard labour.                                When she finished her IT course,       which sources Fairtrade roses from
   Fairtrade means the people            she applied for a job as a recorder,      Ethiopia for its supermarkets.
who grow, harvest, pack and
care for your flowers get a better
deal. The iconic FAIRTRADE Mark
represents industry-leading social
and environmental standards. The
charity is committed to increasing
wages and championing decent
working conditions to protect
people working on flower farms.
   So if you’ve not considered
choosing Fairtrade, now is the ideal
time to share the love even further
among the people behind your
bunch as well as your loved ones.                                                                           FARM Workers
   Around the world sales of 834
million Fairtrade flowers have raised
€6.8 million for extra investment        and is now able to pay school fees           Fairtrade flowers are available to
that flower farm workers often           for her two daughters. Her children       buy on UK high streets and online
use for social projects, such as         attend a local school built by Bigot      via Moonpig and Arena flowers.
                                                           Flowers through the     In January Lidl became the latest
“When you empower a                                        Fairtrade Premium,      retailer to launch a range, whilst
                                                           which has already       Co-op was the first to sell 100%
woman, you empower a whole                                 benefitted      from    Fairtrade roses and Sainsbury’s,
community”                                                 investment created
                                                           by sales of Fairtrade
                                                                                   M&S, Aldi, Morrison’s and Asda all
                                                                                   stock Fairtrade.
decent housing, healthcare and           flowers, and now they are set on a           Fairtrade Fortnight runs from
education for their communities,         path to fulfil their own dreams.          Monday 24 February - Sunday
and also training opportunities to          Esther says: 'When you empower         8 March and is campaigning for
support the workers themselves to        a woman, you empower a whole              equality for the women behind our
progress.                                community.' For this reason in 2019       products with the message: She
   Esther Juma is a single mother        Fairtrade launched an innovative          Deserves Fairtrade.
of two, from Nakuru in Kenya. She        new programme, the Women’s
started working at Bigot Flowers         School of Leadership (WSOL) to                   FIND out more about the
as a general worker. She is one of       give flower farm workers in Ethiopia             Fairtrade and how you can
                                                                                          help at
57,900 people working on Fairtrade       the opportunity to understand their
flower farms around the world who        rights and gain practical business
is enjoying the benefits of relatively   skills to help them earn additional
Just £3 a month can teach
him to read and write.
Our libraries and child-friendly books are
changing the lives of boys and girls in
low-income areas.

They are now free to
choose their own
path in life…
…thanks to the power of learning.

Room to Read has given hope to over
18 million children across the world.

We publish books, establish libraries and train
teachers to help those trapped by illiteracy.

We can change the world by educating
an entire generation of children.

Please give the gift of education:

Twitter: @RoomtoRead_EUAF
UK Registered Charity: 1125803


Romance is in the air, especially for Katy Perry and

Orlando Bloom. The famous pair are due to get married
this Spring, after getting engaged last Valentine’s Day.

   f anyone was in any doubt            Obama), and the engagement was             has been challenging stereotypes
   at how loved up Perry was            announced through Instagram,               of what a popstar should be. Her
   feeling, it was on display in her    we’re sure photos will be all over         career then continued to erupt with
unexpected festive release ‘Cozy        social media as soon as the big day        consistent hit after hit, bringing out
Little Christmas’, in which she sings   takes place.                               the iconic ‘Teenage Dream’ album,
the lyric, ‘Our love is something          The latest update came when             followed by ‘Prism’ before the
priceless’. This is certainly a         Perry appeared on top US chat              drastic change of tone that was
world away from ‘Wide Awake’,           show Jimmy Kimmel Live this                ‘Witness’.
the revealing record she wrote in       month and told the host that                  With this latter album she
the aftermath of the break-up of        she was determined to buck the             allowed herself to step in the
her first marriage to Russell Brand,    unflattering ‘Bridezilla’ stereotype.      political sphere, admitting that the
where she belted out the words             She said: “You know what, it’s          first single ‘Chained to the Rhythm’,
‘You made it so sweet, Till I woke      so funny, I’m actually like a, not a       on which she collaborated with
up on, On the concrete.’                Bridezilla, I call myself a Bridechilla.   Max Martin and Sia, was written a
   While the exact details of the       I’m like, I’m kinda chill but I am         week after Donald Trump won the
                                                          one of those girls       US presidential election.
“I’m not a Bridezilla, I call                             where I got engaged
                                                          February 14th and
                                                                                      Perry made clear that she was
                                                                                   supporter of Trump’s rival Hillary
myself a Bridechilla”                                     then I booked the        Clinton,      including    appearing
                                                          place      February      on stage with the Democratic
                                                          19th. I took it very     presidential nominee draped in a
Perry-Bloom wedding are a closely       seriously!’                                ‘I’m with Madam President’ cape.
guarded secret, given that Perry is        Ever since she broke onto the           Perhaps most memorably, both
the second most followed person         music scene with her number one            Perry and Bloom transformed
on Twitter (second only to Barack       hit ‘I Kissed A Girl’ in 2008 Perry        themselves as Hillary and Bill
                                                                                   for Halloween, complete with
                                                                                   prosthetics, wigs, and their own
                                                                                   Secret Service detail.
                                                                                      After     the    election,    Perry
                                                                                   was presented with a UNICEF
                                                                                   Humanitarian Award by Hillary
                                                                                   Clinton, who in her speech said
                                                                                   of the popstar: “I know how
                                                                                   deeply she cares about making
                                                                                   our world a better place. She is
                                                                                   serious about understanding the
                                                                                   complex problems we face, and
                                                                                   pulling people together to solve
                                                                                   them. We need champions like Katy
                                                                                   now more than ever. Her passion,
                                                                                   her energy, and, yes, her voice --
                                                                                   louder than a lion!”

                                                                                           FOR the latest updates on
                                                                                           Katy Perry, go to

                                                              LOVED Up
ACTION Next Season Now! 2020

                                  WhatsOn Listings covers the best from the cultural scene. For more amazing things to do & daily

ART                                EVENT                                  EVENT                             FESTIVAL
Power of Dance with Trinity        Extinction Underground                 What Career Live? & What          Coachella
Laban                              22 Feb                                 University Live?                  10 – 19 Apr
18 – 21 Feb                        An interactive and immersive           28 – 29 Feb                       One of the biggest musical
A collaboration between            late night playground                  An essential event for            celebrations in the world,
music, dance and art. Trinity      b e n e a t h t h e s t re e t s o f   students aged 15-19 to start      this festival has to be on
Laban Conservatoire of             London in response to                  their next steps for when         any music fan's bucket list.
Music and Dance is the UK’s        the climate and ecological             they finish school. Visitors      Having already hosted on
only conservatoire of music        emergency. An array of                 can meet with over 100 of         its main stage the likes of
and contemporary dance,            artists, performers, radicals          the UK’s top companies and        Beyoncé, Daft Punk, Prince,
and is excited to deliver a 4th    and headlining music acts              universities to compare their     Radiohead, over its two
year of programming at Tate        will come together with vital          opportunities side-by-side.       decade-long history, this
Exchange. Music and dance          acts of co-creation, artistic          There will be interactive         year’s headliners are Rage
students will come together        expression, connection to              activities, over 40 free advice   Against The Machine, Travis
to explore the theme of            the planet & one another.              talks, and skills workshops.      Scott and Frank Ocean.
power in performing arts.          > The Vaults, Leake                    > The NEC, Birmingham             > Empire Polo Club, Indio,
> Tate Modern, Bankside,           Street, Waterloo, London                           Colorado Desert, California,
London                                                               USA

GIG                                SPORT                                                                    THEATRE
Jax Jones                          Gymnastics World Cup                                                     My Brilliant Friend
12 Mar                             28 Mar                                                                   Until 22 Feb
International hitmaker Jax         Olympic year is here and the Gymnastics World Cup is bigger              Based on the celebrated
Jones is off on tour this          than ever before! In this major global event, watch as top               novels by Elena Ferrante
March. The Ivor Novello,           international gymnasts from all over the world battle it out for         - published in over 50
Grammy & two-time BRIT             a spot at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. As the only Olympic                countries - My Brilliant
Award nominated producer,          qualification event in Britain & with more gymnasts than ever            Friend is an epic story of
DJ & multi-instrumentalist,        before taking part, this is a          must for all gymnastics           love, violence, ambition
is known for his hit               & Olympic Games fans.                                                    and self-destruction. First
collaborations with the likes      > Arena Birmingham,                        King Edwards                  meeting on the dangerous
of Demi Lovato, Stefflon Don,      Rd, Birmingham                                  streets of post-war Naples,
Mabel, Years & Years, Martin                                                                                friends Lila and Lenu
Solveig & Jess Glynne. He                                                                                   experience turbulent social
has recently released his                                                                                   and political change.
debut album ‘Snacks’.                                                                                       > National Theatre, Upper
> O2 Academy, 16-18 Horse                                                                                   Ground, Lambeth, London
Fair, Birmingham                                                                   

          Nora: A Doll's House              the devastating experiences       Epic Abstraction                   limited run before going on
          5 Feb                             and consequences they             From 7 Feb                         tour. A story of overcoming,
          Nora has to deal with secrets     encounter.                        Featuring large-scale abstract     discovering the freedom to

          from her past threatening         > Birmingham Repertory            paintings and sculptures from      explore, and the collision of
          to unravel her future, and        Theatre, Broad St, Birmingham     the 1940's through to the          music, dance & spoken word.
          she must fight to protect              early 21st century the Met         > The Royal Court Theatre,
          herself and her family. This                                        draws on its own collections.      Sloane       Sq,     London
          poetic and political play         Disposable? Rubbish & Us          This installation showcases
          explore a brutal portrayal of     Until 23 Feb                      expansive, 'epic' pieces
          womanhood across three            A display that considers          concerned with time, history,      Swive [Elizabeth]
          time periods: suffrage, the       how single-use items have         the body and existential           3 - 15 Feb
          swinging sixties, and the         become       entwined     with    concerns,      from      icons,    A new play from Ella Hickson
          modern day. Stef Smith's          human history, and our            lesser-known      artists, and     & Natalie Abrahami exploring
          revival explores how far we       changing relationship with        new acquisitions.                  the story of Queen Elizabeth
          have come in the past 100         objects we throw away.            > Metropolitan Museum              I, & the ways & means by
          years.                            Presenting artistic responses     of Art, 5th Av, New York           which women in power
          > Young Vic, 66 The Cut,          to the unprecedented levels                      swerve patriarchal power and
          London               of plastic waste we see today,                                       pressues to get their way.
                                            and how individual responses      Three Sisters                      > Shakespeare's Globe,
          A Lurch in the Dark               are not alone enough.             Until 19 Feb                       Bank si de,          Lo ndo n
          5 Feb                             > British Museum, Great Russell   Nadia      Fall    directs    a
          This     rolling  video    art    St, London      heart-breaking retelling of
          exhibition will display an                                          this story of love and longing     Apples & Snakes Presents:
          individual artists work over      The Leonardo da Vinci             in 1960's Nigeria. Three           Jay Bernard
          three screens for an hour,        Exhibiton                         sisters grieve the loss of their   28 Feb
          before changing to the next       Until 24 Feb                      father amidst ruthless military    Jay Bernard reads from their
          artists. Including work from      Marking      the     500-year     conflict in their provincial       poetry collection, Surge,
          Ben Hall, Jay Darlington, and     anniversay of da Vinci's          village, with a longing to         exploring events from the
          Silke Zapp.                       death, the Louvre has             return to their home.              1981 New Cross fire through
          > CCA, Sauchiehall St,            gathered as many of his           > National Theatre, South          to the 2017 Grenfell fire,
          Glasgow           paintings, drawings and           Bank, London                       using dancehall rhythm and
                                            sculptures as possible. This             Jamaican patois to draw on
          Designing Digital Cities          retrospective approach will                                          an ignored chapter of British
          27 Feb                            demonstrate da Vinci's focus      Picasso and Paper                  history. Followed by a Q&A.
          Exploring the concept of the      on painting and his artistic      Until 13 Apr                       > Tate Modern, Bankside,
          'Smart City', and the potential   practice and technique.           This exhibition explores           London
          for a dystopian future, this      > Louvre, Rue de Rivoli,          Picasso's create process
          talk will question the role of    Paris, FR            first-hand          through        Laughing Matter: The State
          artificial intelligence in city                                     documentary         footage,       of a Nation
          life, and whether our futures     Trading Station: How Hot          studies, sketchbooks, letters      Until 29 March
          are destined to be alienated      Drinks Shape Our Lives            and illustrated poems. Paper       This display explores the role
          or connected.                     Until end of 2020                 was a limitless material for       of humour within identity,
          > Arnolfini Gallery, Narrow       Exploring the journey of hot      Picasso and this installation      power & empire in the last
          Quay, Bristol    drinks from elite luxuries to     discovers his relationship         200 years. The 30-object
                                            home staples. This exhibition     with the everyday material         installation of costumes,
          Asking For It                     tracks the global histories       we know so well.                   music, puppets and scripts
          Until 15 Feb                      of tea, coffee and hot            >    Royal     Academy     of      explores what humour can
          Following ground breaking in      chocolate, their connections      Arts,     Mayfair,   London        tell us about what it means to
          success in Ireland, see the UK    to colonisations, and their                be British today.
          première of this heartbreaking    impact in the design of our                                          > V&A Museum, Cromwell
          portrayal of Louise O'Neill's     homes.                            Poet in da Corner                  Rd, London
          novel about sexual consent.       > Manchester Art Gallery,         Until 22 Feb
          A multimedia production that      Mosley St, Manchester             A coming of age performance
          truthfully examines young          inspired by Dizzee Rascal's
          lives in a modern age, and                                          seminal album, returns for a

          PAPER Picasso                                                                                 MASTERPIECES @ Royal Academy
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Book of the Month                 and I do not blame them.          Black Wave: Saudi Arabia,         Lloyd-Webber Grants
                                  It is so incredibly nuanced       Iran and the Rivalry That         The Andrew Lloyd-Webber
                                  and engaging, thoroughly          Unravelled the Middle East                                            23
Such a Fun Age                                                                                        foundation has awarded
Kiley Reid HHHHH                  thought-provoking.                Kim Ghattas HHHH                  16 new grants totalling

Emira, while shopping at a        An immersive reading              In this deep exploration          £250,000+   towards   the
supermarket accompanied           experience. With its plot         of Middle Eastern affairs         development    of   youth
by the white child she            twists and rich themes, it will   over the last few decades,        programmes and increased
babysits, is apprehended          have anyone who reads it          Ghattas, a highly regarded        diversity.
when onlookers think she          gripped from start to finish.     journalist anad author, tries
has actually kidnapped            A thrilling page-turner! It is    to unpick the fabric of events    Youth Theatre Overhaul
the baby. This event and          current and it will greatly       to try and analyse what led       A     multi-million     pound
her being unjustly accused        appeal to millennials as well     to the current situation in the   overhaul of the National Youth
derails her life. In her corner   as a wider readership. It’s a     region. Her research leads her    Theatre’s London home will
is feminist blogger Alix, the     fantastic debut and readers       back to 1979, a year which        result in doubling the number
child’s mother, who takes it      will be eagerly waiting to see    she argues changed the            of youth that it can work with.
upon herself to stand up for      what Reid can produce next.       path which the region would
Emira and put things right.       Naomi Round                       travel on. Very interesting       Mac’s Last Album
The series of events triggered                                      and thought-provoking for         Following an announcement
by her apprehension                                                 anyone interested in politics     by his family, Mac Miller’s
send Emira into a state of                                          and international affairs! NR     posthumous album ‘Circles’
aimlessness and she starts                                                                            has been released, produced
to question everyone around                                                                           by Jon Brion. Recording was
her, even Alix’s. However, as                                                                         well underway at the time
time passes a connection                                                                              of Miller’s untimely death in
is forged between them                                                                                2018.
that makes them question
everything - who they are,                                                                            Netflix Expanding
and how privilege dynamics                                                                            Netflix is to host 21 Studio
colour all aspects of their                                                                           Ghibli fims from Feb 2020,
lives. People have been                                                                               including     award-winning
going crazy over this book                                                                            ‘Spirited Away’, after global
                                                                                                      calls from fans.

                                                                                                      Thriller Series to Continue
One Of Us Is Next                 Orwell: A Man Of Our Time         You’re Not Listening: What        Author Lee Child is retiring
Karen M. McManus HHH              Richard Bradford HHHH             You’re Missing and Why It         from writing his thriller series,
In this latest novel from teen-   It has been seventy years         Matters                           ‘Jack Reacher’. His younger
thriller-writer extraordinaire    since George Orwell’s death       Kate Murphy HHHH                  brother, Andrew Grant, will
Karen M. McManus, the             and yet his work remains          There is no doubt that            co-write the next few books
author revisits Bayview High,     incredibly relevant. This book    the way in which we               with Child before taking on
the setting of her debut          explores not just his work        communicate and present           the novels alone.
novel. A year has elapsed         and its timelessness but also     ourselves to others has
since the incident but there is   Orwell’s life and how his         changed drastically in the        Self-Portrait Real
still a strong sense of unease    view and experience of the        last few years. In many           Van Gogh’s ‘Self Portrait’
in the air, which is heightened   world led to him being so         ways, these changes               (1889) has been determined
when someone starts a game        perceptive as to how society      have led to people being          genuine by the Van Gogh
of truth or dare that quickly     and politics worked. This         “plagued” with an inability       Museum in Amsterdam,
takes a dark turn. Who            incredibly well researched        to properly listen to others.     painted by Van Gogh whilst
started the game? A thrilling     look at Orwell’s life is          To highlight the issue and        he was hospitalised in France.
mystery with great characters     interesting and incredibly        give advice as to benefit
and a twisty plot. You think      insightful. A must-read for       from conversations, Murphy        Stream Unlimited Disney
you know who started it?          any fan of his novels or his      shares her experience of          Disney is to launch their
Think again. NR                   contribution to the political     personal conversations in a       Disney+ streaming service in
                                  thought of his era. NR            professional and/or family        the UK at the end of March
                                                                    setting. This book will make      2020, hosting a huge back
                                                                    you reflect on how you do/        catalogue of Disney, Star
                                                                    don’t listen. Eye-opening! NR     Wars, Marvel and Pixar

                                                                                                      Royal Cellist Demands
                                                                                                      The royal wedding cellist,
                                                                                                      Sheku Kanneh-Mason, has
                                                                                                      called for greater investment
                                                                                                      in early stage music education
                                                                                                      to increase diversity within the
EVENTS                                                                                              PREVIEW

Don’t Sleep On Us –               Valentine’s Day                  International         Mother
Children of Immigrants            14 Feb                           Language Day
7 Feb                             A     romantic      occasion     21 Feb
A party and networking            celebrated in the UK & many      An international annual

event where black, Asian          other countries every year.      observance of linguistic and
and minority ethnic change        > Across the UK                  cultural diversity to promote
makers uplift, inspire and                  awareness of multilingualism.
learn from each other. Nikesh                                      The practice started in 2000
Shukla, editor of ‘The Good       London Fashion Week              after an UNESCO declaration.
Immigrant’, and special           14 – 18 Feb                      > Across the United Nations
guests will share what it         This bi-annual festival unites
means to have multiple            designers, retailers and                                          Parkinson’s Secret
identities in Britain today.      fashion professionals, and       London Classic Car Show          Supper
> Rich Mix, Bethnal Green         offers access to the creations   20 - 23 Feb
Rd, London         of the world’s best designers    Must-attend event for all        Recently Ozzy Osbourne
                                  at exclusive prices.             car enthusiasts, owners,         revealed he’s been suffering
Bombay Bicycle Club               > Somerset House, Strand,        collectors or experts to         from Parkinson’s, a brave
7 - 8 Feb                         London                           experience over 700 classic      step for the star and his
To coincide with their new          cars, including some driven      family. Around 145,000
album, Bombay Bicycle Club                                         by famous faces.                 people are diagnosed with
are embarking on a thirteen       Brit Awards                      > Olympia London, Kensington,    Parkinson’s in the UK,
date UK and Ireland headline      18 Feb                           London            and more than 1 million
tour. They will be supported      Enjoy the glitz and the                                           are affected. Gayle Kelly,
by The Big Moon on 7 Feb          glamour, and inevitable          Fairtrade Fortnight              Parkinson’s UK Regional
and Sundara Karma on 8 Feb.       controversy, of the annual       From 24 Feb                      Fundraiser for Birmingham
> Alexandra Palace, London        BRIT Awards. See the cream       An annual event for two          & Black Country, came up               of the world’s music industry    weeks which is aimed             with the innovative idea of
                                  perform and receive awards.      at increasing awareness          a Secret Supper, visiting 3
Cirque du Soleil in Virtual       Comedian Jack Whitehall will     of Fairtrade products &          different restaurants for 3
Reality                           be returning again as host.      principles. It celebrates the    different courses. Starting
8 - 9 Feb                         > The O2 Arena, London           farmers and workers who          with a welcome drink at The
Dive into the surreal world                      grow the food we eat.            Lost & Found, your host
of acclaimed circus troupe,                                        > Across the UK                  will guide you to your first
Cirque Du Soleil, through         Salvador Sobral                         restaurant for the starter, the
the wonders of virtual reality.   20 Feb                                                            second for the main, and
Enter Limina Immersive’s          Portuguese singer songwriter     Pancake Day                      then your final destination
unique VR theatre to immerse      and       Eurovision   Song      25 Feb                           for dessert. Tickets are £35
yourself in oceanic acrobatics,   Contest winner Salvador          Get your eggs, flour, milk and   with all proceeds going to
breathtaking          battles,    Sobral makes his London          butter ready for this annual     Parkinson’s UK. I had the
snake-like contortions and        debut singing his soulful,       feast day before the start of    honour of meeting Gayle
astonishing aerials.              jazz-influenced songs.           Lent which always has us         and the team and found it
> Warwick Arts Centre,            > Barbican Centre, Silk St,      asking, why don’t we make        truly humbling listening
University     of     Warwick     London           pancakes everyday?               to volunteers and hearing                                            > Across the UK                  the wonderful work that
                                  Back to the Future the                   Parkinson’s UK is doing
Imagine Children's Festival       Musical                                                           to help those dealing with
12 - 23 Feb                       From 20 Feb                      Glasgow Film Festival            this life-changing diagnosis.
Get ready for 12 days             Travel through the decades       From 26 Feb                      April’s event will be an
of the best international         as Marty McFly accidentally      One of the leading UK            evening to remember. Hope
performance,            music,    flies from 1985 to 1955 in       film festivals showcasing        to see you all there! > Shona
literature, comedy, creativity,   his friend Doc Brown’s           everything from dynamic          Carter
parties, participation and free   time-traveling DeLorean.         documentaries to carefree        > 28 April, from 5pm
fun for children aged 0 – 11      > Manchester Opera House,        comedies.                        > The Lost & Found,
and their grown-ups.              3 Quay St, Manchester            > Glasgow Film Theatre, 12       Birmingham
> Southbank Centre, London       Rose St, Glasgow                 >                                                                               secret-supper-2020

 FASHION Forward                                                                                NEON @ London Fashion Week
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                             is their

        To request a full legacy pack or for a confidential
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  Registered Charity Number : 1078287 Scottish Charity Number : SC041582

Film of the Month                   Corporal Tom Blake played           The Grudge HH
                                    by Dean-Charles Chapman             The Grudge, that is the
                                    (of Game of Thrones fame).          original 2000 film that came                                          27
1917 HHHHH
                                    These young stars are joined        out of Japan came at a time

Sam Mendes’ war epic takes
us back to the horrors of the       by the likes of Colin Firth,        where it has now managed to
Great War, with a style that        Benedict       Cumberbatch,         secure a spot in our popular
truly captures the danger           Mark Strong and Andrew              culture, mixing perfect sound
and constant threat soldiers        Scott in supporting roles.          and scares it not only scares
faced on the front lines.           With strong amounts of              but      complete      unnerves
With a series of long shots         drama and constant action,          throughout. I wish the same
that seamlessly flow into           1917 will always have you           could be said for the American
one another, the amount of          on the edge of your seat with       remakes or this new reboot
choreography and attention          the and action that one can         of the franchise. The subtle        Sex Education
to detail that details scenes       expect from a war epic, but         horror and nuances are not          Season 2 is sweet and spicy
is impressive and paired            at times can feel like a tour of    found here but instead expect       but leaves a bitter aftertaste.
with extremely evocative            huge visual set pieces. It took     blood, lots of jump scares and      After a critically acclaimed
landscapes and dominating           home Best Motion Picture -          very little substance. With a       first season, the show about
visuals. Focused on two             Drama at the Golden Globes          few scares that are borderline      sex, education and so much
soldiers who are given an           and Best Film at the BAFTAs,        cliché at this point (oh I          more returns to delight and
extremely important message         but missed out on the main          wonder what’s in the murky          provoke. It follows a plethora
to deliver and the journey          award at the Oscars to the          bath?) It’s a shame to see a        of storylines including Otis’
they need to take to cross          history-making Parasite.            beloved franchise not be able       relationship with Ola and
the frontlines to get it done,      Mark Goddard                        to live up to it’s potential. MG    his school life without the
this has a strong cast of                                                                                   informal sexual health clinic;
main and supporting actors                                                                                  Maeve, now a high school
with some big names. At the                                                                                 dropout, and her path back
story's centre, and whose                                                                                   to education and her mum,
perilous journey the camera                                                                                 and Eric’s journey to realize
follows, are Lance Corporal                                                                                 his own self-worth. Much
Will Schofield portrayed by                                                                                 appears to be the same
George MacKay, (star of hit                                                                                 this season: the unique
films including Sunshine on                                                                                 aesthetic that makes that
Leith and Pride) and Lance                                                                                  Sex Education distinctive (a
                                                                                                            mishmash of retro clothes,
                                                                                                            American high school culture,
The Gentlemen HHHHH                 Bad Boys For Life HHH               Bombshell HHH                       British awkwardness and
Guy Ritchie’s latest film takes     25 years since the original         Bombshell sets out to tell          surroundings); the diverse,
all the elements we expect          Bad Boys hit our screens,           an important story, but very        incredibly likable cast and the
from him and is an excellent        Martin Laurence and Will            early in it displays mixed          varied, boundaryless comedy
return to form. Crime? Check.       Smith return to take up             messages about how it wants         which repeatedly hits the
London accents? Check.              their buddy cop roles. They         to combat what it’s standing        mark. The old guard are
A blend of dark comedy              clearly bring back a lot of         for. Bombshell tells the story      endearing as ever, as are the
interchangeably           mixed     enthusiasm and flair, but that      of the fall of Fox News head        new additions who slot into
in? You know it. Matthew            isn’t enough to hide that this      Roger Ailes and the rampant         school almost effortlessly.
McConaughey        plays       an   flies dangerously close to          sexism in the news industry         Lily     (Tanya      Reynolds),
American druglord in Britain        “revived franchise cash grab”       from the perspectives of three      everyone’s favourite oddball,
who is looking to hang up his       territory. It tries to combat       women, a prime time anchor,         is given a lot more screen
                                    this by having interesting                                              time this season and shines
life of crime and give it all up,                                       a declining host and a naïve
                                    character beats – Marcus is                                             in it. The sexy, sexually
but of course getting out of                                            fresh face and the lawsuits
                                    a grandparent and looking to                                            ambiguous           Frenchman
the crime game is never that
                                    retire while Mike is content
                                                                        they eventually filed against
simple. With Hugh Grant and                                             him. To get considered for a        Rahim (Sami Outalbali) and
                                    to keep busting crooks and
Charlie Hunnam in supporting                                            promotion, one of the women         the no-nonsense super-nerd
                                    fighting crime for the rest of
roles and a killer wardrobe                                             is told to “lift her skirt” in a    Viv (Chinenye Ezeudu) are
                                    his life. After an old bust hires
with clothes that pop with                                              scene that is difficult to watch,   especially interesting. The
                                    an assassin to kill off Marcus,
equally colourful cast of           the duo find themselves trying      but therein lies the problem        comedy remains authentic
characters. Might be worth          to find out who wants him           with Bombshell. The message         and never mean-spirited,
visiting some of his earlier        dead and the rest follows the       it wants to say is important,       even though literally nothing
films if you’re unfamiliar with     same story points you expect        but some of the filming is          is sacred. Sex Education’s
Ritchie’s style. MG                 from a Bad Boys film. MG            extremely voyeuristic. MG           hook is exploring social,
                                                                                                            sexual and mental taboos in
                                                                                                            an unapologetic, grounded
                                                                                                            way. If other media dare
                                                                                                            not touch such topics, both
                                                                                                            seasons of this show grab
                                                                                                            them with both hands and
                                                                                                            holds them right to its heart.
                                                                                                            > George Biggs
GIGS                                                                CLUB NIGHTS

APRE                                                                  Newcastle upon Tyne, UK           Egg, London
> 11 Feb, The Sunflower            The Jonas Brothers                 > 12 Sep, First Direct Arena,     Tue - Sat
Lounge, Birmingham                 > 6 Feb, Manchester Arena,         Leeds, UK                         > EDM                          29
> 12 Feb, Record Junkee,           Manchester, UK                     > 13 Sep, M&S Bank Arena,         >

Sheffield                          > 8 Feb, Lotto Arena,              Liverpool, UK
> 13 Feb Fulford Arms, York        Antwerp, Belgium                   > 16 Sep, FlyDSA Arena,           Drop, Mumbai
> 14 F e b , T h i n k T a n k ,   > 10 Feb, Mercedes-Benz            Sheffield, UK                     Wed - Sat
Newcastle                          Arena, Berlin, Germany             > 17 Sep, Manchester Arena,       > Dance, DJs
> 15, Deaf Institute,              > 11 Feb, Lanxess Arena,           Manchester UK                     >
Manchester                         Cologne, Germany                   > 18 Sep, Motorpoint Arena
> 17 F e b , P h a s e O n e ,     > 13 Feb, Hallenstadion,           Nottingham, Nottingham, UK        Fire, London
Liverpool                          Zurich, Switzerland                > 19 Sep, Birmingham Arena,       Thu - Sun
> 19 Feb, Hyde Park Book           > 14 F e b , M e d i o l a n u m   Birmingham, UK                    > House, techno
Club, Leeds                        Forum, Milan, Italy                > 21 Sep, Motorpoint Arena        >
> 20 Feb, Clwb Ifor Bach,          > 15 Feb, Fete Music Hall,         Cardiff, Cardiff, UK
Cardiff                            Providence RI, USA                 > 22 Sep, Bournemouth             Good Room, New York
> 21 Feb, The Bullingdon,          > 16 Feb, WiZink Center,           International Centre,             Thu – Sat
Oxford                             Madrid, Spain                      Bournemouth, UK                   > DJs, Concerts
> 22 Feb, Louisiana, Bristol       > 17 Feb, Palau Sant Jordi,                                          >
> 23 Feb, Bodega,                  Barcelona, Spain                   Tom Walker
Nottingham                         > 18 Feb, Sud de France            > 1 Feb, Alexandra Palace,        Ibiza Nightclub, California
> 25 Feb, The Cookie, Leicester    Arena, Montpellier, France         London, UK                        Thu - Sat
> 26 Feb, Green Door, Brighton     > 20 Feb, Ziggo Dome,              > 8 Feb, East Grange Loft,        > Dance, DJs
> 27 Feb, Scala, London            Amsterdam, Netherlands             Forres, UK                        >
                                   > 22 Feb, AccorHotels Arena,       > 9 Feb, Beat Generator           Kitty Su, New Delhi
Bombay Bicycle Club                Paris, France                      Live!, Dundee, UK
> 6 Feb, Norwich Nice Raynes       > 1 Apr, Park Theatre at Park      > 11 Feb King Tuts Wah Wah        Tue - Sun
LCR UEA, Norwich, UK               MGM, Las Vegas NEV, USA            Hut, Glasgow, UK                  > DJ Parties, Private Events
> 7 Feb, Alexandra Palace,         > 3 Apr, Park Theatre at Park      > 12 Feb, The Caves,              >
London, UK                         MGM, Las Vegas NEV, USA            Edinburgh, UK
> 8 Feb, Alexandra Palace,         > 4 Apr, Park Theatre at Park      > 13 Feb, Night & Day,            Motion Nightclub, Bristol
London, UK                         MGM, Las Vegas NEV, USA            Manchester, UK                    Nightly
> 12 Feb, Ulster Hall Belfast,     > 8 Apr, Park Theatre at Park      > 19-22 M a r , B r i s b a n e   > DnB, Techno, Garage, Grime
Belfast, UK                        MGM, Las Vegas NEV, USA            Powerhouse, Brisbane,             >
                                   > 10 Apr, Park Theatre at Park     Australia
Celeste                            MGM, Las Vegas NEV, USA            > 19-22 Mar, The Outpost          Patterns, Brighton
> 21 Apr, Belleville, Paris        > 11 Apr, Park Theatre at Park     Bar, Brisbane, Australia          Fri - Sat
> 22 Apr, Printemps De             MGM, Las Vegas NEV, USA            > 25 Mar, VAS Livehouse,          > House, Jazz, Disco, Soul
Bourges, Bourges                   > 15 Apr, Park Theatre at Park     Shanghai, China                   >
> 24 Apr, Paradiso Noord,          MGM, Las Vegas NEV, USA            > 29 M a r , S C A P E T h e
Amsterdam                          > 17 Apr, Park Theatre at Park     Ground Theatre, Singapore         The Pickle Factory, London
> 25 Apr, BIRD, Rotterdam          MGM, Las Vegas NEV, USA            > 31 Mar, Hyundai, Seoul,         Tue - Sat
> 27 Apr, King Tuts, Glasgow       > 18 Apr, Park Theatre at Park     South Korea                       > House, Techno, RNB, Funk,
> 28 Apr, Deaf Institute,          MGM, Las Vegas NEV, USA            > 2 Apr, Shibuya WWW X,           Hip-Hop
Manchester                                                            Tokyo, Japan                      >
> 29 Apr, O2 Shepherds             Stormzy                            > 23 May, Victoria Park,
Bush Empire                        > 2 Sep, The O2, London,           Warrington, UK                    Revolution, Birmingham
> 1 May, Les Nuits                 UK                                 > 24 May, Victoria Park,          Nightly
Botanique, Belgium                 > 3 Sep, The O2, London,           Warrington, UK                    > RNB, Pop, Chart
> 5 May, Standtgarten,             UK                                 > 1-4 Jul, Gdynia-Kosakowo        >
Cologne                            > 4 Sep, The O2, London,           Airfield, Gdynia, Poland
> 6 May, Kranhalle, Munich         UK                                 > 4-8 Aug, Shaffhausen,           Zouk, Kuala Lumpur
> 8 May, Pitchfork Festival,       > 10 Sep, THE SSE Hydro,           Switzerland                       Nightly
Berlin                             Glasgow, UK                                                          > Dance
                                   > 11 Sep, Utilia Arena,

 JONAS Brothers                                                                                                  HAPPINESS @ Tour

Album of the Month                Those pulsing beats have            Sepultura
                                  been joined by an ethereal          Quadra HHHH
                                  mood and dark cloudy                The Brazilian thrashers are                                         31
                                  words. The result is a kind of      back with album number 15

Miss Anthropocene
                                  musical thunderstorm which          and absolutely no letting up
                                  while somewhat oppressive           in terms of raw power and
Given her association with
                                  can still be enjoyed, and can       energy. You still get those
boyfriend Elon Musk making
                                  still feel fresh. You suspect       lovely little nods towards the
life difficult as a song writer
                                  this album will be a one off.       band’s heritage, the tribalistic
and artist you have to applaud                                        nature of the drumming and
Grimes’ resilience. There’s       If it is then you hope some
                                  parts of it will be used as         the way the guitar parts are
been a significant amount of                                          arranged.      Sepultura    are
negativity surrounding her        inspiration for the future. Miss
                                                                      known to sound a certain
and yet here she is with studio   Anthropocene is a potential
                                                                      way, their fans expect them to
                                                                                                         Ari Lennox
album number five which           classic. Gary Trueman                                                  I was fortunate enough to
                                                                      produce face melting music,
is somewhat darker than                                                                                  witness Ari Lennox grace the
                                                                      and once again they don’t
anything previously released.                                                                            Electric Ballroom in Camden
                                                                      disappoint. How long can
There are some points being                                                                              with her effortlessly sexy
                                                                      they keep going? Based on
made throughout, and some                                                                                and sultry moves & gracious
                                                                      this album don’t expect an
not too subtle, some definite                                                                            voice. She connected with
                                                                      imminent retirement. GT
chest poking within lyrics that                                                                          her audience amazingly. She
are acerbic but never full on                                                                            asks questions between her
angry. Miss Anthropocene                                                                                 song & album. Ari spoke on
delves into areas completely                                                                             the maltreatment of black
untouched previously and                                                                                 women in today’s society
comes up trumps on all                                                                                   urging people to care for
counts. We’re all pretty                                                                                 them - she did not shy
familiar with synth pop these                                                                            away from speaking on the
days. It’s usually churned                                                                               importance of black love in
out in a highly formulaic way                                                                            this generation, caring for
but Grimes has taken it in a                                                                             our Afro hair & loving one
new and interesting direction.                                                                           another, she’s extremely
                                                                                                         empowering to say the least.
                                                                                                         > Christina Okpala
Frances Quinlan                   Makaya McCraven                     The 1975
Likewise HHHH                     We’re New Again HHHH                Notes On A Conditional
You get a sense of artistic       Taking the last work of Gil         Form HHH
bursting at the seams with        Scott-Heron (I’m New Here)          You really do need to deliver
Likewise, the first solo album    and reimagining the entire          when you start messing
from Hop Along’s Frances          thing is more than just a bold      around with social media &
Quinlan. It’s an expansive        move, it’s potential career         put up big countdown clocks
well written work that does       suicide. And yet Makaya             for everyone to see. With
cram an awful lot in. The         McCraven has dug so very            something like say New Year’s
highly regarded guitarist can     deep and pulled it off, almost.     Eve celebrations you know
be heard here also on auto        Scott-Heron fanatics will no        there’ll be fireworks when
harp & synthesizer, showing       doubt hurrumph but this is a        you get to 0:00. This album
that she is very much a multi-    quality piece of work. The jazz     isn’t bad, it’s more than a
instrumentalist. With vocals      drummer and bandleader has          cheap sparkler. However it’s       APRE
erring towards the twee and       produced a fitting homage           not Sydney Opera House with        I had the pleasure of catching
an overall tempo sat firmly       without destroying anything.        a sky full of colour either. The   alternative two-piece APRE in
in folk territory Likewise may    Think of this as a house            1975 have deceived for some        York on their UK tour. Charlie
raise a few eyebrows from         makeover with lots of paint         time, this record is a bit of an   Brown and Jules Konieczny
Hop Along fans. Played more       and trimming where the              unveiling. GT                      lit up the intimate venue,
than once though and this         structure is still the same. It’s                                      delivering a highly engaging &
record will continue to grow      a good effort. GT                                                      technically accomplished set.
on you. GT                                                                                               The boys’ enthusiasm was
                                                                                                         utterly infectious. Watching
                                                                                                         lead vocalist Charlie bound
                                                                                                         across the stage to the
                                                                                                         inimitable groove of Jules on
                                                                                                         keys was a pure delight. New
                                                                                                         track ‘You’re Heart’s Like a
                                                                                                         Jungle’ was well-received,
                                                                                                         whilst Charlie showed off his
                                                                                                         impressive live range through
                                                                                                         the tricky, vocalise-style
                                                                                                         chorus of catchy single ‘Gap
                                                                                                         Year 2005’.
                                                                                                         > Caroline Fairclough
l l e n g e yo u r s e l f !
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