Poppyscotland Moving Poppy Film Maker Brief

Poppyscotland Moving Poppy Film Maker Brief

Poppyscotland Moving Poppy Film Maker Brief Funded by the Chancellor using LIBOR Funds and Heritage Lottery Fund. July 2018

Poppyscotland Moving Poppy Film Maker Brief

The Moving Poppy Poppyscotland Page 2 of 8 Contents Introduction - Poppyscotland and Lady Haig’s Poppy Factory 3 The brief 5 Outputs 6 Tender Process 6 Budget 6 Timescale 7 Further information 7

The Moving Poppy Poppyscotland Page 3 of 8 Introduction - Poppyscotland and Lady Haig’s Poppy Factory The Moving Poppy is a partnership between Poppyscotland and Lady Haig’s Poppy Factory. Poppyscotland was established in 1921 as The Earl Haig Fund Scotland, but adopted its current name in 2006 to reflect our revised fundraising activities and welfare services work.

We rely entirely on volunteers and public donations to continue our life-changing work. We are best-known for running the iconic Scottish Poppy Appeal, supported by 1.6 million adults in Scotland annually, but work all year round to help those who have served, those still serving and their families at times of crises and need by offering the advice, information and support they urgently need. The Scottish Poppy Appeal raises over £2 million each year. This, combined with our other year-round fundraising, enables us to spend more than £3 million annually, providing tailored support and funding, advice, employment, mobility, respite, housing and mental health support to our Armed Forces community.

Lady Haig’s Poppy Factory was established in 1926 and is a supported employer, providing dignity through work for 40 staff, the majority of whom are ex-Service personnel and disabled. The factory produces around 5 million poppies annually and all other Remembrance items for the annual Scottish Poppy Appeal and manufactures and sells commercially around 18,000 remembrance wreaths and other items each year. It also has a learning role, which this project would seek to enhance by expanding delivery and support of an outreach learning/community programme to tour round Scotland.

Description The Moving Poppy is a unique and ambitious project taking elements of Lady Haig’s Poppy Factory and Poppyscotland’s archive collection, highlights of Lady Haig’s Poppy Factory tour experience, interpretation and learning facilities on the road.

The purpose-built vehicle will be free-to-access and accessible-to-all and will tour Scotland from early 2019 as a legacy to commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War. It will also support the centenaries of the first Poppy Appeal in 2021 and the opening of Lady Haig’s Poppy Factory in 2026. It will start conversations about the poppy, remembrance and veterans. Vision Using the centenary of the end of the First World War as a catalyst The Moving Poppy will, over the next twenty years, be a vehicle to interpret the heritage of the poppy as a solid foundation upon which diverse audiences can build and share a contemporary understanding of remembrance and explore its role in modern Scottish society as a symbol of unity and hope.

Objectives: The project will:  Through the interpretation and sharing of the heritage of the poppy in Scotland, create a solid foundation upon which audiences can build their understanding of this symbol of remembrance.  Create a welcoming and inspiring space in which to learn and share, using the collection, veterans’ stories and the poppy’s history as a catalyst for conversations and activities.  Bring people together to facilitate a shared understanding of contemporary and different perspectives of the poppy and remembrance between communities in an increasingly multicultural Scotland.

The Moving Poppy Poppyscotland Page 4 of 8  Encourage visitors of all ages to explore and understand the cause of and ongoing need for the welfare services that the poppy and Poppyscotland support.

Share elements of Lady Haig’s Poppy Factory tour experience with wider audiences – the key elements being the poppy making process, the opportunity to make a poppy and conversations with veterans.  Mainstream a clear understanding of audience equality and equity throughout all levels of Poppyscotland’s structure including volunteers.

Raise awareness of the welfare services available to Armed Forces personnel and their families through signposting.  Deliver key facts about conflict to invite reflection on the nature of conflict and provide context to the conversations initiated by the Moving Poppy.  Make the experience mobile, so that as many people as possible, particularly those currently under-represented, can access it.  Target areas for visits to ensure that the Moving Poppy reaches a socially and geographically diverse audience.

Raise awareness of the heritage of the poppy with Poppyscotland staff and volunteers to build their understanding of their target audiences.

Activities The unit will primarily focus on delivering a learning programme to schools. This will be a unique experience delivered outside the classroom but wherever possible onsite at schools. It will also provide a space for activities in the heart of communities in the afternoons and evenings for youth and community groups as well as members of the public. It will inspire reflection and spark conversations at larger weekend events such as festivals.

While the Moving Poppy will concentrate on delivering learning and community-based activity it will also provide some welfare advice and signposting. The project will create new ways of volunteering with the organisation and support fundraising volunteer recruitment in identified areas of need. This will lead to a significant increase in the number and range of people engaging with Poppyscotland and Lady Haig’s Poppy Factory particularly a younger, more diverse audience. It will achieve our strategic aims and ensurele that our heritage engages a wider and more diverse audience. Our heritage will be better managed, presented and interpreted for both our existing and new audiences.

We as an organisation are developing new skills and investing in our staff and volunteers, making Poppyscotland more resilient and sustainable in the long term. The project will deliver a greater understanding of the scope and relevance of our work amongst the general public and those we support, bringing our story up to date from our origins after the First World War to contemporary conflict.

The Moving Poppy Poppyscotland Page 5 of 8 Target audiences These audiences are the main focus of the project and as such will be the primary audience for marketing, engagement and interpretative activities. Audience Description Motivations Formal Learners Led by teacher who has chosen to visit and students in a specific age range between 4 – 17 years. Will at times include children from Armed Forces/veterans families. Curriculum and child/young person-led (as per Curriculum for Excellence). Consideration of children with additional support needs. On-board Existing adult supporters of Poppyscotland, volunteers, welfare beneficiaries, many Armed Forces personnel and their families.

Directly engaged.

Personal motivations driven by direct or indirect links to Armed Forces. Opportunity to share with family/friends. Keen to see how money spent. ‘Good day out’ Social groups of adults or family with children of wide ranging ages visiting the Moving Poppy when at events such as shows and festivals. They have not come specifically to see the Moving Poppy but for a day out with family and/or friends. Visiting an event for fun and social interaction as a group or family. Choice of where to go often child led. Learning experiences valued. Exterior of vehicle will need to appeal to a wide range of interests.

Disenfranchised Feel strong connection to issues of conflict and remembrance from family or personal history but negative experiences have turned them away from the poppy and what it stands for. Have come to have a different understanding of the poppy to other groups. Feel excluded. May include minority ethnic and/or religious groups; ex-Armed Forces or young people from veterans’ families.

Need to clearly see that the Moving Poppy welcomes them. Want wider (both within their group and externally) understanding of their groups place in UK conflict history. Need recognition of the issues faced in sharing their story or their heritage with others. Disengaged All ages and backgrounds. Younger generations particularly important as future supporters. Unaware and passive regarding the poppy and remembrance though if asked likely to respond positively. Lack of awareness results in no identifiable motivations. Raising awareness and building contemporary relevance to this audience is vital to their engagement.

The brief A Stage Two bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund has been successful and the project has now moved into the delivery phase. We wish to appoint a filmmaker to create Veterans’ Voices as part of the Moving Poppy project and a ‘making of’ film of the Moving Poppy. The concept of Veterans’ Voices is borne out of our successful film Veterans’ Stories. http://learning.poppyscotland.org.uk/resource/veterans-stories/

The Moving Poppy Poppyscotland Page 6 of 8 The aim would be to provide a unique resource of high quality film archive of interviews with veterans living in Scotland who participated in military conflicts from 1939 to the present day.

Our ambition is to capture these personal recollections so that their stories can live on. We would aim to have an interview with at least one veteran from every conflict where the British Armed Forces have been stationed since 1939. We would also aim to have a range of veterans of different ages, genders, backgrounds and experiences. The veterans would be asked the same set of questions giving a unique insight into their experiences and views at different times in history. We would also undertake some group interviews to allow intergenerational interaction. These groups would have mixed experiences and be diverse, although some could come from the same regiments at different times to highlight the change in experience.

The completed body of work would be available to view on our learning website and would be used by schools but promoted beyond this. We would also link the opportunity to view these films to our evening events for local volunteers and community groups. There would be an opportunity to make c.25 films during the four years of the project with at least 50% made in year 1 (2018). We also require a film maker to make a ‘making of’ film for the Moving Poppy. Several edits would be required including for the web and social media.

Outputs The output will comprise c.25 completed films as part of a series for Veterans’ Voices and several edited versions of a ‘making of’ film of the Moving Poppy.

Tender Process Tender submissions should include the following: 1. Methodology and timescale – proposed method and programme of work. 2. Key sources – key sources and contacts to be used in undertaking the work. 3. Proposed team – details and relevant experience of the team who will be involved in delivering the contract including the number of days and daily rates of staff, plus examples of previous work. 4. Budget – a breakdown of costs to include: a) Total cost for professional services excluding VAT. b) Total number of days required to undertake the work and each section of the work. c) Total number of days input and relevant day/hourly rate for each team member.

d) Estimated costs allowed for travel and, separately, accommodation and other subsistence, if relevant.

e) Total cost for all work and expenses and excluding VAT. f) VAT status. 5. Relevant experience – links to/details of past work within this sector and within the scope of this work Budget A budget of up to £50,500 including VAT is available including all fees and costs for Veterans’ Voices.

The Moving Poppy Poppyscotland Page 7 of 8 A budget of up to £8,000 including VAT is available including all fees and costs for the ‘making of’ film for the Moving Poppy. As part of methodology and timescale, the consultant should provide details of milestones that they feel are appropriate and achievable.

Payments will be made on completion of these milestones. Timescale Tenders should be returned by 3 August 2018 with a CV highlighting relevant experience and a minimum of two appropriate references to: spalmer@britishlegion.org.uk Sam Palmer Procurement and Contract Manager The Royal British Legion 199 Borough High Street London SE1 1AA Those shortlisted will be invited for interview w/c 20 August 2018. Further information www.poppyscotland.org.uk www.poppyscotland.org.uk/learning www.ladyhaigspoppyfactory.org.uk

Poppyscotland Edinburgh Head Office New Haig House Logie Green Road Edinburgh EH7 4HQ Tel: 0131 557 2782 Poppyscotland Glasgow Office Cameronians House 9 Holyrood Crescent Glasgow G20 6HJ Tel: 0141 338 6580 Poppyscotland Inverness Strothers Lane Inverness IV1 1LR Tel: 01463 710300 Poppyscotland Ayrshire The MacRobert Centre 44 King Street Kilmarnock KA1 1NP Tel: 01563 598000 Poppyscotland is a member of The Royal British Legion group of charities, and is a trading name of The Earl Haig Fund Scotland. Scottish Charity No. SC014096. A Company limited by guarantee. Registered in Scotland No. 194893 at New Haig House, Logie Green Road, Edinburgh, EH7 4HQ.

The Royal British Legion, Haig House, 199 Borough High Street, London SE1 1AA. Charity Registration No. 219279.

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