Port Vila Central Market Hygiene, Sanitation and Amenity Facilities Improvement Project Communications and Liaison Officer Terms of Reference ...

Port Vila Central Market Hygiene, Sanitation and Amenity Facilities Improvement Project Communications and Liaison Officer Terms of Reference ...
Port Vila Central Market Hygiene, Sanitation and
       Amenity Facilities Improvement Project

               Communications and Liaison Officer

                             Terms of Reference


The Government of Vanuatu and Government of Australia have entered into a partnership
under the TC Pam Recovery Program to implement the Port Vila Central Market Hygiene,
Sanitation and Amenity Facilities Improvement Project (Project Code TCP: 18A578).
The project involves improving the market’s sanitation facilities to make it more appealing to
occupants and visitors, provide better access to toilets and running water, improve drainage
and food safety, increase useable area and seek other opportunities to improve the market
house within budget limitations. Activities include moving the toilets away from the sea front
and opening up the restaurant area, relocating the toilets to the road/eastern side of the
markets, providing water and wash facilities to the fruit and vegetable sellers and
restauranteurs, capturing rainwater for use and improving grey water and solid waste
collection and disposal facilities. The Project Details are included in Appendix 1 (copy of
briefing to Market Vendors Associations October 2018).
It is expected that the works will commence in April 2019 and be complete in October 2019.

Scope of Engagement

This position is to work with the project team to develop, direct and implement project
communications and liaison to assist with the successful completion of the Port Vila Central
Market Hygiene, Sanitation and Amenity Facilities Improvement Project.
It is expected that the successful candidate will work as a consultant for the Public Works
Department on an agreed schedule to develop and manage project communications.
Reimbursement will be based on an agreed hourly / daily rate and paid on a fortnightly (or
monthly) basis.
Works Tasks and Responsibilities

The tasks and responsibilities for the position are:
   • Develop a Communications Strategy for the Project. The Strategy should include
       strategies to promote the project, promote the project team members (Government of
       Vanuatu, Australian Government, UN Women, Port Vila Municipal Council and
       Vendors Associations), provide information to the market vendors and users about the
       project and how the works will affect the operation of the market and education
       regarding the project and better sanitation outcomes.
   • Liaise with the Public Works Department, Port Vila Municipal Council, UN Women,
       DFAT and Market Vendors Association to manage project communications to support
       the implementation of the project.
   • Liaise, and coordinate, with local media as required to communicate the project with
       the Port Vila and wider community. Prepare project media releases and coordinate for
       media attendance at significant project milestones such as commencement of works
       ceremony, significant milestones, monthly messaging and completion ceremony.
   • Liaise with the contractor to gain regular (daily and weekly) updates on the project.
       Identify any activities that might cause disruption or excessive noise etc to the market
       house and coordinate for these works to be carried out at more convenient times for the
       vendors and users of the market house. If the activities are to impact on the wider
       market, liaise with the Vendors Association to relay this information into the market
   • Prepare a project signboard that communicates the main messages of the project such
       as project details, project team, objectives, program etc.
   • Prepare a monthly project promotional information leaflet that provides project
   • Liaise with the vendors association and other users of the market to gain feedback on
       the progress of the project. Attend Project Liaison / Vendor Association meetings to be
       held on a weekly basis during the works. As part of this responsibility, visit the market
       house at least twice a week during the works.
   • Act as a reporting focal point for any grievances that stakeholders or community
       members have toward the project works. Record the grievances and report to the Project
       Manager and then assist with the resolution of the grievance working with the PVMC,
       Vendor Association and/or project team.
   • Attend Project Coordination and Steering Committee Meetings and provide briefings
       on the communications and liaison aspects of the project.
   • Other tasks as directed by the Project Manager.


The Consultant is to deliver the following as part of this engagement:
   1. A Project Communications strategy
   2. Monthly report summarising communications activities and issues during the month
3. Develop the layout and content of a project signboard and work with the project team
      to commission and erect the board.
   4. Develop media releases as required and liaise with the media in Port Vila to promote
      the project and coordinate media attendance at significant events.
   5. Develop and maintain a grievance register. The grievance register shall include:
          a. Time and date of complaint;
          b. Type of communication (face to face, telephone, written, etc);
          c. Person(s) to whom the complaint is directed;
          d. Name, address and contact details of complainant;
          e. Details of complaint;
          f. Action planned and taken to settle the matter;
          g. Confirmation that resolution has been reached to the satisfaction of all parties.
   6. Develop a project briefing leaflet to be distributed in the market house on a monthly
   7. Develop other communication, liaison and promotional information as agreed with the
      Project Manager.

Education and Experience Requirements

The successful candidate should have the following:
   1. Good written and verbal communications skills in Bislama and English. The ability to
       speak French would be of benefit.
   2. Have experience in managing project communications and media messaging
   3. Have experience in community / project liaison
   4. Education to year 12/13 and tertiary training in communications would be of benefit
   5. References in the field of communications & community liaison

Form of the Engagement

The engagement is for an appropriately It is proposed that the engagement will be undertaken
under a Government of Vanuatu Consultancy Agreement
It is proposed that the engagement will be based on an hourly / daily rate and payment will be
based on the submission of a verified timesheet and invoice.
The proposed daily rate is ________________.
A day is considered to consist of eight (8) hours work with an appropriate break for lunch.
It is expected that the engagement will consist of the following work (though the final work
will be dependent on the work required and agreement between the purchaser and consultant):

                             Item                                         Days Work
 Develop Communication Strategy                                                           4
 Communications and liaison during the project works - two days
 per week                                                                                60
Appendix 1: Project Details


The Port Vila Central Market Hygiene, Sanitation & Amenity Facilities Improvement Project is part of the
Public Buildings Recovery Program covered under the mandate of the National Recovery Committee and
being implemented by the Public Works Department on behalf of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the
Port Vila Municipal Council. The project is being implemented with the assistance of the Australian
Government (represented by DFAT).
The objective of the project is to improve the sanitation and other amenities
Changes to the Layout of the Market House and Proposed Design Drawings
The changes to the layout of the market house are shown in Attachment 1.
Priority of Outputs
The list of improvements to the Central Market to be included under this project (Refer to Note 1) in
    1. Construct a new toilet block and associated hydraulic and sanitation services including a waste
        water treatment plant.
    2. Decommission the old toilet block and open the area up for other uses, decommission the
        existing septic tanks and grease trap and construct a new concrete slab over so that the area can
        be opened up for use by the market.
    3. Construct a new office for PVMC and the vendors to use.
    4. Improve the restaurant area by providing fixed cooking benches with sinks and general
        handwashing sinks.
    5. Improve the ability to wash vegetables and fruits by providing sinks (and associated water
        collection and disposal system).
    6. Provide three new solid waste collection areas that will assist the vendors in disposing of waste
        and the PVMC in managing the waste.
    7. Construct a new restaurant sitting area + café area on the seaside of the existing market.
    8. Install additional access to rainwater through harvesting through new gutters and the
        installation of additional rainwater tanks. Also improve the stormwater drainage system so that
        the interior of the market remains dry.
    9. Construct a new roof over central area of market
    10. Provide an area for the fish sellers to operate from
    11. Improved the lighting in the market house, particularly around the sanitation facility for
        improved safety at night.
    12. Improve the general amenity and look of the market house by painting the structure and
        cleaning the roof

The current approved budget for the project is 108,809,910vatu of which around 100million vatu will be
for works are 8million will be for preliminary design and supervision. There may be additional funding
provided through the Markets For Change program (supported by UN Women) and the Australian
Government may have additional funds to provide to the project. Amount of additional funding not
confirmed at this time.

[Note 1: Due to the fact that the project will be Tendered as a Detailed Design and Construction Project
the final scope of work that can be afforded under the budget will become clear once tenders close in
mid-November 2018. The Final Scope will then be approved by the Steering Committee based on Project


   1.   Prepare tender documents and distribute: 3 Oct 2018
   2.   Approval to tender: 4 Oct 2018
   3.   Submit to CTB for approval to tender: 4 Oct 2018
   4.   Release and advertise: 12 Oct 2018
   5.   Tender Close: 12 Nov 2018
   6.   Assess tender & back to Central Tender Board for approval: 20 Nov 2018
   7.   To Council of Ministers for approval: 6 Dec 2018
   8.   Sign contract: 20 Dec 2018
   9.   Works: Jan – Jun 2019

Support Drawings

   Drawing Number                                   Drawing Name
          1              Existing market layout
          2              Revised floor plan showing all proposed works
          3              Revised functional layout of the market house
          4              Layout of toilet block and office
          5              Kitchen bench layout # 1
          6              Kitchen bench layout # 2
          7              Market roofing plan – new
          8              Details of new internal roof
          9              Details of new restaurant sitting area roof
Attachment 1: Drawings and Figures

                                         Drawing 1: Existing Layout of
                                         the Market House

Drawing 2: Revised Floor layout

       New septic
         tank in

                                                  Vegetable washing

New toilet block
and office                                        Solid waste areas

Roof over central
portion of the

                                                  Vegetable washing
Concrete benches
and sinks for
cooking areas.
Space for tables                                  Seafood display area
and seats (as per
                                                  New seating area for
                                                  restaurants (roof over)

Drawing 3: Revised Functional Layout of Market House
Drawing 4: Layout of Toilet Block And Office

Drawing 5: Cooking Bench Details # 1

Drawing 6: Cooking Bench Details # 2
Drawing 7: New Roof Plan

Drawing 8: New Internal Roof Structure
Drawing 9: New Seaside Restaurant Area

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