PRELIMINARY PROGRAM LISTING 24 JAN 2018 (subject to change without notice)

PRELIMINARY PROGRAM LISTING 24 JAN 2018 (subject to change without notice)
Track & Type    Presenters        Title                              Summary
              Fariba           Dream Incubation and
              Bogzaran         Creative Consciousness
              Lee Irwin        Dreams of Knowledge:
                               Big Dreams,
                               Revelations, and the
              Robert           Sleep, Memory and
              Stickgold        Dreams: Tying It All
              Katja Valli      Avatars in the Virtual
                               Reality of Dreams
Pool Event  Bhaskar Banerji    Dream Watsu - Water,     This morning dream group explores gaining insights into
                               Waves & Dreams           a dream while immersed in the element of water using
                                                        movements derived from the Watsu bodywork tradition.
First Time    Bernard Welt,    Methods and Practices    This morning workshop is for first-time IASD attendees.
Attendees     Kelly Bulkeley   in Dream Journaling: A   Attendees will learn a variety of methods for starting a
                               Workshop for First-      dream journal, exploring the dreams that accumulate
                               Time IASD Conference     over time, and discovering surprising potentials for
                               Attendees                creativity and insight. Attendees will be able to share
                                                        their experiences and discuss common themes and
Dream Group   Kathleen         Laughter Yoga and        A rousing 20 minutes of Laughter Yoga offers a way to
              Kenneally        Yoga Nidra Practices     stretch, breathe, chant, clap, make eye contact and
                                                        move our bodies for boosted immunity, improved
                                                        cardiac health and better pain modulation. Yoga Nidra
                                                        relaxation practices support developing a deep sleep
                                                        state where the mind remains fully awake and alert.
Dream Group   Katherine R.     Experiential             In this morning dream group, we will pay special
              Bell             Dreamwork: Mining        attention to the dreamer's feelings and will explore how
                               Dream Feelings for       discrepancies point to blindspots relating to waking life
                               Waking Life Gold         situations. We will address dreams from 2-3 people each
                                                        morning, perhaps acting out the moment to deepen the
                                                        dreamer's feeling.
Dream Group   Mark Blagrove    Ullman Dream             This experiential dream group will follow closely the
                               Appreciation morning     stages of Montague Ullman’s group dream appreciation
                               dream group              method.
Dream Group   Sven Doehner     "Voice Alchemy" in       Develop and hone perceptual skills to see through
                               working with Dream       dream images. Through the Imagination, Somatic
                               Images                   Awareness and the Voice, we will relate spontaneously
                                                        and creatively to our dreams. Our voice will be the
                                                        dynamic medium for giving outer form to the inner
                                                        (soul) sounds stirred up by the dream.
Dream Group      Patrick Walsh   Dream Helper Circle       In four sessions, a group of dreamers agree to dream for
                                                           guidance for the undisclosed challenge of a volunteer
                                                           asking for assistance. The commonalities in the dreams
                                                           provide the clues to develop hypotheses about the
                                                           Dreamers find their own personal connection to the
                                                           person's dilemma reflected in their dream.
Dream Group      David Cielak    Dream Group: The          This Dream Group focuses on specific ways of accessing
                 and Virginia    Inner Self, Dreams, and   the Inner Self through dreams, utilizing Seth Material*
                 Bennett         the Seth Material         methods to enhance dreamers’ understanding of their
                                                           dreams and gain greater access to “lived experiences”
                                                           not manifested in physical reality, but which can
                                                           enhance well being in both waking and sleeping
Dream Group      Ann Bengtsson   Dreams,                   The morning dream group will learn about the
                                 transformation            relationship between specific transformation symbols
                                 symbols, chakras and      and the development of the chakras. Certain animal
                                 meditation                symbols, geometrical figures, earth elements and sound
                                                           will be explained and through specific night meditations
                                                           the participants may have dreams to share related to
                                                           the theme.
Dream Group      Helen           Morning Dream Group       Morning Dream Group with Helen Landerman
First-Time     Benjamin          Connection Games:         Join us for dream-themed icebreakers and connection
Attendees      Whitehurst        Make Friends & Relax      games. Are you new and looking to make friends with
Welcoming                        with Fellow Dreamers      other dreamers? Or an IASD regular looking to relax and
Event                                                      make new connections? Connection Games is a gentle,
                                                           fun space designed to help you relax and connect with
                                                           your fellow dreamers.
Circle Dance     Craig Webb      Universal Dream Dance     A warm welcome to all! Interactive community
                                 Circle                    song/dance circle that blends various traditions and
                                                           celebrates life through movement and music. A fun
                                                           opportunity to enjoy friendly faces and charge physical
                                                           and dream bodies with lots of lucid energy. Easy-going,
                                                           supportive atmosphere (no skills required, so ignore
                                                           your inner critic!)
Comedic          Katie Mason     Dream Truths: The         Katie uses dreams to access her journey of self-
                                 power of storytelling,    discovery. She combines story telling, slam poetry and
                                 poetry and humor to       comedy, paired with the backdrop of illustrative dream
                                 honor our dream voice.    images. Her creative risks produce a unique cross-genre,
                                                           dream performance. She inspires others to be their
                                                           fullest self by dreaming big AND acting big.
Art Exhibition   Dream           Meet the Artist Event     Here is a unique opportunity to meet with one on one
                 Exhibition                                for all who are interested in talking to any particular
                 Artists                                   artist about their work, their process and how it relates
                                                           back to the dream and dreaming process. A chance to
                                                           learn more about your favourite art at the show.
Science &   Robert J Hoss         Science and Psychology   A visually engaging tutorial for anyone interested in the
Psychology                        of Dreaming: the         fundamentals of dreaming including: when and how we
                                  Fundamentals             dream; the neuroscience; the dream experience/content
                                                           including nightmares, lucid, spiritual, and extraordinary;
                                                           psychological theories of the function and meaning and
                                                           the relationship to dreamwork, including the basics of
                                                           Freud, Jung, Perls and Ullman.
                 David Kahn       Science Data on       This educational presentation will highlight the
                                  Importance of REM and prevalence and importance of REM dreaming as well as
                                  Dreaming Sleep        REM’s benefits and the consequences of REM
                                                        deprivation. The presentation discusses how REM
                                                        dreaming has, and is being studied scientifically, and
                                                        gives an appreciation for the science behind dreaming.
Lucidity         Robert           Foundation Course:    Lucid dreaming holds vast potential for the personal and
                 Waggoner         The Science of Lucid  scientific exploration of dreaming. In this foundational
                                  Dreaming              presentation, various aspects of the scientific research
                                                        of lucid dreaming will be highlighted, along with the
                                                        possible future potential of lucid dreaming for
                                                        emotional, psychological and physical healing.
History          Curtiss          An Introduction to the   We will explore the historical traditions around dream
                 Hoffman (ch),    History of Dreams        experience, dream telling and dream interpretation. We
                 Susannah                                  will engage participants with rich and diverse cultural
                 Benson,                                   heritages that display a broad range of insights and
                 Stanley                                   viewpoints and reveal shifting reflections and value
                 Krippner                                  orientations.
Special Events   Ronald Keith     Dreaming of Nature       To create a sensate experience that conveys how our
                 Salmon                                    dreamtime animals can help us to live in greater
                                                           harmony with the Natural World, this presentation will
                                                           interweave concepts of biological science, depth
                                                           psychology, spirituality, and indigenous wisdom with
                                                           nature soundscapes, song, poetry, and photographic
Workshop         Rose Gordy       The Insights of Waking   After I share The Waking Dream of My Birth at 29 and its
                                  Dreams                   effects on my life since then, I’ll ask the participants to
                                                           share their major waking dreams. Similar to a night
                                                           dream workshop, finally I’ll ask them to share how they
                                                           have or will honor these dreams.

Workshop         Laura Prickett   Interview Your Dreams    This workshop will guide the attendee through a process
                                  for Insight and          of identifying associations with and developing a
                                  Inspiration: a Self-     relationship with aspects of a dream. From this new
                                  Directed Approach to     position of relationship, the attendee will be guided in
                                  Consult Inner Wisdom     seeking input from the dream regarding a topic that the
                                                           attendee has identified as personally meaningful.
Workshop   Jean Campbell    DreamWork/BodyWork       DreamWork/BodyWork is a process-oriented
                            Workshop                 therapeutic model for healing trauma. This workshop
                                                     will provide tools for understanding trauma and
                                                     accessing the source of potential resolution. Participants
                                                     will gain insight into how the body holds information,
                                                     how that information can be accessed, and how dreams
                                                     contain the information necessary to allow healing.
Workshop   Doris Snyder     Numbers in Dreams        Numbers have important, deeper and sacred meaning in
                                                     our waking lives and dreams. In this workshop we will
                                                     explore the "hidden" language of numbers and learn
                                                     how to tap into their meaning in our dreams. We have
                                                     an intimate connection with numbers; we just have to
                                                     tap into it.
Workshop   Gregory Scott    Understanding and        I will review co-creative dreamwork as embodied by the
           Sparrow          Working with Dream       FiveStar Method before extending the model to an
                            Metaphors from the       understanding of dream metaphors. By viewing dream
                            Standpoint of Co-        content as initially indeterminate and rendered specific
                            Creative Dream Theory    in the form of metaphors during the dream encounter,
                                                     one can discern the developmental tasks associated with
                                                     these domains.
Workshop   Johanna Vedral   Collage Dream Writing.   In this workshop the participants will dream awake and
                            Experiental Creative     write down their personal dream narratives, emerging
                            Workshop                 from supplied photocollages.
                                                     Afterwards, we focus in a dream sharing circle on the
                                                     emotions in the dreams narratives each participant
Workshop   Deborah          The Symbolic Profile:    The “Symbolic Profile,” is a Jungian analysis and
           Waitley          Exploring and            amplification tool that provides a bridge between
                            Enhancing Your Dream     dreaming and waking life. Six universal symbols reveal a
                            Life                     “story” for each participant (dreamer), bringing new or
                                                     enhanced awareness. Dreamers create a "map" for
                                                     understanding and working with their dreams in deeper,
                                                     more meaningful ways.
Workshop   Kirsten          Shared Dreams and        How do we respond creatively and compassionately to
           Backstrom        World Change             the world’s problems and pain? Dreams can help us
                                                     sustain our integrity and effectiveness as we work
                                                     toward positive change. In this workshop, our dreams
                                                     will guide us in finding common ground, reconsidering
                                                     fear, frustration and despair, and opening up new
Workshop   Walter Berry     Dreams and Awe: An       Plunge yourself headfirst into the sense of awe that
                            Opportunity to Become    dreams bring. We will draw sketches of a dream and
                            Awe-Full                 dive deep into that place of awe and bring a dream to
                                                     life and experience the awe first-hand. Depth,
                                                     enthusiasm and humor prevail here. This will be an
                                                     awe-filled experience.
Workshop   Layne Dalfen      Solution Oriented         If we know how to tap into the resource of our dreams,
                             Dream Decoding:           anyone can gain insight and clarity about relationships,
                             Therapeutic Dreaming      work, family and life. This workshop gives participants
                                                       tools to decode and understand why we have certain
                                                       dreams on a particular night and how that knowledge
                                                       can enrich our lives.
Workshop   Sven Doehner      A "Sound Imagination":    A "Sound Imagination" involves linking a sensitivity to
                             Linking Vocal Sounds to   sound (including vocal expression) to working with
                             Images in Dream-work.     dream images. Fundamental ideas and particularly
                                                       illustrative case material will be woven into the
                                                       workshop experience, which will balance theory with
                                                       practice, offering participants fresh tools with which to
                                                       work creatively –soundly– with dream images.
Workshop   Heloisa           Dreams: Theater of our    Dreams can be seen as a stage where our various parts
           Garman            Inner World (demo         interact with each other, representing our inner world.
                             workshop)                 Workshop participants will be able to learn how to
                                                       interact with dream images, obtaining insight into their
                                                       feelings, fears, perspective about other dream images
                                                       and their pattern of interaction.
Workshop   Tzivia Gover      The Mindful Way to a      Participants will learn a nurturing and holistic approach
                             Good Night's Sleep and    to sleep, dreams, and waking based on mindfulness
                             Dreams                    meditation and yogic philosophy. Dreams will be
                                                       presented as an integral part of the sleep cycle, and
                                                       dreamwork techniques will be offered as a method for
                                                       daily self-reflection for personal growth and evolution.
Workshop   Diane Greig       The Dream in              Engage your dream with archetypes of Light and
           and Walter        Labyrinth's Light         Labyrinth beginning with a room filled with colored light
           Berry                                       that shifts with the feel of the dream, then a Eleusinian
                                                       Mysteries ritualized exercise in a 7-circuit labyrinth, this
                                                       will be memorable as you delve into the subtle layer of
Workshop   Angela Grillo &   Dreamcrafting:            Dreamcrafting: Dreaming into Creativity offers the
           Susan             Dreaming into             opportunity to delve into a creative process using
           Ackerman          Creativity with A         unconscious material as a reservoir of inspiration and
           Joseph            Crow’s Calling            understanding. Participants will be introduced to
                                                       Dreamcrafting and A Wanderer’s Way concepts and
                                                       techniques. Participants will have an opportunity to
                                                       practice on material they bring to the workshop.
Workshop   Mary Kay          Dreaming Back to The      This workshop explores the concepts and practices
           Kasper            Earth                     inherent in working with dreams as a path to both
                                                       personal and earth based healing and wholeness in
                                                       tandem. How utilizing diverse earth based practices
                                                       within the context of dreamwork one can create a
                                                       powerful and personal healing modality that encourages
                                                       ecological remembering.
Workshop   Athena Kolinski   Dream Mythology:          Reveal your dream mythology through the imagery of
                             Journey through the       the Tarot. What stories are playing out in your dreams?
                             Tarot and into your       Learn a hands-on dreamwork technique with the Major
                             Dreams                    Arcana. We will explore the movement through the
                                                       cards, how they interface, the figures and how they
                                                       speak to you about your dreams.
Workshop    Justina Lasley    Leading Groups by        Participants will explore step-by-step processes of
                              Honoring the Dream       organizing and leading dream groups. You will develop
                                                       a template for your group -- focusing on
                                                       responsibilities, creating the group, agendas,
                                                       guidelines, problem solving, and mentoring personal
                                                       transformation. Participants, while focusing on
                                                       individual goals, will learn innovative techniques by
                                                       working in a dream group.
Workshop    Roger Matinez     Secrets of Interactive   Interactive Dream Group Work utilizes all members of a
            & Athena Lou      Dream Group              group to bring a diversity of experiences to better
                              Dynamics                 understand and work with dreams. In this “hands on”
                                                       session, participants will experience varied experiences
                                                       in which the use of Role Playing will effectively engage
                                                       kinesthetic modes of internal and external processing.
Workshop    Linda Yael        Dreams Alive!            This experiential class will help you get to the heart and
            Schiller                                   soul of your dream by utilizing the embodied dream
                                                       play techniques of active imagination, dream theater,
                                                       and psychodrama. Bring your dreams to life by re-
                                                       scripting and re-storying the dreams in Iive action
                                                       theater to find meanings and new outcomes.
Workshop    Shanee            The Soundtrack of the    Participants will learn five ways of using songs to
            Stepakoff         Soul: Using Songs to     interpret their dreams. (1) The
                              Interpret Your Dreams    dream was stimulated by a song heard the preceding
                                                       day. (2) While writing the dream, a song comes to
                                                       mind. (3) A song is featured within the dream. (4) Free
                                                       association. (5) Archetypal images in songs.
Workshop    Benjamin          Dream Circling:          Based on mindfulness and authentic relating practices,
            Whitehurst        Dreamwork as             Dream CirclingSM moves beyond traditional
                              Interpersonal            interpretive dreamwork into conscious relating and
                              Meditation               meditative insight. If you are looking to invigorate your
                                                       dream group, this experiential workshop offers
                                                       powerful tools to build connection and open access to
                                                       transpersonal states of awareness during dreamwork.
Symposium   Erin Amundsen,    Cocreative Dreamwork     We will introduce cocreative dream theory, and discuss
            Kathleen                                   ways to implement it in a variety of dreamwork
            Kenneally, Kim                             settings, including general psychotherapy, trauma
            Phetteplace, G.                            resolution, expressive arts, and nontraditional healing.
            Scott Sparrow
Symposium   Theresa           How to Identify and      In my work as a psychologist, as a Jungian analyst for
            Coimbra           Apply Figures of         over 30 years, often patients will bring dreams that
                              Speech in Dreams         contain direct references to figures of speech, including
                                                       oxymoron, hyperbole, and personification, etc. Pointing
                                                       out these uses brings clarity to the dreamer´s diffuse
                                                       images, enabling insights beyond the Cartesian.
            Johanne Hamel     A 5-steps method to      "A 5-steps method to work creatively with nightmares"
                              work creatively with     is a powerpoint presentation introducing a simple and
                              nightmares               efficient 5-steps art therapy and creativity method to
                                                       tap into the wisdom of nightmares. We will examine 6
                                                       different types of nightmares with which this method
                                                       can be used, for adults and children.
Katherine R. Bell   Guided by Dreams          How do dreams offer guidance? I will begin with some
                                                           basic neurophysiology explaining why dreams are
                                                           difficult to access and understand and also why they
                                                           are so helpful. The bulk of this talk will be an
                                                           illuminated exploration of my personal experience of
                                                           being guided by dream feelings
             Marja Moors         Love in Dreams; can       In the Aeslepian dreamtempels, people incubated
                                 dreams help to find the   dreams mainly to find answers for their healthproblems
                                 right one ?               and questions about relations. Can dreams really tell us
                                                           whether our lover is good for our soul ? Can they shed
                                                           light on our doubts about staying or leaving when the
                                                           goïng gets tough ?
Symposium    Jeff Armano         Examining Projective      This presentation will outline, compare, and contrast
                                 Dreamwork in the          the theoretical and methodological components of
                                 Context of Varying        Ullman and Taylor approaches to projective group
                                 Methods                   dreamwork.
             Joshua Eichler-     A New Interpretation      This presentation contains a new and complete theory
             Summers             of Dreams: The            of dream interpretation. The presentation addresses
                                 presentation of a         the context for dreams, presents the simple and
                                 neurologically            consistent method of interpretation, provides clinical
                                 informed theory with      examples of the theory in use and connects this theory
                                 examples                  to the underlying neurology of dreaming.
             Emily "Hexe"        Lunar Thinking: A Non-    With no light of her own, the Moon is the dreamer’s
             Batchelder          Linear Approach to        dark lantern. She illuminates our dream lives in a
             (pending)           Dreamwork                 cyclical pattern that can be harnessed in beneficial
                                                           ways. This workshop will celebrate the Moon and
                                                           introduce the concept of “Lunar Thinking” as a unique
                                                           dreamwork practice.
             Renona Peoples      Dreamball                 How to journal your dreams and place them on a vision
             (pending)                                     board.

Film Event   Alan Siegel         The Power of Dreams:      Excerpts from the Discovery Channel Special featuring
                                 Discovery Channel         many IASD experts. Re-enactment of dream scenes
                                 Special                   with special effects and extended interviews of Milton
                                                           Kramer, Ernest Hartmann, Robert Bosnak, Rosalind
                                                           Cartwright, William Dement, Allan Hobson and others.
                                                           Research, theory and clinical applications and
                                                           remarkable personal dreams from Rosalind Cartwright
                                                           and William Dement.
Workshop     Alan Siegel         Understanding and         Fires, hurricanes, terrorism, war, and sexual assault
                                 Working with              cause posttraumatic nightmares and other
                                 Posttraumatic             psychological symptoms. Nightmares can be an
                                 Nightmares: Clinical,     effective vehicle to work with trauma survivors. Clinical,
                                 Ethical, Cultural         cultural, ethical guidelines, and challenges for working
                                 Guidelines                with nightmares, including common themes, recovered
                                                           memories, cultural issues, and applicable IASD Ethics
                                                           for psychotherapists and dreamworkers.
Workshop    Kristen LaMarca   Lucid Dream Therapy:      Lucid dreaming is an innovative therapeutic tool with
                              Skills Development        the potential to assist in many complex challenges
                              Workshop for              encountered in psychotherapy. This introduction to the
                              Professionals             art and science of lucid dreaming is tailored to mental
                                                        health professionals interested in integrating lucid
                                                        dream skills training into existing evidence-based
Workshop    George Leute      Bringing The Dream To     This workshop will provide a presentation of Gestalt
                              Life                      Therapy's orienting principles and of its approaches to
                                                        working with dreams. There will be an experiential
                                                        demonstration of specific techniques for embodying
                                                        dream images, dialoguing between them, and
                                                        constructing a dream theater. Therapeutic
                                                        considerations will also be discussed.
Workshop    Alan Siegel       Understanding             This workshop will cover the common themes in
                              Children's Dreams and     children's dreams and nightmares and how they evolve
                              Nightmares:               during childhood and strategies for exploring dreams in
                              Therapeutic, Creative,    psychotherapy, the arts, and education. Includes
                              and Cultural              rescripting nightmares, dreams during traumas and life
                              Dimensions                transitions, family dream sharing, cultural issues.
                                                        Relevant for mental health/health practioners,
                                                        educators, parents.
Symposium   J. F. Pagel       Treating the Nightmare    While many forms of suppressive medication, insight,
                              of PTSD                   cognitive and behavioral therapies, including dream-
                                                        based approaches have proven useful in the short-
                                                        term, PTSD is often a life-long disorder inducing
                                                        decreased waking function and increased suicide risk.
                                                        Potentially, longer-term benefit can be obtained by
                                                        treatment of co-morbid sleep apnea, or creative/artistic
                                                        nightmare incorporation.
            Holzinger         Lucid Dreaming as a       Lucid dreaming is often met with understandable
            Brigitte          psychotherapeutic         enthusiasme. But when it is used as a means for self
                              technique                 development, lucid dreamers are left alone without any
                                                        guidance. This presentation will start to describe first
                                                        steps into this amazing field of inner exploration.
Symposium   Leslie Ellis      Is there a universal      Is there a standard way to work with dreams? There is
                              approach to               much common ground in the 14 approaches to dreams
                              dreamwork? Common         identified in a recent book introducing these methods.
                              factors and divergences   This paper will present the main common factors and
                              in the major              identify key aspects of divergence in the most popular
                              approaches                approaches to dreamwork.
            Susan E.          Marc Chagall,             Marc Chagall, through color and theme awakens us to
            Schwartz          Twentieth Century         the world of symbols and how dream images can
                              artist and “The Dream”    enhance our lives. Because Chagall’s themes are so
                                                        archetypal, they can easily apply to both the collective
                                                        and personal using the Jungian psychological model for
Misa Tsuruta       Dream qualities and      The presenter will discuss three clients who shared
                                 psychotherapeutic        their dreams rather spontaneously. In the hindsight,
                                 processes.               even if therapy is not so focused on dreams, dreams
                                                          can have certain effects on therapeutic processes.
                                                          Dreams shared in different stages of therapy seem to
                                                          have different qualities, too.
              Mary C. Walsh      No Safe Place: Post-     Three case studies present post-election nightmares of
                                 election Nightmares in   clients with personal and multi-generational trauma,
                                 Traumatized Clients      and describe interventions used to decrease distress
                                                          and increase resilience. Challenges for both therapists
                                                          and clients are discussed.
Special Event Rubin Naiman       Losing and Finding Our REM sleep loss is a largely unrecognized public health
                                 Dreams: Managing       issue that requires both clinical and cultural attention.
                                 Epidemic REM Sleep     This presentation summarizes the author’s review
                                 Loss                   research on dream loss and discusses steps that both
                                                        health professionals and consumers can take to
                                                        promote healthy REM sleep/dreaming.
Workshop      Clare R Johnson    Mindful Dreaming:      Come and explore a rich variety of transformative,
                                 Transformative         creative techniques for working mindfully with dreams
                                 Dreamwork Techniques for wholeness, healing, and insight. These include the
                                                        presenter’s Lucid Imaging Nightmare Solution and her
                                                        Lucid Writing method. We’ll bring soul-nourishing
                                                        dreams into the body and we’ll play with the power of
                                                        light in dreamwork.
Workshop      Jeanne Van         Guidance, Comfort,     Dreams can bring powerful opportunities for peace at
              Bronkhorst         and Healing: How       the end of life. Drawing on dreams in healthcare
                                 Dreams Can Help at the research and the presenter’s experience as a hospice
                                 End of Life            social worker, this workshop will facilitate group
                                                        discussions to explore how dreams can help the dying
                                                        and their families.
Workshop      Jeanell Ruth       Body Dreams and        Chronic body symptoms point to key elements of a
              Innerarity         Nightmares: Working    person's "life myth". Both the symptoms and the myth
                                 with Dreams to         appear in nighttime dreams. Unfolding these dreams
                                 Integrate Chronic Pain can help give meaning and purpose to otherwise
                                 or Illness with Life   insufferable pain or illness. Come to learn theory and to
                                 Myth                   practice with your own dreams and symptoms.

Panel         Larry Burk (Ch),   Dreams that Can Save   Dreams can provide early warning signs of cancer and
              Kathleen           Your Life: Diagnosis   other diseases. Breast cancer warning dreams were
              O'Keefe-           and Healing            studied in a scientific survey and dreams of other types
              Kanavos,                                  of cancer and other illnesses are being collected from
              Louis Hagood,                             around the world. Diagnostic dreams often lead to
              Dana Walden                               subsequent healing dreams and a favorable prognosis.
Symposium     Ann Bengtsson      Heart operation, dream From personal experience I suggest that a heart valve
                                 symbols and            insufficiency can be detected through dreams and that
                                 transformation         the dreams change character after an operation.
                                                        Besides psychological and spiritual transformation can
                                                        happen as a result of the operation A short medical
                                                        overview will help illustrate the symbolic relationship to
                                                        the dreams.
Gary Braun         The Architect of the     The world is on the brink of biosphere collapse. I
                                  Future: Dreaming is a    propose that most major scientific developments have
                                  required element of a    occurred as a result of dreaming breakthrough
                                  viable future            solutions. Now is the time to identify the breakthrough
                                                           solutions that are being dreamed to create a viable
                                                           future for humanity and the biosphere itself.
               Sharon Pastore     Forgotten Dreams:        We will offer case studies of the presenters’
               & Tzivia Gover     Dreamwork for            experiences as both dreamwork professionals and as
                                  Caregivers of People     caretakers to family members with Alzheimer’s
                                  with Alzheimer’s and     Disease/dementia, demonstrate how dreamwork can
                                  Dementia                 guide decisions in the care and communication with
                                                           loved ones, as well as coping/healing. Existing research
                                                           on dreams and bereavement will be incorporated.

Special Event Matthew H.          Jokes as a Serious       What is refractory in dreams is often obvious in jokes.
              Erdelyi             Model of Dreams          Building on Freud (1905), I use jokes as a clarifying
                                                           model of dreams, touching on: the “joke-work”;
                                                           interpretation (“getting”) of jokes; relegation of taboo
                                                           materials to latent contents; the centrality of context
                                                           which, when underplayed, yields undercounts of taboo
Presentation   Mark Blagrove      A new theory of dream    We propose that dreaming has been selected for during
                                  function: Telling        evolution so that the fictional emotional simulation can
                                  dreams enhances          be told to others after waking. The benefits of the
                                  empathy towards the      simulation to the dreamer occur not during sleep but
                                  dreamer                  due to enhanced interpersonal bonding and, in
                                                           particular, enhanced empathy towards the dreamer.
Panel          Nori Muster,       Dreams About God         Powerful images of God and other religious themes
               Shanee             Across Historical and    appear in the long-term dream journals of two
               Stepakoff, Kelly   Cultural Contexts        contemporary Americans and a 16th century Spaniard.
               Bulkeley (chair)                            Their dreams of God are explored using several
                                                           resources, including digital tools for data analysis,
                                                           cognitive science, Jungian psychology, qualitative
                                                           interpretation, and metaphorical theology.
Panel          Justina Lasley     Research 201 for         Dreamworkers are often prevented from working in
               (Chair) and 4 to   Dreamworkers:            organizations because they don't have research to
               6 others           Research to Support      support positive effects of dreamwork. Research is
                                  Your Work                often in complicated jargon that neither the
                                                           dreamworker nor organization understand. Dream
                                                           researchers will share simple facts to help open doors
                                                           in communities, i.e. hospice, counseling, PTSD, and
Symposium      Richard Bonk,      State of the Art Lucid   We will present three state-of-the-art lucid dream
               Ryan Hurd, G.      Dream Induction          induction projects: an IASD-funded research study
               Scott Sparrow      Methods                  exploring meditation and dream reliving with
                                                           galantamine; a research project on inducing lucidity in
                                                           floatation tanks; and the use of online learning
                                                           management systems for lucid dream training.
Symposium   Jayne              Dreaming and Video      Three recent studies exploring the relationship of
            Gackenbach         Game Play: Recent       gaming to dreaming will be covered. These range from
            (Chair), Breanna   Studies and a 15-year   broad correlational work of individual differences to an
            McDonnall,         Retrospective           experimental manipulation examining the nightmare
            Erika Estrada,                             protection effect. The last presentation wil
            Kendall Ziek
Symposium   Katja Valli,       Myth versus Fact        To Be Provided
            Joseph De
            Robert Stickgold
            Michael Schredl
Symposium   J. F. Pagel        Dreamless sleep         Is there such a thing as dreamless sleep? There is
                                                       considerable evidence that dreaming is continuous
                                                       during sleep. Proposals accounting for the 1/3 of
                                                       awakenings in which no dreaming is reported include
                                                       unstable memory traces, distance from waking,
                                                       salience, personality, genetics, impaired memory
                                                       systems, differing definitions, and actual non-dreaming.
            Willem Fermont     About forgetting        Dreams are easily forgotten. Quantitative data about
                               dreams                  forgetting dreams are scarse. A 600+ dream report set
                                                       of the present author is presented. There exists a
                                                       significant relative shortening of dream reports with
                                                       increasing time interval between awaking and
                                                       reporting. Quantitative modeling shows that dreams
                                                       are generally forgotten after two days.
Symposium   Michael Schredl    Let’s talk about        The survey studied dream sharing (listening to dreams,
            & Anja S. Göritz   dreams: An online       telling a dream) in the natural setting in a general
                               survey                  population sample. Dream sharing was common,
                                                       related to personality traits like extraversion and
                                                       openness to experience. Mostly the dreams were
                                                       shared with family members and an important motive
                                                       was relief.
            Susanne Döll-      Nightmares and their    Nightmares are a common experience that differs
            Hentschker         relation to self and    individually very much. In the literature as reasons are
                               social relationships    discussed personality factors, distress, traumatic
                                                       experiences, medical drugs. The present study
                                                       examines the frequency of nightmares their relations to
                                                       clinical symptoms, critical life events, social relations
                                                       and other possible reasons or correlations.
            Michelle Carr      Dreaming Body,          The presentation will review the role of REM sleep in
                               Sleeping Body:          developing the body schema, including evidence that
                               Exploring the           twitches, eye movements, and sensory stimuli are
                               embodied mind during    incorporated into dreaming. A series of lucid dream and
                               sleep.                  hypnagogic image reports will demonstrate how
                                                       movements in our dreaming and sleeping bodies can
                                                       influence each other.
Symposium   Michelle Carr      Testing a morning nap     Our research is testing the effectiveness of a morning
                               for lucid dream           nap for inducing lucid dreams in both frequent
                               induction in nightmare    nightmare sufferers and control participants. The study
                               and control               incorporates pre-sleep training in several lucid dream
                               participants.             techniques and also utilizes a lucid dream mask to send
                                                         audio/visual cues to a participant during REM sleep.
            Karen Konkoly &    How do cues played        In this presentation, I will discuss results from two
            Michelle Carr      during sleep affect       studies examining how cues played during sleep may
                               dream content?            affect dream content and lucidity.
            Michael Schredl    Measuring lucid           Based on previous published questionnaires measuring
            and Janina         dreaming skills (LUSK):   lucidity in a single dream, we developed a 10-item scale
            Rieger             A new questionnaire       (LUSK) to measure lucid dreaming skills (e.g., ability to
                                                         manipulating dream content) based on all lucid dreams
                                                         the person can remember. The findings clearly indicate
                                                         high inter-individual variability in lucid dreaming skills.
            Remington          What is optimal           A preliminary goal of lucid dreaming research is
            Mallett            circadian window for      efficient laboratory induction methods, and it is unclear
                               laboratory lucid dream    as to what time of day is optimal for this aim. This
                               dreams?                   presentation includes a review of past work, and data
                                                         from our research that attempts mask-assisted lucidity
                                                         induction at various times of day.
Theory      Nigel Hamilton     The personal and          The therapeutic potential of dream space for personal
Symposium   (chair) & Robert   therapeutic               and spiritual transformation is explored. In particular,
            Waggoner           significance of moving    by consciously interacting with the dream space in a
                               & interacting within      lucid dream, i.e. by following a perceived sense of
                               the space of a lucid      direction in their dream, a positive ch
            Nigel Hamilton     The significance of
                               directional movements
                               in Lucid dreaming
            Robert             Lucid Dreams and the
            Waggoner           Significance of Space
Theory      Marzena            Checking Reality.         This paper presentation concerns philosophical value of
Symposium   Adamiak            Through the Methodic      research on lucid dreaming. Especially on the practice
                               Doubt of Descartes to     so-called “reality check” comparing it with the
                               Lucid Dreaming as a       Cartesian “methodic doubt”. I consider here both of
                               Philosophical Tool        these methods as an attempt to overcome the “natural
                                                         attitude” in taking reality. My approach is theoretical,
                                                         especially phenomenological.
            Richard Russo      Ordinary,                 Extraordinary dreams can be distinguished from
                               Extraordinary, and        ordinary dreams by their content and by specific
                               Hybrid Dreams             phenomenological qualities. Current theories of
                                                         dreaming provide a convincing explanatory model of
                                                         ordinary dreaming, but not of extraordinary dreams.
                                                         Hybrid dreams, which combine aspects of both types of
                                                         dreaming, further complicate the picture.
Film Event   Eric J. Juarez       From dream to screen      In this presentation, I describe the process of adapting
                                  (Big Dreams part #2)      a dream to the silver screen along with a screening of
                                                            the short student film. The dream upon which the film
                                                            is based was itself a meditation on adaptation and was
                                                            featured in the IASD publication, Dreams that Change
                                                            Our Lives.
Poetry Event   Richard Russo      Dream Poetry Reading      Dreams are an ongoing source for contemporary
                                  Circle                    poetry. The presenter will begin by reading several
                                                            dream-related poems by well-known poets. An open
                                                            reading circle will follow, with participants each having
                                                            a chance, if they so choose, to read a dream poem
                                                            (their own or the work of other poets).
Workshop       Joan Gelfand       Dreams to Art             Following the presentation of a short film created from
                                                            three dreams, the facilitators will work with recall
                                                            techniques, meditation and writing prompts to assist
                                                            workshop participants to craft a creative work from
                                                            dream imagery. All creative works (poem, story, script
                                                            idea, visual representation or musical score) are
Workshop       Jason Kravitz      Big Dreams, Big Photos,   If you enjoy imagery and would like to delve deeper
               and Leslie         finding the Resonance     into the connections, personal mythos, and rich
               Horacek                                      language of your symbols between a photograph and a
                                                            dream, join us for this engaging creative workshop
                                                            where we will explore these intersections using a fun
                                                            digital collaging tool called Aminus3 Photo
Workshop       Jeannette          Creating music with       I will discuss my creative process and how I use my
               Lambert, Reg       our dreams                dreams as a starting point for composing songs. This
               Schwager                                     short introduction will be followed by a jazz jam session
               (guitarist)                                  created out of the participants' dreams.
Workshop       Susan              Tiny Objects of the       This workshop offers a hands-on, mixed media
               Armington          Dream - creating and      approach to working with dreams. While the creative
                                  working with "seed        process is quite simple and quick, it results in evocative
                                  objects"                  and unique “seed objects” which act both as living links
                                                            back to the dream and as 3-D visual anchors for further
Workshop       Victoria           Tracing The Journey;      Initiate a dialogue between the image-making function
               Rabinowe           Invoking The Muse;        of the mind and its capacity for expression through
                                  Illuminating The Dream    guided DreamWriting and collage. Associations will
                                  Journal                   present themselves in the way they come to us in
                                                            dreams, language will find its place. Engage in a
                                                            receptivity that invites a visit from the muse.
Panel          Deirdre Barrett,   Dream Artist Panel        Dream Artists will share their creative process and how
               Jason Kravitz,                               it relates to dreams. An intimate opportunity to see
               Julie Nauman-                                works by Artists who in some way relate their creative
               Mikulski & 2                                 expression back to the Dream, Dreamer and/or
               Artists TBD                                  Dreaming. Each artist will take you visually through a
                                                            journey and tell their personal story.
Symposium     Remington         Dreaming, Media, and     Parallels between dreams and the virtual worlds we
              Mallett, Jayne    Consciousness            encounter in contemporary media become more
              Gackenbach,                                significant and complex as transmitted narratives and
              Kelly Bulkeley,                            images loom larger in our lives. This panel introduces
              Bernard Welt                               some key issues in the contemporary relation of
              (Chair)                                    dreaming and media, from the perspectives of different
Symposium     JoAnn Damron-     Dream Art: Creating      Three artists will present their work contemplating its
              Rodriguez,        Wholeness                relationship to reaching wholeness over the life course.
              Dorothy Nissen,                            They will reflect on dream's contribution to a dynamic
              Johanna Verdal,                            integrity in their work and lives. The moderator will
              Rita                                       dialogue with artists and audience to elicit how the
              Hildebrandt,                               dreams add dimension to life's fullness.
Symposium     Jane Austin       The Cambrian             I will ‘mud map’* how drawing an image from a dream
                                Explosion - Using        helped me to unstick my stuck creative landscape,
                                Dreaming as a tool to    leading to my very own personal & creative 'Cambrian
                                expand the Creative      explosion'. I will share my use of image, text & narrative
                                Process                  to find my story, tell my story, have my story received.
              Sheila Benjamin   Dream Weaver:            The hope for our future is in the minds of our youth. It
                                Creating a tapestry      makes sense for us to take the time to find out what
                                from the images in our   they think and how the stimulation from their
                                dreams                   environment impacts their future, the future of the
                                                         planet, and its consciousness.
              J. F. Pagel       Dream Inspired           Petroglyph images from Mesa Pietra in Northern New
                                Petroglyphs              Mexico will be presented and the logical argument
                                                         made as to criteria that can be used to describe dream-
                                                         based art. This work strongly suggests that some
                                                         petroglyphs were inspired by the ubiquitous and
                                                         artistically powerful state that we call dreaming.
Special event Carmen Sorrenti   A journey through the    This spring my Pholarchos tarot gets published afer
              (pending)         Pholarchos Tarot and     years of painting and writing. It is inspired by the
                                its dream healers        ancient practice of dreaming in caves. I would like the
                                                         IASD conference to be the first place the deck is
                                                         presented in a slide show performance with readings
                                                         from the texts.
Workshop      Loren Goodman     Dreaming at              Around the time conception takes place, unique
              & Kimberly R.     Conception               dreams may be recalled. Goodman and Mascaro will
              Mascaro                                    present dreams that have taken place around the time
                                                         of conception across cultures with an emphasis on
                                                         Korean taemong, followed by attendance composition
                                                         of their own original taemong.
Symposium     Merrill M.        Baptist Dreaming and     George W. Truett and J. Frank Norris served as high
              Hawkins, Jr.      Conflict: The Big        profile Texas Baptist pastors during the early to mid
                                Dreams of George W.      20th century. Leaders in two opposing wings of
                                Truett and J. Frank      denominational life, the two men also had documented
                                Norris                   but under-explored big dreams. This presentation
                                                         explores those dreams.
Giorgia Morgese   The new categorization     The aim of this work is to bring out the
                                 on the origin and          historiographical categorization and
                                 development of the         periodization of the studies on dreams between the
                                 scientific study of        late 19th and early 20th century and to highlight the
                                 dreams                     process of development of the scientific approach in
                                                            dream studies.
Symposium      Svitlana Kobets   To God through Folly:      In Eastern Orthodox ascetic tradition holy fools position
                                 Simeon the Holy Fool       themselves as sinners, yet are seen as visionaries and
                                 as Prophet and             prophets. In this paper I discuss the visionary narratives
                                 Visionary                  found in the seventh-century vita of St. Simeon the Fool
                                                            of Emesa, which redefined the paradigm of holy
                                                            foolishness from ascetic to visionary.
               Gordon Gilmore    The Little Prince in the   Through an archetypal revaluation, the imagery of
                                 Depths of the Sea:         Antoine de St. Exupery’s The Little Prince will be re-
                                 Refiguring Introverted     visioned with the archetype of alchemy serving as
                                 Ego Development            model for introverted ego-development, in contrast to
                                                            von Franz’s interpretation of this story through the lens
                                                            of the hero myth as model of ego-development.
Workshop       Geoff Nelson      Bringing Dream Work        Dreams offer great opportunities for personal growth
                                 into Institutions          and group cohesion. But institutions may not always be
                                                            welcoming towards dreams. We will explore
                                                            experiences with institutions, academic, religious,
                                                            research, etc. and discuss the experiences of
                                                            participants with institutions.
Workshop       Justina Lasley,   The Professional           We will offer professionals tools for using dreams for
               Tzivia Gover      Dreamer                    the benefit of clients and customers, and for enhancing
                                                            their businesses. Using didactic learning and
                                 The Professional           experiential techniques, we will provide information
                                 Dreamer: Effectively       and exercises for therapists, counselors, coaches,
                                 Bringing Dreams to         health professionals and artists who want to
                                 Your Business              incorporate dreams and dreamwork into their business.
Film Event &   Clare Johnson     Painting Doors: The Art    Talented media students in Germany have put together
Discussion                       of Lucid Dreaming          a highly professional short documentary, “Painting
                                                            Doors: The Art of Lucid Dreaming”. Three experts are
                                                            interviewed and beautiful special effects bring the lucid
                                                            dreams they share to vivid life. This is the US premiere
                                                            of this 15 minute film.
Workshop       Jennifer E.       Lucid Dreaming in Yoga     Yoga nidra, sleeping yoga, is an ancient Veda practice
               Closshey          Nidra                      dating back some 5000 years. Yoga nidra is used by
                                                            various cultures to induce lucid dreams for clearing and
                                                            purification purposes, and preparation for the passage
                                                            of death. Attendees will be offered the opportunity to
                                                            experience Yoga nidra during the session.
Workshop       Gardner Eeden     Lucidity and the           We can achieve lucidity in the world and the dream.
                                 Biconscious Mind           True lucidity should recognize being in two conscious
                                                            realms. We exist simultaneously in the world and the
                                                            dream; how can we use this to our advantage in both
                                                            states, and how is this part of our conscious evolution?
Workshop    Dr Nigel           Applying The Waking       The significance and therapeutic use of the Waking
            Hamilton           Dream Process To          Dream Process will be discussed. A demonstration of
                               Dreams & Lucid            the Waking Dream Technique using an audience
                               Dreaming                  participant’s dream will follow along with questions
                                                         from the audience. Guidelines for clinicians in using this
                                                         technique will also be discussed.
Workshop    Marcia Emery       Intuition: A Golden Key   Participants will learn how to use intuition to comb
                               to Unlock Your Dream      through the entire dream to provide instant
                                                         understanding. Participants will discover how they are
                                                         wired for intuitive receptivity and learn how to
                                                         interpret individual symbols and go on to decode the
                                                         entire dream using Marcia Emery's DreamShift Process.
Panel       Linda              The Power of Place        What if we could directly communicate with with the
            Mastrangelo                                  land? And what if the land talked back? What wisdom
            (Ch), Laura                                  would be revealed? In this panel, the power of place
            Atkinson, Glory                              and its dynamic affect on dreams, creativity and other
            Nelson, Sherry                               altered states of consciousness will be explored
            Puricelli                                    through the presenters' personal experiences.

Panel       Virginia G.        Long Term Journal         Because the journal is a uniquely sensitive instrument
            Bennett, Jean      Keeping: The Lasting      that may enlighten the whole field of dream study,
            Campbell, Linda    Influence of Jane         dreamers often report journal findings at IASD
            H. Mastrangelo,    Roberts/Seth              conferences. This year, we will discuss the importance
            Cynthia                                      of Jane Roberts and her trance personality, Seth, in our
            Pearson(chair)                               understanding of the depth and expanse of dreaming.
Symposium   Clare Johnson      Lucid Dreaming for        Can we heal physical ailments while lucidly aware? And
            (Chair), Robert    Physical and Emotional    can lucid dreaming help us to release emotional blocks
            Waggoner           Healing                   and transcend deep-rooted fears? This symposium
                                                         examines the potential of lucid dreaming and other
                                                         lucid states of consciousness for physical and emotional
Symposium   Robert Hoss,       Big Dreams that
            Deirdre Barrett,   Change Our Lives pt.1
            Tina Tau
            Robert J Hoss      Big Dreams that           Have you ever experienced a dream so impactful that it
                               Change Our Lives          changed your life? Jung attributed these to natural
                                                         driving forces for wholeness within. But in studying
                                                         such dreams for Dreams that Change Our Lives, IASD
                                                         observed a multiplicity of forces in play that might
                                                         expand the understanding of the nature of our being.
            Deirdre Barrett    Life Path Dreams          Big dreams can address any aspect of the dreamer's
                                                         life—personal relationships or internal emotional
                                                         issues, but this talk will address mainly the ones about
                                                         a dreamer's profession. Recurring childhood dreams
                                                         turn into a lifetime career or major professional paths.
                                                         These unusual dreams may illuminate processes
                                                         common to all dreaming.
Tina Tau           Writing With the Snow      This presentation explores a big dream (which I had
                               Lion's Blood               during the 2017 IASD conference) and the book it has
                                                          inspired, called “Writing With the Snow Lion’s Blood.”
                                                          It is a book exploring fifty dreams that have guided my
Symposium   Carol Warner,      Dreaming Big (pt. 3) for
            Laurel Clark       Others
            Carol D. Warner    A Miraculous Dream         This miraculous dream healing has been told in Dreams
                               Healing from Terminal      that Change our Lives. Warner tells the story of a girl,
                               Advanced Ovarian           raped and tortured for many years under threat of her
                               Cancer                     mother's murder, who was denied justice by the courts,
                                                          and who contracted terminal ovarian cancer.
            Laurel Clark       Dreaming for Others        Can we dream for other people? This presentation was
                                                          inspired by a Psiberdreaming conference dream which
                                                          featured Laurel as a “dream figure” in someone else’s
                                                          dream. These two people don’t know each other in
                                                          waking reality, yet the dream had amazing significance
                                                          for Laurel for a major health concern.
Symposium   Barbara O’Guinn The New Bardo:                As her dad loses control of his brain-body functions to
            Condron         Clear Light Legacy of         Lewy Body Dementia, Barbara finds 40 years of
                            Dad’s Dementia                dreamwork essential to walking between the worlds.
                                                          What she experiences merges the Reisberg Scale of
                                                          assessment of dementia with traditional bardos,
                                                          demonstrating the difference a lifetime of attending
                                                          dreaming makes during transition.
            Dan Gilhooley      Dreaming the Future        Unbeknownst to me, an old friend who I haven't seen
                                                          in 35 years is in hospice and on the verge of death. I
                                                          dream the contents of a phone call from my friend’s
                                                          caregiver which I’ll receive the next day. How do I
                                                          interpret the meaning of this prospective dream?
            Stanley Krippner   Dreams from the            This presentation will describe ten dreams sent to me
                               Afterlife?                 by an events planner for the US Army.The dreams
                                                          focused on deceased combat soldiers who were known
                                                          by an assistant Chaplain with whom she worked.
                                                          Specific names and details were included in each dream
                                                          allowing for identification of the soldiers.
Symposium   Helena Daly        Hypnopompic                My presentation will discuss the hypnopompic (dream-
                               Encounters: Deaths         waking) state of consciousness and associated
                               Shadow and Beauty          hypnopompic phenomena. This semi-waking state will
                               Between the Realms         be differentiated from the hypnagogic state and
                                                          explored as a liminal state of being through which
                                                          guidance, healing, knowledge, encounters, visions and
                                                          higher states of awareness are received and
            Nicole             Dreams,                    The possibility that reality is co-created in dreams as
            Brownson           Consciousness, and the     well as in waking reality is presented. Our personal
                               Nature of Reality          dreams belong to a larger field of consciousness which
                                                          is shared. Shared and telepathic dreams are an example
                                                          of this field unbound by space/time.Dreams and
                                                          lucidity are tools to explore this field.
Nicole Gruel      Awakening Through         This presentation shares the stories of 4 ordinary
                                 Sleep: 4 accounts of      people who had extraordinary sleep-induced
                                 sleep-induced             experiences. According to the experiencers, they were
                                 awakening and lucid       not dreaming. From sleep, each awoke in another
                                 living experiences        place/dimension/realm—an experience that left them
                                                           forever changed and lucid in life.
               Craig Webb        Lucid Living:             Everyone wants a deeply fulfilling life. The challenge is
                                 Championing Dreams        that we have lessons to learn along the way, plus what
                                 for a Deeply Fulfilling   is fulfilling is open for interpretation. The presentation
                                 Life                      will explore destiny, fate and quantum physics, showing
                                                           ways how dreams can become a valuable inner GPS
                                                           along our richest soul path.
Workshop       Curtiss Hoffman   On a Horse with No        The Desert frequently appears in world myth, where it
                                 Name: Desert              serves as a place of purification in the Hero’s journey.
                                 Dreaming                  It also appears in our dreaming. We'll explore the rich
                                                           symbolism of the Desert, and we'll work on Desert
                                                           Dreams in groups, to see how the Desert functions
                                                           within our dreaming.
Workshop       Lauren Z.         Tarotpy, Dreams and       This experiential workshop demonstrates Tarotpy,
               Schneider         "Soul-Making"             along with dream work, as an alchemical tool to reveal
                                                           and strengthen the "authentic self", transform
                                                           relationship dynamics and align with invisible
                                                           intelligences at work in the personal and collective
                                                           psyche. This is the work of "soul-making". Decks will be
Workshop       Howard Avruhm     Kabbalah, Dreaming        Lurianic Kabbalah teaches that our psyches encompass
               Addison           and the Five              five dimensions of Soul, from the Visceral to the
                                 Dimensions of Soul        Unitive. Through a five-step practice, culminating in an
                                                           innovative form of mantra meditation derived from
                                                           personally moving dream images, we will attempt to
                                                           reveal the faces of Holy inherent within our own
Workshop       Gregg Levoy       The Relationship          Dreams and callings have much in common. Both
                                 Between Our Dreams        emanate from the unconscious, point to true north and
                                 and Our Callings          away from the familiar, have consequences if ignored,
                                                           and request a response. Participants explore how
                                                           dreamwork can help discern callings, and how
                                                           clarification of callings can draw dreams to help
                                                           navigate those calls.
Symposium      Karen Mosby       How Interpreting My       Decoding the meaning of the Book of Revelation can be
                                 Dreams Has Changed        done in a way similar to understanding one’s own
                                 My View of Holy Works     dreams. Using an archetypal language of pictures, one
                                                           can go beyond the fear invoking images of world
                                                           destruction to find a universal spiritual message that
                                                           applies to all of us.
Richard F       Dreams and Visions       Insights from Jungian psychology will illuminate the
              Paseman         from the Mystery of      dreamlike visions associated with transition to the
                              Death                    afterlife. Three paradigms will be presented: (1)
                                                       Tibetan Book of the Dead; (2) Aerial Toll-Houses of
                                                       Eastern Orthodox Christianity; (3) Near Death
                                                       Experiences. Archetypal symbols preparing the soul
                                                       for its journey of transformation will be described.
              David Low       Dream Stages:            Compares distinct stages in esoteric traditions to lesser-
                              Established Esoteric     defined stages of lucid dreamers of more secular
                              Traditions Vs. Secular   spiritual orientation. Observations are made concerning
                              Spiritualties In Lucid   similarities and differences in spiritual stages, and the
                              Dreaming                 methods and experiences associated with them. Finally,
                                                       ontological and epistemological perspectives are
                                                       offered concerning dream spirituality in both cases.
Workshop     Naomi Panina     The Liminal Plane        Join us on a journey into the liminal space between
             Kimmelman &      Between Sleep and        sleep and awake. This workshop will focus on the topic
             Jacob Kaminker   Awake: Hypnagogia        of hypnagogia, a transitional and threshold state of
                              and Creativity           consciousness and its relationship to creativity,
                                                       possibility and spiritual practice. This presentation will
                                                       include lecture and experiential components.
Workshop      Bonnie Mitsch   Photographic             This workshop invites participants to ask for guidance,
                              Guidance-Incubating      walk around the hotel and photograph the image that
                              Waking Life Images       “speaks” to them using a cell phone. We will then work
                                                       with the image as if it were from a dream and write an
                                                       affirmation. Participants will receive a copy of their
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