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5 Positive radiance. Inner beauty. Holistic wellbeing.

Discover Decléor Paris and plunge into a fascinating world of essential oils, plants and healing treatments. Our cosmetic partner Decléor uses only natural ingredients. With over 25 years of scientific research, Decléor is a specialist in aromatic cosmetics. Its cosmetic products are based on essential oils that boost effectiveness and enhance your wellbeing. Relaxing, intensive and tailored to meet your personal needs, the treatments ensure benefi- cial results that you will notice immediately and enjoy for a long time to come. Plunge into another world and emerge as a new person.


7 MASSAGES 8 Remove blocks, get your energy flowing, relax your body and mind. Enjoy the greatest luxury of all: reclaimed wellness. FACIAL TREATMENTS 14 Close your eyes and put your beauty in the trusted hands of our spa team. BODY TREATMENTS 16 Your skin is your largest organ. All the more reason to treat it with particular care. DREAM BATHS 20 Our special baths will make your dreams of wellbeing come true. And while bathing, feel free to dream away … PAMPERING PACKAGES 24 You simply can’t pamper yourself enough. After all, your well- being is the number one priority. And our pampering pack- ages are the best way to indulge yourself.



9 8 Ayurvedic oil massages You will be massaged with warm Indian herbal oils, and soft, targeted strokes will provide a sense of warmth and vitality. Massages Remove blocks, get your energy flowing, relax your body and mind. Enjoy the greatest luxury of all: reclaimed wellness. AYURVEDIC FULL-BODY MASSAGE 50 min. €58 An incomparable experience! Warm, nourishing oil for a wonderful body massage that increases enlightenment, strengthens the entire organism, alleviates anxiety and depression, boosts the nervous system and imparts vitality.

AYURVEDIC BACK MASSAGE 25 min. €36 An extremely soothing, deep back massage performed with flowing, interlocked hands.

AYURVEDIC FOOT MASSAGE 25 min. €36 A relaxing foot massage with warm herbal oils. Has a calming and balancing effect to help relieve headaches, sleep disorders, nervousness and cold sensations.


FACIAL MASSAGE 25 min. €30 LYMPH-STIMULATING MASSAGE FOLLOWING DR. VODDER’S METHOD 50 min. €48 Light massaging in the direction of lymph flow gently clears and drains your tissue. Beneficial for heavy, tired legs and blockages. LYMPH-STIMULATING MASSAGE FOR YOUR LEGS OR FACE 25 min. €32 TIBETAN SINGING BOWL MASSAGE 25 min. €30 The sound produced by a Tibetan singing bowl helps to bring your body, mind and spirit back into harmony. During a singing bowl massage, singing bowls of vario- us sizes and in various pitches are placed on the body and struck. The soothing vibrations are transmitted to the body, where they relieve tension as well as emotio- nal and physical blockages, mobilise your self-healing powers and set your creative energy free.

10 Classic massages CLASSIC FULL-BODY MASSAGE 50 min. €50 CLASSIC PARTIAL BODY MASSAGE 25 min. €30 Kneading, tapping and stroking to target certain areas of the body.

RELAXING MASSAGE WITH AROMATIC OILS 50 min. €50 The goal is complete relaxation and relief from pain caused by tension. SPORT MASSAGE FOR YOUR LEGS 25 min. €30 The ideal massage after playing sports or to warm up your muscles before sporting activities. MANAGER MASSAGE 25 min. €30 Helps to get rid of stress and tension in the neck, recom- mended for people with frequent headaches. 50 min. €50 11


12 “ART OF CARE” CHOCOLATE MASSAGE 50 min. €58 A pampering massage for all chocolate lovers and con- noisseurs. Offers deep relaxation and silky soft skin. A chocolaty treat with no regrets.

"ART OF CARE" HONEY MASSAGE 50 min. €58 The honey massage is an ancient Russian-Tibetan treat- ment method in which warm honey is applied to the back. The special technique used to massage the honey into the skin brings toxins and impurities that the body has accumulated over the years up to the surface. This leads to strong circulation, which helps to relax the mus- cles and leaves the back feeling energised. The honey massage strengthens the entire body, cleanses, activates the immune system and has a harmonising effect on your energy and nervous system.

SOAP LATHER MASSAGE 25 min. €30 A soap lather massage on our warm hammam bed helps to cleanse and stimulate blood flow to the skin. It is the perfect preparation for subsequent treatments. Vitalis CELLULITE – RESONANCE MASSAGE© THE INNOVATIVE, EFFECTIVE WAY TO COMBAT CELLULITE The treatment begins with a peeling, followed by an algae bath, a modulated cupping-glass massage using a cream specifically for cellulite and a stimulating foot reflexology massage. After this, you will enjoy a deeply relaxing sound massage.


€65 This special spinal treatment will help you to stand tall again! The treatment includes a relaxing, effective back massage using a hot rolled towel to relax the muscles according to Dr. Kneipp’s method. This is followed by a cupping-glass massage and a deeply relaxing singing bowl massage. This treatment helps to get your body’s energy flowing again and removes blocks. Vitalis ADDOME – RESONANCE MASSAGE© ABDOMINAL TREATMENT – BODY FORMING 50 min. €65 This abdominal treatment by Vitalis Dr. Joseph helps to firm the stomach and stimulate digestion. By removing blocks from your abdomen, the treatment helps to shrink your waistline.

The vibrations of the singing bowls in the vitasound massage that follows help to open your chakras.

70 min. without bath € 82 100 min. with bath €115 Classic massages


14 Facial treatments Close your eyes and put your beauty in the trusted hands of our spa team. 15 CLASSIC FACIAL 50 min. €52 Cleansing, peeling, active concentrate, massage, masque, day skin care. With a deep cleanse and eyebrow shaping. 80 min. €74 REVITALISING TREATMENT 55 min. €56 Aromaplastie is the essential, initial beauty care pro- gramme from DECLÈOR: Discover the soothing effects of essential oils carefully selected for your skin type. The application of a 100% natural masque made from flax powder, wheat germ and sunflower sprouts is character- istic of this treatment.

With a deep cleanse and eyebrow shaping. 80 min. €78 ”NUTRI-SOIN” MOISTURE TREATMENT 55 min. €58 With its high concentration of active herbal ingredients and essential oils, Nutri-Soin relieves uncomfortable tautness and softens even dry skin. With a deep cleanse and eyebrow shaping. 80 min. €80 HARMONY TREATMENT 55 min. €58 Harmonie Extrème was specially developed for sensitive and irritable skin and helps to reduce swelling. It calms and relieves the skin, lending it a new softness and pro- viding immediate comfort.

With a deep cleanse and eyebrow shaping. 80 min. €80 ANTI-AGEING 55 min.

€58 Anti-ageing reduces wrinkles and fine lines, firming and regenerating your skin and giving it a noticeably younger look. With a deep cleanse and eyebrow shaping. 80 min. €80 EYE CONTOUR TREATMENT 25 min. €34 This relaxing treatment helps to erase dark circles around your eyes and to purify and reduce swelling of the tissue in this particularly sensitive area. ALL ABOUT THE EYES Eyebrow shaping € 8 Eyelash tinting € 12 Eyebrow tinting € 8 Eyebrow and eyelash tinting € 16


Body treatments Your skin is your largest organ. All the more reason to treat it with particular care. 17 TANNING 8 min. € 5 DEAD SEA SALT SCRUB 25 min. €32 This scrub makes the skin more absorbent and gives it a soft, silky feel. Helps to remove callused skin. COFFEE PEELING 25 min. €35 CHOCOLATE PEELING 25 min. €35 ANTI-CELLULITE TREATMENT 50 min. €52 This intensive treatment reduces fluid retention and pads of fat in problem zones such as the thighs, but- tocks and hips. It involves a cellulite massage to improve drainage and the application of a masque with active ingredients from seaweed.

SLIM EFFECT – THE PURIFYING TREATMENT 55 min. €58 An intense draining and detoxifying body treatment including a peeling, a massage and an algae masque. SCULPT – THE FIRMING TREATMENT 55 min. €58 A firming, toning treatment including a peeling, a mas- sage and an anti-ageing body masque. RELAX – THE MOISTURISING TREATMENT 55 min. €58 A relaxing body treatment including a peeling, a mas- sage and a cleansing spa-sauna masque. AROMA LEG WRAP 50 min. €52 For tired, aching, heavy legs and feet. This massage gently soothes muscle tension and helps to promote cir- culation and invigorate. The wrap includes a stimulating seaweed gel masque that refreshes instantly and relieves tired, heavy legs.



18 Body treatments COFFEE AND CHOCOLATE TREATMENT 80 min. €95 This treatment has a harmonising, calming effect. Indulge in a combination of cocoa butter and premium oils. This relaxing full-body treatment begins with a cof- fee scrub, followed by a relaxing full-body massage using warm chocolate oil and a soothing chocolate bath. Perfect for people who want to escape from their day-to- day stress and balance their body and spirit. HAND AND FOOT CARE HAIR REMOVAL Manicure €28 Pedicure €38 Paraffin hand bath €12 Paraffin foot bath €12 Full leg €38 Half leg €25 Bikini or underarm €10 Upper lip € 5 Arms €13 Back €16

Dream baths Our special baths will make your dreams of wellbeing come true. And while bathing, feel free to dream away … HAY BATH 25 min. €35 Relax in our heavenly floating bed. The hay bath relieves tension, boosts the metabolism, helps against colds, purifies and imparts fresh vitality. DEAD SEA SALT BATH 25 min. €35 Wrapped in cloths soaked in salt water, you can lie com- pletely relaxed and do absolutely nothing – except fully enjoy yourself. The pleasant effects happen on their own, and your body becomes detoxified and purified while you let yourself go. So just close your eyes and allow your soul to blossom.

FANGO BATH – FOR EVERYONE DREAMING OF THE SEA! 25 min. €35 Heat treatment using fango, a mineral-rich mud, is con- sidered particularly effective in the South and is used to relieve tension and rheumatic symptoms. The mixture of water, earth, salts and minerals from the Dead Sea creates new life. ALGAE BATH 25 min. €35 Algae are rich in valuable minerals. These active ingredi- ents help to supply the tissue with blood and purify it, and to firm and thoroughly moisturise the skin. EVENING PRIMROSE OIL BATH 25 min. €35 Recommended for the treatment of dry, irritable, in- flamed skin or skin affected by allergies.

APPLE BATH 25 min. €35 Cider vinegar, cider, pectin, fruit acids and vitamins A, B, C and E are “miracle cures” in cosmetics. The apple bath provides elasticity and moisture for your skin. SWISS PINE BATH 25 min. €35 Particularly invigorating after sporting activities like hik- ing and skiing. Swiss pine oil strengthens respiration and helps to relieve muscle and joint pain. CHOCOLATE BATH 25 min. €35 A special experience for your skin and your spirit. The cocoa bean has a revitalising, nourishing effect and refills your body's energy stores. It also helps to brighten your mood because it activates the feel-good hormone serotonin.


23 22 Wonderful bathing rituals in our imperial bathtub for couples or on your own CLEOPATRA BATH 25 min. for one €30 The last queen of Egypt is still the epitome of grace and beauty. The freshly prepared mixture of milk and oil helps to regulate, moisturise and nourish the skin. ROSE PETAL BATH 25 min. for one €30 Harmonising, exhilarating, soothing LAVENDER BATH 25 min. for one €30 Cleansing, balancing, soothing, relieves stress and sleep disorders CHAMOMILE BATH 25 min. for one €30 Anti-inflammatory, heals wounds, soothing RELAXING BATH 25 min. for one €30 The pure essential oils selected for this bath and mixed with Dead Sea salt are particularly calming.

WHIRLPOOL 25 min for one €30 25 min. for two €40 25 min. for two €40 25 min. for two €40 HAMAM – A SPECIAL ORIENTAL WELLNESS TREAT 60 min. for one €68 At the beginning, you will enjoy an aromatic steam bath and inhale fragrant floral extracts at a mild radiant heat of 45°C. The comfortable heat enhances the senses and relaxes all of your muscles. A pleasant scrubbing massage on a heated marble bed follows. Dead skin cells are lit- erally brushed away and your skin becomes fresh and soft. A relaxing whirlpool bath then invites you to indulge in wellness. Close your eyes and really enjoy the water.

20 minutes in fragrant bath salts firm your skin and purify tissue. Finally, take a few more minutes at the end to relax. PRIVATE SPA 60 min. €65 Reserve your own spa area and enjoy the benefits of our wellness world in complete privacy. Reawaken your feelings in a private atmosphere with a steam bath, a whirlpool, a cuddly bed and a bottle of Prosecco. A small luxury for you and your partner.

25 min. for two €40 90 min. for two €98 25 min. for two €40 each additional hour €50 25 min for two €40

You simply can’t pamper yourself enough. After all, your wellbeing is the number one priority. And our pampering packages are the best way to indulge yourself. You simply can’t pamper yourself enough. After all, your wellbeing is the number one priority. And our pampering packages are the best way to indulge yourself. BEAUTY DAY FOR HIM OR HER €140 • 1 DECLÈOR facial treatment 50 min. • 1 body peeling • 1 manicure with a hand massage • 1 pedicure with a foot massage DREAMS OF SILK AND VELVET €190 • 1 aroma relax treatment • 1 paraffin bath to care for your hands • 1 relaxing facial massage • 1 hamam trilogy • 1 back massage SAMPLER PACKAGE €150 • 1 DECLÈOR classic facial treatment 50 min.

• 1 manicure with a hand massage • 1 rose petal bath • 1 classic full-body massage PAMPERING WEEKEND €215 • 1 DECLÈOR facial treatment 80 min. • 1 evening primrose oil bath in our floating pathtub • 1 Ayurvedic foot or back massage • 1 Cleopatra bath in our imperial bathtub • 1 relaxing full-body massage with aromatic oils 25 24 Pampering packages MANAGER PACKAGE €170, • 1 Dr. Joseph Vitalis Dorsalis Resonance Massage • 2 fango baths • 1 manager massage • 1 mountain arnica and St. John's wort ointment for you to take home A SWEET TREAT – FOR YOUR ENTIRE BODY €175 • 1 honey massage “Art of Care” • 1 coffee peeling • 1 chocolate massage “Art of Care” • 1 apple bath QUALITY TIME TOGETHER €228 • 1 hamam for 2 persons 90 min.

• 1 romantic rose petal bath in our imperial bathtub • 1 relaxing massage with aromatic oils BODY FORMING – FIT AND FABULOUS €230 • 1 Dr. Joseph Vitalis Addome Resonance Massage • 1 Dead Sea salt bath in our floating bathtub • 1 Dr. Joseph Vitalis Anti-Cellulite Resonance Massage 70 min. • 1 Ayurvedic full-body massage

27 Tips for enhancing your wellness experience CONSULTATION AND INFORMATION Our employees would be happy to provide you with advice for individually designing your wellness programme at: +39/0474/49 45 20 or EARLY RESERVATIONS Individual treatments or packages: In order to be able to plan your days of wellness optimally, we would request that you book your treatments before your arrival. PREPARATION So that you can truly relax and enjoy your treatments, we recommend that you arrive around ten minutes before your appointment. A warm shower or a visit to a sauna bath helps you to relax and cleanse yourself.

Men should shave around three hours before a facial treatment.

CLOTHING Please come to your massage in a bathrobe. Bathing attire is required in the pool area, and the sauna area is a nude zone. WHAT ELSE WE SHOULD KNOW Please inform our employees about your wishes and if you are pregnant, are experiencing pain or have any illnesses. REST AND DRINK We recommend that you avoid activities directly after a treatment and that you relax for half an hour. Please be sure to drink enough water or tea, which we would be happy to provide for you in the spa reception area. CANCELLATION POLICY We carefully prepare for the appointments you book, so you will be charged 50% of the price for treatments cancelled within six hours of the appoint- ment.

We would like to thank you in advance for following the rules of spa etiquette that are posted. Subject to changes regarding treatments, prices and opening hours. Prices are valid starting in September 2011. All prices include taxes and fees. The publication of this brochure makes all previous brochures invalid. Misprints and errors excepted. ACQUAPURA SPA ANTHOLZ Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Alpenresidenz Antholzffff I – 39030 Rasen/Antholz, Obertal 45 Tel: +39/0474/49 45 20, Fax: +39/0474/49 36 54 26

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