PRO GOLF TOUR 2019 GOLF STARS OF TOMORROW - Tournaments Backgrounds Golf Courses Players Interviews

PRO GOLF TOUR 2019 GOLF STARS OF TOMORROW - Tournaments Backgrounds Golf Courses Players Interviews

                Golf Courses
PRO GOLF TOUR 2019 GOLF STARS OF TOMORROW - Tournaments Backgrounds Golf Courses Players Interviews
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Save the date 2019:                           1.   Matchday         11./12.05.
                                              2.   Matchday         25./26.05.
                                              3.   Matchday         22./23.06.
                                              4.   Matchday         20./21.07.
Follow us on                                  5.   Matchday         03./04.08.
                                              Final Four           10./11.08.

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PRO GOLF TOUR 2019 GOLF STARS OF TOMORROW - Tournaments Backgrounds Golf Courses Players Interviews
                                                                                                                                            tournaments in seven countries. I would
                                                                                                                                            like to highlight two other events besides
                                                                                                                                            the Open Michlifen: the Leipziger Golf
                                                                                                                                                                                                PRO GOLF TOUR
                                                                                                                                            Open, which celebrated its fantastic                     2019
                                                                                                                                            premiere last year, is endowed with a
                                                                                                                                                                                                         7 countries
                                                                                                                                            generous 45,000 euros this year, so the
                                                                                                                                            agenda will be set here in terms of               The Pro Golf Tour is going to be a
                                                                                                                                            promotion to the Challenge Tour at the             guest in Egypt, Morocco, Austria,
                                                                                                                                                                                             Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic
                                                                                                                                            very latest. And once again we will be              and the Netherlands this year.
                                                                                                                                            determining the overall winner of the Pro
                                                                                                 Rainer Goldrian                            Golf Tour 2019 and the five newcomers to
                                                                                                                                            the European Challenge Tour 2020 at the
                                                                                                                                                                                                      21 tournaments
                                                                                                                                                                                              There are 21 competitions in total
                                                                                                                                            Castanea Resort. The prize money for the
                                                                                                                                                                                             at first-class golf courses on the tour
                                                                                                                                            tour final will once again be 50,000 euros,
                                                                                               Partnership                                  which ensures that the cards are com-
                                                                                                                                            pletely reshuffled once more and the
                                                                                                                                                                                             calendar between 15th January and
                                                                                                                                                                                                          2nd October.

                                                                                               The past few years have shown: only          audience will definitely experience an                       180 players
                                                                                               those who get off to a good start in the     exciting end to the season again.                 Up to 180 players from 25 different
                                                                                               respective tour season have a chance to      "If the Pro Golf Tour didn't already exist, it      nations are appearing at the
                                                                                               occupy one of the coveted promotion          would have to be invented," says Marcus                     competitions.
                                                                                               spots and successfully make their way to     Neumann, Member of the Board of the
                                                                                               the Challenge Tour and finally to the        German Golf Association. Fortunately, it            675.000 euros prize mo

                                                                                               European Tour via the Pro Golf Tour. Our     has been around for over 20 years, under          At 18 tournaments a prize money of
                                                                                               cooperation with the Hassan II Golf          the leadership of the PGA of Germany             30,000 euros is distributed, the Open
                                                                                               Trophy Association has enabled us to         since 2005. I wish all the Pro Golf Tour           Michlifen offers 40,000 euros, the
                                                                                               offer our players the perfect start to the   players and fans an exciting as well as            Leipziger Golf Open even 45,000
                                                                                               golf and tournament season for many          outstanding 2019 season on perfectly               euros. The season finale Castanea
                                                                                               years. We have been organising tourna-       prepared courses with superb results.             Resort Championship is traditionally
                                                                                                                                                                                                  endowed with 50,000 euros.
                                                                                               ments for our members together with
                                                                                               the Moroccan golf organisation, which is                                                              5 promotion spots
                                                                                               also responsible for the highly endowed
                                                                                               European Tour and the Ladies European                                                         The Top 5 in the final Order of Merit
                                                                                                                                                                                               for the year 2019 qualify for the
                                                                                               Tour events, for a decade now. And no                   RAINER GOLDRIAN                         European Challenge Tour 2020.
                                                                                               matter whether it’s in Agadir or Es-               Pro Golf Tour Managing Director
                                                                                               saouira, in Casablanca, Rabat, Fez or             PGA of Germany Managing Director
                                                                                               Marrakesh: Morocco always stands for

                                                                                               excellent golf courses and guarantees
                                                                                               every tour player a challenging and well
                                                                                               maintained championship course. On
                                                                                               pages 6 and 7 of this season's Pro Golf
                                                                                               Tour magazine we highlight the extreme-
                                                                                               ly successful partnership with Morocco;
                                                                                               we are celebrating it on the course with
                                                                                               a total of eight tournaments this year.
                                                                                               The highlight will undoubtedly be the
                                                                                               premiere of the "Open Michlifen 2019" in
                                                                                               April, endowed with 40,000 euros, where
                                                                                               anyone who wants to have a say at the                                                                           Graduates
                                                                                               end of the season when it comes to                                                                       The Top 5 of the 2018 Pro Golf
                                                                                               promotion will have to do well.                                                                         Tour ranking: Mateusz Gradecki,
                                                                                               I am proud that we can once again offer                                                                    Chris Robb, Craig Howie,
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Jonas Kölbing and
                                                                                               our members a full tour calendar with 21
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Mathieu Decottignies-Lafon.
PRO GOLF TOUR 2019 GOLF STARS OF TOMORROW - Tournaments Backgrounds Golf Courses Players Interviews

  Pro Golf Tour:
  The Pro Golf Tour is taking place for the 23rd
  time in 2019. It is considered to be a superb
  springboard for a tour player’s career. Young
  talented professionals from all over Europe
  compete at 21 season tournaments.
                                                               Ondrej Lieser & Mateusz Gradecki
  As an official satellite tour, Pro Golf Tour provides
  an opportunity to instantly qualify for the Europe-           Czech Republic & Poland
  an Challenge Tour. That means: anyone who                                     right path", says Rainer Goldrian, Pro Golf Tour
  occupies one of the top 5 rankings in the Pro Golf                            Managing Director. As the leading operator of the
  Tour Order of Merit at the end of the season is                               tour, PGA of Germany is placing itself in a high-pro-
  promoted and can play in the Challenge Tour the                               file position on the stage of tournament golf in
  following year. The professional tournament series’                           Europe. The PGA of Germany with its headquarter in
  results also count for the world golf ranking.                                Munich is running the Pro Golf Tour since 2005.
  "This recognition of the sporting importance of our
  tour is wonderful confirmation that we are on the
                                                                                Excellent courses, flawless organisation and
                                                                                high-calibre sport are trademarks of the PGT

" Tahegreat
         Pro Golf Tour offers
                                                                                "Golf Stars of Tomorrow" is the official tour slogan,
                                                                                as young, ambitious talented tee off here who have
                                                                                made it their goal to be the golf stars of tomorrow.
  especially at the start of                                                    The Pro Golf Tour’s trademarks are excellent
  the year to test your                                                         courses, flawless organisation and high-calibre
                                                                                sport. Up to 180 players from roughly 25 different
  skills on high quality                                                        nations compete at the tournaments. The tour is
  courses under good con-                                                       based in Munich at the offices of the main share-
  ditions. Good weather and                                                     holder, PGA of Germany. A team of staff is employed
  strong competition prepared me                                                at the tournaments: a tournament director, referees,
  perfectly for the coming tourna-                                              a starter and a tour assistant, together with those
                                                                                responsible at the host club and indispensable
  ment season."
                                       Jonas Kölbing
                                                                                voluntary helpers. They all ensure the professional
                                                                                preparation and implementation of all events.
                                         Challenge Tour 2019     Germany
PRO GOLF TOUR 2019 GOLF STARS OF TOMORROW - Tournaments Backgrounds Golf Courses Players Interviews

"The Pro Golf Tour is a                                                      From PGT to the
great opportunity to start                                                   European Tour
a career!"                                                                   The Pro Golf Tour is one of four official satellite
                                                                             tours alongside the PGA EuroPro Tour, the Alps
                                                                             Tour and the Nordic League. The Top 5 in the
                                                                             year’s final ranking are authorised to tee off on
Congratulations on winning the
                                                                             the European Challenge Tour the following
Pro Golf Tour 2018 overall and
                                                                             season. The top players are also exempt from
being directly promoted to the
                                                                             Stage I of the European Tour Qualifying School.
Challenge Tour, Craig Howie.
When you look back on this
fantastic season, to what extent
is the Pro Golf Tour suitable for
starting a tour player’s career?
The Pro Golf Tour is a great
opportunity for professionals to
                                                                                TOP 15                                TOP 25
start their careers. It offers the            Overall winner 2018
option to play regularly against
top-class players from January to    Craig Howie won the title of the                                                 FINAL
September. I chose the tour          Leipziger Golf Open in 2018 and three                                            STAGE
because of the fantastic calendar,   more second places during the season.                               TOUR
which offers great advantages        The Scotsman took the PGT Order of      CHALLENGE                 QUALIFYING STAGE 2
especially in the winter months      Merit trophy at the end of the year.                               SCHOOL
when others take a break.                                                                                            STAGE 1

What experiences that you had        Which event do you have par-
on the Pro Golf Tour will help you   ticularly fond memories of?                TOP 5
progress further?                    My first professional victory in                                                 TOP 6
I learned more about a pro’s         Leipzig of course. This very
travel requirements on tour.         satisfying week helped me finally
Coming from Scotland, I had to       win the Order of Merit. I also
fly to every tournament this year.   made great friends, particularly
I feel like I’m well prepared for    with my compatriots.
the Challenge Tour and Europe-
an Tour travel requirements now.     What’s your advice for players
I've also got used to the kind of    who also want to get into profes-
results that the pros bring onto     sional golf through the PGT?
the course. If you don't play        Play well! And be patient! For                         PRO GOLF TOUR
                                                                                          QUALIFYING SCHOOL
under par, you probably won't        example, things didn't go accord-
make the cut. You have to learn      ing to plan at the beginning of
quickly that even-par is no          the season for me, but I found
longer a good result. All in all I   my form by the end of the
made a lot of valuable experi-       summer. If you’re not patient,
ences that I will remember           you are just putting obstacles in                          AMATEURS
throughout my whole career.          your own way.
PRO GOLF TOUR 2019 GOLF STARS OF TOMORROW - Tournaments Backgrounds Golf Courses Players Interviews

Excellent golf courses, guaranteed sunshine and
perfect support from the Hassan II Golf Trophy
Association team: the Pro Golf Tour has been a
guest in Morocco and offering its members an
excellent start to the new tournament season
since 2010.

"What the Pro Golf Tour regularly achieves here in
Morocco is something you simply have to take                  The Michlifen Golf &
your hat off to!" It’s not just German player Moritz          Resort in Ifrane will   This year there are eight Pro Golf Tour tournaments
Lampert, winner of the Open Madaef Golfs 2019,                host the Pro Golf       on the programme; five are taking place in the
who appreciates that the Pro Golf Tour has been               Tour for the first      Casablanca region in February and March. After-
offering its members an excellent opportunity to              time this season.       wards, the tour will move on to Agadir, Tazegzout
start the tour season in the sunny south for ten              The Open Michlifen      and to Ifrane, for the first time. The "Open Michlifen"
years now. The Pro Golf Tour’s cooperation with               2019 is endowed         premiere is scheduled to take place there, in the
Morocco or rather the Hassan II Golf Trophy                   with 40,000 euros       mountainous region near Fez, from 9 to 11 April. The
Association, the Moroccan golf organisation, which            prize money.            Pro Golf Tour will be a guest at the "Le Michlifen Golf
is also responsible for the Ladies European Tour                                      & Country Club" for the first time. The resort
and European Tour tournaments in Morocco, has                                         features an 18-hole championship course designed
made a crucial contribution to this high quality                                      by Jack Nicklaus and provides a high-calibre setting
offer. And the partnership is constantly growing.                                     for the closing event of the 2019 Morocco series.

The Hassan II Golf
                                  Daniel Froreich                                                                       Marcel Haremza
Trophy Association                                                               Tiago Cruz
has been a partner to
the Pro Golf Tour in    The German Daniel Alexander Froreich was         Tiago Cruz from Portugal won the        Marcel Haremza (Germany) was the
Morocco for ten years    the first PGT winner in Morocco in 2010 as   second PGT tournament in Morocco with   third champion in Morocco to be entered
now (           champion of the Al Maaden Classic.              the Samanah Classic 2010.          in the Amelkis Classic 2010 winner’s list.
PRO GOLF TOUR 2019 GOLF STARS OF TOMORROW - Tournaments Backgrounds Golf Courses Players Interviews


  It has been worth performing particularly well in the Pro Golf Tour’s
  tournaments in Morocco in several respects since the 2015 season. On the
  one hand, the players lay the foundation in North Africa for their
  possible promotion to
  the European Challenge                                                             Ten years have
  Tour later on. But they                                                            passed since the
  also have the chance to                                                            partnership
  win a wildcard for the                                                             between the Pro
  Trophée Hassan II, the
                                                                                     Golf Tour and
  European Tour tourna-
  ment in Morocco. The                                                               ATH resulted in
  German Martin Keskari                                                              the Atlas Pro
  (photo) managed to do                                                              Tour, a series of
  this in 2015 by perform-                                                           tournaments for
  ing best in the eight Pro                                                          professionals in
  Golf Tour tournaments
                                                                                     Morocco. This
  in Morocco. Details at
                                                                                                                 Mustapha Zine                                                             anniversary is
                                                                                     proof of the
                                                                                     close relation-              Deputy Chairman
                                                                                     ship between                Hassan II Golf Trophy
The tournament is endowed with the top prize                                                                         Association
                                                                                     our two institu-
money of 40,000 euros. The host country and Pro                                      tions, which
Golf Tour are also celebrating their successful                                      have joined forces to develop the sport of
ten-year partnership with this event. "We are                                        golf. This partnership has continued to
delighted to be able to acknowledge this extremely                                   grow over the years.
fruitful and enjoyable cooperation with a new
tournament," says Rainer Goldrian, Pro Golf Tour                                     We started with three tournaments in
Managing Director. "Morocco enables us to start the                                  2010 and there are now eight tourna-
season early in the year on excellent courses and                                    ments scheduled in the 2019 season. We
under good conditions, which is crucial for the                                      work closely together in this way for
players' sporting development and therefore for                                      almost six months a year, giving hun-
their careers." "We are extremely grateful for that!"                                dreds of players from all over the world
                                                                                     the opportunity to discover the diversity
                                                                                     of Morocco's golf landscape.

                                                                                     In addition to the synergies and common
                                                                                     objectives that unite us, the close ties
                                                                                     that our teams have established during
                                                                                     the events are a sign of the success of
                                                                                     this collaboration. These tournaments
                                                                                     also give our Moroccan talents the
                                                                                     opportunity to compete with players
                                                                                     from all over the world, and grow and
                                                                                     improve as a result.
                                                                                     The Hassan II Golf Trophy Association is
                                                 10 years later the Scotsman Kevin   very happy to be working with the Pro
                                                  Duncan wins the Open Palmeraie
                                                  Country Club 2019. In places 2 &
                                                                                     Golf Tour and looks forward to expanding
                                                  3: Darren Walkley (England) and    this successful partnership with great
                                                   Ahmed Marjan (Morocco/right).     optimism.
PRO GOLF TOUR 2019 GOLF STARS OF TOMORROW - Tournaments Backgrounds Golf Courses Players Interviews
2 019 SE A SON

21 tournaments in
seven countries                                        Pro Golf Tour
                                                       members will travel
                                                       to the Netherlands
                                                                             money of 30,000 euros is at stake, like in mid-May
                                                                             at the EXTEC Trophy by Atomic Drinks in Liberec,
                                                                             Czech Republic, and at the beginning of June at the
The Pro Golf Tour offers its members a widely          in mid-July for the   KUHN Maßkonfektion Open at the GC Glashofen-Ne-
varied tournament calendar with attractive             second edition of     usaß in Walldürn-Neusaß. The Czech Classic 2019 at
prize money in the 2019 season too: the profes-        the Broekpolder       the Golf Resort Kaskáda in Brno and the Polish Open
sionals are playing for 675,000 euros prize            International Open.   at the Gradi Golf Club north of Wroclaw are each
money in 21 tournaments between 15 January             The favourites        endowed with 30,000 euros.
and 2 October. The journey includes stops in           include the Dutch     Following the extremely successful premiere in the
Egypt, Morocco, Austria, the Czech Republic,           player Maarten        2018 season, the Pro Golf Tour will then return to
Poland, the Netherlands and Germany.                   Bosch (right).        Leipzig and the Golf & Country Club there. The
                                                                             Leipziger Golf Open is endowed with a 45,000
An early start to the tour on excellent courses in                           euros this year, so the agenda will be set here in
the sunny South, a return to Central Europe to                               terms of promotion to the Challenge Tour at the
tried and tested venues at the end of April and                              very latest. The second edition of the Broekpolder
top-class newcomers: the Pro Golf Tour 2019                                  International Open will take place in the Netherlands
season promises plenty of sporting highlights. The                           from 11 to 13 July, and the classic "Raiffeisen Pro Golf
tournament year starts with two events by the Red                            Tour St. Pölten presented by Elation Travel" will take
Sea in Egypt, followed by eight tournaments in                               players to Austria for the second time this year in
Morocco. Five of these events are taking place in                            July. The Starnberg Open is scheduled to take place
the Casablanca region in February and March.                                 from 16 to 18 August and the tour players will finally
Afterwards, the tour will move on to Agadir,                                 determine the winner of the Castanea Resort
Tazegzout and, for the first time, to Ifrane. The                            Championship 2019 as well as the overall winner of
"Open Michlifen" premiere is scheduled to take                               the Pro Golf Tour 2019 and the five newcomers to
place there, in the mountainous region near the                              the European Challenge Tour 2020 at Castanea
city of Fez, from 9 to 11 April. The prize money for                         Resort from 30 September to 2 October.
the closing event to the 2019 Morocco Series has                             The details for all the Pro Golf Tour 2019 Order of
been increased to 40,000 euros (see pages 6/7).                              Merit tournaments and the Qualifying School for the
Traditionally, the second half of the season begins                          2020 season at GC Paderborner Land are listed
in April with the Haugschlag NÖ Open, where prize                            from page 21 onwards.
PRO GOLF TOUR 2019 GOLF STARS OF TOMORROW - Tournaments Backgrounds Golf Courses Players Interviews
                                      The German Max Schmitt was
                                           to the Challenge Tour as second
                                                                       it in 2017.
                                      in the Pro Golf Tour Order of Mer
                                                    He  secured the
                                              right to  play                              Foundation of the Pro Golf Tour under the
                                                    pean Tour
                                                  the Euro                              former name EPD Tour (European Professional
                                                                                                    Development Tour)
                                                                      stage of the
                                      in the 2019 season in the final
                                                                        ool in 2018,
                                       European Tour Qualifying Sch                                           2001
                                             Pedro Figu eiredo  from  Port ugal who
                                      as did                                    then.   Official recognition of the tour by the European
                                                        Ord  er of Mer it back
                                      was fourth in the                                 Tour as a satellite tour and therefore an official
                                                                                               feeder tour for the Challenge Tour

  Tournament Director                                                                                         2005
 Simon Bowler will travel                                       In the 2018 season       PGA of Germany acquires the tour and runs it
        a total of                                                  there were

 37   ,57  6namkiloentsmetfrom
                                                                  2,898                                       2006

                                                                  st arts
 to the tour                                                                              Langer Sport Marketing acquires company
  the Pro Golf Tour head                                                                 shares, the PGA of Germany remains the main
      office in Munich                                            for players                        shareholder of the tour
  during the 2019 season.                                      at 21 Pro Golf Tour

                                                 The best winning score in 2018
                                             was recorded at the Gradi Golf
                                               by the Frenchman Mathieu Dec
                                                                             at the
                                             tignies-Lafon with 18 under par
                                                    Polish Open. On average

                                                   12 under par
                                                  was enough last year to win.                          2006
    Mathieu Decottignies-Lafon                                                           Martin Kaymer plays a German record at the
           from France                                                                   Habsberg Classic with a 59 round. In the same
   and the Czech Ondrej Lieser                                                             year he wins the Order of Merit with five
 (photo) finished the Polish Open                                                       tournament wins, is promoted to the Challenge
 2018 with 18 under par each. The                                                             Tour and onto the European Tour
   sudden death                                                                          Renaming of the EPD Tour into Pro Golf Tour

     play-off                                                                             with the slogan "Golf Stars of Tomorrow"

                                                                                         The German Golf Association (Deutscher Golf
           lasted 10 holes
                                                                                        Verband) becomes a Pro Golf Tour partner and
  and almost broke a record from                                                        regularly receives starting places for the associ-
  1949, when a play-off of the PGA            During the 2018                                         ation’s top amateurs
                                                              season the pla
      Tour went over 11 holes.                                              yers

                                              24 eagles and 864 birdies
Nevertheless, the two Pro Golf Tour                                                                           2015
players set a new European record
                                                                                        The Pro Golf Tour results are recognised for the
 and were both delighted with the                 per tournamen
                                                               t on    average.                       world golf ranking
     Frenchman's victory putt.
PRO GOLF TOUR 2019 GOLF STARS OF TOMORROW - Tournaments Backgrounds Golf Courses Players Interviews

                                                                  and German (www.progolftour.

Website, App &
                                                                           de). In 2018 more than 70 editorial articles were
                                                                           published on the websites of the Pro Golf Tour.
                                                                           The Pro Golf Tour has been using the social

Social Media:                                                              media channels Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
                                                                           for communication with members and fans since

the Pro Golf Tour
                                                                           2010. More than 5,000 likes on Facebook (status
                                                                           as of: 1 February 2019) and more than 1,000
                                                                           Twitter followers are testament to the high

online                                                                     demand for faster information and exclusive
                                                                           image material. The post’s reach on tournament
                                                                           days is up to 50,000 readers. The posts report on
Tournament reports and previews, pictures,                                 all the Pro Golf Tour tournaments and events and
graphics and results: the Pro Golf Tour keeps
members, fans and supporters informed on its
                                                                          on players’ outstanding performances worldwide.
                                                                           The PGA iPhone app also offers a convenient live
own, dual-language website and uses the social   scoring module on match days.
media channels Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
for communication and interaction. The tour also
has a presence in national and international print
                                                                           International PR work
                                                                           All the tour’s activities are supported by intensive
and online media with up to 45 press releases per     PGA.progolftour      PR work. More than 500 media in the German-
season thanks to extensive PR work. With the                               speaking region as well as leading international
takeover of the Pro Golf Tour by the PGA of                               golf sports media receive the Pro Golf Tour press
Germany in the 2005 season, the satellite tour      releases and report in words and pictures on a
was given its own comprehensive website. In                                regular basis. Select events are accompanied by
2018 this website was fully relaunched. All the
important information about tournaments and
                                                                          film. Videos and player interviews of the
                                                                           PGT Championship can be seen on TV
events is available there in English (       and on the Pro Golf Tour websites.



    "Media" at work                                                                                                 Instagram

   Driving Pleasure

The image shows special equipment sets.

      Bernhard Langer

"The Pro Golf Tour
is a fantastic
"   When I went with my Mother for careers advice in
    Augsburg in 1972, I’d just turned 15, and said that I
    wanted to be a golf professional, the documents
    there were checked with the outcome: this profes-
    sion doesn’t exist! The profession did exist but
    much of what is available today that young tour

                                                                                                                                               PICTURE: STEFAN VON STENGEL
    players benefit from didn’t actually exist back then.
    First and foremost, there wasn’t a competition
    level back then where I would have been able to
    test out whether I was good enough to be able to
    live from golf. The only tour was the European Tour
    and to be able to play there at all as a rookie
    meant coming at least second in the
    Monday qualifiers. Starting a tour
    player career in this way was as
    tough as it was educational but it
    was ultimately also a huge risk.                                                   competition practice, play on challenging golf
    Thanks to a tour like the Pro Golf                                                 courses and compete with international opponents
    Tour, young players today have an                                                  is just what young players need to prepare for life
    exceptionally good opportunity to                                                  on one of the major tours. And that is exactly what
    put themselves and their own skills                                                a satellite tour must be: an environment to test out
    to the test. The Pro Golf Tour is a                                                your own playing strength at a high level with little
    platform for international competi-                                                risk. It’s not about earning prize money to perma-
    tion that gives everyone the chance                                                nently earn a living on the Pro Golf Tour. It’s about
    to start their professional career in               Bernhard Langer                acquiring skills that are the basis for a career as a
    an uncomplicated way. It leads onto                                                tour player during weekly matches. Providing
                                              No. 1 of the PGA Tour Champions,
    the Challenge Tour for the best and       Charles Schwab Cup winner 2018 and       young talent with these competition opportunities
    you can manage to get onto the            PGA of Germany Player of the Year 2018   is the aim, in fact the mission of the Pro Golf Tour.
    European Tour from there. This                                                     And it has been fulfilling this mission in the best
    fantastic opportunity to gain                                                      conceivable manner for years."
                                                                                                       IN    ERVVIEW

     Martin Kaymer

 "The Pro Golf Tour is
   the perfect way!"
 How do you rate the Pro Golf Tour as a spring-
 board into professional golf?
 The Pro Golf Tour is the perfect way to transition
 from amateur to pro. You are immediately playing
 at a high level, have the comparison with your
 colleagues and can win prize money by producing
 good results that at least cover your costs. My time
 on the Pro Golf Tour was an experience that I                                                                      Martin Kaymer from
 would not want to have missed out on.                    Is the Pro Golf Tour a successful tour in your            Mettmann/Germany
                                                          opinion and an important stage for players?               is the most famous
 What do you fondly remember when you think               In my opinion, yes. For young people in their early       former member of
 back to your just under half a year on the Tour?         20s who could turn their passion into their job it is     the Pro Golf Tour.
 I often think back to that time. I always drove my       the perfect stepping stone into working life and          He won the ranking
 own car to tournaments, had lots of time to think        also the world of professional golf. Naturally you        list in 2006 with five
 about what I had to work on and was able to gain         have to learn to organise yourself and to prepare         tournament wins,
 my first important experiences as a professional. I      yourself but that is something that is very helpful       played a new
 will also never forget Bernd Kraft, who is the           to your further career path as a pro.                     German record
 unique starter of the tour's tournaments since                                                                     round of 59 at the
 many years. It was a really wonderful time.              Did the tour help you on your way?                        Habsberg Classic
                                                          Definitely. The courses that you play during the          and qualified in the
                                                                                    tournaments are usually in

                                                                                                                    same year for the
 The former EPD Tour, todays Pro Golf Tour, was                                     top condition but not           European Tour via
 the ideal stepping stone to profes-                                                quite as difficult as those     the Challenge Tour
                                                                                     on the Challenge Tour or       (two wins). He
 sional golf for me. The tournaments are                                             on the European Tour. It       climbed to first
 organised and delivered very professionally,
                                                                                     is therefore a perfect first   place in the world
 the courses are extremely well maintained
                                                                                     step as you are not            golf ranking on 28th
 and challenging, and the competition on the                                         overwhelmed by the             February 2011 and in
 tour, which I still follow with interest, is getting                                difficulty straight away       the meantime also
 stronger and stronger. I don’t think there’s a                                       and you can gradually         has two Major titles
 better opportunity anywhere in Europe for a                                          get used to a higher          to his name.
 young ambitious player to be introduced to                                           level. In addition, you
 professional golf today, gain experience in tour-                                    have a direct compari-
 naments and then start on their career path to                                       son with quite a few
 the European Tour through the Pro Golf Tour."                                         other very good players.
                                                        US OPEN 2014

  The Pro Golf Tour                                                       Shareholders
  partners & sponsors                                                     & partner
" Tbeen
   he Pro Golf Tour has
        a great part of           allows them to define their             PGA of Germany, or its parent company, Professional Golf
                                  position compared to the                AG, is the main shareholder of EPDT Golf Tours GmbH,
  competitive golf in                                                     which runs the Pro Golf Tour. Other partner is Langer Sport
                                  competition and is the spring-
  Germany for more                board to the European elite, the        Marketing GmbH as a shareholder. The German Golf
  than 20 years,                  Challenge Tour and European             Association (Deutscher Golf Verband) is a supportive
  with the DGV regarding it as an Tour, at the same time. Anyone          partner. The Pro Golf Tour is an official satellite tour for the
  important building block for    who has established                                                                European Tour and
  golf development in its part-   themselves at the                                                                       a partner to the
  nership with PGA of Germany.    top over a period of                                                                    Moroccan
  The Pro Golf Tour offers young two to three years on                                                                    Association du
  talented players considering a the Pro Golf Tour has                                                                   Trophée Hassan II
  career in professional golf a   proved themselves.                                                                     de Golf (ATH). The
  superb opportunity to compete Last but not least, the                                                                 Pro Golf Tour
                                  Pro Golf Tour also                                                                    results count
  and compare themselves
                                                                                                                       towards the world
  against professional players    helps athletes to
                                                                                                                       golf ranking (www.
  and get an idea of where they strengthen their
                                                                Ra  iner Goldrian                 Pe  ter Zäh
  stand as a result. For young    character: increasing
  playing professionals the tour  their self-confidence       PGA of Germany                 Langer Sport Ma
                                  through success,            Managing Director                  Managing Direc
                                  learning from defeats and
                                  taking away the positive, per-
                                  fecting their game, cultivating                                   IMPRINT
                                  a professional lifestyle, all these                   PUBLISHER: EPDT Golf Tours GmbH,
                                  things are important for the                        Landsberger Straße 290, 80687 München
                                  personal development that                  EDITOR   & RESPONSIBLE ACC. TO GERMAN PRESS LAW:
                                  comes with the tough life on                                 Matthias Lettenbichler
                                  tour. If it didn’t already exist,         GRAPHIC DESIGN: Stephanie Schönberger,
                                  the Pro Golf Tour would have to                 PHOTOS:, Stefan Heigl, Pro Golf Tour
    Marcus Neumann                be developed as quickly as                       GERMAN EDITION CIRCULATION: 3,500 copies
                                  possible to further develop golf                 ENGLISH EDITION CIRCULATION: 1,500 copies
  German Golf Association
  Member of the Board - SPORTS    in Germany in the long term."                 WEBSITE:,

"Our sponsors and
golf have benefited
enormously from
the Pro Golf Tour!"
Following the successful premiere in the 2018
season, the Pro Golf Tour will return
to Leipzig and the Golf & Country
Club there from 1 to 3 July. The
Leipziger Golf Open 2019 is now
endowed with 45,000 euros, so the
agenda will be set here in terms of
promotion to the Challenge Tour at
the very latest.

Alexander Kessler, you are the head                                        What sets the tournament in Leipzig apart
professional at Leipzig G&CC and                                           from the other Pro Golf Tour events?
brought the Pro Golf Tour to your                                          Last year we tried to pay special tribute to the
club for the first time in 2018. What                                      Pro Golf Tour’s main stakeholders, the golfers,
did you think of the premiere?                                             and provide a supporting programme not just
The first edition of the Leipziger Golf      Alexander Kessler             with the Players Party, which stands out from
Open was extremely well received by Head-Professional    Leipzig G&CC      the other tournaments. We want to continue
both members and sponsors. The                                             this concept this year with the 2nd Leipziger
tournament more than met our expec-                                        Golf Open.
tations. It was an exciting feeling to be part of
the "Pro Golf Tour’s" special flair. Despite the                        What made you decide to increase the prize
incredible heat during the tournament, it ignited a                     money and make the tournament the tour’s
spark for all participants and really helped boost                      second highest endowed tournament?
the enthusiasm for golf in Central Germany.                             We want to raise the profile of the tournament
                                                                        within the Pro Golf Tour as a result. The great
How important is the tournament at the club?                            press response to the event alone has not just
Following the first edition last year, there has been                   hugely benefited the sponsors but also golf in
a massive increase in our members’ interest in                          Central Germany. We have even been able to
getting involved as helpers and being there live.                       acquire more sponsors nationwide who want to
Many members from other golf courses in our area                        get involved in professional golf this year and thus
have also talked to us about the tournament and                         support our decision to increase the prize money.
we have only received extremely positive reac-
tions. Leipziger Golf Open with the ProAm on 4                          Which players are your favourites?
July comes in second as the top event of the year                       We are of course keeping our fingers crossed for
on our course behind the GRK Golf Charity Mas-                          our member Wenzel Krzenck. But we are happy for
ters. We are making every effort to create a very                       everyone who takes on the "Pro Golf Tour" chal-
special golf experience for all the participants and                    lenge and stands on the winner’s podium, with a
sponsors this year as well.                                             bit of luck too, at the end of the tournament.

"I was ready and
prepared for the
Challenge Tour"
"It was great fun to play on the Pro
Golf Tour in the 2017 season and it
was successful, too. I really enjoyed playing
on this tour as we had the opportunity to compete full
season on throughout good to excellent courses. I also
got the feeling that the people responsible for the
tour really looked after us players. It was my goal to
finish in the top 5, I’ve managed that and I was very
happy in this respect, even though I wasn’t able to win
a tournament. However, it really is anything but easy
to win on this tour with very strong players. I felt
ready and prepared for the Challenge Tour neverthe-

                                                            Pedro Figueiredo
less, and this feeling was right: Winning the KPMG
Trophy in 2018 and finishing within the top 15 of the
Order of Merit made me finally promote to the             European Tour 2019   Portugal
European Tour 2019 with full playing rights."

                                                                                 "I’m really grateful to have
                                                                                 been allowed to play ten
                                                                                 Pro Golf Tour tournaments
                                                                                 as an amateur in 2017, and of
                                                                                 course absolutely delighted that I was
                                                                                 able to win three times. The playing
                                                                                 standard on the Pro Golf Tour is very
                                                                                 high in any case, particularly among
                                                                                 the top 40. The courses that we play on
                                                                                 are good and it’s fun to compete with
                                                                                 outstanding players on this tour."
      Max Schmitt
       European Tour 2019   Germany

The 2019 tournament
experience: tee off
at a PGT ProAm
Anyone who wants to go on the hunt for a
birdie side by side with a professional for once,
has the opportunity to buy a ProAm spot at
select Pro Golf Tour events. Host clubs can offer
members, partners and sponsors a very special
highlight with the ProAm.

Participants tee off together with professional
tour players during a Pro Golf Tour ProAm tourna-
ment. As a result, you have the chance to watch
professionals up close during an official tourna-
ment round and get advice in terms of course
                                                       Compete with pros
strategy, game tactics and technique.
At a ProAm a team consists of one professional
and up to three amateurs. Benefit from the pro’s
hints and tricks on the golf course and enjoy this
very special kind of golf experience.
A ProAm spot is also suitable as a wonderful gift:
the Pro Golf Tour office will be happy to issue a
personalised gift voucher on request. Anyone
interested can also book a ProAm as a business       Pure fun in golf is absolutely
event either independently or as part of the Pro     in the foreground when
Golf Tour schedule. You can find all the informa-    professionals like here the
tion about this as well as dates when ProAm          Swiss Marco Iten (2nd from
starting places can be booked in the 2019 season     the left) tee off together with
at                            amateurs.
                                                                                                 Teamwork on the green

                                                                                        PR OA M 20 19
                                                                                       ProAm spots are available at sele
                                                                                       tournaments during the 2019 seas
                                                                                       The package (297,50 euros) inclu
                                                                                       the following services:

                                                                                        1 spot in the ProAm event of
                                                                                          Pro Golf Tour 2019 tournament
                                                                                        Tee present
                                                                                        Use  of Driving Range
                                                                                        Refreshments on the course
                                                                                        Ente rtainment programme

" It's fantastic to
 experience such
 excellent quality golf!"
 Since 2013, the Pro Golf Tour has been hosted
 by the Castanea Golf Resort Adendorf, where
 the final tournament of each season has been
 held for the last five years and the overall
 winner and players promoted to the European
 Challenge Tour are determined. For resort
 manager Marion groß Osterhues, the tourna-              The new "Castanea
 ment is an absolute highlight of the season.            Forum" conference
                                                         and event centre
 Ms Osterhues, the final of the Pro Golf Tour has        (right) is located
 become a tradition in Adendorf. Have you enjoyed        right next to the golf
 the tournaments so far?                                 course and is
 The Pro Golf Tour tournament is a very special          available for large
 event every year. Our employees and members             and also for small
 have enjoyed the momentum and good mood of              golf events.
 the event every time. Many members take part in
 the ProAm and accompany the pros during the                                      sented as guests. But it is also a great motivation
 tournament days. It's fantastic to experience such                               for our new generation: there are three sponsored
 excellent quality golf. We are also keenly following                             places available for the ProAm for our youth golf
 the professionals’ development who qualified for                                 group each year. The places are very coveted and
 the Challenge Tour at our tournament.                                            are awarded to the best players at the end of the
                                                                                  club’s youth championship.
 Why did you bring the tour to Adendorf?
 We became aware of the tour through our contact                                  How many people help you with the organisation
 with Erwin Langer and Langer Sport                                               before and during the tournament?
 Marketing, who are also partners of                                              All the golf course employees and many other
 the Pro Golf Tour. Our Castanea                                                  volunteers are involved in the preparation and
 Resort Hotel was extended by new                                                 organisation. The greenkeeper team in particular
 suites in 2014. One of these suites                                              is extremely focused for weeks beforehand to
 was to be given the name "Bernhard                                               ensure that the course is available in the best
 Langer Suite", which is how the                                                  playable condition.
 contact came about. This resulted in
 many years of friendly cooperation.                                              What makes the tournament special?
                                                                                  This year the final tournament’s evening event will
 Does the tournament have a positive                                              take place in the new "Castanea Forum" and the
 effect on marketing for your course?                                             supporting programme will also have new, inter-
 Many sponsors and partners from              Marion groß Osterhues               esting elements. Contact with young, promising
 the region support the final tourna-                Manager of the               professionals and the associated promotion of golf
 ment at our resort and are repre-            Castanea Golf Resort Adendorf       in Germany are particularly important to us.

Decision at the
18th hole
The Pro Golf Tour will be a guest at the Kaskáda
Golf Resort in the Czech Republic for the first
time in its history this year. Eva Mozná is the
manager of the resort in the north-west of Brno,
which has 27 varied and superbly maintained
holes, spacious training areas and an excellent
4-star hotel directly on site.

Eva Mozná, why did you apply to be a host for the
Pro Golf Tour with the Kaskáda Resort?
The Kaskáda Golf Resort is often described as one
of the best golf courses in our country, so we want
to organise more high-ranking international tourna-
ments in the future. In addition to our previous          The two Czechs
experience with perfectly run competitions of a           Stanislav Matus      Which players will perform well on your course?
similar size, our club amenities, large practice area,    and Ondrej Lieser    That's hard to predict. With top players, the form in
accommodation capacity, excellent on-site catering        currently hold the   the day is often the decisive factor. However, on our
and extensive event management experience                 course record in     course we have experienced that the decision is
ensure that all participants are very well looked         Kaskáda with         often made at the last hole. The 18th green is framed
after during their stay with us.                          63 strokes.          by lakes and we have already witnessed dramatic
                                                                               decisions here. The spectators cheer on the players
What is so special and outstanding about the                                   and it’s then often crucial how the players cope
Kaskáda Golf Course?                                                           mentally with this last chip or putt. I am curious to
Golf beginners appreciate our 27-hole course as                                see how the Pro Golf Tour players will manage this!
much as demanding amateurs and professionals. As
the name Kaskáda implies, the original landscape’s
hilly terrain inspired the Scottish
architects to design this technical-                                           LIAM JOHNSTON:
ly challenging course. We have
chosen the combination of the
                                                                               PROMOTED TO THE EUROPEAN
“Stone and Wooden” courses for                                                 TOUR IN ONE YEAR
the Pro Golf Tour tournament. The                                              Liam Johnston from Scotland secured the right to start the
players are confronted with 13                                                 Pro Golf Tour 2018 by winning the Pro Golf Tour Qualifying
lakes and eight holes are surround-                                            School 2017. The man from Dumfries won the Open Prestig-
ed by forest. There are hills and                                              ia in Morocco in February in his rookie season. When he
elevations on the course, and the                                              received an invitation for the Challenge Tour in May, he
right playing strategy with perfect                                            promptly won the Andalucia – Costa del Sol Match Play 9
                                                                               there and was thus eligible to play the entire Challenge
ball control is crucial. The course is
                                                                               Tour 2018. Another victory followed in September in
our greatest asset and our team                                                Kazakhstan, which was equivalent to 10th place in the
will present it in top condition.                                              overall ranking of the Challenge Tour and a promotion to
The preparation will begin many        Liam Johnston                           the European Tour 2019. As a result, he has made it from
weeks in advance with aeration,                                                the Pro Golf Tour Qualifying School to full eligibility to play
topdressing and treatments.              European Tour 2019   Scotland         the European Tour in just one year.

Outstanding golf                                                      Red Sea Egyptian Classic          Open Palmeraie

courses for the stars
                                                                            15.1.-17.1.2019              Country Club
                                                                          ProAm: 18.1.2019                 13.2.-15.2.2019
                                                                        Golf Club Ain Sokhna             ProAm: 16.2.2019

of tomorrow
                                                                         Ain Sokhna, Egypt         Palmeraie Golf & Country Club
                                                                       Casablanca, Morocco
Birdies in series, rounds in
the low 60s, course records:
when the GOLF STARS OF                                               Red Sea Ain Sokhna Classic
TOMORROW are guests,                                                        21.1.-23.1.2019            Open Madaef Golfs
top-class sport arrives at                                              Golf Club Ain Sokhna              3.3.-5.3.2019
your club. The Pro Golf Tour                                             Ain Sokhna, Egypt              ProAm: 2.3.2019
will be a guest at the                                                Casa Green Golf Club
                                                                                                      Casablanca, Morocco
Glashofen GC for the 6th
time this year. Ronald
Schneider, President of the
Glashofen GC, explains why         Ronald Schneider
the Pro Golf Tour players are     Club President Ronald Schneider         Open Prestigia
always warmly welcome on          was able to present the winner’s           3.2.-5.2.2019
                                  trophy to the German Hinrich
the course in this interview.     Arkenau in the 2018 season.
                                                                           ProAm: 2.2.2019
                                                                     The Tony Jacklin Casablanca      Open Royal Golf Anfa
Mr Ronald Schneider, how
                                                                        Casablanca, Morocco              Mohammedia
important is the Pro Golf Tour                                                                          ProAm: 10.3.2019
tournament to your club?                                                                           Mohammedia Royal Golf Club
The tournament is an integral part of our annual                                                      Casablanca, Morocco
planning and has developed over the years into a true                                          
highlight of the season. Whether it’s the ProAm or                     Open Casa Green Golf
professional tournament: it is more than impressive for                     7.2.-9.2.2019
all the spectators how the professionals master this                      ProAm: 10.2.2019
                                                                        Casa Green Golf Club
sport in terms of stroke lengths and precision. Showing                 Casablanca, Morocco
this is always a good reason to have this tournament in                                                   Open Ocean
Glashofen. The members back this event and show this                                                    ProAm: 31.3.2019
by being available as pre-caddies, scoring assistants or                                                Golf de l'Ocean
volunteers for the halfway catering. They bake cakes or                                                 Agadir, Morocco
provide private accommodation for the players.                                              

Does the tournament also have a positive effect on
marketing and raise the profile of your course?
It has definitely significantly raised the profile of the
Glashofen-Neusass e.V. golf club. Our golf club is
well-known as a venue for the Pro Golf Tour!

What is so special about your tournament?
The professionals feel particularly at home with us.
Many members provide overnight accommodation,
which has led to the development of several friendships.             Sokhna Golf Club
We offer the players a small piece of feeling at home in
a rural setting amidst the tireless travel stress.
                                                                                                            Casa Green Golf
                                        G&CC Leipzig

                                                                                                       GC Starnberg
                                                                International Open
                                                                  ProAm: 10.7.2019
                                                                Golfclub Broekpolder
                                                              Vlaardingen, Netherlands
Tazegzout Golf

                                                              Raiffeisen Pro Golf Tour
                                                              St. Pölten presented by
                              KUHN Maßkonfektion Open              Elation Travel
    Open Tazegzout                                                 24.7.-26.7.2019
       3.4.-5.4.2019                  2.6.-4.6.2019
                                     ProAm: 1.6.2019             Golfclub St. Pölten
     ProAm: 6.4.2019                                              Neidling, Austria
     Tazegzout Golf            Golfclub Glashofen Neusaß
                               Walldürn-Neusaß, Germany
   Tazegzout, Morocco            www.golfclub-glashofen-
                                                                            Castanea Resort
                                                                 Starnberg Open                  ProAm: 29.9.2019
     Open Michlifen               Czech Classic 2019                16.8.-18.8.2019          Castanea ResortAdendorf
       9.4-11.4.2019                 18.6.-20.6.2019              ProAm: 15.8.2019             Adendorf, Germany
     ProAm: 7.4.2019                ProAm: 17.6.2019           Golfclub Starnberg e.V.
  Michlifen Golf & Resort         Golf Resort Kaskada           Starnberg, Germany
     Ifrane, Morocco              Brno, Czech Republic      

                                                                                           Pro Golf Tour - Qualifying
                                                                        TBC                       14.10.-18.10.2019
                                                                   23.8.-25.8.2019          Golf Club Paderborner Land
 Haugschlag NÖ Open                   Polish Open                        TBA                   Salzkotten, Germany
      24.4.-26.4.2019               26.6.-28.6.2019                               
    ProAm: 23.4.2019               ProAm: 25.6.2019
  Golfresort Haugschlag             Gradi Golf Club
   Haugschlag, Austria              Prusice, Poland   

   EXTEC Trophy by               Leipziger Golf Open
   ATOMIC DRINKS                       1.7.-3.7.2019
       10.5.-12.5.2019         ProAm: 30.6.2019 / 4.7.2019
Ypsilon Golf Resort Liberec    Golf & Country Club Leipzig
 Liberec, Czech Republic            Leipzig, Germany                                          Kaskáda
                                                               SCHEDULE 2019 SEASON
Golf club marketing                                              Jan 15 - 17
                                                                                           Mai 10 - 12
                                                                                                                        Jul 24 - 26
with the events of                                              Red Sea Egyptian
                                                                                         EXTEC Trophy by
                                                                                         ATOMIC DRINKS
                                                                                                                  Raiffeisen Pro Golf Tour St.
                                                                                                                   Pölten presented by Elation Travel

the Pro Golf Tour                                                Jan 21 - 23
                                                                                           Jun 2 - 4
                                                                                                                         Aug 16 - 18
Just as the Pro Golf Tour is becoming more and                 Red Sea Ain Sokhna      KUHN Maßkonfektion                    Starnberg
                                                                     Classic                 Open                              Open
more popular with Europe’s professionals, more and
more clubs are also using the tour as a marketing                 Feb 3 - 5              Jun 18 - 20                   Aug 23 - 25
and PR instrument. "Of course, not every increase in                   C                        N                                  T
green fee rounds played on our course can be                          Open                    Czech                             TBC
attributed to this tournament alone. However, in                    Prestigia                 Classic
purely emotional terms, this kind of event arouses
the interest of many golfers in the amateur seg-                  Feb 7 - 9              Jun 26 - 28              Sep 30 - Okt 02
ment who then visit our course and want to play                         D                       O                                  U
the course," says Andreas Kunz, Managing Director                  Open Casa                  Polish                    Castanea Resort
                                                                   Green Golf                 Open                       Championship
of the Leipzig Golf & Country Club. "What we
definitely noticed, however, was an increase in the              Feb 13 - 15                Jul 1 - 3                    Okt 14 - 18
number of non-golfers attending introductory                            E                       P                                  V
courses immediately after the positive and large                 Open Palmeraie             Leipziger                   Pro Golf Tour
press response to the event. Many non-golfers have                Country Club              Golf Open                  Qualifying School
visited our course
because of the TV                                                 Mär 3 - 5                Jul 11 - 13
report by MDR to get a                                                  F                       Q
                                                                     Open                   Broekpolder
picture of the allegedly
                                                                  Madaef Golfs          International Open
so elitist sport of golf.
                                                                  Mär 7 - 9
Golf clubs that would                                                  G
like to host the Pro Golf                                      Open Royal Golf Anfa                      U
Tour, should contact                                              Mohammedia
PGT Managing Director
                                                                Mär 28 - 30            Q
Peter Zäh via info@                       Peter Zäh                     H                           V                                   O or ring                                                                Netherlands             P
+49(0)89-179588 48.          Pro Golf Tour Managing Director
                                                                                                    Germany                    L
                                                                                                                      Czech Republic
                                                                  Apr 3 - 5                                              T          N
                                                                      Open                              M     S                    K
� Official Pro Golf Tour venue                                      Tazegzout
                                                                                                                     R       Austria
� Host of a satellite tour tournament                             Apr 9 - 11
� Use of the Pro Golf Tour logo                                         J
� Raising of golf course profile           ners
� Top-class ProAm for members and part
                                 ion                                Michlifen
� Professional  cour se prep arat
� Presence in print and online media l press                    Apr 24 - 26
� Presence in national and internationa with                            K                          D CG
� International tournament atmosphfrom
                                        25 countries               Haugschlag
                                                                                                  F EJ                                          A
                                                                    NÖ Open                       I                                                 B
                                                                                              H         Morocco
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                                                                                                                                                                 Exklusive Interviews
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                                                                             4 Länder: Spielen und
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                                                                                                                         nsten Tit

                                                                                                                                                                 Trainingstipps der besten
                                                                                                                  Die sc        r seit 1949
                                                                                                                   besten Golfe
                                      ZILLERTAL + UTAH/USA •

                                                                                    Neue Driver, Eisen, Put                    e nach
                                                                                    Bälle! Die Hits der PGA
                                                                                                            -     + Traumreis e Watch
                                                                                                                         s, Ap pl
                                                                                    Show in Orlando             Mauritiu
                                                                                                                             tolle Preise
                                                                                                                und weitere nen!
                                                                                                                      zu ge in
                                                                                                                            w                                    Spieler der Welt
                                                 G: JASON DAY • DIE HITS

                                                                                       Starke Tipps
                                                                                       vom Australier
                                                           DER PGA-SHOW IN ORLAND

                                                                                                              – SO KLAPPT'S!                        “
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