Projects - Milan Ingegneria

Projects - Milan Ingegneria
Projects - Milan Ingegneria

Complex problems need simple solutions” Complex problems need simple solutions is the motto which summarises Milan Ingegneria’s modus operandi. Simplification, which is not a choice but a need, is achieved through a deep knowledge of the subject matter. Only through experimenting and thanks to continuous research and a constant technological update, we are able to give coherent answers to all architectural solutions, even the most complex. Innovative building techniques combined with the use of appropriate materials can guarantee safety and functionality, and enable us to reduce building and managing costs.

Energy efficiency is nowadays a fundamental objective, also achieved by recycling materials, using locally supplied building elements and minimising transport and site handling. Planning activities has to contribute to save a fundamental resource: time. Profile Maurizio Milan graduated in Civil Engineering in 1977 and since then, he has been involved in the design, supervision and completion of complex works, also using unconventional materials such as pre-stressed stone, structural glass, glued laminated timber, bamboo, terre pisè, light alloys and composite materials. He has taken part in numerous projects both in Italy and abroad, in collaboration with world-famous Italian and foreign architects, completing over one thousand works to the day.

In 1982, he founded “Favero&Milan Ingegneria” which he left in January 2013 to set up “Milan Ingegneria S.r.l.”, which represents all the experience and expertise gained in thirty years of activity in the field of construction of civil, commercial, industrial and infrastructural works, both in the public and the private sector.

Know-how “Milan Ingegneria” offers a wide range of planning and consultancy services in the field of civil and infrastructural engineering, Project Management, Quality Surveillance, Site Supervision, Testing and Health and Safety Coordination. The firm brings together a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals specialised in structural, energy, environmental, infrastructure and geotechnics design, who can guarantee an effective technical-scientific approach and a constant monitoring of each project’s schedule and budget, always complying with the highest quality standards.

Projects - Milan Ingegneria

Developmentplanfor“NuovaBarialto” Exhibition Center Expansion RestorationoftheMuseumofCivilizationattheEUR “PARK WEST” area in Calchi Taeggi Bisceglie RéaménagementduPortàSantaMargheritaLigure RestorationoftheformerTobaccoFactory Tectoo architects Structural design SchoolbuildingsandparkingareasintheformerFalck Milan, Italy ­­2016 - In progress Client: Services provided: Project: Project value: Milanosesto S.p.A.

30,000,000 The Ex-Falck areas are stake holders of an important project for new residential, commercial and public works. “Concordia” preschool and primary school for 700 children, “Laminatoio” secondary school for 270 students, a nursery school for 50 pupils and public parking with 460 spaces are the public facilities that will be included in the redevelopment project. Expansion of the GALDI S.p.A. headquarters MCA – Mario Cucinella Architects Architects Roberto Nicoletti e Fabio Beretta OBR – Paolo Brescia et Tommaso Principi avec l’Ing. Paolo Turbolente et United Consulting.

GMP – Von Gerkan, Marg und Partner Structural design Structural design, Systems, Fire-proofing and Construction Management Projet de structure Structural design Milan, Italy ­­2018 - In progress Treviso, Italy ­­2017 – In progress Frosinone, Italy ­­2017 - In progress Bologna, Italy ­­2017 – In progress Client: Client: Client: Client: Services provided: Services provided: Services provided: Services provided: Project: Project: Project: Project: Project value: Project value: Project value: Project value: BORIO MANGIAROTTI S.p.A. CANDI S.r.l Santa Benessere & Social S.p.A. Ecmwf-EuropeanCentreforMedium-rangeWeatherForecastsandtheEmiliaRomagnaRegio n n.a.


n.d. n.a. The project concerns an area south of Milan connected to the center by the M1 line. This work will be done within “Raggi Verdi” metropolitan park, the largest ecological infrastructure in the city. The Master Plan consists of about 1,000 residential units overlooking a tree-lined avenue, three tower buildings for office use and a commercial area. Galdi S.p.A. creates a new headquarters, next to its factory, built on three levels with exhibitions and conference rooms, a cafeteria, a gym and parking garage. The structure is in reinforced concrete with metal roofing covered by a photovoltaic system.

The project is designed with modern energy use techniques and respects LEED Gold certification.

Les travaux de réaménagement comprennent, outre la sécurisation du quai, la réalisation d’un restaurant, de boutiques, d’un spa et d’une bibliothèque avec un parking souterrain et un héliport. L’établissement balnéaire sera rénové avec une passerelle qui longe le front de mer où le phare sera relocalisé et où sera créé un jardin méditerranéen relié à la côte sud.

The former tobacco factory, Manifattura Tabacchi, in Bologna, built in the ‘50s with a design by Pier Luigi Nervi, will become the headquarters of the new “Tecnopolo”, a centre of innovation and experimentation for industrial research and technology transfer.

It will host active laboratories for mechanics, materials, construction, life sciences, environmentenergy, design, information and communication technologies. Tectoo architects GMP – Von Gerkan, Marg & Partner ISOLARCHITETTI SRL Structural design, systems design and safety management Structural Design and Building Works Management Structural Design and Safety Management Bari, Italy ­­2017 – In progress Rimini, IItaly ­­2018 - In progress Ottawa, Canada ­­2018 - In progress Client: Client: Services provided: Services provided: Project: Project: Project value: Project value: AP Immobiliare Italian Exhibition Group S.p.A.

Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism n. a.

53,000,000 n .a. “The construction of BARIALTO, a garden city designed in the 90s and located a few kilometers from Bari, was interrupted for several decades. The current expansion, comprising 422 new housing units in the east and west, includes row houses, individual villas and buildings as well as the creation of facilities: church, school, shops and libraryplayroom and refurbishing the green and accessibility. The Rimini Fair, actualized between 2001 and 2016, has 16 pavilions today. Its success has required a new 16,000 square meter pavilion which will occupy 8,000 meters for exhibitions and events: it will be a circular space with a 144-meter diameter, free of pillars and covered by a dome that is 36 meters high.

The roof structure will be made entirely of wood and will be the largest in Europe. TherestorationoftheMuseumofCivilizationsprovidesfortherationalization offunctions,routesandexhibitionsectionsandspacesforstudyandresearch, thusbecomingafocalpointofculturalinterest.Thetechnicalmeritofthe solutions,inadditiontotheaspectsexquisitelyrelatedtorestorativepreservationandmuseumlayout,embraceseco-sustainabilityandenergyconservation features.

Client: Services provided: Project: Project value:

Projects - Milan Ingegneria

Restauro dell’Hotel Excelsior Restoration of the Orangerie Nepean Point Redevelopment Redevelopment of “Campus Leonardo” Model School of Sora RestorationoftheformerTobaccoFactory TAMassociati Structural design The new Headquarters of Alce Nero Bologna, Italy ­­2017 - In progress Client: Services provided: Project: Project value: Alce Nero S.p.A. n. d. The new Headquarters of Alce Nero S.p.A., an Italian agri-food company specialized in organic products, is made up of three circular-shaped buildings which are 30, 25 and 15 meters in diameter respectively.

It will host offices, exhibition spaces and a restaurant. The structure is mixed: the perimeter walls and ceilings are made of X-LAM wood, the earthquake resistant central core is concrete, and the columns are steel. New Galeazzi Orthopedic Institute RPBW – Renzo Piano with Ottavio Di Blasi & Partners and Studio Giorgetta.

Binini Partners RPBW - Renzo Piano with Massimo Alvisi and Franco Giorgetta. GMP – Von Gerkan, Marg und Partner Structural design Building works management. Structural design Structural design Milan, Italy ­­2017 - In progress Milano, Italy ­­2018 – In progress Frosinone, Italy ­­2017 - In progress Bologna, Italy ­­2017 – In progress Client: Client: Client: Client: Services provided: Services provided: Services provided: Services provided: Project: Project: Project: Project: Project value: Project value: Project value: Project value: Milan Polytechnic University GSD Real Estate S.r.l. The Prime Minister’s Office, Education Ministry, “Casa Italia” Department.

Ecmwf-EuropeanCentreforMedium-rangeWeatherForecastsandtheEmiliaRomagnaRegio n n.a. n.a.

n.d. n.a. Initiated by Renzo Piano, the design for “Campus Leonardo” includes three buildings for teaching, the refurbishment of outdoor spaces including greenery, and the external openness and accessibility of the area. “Trifoglio” and “Nave”, historical buildings design by Forti, Ponti and Portaluppi (1954) and later by Viganò (1970), are related to the new volumes and will be a significant part of the redevelopment. The Galeazzi Institute envisions a new center in the “Expo Milano 2015” area. Emergency Room, diagnostics, reception, laboratories, clinics, operating rooms, intensive care unit and in-patient wards comprise an area of 150,000 square meters on 16 floors.

Ample space is allocated to both research and foreign patients, targeting “health tourism”. The LEED GOLD sustainability rating certification is scheduled. The Renzo Piano Model School will be built in Sora (FR), an area with a high earthquake risk. It is designed with innovative criteria: openness to the territory, low environmental impact, earthquake safety and energy efficiency. It will encompass two floors around a tree, all surrounded by a large garden, while an outdoor area dedicated to leisure will be created on the roof-top: the “Terrazza di Talete”, or Terrace of Thales. The former tobacco factory, Manifattura Tabacchi, in Bologna, built in the ‘50s with a design by Pier Luigi Nervi, will become the headquarters of the new “Tecnopolo”, a centre of innovation and experimentation for industrial research and technology transfer.

It will host active laboratories for mechanics, materials, construction, life sciences, environmentenergy, design, information and communication technologies. Structural design, construction management and diagnostics ISOLARCHITETTI S.r.l. Tectoo architects R&S Engineering S.r.l. with Richmond Architects London Structural design Structural design Venice, Italy ­­2017 – In progress Viareggio, Lucca (Italy) ­­2016 - In progress Ottawa, Canada ­­2017 - In progress Client: Client: Services provided: Services provided: Project: Project: Project value: Project value: Hotel Lido Uno S.r.l. INVITALIA S.p.A.

Government of Canada - National Capital Commission n. a.

n .a. The hotel was inaugurated in 1908 with a design by architect Sardi. The restoration comprises structure consolidation, system refurbishment and earthquake adaptation. The works will provide foundation reinforcement and loft restoration employing plaster with polymeric fibers and fiberglass (GFRP). A total restyling of the interior spaces is also planned. The buildings of the Orangerie are located on the northern border of the Lower Gardens of Palazzo Reale in Turin. The restoration project concerns the reception facilities for visitors and will provide a walkway connecting the terraces surrounding the Upper Gardens and the Royal Museums.

The work will allow for a new view from the Royal Museums onto the northern area of the city. NepeanPoint,hillsideoverlookingOttawa,isfamousforthestatueofSamuel deChamplain,whoexploredCanadainthe17thcentury.Theinternationalcall fortenderwasfortheredevelopmentofthehillside,makingitanaccessible greenspacewithfacilitiesintheheartofOttawaontheoccasionofthe150th anniversaryofCanada’sfounding.TheMilanEngineering,WAAMontréalInc. andTECTOOArchitecturegroupwereamongthefinalistsofthecompetition. Client: Services provided: Project: Project value:

Projects - Milan Ingegneria

Sports Center in Sassuolo Resurrezione di Nostro Signore Church Restyling of the Auchan Shopping Center Restoration of the former San Paolino Convent “I Viali” Shopping Park in Nichelino Certosa Parking Impruneta Arch. Massimo Curzi Structural feasibility and design Day Hotel “Venezia” Milano, Italy ­­2017 - In progress Client: Services provided: Project: Project value: Italian Environment Fund n. d. The Day Hotel “Venezia”, designed in the 1920s by Portaluppi, is located underground Milan. After years of abandonment, it retains its historic charm: the service spaces overlook a magnificent columned salon, where Deco style interiors and details are still intact.

The building will be restored to improve its interior spaces and air conditioning as well as making it accessible to the public. Church of the Resurrection in Tribiano GLA - Genius Loci Architettura ISOLARCHITETTI S.r.l., Prague Vittorio Grassi Architetto and Partners Structural design, Works and safety management. Feasibility design, Architectural and structural design, Site supervision.

Structural design, site supervision, safety coordination Preliminary structural design Florence, Italy ­­2017 - Ongoing Milan, Italy ­­2017 – Ongoing Turin, Italy ­­2016 - 2017 Florence, Italy ­­2017 – In progress Client: Client: Client: Client: Services provided: Services provided: Services provided: Services provided: Project: Project: Project: Project value: Project value: Project value: Project value: AIRE HOTEL FLORENZ S.r.l. Diocese of Lodi Carrefour Property Italia S.r.l. SPEA Engineering n.a. n.a.

45,000,000 n.a. The former San Paolino Convent was the headquarters of the Florence Loans Company, which had offices, depositories, safes and storage.

The property is divided into 3 structures with an overall surface area of about 11,500 square meters. The restoration project comprises the construction of a hotel with 173 rooms, a restaurant, a bar, an entrance lobby, a meeting room and an underground car park. The church stands near the center of Tribiano, a small agricultural village in the Milanese hinterland. The building is characterized by a high double-sail roof and elliptical shaped liturgical hall surrounded by support areas: pastoral ministry, convivial room and canonical housing. Outdoor areas will be completed with playgrounds and common facilities.

I Viali” Shopping Park is close to the Stupinigi Park and it is part of a greater Urban Redevelopment Program in the South Turin area. The structure occupies 46,000 square meters, 12,500 for the superstore, 29,500 for the business park, 3,000 parking spaces, 41 shops, bars and restaurants. The work began in 2016 and provisions had been made for demolition of the old superstore to build the new mall. The new Certosa transit exchange will engage a portion of Tuscan agricultural territory measuring about 36,000sqm located south of the Certosa Monastery of Florence in the Municipality of Impruneta.

The project requirements provide for 300 parking spaces, 10 bus bays and a service building of about 300sqm with an information center, bar, ticket office and 1,000 sqm of facilities. Onsitestudio S.r.l.

TAMassociati with the consultancy by Father Alessandro Toniolo and Marcello Chiarenza, K&G progetti, and GF Studio Associato. Chapman Taylor Architects Structural design, Works and safety management. Structural design Preliminary, final and executive structural design, management of works Sassuolo, Italy ­­2017 – In progress Viareggio, Lucca (Italy) ­­2016 - Ongoing Rescaldina, Milan (Italy) ­­2017 - Ongoing Client: Client: Services provided: Services provided: Project: Project: Project value: Project value: U.S. Sassuolo Calcio S.r.l. Resurrezione di Nostro Signore parish in Viareggio Commercial Galleries Italy S.p.A.

n. a.

n .a. € 6,000,000 The new “Sassuolo Calcio” Center is part of a more comprehensive sports facility system. It consists of a main building that will accommodate two gyms, spaces for physical therapy, a conference room, offices, services and car parks. The outdoor facilities will be equipped with 5 playgrounds, the main one will have a grandstand for audiences. TamAssociati won the competition for designing the Church of Varignano which will replace the current temporary building. The new church has a rectangular plan, and the parish rooms and rectory are around a central patio. It was designed according to high sustainability standards, and only X-LAM wood is used for all the structures.

The Auchan Shopping Center is the subject of a total Restyling with timely work on facades and roofing, renovation of interior galleries, refurbishing of parking and devising of horizontal and vertical paths. A large skylight will let natural light in to illuminate the interior spaces.

Client: Services provided: Project: Project value:

Projects - Milan Ingegneria

aMDL - Michele De Lucchi AlvisiKirimoto + Partners David Chipperfield and Michelangelo Pistoletto, Michele De Lucchi and Enzo Cucchi, Hans Kollhoff and Mimmo Paladino, Eduardo Souto De Moura and Jannis Kounellis, Francesco Venezia and Ettore Spalletti. TAMassociati Technical Surveys, Feasibility MEP design Feasibility study Consultation to the artists, definition of the executive and construction details, supervision during the construction of the installation. Structural design and sponsorship Photographs: Andrea Avezzù RestorationoftheAulaMagnaofCollegioGhislieri Temporary structures replacing the Gasteig Domus Open Air Museum Italian Pavilion at the La Biennale di Venezia Pavia, Italy ­­2016 - Ongoing Munich, Germany ­­2016 – Ongoing Milano, Italy ­­ 2016 Venice, Italy ­­ 2016 Client: Client: Client: Client: Services provided: Services provided: Services provided: Services provided: Project: Project: Project: Project: Project value: Project value: Project value: Project value: Collegio Ghislieri Gasteig München GmbH Editoriale Domus S.p.A.

La Biennale di Venezia n.a. n.a.

n.a. n.a. The Aula Magna of Collegio Ghislieri was created in the deconsecrated church of San Francesco da Paola. The reorganization project provides for the construction of a foyer in front of the main entrance, and the division of the nave on two levels: a parterre with 133 seats and a gallery with 165 seats. The equipment room, utilities, toilets and cloakroom are located in the basement. TheGasteigculturalcentreinMunichwillundergomajorrestoration,whichisexpectedtostartin2020andlast4years.Twonewtemporaryconcerthallswillbebuilt:an1800-seathallreplacingthePhilharmonichall,anda700-seathallreplacing theCarl-OrffSaal,bothequippedwithallrequiredfacilities,includingthefoyer,th e backstage,thewarehouse,officesandrehearsalrooms.Thestructures,designed tobeeasilydismantled,willbeentirelymadeoflaminatedwoodandX-Lampanels As part of XXI International Exhibition of the Triennale di Milano, DOMUS has organised the initiative “ART and ARCH - Domus Open Air Museum” at the Palazzo delle Arti.

The installation, with its five pavilions, has been designed by 10 masters: David Chipperfield, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Michele De Lucchi, Enzo Cucchi, Hans Kollhoff, Mimmo Paladino, Eduardo Souto De Moura, Jannis Kounellis, Francesco Venezia, and Ettore Spalletti. “Low-cost” is the keyword for the Pavilion, which is made of the same x-lam panels used in the Irish Pavilion at Expo Milan 2015. The wooden panels were disassembled, shaped, re-assembled and mounted on Innocenti tubes to create the installation’s main walls: the Tunnel in the first room and the five Alias in the second room. MCA - Mario Cucinella Architects with Enrico Iascone Architetti, Manens Tifs Srl, GREENCURE Marilena Baggio landscape designer, GAE Engineering Srl.

MCA – Mario Cucinella Architets O.B.R. S.r.l PIERRE YVES ROCHON and MTLC S.r.l. - Matteo Thun and Luca Colombo Preliminary investigation, preliminary, definitive and executive structural design, site supervision Structural design Preliminary, executive and final masterplan design Health and safety coordination Renovation of a building in Corso Venezia Rector’s Office at “Roma Tre” University Albenga Airport redevelopment Renovation of St. Regis Hotel Milan, Italy ­­1993 – 1996 Rome, Italy ­­2016 – Ongoing Savona, Italy ­­2016 - Ongoing Rome, Italy ­­2016 – Ongoing Client: Client: Client: Client: Services provided: Services provided: Services provided: Services provided: Project: Project: Project: Project: Project value: Project value: Project value: Project value: RRL Immobiliare S.p.A.

CAM S.r.l. AVA S.p.A. Constellation Hotels Italy S.r.l. n.a. n. a.

n. a. n. a. The residence will be transformed into a museum hosting a collection of Etruscan works. The restoration will focus on maintaining the historical façades and volumes. The museum tour will start in the basement, develop below the garden and continue upstairs. The roof of the underground area recalls the geometry of the Etruscan necropolis of Cerveteri and Tarquinia. ThenewRector’sOfficeat“RomaTre”UniversityarepartofthewiderOstienseMarconiurbanrenewalplan,signedbytheUniversityandtheCityofRome. The projectincludesthree9-storeybuildingscharacterizedbylargeglasswalls,which willhousealecturehall,classrooms,meetingrooms,theRector’sOffice,ashared connectedspace,andadministrativeoffices.Thelargesquareinfrontofthecomplexwillbecomeasharedconnectedspaceforeventsandperformances.

The aim of the project is to adapt the existing facilities for airportrelated and other activities, such as workshops, maintenance areas, aircraft stands, hangars, business hotels, restaurants, and offices. The plan is also aimed at identifying possible market synergies with the region, and at strengthening the relationship with the Nice-Cannes-Monte Carlo hub.

The St. Regis Grand Hotel, designed by Giulio Podesti and inaugurated in 1894, was built on the ancient Baths of Diocletian, in Piazza della Repubblica, Rome. The restoration project includes works on the layout and finish of the common areas on the ground floor, the rooms and the façade, to improve the hotel functionality while respecting its historic and artistic value.

Projects - Milan Ingegneria

RPBW – Architect Renzo Piano Architect Ilaria Nava Tectoo architects Preliminary and detailed structural design Structural design Structural design Paediatric residential hospice in Bologna Restaurant-pub in Cesate Hotel Angst restoration Bologna, Italy ­­2015 - ongoing Milan, Italy ­­2015 - ongoing Bordighera, Italy ­­2015 - ongoing Client: Client: Client: Services provided: Services provided: Services provided: Project: Project: Project: Project value: Project value: Project value: Fondazione Hospice Maria Teresa Chiantore Seràgnoli Onlus SPA Groane Srl Nome e cognome n.

a. n. a. n. a.

Founded in 2002, the Fondazione Seràgnoli operates in the field of palliative care and provides care to terminally ill patients. The new paediatric hospice building designed by Renzo Piano will be built in Bologna, near the city’s hospital. The paediatric residential hospice will occupy two thirds of the lot together with a large green area, while the remaining part will accommodate an Italian Red Cross building. The C-shaped building develops on one floor and surrounds a roofless central patio. Large glass walls overlook the patio and alternate with portions closed by wooden sun blinds. The main feature of the building is the pitched roof, designed as a dihedral with spans of more than 20 meters that create an open space and a large overhang to the courtyard.

The Hotel Angst is a building of great architectural and landscape value. It is one of the most important examples of eclectic architecture on the French and Italian Riviera, built at the end of the 19th century. The renovation project offers a delicate recovery of exterior facades and the arrangement of the main interior spaces of prestige, which will remain in common use. The whole structure will be destined for a residence. Ottavio Di Blasi & Partners RPBW - Arch. Renzo Piano – APEX – METROPOLISARUP DOGMA vvzrl, Latitude vzw and Studio B&L Structural Design Seismic and environmental engineering design consultancy New Port Passenger Terminal New Museum of Contemporary Art Land use plan, Durrës, Vorë and Shijak Messina, Italy ­­2015 - ongoing Moscow, Russia ­­2016 - ongoing Albania ­­2016 - ongoing Client: Client: Client: Services provided: Services provided: Project: Project: Project: Project value: Project value: Project value: Port Authority of Messina V-A-C Foundation of Leonid Mikhelson Albanian Ministry of Urban Development n.

n. a. n. a. The new marine terminal in Messina features a lightweight corrugated roof made of laminated wood and a sea-facing glass wall that makes the building transparent and lets light in. The modular internal layout provides a flexible use of space according to passenger flow. The design focused on sustainability and energy saving. The oldest thermoelectric plant in Moscow will be converted into an exhibition centre. The project focuses on redeveloping the building that will become the city’s Museum of Contemporary Art, with 750,000 expected visitors a year. The 31,000 sq m square area will be bordered by a small urban forest of birch trees, around which cafés, restaurants, shops, a bookstore, and social gathering spots will be built.

The planning of the Durrës-Vorë-Shijak system is part of a wider programme promoted by the Albanian government to regulate land development. The area covers 470 sq km and has a population of 320,000 inhabitants. Durrës is the second largest city of the country and has relevant infrastructure; it also serves as a point of passage of the Corridor VIII of the European transnational transport system. Client: Services provided: Project: Project value: Thenewfour-storeybuildingwhichisbeingbuiltaspartofSiemensItalia’sheadquartersinMilandevelopsoveranareaof5,600squaremetres,andhostsofficesaswell asfacilities,acanteenandaforuminthebasement.StrictprinciplesandstandardisedmodulesacceptedbySiemensworldwidehavebeenappliedontheproject.

Particularattentionwaspaidtosustainability,alsoachievedthroughcarefuldesign of thebuilding’sfloorplan,thusguaranteeingbothpassiveandactiveenergysavings. n. a.

Studio Barreca & La Varra Preliminary, detailed and final structural design, site supervision Siemens S.p.A. Milan, Italy ­­2015 – In progress New Siemens Italia headquarters in Milan Client: Services provided: Project: Project value: Theprojectconsistsofrenovatingtwoexistingfarmhousesinsidethebuffer zoneoftheUnionedeiComunidelleCollinediLangaedelBarolo[UnionofMunicipalitiesofCollinediLangaandBarolo],aUNESCOWorldHeritageSitesince 2014.Thetwofarmhousesarelocatedinsideanareaof21,000squaremetres ontheedgeofthesouth-westernLanga,wherecastlesandvillagesinterrupt theharmoniouslandscapeframedbythevineyardsofDolcettoandNebbiolo.

n. a.

Alvisi Kirimoto Partners Srl Structural and utility design, construction supervision. Sharon and Kyle Krause Cuneo, Italy ­­2015 – ongoing Renovation of two farmhouses in Roddino

Projects - Milan Ingegneria

Client: Client: Client: Services provided: Services provided: Services provided: Project: Project: Project: Project value: Project value: Project value: The Oryx, a theatre where events can be hosted, has been built near the Qatar pavilion. It serves as a scenic backdrop to the space where the audience can sit, and features a closed part with side rooms, an open-air one with a shell-shaped roof under which is the stage, and a small square.

n.a. E. Mantica, Abel N. Martino, E. Fossati health and safety coordination State of Qatar Milan, Italy ­­ 2015 Qatar Pavilion’s Oryx Theatre at Expo 2015 TheMameliBarrackswerebuiltintheearly1900sonanareaof100,000square metres;thecomplexconsistsof18mainbuildingsandseveralsmallerones.The redevelopmentprogrammeinvolvedacarefulanalysisofthepropertiessothatanew usecouldbeplanned.Thesizeandlocationofthebarracks,togetherwiththefact thatanotherpropertyhastoberedevelopedinthesameareawillentailawiderurban transformationprocess,insteadofasimple,local-scalere-useoftheexistingbuildi ngs. n. a.

ONSITE Studio Structural design CDP Investimenti SGR Milan, Italy ­­2015 – In progress Mameli Barracks’ master plan The Cartagena Verde industrial and logistics park (PICV) will occupy an area of 255 hectares. The related technological facilities (infrastructures, production facilities, clusters, etc.) have been developed by adopting an approach integrating urban, transport, economic, environmental and infrastructure planning to ensure high global sustainability standards. n. a. Hembert Penaranda Officina Architetti in collaboration with Milan Ingegneria, C.I.E.L.I., SSF Ingenieure and ARUP.

MEP design ZFB – Zona Franca Bogotà Cartagena, Colombia ­­2015 – ongoing Cartagena Verde industrial park (PICV) Client: Services provided: Project: Project value: Expo 2015 will focus on the core theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. The event will be a platform to exchange ideas on the world of food. The Granarolo exhibition space aims to take visitors on an interactive tour of the milk sector, not only as part of the food and wine industry, but also as an element of local traditions, history, art and culture.

224,000 Mario Cucinella Architects Srl in collaboration with ILTEC, IDF and Studio Raff Srl Safety coordination Granarolo SpA Milan, Italy ­­ 2015 Granarolo pavilion at Expo 2015 Client: Services provided: Project: Project value: ThetemporaryrestaurantopenedontheroofterraceofthePalazzodell’Artein MilanisaninitiativepromotedbytheTriennaleDesignMuseumintheframework ofExpoMilano2015.ThefirmOBRproposedasimple,entirelytransparent volumecharacterisedbycleanandrationallines.Thepavilionisinadrawnback positionfromthehistoricfaçadeoriginallydesignedbyGiovanniMuzio,andis madeofthinstainlesssteelload-bearingprofilessupportingslidingwindows.

n. a.

OBR - Paolo Brescia, Tommaso Principi and Andrea Casetto with Maddalena D’Alfonso. Structural design and site supervision. Triennale di Milano Milan, Italy ­­2014 – 2015 New restaurant on the Triennale terrace Client: Services provided: Project: Project value: The project concerns the rebuilding of “Palazzo del Parco” which is ruined and abandoned since long time. His rehabilitation is part of a larger requalification plan of the city. “Palazzo del Parco” will be used as public and touristic offices as well as connection to the theatre located behind the building.

n.a. Tectoo architects Structural design Immobiliare Angst Imperia, Italy ­­2014 – In progress “Palazzo del Parco” in Bordighera Client: Services provided: Project: Project value: The AGIP service station in Piazzale Accursio, Milan, was commissioned by Enrico Mattei and designed by architect Mario Bacciocchi in the 1950s.

The building – one of the most distinctive of its time – will be restored according to architect Michele De Lucchi’s project: Garage Italia Customs’ car customisation workshop will open on the ground floor, while the first floor will host chef Carlo Cracco’s new restaurant. n.a.

aMDL - Architect Michele De Lucchi Definitive and executive structural design, site supervision, safety coordination during the design and construction phases. Garage Italia Customs Srl Milan, Italy ­­2015 – 2016 New Garage Italia Customs headquarters Client: Services provided: Project: Project value: Designed by Renzo Piano, the new control tower will replace the one destroyed in the 2013 incident. The structure is a steel and glass platform at a height of 70 meters, located at the edge of Genoa Trade Fair dockyard. It is supported by two steel and concrete columns inside of which there are staircases and lifts.

10,000,000 RPBW – Renzo Piano Preliminary design Genoa Port Authority Genoa, Italy ­­2014 – In progress New port control tower

Projects - Milan Ingegneria

Client: Services provided: Project: Project value: Pavilion Zero, located at the main North entrances to the exhibition site, provides a remarkable introduction to the Expo Milan 2015 theme “Feeding the planet – Energy for life”. Inside the pavilion, a scenic path through ten areas takes the visitor along an evocative space characterised by highly symbolic images. n. a. Davide Rampello Structural and MEP design, health and safety coordination during the design phase Fiera Milano S.p.A. on behalf of EXPO 2015 S.p.A. Milan, Italy ­­ 2015 Pavilion Zero fit-out at Expo Milano 2015 OPW – Bmmc Milano Preliminary and detailed design, design of utilities, site supervision, safety coordination.

Irish pavilion, Expo 2015 Milan, Italy ­­2014 - 2015 Client: Services provided: Project: Project value: Department of Arts heritage and the Gaeltacht € 2,000,000 The Pavilion comprises two separate rectangular volumes, each consisting of three floors, and features a curved wall made of horizontal wooden fins placed at variable distances. The wall delimits the exhibition area and provides sun shading. Events will be hosted in the hanging garden on the roof. Low energy consumption will be achieved through the use of LED lighting and solar panels. Client: Client: Services provided: Services provided: Project: Project: Project value: Project value: The Expo Centre is a multi-purpose venue for events and conferences, created for the Milan World Exposition, which will be held in 2015.

The centre includes three independent functional parts: the auditorium, an outdoor “performance area” and an office building; the complex consists of seven cones reproducing the morphology of the Earth crust.

n.a. aMDL – Michele De Lucchi Preliminary structural and utility design Fiera Milan S.p.A. Milan, Italy ­­2013 – 2015 Expo Centre for the EXPO 2015 The Pavilion Zero for the Milan World Exposition 2015 will serve as an entry point where visitors will be welcomed and will begin the visit. The volume resembles a series of hills, with eight cones of different sizes, each one close to the others, which give the idea of a natural landscape. An external wall divides the cones, while the roof follows the contour lines thus highlighting the pavilion large steps. aMDL – Michele De Lucchi n.a.

Preliminary structural and utility design Fiera Milan S.p.A.

Milan, Italy ­­2013 – 2015 Pavilion Zero for the World Exposition 2015 Client: Services provided: Project: Project value: The project regards a residential compound located within the “Laurentino” district in the outskirts of Rome. The plan is aimed at a “green system” of 10 Hectares running along the buildings as a parkland following the main roads The project foresees 5 buildings with 425 flats in a 29.250 square metre building lot.

40.000.000 Marco Strikner, Derns S.p. A. Structural design Italsac 90 S.r.l “Colle della Strega” urban requalification Rome, Italy ­­2014 - In progress Client: Services provided: Project: Project value: The new hospital for children will be erected next to the Victoria Lake in Uganda and will include operating theatres, intensive care units, recovery rooms and dormitories for the international health workers. The building will emerge from terraces defined by bearing walls. Earth coming from the excavation will be used to make these walls following the traditional technique of the rammed earth.


RPBW – Renzo Piano with Studio Tamassociati, Prisma Engineering S.r.l., CRAterre-ENSAG Detailed structural and utility design and site supervision Emergency Ong Onlus Kampala, Uganda ­­2013 – In progress Heartsurgerychildren’sHospitalofEmergency Elena Carmignani (architect), Mauro Burdese (engineer) Structural executive design, economical evaluation RestorationofVillaFigolidesGeneysinArenzano Genoa, Italy ­­2014 – 2016 Client: Services provided: Project: Project value: Municipality of Arenzano € 3.200.000 The 18th century Villa Figoli, which has recently been acquired by the Municipality of Arenzano, will become the seat of the Italian Merchant Marine Academy and will also be used to host cultural and institutional events.

According to the project, which functionally adapts the building to the new use, façades and internal spaces will be preserved.

Client: Services provided: Project: The new offices in Milan of Boston Consulting Group are located in an important building overlooking Duomo Square. The building, already refurbished in the last past years, is now in process of restyling. Respecting the typological elements of the building, both formal and structural, it was possible to modify the internal layout operating also on the existing structures. n. a. Project value: AMA – Albera Monti & Associati, Deerns Italia Spa Structural detailed design of the fit-out, site supervision BCG - The Boston Consulting Group Milan, Italy ­­2015 – In progress TheBostonConsultingGroupNewOfficebuilding

Projects - Milan Ingegneria

Client: Client: Services provided: Services provided: Project: Project: Project value: Project value: The “Redipuglia” Memorial Monument is called “dei Centomila” (of the one hundred thousand) and was designed by Greppi e Castiglioni in 1938. The project foresees tree steps of work: mapping of the crumbling place, storm sewer study and restoration of the old paving stone. n.a. Architects Eugenio Vassallo, Piero Donadello, Nicola Pavan, Carlo Pavan and Paolo Cornale Detailed structural design and safety coordination. Presidency of the Council of Ministers of the Italian Republic Gorizia, Italy ­­2014 – In progress RestorationoftheRedipugliamilitarymemorial In 2011 CEI (Italian Episcopal Conference) announced a competition for tree Church projects among which S.

Maria Goretti in Mormanno. The winner project was designed by Mario Cucinella with Maraniello for artistic aspect and Don Zuffi for Liturgy. This competition represents a great effort of the Roman Catholic in order to improve the quality of church architecture.

n. a. MCA - Mario Cucinella Architects with Giuseppe Maraniello and Don Amicare Zuffi Competition support work and Structural design Conferenza Episcopale Italiana Cosenza, Italy ­­2012 – In progress S. Maria Goretti Church in Mormanno Pierpaolo Ricatti, Prisma Engineering, Jacopo De Rossi ISOLARCHITETTI S.r.l. Lombardini 22 in collaboration with Studio Conti Associati Structural design Preliminary and detailed structural and utility design, site supervision and safety coordination Site supervision, health and safety coordination UniCona competition Carrefour Trade Centre in Nichelino Auchan shopping centre, Bussolengo Ferrara, Italy ­­ 2014 Turin, Italia ­­2013 – In progress Verona, Italy ­­ 2016 Client: Client: Client: Services provided: Services provided: Services provided: Project: Project: Project: Project value: Project value: Project value: University of Ferrara Carrefour Property Italia S.r.l.

Gallerie Commerciali Italia S.p.A. n. a.

33.000.000 €16,000,000.00 The new university hospital will become an important academic centre in Ferrara. The project, which was awarded 2nd prize, consists of two parallel blocks with a wide central space hosting the reception, surrounded by a skybridge office building on the main side and by the entrance atrium and the conference room lobby on the south-west side. The new Carrefour Trade Centre is made in prefabricated elements, the roof is realized in wood and covered in metal sheet. The façade is decorated with wooden elements as though a “boiserie” having shape of threes. Still and wood elements are the framework for the climbing green.

The building area have a surface of 36.660 sq. m. while the entire lot have a surface of 136.800 sq. m.

The Auchan Shopping Centre in Bussolengo, currently covering an area of 22,000 sq. m, was built in 1974 and expanded in several stages. The expansion plan will add a built surface area of 14,800 sq. m, along with a parking area and green areas for a total of 30,000 sq. m. The “Food Court”, a large elliptical area with different restaurants, is at the heart of the project, also comprising a covered square which will become a gathering and meeting place.   Client: Services provided: Project: Project value: TheprojectareacoincideswiththeformerCantonicottonmillplant,covering 94,000squaremetersandincludingofficebuildings,warehousesandtheold manufacturingplant.Themultifunctionalpotentialoftheareawillbeenhanced withamixedplanfocusingontheurbanpark,theformerFruabuilding,the watertowers,thenewresidentialbuildings,theelderlycentreandtheyouth centre.

n. a. Onsitestudio, studio Giorgetta, TRM Engineering, DEERNS Italia SpA Executive structural design of the elderly centre and the youth centre SARIM Srl Saronno, Varese, Italy ­­2015 – ongoing Integrated plan for the Cantoni area Client: Services provided: Project: Project value: Palazzo Turati Restoration Milan, Italy ­­2011 – 2013 Techno Holding S.p.A. Preliminary and detailed structural and utility design, safety coordination Antonio Citterio, Patricia Viel and Partners € 15,000,000 Built in 1880 according to the design of the Italian architect Enrico Combi, Palazzo Turati was damaged during WWII and rebuilt in the 1950s to the design of the architect brothers Castiglioni.

The restoration was planned to transform the palace into the new Headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce; the project consisted of consolidating the structure and upgrading the utility systems. Client: Services provided: Project: Project value: Located in the heart of Milan, the nineteenth-century Palazzo Ricordi has a surface of 5000-m2 and is intended for commercial and office use. The project consisted of a careful architectural, utility and technological restoration which conserved the external walls while internal spaces were re-arranged according to new functional needs and rules to obtain the “LEED Gold” certification.

8,700,000 Parisotto+Formenton Project management, preliminary and detailed structural design, LEED certification, site supervision, safety coordination Antonello Manuli Finanziaria S.p.A.

Milan, Italy ­­2012 – 2013 “Palazzo Ricordi” Restoration

Milan Ingegneria S.r.l. RPBW – Renzo Piano Executive design, site supervision and safety coordination Detailed structural design and site supervision Waste recycling centre in Marano Vicentino “Palazzo della Ragione” Piece by piece exposition Vicenza, Italy ­­2014 – In progress Padua, Italy ­­ 2014 Client: Client: Services provided: Services provided: Project: Project: Project value: Project value: Vallortigara Servizi Ambientali S.p.A. Elena Capocchin Fondation € 12,000,000 n.a.

The project will see the relocation of the waste treatment plant of Torrebelvicino (Vicenza, Italy) and the creation of a new waste recycling centre in an area of the Municipality of Marano Vicentino (Vicenza, Italy) intended for “waste management plants and environmental services”.

The exposition was dedicated to Renzo Piano projects and was set up into “Palazzo della Ragione” in Padua. The arrangement made use of a large number of square tables, one per project, on which the descriptive material was laid out. Models and photographic panels were suspended coverage through a system of aluminum beams hung with ropes and metal forks to hangers that support the chains. Client: Services provided: Project value: Works on the “San Marco Parking” will focus on the rehabilitation of the existing building and the construction of a new wing on the nearby “Sant’Andrea” area.

12,800,000 Milan ingegneria s.r.l. Project management, preliminary and detailed architectural, Structural and utility design Garage San Marco S.p.A. Venice, Italy ­­ 2013 San Marco Parking enlargement Client: Services provided: Project: Project value: Renovated for the first time in 2010, the headquarters were enlarged in 2013 to create new multi-purpose spaces, offices and a meeting room. n.a. Cibic & Partner Detailed structural and utility design, administration, construction management, safety coordination.

Staff International S.p.A. Noventa Vicentina, Italy ­­2013 – In progress Staff international enlargment Client: Services provided: Project: Project value: Sacca Sessola is one of the largest islands (16 Ha) of the Venetian Lagoon.

Artificially created in 1870, the island was first used as a depot; vegetable gardens and green areas were then created and a pneumological institute was opened. A careful redevelopment project has transformed the island into a 32,000-m2 resort with a spa, a restaurant, conference rooms, private villas, a marina and a heliport. € 60,000,000 Matteo Thun and Partner S.r.l.; Buro Happold Ltd. Feasibility study, detailed structural design, site supervision, supervision of structural engineering works La Sessola S.r.l.

Rose Island Resort” in Sacca Sessola Venice, Italy ­­2011 – 2015 Client: Services provided: Project: Project value: Winner of the competition for the headquarters of the Postal and telecommunications authority in Algeri, the project respects bioclimatic principles and natural cooling techniques. The building combines tradition with modernity: its unusual shape remembers of a sort of “half moon” that comes out from the ground and becomes part of the desertic Algerian landscape.

n.a. MCA Architects – Mario Cucinella, Manens – Tifs, MIR Engram Studio Structural Design Autorité de Régulation de la Poste et des Télécommunications (ARPT) Algeri, Algeria ­­2013 – In progress Post and telecommunications authority HQ Client: Services provided: Project: Project value: Falck’s steel factories were headquartered in Sesto San Giovanni on a 1,300,000-m2 area which will be entirely redeveloped.

The project consists of the construction of public buildings and housing complexes, works for road access and the creation of a public transport network. The aim is to redevelop abandoned urban spaces, thus creating new centres and preserving existing buildings. n.a.

RPWB - Renzo Piano Preliminary structural design Milano Sesto S.p.A. Milan, Italy ­­2011 – In progress Falk’ssteelfactoriesareainSestoSanGiovanni Client: Services provided: Project: Project: Project value: Located in a former industrial site of Milan, the 17,500-m2 Prada Foundation headquarters will include a permanent exhibition centre with museum spaces and rooms for meetings, conferences and stage shows. Rem Koolhaas’ project, which adds 10,000 m2 of new buildings to the existing 7500-m2 complex, consists of seven buildings around a large central courtyard.

120.000.000 Rem Koolhaas – O.M.A.

Stedebouw B.V. Preliminary and detailed structural and utility design Fondazione Prada S.p.A. Milan, Italy ­­2009 – 2015 Prada Foundation Headquarters, Largo Isarco

Client: Client: Services provided: Project value: Project: The building is the first of a series of schools which are being designed as part of a wide UN programme; supported by UNRWA, the project will be funded by the Islamic Development Bank and the Kuwait Fund for Development. The school will be located inside a Palestinian refugee camp and will be built following sustainability and energy autonomy criteria. $ 2,200,000 MCAArchitects,MarioCucinellaandGiuliaPentella Consultants:Architetturesostenibilib&aassociati,MarioButeraandUniversity ofNottingham,Prof.BrianFord;Artecambiente,MauroLajo,MEPConsulting Engineering,ManensTiFS,RobertoZecchin,AndreaFornasiero,UgoPiubello Structural design UNRWA – IDB - Kuwait Fund for Development Gaza, Palestine ­­2011 – 2015 “A School for Peace” Client: Services provided: Project value: € 30,000,000 Planned in 2012, the expansion of the “Auchan Shopping Centre” aimed to construct 22,000 additional m2 on two floors above ground.

Stores will occupy the new spaces, while a 30,000-m2 underground floor will be used as a car park. Detailed architectural, Structural and utility design, Site supervision, Safety coordination Gallerie Commerciali Italy S.p.A. Venice, Italy ­­2012 – 2013 Auchan shopping centre expansion in Mestre Services provided: Project: Project: Project value: The project is the winner of a competition organised by Morocco’s national railway operator “ONCF”. The railway station, especially designed for new generation high-speed trains, comprises a raised-building, constructed near the old station building, and a new service centre.

The intervention, carried out between the city centre and the suburbs, will also be an occasion to reconfigure the entire urban area. n.a.

ABDR Associati, Italfer S.r.l. Diesel Interior Preliminary structural design Office National Des Chemins de Fer du Maroc High-speed railway station “Casa Voyageurs” Casablanca, Marocco ­­ 2013 Baricentrale call for tenders Client: Services provided: Project: Project value: In 2012, the Municipality of Bari announced a call for tenders for a project of urban planning focusing on the city centre. The local government authority was looking for ideas on how to redevelop the 78-ha neighborhood where the main train station is now located after it will be removed and transferred to another area of the city.


COBE, Iotti + Pavarani , Antonello Stella, Plan Srl Feasibility study, economic sustainability assessment Municipality of Bari Bari, Italy ­­ 2013 Client: Services provided: Project: Project value: The new Just Cavalli boutique will become the only flagship store of the famous clothes brand in Milan, whose commercial spaces were previously located in various areas of the city. The project consisted of preservation and restoration, extraordinary maintenance, and rearrangement of internal spaces of the 2200-m2 five-storey building.

n.a. Roberto Cavalli Architects & C. Preliminary and detailed structural design, safety coordination Staff International S.p.A.

Milan, Italy ­­2012 – 2013 “Just Cavalli” Store, Piazza S. Babila “Diesel” Headquarters, Molvena Client: Services provided: Project value: The project aimed to restore Diesel historic headquarters in Molvena to rationalise internal spaces, so that the building can house again the offices of Renzo Rosso’s group companies. The former saw-tooth roof was substituted with a flat roof, while all the façades, also those of the courtyards, are now made of glass.

6,700,000 Project management, preliminary and detailed structural design, safety coordination, site supervision Diesel S.p.A. Vicenza, Italy ­­2011 – 2013 Client: Services provided: Project: Project value: The Santa Giulia district is located south-east of Milan, in the area formerly occupied by Maltedison and Redaelly industrial plants, now abandoned. Designed by Norman Foster, the new urban centre will be built by following enviromental sustainability criteria and will feature various cultural, recreational and commercial spaces, where efficiency will meet quality of life.

n.a. Foster & Partners Preliminary structural consulting Milan Santa Giulia S.p.A.

Milan, Italy ­­2013 – In progress Santa Giulia district Client: Services provided: Project: Project value: The 146-meter high “Tirana Tower” is located on the Tirana Lake near the connection road to the city. It will become a visual point of reference for the city centre of the Albanian capital. Designed with a concrete and steel structure, the building will feature stone finishes in the lower part, while façades will be made of glass. n.a.

ODB – Ottavio Di Blasi, Paolo Simonetti, Daniela Tortello Structural and utility design Erjoni Shpk Tirana tower Tirana, Albania ­­ 2013

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