Promo booklet - Poland Shiok Singapore

Promo booklet - Poland Shiok Singapore
Promo booklet - Poland Shiok Singapore
                                           Ambassador of the Republic of Poland
                                                      to Singapore

                            Welcome to the third edition of the PolandSHIOK Festival in
                            Singapore. The 2019 edition marks the 50th anniversary of
                            Poland-Singapore diplomatic relations and the festival will
                            reflect growing bilateral ties and bring people together.
                            In the past years, we strived to bring Poland closer to the hearts
                            of Singaporeans. This year, encouraged by PolandSHIOK posi-
                            tive reception, we bring Poland to heartlands of Singapore, too!
                            The festival opens with a Polish Weekend at Our Tampines Hub
                            on 12-14 April with folk dance performances, a Polish market,
                            film screening and Poland-Singapore football match.
                            This year’s focus is on healthy lifestyle and wellness. The festival
                            features Polish culinary delights and cultural events, as well as
                            sport activities for the whole family, healthy food products and
                            natural cosmetics. A trip to Poland will await the lucky winners
                            of PolandSHIOK lottery.

       Experience Polish    I would like to thank all of our partners for making it possible.

hospitality on board LOT    Join us, discover Poland and enjoy!

  Use Singapore-Warsaw
  service to reach Europe

Promo booklet - Poland Shiok Singapore
Poland SHIOK 2019                                                                                                          Event schedule
                                                              12/04   13/04   14/04   15/04   16/04   17/04   18/04   19/04   20/04   21/04   22/04   23/04   24/04   25/04   26/04   27/04   28/04   29/04   30/04
                                                                F       S       S       M       T      W        T       F       S       S       M       T      W        T       F       S       S       M       M

 6     POLISH WEEKEND @ Our Tampines Hub

 8        Polish Market

                                                                                                                          Holi da ys
12        Polish Folk Dance Performances and Workshop

13        Polish Easter Tradition Workshops

14        Family Games 2019

15       „Breaking The Limits” screening & discussion panel

16        Tampines Family Bike Ride
17        Football Workshop for Kids                                                                                      Holi da ys
19        Poland vs Singapore Football Game

22     Polish Happy Hours

24     Polish Festival on Lazada

26     Xperience: Dumpling Festival

27     Blessing of Foods

27     Polish Easter Brunch

28     Oscar’s: Polish Station in lunch buffet

29     „GLAMOROUS” exhibition by Marta Zawadzka

29     “Polish Cultural Paths” by Jerzy Kedziora

33     National Day Reception

36     Sunset closing party

40     Lucky Draw


31       Polish Beef Promotion at WGS
         Ambassador’s Table
                                                                                                                          Holi da ys

33       WGS Gourmet Brunch

34       Masterchef Dining Delights
Promo booklet - Poland Shiok Singapore
PW 12-14 April 10:00-20:00

 at                                                                        Check
                                                                           out!!!                                 Guest of Honor
                                      @ Festive Arts Theatre
1 Tampines Walk,
                                      Free Movie Screening
                                      Join us for the Polish movie ba-    @ Festive Plaza
Singapore 528523
                                      sed on a true story of a drug ad-   OFFICIAL FESTIVAL
Open for public                       dict who became a winner of the     OPENING                                 Masagos ZULKIFLI
                                      Ironman competition and meet                                                         –
                                      real Ironmen on-site!                                                      Minister for the Environment
                                      More info on page 15                Arrival and welcome of Guest-             and Water Resources
@ Festive Walk                                                            of-Honour with bread and salt                   –
Polish Market                                                             by Ambassador of Poland                     Minister-in-charge
                                                                                                                      of Muslim Affairs
Ever heard of PIEROGI? Fall in love                                       and Polish folk group
                                      @ Festive Plaza                                                                     –
with Polish food, products, craft     Dance Performances                  –                                         Member of Parliament
and many others. Discover that        Time for OBEREK! Get ready for
                                                                                                                     in Tampines GRC
Poland is SHIOK!                      the real cultural experience with   Welcome Speech by
More info on page 8-11
                                      the Polish folk dance group that    Ambassador of Poland
                                      will perform, sing and teach you    –
@ Town Square                         dance.                                                                           Festive     Festive
                                                                          10:10                                         Plaza       Walk
Sport Events                          More info on page 12
                                                                          Polish Folk Dance Performance
Choose from a football game Po-                                           and cross-cultural performance
land vs Singapore, the Gladiator                                          with Maya Dance Theatre
                                      @ Festive Walk                                                                                Town
Challenge or a family bike ride                                                                                                    Square
and enjoy an active time at OTH!      Workshops                           –
More info on page 14, 16-19           Up to some craft? Join us for the   10:30
                                      Easter Tradition Workshops and      Polish Market Tour for Guest-
                                      create authentic Polish Easter      of-Honour and Ambassador
                                      eggs and palms.                     of Poland
                                      More info on page 13                                                     OUR TAMPINES HUB map

                                 6                                                                         7
Promo booklet - Poland Shiok Singapore

 PW 12-14 April 10:00-20:00                                                                                             Food products

          Market                                                                            Antonius Caviar              Bacówka Organic jams               Bacówka Mustard

OUR TAMPINES HUB           Stroll through the Polish Market and discover what
Festive Walk               Poland has to offer! Fall in love with Polish “pierogi”
1 Tampines Walk,           dumplings, caviar and other delights, check out craft
Singapore 528523
                           and jewelry and learn why Poland should be your next
Open for public
                           holiday destination.                                                Bacówka                       Bacówka                            Bacówka
                                                                                              Sauerkraut                Marinated mushroom                 Pickled cucumbers
                                Street Food guide

                                                                                         Spomlek selection of cheeses                        Virtu Polish Dumplings

                     Pierogi                               Oscypek
                  Polish dumplings                    Highland smoked cheese

                                                               ?                            Sweets                RL9 fitness bars by              Foods by Ann fitness food
                                                                                         made in Poland          Robert Lewandowski                 by Anna Lewandowska

                    Kielbasa                         Let us surprise you!
    Polish sausage based on traditional recipe
                                                                                                           Special offers available exclusively for “OTH PAssion Card Members”

                                 Brought to you by

                                                 8                                                                                  9
Promo booklet - Poland Shiok Singapore
Art & craft

 PW 12-14 April 10:00-20:00

Polish Market                                                                                     Bolesławiec pottery
                                                                                                 Hand-made tableware
                                                                                                                                   Manipura Design

                                                                                                                                                                     Monika Starr
                                                                                                                                                                 Clothes & accessories

LOT Polish Airline                               EU HOLIDAYS                                        Blanket story                  Manipura Design                   Monika Starr
                                                                                                    Baby bedlinen                      Jewelry                     Amber Baltic Jewelry
Fly non-stop to Warsaw and connect to            Exclusively for Poland Shiok, for
one of LOT’s 110+ destinations. 4 flights        1 0 D B a l t i c 3 Co u n t r i e s + Wa r -
weekly operated by Boeing 787 Dream-             saw package f r.$2588 when you                                             Natural Cosmetics
liner with 12.500 kg cargo capacity.             present your OTH Passion Card.
Book your tickets today!       

                                                                                                      Elfa Pharm                     Alkemie                            Tizmi
                                                                                                       Skin care                     Face care                        Body care

TRAFALGAR                                        COSTSAVER
Trafalgar is the world’s leading and             Lasting travel memories don’t have
most awarded travel brand, span-                 to cost the earth. CostSaver value to-
ning all seven continents of the glo-            urs cover all the essentials, while pro-
be. From the iconic                              viding travellers the
                                                                                                 Wierzbicki&Schmidt                 Be Organic                         Ava
to the unexpected,                               building blocks to                                   Hair care                      Skin care                       Face care
enjoy unique Tra-                                tailor their dream
falgar Highlights!                               holiday.                          
                                                                                                                    Special offers available exclusively for “OTH PAssion Card Members”

* Exclusively for PolandSHIOK 2019. T&C Apply.

                                          10                                                                                                 11
Promo booklet - Poland Shiok Singapore
PW 12-14 April             ART // CULTURE                                             PW 13-14 April               ART // CULTURE

Polish Folk Dance                                                                     Polish Easter
Performance & Workshop                                                                Tradition Workshop
                          Polish folk dance is a joyful and arresting spectacle not                              Did you know there are Polish palms? In Poland’s
OUR TAMPINES HUB          to be missed. Get energized with upbeat tunes and           OUR TAMPINES HUB           cool climate, they are not grown but made by cre-
Festive Plaza             dynamic performance by Polish folk ensemble “Zie-           Festive Walk               ative local folks at Easter while eggs go through a
                          mia Bolesławiecka.” Snap a picture of acrobatics and                                   makeover with intricate paint patterns. Learn more
17:30 (12.04. Fri)        colorful costumes for your Instagram and learn some         12:00-18:00 (13.04. Sat)   about these original Polish Easter traditions and
10:15 & 17:00 (13.04. Sat)                                                            12:00-18:00 (14.04. Sun)
                          new moves at their dancing workshop, if you dare.                                      hone your skills at fun art and craft workshops.
15:00 (14.04. Sun)
Workshop                   Brought to you by                                          Open for public            In partnership with
17:30 (13.04. Sat)

Open for public

                                               12                                                                                      13
Promo booklet - Poland Shiok Singapore


  PW 13 April           SPORT                                                         PW 14 April          ART // CULTURE

Family Games 2019           Bring your family to OTH for a day of bouncy fun!
                                                                                    „Breaking The Limits”
                                                                                                        Screening & discussion panel
OUR TAMPINES HUB            Simply form a family team of 3 to 5 pax. FREE walk-in                           A story of human endurance based on the life of
Function Room 2 (level 4)   and online registration. All ages from 4 years old      OUR TAMPINES HUB        Jerzy Górski - a former drug addict turned Ironman
Town Square (level 1)       are welcome. Join us for a Parent-Child Workshop        Festive Arts Theatre    champion, followed by a discussion with the
                            towards building a successful family and enjoy a        (level 2)               participation of Active SG and Ironman triathlon
Wave 1:
                            Mega-Inflatable Race, Mini Golf, Family Futsal to                               contenders: Marta Kucmierz and Michał Nagłowski
15:00-18:00                                                                         Screening:
Wave 2:
                            unlock a Finisher Pack!                                                         Moderator: Peggy Tng,
17:00-20:00                 Register your preferred wave at                         Discussion panel:       SportSG’s liason with Ironman
                                             14:00                   Special Guest: Low Jiaren,
Free admission                                                                                              former Singapore National
                            Jointly organised by                                    Free admission          Team Basketball Captain

                                                                                                            In partnership with

                                              14                                                                                  15
Promo booklet - Poland Shiok Singapore
PW 14 April         SPORT

Tampines Family Bike Ride
Our Tampines Hub,
Festive Drive

10:00 – 11:30

Free admission

In partnership with

                        Get your bike and join the first ever Polish-Singa-
                        porean Family Bike Ride! Let us discover together
                        the urban cycling trail around Tampines and Bedok.

                                                                                PW 14 April           SPORT

                                                                              Football Workshop
                                                                              for Kids with Polish
                                                                                                       Sport Youtuber
                                                                                                       Bend it like Beckham? Or, like Robert
                                                                              OUR TAMPINES HUB         Lewandowski? Join us for the football
                                                                              Town Square (level 1)    workshop and learn new tricks from
                                                                                                       Krzysztof Golonka - the Freestyle
                                                                              16:00-16:45              Football World Champion 2011 and
                                                                                                       YouTube sensation from #Poland.
                                                                              Free admission
                                                                                                       Kids only!

                                                                                                       In partnership with

                                    16                                                                                       17
Promo booklet - Poland Shiok Singapore
PW 14 April           SPORT

                          Football Game
                          Let football unite us in celebration of Polish-Sin-
OUR TAMPINES HUB          gaporean ties! Cheer for Polish or Singaporean
Town Square (level 1)     team throughout our series of “ international
                          friendlies” for the young and the older. Did you
17:00-17:30 KIDS          know that white and red are the national colors
17:45-18:20 ADULTS
                          of both countries?
Free admission
                          In partnership with

12-28 April

                                                                                 ALL DAY
                                                                            Polish Happy Hour!
                                                                                                 Crossroad Cafe
                                                                                                 As Polish Vodka Ambassador,
                                                                                 @ S$14++
                                                                                                 Crossroad Cafe is showcasing

Happy Hours
                                                                                                 a selection of sensuous cockta-
                                                                                                 ils made with two of the finest
                                                                                                 vodkas from Poland – Belvedere               Along with
                                                                              Crossroad Cafe     & Wyborowa. Excite your senses              Polish drinks
                                                                              Singapore Marriott with our exquisite concoctions:         enjoy the jazz vibes
Happy hours get even happier with PolandSHIOK!                                Tang Plaza Hotel   • Belvedere Cucumber Spritz              from Anna Maria
Lubelski cider and Polanin craft beer from Poland as well as world            320 Orchard Rd,    • Polish Martini                          Jopek’s albums
famous Polish vodka make the greatest refreshments to relax after             Singapore 238865 • Wyborowa Exquisite Sour                     as a preview
a full day of work. Join us for special promotions on Polish alcohols                            • Exquisite Pineapple Mint Smash
                                                                                                                                          of her Asian tour!
all around the city!                                                          07:00-24:00
                                                                                                 WHAT’S MORE?
                                                                                                 Guests can enjoy 20% off total bill
                                                                                                 when they quote promotion code “Shiok19”. T&C Apply.

                                                                                So Sofitel @1927             The Providore
       A.L.T. Cafe & Bar                                  1Altitude
                                                                                                             The Providore Downtown
                                                                                  Daily 17:00-20:00          6A Shenton Way,
          Belvedere                                    Purchase 2 bottles                                    OUE Downtown Gallery, B1-07,
         based drink:                                    of Belvedere                                        Singapore 068815
       1 Glass 2 Glasses                                  at S$560++                                         The Providore Mandarin Gallery
      @ $12++ @ $22++                                    & get 1 FREE                                        333A Orchard Rd,
                                                                                                             Mandarin Gallery #02-05,
                                                                                                             Singapore 238897

     A.L.T. Cafe & Bar                           1Altitude                                                   Artemis Rooftop Bar
     Level 1,                                    1 Raffles Place,
                                                                                                             Artemis – Rooftop (Level 40),
     1 Raffles Place                             Singapore 048616
                                                                                                             138 Market St, CapitaGreen,
     Singapore 048616                                                                                        Singapore 048946
                                                 Daily from
     Mon-Fri                                     18:00-21:00                      Sofitel So @1927               Along with Polanin,
                                                                                                                choose from a unique
     18:00-22:00                                                                   35 Robinson Rd,               selection of Poland-
                                                                                  Singapore 068876                  SHIOK snacks.

                         Valid from 12-29 April 2019

                                   22                                                                                23
PolandSHIOK 2019
                                                         Available from 12 Ap

Polish Festival                                                                                        Masterchefs
                                                                                             Jarosław Usciński                                   Michał Skarzyński
                                                                                        Chef with 26 -year experience.                   Chef at the Spanish restaurant
Antonius Caviar       Virtu Polish Dumplings         Spomlek Selection of cheeses       Owner of ‘Moonsfera’ restaurant in               ‘El Botellón Varsovia’. Participated
                                                                                        Warsaw. Prepared many culinary                   in many projects promoting Polish
                                                                                        events attended by celebrities                   b e ef, organize d by the Polish
                                                                                        (T. Turner, B. Willis) and politicians           A ssociation of Beef Producers
                                                                                        (R. Nixon).                                      and Breeders.

 Bacówka               Bacówka               Bacówka              Bacówka
Sauerkraut        Pickled cucumbers          Mustard         Marinated mushroom

                                                                            May 2019

                                                                                               Witold Drobny                                     Jakub Kurowski
                                                                                        Chef de cuisine at the Regent                    Deputy Chef at Copernicus Toruń
                                                                                        Warsaw Hotel with International                  Hotel in SALT restaurant. Gained his
                                                                                        cuisine. Worked as a chef at the                 professional experience working for
                                                                                        Sheraton Warsaw Hotel and Hyatt                  Regent Hotel, Odessa Restaurant
 Żubrówka             Lubelski                 Polanin             OSHEE                Regency Warsaw. Run culinary                     and Arigator Ramen Shop.
Bison vodka            Cider                    Beer           Isotonic drinks          promotion in Qatar and Singapore.

                                                                                                                           In partnership with
                              Brought to you by

                                      24                                                                                            25
20 April         CULTURE                                                      Organized by

                                                                                                            Blessing of Foods
                                                                                                                                                                                 Celebrated by Polish
                                                                                                            St Ignatius                                                          communit y on Holy
                                                                                                            Catolic Church,                                                      Saturday, this belo-
                                                                                                            Sacred Heart Hall                                                    ved tradition entails
                                                                                                            (ground floor)                                                       bringing beautifully
                                                                                                            120 King’s Road,
                                                                                                                                                                                 decorated basket s
                                                                                                            Singapore 268172
                                                                                                                                                                                 full of colorful eggs,
                                                                                                            11:00                                                                bread, sausages and
                                                                                                                                                                                 other Easter foods to
                                                                                                            Open for public                                                      church to be blessed.

                                                                                                             21 April         DINING

 15-20 April
                                                                                                            Polish Easter Brunch
Dumpling Festival

                                                                                                            SO Sofitel Singapore
                                                                                                            35 Robinson Road,
                                                                                                            Singapore 068876

Xperience                 Have you ever heard of PIEROGI? World-famous Po-
SO Sofitel Singapore      lish dumplings are considered to be a national dish
35 Robinson Road,         of Poland and served in a variety of styles, savory or
Singapore 068876          sweet. Surprise yourself with a wide selection of new                             S$38++ (child 6–12 yrs)
                          flavors presented by our Master Chefs. A specially
L: 11:30-14:30                                                                                                                          The traditional delicacies served in Poland for Easter
                          crafted menu will be available from April 15th.
D:17:30-22:30                                                                                                                           are surprising, sophisticated and inspired by spring.
                          In partnership with                                                                                           Find them at the sumptuous Easter Brunch buffet by
S$ 42++
                                                                                                                                        So Sofitel.

                                                                                                            In partnership with

                                                 DBS/POSB Cardmembers enjoy additional 5% off total bill.                                                 DBS/POSB Cardmembers enjoy additional 5% off total bill.
                                                 DBS terms and conditions apply, please download                                                          DBS terms and conditions apply, please download
                                                 DBS Lifestyle app for more details.                                                                      DBS Lifestyle app for more details.

                                                26                                                                                                      27
12-30 April           ART // CULTURE

                                                                                                             “GLAMOROUS” exhibition
                                                                                                                                                      by Marta Zawadzka
                                                                                                             Rendezvous Hotel Singapore
                                                                                                             9 Bras Basah Rd,
                                                                                                             Singapore 189559

                                                                                                             Open for public

                                                                                                             In partnership with               Exhibition GLAMOROUS presents 10 exquisite
                                                                                                                                               works by emerging artist MARTA ZAWADZKA, who
                                                                                                                                               is showing the audiences how artists capture the
                                                                                                                                               dynamics of life.
 22-27 April          DINING

Polish Station
                                                                                                             12-30 April           ART // CULTURE

                                                       in lunch buffet
                                                                                                             “Polish Cultural Paths”
                          Tired of the usual lunch fare? Discover the taste of
                                                                                                                                                          by Jerzy Kędziora
Oscar’s                   authentic Polish cuisine prepared by our Masterchefs
Conrad Centennial         as a part of Oscar’s restaurant lunch buffet. Try super                            Singapore Botanic Gardens,
Singapore,                healthy roasted beetroot salad, comforting potato                                  Quincy Hotel,
2 Temasek Boulevard       dumplings with forest mushroom sauce, delicious                                    ASEF Foundation
Singapore 038982
                          duck in marjoram apples, aromatic gingerbread
                                                                                                             Open for public
                          cake and other delights from the heart of Europe.
L: 12:00 - 14:30
                          In partnership with
                                                                                                             In partnership with
                                                                                                                                               The Balancing Sculptures created by Polish sculp-
                                                                                                                                               tor Jerzy Kedziora are the only sculptures in the
                                                                                                                                               world that balance on wire. Try to find them all in
                                                 DBS/POSB Cardmembers enjoy additional 15% off total bill.                                     different locations in Singapore!
                                                 DBS terms and conditions apply, please download
                                                 DBS Lifestyle app for more details.

                                                28                                                                                                        29

22 April
WGS Opening
  One Farrer Hotel
  Invitation only

                       Polish Beef
23 April
Media Interview

                       Promotion     at WGS
  Chijmes Chapel
  Invitation only
                              (World Gourmet Summit)
                       Premium quality Polish beef presented at
24 April               WGS comes from Hereford and Limousine
Beef Masterclass       cattle reared at one of the most pristine parts
  11:00-14:00          of Europe. Its highest quality is guaranteed by
  AllSpace Institute   advanced processing methods and strict moni-
  Invitation only      toring system based on blockchain technology
                       which makes all the production details easily
                       accessible to the customer.

                       In partnership with

25 April              DINING

                                                                                  National Day Reception
                                                                                  Conrad Centennial
                                                                                  2 Temasek Blvd,
                                                                                  Singapore 038982

                                                                                  Invitation only

                                                                                                                 Gala reception to celebrate the Polish Constitution
                                                                                  In partnership with            Day and the 50th Anniversary of Poland-Singapore
                                                                                                                 diplomatic ties will feature Polish delicacies prepared
                                                                                                                 and served by Master Chefs from Poland.

                                                                                  28 April              DINING
 23 April
                                                                                  WGS Gourmet Brunch

Ambassador’s Table                                                                Tamarind Hill
                                                                                  30 Labrador Villa Rd,
                           Appreciated for it tenderness and taste by gour-
                                                                                  Singapour 119189
Conrad Centennial          mands worldwide, Polish premium beef is pro-
Singapore                  duced with utmost emphasis on preserving its           11:00-15:00
2 Temasek Blvd,            traditional rich flavors. The special beef-based
Singapore 038982           menu presenting its versatility and savors will be     S$128+
                           created for this theme dinner by Masterchef Jarosław
Invitation only
                           Uściński from Poland.                                  In partnership with            Flavors from Poland will be revealed at one of Singa-
                           In partnership with                                                                   pore’s most famous Sunday brunch where you can
                                                                                                                 rub shoulders with influential chefs and persona-
                                                                                                                 lities. Most passionate WGS partners will strive to
                                                                                                                 sate appetites with delicious morsels and stress-in-
                                                                                                                 hibiting beverages.

                                                 32                                                                                33
26-27 April           DINING
                                                                             FROM TRADITIONAL BREEDING
                                                                             (NO ANTIB IOTICS, NO HORMONES)

              Dining Delights                                                STRICTLY MONITORED B Y INNOVATIVE
                                                                             TECHNOLOGY BASED ON SYSTEM OF SENSORS
                                                                             AND BLOCKCHAIN
                         Explore the world of wildly creative, experimen-
Morsels                  tal fusion cuisine through the specially curated
25 Dempsey Rd,           menu by Morsels chef and owner Petrina Loh          B ROUGHT TO SINGAPORE EXCLUSIVELY FOR
#01-04,                  and Masterchef Jarosław Uściński from Poland.
Singapur 249670          Indulge in the unprecedented combination of         THE WORLD GOURMET SUMMIT!
                         Polish and Asian culinary traditions with beef in
                         the spotlight.
S$188++ (10 course)

                                     34                                                                  35
28 April                 ART // CULTURE

Sunset closing party                 Join us at 1-Altitude, the world’s highest al-
1Altitude                            -fresco bar to wrap up the festival! Chill out or
1 Raffles Place,                     dance to the mix of melodic tunes by Poland’s
Singapore 048616                     DJ Alexander Wierbiłowicz and Singapore’s DJ
                                     Mr. Has. Savour superb Belvedere vodka and an
Door opens at 18:00
                                     undisrupted 360 degree view of the city’s skyline
                                     as it lights up the sky after dusk.
35 S$ (18:00-21:00)
40 S$ (21:00 – till late)
Price includes 2 drinks
of your choice                       In partnership with

Brought to you by   Partners

With support of

Travel Partners     PolandShiok products

Venue Partners
Win a round trip
  to Poland!
         Scan the QR code and register
         at the to take
         part in the SHIOK lucky draw
         on 30 April 2019!

   2 x double round flight tickets
       Singapore –Warsaw by

  9-day “Highlights of the Baltics”
          holiday for 2 by

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