Questions for discussion - Winter Olympics 2018 - ABC

Questions for discussion - Winter Olympics 2018 - ABC
Episode 1
Questions for discussion                                                       6th February 2018

Winter Olympics 2018
   1. Discuss the BTN Winter Olympics 2018 story as a class. What points were raised in the
   2. Where are the Winter Olympics being held? Locate using Google Maps.
   3. How long did the war between North and South Korea last?
   4. What was set up to separate the two countries and stop fighting along the border?
   5. Describe the relationship between North and South Korea.
   6. Name three facts about South Korea.
   7. Who is the leader of North Korea?
   8. What is life like for North Koreans?
   9. The two countries announced they would share a _____________in the opening ceremony.
   10. What do you understand more clearly about the relationship between North and South

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Internet Safety
   1. Discuss the Internet Safety story in pairs. What points were raised in the discussion?
   2. What are terms and conditions?
   3. Accepting Facebook’s terms and conditions gives Facebook the permission to collect and
       use your personal data. True or false?
   4. Why are kids under the age of 13 banned from most social media sites?
   5. What do companies do with personal information they collect and store?
   6. Give an example of how you can stay safe and private online.
   7. Do you use social media? If so, which ones?
   8. Do you think kids under 13 should be allowed to use social media? Give reasons for your
   9. What surprised you about this story? Discuss in pairs.
   10. What did you learn while watching the Internet Safety story?

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Greenland Global Warming
   1.   Briefly summarise the Greenland Global Warming story.
   2.   Where is Greenland? Find using Google Maps.
   3.   What effect is global warming having on Greenland?
   4.   Describe the landscape of Greenland.
   5.   Greenland is one of the world’s smallest islands. True or false?
   6.   How much of Greenland is covered by ice?
            a. 8%

©ABC 2018
Questions for discussion - Winter Olympics 2018 - ABC
b. 38%
          c. 80%
   7. What is global warming? Describe using your own words.
   8. At what temperature does ice stay frozen?
   9. What affect will an increase of just one-degree Celsius have on Greenland? Think of the
       positive and negative effects.
   10. What do you understand more clearly since watching the BTN story?

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Super Blue Blood Moon
   1. What did the BTN story explain?
   2. A supermoon happens when the Earth and the moon are closer together than usual. True
       or false?
   3. The moon revolves around the_____________ in an egg-shaped orbit.
   4. About how much closer do the Earth and the moon get during a supermoon?
   5. What is a blood moon?
   6. Explain what happens during a total lunar eclipse.
   7. A blue moon is…
           a. When the full moon turns blue
           b. The second full moon in a month
           c. Another name for a lunar eclipse
   8. When will be the next Super Blue Blood Moon?
   9. Name three facts you learnt while watching the BTN story.
   10. What was surprising about this story?

   Do the quiz on the BTN website.
   Check out the Super Blue Blood Moon resource on the Teachers page.

T-shirt Design Business
   1. Discuss the story in pairs. Share your thoughts with the class.
   2. When did Sam and Deegan meet?
   3. Why did they start a t-shirt company?
   4. Where does their business name ‘Pretty Rooster’ come from?
   5. When did they launch their t-shirt business?
   6. What does ‘fly in fly out’ mean?
   7. How are Sam and Deegan funding their business?
   8. What printing process do Sam and Deegan use to make their t-shirts?
   9. What advice does Sam give to kids who would like to start their own business?
   10. What questions would you like to ask Deegan and Sam?

   Check out the T-shirt Design Business resource on the Teachers page.

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Questions for discussion - Winter Olympics 2018 - ABC
Teacher Resource                                                                                 Episode 1
                                                                                         6th February 2018
                                                                                           November 2016
Super Blue Blood Moon
1. What did the BTN story explain?                                               Students will research questions
                                                                                 they have about the moon and
2. A supermoon happens when the Earth and the moon are closer
                                                                                 learn about the phases of the
    together than usual. True or false?                                          moon.
3. The moon revolves around the_____________ in an egg-shaped orbit.
4. About how much closer do the Earth and the moon get during a
5. What is a blood moon?
                                                                                 Science – Year 5
6. Explain what happens during a total lunar eclipse.
                                                                                 The Earth is part of a system of
7. A blue moon is…                                                               planets orbiting around a star (the
      a. When the full moon turns blue                                           sun)
      b. The second full moon in a month
                                                                                 Science involves testing
      c. Another name for a lunar eclipse                                        predictions by gathering data and
8. When will be the next Super Blue Blood Moon?                                  using evidence to develop
                                                                                 explanations of events and
9. Name three facts you learnt while watching the BTN story.
10. What was surprising about this story?
                                                                                 Science – Year 7
                                                                                 Predictable phenomena on Earth,
                                                                                 including seasons and eclipses,
                                                                                 are caused by the relative
                                                                                 positions of the sun, Earth and the
Class Discussion                                                                 moon

Discuss the BTN Supermoon story as a class. Record what students know            Scientific knowledge has changed
about the moon on a mind map. What questions do they have about the              peoples’ understanding of the
moon? Use the following questions to help guide                                  world and is refined as new
                                                                                 evidence becomes available
• How big is the moon?
• How far is it from Earth to the moon?
• What is the surface of the moon like?
• Why can we see the moon?
• What is a lunar eclipse?
• What is a supermoon?

Students develop a glossary of words and terms that relate to the moon. Below are some words to get them
                   lunar            lunar eclipse          gravity               orbit

                  phase             supermoon           solar system          blue moon

©ABC 2018
Questions for discussion - Winter Olympics 2018 - ABC
Moon Research

 Define: What do I want to know?

 Key questions to research
 Students can choose one or more of the following questions or come up with their own:
    •    Why can we see the moon?
    •    What are the geographical features of the moon?
    •    What would you find on the surface of the moon?
    •    How far is the moon from the Earth and sun?
    •    How long does it take for the moon to orbit the Earth? Compare this to the time it takes for the
         Earth to orbit the sun.
    •    What is the relationship of the Earth, the Sun and the moon in space?
    •    What is a full lunar eclipse?
    •    What do the terms `perigee moon’ and `apogee moon’ mean?
    •    How does the moon affect Earth?

 Locate: Where do I find the information?
 What resources will help answer my questions? (Internet, people, resource centre, organisations,
 print). Discuss with students what a reliable source is.

 Select: What information is important for the investigation?
 Students may need support to sort through and select relevant information.

 Organise: How do I make sense of the information?
 Students can organise their research by creating main headings from their questions. Write each
 heading on a separate piece of paper. Record the information found for each question.

 Present: How do we let others know about this information?
 Each group needs to discuss then decide on the best way to present the information. Possibilities
 could include:
     • A `Did You Know’ Facts sheet
     • Infographic
     • Oral presentation
     • Prezi presentation
     • Create an infographic using Canva

 Evaluate: What have we learnt?
 Each group reflects on what they have learnt about the moon during their investigation. Students will
 reflect on their learning and respond to the following.
      • What I learned...
      • What I found surprising...

©ABC 2018
Questions for discussion - Winter Olympics 2018 - ABC
Phases of the moon
Students will explore the phases of the moon. Explain to students that only one side of the moon is lit by the
sun. As the moon orbits the Earth you see varying amounts of this half-lit face. The changing faces you see
are called phases of the moon.

Watch the ABC Splash video - An Eclipse of the Moon to find out more about the phases of the moon.
Ask students to briefly explain what is happening at each phase of the moon. Create or find an image of
each phase.

         New moon               Waxing Crescent              First Quarter           Waxing Gibbous

         Full moon               Waning Gibbous              Third Quarter          Waning Crescent

What is a supermoon?
Learn more about what a supermoon is. Watch the ABC Splash video Is the supermoon really super? Then
answer the following questions:

    •   Why should the supermoon really be called
        a perigee moon?
    •   How far away is the moon when it is closest
        to Earth?
    •   What is an apogee moon?
    •   What was an interesting or surprising fact
        you learnt watching the video?

©ABC 2018
Compare the Earth and the moon
Working in pairs, students will create a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the Earth and the moon.
Begin by brainstorming the characteristics of both the Earth and the moon. Record similarities in the
overlapping areas.

                    Earth                                                        Moon

Life on the moon
Students will investigate what it would be like to live on the moon and what would be needed to sustain
human life. Students will watch the BTN Moon Living story to help with their research.

Begin with a class brainstorm using the
following questions to guide discussion:

  •       What do you think it would be like to live
          on the moon?
  •       What are the benefits of having a space
          settlement on the moon?
  •       When planning for life on the moon what
          are some important things to think about?

Students will then need to research conditions
on the moon so they can plan and design a settlement on the moon that will sustain human life.

Research questions
   • What are the conditions like on the moon?
      •    What needs to be considered when planning a colony on the moon? For example:
               o   Water supply
               o   Atmosphere (air supply)
               o   Temperature
               o   Food Production
               o   Waste Management
               o   Gravity
      •    What materials could be used to build a space settlement

©ABC 2018
Create a Quiz
Use Kahoot! to test students’ knowledge about the moon.
Quizzes can be created to recap learning or test personal
knowledge. There is also the option to connect with
classrooms around the world and play kahoot in real time.

NASA – The Moon

ABC News – Super blue blood moon: Spectacular photos from Australia and around the world

ABC News – A beginner’s guide to the moon

ABC News - `Super blue blood moon’ to grace Australian skies in special lunar eclipse

BTN – Moon Exploration

©ABC 2018
Episode 1
Teacher Resource                                                                        6th February 2018

T-shirt Design Business
                                                                         Students will investigate the
   1.  Discuss the story in pairs. Share your thoughts with the class.
                                                                         characteristics of entrepreneurs.
   2.  When did Sam and Deegan meet?                                     Students will act and behave like
   3.  Why did they start a t-shirt company?                             entrepreneurs and create a business
   4.  Where does their business name ‘Pretty Rooster’ come from?
   5.  When did they launch their t-shirt business?
   6.  What does ‘fly in fly out’ mean?
   7.  How are Sam and Deegan funding their business?
   8.  What printing process do Sam and Deegan use to make their t-
       shirts?                                                           Economics and Business - Year 7
                                                                         Characteristics of entrepreneurs and
   9. What advice does Sam give to kids who would like to start their
                                                                         successful businesses
       own business?
   10. What questions would you like to ask Deegan and Sam?              Why and how individuals and
                                                                         businesses plan to achieve short-
                                                                         term and long-term personal,
                                                                         organisational and financial

                                                                         Economics and Business – Year 6
                                                                         How the concept of opportunity
What do you see, think and wonder?                                       cost involves choices about the
After watching the BTN T-Shirt Design Business story, respond to the     alternative use of resources and the
following questions:                                                     need to consider trade-offs

                                                                         Design and Technologies – Years
            -   What did you SEE in this video?                          Generate, develop and communicate
                                                                         design ideas and processes for
            -   What do you THINK about what you saw in this video?
                                                                         audiences using appropriate
            -   What did you LEARN from this story?                      technical terms and graphical
            -   What was SURPRISING about this story?                    representation techniques

                                                                         Design and Technologies – Years
                                                                         Generate, develop, test and
What did this story make you wonder?                                     communicate design ideas, plans
   • Think of three questions you would like to ask the kids that        and processes for various audiences
       featured in the BTN story. Remember that good questions are       using appropriate technical terms
                                                                         and technologies including graphical
       open-ended (have no right or wrong answer and can’t be            representation techniques
       answered with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’).
   • Leave a message in the comments section on the BTN T-shirt
       Design Business story page.
   • Do you have any creative ideas for a new business? Explain.

©ABC 2018
Business skills
In small groups, students will brainstorm what they know about running a business. Students will make a list
of skills and qualities that someone might need to run a successful business. Students will then share and
compare their ideas as a class. Below are some examples:
    • inventive
    • original
    • creative
    • finds opportunities
    • takes risks
    • determined
    • good at making decisions
    • finds solutions to problems
    • motivated
    • open minded
    • passionate
    • confident
    • hard worker
    • new ideas

Individually, students will then reflect and think of times
when they have demonstrated one or more of these
characteristics. Discuss in pairs.

Design your own t-shirt
What artwork would you design for a t-shirt? Students will design an artwork they would like to have printed
on a t-shirt. Consider designing an artwork that is significant to your school community. Students share their
designs with the class. Students will respond to the following once they have created their artwork:

    •   Describe your artwork giving as much detail as possible.
    •   What materials, techniques and equipment were used?
    •   What do you like or dislike about the artwork? Why?
    •   If you were to start your own t-shirt design business how would your design/s stand out from the

Case study
Explain to students how entrepreneurial behaviour contributes to business success. As a class brainstorm
examples of entrepreneurs, recording student’s responses on a mind map. They can be people in your local
community, someone you know or someone who is well-known on a global scale. Watch one or more of the
following BTN stories to learn more about young Australian entrepreneurs - Kid Business, Fairy Business,
Aged Care App, App Kid and DJ Kid.

©ABC 2018
Students will choose an entrepreneur they would like to learn more about, using the following to guide their
    • Collect stories (news articles, interviews etc) that describe their success story.
    • Explain why they started their business.
    • How did they start their business? Explain some of the challenges they faced.
    • What characteristics does your entrepreneur have?
    • What makes them a good entrepreneur?
    • What makes them different from other people in their industry?

Think and behave like an entrepreneur
In small groups, students will use entrepreneurial skills to develop a business idea and plan. Use the
following step-by-step instructions to help guide students during this activity.

 Brainstorm ideas                In small groups, imagine you are entrepreneurs and brainstorm ideas for a
                                 business. (Explain to the class that for a team to work together
                                 successfully, it takes all members of the team to respect each other’s
                                 ideas, abilities and opinions).

                                 Think about what you do well and how people use their strengths in order
                                 to be successful. Think about what you are passionate about and
                                 remember to keep your ideas simple. Finish the following sentences to
                                 help your group generate ideas.
                                     • I am passionate about...
                                     • What I enjoy doing the most is . . .
                                     • I’m really good at...

                                 After you have finished brainstorming ideas, your group will choose its
                                 strongest idea.

 Business plan                    Once your group has decided on a business idea you will need to discuss
                                  and write a business plan.

                                  Think about what a business plan is and why you think it might be
                                  important. Brainstorm and record your responses.

                                          What is a business plan? A business plan is a written document
                                          that describes an idea for a product or service and how it will
                                          make money. It includes your marketing plan as well as estimates
                                          for revenue, expenses, and how to make a profit.

                                  Write your business plan:
                                      • Follow and complete this step by step guide on how to write a
                                          business plan.
                                      •   What are your goals for your business? Set realistic goals. How
                                          will you be creative to achieve your goals? What will happen if you
                                          don’t reach these goals?

©ABC 2018
•   What equipment and supplies will you need to get started?
                                    •   Write a budget. In the next step of this project you will need to
                                        pitch your idea to your principal, to get a start-up fund of $20. Find
                                        out how much of your product you will need to sell to pay back
                                        your setup? Your challenge is to be able to pay back costs and
                                        then donate profits to a charity or your school.
                                    •   How will you be safe during the preparation, setup and running of
                                        your business?

 Reflection                     Reflect on the process by responding to the following questions.
                                    •   What worked well?
                                    •   What would you do differently next time?
                                    •   What parts of the activity did you enjoy, find challenging or find

ABC News – Young mining kids launch t-shirt brand to start conversation about fly-in-fly-out life

BTN – Kid Business

Biz Kids – Guide to writing a business plan

©ABC 2018
BTN: Episode 1 Transcript 6/2/18
You've seen her in hundreds of stories, playing such varied roles as herself, herself with different
hair and even a detective coincidentally named Amelia.

But now she has a new role. Please make her feel welcome, the new host of BTN Amelia Moseley!


Hi, Amelia here. Thank you for joining me for our first BTN of the year and officially my first as host!

I can't wait to bring you all the news you need to know in 2018!

We've got heaps of great stuff coming up, but first let's kick off the show with a quick recap of the
biggest stories from the year so far.

This Week in News

 First to monkey news. In China scientists have managed to clone two of them for the first time

Their names are Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua and researchers say they're looking healthy.

In the US, Donald Trump celebrated his first anniversary as President. Oh, and the Government
shut down for a few days when the Republicans and Democrats couldn't come to an agreement on
immigration laws.

Back home, Australian students shot up the international rankings in reading to 21st - our best
result in a decade.

The first same-sex weddings took place after it was made legal last year.

And the National Zoo welcomed some pretty adorable new arrivals!

©ABC 2018
And finally, just last week secret documents were found in two filing cabinets once used in
Parliament House.

Someone bought the cabinets from a second-hand shop and found thousands of classified pages
that had accidentally been left inside.

They were given to the ABC and last week it began publishing some of the details.

But the ABC's now agreed to return the files to the government to make sure some of the most
important secrets stay secret!

There'll also be an investigation into how the papers got lost.

Winter Olympics 2018
Reporter: Matthew Holbrook

INTRO: Okay. Our first feature today takes us to colder climates for the Winter Olympics which will
kick off later this week. But while athletes around the world put the final touches on their prep, a lot
of focus has been on the host country South Korea and its relationship with its neighbour, North
Korea. Here's why.

Australia. It's kind of a hot place most of the time, especially now, 'cause it's summer. Yet
somehow, we've got a bunch of incredible athletes who excel in sports like this and this and this,
which are generally snow, ice and or coldness-based. Fancy that.

And soon, millions of us will be tuning in to see them represent Australia at the Winter Olympics.

MATT HOLBROOK, REPORTER: Full disclosure, I’m not actually watching the Olympics. They
haven’t started yet. This is more to give you an idea of the kind of thing you might soon be doing.
Go team! Yes!

This time around, the XXIII Olympic Winter Games is taking place in PyeongChang, here in South
Korea. But just to the north is a country South Korea isn't all that close to, called North Korea. For
a long time, this whole area was just called Korea. But after the end of the Second World War,
there was a split. Each side had a very different idea about how Korea should be run. In 1950,
those political differences led to war, which lasted three years. And even after, North Korea and
South Korea have remained uncomfortably close enemies.

A demilitarised zone was set up to separate the two countries, and stop fighting along the border.
It's 4km wide and fenced, mined and constantly patrolled by soldiers from both sides. In the years
since then, the tension has remained, but both countries have changed a lot. Today, South Korea,
officially the Republic of Korea, is one of the world's wealthiest and most educated countries.

It's a democracy, and among other things, is known for being technologically advanced.

North Korea, officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, is run by this guy, Kim Jong Un.
His government controls everything, and ordinary citizens don't get a say. In fact, most North
Koreans aren't even allowed to leave the country. It's a secretive place. The media is strongly
controlled by the government, and most people don't have access to things like the internet. North

©ABC 2018
Korea has also regularly threatened other countries with war, including South Korea, the United
States and Australia.

But, both country's governments now say they are open to change, starting with the Winter
Olympics. The two announced they would share a flag in the opening ceremony. They're also
fielding a joint ice hockey team. Many are hopeful it could lead to better relations between North
and South Korea. But for now, athletes' eyes will be on winning gold, and that's what people
everywhere will be tuning in for.

Ask a Reporter
Have you got a question about the Winter Olympics? Ask me live on Friday during Ask A Reporter!

Head to our website for all the details.

And still on the subject.

How much is this Winter Olympics expected to cost?

       1 billion

       10 billion

       100 billion US Dollars

The answer is 10 billion - which is actually 5 times cheaper than the last one.

Internet Safety
Reporter: Jack Evans

INTRO: Next up. Have you ever wondered why many internet sites and services are banned for
kids under 13? Well, to mark Safer Internet Day on the 6th of February, we're going to find out
about that and some of the other rules designed to keep you safe online.

JACK: Uhmm excuse me, what do you think you're doing?

SPY: I'm just collecting data on you.

JACK: Why?

SPY: To make a profile about you, obviously!

This would be a pretty confronting situation to find yourself in. But did you know it's something that
can easily happen every time you use the internet and you might have actually said it was okay
without even realising it.

©ABC 2018
JACK: You can't just go around spying on me, taking note of my every move!

SPY: Actually, I can. It says so right here in the terms and conditions that you agreed to.

JACK: Stop that!

If you've ever agreed to terms and conditions without actually reading them you're definitely not
alone. But what's in the T & C's is actually pretty important. For some sites, like Facebook for
example, clicking this button means agreeing to a whole bunch of things. And one of them is giving
permission for Facebook to collect and use your personal information.

You see everything you post or click on through the internet can potentially be stored and
analysed. And used to sell you things or sold on to others. This practice is actually one of the big
reasons why kids under 13 are banned from most social media sites. It's all contained in a set of
American laws called The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 or COPPA. It was
created to prevent websites from turning you into a product by collecting and storing all of your
personal information. And it was introduced after research showed that kids under 13 couldn't
make an informed decision about what personal information they should keep private online. So,
while it might be frustrating, that age restriction is actually there to protect you.

But not everyone these days agrees with it. Some people say that many kids still use social media
sites by giving a false age. So, they say the best way to protect kids is to teach them from an early
age how to stay safe and private online. With lessons like:

1 - Asking before tagging someone in a picture or video.

2 - Not revealing personal information

3 - Recognise that others’ opinions will be different to yours

4 - Only say online what you'd say to someone's face.

And above all remember that someone might be watching and recording everything you do.

And our first poll this year asks how you feel about that age restriction.

To have your say, just head to our website.

Greenland Global Warming

Reporter: Ruby Cornish

INTRO: Now. Most of us have heard about the problems global warming is expected to cause in
the future. But its effects can already be seen in the cold northern hemisphere island of Greenland
where more and more ice is melting each year. There are some people happy about the change,
though. Take a look.

For most of us, ten degrees Celsius is 'stay-at-home-under-the-blankets' weather. But for kids in
this town, it means summer has arrived.

©ABC 2018
ATHENA: My name is Athena and I'm 13 years old and I like it very much here.

Athena and her friends live in Kangerlussuaq, a tiny town right here on one of the world's biggest
islands, a country called Greenland.

ATHENA: There's a lot of nature and stuff. In the summer I go rowing and kayaking or whatever
and my friends we go out camping and stuff.

Greenland has a pretty misleading name because most of it is actually white, thanks to an
enormous ice cap that covers 80 per cent. The ice cap's been around since the last ice age, more
than 11 and a half thousand years ago, but for the past decade it’s been fighting a losing battle
against global warming.

Global warming's what we call the gradual rise in the earth's temperature caused by higher levels
of carbon dioxide and other gases in earth's atmosphere. Since the 1950s, Greenland's average
temperature has risen by one and a half degrees. Now, that might not sound like much, but think
about it this way.

As you probably know, ice will stay frozen as long as it's kept at a temperature of zero degrees
Celsius or colder. An increase of just one degree will start turning it into water. That's what's
happening in Greenland. In fact, scientists say every year more than 300 billion tonnes of its ice, is
melting into the ocean.

This is Adam. He's a tour guide who visits Greenland ice cap more than 300 times every year. He's
managed to catch some pretty amazing things on camera like this, and this, and this. It looks pretty
cool, but it's actually a really bad sign.

ADAM LYBERTH: It’s a fact that the ice cap is melting and the landscape is changing. Look
around. It's happening very fast.

Adam says Greenland's even had some bushfires, which is pretty weird for a place covered in ice.
But there is another side to this warming story in Greenland. Some people are actually happy
about it. The warmer weather means warmer water, and that's meant the arrival of fish like
mackerel that usually hang out further south. It's made fishermen here very happy.

ANDREAS OLSEN: We see some higher stocks due to climate change or at least due to rising sea

And then there are some just enjoying a reprieve from the cold.

ATHENA: It will be nicer to be warmer. I could use some of that.

But while global warming might mean more fish in Greenland for a while and fewer jackets, pretty
much everyone does agree, its long-term impacts will be really damaging. Not just here, but
around the world. That's why experts say we should keep up the fight against climate change and
keep countries like Greenland looking white and frosty into the future.

©ABC 2018
Super Blue Blood Moon

Reporter: Ruby Cornish

INTRO: Last week, kids and adults all over Australia stayed up late to check out a very special
moon. It was called a super blue blood moon and it looked pretty spectacular. But how did it
happen? Here's the answer.

RUBY: Guess what tonight is?

MATT: I dunno. Your birthday?

RUBY: No, it's. You don't know when my birthday is?

MATT: What is tonight?

RUBY: Tonight is, a full moon!

MATT: Not this again.

RUBY: And you know what THAT means!

MATT: Yeah, it means you're going to try to become a werewolf, again.

RUBY: Exactly! I'll finally be able to howl at the moon and unleash the beast within!

MATT: No, you won't.

RUBY: Excuse me?

MATT: You try this literally every month and literally every month nothing happens. What makes
you think this time is going to be any different?

RUBY: Because Matthew, tonight is no ordinary full moon. Tonight, is a Super Blue Blood Moon!

MATT: What?

RUBY: There's a super moon, a blue moon AND a blood moon all on the same night!

MATT: I don't know what any of those things are.

RUBY: Well lucky you've got me.

Okay, first the supermoon part. That happens when the moon and the Earth get closer together
than usual. You see, the moon revolves around the Earth in an egg-shaped orbit like this, and
when it gets about 25 thousand kilometres closer than normal it looks much bigger and brighter,
especially as it emerges over the horizon, which makes for some pretty amazing pics.

MATT: Okay but what's with the blood moon? Sounds kinda gross.

RUBY: Speaking of gross! No, a blood moon doesn't actually have anything to do with blood.

A blood moon is a total lunar eclipse. That means the sun, the Earth and the moon all line up and
the moon goes dark as it passes through the Earth's shadow. It means not all the light from the sun

©ABC 2018
can get through the Earth to the moon. And the result; the moon starts glowing red. Again, lots of
awesome pics.

MATT: Hold on, so if a blood moon's red, I assume a blue moon is blue. So how can the moon be
red and blue at the same time? Is it purple?

RUBY: Good guess, but not quite.

You know the phrase "once in a blue moon?" It means not all that often, and that's because we
don't get blue moons all that often. Generally, there's one full moon every month, but occasionally,
two manage to squeeze in. The second one's called a blue moon. It's not actually blue, just the
usual white-yellow colour.

RUBY: So, you see Matt this is a really big deal! There hasn't been a Super Blue Blood Moon
since before you and I were born and there isn't going to be another one until 2037.

MATT: I still think it's ridiculous that you think you can transform yourself into a werewolf. Now if
you'll excuse me, I need to call my psychic and get my Super Blue Blood Moon horoscope. This is
a serious cosmic trifecta and I need to make sure my karmic energies are aligned.

RUBY: Seriously?

True or false?

Ocean tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the moon.

That is true!

The Adelaide Strikers defeated the Hobart Hurricanes to win their first big bash title thanks to an
incredible century from Jake Weatherald.

He hit eight sixes and nine fours to rack up 115 runs from just 70 balls helping the sixers to an
impressive total of 2/202.

The Hurricanes struggled to reach the total giving the strikers a 25-run win.

In the Women's Big Bash League, the Sydney Sixers defended their title with an easy win over the
Perth Scorchers.

The Sixers chased down the target of 100 runs with nine wickets and five overs to spare.

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The AFLW season has kicked off again. Around 20,000 people attended the first game of the
season; a Friday night clash between Carlton and Collingwood.

It was low scoring but Carlton came out on top 22 to 14.

PLAYER: I think last night proved that AFLW is not going anywhere and the excitement is just
going to continue to build.

And over in the US. The Philadelphia Eagles have won this year's Superbowl defeating the New
England Patriots 41 to 33.

They came in as underdogs to win their first NFL title since 1960.

The Superbowl is one of the world's biggest sporting events famous for its ads and big half time

T-shirt Design Business

Reporter: Jack Evans

INTRO: Now. Finally today. Opening a business sounds like a pretty adult thing to do. But two 12-
year old kids are proving that not only can you do it before hitting your teens - you can also be
really successful! Here's their story.

DEEGAN: Hi BTN my name is Deegan.

SAM: And my name is Sam.

BOTH: And we are the co-founders of Pretty Rooster.

DEEGAN: Well we met in year 2.

SAM: Yeah, we met in year 2 and then really became friends in year 4 when we had a project
together and we've been best friends ever since.

DEEGAN: My school nickname is Pretty boy.

SAM: And my nickname’s rooster.

DEEGAN: So, we mushed them together and got Pretty Rooster.

SAM: Well, Pretty Rooster is a T-shirt company started by Deegan and I.

DEEGAN: I've always loved drawing and Sam said one day why don't you put your drawings on a
t-shirt and get some printed and stuff so then we joined together and made t-shirts.

SAM: We launched Pretty Rooster in November 2017.

SAM: It took several months to work it out and get all the things ready for the website, and
advertisement and the printer.

©ABC 2018
SAM: The designs represent mining in one is a hard hat and one’s the boot, the steel cap boot and
we wanted to help kids connect with their parents if they're doing fly in fly out so they can both be
wearing the same t-shirt and take photos of one in the mine and one at home.

DEEGAN: So, my mum works at Heathgate and she’s a HR manager so she has to fly out every 2
weeks and stays there for a few days.

SAM: And my dad is a mining engineer and when I was very young he always did fly in fly out so
barely ever got to see him. So, he doesn't do that now, but we wanted to support kids that that is
happening in their life.

DEEGAN: We've had lots of people asking for t-shirts they want us to make and lots of orders.

SAM: It's been amazing the support we've got lots of businesses have looked into and asked for us
to design and produce a t-shirt for them.

DEEGAN: We've had about 60 orders since November.

SAM: We're funding the business all with our own pocket money and our main goal is to get our
pocket money back and we've also had to sell several things.

DEEGAN: Like I've sold my drum kit to pay off.

SAM: And I've done lots of jobs mowing the lawn going over to help my grandma. Doing lots of
things to earn money.

DEEGAN: We do wanna print on some other clothing items not just t-shirts.

SAM: Like hats and maybe ties and shirts.

SAM: And hopefully once we get really successful we'll be able to get our own printers.

SAM: Some advice for younger kids and other kids who would like to start their business is don't
just think about it you have to actually do it 'cause if you just say `Oh I should do that I should do
that’ it never gets done. That happened with us a bit so you have to actually build up the
momentum and get it going.

And that's it for today. But you can always head to our website for all of your poll voting,
commenting and teaching resource needs.

Plus, if you go there right now, you'll also see a short video about me that Matt made.

It's not particularly serious. Enjoy that and I'll see you next week for more BTN!

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