Reopening of Wood Green School in September 2020 - Information for Parents and Students

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Reopening of Wood Green School in September 2020 - Information for Parents and Students
Reopening of Wood Green School in
September 2020 – Information for
Parents and Students
Headteacher’s Introduction
Our aim is to ensure that we are implementing the national guidance for schools, whilst delivering
the best possible education. This will require some changes to our school day and you will find
detailed information that explains many of these adaptions. In making decisions, our priorities have

    1. Ensuring that students, staff and families are safe by meeting all national guidance, in
       particular the guidance regarding hygiene and separating year groups
    2. Ensuring that students do experience the full range of subjects on the curriculum, delivered
       by specialist subject teachers with access to specialist subject resources.

These two priorities can be in conflict. For example, the guidance requires year groups in secondary
schools to be kept apart. One way to achieve this would be to have each tutor group in the same
room all day with their form tutor, doing independent learning. Whilst this achieves the goal of
separating year groups, it would not enable a good quality of education and therefore this is not a
model we are adapting. Instead, we are aiming to maintain our timetable, but make changes to the
pattern of the day to minimise mixing between year groups of students.

Our model does rely on the full cooperation of everyone: students, families and staff. We have been
pleased that all of our year 10 and 12 students in school this term have followed all guidance to the
letter and school has felt a calm and safe place. We now expect all students to show similar respect;
our Behaviour Policy will continue in the new year and students must play their part in supporting
the changes necessary to deliver a good quality of education without needing more restrictions. We
will apply serious consequences if students are behaving in a way that is unsafe. One way to help
prevent this will be for parents and carers to go through the information in this guide, to give
students better understanding of what they will need to do in September. I hope you can see why
we have had to make the changes that we have made and will be fully supportive of them. We will
continue to keep you informed of additional changes into the new term.

I am looking forward to having all of our students back on Thursday 3rd September at 8.25am. Years
8, 9, 10, 11 and 13 should go straight to their tutor rooms when they arrive in school; year 7 should
go to the hall and year 12 should go to the 6th Form Centre. Tutor rooms are given in the following
details. Although the school day will not be totally the same, I am confident that we will all pull
together as we have done in lockdown and maintain our school spirit and values, giving our students
the best chance to succeed as learners and people next year.

With best wishes

Mr R Shadbolt

V1 15th July 2021
Reopening of Wood Green School in September 2020 - Information for Parents and Students
1. Principles
       Students will have access to the full broad and balanced curriculum
       Students will experience teaching from specialist teachers
       Students will have specialist facilities in practical subjects including Science, Drama, Art, D&T
        and PE

Safety - All Government guidance will be met, including:
       Year groups will be kept apart as a minimum, including at break times
       Key surfaces and equipment will be cleaned between uses
       Staff will remain 2m from students when in classrooms as far as possible

    2. General Safety
       Students will follow the guidance around hygiene that will appear on posters round the
       Students will clean their hands with soap and water or sanitizer regularly. Sanitizer will be
        available around the school and in classrooms. Students are encouraged to bring their own
        variety from home.
       Outside of classrooms, students will social distance, including moving around the site. Students
        will behave calmly and respectfully around the site at all times; this includes not shouting as
        this has been one identified source of increasing the risk of transmission.
       The limit on class size has been lifted. Students will share desks, but, in all rooms, desks will be
        facing forwards to reduce the chance of transmission of the virus and ventilation increased.
        Activities in lessons will be planned that do not involve group work.
       Masks are not required in a school setting according to national guidance and we encourage
        students not to wear them based on this guidance. However, if a parent/carer feels strongly
        that a child requires a mask, parents must ensure that their child has the necessary equipment
        to follow the national advice on wearing a mask. For students who learn at Abingdon and
        Witney College or Henry Box School, we are taking advice on the need to wear a mask and will
        contact parents separately.

    3. If a student or household member displays symptoms of Covid-
In the event that a student shows symptoms of COVID-19 whilst at school they will be taken to the
First Aid Room and their parent/carer will be contacted to collect them from school. It is the
responsibility of the parent/carer to organise testing and to then provide the results to school as
soon as they are available. To book a test please use the link below.

Should a member of your household show symptoms of COVID-19 please keep your child at home
and contact the school immediately. The main symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) are:

V1 15th July 2021
   a high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not
            need to measure your temperature)
           a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more
            coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)
           a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you've noticed you cannot
            smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal
    Should the school experience a positive tested student or staff member we will be guided by Public
    Health England to next steps.

        4. Behaviour and Welfare
    Our Behaviour Policy will continue to operate in September. Our three rules: Safe, Respectful and
    Ready to Learn cover the behaviour that we expect from all students specifically related to Covid-19.
    By following the new arrangements that we have put in place, students will keep themselves and
    others safe. As always, if a student does not behave in a way that is safe to others, consequences will
    be applied, including excluding students from school if necessary. I am sure the whole community
    will support the high importance of excellent behaviour in particular as we reopen school.

    The school is keen to work with any family who anticipates any issues regarding their child returning
    to school. Please contact your child’s form tutor if you have any concerns.

        5. Arrivals
           School will not be open to students until 8.10am
           We recognise that some students rely on the restaurant breakfast provision. Therefore the
            restaurant will be open before school. However, this presents a mixing of year group risk on
            school site. Therefore, the restaurant will serve pre-ordered food only before school. Only
            students collecting food will use the restaurant before school. Food will be eaten in the
            restaurant or put in their bags for later. Information on how to pre-order food will be sent
            out at a later date.
           On arrival, students will go straight to their form rooms unless they are collecting food from
            the restaurant.
           The tutor rooms for 2020-21 are:

Head of Year 7: Miss Francis
              Tutor Group                                    Name of Tutor                     Tutor Room
Cornbury      7HMS                                           Miss Smy                          B22
Cornbury      7NP                                            Ms Palmer                         S3
Cornbury      7SJB                                           Mr Burge                          A18
Cornbury      7ER                                            Miss Roberts                      N3
Wychwood 7LJR                                                Mr Rasdall                        B24
Wychwood 7JKC                                                Mrs Cobb                          B1
Wychwood 7JMM                                                Mr Miller                         N9
Wychwood 7SR                                                 Mr Roberts                        A7

    V1 15th July 2021
Head of Year 8: Mr Atkins
              Tutor Group         Tutor Group   Name of Tutor                 Tutor Room
              2020/21             2019/20
Cornbury      8PDJ                7PDJ          Mr Jones                      N15
Cornbury      8SDA                7SDA          Mr Adams                      N10
Cornbury      8WJH                7WJH          Mr Heppell                    S6
Cornbury      8DL                 7DL           Mrs Lawrence/Miss             N12
Wychwood       8AW                7AW           Mrs Morgan/Mrs Ward           B3
Wychwood 8IGM                     7IGM          Mr McInally                   B11
Wychwood 8ZOD                     7ZOD          Miss Denton                   P5
Wychwood 8SEH                     7SEH          Mr Hoggard                    A6
Head of Year 9: Miss Billington
              Tutor Group         Tutor Group   Name of Tutor                 Tutor Room
              2020/21             2019/20
Cornbury      9MFP                8MFP          Miss Farjadpour               A15
Cornbury      9CMS                8CMS          Mrs Stokes (Tu, W, Th & Fr)   Hobday Studio
                                                Dr Willis(M)                  N13
Cornbury       9CC                8CC           Mr Curtis                     S2
Wychwood       9ELB               8ELB          Mrs Breakspear                N4
Wychwood       9HRP               8HRS          Mrs Parsons/Mr Amuah-         A14
Wychwood 9NJP                     8NJP          Mrs Pantaleo                  A13
Wychwood 9HLE                     8HLE          Miss Evans                    S4
Head of Year 10: Miss Dobson
              Tutor Group         Tutor Group   Name of Tutor                 Tutor Room
              2020/21             2019/20
Cornbury      10DOR               9DOR          Mr Robinson                   A19
Cornbury      10CLL               9CLL          Mrs Laughlin                  M1
Cornbury      10JS                9JS           Mrs Slater                    N5
Wychwood 10CVG                    9CVG          Miss Groves                   S7
Wychwood 10JPW                    9JPW          Mrs Ward                      N14
Wychwood 10HLW                    9HLW          Mrs Whittaker                 B15
Head of Year 11: Mr Gosnell
              Tutor Group         Tutor Group   Name of Tutor                 Tutor Room
              2020/21             2019/20
Cornbury      11DJW               10DJW         Ms Williams                   N2
Cornbury      11HS                10HS          Mrs Smith                     N7
Cornbury      11TJW               10TJW         Mr Woodhead                   S1
Wychwood 11ECD                    10ECD         Ms D’Arcy                     A21

    V1 15th July 2021
Wychwood        11SCH                10SCH                   Dr Howard                          A17
Wychwood        11SRD                10SRD                   Mr Dashwood                        D1

             Sixth Form Tutors 2020/21
          Head of Sixth Form: Mr Armstrong         Assistant Head of Sixth Form: Mrs Jones

                  Tutor Group                  Name of Tutor                           Tutor Room
Year 12
                  12LMD                        Mr Day                                  B13
                  12GJD                        Mr Davies                               S5
                  12LCG                        Ms Carew-Gibson                         A11
                  12JFCW                       Mrs Franklin (M, Th, F)                 A16
                                               Ms Wolfe (W)                            B25
                  12SRJ                        Mrs Jones                               N11
Year 13
                  13ASR                        Ms Rose                                 SR
                  13SE                         Mrs Enright                             B23
                  13LMB                        Miss Bizos                              S8
                  13KS                         Ms Shayler                              N8

          6. Break and Lunchtime
   Breaktime in its current form cannot be managed. Therefore the day plan will incorporate more,
   shorter breaks to allow for students to move between classrooms, to use the toilet and eat snacks
   and for staff to have a short break. The restaurant will not be open at break times. Therefore
   students should bring any snacks and water from home.

   As per the national guidance, toilets can be used by all year groups as currently. Cleaning of toilets
   will be further increased. Students are expected to use these facilities respectful of others and to
   follow all guidance regarding hand washing.

   Lunchtime will be staggered, meaning that only a third of the school will be on lunch at any one
   time. Period 4 will run from 12.15 to 1.45, with all students taking a 30 min lunchtime in this period.

   V1 15th July 2021
Some students therefore will have a spilt lesson, with two half hour sessions and lunch in between.
During the lunch period, each year group will have an indoor base in poor weather or a designated
area of the field in good weather. The restaurant will provide a limited menu and details of how this
will be accessed will be sent out at a later date. These are the only areas where students are
permitted during their lunch break. The table below shows when each year group will have their
lunch and where their indoor base is.

                                                   Restaurant           Hall          6th Form CR
 Lunch during A           Years 7, 10 and 13           10                7                 13
 Lunch during B           Years 8 and 9                 9                8
 Lunch during C           Years 11 and 12              11                                  12

On a Wednesday, year 11s who have no afternoon commitment will be able to leave at 1.15pm. Year
11s with an afternoon commitment or who are waiting for transport will be able to stay for lunch as
normal on a Wednesday.

    7. Timings of the school day
The timetable for the day will be:

All days except Wednesday

                           8.25am         All students on site
                           8.30am         Tutor time begins
                           8.45am         Movement to period 1
                           8.50am         PERIOD 1
                           9.50am         Short break to allow movement to
                                          period 2
                           10am           PERIOD 2
                           11am           Short break to allow movement to
                                          period 3
                           11.10am        PERIOD 3
                           12.10-12.15    Short break to allow movement to
                                          period 4/designated lunch area
                           12.15pm –      PERIOD 4 and Lunch – see section 6
                           1.50pm         PERIOD 5
                           2.50pm         Home/ Restorative
                                          conversations/Study support

V1 15th July 2021

                           8.25am            All students on site
                           8.30am            Tutor time begins
                           8.45am            Movement to period 1
                           8.50am            PERIOD 1
                           9.50am            Short break to allow movement to
                                             period 2
                           10am              PERIOD 2
                           11am              Short break to allow movement to
                                             period 3
                           11.10am           PERIOD 3
                           12.10-12.15       Short break to allow movement to
                                             period 4/designated lunch area
                           12.10pm –         PERIOD 4 and Lunch – see section 6
                           1.50pm            Home/ Restorative
                                             conversations/Study support
                                             PERIOD 5 for some students

    8. Movement around the site
Movement around the site presents a key area of risk to our principle of segregating year groups. To
reduce mixing in corridors, the school will follow a ‘One-way system’, with one-way routes between
all zones of school set up. This may sometimes involve a longer route than previously. All students,
unless there are exceptional circumstances, will be expected to follow these routes and behave
respectfully towards others. The routes will be clearly communicated to students at the start of

Teachers will be outside their classrooms in the corridor between every lesson to manage the flow
of students. Wherever possible, students will enter straight into their next lesson without mingling in
the corridors. In addition, each block will have an outside area which can be used for classes to line
up before lessons and then be brought in.

    9. Sharing of classrooms and resources
Teachers will not be able to lend equipment to students and therefore all students will be asked to
bring an essential list of equipment:

Essential Equipment – this full set can be purchased through the school Parent Pay system at a
reduced cost of £3

Pencil case with the following included:

       Pen (preferably including a spare)
       Pencil
       Ruler
       Sharpener
       Rubber
       Green pen
       Highlighter

V1 15th July 2021
 Protractor
     Compass
     Safety scissors
     Glue stick
We will provide every child with a mini whiteboard and pen in September for them to use during
lessons. They will need to bring it to school every day in their bag along with their pencil case.

The following are not compulsory for students but parents may wish their child to have these:

       30cm ruler (the one we provide in our £3 kit is 15cm long)
       Coloured pencils
       A mixture of highlighters

We recommend, where possible, that students have these pieces of equipment for specific subjects

      Art – 2B pencil, Black Broad liner pen, Black Fine liner pen
      English – mini dictionary
      MfL – German/French mini dictionary
      Drama – non-slip socks: Totes, slipper socks or the socks that are worn in places like ‘Free
       Dog’ or ‘Jump’ (the trampoline parks)
    PE – Waterproof training top (students may wish to bring their own badminton racket or
       hockey stick as options come up)
    Maths (not year 7) – please bring in last year’s Maths book for the first Maths lesson
We recommend that your child uses a rucksack as a school bag to bring their equipment to school.

Any specialist resources needing to be shared will be cleaned or quarantined for 48 hours (72 if
plastic). Departments will be responsible for minimising the amount of shared resources between

Subjects with a high amount of practical content will adjust their teaching to ensure students and
staff remain safe. PE is covered separately in section 10.

    10.         PE lessons
We are planning for PE to continue in September and students will be expected to wear PE kit for
their PE lessons. We will continue to monitor national guidance about safe practices in sport during
the summer and issue more information regarding PE during the summer.

    11.         End of the Day – Departures
Unless they have a restorative conversation, study support or an approved afterschool activity (see
11), all students will leave the site at 2.50pm or get onto their buses (1.50pm on a Wednesday). We
will manage the release of students to minimise mixing.

    12.         Afterschool Activities
Restorative Conversations and Study Support
These are a key part of our Behaviour Policy and will continue in September. The venue will change
to create a separate venue for each year group. These will be explained to students in September.

V1 15th July 2021
Afterschool extracurricular activities
Sadly, many of our usual extra-curricular clubs will not be able to run in September. This definitely
includes all music ensembles, which are not permitted in the government guidance because of the
increased chance of transmission through singing and playing instruments.

We will review what activities we can run in September safely and communicate these to students
and parents/carers.

We will run some afterschool subject clinics for students from September on a year group basis.
Students attending these should go straight to these activities.

    13.           Travelling to school
    •     School buses are organised by Oxfordshire County Council. OCC will be contacting families
          new to Wood Green, and who are eligible for a school bus, with details of where and when
          pick-ups will take place. OCC will contact any current families if there are any changes to
          their bus arrangements. It may be that students are asked to sit in a particular place on the
          bus. We expect all students to cooperate politely with all requests that are put in place to
          keep them and others safe. The details for contacting OCC transport are:


                  Tel     01865 323500

Students travelling by public bus must comply with any national requirements for use of public bus
travel and for safely managing the use of masks. It is up to parents to ensure that their child meets
these requirements.

Students walking to school should observe social distancing to keep themselves and others safe.

Parents may choose to bring their child to school by car. We are supportive of this, but do ask
parents not to drop off children or wait on the road leading down to our main gate. Also, parents
should note that the school gates are shut between 2.45pm and 3.10pm (an hour earlier on a
Wednesday) so arrangements to meet your child off site after school should be made. Some parents
use the car park near the shops and community centre on Madley Park as a good meeting spot with
lots of parking which is a short walk from school. There are very limited waiting places anywhere on
Woodstock Road.

        Guidance can change at any time and all the above will need to be adapted accordingly.

We have been asked to provide for parents additional guidance from OCC regarding Travelling to
School and also Public Health England regarding safety information. These are on the following

V1 15th July 2021
V1 15th July 2021
V1 15th July 2021
V1 15th July 2021
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