Report on the year 2017 - AG Kurzfilm

Report on the year 2017 - AG Kurzfilm

AG Kurzfilm – German Short Film Association Report on the year 2017 1 Report on the year 2017 AG Kurzfilm was founded in May 2002 and represents the interests of German short film throughout Germany. Its members are film festivals, film and art schools, short film distribution and sales companies as well as institutions of the film and cinema industry. Currently (April 2018) the association has 44 members. The aim is to improve the public perception of German short films at home and abroad. The Federal Association also sees itself as a service centre for filmmakers and producers of short films and for various short film institutions, but also as a point of contact for politics, the film industry, cinemas and film festivals.

Film policy lobbying is aimed at improving the conditions for short film with regard to production, exploitation and distribution and at strengthening the position of short film within the film industry. AG Kurzfilm has been a shareholder of German Films since 2004 and is a member of the Board of Directors of the German Federal Film Board (FFA), where it is committed to improving the legal framework for the production, screening, distribution and sale of short films. The second important component of the work of the Federal Association is the marketing of German short film production at home and abroad.

Among the diverse promotion and marketing activities is the annual short film catalogue German Short Films with a current selection of 100 German short films. In addition, various preview DVDs support the appearances of AG Kurzfilm at international film festivals and film markets in ClermontFerrand, Berlin, Cannes and Annecy as well as at national cinema fairs. As a further service, an online catalogue offers over 700 short films for festivals, curators and media educators to view.

The association, with its very complex tasks, works for the entire short film industry and expressly does not limit itself to the support of its members. The office of AG Kurzfilm has been based in Dresden since its foundation in 2002. The majority of activities are coordinated and organised from here. The AG Kurzfilm:  provides the short film with a seat and voice in the national committees of film policy and film promotion.  is the point of contact for short film issues relating to film funding legislation.  is a promotion and coordination centre for German short film.  supports national and international festivals, film institutes, cinemas and other exploiters with technical information, film and programme proposals on German short film.

informs the short film scene about the general funding situation, current funding instruments as well as distribution and sales opportunities.  represents German short film on national and international film markets, trade fairs and industry events.

arranges contacts and offers a wide range of services.  develops new concepts for the presentation and evaluation of short films in close cooperation with the media and cinema industry. AG Kurzfilm is a member of the "Netzwerk Kultur Dresden", an open and interdisciplinary network founded in autumn 2014, an association of more than 60 independent cultural institutions and initiatives. The network is committed to fair working conditions in the cultural sector and greater transparency in cultural policy. Together with cultural institutions of the

Report on the year 2017 - AG Kurzfilm

AG Kurzfilm – German Short Film Association Report on the year 2017 2 municipality, the state and the creative industries, the Netzwerk Kultur Dresden promotes civic engagement and the culture of democratic discourse.

In this way, opportunities are created to jointly develop visions for future coexistence in the city of Dresden. Since the end of February 2017, AG Kurzfilm has been a member of the German Media Council - Film, Broadcasting and Audiovisual Media of the German Cultural Council. Overview of the 2017 Financial Year Overall, 2017 was also an extremely labour-intensive year for AG Kurzfilm. Important areas of work included the coordination of the sixth nationwide KURZFILMTAG, the cinema tour of the German Short Film Award and film market appearances in ClermontFerrand, Berlin, Cannes and Annecy.

The Federal Association of German Short Film (Bundesverband Deutscher Kurzfilm) also impresses with its diverse, broadly effective and high-quality products and projects (see following individual presentation) as well as with its comprehensive services (e.g. individual advice for filmmakers, support and research on short film-specific topics).

In the fifteenth year of its existence, AG Kurzfilm was able to maintain its position as an important contact in the film and cinema industry, for film policy and as a direct contact for filmmakers and actors in the short film scene. Cooperation with German Films The cooperation with German Films has also been very positive in 2017. There is a very good, collegial relationship with the colleagues in Munich, which is indispensable for the jointly implemented projects. Particularly noteworthy is the cooperation with Martin Scheuring as contact person for the short film sector. The joint measures were successfully continued.

General Meetings and Board Three general meetings were held in 2017 (schedule on p. 22 of the report). In 2017, the board continued to consist of Alexandra Gramatke, Eva Steegmayer and Andrea Wink.

Committee Work Jana Cernik was  member of the Film Advisory Board of the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony  member of the FFA Board of Directors  member of the Innovation and Structural Commission of the FFA  member of the Supervisory Board of German Films Service + Marketing GmbH  representative of AG Kurzfilm at the shareholders' meeting of German Films Service + Marketing GmbH Jutta Wille represented the AG Kurzfilm in the  Network Culture Dresden  German Media Council - Film, Broadcasting and Audiovisual Media of the German Cultural Council Alexandra Gramatke (Member of the Board)  European Affairs Committee of the FFA

Report on the year 2017 - AG Kurzfilm

AG Kurzfilm – German Short Film Association Report on the year 2017 3 Activities and Projects 2017 1. Film Political Lobby Work With a seat on the Board of Directors of the German Federal Film Board, AG Kurzfilm has represented the interests of the German short film scene on the FFA committees since 2004. Jana Cernik has held this position in the highest body of the film industry since 2013, where she represents the interests of the short film industry. She is also a member of the Commission for Innovation and Structural Issues of the FFA, the Commission for Guidelines and the Commission for International Cooperation and EU Film Issues.

Her deputy is Alexandra Gramatke (Member of the Executive Board of AG Kurzfilm and Managing Director of the KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg). Jana Cernik is also a member of the Supervisory Board of German Films Service + Marketing GmbH.

AG Kurzfilm is the contact for the BKM and the German Federal Film Board (FFA) for all matters concerning short film funding and the short film scene. Representatives of the Federal Association regularly take part in forums and discussions on the FFG amendments. One of the aims of film policy lobbying is to improve the funding conditions for short films with regard to production, exploitation and distribution. 1.1 Short Film on Television One focus of the film policy work in 2017 was on the presence of short films on public television. In September 2017, the first official meeting between representatives of ARD and ARTE and the short film scene took place.

In a dialogue lasting several hours, editors spoke with creative people, festivals and distributors about the current production and exploitation situation of the German short film as well as possible steps to improve it. The talks are to be continued in 2018 with concrete focal points.

In July 2017, AG Kurzfilm took a stand on the telemedia mandate of the public broadcasting service. They mainly argued against the automatic screening of short films in the media libraries of public broadcasters over a longer period of time, while at the same time prices per minute for licences fell. 1.2 Questions on Copyright / Film Use in Teaching In May 2017, AG Kurzfilm also issued a statement on the amendment of the Copyright Knowledge Society Act. This criticised the fact that, according to the draft, short films of less than 5 minutes are regarded as "works of minor scope" and that according to § 60a they may be used freely in teaching and learning.

This means that there is no copyright protection for these works for use within this framework.

AG Kurzfilm is also a partner of the "Films in Class" initiative, which provides tips on how teachers can use films in class without taking any risks on the website. There you will find information on copyright in schools and the most important sources for suitable films. 1.3 Lobbying for Cultural Policy AG Kurzfilm is a member of "Netzwerk Kultur Dresden", a network of more than 60 independent cultural institutions and initiatives founded in 2014. The network is committed to fair working conditions in the cultural sector and greater transparency in cultural policy.

Together with cultural institutions of the municipality and the state as well as the creative industries, the Netzwerk Kultur Dresden promotes civic engagement and the culture of

Report on the year 2017 - AG Kurzfilm

AG Kurzfilm – German Short Film Association Report on the year 2017 4 democratic discourse. In this way, opportunities are created to jointly develop visions for future coexistence in the city of Dresden. From 22 to 23 September 2017, 180 guests, including 55 from Dresden's competitor cities Chemnitz, Hanover, Hildesheim, Kassel, Koblenz, Magdeburg, Mannheim and Nuremberg, met in the Kulturpalast Dresden for the "Competitors' Conference". Numerous representatives of Dresden's cultural institutions were also present. This conference was largely prepared and carried out by the Netzwerk Kultur.

The questions that particularly interested the independent scene were: Which chances, risks / hopes, fears / possible (positive as well as negative) side effects can there be - especially for the independent scene, for the cultural institutions - in the application process? It was not primarily a question of the viewpoint of individual organisations, but of a comprehensive viewpoint. Which tasks or obligations can or will the independent scene and the cultural institutions or the other cultural actors perform in their own interest when applying for the Capital of Culture? What if the bid is accepted? What lasting effects can or should the application phase or the title have on the independent scene / cultural institutions?

The documentation of the conference: df 2. Representation of the Interests of the Short Film in Germany The daily work of the office determines the tasks of coordination, presentation as well as the implementation of various projects with national or international relevance and networking for the industry. The majority of publications are aimed at both national and international target groups. 2.1 „Short Film to the Cinema!“ The overriding goal of this work focus is to get more cinema operators interested in the screening of short films.

The AG Kurzfilm has set itself the task of informing cinemas about the FFA's screening subsidies for short films as supporting films. We have observed with particular interest how the new funding for short film programmes is accepted within the cinema industry. The latest figures from the FFA have shown that support for short films as supporting films is now well underway: Since 2015 the figures have increased annually. In 2015, € 142,683.00 was paid out to short film funding for 123 screens; in 2016, 153 screens received € 181,480.00; for 2017, the figures increased to 185 screens and € 227,677.00 respectively.

Since 2017, it has also been possible to have the screening of short film programmes supported by the FFA. In the course of the first year, 77 cinemas took advantage of this opportunity and received a total of € 75,523.00 in funding. In order to make the cinemas even more aware of the current short film offers of the distributors and the AG Kurzfilm, representatives of the AG Kurzfilm attended the Filmtheaterkongress KINO 2017, which took place for the second time in Karlsruhe. As part of the Independent Trade Show and with an exhibition stand, AG Kurzfilm used the congress to draw attention to the diverse possibilities for the use of short films in cinemas.

The short films awarded with the SHORT TIGER by the FFA in spring in Berlin were also presented in Karlsruhe. With the presentation of the award winners at the meeting of the film theatres, AG Kurzfilm, together with its partners FFA, German Films and HDF, would like to inspire the cinema operators for the KURZFILM in KINO and encourage them to give short film (back) its place on the big screen as an independent form of art and entertainment.

Report on the year 2017 - AG Kurzfilm

AG Kurzfilm – German Short Film Association Report on the year 2017 5 In autumn, the Filmkunstmesse Leipzig was once again an important station in the activities to bring the short film to the big screen. For the third time, a workshop offered by AG Kurzfilm took place as part of the Filmkunstmesse. Under the motto "Der Mix Macht's - Kurzfilmvielfalt im Kino" three cinema operators reported on their experiences with short films in the cinema on 26 September: Jens Schneiderheinze (Cinema & Kurbelkiste, Münster), Matthias Damm (Casablanca, Nuremberg) and Chris Poelmann (zeise kino, Hamburg).

About 30 cinema operators used the opportunity to get ideas for their own cinema work from their colleagues with short film experience. For AG Kurzfilm Anne-Kathrin Roßner introduced the KURZFILMTAG, Sandra Wehler reported on "Wir zeigen's Euch", the young project of the KURZFILMTAG and Franziska Kache informed about the KURZ.FILM.TOUR. Traditionally, the annual test of supporting films also took place in Leipzig. In cooperation with interfilm Berlin and the KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg, the AG Kurzfilm presented a programme of short films that were particularly suitable as supporting films. The aim was to get the cinema industry and the audience enthusiastic about short films as supporting films.

The audience was asked to choose its favourite. The winner of the evening was LIE DETECTOR by Paul Emerson from interfilm Berlin.

2.2. Short Film Award SHORT TIGER AG Kurzfilm has been involved in the FFA working group for the SHORT TIGER competition since 2010 and has achieved an opening for the independent scene. German Films and FFA have combined their commitment to German short film and have been jointly presenting the SHORT TIGER NEXT GENERATION programme since 2011. AG Kurzfilm was also responsible for the screening and coordination of submissions from the independent scene for the 2017 award ceremony. A pre-selection of the 10 best short films, which are particularly suitable for use in the cinema, was handed over to the jury in January 2017.

In spring 2017, the SHORT TIGER winners were awarded and presented in Berlin and could afterwards be booked via KurzFilmAgentur.

Report on the year 2017 - AG Kurzfilm

AG Kurzfilm – German Short Film Association Report on the year 2017 6 2.3. Sixth Nationwide SHORT FILM DAY In 2017 the SHORT FILM DAY took place for the sixth time throughout Germany on 21 December. As in previous years, AG Kurzfilm was the driving force behind this nationwide event. The sixth SHORT FILM DAY once again featured innovations and highlights: for the fourth time, Minister of State for Culture Monika Grütters assumed patronage.

For the third time the young project "Wir zeigen's Euch!" took place within the framework of the KURZFILMTAG, which was aimed especially at young people and had the goal of planning and carrying out events together with young people for the SHORT FILM DAY.

Prominent ambassadors told for the third time in personal video messages about their relationship to the short format 2017: Musician Romano, actress Jasna Fritzi Bauer, allrounder Meret Becker, TV chef Ole Plogstedt and actors Benno Führmann and Louis Hofmann. An important concern of the SHORT FILM DAY is to inspire organizers nationwide and especially in structurally weak areas, far away from the short film centers of the metropolises, for this short and versatile film art form. The sixth SHORT FILM DAY, with its "next door" focus, concentrated on neighbourhoods and coexistence - both small and large - with all the opportunities, but also conflicts.

A specially developed campaign attracted attention.

The motif of the lawn mower mowing along a red cinema curtain took up this year's theme "next door" in a humorous way. It stands symbolically for the neighborly community, its peculiarities, bizarreities, and thus sums up the multi-layered, wide-ranging theme. The motif was made public with posters and postcards. The late summer marked the beginning of nationwide media coverage of the SHORT FILM DAY in daily, weekly and monthly publications, on Internet platforms and on radio and television. For the SHORT FILM DAY 2017, exclusive film programmes and pre-films for current cinema releases were offered at special conditions.

The organizers were able to choose from 22 finished short film programs.

AG Kurzfilm actively searched for organisers, arranged contacts, networked programme providers, cinemas and filmmakers and coordinated uniform advertising and press relations. All events were advertised on the homepage and on Facebook. The AG Kurzfilm team was available to answer all the organisers' questions about the SHORT FILM DAY. Increasing numbers of participating organisers attested to the sustained interest in the SHORT FILM DAY. A total of 284 events took place in 2017. The press response was also very positive: 712 reports on television, radio, print and online were counted between September and December, Arte ("Kurzschluss"), several third TV and radio programmes (MDR, Sächsische Zeitung, BR, NDR), in the taz, the Süddeutsche Zeitung of the Berliner Zeitung, at FOCUS Online and ZEIT ONLINE.

A summary of the KURZFILMTAG 2017 with facts and figures can be found at

Report on the year 2017 - AG Kurzfilm

AG Kurzfilm – German Short Film Association Report on the year 2017 7 2.4 Short Film Service, Advice, Coordination: As a point of contact for short film makers, institutions, and production companies, the office of the AG Kurzfilm offers comprehensive advice on all questions relating to short films. This includes information on film funding and applications, information on short film exploitation, the facilitation of contacts for programme enquiries from national and international organisers as well as advice and support for young filmmakers.

The provision of industry information, the active organisation of and participation in forums and initiatives are just as much a part of the tasks as the communication of film policy events and funding decisions. We offer a range of assistance for festival submissions and deadlines for submissions for funding: In November 2017 the eleventh edition of the printed annual calendar (see point c) with dates of German and international festivals for the coming year was published. In addition, current festival dates and deadlines are published regularly on For years, this field of activity has also included coordinating the submission of proposals for the German Short Film Award by members of the Federal Association.

In 2017, a total of 112 short films were submitted to the BKM by AG Kurzfilm.

a) Short Film Catalogue and Preview DVD „German Short Films“ The short film catalogue "German Short Films", the fourteenth edition of which was published in 2017, is the most established publication of AG Kurzfilm. The catalogue presents 100 of the most interesting current German short films, is bilingual throughout and has an extensive service section with various contacts of German short film institutions in an annually updated address directory. The pre-selection is coordinated by the office and made by the members of the association.

Every year, a new jury of association members is appointed to compile the final selection of the 100 short films.

The catalogue traditionally premieres at the short film festival in Clermont-Ferrand. Since 2006, the catalogue has been published with a preview DVD, which again includes a selection of 14 films in 2017. This film selection is made by the jury, which also supervises the selection for the short film catalogue. The AG Kurzfilm office is responsible for coordinating the production of the DVDs and the short film catalogue. The preview DVD is intended exclusively for specialist audiences, such as festival curators and buyers. Since 2010 an additional DVD with films especially suitable for children and young people has been released.

This was AG Kurzfilm's response to numerous requests from children's and youth festivals.

The catalogue is sent free of charge to national and international film institutes, festivals, multipliers as well as cultural institutes, distribution and sales companies, buyers and television stations. It is also presented at film markets, festivals and other important industry events. Filmmakers who receive travel expense support from AG Kurzfilm (see point 3.4) take the catalogue and other information materials from AG Kurzfilm with them to international festivals, thus acting as ambassadors for German short film and expanding AG Kurzfilm's network.

Report on the year 2017 - AG Kurzfilm

AG Kurzfilm – German Short Film Association Report on the year 2017 8 b) Viewing module „Online Preview“ In addition to the print edition, a database-driven web application of the catalogue is created.

Via the viewing module "Online-Preview", 708 films from the 2007-2018 short film catalogues are currently available on the website. The online preview via streaming technology is password-protected and is aimed primarily at the film industry, in particular festival makers, programme designers, film journalists, cinema operators, TV and rights buyers or representatives of institutions. It offers, for example, the possibility of researching current German short films by director, year, genre, title and length. Since 2010, there has been a separate viewing facility for media educators and representatives of educational institutions, for which approximately 450 films are currently available.

c) Festival calendar Since 2006, the AG Kurzfilm festival calendar has been published with the support of German Films. Since then, it has developed into a popular tool in the film industry, both as a wall calendar and in its digital version. It presents the dates and submission deadlines of over 150 short film festivals and festivals with short film competitions worldwide in a clear and concise format. The dates are supplemented by the web addresses of the festivals. The calendar can be ordered in printed form from AG Kurzfilm and can also be downloaded from The calendar will be published in mid-November and sent to the late autumn festivals (exground Wiesbaden, interfilm Berlin, Kasseler Dokfest) for distribution.

Each festival represented on the calendar will receive a specimen copy. The majority of the calendars will be distributed at the film markets in Clermont-Ferrand and Berlin and sent free of charge to interested parties on request.

d) Short Film Portal „“ The bilingual short film portal has existed since 2001 as a service and news portal for the international short film scene. AG Kurzfilm and the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen have been partners and joint operators of the online short film portal since October 2004. This partnership was terminated at the end of 2014 by the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen. In February 2015, the AG Kurzfilm members' meeting decided that should continue to operate as a short film portal. Since autumn 2015, AG Kurzfilm has been the sole publisher of the short film portal.

The structure of the portal was simplified as part of a complete relaunch at the end of 2015: via the four categories MAGAZINE, PORTRAIT, NEWS and SERVICE, users have direct access to the most important categories. The service area has been equipped with new search functions and a more user-friendly appointment area so that users can search for festivals in specific regions. 2017 was the second year in which was published completely under the direction of AG Kurzfilm with the new concept. In addition to reports from Germany, also focuses on international news and topics, even though the former division into a German and an international section was abolished.

In its in-depth articles, the Short Film Magazine picks up on current trends and developments and is an important working tool for all short film makers. In portraits, interesting filmmakers are presented who express themselves again and again or exclusively in short film over a longer period of time. The MAGAZINE section will continue to be filled with new articles, analyses and background reports every three months, as will a new PORTRAIT. To each quarter update a newsletter is dispatched in German and English language at presently approx. 650 subscribers, in which the newest articles are introduced with a short teaser.

Report on the year 2017 - AG Kurzfilm

AG Kurzfilm – German Short Film Association Report on the year 2017 9 A list of the festival successes of German short films is updated monthly. The calendar section, which provides an overview of festival dates and deadlines, lists them usually for three months in advance. In the NEWS section, interesting short reports from the German and international short film scene are published on a regular basis. One of the most important permanent sections of the portal is the service section with festival and announcement dates, contacts and links to one of the world's largest collections of short film URLs.

As editor-in-chief, Reinhard W. Wolf continues to work in close cooperation with AG Kurzfilm on the content of AG Kurzfilm aims to increase its pool of authors for so that different voices on short film can be heard on a regular basis. The following articles and portraits were published in 2017: LONG ARTICLES (approx. 12,000 characters each) a) Section: Topic / Analysis / Background - 6 publications  Reinhard Wolf: A review of award-winning short films in 2016 – and a small evaluation  Claudia Euen: “Each Film Is Well Prepared by Us” – Festival Agencies  Adam Pugh: ‘Move It’ and the challenges of alternative cinema programming  Holger Birkholz: documenta 14 - Film as medium at eminent exhibition  Dennis Vetter: The Video Essay – More Discourse than Terminology  Reinhard Wolf: Laurels for Greenbacks – Making Money with Short Films in a Thriving Festival Scene Contributions of external authors: 3 of 6 b) Portraits – 5 publications  Dennis Vetter: Vika Kirchenbauer: In 12,000 Characters  Daniel Kothenschulte: Werner Nekes  Luc-Carolin Ziemann: Kyne Uhlig and Nikolaus Hillebrand  Jessica Donath: Lukas Marxt  Luc-Carolin Ziemann: Erik Schmitt Contributions of external authors: all MEDIUMLENGTH ARTICLES (approx.

2,500 characters each) Section Report – 11 publications  Reinhard Wolf: Analogue Renaissance – Kodak Introduces New Super 8 Camera  Reinhard Wolf: YouTube: Review of the most popular videos in 2016  Reinhard Wolf: Facebook closes Oculus VR Short Film Division and cleans up ...  Reinhard Wolf: Relaunch: Changes to the Reelport submission platform  Reinhard Wolf: AVA Short Film Library Networks Festivals with Libraries  Reinhard Wolf: 50 Years Canyon Cinema  Reinhard Wolf: Update: Kodak Super 8 camera in 2018 or just hot air?  Reinhard Wolf: New Anti-Film Piracy Measures – Radical Change for the Web - Part 1 Controversial Browser Copy Protection to Become Standard  Reinhard Wolf: Checklist for online festival submissions  Reinhard Wolf: New anti-film-piracy measures – radical change for the web - Part 2: EU copyright directives, upload filters and content ID  Reinhard Wolf: FFA Reference Short Film Funding 2017/2018 NEWS 47 news by Reinhard Wolf and AG Kurzfilm (film programmes, exhibitions, distribution, film and media policy) 35 news by AG Kurzfilm (mostly national: calls, successes of German short films, film policy)

Report on the year 2017 - AG Kurzfilm

AG Kurzfilm – German Short Film Association Report on the year 2017 10 e) Cinema Tour „German Short Film Award“ Since 2008, AG Kurzfilm has organised the cinema tour for the winners and nominees of the German Short Film Award on behalf of the BKM. In 2017, the cinema operators were again able to compile their programme individually according to particular focal points or the profile of the cinema from all nominated and award-winning films of the German Short Film Award 2016. The cinema tour is presented exclusively by digital projection media such as DCP or BluRay. In 2017, the appearance of the cinema tour was completely revised.

The name of the tour was changed from "Kinotournee Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis" to "Kurz.Film.Tour. - The German Short Film Award. In Cinemas". Also the motive was fundamentally changed. It was decided to .

Most of the events on the tour were moderated and filmmakers were invited as guests. All dates and information about the films of the programmes were published on the website and the facebook page. The cinema tour started in 2017 with the Max-Ophüls-Prize film festival in Saarbrücken in January. The closing event took place in December at the Kino Arsenal in Berlin. The idea of a "baton handover" in connection with the closing event of the cinema tour at Kino Arsenal Berlin was taken up again in 2017. A programme was shown consisting of nominees and prize winners from both years 2016 and 2017.

The AG Kurzfilm was responsible for the coordination and acquisition of the programme‘s cinema screenings. This included logistical and organisational services such as handling bookings, scheduling of the shipping of DCPs and BluRays, the timely creation and dispatch of advertising material (individual flyers for each cinema, posters, trailers, programme booklets) as well as the placement and coordination of guests for the individual cinemas (directors, film team, jury members). For the municipal cinemas, the Bundesverband kommunale Filmarbeit (Federal Association of Municipal Film Work) was responsible for coordinating the dates with the cinemas.

A special highlight for the German Short Film Award cinema tour was once again the KURZFILMTAG - a programme compiled from the cinema tour films was shown in a total of 16 cinemas on 21 December. f) Short Film Nights, Supporting Films, Short Film Programmes FEINKOŠT – Czech-German Short Film Tour In cooperation with the Czech Film Center Prague, AG Kurzfilm has been presenting an annual short film night with German and Czech films entitled FEINKOŠT since 2010 as part of the Czech-German Cultural Days in Dresden and Prague.

Since 2013, the programme has not only been shown in Dresden and Prague, but has also been made accessible to an even larger audience.

In autumn 2017, for example, the programme went on tour for the fifth time, supported by the German-Czech Future Fund and German Films as FEINKOŠT - CzechGerman Short Film Tour. In 2017, the programme was shown in Leipzig, Dresden,

AG Kurzfilm – German Short Film Association Report on the year 2017 11 Großhennersdorf, Chemnitz, Berlin, Prague, Ústi Nad Labem, Uherské Hradiště, Liberec, Hradec Králove and Brno. Directors and producers are invited to the event and have the opportunity to talk to each other and to the audience. In 2017, AG Kurzfilm and the Czech Film Center invited participants to a round table before the event in Dresden: The filmakers could get to know each other even before the evening‘s film event. The discussion about the respective films - without having seen them - aroused great expectations. The filmmakers also talked about their future projects and plans.

In addition to content aspects, the organizers also discussed the production and funding conditions in the respective countries. Programme 2017: NEHODA | THE COLLISION (Šimon Štefanides, short feature film, Czech Republic 2016) - only part of the programme in Germany; GABI (Michael Fetter Nathansky, short feature film, Germany 2017) - only part of the programme in the Czech Republic; APOLLO 11 1/2 (Olaf Held, fake documentary, Germany 2016); RYBÁŘI | THE FISHERMAN (Bára Anna Stejskalová, animated film, Czech Republic 2016); VĚZENÍ | TRAPPED (Damián Vondrášek, short feature, Czech Republic 2016); I ♥ (Lenka Benešová, documentary, Czech Republic 2016); HOME IS NO PLACE | DOMOV NENÍ JEN MÍSTO (Clara Trischler, documentary, Germany 2015) - only part of the programme in Germany; PIX (Sophie Linnenbaum, short feature, Germany 2017) g) Reception of the Dresden-based Film Institutions During Filmfest Dresden Since 2008 there has been a joint reception of the Dresden film institutions as part of the Dresden Film Festival.

For the 29th FILMFEST DRESDEN the MDR was won as co-organizer for the third time and the event took place under the title "Mitteldeutscher Branchentreff". Programme Director Wolf-Dieter Jacobi welcomed the guests. In addition to FILMFEST Dresden, DIAF, Filmverband Sachsen, dresdner schmalfilmtage and AG Kurzfilm traditionally participated in the reception. The filmmakers of the following Mitteldeutsche Filmnacht were introduced in short conversations in order to achieve a connection to the Central German film scene. The aim was to introduce the various institutions together at the reception, to present their work, to encourage discussions and to offer a platform for networking.

AG Kurzfilm – German Short Film Association Report on the year 2017 12 3. Representation of Short Film Interests Abroad The focus of the work in this section is on improving the representation of German short films abroad. The following examples are intended to give an insight into the extensive field of work. AG Kurzfilm works very closely with German Films in this area. 3.1 Presence at International Film Markets In 2017, the German Short Film Association, in cooperation with German Films, once again represented the interests of German short film at the major festivals in Clermont-Ferrand, Berlin, Cannes and Annecy.

a) Marché du Film Court/ Festival International du Court Métrage ClermontFerrand AG Kurzfilm has been represented at the Festival du Court Métrage ClermontFerrand, the world's most important festival for short film, since 2003 and since 2004 with its own stand on the film market. As every year, the annual short film catalogue "German Short Films" was presented to the public for the first time in Clermont Ferrand in 2017. At the stand, trade visitors had the opportunity to inform themselves about the latest news from the German short film scene: There was a viewing opportunity, material was made available and contacts made.

Once again there was a "Happy Hour" (small reception at the market stand) to bring together filmmakers, distributors, buyers, festival representatives and multipliers. For the tenth time already, AG Kurzfilm was able to offer a market screening which presented a selection of current German short films entitled "Matinée Allemande: Coup de Foudre - Le Court Métrage Allemand" to interested industry professionals: APOLLO 11 1/2 (Olaf Held, D 2016); A QUIET PLACE (Ronny Dörfler, D/ROM 2016); TIRAL & ERROR (Antje Heyn, D 2016); HERR UND FRAU MÜLLER (Dominique Klein, D 2016), STAMPEDE - EINE GESTEMPELTE GESCHICHTE VOM ZIRKUS (Tobias Sandberger, Franz Winzentsen, D 2016); CHRIST/EL (Andreas Grützner, D 2016); AYNY (Ahmad Saleh, D/JOR/PAL, 2016); LEKCJA PATRIOTYZMU (Filip Jacobson, D/PL 2016); OUR WONDERFUL NATURE - THE COMMON CHAMELEON, D 2016)

AG Kurzfilm – German Short Film Association Report on the year 2017 13 As a second market screening, the third edition of "Emerging Artists - Contemporary Experimental Film and Video Art from Germany" was shown in Clermont-Ferrand: WUNSCHKONZERT (Marlene Denningmann, D 2016); IN BETWEEN IDENTITIES (Aleksandar Radan, D 2015); SURFACE GLAZE (Lotte Meret Effinger, D 2015); SOMETHING ABOUT SILENCE (Patrick Buhr, D 2015); PLATEAU (Vanessa Nica Mueller, D 2015), LUCKY (Ines Christine Geißer, Kirsten Carina Geißer, D 2015); MY BBY 8L3W (Art Collective NEOZOON, D 2015), MOON BLINK (Rainer Kohlberger, D 2015) Since 2010, AG Kurzfilm has been a partner of the European Co-Production Forum for Short Films "Euro Connection", which takes place in Clermont-Ferrand as part of the film market.

Euro Connection is a platform for European producers whose projects include the development of short films as European co-productions. Producers meet there with representatives of sponsors and television broadcasters to look for potential cooperation partners. A network of contacts in fifteen partner countries is responsible for selecting the approx. 20 projects to be presented during the various pitching sessions. As one of these fifteen partner organisations, AG Kurzfilm is responsible for coordinating the selection of the German project, which can be presented by the production in ClermontFerrand.

Unfortunately, in 2017 the jury in Clermont-Ferrand did not select a German project for pitching. As part of Producers' Focus, however, a total of eleven producers from all over the world were invited, including three from Germany - Katharina Jakobs (Film Boutique, Cologne), Dhyaa Joda (Hexatonic Films, Berlin) and Roland Fischer (OCEAN PICTURES Filmproduktion, Memmingen). This initiative gives them the opportunity to establish further contacts for international co-productions.

b) European Film Market / Berlinale Since 2003, AG Kurzfilm has been represented under the umbrella of German Films with a market stand at the European Film Market of the Berlinale. The focus of its presence there is on presenting an overview of German short film productions, arranging contacts and offering a comprehensive advisory service for filmmakers and festival representatives. The current short film catalogue and the corresponding DVDs are also presented. In addition, employees of the AG Kurzfilm informed about the activities of the association at the reception of the German film academies.

For the third time, AG Kurzfilm produced a flyer with all German short films in the official Berlinale programme in cooperation with German Films. AG Kurzfilm was once again a partner of the Short Film Station at the 67th Berlinale. As part of the Berlinale Talents, it informed the participants about the work of AG Kurzfilm and the special features of the German short film scene.

For the first time, there was a market screening of AG Kurzfilm in the European Film Market, which consisted of various films from the current catalogue selection. It was shown as a special event under the title GERMAN SHORT FILMS CATALOGUE SELECTION 2017. As every year, a general meeting of the association’s members was also held within the framework of the Berlinale. Traditionally, the short film reception was also held in 2017 in the Red Salon of the Berliner Volksbühne. AG Kurzfilm invited German and international colleagues from the industry to celebrate the short film in Berlin.

AG Kurzfilm – German Short Film Association Report on the year 2017 14 c) Short Film Corner Cannes / Festival de Cannes AG Kurzfilm has also been present at the world's most important film festival in Cannes since 2004 in collaboration with German Films.

In the "Short Film Corner" market segment, set up especially for the short film, selected German short films are presented annually on a viewing server. In 2017, the "Short Film Lounge" took place for the eleventh time - a special reception for the German short film scene. The invited guests - selected representatives of the international film industry, directors whose films were shown in Cannes as well as German and international press representatives - gathered in a relaxed atmosphere on a yacht provided by the partner ARTE.

For the sixth time, the films of the NEXT GENERATION | SHORT TIGER programme were also presented in Cannes. For the third time, AG Kurzfilm, in cooperation with German Films, offered an advanced training programme for the programme's filmmakers, which included workshops, a visit to the film market and contact mediation. In 2017, the preview DVD produced especially for Cannes, entitled "German Short Films - Cannes Edition 2017", was once again published with current films selected by AG Kurzfilm. These were also entered in the Short Film Corner, the viewing platform for short films, and could be viewed by international industry representatives.

The DVD was distributed to festivals and curators during the festival and beyond.

The information material produced by AG Kurzfilm, such as flyers and posters, also drew attention to German short films in Cannes. Film selection for Short Film Corner and preview DVD "German Short Films - Cannes Edition 2017": AS MUCH AS ANYONE (Stefan Ramirez Perez, D 2017); BLIND AUDITION (Andreas Kessler, D 2017), FIND DIX FINISH (Sylvain Cruiziat, Bogumyla Zhluktenko, D 2017); FREIBADSINFONIE (Sinje Köhler, D 2017); GABI (Michael Fetter Nathansky, D 2017); HARD WAY - THE ACTION MUSICAL (Daniel Vogelmann, D 2017); O BROTHER OCTOPUS (Florian Kunert, D 2017); PIX (Sophie Linnenbaum, D 2017); TIEFENSCHÄRFE (Mareike Bernien, Alex Gerbaulet, D 2017)

AG Kurzfilm – German Short Film Association Report on the year 2017 15 d) Marché International du Film d’ Animation / Festival International du Film d’ Animation d´Annecy AG Kurzfilm has been present at the Festival International du Film d'Animation in Annecy for ten years now. The festival in Annecy and the associated film market MIFA are the world's largest events for the animated film industry. For the ninth time there was a German stand at the MIFA film market in 2017, which was hosted and supervised by German Films and AG Kurzfilm. The main aim of the stand was to give industry professionals the opportunity to obtain comprehensive information about German animated film.

Furthermore, there was a joint German reception, which is one of the most important meeting points for the industry within the context of the festival. Organized by MFG - Filmförderung BadenWürttemberg, the Institute for Animation, Visual Effects and Digital Post Production of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, FMX - the International Animation Film Festival Stuttgart, DOK Leipzig, German Films and AG Kurzfilm, the German animated film scene was presented to international trade visitors at this reception. German filmmakers and industry representatives thus had the opportunity to make contacts and talk to international colleagues, festival representatives and buyers.

In addition, the annual preview DVD "New German Animations" provided interested industry professionals with a concrete overview of current animated film production in Germany. Films of the DVD 2017: CALL OF CUTENESS (Brenda Lien, D 2017); CONNECT (Hi-Jeong So, D 2017); EIN AUS WEG (Hannah Stragholz, Simon Steinhorst, D 2016); EINE VILLA MIT PINIEN (Jan Koester, D 2016); NACHTSTÜCK (Anne Breymann, D 2016) OUR WONDERFUL NATURE - THE COMMON CHAMELEON (Tomer Eshed, D 2016); RUBIK (Xenia Smirnov, D 2016); SHINE (Alexander Dietrich, Johannes Flick, D 2016); SOG (Jonatan Schwenk, D 2017); THE MAN IS BIG (Samo - Anna Bergmann, D 2016); UGLY (Nikita Diakur, D 2017); ZENTRALMUSEUM (Jochen Kuhn, D 2016); ZU ZAHM! (Rebecca Blöcher, D 2017) 3.2 Festivalbetreuung Part of AG Kurzfilm's day-to-day business in 2017 also included the processing or forwarding of enquiries from a wide variety of festivals.

These enquiries mainly result from our presence on the international film markets in Clermont-Ferrand, Berlin, Cannes and Annecy. Every year, AG Kurzfilm publishes four preview DVDs, which are distributed to specialist audiences on the international film markets. Filmmakers who travel to international festivals with the support of AG Kurzfilm also take the DVS with them and thus ensure the worldwide distribution of AG Kurzfilm materials. This results in numerous enquiries from international festivals inviting films from the DVDs to their competitions or requesting other cooperations.

AG Kurzfilm – German Short Film Association Report on the year 2017 16 3.3 Short Film Programmes Abroad a) Emerging Artists – Contemporary Experimental Films and Video Art from Germany At the suggestion of its association members, AG Kurzfilm 2012 had for the first time put together a programme in cooperation with German Films exclusively devoted to young experimental film and video art in Germany.

With this programme, German Films and AG Kurzfilm would like to support experimental, strongly artistically oriented works by young filmmakers that can also be screened in museums, galleries, etc. via the art market. The programme is now regularly compiled every 2 years. The third edition was presented in 2016. Over 120 works were submitted for the third edition. The selection jury, which met in Kassel in September 2016, again consisted of members of the AG Kurzfilm: Giovanna Thiery from Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Insa Wiese from Internationale Kurzfilmwoche Regensburg; Alfred Rotert from the European Media Art Festival, Gerhard Wissner from Kasseler Dokfest and Anne Turek from the AG Kurzfilm’s office.

The 3rd edition of the compilation was released at the end of 2016 and premiered in early 2017 during the Stuttgarter Filmwinter and in Clermont-Ferrand. Subsequently, there were various screenings at home and abroad: at festivals, at Goethe Institutes or their partners and in individual cinemas. The programme was shown in over 20 venues on almost every continent. Filmauswahl: WUNSCHKONZERT (Marlene Denningmann, D 2016); IN BETWEEN IDENTITIES (Aleksandar Radan, D 2015); SURFACE GLAZE (Lotte Meret Effinger, D 2015); SOMETHING ABOUT SILENCE (Patrick Buhr, D 2015); PLATEAU (Vanessa Nica Mueller, D 2015); LUCKY (Ines Christine Geißer, Kirsten Carina Geißer, D 2015); MY BBY 8L3W (Art Collective NEOZOON, D 2014); MOON BLINK (Rainer Kohlberger, AT/D 2015)

  • AG Kurzfilm – German Short Film Association Report on the year 2017 17 b) Soirée Allemande
  • coup du cœur – Le court métrage allemand | SHORT EXPORT - Made in Germany Since 2006, the International Short Film Festival in Clermont-Ferrand has also been the premiere venue for the Soirée Allemande. This extraordinary project was initiated by a FrancoGerman cooperation consisting of the AG Kurzfilm – German Short Film Association, the Goethe-Institut Lyon, the KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg, German Films and the festival management in Clermont-Ferrand. The films in the short film programme are selected by the partners from the more than 400 German festival submissions for the Clermont-Ferrand festival each year.

Following the premiere screening, Joachim Umlauf, director of the Goethe-Institut in Lyon, and Klaus Ranner from the Consulate General in Lyon welcomed around 200 guests to the Maison de la culture. Later in the evening, together with colleagues from the KurzFilmAgentur Hamburg and interfilm Berlin, the AG Kurzfilm invited to the "German Fest" in the Baraka Club. Since 2016, the programme - as usual with German, French and English subtitles - has been travelling under the name "SHORT EXPORT - Made in Germany". The acquisition of the venues for the subsequent tour was again handled by the AG Kurzfilm office.

In 2017, 16 Goethe Institutes - from Antanarivo to Cyprus - were acquired as screening venues worldwide. AG Kurzfilm was responsible for managing the project, including the coordination of subtitling and DVD production, as well as concluding license agreements with the producers.

Film selection 2017: TASCHENGELD (Annika Pinske, D 2016); SHIPS PASSING IN THE NIGHT (Elisabeth Zwimpfer, D 2015); [OUT OF FRA]ME (Sophie Linnenbaum, D 2016); KAPUTT (Volker Schlecht, Alexander Lahl, D 2016); BERLIN METANOIA (Erik Schmitt, D 2016); HEIMATURLAUB - AUS DEM SKIZZENBUCH EINES ASTRONAUTEN (Franz Winzentsen, D 2016), DER WECHSEL (Markus Mischkowski, Kai Maria Steinkühler, D 2016) c) German Short Film Programme HOME STORIES in Guadalajara, Mexiko As part of the Germany Year in Mexico, Germany was the guest country at the renowned Guadalajara International Film Festival (10-17 March 2018), one of the most important film events in Latin America.

In cooperation with the Goethe Institut Mexico and German Films, the festival showed over 60 German films and co-productions in its programme, over 30 filmmakers, actors and industry professionals from Germany were guests in panels, juries, the Talents section or at the co-production market. In this context, AG Kurzfilm curated a short film programme entitled “HOME STORIES - New Short Films from Germany”, which brought together eight current German short films: ALIENATION (Laura Lehmus, D 2014); DIE BADEWANNE (Tim Ellrich, D 2015); FRANKFURTER STR. 99a (Evgenia Gostrer, D 2016); HOMEWORK (Annika Pinske, D 2016); KALTES TAL (Johannes Krell, Florian Fischer, D 2016); LEERSTELLE (Urte Zintler, D 2016), MICKI (Alexander Lahl, Izabela Plucinska, D 2014), ON AIR (Robert Nacken, D 2015)

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