Rotorua sustainable tourism charter bulletin

30 may 2006

                                 rotorua sustainable
                               tourism charter bulletin
Kia Ora Eldad
Firstly, thank you to the 34 member businesses of the Rotorua Sustainable Tourism Charter
group for their ongoing support and welcome to the wider Rotorua industry to the first industry
wide quarterly Charter Bulletin.

A year ago, the Charter group secured funding from the Ministry of Tourism as part of a
regional pilot program to appoint regional sustainability assessors in six regions. APR
Consultants was contracted as the sustainability assessor for the Rotorua region and appointed
Eldad Collins into the role. In February 2006, after completing a training period late last year
Eldad commenced assessing Charter member businesses and coaching members in their
quest towards continual improvement in sustainable business practices.

Destination Rotorua Tourism Marketing has also contributed funding to the group so that
Rotorua can be marketed as a sustainable visitor destination to the growing market of visitors
expecting to partake in sustainable visits. Together these two sources of funding have given
great momentum to the Charter group, which was founded in August 2001 as New Zealand’s
first “grass roots” sustainable tourism group and has more recently become the model upon
which the Ministry for the Environment and Ministry of Tourism have based their regional pilot

I invite you to read on to find out more about the opportunities of sustainable tourism, what the
benefits of being a Charter member are and how you might also take up the challenge of being
a member in New Zealand’s first “grass roots” sustainable tourism charter group.

Kind regards

Harvey James                          Eldad Collins               Gina George
Chairman                              Sustainability Assessor     Research Co-ordinator
Rotorua Sustainable Tourism Charter   APR Consultants             Destination Rotorua Tourism Marketing

  in this issue
    •    why embrace sustainability?
    •    charter assessment process status
    •    integrating sustainability into organisational culture
    •    making a sustainable impact on your supply chain
    •    save the environment and aid local schools
    •    charter member marketing benefits
    •    charter membership
    •    sustainable business challenge awards gala

  why embrace sustainability?
New Zealand is increasingly hosting more visitors with an ethic for responsible tourism,
however the New Zealand tourism product is not always satisfying visitor expectations of being
a sustainable destination. That’s the finding of Victoria University PhD researcher Davina
Stanford after analysing the data collected from 450 surveys conducted in Rotorua and

The simple provision of recycling receptacles was a key requirement that visitors often found
lacking at tourism sites, yet if such were available they would use. Providing recycling options
was identified by Ms Stanford as a means of increasing visitor satisfaction with visitors being
able to practice their routine behaviours and being reassured that New Zealand lives up to its
marketing pitch as being clean and green.

“They can feel disappointed when they are unable to practise their values and are quick to criticise
            when they feel that New Zealand has fallen short of their expectations”.
                                                                             Davina Stanford, 2006

Stanford’s study noted the opportunity to recruit visitors themselves into improving the
sustainability of New Zealand as a visitor destination. She suggests including visitors in
marketing campaigns, encouraging them to be “100 percent the best tourists”. We think the
Charter group is on the right track here, inviting Rotorua visitors to play a part in making
Rotorua a sustainable visitor destination by choosing tourism operators that have committed to
sustainable business practices.

Other areas identified in Stanford’s study where visitor satisfaction could be improved through
better visitor management were visitor crime, water conservation, cultural experiences and
product pricing.

  charter assessment process status
There are four key actions members need to complete as part of their sustainability assessment
in order to become a full member of the Rotorua Sustainable Tourism Charter. These are:
    1. Complete a Preliminary Sustainability Assessment (PSA).
    2. Receive a site visit from the Sustainability Assessor.
    3. Receive an Assessment Report.
    4. Commit to actions in annual Statements of Intent (SOI).

Currently there are 34 Charter members of which:
   • 2 have completed the assessment process and committed to actions in their Statements
       of Intent.
   • 12 have received their Assessment Reports and are deciding which actions to include in
       their Statements of Intent.
   • 5 have completed a site visit and are waiting for their Assessment Report.
   • 12 are still working on their Preliminary Sustainability Assessment;
   • 3 have not yet started the assessment process (i.e. have not received a Preliminary
       Sustainability Assessment);

  integrating sustainability into organisational culture
Every organization has to complete a Preliminary Sustainability Assessment (PSA) at the
beginning of the sustainability assessment process. This is a self completed assessment and
there are as many methods to complete this assessment as there are Charter members.

     “It was a rewarding experience to work with these committees. Their enthusiasm and
             determination to make their organisations sustainable was contagious”
                                                       Eldad Collins, Charter Sustainability Assessor
Two Charter member businesses have chosen a novel method for completing the PSA.
Skyline Skyrides and the Millennium Hotel Rotorua have formed special Charter committees to
complete the PSA and manage Charter related activities within their organisations. In both
businesses, the members of the Charter committee come from various operational
departments. This ensures the assessment process has input from all departments.
making a sustainable impact on your supply chain
Which single action you take will have the biggest impact on making Rotorua and New Zealand
a more sustainable destination? Answer - let your suppliers know that from now on, any
products or services you purchase will be assessed on their environmental performance.

The obvious products that require this kind of scrutiny are the chemicals you buy (eg. the
toxicity and biodegradability of the chemicals). Other products and services are less obvious.
Some examples:
    • Vehicle maintenance services – enquire what happens to old batteries and used oil
         once it leaves the mechanics site;
    • Commercial cleaning services – ask for only chemicals which are least toxic to the
         environment and most readily biodegrade to be used;
    • Printing services – insist on environmentally friendly options such as vegetable based
         inks, recycled paper and non-chlorine bleached paper;
    • Information technology services – choose computers/photocopiers etc that have
         consumables that can be recycled and for which manufacturers will take back the
         machine at the end of its life for safe disposal.
    • Paint manufacturers – seek out paint products that are low in toxicity and where
         manufacturers that will take back un-used paint and chemicals for safe disposal.

   save the environment and aid local schools
                                          Rather than trashing those old computers, unloved art
                                          materials or surplus books, list them on DonateNZ where
                                          local schools and early childhood centres can accept what                      they need. The process is simple, easy and free.

  charter member marketing benefits
Members of the Rotorua Sustainable Tourism Charter group enjoy several collective marketing
benefits pitched at that segment of the visitor market interested in participating in a sustainable
visit to Rotorua.
The Charter website serves a dual role where the home page
is targeted at visitors desiring to participate in a sustainable
visit – driving them to choose Charter member businesses
over other tourism operators.
Supporting pages provide credibility to being a member by
explaining the Charter philosophy and member obligations.
Charter members have a stylish new membership plaque to
display at their business.
The plaques are printed on ‘ready to hang’ block mounted stretched
canvas (no framing required). Gone are the 16 foundation clauses,
instead replaced with five simplified clauses.

            The Charter member logo is affixed to the i-SITE brochure racks of members,
            displayed on operator listings and from the 2006/07 print run will be
            available for members to include in their operator listings in the Rotorua Visitor
            Guide, Rotorua Product Directory, and Rotorua Conference and Incentive Planner.
Adjacent is the 2mx850mm i-SITE poster on display in the i-SITE
brochure rack area. Similar copy and text will be used for editorial and
advertisements in destination guides ie. Rotorua Visitor Guide,
Rotorua Product Directory, Rotorua Conference and Incentive Planner
Visitor Guide and In Essence.
The poster and advertisements invite visitors to play a part in making
Rotorua a sustainable destination through the actions they take and
suggests they choose operators that have committed to sustainable
business practices by becoming Charter members.

                        To gain community support for the Rotorua
                        Sustainable Tourism Charter and to embrace
                        local residents in the sustainability chain when
                        hosting visitors in their homes opportunities for
                        local publicity are sought. Displayed here is the
                        Daily Post advertisement supporting the
                        Sustainable Business Challenge, the District
                        News editorial, and APR Consultants’ Charter
                        branded company car.

     rotorua sustainable tourism charter members – may 2006
            Attractions & Activities
 •    Agrodome                                        •    Volcanic Air Safaris
 •    Buried Village                                  •    Waikite Valley Thermal Pools
 •    Elite Adventures                                •    Waimangu Volcanic Valley
 •    Hell’s Gate & Wai Ora Spa                       •    Wet ‘n’ Wild Rafting Company Ltd
 •    Kaitiaki Adventures                             •    Whakarewarewa – The Thermal Village
 •    Kawarau Jet Rotorua                                               Accommodation
 •    Mamaku Blue                                     •    Millennium Hotel Rotorua
 •    Mountain Action                                 •    Park Heritage Rotorua
 •    NZONE The Ultimate Jump                         •    Royal Lakeside Novotel Rotorua
 •    Paradise Valley Ventures                        •    Sport of Kings Motel
 •    Polynesian Spa                                  •    Treks Rotorua
 •    Rainbow Springs Ltd                                           Supporting Businesses
 •    River Rats Rafting & Adventures                 •    APR Consultants
 •    Rotorua Duck Tours                              •    Destination Rotorua Tourism Marketing
 •    Rotorua Museum of Art and History               •    Rotorua Regional Airport
 •    Skyline Skyrides                                •    Tourism Rotorua
 •    Tamaki Heritage Experiences                     •    TravelCafe Rotorua
 •    Te Puia                                         ●    Waiariki Institute of Technology

     add you business to the list of Charter members today
If you would like to further consider becoming a member of the Rotorua Sustainable Tourism
Charter please contact either Eldad Collins of APR Consultants by email or phone (07) 349 8325; or Gina George of Destination Rotorua
Tourism Marketing by email or phone (07) 349 7289.

     sustainable business challenge awards gala
                                 A small number of last minute tickets to the Sustainable Business
                                    Challenge Awards Gala (black tie event) are still available
                                                       Thursday 1st June 2006, 6.30pm
Park Heritage Hotel

                                         Contact SBN on (07) 574 7713
                                                     or email
                                             to purchase your tickets
                             $105 +GST SBN members $125 +GST non members
                                    Price includes full gourmet dinner service
                                        including all wine and beverages

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If you do not wish to receive this newsletter please reply to this email with UNSUBSCRIBE
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