ROUND 12
     MESSAGE                                                   ceomatt harris
Round 11 Business Plaza Cup matches produced a couple of nail-biters and another surprising result. On
Saturday Maitland Pickers grabbed a converted try on the siren to break a 30-all deadlock against an unlucky
Macquarie Scorpions. In the West Newcastle v South Newcastle clash a second half blitz saw the Lions run out
38 to 18 victors snapping the Rosellas 5-game winning run. In the Sunday matches Central Newcastle proved
too strong for an understrength Cessnock while Lakes United snatched the lead off Kurri Kurri in the final
minutes to claim the two points in the BarTV feature match.
With five rounds remaining in what is undoubtedly the closest competition in recent Tooheys Newcastle RL
history Maitland and the Lakes United Seagulls sit atop with a host of teams only one or two games behind. All
teams have a mathematical chance of playing finals which will place enormous importance on results over the
next couple of weeks. West Newcastle and Kurri Kurri have a game in hand which will be played on Saturday 4
This week?s round 12 fixtures see Cessnock hosting West Newcastle and South Newcastle looking to continue
their winning way when they take on Macquarie at Townson Oval. Both games to be played on Saturday. On
Sunday competition leaders Maitland travel to St John Oval to take on Central Newcastle while we have a
repeat of last week?s match-of-the-round with Lakes United v Kurri Kurri. The Butcher Boys v Pickers game will
be the BarTV feature match and can be viewed via our website (www.newcastlerugbyleague.com.au) or
Facebook page (Tooheys Newcastle Rugby League).
This round is also the third of our double header weekends. Both Western Suburbs and the Maitland Pickers
will be hosting two u19 games with kick-off times at 6.15pm and 7.30pm.
A reminder to keep up-to-date with everything Newcastle Rugby League including match-day scores by
following us on Facebook (Tooheys Newcastle Rugby League), Twitter (@Newcastle_RL) and via our new
website (www.newcastlerugbyleague.com.au).

Matt Harris
Chief Executive Officer
Newcastle Rugby League.

           access at www.newcastlerugbyleague.com.au

                 THJUIS W  EEK
                      LY21 &22

                   SOUTHS     V   M ACQUARIE       3.00PM

                   CESSNOCK   V     WESTS          3.00PM

                    LAKES     V     KURRI          3.00PM

                   CENTRAL    V   M AITLAND        3.00PM

       FIRST GRADE                                RESERVE GRADE

                                                    OPEN GRADE

      OAS UNDER 19'S                          HPP LADIES LEAGUE TAG

                                SATURDAY 28TH JULY

                                HOM E               AWAY             VENUE               KICKOFF

                                Kurri Kurri       Central            Kurri Kurri         3.30pm
                                Bulldogs        V Newcaste           Sportsground

                                Maitland        V Macquarie          Maitland            3.00pm
                                Pickers           Scorpions          Sportsground
                                SUNDAY 29TH JULY

PLAYER OF THE YEAR POINTS       HOM E               AWAY              VENUE               KICKOFF

                                Lakes United V Cessnock               Cahill Oval         3.00pm
                                Seagulls       Goannas

                                Western         V South               Harker Oval         3.00pm
                                Suburbs           Newcastle
                                  Def er r ed m at ch es t o be played 4t h / 5t h Au gu st
                                    4th August - Round 7 Wests v Kurri (all grades)
                            5th August - Round 8 Souths v Lakes (Open grade & under 19s)
                     RESULTS                  Bu sin ess Plaza Cu p
CENTRAL NEWCASTLE BUTCHER BOYS 32 Tries: G. Anderson, Gordon (2), Williams, C. Anderson (2) Goals:
Murray (4) def CESSNOCK GOANNAS 12 Tries: Barber, Hugo Goals: Dimmock (2)

LAKES UNITED SEAGULLS 24 Tries: Randall, Mata?Afa, Gagai, Charles, Boss Goals: Mata?Afa (2) def
KURRI KURRI BULLDOGS 20 Tries: Hardy (2), McGrady Goals: Hardy (4)

M AITLAND PICKERS 36 Tries: Dorn, Griffiths, Clark, Jennings, Clydesdale, Carter, Smith Goals: Williams (2),
Gibson (2) def M ACQUARIE SCORPIONS 30 Tries: Hay, Smith, Hopwood, Noble (2) Goals: S Briggs (5)

SOUTH NEWCASTLE LIONS 38 Tries: Afflick, Penn, Martine, Walmsley (3) Goals: Keelan (7) def
WESTERN SUBURBS ROSELLAS 18 Tries: Allison, O?Donnell, Johns Goals: Keenan (3)

              CENTRALNEWCASTLE           LAKES UNITED V               M AITLAND V       SOUTH NEWCASTLE V
             V CESSNOCK GOANNAS           KURRI KURRI                 M ACQUARIE         WESTERN SUBURBS

                  Br ad M u r r ay        Sh au n Boss          Adam Clydesdale          Lach lan Walm sley
     3                Central             Lakes United             Maitland               South Newcastle

                 Cam An der son            Kade Har dy                Scot t Br iggs       Ryan Glan ville
     2              Central                 Kurri Kurri                Macquarie          South Newcastle

                 St eve Gor dan           Jacob Gagai                 Tylar Car t er       Willis Alat in i
     1               Central              Lakes United                  Maitland          Western Suburbs

Reser ve Gr ade
Central Newcastle Butcher Boys 44 def Cessnock Goannas 6
Kurri Kurri Bulldogs 38 def Lakes United Seagulls 24
Macquarie Scorpions 34 def Maitland Pickers 24
Western Suburbs Rosellas 26 def South Newcastle Lions 8

Open Gr ade
Central Newcastle Butcher Boys 40 def Cessnock Goannas 18
Lakes United Seagulls 16 def Kurri Kurri Bulldogs 12
Macquarie Scorpions 16 def Maitland Pickers 0
Western Suburbs Rosellas 13 def South Newcastle Lions 12

OAS Un der 19s
Lakes United Seagulls 62 def Kurri Kurri Bulldogs 10
Macquarie Scorpions 46 def Maitland Pickers 20
Western Suburbs Rosellas 40 def South Newcastle Lions 14
Central Newcastle Butcher Boys won on forfeit v Cessnock Goannas

Central Newcastle Butcher Boys 26 def Cessnock Goannas 4
Lakes United Seagulls 16 def Kurri Kurri Bulldogs 8
Western Suburbs Rosellas 10 def South Newcastle Lions 0
                                                          UNDER 19s
                  FRIDAY JULY 20TH 7.30PM                             M AITLAND SPORTSGROUND

                                  M AITLAND                                                                         CENTRAL
                                   PICKERS                                                                         NEWCASTLE
                           COACH: ANDREW FAWCETT                                                             COACH: GARY THOROGOOD

1    Shaun Casey            11       Jock Sullivan ( c)                   1     Jai Hartin                    11    Sam Saxby

2    Jayden Frost           12       Ben Mcilwrath                        2     Johansel Avery                12    Josh Cannard

3    Matt Meafua            13       Kamilo Tuivati                       3     Ioteva Mataora                13    Jordan McKellar

4    Gary Anderson          RESERVES                                      4     Lachlan Bent                  RESERVES

5    Jye Biemen- King       14       Jack Mcknickle                       5     Blake Whipp                   14    Dylan Cooper

6    Caleb Nicholls         15       Kingsley Jennings                    6     Floyd Tighe                   15    Nash Lincoln

7    Bailey Ritchie ( c)    16       Bailey Pride                         7     Joel Curtis                   16

8    Dean Ayscough          17       Peter Betham                         8     Ethan Lucas                   17    Kingston Puru

9    Declan Keegan          18                                            9     Trent Botham                  18    Brock Johnstone

10   Junior Tuivati         19                                            10    Kyle Williams                 19

                                 Ref er ee: Tom Taylor        Tou ch Ju dges: Nathan Hillier & Jack Fisher

                                                          UNDER 19s
                  FRIDAY JULY 20TH 6.15PM                             M AITLAND SPORTSGROUND

                             LAKES UNITED                                                                          KURRI KURRI
                               SEAGULLS                                                                             BULLDOGS
                            COACH: M ICK SULLIVAN                                                            COACH: M ICHAEL HEITM EYER

1    Steven Whitehead       11       Feleti Mateo                     1        Danny Vale                    11    Dereece Torrens

2    Taylor Pryor           12       Brad Affleck                     2        Sam Hunt                      12    Jayden Maytom

3    Lachlan Smith          13       Charley Muir                     3        Travis Sams                   13    Reece Bohuslav

4    Manny Sithole          RESERVES                                  4        Jarrad Crowe                  RESERVES

5    Connor Park            14       Bailey Noble                     5        Brendan Balcombe              14    Brendan Balcombe

6    Nash Loftberg          15       Jason Crane                      6        Brayden Hughes                15    Ethan Kennedy

7    Dylan Morgan           16       Bailey Bennett                   7        Dane Corben                   16    Daniel Williams

8    Austen Burgess         17       Dylan Black                      8        Lachlan Prestwich             17    Cedric Wallace

9    Kyle Jones             18       Jono Walsh                       9        Jake Lang                     18    Billy Mellon

10   Mitchell Bailey        19       John Tolofeau                    10       Thomas Jenkinson              19    Jye Jones

                                     Ref er ee: Jake Eyb Tou ch Ju dges: Nathan Hillier & Jack Fisher
                                                   UNDER 19s
                        FRIDAY JULY 20TH 7.30PM                               HARKER OVAL

                        WESTERN SUBURBS                                                                      CESSNOCK
                           ROSELLAS                                                                          GOANNAS
                           COACH: JAM ES HUFF                                                         COACH: J BROWN / J HOLLAND

1     Mathew Smith         11     Dyllan Parlane                 1      Jack Threadgate               11    Cal Wells

2     Toa Matoka           12     Rayden Hobson                  2      Lance O?Neill                 12    Ben Workman

3     Manu Matoka          13     Ross Haidle                    3      Josh Parker                   13    Peter Wilson

4     Jessie Andrews       RESERVES                              4      Ethan Bailey                  RESERVES

5     Nathan O'Brien       14     Brock Reynolds                 5      Shaun Van Veldhuizen          14

6     Michael Ode          15     Isaac Brown                    6      Lachlan Fry                   15

7     Jacob Payne          16     Ali Taufaao                    7                                    16

8     Liam Marshall        17     Hayden Comyns                  8      Nicholas Markwort             17

9     Lawson Moore         18                                    9                                    18

10    Matt Nord            19     Jonah Soli                     10     Cody Landers                  19

                           Ref er ee: Nathan Eveleigh   Tou ch Ju dges: Jai Pastomoglou & Sam Daley

                                                   UNDER 19s
                        FRIDAY JULY 20TH 6.15PM                               HARKER OVAL

                        SOUTH NEWCASTLE                                                                     M ACQUARIE
                             LIONS                                                                          SCORPIONS
                          COACH: DANIEL CARR                                                               COACH: M ATT JORDAN

1    Clayton Carr         11     Jake Gribble                    1      Kendyl Fahey                  11    Marshall Jordan

2    Ben Howard           12     Henry Pringle                   2      Bobby Redman                  12    Hayden Sinclair

3    Robert Afu           13     Lachlan Fuller                  3      Sam Abraham                   13    Riley Brady

4    Finn Carlin          RESERVES                               4      Floyd Bonar                   RESERVES

5    Jack Hutchison       14     Odin Keenan                     5      Dean Morris                   14

6    Jack Matheson        15     Charlton Lee                    6      Jason Edwards                 15

7    Tom Biddle           16     Jake Mead                       7      William Lockwood              16

8    Darcy Baldwin        17                                     8      Alex Giaccari                 17

9    Tyler Davey          18                                     9      Jack Buckton                  18

10   Daniel Ticehurst     19                                     10     Jack Jordan                   19

                          Ref er ee: Kurt Grogan        Tou ch Ju dges: Jai Pastomoglou & Sam Daley
               SATURDAY 21ST JULY                             3.00PM                     TOWNSON OVAL

                                       SOUTH                                                                    M ACQUARIE
                                     NEWCASTLE                                                                  SCOPRIONS
                                    COACH: BEN CROSS                                                      COACH: ADAM BETTRIDGE

1     Lachlan Walmsley        11      Jake Lawrence                  1.         Matt Simon                11.        Randall Briggs
2     Harry Van Dartel        12      Daniel Martine
                                                                     2.         Matt Hay                  12.        Jordan Noble
3     TBA                     13      Tori Freeman
                                                                     3.         Nathan Cantor             13.        Isaac Briggs
4     Tom Cronan              RESERVES
5     Jarrad Flanagan         14      Faitotoa Faitotoa              4.         Kyle Smith                RESERVES

6     Ryan Glanville          15      Connor Browne                  5.         Malik Deyalou             14.        Matt Moon
7     Jason Keelan            16      Scott Matthews
                                                                     6.         In #18                    15.        David Dryden
8     Luke Higgins            17      Cameron King
                                                                     7.         Kye Hopwood               16.        Jack Cameron
9     Joe Morris
10    Brendon Simpson                                                8.         Bobby Treacy              17.        Chris McGrath

                                                                     9.         Todd Hurrell              18.        Scott Briggs

                                                                     10.        Simon Allen

                               Ref er ee: Bailey Hibbit       Tou ch Ju dges: Cameron Smith & Jake Eyb

                              RESERVE GRADE                                          1.30PM
                                                                      1.         Nick Worthington         11.       Brad Russell
1.       Toby Whitehead       11.         Lewis Hamilton

                                                                      2.         Johnno Ware              12.       Jayden Rosberg
2.       Jayden Hethrington   12.         Lachlan Farr

                                                                      3.         Kyle Tracy               13.       Matt Geoffrey
3.       Lewis Schneider      13.         Blake Sparks

                                                                      4.         Sam Abraham              RESERVES
4.       Tim Christie         RESERVES

                                                                      5.         Ryan Pywell              14.       Blake Richardson
5.       Logan Matthews       14.         Ofa Manuofetoa

                                                                      6.         Nathan Hinton            15.       Noel Tupou
6.       Christopher Merlo    15.         Reece Hain

                                                                      7.         Logan Edwards            16.       Jai Moore
7.       Jarrad Rotumah       16.         Jack Woods

                                                                      8.         Tye Alchin               17.       Jack Jordan
8.       Alija Hromadzic

                                                                      9.         Kelly Benson             18.       William Lockwood
9.       Luke Hoppe

                                                                      10.        Adam Swadling            19.       TBA
10.      Liam Kennedy         Coach :     M at t Ken n edy

                                                                                                          Coach :   St eve Kidd

                                   Ref er ee: Cameron Smith    Tou ch Ju dges: Eric Drougett & Jake Eyb
OPEN GRADE                             12.15PM
1.    Guy Atkinson           11.       Sam Press             1.         Luke Mellross             11.       Josh Walker

2.    Adam Hamilton          12.       Brad Pocock           2.         Elijah Smith              12.       Nathan Glass

3.    Jackson Myers          13.       Peter Eveleigh        3.         Brad Dennis               13.       Jake Waters

4.    Cody Gordon            RESERVES                        4.         Kyle Black                RESERVES

5.    Chase Slattery         14.       Tim Briggs            5.         Robbie Walters            14.       Joe Ling

6.    Noa Durham             15.                             6.         Graham Morris             15.       Connor O?Brien

7.    Jason Boney                                            7.         Sam Golledge              16.       Dylan Prior

8.    Dewayne Sampson? ..                                    8.         Luke Johnston             17.       Callen Merber

9.    Nathan Dwyer                                           9.         Jye Ingham                18.       TBA

10.   Dean Cook              Coach :   St eve You n g        10.        Zac Plummer

                                                                                                  Coach :   Joh n Wr at t en an d
                                                                                                            Bar r y Cooper

                            Ref er ee: Kassandra McDonald   Tou ch Ju dges: Eric Drougett & Jake Eyb
        SATURDAY 21ST JULY                         3.00PM                      CESSNOCK SPORTSGROUND

                                    CESSNOCK                                                                   WESTERN
                                    GOANNAS                                                                    SUBURBS
                                   COACH: AL LANTRY                                                      COACH: M ATT LANTRY

1.    Harry O'Brien          11.     Kori Barber                     1.         Sam Keenan               11.        Jack Johns

2.    Josh Adu               12.     Reed Hugo                       2.         Willis Alatini           12.        Matt Herman

3.    Marvin Filipo          13.     Brendan Hlad                    3.         James Elias              13.        Warren Schillings

4.    Blake Andrews          RESERVES                                4.         Brad Tighe               RESERVES

5.    Joe Woodbury           14.     Sam Apthorpe                    5.         Josh Allison             14.        Tama Koopu

6.    Jake Mcnamara          15.     Jordan Stratton                 6.         Chad O'Donnell           15.        Luke Single

7.    Connor Kirkwood        20.     Daniel Metcalf                  7.         Jordan Worboys           16.        Uiti Baker

8.    Jacob Mckendry                                                 8.         Felise Taufaao           17.        Ben Stone

9.    Josh Dimmock                                                   9.         Chris Knight             18.        TBA

10.   Alex Mammone                                                   10.        Mark Taufua

                                    Ref er ee: Brett Eyb Tou ch Ju dges: Tom Aylett & Kurt Grogan

                             RESERVE GRADE                                         1.30PM
1.    Jordan Schofield       11.     Hayden Bailey                  1.          Michael Hendry           11.       Peter Mannion

2.    Darrin Henry           12.     Ben Workman                    2.          Reggie Wright            12.       Daniel Howe

3.    Jade Jones-Antcliffe   13.     Jay Mccord                     3.          Felly McHughes           13.       Tyler Johnson

4.    Kitione Nairube        RESERVES                               4.          Luke Poolman             RESERVES

5.    Bevan Gardiner         14.     Peter Wilson                   5.          Lochlan Buller           14.       Luifau Fonua

6.    Brett Stevens          15.     Beau Lantry                    6.          Paul Dengate             15.       Villi Ieru

7.    Lachlan Fry            16.     Jack Threadgate                7.          Joey Griffiths           16.       Jack Bennett

8.    Zac Solman                                                    8.          Ryan Petro               17.       Todd Mulville

9.    Sam Wilson                                                    9.          Liam Wilkinson           18.       Taniela Malangi

10.   Brodie Mayhew          Coach : Alec Fat a                     10.         Viko Puliuvea            Coach :   Lau r ie Clif t on

                              Ref er ee: Graham Stair        Tou ch Ju dges: Tom Aylett & Kylie Aylett
OPEN GRADE                               12.15PM
 1     Roy Bell              11     Ben Croyle                   1.         Tyrone Polyak              11.       Owen Daniels

 2     Riyaan Ely            12     Gavin Stevens                2.         Mateai Seu                 12.       Kal Killerby

 3     Shannon Griffiths     13     Mitch Clarke                 3.         Zac Rediger                13.       Josh Berwick

 4     Edward Daly           RESERVES                            4.         Matthew Richards           RESERVES

 5     Ryan Aitchinson       14     Elijah Tighe                 5.         Jonathon Batzke            14.       Aaron Hudson

 6     Nev Widders           15     Ben Hipwell                  6.         Joshua Gorton              15.       Dane Bell

 7     Jayden Widders        16     Nathan Aitchinson            7.         Andrew Curry               16.       Isaac Brown

 8     Aaron Marks           17     Zakiah Sampson               8.         Martin Day                 17.       Talanoa Taufaao

 9     Adam Stinson          18     Mick Davies                  9.         Zac Hudson                 19.       Matt Fealy

 10    Bevan Gardiner        Coach :Roy Bell                     10.        Jaziah Dawson              Coach :   M at t At k in son

                              Ref er ee: Tom Aylett       Tou ch Ju dges: Kurt Grogan & Kylie Aylett

                           LADIES LEAGUE TAG                                        11.15AM
                                                                 1.          Emily Caton               11.        Tegan Glover
1.    Ashlea Musgrove        11.     Reilly Pursehouse
                                                                 2.          Ashley Grady              12.        TBA
2.    Kailey Crossley        12.     Alex Douglas
                                                                 3.          Sarah Dodds               13.        Nicole Stanfield
3.    Brooke Greenwood       13.     Tiffany White
                                                                 4.          Rhianni Cipta             RESERVES
4.    Olivia Rostron         RESERVES
                                                                 5.          TBA                       14.        Teliah Buckton
5.    Dakota King            14.     Olivia Dawson
                                                                 6.          Sian Filipo               15.        TBA
6.    Isabella Parker        15.     Chloe Rolls
                                                                 7.          Corie Hodges              16.        Lorena Rogers
7.    Mykenzie Rowe          16.     Brooke Thomson
                                                                 8.          Kristy Houghton           17.        Sarah Ross
8.    Maiya Ambrum           17      Catherine Boorer
                                                                 9.          Hayley Wright             18.        Gabrielle Cavalieri
9.    Isabella Garvie        18      Amelia Billingham
                                                                 10.         TBA                       Coach :    Ch r is St eph en s
10.   Eliza Culley           19      Fiona Wallace

                             Coach : Lu ke Webb

                              Ref er ee: Kurt Grogan Tou ch Ju dges: Graham Stair & Brett Eyb
                       SUNDAY 22ND JULY                          3.00PM                   CAHILL OVAL

                             LAKES UNITED                                                                       KURRI KURRI
                               SEAGULLS                                                                          BULLDOGS
                           COACH: TODD EDWARDS                                                             COACH: RON GRIFFITHS

 1.     Kyle Kennedy         11.       Jarrod Holmgreen               1.         Kade Hardy               11.       Brady Hammond

 2.     Carl Randall         12.       Nick Glohe                     2.         Jono Maloney             12.       Reid Alchin

 3.     Toa Mata'Afa         13.       Shaun Boss ©                   3.         Zeb Dunstan              13.       Mitch Cullen

 4.     Jacob Gagai          RESERVES                                 4.         Tyme Dow-Nikau           RESERVES

 5.     Matt Craig           14.       Daniel Peck                    5.         Barry McGrady            14.       Ben Wyborn

 6.     Jack Kelly           15.       Conner Whittaker               6.         Jarom Haines             15.       Jordan Mitchell

 7.     Nick Newman          16.       Ben Sams                       7.         Jade Porter              16.       Mick Steele

 8.     Roman Fepuleai                                                8.         Kahn Juhnke

 9.     Casey Burgess                                                 9.         Tom McKenzie

 10.    Kodie Charles                                                 10.        Brock Gilmour

                           Ref er ee: Louis Matheson    Tou ch Ju dges: Nathan Eveleigh & John Taylor

                              RESERVE GRADE                                       1.30PM
1.     Cody Robbins          11.       SteveLeask                     1.         Danny Vale               11.        Dylon Edwards

2.     Jackson Davis         12.       Brodie Patcher                 2.         Jacob Lolback            12.        Cal Nugent

3.     Mitch Sattler         13.       Isaac Wilton                   3.         Ben Edwards              13.        Liam Leggett

4.     Cal Guest             RESERVES                                 4.         Lochie Hill              RESERVES

5.     Myles Oultram         14.                                      5.         Jake Lambert             14.        Reuben Gill

6.                           15.                                      6.         Ngangarra Barker         15.        Jono Alchin

7.     Kris Shepperd         16.                                      7.         Bret Mendyk              16.        Sam Wooden

8.     Jacob Hull            17.                                      8.         Jonah Lisiua

9.     Dan Harris                                                     9.         Jackson Cluff

10.                          Coach :   Robbie Payn e                  10.        Mark Osterman            Coach :    Rod Legget t

                           Ref er ee: John Taylor       Tou ch Ju dges: Nathan Eveleigh & Greg Ricketts
OPEN GRADE                                       12.15PM
1.    Mitch Wade              11.        Caine Mathias                   1.          Daniel Craig            11.        Jack Riddett

2.    Mitch McGuinness        12.        Adrian Rowland                  2.          Shannon O?Hara          12.        Zac Pryor

3.    Blake Liddell           13.        Terence Delalande               3.          Nick Scott              13.        Scott Hill

4.    Drew Little             RESERVES                                   4.          Jai Hancock             RESERVES

5.    Jordan Reid             14.        Blake Carlyle                   5.          Josh Udbinac            14.        Van Lee

6.    Dallas Wijnans          15.        Byron Botha                     6.          Cody Dodd               15.        Jackson Jeffries

7.    Craig Martine           16.        Drew Dobb                       7.          Blake Easton            16.        Mick Carr

8.    Terry Clarke                                                       8.          Mick Hugg               17.        Brett Hedges

9.    Mark Wilton             Coach :    Cr aig M ar t in e              9.          Adam Collingwood        18.

10.   Hayden Tate                                                        10.         Eamon Doherty           19.        Blake Parrey

                                                                                                             Coach :    Scot t Hill/ Adam
                         Ref er ee: Tom Aylett            Tou ch Ju dges: Marchello Laguna & Greg Ricketts              Collin gw ood

                         LADIES LEAGUE TAG                                               11.15AM
                                                                        1.          Elyse Stoker             11.       Harmony Liddell
1.    Hayley Arden            11.       Mia Peden
                                                                        2.          Zoe Mawkes               12.       Leanne Polglase
2.    Georgia Blanche         12.
                                                                        3.          Emma Martin              13.       Hayley Amm
3.    Laura Neale             13.
                                                                        4.          Amy Williams             RESERVES
4.    Rhi Oslte               RESERVES
                                                                        5.          Elizabeth Davis          14.       Cindilee Thompson
5.    Tempe Oke               14.       Lily Unterrheiner
                                                                        6.          Rachel Sharpe            15.       Dani Messenger
6.    Bella Houston           15.       Teagan Eastham
                                                                        7.          Kathleen Maier           16.       Kadi Carr
7.    Bec Tatolli             16.       Hayley Walsh
                                                                        8.          Emma Hodson
8.    Tianna Cummings                   Dimity Haigh
                                                                        9.          Melissa Ungaro           Coach :   Dan n y Lin n an e
9.    Laura Daley                       Abby Bolte
                                                                        10.         Tracey Roxin
10.   Kirsty Lee-jones        Coach :   Logan Redm an

                            Ref er ee: Marchello Laguna Tou ch Ju dges: Louis Matheson & Greg Ricketts
                               SUNDAY 22ND JULY 3.00PM                                   ST JOHN OVAL

                                              CENTRAL                                                                 M AITLAND
                                             NEWCASTLE                                                                 PICKERS
                                           COACH: CRAIG M ILLER                                                  COACH: LUKE DORN

1.     Callan Richardson             11.     Ethan Cook                 1         Luke Dorn ( C )                11      TBA

                                                                        2         Isaac Upton                    12      Scott Williams
2.     Grant Anderson                12.     Shane Gray
                                                                        3         Joshua Griffiths               13      Lincoln Smith
3.     Steve Gordon                  13.     Mitch Williams
                                                                        4         Jayden Hocking                 RESERVES
4.     Simon Williams                RESERVES
                                                                        5         Elliot Jennings                14      Tylar Carter
5.     Cameron Anderson              14.     Dom Murphy
                                                                        6         Ryan Walsh
                                                                                                                 15      TBA
6.     Terence Seu Seu               15.     Matt Baker
                                                                        7         Tyler Perrin
                                                                                                                 16      Jacob Sinclair
7.     Brad Murray                   16.     Tom Madden                 8         Brenton Horwood
                                                                                                                 17      Geordie Connelly
8.     Shaun Medcalf                 17.     Cody Bryant                9         Adam Clydesdale
9.     Bryce Kennedy                                                    10        Jayden Butterfield

10.    Jermaine Ale

          Ref er ee: Jake White   Tou ch Ju dges: Kassandra McDonald & Brendan Callander    In goal/ Assist : Cameron Smith & Brett Eyb

                                  LADIES LEAGUE TAG                                          2:00PM
 1.         Rachael Jeffs              11.       Lily Goodchild             1.         Amy Dufour                 11.       Brooke Carroll

 2.         Tahnee Milgate             12.       Jessica Potts              2.         Shyden Carne- Jordan       12.       Mia Jenkins

 3.         Taylah Lobley              13.       Emma Pywell                3.         Teegan Barr                13.       Charlotte Mcleish

 4.         Amelia Hughes              RESERVES                             4.         Breanna Lacey              RESERVES

 5.         Maddison Mcmanus           14.       Kate Davies                5.         Sarah Delaney              14.       April Teece

 6.         Brittany Coe               15.       Karlie Robards             6.         Stacey Palmer

 7.         Ainsley Hughes                                                  7.         Shelby Snowden

 8.         Cabrielle Miller                                                8.         Brittany Morrison

 9.         Samantha Atkins                                                 9.         Tahlia Howard

 10.        Blanche Morrissey          Coach :   Joel Skeln ar              10.        Brittany Carrol            Coach :   Ton y How ar d

                                       Ref er ee: Travis Malone   Tou ch Ju dges: Brett Eyb & Cameron Smith
RESERVE GRADE                                       12.30PM
1.    Kyle Kingston              11.       Josh Neilson                  1.         Michael Dent               11.       Gary Anderson

2.    Lachlan Powell             12.       Matt Koellner                 2.         TBA                        12.       Ben Ireland

3.    Tom Morton                 13.       Dane Cordner                  3.         Zachary Pursehouse         13.       TBA

4.    Tom Lavis                  RESERVES                                4.         Jayden Hocking             RESERVES

5.    Marcel Ikinofo             14.       Luke Weston                   5.         TBA                        14.       Kingsley Jennings

6.    Liam Boney                 15.       Kyle Avery                    6.         TBA                        15.       Jye Delaney

7.    Matt Atkins                16.                                     7.         Blake Birch                16.       Jed Dixon

8.    Dylan Jones                                                        8.         Daniel Killen              17.       Junior Tuivati

9.    Corey Baker                                                        9.         Reece Chappell

10.   Jake Davis                 Coach :   Br ad Haf ey                  10.        Mcilwrath                  Coach :   Lu k e Clydsdale ( C )

                          Ref er ee: Steve Malone        Tou ch Ju dges: Brendan Callander & Kassandra McDonald

                                      OPEN GRADE                                 11.15PM
1.    Brett Botham              11.        Jack Geddes                  1.         Nathan Thompson             11.       James Woods

2.    James Carmen              12.        Jordon Wilton                2.         Andrew Lee                  12.       Domonic fiorenza

3.    James Harrison            13.        Joel Taylor                  3.         Mathew Freeman              13.       Rhys Fagurland

4.    Ben Poole                 RESERVES                                4.         Thomas Rinkin               RESERVES

5.    Leif Rhodes               14.        Adam Hume                    5.         Mitchell Kelly              14.       Junior Tuivati

6.    Jake Ronan                15.        Blake Parker                 6.         Mathew Martin               15.       Mathew Woodcock

7.    Josh Unterrheiner         16.        Heath Donoghoe               7.         Mitchell Wilton             16.       Mathew O'Neil

8.    Jonathan Tickle           17.        Rhys Botham                  8.         Jye Delaney ( C )           17.       Jackson Constable

9.    Joel Hafey                                                        9.         Jed Dixon

10.   Jeff Saarikko             Coach :    Lu ke Ban n ist er           10.        Dean Ayscough               Coach :   Jye Delan ey ( C )

                                 Ref er ee: Brent Hardy         Tou ch Ju dges: Travis Malone & Steve Malone
                                       CENTRAL BUTCHER
                                        THE BUTCHERS PAPER
A good day for the Club last Sunday, winning all grades against determined Cessnock sides, it lifts the spirits
and makes everyone smile. We continue to lead the Club Championship.
Today is Sponsors Day at Central and we welcome our great sponsors and thank them for their incredible
support, without which Central couldn?t be the great club it is today. We sincerely hope you enjoy the day at St
Our O?Neill?s kick for cash is worth $700, just kick the ball on the full into our tyre bundle and get $700.
Our Central Gala Ball on Saturday 18thAugust takes on a Casino Royal theme this year as it?s combined with
our 200 Club draw. Ball tickets are $100 (table of 10) which gets you a great meal, drinks and entertainment
package but are discounted to $50 (table of 10) if you also buy a ticket in the 200 club draw. It will be a great
night and great value, grab your tickets now!
Don?t forget our entertainment books are for sale, take the opportunity to save yourself $ and support the
club. On sale now at Central Leagues Club reception.
Major Sponsors: Cen t r al Ch ar lest ow n Leagu es Clu b, Healt h e Car e Au st r alia, Ryan An sell In vest m en t
Solu t ion s, O?Neill?s Tyr e & Au t ocar e, deWit t Con su lt in g, Gat esh ead Tr af f ic Solu t ion s, Jodie Har r ison M P,
Th e Cleaver Clu b, Ch ar lest ow n St eer in g Ser vices, Adam s Fam ily M eat s, Cr eer Pr oper t y, Th e Albion
Hot el, War r ior Elect r icalan d Th er m ogr aph y, New Coast Lu br ican t s, St opm ast er Br ak e Ser vices,
Tim Pr yor Rein f or cin g, J.Rayn er Scr een s an d Door s, New cast le Book k eepin g Plu s, M ayzen Ser vices Pt y
Lt d, VBDCh ar t er ed Accou n t an t s, TJS Clean in g Ser vices,DFK Cr osbie Accou n t in g, GWH Bu ild, Tax Today,
Tu r n bu ll Hill Law yer s.
Jersey Sponsors: Har veys New cast le Fabr icat or s an d M ech an ical Con t r act or s, Joh n Collin s Dair y
Far m er s M ilk Ven dor , Jim Bu r gess Ren der in g, Har t 2 Har t Tr an spor t , Ross Sim m in gt on , Dave Sh eer in ,
M ar k Ph illips Plu m bin g, Cr u st Gou r m et Pizza, Cen t r al Old Boys, Ch ar lest ow n Ven din g Ser vices,
Gu zm an Y Gom ez, Elegan ce on t h e M ove .

                                             SOUTH NEWCASTLE

                                                     V M ACQUARIE
                                                 AT TOWNSON OVAL
                                                SATURDAY 21ST JULY
Cessnock Goannas V West Rosellas at Cessnock with 4 big games of Rugby League.
Cessnock Goannas LLT players will be wearing the Strive for Autism charity jersey this Saturday with the rest of our
teams wearing the jersey on 18.8.18.
Goannas 2003 Premiers are our special guests at this home game with the team reuniting to celebrate 15 years on.
CRLFC look forward to the players enjoying a day at Cessnock & reminiscing about that day in 03?
Cessnock Goanna 19?s will head to Harker for Friday Night Footy to play in the U19?s double header. School holidays &
injury have numbers low, however we will have a side to play. The 19?s have also been excellent in helping the grade,
thanks to the players & Dutchy, Chippy, Ji
Goannas Sports Bags $20
Sell out Jerseys $10 plus
The Greater Bank Merchandise tent has new kids jerseys & training shorts. Bring your cash & stock up on Goanna Wear.
Open home games & Tuesdays 6pm -7pm
Save the dates !
-2003 Premiers Day @ Cessnock Sports Ground July 21st.
-Old Boys Bowls Day July 22nd see
Cessnock RL Old Boys Club Facebook page for details
-Black & Gold Ball August 18th @ Cessnock Leagues Club
-Cessnock Minor League 30 year reunion September 1st see Cessnock Minor Rugby League Facebook page for details
Strive Tickets are for sale $100 to WIN $10k
We have 300 tickets only with the winner receiving TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS See the Greater Bank Merchandise tent to
buy, syndicates welcomed.
Our Programs are Sponsored by
Ray White Cessnock
Cessnock Toyota
Cessnock Mitsubishi
2017 saw Ray White deliver exceptional quality programs
2018 Ray White will again deliver exceptional quality programs with Cessnock Automotive joining them
The warm up shirts will be worn by all 5 sides, a new concept for Cessnock Goannas sporting the warm up shirt
sponsors on the back. Thanks Ben Ean, Jeremy Sylverster Racing, Kirkwoods Produce, Carpet Court, Choice Chiropractic
Cessnock Goanna 2018 Sponsorship group
Cessn ock Leagu es Clu b, Peden's Hot el, Cessn ock Au t om ot ive Gr ou p, Woodbu r y Civil, Gr eat er Ban k , Clem en t s
Ref r iger at ion & Air Con dit ion in g, O'Neills Tyr es, Sam s M in in g, Ray Wh it e Cessn ock , Rear don Fen cin g, East Coast
Su pplem en t s, Saf e & Sou n d St or age, Flan agan's M en sw ear , Su bw ay Ch ar lt on st Cessn ock , Ch r is Wat son
M ot or cycle, KFC Cessn ock , St on es Pest & Weed, Cessn ock Day Nigh t Ph ar m acy, Ben Ean , Jer em y Sylvest er
Racin g, Kir k w ood Pr odu ce Ru t h er f or d, Ch oice Ch ir opr act ic Cessn ock , Car pet Cou r t Cessn ock , Au st ar , Ju r ds,
M at t h ew Evan s Podiat r y, Expr ess Lu be, Oak Plu s, Aqu acr et e, Kir k Ear t h m ovin g, Teasdale Tyr es, An yt im e Fit n ess
Cessn ock , M it ch ell Ph ysiot h er apy, PK's Olde Gen er al St or e, CCC, Joel Fit zgibbon , Ryan Accou n t in g, Tot al Fit n ess,
ACM Lan dm ar k , Ar m s & Am m o, Balloon Wor x, Bar r y 's Qu alit y M eat s, Bellbir d Hot el, BJH Pain t in g, Bom bor a Su r f ,
Can cer Cou n cil, Cessn ock Glass, Cessn ock M ain t en an ce, Cessn ock M ason ic Village, Cr eigh t on s Fu n er al Ser vice,
DNA Elect r ical, Dou g Kir k Rem ovals, Dow lin g Cessn ock , Eu r of or m , Gr een h ills Facial Ren u , Gr ices, Har t ch er Hall,
HIE Sign s, HPP, Hu n t er M in i M ix, Hu n t er Ph ysio, Hu n t er Sales & Ren t als, It r avel, K & N Clean in g, Lear & Sm it h ,
Len Pr o, M axiplast IDM , M J'S Dan ce, Opt u s Cessn ock , Plan et En gr avin g, Rou ge Beau t y, St er n beck s, Sch of ields
Plu m bin g, CR Sm yt h s & Son s, Th e Adver t iser , Th e Au st r alia Hot el, Toplin e Gar age, Tot al Fir e, Win e Design ,
Wollom bi Rd Pr ovidor eAll player s, su ppor t er s, m em ber s an d gu est s ar e in vit ed t o at t en d post gam e
pr esen t at ion & r af f le at ou r M ajor Spon sor Cessn ock Leagu es Clu b f r om 5.30pm Sat u r day
Don't Knock The Nocks
The LLT were at one stage reduced to 10 players during their game against Lakes United, during this
stanza they did not concede any points and managed to cross the line themselves. However at the 16
minute mark of the first half a five minute lapse proved extremely costly with Lakes running in 16
unanswered points to gain an unassailable lead. Emma Hodson had a strong game scoring a double,
with Mel Ungaro named best on park for the team.

The under 19?s competed in the futures round against the more fancied Lakes United team, Kurri put
up a valiant effort however could not come away with the win. The game was played at a fast pace with
Kurri holding their own for long periods of time, they are a young side who will be better for the
experience of season 2018.

A physical encounter riddled with mistakes is how to best describe the third grade game, Kurri
managed to complete at around thirty percent for the game. Highly out of character for a squad that
has built itself around hard work and being able to complete when under pressure. Look for the
bounce back this weekend.

The Kurri Kurri reserve grade team came up with a polished performance to help Ben Edwards
celebrate his 150th grade game. The ever improving side are building in confidence and are finding
some consistency at the right end of the season. It was great to see the return to the club of Jonah
Lisiua who scored a double for the Bulldogs.

Furthermore this weekend sees the Fir est or m Kurri Kurri Bulldogs do a double take and return to take
on Lakes United again. The Bulldogs put in a great display for large periods of the game, however a few
momentary lapses of concentration cost them dearly going down by a try. The playing group have
confidence in their ability, what they are about as a group and where they are headed on the BLUE
BUS, this will not doubt lead to another committed team performance.

                                      THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS 2018
   A Plu s Con t r act in g, Alf abs, An t on ios Bar ber sh op, Au st ar Coalm in e, Beyon d Ban k , BVH Bu ildin g,
   Ch elm sf or d Hot el, Cr eigh t on s Fu n er als, DC Con veyan cin g, Fir est or m Fir e Pr ot ect ion , Flan agan s
 M en sw ear , Happy Toot h , Heddon Gr et a Hot el, Hu n t er Jeep, i24gym , KFC, KK Bu sin ess Ch am ber , KK
Com m u n it y Cen t r e, KK Golf Clu b, KK Hot Br ead, KK Bow lin g Clu b, KK Old Boys Clu b, Lazy Lads Lau n dr y
  Ser vice, M axiplast , M er yl Sw an son M P, M in elin x, M it ch ells Ph ysio, Neat h Hot el, PRD Nat ion w ide
  Hu n t er Valley, Pr icelin e Ph ar m acy, Red Roost er , Rod Th e Bar ber , Ross Roder ick Tyr es, Sh ed Boss,
Sim ply Bliss Bak eh ou se, Sim ply Pr ecast , St at ion Hot el, Su bw ay, Sylvest er Real Est at e, Teasdale Tyr es,
    Th in k Accou n t in g, You r Discou n t Ch em ist , St eve Lan t r y Plu m bin g, Alph a Labs M M A, Blu e Bu s
                                                        Revolu t ion
The Scorpions performed the escape of the year the previous week against Central Newcastle and
unfortunately it was cruelly performed on the Scorpions last weekend with Maitland Pickers being
awarded a controversial try with only seconds remaining to break the deadlock and run out 36-30
winner. It is as if the rugby league gods have decreed that we will give you the 2017 title but in 2018
we will put every obstacle in your path to make sure you don?t defend it. Well enough of the
melodrama and we move on to this weekend against South Newcastle, where I am sure the First
Grade side can come away with the points.
The commitment from the First Grade squad cannot be questioned, but unforced errors and
penalties have made life difficult during the games. In every game this season the side has been in a
position to win the game but poor execution, mistakes and penalties have released the pressure on
the opposition late in those games.
Congratulations to the Under 19s, Reserve Grade and Open Grade for excellent wins against the
strong Maitland outfits. Those wins have kept the Open Grade still in the hunt for a semi final berth
and the Under 19s and Reserve Grade well placed to finish high up the ladder come semi final time.
Its going to be a juggling trick from here on for the coaches to ensure players qualify for the semi
Just a reminder to all Scorpions supporters that tickets are still available in the 300 club with a first
prize of $10,000 with the draw taking place at Toronto Workers Club on Saturday 4 August at 3.00pm.
Food and drinks will be provided to 300 club ticket holders.

Spon sor s: Anytime Fitness Toronto, KFC Toronto, Juice Boost Glendale, Westlakes Trophies and Engraving,
Buy Rite Roofing, Scott Greenwood Painting, Choice Plumbing, DKS Butchery Toronto, Eye Care Plus Toronto,
Fennell Bay Cellars, Dora Creek Workers Club, Macquarie Manufacturing, Teralba Bowling Club, Rearden
Fencing, Good Guys Warners Bay, Toronto RSL Sub Branch, Toronto West Tyre Centre, Nulex Constructions,
Col Burns, Enve Hair Mount Hutton, IDM Strapping, Myuna Bay Sport And Rec, Metroll Pty Ltd, Newcastle and
Hunter Pest Control, Toronto Barber Shop, Ace Aerials, Great Northern Hotel Teralba, First Splashes Swim
School, Hughzies Restaurant, Joel Fitzgibbon MP, Pacific Scaffolding, Iona Sports Fishing, Lakeview Kitchens,
Rathmines Auto Dismantlers Macquarie Scorpions Old Boys.
Ladies Leagu e Tag
The ladies enjoyed the week off with a bye against Macquarie, and are back training strong & feeling refreshed.
With Many Players still carrying injuries this week the girls will be relying heavily on their top 14 named to hold central out
of their end, after such a tight game the last time these 2 teams encountered each other, with Pickers girls going down by
only 1 point, it is sure to be a great game this Sunday!

Un der 19's
the score line wasn?t the result we had hoped for but the effort and discipline couldn?t be questioned. Playing short and
with the majority of the squad backing up from other grades, the 19?s battled away to stay in the fight against a very good
Macquarie side. Junior Tuivati was outstanding and continuously threatened the line scoring a hatrick on his way to
collecting player ?s player and coach?s award.

Open Gr ade
Once again it was a disappointing result for open grade this week, unable to execute at the line when they had good ball
and as a result they were left having to defend a high percentage of the game. The boys are struggling with fielding a
strong middle, and low numbers at training are making it difficult to be able to really utilise the strong combinations they
do have. With such a tight competition across all grades this year let?s hope they can claw their way back to finish the back
end of the year in a better position.

Reser ve Gr ade
Down Players on the weekend unfortunately we were beat by Macquarie, with the halftime score 28-6 it was a great effort
in the second half to come back close with the final score being 34-24. Special mention to all the 19?s and open grade
players backing up and helping us out. Player ?s player this week was Reece Chappell and Coaches award went to Benny
Coach: Luke Clydesdale

Fir st Gr ade
After a nail biter 80 min game against Macquarie the Mighty Pickers scored with 30 seconds to go winning the game 36-30
and securing the top of the table spot on 14 points. But with such a close competition the boys can?t afford to celebrate
for long, and they showed up on Tuesday at training with strong numbers ready to dig in and back it up this week.
This week the Mighty Pickers will head to St John Oval on Sunday to take on Central Charlestown for their women in
league Round, while the u19?s will stay home to play Friday night footy. Note changes to Game times this week are:
Fr iday 20t h Ju ly ? M ait lan d Spor t sgr ou n d-
7:30 U19?s
Su n day 22n d Ju ly St joh n Oval
11:15- Open gr ade, 12:30- Reser ve gr ade ? 2:00 LLT, 3:00 -Fir st Gr ade
We hope to see lots of black and white in the crowd cheering on the Mighty Pickers!!
Thankyou to our valued Sponsors! Your support allows us the opportunity to participate in the greatest game of all and
be the great club we are!

Welcome back to Cahill Oval, which seems like Groundhog Day as we face Kurri again on the same day, at the
same venue.
Last week we came away with 4 victories out of 5, with the girls kicking the day off in a close contest, winning
Third Grade came up against a very strong Kurri outfit, who have only lost 1 game all season. The boys put in a
massive effort, only having 2 reserves and winning 16-12 making it 7 in a row.
With a number of injuries throughout the club, Reserve Grade started with only 12 fresh and six third graders
to backing up which took its toll during the game and saw Kurri run out 34-28 winners.
Being futures round the 19?s played before 1st grade and didn?t they put on a show
With near a full strength and playing some great football they continued they winning run 60-10
First Grade had a very slow start. The game was a very close encounter, with end to end football and it seemed
like it wasn?t our day, until a minute to go with little man Pecky setting up Captain Courageous, Shaun Boss,
with the game winning try, to run out winners 24-20.
It was a very big week for Lakes United with the passing ofour life member Chris Robinson. Robbo was a
valued and loved member of the club and our condolences go out to his family and everyone involved with the
Lakes United club. RIP Robbo, you will be sadly missed.
Once again thank you to all our loyal supporters and sponsors who show up every week, it is much
appreciated by the whole club. As always, everyone is welcome back to Jewells Tavern for the after match

Seagu lls Hist or y.... Round 12 v Kurri at Cahill Oval
On their way to premiership success the exceptional Seagull team of 2001 overpowered most opposition
throughout the season, recording many lopsided results. On June 17 at Cahill Oval the previous best win over
Kurri (46-7 set in 1965) was eclipsed as the Seagull` s won 64-8. Andrew Ryan stole the show from centre
partner Adam Hall with four tries to Hall` s two. Other try scorers were Jason Allen (3), Matt Lynch, Matt
Stidolph and Kyle McDonnell whilst ?Alfie?Allardice kicked 8 goals in the absence of injure
Next Week : Lak es vs Cessn ock at Cah ill Oval on Su n day 29t h Ju ly 2018.
West s LLT.Our ladies had another good win over Souths, who were five points above them on the chart, winning 8 to 0.
All points were scored in the first half, with Sarah Dodds scoring two tries and Kristy Houston kicking a goal. Well done to
all our players and your Wests family are wishing you an enjoyable game at Cessnock this Saturday. Aw ar ds:Players
Player; Sarah Dodds; Coaches Award and Directors Award to Rhianni Cipta.
Open Gr ade.Had another hard game against a good Souths team. The first half was a real struggle with each team going
to the sheds six all at half time. The second half was as hard as the first, with both sides being twelve all with one minute
to full time. Tyrone Polyak then stepped up and kicked a magnificent field goal, giving us a 13 to 12 victory. A really great
effort from all our players. Your Wests family are very proud of your fighting spirit. Tries to Andrew Curry and Owen
Daniels. Andrew Curry kicked two goals and Tyrone Polyak kicked the winning field goal. Aw ar ds:Players Player, Joshua
Gorton; Coaches, Mal Green and Directors to Michael Finucane.
West s Reser ve Gr ade.The first half did not go our way with our players going to the shed down 6 to 16. Coach Laurie
Clifton indicated to his players how and where they had to lift their game and they did exactly what he asked of them,
winning 26 to 18. A wonderful effort from all our players. Tries to Paul Dengate; Michael Hendry; Liam Wilkinson; Reggie
Wright and Viko Puluvea. Michael Hendry kicked three goals. Aw ar ds:Players Player, Viko Puluvea; Coaches and Directors
to Paul Dengate.
U 19?s.Our young men continued their unbeaten record with a big win over Souths 40 to 14. They again played an
entertaining exhibition of rugby league, which the fans of this code enjoy watching. Your Wests coach and fans are
extremely proud of you all. Tries to Jacob Payne; Manu Matoka (4); Jessie Andrews and Liam Marshall. Goals to Dyllan
Parlane (4); Lawson Moore and Jessie Andrews.
Aw ar ds:Players Player, Manu Matoka; Coaches, Ross Haidle and Directors went to Manu Matoka.

West s Fir st Gr ade.This game was the third top-of-the-table clash in three weeks against a good Souths side. At half time
both teams went to the sheds with the score eighteen all. However, the second half proved difficult for our players to put
together the play that had them win their previous games. The final score being 18 to 38, with Souths scoring on full time.
These games are sent to try us and your Wests fans know you will come back from this defeat. We wish you all the best
against Cessnock this Saturday. Tries to Josh Allison; Jack Johns and Chad O?Donnell. Sam Keenan kicked three goals.
Aw ar ds:Players Player, Willis Alatini; Coaches Brad Tighe and Directors to Willis Alatini.

Next Week : Next Gam e WESTS PLAY SOUTHSat Har ker Oval on Su n day 29t h of Ju ly 2018. Help f ill t h e gr ou n d an d
w at ch en t er t ain in g r u gby leagu e. IT?S WESTS OLD BOYS DAY COME & SEE OLD MATES.

Please support West?s Sponsors:Lar r y Sau lt Roof in g & Gu t t er in g (1): WPFD Plu m bin g & Fir e Con su lt an t s (2): Dar cy
Real Est at e (3): Bliss Hair Ar t ist s (4): IDM Spor t s (5): West er n Su bu r bs Leagu es Clu b (6): Lain g Ref r iger at ion (7): Th e
Gat ew ay In n New cast le (8): LTA Fir e Syst em s (9): Wilson s Au t o Repair s (10): Th e Execu t ive In n New cast le (11): GB
Elect r ical (12): Am algam at ed Cash Ser vices (13): OAS Com pu t er s & Dat a Cablin g (14): Rich ar d Cr ookes Con su lt an t s
(15): Balan ce New Lam bt on (16): KAM Cool Ref r iger at ion (17).
Please find below the players for each club that incur points under the Newcastle Rugby League player points
system. These tables will be used in lieu of having a players point value beside their name in the team lists
      HOM E TEAM              AWAY TEAM                      VENUE            DATE      GRADES              KICK OFF

Maitland Pickers    34 Cessnock Goannas         0   Maitland Sportsground   Sat 21/4   ALL                  3.30pm

Macquarie Scorpions 28 Lakes United                 Lyall Peacock Field     Sat 21/4   ALL                  3.30pm

Kurri Kurri         16 South Newcastle         10 Kurri Kurri               Sat 21/4   ALL                  3.30pm

West Newcastle      20 Central Newcastle            Harker Oval             Sun 22/4   ALL                  3.30pm

Cessnock Goannas    12   Kurri Kurri           28 Cessnock Sportsground     Sat 28/4   ALL                  3.30pm

Central Newcastle   12   Macquarie Scorpions 15     St John Oval            Sun 29/4   ALL                  3.30pm

Lakes United        20   West Newcastle        6    Cahill Oval             Sun 29/4   ALL                  3.30pm

South Newcastle      6 Maitland Pickers        26   Townson Oval            Sun 29/4   ALL                  3.30pm

Maitland Pickers    16   Central Newcastle     22   Townson Oval            Fri 4/5    U19                  6.15pm

South Newcastle     6    Macquarie Scorpions   46 Townson Oval              Fri 4/5    U19                  7.30pm

Kurri Kurri         12 Lakes United            38   Cessnock Sportsground   Fri 4/5    U19                  6.15pm

Cessnock Goannas     0 West Newcastle          52   Cessnock Sportsground   Fri 4/5    U19                  7.30pm
                                                                                       1st, 2nd,,   Open,
Macquarie Scorpions 28 South Newcastle         26 Lyall Peacock Field       Sat 5/5    LLT                  3.30pm
                                                                                       1st, 2nd,,   Open,
Kurri Kurri         24   Lakes United          12   Kurri Kurri             Sat 5/5    LLT                  3.30pm
                                                                                       1st, 2nd,,   Open,
Maitland Pickers    12   Central Newcastle     38   Maitland Sportsground   Sat 5/5    LLT                  3.30pm
                                                                                       1st, 2nd,,   Open,
West Newcastle       6   Cessnock Goannas 20 Harker Oval                    Sun 6/5    LLT                  3.30pm

ROUND 4 - MAY 12 TH & 13TH
Cessnock Goannas    18   Lakes United          28   Cessnock Sportsground   Sat 12/5   ALL                  3.30pm

Macquarie Scorpions 20 Maitland Pickers        34   Lyall Peacock Field     Sat 12/5   ALL                  3.30pm

South Newcastle     26   West Newcastle        16   Townson Oval            Sun 13/5   ALL                  3.30pm

Central Newcastle   26   Kurri Kurri           16 St John Oval              Sun 13/5   ALL                  3.30pm

Wet Weather rescheduling
    HOM E TEAM                 AWAY TEAM                       VENUE               DATE     GRADES            KICK OFF

ROUND 5 - 26TH & 27TH MAY
West Newcastle        44 Maitland Pickers         0 St John Oval                 Fri 25/5   U19               6.15pm

Central Newcastle 12 Lakes United                 6   St John Oval               Fri 25/5   U19               7.30pm

South Newcastle 22         Cessnock              12   Kurri Kurri Sportsground   Fri 25/5   Open              6.15pm

Kurri Kurri           12   Macquarie             10   Kurri Kurri Sportsground   Fri 25/5   Open              7.30pm
                                                                                            1st, 2nd,,
Lakes United          20 Central Newcastle 18 Cahill Oval                        Sat 26/5   Open, LLT         3.30pm
                                                                                            1st, 2nd,, U19,
Kurri Kurri           26   Macquarie Scorpions   24   Kurri Kurri Sportsground   Sat 26/5                     3.30pm

                                                                                            1st, 2nd,, LLT
West Newcastle        30 Maitland Pickers 16          Harker Oval                Sat 26/5                     3.30pm

Cessnock Goannas 22        South Newcastle 12         Cessnock Sportsground      Sat 26/5   ALL               3.30pm

Newcastle Rebels 14 Ron Massey Rep               20 Maitland Sportsground        Fri 1/6                      7.30pm

Kurri Kurri           10   West Newcastle        18 Kurri Kurri Sportsground     Sat 2/6    ALL               3.30pm

Maitland Pickers 18        Central Newcastle 46 Maitland Sportsground            Sat 2/6    ALL               3.30pm

Cessnock Goannas 12        Lakes United          14 Cessnock Sportsground        Sat 2/6    ALL               3.30pm

South Newcastle 22         Macquarie Scorpions   16 Townson Oval                 Sat 2/6    ALL               3.30pm

Long Weekend

ROUND 7 - JUNE 16TH & 17TH
Lakes United          38 Maitland Pickers 12          Cahill Oval                Sat 16/6   ALL               3.00pm

Macquarie Scorpions    6   Cessnock Goannas 26        Lyall Peacock Field        Sat 16/6   ALL               3.00pm

Kurri Kurri                West Newcastle             Kurri Kurri Sportsground   Sat 4/8    ALL               3.00pm

Central Newcastle     20   South Newcastle 28         St John Oval               Sun 17/6   ALL               3.00pm

West Newcastle        22 Macquarie Scorpions 12       Harker Oval                Sat 23/6   ALL               3.00pm

South Newcastle 26         Lakes United           6   Townson Oval               Sat 23/6   ALL               3.00pm

Cessnock Goannas 14        Central Newcastle     26   Cessnock Sportsground      Sat 23/6   ALL               3.00pm

Maitland Pickers 42        Kurri Kurri           6    Maitland Sportsground      Sat 23/6   ALL               3.00pm
    HOM E TEAM                 AWAY TEAM                     VENUE               DATE     GRADES            KICK OFF

ROUND 9 - JUNE 30 & JULY 1
Cessnock Goannas 16        Maitland Pickers 22      Cessnock Sportsground      Sat 30/6   ALL               3.00pm

Central Newcastle 12 West Newcastle            13 St John Oval                 Sun 1/7    ALL               3.00pm

Lakes United          34   Macquarie Scorpions 14   Cahill Oval                Sun 1/7    ALL               3.00pm

South Newcastle 32         Kurri Kurri         12   Townson Oval               Sun 1/7    ALL               3.00pm

                                                                                          1st, 2nd, Open,
Macquarie Scorpions   22   Central Newcastle 22 Lyall Peacock Field            Sat 7/7    U19               3.00pm
                                                                                          1st, 2nd, Open,
Kurri Kurri           14   Cessnock Goannas 6       Kurri Kurri Sportsground   Sat 7/7    U19               3.00pm
                                                                                          1st, 2nd, Open,
West Newcastle        28 Lakes United          22   Harker Oval                Sat 7/7    U19               3.00pm
                                                                                          1st, 2nd, Open,
Maitland Pickers 32        South Newcastle 20       Maitland Sportsground      Sat 7/7    U19               3.00pm

Maitland Pickers 10        South Newcastle 32       Maitland Sportsground      Sun 8/7    LLT               12.00pm

Kurri Kurri           12   Cessnock            0    Maitland Sportsground      Sun 8/7    LLT               1.00pm

West Newcastle         8   Lakes United         0   Maitland Sportsground      Sun 8/7    LLT               2.00pm

Macquarie Scorpions   30   Maitland Pickers 36      Lyall Peacock Field        Sat 14/7   ALL               3.00pm

West Newcastle        18 South Newcastle 38         Harker Oval                Sat 14/7   ALL               3.00pm

Lakes United          24   Kurri Kurri         20   Cahill Oval                Sun 15/7   ALL               3.00pm

Central Newcastle 32 Cessnock Goannas          12   St John Oval               Sun 15/7   ALL               3.00pm

ROUND 12 - JULY 20TH, 21ST & 22ND
Lakes United               Kurri Kurri              Maitland Sportsground      Fri 20/7   U19               6.15pm

Maitland Pickers           Central Newcastle        Maitland Sportsground      Fri 20/7   U19               7.30pm

South Newcastle            Macquarie Scorpions Harker Oval                     Fri 20/7   U19               6.15pm

West Newcastle             Cessnock Goannas         Harker Oval                Fri 20/7   U19               7.30pm
                                                                                          1st, 2nd,,
South Newcastle            Macquarie Scorpions Townson Oval                    Sat 21/7   Open, LLT         3.00pm
                                                                                          1st, 2nd,,
Cessnock Goannas           West Newcastle           Cessnock Sportsground      Sat 21/7   Open, LLT         3.00pm
                                                                                          1st, 2nd,,
Central Newcastle          Maitland Pickers         St John Oval               Sun 22/7   Open, LLT         3.00pm

                                                                                          1st, 2nd,,
Lakes United               Kurri Kurri              Cahill Oval                Sun 22/7   Open, LLT         3.00pm
    HOM E TEAM               AWAY TEAM                      VENUE                 DATE       GRADES       KICK OFF

ROUND 13 - JULY 28TH & 29TH
Kurri Kurri              Central Newcastle        Kurri Kurri Sportsground     Sat 28/7      ALL          3.30pm

Maitland Pickers         Macquarie Scorpions Maitland Sportsground             Sat 28/7      ALL          3.00pm

Lakes United             Cessnock Goannas         Cahill Oval                  Sun 29/7      ALL          3.00pm

West Newcastle           South Newcastle          Harker Oval                  Sun 29/7      ALL          3.00pm

Wet Weather Rescheduling

ROUND 14 - AUGUST 10TH, 11TH & 12TH
Maitland Pickers         West Newcastle           Cahill Oval                  Fri 10/8      U19          6.15pm

Lakes United             Central Newcastle        Cahill Oval                  Fri 10/8      U19          7.30pm

Cessnock Goannas         South Newcastle          Lyall Peacock Field          Fri 10/8      Open         6.15pm

Macquarie Scorpions Kurri Kurri                   Lyall Peacock Field          Fri 10/8      Open         7.30pm
                                                                                             1st, 2nd,,
Macquarie Scorpions Kurri Kurri                   Lyall Peacock Field          Sat 11/8      U19 , LLT    3.00pm
                                                                                             1st, 2nd,,
Maitland Pickers         West Newcastle           Maitland Sportsground        Sat 11/8      Open, LLT    3.00pm
                                                                                             1st, 2nd,,
South Newcastle          Cessnock Goannas         Townson Oval                 Sun 12/8      U19 , LLT    3.00pm
                                                                                             1st, 2nd,,
Central Newcastle        Lakes United             St John Oval                 Sun 12/8      Open, LLT    3.00pm

Maitland Pickers         Lakes United             Maitland Sportsground        Sat 18/8      ALL          3.00pm

South Newcastle          Central Newcastle        Townson Oval                 Sat 18/8      ALL          3.00pm

Cessnock Goannas         Macquarie Scorpions Cessnock Sportsground             Sat 18/8      ALL          3.00pm

West Newcastle           Kurri Kurri              Harker Oval                  Sun 19/8      ALL          3.00pm

Kurri Kurri              Maitland Pickers         Kurri Kurri Sportsground     Sat 25/8      ALL          3.30pm

Macquarie Scorpions West Newcastle                Lyall Peacock Field          Sat 25/8      ALL          3.00pm

Lakes United             South Newcastle          Cahill Oval                  Sat 25/8      ALL          3.00pm

Central Newcastle        Cessnock Goannas         St John Oval                 Sun 26/8      ALL          3.00pm

Week 1 Elimination & Qualifying, Week 2 - Major & Minor Semis, Week 3 - Preliminary Finals, Week 4 - Grand Final
                          SUMMARYOF OFFENCES
          NOTE: Clubs are responsible for the conduct of their
         players, parents/carers of the players, coaches, officials
                           and club supporters
No person(s) attending a match, function or event shall:
(a) Use offensive or obscene language to any participant;
(b) Enter the field of play during the course of a match without the prior approval of the
ground manager appointed by the home club and/or Newcastle RL;
(c) Excessively dispute the decision of a referee or touch judge either during or after a match;
(d) Assult or act with aggression to any person(s);
(e) Behave in a way contrary to the code of conduct and/or the spirit of the game;
(f) Behave in a way which disturbs the enjoyment of a match, function or event by any other
person(s), or brings discredit to the home club and/or Newcastle RL;
(g) Act in such a way as to exhibit racial intolerance, by language or other conduct, to any
(h) Refuse to accept the reasonable direction of the ground manager, official of the team/club
which that person is supporting, or official of the home club and/or Newcastle RL,
Breaches of the rugby league code of conduct may result in penalties, including but not limited
· Suspension of a match and/or
· Termination of a match (including potential forfeiture of competition points) and/or
· Monetary fines and/or
· Suspension of a participant on a temporary or permanent basis and/or
· Suspension of a club, League or Association on a temporary or permanent basis.
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