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Sanctuary Lavender Farm - I Love Creston
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April 2020

                          Lavender Farm
                  The little lavender farm on the side of the hill.

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          Town                 Lower Kootenay                   Wellness
       First Responders            Health and Wellness      Boost Your Immune System
Sanctuary Lavender Farm - I Love Creston
   good neighbours... good advice.
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Creston, BC | 250-428-7114
Sanctuary Lavender Farm - I Love Creston
Please keep in mind that there are regulations set out in        • No person shall set, start or kindle open air burning or
the Town of Creston Fire Services Bylaw no. 1774 when            allow open air burning to continue to burn during winds
burning outdoors.                                                strong enough to carry sparks to other combustibles.
These regulations have been adopted to enhance                   • No person shall set, start or kindle open air burning
the health and safety of our community and for the               except during daylight hours or as otherwise permitted by
consideration of our neighbours when burning outdoors.           this bylaw.
Violations can result in large fines and permits for open air    • No person shall burn during periods of air stagnation.
burning may not be issued for a property where violations        • No person shall burn unless the ventilation index is
of the open burning regulations have occurred or to a            favorable, as provided by the Ministry of Environment.
person who has not adhered to those regulations.
                                                                 • No burning shall exceed a 4 hour duration unless
                                                                 otherwise permitted by this bylaw.
                                                                 • All fires must be contained within a firebreak (bare
• Open air (outdoor) burning is only permitted during the        ground) equal in size to the height of the pile.
months of April and October and only where authorized by         • Fires shall be extinguished immediately if smoke or ash is
a permit issued by the Fire Chief under the Town’s bylaw.        a nuisance to neighbours.
• A permit is not required for cooking fires contained within    • Burning shall be in open areas, no closer than 4.5 metres
a barbecue or fire pit having a surface area not greater         (15 feet) from combustibles, such as standalone trees,
than .5 meter (half meter) in diameter and less than .5 me-
                                                                 coniferous shrubs, fences and buildings and shall be 15
ter (half meter) high, using natural gas, propane, charcoal
or clean dry seasoned firewood with a screen covered fire        metres (50’) from standing timber / tree line.
area.                                                            • Permission of the Owner, for permits under this bylaw,
• The permit holder must post the permit on the site for         must be obtained in writing if the burning takes place on
which the permit was issued and keep it available for            the Owner’s property by another person, particularly if the
inspection at the request of a Member.                           property is rented or leased property.
• No person shall burn during times for which the Ministry
of Forests, the Ministry of Environment or other authority
having jurisdiction to do so has issued a ban on open            • Residential Leaves, foliage, weeds (permit fee is $15.00)
burning.                                                         • Freestanding grass and underbrush (permit fee is $50.00)
• No person shall use burning barrels.                           • Large piles (permit fee is $85.00)
                                                                 • Land Clearing (permit fee is $250.00)
• No person shall burn prohibited materials.
                                                                 For more information on open burning or to obtain
• No person shall burn material brought from another             a permit, please call or visit the Town of Creston
location or property except clean dry seasoned firewood          Municipal Hall or Creston Fire Department during
as permitted by this bylaw.                                      regular business hours.

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Sanctuary Lavender Farm - I Love Creston
                                                                local First Responders, highlighting
                                                                the good work being done in our                                 Feature
                                                                community, and informing about
W    ith spring officially in the air,
     it feels like we should all be
                                                                the many different First Responder
                                                                organizations represented locally.
                                                                Lower Kootenay Band Chief Jason
                                                                                                                                05            Lavender Farm
outside, greeting our neighbours and                                                                                            For the love of lavender
                                                                Louie speaks about two important
celebrating the arrival of warmer
                                                                workshops recently held at LKB, the
weather. Unfortunately, the climate
                                                                first a visit from Theo Fleury, and
on a world scale has created isolation
                                                                the second a powerful demonstration
as social distancing becomes the
                                                                by hip hop artist Supaman and
norm in the wake of the COVID-19
                                                                renowned jingle dress dancer
pandemic. Creston has once again
                                                                Acosia. The workshop series taking
proven itself to be a community
                                                                place at LKB help bring awareness
intent on supporting the people, with
                                                                to the important topics of health and
social media posts offering help as
needed, and people rallying together
from their homes. This community is                             Our feature article this month
amazing and resilient, and with every                           showcases Sanctuary Lavender
challenge faced, we are reminded                                Farm, owned by Alanna and Kevin
why we love Creston.                                            Wilson, who remind us to stop and
                                                                smell the lavender.
With COVID-19 top of mind for
                                                                Creston Legion Branch 29 is looking
                                                                                                                             In this issue
most everyone right now, it is no
surprise several articles focus on the                          toward the future of their building
                                                                and planning renovations and
                                                                                                                              8 From the Mayor
impacts of the pandemic.
Jesse Moreton discusses the
                                                                improvements to the space.                                    9 Lower Kootenay
importance of hope with all things                              Katie-Faye Jenkins from KT-J                                 10 History
medical, whether it be back pain or a                           Designs offers some tips on easy
global health crisis.                                           hacks for decorating that even a                             12 Volunteer
AgAware speaks to the importance of
                                                                renter can use to update their space.
                                                                                                                             14 Ag Aware
our local food producers, and ponders The Creston Museum is looking
farming in the midst of crisis.       back on Blossom Festivals past,                                                        16 Home Improvement
And Master Herbalist, Maya
                                      and the fun that was had every year
                                      when the Rodeo was a part of the
                                                                                                                             18 Community
Skalinska, provides some helpful
advice on boosting your immune
                                      festivities.                                                                           19 Arts
system the natural way.               Wishing you and yours health,
                                      strength and happiness in these
                                                                                                                             20 Wellness
Mayor Toyota pays homage to our
                                      trying times. ♥                                                                        22 Health
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04                                                                                                                                                                          April 2020
Sanctuary Lavender Farm - I Love Creston
Feature Story

                        Take Time to
             Smell the Lavender

S  pend even a few moments with
   Alanna and Kevin Wilson,
owners of Sanctuary Lavender
                                    about the peacefulness of their
                                    farm located in Wynndel, vividly
                                    describing the feeling he has when
                                                                         Alanna, Kevin and their son,
                                                                         Shem, officially moved to the
                                                                         Creston Valley in September of
Farm, and their passion for their   he stops working and takes in        2018, although Kevin arrived
business, their family and their    the colours and the smells of the    in May while Alanna stayed
community becomes abundantly        lavender, and the hum of the bees    in Squamish to shut down the
clear. Kevin speaks beautifully     in and around the plants.            flower shop they had owned

April 2020                                                                                                05
Sanctuary Lavender Farm - I Love Creston
Feature Story
                                                           and Shem, took the leap that began their adventure.
                                                           Alanna and Kevin demonstrate their excitement for
                                                           their product by sharing their knowledge, and there is
                                                           so much to learn. In North America, lavender tends to
                                                           fall into two categories, English and French lavender,
                                                           and there are so many varieties from there. It’s the
                                                           English lavender that is used in Sanctuary Lavender’s
                                                           culinary lavender, now being used by local bakers and
                                                           distilleries with delicious results. While the majority
                                                           of the lavender in the world is grown miles away
                                                           from here, in France, Australia, and New Zealand,
                                                           and processed by machine, the lavender grown at
                                                           Sanctuary Lavender Farm goes through a three-stage
                                                           cleaning process, all done by hand, and is hung to dry
                                                           before being transformed into a selection retail items,
                                                           like candles, linen sprays, lavender wands and neck
                                                           pillows, again, made by hand on the farm. Described as
                                                           the “Swiss Army Knife” of herbs, lavender is probably
                                                           best known for its calming properties, the scent is often
                                                           found in relaxation blends, while lesser known features
                                                           of lavender are its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
                                                           Alanna and Kevin love their little lavender farm on the
                                                           side of a hill, but their move to the Creston Valley was
                                                           so much more than buying and operating a business
                                                           here. Creston’s charm has won the family of three
                                                           over, with the slower pace and community support,
                                                           Alanna and Kevin are proud to operate a business here
together there for ten years. The entrepreneurial couple   that also creates a draw for visitors. The family have
stumbled upon the lavender farm while perusing
MLS listings, and with only that listing for reference,
their latest adventure began. Neither Alanna or
Kevin had been to Creston before, although
Alanna grew up in Rossland, so was familiar with the
area, having driven through Creston regularly in the
Armed with a basic knowledge of the area, the MLS
listing for the farm, a background in starting and
running floraland retail businesses, and Kevin’s
education in agriculture, the couple purchased the
established hobby farm. The previous owner, Brenda,
had carefully chosen the varieties of lavender best
suited to the climate and the slope of the property,
and offered her help and support as Kevin,

06                                                                                                          April 2020
Sanctuary Lavender Farm - I Love Creston
Feature Story
been exploring and discovering the Valley, taking full
advantage of this slower pace to enjoy time together.
They have been hiking, cross-country skiing, and
kayaking. Spending time with extended family in the
area and enjoying some of their passions outside of the
lavender farm, music and art. Alanna has even further
embedded herself in the community, offering lessons
in Nia technique, a holistic movement practice, at the
Creston and District Recreation Complex.
Shem is no stranger to participating in the family
business, he spent much of his early years in the flower
shop in Squamish, helping customers and stocking
shelves. He accompanies his parents to the Creston
Valley Farmers’ Market on Saturdays, and can often
be found lending a hand to other Vendors and chatting
with customers.
Over the past eighteen months, Alanna and Kevin
have transformed the peaceful little hobby lavender
farm into a business with a goal of finding that special
spot in people, and lighting it up. They have been
making connections in Creston and in the Kootenays
at Farmers’ Markets and partnering with small, local
retails stores to bring their product to the greater
Kootenay market. Alanna’s flair for the creative
fits well into this business, and her time is spent
brainstorming and crafting new products to bring to
the Farmers’ Market or to turn into a workshop feature
on the farm, where guests can expect to enjoy lavender
infused champagne and lavender cookies while crafting      and enjoying the view.
                                                           Sanctuary Lavender Farm is open to the public from
                                                           mid-June to August, depending on the weather and
                                                           the crop, and tours of the farm can be arranged upon
                                                           request. ♥
                                                           For more information on workshops, products, and tours, visit
                                                  or @sanctuarylavender on Facebook.

April 2020                                                                                                                 07
Sanctuary Lavender Farm - I Love Creston
                     From the Mayor’s Desk                                           in October 1931 for $116.17 is
                                                                                     still on display at our current Fire
                     BY RON TOYOTA
                     Mayor - Town of Creston
                                                                                     Hall and will make the move
                                                                                     to the new Creston Emergency
                     Our First Responders in the                                     Services Building when it is
                     Creston Valley                                                  The first Fire Department
                                                                                     volunteers list contained 29
I n January, I was invited to
  the Royal Canadian Legion’s
(Branch 29) canteen for a “Salute
                                               Creston Valley Airport about
                                               80 times to transport patients
                                               to major hospitals in Kelowna,
                                                                                     names. Today, we have 49 active
                                                                                     firefighters on our roster which is
to First Responders”. I was                    Vancouver and elsewhere.              comprised of 10 females and 39
honoured to have been asked to                                                       males. In addition to providing
                                               We also have two extremely            firefighting services, they also
take part in this event - a potluck
                                               valuable volunteer Search and         provide first responder services
dinner evening with about 70
                                               Rescue organizations serving          - which includes responding to
attending. Thank you so much
                                               our Creston Valley, Creston           motor vehicle incidents, medical
to the organizers of this first
                                               Valley Search and Rescue (SAR)        callouts, and numerous rescue
time event for the opportunity
                                               and Civil Air Search & Rescue         and safety operations - often in
to celebrate some of the Creston
                                               Association (CASARA). Creston         tandem with other Creston Valley
Valley’s finest!
                                               Valley Search & Rescue has 16         Fire Departments, BC Emergency
We are so very fortunate here                  active members and specializes        Health Services (BC Ambulance)
in the Creston Valley to have                                                        and Search & Rescue. They
a network of first responders
of over 140 individuals. This
                                               “Happy Birthday                       respond directly to calls in the
                                                                                     Town of Creston, the contracted
includes BC Emergency Health                   to Creston Fire Rescue,               service areas of Erickson,
Services (BCEHS), Creston                      which is 121 years old                Wynndel-Lakeview Arrow Creek
Valley Search and Rescue, our                                                        and West Creston and work in
local RCMP Detachment, and                     this year!”
                                                                                     close partnership with the fire
Creston Fire Rescue. Coupled                                                         departments of Canyon-Lister,
with our amazing nurses, hospital              in ground searches. If needed,        Yahk-Kingsgate and Riondel.
staff and physicians, the count                Creston Valley SAR can also
of people who support us in                    utilize the resources of CASARA       We all hope that we will never
emergencies is much higher.                    which has 23 air search members       need the services of our first
                                               in the Creston Valley and the         responders but, (speaking from
Our local BCEHS unit has 18                                                          firsthand experience) I am so
qualified Primary Care Providers               Provincial Emergency Program
                                               air search (PEPAIR).                  grateful to all of these individuals
(paramedics) and Emergency                                                           who are incredibly professional
Medical Responders (EMR) staff                 Happy Birthday to Creston Fire        and caring, especially at a time
with two ambulances based in                   Rescue, which is 121 years old        when we are so vulnerable.
Creston. They provide service                  this year! On Feb. 21, 1899, the      Our first responders will always
to over 13,000 citizens in the                 Village of Creston established,       have my support and appreciation
Creston Valley from the Kootenay               by a motion of committee, to          – THANK YOU for all that you
Pass Summit, to the US Border,                 form a Fire Department, with          do!
to Irishmen Creek on Highway                   another motion made to appoint        ♥
#3 East and to Riondel when                    Mr. Joseph Wilson as the first Fire   Don’t hesitate to contact me by: Visiting me at my
requested. In 2019, the BCEHS                  Chief of the Department.              office in Town Hall, email at or
Air Ambulances frequented our                  The Fire Bell that was purchased      call 250 428 2214 (extension 227)

08                                                                                                                             April 2020
Sanctuary Lavender Farm - I Love Creston
Lower Kootenay
                                                                                    We then moved from the
                    Message from the Chief                                          auditorium to the Round House
                    BY JASON LOUIE                                                  where Christian and Acosia taught
                    Chief - Lower Kootenay Band
                                                                                    basic pow wow dance steps. The
                                                                                    Lower Kootenay Band is not
                    Health and Wellness                                             producing pow wow dancers like
                                                                                    we once did. The facilitators spoke
                                                                                    about overcoming barriers of
K   i’suk kyukyit (greetings).
    The Lower Kootenay Band
has had a busy start to 2020. We
                                              became a speaker and advocate
                                              for substance and sexual abuse
                                              survivors. Like many communities
                                                                                    shame, being self-conscious, but
                                                                                    most importantly, instilling pride
                                                                                    of indigenous identity. Acosia
have a major construction project             in the world, the Lower Kootenay
                                                                                    led the group in a yoga session
of the Administration & Health                Band has been deeply affected
                                                                                    that had an indigenous blend to
Building underway, and another                by sexual abuse as well as
                                                                                    it. Yoga is a healing mechanism
construction project that we hope             substance abuse. This workshop
                                                                                    that we can now use to deal with
to get started in the late Fall of            was brought to our community as
                                                                                    trauma. After the dancing and
this year. We will continue to                a tool to assist survivors in their
                                                                                    yoga session, Acosia stepped up
strive for the very best for the              quest for healing. We fully realize
                                                                                    the tempo and led the group in
Lower Kootenay Band people                    that by having this workshop one
                                                                                    pow wow aerobics. The pow wow
with our economic development                 time does not mean that the
                                                                                    music played loudly and we used
initiatives and other ventures,               trauma is dealt with or resolved.
                                                                                    dance steps to make ourselves
however, we also must remember                Healing is a journey and not a
our personal health and wellness.             destination.
Without good personal health                                                        Although not all of the LKB
                                              A couple of weeks following
and wellness, the economic                                                          Community attended the
                                              the Theo Fleury workshop, we
initiatives can be irrelevant. We                                                   workshop series, the events were
                                              invited Christian Parrish, aka
are given only one life and we                                                      well-attended. I would like to
                                              “Supaman” and Acosia Red Elk.
must make the most of it. As I                                                      thank my colleagues for all of
                                              Christian is from the Apsalooke
become older, I am seeing how                                                       their hard work and dedication to
                                              (Crow) Tribe in Crow Agency,
short life truly is.                                                                make these workshops a success.
                                              Montana. Christian is a renowned
                                                                                    To all of the LKB Community,
To begin this year, we have                   fancy dancer as well as an award-
                                                                                    these events are for you and the
had two workshops that deeply                 winning hip hop artist. Acosia is
                                                                                    door will always be open for
impacted the Lower Kootenay                   a renowned jingle dress dancer
                                                                                    you to enter. As my term moves
Band. Our first workshop was                  from the Umatilla Tribe in Oregon,
                                                                                    forward into the future, my wish
with Theo Fleury (former Calgary              who has won many dance contests
                                                                                    is for LKB as a collective to be
Flames player) who spoke very                 throughout North America. Acosia
                                                                                    in the very best of health, and
openly about his sexual abuse                 is also a yoga instructor who
                                                                                    for our mind, body, and spirit, to
trauma as well as his battle                  blends yoga into dance as well
                                                                                    be the best that it can be. Please
with substance abuse. Sexual                  as instructs pow wow aerobics.
                                                                                    take your health and well-being
abuse and substance abuse can                 This workshop kicked off with
                                                                                    seriously. As I mentioned before,
be interconnected. In Theo’s                  a hip hop performance at the
                                                                                    we are given only one life, so let’s
experience, he used alcohol and               PCSS Auditorium. In front of a
                                                                                    make the most of it!
drugs as a coping mechanism to                packed house, Supaman performed
deal with his sexual abuse trauma.            an energy filled hip hop show,        TAXAS. ♥
In the mid-2000s, Theo began                  delivering a positive message to      Reach Jason Louie at 250-428-4428 ext. 235,
his road to recovery, where he                the youth.                   or online at

April 2020                                                                                                                        09
Sanctuary Lavender Farm - I Love Creston
                                                                                               entries and payouts. My husband
                                 The Rodeo Grounds                                             was the arena director. We brought
                                                                                               the stock in ahead of time; there was
                                BY TAMMY BRADFORD     “Cattle, horses, that was our life,”
                                                                                               no water down there so we had to
                                                      Bernice told me. “My husband,
                                Manager - Creston &                                            haul water for the cattle and horses
                                District Museum &     Elwood, was a true cowboy from
                                                                                               and everything. And we built the
                                                      the day he was born. He was pretty
                                                                                               arena. We got the rails from Arrow
                                                      near born on a horse.”
                                                                                               Creek, hauled them in in Bob

I nevitably, as the May long
  weekend approaches, people
around town start thinking about
                                                      Shortly after arriving, the
                                                      McCurrachs and a few other local
                                                                                               Comfort’s truck. We put it up for
                                                                                               the event, and then we took it down
                                                      horse people established the Creston     again. It took a long time to build.
Blossom Festival, which inevitably                    Valley Riding Club, and not long         It was a lot of work, but it was a lot
leads to conversations about past                     after that the Club decided the          of fun.”
festivals and the events that have                    community needed a rodeo.
come and gone over the years.                                                                  Competitors brought their own
                                                      Many people still remember the           horses, of course, but the rodeo
Events like the rodeo.                                rodeo grounds just on the edge           animals were the responsibility of
Elwood and Bernice McCurrach                          of the flats, tucked in behind the       the organisers. For the first couple
moved to the Creston Valley in                        present waste management facility.       of years, the bucking horses came
1959, leaving their home – and                        It’s a piece of property with a long     from Windermere; later, the riding
the weather – in Sundrie, Alberta                     history as a venue for community         Club contracted with a supplier
behind, but bringing with them their                  events: we have a map from               of rodeo horses. Cows and calves
cowboy lifestyle.                                     1909 that has that area marked as        for the roping events were leased
                                                      “Public Commons and Recreation           from local farmers, George Sikora
                                                      Grounds.”                                and Stanley Swanson among them.
                                                      The term Public Commons suggests         “I don’t know if they were really
                                                      a communal grazing area for              happy about us chasing and roping
                                                      livestock; it was likely used for that   their cattle,” recalls Bernice. “They
                                                      purpose for many years. Its career as    went down a lot, lost a lot of weight.
                                                      “Recreation Grounds” was probably        But we paid the farmers well for the
                                                      much more short-lived. At about the      animals.”
                                                      same time as the map was drawn,          It took a year or two to get things
                                                      locals were already using what is        really off the ground; the first year,
    • Personal Tax Returns • GST/HST Returns
                 • Tax Planning                       now Centennial Park for baseball         Bernice recalls, they just had the
            Corporate Tax Returns                     games, Labour Day picnics, and a         steers and a gymkhana rather than
    Year end accounting and corporate tax return
                preparation services                  host of other events.                    a full rodeo, but in the second year
           Payroll Services and T4s                   In 1920, Bob Comfort moved to            they were able to get the bucking
         Bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly
                                                      the Creston Valley and turned the        horses and the rodeo really took off.
             and annual payroll services
                                                      former recreation grounds into a hay     People came from all around to try
               Monthly, quarterly or                  field – and so it remained until the     for the cash prizes the rodeo offered,
            yearly bookkeeping services
                                                      McCurrachs moved to town.                and hundreds of people attended the
                                                                                               event as spectators. For many, it was
                                                      “We rented it from Bob Comfort           the highlight of Blossom Festival.
                                                      in 1959,” Bernice continued. “The
                                                      rodeo was put on by the Riding           When asked what the biggest
               137 10th Avenue North, Creston         Club. Dorothy McCurrach, me, a           highlight was, Bernice laughed.
         Tel: (250) 402-6277 • Fax: (250) 428-2067
                                                      couple of other ladies, we did the       “Those first couple of years with the
                                                                                               bucking horses,” she said. “They

10                                                                                                                           April 2020
were really wild.”
She means that quite literally.
The horses were rounded up off
the range, loaded into trucks and
hauled down to the rodeo grounds.
The cowboys had a hard time
staying on. There were some pretty
spectacular leaps from the horses –
and some pretty spectacular falls for
the cowboys. The crowd loved it!
And what did the cowboys think of
“They were as wild as the horses!”
Bernice said.
Bernice fondly recalls the small
band of people who put it all
                                                     The 16-member drill team of the Creston Valley Riding Club, in the arena at the rodeo grounds.
                                                     Photo by Hank Buckna
together: Ron and Dorothy
McCurrach, Cecil Allan, Don                          bulls, told them what to do. Having                           – the traditional events of a rodeo.
Lindsay, Tommy Floer, and others.                    him here didn’t really draw a lot                             As the Club’s leadership changed,
They got a lot of help from Gordon                   of attention; Gordon was just an                              fewer people directly involved with
Earl, Canadian and North American                    ordinary man who helped anybody                               it were really familiar with running
champion in the early 1950s.                         and everybody. He never sought any                            rodeos – and as Bernice told me, “If
“He helped us with a lot of things,”                 attention.”                                                   you don’t know what you’re doing
said Bernice. “We were real good                                In addition to the Blossom Fest                    you’d better stay out of it.”
friends. He helped the boys on their                            Rodeo, the Riding Club also                        The McCurrachs began stepping
                                                                                   organised                       back in 1966; the Club’s new
                                                                                   gymkhana events,                leadership focused on other events.
                                                                                   often during the                Dave Lindsay took over the rodeo
                                                                                   Fall Fair, and                  for one year in 1973, but in 1974
                                                                                   travelled far and               Bob Comfort sold the property.
                                                                                   wide to attend                  There would be no more rodeos at
                                                                                   events in other                 Blossom Fest until Canyon began
                                                                                   communities.                    hosting them in 1982.
                                                                                   Those other                     Despite the challenges and the
                                                                                   activities helped               hard work, Bernice has very happy
                                                                                   expand the                      memories of the rodeo. “It was
                                                                                   Club, attracting                fun,” she repeated. “And the people
                                                                                   English-style                   – you meet so many good people,
                                                                                   riders, younger                 and once you make friends, they’re
                                                                                   riders, and others              friends for life. That’s cowboy
                                                                                   with interests                  people.” ♥
                                                                                   different from
                                                                                                                   To learn more, contact the Creston Museum at
                                                                                   – and often                     250-428-9262 or crestonmuseum@telus. net, or visit
Some of the spectacular acrobatics of the wild horses brought in for the first few incompatible with     
rodeos; photos courtesy Bernice McCurrach

April 2020                                                                                                                                                       11

Volunteering – a way to learn about yourself
                                         also very important to figure out            need to do to apply?

V   olunteering is a wonderful
    way to give back to your
community or lend a hand to a
                                         how much time you can commit.
                                         Check it out. Search volunteer
                                                                                      Some organizations, like
                                                                                      Amnesty International, require
worthwhile cause. If you’ve been         databases in your community for              you to complete an online or in-
thinking about signing up for            opportunities that match your                person application, while others
volunteer work but are unsure            skills and interests. Read                   require a resume. You may be
of where to start, here are some         volunteer descriptions carefully to          asked to participate in an
ideas:                                   understand the requirements and              interview or attend an orientation
                                         duties.                                      session.
Think about it. Why do you
want to volunteer? Do you want to        Reach out. Contact the organization          If you’re hoping volunteering will
learn new skills, offer skills           directly and ask any questions you           lead to full-time employment,
you already have, gain work              may have about the role.                     keep in mind that your chosen
experience or give to a cause? It’s      What is involved and what do I               organization might not be able to

                                       To all our volunteers
                                           Thank you!
                                      You Make A Difference!                                 Therapeutic Activation
                                      Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,           Program for Seniors
                                       committed citizens can change the world;
                                        indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.         “Supporting seniors to connect,
                                                     —Margaret Mead                          participate and enjoy life”

                                                        For more information call
                                                        250-428-5585 or visit our
                                                        website at

12                                                                                                                   April 2020
guarantee a job. However, you can
use this volunteer position as an
opportunity to network and build
The time commitment required
often varies. Depending on your
availability, you can choose to sign
up for a special one-time event or

“Volunteering is a
wonderful way to give
back to your community”
something on a consistent and on-
going basis. And most organizations
reimburse their volunteers for
transportation costs. If in doubt,
ask. ♥

                                                                   THANK YOU!
                                                                   Billet Families,
                                                                       Fans and

                                                                         YOU MAKE A

                     THANK YOU!                                        BIG DIFFERENCE!

                           RON TOYOTA
                                                                   THUNDER            CATS
                                                                      Visit us online at
                           Mayor, Town of Creston        

April 2020                                                                                       13
                                                                                                    For the most part, farmers of
                                                                                                    all types really won’t have

  Ag Aware                              BY RANDY MEYER
                                        Creston Valley
                                        Agriculture Society
                                                                                                    much choice but to carry on
                                                                                                    as close to normal as possible.
                                                                                                    Livestock cannot be “turned off”
                                                                                                    or canceled. They still need to
Farming in the Midst of Chaos                                                                       be fed and cared for; every day.
                                                                                                    Perennial field crops and fruit
B    y the time we turn the page to
     April, it is high time that the
last gasps of winter are behind us.
                                           follow a “circle of life” pattern
                                           pretty consistent from year to year.
                                           Food production is a constant
                                                                                                    will still grow and need the usual
                                                                                                    attention. Annual field crops will
March is always a torment; some            event.                                                   still get seeded, as will greenhouse
nice sunny days mixed in between                                                                    crops. Dairy cows still need to
                                           This year is different. We have
cold, windy, snowy days. We had            some unforeseen chaos
all that. Now it should be time to         happening. The COVID-19 virus.                           “For the most part, farm-
get early garden and yard activities
into gear. Grass and fields should
                                           As I write this article, in mid-                         ers of all types really
                                           March, it is very hard to say
be greening up and maybe some              where things will be at as we
                                                                                                    won’t have much choice
early field cultivation will begin.        move on into April and beyond.                           but to carry on”
Take in the aroma of freshly tilled        So many things are changing
dirt! All or most beef calves should       so quickly from day to day. I
be born by now and the spring                                                                       be milked daily. I envision “self-
                                           will hazard a few thoughts and
chicks will be arriving soon. All                                                                   isolation” days being spent in
things being equal, life on farms                                                                   the cab of a tractor in the field,
                                                                                                    just like every other spring. Most
 Providing Excellence                                                                               farms are family farms, so there
                                                                                                    is not a large workforce to take
 in Client Service.                                                                                 our place if we do succumb to
                                            Discovery Real Estate                                   this disease. That could be a
                     Carpenter                 2 Offices to Serve You                               disaster for some. Hopefully this
                                              1013 Canyon St., Creston                              virus doesn’t last too long, or
                      30 years           106 33rd Ave. S., Hwy. 3, Erickson
                                                                                                    inflict too much human suffering,
                                    Office 250-428-2234 • Toll Free 1-877-428-2234
                  Broker /Owner                                        especially locally. That may
                 Cell: 250-428-6594                                   be wishful thinking. We truly

                                           Spring is here and so are we!
                                                                                                                     ring Sprin
                                              Fencing to seed                                              Now orde ey Poults!
                                                                                                          Chicks & T
                                                  Garden to farm supplies
                                                       Full line of pet products,
                                                          supplies and accessories
                                                     Spring Hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 to 5:30,
                                                         Saturday 9:00 to 5:00, Closed Sunday.
                                                                                                     Feed, Pet, Grower Supplies & More!
                                                      Beside 7-11, Creston • 250-428-4614

14                                                                                                                                 April 2020
                                                                             food products. Supporting our
                                                                             local growers also supports our
                                                                             community. Also, if you have the
                                                                             space, consider growing some of
                                                                             your own food if you haven’t done
                                                                             so before. Hopefully our awesome
                                                                             Farmers’ Market will be able to
                                                                             get up and running again before
                                                                             too long.
                                                                             Spring is upon us, so in spite of
                                                                             the current issues affecting our
                                                                             world, make time to get outside,
                                                                             get some fresh air and soak up
                                                                             some sunshine. Take a good look
                                                                             around at all the good things going
                                                                             on around us too and know that
                                                                             we do live in a pretty good place.
                                                                             Help one another through the
                                                                             difficult times and continue to be
                                                                             Ag Aware.

                                                     PHOTO BY WENDY FRANZ

are encountering something           Did you know that 65% of BC’s
                                                                                      Featuring a gift shop
totally new so it is difficult to    produce comes from California?
                                                                                 full of work by local artisans.
imagine how bad things may           So if this virus hits that area extra
                                                                                          Open year round
get. At a minimum, I would           hard, the growing, harvesting,              Hours (March & April) Wed-Sun 10-5
expect interruptions in supply       packaging, transportation and
chains for machinery parts or        distribution of that huge amount
crop inputs. Exports of some         of produce could greatly affect the
agricultural commodities may         supply available to consumers in
be more vulnerable to lost sales,    our province. If ever there was a
transportation blockages and         time to “know your farmer”, this
closed borders. This could take      may well be it! We are fortunate
considerable time to recover from.   in our area that we have many
Food security may actually           local farmers that can and do
become an issue for some people.     grow a wide variety of fruit,
                                     vegetables, meat, milk and other

April 2020                                                                                                        15
Home Improvement
                                                                           are three easy, affordable solutions
                                                                           to add some personality to your
                                                                           1. Peel and stick wallpapers are
                                                                           a fantastic option for anyone
                                                                           wanting to add some personality.
                                                                           In recent years the quality of this
                                                                           product has increased and it has
                                                                           become easily accessible in most
                                                                           local hardware stores or online.
                                                                           The options are limitless, from
                                                                           tasteful textures and fun prints to
                                                                           full wall murals. Many of these
                                                                           options are also reusable, so keep
                                                                           the paper backing you peel off to
                                                                           install and replace it after peeling
                                                                           off your paper to reuse it in a new
                                                                           location. But don’t just stop at the
                                                                           walls. Look at ways to add pops of
                                                                           fun in the back of open shelving
                                                                           units, flat panel doors, or even the
                                                                           2. Rugs not only help to ground
                                                                           your furniture and draw the eye,
                                                                           but can also help with absorbing
                                                                           sound and covering up the ugly
                                                                           flooring in your rental. Another
                                                                           great perk is the emergence of
Three Expert Hacks for Decorating                                          washable rugs. The top layer can
                                                                           be peeled away from the backing
Even Renters Can Use                                                       and popped into the washing
                                                                           machine for easy maintenance.
                                      stars on the wall, we all want our   Add runners to the sides of the bed
                                      space to feel uniquely ours.         for cozy toes in the morning, or
C   reating a living space that
    reflects your personality and
taste is exciting! A beautiful room
                                      But sometimes that luxury can
                                      be a bit more difficult to attain.
                                                                           create a conversation piece with a
                                                                           brightly patterned rug in the living
can tell the story of different       Many renters are limited in the      room!
life experiences and truly says       ways they can modify their           3. Hardware is a fantastic way to
something about the people            space. For others, the idea of       change the look of kitchen cabinets
that live in it. Even as children,    a reno disrupting their daily        or furniture without having to
we have a desire to make our          routines is daunting. And then       whip out a paintbrush. Add some
rooms reflect our ever-evolving       there are those of us who like       sparkle with cut glass knobs on a
personalities. From the pastel        to change things up often, and       tired looking dresser or quickly
nurseries mom and dad so lovingly     don’t want to feel stuck with a      modernize old cabinets by adding
prepared to the preteen neon paint    design choice forever! No            a more streamline handle in a
and scotch-taped posters of movie     matter your circumstance here        modern finish. For handles, make

16                                                                                                      April 2020
Home Improvement
sure to measure the distance from
the center of one mounting screw
to the center of the other. This
ensures your new handles have
the same measurements and won’t
require drilling new holes.
When its time to move make a
quick switch back to the original
handles and take your hardware
with you!  
 Creating a space that reflects you
and your family doesn’t have to be
difficult or expensive. Try some of
these great ways to add character
and fun to your home. They are
easy to switch up as often as you
like and as a renter, you can feel
good investing in pieces that can
move with you.
To learn more contact KTJ Interior Design at 250)
428-1823, by email or
visit their website at

  Spring is
 in the Air!
 ... the weather is getting
   nicer and deck and rail
    season is just around
  the corner. Come in and
    talk to one of experts

     We make flooring a beautiful experience  TM

       Over 35 years
        of Service!

             Smart Service. Great Products.
     1518 N.W. Blvd, Creston • 250-428-2426
                                                                                  Discovery Real Estate
                                                             • 1013 Canyon St., Creston • 106 33rd Ave. S., Hwy. 3, Erickson
                                                                   • Office 250-428-2234 •Toll Free 1-877-428-2234

                                                    100% LOCALLY OWNED • 30 YEARS SERVING THE CRESTON VALLEY

April 2020                                                                                                                     17
Renovation Branch 29
One Step at a Time…

R   enovating a 73 year old building… Naysayers will say:
    Why spend the time, why waste the money? Just sell the
old building; it is too much of a job. The voice of dissonance is
an important voice to listen to. It tells us of possible problems
that we very likely may encounter. On the other hand, eternal
optimists will say: It is worth it… just go for it. The building
has character and history! Those voices also are good voices
to listen to. They give a sense of direction and hope. If we are
wanting to renovate our building (one step at a time) we need
to listen to all of the voices and tease out what is the important
things to do, when and how. In essence we are creating a
roadmap for the future of Branch 29. We have brainstormed
possibilities and began to develop priorities. We want to involve
you too, as we develop our next steps for the future of Branch       when it needs to be replaced with modern materials.
29.                                                                  No more settling for single pane cracked windows. We
                                                                     know these things contribute to a huge energy loss in a
Having a 73 year old building that has been modified and
                                                                     building of our size. We know that we have to engage
renovated over time has unique challenges; it also has unique
                                                                     our community and learn from experts in their trades.
opportunities. If those walls could only talk, the stories they
                                                                     Our fiscal reality is that we are meeting our operational
have to share. Walls were built and removed; ceilings were
                                                                     costs, but that to take on these huge structural projects
lowered; windows were removed. Most repairs happened out
                                                                     we will need to look to fundraising and grant writing.
of necessity, often by well-intentioned volunteers. Now we
are faced with the enormous task of bringing this lovely old         It can seem like an unsurmountable task, but we not
building up to code, while preserving its historical elements.       only owe it to the veterans of yesterday; we owe it to
                                                                     the residents of today. Brought up to code, this building
Both the naysayers and the eternal optimists have valuable
                                                                     has much to offer. It has large flexible spaces that can
perspectives, but realistically our path has to lay somewhere
                                                                     be better utilized and we can expand the services and
in the middle. We have a growing group of volunteers who
                                                                     events that we offer our greater community.
are fiercely committed to renovating this building. We feel
that we are honouring the veterans of yesterday by continuing        While we are in the process of getting new flooring and
what they began all of those years ago. We also know that we         painting in the upper hall, our roof is leaking in a few
need the expertise of contractors. No more running a web of          spots. Rather than add more patches we are looking
electrical cords through the ceiling. No more patching a roof        at replacing our roof. This will require about $70.000
                                                                     from fundraising and grants. To kick off our ‘Raise the
                                                                     Roof’ campaign, we are holding a Spring Fling Dance
                                                 • ALL PLUMBING
                                                                     and Silent Auction in the upper hall. (New date to be
                                                  • GASFITTING       determined) Once again our community has rallied and
                                                • HEATING SYSTEMS    the auction items are excellent.
                                                • TANKLESS WATER     Like the rest of the world we are trying to cut down on
                                                     HEATERS         the COVID-19 transmission curve, but as soon as we
                                                                     can open our doors once again, we will continue this
                                                  • HEAT PUMPS
                                                                     work! Wishing you all good health! – Your Branch 29
                                                 • RENOVATIONS       Executive ♥
                                                                     ou can reach out to us on Facebook or by calling the Legion at 250-428-4252
                Serving the Valley Since 1986                        and we will return your call.

18                                                                                                                                   April 2020
                                                                                way they can. The words of
                                                                                encouragement shared to business
                                                                                owners or store staff members that
                                                                                may be having difficulty with a
                                                                                situation. Fear and uncertainty can
                                                                                bring out challenging personalities
                                                                                and the best thing we can do is stay
                                                                                calm, understand that everyone
                                                                                is dealing with their own issues,
                                                                                and do what we can to make
                                                                                every situation safe for everyone.
                                                                                I am always proud of our little
                                                      PHOTO BY DENNIS CHARLES   community with big hearts. Did
                                                                                I mention that this is the perfect
Staying Sane                          world. These are ways we can get
                                      through a time that can feel scary
                                                                                time to learn how to knit? ♥
                                                                                For more information visit
BY FLY IN THE FIBRE                   and uncertain.

F  or some people the idea of
   self-isolation is a celebration.
Give them some yarn and needles
                                      One of the best advantages of
                                      being a part of a small community
                                                                                      CHECK OUT OUR
                                                                                     MONTHLY CLASSES
                                      like Creston is the support that         
from Fly in the Fibre along with
                                      people have for everyone because                · Needle Felting · Wet Felting
a Netflix subscription and the
                                      we know each other, we help each             · Knitting · Mixed Media · Fly Tying
world can fall apart without them
                                      other, and we encourage each              · Acrylic Pouring · Watercolour · & more!
noticing. Or maybe there are
                                      other. We see the little things that
some of you that love to garden,
                                      happen, the people delivering
do spring cleaning, learn a new
                                      items to fellow neighbours that are
skill or you have another fun
                                      trying to stay safe. The offerings          139 10th Avenue North | 250.402.6072
hobby that keeps your attention
                                      of a community to help in any             YARN | FIBRE | COFFEE | LOC AL ART

“Out of clutter, find
simplicity. From discord,
find harmony.
In the middle of difficulty,
lies opportunity.”
- Albert Einstein
and your hands and brains busy.
Some people coming in for coffee
talk about the cards being pulled
out and games that have grown a
bit of dust getting played. Family
members are treating this time like
Christmas, days of interaction with
each other rather than the outside

April 2020                                                                                                                    19

                    Boost your Immune System Naturally
                    BY MAYA SKALINSKA   1. Avoid refined sugar                 produces immunodeficiency. One
                    Master Herbalist,
                    Registered Herbal   consumption – Sugar is an              study showed that only one night
                    Therapist           immunosuppressant. Since the           of 4-5 hrs of sleep reduced our
                                        70’s, studies have shown sugar         natural killer cells (part of WBC)
                                        consumption inhibits the ability       by 70%!

I ’m sure by now, we are all
  aware of the steps outlined by
Canada’s Public Health Agencies
                                        of our White Blood Cells (WBC)
                                        to destroy pathogens, viruses
                                                                               3. Manage stress – We all have
                                                                               stress, it is how we deal with it
                                        included. For example, 65g of          that makes a difference in our
for preventing contraction
                                        sugar completely suppress B            immune function. The science
of Covid-19, and I think we
                                        & T lymphocytes for 4-8 hours          of psychoimmunoendocrinology
all realize the importance of
                                        after consumption. Most recent         demonstrates how stress impacts
following these methods. Also,
                                        studies show that 1 tsp of sugar       our immune and endocrine
please keep in mind that there
                                        decreases immune function by           (hormonal) systems. In a nutshell,
are no known, clinically proven
                                        50%, and if taken with a fat, the      stress results in a series of
treatments that specifically target
                                        immune strength stays at 50% for       biochemical reactions that directly
this virus. On the other hand,
                                        al least 4hrs. Sugar also creates an   supresses the normal activity of all
we know it is up to our immune
                                        imbalance in our gut microbiome,       our WBC. Exercise, meditation,
system to identify, and destroy or
                                        which also plays a large role in our   yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi as well
neutralize any harmful pathogens,
                                        immune function. I don’t think I       as harnessing a positive outlook
Covid-19 included. Therefore,
                                        need to say more.                      with gratitude, forgiveness love
keeping your immune system
healthy is key. Here are some           2. Get some sleep - It is well         and compassion are all wonderful
proven holistic, preventative           documented that immune cell            ways to cope with stress.
measures you can implement              activity peaks     during nocturnal    4. Eat a clean, whole food diet
to build resilience and a strong        sleep. Lack of sleep results in        – Proper nutrition is the most
immune system:                          low-grade inflammation, which          important aspect of good health,

20                                                                                                         April 2020
and that includes keeping your          the activity of immune cells like      activity. I do not suggest anyone
immune system strong. Include           macrophages and natural killer         taking all of the above. Choose
all colors of fruit and vegetables      cells. Their strong immune-            one to three of the above that best
including all allium family             boosting properties and ability to     resonates with you, and stick with
(onions, garlic, leeks…), whole         fight pathogens such as viruses        that. The herbs and mushrooms are
grains, healthy fats and proteins       (Covid-19 not studied) have            only additional measures,
into your daily diet. Avoid all         enabled them to be effective in        especially for those who are
fast and highly proceed foods. As       preventing and treating all kinds      immune compromised. All herbs
mentioned before, the immune            of viral respiratory illnesses(1).     mentioned above are safe for the
system’s role is to identify and                                               elderly.
destroy invaders – pathogens,           “Keeping your immune                   6.Make sure to get fresh air daily
toxins and anything else that
does not belong in our bodies,
                                        system healthy is key”                 Keep in mind that if you do get the
including food additives present                                               virus, it will be up to your immune
in highly processed foods. It’s         If you have elevated stress,           system to fight it off. Lets continue
not a good idea to deplete your         herbs like rhodiola, eleuthero         to support each other, help those
immune system with these                (or any other ginsengs), holy          in need and build resilience by
unnecessary, harmful chemicals          basil or licorice root (do not take    keeping our immune systems strong
at this time. So read your labels.      licorice root if you have high         and healthy.
Avoid high-fructose corn syrups,        blood pressure) will help you          (1)
MSG, synthetic food colorings,          adapt to stress and support your       DISCLAIMER: All recommendations, medicinal
“flavour”, any chemicals with           immune system. We call them            mushrooms and herbs mentioned above do not treat
                                                                               or prevent Covid -19. The recommendations above are
names you cannot pronounce, and         adaptogens, and the medicinal          only to support the immune system. Do not take any of
of course, refined sugar.               mushrooms mentioned above also         the herbs above if you are suffering from any type of

5.Consider herbs and medicinal          fall in that category. And of course   autoimmune disorder or chronic inflammation. ♥

mushrooms – Along with proper           there’s Echinacea or astragalus,       Maya Skalinska is a master herbalist, and a registered

nutrition; you can also add some        traditionally used for anti            herbal therapist, offering iridology, herbal medicine,
                                                                               nutrition consultations and flower essences in
herbs and medicinal mushrooms           microbial and immune protecting        Crawford Bay and at Vital Health in Creston.

to your daily diet. The following
recommendations are general,
safe, but only for those that are not
taking any pharmaceutical drugs.
None of the recommendations
below have been clinically proven
to work against Covid-19. Having
said that, we have thousands of
years of empirical data as well
as hundreds of in vitro clinical
studies that continue to show the
efficacy of the following herbs
and mushrooms in supporting
the immune system. Medicinal
mushrooms like reishi, chaga,
cordyceps, turkey tail and lion’s
mane support healthy activity of
the immune system by increasing

April 2020                                                                                                                     21
                    There is Always Hope
                    BY JESSE MORETON,
                    BSc DC

A   t the time of article submission,
    it has become difficult to talk
about anything other than the
                                        hope that this will do the trick.
                                        Somewhere between the first
                                        three steps many will also
coronavirus. There seems to be a        resort to heat, ice or their
climate of worldwide concern, if        favourite muscle rub.
not fear. Countermeasures, closures     Next, running out
and bans are being announced by         of some patience but
the hour. It is with this backdrop of   still hopeful, people appear in
uncertainty that I offer some words     my office: Step four. Step four
of hope related to my own branch        really encompasses any sort of
of health expertise, and perhaps        conservative treatment. Generally,
indirectly, for the worldwide health    this means any treatment outside
concern at large.                       surgery, but I think of it specifically
The silver lining about problems        as chiropractic, physiotherapy,
like back pain is there is always       massage, acupuncture or the               still reason for hope.
another option. There is always         like. Most people respond well            Finally, approaching the last few
reason for hope. I often describe       with conservative treatment but           rungs of the ladder, we arrive at
these options as steps on a staircase   not all. Some lose hope. In these         surgery. Last year around this
or rungs on a ladder. When option       situations I like to remember             time, after I proceeded through
A doesn’t work, you go to option        the words of a pioneering heart           the first five steps, I underwent
B, and so on.                           surgeon, Dr. Russell Nelson, who          arthroscopic surgery for my
By the time most people have            said, “Sometimes all we can do            left knee. The results have been
come to see me they’re already          is comfort. We don’t ever want            nothing short of terrific. My hope
on the third or fourth rung of the      to destroy hope. The doctor’s job         was realized.
ladder. The first step involves         is to cure sometimes, to relieve
                                                                                  Lastly, I acknowledge those for
doing nothing and hoping the pain       suffering frequently, but always to
                                                                                  whom surgery did not help or was
goes away. Sometimes this works.        comfort”.
                                                                                  not an option. These are the people
In medical jargon we call this          When conservative treatments              who often lose hope. For them it
“natural history”. It’s a testament     have been attempted or don’t              becomes a matter of coping, not
to our body’s impressive ability        offer reasonable hope for relief,         curing. But I still believe there is a
to heal itself. The second step         the discussion moves to the fifth         final rung on that ladder of hope.
usually calls for over-the-counter      step. What comprises the fifth step       It just may not be realized until
pain killers, which I discussed         is different for every condition,         our time here is up. Keep stepping;
in the last two instalments. The        however, most require a visit to          there is always hope.
third step focuses around some          the family doctor. For example, it        ♥
kind of personal effort to rest,        may be the appropriate time for
                                                                                  For more information about Moreton Chiropractic
stretch or exercise. All the while      an x-ray, a cortisone injection or        visit
the individual maintains the            a prescribed medication. There is

22                                                                                                                        April 2020   114 15th Avenue South
         Phone: 250-428-2204           Creston BC

April 2020                                               23
Powerful Solutions For A Compact World
Bring in Spring Event!
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 Maneuver through your landscape with ease and cut your mowing time in half
 with travel speeds of up to *12.9 km/h. Whatever the mowing job, you can count                                                            Need a steering wheel on your mower? No problem, Kubota has got you covered.
 on the Z100’s Hardworking Engine and Rugged Transmission to deliver the power                                                             The New T90-Series premium riding mowers have more comfort to keep you
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 mower deck, K-LIFT One Push Deck Lift Pedal, ZT2200 HST Transmission, Electric                                                            decks. Backed by a 4-year Warranty the new T90-Series is ready when you are.
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 the moment you bring it home, the BX23S is ready to go to work. The Swift-                                                                Weekend Warriors, Professional Landscapers and Professional Contractors. From
 Tach loader is capable of handling heavy material and, switching the bucket                                                               3,500lb Single axle Utility trailers to 14,000lbs Double axle Hydraulic Dump
 to a set of pallet forks, or grapple, is as easy as 1-2-3 (Optional Skid Steer QA                                                         trailers, the Kubota K-Haul line-up has a trailer to fit your needs. Update your
 required). The fully integrated backhoe may be compact, but it offers Jumbo                                                               fleet with available low rate finance options.
 size performance with easy to use features, and a powerful digging depth of                                                               Kubota K-Haul Trailer Features: Aluminum wheels, Full size spare tire,
 6 feet. The BX23S is a jack of all trades, offering multiple Front, Belly and Rear                                                        Electric trailer brakes, Battery, Front jack stand, Tool box, Cargo D-Rings, LED
 attachments. This Spring; Let Kubota do the heavy lifting for you.                                                                        lighting, Slide in aluminum ramps
 BX23S Tractor Loader Backhoe Features: 23hp 3cyl Kubota diesel
 engine, 4wd, 2-speed Hydrostatic Transmission (HST), 50” Pin-on Loader Bucket,
 Mechanical thumb incl. 739lbs Loader lift capacity (pivot pin), 6’1” Backhoe dig
 depth, Optional – 3pt hitch kit, Skid Steer QA, Mid mount mower, grass catcher,
 front snowblowers, front blades
   *cash price includes all discounts to dealer. 0% financing on approved credit in lieu of cash discounts. Call dealer for details.

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