SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME - Building a better future for New Zealand's talented youth - First Foundation

SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME - Building a better future for New Zealand's talented youth - First Foundation

    Building a better future for New Zealand's talented youth
SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME - Building a better future for New Zealand's talented youth - First Foundation
Steven Carden / Founder                                       Tiumalu Peter Fa'afiu / Chairperson

It’s been 20 years since we started, I believe the First      As a former 'first in family' student, I understand the
Foundation model really works. It works because it            challenges and expectations of family on the students
places talented young people into an ecosystem                who come through our programme. The Board of
of support that is designed to help them succeed,             Trustees continue to be amazed by the dedication,
overcoming the challenges of tertiary study and               hard work, and passion of both the student and
emergence into adult life. Through the unique                 mentor along this journey. When Steven Carden
combination of the mentor, the work environment,              founded First Foundation, he argued that monetary
and the structure of the scholarship, the First               support was just one element of support required
Foundation experience helps build a deep reservoir of         by the student. The ballast of the programme
self confidence in each First Foundation. A degree at         remains the mentoring that is provided both within
the end of it is great, but the self-belief is even better.   the programme structure, at work experience, and
                                                              interaction with professionals from all walks of life.
To the hundreds of people already involved in
First Foundation – thank you. We are blown away by            On behalf of the Board (Dr Melinda Webber, Dallas
the generosity of our vast network of sponsors and            Seymour, Rich Easton), I offer to mentors our sincere
volunteers. For those of you who are considering              gratitude for the energy and time you will put into
involvement in First Foundation, I can only ask for           our students. To the students - we are readjusting the
your help. There are hundreds of eligible young New           landscape so that you might reach your full potential;
Zealanders who would benefit greatly from a First             all we ask of you is to work hard, be committed to
Foundation scholarship. So we need more companies             excellence, and pay it forward by returning to the
to offer scholarships, more mentors to offer their            FF Family in future to offer your skills to the next
time, and more people to offer their financial support.       generation of leaders.
Together we can continue to change the lives of many
                                                              Manuia lava
more young New Zealanders.

Front cover: Murray Faivalu, Porirua College / 2017 Scholarship recipient
SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME - Building a better future for New Zealand's talented youth - First Foundation

Our Mission, Purpose and Values                           2

Our Three-Pillar Model                                     3

Scholarship Partner Comments                           4-5

Work Experience                                           6

First Foundation Experience                                7

Mentor Experience                                         8

Role of a Mentor                                          9

Calendar                                             10 - 11

Student-Mentor Goals                                      12

First in Family                                           13

2017 Scholarship Recipients                              14

Scholarship Details                                      16

Application Stages                                        17

Compliance Standards                                 18 - 19

2017 Scholarship Partners                                20

                                       Scholarship Programme | 1
SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME - Building a better future for New Zealand's talented youth - First Foundation
   20 YEARS

   First Foundation has a strong belief in the potential
   of partnership and simplicity of a hand-up to make
   an amazing difference to someone’s impact on
   their society.

   First Foundation brings together New Zealand
   businesses, individuals, schools, students and their
                                                                           61%                   FIRST IN
                                                                           Class of 2017: First in family
   families to help achieve our mission.                                   to attend University


   To assist academically talented New Zealand students
   worthy of support to achieve their potential through
   tertiary education, and to prepare them to positively
   influence and benefit their communities.
                                                               49                        612
                                                              Scholarships                Scholarships
                                                             awarded in 2017           awarded since 1998

   Committed to excellence "Kia arotahi ki te kōtihi"      Working                        scholarship partners,
   Focussed on the summit (of excellence)

   Collaborative "Kia ngātahi te waihoe"
                                                           together with
                                                           more than
                                                                           95             work experience
                                                                                          partners and funders

   Rowing together in unison
                                                                                      Volunteer mentors
   Respectful "Kia ngākau tapatahi te whai koha"
   Unified towards respectful relationships
                                                             250+                     currently supporting
                                                                                      our students

   Supportive "Kia mahi-tahi te tautoko"
   Mutual support and cooperation
   Aspirational "Kia whai-tahi te tūmanako"                                of our students who complete our
   Combined pursuit towards realising one's hopes                          programme graduate with a degree

2 | Scholarship Programme
SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME - Building a better future for New Zealand's talented youth - First Foundation
We achieve our mission through a proven
and unique programme;


   Financial                          Work                                      4-YEAR
                         Mentor                          THREE PILLARS
   Assistance                       Experience                                  TERTIARY

             Student Success Programme                   FOUNDATIONS


Financial Assistance                                       Student Success Programme
The Scholarship Partner (sponsoring organisation)          First Foundation manages the delivery of the three
provides a total of $12,000 over the second and third      pillar model in partnership with key stakeholders.
year towards their student’s university costs.
                                                           Our key tasks:
Please refer to pages 18-19.
                                                           • Student and Mentor recruitment
Mentor                                                     • Student and Mentor matching and support
The mentor’s role is to assist students through the        • Manage Student Scholarship funds
major transitions from high school to university and
                                                           • Assess Scholarship performance
guide them through their new experiences within our
                                                           • Manage biannual reports and results
scholarship programme. Please refer to pages 8-9.
                                                           • Academic monitoring
Work Experience                                            • Conduct Annual Student Review meetings
The Scholarship Partner or Work Experience Partner         • Facilitate Student Success workshops and events
provides a minimum 4-5 weeks paid work experience          • Transition Students into work experience
per year which allows students to develop skills in a      • Manage Student Savings Target
safe work environment and build new networks.

As part of our “hand-up, not a hand-out” philosophy,
each student is to save a certain amount from their
work experience income, set by First Foundation to
contribute towards their university costs.
Please refer to pages 6, 18 & 19.
                                                                                          Scholarship Programme | 3
SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME - Building a better future for New Zealand's talented youth - First Foundation
   We work with over 95 Scholarship Partners, Scholarship Funders and Work Experience Partners.
   These organisations provide a unique and supportive environment for our students. First Foundation
   are always seeking new scholarship opportunities. For further information, please contact our office.

                                                         Claire Carroll
                                                         Interim Chief People and Communications
                                                         Officer, Human Resources
                                                         Fletcher Building was one of the first partners to
                                                         support First Foundation and we have continued our
                                                         support of First Foundation since.

                                                         We believe that First Foundation plays a pivotal role in
   2016 Fletcher Building recipients and Frances Ridge
                                                         connecting tomorrow’s future leaders to the Corporate
                                                         workplace, to provide an environment that fosters
                                                         success for both parties.

                                                         Rhonda Koroheke
                                                         GM HR - Platforms & Inclusion
                                                         Spark Platforms
                                                         Spark New Zealand is proud to work with First
                                                         Foundation. They have had a long-standing
                                                         commitment over the past 13 years working with the
   2015 Spark Scholarship recipients and Phil Wratt      foundation to add value to the lives of students who
                                                         they see as being high potential, and demonstrating
                                                         leadership skills and outstanding all-round behaviour.
                                                         Spark through its partnership with First Foundation
                                                         is committed to creating long term careers at Spark
                                                         for First Foundation students where they can unleash
                                                         their potential.
4 | Scholarship Programme
SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME - Building a better future for New Zealand's talented youth - First Foundation
2016 Sistema Scholarship recipients and Melissa Brown    2016 Fonterra Scholarship recipient and Janne Hedley

Melissa Brown – Human Resources Manager                  Briar Frecklington - Talent Manager
Sistema Plastics                                         Fonterra Co-operative Group
Sistema Plastics are a dynamic NZ based                  Fonterra has had the opportunity to provide a number
manufacturing company who have a strong                  of scholarships to a variety of students from all walks
commitment to support talented young people, to          of life. The scholarship recipients are incredible
reach their academic goals. We are proud to partner      advocates of what’s possible, most often in the face
with and be aligned to First Foundation and are          of adversity. Our role is to provide them with the
incredibly proud of the eight students to date that we   opportunity to realise their potential through work
have supported both financially and through providing    experience, creating networks and friendships that will
work experience here at our Sistema offices. We are      hopefully see them through their careers. I’m in awe of
committed to supporting these young people to            their respect and value for education and how that has
achieve their potential and tertiary success.            the potential to change their life.

2016 Chapman Tripp recipient and Michael Harper          2016 Hubbard Scholarship recipients and Dick Hubbard

Michael Harper – Partner                                 Diana and Dick Hubbard - Funders
Chapman Tripp                                            Dick and Diana Hubbard Fund
Chapmann Tripp has a long history of working with        Excellent liaison between First Foundation, the
First Foundation, and in 2015, named First Foundation    recipients and us make this a seamless way to
as one of our five national community partners. First    support students who want to make a commitment
Foundation does amazing work focused on youth and        to their studies.
education, one of our key areas of focus in our CSR      We get a thrill from meeting students and their families.
programme. We’ve been delighted to provide support
and see the achievements of our, and other scholars.

                                                                                            Scholarship Programme | 5
                                                   The work experience enables students to broaden
                                                   their experience in a working environment, develop
                                                   positive work ethics, build career opportunities while
                                                   working to meet their First Foundation savings target.

                                                   “My Dad once told me that every day he stands in
                                                   that cold factory, his hands cut from the metal and
                                                   his body sore from the exhaustion, it is so that one
                                                   day I may sit comfortably in an office with a nice
                                                   view and good air conditioning. From a migrant’s
                                                   perspective, this is one of the symbolic indications
                                                   that you have attained success.

                                                   Although I wouldn’t label myself as successful just
   Lucinda Ma’asi / 2015 Scholarship recipient     yet (and I’m very aware that success doesn’t only
                                                   come in the form of high profile corporate status),
                                                   earning a scholarship that provides tuition for my
                                                   law and arts degree, in addition to being able to gain
  OUR WORK EXPERIENCE PROCESS                      work experience in one of the most recognised and
                                                   successful corporate law firms in the country, is a
                                                   huge step in the right direction. Not a bad start, from
     1     Receive contact from your CAM*          my point of view, and – as the eldest of 13 children –
                                                   important not only to me but to the aspirations of my
           Work induction with your CAM and        younger brothers and sisters.
     2     your key work experience contact
                                                   This scholarship and Chapman Tripp’s generosity has
                                                   made it possible for me not only to pursue tertiary
     3     Begin work experience                   education without financial restraints but also to
                                                   open more doors and build my knowledge in moving
                                                   towards achieving my goals. Each experience has
           Set up your automatic payment towards
     4     your savings target
                                                   expanded my appreciation for all levels of work in the
                                                   firm and has allowed me to envision myself working in
                                                   this corporate environment in the future.
     5     Annual Review with your CAM and SP**
                                                   The exposure so far has been invaluable, and I look
                                                   forward to the next three years of my scholarship
   *Corporate Account Manager
                                                   and will strive to aim high in my legal studies through
   **Scholarship Partner                           university.”

                                                   For Lucinda’s full story, please refer to Chapman Tripp’s
                                                   CSR Report (2016)

6 | Scholarship Programme
Class of: 2014
School: McAuley High School
Scholarship Partner: Auckland DHB Charitable Trust
Speaking from first-hand experience, Class of 2014
First Foundation scholarship recipient Ana Samate
Tangitau Fukofuka believes the organisation is one
that changes lives.
Of Tongan heritage, Ana attended primary school in the
Pacific nation before her family moved to New Zealand.
She spent her secondary school years at McAuley High
School in South Auckland.
The three pillars on which First Foundation is based on
– mentoring, financial assistance and work experience -
                                                               Ana Fukofuka / Scholarship recipient (Alumna)
have affected Ana positively in so many ways, she adds.
                                                               Winner of the 2017 First Foundation Trustee Award
“I cannot express enough how fortunate I was to have a
mentor-mentee relationship through First Foundation
                                                               improve the wellness and wellbeing of their patients.
and I have learnt so much from my mentor Sheree
                                                               “I can’t imagine a job more fulfilling.”
Nicolas. Her advice and words of wisdoms through our
monthly face-to-face catch-up helped me to see issues          Thirdly, the paid tuition fees allowed her to study without
and solutions from a different perspective.”                   all those financial burdens and worries – three years down
                                                               the track with a degree and no student loans, what else is
Sheree’s ability to sit and listen but also understand where
                                                               there to say, she says.
she was coming from has stuck with Ana now she has
entered the workforce as a registered nurse, she says.         Ana is currently working at Auckland City Hospital,
                                                               specialising in the Surgical/Medical Renal and Liver and
Secondly, the work experience with her scholarship
                                                               Transplant area.
partner, the A+ Trust at ADHB has been invaluable.
                                                               Her time with First Foundation has taught her so much for
“This was my first ever job and one that ignited my
                                                               the years that followed and early-on in her career, she says.
passion for a career in the health industry.”
                                                               “It is a time filled with many incredible memories,
On her first day of her job, Ana was taken by one of the
                                                               inspirational moments and endless opportunities for
staff trainers behind an observation room to observe
                                                               networking and meeting people from all walks of life.
doctors and nurses undergoing a training assessment.
She says from that moment on she knew she wanted a              “I saw the difference First Foundation made to
career in healthcare.                                          the lives of students in the programme; the joyful
                                                               moments and excitement for the students’ families;
 “In my second and third year of my nursing degree, I
                                                               and watching students’ younger siblings get inspired
was moved to the role of healthcare assistant, and this
                                                               by what they were doing.”
role allowed me to balance my studies, shift work and to
further increase my knowledge via placements in various        From day one at First Foundation, Ana has been
surgical and medical fields within the hospital.”              learning and soaking up knowledge, and for this she
                                                               is forever grateful.
With work experience under her belt, Ana saw how
nurses went above and beyond their set duties to
                                                                                                    Scholarship Programme | 7
Sheree Nicholas / Mentor and Ana Fukofuka / 2014 Scholarship recipient

   “When some people consider being a mentor, they         of watching these talented young people grow into
   often say ‘But I have no value to add’. The thing is,   incredible adults.”
   you’re not mentoring them in art or engineering.
                                                           Sheree offers sage advice to those considering a First
   You are an adult who is offering to support them
                                                           Foundation mentorship. “You’re not mentoring kids
   through a challenging time in their life.”
                                                           who’ve gone off the rails. They are all really incredible
   Sheree has had much to offer the three young            kids; some of them just want time. It’s not onerous,”
   women she has mentored over the past 13 years. As a     she says.
   mentor, she doesn’t pretend to be a surrogate parent.
                                                           “It might only be once a month – sometimes more
   Nor is she a rule enforcer. “We aren’t replacing
                                                           when there are decisions to be made. All students
   their parents. We don’t have a vested interest, like
                                                           I’ve had have been proactive in contacting me about
   a teacher, or sports coach, or employer. What we
                                                           catching up. They’re better at it than me! They might
   are doing is helping them find what they really love.
                                                           come to our house for dinner, or meet up at a café. We
   You don’t know what you really love as a teenager!”
                                                           text back and forth.
   she laughs. And it’s an experience that has given her
   just as much reward. “It’s eye opening, and it makes    “And you learn so much from the relationship too - it
   me a more rounded person. I’ve got so much out          gives your life more pragmatism.”

8 | Scholarship Programme
According to the New Zealand Youth Mentoring
Network (2016), “mentoring aims to provide a
purposeful, structured and trusting relationship,
that brings young people together with caring
individuals who offer guidance, support and

The most critical aspect of the mentor’s role is
assisting their student to manage a number of major
transitions they face during their time with First

What are the qualities of a First Foundation
A First Foundation mentor is a:                         2016 Scholarship recipient and Grant McIvor / Mentor
• Guide/coach
• Wiser friend                                          What are the mentor commitments?
• Advisor                                               The commitments are:
• Positive role model                                   • A commitment of two years minimum (ideally)
• Most importantly, a listener and sounding board       • Attend a mentor training induction
                                                        • Meeting at least once a month with your mentee
What’s the purpose of a First Foundation mentor?
                                                          and being in regular phone, email, or text contact.
The purpose is:
                                                          Especially in the first two years of your relationship.
• To establish a positive, trusting and mutual
                                                        • Complete an online quarterly mentor feedback
  relationship with mentee
                                                          report on the progress being made in your
• To walk alongside mentee as they transition             mentoring relationship
  into university and make the most of the First
                                                        • Communicate with the Student Support team and
  Foundation programme
                                                          assist in resolving any problems or difficulties that
• Help mentee to develop life skills to manage their      may arise
  workload and pressure
                                                        • Participate in First Foundation, Student-Mentor
• Assist to work towards the goals and objectives for     activities and networking events
  each year
                                                        Would you like to apply?
• Assist in obtaining additional resources
                                                        • Please visit
• Increase mentee’s ability to interact with people
  from various backgrounds and broaden their            • Email:
  professional and supportive networks

                                                                                         Scholarship Programme | 9
CALENDAR                                                                   YEAR 0                                      YEAR 1
                                                                                                                     Submit NCEA L2 results and biannual
                                                                                                                     Scholarship review / Status confirmation

                                                                                                                     Student-Mentor Update (Jan-Feb)

                                                                                                                     Awards Ceremony
                                                                                                                      Letter of Agreement returned & signed by
                                                   FEBRUARY                                                             all parties

                                                                         FF scholarship advertised to              Mentor monthly catch-up
                                                                           partnering schools
                                                        MARCH                                                        Q1 Mentor feedback form due
                                                                                                                     Student-Mentor Update (Mar-Apr)
                                                                                                                     Communication Tools workshop
                                                          APRIL                                                      Student Support follow up (Apr-Jun)

                                                                         Applications open                         Mentor monthly catch-up
                                                                         FF information evenings                   Student-Mentor Update (May-Jun)

                                                                          SP partners confirmed (June-July)        Mentor monthly catch-up
                                                           JUNE          Applications closed
                                                                                                                     Q2 Mentor feedback form due

                                                                         Student online interviews (July-Aug)      Submit school report, NCEA results &
                                                                                                                       biannual report
                                                            JULY                                                     Unibound workshop

                                                                                                                     Student-Mentor Update (Jul-Aug)
                           FF Student Support
                           Mentor meetings

                                                                                                                     Mentor monthly catch-up
                                                                                                                     Scholarship review / Status confirmation
                                                      AUGUST                                                           (Jul-Aug)
                                                                                                                     Student Support follow up (Aug–Oct)

                                                                          SP interviews students (Sep – Oct)       Mentor monthly catch-up
                                                  SEPTEMBER              Mentor Training (Sept – Dec)              Q3 Mentor feedback form due
 Student-Mentor E-Update

                                                                                                                     Student-Mentor Update (Sept-Oct)
 Scholarship Reviews

                                                    OCTOBER               Scholarships matched                     Mentor monthly catch-up

                                                                         Mentor-student matched                    Mentor monthly catch-up
                                                                          SP invoiced & Letter of Agreement sent   NCEA exams
                                                                                                                      SP invoiced
                                                                                                                     Student-Mentor Update (Nov-Jan)

                                                                         Orientation & Induction                   Mentor monthly catch-up
                                                                          Work Experience Induction (Dec-Feb)      Annual Review (Dec-Mar)
 Recruitment process

                                                  DECEMBER                                                           Q4 Mentor feedback form due
                                                                                                                     Student Support follow up (Dec-Feb)
  SP process
 FF events

                                                  Calendar dates are subject to change
YEAR 2                                          YEAR 3                                         YEAR 4
  RESILIENCE                                      CONFIDENCE                                     PERSONAL BRAND
Submit NCEA L3 results and biannual
Scholarship review / Status confirmation      Scholarship review / Status confirmation     Scholarship review / Status confirmation
  (Jan-Feb)                                       (Jan-Feb)                                      (Jan-Feb)
Submit university invoice and student loan    Submit university invoice and student loan   Submit university invoice and student loan
  summary                                         summary                                        summary
Student-Mentor Update (Jan-Feb)               Student-Mentor Update (Jan-Feb)              Student-Mentor Update (Jan-Feb)

Mentor monthly catch-up                       Mentor catch-up                              Mentor catch-up
Managing University workshop
Savings target met                            Savings target met                           Savings target met
University Orientation week                   University fees paid                         University fees paid
Mentor monthly catch-up
FF networking event                           FF networking event                          FF networking event
Q1 Mentor feedback form due
Student-Mentor Update (Mar-Apr)               Student-Mentor Update (Mar-Apr)              Student-Mentor Update (Mar-Apr)
Mentor monthly catch-up                       Mentor catch-up                              Mentor catch-up
Student Support follow up (Apr- Jun)          Student Support follow up (Apr-Jun)          Student Support follow up (Apr-Jun)

Mentor monthly catch-up
Student-Mentor Update (May-Jun)               Student-Mentor Update (May-Jun)              Student-Mentor Update (May-Jun)

Mentor monthly catch-up                       Mentor catch-up                              Mentor catch-up
Exams                                         Exams                                        Exams
Q2 Mentor feedback form due                   Biannual Mentor feedback form due            Biannual Mentor feedback form due

Submit semester 1 results & biannual report Submit semester 1 results & biannual report Submit semester 1 results & biannual report

Taking Ownership workshop
FF networking event                           FF networking event                          FF networking event
Student-Mentor Update (Jul-Aug)               Student-Mentor Update (Jul-Aug)              Student-Mentor Update (Jul-Aug)

Mentor monthly catch-up                       Mentor catch-up                              Mentor catch-up
Scholarship review / Status confirmation      Scholarship review / Status confirmation     Scholarship review / Status confirmation
  (Jul-Aug)                                       (Jul-Aug)                                      (Jul-Aug)
Student Support follow up (Aug–Oct)           Student Support follow up (Aug–Oct)          Student Support follow up (Aug–Oct)

Mentor monthly catch-up
Q3 Mentor feedback form due
Student-Mentor Update (Sept-Oct)              Student-Mentor Update (Sept-Oct)             Student-Mentor Update (Sept-Oct)

Mentor monthly catch-up                       Mentor catch-up                              Mentor catch-up

Mentor monthly catch-up
Exams                                         Exams                                        Exams
 SP invoiced                                   SP invoiced                                  SP invoiced
Student-Mentor Update (Nov-Jan)               Student-Mentor Update (Nov-Jan)              Student-Mentor Update (Nov-Jan)

Mentor monthly catch-up                       Mentor catch-up                              Mentor catch-up
Submit semester 2 results & biannual report   Submit semester 2 results & completion       Submit semester 2 results & completion
Scholarship review / Status confirmed           report                                         report
  (Dec-Feb)                                     Scholarship review / Status confirmed         Completion Awards
Annual Review (Dec-Mar)                         (Dec-Feb)                                    Alumni database
Q4 Mentor feedback form due                   Annual Review (Dec-Mar)
Student Support follow up (Dec-Feb)           Biannual Mentor feedback form due            Biannual Mentor feedback form due
                                                Student Support follow up (Dec-Feb)          Student Support follow up (Dec-Feb)

     1           YEAR 1 GOAL
                                                         2           YEAR 2 GOAL

     {{ Overall merit or excellence endorsement          {{ Pass all university stage 1 papers
     {{ Meet University Entrance prerequisites for       {{ Develop a constructive and consistent
        chosen degree programme                             relationship with mentor
     {{ Develop a trusting, positive and mutual          {{ Improve problem solving and self-
        mentoring relationship                              management skills
     {{ Develop problem solving and self-                {{ Establish and develop new positive networks
        management skills                                {{ Positive work ethic at work experience
     {{ Successfully transition from secondary school    {{ Develop financial literacy
        to university                                    {{ Join university associations

     3           YEAR 3 GOAL
                                                         4           YEAR 4 GOAL
                                                                     PERSONAL BRAND

     {{ Pass all university stage 2 papers and improve   {{ Pass all university stage 3 papers and improve
        academic standing                                   academic standing
     {{ Develop a positive reputation at work            {{ Maintain a positive reputation at work
        experience                                          experience
     {{ Positive and ongoing relationship with mentor    {{ Develop further professional networks
     {{ More independent and less reliant on mentor      {{ Improve financial literacy
        support                                          {{ Higher level of independence
     {{ Improve financial literacy                       {{ Develop resume and cover letter profiling
     {{ Improve problem solving and self-management         students capabilities
        skills                                           {{ Identify and research graduate role applicable
     {{ Develop new positive networks                       to students area of study
     {{ Explore future leadership opportunities

12 | Scholarship Programme

Dr Michelle Johansson / Teach First NZ                          Mama Fale Leauanae / Guest Speaker,
Co-facilitator, First Foundation Mentor Training                First Foundation Family Partnership & Support
My grandmother was born in a small village called Fatai         Nothing can beat the proudest moment when you see
on the island of Tongatapu. She raised 15 children with         your child graduate and march in their graduation gown.
a single room, no power and no running water. My                Having three children that have gone to university I
grandfather died shortly after their last child was born,       had to learn how to assist them in finding the balance
so she was the solo parent of 15 children for most of           in prioritising their academic commitments, family
her life. My mother is number 7 of those children. She          obligations and our church activities.
came to Aotearoa in the midst of the Dawn Raids with
                                                                All these values were important in our home and
nothing but the bag in her hand and no command of
                                                                we wanted our children to thrive. University is only
the English language, but with a firm desire to do the
                                                                temporary, so there were different seasons where we
best for her family – to reach back and to pay forward –
                                                                had to sacrifice some family and church commitments
in this new land of Milk and Honey. I can only do what I
                                                                until the long university summer and winter breaks.
do because of the shoulders on which I stand.
                                                                However, Sunday church attendance was a must.
I am afakasi Tongan-palangi, first generation,
                                                                I found that supporting my children with the simplest
New Zealand born. I am a theatre-maker and
                                                                things went a long way, such as, putting left overs
academic. I am South Auckland, decile one, born
                                                                aside for them to take for lunch the next day, to
and raised. I am a high school dropout. I am a
                                                                being their taxi driver when they had to stay late at
doctoral scholar. I am a teenage mother. I am a
                                                                the library to using my shoulders to cry on when the
student. I am a teacher.
                                                                pressure was too much.
I have 107 first cousins and I am still the only one to
                                                                Remember, they need you to encourage them and
have finished high school. This year, my daughter and I
                                                                be understanding as it can be a challenging journey.
graduate together – she with a Bachelor of Arts and me
                                                                Communication is key to a better relationship and
with a PhD. Wherever we go and whatever we do, we
                                                                education is key to a better and brighter future. When
carry my grandmother and her children, and all of my
                                                                you have this in your home you will be alright.
cousins with us. This is what it means to be first in family.
                                                                God bless.
This is what it means to walk in two worlds – the world
of education, and the world of our Tongan family.

First Foundation provides a unique opportunity for
high achieving students, who are carrying as much
as I do, and who often have to negotiate the spaces
between those worlds to succeed.
                                                                                                 Scholarship Programme | 13

   Left to right: Elena Manu, McAuley High School / Jennifer Thonrithi, Southern Cross Campus / Allyssa Verner-Pula, St Mary’s College / Rohil Lal, One Tree
   Hill College / Katriana Taufalele, McAuley High School / Luisa-Tafu Tauri-Tei, Alfriston College / Tayla Prouting, Mairehau High School / Jonah Hanrahan,
   Waitakere College / Kelly Zhuang, Westlake Girls / Jarod Goodwin, Rangitoto College / Jenny Wilson, Aorere College / Precious Calder, Marcellin College
   / Sabrita-Grace Kolone, Auckland Girls Grammar / Tarryn Wilson, Mairehau High School / Minh Chau Dang Vu, Aorere College / Amanda Heffernan,
   Otahuhu College / Georgia Boland, Auckland Girls Grammar / Losalina Pillisi, Mount Albert Grammar School / Selu-Kian Faletoese, Auckland Girls
   Grammar / Sok Haing Yung, Aorere College / Sanjeeta Singh, Naenae College / Jotham Harris, Horowhenua College / Nurallah Aljaf, Zayed College for
   Girls / David Hansen, De La Salle College / Vaiea Luaiva, Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate / Tauhogofulu Haffeiki, Tamaki College / Leni Leota, McAuley High
   School / Murray Faivalu, Porirua College / Maryanne Ma’asi, Auckland Girls Grammar / Aria Toilolo-Ite, Western Springs College / Annamaria Simi, Aorere
   College, Quynh Vo, Aorere College / Cameron Guy, Kamo High School / Ashley Honig, Lytton High School / Kyle Clapperton-Hayes, Wainuiomata High
   School / Jessica Botherway, Sancta Maria College / Samyah Powell, Auckland Girls Grammar / Daniel Mea’ole Naea, De La Salle College / Isadora Tunai,
   Southern Cross Campus / Fern Irvine, Western Heights High School / Miranda Conway, Waiopehu College / Jordyn Tuffery, St Catherine’s College / Chyna
   West-John, St Catherine’s College / Jessica Lett, Aotea College / Kaylah Stirling-Kelly, St Catherine’s College / Eilish Cartysquires, St Catherine’s College /
   Henry Foubister, St Bede’s College / Hung Tien Ly Vo, Mana College

14 | Scholarship Programme
This year we are aiming to gain 60 scholarships with our existing and new scholarship partners which
include corporate businesses and trusts. Each year we receive over 200 applications, please go through
the booklet thoroughly if you or someone you know who meets our eligibility and preference criteria
would benefit and thrive with the opportunities offered in our programme.

                                                                                       Scholarship Programme | 15


   Applicants must meet ALL of the following criteria:

                Must currently be enrolled at Year 12 or 13*                    Must meet the household income threshold**
                level at a New Zealand secondary school

                Must have achieved an overall Merit or                          Must be a New Zealand Citizen, NZ Resident
                Excellence endorsement in Level 1                               or have Refugee Status
                (or level 2 for Y13 students)

                *Please note, there are limited (5%) scholarships available for Year 13 students
                **Please check with your careers advisor if you meet our household income threshold


   • First in your immediate family to attend university             • Leadership and community involvement
      (75%)                                                          • Willingness to be a part of a mentor relationship
   • Maori and Pacific (75%)                                         • Proven positive and hardworking work ethic
   • Currently enrolled at Year 12 (95%)                             • Ability to manage multiple responsibilities whilst
   • Overall NCEA Excellence endorsement                                maintaining high academic grades
   • Passed all NCEA external assessments

   *PREFERENCE is given to students who meet ALL or most of our preference list

16 | Scholarship Programme
Applications Open: 30th April 2018
Applications Close: 29th June 2018

Check with your school Careers Advisor if you meet our criteria. If you have met our criteria, your
Careers Advisor will provide you with our First Foundation Online Application link.


              Email invitation sent from your Career Advisor
              Complete application online with the supporting documents: (May-June)
              {{ Student cover letter
              {{ School supporting cover letter                                                       May - June
              {{ NZQA School Summary Results Format only
              {{ 2 x School reports (latest reports)
              {{ Signed declaration of income & application form

     2        Invitation for an online video interview with First Foundation                              August

     3        Interview/s with potential Scholarship Partner/s                            September - October

              Conditional Offer for successful applicants
    4         (pending 2018 NCEA results)

              {{ Invitation to Orientation & Induction event (where you will meet                     November
                 your mentor)
              {{ Confirmation of Mentor match

              Official confirmation of scholarship upon submission of NCEA results
     5                                                                                                   February
              {{ 2019 First Foundation Awards Ceremony

Tip: Please read the booklet thoroughly to understand the scholarship value, standards and conditions.

                                                                                           Scholarship Programme | 17
   It is important that students understand                    • It is the student’s responsibility to maintain the
   the standards and expectations of the First                   relationship and communication with the point of
   Foundation scholarship programme, the level of                contact. It is recommended that students provide 4-6
   commitment required and the consequences they                 weeks notice of their work experience availability.
   may face if these expectations are not met.                 • If a student does not engage or meet the work
   A letter of agreement is circulated to be signed by the       experience component, this will lead into a review
   Scholarship Student, their parents or legal guardians,        of the scholarship and may result in the withdrawal
   Scholarship Partner and First Foundation, to ensure           of the student’s scholarship.
   that all parties involved in the scholarship are aware of   • Please note that Work Experience is not offered to
   their responsibilities.                                       all students.
   First Foundation compliance                                 Communication and Engagement
   Academic reports and biannual reports                       • Students must attend all compulsory First
                                                                 Foundation workshops and events.
   • End of year and mid-year academic results and
                                                               • Students must RSVP to our workshop or events by
     biannual reports are to be submitted by the due
                                                                 the due date.
     date set by First Foundation. These two reports are
     critical indicators to ensure you are on track and to     • Students must respond to all First Foundation
     identify what areas of support students may require         communications, written, electronic or verbal by
                                                                 the due date.
   • Failure to submit the biannual report and/or results
     by the due date must result in written warning and        • Failure to submit, respond or engage with First
     could lead to a withdrawal of the scholarship.              Foundation will lead into a review of the scholarship
                                                                 and may result in the withdrawal of the student’s
   Scholarship Annual Reviews                                    scholarship.
   • Attendance at Scholarship Annual Reviews are
                                                               Academic performance
     compulsory. The meeting will be coordinated and
     facilitated by your Corporate Account Manager or          Secondary School Students
     a Student Support Manager. The Annual Reviews             • At Year 12, students must gain an overall NCEA
     may include a representative from your Scholarship          Level 2 Excellence (minimum Merit) endorsement.
     Partner, Work Experience Partner and where
                                                               • At Year 13, students must gain University Entrance
     necessary, your mentor.
                                                                 and an overall NCEA Level 3 Excellence (minimum
   Work Experience Engagement                                    Merit) endorsement.
   • Students are to attend a work induction meeting           • Students must submit all internal assessments and
     with their Scholarship Partner or Work Experience           attend external examinations. Compassionate
     partner, coordinated by a Corporate Account                 consideration may be given for serious health
     Manager. This meeting will outline who the point            issues. Evidence from a registered doctor, dentist,
     of contact will be during the duration of the               or counsellor may be required to support the case.
     Work Experience and an outline of your role and             Other exceptional and unforeseen difficulties
     responsibilities.                                           will be reviewed by our management and CEO.
                                                                 Evidence of the event may be requested.

18 | Scholarship Programme
University Students                                         Payment of university costs
• In the first year of university, students must pass all   • Students are expected to submit their University
  their papers. We highly recommend that students             invoice to First Foundation.
  aim for a B grade average or higher.                      • For students who have applied for a student loan,
• From the second and third year of university, we            they will need to provide a university invoice and
  expect students to improve their Grade Point                their student loan summary statement to authorize
  Average and maintain a B+ grade average or                  the payment process.
  higher.                                                   • Payment of fees will be made when students have
• Students must submit all assessments and                    met our Scholarship Standards and Conditions.
  attend all examinations required for each course.         • A payment schedule will be included in the Letter
  Compassionate consideration may be given for                of Agreement.
  serious health issues. Evidence from a registered         • Scholarship funds are primarily used for university
  doctor, dentist, or counsellor may be required              fees.
  to support the case. Other exceptional and
                                                            Savings target
  unforeseen difficulties will be reviewed by our
  management and CEO. Evidence of the event                 • Students with Work Experience provided
  may be requested.                                           through the First Foundation scholarship must
                                                              save a portion of their earnings from their Work
Student-mentor commitments                                    Experience. First Foundation set a savings target
• Students are expected to meet with their mentor             each year. This amount will be detailed in the
  at least once a month.                                      Letter of Agreement. These annual savings targets
• Students are expected to respond to their mentors           are due by February 28. Deposits are to be made
  in a timely manner.                                         into the following account:
• Mentors should contact First Foundation if their          Name of Account: First Foundation Trust
  student is disengaged.                                    Account Number: 12-3048-0361503-001
• If any student demonstrates a lack of commitment          Code: (Student’s name)
  in the mentor relationship and other parts of the
                                                            • The Student Support team will monitor the
  scholarship programme, the student’s scholarship
                                                              students savings target. If there are any concerns,
  will automatically be subject to review.
                                                              students are advised to contact First Foundation to
                                                              arrange alternative options.

                                                                                          Scholarship Programme | 19
   A special thank you to our 2017 Scholarship Partners

   M. J. ROSS

                             DR BEATE SCHULER

20 | Scholarship Programme

“Mentoring aims to provide a purposeful,
                   structured and trusting relationship that brings
                    young people together with caring individuals
                  who offer guidance, support and encouragement”
                           New Zealand Youth Mentoring Network (2016)

0800 HAND UP (0800 426 387)                                        SOCIAL MEDIA                                                  /FirstFoundationNZ
Level 2, 300 Great South Road, Greenlane, Auckland 1051
PO Box 74197, Greenlane, Auckland 1546                                  @FirstFoundation
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