Scholarships & Awards 2020/21 - 11+ 13+ 16+ - Dean Close School

Scholarships & Awards 2020/21 - 11+ 13+ 16+ - Dean Close School
11+ 13+ 16+

Scholarships & Awards

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Scholarships & Awards 2020/21 - 11+ 13+ 16+ - Dean Close School
Scholarships & Awards 2020/21 - 11+ 13+ 16+ - Dean Close School
           Introduction                                   3
           Scholarships & Awards                          4
           The Principles of Scholarship                  6
           Scholarships for Excellence and Character      7
           Academic                                       8
           Art                                          10
           Choristership & Choral                       12
           Drama                                        14
           Music                                        16
           Product Design Technology                    18
           Sport                                        20
           Bursaries                                    22
           Terms & Conditions                           23

Dean Close offers outstanding
opportunities to its Scholars
           Dean Close is a truly co-educational Foundation, with almost equal
           numbers of girls and boys. The Schools combine their founding
           traditional values and high academic standards with a modern
           approach and state-of-the-art buildings. Based on its strong Christian
           values and helped by impressive facilities, the Schools not only
           nurture academic, sporting, artistic and musical talents, but also
           friendship, integrity and mutual respect.

           We value our Scholars highly, looking to all award holders to enhance
           the School communities. By their attitude as well as their actions they
           will enrich the life of the Schools. Because we believe that any true
           sense of achievement and enjoyment comes from on-going
           application, our Scholars’ lives should reflect both dedication and
           commitment as they give time and energy to their particular award
           areas, without detracting from their involvement in other aspects of
           School. In this way, they become role models for their peers, whilst
           making the most of their talents.

           In times of high demand, it should be noted that Dean Close may
           not be able to offer places to candidates who are unsuccessful in their
           Scholarship application.

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Scholarships & Awards 2020/21 - 11+ 13+ 16+ - Dean Close School
Scholarships and Awards
    11+ 13+ 16+

The School offers scholarships and bursaries to talented young people at ages 11 and 13 and for entry
into the Sixth Form at 16+. The areas of talent which are recognised for each age group are:

                                      11+ entry    13+ entry        Sixth Form    Max Percentage of fees awarded*

    Academic                                                                               40%

    Art                                                                                    15%

    Choral                               7+                                                 25%

    Drama                                                                                  20%

    Music                                                                                  40%

    Product Design Technology                                                               15%

    Sport                                                                                  40%

    Francis Close                                                                          50%

    Colin Cocks                                                                              25%

                                                               *These may be topped up by a means-tested bursary.

Scholarships & Awards 2020/21 - 11+ 13+ 16+ - Dean Close School

In line with all HMC and IAPS schools, awards
of up to 40% of full fees (50% for Francis Close
Scholarship) can be made and these are
sometimes supported by bursaries where
financial need is demonstrated (up to a total
award of 100%). The number of awards given
in each category is limited and depends upon
the calibre of the applicants.

A scholarship is awarded in recognition of
individual talent and performance. A bursary,
on the other hand, provides additional financial
support to families who otherwise could not
afford to accept their scholarship place. All
bursary applications are means-tested.

Awards made at 11+ and 13+ are intended to
apply until pupils leave at the end of the Upper
Sixth. Awards are subject to good behaviour,
academic endeavour and a full commitment
to the whole life of the School. They are rarely
revoked or reduced; however, they are
reviewed annually.

A confidential Headteacher’s report will be
required for external pupils. The Headmaster’s
decision on all scholarships and awards offered
is final.

Scholarships & Awards 2020/21 - 11+ 13+ 16+ - Dean Close School
The Principles of

At Dean Close, we are keen that the process for
the continuation of scholarship awards through
the different transition stages is transparent and
clearly understood by all parties concerned:
parents, pupils and staff in the Preparatory and
Senior Schools.

Our guiding principles are as follows:

•    Scholars at Dean Close should derive great benefit
     from being award holders but also take seriously their
     responsibilities. Specific details can be found in the
     information on the various individual scholarships in
     this booklet.

•    Scholarships awarded at 11+ are expected to remain
     in place for as long as the successful candidate          •   Scholarships awarded at 11+ or 13+ are normally
     continues at the School. This principle is strengthened       expected to remain in place into the Sixth Form.
     by the involvement of Senior School staff in the 11+          Music, Drama and Sports Scholars making a strong
     scholarship process.                                          contribution to the co-curricular life of the School in
                                                                   their scholarship area but not taking Music, Theatre
•    In the main, 13+ Scholarships are awarded to external         Studies or PE at GCSE or A level, would remain an
     candidates. However, pupils who join the Preparatory          award holder. However, due to the focus of their
     School after Year 7, missing the 11+ process, can             subject awards, Art or PDT Scholars who decide not
     apply for a 13+ Scholarship before they transfer to the       to take their subject at GCSE or A level will no longer
     Senior School.                                                be eligible to hold a scholarship.
     In the Senior School scholars can only hold two
     co-curricular scholarships. However, the size of the      •   A review of each Scholar’s contribution to the life of
     award will not be reduced for those who held more             the School will be conducted annually and parents
     than two scholarships in the Preparatory School.              will receive a written report on their progress.

                                         Bradley Salisbury     Paddy Moss
                            Headmaster, Dean Close School      Headmaster, Dean Close Preparatory School

Scholarships & Awards 2020/21 - 11+ 13+ 16+ - Dean Close School
for excellence
and character
The Francis Close Scholarship
(11+, 13+ and 16+)
Maximum of 50% of fees can be awarded

The Francis Close Scholarship is awarded only to
those Scholars who perform at the highest level
in both their academic and extracurricular
disciplines. In order to qualify, candidates must be
of scholarship standard in academic and at least
two other areas, for example, music and drama or
sport and music. Such Scholars are expected to
act as true Dean Close role models in terms of their
strength of character and commitment to the
School. The Foundation Scholarship subsumes
any other awards held.

The Colin Cocks Award (13+)
Maximum of 25% of fees can be awarded

The Colin Cocks Award is awarded to a pupil
who displays a particularly good record of ‘service’
in addition to a high level of all-round ability. The
Award is named after Colin Cocks, whose
outstanding contribution as Chairman of Governors
at Dean Close for nine years was marked both by
wide-ranging talent and by an attitude of service to
the community.

A Colin Cocks Award holder is expected to have
solid standards of academic ability and to offer
at least two well-developed skills outside the
classroom at a high standard. However, it is the
attitude and character of the applicant that is the
most important consideration of all. Evidence of
leadership ability and a willingness to serve the
community will be taken into account. The
Headmaster will approach the Head of a potential
Scholar’s current school to provide an appropriate
supporting recommendation.

Scholarships & Awards 2020/21 - 11+ 13+ 16+ - Dean Close School
Entrance at 11+, 13+ and 16+
Maximum of 40% of fees can be awarded

Scholarships are awarded according to academic                 The European Youth Parliament is a simulated EU
excellence and potential. Dean Close takes great pride         Parliament in which teams of eight take part in a series of
in the success of its most academically able pupils,           debates on EU policy, a competition in which Dean Close
who set the standard for their peers.                          has reached the National Finals. There is a wide range
                                                               of academic societies including the Senior and Junior
Academic Scholars entering the School in Year 7 will           Bowden Societies, specifically designed for the most able;
normally be in top sets for all subjects. There are a number   providing stimulation, challenges and academic breadth.
of high level competitions and challenges organised by         The School’s own Public Speaking competition, for both
departments. For example, pupils may participate in the        the junior and senior years, provides a platform to develop
Biology/Chemistry/Physics/Maths Olympiads which are            skills, as does the Latin and Greek reading competition.
prestigious national and international competitions, in        Modern linguists take part in the National Schools’
which the School has had some very notable successes.          Languages Debating Competition.

Scholarships & Awards 2020/21 - 11+ 13+ 16+ - Dean Close School
The School places a strong emphasis on inviting visitors to
meet its Scholars and attending Cheltenham’s Literature
and Science Festivals. Over recent years pupils have seen
historians Alison Weir and Peter and Dan Snow; journalists     11+ Scholarship Exams in November/December
Robert Peston, Caitlin Moran, Will Gompertz and Andrew         All external candidates will be asked to sit a cognitive ability
Marr; authors Ian McEwan and Robert MacFarlane; MPs            and an English Test, after which the successful candidates will
Nick Clegg and Vince Cable; and leading academics such         be invited back to sit for the academic scholarship. Candidates
                                                               are involved in group challenges and discussions and are
as Professor Mary Beard, Professor Jenny March and Dr
                                                               interviewed by the Headmaster and senior academic members
Steve Gunn, the latter two of Oxford University.               of staff. Candidates should be under 12 on 1st September 2019.

Educational visits, including to the WW1 French
                                                               13+ Dean Close Scholarship Exams in January
battlefields and Classical tours to Sicily or Greece and
Art trips to Venice and Madrid, serve to broaden the           For able pupils from Dean Close St. John’s on-the-Hill and
                                                               external prep schools, Dean Close encourages candidates
interest and experience of the more committed Scholars.
                                                               to sit the School’s own suite of scholarship papers set in
Psychologists attend a criminology conference for              Mathematics, English, Science, Humanities and either French
Psychology which helps to raise Scholars’ understanding        or Spanish. All candidates will have interviews with the
of the topic of criminal psychology and the professional       Headmaster and other senior academic staff. Candidates
                                                               should be under 14 years on 1st September 2019.
applications of psychology.

Our A level and GCSE courses (many of which are IGCSE)         13+ Scholarship Assessments in May
have been chosen because they are challenging, innovative      Candidates currently in Year 8 of Dean Close Preparatory
and well-respected by universities. At least 10% of each       School sit the Dean Close School examinations in May. Pupils
year group apply to Oxford and Cambridge and over 60%          are required to sit all academic papers to be considered for a
                                                               13+ scholarship and attend an interview with the Headmaster
of leavers go on to top ranking Russell Group universities.
                                                               and other members of the Dean Close academic staff.

Award holders have an annual review to discuss and
                                                               16+ Scholarship Exams in November
assess their academic contribution to the School.
                                                               The scholarship exams consist of papers in three subjects
                                                               relating to those which the candidate intends to study at A level.
What is expected of a Scholar:
                                                               There is also a verbal reasoning test, interviews with the
n   to maintain and extend their high standards of             Headmaster and other senior academic staff.
    academic effort and performance
n   to serve as role models to other members of the

Scholarships & Awards 2020/21 - 11+ 13+ 16+ - Dean Close School
 Entrance at 11+, 13+ and 16+
 Maximum of 15% of fees can be awarded

Art is a thriving subject at Dean Close which maintains a high profile, with work exhibited all around the Schools.

The Preparatory School Art Department aims to inspire,       demonstrate their commitment, enthusiasm and potential
enthuse and give all pupils an interesting and creative      whilst showing imagination and sound technical ability.
experience where they can develop their knowledge,
understanding and variety of skills. Pupils should be        The Senior School has an exceptional two-storey Art
adventurous and experiment with a variety of media and       School which provides a versatile and creative environment
processes. Sketchbooks are a vital part of independent       within which artists can immerse themselves and explore
learning and help to develop confidence and extend           their talent and potential. Standards at Dean Close are
capabilities in the subject. The Art Department has two      consistently high thanks to the dedication and enthusiasm
bright and airy rooms decorated with pupils’ work. It is     of the staff and Scholars alike and each year the
well equipped with new ICT equipment, its own library        Department sees many of its Scholars graduate with top
of resource material and a kiln. Pupils wishing to be an     grades. A good proportion go on to some of the country’s
11+ Scholar must have an obvious passion and show a          most acclaimed Art Schools including Central St Martin’s,
particular interest for the subject. They must be able to    Camberwell, Kingston and The Slade.

The Art School’s BonBernard Gallery, in the entrance to
the building, is also a major asset and, in recent years,
has been the venue for a variety of excellent exhibitions.
National and local professional artists, including
photographers, painters, sculptors and Old Decanians
exhibit in the Gallery on a regular basis and, whenever
possible, provide talks and practical workshops for
Scholars. Most importantly, the Gallery also shows the
work of Scholars. Field trips and excursions provide crucial
stimulus with regular visits made to important London
galleries and Art tours abroad, most recently to Florence.

Candidates will be expected to show not only a strong
level of technical skill, but also, and perhaps more
importantly, an imaginative, enthusiastic and original
approach to the subject which suggests great potential
to develop in future years.

Art teachers in the submitting schools are urged only to
enter candidates who have a genuinely strong, natural
aptitude and, therefore, a realistic chance of success in
the scholarship.                                                  11+ Scholarship Applications in November
                                                                  All external candidates will be asked to sit a cognitive ability
What is expected of a 11+ Scholar:                                and an English test. Candidates will be required to produce a
n   to maintain an excellent work ethic, have a positive          portfolio/body of work which demonstrates a range of their
    attitude and approach and set high standards for              abilities, experiences and achievements. Their portfolio should
                                                                  be a collection of work using any media and produced over the
    others to aspire to
                                                                  past 12 months, including all sketchbooks.
n   to work independently on their own projects, including
    using their sketchbooks                                       13+ and 16+ Scholarship Applications in January
n   to use the art rooms regulary during lunchtimes to            and November
    work on their own projects                                    For candidates who hold an 11+ scholarship in Art, the Head of
                                                                  Art will visit DCPS Art department in January to interview 11+
n   to assist with and support departmental events and
                                                                  holders and to view and discuss their recent work. There will be
    competitions                                                  nothing to prepare for this.

What is expected of a 13+ Scholar:                                External candidates should complete an Art Scholarship entry
                                                                  form and submit it, with a CD containing 5 good examples of
n   to maintain an excellent work ethic at all times and to
                                                                  their work. Successful candidates will be invited, with their
    achieve a consistently high standard of work                  portfolios, to the Art School where they will sit a 1½ hour
n   to take Art to at least GCSE level                            observational drawing test and be interviewed by the Director of
n   to act as role models for achievement and behaviour           Art. Candidates will be expected to talk about their work with
    within their peer group while in the Art School               confidence and express their views and ideas about Art and
                                                                  artists in a convincing manner. Creativity, individuality and
n   to attend Art Club on a regular basis
                                                                  technical flair along with a commitment to and a passion for
n   to be prepared to assist Art staff with tasks or activities   the subject should be clearly evident.
    upon their request
                                                                  13+ Portfolio: Should include 10 pieces of art work, of any
What is expected of a 16+ Scholar:                                media and preferably from the past 12 months, which have been
n   to maintain an exceptional work ethic at all times and        carefully selected to show the candidate’s full range of skills,
                                                                  experiences and highest achievements. Sketchbooks are
    to achieve a consistently excellent standard of work
                                                                  additional and considered essential.
n   to take A level Art
n   to aim to be an inspiration to other pupils of all ages       16+ Portfolio: Should include no more than 15 pieces of art
                                                                  work, of any media and preferably from the past 12 months.
    working within the Art School in terms of achievement
                                                                  Work should be a combination of school based GCSE projects
    and ambition                                                  and personally initiated work. At least two images should be
n   to be available to assist the Director of Art and other       based on observation. Work should show the candidate’s
    department members whenever possible for various              personal involvement through their ability to research, record,
    Art School activities and events (such as exhibitions,        develop ideas, experiment and produce exciting and original
    private views and Art Club) as requested                      realisations while demonstrating excellent technical ability
                                                                  and potential.
n   to be available for specialist tours with prospective

Choristership Entrance at Ages 7-10
Choral Scholarship
Entrance at 7+, 13+ and 16+
Maximum of 25% of fees can be awarded

Simon Bell is the Director of Choral Music at Dean Close     Successful candidates will become probationary choristers.
School and in this capacity directs the boys and men of      They will also be encouraged to take up an instrument and
Tewkesbury Abbey Schola Cantorum in the weekday              to become fully integrated members of School, taking
services in Tewkesbury Abbey, as well as the Chapel and      advantage of everything that a Dean Close education has
Chamber Choirs in the Senior School. Simon was               to offer.
previously Assistant Director of Music at Winchester
Cathedral and also held posts at Southwell Minster,          The boys receive an excellent musical and all-round
Westminster Abbey and St Alban’s Cathedral.                  education. They have the chance to perform with
                                                             professional singers and orchestras in wonderful settings in
Choristerships                                               the UK and further afield, and to receive a training which
Choristerships in Schola Cantorum are open to boys           instils a sense of discipline, punctuality and team spirit. All
between the ages of 7 and 13. Candidates should have a       choristers receive a scholarship of 25% off day fees (until the
good musical ear, an enthusiasm for singing and a sense of   end of Year 8) and may apply for bursaries, both to the
fun. The candidates do not need to have a trained voice,     School and to various trust funds, for extra funding. All
but should have potential. They should be academically       choristers also receive free singing lessons.
able, with the ability to read the written word fluently.

What is expected of a Chorister:
n   during term time, the choristers sing services as
    required in Tewkesbury Abbey (usually four evenings
    a week)
n   to undertake tours, concerts and recordings. Some of
    these activities take place during the school holidays
    but sufficient notice is always given
n   there are a few weekend commitments but unlike many
    other choir schools, choristers spend most weekends,
    Christmas and Easter at home

Peter Cairns Choral Scholarship
A Peter Cairns Choral Scholarship is offered at age 13+ to
a chorister from a Cathedral or Collegiate School. All Peter
Cairns Choral Scholars will receive free voice tuition and are
members of the School Chapel Choir.

The Chapel Choir is a vital and well-respected body within
the School. It makes frequent CD recordings and sings
Evensong in St Paul’s Cathedral and Tewkesbury Abbey
each year, in addition to regular School Chapel services.
choir tours to Spain, Italy, Paris and New York within the       Choristership Auditions
past few years have provided the opportunity to perform          The School auditions children for choristerships from age 7 to 10.
in exciting venues further afield, including St Thomas           n   all external candidates will be asked to sit an English test
Church, Fifth Avenue, St Mark’s, Venice and the Cathedral            and a Maths test
                                                                 n   candidates will undertake a voice trial with the Choral
of Notre-Dame in Paris. A strong tradition of Oxford and
Cambridge organ and choral awards exists, with several
                                                                 n   candidates will need to bring a piece of music of their
Peter Cairns Choral Scholars having gone on to take up
                                                                     choice, which can be of any style they like; for example, a
places in College choirs, including two past pupils at King’s
                                                                     hymn or secular song
College, Cambridge.
                                                                 n   if they play an instrument, they should bring a prepared
                                                                     piece of music to play
What is expected of a Choral Scholar:                            n   they will be required to do some aural tests and will be
n   to be a member of Chapel Choir, setting an example to            required to sing a few scales. They will be given some
    other choir members by taking a musical lead, being              simple exercises to explore their vocal range
    punctual for rehearsals and displaying enthusiasm and        n   interview with the Headmaster
    commitment to take an active role in Choral Society,
    undertaking duties to ensure the smooth running of           13+ and 16+ Choral Scholarships in January and
    rehearsals                                                   November
n   to be a member of Chamber Choir at the discretion of         Choral auditions will include:

    the Director of Choral Music                                 n   the singing of two contrasting pieces of the candidate’s
                                                                     own choice
n   to take on the duties of choir librarian as requested by
                                                                 n   if they play an instrument, they should bring a prepared
    the Director of Music                                            piece of music to play
n   at the discretion of the Director of Choral Music, Peter     n   singing at sight
    Cairns Choral Scholars may be asked, if appropriate,         n   aural tests
    to sing with the Tewkesbury Abbey Schola Cantorum            n   interview with the Director of Music and the Director
                                                                     of Choral Music in which candidates will be expected to
                                                                     talk convincingly about their commitment to choral music
                                                                     and their particular enthusiasms
                                                                 n   general interview with the Headmaster and other senior
                                                                     academic staff

                                                                 The Director of Music and the Director of Choral Music are happy
                                                                 to discuss scholarship details with parents and music teachers
                                                                 and would normally like to meet prospective candidates before
                                                                 the scholarship auditions.

Entrance at 11+, 13+ and 16+
Maximum of 20% of fees can be awarded

Being involved in Drama at Dean Close means being              Prose Reading for Performance and Solo & Duologue Acting
part of a vibrant community of enthusiastic teachers           Graded Examinations.
and pupils who love the theatre.
                                                               In the Senior School as many as 10 productions are
Drama at the Prep School is a lively, exciting and thriving    mounted each year, aiming to offer Scholars a wide
discipline, which aims to instil an appreciation and           education of the best that is in the drama canon:
enjoyment of performance and communication, thus               Shakespeare, Miller, Tennessee Williams, Bennett, Stoppard
maximising the pupils’ potential. There is a Dean Close        (to name but a few) are at the core of what the School does.
'house style' which is developed from the earliest years       We believe strongly in stretching Scholars, not only in
onwards, which helps with the transition to the Senior         internal productions, but also in taking them to see the very
School. As well as performing in the theatre, Scholars         best theatre available. Visits to the RSC in Stratford and to
further hone their skills through extracurricular Speech and   Malvern and London are frequent. Sixth formers might
Drama lessons, participation in the annual Cheltenham          direct a Studio production each year, by invitation.
Festival of Performing Arts and entry for LAMDA Verse and

There are visits and masterclasses from outstanding actors,     in January to interview 11+ holders and to watch a
in recent years, Judi Dench, Sam West, Jeremy Irons, Nigel      monologue that they have prepared, or to see them in
Havers, Jamie Parker, Julian Fellowes and Dominic West          a production. This may constitute part of their scholarship
have visited.                                                   interview.

Great emphasis is placed on individual Speech and Drama
lessons, and approximately 150 pupils take these, many to
diploma level, in LAMDA, RADA and Victoria College exam
                                                                    11+ Scholarship Applications in November
                                                                    All external candidates will be asked to sit a cognitive ability
The Cheltenham Arts Festival every year is a main focus for         and an English test. At 11+ all candidates should memorise and
                                                                    perform a poem of about 20 lines plus a monologue from a
large numbers of pupils who are committed to a high level
                                                                    published play or adaptation from a published novel, two
of performance and competitive energy.                              minutes in duration. The chosen material should contrast in
                                                                    mood and theme, allowing a range of emotional responses
We place great importance on preparing Scholars for                 appropriate to the text. Candidates are asked to bring a typed
                                                                    copy of their audition pieces.
entry to drama schools. In the last few years, sixth
formers have been offered places or scholarships at RADA,           Candidates will be required to perform:
LAMDA, Central School of Speech & Drama, Mountview,                 n   a reading from sight, which could be prose, verse or a
Rose Bruford and at good universities and other specialist              play script
schools.                                                            n   discuss a play they have seen, NOT including West End
Facilities are unrivalled: the Bacon Theatre (550 seats)            n   discuss a production they have been involved in
provides superb and exciting facilities, with a huge stage          n   discuss their interest in drama and theatre, giving details
and state-of-the-art technical equipment; the Tuckwell                  of their theatrical experience as a performer and theatre
Outdoor Theatre seats 350 in a beautiful sylvan setting; the
                                                                    n   demonstrate an ability to take direction, where chosen
drama studio is used for smaller productions and teaching.              audition pieces will be discussed and alternative responses
                                                                        to the texts are suggested
What is expected of an 11+ Scholar:
n   to demonstrate an obvious enthusiasm for, and                   13+ Scholarship Applications in January
    understanding of, theatre.                                      At 13+ all candidates will be required to prepare two speeches
n   a standard of performance which demonstrates                    from a list provided which will include one from Shakespeare
    dramatic ability and intellectual understanding above           and a speech from a play by a major 20th or 21st Century
    and beyond a pupil’s age.                                       playwright. A list of speeches from which candidates may
                                                                    choose their pieces for audition is available from the Admissions
n   to take extracurricular Speech and Drama lessons and
                                                                    Office. The speeches should be learnt by heart and delivered as a
    to demonstrate support for all drama activities and             performance. They will also expect to be interviewed about both
    productions at Dean Close Preparatory School and                plays, and be asked to consider different interpretations of the
    Dean Close School, as appropriate.                              speeches by the Director of Drama. The session will also include
                                                                    a performance of an unseen passage.

What is expected of a 13+ & 16+ Scholar:
                                                                    16+ Scholarship Applications in November
n   to take individual Speech and Drama lessons from a
    teacher in the Department                                       At 16+, for those candidates intending to take AS level Theatre
                                                                    Studies, there will be a written paper of 45 minutes which will
n   strongly recommended to take GCSE Drama and                     contain a choice of questions about their personal experience of
    preferable, but not essential, to take AS Theatre Studies       performance – either ones they have given or seen.
n   to show qualities of enthusiasm and motivation for
                                                                    There will be an interview of up to 30 minutes with the Director
    drama in their peer groups and their Houses                     of Drama in which candidates will be expected to talk
n   to demonstrate an appropriate and selfless attitude in          convincingly about their commitment to theatre and their
                                                                    enthusiasms. While we realise that experience can be limited,
    the context of casting and participation
                                                                    we will expect some degree of knowledge and enthusiasm for
n   to attend all performances of School, House and other           theatre beyond West End musicals, and each candidate will
    drama, including all theatre trips where invited                be expected to have read and seen at least one play by
                                                                    Shakespeare; they will be asked about all aspects of the
n   to be a strong presence in the drama studio and in
                                                                    performance: for example, the acting, the set, the design.
    the Bacon Theatre
                                                                    Interviews with the Headmaster and other senior academic staff.

For those holding an 11+ Drama Scholarship, the
Director of Drama will visit the DCPS Drama department

Entrance at 11+, 13+ and 16+
Maximum of 40% of fees can be awarded

Scholars at 11+ will join Dean Close Preparatory School        together with a promising level of technical accomplishment.
which has a recently renovated, well-equipped and              The School is looking for children with potential who have
dedicated Music School in which the Director of Music is       made the most of opportunities they have been given to
supported by a large group of full-time and peripatetic        date. Entrants are likely to have achieved at least Grade 3
teachers. The Music Department aims to nurture, inspire and    or equivalent standard on one of their instruments or
enable all budding musicians. Music Scholars, in particular,   singing. Music Scholars need to have a genuine love of
are expected to participate in chamber music, as well as the   music and the determination to work hard at developing
many musical ensembles that take place during the week.        their musical abilities in order to achieve their full potential.
Scholars have access to a team of well-qualified and
experienced musicians, many of whom are professional           Scholars at 13+ and 16+ will join the Senior School
performers in their own right, who are able to accompany,      which boasts a vibrant Music School, a purpose-built
coach and mentor. The internationally renowned Carducci        facility which accommodates an elegant concert hall.
Quartet is Head of Strings across the Dean Close schools.      Entrants at 13+ should be at least Grade 5+ or equivalent
                                                               in their first instrument and entrants at 16+ should be at
11+ entrants should possess an innate musical ability          least Grade 8 level.

Unparalleled performing opportunities are on offer; the
Department stages in excess of 50 concerts each year,
                                                               11+ Scholarship Exams in November
with top Music Scholars being given the chance to perform
a concerto with the orchestra. Recent performances             All external candidates will be asked to sit a cognitive
include Grieg’s Piano Concerto in A Minor, Gershwin’s          ability and an English test.
Rhapsody in Blue, Bruch’s Violin Concerto and                  Scholars usually offer two instruments, at least one to a
Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor. Recent          standard of Grade 3 Associated Board, although it is not
                                                               necessary for the candidate to be examined at that level.
Choral Society performances include Handel’s Messiah
with pupil soloists, Haydn’s Nelson Mass and Orff’s            Candidates will be expected to -
Carmina Burana. The Chapel Choir makes frequent CD             n   play two contrasting pieces on their first instrument
recordings and sings Evensong in St Paul’s Cathedral and
                                                               n   play one piece on second and subsequent instruments,
Tewkesbury Abbey each year. Choir tours to Venice,                 which could include singing
Barcelona and New York within the past few years have          n   undertake basic aural tests
provided the opportunity to sing in exciting venues            n   work in a choral and / or instrumental ensemble with other
further afield.                                                    candidates to demonstrate sight-reading and musicianship
                                                                   skills, as well as teamwork and musical knowledge
A strong tradition of Oxford and Cambridge organ               n   have an interview with the Directors of Music from the
and choral awards exists, as well as places at top                 Preparatory and Senior schools and with the Headmaster
conservatoires. Scholars are encouraged to join the            n   join in a short coaching session on one of their pieces
National Youth Orchestra, National Youth Choirs and other
courses during the school holidays. Internal competitions      13+ Scholarship Exams in January
are held annually and chamber groups participate in the        Auditions take place annually in January and are designed
National Chamber Music Competition.                            to discover potential as well as test actual performance.
                                                               Candidates usually offer two instruments, which may include
Those winning Music scholarships (which may include            singing, at least one to a standard higher than Grade 5
                                                               Associated Board.
both choral and organ awards) qualify for free tuition on a
specified number of instruments and free participation in
                                                               Sixth Form Scholarship Exams in November
professional masterclasses and consultation lessons
                                                               Auditions take place annually in November. Candidates usually
approved by the Director of Music. A considerable
                                                               offer two instruments, which may include singing, at least one
number of top Music Scholars go on to become                   to Grade 8 standard, but single instrumentalists are also
professional musicians, as performers, teachers or in the      encouraged to apply.
recording industry.
                                                               Both 13+ and Sixth Form auditions will include:
                                                               n   playing two contrasting pieces on the first instrument
What is expected of an 11+ Scholar:                                playing one piece on the second instrument
n   to include daily music practice in their routine           n   playing at sight and aural tests
n   to participate in ensembles as required                    n   an interview with the Director of Music, the Headmaster
                                                                   and other senior academic staff
n   Scholars are expected to act as role models for their
    peers and for younger pupils
n   to seize performance opportunities as often as possible,
    and to perform solo or chamber music at least once
    a term
n   to take some responsibility for their own musical
n   to assist with and support departmental events

What is expected of a 13+ and 16+ Scholar:                     Carducci Scholarship 13+ and 16+
                                                               Awarded to a string player of exceptional ability.
n   to demonstrate a desire to improve as a musician
    through consistent and significant practice                The Director of Music is happy to discuss scholarship details
                                                               with parents and music teachers and would normally like to
n   to support the Music Department’s wide range of
                                                               meet prospective candidates before the scholarship auditions.
    activities on offer, setting an example to others by
    displaying enthusiasm and commitment
                                                               Girling Organ Scholarship 13+ and 16+
n   to be a member of Chapel Choir and other musical
                                                               Suitable for a promising young organist, who is keen to develop
    activities.                                                both solo playing and accompaniment skills.

Design Technology
Entrance at 13+ and 16+
Maximum of 15% of fees can be awarded

Product Design Technology Awards are for candidates           At Fifth Form (Year 11) those considering a career in
who demonstrate a lively interest in and commitment to        engineering or design can apply for an external scholarship
the subject, as well as proven ability through a variety of   through the Arkwright Scholarships Trust (
media, ideas and approaches.                                  and if successful will receive a small bursary.

The PDT Department is located centrally in School. The        There are also opportunities for Scholars to pursue their own
workshop facilities are sizeable with a wide range of         projects and ideas. The workshop is open often during the
traditional tools and modern machinery allowing Scholars      week, allowing them to work around other School or sports
to work in a range of materials.                              commitments. Scholars can enjoy a less formal approach to
                                                              the subject during these sessions.
Recent investment in Computer Aided Manufacturing
equipment has meant Scholars are able to experience           Previous Product Design Technology Scholars have gone
hi-tech modern manufacturing techniques. A graphics           on to study engineering, design and architecture at Oxford,
suite contains a comprehensive computing facility.            Cambridge and other top ranking Russell Group Universities.

What is expected of a Scholar:
n   to contribute positively to curriculum lessons
n   to take PDT at least up to GCSE at 13+ and A level
    at 16+
n   to achieve good assessment grades during curriculum
n   to achieve good grades in public examinations
n   to commit to a proportional amount of co-curricular
    activities, including pursuing co-curricular personal
n   to contribute positively to the Department and act as an
    ambassador for the subject within School
n   to help support departmental events such as taster
    days, visits and tours for appropriate guests

The Department is pleased to offer the opportunity
of a scholarship to applicants who show the following

n   a keen interest in the areas of design and/or modern
n   a working knowledge of designing, engineering and
    making of products or artefacts
n   a working vocabulary of technical terms
n   understanding of tools, processes and materials            For candidates who hold an 11+ Scholarship in PDT
n   an understanding of design in the wider world,             the Head of PDT will visit the DCPS DT Department in
    including products or architecture                         January to interview 11+ holders and to view and
n   an interest in pursuing the subject outside                discuss their recent work. There will be nothing to
    the curriculum                                             prepare for this.
n   specialist focus in areas of design or manufacture of
    products or artefacts
                                                                  Scholarship Applications in November
Pupils will be expected to use the Design and
Technology room regularly during lunchtimes and after             13+ and 16+ Scholarships in January and November
school to work on their projects.                                 Candidates will be required to provide an A3 portfolio of work
                                                                  undertaken during the last 12 months along with paper-based
                                                                  folio sheets, photographs or actual examples of any 3-dimensional
                                                                  work they may have done during the same period. This could
                                                                  include leaflets, posters or websites and should include evidence
                                                                  of school-based DT activities and co-curricular projects.

                                                                  Please note that ‘E’ portfolios should be forwarded well in
                                                                  advance of the interview, either in MS-Word or PDF formats to:

                                                                  The examination for a Design Technology Award is in three parts:

                                                                  n   portfolio presentation
                                                                  n   interviews with the Headmaster and the Head of Design
                                                                      Technology in which candidates will be expected to talk
                                                                      convincingly about their commitment and enthusiasm for
                                                                      design technology
                                                                  n   a design test. Details are available six weeks in advance of
                                                                      the examination in order to allow for appropriate preparation
                                                                      for the examination

Entrance at 11+, 13+ and 16+
Maximum of 40% of fees can be awarded

The Sports Scholarship programme aims to foster the       Many teams are currently representing the School at county,
development of a Scholar’s athletic potential through a   regional and national level in a wide variety of sports. Several
programme designed specifically for the individual, to    Scholars and recent alumni are competing at international
support and monitor preparation, progression and          level, excelling in sports such as hockey, rugby, tennis,
performance during their time at Dean Close.              netball, equestrianism, swimming and cricket. and three-day
The programme is designed to increase knowledge and
understanding in:                                         The wealth of state-of-the-art sporting facilities includes a
         n   Nutrition                                    recently built sports hall with indoor cricket nets, hi-tech
                                                          fitness suite and dance/exercise studio. Other facilities
         n   Postural Assessment
                                                          include two high spec floodlit astroturf pitches, a 25m
         n   Injury Prevention
                                                          indoor pool, an indoor rifle range and climbing wall. The
         n   Skill Acquisition                            teaching team is enhanced by a number of top-level
         n   Lifestyle Management                         professional coaches who assist with cricket, tennis,
         n   Personal Performance                         netball, hockey, swimming and rugby.

11+ Sports Scholarships in November
                                                                All external candidates will be asked to sit a cognitive ability and
                                                                an English test. Each candidate must offer two chosen sports from
                                                                the following list: rugby, hockey, cricket for boys; hockey,
                                                                netball, cricket and tennis for girls. Candidates may offer
                                                                alternative sports but only following agreement from the Director
                                                                of Sport.

This award is offered to pupils with good athletic potential    Applicants should:
who would benefit from the opportunities, facilities and        n   provide at least one reference from a relevant individual, eg.
coaching that the School provides. Within the award the             county coach, PE teacher, club coach etc giving details of
School is seeking pupils who possess all-round physical             skills, achievements and potential of the candidate for their
ability in areas such as speed, balance, stamina, agility and       major sport
co-ordination, and who show talents in specific areas of        n   provide a confidential Headteacher’s report
physical education and games.                                   n   support their application with evidence of past achievements

Award holders are supported by a team of highly qualified       All 11+ Sports Scholars retain their scholarship until they finish
and experienced educationalists and fitness practitioners       their academic studies.
who work alongside them providing guidance, advice,
support and the opportunities to achieve their true athletic
potential. This includes two School strength and
conditioning trainers whom all Sports Scholars have
                                                                13+ Scholarships in January
continual access to.
                                                                16+ Scholarship from September
What is expected of a Scholar:                                  onwards (by invitation only)
n   to act as role models and leaders on and off the field
                                                                Applications are made through the submission of a brief sports
    within their year groups and in the wider School,
                                                                CV that must indicate all-round sporting ability and commitment
    around whom teams can be built
                                                                at school level, with at least one achievement at or above county
n   to set high standards for themselves and their peers        level (or equivalent). Sports should be selected from the following
                                                                list: hockey, rugby, netball, cricket, tennis, athletics, swimming or
n   to work to the best of their ability with effort and
                                                                another sport if approved in advance by the Headmaster and
    determination at all times
                                                                Director of Sport.
n   to behave according to the School’s Code of Conduct
                                                                One reference is required from a relevant individual, eg. county
n   attendance and commitment to all School training
                                                                coach, PE teacher, club coach etc, giving details of skills,
    and fixtures
                                                                achievements and potential of the candidate for their major
n   to work with a positive attitude towards achieving          sport. These are considered by the Director of Sport and the
    identified, challenging and realistic goals                 Headmaster.

n   to share best practice with peers and fellow athletes
                                                                Candidates will also sit the School’s entrance tests and will need
n   to assist best practice with coaches, teachers              to achieve a satisfactory level for admission. All candidates will
    and practitioners                                           be invited to attend a day of assessment in November for 16+ and
                                                                in January for 13+.
n   to take the lead in the classroom as well as the
    sports field                                                Assessment Process
                                                                n   A specialist sports assessment: each individual will take part
13+ and 16+ Equestrianism                                           in two sports where assessment will be based on mixed skills
                                                                    testing and performance within a general game playing
The Headmaster is happy to consider candidates who offer            scenario.
an equestrian discipline of eventing, dressage or show          n   There is also a conditioning assessment focusing on
jumping to a very high level, for an Equestrian Scholarship.        fundamental athleticism, such as agility, speed and power.
They will be expected to present a short CV demonstrating       n   A separate general interview with the Headmaster and other
their achievements, together with relevant school and/or            senior members of academic staff.
expert references. They will be assessed in the field by
arrangement, will undertake interviews with the Headmaster
and other senior staff, and will be expected to speak with
confidence to the Head of Equestrianism.

Bursaries and Foundation Awards
                                                               of which may be obtained from the Bursary. Parents of
                                                               children who have not yet joined the School would be well
                                                               advised to ensure that the completed form reaches the
                                                               Bursar no later than the end of the Michaelmas Term in the
                                                               academic year before entry.

                                                               The information and evidence requested is extensive
                                                               and includes:

                                                               •   What the family earns (to include all forms of income)
                                                               •   What is spent on essentials (such as taxes and costs
                                                                   associated with the family home)
                                                               •   What is owned (savings, investments, pensions pots,
                                                                   property etc)
                                                               •   What is owed (mortgages, loans and other debts)
                                                               •   What support may be expected from other sources
Bursaries                                                          (grandparents, trusts, grants etc)

As part of its charitable commitment the Foundation grants
bursaries to assist some parents with the payment of school    Foundation Awards
fees. These awards are based strictly on financial need and
are made from limited resources as the School does not         Foundation Awards are a new type of bursary, aimed to
have significant endowed funds for this purpose. In these      provide life changing opportunities, Foundation Awards offer
difficult economic times there is no shortage of deserving     70% - 100% fee discount to families who would otherwise
cases, so demand invariably exceeds supply and some            not be able to consider an independent education and who
requests for assistance must unfortunately be declined.        have clearly proven financial need.
Those considering Dean Close for their child should not        Foundationers will demonstrate significant potential in one or
assume that financial support will automatically be            more of Dean Close’s key areas of focus: Academic, Music,
made available.                                                Sport, Art or Drama. They will have strength of character, a
The size and duration of bursary support awarded will          can-do attitude and will show the potential and willingness to
depend upon applicants’ financial circumstances. The           contribute to school life.
majority of awards are likely to be modest and will serve to   Every candidate will sit an entrance test and be interviewed
bridge the gap, possibly for a limited period, between the     by their prospective Head. Applications are welcomed at
cost of fees and what parents are genuinely able to afford.    11+, 13+ and 16+ into Dean Close St John’s on-the-Hill,
That said, each year the School expects to award a limited     Dean Close Preparatory and Dean Close School.
number of bursaries to children whose parents would not
otherwise be able to contemplate an independent education
for their children. All awards are subject to annual review.
                                                                    All information provided will be treated in confidence and
Applications for bursaries from current and from prospective        all supporting evidence will be returned to applicants once
parents will be considered, with the proviso that children          the process is completed. Information relating to failed
                                                                    applications where the child does not eventually join the
who have not yet joined the School must be registered for
                                                                    School will be destroyed. In some cases the Bursar may
Dean Close and, where applicable, the registration fee              ask to carry out a home visit during which detailed financial
must have been paid. The fee will not be refunded if a place        circumstances may be discussed.
is not subsequently taken up.
                                                                    The Concessions Committee meets regularly to consider
Bursaries may be awarded in combination with other                  all new applications for awards and to undertake periodic
concessions, such as scholarships, Headmaster’s Awards              reviews of current bursaries. Larger awards must be
and sibling discounts; however these awards will always be          approved by members of the Board of Trustees.
taken into account in determining the size of any bursary           All enquires and communication with the School regarding
that may be awarded.                                                bursaries should be directed, in the first instance, to the
                                                                    Bursar’s PA: 01242 258086.
The first step in the process, after registration, is to
complete a statement of financial circumstances, copies


1. Awards                                                                    7. Unpaid Fees
1.1 Awards are granted at the discretion of the School. Scholarships         The Award may be withdrawn immediately on written notice if any fees
      are granted on merit to pupils who demonstrate present ability         payable are outstanding after the due date for payment of the invoice.
      and future potential. Bursaries are awarded on the basis of            In such an event the School will be entitled to issue a new invoice at
      circumstance or of financial need.                                     the full rate as set out in the School's Fee Note for the relevant term.
1.2 The School will not discriminate against any pupil on the basis of
      race, nationality, ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation or gender.   8. Complaints
1.3 If an Award is granted by the School to a pupil, this is personal        Should parents wish to complain about an Award or its grant or
      to the named pupil and cannot be transferred partially or wholly.      withdrawal they should use the School's Parental Complaints proce-
                                                                             dure, a copy of which is available from the Bursary and on the School
2. Parents' and Pupils' Obligations                                          website.
2.1 A pupil who is granted an Award is required to work hard,
      contribute positively to the School, demonstrate exemplary             9. Confidentiality
      conduct, set a good example to other pupils and commit fully in        The School may from time to time wish to publish or disclose details
      the field to which the Award applies.                                  of pupils who have been granted awards for publicity purposes and
2.2 Parents are expected to support the School and encourage the             specific consent for this will be sought on application to the School.
      pupil to meet his/her obligations, and to notify the School of any
      change in circumstances which may affect the continuation of           10. Terms and Conditions
      the Award.                                                             These Conditions of Award apply in conjunction with the School's
2.3 Pupils are expected to remain at Dean Close Schools for the              Registration Form and Terms and Conditions of Acceptance. In the
      duration of the Award.                                                 event of conflict these Conditions of Award apply.

3. School's Duties                                                           11. Variation
The School will, as far as reasonably practicable, keep parents              The School reserves the right to make reasonable changes to
informed on a regular basis of a pupil's progress and will notify them if,   these Conditions of Award to reflect the changes in the School's
in the reasonable opinion of the School, a pupil is not complying with       practices and procedures to meet current educational, pastoral
the obligations set out above or meeting the required standards of           and economic needs.
conduct and progress.
                                                                             12. Applicable Law
4. Withdrawal of Award                                                       The proper law of this contract shall be that of England and the parties
4.1 The School may withdraw the Award on one term's written                  shall submit to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.
      notice if in the School's reasonable opinion a pupil is not
      complying with his/her obligations or meeting the required             13. Interpretation
      standards of conduct and progress.                                     13.1 “Concession" means any scholarship or bursary offered by
4.2 The School may terminate the Award immediately on written                        the School to a pupil.
      notice if the pupil substantially breaches the School's Terms and      13.2 "Term" means the period between and including the first and
      Conditions of Acceptance or if the pupil is suspended or                      last day of each School term, as published in the School's
      permanently excluded from the School.                                         calendar.
                                                                             13.3 "Term's notice" means a full term, thus written notice
5. Repayment of Award                                                               received before the first day of any term expires at the end of
Parents are required to repay the value of the three preceding                      that term and written notice received during any term expires
terms' Award immediately on demand by the School in the                             at the end of the next term.
following circumstances:
5.1 The pupil substantially breaches the School's Terms and
       Conditions of Acceptance or the pupil is suspended or
       permanently excluded from the School;
5.2 The parents have provided false or inaccurate information on
       the Registration Form or on making an application for an Award.

6. Fees
6.1 After deduction of any Award the balance of any fees is due and
      payable in accordance with the School's Terms and Conditions
      of Acceptance.
6.2 In the event that proper notice is not given under the School's
      Terms and Conditions of Acceptance and fees in lieu of notice
                                                                                                           DC                 CLOSE
      are due, then a pupil's entitlement to an Award shall cease
      immediately and the amount due shall be the full rate as set out                                               CHELTENHAM
      in the School's Fee Note for the relevant term.
How to apply
If you would like to know more about the Scholarships on offer
at Dean Close School, or would like to apply, please contact:

Dean Close Preparatory School                Dean Close School
7+ 11+                                       13+ 16+

Dean Close Preparatory School                Registrar (Senior School)
Lansdown Road                                Dean Close School
Cheltenham                                   Shelburne Road
GL51 6QS                                     Cheltenham
Telephone: 01242 258001                      GL51 6HE
                                             Telephone: 01242 258044

                                               DC           CLOSE

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