Know all about spider veins

Spider veins are a cosmetic problem that affects millions of women today. They are dilations of the capillary vessels that
appear, mainly, in the dermis on the outside of the legs.

These spider veins are not a health problem, but they can affect the aesthetics of the legs and generate certain
complexes. Some factors favor its appearances, such as maintaining a sedentary life, suffering from obesity, or certain
hereditary factors. To know about it, browse online as Best Spider Vein Doctor Near Me.

The spider veins are similar to varicose veins; however, they are smaller and do not cause pain, which is generally
associated with varicose veins. But they can be a symptom of the onset of a varicose pathology that will trigger varicose
veins in the future. Therefore, it will always be advisable to go to the medical consultation to study the case and make
the diagnosis.

Thanks to the latest advances in medicine, there are different treatments to end this aesthetic problem without having
to resort to surgery. The doctors for Spider Vein Treatment Near Me evaluates the particular case and determine the
appropriate treatment to eliminate these vascular lesions is.

It occurs very frequently in women, especially during pregnancies, and is closely linked to a hormonal background,
specifically progesterone, which is the production mechanism of menstruation in women.


The three main causes of spider veins are:

Heredity: If other women in your family have spider veins, chances are you do too.

Pregnancy, since variations in hormone levels, can impoverish blood circulation.

Spending a lot of time sitting or standing, the walls of your veins can experience increased pressure, and spider
veins will form as a result.

Spider veins treatments

If you have spider veins and you want to remove them for cosmetic reasons, the first thing is to make a medical
diagnosis. Subsequently, Spider Vein Treatment Houston options include:

Micro-foam sclerotherapy: The doctor injects a chemical into your veins, causing them to seal. With the blood flow
stopped, the vein turns into scar tissue and eventually fades away. Treatment for Spider Vein Houston does this
treatment at their level best.

Laser Treatments: This procedure uses a laser to send bursts of light through your skin and into your vein, causing
the vein to fade. This treatment offers very good results. This is one of the Best Treatment For Spider Veins.

Radiofrequency thermocoagulation: It is done with very small needles that act locally without damaging the rest of
the skin.


Spider veins can be treated with a combination of laser injections and sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy causes
inflammation of the blood vessel wall that results in the closure of the blood vessels. The body then reabsorbs the spider
vein as if it were a bruise. The laser can be used together to decrease the size of the vein and cause double injury to
that treated vein. Not all patients are candidates for laser. By incorporating the laser, we can reduce the total number
of Spider Vein Treatment Texas.

Main benefits of sclerotherapy

    The most popular and effective treatment available.
Outpatient procedure.
    The low-risk procedure with few complications
    You can perform daily activities on the same day of treatment.

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