Scoop Issue WINTER 2019 - Stratford School District

Scoop Issue WINTER 2019 - Stratford School District
Stratford Schools                                                                     Winter Edition 2019

By Vera Caruso and Brianna Blanchard

Yellin’s robotics team, the Squirebots, is a group
of academically skilled individuals who use their
abilities to program robots and compete. On
January 19th, they competed against numerous
other teams from Southern New Jersey. This
year’s theme is Into Orbit and they have been
practicing for the past few months. The team is
led by Mrs. Taylor and Mr. Tomkinson with
assistance from Mrs. Korn, staff members at
Samuel S. Yellin. As a result of all of their
preparation, the team’s high hopes for this
competition paid off. They won first place for
Project Innovation and second place for the
Robot Challenge.

According to Mrs. Taylor, the team has been
preparing for this competition since August. They created and solved problems regarding space travel and
living outside of earth’s atmosphere. For this competition, Mrs. Taylor stated that, the Squirebots worked their
hardest to design and program a robot that was capable of completing challenges such as rescuing astronauts,
sending satellites into orbit, and deflecting meteors. Each team’s goal at this competition was to collect points
from every challenge they take part in, create a new product to enhance space travel, and to work well as a
team. The Squirebots worked non-stop to produce a functional product to compete with at this qualifying com-
petition. All of their hard work has paid off as they are moving on to the Championship at Rowan University on
March 2, 2019.

At Qualifying competitions, robotics teams present their research projects regarding whatever the topic of the
competition may be. On the day of the competition, teams use what they have prepared and present it to the
judges. In the presentations, there are no limits; the teams can include poems, songs, plays, and whatever
else they can come up with, but their project must be new and innovative. Teams must score in the top four
spots in all four areas of the competition in order to move up to the championship. The four areas are Core
Values, Robot Design, Project Innovation and Robot Challenge. At the competition, twelve or more teams will
compete for a spot in the Championship Tournament, which could potentially result in a spot at the
International Competition. Ultimately, these competitions are something that the Squirebots, along with many
other teams, look forward to every season.

In conclusion, with all of the Squirebots hard work and preparation, they won a spot in the Championship. The
Yellin Qualifier was a huge success and it is always a free event to the public viewers. Please feel free to drop in
next year and see what the future holds for our engineers in training.
Scoop Issue WINTER 2019 - Stratford School District
Samuel S. Yellin School                                              1st Marking Period 2018
Superintendent’s List   MARISSA STRADER           ANTHONY REYES              GABRIELLE OSCIAK       WILLAIM STUBBS
                        KATIE TULLY               PETER SHAPLEY              ABBIE REID
GRADE 4                                           MADISON SIMS               MACKENZIE REVAITIS     GRADE 6
TAYLOR BAKER            Principal’s List          HAYDEN SORIANO             JACK SHEEHAN           PRIYA ABRAMS
OLIVA GALLUCCI                                    GRACIE WEST                ANIYA SMITH            JESUS BLANCO
BRIANNA GILLIGAN        GRADE 4                                              MARLENE SMITH          SAMANTHA BUDDEN
                                                  SARA WESTON
CONNOR MAENNER          KAHLIL BROWN                                         ALYSSA STAHL           JOSEPHINE DiCICCO
                                                  MAXIMUS ZUBAK
DESIRRE MANGUM          JEREMY CLARK                                         JENNIFER TISERA        KELSEY ENSIGN
CARL McDOWELL           MICHAEL COLLINS           GRADE 6                                           SEBASTIAN GIRALDO
DANIEL SEARS            JACK GIANNINI             JACK CIANO                 DAVID COREA            RYAN ROMANO
                        EMILY GRADY               MADDISON HERRERA           CAMBRIANNA DiPATRI     DESTINY SHARPER
GRADE 5                 KEVIN HENRY               JOSHUA HOFFMAN             TIMOTHY HALL           JOSEPH THATCHER
SAMUEL BREGAUDIT        JACKSON HORAN                                        ADDISON HOLLAWAY
                                                  JEREMY HYCZKA
NATHANIEL GARCIA        BRADY KAY                                            C HMING LIANA
                                                  NICHOLAS MARSHALL                                 GRADE 7
MIA JIANG               ALLISON KNOPKA                                       BREANNA LOPER          MARC DiBARTOLOMEO
                                                  VAUGHN McVEIGH
BRIANNA LANGELLO        ELIJAH LEWIS                                         HALEY LUCIER
                                                  EVAN MILLER                                       VINCENT CAPOZZOLI
KACEY LEWIS             TIFFANY MAI                                          KEVIN MARTINEZ         SHAUN KILPATRICK
                                                  MEGAN MOYERS
LOGAN NELSON            JAMES MARTIN                                         KATE McVEIGH
                                                  AUTUMN OHLINGER                                   ANTHONY MUDREY
MELISSA NGUYEN          RILEY McLAUGHLIN                                     ASHLEY MEDINA          BENJAMIN NICHOLAS
                                                  ANTHONY ORTIZ-TORRECILLA
REAGAN SHEEHAN          PATRICK McVEIGH                                      ALINA PAGLIONE         JANNICE RADLINGER
                                                  ISABELLA PALESE
DLYAN WISEMAN           ALEXANDER MEXICA                                     GIANNA PAPA
                                                  KAYLA PERTSCHI                                    SIMEON RANDOLPH-SAFFOLD
                        LEAH PEIFFER              RYAN REID                  MARGARET RALSTON       BRANDON REBECCA
GRADE 6                 LEILA REBECCA                                        CHARLES RICE
                                                  CAMILLA REVAITIS                                  ISABELLA ROSE
YASSER ELBAZ            COLIN RUPP                                           MICHAEL ANNE ROSSANO
                                                  MICHAEL RICHWAY                                   NATHANIEL TAYLOR
IRELAND KAY             KATELYN STEVENSON                                    ALLYSON SMITH
                                                  QUENTIN ROSSANO                                   ISABELLA VILAUBI
DAMARIES LOPEZ          ANGELINA VERGARA                                     MAGGIE TAYLOR
                                                  SOPHIA SAGGIO                                     MATTHEW WHITE
ELYSE SIMPSON           MAL ZELI                                             MATTHEW WRIGHT
                                                  ELIZABETH STEVENSON                               JADEN WILSON
MICHAEL TULLY           PAIGE ZITTO               AMBER WISELY                                      CONNOR WOOD
                                                                             Honor Roll
GRADE 7                 GRADE 5                   GRADE 7                                           GRADE 8
JORDAN BAKER            AUSTIN ACKLEY                                        GRADE 4
                                                  GENESIS AGUILAR                                   RYAN CARNEY
LAUREL CONWAY           EMILY BLANCHARD                                      ALLISON BROWN
                                                  LILIAN BALOG                                      BRAD CARLIN
SOPHIA DiGIACOMO        TYLER BURGER                                         JOSHUA DeCHRISTIE
                                                  CHLOE CHESTNUT                                    JAKE CAMARDO
NICOLE JIANG            LEILA CLARK                                          ROBERT HAMMOND
                                                  JACOB CLARK                                       ZAH’KYE COPLING
PAIGE LEWIS             LUCY CONWAY                                          GENEVIE HOLLOWAY
                                                  ERIC PAUL CORONEL                                 JACQUELINE HUESKEN
NICOLE LIN              DANIELLA CORDON                                      MAYTE MENDEZ-REYES
                                                  ANDREW CURTISS                                    QUINN HUGHES
DEVON SZAFRANSKI        EMILY CURTISS                                        WILLIAM MOOS
                                                  JAYLA DAVIS                                       JANICE IGLESIAS de los SANTOS
MICHAEL TOMKINSON       KYLIE D’ASCENZO                                      GAVIN MURPHY
                                                  MICHAEL DiGIACOMO                                 AMANDA KINGETT
PAIGE WHITE             JAYDEN DALLAS                                        WILL NICHOLAS
                                                  MEREDITH GARDINER                                 MARK LOCKETT
                        KENNEDY DAVIS                                        ALEXIS PIERRE-LOUIS
                                                  DOMINIC GORDON                                    AVA LOMAX
GRADE 8                 AIDAN GATES                                          JAYDEN WILLIAMS
                                                  DONNA GRAY                                        KASSIDY MAENNER
DYRA AGUINALDO          TIMOTHY GONZALES          BRIAN HEALEY                                      BRENNA McCORMICK
BRIANNA BLANCHARD       PHILLIP HATFIELD                                     GRADE 5
                                                  CAITLIN HOFACKER                                  NATHAN RIVERA
VERA CARUSO             NATHAN HOCKSTEIN-ARMATO                              DAVID DELGADO
                                                  HOPE LASH                                         LOGAN SAGGIO
ELAHNI GREEN            ALEXIS KUHN                                          EMILY LUONG
                                                  KATIE MANGOLD                                     BRADEN SHEEHAN
VICTOR JOHN             MELODY LOFGREN                                       DARRAH MURRAY
                                                  JULIA MARINUCCI                                   KENNETH STEVENS
NICHOLAS MACK           GAVIN McCORMICK                                      JADA NEWTON
                                                  TALYOR MARTIN                                     ZACHARY THOMPSON
SAMANTHA McNALLY        CAPRI McKEE                                          DAYLE NULUD
                                                  MACKENZIE McDONALD                                NICOLETTA TROILO
                                                                                                    RYAN TROILO
                                                                                                    MERCEDES VUKICEVICH
CHLOE RAROHA            JOHN RALSTON              ANNA NOCITO                JORDYN SPEARMAN

Scoop Issue WINTER 2019 - Stratford School District
Student of the Month                           Citizen of the Month
                       Yellin                                     Parkview

    Grade 4                     Grade 4          Grade K                 Grade K
    Jack Giannini       Ezequiel Avalos-Analco   Carly Houliaras         Emma Burke
    Angelina Vergara            Mia Rueblinger   Esmeralda               Landon Dira
    Grade 5                     Grade 5          Grade 1                 Grade 1
    Emily Wright                Emily Curtiss    Lilly Weston           Laiya Cassell
    Timothy Gonzales            Anthony Reyes    Reagen Woeller         Emily Sandoval
    Grade 6                     Grade 6          Grade 2                 Grade 2
    Paige Romanowski            Sophia Saggio    Jack Jordan             Anna Myers
    John Beasley                Jeremy Hyczka    Sofia Martinez          Alexis Forde
    Grade 7                     Grade 7          Grade 3                 Grade 3
    Nicole Lin                  Gabby Osciak     Nicole Lin              Craig Johnson
    Max Staff                   Maynor Reyes     Max Staff              Jocelyn Guadulupe
                                                                        Castillo Luna
    Grade 8                     Grade 8
    Maggie Taylor               Matthew Wright
    Kevin Martinez              Gianna Papa



Scoop Issue WINTER 2019 - Stratford School District
By Brenna McCormick and Maggie Taylor

Mr. Conn has been teaching choir to many students from fourth to eighth grade since he started his job at
Yellin School. However, this year the Yellin School Choir had an amazing win. The school entered a Christmas
choir competition and ended up winning the whole thing! To find out more about how choir has been going
this year, we interviewed Mr. Conn.

To begin, Mr. Conn believes winning the competition was an amazing experience. Since the win, more
students have been showing up to rehearsals constantly. This makes it a little easier for Mr. Conn because
now he doesn’t need to reteach things as much as he used to when members of choir would skip rehearsal.
He believes, “The importance of full attendance can’t be overstated.” So, he greatly appreciates all his
students trying to make it to rehearsal more. Furthermore, not only did the choir live an amazing experience
by just winning, they also received a prize. The choir got to perform at the Verizon Hall, as well as live on the
radio. Verizon Hall also happens to be where the Philadelphia Orchestra performs. Because of this, Mr. Conn
and many of his students view performing at Verizon Hall as a “once in a lifetime experience.” The Yellin
Choir also performed at the B101.1 studio. The choir also received a trophy which you can view by the front
desk in Yellin School. Lastly, they were given a check for a whapping $5,000! The whole choir, including Mr.
Conn were together when finding out they won first prize. Seeing one another’s faces when finding out this
amazing news must’ve been priceless!

Mr. Conn would also like to note that the choir still won the Christmas Choir Competition even with a small
disadvantage. The disadvantage being that many of the semi-finalists in the k-8 competition had professional
recording. While they had professional recording, Yellin school didn’t. The Yellin Choir performed in the school
gymnasium using only Mr. Conn’s school laptop.

The excitement doesn’t stop there. The choir will continue to perform throughout the year. Mr. Conn will
bring his choir to six flags at the end of the year to sing at a music competition. This competition is titled ‘The
Trills and Thrills Music festival.’

In all, Mr. Conn is very excited to be teaching such a wonderful and talented group of students. He would also
like to note that his choir, in the past four years, has grown in numbers. His future goal is to have two
separate choirs. One being fourth and fifth grade, while the other being sixth through eighth grade. To make
this a happen, he hopes that more seventh and eighth graders join choir.

Mr. Conn stated, “Join Choir! If you like to sing in the shower, or with your headphones on, or in the musical,
then join choir. I think if you ask any of the kids involved, this was an experience they'll never forget and
they are learning a lifelong skill.”

Scoop Issue WINTER 2019 - Stratford School District
By Alyssa Brown

The spirit of giving flowed through the Samuel S. Yellin hallways as the sixth grade started back up their
annual Toys for Tots drive. Toys for Tots is an organization created by the United States Marine Corps
Reserve in 1947. In total, Toys for Tots receives around eight million toys each year. Before the drive started,
students in sixth grade made colorful posters to advertise the drive around school. Toy collections at Yellin
began on November 26th and ran until December 7th of 2018. Every morning, sixth grade students would
come around to the homerooms of every grade level to collect the donated toys.

After about two weeks of collecting, the sixth graders wrapped all the toys received on Wednesday, December
12th. The next day, the entire grade took the time out of their day to place all the presents onto a school bus
that would later transport the presents to children in need. When the students were done, the back of the bus
was entirely filled with presents. Without the hard-work and dedication coming from the sixth grade students
and teachers, Samuel S. Yellin’s Toys for Tots drive wouldn’t be such a success!

On Thursday, January 24, 2019, Parkview Principal, Mr. Blumenstein and his wife, Sabrina, welcomed their
baby daughter, Avery, to the world. Avery is their first child and was born at 1:45pm, weighing 7lbs 1oz and
measuring 21 inches long. Back in December, Mrs. Schafer, Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Cane and the rest of the Parkview
staff, held a shower for Mr. and Mrs. Blumenstein, where we all found out that the couple affectionately refers
to their baby as, “Baby Blume”, short for Blumenstein. The Parkview Family is overjoyed to welcome our
beautiful newest addition, Avery. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. B!

Scoop Issue WINTER 2019 - Stratford School District
By Brenna McCormick & Maggie Taylor

Recently, Ms. Scheurenbrand has started a ‘Pennies for Patients’ drive
hosted by the Leo Club with some help from NJHS members. Pennies for
Patients is a drive collecting money for children with Leukemia and other
cancers. The money goes to these children around our area. The reason the
Leo Club does this drive is because the previous Leo Club advisor did it, so
Mrs. Scheurenbrand decided to continue it. The Leo Club’s goal was to raise
at least $400. Each morning students were asked to come in and donate.
Home rooms were given cardboard boxes, and students could even donate
online. This year the Leo Club raised $488.82, surpassing their goal. Mrs.
DeBlakers class contributed the most. Great Job!

“The Leo Club is sponsored by the Laurel Springs Lions club. We are a ser-
vice based club that chooses various causes to support. For example, in ad-
dition to Pennies for Patients, we collect donations for the animal shelters in
our area, we collect donations for Camp Abilities which is a camp for kids
who are blind or visually impaired, we collect donations for Camp Dream-
catcher which is a camp for kids who have been affected by HIV/Aids, we make care blankets for kids
who have had a severe trauma occur in their life, we read to the 4th graders on Read Across America
Day, and we wear silly hats and donate the money collected to the Ronald McDonald House in Camden,
NJ,” stated Ms. Scheurenbrand.

In conclusion, the Leo club supports many different causes, and helps with fundraisers all around us.
The next fundraiser they will be collecting for the Voorhees animal shelter. Make sure to contribute!

Scoop Issue WINTER 2019 - Stratford School District
At Parkview School, the guidance counselor, Mrs. Knipfer, often has a Lunch Bunch with some of the
students, but she doesn’t often make slime during her Lunch Bunch! This month, Mrs. Knipfer’s 3rd
Grade Lunch Bunch got to work together as a team to follow her perfect recipe for slime. Lunch Bunch
allows students to use their positive social skills while interacting with other students they may not
usually get to hang out with. Obviously, they get to have lots of fun together. In case you want to have
some fun too, and try to make slime at home, here is Mrs. Knipfer’s simple slime recipe:

    1. Add 1 cup of white school glue to a mixing bowl.

    2. Pour in 1 tablespoon of baking soda and blend it with the glue.

    3. Add about 8 drops of food coloring. Mix well with the glue and baking
    soda until the color is uniform and there are no white streaks in the

    4.   Add two squirts of contact lens solution.

    5. Stir, stir, stir! You should immediately see the effects of the contact
    lens solution, which will make your mixture stick to itself rather than to
    the sides of the mixing bowl.

    6.   Stick your hands in and test the texture. If it's still too sticky, add
    another squirt of contact lens solution. Keep kneading and adding more
    solution as required, until it has the consistency you want.

    7.   Enjoy your slime! If things get messy, vinegar can help with cleanup.

Scoop Issue WINTER 2019 - Stratford School District
By Alyssa Brown and Kate McVeigh

Last year’s performance of Oliver Twist was a huge success; however, this year’s show, Beauty and the
Beast is already guaranteed to blow the audience away. Advisors Mrs. McTague, Mrs. Kozieja, and Mrs.
Taylor held after school auditions for the show on November 27th and 28, 2018 in the art room. After a
tough selection process, the cast list was posted on December 1st, 2018.

The leading roles of Belle and Beast where given to two 8th grade students. Maggie Taylor will be playing
Belle, and Nate Rivera will be playing Beast. Both students were very enthusiastic about receiving their

“I was really shocked, but then I started to cry,” said an emotional Maggie Taylor.

Two more very important roles are being played by eighth graders Damon Collins and Ava Lomax. The
two students were also very enthusiastic about their roles this year. Both Ava Lomax and Damon Collins
state that they were excited about the roles they received. Ava Lomax will be playing Babette, while
Damon Collins will be playing Lumiere.

Furthermore, Maggie Taylor, Nate Rivera, and Ryan Scully, an eighth grade student playing Lefou, have
stated that their favorite part of the drama program is watching everyone improve from week to week.
Ava Lomax and Damon Collins also said how working and creating memories with their friends is their
favorite part of drama. Samuel S. Yellin’s production of Beauty and the Beast will take place on April 11th
and 12th of 2019 in the Yellin gym at 7pm. The entire cast is very excited to put on this phenomenal
performance for the entire community!

8          The amazing cast of Yellin School’s 2018-2019 production of Beauty and the Beast.
Scoop Issue WINTER 2019 - Stratford School District
By Maggie Ralston

The 2018-2019 season has worked out well for the
Squires Basketball Team. The boys, led by captains,
Jaydis McFadden and Timmy Hall have had an amazing
season so far. The 6th, 7th, and 8th grade boys have
worked extremely hard to win an astonishing 19 out of
20 games and are undefeated in league play.

“The guys have done great this year, especially the
eighth graders,” stated Anthony Mudrey, a 7th grade

The boys have put forth a hardworking effort and attitude in past seasons and continue to work
hard every day in order to maintain their tremendous play. In the Annual Christmas
Tournament the team defeated Gloucester Catholic to win the championship.

“The team has shown composure in several tight games and sportsmanship in each outing,”
stated assistant head coach Mr. Jeff Filipkowski.

Most recently, the Squires have clinched the Suburban Division title and are preparing for the
league playoffs scheduled to start February 19th. The last regular season home game is sched-
uled for Friday, February 15th against Our Lady of Mount Carmel at 4:00. Come out and sup-
port the team!

By Elahni Green

The Lady Squires have not failed to impress this year
as the girls have done fantastic in the current season.
Their current record is an astonishing 11-3 in league
play! The girls are currently on track for the playoffs.
Most recently, the Lady Squires defeated Gibbsboro in
a route 40-21.

There is a new addition to the team this year, Coach
McDonald! The Lady Squires welcomes her with open
arms and she has proved to be a great addition to the
team. Captains Kate McVeigh, Alyssa Brown, and
Ilayda Sivri also seem to think so.

Alyssa Brown stated, “The team is young, but with the coaching staff of Coach McDonald and
Coach White the girls have proven that we are a strong team.” Alyssa also added, “The girls
work together well and we also have a strong bond. This has been my favorite season by far!”

Please come and support the Lady Squires Basketball Team during their playoff run. Go
Scoop Issue WINTER 2019 - Stratford School District
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