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Imara™ XDR Violet Impatiens Imara ™ XDR Imara XDR Impatiens Impatiens walleriana Take back the shade • The first and only Impatiens walleriana with resistance to downy mildew.1 • Proven landscape performance that fights back with reliable flowering all season long. • Revive your impatiens sales with this easy and economical series, bred for high density growing in packs and pots. • Say ‘Welcome Back’ to your favorite shade bedding plant. 1 Confirmed in independent trials in North America and Europe and verified by leading experts in the field on both continents.

Recommended Container Size Size PPP Total Crop Time Packs 1 9-10 Weeks 1 pt. 1 9-10 Weeks 1-1.25 qt. 1 10-11 Weeks 1.5 gal 3–5 12-13 Weeks 1.5 gal HB 3–5 12-13 Weeks Imara™ XDR Orange Product ID: 70072419 Imara™ XDR Orange Star Product ID: 70072427 Imara™ XDR Red Product ID: 70072432 Imara™ XDR Rose Product ID: 70072423 Imara™ XDR Violet Product ID: 70072435 Imara™ XDR White Product ID: 70072429 Imara™ XDR Mix Product ID: 70082997

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Tuberous Begonia On Top™ Scientific Name: Begonia x tuberhybrida Blooming Season: Spring, Late Spring, Summer, Autumn Plant Habit: Mounded Spacing: 10 - 12" (25 - 30cm) Height: 10 - 12" (25 - 30cm) Width: 10 - 12" (25 - 30cm) Exposure: Shade, Partial Sun Grower Information Seed supplied as: Pelleted.

Plug crop time: 7 to 8 weeks Transplant to finish: 8 to 13 weeks Container Size: 4"/4.5" 1 plant per pot 5"/6"/1 Gallon 1 plant per pot 12" Pot or HB/5 Gallon 4 plants per pot Offering a collection of novelty colours, the On Top varieties tolerate more heat and sunlight than other begonias.

Mounded plants show off many 2 to 5-in./5 to 13-cm flowers. On Top begonias bloom early and flower longer than other varieties. ON TOP FANDANGO ON TOP PINK HALO ON TOP SUNSET SHADE ON TOP MELON LACE ON TOP SUN GLOW -9./WG 6HYHQWK6W6W&DWKDULQHV21 3KRQH  ) D   ZZZMYNQHW‡LQIR#MYNQHW

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Tuberous Begonia AmeriHybrid™ Picotee Scientific Name: Begonia x tuberhybrida Blooming Season: Late Spring, Summer, Autumn Plant Habit: Upright Spacing: 12 - 16" (30 - 41cm) Height: 14 - 20" (36 - 51cm) Width: 10 - 12" (25 - 30cm) Exposure: Shade, Partial Sun Grower Information Seed supplied as: Pelleted.

Plug crop time: 7 to 8 weeks Transplant to finish: 11 to 15 weeks Container Size: 5"/6"/1 Gallon 1 plant per pot 12" Pot or HB/5 Gallon 4 plants per pot TheAmeriHybrid Picotee varieties have large 4 to 8-in./10 to 20-cm bicolor blooms. The Picotee Lace types are an inverted variety of a normal picotee; these blooms have light edges on dark-colored petals.


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Tuberous Begonia AmeriHybrid® Roseform Scientific Name: Begonia x tuberhybrida Blooming Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn Plant Habit: Upright Spacing: 12 - 16" (30 - 41cm) Height: 14 - 20" (36 - 51cm) Width: 10 - 12" (25 - 30cm) Exposure : Shade, Partial Sun Grower Information Seed supplied as: Pelleted. Plug crop time: 7 to 8 weeks Transplant to finish: 11 to 15 weeks Container Size: 5"/6"/1 gallon 1 plant per pot 12" Pot or HB/5 Gallon 4 plants per pot AmeriHybrid Roseform begonias display smooth- petaled, symmetrical blooms.

Flowers measure 6 to 8 in./15 to 20 cm or larger, and are three-dimensional compared to their “flatter” counterparts. ROSEFORM PEACH ROSEFORM RED ROSEFORM SALMON ROSEFORM WHITE ROSEFORM PINK ROSEFORM ROSE ROSEFRM SCARLET ORANGE ROSEFORM YELLOW -9./WG 6HYHQWK6W6W&DWKDULQHV21 3KRQH  ) D   ZZZMYNQHW‡LQIR#MYNQHW

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Tuberous Begonia AmeriHybrid® Ruffled Scientific Name: Begonia x tuberhybrida Blooming Season: Spring, Late Spring, Summer, Autumn Plant Habit: Upright Spacing: 12 - 16" (30 - 41cm) Height: 14 - 20" (36 - 51cm) Width: 10 - 12" (25 - 30cm) Exposure: Shade, Partial Sun Grower Information Seed supplied as: Pelleted.

Plug crop time: 7 to 8 weeks Transplant to finish: 11 to 15 weeks Container Size: 5"/6"/1 Gallon 1 plant per pot 12" Pot or HB/5 Gallon 4 plants per pot At 5 to 9 in./13 to 23 cm each, AmeriHybrid Ruffled begonias boast the largest blooms in the world! That’s the result of over 100 years of patient breeding and hybridizing.


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Tuberous Begonia Sun Dancer™ Scientific Name: Begonia x tuberhybrida Blooming Season: Spring, Late Spring, Summer, Autumn Plant Habit: Mounded, Trailing Spacing: 10 - 12" (25 - 30cm) Height: 10 - 12" (25 - 30cm) Width: 12 - 16" (30 - 41cm) Exposure: Shade, Partial Sun, Sun Grower Information Seed supplied as: Pelleted.

Plug crop time: 7 to 8 weeks Transplant to finish: 9 to 13 weeks Container Size: 5"/6"/1 Gallon 1 plant per pot 10" Pot or HB/3 Gallon 3 plants per pot 12" Pot or HB/5 Gallon 4 plants per pot Double-flowered plants produce more blooms that are larger than other varieites, with a bloom size of 2 to 5 in./5 to 13 cm.

Because of its excellent branching habit, Sun Dancer fills a hanging basket quickly and cascades up to 16 in./41 cm. (Not pictured - Sun Dancer Scarlet Orange) SUN DANCER APRICOT SUN DANCER RED SUN DANCER WHITE YELLOW RED PICOTEE SUN DANCER PINK SUN DANCER SALMON WHITE PINK PICOTEE SUN DANCER YELLOW -9./WG 6HYHQWK6W6W&DWKDULQHV21 3KRQH  ) D   ZZZMYNQHW‡LQIR#MYNQHW

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ABUTILON (Flowering M Maple o or C Chinese B Bell F Flower) Germ. D 18-24° C (65-75° F) 3 days spring/Summer 11-13 wks Fall/Winter 13-16 wks Bella S Series Garden height 35 - 41 cm (14 - 17”).

Spread 35 - 45 cm (14 - 18”). 7 cm (3”) bell-shaped flowers on compact plants. Light green, multi-lobed leaves are similar to the foliage of a maple tree. Perfect for garden containers or indoor flowering houseplant. Plants bloom continuously - indoors or out - even in high temperatures. Select Mix AGERATUM (FLOSS FLOWER) Feb 15 - Mar 10 Germ. L 21 -24°C (70 - 75°F) 7 days 10 - 11 wks F1 H Hybrids Blue Puffs (Blue Danube) 15 cm (6”). Uniform, compact with light blue flowers. (Pelleted only).

Cloud N Nine S Series 10-12 cm (4-5”). Spread 25-30 cm (10-12”). This series is bred for earliness and uniformity in the pack. All three colours have smaller leaves and a more uniform habit. (Pelleted only). Blue Pink White Mix Hawaii S Series 15 cm (6”). The ‘Hawaii’ series is the largest selling Ageratum series in the world! Uniform habit and flowering time, and great color range, make the ‘Hawaiis’ a must grow. (Pelleted only). Blue 5.0 High T Tide™ S Series 35 - 40 cm (14 - 16”). Spread 30 cm (12”). Excellent landscape performers form a dense, mounded hedge of color. Very strong branching, self-cleaning and low-maintenance.

Blue White ALTERNANTHERA Germ. L 22 -24°C (72 - 76°F) 3 days 5 wks Purple Knight 40-50 cm (16-20”). ‘Purple Knight’ have dark purple foliage with a spread of 60-90 cm (24-36”). Vigorous upright & spreading habit. Excellent in mixed containers. Purple Prince 25-41 cm (10-16”). Durable carpet of ruby/burgundy foliage with a spread of 46-51 cm (18-20”). Low maintenance and can take on any summer condition including drought and rain. ALYSSUM Mar 15 - Apr 10 Germ L 21°C (70°F) 8 days 9 wks Clear C Crystals S Series 15-25 cm (6-10”). Spread 30-35 cm (12-14”). Tetraploid type alyssum. Fragrant, large sized flowers with strong garden performance.

(Available in Raw Seed & Multi-Pelleted).

Lavender Shades Purple Shades White Mix Easter B Bonnet S Series 10-25 cm (4-10”). Spread 25-30 cm (10-12”). Compact in the pack and in the garden. All the colors maintain the earliness of the mix, and are uniform in color & habit. Deep Pink Deep Rose Lavender Lemonade Peach Violet White Easter Basket Mix Snow Crystals Early flowering with extra large white blooms. Compact plants are outstanding for packs or 10 cm (4”) pot. Wonderland S Series Height 7.3 cm (3”). Ideal for bedding plant use, all varieties are dwarf and uniform, providing a fragrant and appealing display in both the greenhouse and the garden.

(Raw Seed & Multi-Pelleted Seed Available). Blue Deep Purple Deep Rose Giga White Lavender Pink White Mulberry Mix Mix Alyssum C Clear C Crystals M Mix 1 ANNUAL SEEDS Ageratum C Cloud N Nine P Pink Ageratum C Cloud N Nine M Mix Alternanthera P Purple P Prince

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ANGELONIA Germ. L 23°C (74°F) 4-5 Days 13-14 wks Serena® ® Series 25-30 cm (10-12”). Spread 30-35 cm (12-14”). Care-free, continuous bloomer - no deadheading required. Blue Lavender Purple White Waterfall Mix Mix Serenita® ® Series 25-35 cm (10-14”). Spread 30-35 cm (12-14”). More compact & controlled than Serena®. Great branching and fullness with no pinching required. Lavender Pink Pink Purple Raspberry Sky Blue White Mix ASPARAGUS Mar - Dec 21-29°C (80-85°F) 4 - 6 wks Plumosa Nanus Used for cut fern or mixed pans. Sprengeri A fine trailing plant useful for hanging baskets. ASTERS Apr 1 - Apr 15 Germ.

L 21°C (70°F) 8 days 6-9 wks Pot’n Patio Mix 15 cm (6”). Spread 15 cm (6”). These dwarf asters will bloom in 90 days during the short days of winter and early spring without supplemental lighting. Excellent for 10 cm (4”) pots for the florist trade.

BACOPA Germ. L 20-23°C (68-74°F) 4 days 8 - 9 wks Blutopia™ Blue Lavender-blue flowers. Best grown in containers with adequate drainage. Habit is slightly more mounded than snowtopia white. (Available in Multi- Pelleted Seed). Snowtopia™ White Beautiful white flowers. Best grown in containers with adequate drainage. Larger leaves than Blutopia blue. (Available in Multi-Pelleted Seed). BEGONIA Fibrous B Begonia Jan 1 - Jan 31 Germ. L 21 - 24°C (70 - 75°F) 15 days 14 - 16 wks Large F Flowered V Varieties Big™ Series 75 cm (30”). Flower size 5-8 cm (2-3”). Big flowers, big container appeal and even bigger landscape potential.

Perfect for large landscape plantings, combination pots and hanging baskets. (Pelleted only).

Pink Green Leaf Red with Bronze Leaf Rose with Bronze Leaf Rose with Green Leaf Red with Green Leaf Baby W Wing S Series 30-38 cm (12-15”). Spread 25-30 cm (10-12”). Upright habit, continuous color, with smaller Dragon wing® like leaves. Extremely heat and stress tolerant. (Pelleted only). Bicolor Pink Red White White Bronze Leaf Mix Dragon W Wing S Series 30-38 cm (12 to 15”). ‘Dragon Wing’ has excellent garden performance, with spectacular pendulous displays all season. ‘Dragon Wing’ spreads to 38-46 cm (15-18”) in the garden. (Pelleted only). Pink Red Gryphon 36-41 cm (14 to 16”). Unique, tropical appearance.

Showy and dramatic foliage. Easier to root and establish than vegetative foliage begonias. Spreads 41-46 cm (16-18”). Available in multi-pelleted seed. Megawatt S Series 50-70 cm (20-28”). Spread 40-60 cm (16-24”). Very uniform, free-flowering, king-size plants. Performs really well in heat and drought. Great colors with lush foliage. (Pelleted only).

Pink Bronze Leaf Pink Green Leaf (New) Red Bronze Leaf Rose Bronze Leaf Red Green Leaf Rose Green Leaf Tophat™ S Series 40-50 cm (16-20”). Spread 50-60 cm (20-24”). Upright habit. Largest blooms in its class. Bred for versatility. Easy to finish in 306 packs up to large patio containers. (Pelleted only). Pink Scarlet White 2 1-800-665-1642 Begonia B Baby W Wing Bicolor Begonia B Baby W Wing Red Begonia B Big R Rose G Green L Leaf Megawatt R Red G Green L Leaf Megawatt R Rose G Green L Leaf Begonia M Megawatt P Pink G Green L Leaf NEW Begonia T Tophat™ P Pink Begonia T Tophat™ S Scarlet Begonia T Tophat™ W White NEW NEW NEW

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F1 H Hybrids G Green F Foliage Funky™ Pink 20 cm (8”). Attractive, large double flowers. Outstanding show in baskets, containers, and the landscape. Great performance in mixed containers. (Pelleted only). Sprint P Plus S Series 15 - 20 cm (6 - 8”). Uniform, compact, and well branched. Very large, round and “noble” flowers. Appleblossom Blush Lipstick (New) Orange Orange Bicolor (New) Pink Red Rose White Maxi Mix Super O Olympia® Series F F1 20 cm (8”). The ‘Super Olympia’ Series has earned the reputation for superior greenhouse and garden performance. Earlier, more uniform plants with larger than ever flowers.

(Pelleted only).

Bicolor Pink Red Rose White Mix Bada B Bing® ® Series 20-25 cm (8-10”). Green leaf. Very uniform to flower across the series. Strong branching habit. Perfect choice for big beds with multiple light conditions — shade, partial shade and full sun. (Pelleted only). Green L Leaf Pink Rose Scarlet White Mix Bada B Boom® ® Series 20-25 cm (8-10”). Bronze leaf. Very uniform to flower across the series. Strong branching habit. Perfect choice for big beds with multiple light conditions— shade, partial shade and full sun. (Pelleted only). Bronze L Leaf Pink Rose Rose Bicolor Scarlet White Mix Bada Total Mix (Green and Bronze Leaf) Bronze L Leaf Cocktail S Series 12.5-15 cm (5-6”).

Bronze leafed begonias are more resistant to poor weather conditions, will stand more sun and rain. (Pelleted only).

Brandy — Large clear pink flowers. Gin — Bright Rose pink flowers. Rum — White flowers with a rose line around the edge. Tequila — Deep Rose. Vodka — Bright scarlet. Whiskey — Large white flowers. Mix — White, pink, rose and scarlet flowers. Tuberous B Begonia Dec 5 - Dec 15 Germ. L 18°C (65°F) 15 days 18-20 wks Go-G Go S Series 20-25 cm (8-10”). Spread 20-25 cm (8-10”). Semi-double blooms. Exceptional uniformity and habit. (Pelleted only) Light Yellow Orange Red Rose Rose Bicolor Mix New S Star™ Series 20-25 cm (8-10”). Interspecific hybrid in begonia. Medium-sized, fully double flowers in abundant masses.

No PGR’s needed. Short crop time and compact growth. Flowers all summer long. (Pelleted only).

Rose White Yellow Mix Non S Stop S Series F1 Hybrid. 20 cm (8”). An ideal bedding tuberous begonia. Flower size is 8 cm (3”) and up on dark green foliage and will continue to produce flowers non-stop throughout the summer months. (Pelleted only). Appleblossom Apricot Deep Rose Deep Salmon Orange (Dark Orange) Pink Red Rose Petticoat White Yellow Yellow w/Red Back Mix Nonstop Joy™ Yellow Huge double yellow flowers. Easy to grow and flowers all summer long. Low maintenance with Nonstop™ quality. Nonstop Joy™ Mocca White Huge double white flowers. Easy to grow and flowers all summer long. Semi- trailing and well branched. 3 Begonia F Funky™ P Pink Sprint P Plus A Appleblossom Sprint P Plus B Blush Sprint P Plus O Orange Sprint P Plus P Pink Sprint P Plus R Red Sprint P Plus R Rose Begonia N Nonstop J Joy™ M Mocca W White Begonia S Sprint P Plus L Lipstick Begonia S Sprint P Plus O Orange B Bicolor NEW NEW

4 1-800-665-1642 Nonstop® ® Mocca S Series 10 cm (4”). Fully double flowers with a rich color contrast with the dark coffee colored foliage. Ideal for hanging baskets, combination pots and garden. (Pelleted only). Bright Orange Cherry Deep Orange Pink Shades Red Scarlet White Yellow Mix Illumination S Series F1 Hybrid. Spectacular display of 6-8 cm (2½ - 3”) double flowers. Excellent in baskets & window boxes. (Pelleted only). Apricot Shades Golden Picotee Lemon Orange Salmon Pink Scarlet Rose White Mix Interspecific B Begonia Ikon Blush White (Pelleted only). White flowers with a bright rose reverse.

Flower color & foliage intensifies under stress. Ideal for 10 cm (4”) pot. Sun C Cities C Collection San Francisco™ (boliviensis) Bright salmon flowers. Easy to grow with extraordinary garden performance. Ideal for hanging baskets, containers and mass plantings. (Pelleted only). Santa Barbara (boliviensis) Matches Santa Cruz and San Francisco for habit and timing. Handles the heat and sun. Extraordinary garden performance. Ideal for premium hanging baskets, containers and mass plantings. (Pelleted only). Santa Cruz Sunset (boliviensis) Fiery bright red-orange, 5 cm (2”) large flowers cover the wing-shaped green leaves from May throughout late summer.

Drought & rain tolerant, thrives in full sun and shade. Bossa N Nova S Series 30-41 cm (12-16”). F1 Hybrid. Brilliant self-cleaning blooms cover the plant from late spring until frost. Well branched with large flowers. (Pelleted only). Red Rose Salmon Shades (New) White Yellow Mix BELLIS 18 - 22°C (65 - 72°F) 3 - 5 days Bellisima S Series 15-25 cm (6-10”). Spread 12.5-20 cm (5-8”). Large, fully double flowers. No vernalization required.

Mix CALENDULA (POT MARIGOLD) Mar 15 - Apr 10 Germ. D 21°C (70°F) 10 days 8 wks Bon B Bon S Series 30 cm (12”). Excellent for packs or pots. 6 cm (2½”) blooms. Apricot Light Yellow Orange Yellow Mix CALIBRACHOA Kabloom™ ™ Series 20-30 cm (8-12”). Spread 25-35 cm (10-14”). First seed calibrachoa. Kabloom puts out the same amount of color as mid-vigor vegetative varieties. Deep Blue Deep Pink Denim (New) White Yellow Calibrachoa Paradise Island (Fuseables™) Includes Kabloom Yellow plus denim and rose (not available separately). 7-day flowering window. Campanula — Also see Perennial Seed Section (page 41) Kabloom D Deep B Blue Kabloom D Deep P Pink Begonia S San F Francisco™ Calibrachoa P Paradise I Island Begonia B Bossa N Nova Y Yellow Calibrachoa K Kabloom D Denim Begonia B Bossa N Nova S Salmon S Shades NEW NEW

CANNA 21 - 24°C (70 - 75°F) 1 - 2 wks 12 wks Tropical S Series 60 - 75 cm (24-30”). Extra dwarf. ‘Tropical’ series are sun loving and performs well in pots and outdoor bedding displays. Bronze Scarlet Red Rose Salmon White Yellow South P Pacific S Series First hybrid Canna from seed. Large single flowers clustered in terminal spikes. Early blooming, extremely uniform and excellent branching. Excellent for garden borders, containers and 6 inch pots and larger. Ivory (New) Orange (New) Rose (New) Scarlet CELOSIA CRISTATA Germ. L 21 - 27°C (70 - 80°F) 8 days 14 wks Medium V Varieties Dracula 20-40 cm (8-16”).

Full sun. First-of-its-kind novelty celosia shows one big red to purple-red flower on top. Single flower continues to grow. Good mid-height border plant.

CELOSIA PLUMOSA Apr 1 - Apr 15 Germ. DL 21 - 24°C (70 - 75°F) 10 days 6 wks Dragon’s Breath Height 60 cm (24”). Striking red foliage. Fantastic performance in hot and humid conditions. Great choice for gallons and landscaping. Gorgeous fall flowering plumes of color! First Flame Scarlet (New) Height 25-36 cm (10-14”). Mid-height, branches like a regular C.plumosa to produce full blooms. Color holds very well in sun/high light levels. Dwarf V Varieties Ice C Cream S Series Height 30 cm (12”). Earliness with a well-branching plant habit. Strong pyramid plant shape with flowers. Excellent vigour providing a long lasting color display.

Cherry Light Yellow Orange Salmon Yellow Formula Mix Kimono S Series Height 15 cm (6”). Miniature celosia plumosa suitable for 10 cm (4”) pot shipping.

Orange Red Rose Scarlet Yellow Formula Mixed Glorious S Series 20 cm (8”). ‘Glorious’ series is an improvement and replacement for the ‘Gloria’ series. Uniform flowering and habit. Good garden performance in sunny locations. Orange Pink Yellow Mix Fresh L Look S Series 35 cm (14”). Green leafed variety. Robust plants with good basal and lateral branching. They received AAS and Fleuroselect awards for their outstanding floral display and garden performance. Gold Orange Red Yellow Mix Spiky S Series 30 - 40 cm (12 - 16”). Well branched long lasting color. Exotic beauty, excellent for landscaping.

Attractive red stems. Heat tolerant.

Pink Purple New Look 40 cm (16”). Wide, bushy base branching dark foliage with large plumes of glowing deep red. (AAS Winner). Smart Look Red 25 cm (10”). Compact, densely branched habit, crowned with scarlet red plumes over deep bronze foliage. Excellent garden performer. Smart Look Romantica 25 cm (10”). Its plume color starts as a creamy salmon and ages to salmon pink. The plants have deep red stem, as well as deep red leaf veins. Early flowering with a compact, uniform habit. Celosia — Also see Cutflower Section (page 49) CHRYSANTHEMUM (PALUDOSUM) Snowland 4 cm (1½”). Dwarf and uniform plants produce white flowers.

Early blooming. Excellent for spring beddings. 5 Canna S South P Pacific O Orange Canna S South P Pacific R Rose Celosia F First F Flame S Scarlet NEW Canna S South P Pacific I Ivory Celosia I Ice C Cream S Salmon NEW NEW NEW

CINERARIA Apr - May Germ. DL 21°C (70°F) 1- 2 wks 24-28 wks Jester S Series 20-25 cm (8-10”). Spread 20-25 cm (8-10”). Replaces ‘Cindy’. Compact, rounded plant habit and smaller leaves. Extremely uniform to bloom and has the highest percentage of bi-colors available. Suitable for winter and early spring sales in 10-12 cm (4-5”) pots and containers. (Pelleted seed only). Blue Bicolor Carmine Bicolor Pure Blue Pure Carmine Pure White Mix CLEOME (SPIDER FLOWER) Mar - Apr Germ. DL 21°C (70°F) 10 days 8 - 10 wks Sparkler S Series 105-120 cm (3½ - 4’). Full, bushy and upright plant habit. Recommended for finish in flower, in 15 cm (6”) pot or larger containers.

Great as annual hedge or garden focal point. (Primed seed only) Blush Lavender Rose White Mix Available only in GoldSmart™ Technology. Uniform, innovative, better performance. COLEUS Feb 20 - Mar 10 Germ L 18°C (65°F) 10 days 8-10 wks Black Dragon 30 cm (12”). Large, serrated leaves with a purple-black edge. Excellent in packs and pots.

Festive Dance (Rainbow Type). Fiery orange heavily bordered with dark bronze Multicolor Rainbow Showy streaks of red, salmon, yellow, and green. Volcano Brilliant scarlet red that retains its color throughout the season. Vigorous grower, less susceptible to sun scald than most varieties. Good color retention even in semi-shade. Premium S Sun C Coleus Chocolate Covered Cherry 30-35 cm (12-14”). Bold multi-color foliage- rose center is surrounded by deep mahogany & a thin green margin. Chocolate Mint 30-35 cm (12-14”). “Made for the shade” coleus! Leaves are a rich chocolate colour, with each one edged in a mint green color.

Upright plants, well-suited to in-ground and large containers.

Crimson Gold (formerly Versa Series) 35-45 cm (14-18”). Well branched. Deep red leaves with golden green edge. Thrives in sun and shade. Bicolor foliage all season. Dark Chocolate 60-75 cm (24-30”). Upright plant display mid-size leaves. Rich dark purple across entire leaf. Well suited to 10-15 cm (4-6”) pots. (Pelleted seed only). Flip Side 35-45 cm (14-18”). Novelty variety- the top of each leaf is green, underside of leaf is exposed. Mid-size landscape coleus is very sun-tolerant under high humidity. Lime Delight (formerly Versa Series) 70 cm (28”). Vibrant lime green to golden foliage.

Bright foliage is the centre of attention & plays well with others. Mighty Mosaic 45-65 cm (18”-26”). Well-branched, vigorous plants. Striking multicolor leaf pattern. Great in the shade and tolerates sun under high humidity.

Pineapple Surprise 45-65 cm (18”-26”). Well-branched, vigorous plants. Broad tri-color palette with high level of tolerance to weather extremes. Full sun to full shade. Rose to Lime Magic (formerly Versa Series) 60 cm (24”). Color changes as season progresses - rose in leaves eventually dissolves, exposing green margins & cream centres. Bred to perform in full sun and full shade. Watermelon (formerly Versa Series) 50 cm (20”). Watermelon colored leaves with green edges in cool conditions mature to deep pink under warmer conditions. Can be used in sunny or shady landscapes. Giant E Exhibition S Series 30-50 cm (12-20”).

Large leaved, ultra-colorful varieties. Each are distinctive with large, neatly serrated or scalloped leaves in a variety of rich tones.

Chivalry Limelight Magma Marble Palisandra Formula Mix Kong™ Series 45-50 cm (18-20"). Spread 38-45 cm (15-18”). Striking large leaves in unique colour patterns. Prefers shade in large containers or in garden. (Pelleted seed only). Lime Sprite Mosaic Red Rose Salmon Pink Scarlet Wizard S Series 30-35 cm (12-14”). Spread 25-30 cm (10-12”). Perfect plant habit, being base-branching from the very early stages. Coral Sunrise Golden Jade Mosaic Pastel Rose Scarlet Sunset Velvet Red Mix Select Mix 6 1-800-665-1642 Coleus F Flip S Side Coleus P Pineapple S Surprise Coleus C Chocolate C Covered C Cherry Coleus W Wizard R Rose

COSMOS Mar 15 Germ. DL 21°C (70°F) 5 days 4 - 6 wks Cosmic S Series 30 cm (12”). Matched in habit, flower power, and timing. Excellent for packs, containers and in the garden. Orange Red Yellow Mix Sonata S Series 60 cm (24”). Spread 30-35cm (12-14”). Unique dwarf cosmos variety. Extremely easy to grow. Carmine Pink Pink Blush Purple Shades (New) White Mix Sunny S Series Height 30-35cm (12-14”). Flower size 4 cm (1.5”). Gold — Golden yellow semi-double flowers. Orange Yellow CUPHEA Germ. L 21°C (70°F) 12 - 15 Days 11 - 12 wks Dynamite 20-25 cm (8-10”). Spread 25-30 cm (10-12”). Small, bright scarlet tubular flowers on dark green foliage.

More compact and better branched than vegetative varieties. Sriracha™ S Series 35-45 cm (14-18”). Compact, well-branched plants offer a uniform, colorful addition for spring and hot summer plantings. Vibrant colors with a long shelf-life and loves the heat!

Pink Rose For Cyclamen — Contact your Territory Manager for availability and pricing. DAHLIA Feb 1 - Mar 1 Germ DL 21°C (70°F) 10 days 8-12 wks Harlequin Mix Earliest to flower. Includes shades of rose, violet, orange, scarlet and white with mostly contrasting color combinations in the same flowers as scarlet with yellow, rose and violet with white. Figaro S Series 35-45 cm (14-18”). Spread 25-30 cm (10-12”). Ideal for borders and containers. Orange Shades Red Shades Violet Shades White Yellow Shades Mix Hello! S Series 17-23 cm (7-9”). Double flowers with uniform habit and flowering time.

Bronze Shades White 7 Cuphea S Sriracha P Pink Dahlia H Hello! B Bronze S Shades Cosmos C Cosmic Y Yellow Cosmos S Sonata P Purple S Shades Cosmos S Sonata C Carmine NEW

DIANTHUS Feb 1 - Mar 1 Germ. DL 21°C (70°F) 7 days 10-12 wks Amazon S Series (interspecific) 45-60 cm (18-24”). Very dark green, glossy foliage. Bright, serrated-edged flowers. (Pelleted only). Neon Cherry Neon Duo Neon Purple Rose Magic Dash S Series 38-50 cm (15-20”). Compact and well branched with good garden performance. Plant in fertile, well- drained soil. Great in landscape with no need for staking. Crimson Pink Violet White Mix Diabunda™ S Series Uniform in habit, flower form, and timing. Flowers early spring into mid- summer. Free-flowering and multi- branched plants. (Pelleted only).

Pink Pearl Purple Picotee Red Red Picotee Rose Ideal S Series (chinensis x barbatus) 20-25 cm (8-10”). Flowers are 3½ cm (1½”) in diameter. Series is really heat and frost resistant.

Pink Ideal S Select S Series 20-25 cm (8-10”). Bright green leaves contrast with brightly colored, lacy-edged flowers. Early flowering and extremely uniform. Raspberry Red Rose Salmon Violet White White Fire Mix Jolt S Series 41-51 cm (16-20”). F1. Electrifying colours and highly durable plants that can withstand hot conditions. Well branched plants are easy to produce with less to no PGRs. Cherry Pink Pink Magic Magic C Charms S Series 20-25 cm (8-10”).Basal branching, plants are 15 cm (6”) high. Ideal for 8-13 cm (3-5”) pots.

White Super P Parfait S Series 15-20 cm (6-8”). It is still the finest eyed series on the market and the pack performance is, by far, the best – very early and compact! These vigorous plants are smothered with beautiful flowers and perform well all season.

(Available in raw and pelleted seed). Crimson Star Raspberry Red Peppermint Strawberry Mix 8 1-800-665-1642 D Di ia an nt th hu us s D Di ia ab bu un nd da a R Re ed d D Di ia ab bu un nd da a P Pu ur rp pl le e P Pi ic co ot te ee e D Di ia an nt th hu us s S Su up pe er r P Pa ar rf fa ai it t C Cr ri im ms so on n S St ta ar r D Di ia an nt th hu us s J Jo ol lt t P Pi in nk k D Di ia an nt th hu us s J Jo ol lt t C Ch he er rr ry y D Di ia an nt th hu us s J Jo ol lt t P Pi in nk k M Ma ag gi ic c 9 Sweet S Series ( (barbatus) 45-90 cm (18-36”). Barbatus-type. The first cut flower series offered in separate colors with no vernalization required. Excellent as tall bedding plant with long lasting blooms. Fragrant. (Pelleted only). Black Cherry Deep Pink Maxine Magenta Bicolor Purple Purple White Red Scarlet White Mix Venti P Parfait™ S Series (chinensis) Ruffle like flowers with great color contrast. Long lasting color and frost tolerant. (Available in raw & pelleted seed) Crimson Eye Dianthus — Also see Perennial Section (page 43) & Cutflower Section (page 49) DICHONDRA Germ.

D. 22 - 24°C (72 - 76°F) 4 days Emerald Falls 5-10 cm (2-4”). Green version of Silver Falls. Green foliage and tighter habit. Heat and drought tolerant. (Multi-pelleted only).

Silver Falls 5-8 cm (2-3”). Round, fan-shaped silver foliage. Vigorous growth displays true cascading habit. DOLICHOS LABLAB Ruby Moon 300 cm (117”). Showy climber, purple foliage, flowers and pods. DRACAENA (CORDYLINE) Feb - Mar Germ. DL 24°C (75°F) Nights 6 wks 14 - 15 mths 29°C (85°F) Days Australis Bronze lndivisa - (cleaned seed). DUSTY MILLER Cineraria M Maritima Feb 1 - Feb 15 Germ. L 18°C (65°F) 10 days 12 wks Silver Dust Height 25 cm (10”). (Available in raw & pelleted seed). Senecio c cineraria New Look 30 cm (12”). Large whitest oak-leaves. ERYSIMUM 22°C (72°F) 2-4 days 11-12 wks Citrona S Series 20-30 cm (8-12”).

Strong branching, very floriferous with clean fragrance. No vernalization needed to flower. Orange Yellow Eustoma — See Lisianthus in Annual Seed Section and Cutflower Section (pages 17 & 51) EUPHORBIA Glitz 25-35 cm (10”-14”). Heat and drought-tolerant plant for full sun or part shade. Mounded plant habit.

D Di ia an nt th hu us s S Sw we ee et t M Ma ag ge en nt ta a B Bi ic co ol lo or r D Di ic ch ho on nd dr ra a S Si il lv ve er r F Fa al ll ls s D Di ic ch ho on nd dr ra a E Em me er ra al ld d F Fa al ll ls s D Di ia an nt th hu us s V Ve en nt ti i P Pa ar rf fa ai it t™ ™ C Cr ri im ms so on n E Ey ye e

GAZANIA Feb 15 Germ. D 16°C (60°F) 10 days 10 -12 wks Daybreak S Series 20-25 cm (8-10”). Early flowering on compact plants with eye-catching 8 cm (3”) flowers. Excellent outdoor performance. (Coated Seed Only). Bright Orange Garden Sun Orange Cream Rose Stripe Mini-S Star S Series 20 cm (8”).

A great item for people looking for plants for hot, dry, sunny locations. Flowers open early in the day and close late. Tangerine Yellow New D Day® ® Series 20 cm - 25 cm (8-10”). Bred for larger flowers and shorter peduncles. More compact and easier to grow. (Coated Seed Only). Bronze Shades Clear Orange Pink Shades Red Shades Red Stripe Rose Stripe White Yellow Bright Mix Mix Strawberry Shortcake Mix Sunny Side up Mix Tiger Mix Big K Kiss™ S Series 20-25 cm (8-10”). Larger blooms. Compact and uniform. Feather shaped foliage. Heat tolerant.

Orange (New) Red White White Flame Yellow Yellow Flame Mix Frosty K Kiss™ S Series (Silver L Leaf) 20-25 cm (8-10”). Multiple, large, daisy-like flowers form a full bouquet. The ‘Kiss’ Series have superb short flower stems. Orange Orange Flame White Flame Yellow Mix Flame Mix Kiss S Series 20-25 cm (8-10”). Multiple, large, daisy-like flowers form a full bouquet. The ‘Kiss’ Series have superb short flower stems. Orange Orange Flame Yellow Yellow Flame Flame Mix Mix GERANIUMS HYBRID SEED Germ. DL 23°C (73°F) BullsEye™ Series 32-37 cm (13-15”). Rich chocolate foliage is a striking contrast to the blooms.

Self-cleaning flower heads. Cherry Light Pink Scarlet Maverick S Series 35-40 cm (14-16”) ‘Maverick’ are ideal for high density mass production. Open plant habit allows sunlight to shine through – even in pot-tight conditions. Multiple flower stems, early flowers & less yellowing of leaves. Uniformity across the series means growers can expect bench run sales of 10, 15 cm (4, 6”) & larger containers. Maverick’ is very cycocel responsive and is easy to control in plugs or packs.

Appleblossom Coral Orange Pink Quicksilver Red Rose Salmon Salmon Confetti Scarlet Picotee Star Violet Violet Picotee White 10 1-800-665-1642 G Ga az za an ni ia a N Ne ew w D Da ay y R Ro os se e S St tr ri ip pe e G Ga az za an ni ia a N Ne ew w D Da ay y R Re ed d S St tr ri ip pe e G Ga az za an ni ia a B Bi ig g K Ki is ss s W Wh hi it te e G Ge er ra an ni iu um m M Ma av ve er ri ic ck k V Vi io ol le et t P Pi ic co ot te ee e G Ga az za an ni ia a B Bi ig g K Ki is ss s™ ™ O Or ra an ng ge e NEW

Multibloom S Series Height 25-30 cm (10-12”). Lavender Pink Red Salmon White Mix Orbit S Series 30-35 cm (12-14”).

Renowned for ease of growing, uniformity in earliness and habit, superior basal branching and large, well-rounded flower heads. Coral Bubblegum Mix — Appleblossom, Glow, Orchid, & White Mix GERBERA Germ L. 20-22°C (68-72°F) 4-10 days 16-18 weeks Festival Spring Bouquet Mix/ Pastel Blend 25-30 cm (10-12”). Compact uniform foliage with a wide array of solid color blooms.

Revolution S Series 28-40 cm (11-16”). More ‘flower power’ so to speak. A revolution with major impact on your profits. This remarkable gerbera generation excels in earliness over each and every other variety now known in the market. A well shaped plant with dark green and crisp foliage. Multiple strong stems with an abundance of large flowers in a wide range of colors! F1 M Micro R Revolution Irish Eyes Mix F1 M Mini R Revolution White Yellow Mix F1 R Revolution Bicolor Red Lemon Bicolor Red White Bicolor Rose White Bicolor Yellow Orange Bright Rose /Light Eye Harvest Brights Golden Yellow/Dark Centre Pastel Orange/Dark centre Red /Light Eye Rose Shades Salmon Shades/Light Eye Scarlet-Red/Dark Centre White Yellow/Dark centre Mix Classic Mix Select Mix F1 M Mega R Revolution® Champagne Deep Rose/Light Eye Orange Orange/Light Eye Rose/Green Centre Salmon Rose/Light Eye Salmon Shades Scarlet Red/Light Eye Watermelon White White/Light Eye Yellow/Dark Eye Bold Mix Classic Mix Select Mix GODETIA Satin Formula Mix Dwarf F1 Hybrid.

5 cm (2”) flower size. The plant habit, flowering season, and overall habit are extremely uniform. Good for 10 cm (4”) pot plant, since they will flower profusely when about 17-20 cm (7-8”) in height without the application of growth regulators or pinching. Basal branching and are borne upright on dwarf plants.

GOMPHRENA (GLOBOSA NANA COMPACTA) Gnome S Series Clean Seed. Extra dwarf, compact plants. Suitable for 8-10 cm (3-4”) pot culture. 15 cm (6”) high, ball shaped plants. Pink Purple White Mix GOMPHRENA HAAGEANA Fireworks Height 1.2 m (4 ft). Intense, long-lasting, hot pink colour. Drought-tolerant, resists weather damage, and attracts butterflies. 11 Revolution B Bicolor R Red L Lemon Revolution B Bicolor R Red W White Revolution B Bicolor R Rose W White Mega R Revolution Orange/Light E Eye Mega R Revolution Scarlet R Red/Light E Eye Mega R Revolution Yellow/Dark E Eye Mega R Revolution S Select M Mix Revolution S Salmon S Shades/Light E Eye Mega R Revolution Deep R Rose/Light E Eye

GRASSES Germ. L 21 - 24°C (70 -75°F) 10 days 10 - 12 wks Festuca Buddy Blue Silvery blue texture for spring mixes. Ideal for fall and early spring. Isolepis Live Wire 15-20 cm (6-8”). Multi-pelleted. Dense, mounded habit without pinching or PGRs. Great for mixed containers. Best in wet conditions. (Fiber Optic Grass) Juncus Blue Arrows 90 cm (36”). Multi-pelleted. ‘Blue Arrows’ is grown for its stiff & upright, blue-green foliage. Well-suited for bedding and mixed containers.

Juncus Blue Dart 35-40 cm (14-16”). Multi-pelleted. Compact, blue-foliaged grass is very adaptable to a wide range of garden conditions.

Juncus Javelin 1.2 m (48”). Multi-pelleted. Tall, upright stately green grass. In garden and landscapes, ‘Javelin’ can grow up to 1.5 m (5’) tall. Juncus Spiralis 50 cm (19.5”). Pelleted. Upright twisted leaves make this a fun plant. Fast growing, good in landscaping & pots. Juncus Twisted Arrows (Fuseables) Multi-pelleted. Multiple grass species in a single pellet provide an instant combination. Includes Juncus Blue Arrows & Juncus Spiralis. A contrast of blue and green along with straight and twisted.

Juncus Twisted Dart (Fuseables) Multi-pelleted. Multiple grass species in a single pellet provide an instant combination. Includes Juncus Blue Dart & Juncus Spiralis. Contrast of blue & green along with straight and twisted. A shorter version of the Twisted Arrows. Melinis Savannah 45 cm (18") spikes with 25 cm (10") spread. Showy ornamental annual grass forms tight lumps of soft blue-green foliage. Ruby pink blooms in early June. C COLOR OLORG GRASS RASS® ® is a well balanced collection of highly decorative ornamental grasses, available as multi-pelleted seed only. Carex Amazon Mist 25 cm (10”) height in garden.

Carex Bronco 25 cm (10”) height in garden. Carex Red Rooster 60 cm (24”) height in garden. Carex Zora (Raw only) 35 cm (14”) height in garden. Corynephorus Spiky Blue 20 cm (8”) height in garden. Festuca Festina 25 cm (10”) height in garden. Juncus Starhead™ 20-25 cm (8-10”) height in garden. Koeleria Coolio 20 cm (8”) height in garden. C Ca ar re ex x A Am ma az zo on n M Mi is st t C Ca ar re ex x R Re ed d R Ro oo os st te er r 12 1-800-665-1642 J Ju un nc cu us s T Tw wi is st te ed d D Da ar rt t J Ju un nc cu us s T Tw wi is st te ed d A Ar rr ro ow ws s Grasses C Ca ar re ex x Z Zo or ra a Fuseables F Fe es st tu uc ca a B Bu ud dd dy y B Bl lu ue e

GYPSOPHILA (BABY’S BREATH) Germ. DL 21 - 27°C (70 - 80°F) 10 days 8 - 10 wks Gypsy S Series 30 cm (12”). Semi-double flower. Deep colors. Compact and excellent bedding plant. (Multi-Pelleted only). Deep Rose Pink White Gypsophila — Also see Perennial Seed Section (page 44) HELENIUM 18 - 22°C (65 - 75°F) 3-5 days 8 - 12 wks Dakota Gold 30-35 cm (12-14”). Bright golden yellow, daisylike flowers over fine-textured green foliage. Uniform, compact, mounded habit. HELIANTHUS (SUNFLOWER) Apr - June Germ. D. 15° C (60° F) 5-10 days 10 wks Ballad 60 - 75 cm (24-30”). Shiny, green leaves with bright golden yellow flowers that deepen to bronze in centre.

Big Smile 30 - 38 cm (12-15”). Extra early (45 -50 days). Choco Sun Golden yellow flowers with dark centre. Compact habit with small, deep green leaves. Branching sunflower. Ring of Fire 100-130 cm (40-52”). Flower petals are dark red at the base & golden yellow at the tips. Flowers are 13-15 cm (5-6”) in diameter with a dark centre. Solita 50-60 cm (20-24”). Flowers are 15 cm (6”) with golden yellow petals with a green eye. Well branched and compact. Smaller leaves and large flowers. Sunfinity ™ (New) 120 cm (48”). Tall indeterminate sunflower bred for superior branching, multiple flowers per plant and provides season-long flowering in both gardens and patio containers.

Sunny Smile Yellow 30 cm (12”). F1. Dwarf, branching, pollenless sunflower. Very strong heat tolerant. Rich flower and foliage color. Pacino S Series 30-50 cm (12-14”). Dwarf pot type. The 10 - 12 cm (4-5“) flowers fit well for pot & garden. Cola Golden yellow petals around a deep brown center. Gold — Golden yellow petals around a bright center. Mix HELICHRYSUM Germ. L 21 - 24°C (70 - 75°F) 7 - 10 days 6 - 8 wks Chico S Series (Strawflower) 30-37 cm (12-15”). Compact, large flowers, attractive in 10 cm (4”) pot, color bowl and hanging basket. Blooms 10 - 12 weeks after sowing.

Mix (MICROPHYLLUM) Silver Mist 15-20 cm (6-8”).

Silver foliage with round to oval, textured leaves. (Available in Multi-pelleted seed). HIBISCUS Germ. L 21 - 24°C (70 - 75°F) 7 days 7 - 8 wks Mahogany Splendor 0.90-1.5 m (3-5’). Deep burgundy plants with maple- shaped leaves grow very tall. Drought/heat tolerant and deer resistant. Full sun. Great for the landscape. HYPOESTES (POLKA DOT PLANT) 21 - 24°C (70 - 75°F) 1 - 2 wks Splash S Select S Series 25-45 cm (10-18”). Recommended for 10 cm (4”) or smaller pot production. For quickest finish time, put several seedlings per 10 cm (4”) pot. Pink Red Rose White 13 Helianthus B Ballad Hibiscus M Mahogany S Splendor Gypsophila G Gypsy W White Helianthus S Sunfinity Helenium D Dakota G Gold NEW

IMPATIENS Feb 1 - Feb 15 Germ. L 21-24°C (70-75°F) 4 - 6 days 10 wks Accent S Series 25-30 cm (10-12”). ‘Accents’ are earlier, more uniform and have better pack and garden performance than ‘Dazzler’. All ‘Accent’ seed is HI-VI seed, (quick/ uniform emergence). Burgundy Coral Deep Pink Lavender Blue Red Star Rose Star Salmon Picotee Cranberry Punch Mix Mystic Mix Pastel Mix Star Mix Accent P Premium™ ™ Series 25-30 cm (10-12”). More uniform habit across series – better for mixing colors and creating blankets of color. Excellent branching habit fills pots and baskets faster. Improved for branching, uniformity and free-flowering.

Bright Eye Deep Orange Lilac Orange Star Pink Red Rose Salmon Violet Violet Star White Mix Burgundy Coral Deep P Pink Lavender B Blue Red S Star Salmon P Picotee Cranberry P Punch M Mix Mystic M Mix Accent Impatiens 14 1-800-665-1642 Bright E Eye Lilac Orange S Star Pink Red Rose Violet S Star Accent Premium Impatiens ™ Rose S Star

Lollipop S Series Garden height 30-35 cm (12-14”). Uniform series with excellent branching and no stretching. Intense, full colors that “pop”. Bubblegum Pink Cherry Red Coconut White Dragon Fruit (New) Fruit Punch Rose Orange Peach Salmon Pink Lemonade (New) Pomegranate Carmine Raspberry Violet Tangerine (New) Berry Daring Mix Cherries Juilee Mix Cherries Thriller Mix Fervent Fruit Mix Maxi Mix O Canada! Mix Xtreme S Series Garden height 20-25 cm (8-10”).Bred to hold in the pack - very compact and branching. Still performs well in gardens. Has the range of key colors needed for optimum production.

Bright Eye Bright Rose Lavender Lilac Orange Pink Red Rose Salmon Scarlet Violet White Hot! Mix - Deep Salmon, Salmon, Scarlet, White Little Gem Mix - Lavender, Pink, Violet, White Sapphire Mix - Pink, Lavender, Violet Tango Mix - Deep Salmon, Red, Rose, Scarlet, Violet Utopia Mix - Lavender, Rose, Salmon, Violet Mix X Xt tr re em me e R Ro os se e 15 X Xt tr re em me e P Pa as st te el l M Mi ix x X Xt tr re em me e R Re ed d X Xt tr re em me e B Br ri ig gh ht t E Ey ye e X Xt tr re em me e L La av ve en nd de er r X Xt tr re em me e H Ho ot t! ! M Mi ix x L Lo ol ll li ip po op p C Ch he er rr ri ie es s T Th hr ri il ll le er r M Mi ix x L Lo ol ll li ip po op p P Pe ea ac ch h S Sa al lm mo on n L Lo ol ll li ip po op p R Ra as sp pb be er rr ry y V Vi io ol le et t L Lo ol ll li ip po op p B Be er rr ry y D Da ar rl li in ng g M Mi ix x L Lo ol ll li ip po op p F Fe er rv ve en nt t F Fr ru ui it t M Mi ix x L Lo ol ll li ip po op p O O C Ca an na ad da a! ! M Mi ix x L Lo ol ll li ip po op p P Pi in nk k L Le em mo on na ad de e L Lo ol ll li ip po op p T Ta an ng ge er ri in ne e L Lo ol ll li ip po op p B Bu ub bb bl le eg gu um m P Pi in nk k L Lo ol ll li ip po op p D Dr ra ag go on n F Fr ru ui it t NEW NEW NEW

16 1-800-665-1642 Super E Elfin S Series 20-25 cm (8-10”). F1 Hybrid. Outstanding colors with no fading. 95% yield potential. Apricot Bright Orange Cherry Lipstick Mix Cha-Cha Mix Paradise Mix Seaside Mix Sedona Mix Splish Splash Mix Super E Elfin S Series 20-25 (8-10”). Consistency of early flowering. Uniformity of habit and plant vigour. Well-matched, tight bloom window. Large flowers with novelty colours. Blue Pearl Cherry Splash Coral Lilac Melon Pink Punch Red Red Starburst Rose Salmon Salmon Splash Scarlet Star Salmon Violet Violet Starburst White Clear Mix Formula Mix Hot Mix Red White Mix New G Guinea I Impatiens Divine™ ™ F1 S Series 25-35 (10-14”).

Great branching habit produces a lot of flowers all season long. High colour impact. Blue Pearl Cherry Red Lavender Lipstick Orange Bronze Leaf Orange Green Leaf Orchid Pink Red Scarlet Bronze Leaf Violet White Mix Hot Cha Cha Mix Islander Mix IPOMEA (MORNING GLORY) Feb - March Germ. D 21 - 24°C (70 - 75°F) 7 days 4 - 5 wks Cameo Elegance 90-120 cm (36-48”). Variegated leaves and flowers of rose-red with white throat. Climbing Vine. Sunrise Serenade Beautiful double ruby-red flowers. Strong growth and striking climber.

IRESINE Germ. L. (22 - 24°C) 72 - 76°F 3 - 4 days Purple Lady 15-20 cm (6-8”). Dark purple foliage with low spreading habit. LAVATERA Mar 1 Germ. DL 21°C (70°F) 14 days Novella 60 cm (24”). Earliest and most compact Lavatera to flower. Long lasting bright rose flowers. Ideal pot and patio plant. Cherry S Splash Punch Salmon S Splash Red S Starburst S Su up pe er r E El lf fi in n X XP P R Re ed d W Wh hi it te e M Mi ix x SUPER ELFIN XP SERIES NGI D Divine P Pink Islander M Mix Lipstick Orchid New Guinea Impatiens Divine Series Lavender Red


L 18 - 21°C (65 - 70°F) 7 - 14 days 7 - 8 wks Jealousy 91-152 cm (36 - 60”). Bright chartreuse colour and rounded bushy habit. Blooms in summer and purple fruit appears in fall. (Available in multi-pelleted seeds). LISIANTHUS (EUSTOMA) Germ. DL 22°C (72°F) 10 - 20 days 20 - 24 wks All Lisianthus seed is available in pelleted form only. Lisa S Series 15-20 cm (6-8”). Blue Lisianthus (Eustoma) — Also see Cutflower Section (page 50) LOBELIA Feb 20 - Mar 10 Germ. L 21°C (70°F) 20 days 11 - 13 wks Compacta Cobalt Blue Green foliage. Early flowering. (Available as a multi-pelleted seed). Single S Species ( (Fuseables) Bed O’Roses (Fuseables™) Includes Riviera Rose and Rosamond Lobelias.

Combines early and late-blooming lobelia for a long- lasting display of colour.

Blues Brothers (Fuseables™) Includes Riviera Midnight Blue and Crystal Palace Lobelias. Combines early and late-blooming lobelia for a long-lasting display of colour. Ol’ Blue Eyes (Fuseables™) Includes Riviera Blue Eyes and Mrs. Clibran Lobelias. Combines early and late-blooming lobelia for a long- lasting display of colour. White Knights (Fuseables™) Includes Riviera White and White Lady Lobelias. Combines early and late-blooming lobelia for a long- lasting display of colour. Riviera S Series 12.5 cm (5”). Vigorous, compact habit. Extra early flowering, approximately 15 days earlier than the standard varieties.

(Available as raw and multi-pelleted seed). Blue Eyes Blue Splash Lilac Midnight Blue Rose Sky Blue White Mix Trailing Regatta S Series 15-20 cm (6-8”). Extra early flowering, up to four weeks earlier than Fountains and Cascades. Very free flowering and vigorous in growth. (Available as raw and multi-pelleted seed).

Blue Splash Lilac Lilac Splash Marine Blue Midnight Blue Rose White Mix Speciosa Fan® Series 50-60 cm (20-24”). F1 Hybrid. Large flowering for annual, biennial, or perennial growing. Base branching habit. Flowering the first year from seed. Now available in pelleted form. Blue Burgundy Scarlet 17 L Le ey yc ce es st te er ri ia a J Je ea al lo ou us sy y Lobelia O Ol’ B Blue E Eyes R Ri iv vi ie er ra a R Ro os se e R Ri iv vi ie er ra a B Bl lu ue e E Ey ye es s Lobelia Regatta B Bl lu ue e S Sp pl la as sh h L Lo ob be el li ia a F Fa an n® S Sc ca ar rl le et t Fuseables L Lo ob be el li ia a F Fa an n® B Bl lu ue e L Lo ob be el li ia a F Fa an n® B Bu ur rg gu un nd dy y

MARIGOLD March Germ. DL 21°C (70°F) 7 days 8 - 13 wks French M Marigold Single F French M Marigolds Disco S Series 20 - 25 cm (8-10”). Single flowered developed for earliness in the greenhouse and good outdoor performance. Flowers are 5 cm (2”) in diameter, free flowering and have good rain tolerance. (Available in detailed or coated seed). Golden Yellow - (Available in Detailed seed only) Granada — Bright orange and red bi-color Marietta — Golden yellow with mahogany blotches. Orange Queen - (Available in Detailed seed only) Red Yellow Mix Safari S Series Garden height 20 - 25 cm (8 - 10”).

Very large flowers. Early blooming plants with excellent garden performance. (Available in detailed and coated seed). Bolero Orange Queen Red Scarlet Tangerine Yellow Yellow Fire Mix Standard C Crested F French M Marigold Bonanza S Series 25- 30 cm (10-12”). Large 5 cm (2”) crested blooms, and very good shelf life, make the Bonanzas an item to be included in every bedding plant growers program. (Available in detailed and coated seed).

Bee - Mahogany flowers with yellow edge. Deep Orange Flame - Maroon edged with orange. Gold Harmony Orange Yellow Mix Boy S Series 20 - 25 cm (8-10”). Fully double flowers are about 5 cm (2”) in size. (Available in detailed and coated seed). Golden - Bright golden yellow. Yellow Boy ‘O’ Boy Mix Hero S Series 25 - 30 cm (10-12”). This early flowering, compact series will produce an abundance of large double flowers which are 5 - 6 ½ cm (2-2 ½”) in diameter. An excellent french marigold for flats, pots, and garden performance.

(Available in detailed and coated seed). Bee Flame - Red and orange bi-color.

Gold Harmony - Maroon red with orange crest. Orange Spry - Sharp color contrast on petals; mahogany outside, gold/yellow inside. Yellow Mix 18 1-800-665-1642 S Sa af fa ar ri i Y Ye el ll lo ow w F Fi ir re e Bonanza F Flame Bonanza G Gold Boy G Gold Hero F Flame Safari T Tangerine Safari O Orange Safari R Red Safari Q Queen Safari Y Yellow B Bo on na an nz za a D De ee ep p O Or ra an ng ge e Disco R Red Safari B Bolero D Di is sc co o M Ma ar ri ie et tt ta a D Di is sc co o G Gr ra an na ad da a Hero M Mix 19 Dwarf C Crested F French M Marigold Hot P Pak S Series 15- 18 cm (6-7”). An extra dwarf crested french marigold that blooms all summer long, even in high temperatures and humidity. Stays compact and keeps flowering. (Available in detailed and coated seed). Fire Flame Gold Harmony Orange Spry Yellow Mix Janie S Series 20- 25 cm (8-10”). A dwarf French marigold that bursts into color earlier than other Marigolds in this class. (Available in detailed and coated seed). Bright Yellow Deep Orange Spry Tangerine Mix Little H Hero S Series 15-20 cm (6-8”). Early, extra dwarf, 6 cm (2 ½”) flowers.

Excellent for hot summer weather. (Available in detailed and coated seed).

Fire — Yellow, red stripes Orange Spry — Mahogany red, yellow crest Yellow Mix American M Marigold Antigua S Series 25-30 cm (10 - 12”). Early flowering regardless of day length. Basal branching habit ensures a quality product for early spring shipping. Mounded garden habit with fully double flower heads held above the foliage. (Available in detailed and pelleted seed). Orange Primrose Yellow Mix Discovery S Series 20-25 cm (8-10”). All season marigold, earlier. (Available in detailed and coated seed). Yellow Mix Inca I II S Series 30-35 cm (12-14”). Inca II Series are double flowers and bloom 7-10 days earlier than original Inca.

(Available in detailed and pelleted seed). Gold Orange Primrose Yellow Mix Moonstruck® ® Series 30-38 cm (12-15”). F1 Hybrid. Full, double blooms. Huge in size and round in shape. Flower heads are super dense. Excellent branching. (Available in detailed and coated seed). Lemon Yellow Perfection S Series 35-40 cm (14-16”). Sturdy stems with fully double flowers. Very weather tolerant. An excellent variety for packs and 10 cm (4”) sales. Compact habit. (Available in detailed and pelleted seed). Orange Yellow F1 A African Garland Orange 70-85 cm (28-34”). Adaptable to a wide range of soil conditions and continuous flowering resulting in large quantities of deep orange flowers on long flower stems.

Garland-type marigold.

Vanilla 40 cm (16”). Fully double heads on dark green foliage. Creamy white blooms measure 6-7 cm (2.5-3”). Ideal for border and bed plantings and large mix containers. (Available in detailed and coated seed). Vanilla I In nc ca a I II I O Or ra an ng ge e H Ho ot t P Pa ak k F Fi ir re e H Ho ot t P Pa ak k F Fl la am me e H Ho ot t P Pa ak k G Go ol ld d H Ho ot t P Pa ak k H Ha ar rm mo on ny y H Ho ot t P Pa ak k O Or ra an ng ge e H Ho ot t P Pa ak k S Sp pr ry y H Ho ot t P Pa ak k Y Ye el ll lo ow w Hot P Pak M Mix J Ja an ni ie e F Fl la am me e L Li it tt tl le e H He er ro o S Sp pr ry y Inca I II G Gold Antigua Y Yellow M Mo oo on ns st tu uc ck k L Le em mo on n Y Ye el ll lo ow w

20 1-800-665-1642 MATTHIOLA 15 - 18°C (60 -65°F) 5 - 7 days 10 - 12 wks Sugar & & S Spice S Series Double flowers on short well-branching plants. Sweet fragrance adds to the beauty of the flowers. Growth regulator not required. Violet White Formula Mix Vintage S Series Excellent basal branching and compact form. Burgundy Copper Lavender Lilac Peach Red Rose White Yellow Antique Mix Mix MILLET . Germ. L. 22 - 25°C (72 -78°F) 2 - 3 days Copper Prince F1 61-91 cm (24-36”). Copper prince begins as a light caramel colour, deepening to copper as it sends up rosy, foxtail-type panicles.Wide blades and excellent tillering plus height and spread.

Jade Princess F1 61-76 cm (24-30”). Intense chartreuse foliage and rich brown, pollenless panicles have a controlled, mounded shape. Great tillering, leading to a bushy plant habit. Jester 90-120 cm (36-48”). Young leaves are chartreuse with a subtle overlay of burgundy. As the leaves mature, the ratio of chartreuse to burgundy decreases as the foliage becomes dominantly burgundy. Purple Majesty 120-150 cm (48-60”). Corn-like plant with deep purple foliage, stems and flower plumes. MIMULUS . Mar 1 Germ. L 18 - 21°C (65 -70°F) 7 - 14 days 8 wks Maximus Mix Early flowering. Very large flowers.

Impressive garden performance. Available in pelleted form only. Magic S Series F1 Hybrid. Compact and early. Same habit and clear faced flower type as Malibu, 7-10 days earlier. (Available in raw and pelletted seed). Blotched Mix Mix NASTURTIUM Apr 15 Germ. D 18°C (65°F) 10 days 6 wks Alaska 25 cm (10”). Single flowering mix, all with variegated foliage. Compact, non-trailing plants.

M Mi il ll le et t J Je es st te er r Matthiola S Su ug ga ar r & & S Sp pi ic ce e M Mi ix x M Mi il ll le et t C Co op pp pe er r P Pr ri in nc ce e M Mi il ll le et t J Ja ad de e P Pr ri in nc ce es ss s

NEMESIA Germ. D 18 - 22°C (65 - 72°F) 10 - 14 days 13 - 15 wks Poetry S Series 30-35 cm (12-14”). Bushy plants with pleasant fragrance. Branches very well without pinching. (Single Pellets only). Blue Mix NICOTIANA (FLOWERING TOBACCO) Apr 15 Germ. L 21°C (70°F) 20 days 6 - 8 wks Saratoga S Series 25-30 cm (10-12”). ‘Saratoga’ nicotiana is earlier than the competition by a week and uniform between colors in both timing and plant habit.

Bushy plants with eye-catching, trumpet-shaped flowers look great in large garden beds as well as container gardens. (Pelleted only).

Appleblossom Lime Purple Bicolor Red Rose White Mix Babybella Interspecific Nicotiana. Free flowering and excellent disease tolerance. (Pelleted only). ORNAMENTAL CABBAGE June Germ. L 21°C (70°F) 10 days The F1 Hybrids may be sown up to three weeks later than open pollinated strains. They are uniform and cold hardy. Osaka S Series The Osaka Series have waved edged leaves and heads are very tight and compact. Pink Red Mixed Pigeon S Series The compact, dwarf plants of the Pigeon Series have round-shaped solid heads with slightly waved leaves. Purple Red Victoria White ORNAMENTAL CORN Field of Dreams Attractive variegated foliage plant.

Adds color and structure to large combination pots and accents in the landscape. Plants can reach 4-5 feet tall. As appealing after the season as it was beautiful during the season. Pink Zebra (New) 122 -152 cm (48-60”). Green and white striped foliage adds showy purples/red/pinks in cool nights/long days. Dwarf, variegated ornamental corn. Each stalk produces many small ears with purple kernels and tassels. Dramatic color and texture, great for late- season mixed planters. (Raw seed only). ORNAMENTAL KALE June Germ. L 21°C (70°F) 10 days 10 -12 wks Flowering kale performs best when handled like late cabbage.

They may be sold in 15 cm (6”) pots for color. Glamour Red F1 The waxless quality of the leaves makes them shiny with a more intense, vivid color. It is a fringed leaf type with flower head size 10-12”. Colors in low temperatures (50-60°F). Full sun will bloom 90 days from sowing seed to first color.

Chidori S Series The edges of these leaves are finely ruffled. A superb way to accent displays. Red — red center, deep purple outer leaves. Fringe leafed dwarf type. Good cold tolerance. Nagoya S Series Well-known as a fringed leafed flowering kale, this series is uniform in both plant habit and growth. Well adapted for shipping in pots. Red Rose White Mix Peacock S Series The feathered leaves of this series are all finely serrated or deeply notched. Large head that is supported with thick, sturdy stem of moderate height. Red White ORNAMENTAL MINT Mini Mint 2.5-5 cm (1-2”) height. Highly fragrant groundcover or small pot plant.

Uniform plants great for 4 inch pot. (Available as multi-seed pellets).

ORNAMENTAL OREGANO Kirigami 20-25 cm (8-10”). This eye-catching, non-culinary oregano features large purple-green bracts, rose flowers and clear, light green foliage. Dense, mounded, slightly trailing plant. Heat and drought tolerant. 21 Ornamental C Corn F Field o of D Dreams Nicotiana S Saratoga R Red Nemesia P Poetry D Deep P Pink Ornamental C Corn P Pink Z Zebra Nemesia P Poetry B Blue NEW Ornamental O Oregano K Kirigami

22 1-800-665-1642 ORNAMENTAL PEPPER 22 - 24° C (72 - 75° F) 5 - 7 days 16-22 wks Black Pearl 35-45 cm (14-18”). Black leafed ornamental pepper.

Bushy plant with upright, well-branched habit. Very shiny black fruit matures to dark red. Blaze 10-20 cm (4-8”). Distinctive, large fruit starts yellow and matures to red. Compact determinate variety with excellent branching. Calico 25-30 cm (10-12”). Strongly variegated purple/cream/green tricolour foliage and glossy black fruit. Good vigour for landscape or mixed combos. Chilly Chili Non pungent, more compact than Medusa. 5 cm (2 - 2.5”) long fruit starts out a greenish yellow, gradually changing to orange and then maturing to a dark red.

Medusa Non pungent, 5-5½ cm (2”) fruits each with a narrow, twisted, cone shape held prominently upright over the foliage. Fruits start out ivory, turn to yellow, then to orange and finally bright red. Single plant can display entire range of colors at one time. 40-50 fruits per plant. Suited for 10 cm (4”) pots. Midnight Fire 23-30 cm (9-12”). Distinctive dark black foliage is accented by purple fruit which mature to bright red. Well-branched plants. Peppa Lila/Naranja Fruits are not poisonous. Suitable for 12-15 cm (5-6”) pots.

Purple Flash 33-38 cm (13-15”). Leaves are almost black with “flashes” of bright purple.

The plants are topped with small, round, glossy black fruits. Compact and mounded. Red Missile (Christmas Pepper) F1 Hybrid. 5 cm (2”) tapered fruit changes from cream to orange and finishes bright red. Compact plants 20-25½ cm (8-10”) good for pots & gardens. Sedona Sun 23-30 cm (9-12”). Masses of distinctive lemon yellow and carrot orange fruit displays a multicolor display on every plant. Grows uniformly. Indeterminate growth. Sangria 25-30 cm (10-12”). Compact, rounded plants are uniform in size across the crop. Produces striking purple and red fruits that are non-pungent (not hot when eaten).

Wicked 15-20 cm (6-8”). Compact plants show extra large fruit that starts purple and matures to red. Determinate variety. Garda S Series 40-60 cm (16-24”). Ornamental and edible garden pepper. Long lasting colour display. Robust habit. Tricolor Hot P Pops S Series 10-13 cm (4-5”). Small, round peppers show off multiple colours simultaneously to make a high-impact display. Best for ornamental use. Fruit is edible but not palatable. Purple Yellow (New) OSTEOSPERMUM sow mid-Sept. 110 days 21° C (70° F) 7-10 days sow April 80 days Passion Mix - Osteospermum Passion Mix, a striking variety of semi-cold tolerant annuals.

Seed is available in a mix of pink, rose, purple & white daisy flowers with azure blue centers. Passion Mix is drought tolerant and grows best in full sun.

Akila S Series 41-51 cm (16-20”). Full, branched plants without pinching. No vernalization needed. More compact than competition. Drought tolerant. Daisy White Lavender Shades Purple White White Purple Eye Grand Canyon Mix Mix Asti™ Series 40-50 cm (17-20”). Daisy-type flowers. No vernalization needed. Heat and drought tolerant. Very uniform from sow to flower. Lavender Shades Purple Purple Bicolor White Mix O Or rn na am me en nt ta al l P Pe ep pp pe er r B Bl la az ze e Osteospermum A Akila G Grand C Canyon M Mix O Or rn na am me en nt ta al l P Pe ep pp pe er r W Wi ic ck ke ed d O Or rn na am me en nt ta al l P Pe ep pp pe er r H Ho ot t P Po op ps s Y Ye el ll lo ow w O Or rn na am me en nt ta al l P Pe ep pp pe er r H Ho ot t P Po op ps s P Pu ur rp pl le e NEW O Or rn na am me en nt ta al l P Pe ep pp pe er r M Mi id dn ni ig gh ht t F Fi ir re e O Or rn na am me en nt ta al l P Pe ep pp pe er r Sedona S Sun

PANSY Dec 1 - Dec 15 Germ. D 18 °C (65°F) 10 days 5 - 6 months F1 H Hybrid L Large F Flowered V Varieties Atlas Black 15 - 20 cm (6 - 8”). Large flowers that are pure black. Majestic G Giants I II Large flowered. Compact and earlier flowering. Improvement over Majestic Giants. Clear Purple Clear White Clear Yellow Fire Mid Blue Sherry Mix F1 H Hybrid Medium F Flowered V Varieties Cool W Wave™ Series 15-20 cm (6-8”). Most vigor of any spreading pansy. Superior overwintering hardiness - it’s the earliest pansy to come back in the spring. Easy care & long- lasting color.

Blue Skies Blueberry Swirl Fire (New) Frost Golden Yellow Lemon (New) Lemon Surprise Morpho Purple Raspberry Sunshine ‘N Wine Violet Wing White Berries ‘n Cream Mix Pastel Mixture Mix Flower Date (Cool Wave Fuseables™) (New) Includes Pansy Cool Wave™ Golden Yellow and Cool Wave™ Purple.

(Precision Multi-Pellets) Sunny Skies (Cool Wave Fuseables™) (New) Includes Pansy Cool Wave™ Blue Skies and Cool Wave™ Golden Yellow. (Precision Multi-Pellets) Delta S Series F1 Hybrid. Large flowers. Extremely uniform in timing and habit. Outstanding heat tolerance. Designer Collection Lavender Splash Fire Lavender Blue Shades Orange with Blotch Pink Shades Pure Red Pure Rose Apple Cider Mix Berry Tart Mix Blotch Mix Citrus Mix Monet Mix Pumpkin Pie Mix Pure Colors Mix Strawberry Shortcake Mix Watercolors Mix Wine & Cheese Mix Delta P Premium S Series The legendary pansy that is recognized as a superior brand around the globe.

Consistently delivers unmatched uniformity and a compact, well- branched habit that is trusted by growers worldwide.

Beaconsfield Blue with Blotch Blue Morpho (New) Deep Blue (formerly Dp Blue w/blotch) Marina Neon Violet Persian Medley Primrose w/Blotch Pure Golden Yellow Pure Lemon Pure Light Blue Pure Orange Pure Violet Pure White Pure Yellow Red with Blotch Rose with Blotch Tapestry True Blue White with Blotch Yellow with Blotch Yellow with Purple Wing Mix 23 Delta B Berry T Tart M Mix Cool W Wave B Blue S Skies Cool W Wave L Lemon Cool W Wave M Morpho Cool W Wave F Fire Delta™ P Premium B Blue M Morpho NEW NEW S Su un nn ny y S Sk ki ie es s Fuseables NEW F Fl lo ow we er r D Da at te e Fuseables NEW NEW

24 1-800-665-1642 Inspire S Series 10-15 cm (4-6”). Be truly inspired! Medium sized blooms. Compact habit and narrow flowering window. Bred for extreme weather conditions. Showy flowers in both clear and blotched faces. Ideal for spring & fall production. Blue Velvet Carmine with Blotch Deep Orange Golden Yellow Lavender Pink Lemon with Blotch Lemon with Red Blotch Lilac Shades Lilac with Blotch Peach Shades Purple Purple and Orange Ruby Scarlet Terracotta True Blue Violet and Yellow White White with Blotch White with Red Blotch Yellow with Blotch Yellow with Red Wing Blotch Bright Mix Inspire® Plus S Series 15-20 cm (8”).

Uniform, compact and large flowered. Short flower stems and good overwintering. Outstanding seed quality.

Beaconsfield Blue Blotch Blue Velvet Lemon Lemon Blotch Marina Metallic Blue Blotch Orange Orange Blotch (New) Pink Shades (New) Red Blotch True Blue Violet Violet Face White White Blotch Yellow Yellow Blotch Yellow Purple Wing Blotch Mix Blueberry Pie Mix Clear Mix Jack-o-Lantern Mix Limoncello Mix Maxi Mix Mardi Gras Mix Summer Skies Mix Sun ‘n Surf Mix Sunny Day Mix Wine Country Mix Karma S Series 15-20 cm (6-8”). The short flower stems of ‘Karma’ support large flowers. Exhibits early flowering under fall and early spring conditions. Compact, bushy habit easily fills pots and beds.

Blue Blotch Blue Butterfly Blue Sun Copperfield Deep Orange Lemon Midnight Sun Pink with Blotch Purple Wing Red Blotch Rising Sun Rose Violet w/Face White Yellow Yellow Blotch All Seasons Mix - Deep blue blotch, orange, true blue, white, yellow Mix Available in GoldSmart™ Technology.

Uniform, innovative, better performance. Mammoth™ Series F1 Extra large flowered pansy. Heat tolerant and strong branching habit. Reduced foliage size for improved plant texture. Big Red Blue-ti-ful Pink Berry Prima Yellorina Queen Yellow Bee Sangria Punch White Hot Masquerade Mixture Mix Mariposa™ S Series Mid-sized blooms are the largest available on a multiflora. Black Fire Rosy Sunset Violet with Face Available in GoldSmart™ Technology. Uniform, innovative, better performance. K Ka ar rm ma a B Bl lu ue e B Bu ut tt te er rf fl ly y K Ka ar rm ma a P Pu ur rp pl le e W Wi in ng g K Ka ar rm ma a R Ro os se e I In ns sp pi ir re e P Pl lu us s M Ma ar rd di i G Gr ra as s M Mi ix x Inspire P Plus B Blue V Velvet Inspire P Plus L Lemon Inspire P Plus M Metallic B Blue B Blotch Inspire P Plus B Blotch M Mix Inspire P Plus L Limoncello M Mix Inspire P Plus S Summer S Skies M Mix Inspire P Plus O Orange B Blotch Inspire P Plus P Pink S Shades NEW NEW

Matrix S Series Short stems hold the large flowers over the foliage. Robust habit with superior branching. Beaconsfield Blue Blotch Deep Blue Blotch Denim Lemon Lavender Shades Light Blue Morpheus Ocean Orange Primrose Purple Red Blotch Red Wing Rose Rose Blotch Rose Wing Sangria Solar Flare Sunrise True Blue White White Blotch Yellow Yellow Blotch Amber Mix Amethyst Mix Autumn Blaze Mix Blotch Mix Citrus Mix Coastal Sunrise Mix Clear Mix Halloween Mix Harvest Mix Jewels Mix Ocean Breeze Mix Raspberry Sundae Mix Red, White & Blue Mix Ruby Mix Sunfire Mix Tanzanite Mix Tricolour Mix Topaz & Garnet Mix Mix Spring M Matrix S Series 20 cm (8”).

Most uniform habit. Ideal for shorter days and cooler growing.

Blue Wing Lemon Midnight Glow Purple Purple & White Clear Mix Daffodil Mix Pastel Mix Tricolour Mix WonderFall™ S Series 20-25 cm (8-10”). Classic pansy flowers on extremely trailing and floriferous plants. Vigorous branching habit. Excellent for premium containers and hanging baskets. Spreading habit in the landscape. Blue with Blotch Blue Picotee Shades Purple Purple and Blue Shades Rose Shades with Face White Yellow Yellow with Blotch Yellow with Red Wing F1 H Hybrid Small F Flowered V Varieties Panola S Series 15 - 20 cm (6 - 8”). Ultimate multi-season garden and landscape series - “the landscape pansy”.

Outperforms standard medium-flowered varieties in all conditions, exceptional overwintering ability. Free flowering “super flora” well branched with a compact habit. 90%+ Yield Potential Rating. Pink Shades Primrose Panola S Series 15 - 20 cm (6 - 8”). All new Panola XP genetics delivers uniformity of flowering time, habit and shorter peduncles across all colors and mixes. Plant maintains garden height and less stretching. Beaconsfield Marina Purple Rose Picotee Sunburst True Blue White Yellow Halloween Mix - Autumn mix of orange and black Mix F1 H Hybrid T Tetraploid Ultima Morpho ‘Ultima Morpho’ has intriguing butterfly pattern petals and unique blue and yellow color combination. 25 Spring M Matrix B Blue W Wing Spring M Matrix T Tricolour M Mix P Pa an ns sy y W Wo on nd de er rF Fa al ll l P Pu ur rp pl le e P Pa an ns sy y W Wo on nd de er rF Fa al ll l W Wh hi it te e P Pa an ns sy y M Ma at tr ri ix x B Be ea ac co on ns sf fi ie el ld d P Pa an ns sy y M Ma at tr ri ix x S So ol la ar r F Fl la ar re e P Pa an ns sy y M Ma at tr ri ix x D De ee ep p B Bl lu ue e B Bl lo ot tc ch h P Pa an ns sy y M Ma at tr ri ix x L Li ig gh ht t B Bl lu ue e P Pa an ns sy y M Ma at tr ri ix x L Le em mo on n Pansy M Matrix M Morpheus P Pa an ns sy y M Ma at tr ri ix x T Tr ru ue e B Bl lu ue e

Ruffled Fizzy S Series 15-20 cm (6-8”). Unique, frilly flower form. Stronger ruffling occurs in cool conditions. Eye-catching flower form. Grape Lemonberry Frizzle S Sizzle S Series F1 Hybrid. Large flowered pansy, heavily ruffled flower edges and margins. Uniform and compact. Very distinctive "wavy" appearance. Blue Burgundy Lemonade Orange Passion Fruit Raspberry Yellow Yellow/Blue Swirl Mix VIOLA 18 - 21°C (65-70°F) 7 - 14 days 9 - 10 wks Admire® Series 20 cm (8”). Uniform plant habit. Better branching for more flowers. Superior performance in both fall and spring. Bright, colorful and uniform timing across the series.

Blue Deep Blue Deep Purple Face (New) Denim Lavender Pink Face (New) Lemon Purple Wing (New) Marina Neon Purple Wing (New) Orange Purple Wing Pink Pink Surprise Purple White Face Red Blotch Ruby Gold White White Purple Wing Yellow Yellow Blotch Yellow Purple Wing Blackberry Mix California Mix Clear Face Mix Indian Summer Mix Jump Up Mix LemonTarte Mix Maxi Mix Smooth Sailing Mix Spring Fling Mix Penny S Series Penny’s offer excellent pack performance, above average flower production and excellent flower quality. Excellent garden performance distinguishes ‘Penny’ from other violas. Excellent fall or spring plantings.

Azure Dawn Azure Twilight Beaconsfield Black Blue Deep Blue Deep Marina Denim Jump-up Lavender Shades Marina Mickey Orange Orange Jump-Up Orchid Peach Jump Up Primrose Bicolor Primrose w/Blotch Primrose Picotee Red Blotch Red Wing Rose Blotch Violet Face (New) White White Jump-Up Yellow Yellow Blotch Yellow Jump-Up All Seasons Mix Citrus Mix Jump Up Mix Penny Lane Mix Available in GoldSmart™ Technology. Uniform, innovative, better performance. 26 1-800-665-1642 Penny Series V Vi io ol le et t F Fa ac ce e L La av ve en nd de er r S Sh ha ad de es s M Mi ic ck ke ey y O Or ra an ng ge e J Ju um mp p u up p P Pe ea ac ch h J Ju um mp p u up p P Pr ri im mr ro os se e B Bi ic co ol lo or r R Re ed d B Bl lo ot tc ch h V Vi io ol la a A Ad dm mi ir re e P Pi in nk k V Vi io ol la a A Ad dm mi ir re e R Re ed d B Bl lo ot tc ch h A Ad dm mi ir re e C Cl le ea ar r F Fa ac ce e M Mi ix x A Ad dm mi ir re e I In nd di ia an n S Su um mm me er r M Mi ix x A Ad dm mi ir re e S Sm mo oo ot th h S Sa ai il li in ng g M Mi ix x Viola A Admire Deep P Purple F Face Viola A Admire L Lemon P Purple W Wing Pansy F Frizzle S Sizzle Y Yellow Viola A Admire Lavender P Pink F Face Viola A Admire N Neon P Purple W Wing V Vi io ol la a A Ad dm mi ir re e White P Purple W Wing NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW

Sorbet S Series 15 - 20 cm (6 - 8”). Early, uniform and compact. Extensive color range. Free flowering. Antique Shades Banana Cream Black Delight Blue Babyface Carmine Rose Coconut Honeybee Lavender Bright Eye Lilac Ice Midnight Glow Pink Wing Ruby & Gold Babyface Yellow Blue Jump up (New) Yellow Frost Yellow Jump Up Yellow Violet Jump up Sorbet S Series 15 - 20 cm (6 - 8”). All new Sorbet XP genetics delivers uniformity of habit and plant vigour. Consistent early flowering and more flower power. Superior branching and more flowers per plant.

Beaconsfield Coconut Swirl Deep Orange Denim Marina Orange Orange Jump up Orchid Rose Beacon Pink Halo Pink Wing (New) Purple Purple Face Raspberry Red Blotch True Blue Violet Beacon White White Blotch Yellow Yellow Blotch Yellow Burgundy Jump Up (New) Yellow Pink Jump up Autumn Select Mix Blackberry Sundae Mix Blotch Mix Blueberry Frost Mix Blueberry Sundae Mix Citrus Mix Harvest Mix Jump up Mix Lemon Parfait Mix Ocean Breeze Mix Orchidberry Frost Mix Raspberry Sundae Mix Spring Select Mix Mix Viola Sunglow (Fuseables™) Includes Viola Sorbet Lemon Chiffon & Midnight Glow.

Viola Sunset Boulevard (Fuseables™) Includes Viola Sorbet Lemon Chiffon & Peach Melba. Wine Cooler (Fuseables™) Includes Viola Sorbet Midnight Glow & Alyssum Clear Crystal Purple Shades (Cool season combo). (Multi-Species) Erlyn S Series 10 cm (4”). Tricolor flowers. First trailing viola. Blooming is abundant.

Lemon/Blue Wing Purple Yellow PENSTEMON BARBATUS Arabesque™ ™ Series 60-75 cm (24-30”). Strong, compact branching makes plants easier to grow, handle and ship. Ideal for premium programs that offers the look of a perennial with the growing ease of an annual. Appleblossom Orchid Pink Red Violet PENTAS Germ. L 21-22°C (70-72°F) 1-2 wks 16-19 wks New L Look S Series Self branching and has a ball shaped habit staying compact without growth regulators. 4 months from seed, the dark green leafed plants reach 15 cm (6”) in height and diameter. (Pelleted only). Pink Red Rose Violet White Mix Starla™ S Series 35-45 cm (14-18”).

Uniform habit. Large, long lasting star shaped flowers above the foliage. Distinct “tropical” look. Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds. (Pelleted only) Pink 27 Viola S Sorbet X XP Raspberry Viola S Sorbet X XP Denim Viola S Sorbet X XP Coconut S Swirl Viola S Sorbet X XP Blueberry S Sundae M Mix Viola S Sorbet X XP Red B Blotch Viola S Sorbet X XP True B Blue Viola S Sorbet X XP Deep O Orange Viola S Sorbet Y Yellow B Blue J Jump U Up Viola S Sorbet X XP Y Yellow B Burgundy J Jump U Up Viola S Sorbet X XP P Pink W Wing Viola S Sorbet X XP Ocean B Breeze M Mix Viola S Sorbet X XP Raspberry S Sundae M Mix NEW NEW NEW

PETUNIA Feb. 15 - Mar. 10 Germ. L 21°C (70°F) 10 Days 8 - 10 wks African Sunset™ 35 cm (14”). First F1 orange-hued petunia from seed. Excellent mounding habit, strong stems, excellent vigor & high flower count. Ideal for mixed containers and baskets. Also excellent in garden and landscape. Spreading T Type Combo Blue F1 15-30 cm (6-12”). Large, velvety deep blue flowers on a mounding, well- branched plant. Evening Scentsation™ (12-20 cm (5-8”). A medium-sized multiflora type with a low, spreading habit. Flowers have a scent similar to Hyacinth with notes of rose & honey. Blooms are clear shades of indigo.

Success! S Series 25-30 cm (10-12”). Unique mounded habit shows off color. Most uniform flowering series for timing and habit. Flowers hold their shape. Excellent performance in beds, containers and hanging baskets.

Blue Burgundy Coral Pink Pink Star Purple Red Rose Salmon Silver Vein (New) Violet White Yellow Chiffon Liberty Mix Maxi Mix Twilight Mix Ramblin’ S Series ‘Ramblin’ is earlier and easier to bloom than other spreading petunias. More economical to grow- fewer growth regulators and less daylength sensitive. Early flowering on short internodes. 15-20 cm (6-8”) high, crawls to 60-75 cm (2-2 ( Pelleted only). Amethyst Burgundy Chrome Lavender Neon Rose Nu Blue Peach Glo Red Salmon Capri Shades O’ Pink Sky Blue Sugar Plum Violet White Razzleberry Mix Easy W Wave S Series Height of 20-30 cm (8-12”) with a 76-91 cm (30-36”) spread.

More mounded and less spreading than ‘Wave’. Earlier to flower and requires less PGRs. (Pelleted only).

Berry Velour Blue Burgundy Star Burgundy Velour Coral Reef Mystic Pink Neon Rose Pink Pink Passion Plum Vein Red Red Velour Rosy Dawn Silver Violet White Yellow Formula Mix Gelato Mix — Coral reef, Neon rose and White Great Lakes Mix — Blue, Violet and White Opposites Attract Mix — Coral reef and Violet Plum Pudding Mix South Beach Mix — Red, Violet and Coral Reef Starfish Mix Sweet Tart Mix - Mystic Pink, Neon Rose & White Shock W Wave S Series 17-25 cm (7-10”). Mounded spreading plant. Full plants blanketed with tons of small, colourful 4-5 cm (1.5-2”) flowers. (Pelleted only).

Coconut Coral Crush Denim Pink Shades Pink Vein Red Rose Yellow Amp Mix Buzz Mix Electric Mix Spark Mix Volt Mix - Red, Coconut and Denim Wave S Series This unique petunia spreads out in a semi circle fashion to a maximum of 137 cm (55”).

(Pelleted only). Blue Lavender Misty Lilac Pink Purple Purple Classic (formerly purple) Tidal W Wave S Series Shrub-like shape with 5 cm (2”) blooms that cover the plants. Well-suited to landscapes and large containers. Tallest of the Ride the Wave™ family. (Pelleted only). Cherry Hot Pink Purple Red Velour Silver 28 1-800-665-1642 Shock W Wave R Red Shock W Wave P Pink V Vein Shock W Wave V Volt M Mix P Pe et tu un ni ia a R Ra am mb bl li in n’ ’ S Sk ky y B Bl lu ue e P Pe et tu un ni ia a E Ev ve en ni in ng g S Sc ce en nt ts sa at ti io on n™ ™ S Su uc cc ce es ss s! ! P Pi in nk k S St ta ar r S Su uc cc ce es ss s! ! Y Ye el ll lo ow w C Ch hi if ff fo on n S Su uc cc ce es ss s! ! P Pu ur rp pl le e E Ea as sy y W Wa av ve e P Pl lu um m V Ve ei in n P Pe et tu un ni ia a S Su uc cc ce es ss s! ! S Si il lv ve er r V Ve ei in n NEW P Pe et tu un ni ia a E Ea as sy y W Wa av ve e P Pl lu um m P Pu ud dd di in ng g M Mi ix x 29 Fuseables™ P Petunias Blueberry Lime Jam (Fuseables™) Includes Petunia Sophistica Lime Green and Petunia Dreams Midnight. (Single Species Petunia) Blue Dawn (Fuseables™) Includes Petunia Easy Wave™ Rosy Dawn and Bacopa Blutopia™. (Multi-Species)| Healing Waters (Fuseables™) Includes Petunia Shock Wave™ Denim, Easy Wave™ Violet and large-flowered blue Bacopa. (Multi-Species) Ooh La La (Fuseables™) Includes Petunia Easy Wave Burgundy Star, Easy Wave Neon Rose & Shock Wave Coconut. (Single Species Petunia) Pleasantly Blue (Fuseables™) Includes Petunia Dreams Midnight and Daddy Blue.

(Single Species Petunia) Rise N Shine (Fuseables™) Includes Petunia Easy Wave™ Yellow and Rosy Dawn. All-wave Fuseable. (Single Species Petunia) Strawberry Wine (Fuseables™) Includes Petunia Easy Wave™ Shell Pink, Dreams Red and Daddy Red. (Single Species Petunia) Vogue (Fuseables™) Includes Petunia Shock Wave™ Ivory, and Madness Lavender Glow. (Single Species Petunia) Single M Milliflora F F1 H Hybrid Picobella™ S Series 20-25 cm (8-10”) F1 Hybrid. Loads of petite flowers. Excellent performance in the heat. Perfect for garden borders, smaller containers and hanging baskets. (Pelleted only).

Blue Carmine Light Lavender Pink Red Rose Rose Morn Rose Star Salmon White Mix Picobella™ C Cascade S Series 20-25 cm (8-10”) F1 Hybrid. Trailing mini-petunia suited for baskets and mixed-containers. Extra early flowering. (Pelleted only). Burgundy (New) Lavender Purple Red Sky Blue White Mix P Pi ic co ob be el ll la a™ ™ R Ro os se e M Mo or rn n Petunia P Picobella™ R Rose P Pi ic co ob be el ll la a™ ™ B Bl lu ue e P Pe et tu un ni ia a P Pi ic co ob be el ll la a P Pi in nk k R Ri is se e N N S Sh hi in ne e Fuseables S Sh ho oc ck k W Wa av ve e D De en ni im m S Sh ho oc ck k W Wa av ve e Y Ye el ll lo ow w P Pe et tu un ni ia a P Pi ic co ob be el ll la a C Ca as sc ca ad de e B Bu ur rg gu un nd dy y NEW S St tr ra aw wb be er rr ry y W Wi in ne e Fuseables

Floribunda F F1 H Hybrid Carpet S Series 25-30 cm (10-12”). Flower size 5.5 - 6 cm (2.25-2.50”). Free-flowering with excellent branching and mid-size blooms. Delivers a lush “carpet” of color all season long in home gardens or landscapes. (Available as pelleted seed only). Blue Blue Lace Blue Star Buttercream Lilac Pink Pink Morn Plum Red Bright Rose Rose Star Salmon Sky Blue True Blue Velvet White Mix Neptune Mix Celebrity S Series The Celebrity Series is the option to the unevenness in bloom time and erratic flower size of ‘Madness’. A better overall value for any grower, plus a wide color selection.

Flower size 7 - 8 cm (3”). Plant size 33 cm (13”). Compact and early with large and showy flowers. (Available as pelleted seed only). Blue Blue Ice Burgundy Burgundy Frost Burgundy Star Carmine Chiffon Morn Lilac Mid Blue Orchid Ice Pink Morn Plum Ice Red Rose Salmon Sky Blue White Yellow Desert Sky Mix Mix Morn Mix Niagara Mix Picotee C Colors The following Celebrity Frost varieties have proven ‘Celebrity’ performance with the white edged ‘Picotee’ look. (Pelleted only).

Blue Crystal Burgundy Frost Red Frost Rose Frost Single G Grandifloras F F1 H Hybrid Aladdin S Series 25-30 cm (10-12”). Large ruffled flowers make Aladdin™ a truly unique beauty. Compact habit. (Pelleted only). Lilac Neon Orange Pink Salmon Sky Blue White Yellow Mix Arabian Nights Mix Burgundy Morn Mix Nautical Mix Daddy S Series Flower size 9-10 cm (3½-4”). Plant height 33 cm (13”). Early compact plants with ruffled flowers and distinct veins. Weather tolerant. (Pelleted only). Blue Orchid Peppermint Pink Strawberry Sugar Mix Dreams S Series 7 ½ - 10 cm (3-4”) flowers. Free-flowering grandifloras provide a 5 to 7 day spring bloom time window from flat to flat and across the color range.

(Pelleted only). Appleblossom Burgundy Burgundy Picotee Midnight Neon Rose Pink Pink Vein Red Red Picotee Rose Rose Morn Rose Picotee Salmon Sky Blue White Mix Patriot Mix Waterfall Mix Ez R Rider™ S Series Plant height 15-25 cm (6”-10”). Full sun. Better-branched plants with shorter internodes. Denser plants that hold together longer. (Pelleted only).

Blue Deep Pink Deep Salmon Red Rose White Chopper Mix Mix Frost S Series Plant height 35 cm (14”). Flower size 9 cm (3 . Compact. (Available in raw and pelleted seed). Blue Cherry Fire 30 1-800-665-1642 Petunia E EZ R Rider D Deep P Pink Petunia E EZ R Rider R Red P Pe et tu un ni ia a P Pi ic co ob be el ll la a™ ™ C Ca as sc ca ad de e S Sk ky y B Bl lu ue e Petunia E EZ R Rider M Mix 31 Sophistica C Collection S Series Plant height 25-38 cm (10-15”). Truly unique colours in a large flower size. Colours change as environment changes. (Pelleted only).

Antique Shades Blackberry Blue Morn Lime Bicolor Lime Green Twilight Super C Cascade S Series Flower size 11-13 cm (4-5”). Plant size 35 cm (14”). Compact well branched plants. (Pelleted only). Blue Burgundy Lilac Pink Red Rose White Mix Prism S Series 25 - 30 cm (10 - 12”). Very uniform and compact. Produces an abundance of very large flowers. (Pelleted only).

Plum Sundae Sunshine Grower Select Mix TriTunia™ ™ Series 25-30 cm (10 - 12”). Flower size 7 - 8 cm (3”). Uniform in habit and flowering. An array of color selections with bold, bright solids, crisp bi-colors, novelty veined and morn patterns. Performance you can trust from greenhouse to gardens. (Pelleted only). Blue Blue Star Blue Veined Burgundy Crimson Star Lavender Pink Pink Morn Pink Veined Plum Purple Star Red Red Star Rose Rose Star Salmon Salmon Veined Sky Blue Violet White Mix Star Mix Veined Mix Single G Grandiflora Frillytunia S Series 25 - 30 cm (10 - 12”). Stunning flowers with ruffled edges.

Compact and uniform with mid green leaves. (Pelleted only).

Burgundy Rose Double G Grandifloras F F1 H Hybrid Double C Cascade S Series Known for its earliness, excellent habit and good branching. More compact and 2 to 4 weeks earlier to flower than the older grandiflora doubles. Huge (4-5”) heavily-petalled flowers that grow well in premium packs and 12-13 cm (5”) or larger pots. (Pelleted only). Blue Burgundy Orchid Mist Pink Mix Valentine Bright red. Flower size 7 - 8 cm (3”). Plant height 28 cm (11”). Compact late. Pirouette S Series Plant height 30 cm (12”). Flower size 7 - 8 cm (2½-3”). Double fringed flowers have a distinctive picotee pattern.

Medium late. (Available in raw and pelleted seed).

Purple Red Rose P Pe et tu un ni ia a S So op ph hi is st ti ic ca a C Co ol ll le ec ct ti io on n L Li im me e B Bi ic co ol lo or r P Pe et tu un ni ia a T Tr ri iT Tu un ni ia a P Pi in nk k M Mo or rn n P Pe et tu un ni ia a T Tr ri iT Tu un ni ia a V Ve ei in ne ed d M Mi ix x P Pe et tu un ni ia a T Tr ri iT Tu un ni ia a R Ro os se e S St ta ar r P Pe et tu un ni ia a T Tr ri iT Tu un ni ia a™ B Bl lu ue e S St ta ar r P Pe et tu un ni ia a T Tr ri iT Tu un ni ia a™ ™ P Pi in nk k V Ve ei in ne ed d P Pe et tu un ni ia a T Tr ri iT Tu un ni ia a™ P Pl lu um m P Pe et tu un ni ia a T Tr ri iT Tu un ni ia a™ R Ro os se e P Pe et tu un ni ia a T Tr ri iT Tu un ni ia a™ V Vi io ol le et t P Pe et tu un ni ia a T Tr ri iT Tu un ni ia a™ S Sk ky y B Bl lu ue e P Pe et tu un ni ia a S So op ph hi is st ti ic ca a C Co ol ll le ec ct ti io on n B Bl la ac ck kb be er rr ry y P Pe et tu un ni ia a S So op ph hi is st ti ic ca a C Co ol ll le ec ct ti io on n L Li im me e G Gr re ee en n

32 1-800-665-1642 PHLOX Feb 15 - Mar 1 Germ. D 18°C (65°F) 10 days 10 wks Drummondii N Nana C Compacta 21st C Century S Series F1 Hybrid. Germination standard 90%, adaptable to wide range of conditions. (Primed only). Blue Blue Star Crimson Pink Rose Star Salmon Scarlet White Patriot Mix Mix Chanal 20 cm (8”). 100% double, pink flowers on bright green vigorous plants. Habit is compact and growth is strong. Petticoat Mix 15 cm (6”). Extra dwarf, excellent for bedding plants. Sun and drought resistant. Blooms for a much longer period than other annual phlox.

PLECTRANTHUS Germ. L 21°C (70°F) 5 - 7 Days 5 - 6 wks Silver Crest 60-75 cm (24-30”).

Silvery, fuzzy-textured foliage. Blush white flowers bloom earlier than Silver Shield. Heat and water stress-tolerant. Silver Shield Fantastic Foliage variety. Large soft silvery-gray leaves. Robust plants with a garden height and spread of about 2 ft. or more. (Pelleted seed only.) PORPHYROCOMA POHLIANA 18°-24°C (65-75°F) 4 - 5 Days Maracas Brazilian Fireworks Heat-loving tropical shade plant. Variegated foliage with unusual bi-color purple and pink flowers. Good bedding plant or groundcover.

PORTULACA Feb 15 - Mar 15 Germ. D 21°C (70°F) 10 days 10 - 12 wks Stopwatch S Series 15 cm (6”). More compact than Sundials. Solid masses of color. (Available in multi-pelleted seed only). Cream Fuchsia Orange Rose Scarlet White Yellow Sundial S Series The first F1 Hybrid available. Extra large flowers on compact plants. Earlier to bloom than other varieties available. Flowers open earlier and stay open longer in the afternoon. (Available in raw and multi-pelleted seed). Cream Fuchsia Gold Mango Orange Peach Peppermint Pink Princess Scarlet White Yellow Mix Plectranthus S Silver C Crest M Ma ar ra ac ca as s B Br ra az zi il li ia an n F Fi ir re ew wo or rk ks s Sundial Series C Cr re ea am m F Fu uc ch hs si ia a G Go ol ld d 33 PRIMULA ACAULIS Germ. L 15 - 18°C (60 -65°F) 3 - 4 wks Danova S Series Primula Danova is bred to satisfy the needs of growers who demand extra early and more programmable production. It retains the same quality and extremely large flowers that is recognizable in the Dania series. Blue Orange/Yellow Pink Purple Rose White Mix PRIMULA MALACOIDES 16 - 18°C (60 - 65°F) Prima Mix F1 Hybrid. Large, dense flower umbels borne on compact, uniform plants. Early flowering. Sow 2 - 3 weeks later than normal. If sown too early plants become too vegetative. Primula — Also see Perennial Seed Section (page 47) PTILOTUS EXALTATUS Joey™ Luminous, silver green foliage is topped by large conical spikes of feathery flowers.

The 5-8 cm (2-3”) bottlebrush flower spikes start out a glistening silver color, and gradually darken to a neon pink color near the tips. Heat and drought tolerant. (Apex seed only) PURSLANE Germ. L 15 - 18°C (60 -65°F) 3 - 4 wks Toucan S Series 8-10 cm (3-4”). Easy care, heat-loving and drought tolerant series. Bright flowers add an exotic look to mixed containers, baskets and garden beds. Plant in sun. (Raw Seed only).

Fuchsia Hot Mix RANUNCULUS Oct Germ. L 10 - 15°C (50 -60°F) 2 - 3 wks 6 months Bloomingdale Mix F1 Hybrid. Can be grown cool. Fully double blooms on short sturdy stems makes it well worth growing. Maché™ S Series 30 - 40 cm (12 - 16”). Uniform across the series for habit and timing. Easy to sow. Use for bedding and pot crops. Purple Mix RUDBECKIA (HIRTA) Toto S Series 30-38 cm (12-15”). Compact, well branched, early flowering. Ideal for 10-12 cm (4-5”) pots and bedding. Gold Lemon Mix Autumn Colors 50-60 cm (20-24”). Bronze petals, a red ring and a rusty red center. Denver Daisy 40-50 cm (18-20”).

Large masses of golden flowers with rusty red rings. Strong, dense flowers stems. Flowers from late spring until first frost. Extreme heat tolerant. Prairie Sun 70-80 cm (28-32”). Very large flowers with light yellow tips on golden petals that encircle a green center. Sonora 45 - 50 cm (18-20”). Large, golden yellow flowers with a big black center.

SALPIGLOSSIS February/April Germ. D 18-24°C (64-75°F) 12-15 days 8 - 10 wks Royale Mix 38-51 cm (15-20”). More compact and floriferous than other varieties, has a dwarf basal branching habit in a wide range of colors. (Pelleted seed) Rudbeckia P Prairie S Sun Purslane T Toucan H Hot M Mix Ptilotus E Exaltatus J Joey™ Ranunculus M Ma ac ch hé é P Pu ur rp pl le e

SALVIA Jan 15 - Mar 1 Germ L 21°C (70°F) 15 days 8 - 10 wks For best germination do not cover seed as light aids germination. Maintain growing temperature of 21°C (70°F). Transplant seedlings as soon as possible, do not check growth.

Salsa S Series 30-35 cm (12-14”). Day neutral, will flower in 8 - 10 weeks, suitable for pack and 10 cm (4”) color bowl production. Excellent garden performance in sun or partial shade. Scarlet Blaze 30 - 35 cm (12 - 14”). Compact spikes on dark green foliage. Produces a mass of bright red flower spikes 20 - 25 cm (8 - 10”). Maestro 20 cm (8”). Early blooming, dark leafed. 10 cm (4”) dark red spikes. Day neutral.

Red Vista 33 cm (13”). Earlier blooming version of Carabiniere. Dark green foliage, dark red 18 cm (7”) spikes. Scarlet Queen 23 cm (9”). Early flowering. Bright scarlet w/ medium green foliage. Excellent pack & garden performance. Tall V Varieties Blue Angel 60-70 cm (24-28”). Ultra marine tubular flowers. Lighthouse S Series 60 cm (24”). Tall, bushy plants display long-lasting colour. Heat resistant. Ideal for landscapes and large patio containers. Red Purple Summer J Jewel S Series 50 cm (20”). Flower spikes are covered with half inch blooms. Leaves are finer- textured, dark-green color.

Just 50 days from sowing to first flower (2 weeks earlier than comparisons). Long season performance and superior holding ability.

Lavender Pink Red White Formula Mix Vista S Series 25-30 cm (10-12”). Dense spikes and dark green foliage hold their colour all season. Well-matched in heat tolerance, habit and earliness. Lavender Purple Red Red White Rose Salmon White Mix Farinacea V Varieties Evolution S Series 45 cm (18”). Long dense, unique flower spikes with green foliage. Upright, rounded and well-branched habit. Violet White Silver 60 cm (24”). White, bushy plant. Full sun-partial shade. Victoria Blue 45 cm (18”). Deep violet blue flower spikes, profuse blooming. Uniform bushy habit.

Interspecific Big Blue (New) 61-91 cm (24-36”).

Best in full sun but will tolerate dappled shade or partial sun. Great performer in heat and low water conditions. Low-maintenance plant does not need deadheading. 34 1-800-665-1642 Salvia S Silver Salvia E Evolution W White Salvia B Big B Blue Salvia V Vista L Lavender Salvia V Vista W White Salvia V Vista R Red & & W White Salvia V Vista R Rose Salvia V Vista M Mix Salvia S Summer J Jewel White Salvia S Summer J Jewel Red NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW

SCUTELLARIA JAVANICA Germ. L. 21°-26° C (72°-75°F) 6 - 10 Days Veranda Garden height 25 cm (10”). Heat-lover with glossy, dark green foliage and blue-purple bi-color flowers. Suitable for shade hanging baskets and mixed containers. SILENE (PENDULA) Celina 15 - 25 cm (6 - 10”). Dense well-branched bronze foliage covered with 2 cm (.75”) deep rose flowers. SNAPDRAGON (ANTIRRHINUM) Jan 15 - Mar 11 Germ. L 18°C (65°F) 10 days 8-12 wks Trailing F F1 S Snapdragon Candy S Showers S Series Candy Showers Series is the FIRST EVER trailing snapdragon from seed. It is easier and different to grow compared to cutting types.

Trailing habit is ideal for hanging baskets and mixed containers and as a colorful groundcover. It can be sold in spring or fall. Try combining Candy Showers with flowering cabbage and kale and fall pansies. (Multi-Seed pelleted only). Orange Red Rose White Yellow Mix Dwarf V Varieties - F F1 H Hybrid Montego S Series 15 cm (6”). Colors are matched for pack height and uniformity in flowering. Plants are very basal branching with flowers held directly above the foliage on sturdy stems. (Pelleted Seed Only).

Burgundy Bicolor Orange Bicolor Pink Purple Red Rose Rose Bi-color Scarlet Sunset Violet White Yellow Parfait Mix Mix Medium T Tall V Varieties F1 H Hybrid Liberty C Classic ‘Liberty Classic’ have a full, strong plant habit. Wonderful height creates a classic landscape. (Available in raw seed only). Bronze Crimson Lavender Rose Pink White Yellow Mix Snapdragon — Also see Cutflower Section (pages 51) SPILANTHES Peek-a-Boo 30 - 38 cm (12 - 15”). Intriguing olive- shaped, 2.5 cm (1”), golden yellow flowers with deep burgundy red eye on long pendulous stems. Foliage takes on a bronze-green tone in full sun. 35 Candy S Showers Y Yellow Candy S Showers R Red Candy S Showers W White Candy S Showers R Rose Candy S Showers O Orange

STOCKS Jan 5 - Jan 10 Germ. DL 18 - 24°C (65 - 75°F) 14 days 10 wks Vintage S Series Excellent basal branching and compact form. Lilac Peach Yellow Antique Mix Mix TALINUM 20 - 23°C (68 -74°F) 3 - 4 days 9 - 10 wks Limon 70-80 cm (28-32”) garden height. Mounded lime-green foliage. Airy inflorescences covered in tiny rose-pink flowers. (Available as raw seed only). Verde 80 cm (32”) garden height. Flowers open hot pink and then form orange berries that ripen to dark red. Heat tolerant. TECOMA Mayan Gold 60-90 cm (24-36”). Compact and well, branched habit. Heat-loving plants with large gold flowers and glossy green leaves.

(Coated seed only).

THUNBERGIA Feb 1 Germ. DL 21°C (70°F) 10 days 12 - 14 wks African Sunset Mix 200 cm (78”). Unique sunset shades of red, apricot, buff with dark burgundy eyes. Suzie S Series Vine length 1.8 - 2 m (6-8’). Distinctive flowering vine. Excellent in hanging baskets or window boxes. Clear Orange Clear White Clear Yellow Orange with Eye White with Eye Yellow with Eye Mix TITHONIA Fiesta Del Sol 75 cm (30”). Glowing orange flowers. Compact habit and heat tolerant. Ideal for containers and borders. TORENIA February Germ. L 21°C (70°F) 7-15 days 12 - 13 wks Duchess S Series F1 Hybrid. Early to flower, compact and uniform in both flower timing and plant habit.

Bred for 10 cm (4”) pot and pack production. 90 - 95% germination rate. (Pelleted only).

Blue & White Burgundy Pink Mix Kauai S Series 20 cm (8”). Superior performance in extreme heat and humidity. Brings an exotic look to small garden settings, mixed combos and color bowls. Blue & White Burgundy Deep Blue Lemon Drop Magenta Rose White Mix Torenia D Duchess B Blue & & W White Tecoma M Mayan G Gold Talinum L Limon & & V Verde 36 1-800-665-1642 Thunbergia S Suzie C Clear O Orange Thunbergia S Suzie C Clear Y Yellow T To or re en ni ia a K Ka au ua ai i B Bl lu ue e & & W Wh hi it te e T To or re en ni ia a K Ka au ua ai i R Ro os se e T To or re en ni ia a K Ka au ua ai i L Le em mo on n D Dr ro op p T To or re en ni ia a K Ka au ua ai i M Ma ag ge en nt ta a Tithonia F Fiesta D Del S Sol

VERBENA Feb 20 - Mar 10 Germ. D 18°C (65°F) 20 days 10-12 wks Obsession™ ™ Series The spreading habit reduces or eliminates growth regulators. Blue w/Eye Bordeaux Burgundy w/Eye Coral w/Eye Crimson w/Eye Lilac Pink Pink Chiffon Red Red w/Eye Scarlet Twister Purple Twister Red White Berry Tart Mix Eyed Mix Pastel Mix Spirit Mix Wine & Cheese Mix Mix O Ob bs se es ss si io on n™ C Ca as sc ca ad de e S Se er ri ie es s First trailing verbena from seed. Ideal for baskets and combinations. Burgundy w/Eye (New) Pink Shades Purple Shades w/Eye Red with Eye Scarlet Twister Violet White (New) Quartz S Series ‘Quartz’ verbenas are strong garden performers, with good uniformity.

The spreading, mounded plants display huge umbels of large, beautiful florets. Blue Quartz S Series Quartz XP is an improvement on the ‘Quartz’ series. The ‘Quartz XP’ offers upgrades to the best colors of the original Quartz. Better branched habit & earlier flowering than original Quartz series. Burgundy w/Eye Carmine Rose Pink Purple Red with Eye Scarlet Silver Violet w/Eye White Mix Merlot Mix Tuscany™ ™ Series 20-25 cm (8-10”) garden height. Uniform habits and flowering time. Compact and well branched. Big florets form large bloom heads. Loves it hot and dry! (Available in raw and primed seed).

Lavender Picotee Rose with Eye Scarlet with Eye Violet with Eye Pastel Mix - Lavender picotee, peach, pink picotee, white Mix Available in GoldSmart™ Technology. Uniform, innovative, better performance. Miscellaneous V Verbena Imagination Trailing 60 cm (24”). Violet blue, lacy green foliage. VINCA (PERIWINKLE) Jan 15 - Feb 15 Germ. D 21°C (70°F) 15 days 12 - 14 wks Cooler S Series 25-35 cm (10-14”). Peak performers in less-than-perfect conditions. Upright, dark leaved.

Peppermint Pink Red Mix Cora® Series 35-40 cm (14-16”) garden height. Large eye-catching flowers. Lush thick glossy foliage on robust plants. Uniform habits and flowering time. Apricot Deep Lavender White Mix Cora® Cascade™ ™ Series 15-20 cm (6-8”). Large eye-catching flowers. Trailing and spreading habit is versatile in beds, containers, and hanging baskets. Thrives in heat and humidity. Disease resistance. Apricot Cherry Lavender with Eye (New) Lilac Magenta Peach Blush Polka Dot Shell Pink (New) Violet White (New) Mix Jams ‘ ‘N J Jellies S Series 35-40 cm (14-16”) Unique colors. Durable, heat-loving and drought tolerant plants.

All season shows in summer gardens and large planter Blackberry Blueberry American Pie Mix 37 Obsession C Cascade Pink S Shades Obsession T Twister P Purple Obsession C Cascade P Purple S Shades w w/Eye Obsession C Cascade R Red w w/Eye Obsession C Cascade Scarlet Cora C Cascade V Violet Cora C Cascade Lavender w with E Eye Cora C Cascade W White Obsession C Cascade Burgundy w w/Eye Obsession C Cascade White Cora C Cascade Shell P Pink NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW

Mediterranean S Series All new Mediterranean XP genetics delivers uniformity of flowering time and trailing/mounded habit across all colors and mixes. Flowers are up to 20% larger than original. Burgundy Halo (New) Cherry Red Halo Dark Red Hot Rose Peach Rose Halo Strawberry Halo Mix Lipstick Mix Pacifica S Series 4 ½ cm (2”) flowers. Basal branching plants, extra early flowering vinca. No pinching required. Cherry Red Pink Pacifica S Series All new Pacifica XP genetics delivers uniformity of flowering time and uniform, upright habit across all colors and mixes.

Apricot Burgundy Halo Coral Dark Red Deep Orchid Icy Pink Magenta Halo Orange Polka Dot Punch Halo Pure White Really Red Rose Halo White Bold Mix Halo Mix Georgia Peach Mix Merlot Mix Salsa Mix Titan™ Series 35-40 cm (14-16”).

Most uniform F1 series on the market. A vigorous grower even in cooler climates. Titan is perfect for landscapes and containers of all types. Blush Dark Red Lilac Pure White Really Red Bubble Gum Mix Clear Mix Mix ZINNIA Mar 15 - Apr 10 Germ DL 21°C (70°F) 7 days 8 - 10 wks Interspecific Profusion S Series New type, hybrid, continuous semi double flower canopy, self cleaning. High disease tolerance, excellent for border or mass planting.

Apricot Cherry Coral Pink Deep Apricot Fire Lemon (New) Orange Red White Yellow Sunrise Mix 3-color Mix 5-color Mix 7-color Mix Profusion ( (Double) S Series 35-45 cm (14-18”). The GO-TO zinnia for disease resistance and uniformity. Extreme heat and drought resistance makes for excellent landscape performance. Absolutely covered with an abundance of big, full blooms. Cherry Deep Salmon Fire Golden Hot Cherry White Yellow Mix Sunrise Mix Elegans Magellan™ S Series Replacement for Peter Pan. Spectacular in the garden, also successful as a pot item - 3 per 6" pot. Cherry Ivory Orange Pink Salmon Scarlet Yellow Mix P Pa ac ci if fi ic ca a X XP P B Bu ur rg gu un nd dy y H Ha al lo o P Pa ac ci if fi ic ca a X XP P P Po ol lk ka a D Do ot t 38 1-800-665-1642 Titan™ R Really R Red Z Zi in nn ni ia a M Ma ag ge el ll la an n P Pi in nk k Z Zi in nn ni ia a P Pr ro of fu us si io on n S Su un nr ri is se e M Mi ix x Z Zi in nn ni ia a M Ma ag ge el ll la an n O Or ra an ng ge e Vinca M Mediterranean X XP B Burgundy H Halo NEW Z Zi in nn ni ia a P Pr ro of fu us si io on n L Le em mo on n NEW

Uproar™ S Series 75-90 cm (30-36”). Well-branched plants with double flowers. Hybrid vigor with exceptional uniformity and flower quality. Wildly floriferous. Rose Marylandica Zahara™ S Series 30-45 cm (12-18”). Disease-tolerant series. Large flowers and heat-loving plant. Coated Seed. Cherry Coral Rose Fire Red Starlight Rose Sunburst White Yellow Bonfire Mix — Fire, Scarlet and Yellow Raspberry Lemonade Mix — Coral Rose, Yellow, & Starlight Rose Mix Zahara (Double) S Series 41-51 cm (16-20”). Disease-tolerant series. Large, fully double flowers and heat-loving plant. (Coated Seed). Bright Orange (New) Cherry Fire Raspberry Ripple Salmon (New) Salmon Rose Strawberry White (New) Yellow Brilliant Mix Duo Mix Mix Zowie! Yellow Flame 75-90 cm (30-36”).

Well-branched, bushy plants are loaded with eye- catching flowers.

Dwarf Dreamland Mix Double blooms compact. 25 - 30 cm (10-12”). (Primed Seed only). Swizzle S Series (Bicolor) 25 - 30 cm (10 - 12”). Large, fully double, bicolor flowers. Full bushy plants. Cherry & Ivory Scarlet & Yellow Short Stuff Mix F1 Hybrid. 20 - 25 cm (8-10”). Large, fully double blooms, compact and early blooming. Ideal for pot production. Solcito 25-30 cm (10-12”). Produces lots of small, golden-yellow blooms over lush green foliage. Heat and drought tolerant. Also tolerates cool conditions. (Available in coated seed only).

Sun S Series 51 cm (20”). Beautiful fully double large dahlia type flowers borne on very bushy plants.

Cherry Red Gold Giant T Tetraploid State Fair Mix 91-122 cm (36-49”). Extra large flowered mix with a high alternaria tolerance. Comes in a range of colors with blooms 13 - 15 cm (5 - 6”) across. Blooms have broad petals. Mildew resistant. ZINNIA LINEARIS 21 - 22°C (70 - 72°F) 4 - 8 days Star S Series 35 cm (14”) plants, single star shaped flowers 5 cm (2”) across. Tolerate heat, humidity and drought. Orange White Starbright Mix Zinnia S Swizzle C Cherry & & I Ivory Zahara S Starlight R Rose Zahara S Sunburst 39 Zinnia Z Zahara Double Y Yellow Zahara D Double R Raspberry R Ripple Zahara D Double S Salmon Zahara D Double B Bright O Orange Zinnia Z Zahara Double W White NEW NEW NEW

ACHILLEA April 15 Zone 3 - 9 21°C (70°F) 1 - 2 wks Millefolium Summer Pastels 60 cm (24”). Unique blend of pastel colors. Will flower in late spring from a January sowing. Blooms can be used as fresh or dried flowers. AGASTACHE (MEXICAN MINT) Zone 6 - 9 14 - 22°C (57 - 72°F) 7 days 10 - 12 wks Pink Pop 30-35 cm (12-14”). Rich and very long flowering with pink colored spikes. Highly uniform and excellent base branching & compact plant habit. AQUILEGIA (COLUMBINE) Feb 1 - Mar 15 Zone 3 - 9 29°C (85°F) Day; 3 - 4 wks 21°C (70°F) Night Origami S Series Zone 4 21 - 24°C (70 - 75°F) 2 - 4 days 35-40 cm (14-16”).

‘Origami’ series is uniform for height and flowering. Sow October- November for April-May bloom. First year blooming.

Red & White Mix ARABIS (ROCK CRESS) Feb 1 Zone 1 - 8 18 - 21°C (65 -70°F) 2 wks Lotti S Series 10-15 cm (4”-6”). Uniform, well-branched and tight plant habit. Floriferous, mounded plants. Deep Rose White Compinkie 5" Ht, 12-18" spread. Excellent partner plant to Arabis Snow Cap. Masses of small deep rose flowers. Very durable and suited for rock gardens. Snowfix 12 cm (5”). Small bright white flowers. High uniformity and compact, globe shaped habit. Early blooming and no vernalization required. Use in containers, rock gardens and window boxes.

Spring Charm 15 cm (6”). Dwarf with compact habit.

Graceful carmine red flower spikes. Zone 4 - 7. ARMERIA (THRIFT) Ballerina S Series 20-25 cm (8”-10”). First year flowering. Compact and uniform plants produce cushion-shaped, grassy foliage and long, strong stems topped with globe-shaped blooms. Lilac Red Formula Mix Morning S Star Series 15 cm (6”). Compact habit. Fastrax perennial, flowers first year from seed without vernalization. Durable rock garden, ground cover and container beauty. Deep Rose White AUBRIETA (PURPLE ROCK CRESS) 18 - 21°C (65 - 70°F) 3 wks Audrey™ S Series 8-15 cm (3-6”). First F1 hybrid Aubrieta from seed. Compact, well branching plants.

Very uniform in habit and flowering time. Full sun to partial shade.

Blue Shades Light Blue 40 1-800-665-1642 Perennial Seeds A Ar ra ab bi is s L Lo ot tt ti i D De ee ep p R Ro os se e Armeria B Ballerina F Formula M Mix A Ar rm me er ri ia a M Mo or rn ni in ng g S St ta ar r D De ee ep p R Ro os se e

BARBAREA Zone 6 - 8 20 - 22°C (68 - 72°F) 3 wks 40-44 wks Sunnyola Intense flush of yellow flowers in spring with attractive foliage. Strong sales appeal. Prime Perennial Group 2 - vernalization required. BELLIS PERENNIS (ENGLISH DAISY) Zone 3 - 9 18 - 21°C (65 -70°F) 2 - 3 wks Galaxy S Series 3 cm (1.2”) Semi-double pomponette flower shape with a yellow heart.

Uniform, compact habit. Flowers continuously all winter in mild areas, will go dormant and flower again in spring in colder areas. (Pelleted only).

Red Mix Speedstar® Plus S Series 10-15 cm (4-6”). Compact plant habit and good uniformity. Great for early spring sales. (Pelleted only). Red Rose White Mix CALOCEPHALUS Bed Head™ 15-25 cm (6-10”). First calocephalus from seed. Heat and drought tolerant. Well suited as fall crop and accent plant in beds. CAMPANULA Zone 1 - 9 18-24°C (65-75°F) 2 - 3 wks Clockwise™ Deep Blue First F1 hybrid C. portenschlagiana from seed. Very uniform, very fast growing variety with strong blue bell shaped flowers for 4.5”-5” pots. Used in pots or garden. Re-flowers in autumn. Winter hardy till zone 3.

Advance S Series Dec - Apr Zone 5 - 7 20-22°C (68-72°F) 3 wks 16 - 18 wks 15 cm (6”).

Uniform and compact, ideal for small pots. Early flowering. White Pearl S Series 18 cm (7”). Significantly earlier—reduced crop time. Great hardy perennial. Deep Blue White Rapido S Series 13-18 cm (5-7”). Delivers good young plant and finished plant vigour, while maintaining compact habit. Suited for patio planters and gardens, as well as an indoor novelty pot plant. First year flowering. Blue White Campanula C Clockwise D Deep B Blue Campanula R Rapido B Blue Campanula P Pearl D Deep B Blue Bellis S Speedstar P Plus R Red Bellis S Speedstar P Plus R Rose Campanula R Rapido W White Calocephalus B Bed H Head™ 41

CHEIRANTHUS July - Aug Zone 3 - 8 15-18°C (60-65°F) 6 wks 30 cm (12”). First wintering flowering Cheiranthus. Early flowering and fragrant. Strong well-branched habit. Compact and uniform with dense flower spikes. Treasure S Series Bronze Yellow Formula Mix CHRYSANTHEMUM Dec - Jan Zone 1 - 12 18-20°C (65-68°F) 10 - 14 days 13 - 18 wks Crazy Daisy 60 - 70 cm (24 - 28”). High percentage of fully double flowers, creamy white with yellow center. COREOPSIS Zone 3 - 9 18-24°C (65-75°F) 2-3 wks Double the Sun (New) 30-36 cm (12 - 14”). Semi-double, clear golden yellow flowers that are 6cm (2.5”) in size.

Great controlled habit with strong flowering. First year Flowering. (Primed seed only) Early Sunrise 61 cm (24”). Rich golden yellow semi- double blooms on uniform plants. Early to bloom, will flower in packs within 11-12 weeks. (Primed seed only) Rising Sun Double flower. First year perennial, hardy to zone 4. January 1 sowing for April flowering. Sun Up 25-30 cm (10-12”).Produces semi-double, clear yellow flowers all summer long. More naturally compact than Early Sunrise. (Primed seed only) SunKiss 35-35 cm (12-14”). Bright yellow with large, deep red blotch. Well-branched and floriferous.

Excellent heat-tolerant plant. Reliable, east to grow, first year flowering. (Primed seed only) DELPHINIUM Zone 2 - 10 10-16°C (50-60°F) 3 - 4 wks Magic F Fountains S Series The dwarf Magic Fountains Delphinium can stand up in the garden without staking. This perennial is perfect for beautiful, long cut flowers. Magic Fountains grow equally well in sun or partial shade, and can also be produced as an annual. Perfect for 15 cm (6”) pot production. (Zone 2 - 9).

Cherry Blossom w/White Bee Dark Blue w/Dark Bee Dark Blue w/White Bee Lilac Pink w/White Bee Mid Blue w/White Bee Sky Blue w/White Bee White w/Dark Bee Pure White Crystal Mix Mix Pacific G Giant S Series 95 cm (38”). Wide range of colors, good for smaller gardens & windy areas where tall types are damaged. (Zone 3 - 10). Astolat - Shades of blush, lilac, pink & rose. Black Knight - Deep violet Blue Bird - Blue with white throat Blue Jay - Blue w/black throat Cameliard - Lavender Galahad - White Guinevere - Pinkish lavender King Arthur - Purple Summer Skies - Light blue Super Mix Summer S Series 30 cm (14”).

Flowers the first year without vernalization. (Zone 3 - 7).

Blues Cloud Morning Nights Stars Colors Coreopsis S SunKiss Delphinium S Summer M Morning Delphinium S Summer N Nights 42 1-800-665-1642 Coreopsis D Double t the S Sun NEW

DIANTHUS X BARBATUS INTERSPECIFIC Zone 4a - 8b 18 - 20°C (64°-68 F) 3 - 5 days 4 - 6 wks Rockin’ F1 Red 46-61 cm (18-24”). Lacy, slightly scented flowers top full and long-lasting plants. Vivid red color that has durable performance overwintering. First year flowering. Available in pelleted seed only. DICTAMNUS (GAS PLANT) . Zone 3 - 7 18 - 21°C (65 - 70°F) 3 - 4 wks Fraxinella Albus 91 cm (36”).

Spiral white flowers tinged rose. DIGITALIS (FOXGLOVE) Zone 4 - 9 21 - 26°C (70 -80°F) 2 - 3 wks Camelot S Series First F1 Series of Digitalis. Purperea type. 85% germination. (Pelleted seed only.) (Zone 5 - 9). Rose Mix Dalmatian S Series 40-50 cm (16-20”). First year flowering perennial is uniform in height and early flowering. Full sun to partial shade.

Créme Purple Rose White Formula Mix ECHINACEA (CONEFLOWER) Mar 15 Zone 4 - 9 21-23°C (70-75°F) 1 - 2 wks Cheyenne Spirit 45-60 cm (18-24”). First year flowering. Unique colours on well-branched plants. More flower colours and higher impact. Prairie Splendor 30 cm (12”). First year flowering. Flowers earlier than other varieties. Excellent landscape performance. PowWow S Series 40 - 50cm (16-20”). Both colors have more flowers per plant than any echinacea on the market. Colors are matched in habit and timing. No PGRs required. First year flowering.

White Wild Berry Echinacea P PowWow W White Echinacea P PowWow W Wild B Berry Echinacea C Cheyenne S Spirit Dianthus R Rockin’ R Red 43

Primadonna® ® Series 80-90 cm (32-36”). Daisy-like flowers attract butterflies from mid summer until frost. (Zone 1 - 12). Available in ApeX treated seed. Deep Rose White ERYNGIUM Jan - Feb Zone 1-12 22-24°C (72-75°F) 14 - 20 days Glitter S Series 90 - 100 cm (36 - 40”). Thrives in hot, sunny conditions. For cut flower and landscape use. No vernalization needed. Heat and drought tolerant. Blue White ERYSIMUM Feb - May Zone 7 - 9 20-22°C (68-72°F) 2 wks 14 - 16 wks Goldrush Improved in uniformity, earliness and compactness.

GAILLARDIA (GRANDIFLORA) (CLEANED SEED) Zone 1 - 12 18 - 21°C (65 - 70°F) 2 - 3 wks Arizona S Series 30 cm (12") tall and mounding, thrives in the harshest locations.

4" flowers. 12-16" spread. Well-branched and uniform habit. Apricot Red Shades Sun Mesa S Series 40-45 cm (16-18”). Flowers first year. Well-branched and early- blooming. Intense, non-fading colour. Very drought tolerant. Peach Yellow GAURA Zone 6 - 8 21 - 22°C (70 - 72°F) 1 - 2 wks Sparkle White 30-60 cm (12-24”). Early blooming, naturally compact and free-flowering variety is easy to grow, with no pinching necessary. Drought-tolerant variety. First year flowering perennial.

The Bride 100 cm (40”). Hardy perennial, but grow as an annual. White flowers in graceful spikes. Annual border plant which flowers all summer long. GYPSOPHILA (BABY’S BREATH) Zone 3 - 9 21 - 26°C (70 -80°F) 1 - 2 wks Filou S Series Prolific bloomers. Uniform early flowering the first year from seed. Compact plant habit. Dense habit suited for rock gardens, landscape borders, and mixed containers. Rose White Eryngium W White G Glitter Gaura S Sparkle W White Gaillardia M Mesa Y Yellow Gaillardia A Arizona A Apricot Echinacea P Primadonna® ® Deep R Rose 44 1-800-665-1642

HEUCHERA Jan - May Zone 2 - 8 20 - 22°C (68 - 72°F) 4 wks 12 - 16 wks Coral Forest™ (Sanguinea).

First year flowering. Deep red flowers form on shorter stems. Deep green foliage. Uniform habit and flowering. Palace Purple 60 cm (24”). Deep crimson foliage and creamy white flowers. Ruby Bells 40 cm (16”). Intense blood red flowers above evergreen foliage. Exceptional flowering. HIBISCUS Zone 4 - 9 20 - 24°C (68 - 75°F) 3 - 5 days 13 - 17 wks Luna™ S Series 60-90 cm (24-36”). Big, bushy, well-branched plants without pinching. Heat-loving with large, size flowers 15-20 cm (6-8”). Excellent show in the ground and well-suited for large planters.

Pink Swirl Red Rose White IBERIS (HARDY CANDYTUFT) Zone 1-9 15-21°C (60-70°F) 2-3 wks Whiteout 15-20 cm (6-8”). Produces masses of bright white blooms. Evergreen plant with shiny dark green foliage. Ideal for edge of border or container. Plant in full sun. ISOTOMA HYBRIDA Zone 5 - 9 20-22°C (68-72°F) 2 wks 3 - 4 wks Tristar S Series Early and uniform across all three colors. Floriferous in pot as well as garden. Fine-cut foliage. White LAVANDULA (LAVENDER) Zone 7 - 10 18 - 20°C (65-68°F) 3-5 days 5-6 wks Bandera S Series 18-23 cm (7-9”). Compact to medium habit with good branching and uniformity.

Flowers heavily to almost cover the plant. Long flowering and self-cleaning. First year flowering. Pink Purple Ellagance Pink 30-35 cm (12-14”). Large flower spikes on well-branched, bushy plants Uniform growth and floriferous. First year flowering. Hidcote Blue 30 cm (12”). Purple blue flowers above grey-green leaves. Plants for border and open positions. Aromatic, medicinal plant. Attractive for bees. Full sun. Lavender (Munstead Strain) 40 cm (16”). True old fashioned lavender. Mini Blue 25-30 cm (10”-12”). First year flowering. LEUCANTHEMUM (SHASTA DAISY) Silver Princess 41 cm (16”). Dwarf plants literally covered with medium sized white flowers.

Isotoma T Tristar D Deep B Blue L La av va an nd du ul la a H Hi id dc co ot te e B Bl lu ue e I Ib be er ri is s W Wh hi it te eo ou ut t Lavandula B Bandera P Pink 45

LOBELIA Queen Victoria 91 cm (36”). Deep scarlet with bronze foliage. (Pelleted seed only) (Zone 4-7). Starship S Series 50-60 cm (20-24”). Good summer crop for landscape programs —prefers higher temperatures, humidity and moisture. Good germinations and plug yield. Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. First year flowering perennial. Deep Rose Scarlet LUPIN Feb 15 - Mar 1 Zone 4 - 6 18-24°C (65-70°F) 3 - 4 wks Gallery S Series The first strain of dwarf lupins available in separate colors, this series stands 50 cm (20”) tall with 15-20 cm (6-8”) spikes.

White Yellow MALVA MOSCHATA Zone 3 - 8 20 - 22°C (68-72°F) 8 - 10 wks Rosea 70 cm (28”). Cup shaped rose color flowers. MONARDA Feb. 15 Zone 9 - 12 12 - 15°C (55 - 60°F) 3 - 4 wks Panorama (bergamot) 76 cm (30”). A mix of many shades of scarlet, bright red, pink, salmon and crimson.

Panorama Red (didyma) (New) 80-100 cm (32-40”). Bright red flowers attract hummingbirds. Ideal for borders and cut flowers. Aromatic scent. Available as raw seed. MYOSOTIS (FORGET ME NOT) Dec-Jan Zone 1 - 7 18-24°C (65-75°F) 2 - 3 wks Sylva Mix 20 cm (8”). Mounded, compact habit. Uniform and floriferous. Formula mix consists of fleuroselect winners bluesylva, rosylva, and snowsylva. Victoria S Series This series is a dwarf mounded variety of myosotis about 15-20 cm (6-8”) in height. Prefers moist conditions. Sun to shade. (Zone 4 - 9). Blue NEPETA (CATMINT) Feb - July 16 - 18°C (60 - 65°F) 14 - 16 days 14 wks Pink Cat Large pink flower spikes on compact mounded plants.

Heat tolerant and good winter hardiness. Awarded with the Fleuroselect Quality Mark. (Zone 4 - 8). PAPAVER (POPPY) Zone 2 - 7 20 - 30°C (68 -85°F) 1 - 2 wks Champagne Bubbles Mix 30 cm (12”). A very wide range of colors in pinks, reds, orange, rose, in plain and bi-color combinations. Bushy plant habit. Large flower size with longer garden life. Moondance One of the most elegant of all poppies. Light green hairy foliage in dense rosettes. Lemon yellow flowers, just 10 cm (4”) above rosette, transform later into beautiful seed pods. Oriental Red 91 cm (36”). Fiery Scarlet. (Zone 2 - 9). Oriental Mix 91 cm (36”).

Shades of pink/salmon pink, scarlet/orange, red and white. (Zone 2 - 9).

PENSTEMON Jan - May Zone 5 - 7 20-22°C (68-72°F) 3 wks 14-18 wks Tubular B Bells S Series 30-35 cm (12-16”). Long flowering and heat tolerant. Attractive foliage and basal branching. (Zone 7 - 10). Red PEROVSKIA Blue Steel 75-90 cm (30-36”). Very hardy, silvery foliage with small blue flowers. Strong stems and heat and drought tolerant. First year flowering with no vernalization. Long blooming period - July through September. Nepeta P Pink C Cat Lobelia S Starship D Deep R Rose 46 1-800-665-1642 Monarda P Panorama R Red NEW

PHYSOSTEGIA (FALSE DRAGONHEAD) Zone 4 - 8 18-21°C (65-70°F) 3 - 4 wks Rose Crown 70 cm (28”).

Rose pink flower spikes for cutting and border plants. PLATYCODON (GRANDIFLORUM) Jan 1 Zone 3- 9 20°C (70°F) 3 wks Sentimental Blue F1 Hybrid, 15 cm (6”), single flowered. Dwarf plant suited for bedding purposes and 10 cm (4”) pots. POLEMONIUM (JACOB’S LADDER) Jan 15 Zone 4 - 7 18 - 20°C (65 - 68°F) 14 - 21 days 3 - 4 mths Pearl S Series 70 cm (28”). Flowers three months after sowing. (Zone 3 - 9) Blue White PRIMULA NOVERNA Zone 3 - 8 20°C (68 °F) 3 - 4 wks 16 - 17 wks Deep Blue No vernalization required. Compact plants, deep blue flower heads on powdery white stems. Long flowering season.

PULSATILLA (VULGARIS) Mar - Apr Zone 5 - 7 20 - 22°C (68-72°F) 5 wks 48 - 52 wks Bells S Series 30 cm (12”) Charming garden plant, softly hairy throughout, with upward flowers, followed by feathery seedheads.

White Violet RUDBECKIA Mar 1 Zone 2 - 9 18-24°C (65-75°F) 2 - 3 wks Fulgida Goldsturm 78 cm (31”). Golden flowers with dark discs. Blooms August to September. Fulgida Goldsturm Apex Seed for faster and more uniform germination. SAGINA Jan - May Zone 4 - 7 16-18°C (60-65°F) 3 wks 16 wks Subulata 5-10 cm (2-4”). White starry flowers, evergreen mat forming and trampling- tolerant perennial . Subulata Crispy 5 cm (2”). A tight, mosslike plant with tiny white flowers, for carpet bedding and rockgardens, wintergreen.

P Pu ul ls sa at ti il ll la a B Be el ll ls s W Wh hi it te e P Pe er ro ov vs sk ki ia a B Bl lu ue e S St te ee el l S Sa ag gi in na a S Su ub bu ul la at ta a P Pr ri im mu ul la a N No ov ve er rn na a D De ee ep p B Bl lu ue e 47

SALVIA NEMOROSA (SUPERBA) Jan - May 20-22°C (68-72°F) 3 wks 12 - 18 wks Purple Volcano Deep purple ornamental foliage. Long lasting performance. A true perennial with annual culture. Merleau® ® Series 30-38 cm (12-15”). Compact, upright, well- branched habit. Very early to flower. Full sun. Blue New D Dimension Series 20-25 cm (8-10”). Compact and well- branched plants. No PGRs necessary. Long-lasting blooms in the landscape. Blue SCABIOSA Dec-Apr Zone 5 - 7 18- 22°C (64 -71°F) 4 wks 9 - 13 wks Blue Diamonds 20 cm (8”). Uniform and compact. Base branching habit with rich and long flowering.

Blue Note 20 - 25 cm (8-10”).

Uniform and compact. Large flowers. More floriferous and compact than vegetative varieties. First year flowering. Ritz S Series Plants are covered with delicate rose or sky blue pincushion flowers throughout the summer. The well branched, compact plants require no growth regulators. Blue SEDUM Mar Zone 3-9 18 - 24°C (65 -75°F) 3 - 4 wks Selskianum 20 cm (8”). Glossy light green foliage, deciduous, with tiny stems and crowded yellow flowers. Spirit Bright yellow blooming contrast to Sedum Voodoo. Zone 3 - 9, height 10 cm (4"), 18 - 24" spread. Fastrax perennial.

Voodoo 15 cm (6”). Round deep intense red leaves with bright rose flower color. SILENE Zone 4-7 18 - 24°C (65 -75°F) 3 - 4 wks 16 wks Starry Dreams 15-20 cm (6-8”). First year flowering perennial. Small star- like upward facing pure white flowers. Compact fresh green leaf-cushion. STACHYS LANATA Mar 1 Zone 4-11 18-21°C (65-70°F) 2 - 3 wks Lamb’s Ear Small pinkish lavender flowers on spreading 30 cm (12”) plant. Silvery foliage. Likes full sun. Blooms late June and July. VERBASCUM Feb. 20 Zone 5 - 10 18 - 24°C (65 - 75°F) 3 - 4 wks 16 wks Southern Charm 60 - 75 cm (2 - 2.5’). Unique blend of creamy yellow, soft lavender and peachy rose shades.

First year blooming perennial. (Pelleted only). VERBENA Zone 7a - 11 18 - 22°C (65 - 72°F) 7-10 11-13 wks Santos Purple 30 cm (12”). Compact and upright, well-branched plants bloom late spring through summer. Very heat and drought tolerant and exceptional performance in cool climates. Single flowers are deep purple to magenta. High powdery mildew resistance. Good in baskets and combo planters. First year blooming perennial. (Prime seed only). VERONICA Zone 2 - 8 18 - 24°C (65 - 75°F) 1 - 2 wks Blue Bouquet (Pelleted only) An annual bedding plant, a garden cut flower, a pot crop, and a perennial.

Features tapered blue spikes with many small florets highlighted by deep green foliage. VIOLA (CORNUTA) Zone 4 - 9 18°C (65°F) 2 - 3 wks Small F Flowered T Types These small flowering violas make excellent bedding and rock garden plants which will bloom from early spring to late fall.

Prince Henry Viola — Also see Annual Seed Section (pages 26 - 27) S Se ed du um m S Sp pi ir ri it t Verbena S Santos P Purple 48 1-800-665-1642

AGERATUM (FLOSS FLOWER) Feb 15 - Mar 10 Germ. L 21 -24°C (70 - 75°F) 7 days 10 - 11 wks Everest Blue 65 cm (26”). Unique true blue color. Strong, sturdy stems. Flowers all summer long. ASTERS Matador Mix 80 - 90 cm (32-36”). This aster has all the flower size and quality of the princess types. Matsumoto Formula Mix 75 cm (30”). Heat and disease resisting cutflower. Semi-double, flat, spray type blooms, contrasting yellow centers.

CELOSIA CRISTATA Germ. L 20-22°C (68-72°F) 3-4 days 2-3 wks Neo S Series 71-102 cm (28-40”). The Neo series offers big flower heads with great colors and small leaves. Neo is also less long day sensitive.

Gold Orange Pink Red Rose CELOSIA PLUMOSA Apr 1 - Apr 15 Germ. DL 21-24°C (70-75°F) 10 days 6 wks Century S Series 70 cm (28”). The extremely large plumes, which average 30 cm (12”) on an overall plant height of about 70 cm (28”), make this a very attractive plumosa type celosia. Fire DELPHINIUM (CONSOLIDA) QIS® Series Excellent series for outdoor cutflower and dryflower production for its uniformity, colour, stem quality and doubleness of flower. Light Blue Light Pink Lilac DIANTHUS Feb 1 - Mar 1 Germ. DL 21°C (70°F) 7 days 10 - 12 wks Dynasty S Series 40 - 50 cm (16 - 20”). Well-branched, upright, strong-stemmed and heat tolerant.

Lightly scented. Excellent landscape and garden performers. (Pelleted only). White Blush EUCALYPTUS 20-22°C (68 - 72°F) 13 - 15 wks Silverdrop 60-80 cm (25”). Small waxy blue-green foliage. Nice fragrance. For patio & border use. CUTFLOWER SEEDS Celosia N Neo G Gold Celosia N Neo O Orange Celosia N Neo P Pink Celosia N Neo R Rose Celosia N Neo R Red 49

FLOWERING KALE June Germ. L 21°C (70°F) 10 days 10 -12 wks Small round leaf cabbage type plants that produce small heads. They can be grown to produce long sturdy stems about 60 cm (24”) long. Sunrise - Creamy white with a light pink center Sunset — Red center. HELIANTHUS (SUNFLOWER) 20 - 25°C (70 - 75°F) 10 days Sunrich S Series F1 Hybrid. Early, pollenless, ideal for cut flowers. 10 - 15 cm (4 - 6”) blooms on 60 - 90 cm (24 - 36”) plants. Blooms 65 - 70 days after sowing.

Lime Orange (DMR=Downy Mildew Resistance) Sun S Series F1 Hybrid. Plants up to 2.1 meters (7 ft.). Pollenless blooms 10 - 15 cm (4-6”).

Day neutral type for year round cut flower production. Sunbright — Golden yellow with brown disk. F1 V Vincent® ® Series F1 Hybrid. Stem height is 140-160 cm (56 - 64”) and diameter of flowers are 10-11 cm (4 - 4.5”). More daylength neutral for greater flexibility in programming. Flowers face up on strong stems and necks. Strong seedling and plant vigor. Better height under short days.

Choice — combination of brown center & deep orange petals Fresh — Crisp green center Florenza 120 cm (48”). Light yellow petal tips with a distinct rusty red ring. 12 cm (5”) flowers with uniform habit. Premier Lemon 120-150 cm (4’-5’). Extra early blooming variety. Flowers maintain beautiful shape after harvest with petals that are rounded and overlapping. Ring of Fire 120 cm (4’). Bicolored petals with dark red base and golden yellow tips. 13-15 cm (5-6”) in flower diameter with a dark center and long side stems.

LISIANTHUS (EUSTOMA) Germ. DL 22°C (72°F) 10 - 20 days 20 - 24 wks Double F Flower Echo S Series 70 cm (28”).

Double cutflower. Early flowering. (Available as pelleted seed only). Blue Picotee MARIGOLD Tall — — I Inbred Crackerjack 76 - 91 cm (30-36”). This 100% double marigold comes in shades of orange, gold and yellow. (Raw only). Helianthus V Vincent® Series Helianthus V Vincent® Choice Helianthus V Vincent® Fresh Helianthus S Sunrich O Orange ( (DMR) Helianthus S Sunrich L Lime 50 1-800-665-1642

SNAPDRAGON (ANTIRRHINUM) Jan 15 - Mar 11 Germ. L 18°C (65°F) 10 days 8-12 wks Tall V Varieties F F1 H Hybrid Rocket S Series Bred especially for heat resistance and summer bloom. Winter hardy in milder climates. Long closely set spikes and strong stems, 76-91 cm (30-36”) tall, branching upright. Bronze Cherry Lemon Orchid Pink Red White Mix Butterfly T Types Madame Butterfly Double azalea flowered snapdragon. Florets larger than ordinary snapdragons. Formula mix in a wide range of colors. Vigorous hybrid plants grow 61-76 cm (24-30”) and branch freely from the base.

GREENHOUSE FORCING SNAPDRAGONS These greenhouse forcing snapdragons are classified into four groups as listed below.

These groups are based on different sowing dates and flowering time. Some varieties will do well in more than one group. Greenhouse snapdragons should be transplanted about 3 weeks after sowing date. Sowing a and F Flowering S Schedule Group 1 Varieties Min. Night Temperature 9-10°C (48-50°F) Sow: Aug.15 to Aug 31 To flower: Dec. 10 to Feb. 15 Group 2 Varieties Min. Night Temperature 9-10°C (48-50°F) Sow: Sept. 11 to Dec. 10 To flower: Feb. 15 to May 10 Also sow: July 8 to Aug. 9 To flower: Oct. 5 to Dec. 10 Group 3 Varieties Min. Night Temperature: 14-16°C (58-60°F) Sow: Dec. 11 to March 21 To flower: May 10 to June 30 Also sow: June 18 to July 16 To flower: Sept.

10 to Oct. 25 Group 4 Varieties Min. Night Temperature: 17-18°C(63-65°F) Sow: March 28 to June 10 To flower: July 1 to Sept. 10 Cool S Series Group 1,2. (Cool series will be replacing the winter series once inventory depleted).

Bronze Coral Crimson Orange Bi-Color Pink Rose Salmon White Yellow Opus S Series Type III/IV, spring/summer & early fall. Wide range of the most popular colors. Group 3 or 4. Bronze Mix Overture I II S Series Type II Winter. Wide range of popular and profitable colors. Group 2. Red White Potomac S Series Appleblossom - Bi-color, pink. Group 3 or 4 Cherry Rose - Cherry color. Group 3 or 4 Dark Orange (New Mexico) - Bronze, pink. Group 3 or 4 Early Orange (Kansas) - Honey bronze. Early. Short. Group 2 or 3 Early Pink (Columbia) - Light rose pink. Group 3 Early Rose - deep pink. Group 3 Early White (San Francisco) - Paper white, medium height.

Early. Group 3 Light Rose (Winchester) - Light rose pink. Group 3 or 4 Orange - Group 3 or 4 Pink - Medium pink. Group 3 or 4 Plumblossom - Purple. Group 3 or 4 Red Rose - Group 3 or 4 Royal - Magenta purple. Group 3 or 4 Ivory White - Ivory. Group 3 or 4 White - Group 3 or 4 Yellow - Group 3 or 4 STATICE Cut F Flower V Varieties Germ. DL 21°C (70°F) 3 weeks 8 - 10 wks Sinuata 61-76 cm (24-30”). Cleaned seed, (decorticated) for easier sowing. Germination is quicker and with a much higher percentage of transplants. Fortress S Series Especially selected for its earliness, length of stem, flower size and uniformity.

Apricot Dark Blue Purple Rose White Sunset 75 cm (30”). Warm tones of apricot, orange, peach and rose-red. Very popular cut flower. S Sn na ap pd dr ra ag go on n O Op pu us s B Br ro on nz ze e 51

-BRUSSEL SPROUTS Jade Cross Regular 90 days. F1 Hybrid. Matures a few days later than Jade Cross. 10-13 cm (4-5”) taller. Slightly larger sprouts. CABBAGE Stonehead 88 days. Early, ball-headed variety. Very compact, small plant size with short stems and few outer leaves adapted for close planting. 16 cm (6½”) in diameter, 2+ lb (1 kg) in weight. Tolerant of yellow and black rot. Red C Cabbage Red Dynasty 72 days. Hybrid. Produces medium sized, round heads under winter and summer conditions with excellent color. Ruby Perfection 85 days. F1 Hybrid. Abundant producer of solid, globe-shaped cabbages.

Excellently flavored heads that are slow to burst.

CAULIFLOWER Snow Crown 50 - 60 days. Mild and sweet, easiest cauliflower to grow. Vigorous habit. Medium sized, domed, pure white heads up to 20 cm (8”) across with non-wrapping habit. CUCUMBER Slicing C Cucumbers - H Hybrid V Varieties Fanfare 62 days. F1 Hybrid Monoecious. Compact, vigorous plant producing high quality fruit (22 cm). Early producing. Martini 55-60 days. F1 Hybrid. Very tender, “no peel” skin if harvested at 5-6”. White interior is bitter-free, very sweet and crunchy. Very high yielding with continuous harvest of high quality, straight fruit.

Patio Snacker 39 days.

F1 Hybrid. Short vining plant for garden or container. Medium size (20 cm) fruit with good flavour and nice dark green color. Peticue 55-59 days. Sweet flavour, crunchy texture short green fruits, 8-10” long. Short vined variety perfect for the patio/container growing. High yielding. Sweet Success 54 days. F1 Hybrid. Lets you grow greenhouse English type quality cucumbers in your own garden. Early maturing, 30-34 cm dark green fruits which are tender, sweet and resistant to mosaic virus, scab, leaf spot, powdery and downy mildew.

Tasty Green 62 days. F1 Hybrid. Burpless, dark green, smooth skin with white spines. The long narrow fruit should be picked when 23 cm long. Highly resistant to mildew. Stake for best results. Pickling C Cucumber Eureka 57 days. F1 Hybrid. Monoecious variety, that can be both a pickler and a slicer. Salad cucumber from small size up and pickling cucumber from 1.5”-5” long. Wide range of disease resistance. Gherking 50-55 days. F1 Hybrid. Cylindrical, dark green gherkins with white spines are perfect for pickling and fresh eating. Early, large yields of bitter-free fruit size (3-5”). Petipikel 55-59 days.

Good flavour, short green fruits, 6” long. Short vined variety perfect for the patio/container growing. High yielding.

EGGPLANT Emerald Isle Unusual green and white striped fruit abound on this ‘spineless’ eggplant. Compact habit and fruit color make it a novelty in a patio container. Easy to pick fruit should be harvested early for best flavor and highest yields. Epic 63 days. Plant height is 60 cm (24”). Epic is a glossy black color. Oval shape size 3”x6.5”. Gretel F1 55-60 days. Indeterminate, 91 cm (3 ft) plants have thornless leaves/calyx. Earliest white eggplant is highly productive, producing clusters of glossy mini-fruit that are tender and non-bitter.

Hansel F1 50-55 days. 91 cm (3 ft) plants have thornless leaves/calyx for easy harvest.

Early maturing, highly productive variety produces clusters of glossy, black- purple eggplants. Night Shadow 75 days. Large teardrop glossy black in color. At maturity, fruits remain very firm. Good fresh or for freezing. Patio Baby F1 45 days. Thornless leaves and calyx. Harvest is 5-7” long and about 1” in diameter. Purple-black colour. C Cu uc cu um mb be er r P Pe et ti ic cu ue e C Cu uc cu um mb be er r P Pe et ti ip pi ik ke el l VEGETABLE SEEDS C Cu uc cu um mb be er r M Ma ar rt ti in ni i E Eg gg gp pl la an nt t H Ha an ns se el l E Eg gg gp pl la an nt t G Gr re et te el l 52 1-800-665-1642

HERB Basil Aristotle Single seed required per pot. Distinctive ‘hint of aniseed’ fragrance. No pinching required. Basil Dolce Fresca (Sweet italian) 30-35 cm (12-14”) Full sun. Basil Everleaf Genovese (New) 46-61 cm (18-24”) Bred for season-long performance and continual harvesting. Compact, well-branched variety. Basil (ornamental) Purple Ruffles Basil Large Leaf (Sweet) Basil Sweet Dani Small white flowers. 1998 AAS winner. Both a flowering and vegetative ornamental plant. Caraway Coriander – Cilantro Dill – Mammoth Garlic Chives Marjoram (Sweet) Oregano Tarragon Herbs P Parsley Italian Dark Green Plain, flat, glossy dark green leaves.

Simply H Herbs Simply Herbs Try Basil Finished height 24”-30”. Each pellet includes 3 varieties (Genovese, serrated & dark red selections) with 8-14 seeds Simply Herbs Curled Parsley Finished height 15”-18”. Each pellet contains 7-9 seeds. Simply Herbs Dill Finished height 12”-24”. Each pellet contains 7-9 seeds. Simply Herbs Oregano Finished height 12”-30”. Each pellet contains 7-14 seeds. Simply Herbs Parsley Finished height 15”-18”. Each pellet contains 7-9 seeds. (Large leaf italian flat parsley).

Simply Herbs Rosemary Finished height 12”-24”. Each pellet contains 10-15 seeds. Simply Herbs Sage Finished height 18”-24”. Each pellet contains 6-10 seeds. Simply Herbs Thyme Finished height 12”-18”. Each pellet contains 8-14 seeds Precision M Multi-P Pelleted A Available Simply Herbs Basil Simply Herbs Basil Try Simply Herbs Curled Parsley (New) Simply Herbs Dill (New) Simply Herbs Large-Leaf Italian Flat Leaf Parsley (New) Simply Herbs Rosemary (New) Simply Herbs Sage LETTUCE & SALAD GREENS SimplySalad S Series 30 cm (12”). First salad Multi-Species, Multi-Pellet seeds on the market! Full sun in cool weather, parital shade as it warms up.

Can be cut back and regrown a couple of times. Very appealing to eyes & taste buds. Alfresco Mix Arugula City Garden Mix Cress Global Gourmet Mix Kale Storm Mix Summer Picnic Mix Wonder Wok Mix Romaine o or C Cos Valley Heart Tall, medium-green romaine with slightly blistered, large leaves. Good cold tolerance and bolting tolerance. Well- suited for hearts, fresh market or processor use. Leaf L Lettuce New Red Fire Medium large head, dark red in color. Good flavour. Excellent uniformity. This variety has moderate cold tolerance and a strong tolerance to heat. Harvest summer to fall.

MUSKMELON Earlidew 75 days. Hybrid. This green fleshed honey dew melon is very early, good for short season areas. Oval shaped fruit is about 13 cm (5”) in diameter, has smooth pale green skin without netting. ONION F1 H Hybrid Candy 85 days. Single centers and thick white rings are a trademark of this fine variety and the flesh is neatly protected by layers of beautiful golden brown skin. ‘Candy’ performs best when planted in the spring and produces jumbo to colossal size bulbs. Sterling 112 days. Hybrid. Superior white sweet spanish jumbo that produces high yields of uniform, very large, bright white bulbs.

Red Zeppelin 110 days. A fabulous new globe-shaped, dark red onion that produces jumbo and colossal bulbs. Sierra Blanca 95 days. Jumbo colossal. Mid day onion. Scales are very white and shiny. Suitable for fresh market or short-term storage. Spanish Medallion 110-115 days. Early, long day spanish yellow onion is firm with excellent skin retention. Has brown skin with a globe bulb shape and colossal to jumbo size. Bunching Green Banner 65-70 days. Uniform, sturdy, vigorous and more heat tolerant than other varieties. Stems are glossy white & the leaves are full and dark green. The flavor is slightly pungent.

C Ci it ty y G Ga ar rd de en n B Bl le en nd d S Su um mm me er r P Pi ic cn ni ic c M Mi ix x W Wo on nd de er r W Wo ok k M Mi ix x Lettuce SimplySalad Series B Ba as si il l D Do ol lc ce e F Fr re es sc ca a 53 S Si im mp pl ly yH He er rb bs s D Di il ll l S Si im mp pl ly yH He er rb bs s C Cu ur rl le ed d P Pa ar rs sl le ey y S Si im mp pl ly yH He er rb bs s L La ar rg ge e-L Le ea af f I It ta al li ia an n F Fl la at t L Le ea af f P Pa ar rs sl le ey y S Si im mp pl ly yH He er rb bs s R Ro os se em ma ar ry y Basil E Everleaf G Genovese Lettuce N New R Red F Fire NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW

PEPPER Feb. 1 - Feb. 18 Germ. L 21 - 27°C (70 - 80°F) 1 - 2 wks 12 wks F1 H Hybrid S Sweet V Varieties Big Bertha 70 days. 3-4 lobed, thick-walled pepper. Medium green 16x10 cm (6x4”) fruits that mature to dark red. Biscayne 62 days. An early and productive frying type pepper resembling cubanelle. Fruit are blunt, long and light green. Candy Cane Red F1 40-45 days. Snack pepper has unique, eye-catching variegated foliage plus elongated bell peppers that ripen from green striped to solid red. Sweet flavour, thin walls, crispy texture.

Early Sensation 70 days. Big, blocky bell peppers mature green and then mature to a shade of golden-yellow.

About 4.5” longand smooth well shaped. Extra sweet when fully yellow. Resistant to disease. Giant Marconi 72 days. F1 Hybrid. This award winning sweet pepper has very large, elongated fruit - perfect for roasting/grilling or adding to salads. Turns green to red. Tobacco mosaic and potato Y resistant. Gypsy 65 days. F1 Hybrid. Early red sweet, gold color when young, with a unique flavor taste. TMV tolerant, vigorous grower yet compact habit.

Mad Hatter 65-70 days. Flat-disc peppers are crunchy and crisp, with delicate floral scent and rich flavour that intensifies/sweetens as it matures. Green to red fruit color. Mohawk 100 days. F1 Hybrid. True bell pepper. Compact spreading plant produces orange fruit during summer. New Ace 60 days. Sweet and tender blocky fruit, mostly 3-lobed, matures from green to crimson. North Star 65 days. 3-4 lobed medium sized fruit. Sweet bell pepper matures green to red. Recommended for short season areas. Redskin 100 days. F1 Hybrid. True dwarf bell pepper. Compact upright plant. Medium sized fruit turn red on ripening.

Snackabelle Red F1 (New) 70-75 days to full ripe. Thick-walled, blunt-end peppers have a rich, sweet flavour that’s great for fresh eating from green to red. Superior disease resistance.

Standard S Sweet V Varieties Sweet Banana 75 days. O/P. Quality bedding plant strain. Fruits are 4 cm (1.5”) in diameter and 15 cm (6”) long. Hot V Varieties Aji Rico F1 50-55 days. Narrow, conical fruit with delicate citrus flavour and medium heat is crispy and thin-walled — perfect fresh or cooked, green or red. Large, indeterminate plants. Apache 100 days. Dwarf chilli pepper. Compact plants. Fruits turn from green to bright red. Basket of Fire 80 days. The first true hanging basket pepper. Spice hot peppers add color and character as they turn from cream to orange and maturing to red. New growth continues to fill the top for a well rounded appearance.

Cajun Belle (Sweet Bell Red Pepper) 60 days. 61 cm (24”). Full sun. 2”x3” long pepper weighs about 1 oz with 3 or 4 lobes. Starts bright green, turns scarlet & then deep red.

Cayenetta 85-90 days. Compact branching cayenne type chilli. It produces a large crop of bright red 4” tapered fruits. Fruits are mild in heat. Tolerant to both hot and cold seasons. Chenzo 68 days. Compact and well branched. Long black peppers cascades beneath the foliage and turns a bright red. Fits nicely into containers and small spaces. Garden Salsa 73 days. F1 Hybrid. Perfect for homemade salsa. Hot but not too hot. Peppers are 17 - 20 cm (7” - 8”) long and turn dark green to red. La Bomba II F1 Jalapeño 50-55 days mature green. Very large, dark green fruit has thick walls. High quality jalapenos have good flavor with medium heat.

Upgraded for superior disease resistance. Ideal for in ground or container growing. Loco 68 days. Fruit that turns from purple to lavender to red as they ripen. Produces small egg shaped peppers for a little spicy bell pepper flavor for salads. Mariachi Thick-walled fruit is about 4” in length by 2” wide. Conical shape with a blunt blossom end & matures yellow to red. Fruity flavor with mild pungency. AAS Winner. Super Chili 75 days. Hybrid. 6 cm (2½”) fruit ripen from medium green to orange to red, can be used fresh or dried. Very productive semi-compact plants.

Sweet Heat 35 days. Early to ripen. Fruit with great, smoky flavour that is sweet & spicy. Delicious raw or cooked. Compact, bushy plants. Great for garden or patio containers. PHYSALIS Little Lanterns Stunning flowers soon followed by delicious fruit. A compact umbrella shaped habit-perfect for container use. Orange fruit color. PUMPKIN Big Moon 120 days. Open Pollinated. This is one of the largest pumpkins available. Pumpkins can weigh up to 90 kilograms (200 lbs.). Orange Smoothie 90 days. F1 Hybrid. Perfectly globe-shaped with slight ribbing. Weight is 5-8 lbs. It’s been called “the prettiest pumpkin ever”.

Unique size category, perfect for children, good for carving and pies.

Windsor 90 days. F1 Hybrid. A miniature deep orange pumpkin. Average fruit size is 4-5” in diameter by 3” high. P Pe ep pp pe er r M Ma ad d H Ha at tt te er r P Pe ep pp pe er r A Aj ji i R Ri ic co o P Pe ep pp pe er r L La a B Bo om mb ba a I II I J Ja al la ap pe eñ ño o 54 1-800-665-1642 P Pe ep pp pe er r S Sn na ac ck ka ab be el ll le e R Re ed d NEW

SQUASH Zucchini S Summer T Type S Squash Easy P Pick C Collection 46 days. Produces smooth-textured zucchini in matched green and gold skinned varieties. Open habit with nearly no spines on the petioles, for easy and continuous harvests.

Gold II Green Balmoral 70 days. F1 Hybrid. A white, scalloped squash. Balmoral will provide saucer shaped, white fruit which is meaty and delicious. Fruit averages 6-8” in diameter. Gold Rush 52 days. F1 Hybrid. Golden skinned zucchini. Long 20 cm (8”) fruits are slender and uniform. Zucchini Greyzini 47 days. Hybrid. Compact bush, open habit. Creamy grey-green fruits with a luscious, sweet, rich flavor. Stays tender and tasty even at 6-8 inches. Summer S Scallop S Squash Peter Pan 52 days. F1 Hybrid. Scallop type squash. Fruit sets early. Uniformly green tinted. Excellent raw or delicious when cooked.

Sunny Delight 40 days. F1 Hybrid. Fruits are bright and beautiful, flat disk shape and mature about 5-7 days earlier than anything similar. Ideal for 'baby vegetables'. Winter S Storage T Types Butternut T Type S Squash Butterbaby (New) 100-105 days. Produces an abundance of sweet, personal-size mini butternuts with classic light tan skin color. Average size range from 227-680 grams (0.5 to 1.5 lb) each. Canesi 88 days. Smooth, tan-skinned fruits. Fruits weigh about 6lbs and are 10-12” long. Great tasting, bright yellow flesh that is sweet, fine-textured and smooth. Early Butternut 75 days.

Hybrid. A valuable commercial variety because of its extreme earliness. Compact semi-bush habit and high yields with good storage ability. Color is deep tan. Honeynut 85 days. High yielding plants. Very sweet, delicious, single-serving fruit. Flesh is a bright orange in colour. Each mini-fruit is 10-13 cm (4-5”) long. Taybelle PM 70 days. Hybrid. Heart-shaped winter acorn. Develops an overall dark green to jet black colour very early after pollination. Shorter vine. Fruit size is 6”long by 5” wide. Resistant to powdery mildew.

STRAWBERRY Jan 15 Germ. L 18°C 16 wks. Mignonnette Produces an abundance of miniature conical red fruit. Vigorous habit with no runners. TOMATO Feb. 15 - Mar. 15 Germ. DL 24 -27°C (75 - 80°F) 5 - 14 days 12 wks F1 H Hybrid T Tomato V Varieties Beefmaster 80 days. Extra large beefsteak type tomatoes. Weight about 340 grams (12 oz) with real hybrid vigor, VFN tolerant indeterminate. Better Boy 70 days. VFN resistant. Excellent for home garden or market. Better yield of round red fruit, weight approx. Sturdy, compact plants.

Big Beef 73 days. Extra large “beefy” fruits, 280-330 grams and globe shaped.

Good disease tolerances to VFNT plus alternaria stem canker and gray leaf spot. Low Acid. Big League 68-71 days. Very large true beefsteak fruits, 320-650 grams. Semi-determinate habit, 5-7 fruits per truss. Burpee Big Boy Hybrid 78 days. Vigorous grower, heavy foliage. Celebrity 70 days. The very large deep fruit are firm and exceptionally flavorful. Plants are determinate and resistant to verticilium and fusarium wilt. Health Kick 72 days. High-yielding determinate saladette tomato. Deep plum-shaped 4 oz fruits are 50% higher in lycopene. Disease resistance is V, F1, F2, ASC, ST, BSK race-0, and TSWV.

Husky Red 67-68 days. Produces 142-198 gram (5-7 oz) fruits with very good flavor. Matures somewhat earlier than husky gold. Resistant to verticillium and fusarium wilt. Lemon Boy 80 days. Jubilee type. Large fruit, mild flavor. Little Napoli F1 60-65 days. Produces 55-70 grams (2-2.5 oz) fruits. Height 30-45 cm (12-18”). One of the only patio romas, with disease resistance. High yeilds and best in containers. Mega Bite Compact, naturally branching, determinate habit. Bright red round fruit on thick and strong central stem. Produces up to 100 gm beefsteak flavorful fruit. Pink Girl 76 days.

Produces large, juicy fruit that are smooth and attractive. Fruit starts green, turns to pink weighing 7-8 oz. Indeterminate vine continues to flower and set fruit until frost.

Stellar 70-75 days. Determinate habit. Standard round, red, slicing tomatoes are good for fresh eating. Sunrise Sauce 55-60 days. High-yielding orange roma/paste tomato. Determinate plant, great for small spaces. Harvest Large number of fruit at one time for cooking or fresh eating. Totem 105 - 140 days. Dwarf compact determinate plant. High yielding with medium sized crimson fruit. T To om ma at to o L Li it tt tl le e N Na ap po ol li i T To om ma at to o S Su un nr ri is se e S Sa au uc ce e 55 Squash B Butterbaby NEW

Heirloom M Marriage™ C Collection Big Brandy F1 75-80 days.

Pink beefsteak is a cross of Big Dwarf and Brandywine. Fruit size 350-425 grams. Indeterminate. Cherokee Carbon F1 75-80 days. Robust purple beefsteak with rich flavour. A cross of Cherokee purple x Carbon. Best in ground. Fruit size 280-350 grams. Indeterminate. Genuwine F1 70-75 days. Slicer tomato is a cross of Costoluto Genovese and Brandywine. Produces abundance of squat, pleated tomatoes good for fresh eating and salads. Fruit size 300-330 grams. Indeterminate. Marzinera F1 65-70 days. Red roma/paste tomato produces large yields of meaty fruit that are great for cooking. A cross of San Marzano x Cream Sausage.

Best in ground. Fruit size 55-85 grams. Indeterminate.

Perfect Flame F1 65-70 days. Saladette is a cross of Peron and Flamme. Fruit size 100-125 grams. Indeterminate. Standard T Tomato V Varieties Poseidon 78 days. Indeterminate. Mild tomato that is sweet to the taste. Pink tomato. Small F Fruit/Patio T Tomato V Varieties Amsterdam 68 days. Indeterminate. Sweet tasting grape tomato. 22 grams. Candyland Red 55-60 days. Indeterminate. Very small, sweet fruit. Very high yields of fruit develop on exposed trusses. Fast harvest of single fruit or entire truss. Cherry Fountain 68 - 72 days. Large cherry sized and color fruit cascade, forming a waterfall of fruit.

Produces sweet 1½-1¾ fruit. Suited for baskets, window boxes and mixed pots.

Chocolate Sprinkles F1 50-55 days. Unique striped color fruit 2.5x4 cm. Produces more fruit with better flavour than similar OP varieties. Best in-ground. Cupid (Grape-Type) 66 days. F1 Hybrid. Highly productive indeterminate plant that produces sweet small-fruited grape-shaped tomato. Very disease resistant. Great for salads or healthy snacking. Firecracker 84-87 days. Elongated bright red-orange fruits with yellow stripes, 30-35 grams. Trailing habit. Ideal for baskets or window boxes. Little Sun Yellow Compact, basal branching plant habit. This early tomato holds an abundance of deep yellow 2 oz fruit close to the stem.

Produces alot of mid-sized flavorful fruit. Midnight Snack F1 65-70 days. Unique cherry tomato ripens red with a blush of glossy black-purple on the skin when exposed to sunlight. Yielding flavourful fruit all season long. Orange Zinger 60 days. Big tomato flavour- a delightful balance of sweet and tangy with a “zing” of a finish. Dark orange color. Indeterminate plant.

Patio 70 days. Good color. Deep oblate shaped fruit, medium size. Should be staked but suitable for tubs and containers. Resistant to fusarium wilt. Peardrops Oval golden yellow fruit. Well branched. Bushy, mounded habit with high yield. Sweet as a pear. Pink Charmer 68-71 days.Deep rosy pink fruits, 20-25 grams. Good flavour and high yielding, up to 40 fruits per truss. Indeterminate habit. Sugargloss 71-74 days. Bright red cherry fruits, 20-25 grams. Good flavour and high yielding, up to 60 fruits per truss. Indeterminate habit.

Sugar Rush F1 50-55 days. Super sweet elongated fruit 2-3.25 cm.

Fast maturing and productive all season. Long trusses of fruit with great crunch and texture. Best in-ground. Sunsugar 62 days. F1 Hybrid. A yellow cherry tomato that is incredibly sweet with tons of Vitamin A. Vigorous, indeterminate plants are resistant to Fusarium wilt race 1 and ToMV. Sweet Baby Girl 65 days. F1 Hybrid. Sweetest, best-tasting red cherry tomato ever. Fruit size is 18-25 grams. Plants are resistant to ToMV races 0, 1, and 2. Low Acid. Sweet Million 60 days. Fruits are darker red and have much better tolerance to cracking than Sweet 100. Fruit average 3 cm (1+”). Plants are indeterminate.

Tidy Treats F1 50-55 days. Good in small space gardens and containers. Produces tons of red cherry tomatoes all season. Fruit size is 2-2.5 cm. Habit like a determinate but produces like an indeterminate.

Topsy Tom 50 days. F1. Well-branched, semi-determinate plants. Very early, high yields of sweet, bite-sized fruit with “big tomato” flavour! Tumbler 49 days. Extra early. A superior variety for hanging baskets and containers. Cascading habit that produces 6 lbs/2.7 kg of cherry-type tomatoes. Very sweet and tasty. Tumbling Tiger 1-1.5 oz yellow, cherry sized fruit. Dense, flat habit is excellent for hanging baskets and patio planters. Rambling S Series Vigorous, cascading, basket types with distinct green stripes. Round cherry tomatoes. Cascading more than 2 feet.

Red Stripe Sweet ‘ ‘n’ N Neat S Series Cherry sized, one bite fruit.

Very compact and extremely high yielding tomatoes. Cherry Red Yellow Tumbling T Tom S Series 90-100 days. Cascading, branching, red tomato. Sweet and delicious flavour. Ideal for salads. Red Yellow WATERMELON Apollo (Seedless) 75-80 days. F1 Hybrid. Very productive seedless fruits weighing 18-20 lbs. Excellent uniformity, and improved yields. Yellow Doll 68 days. F1 Hybrid. Icebox-type watermelon with sweet, yellow flesh. Produces round to oval, striped small sized fruit in the 5-7 pound range.

S Su ug ga ar r R Ru us sh h F F1 1 T Ti id dy y T Tr re ea at ts s F F1 1 C Ch ho oc co ol la at te e S Sp pr ri in nk kl le es s C Ca an nd dy yl la an nd d R Re ed d M Mi id dn ni ig gh ht t S Sn na ac ck k 56 1-800-665-1642

Variety Days to Maturity Plant Shape Size Skin Features Fanfare 62 Moderately compact Straight,tapers at both ends 22 cm x 6 cm Dark Green AAS winner, excellent quality & resistance Martini 55-60 Moderately Vigorous Straight 14 cm x 4 cm White/Light Green Novel skin color, excellent taste & crunch Patio Snacker 39 Short vining Long 16 cm x 6 cm Dark Green Well-suited for container growing Peticue 55-59 Short vining Smooth 20 cm x 25 cm Green Well-suited for patio/container growing Sweet Success 54 Vigorous Long, straight, rounded ends 30-34 cm x 6 cm Med Green AAS winner, burpless, english type Tasty Green 62 Moderately Vigorous Long and slender 23 cm x 6 cm Dark Green Early maturing, heavy yielding, burpless Eureka 57 Vigorous N/A N/A Dark Green Excellent fruit quality Gherking 50-55 Moderately Vigorous Gerkin 7-13 cm Dark Green Extremely productive, early maturing Petipikel 55-59 Short vining Gerkin 15 cm Green Well-suited for patio/container growing Variety Days to Maturity Color Shape Features Big Bertha 70 Medium green to red 3-4 lobed, smooth, straight Updated version of Giant Bell, produced huge fruit sizes Biscayne 62 Light green to red Cubanelle Cubanelle-type, early with large fruits Candy Cane Red 40-45 Green striped to red Elongated bell peppers Sweet flavour, crispy texture.

Early Sensation 70 Green to golden yellow Blocky bell peppers Extra sweet when fully yellow. Disease resistant Giant Marconi 72 Green to red 2-4 lobed Perfect for roasting/grilling, or adding to salads Gypsy 65 Light yellow to red 3-lobed, tapers, blunt end Unusually early, productive, great flavor, AAS winner Mad Hatter 65-70 Green to red Flat-disc peppers Sweetens as it matures New Ace 60 Green to crimson 3-lobed, blocky bell Sweet and tender blocky fruit Redskin 100 Red Medium size fruit Dwarf bell pepper, ideal for pots/containers Snackabelle Red F1 70-75 Green to red Mini bell Thick-walled, blunt-end peppers have a sweet flavour.

Cajun Belle 60 Bright green to red 3-4 lobed, bell Both sweet & savory southern belle, AAS winner Sweet Banana 75 Light yellow to orange-red Tapering to a point Very productive, yellow banana Aji Rico F1 50-55 Green or red Narrow conical fruit Large indeterminate. Medium heat. Crispy and thin-walled Apache 100 Green to bright red Long pointed fruit Dwarf chili pepper, superb pot or patio plant, fruit all summer Basket of Fire 90-95 Purple to cream to bright red Long pointed fruit Small hot fruits Cayenetta 85-90 Bright red Tapered fruit Chilli-type, fruits are mild in heat Chenzo 85 Black to Bright red Small blunt end Suited for pots, containers and window boxes Garden Salsa 73 Green to red Long, tapered point Perfect for salsa, long, green, thin skin La Bomba II F1 50-55 Dark green Large green fruit Good flavor with medium heat.

Superior disease resistance. Loco 85 Purple to Bright Red Small oval, upright fruits Maturity presents a colorful display Mariachi 65 Yellow to Red Conical, blunt end Fruity flavour Super Chili 75 Green to red Tapered to blunt end Super productive small chile, AAS winner Sweet Heat 35 Green to red Medium size fruit Mildly spicy, great for garden or patio container Variety Days to Maturity Weight Shape Plant Habit Features Beefmaster 80 340-360 gr/12-16 oz Deep Oblate Indeterminate Extremely large-fruited beefsteak with hybrid vigor Better Boy 70 230 gr/8 oz Deep Globe Indeterminate Widely adapted, well-known, proven seller Big Beef 73 280-330 gr/10-12 oz Deep Oblate Indeterminate AAS winner, large size, great flavor, highest rated overall Big League 68-71 400-600 gr/14-21 oz Beeksteak Semi-determinate Compact habit, very large beeksteak fruits, good flavour Burpee’s Big Boy 78 230 -255 gr/8-9 oz Deep Oblate Indeterminate Large, smooth fruit, good yields, older variety still in demand Celebrity 70 230 gr/8 oz Deep Oblate Determinate Vigorous plant with large fruit, commercial or home garden Health Kick 72 113 gr/4 oz Plum Determinate Contains 50% more lycopene, high yielding, bright red Heirloom Marriage-Big Brandy 75-80 350-425 gr/12-15 oz Large Oblate Indeterminate Large pink beefsteak with heirloom appearance/taste & hybrid vigor Heirloom Marriage-Cherokee carbon 75-80 280-350 gr/10-12 oz Deep Oblate Indeterminate Purple beefsteak with rich flavor, heirloom appearance/taste & hybrid vigor Heirloom Marriage-Genuwine 70-75 300-330 gr/10.5-11.5 oz Deep Oblate Indeterminate Deep red, pleated fruit with heirloom appearance/taste & hybrid vigor Heirloom Marriage-Marzinera 70-75 55-85 gr/2-3 oz Plum Indeterminate Red roma/paste with meaty fruit, heirloom appearance/taste & hybrid vigor Heirloom Marriage-Perfect Flame 65-70 100-125 gr/3.5-4 oz Round Indeterminate Orange saladette with heirloom appearance/taste and hybrid vigor Husky Red 68 140-200 gr/5-7 oz Large Oblate Indeterminate Excellent flavour, perfect for containers and small gardens Lemon Boy 80 227 gr/8 oz Deep Oblate Indeterminate Lemon colored flesh, sweet, juicy and unique Little Napoli 60-65 55-70 gr/2-2.5 oz Plum Determinate One of the only patio type romas available and has disease resistance Mega Bite 16-18 weeks up to 100 gm Round Determinate Bright red round fruit Pink Girl 76 230 gr/8 oz Deep Oblate Indeterminate Smooth, pink hybrid, mild taste Stellar 70-75 140-200 gr/5-7 oz Round Determinate Highly disease resistant, including Late Blight Sunrise Sauce 55-60 85-110 gr/3-4 oz Plum Determinate The only professional bright orange roma tomato Totem 105-140 under 1 oz N/A Determinate High yielding, ideal for containers, medium sized red fruit Candyland Red 55-60 under 1 oz Round Indeterminate AAS winning currant-type tomato with tidy habit Cherry Fountain 60 under 1 oz Round Spreading Cherry red fruit, ideal for young plant sales Chocolate Sprinkles 50-55 under 1 oz Oval Indeterminate Unique red w/dark green striped fruit for a chocolaty appearance.

Highly productive Cupid (Grape Type) 66 under 1 oz Oval Indeterminate Very sweet grape type tomato Firecracker 84-87 30-35 grams Roma Trailing Very showy, elongated bright red-orange fruits with yellow stripes Little Sun Yellow 16-18 weeks 40-50 grams Round Determinate Deep Yellow, mid-sized flavorful fruit Midnight Snack F1 65-70 under 1 oz Round Indeterminate Cherry tomato- ripens red with a blush of black-purple skin Orange Zinger 60 under 1 oz Round Indeterminate Tasty, crack-resistant dark orange small fruit Patio 70 115 gr/4 oz Deep Oblate Determinate Excellent for containers Peardrops 16-18 weeks 30 grams Oval Determinate Oval sweet yellow fruit Pink Charmer 68-71 20 grams Round Indeterminate One inch round shape fruit with good flavour.

Grows on trusses. Rambling Series 16-18 weeks 50 grams Round Spreading Round cherry tomatoes Sugargloss 71-74 20 grams Grape/plum Indeterminate Fruit formed on long, dual tresses holding up to 40 fruit (high sugar content) Sugar Rush 50-55 under 1 oz Oval Indeterminate Super sweet cherry that is fast maturing and productive all season Sunsugar 62 under 1 oz Globe Indeterminate Yellow cherry tomato, very sweet Sweet n’ Neat Series 16-18 weeks 25-30 grams Round Determinate Cherry sized one bite fruit Sweet Million 60 under 1 oz Globe Indeterminate Better balanced flavor, resistant to cracking, outstanding yields Tidy Treats 50-55 under 1 oz Round Indeterminate Very compact plant produces fruit all season long! Good for containers or in ground Tumbler 49 under 1 oz Globe Indeterminate Extra early, very sweet Tumbling Tiger 16-18 weeks 25-30 grams Round Spreading Cherry sized fruit Tumbling Tom Series 105-140 under 1 oz N/A Determinate High yielding, sweet, ideal for containers, good salad tomato F1 Hybrid Sweet Hot Varieties F1 Hybrid VEGETABLE CHART Pickling **Indeterminate: Tall (More main shoot growth) **Determinate: Bush (More compact with side shoot growth) PEPPER 57 S S m m a a l l l l F F r r u u i i t t F1 Hybrid Slicing Standard -Sweet TOMATO CUCUMBER N NE EW W! !

New Varieties, New Series  FastraX perennials require no vernalization to flower the first year from seed. Sales to Canadian provinces only. Cut flower varieties As used herein, JVK shall mean Jack Van Klaveren Limited, the seller. Payment Unless prior credit arrangements have been made in writing with JVK, all orders must be accompanied by credit card information, cheque or money order payable to Jack Van Klaveren Ltd., P.O. Box 910, St. Catharines, ON L2R 6Z4. JVK also accepts debit card pre-payments. All invoices are due and payable within 30 days from the date of the invoice.

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Sowing dates may need to be adjusted to your local conditions & market requirements. It is always wise to sow successively in order to have flowers in bloom for early, mid and late spring planting. LIGHT (L) OR DARK (D) GERMINATION D means expose to continuous darkness to enhance germination. L means expose to continuous light to enhance germination. Cool white fluorescent lights over germination flats may be used. 300 Ft. C. are required. DL means the presence/absence of light does not have any effect on seed germination. GERMINATION T TEMPERATURE Refers to the optimum soil temperature for uniform germination.

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