SENIOR PATHWAYS INFORMATION HANDBOOK VCE & VCAL 2021 - Belgrave Heights Christian School

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   VCE & VCAL - 2021
                   MR ANDREW CALLOW

               DEPUTY PRINCIPAL
                   MR LANCE DAVIDSON

                     MR IVAN SESKIS

              HEAD OF VCE & VCAL
                   MRS VICKY FRAANJE

              VCAL CO-ORDINATOR
                   MR ANDREW WARE

                  MRS MICHELLE VISSER

 		PHILOSOPHY                                            4
 		VCE/VCAL ENROLMENT                                    4
 		 LEARNING PATHWAYS                                    5
 		 ATTENDANCES & ABSENCES                               6
 		 VCE, VET & VCAL RESULTS                              7
 		 TRANSFERRING BETWEEN VCE & VCAL                      7
 		TERTIARY EDUCATION                                    8
 		UNIFORM                                               8
 		           SELECTING A VCE PROGRAM                    9
 		           ENTRY TO VCE STUDIES                      11
 		           AWARD OF THE VCE                          12
 		           VCE STUDY SCORES						                    13
 		           VCE ACCELERATION			                       14
 		           GENERAL ACHIEVEMENT TEST                  15
 		           MODIFYING A VCE PROGRAM                   18
 		           SPECIAL PROVISION FOR VCE STUDIES         19
 		           DERIVED EXAMINATION SCORES                20
 		           RESULTS & CHANGES OF PREFERENCE           21
 		           ENROLLING AT UNIVERSITY                   21
 		           RESPONSE MATERIALS			                     21
 		 ENTRY TO VCAL STUDIES                               22
 		 AWARD OF THE VCAL                                   23
 		 GENERAL ACHIEVEMENT TEST                            23
 		 ATTENDING CLASSES & PLACEMENTS                      24
 		 TEXTBOOKS & STATIONERY                              24
 			       - LITERACY SKILLS                            25
 			       - NUMERACY SKILLS                            26
 			       - WORK RELATED SKILLS                        27
 			       - PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT SKILLS                28
 		           KEY WEBSITES                              29
 		           PATHWAYS POLICY                           30
 		           VCE EXAMINATION POLICY                    36
 		           TERMINOLOGY                               37
 		           LIST OF ACRONYMS                          39
BHCS’ philosophy is about supporting and                   All Year 11 and 12 students are engaged in courses
encouraging our students to be the best they can           which lead to either the Victorian Certificate of
be. We believe that our students have God-given            Education (VCE), or an alternative pathway such
abilities and gifts and it is our responsibility to help   as the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning
them discover, develop and flourish in these. We           (VCAL), both of which are issued by the Victorian
expect all students to aim to achieve their very best.     Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).

We aim to offer a broad range of subjects and to           In most areas of Senior School, the School is bound
encourage students to strive for excellence within         by VCAA regulations and these have to be more
their studies. We aim to prepare students for              formally implemented than rules which students
post-school study, employment and participation            have experienced in earlier years.
in a global community.

Enrolment in a VCE/VCAL course of study is
conditional upon completion of:

•   VCE/VCAL Student Personal Details Form
•   VCE Subject Selection Form OR;
•   VCAL Application Form
•   VCE Permission to use ATAR Form
    (for those completing VCE only)
• VCAL Permission for Extended Distribution of
    Results & Further Education Offers
    (for those completing VCAL only)

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                    VCE                                                         VCAL
      (Victorian Certificate of Education)                      (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning)
              Usually 20-24 units                           Literacy and Numeracy Skills, Personal Development
         90 different studies available                                  Skills, Work Related Skills,
                                                                           Industry-specific Skills

      University courses
      for independent,                             VET
       high-achieving                       VCE VET Program
        VCE students                   School-based Apprenticeship
                                             and Traineeship
                                          Other VET Certificate

                              Training                            Structured
                      (TAFE or school, Industry,               Workplace Learning
                             RTO, ACE)

  Completion of VCE                                                        Completion of VCAL


                                        Certificate II/III/IV, Diploma,
                                             Advanced Diploma

                                              University                        For more information regarding
                                                                                Learning Pathways, please see the
                                                                                Pathways Policy in Appendix 1.

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Students need to attend sufficient class time to      ABSENCES FROM SAT/SAC
undertake the coursework and complete class
work and associated assessment tasks. Work done       In the case of an absence from a class where a VCE
in class time is necessary to allow work to be        assessment work (SAC/SAT) was done, a student
authenticated. (For more information regarding        must supply a medical certificate.
Authentication, see Appendix 2).

                                                      REASONS FOR ATTENDANCE
• Minimum of 90% attendance for all timetabled
   classes, devotions, excursions and assemblies.     An accurate record of attendance is required to
   Attendance also includes camp, sports days         be kept so that, if a case arises where a student is
   and any other school events timetabled during      in danger of failing a Unit because of a breach of
   the course of a school term.                       attendance rules, the appropriate documentation
                                                      is readily available. It is also vital that both parents
• Punctuality at all times.                           and students have been informed at each stage
• Legitimate absences MUST be reported to             and as such the following procedures apply:
   the school by a parent, explaining the reason
   for the absence. This is as per the School’s       • If a student has five lessons of unexplained
   absence policy stated in the Parent Handbook           absences in a Unit, an Attendance
• All VCAL students must also notify their                Unsatisfactory Progress Report is to be sent to
   Further Education Training provider (e.g. TAFE),       parents via email/phone call or letter.
   or their Work Placement provider, as well as       • If a student reaches ten lessons of unexplained
   the School.                                            absences, a second Attendance Unsatisfactory
                                                          Progress Report is to be sent to parents.
ABSENCES WITHOUT NOTES                                • If a student reaches 10% absent rate, Head of
Any absence that is not accompanied by a note of          VCE & VCAL is contacted immediately and a
explanation will be considered as an unexplained          Review Panel is convened, with the relevant
absence. Please note – the reasons for absences           teaching staff, the student concerned and their
must be legitimate and clearly explained otherwise        parents/guardians.
they will not be approved and consequently will be    It is the responsibility of the student who is absent to
considered as unexplained absences.                   find out what work was covered in the missed classes

Please see Appendix 2 for an excerpt from the
Plagiarism & Authentication Policy.

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VCE, VET, VCAL and GAT results are released             VTAC will send ATAR Statements to students who
during the first couple of weeks of December. The       have lodged an application for tertiary entrance.
dates for this are made available through the VCE
Exams Navigator. They will be available by phone,       To find out more about VCE examination results,
Internet and SMS services.                              a statement of marks can be obtained. Further
                                                        information is available on the VCAA website at:
There will be a ‘Post Results and ATAR Service’
to answer queries that arise after results are
released. Dates of availability can be found in the     reportstudentachievemnt/statmark.aspx
VCE Exams Navigator or via the VCAA website.

More details will be published from October both
on the VCAA website and in a flyer sent to schools
for distribution to students.

Students are required to be in attendance at            Students are required to report to the teacher in
school at all times during the day, unless special      charge of private study supervision to have their
arrangements have been organised and approved,          attendance registered. Students who do not use
such as Year 12 Early Leaving procedure. Year 11        their private study lessons appropriately, or who
and 12 students are expected to work quietly in         fail to report to study lessons, will be required to
the Senior Learning Centre or Discovery Centre.         explain their behaviour.

Students moving from VCAL to VCE can only move          Students are welcome to change from VCE to
at the beginning of Units 1, 2 or 3.                    VCAL, or vice versa, at the conclusion of the school
                                                        year. Please be aware that they may need to make
Students wishing to move from VCE to VCAL may           up additional units in order to pass the relevant
do so in consultation with VCAL Co-ordinator. This is   certificate that they are transferring into, and may
subject to VETis Course availability and enrolment      only have a partial completion of their VET course
dates, typically not after Week 4 of the School year.   at the end of Year 12.

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(USI)                                                  (SEAS)
Everyone undertaking any form of tertiary              Be aware that there are special provisions made
education is required to apply for a USI. A USI        by VTAC for students who have suffered ill health,
is needed in order to receive qualifications or        emotional trauma or financial hardship during
statement of attainment. Without a USI students        Year 12.
will not receive their qualification or statement of
attainment.                                            Please refer to
Further information regarding this can be found at     and contact the Head of VCE & VCAL well before                                the enrolment period if you believe any of these
                                                       categories apply.

All Year 11 and 12 students at BHCS are required       VET Kitchen Operations students will be required
to be in their full school uniform while at School     to wear their chef’s uniform and leather closed-
and on excursions. Students are permitted to           toe shoes on days when they have VET Kitchen
wear their PE uniform only on days when they           Operations Classes or functions. Fittings for
have a physical education class, or have express       uniforms are organised at school, and details are
permission from a teacher.                             provided for purchasing these.

                                                       VCAL students are not required to wear their
                                                       BHCS uniform on Wednesdays or Fridays at their
                                                       certificate courses/work placements. The School
                                                       will provide students with a shirt to wear at their
                                                       work placements.

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The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) is        YEAR 11 PROGRAM
the certificate that the majority of students in
Victoria receive on satisfactory completion of their   Students permitted to do 10 units (5 subjects) in
secondary education. The VCE provides diverse          Year 11
pathways to further study or training at university
or TAFE and to employment.                             Students will be exempted from the requirement
                                                       to take 6 subjects in Year 11 if:
The best advice is for students to choose studies
that:                                                  • they are undertaking additional study such as
                                                          a TAFE or University subject outside of BHCS
• They need to get into their desired course/             (with a minimum of 40 hours of class time per
   career. (Known as pre-requisite studies – if           unit). OR;
   students are unsure they should aim to do a
   VCE Maths and a VCE Science subject to keep
                                                       • they are a Special Needs/Special Provision
                                                          student. OR;
   as many tertiary options open as possible).
• They enjoy.                                          • they are undertaking a special program outside
                                                          of school necessitating significant amounts of
                                                          training and/or competition and/or absence
Students in Year 11 undertake 12 units of study           from school (usually refers to elite sport) that
consisting of 6 units in Semester 1 and 6 units in        could not reasonably be put off until after VCE.
Semester 2. These units may be a mix of Unit 1-2
and Unit 3-4 studies. Students do not need to take
                                                       AND their VCE program will not be disadvantaged
sequences of Unit 1 and 2 subjects and there will
                                                       by the omission of a subject. Year 11 students
be an opportunity to apply for (limited) subject
                                                       MUST attend all study periods in the Senior
change at the end of Unit 1. Students need to
                                                       Learning Centre or other school study space as
ensure that they undertake a Year 11 Program
                                                       directed, and must check with the Head of VCE &
that follows through to a sufficient number of
                                                       VCAL with regard to permission to leave early or
subjects to constitute a full program at Year 12 in
                                                       come to school late due to study periods.
the following year. Students in Year 12 undertake
10 units consisting of 5 units in Semester 1 and 5
                                                       There will be a “sign in” book, to record student
units in Semester 2. Unit 3 and 4 studies need to
                                                       movements during study periods.
be taken as a sequence.
                                                       Notwithstanding the above, students are permitted
                                                       to undertake just 5 subjects at Year 11 only with the
                                                       permission of the Head of VCE & VCAL.

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Students permitted to do 8 units (4 subjects) in
Year 12

Students will be exempted from the requirement
to take 5 subjects in Year 12 if:

• they have already successfully completed 2 x
   Unit 3-4 subjects in Year 11 with a study score
   of 35 or above OR;
• they are undertaking additional study such as
   TAFE or a University subject outside of BHCS
   (with a minimum of 40 hours of class time per
   unit) OR;
• they are a Special Needs/Special Provision
   student OR;
• they are undertaking a special program
   outside of school necessitating significant
   amounts of training and/or competition and/
   or absence from school (usually refers to elite
   sport) that could not reasonably be put off
   until after Year 12.
Notwithstanding the above, students are
permitted to undertake just 4 subjects at Year 12
only with the permission of the Head of VCE &

For further information on subjects, please
navigate to:-


MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS                                    COMPLETION OF UNITS
FOR THE AWARD OF THE VCE                                In some studies, students are advised to complete
                                                        either or both Units 1 and 2 before attempting
The minimum requirement is satisfactory
                                                        Unit 3, or have equivalent experience, or be willing
completion of 16 units which must include:
                                                        to undertake some preparation. This advice is
                                                        published in the study design for each study.
• Three units from the English group, with at
   least one unit at Units 3 and 4 level.
                                                        Units 3 and 4 of studies are designed to be taken
• At least three sequences of Units 3 and 4             as a sequence; students must undertake Unit 3
   studies other than English, which may include        before commencing Unit 4 of that study.
   any number of English sequences once the
   English requirement has been met.
                                                        REPEATING VCE UNITS
THE ENGLISH REQUIREMENT                                 There are no restrictions on students repeating
FOR THE AWARD OF THE VCE                                units, but students may obtain credit once only for
                                                        each unit.
The minimum English requirement is three units
from English, English Language and English              Students who repeat a unit are required to repeat
Literature, with at least one at Units 3 and 4 level.   the full unit, including outcomes specified for the
Students may enter studies at Units 1, 2 or 3 level.    unit as accredited in the year of repetition.

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A student may complete the VCE and be awarded
the certificate by satisfactorily completing
sufficient units of study according to VCE
program requirements. Students must meet
the requirements of a study as set out in the
accredited study design.

Students are required to demonstrate
achievement of study outcomes. For VCE Units 3
and 4, evidence of achievement is collected by the
teacher through a range of tasks which include
school-based assessments that are designated for
the study, and examinations.

A student may still be eligible for the award
of the VCE if they have not been assessed for
levels of achievement in a study and have not
sat examinations, but they have submitted the
relevant school-based assessments for satisfactory
completion of units. In this case, the teacher
has judged that the student has achieved the
outcomes for a study based on the evidence
provided by the student, without assessing
for levels of achievement. Where there is no
assessment of levels of achievement for any study,
a student will not have a study score calculated.

Where no study scores are available, an ATAR
cannot be calculated. Absence of Graded
Assessments may limit a student’s options for
further training, study and work and students
should be encouraged to attempt all Graded
Assessments, wherever possible.


The ATAR is the overall measure of a student’s        VCE WITHOUT AN ATAR
achievement in relation to that of other students.
It allows tertiary institutions to compare students   Some students may consider undertaking an
who have completed different combinations of          unscored or non-assessed VCE Program, meaning
VCE studies and is reported as a rank between         they would not sit any external exams. This can
0.00 and 99.95 with increments of 0.05.               still constitute a satisfactory VCE “pass”, provided
                                                      all other outcomes are met, but will not be
Calculation of the ATAR is the responsibility of      accredited with an ATAR for university entrance.
Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC).          Exam results are required for a student to receive
Information on how an ATAR is calculated is           an ATAR.
forwarded to students at the end of the year.
Further information regarding the calculation of an   For more information regarding an unscored VCE
ATAR score can be found at the VTAC website listed    Program, please see the relevant section under
below.                                                ‘Modifying a VCE Program’
Any queries students have about the ATAR,
applications for tertiary courses or selection
procedures should be directed to:

VTAC 40 Park Street South Melbourne, 3205
Telephone: 1300 364 133

VCE Study Scores are awarded to students with                 STUDY SCORE REFERENCE TABLE
satisfactory completion of Units 3 & 4 subjects
with exams. Study scores do not constitute passes,
as this is constituted by completion of sufficient         STUDY SCORE
units. Study scores give students a ranking across
the state for that year (see reference table).                     25                    Top 76%
                                                                   30                    Top 50%
                                                                   35                    Top 34%
                                                                   40                    Top 8%
                                                                   45                    Top 2%

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Many Year 10 students seek to complete Year             Some students may be permitted to undertake a
11 studies over-and-above those on offer to             subject on probation. For students on probation,
the whole class. Year 11 students also seek to          special requirements will be established with
complete studies a year ahead of level by applying      regard to the student’s conduct and performance.
to enrol in a Unit 3 and 4 sequence.                    Should the student not meet these requirements
                                                        following a scheduled review, the student will be
• Acceleration is not automatic and is dependent        requested to cease study of the subject.
   on a previous year’s school results
• Applications for acceleration are made to the         Parents who are concerned about their child’s
   Head of VCE & VCAL                                   performance should contact the relevant teachers
                                                        and discuss measures to assist the student to
• Final determinations are made by the Head of          maintain an appropriate performance level.
   VCE & VCAL, the Head of Senior School and the        Support for students and families, is available
   Deputy Principal.                                    through the Head of VCE & VCAL, Pathways/
Approval will usually be granted only where the         Careers Advisor, and Head of Senior School.
relevant student is achieving solid academic grades
(generally a “B+” average or higher) in all subjects.
It must be remembered that the apparent
advantages of working on advanced material and
taking pressure off the following year of study may
be compromised by focusing too heavily on the
one subject at the expense of all others.

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WHAT IS THE GAT?                                     2. Checking School-Assessed Task results

The GAT is a three-hour test of general knowledge    The GAT is used to check each school’s School-
and skills in:                                       Assessed Task assessments and if a school’s
                                                     assessments for a particular School-Assessed Task
• Written Communication                              are significantly higher or lower than would be
                                                     expected from the students’ GAT scores, the VCAA
• Mathematics, Science and Technology                will send reviewers to the school to assess the
• Humanities, The Arts and Social Sciences.          work.

                                                     3. Checking examination results
WHY DO STUDENTS HAVE                                 Examination marking is rigorous and designed to
TO SIT THE GAT?                                      be fair to all students. VCAA exams are assessed
                                                     twice, by two different assessors. Where there is
The GAT does not count directly towards a            further concern, the paper is assessed by a third
student’s VCE or ATAR, but plays a very important    assessor.
part in a student’s final assessments for the VCE.
                                                     When the assessment is complete, there is a
GAT results are used to check that a student’s       final check to identify any students with scores
examinations, School-assessed Tasks and School-      that are significantly lower than expected. If
assessed Coursework have been accurately and         a student’s examination score is significantly
fairly assessed.                                     different from the mark predicted by the GAT, the
                                                     indicative grade given by the school and any other
HOW IS THE GAT USED?                                 examination or School-Assessed Task scores in the
                                                     same study, the paper will be assessed again by
1. Checking School-assessed Coursework results       the Chief Assessor’s panel. Scores may go up or
                                                     stay the same, but will not go down as a result of
VCAA applies statistical moderation procedures       this final check.
to each school’s coursework assessments to even
out the differences in marking standards that may    4. Derived Examination Scores (DES)
occur from school to school and final results are
comparable across the state and are fair to all      GAT scores contribute to the calculation of a DES if
students.                                            the application is approved.

More information about statistical moderation can
be found on the VCAA website:

                      BHCS SENIOR PATHWAYS INFORMATION HANDBOOK - VCE & VCAL, 2021              PAGE 15

HOW DO STUDENTS PREPARE                              VCAL AND/OR VCE VET AND
FOR THE GAT?                                         THE GAT
No special study is required for the GAT as it is    Students who are enrolled in a VCAL program in
based on General Knowledge.                          that includes any VCE or scored VCE VET Unit 3–4
                                                     sequences will be required to sit the GAT.
Students can get a good idea of the questions
by looking at previous GAT papers. Previous GAT      It has been suggested by VCAA that as of the
papers and answers to multiple-choice questions      year 2020, all VCAL students may be required to
are available on the VCAA website:                   complete the GAT (General Achievement Test),     even if they are not undertaking any VCE subjects.

All students enrolled in one or more Victorian
Certificate of Education (VCE) Unit 3−4 sequences
or VCE VET scored Unit 3−4 sequences, including
Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL)
students, are required to sit the General
Achievement Test (GAT).

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Belgrave Heights Christian School is committed to       VSV SUBJECT FEES
enabling students to pursue their chosen career
pathway and will therefore seek to offer as many        The cost for the study of VSV subjects is quite
timetabled VCE studies as is possible. A number         considerable. For this reason, part of this expense
of studies may be unable to be accommodated             remains payable by families should students
in timetabled classes, due to insufficient student      decide to withdraw partway through the year. This
interest or to staffing and resource limitations. It    will be equal to approximately 50% of the subject
will therefore be necessary to accommodate other        fee. Most VSV subjects cost approximately $800.
means of study, particularly where studies are
compulsory tertiary prerequisites.
                                                        HIGHER EDUCATION STUDIES
VIRTUAL SCHOOL VICTORIA                                 HES (Higher Education Studies) are subjects
(PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS DISTANCE EDUCATION)                offered by universities to selected Year 12
                                                        students. These can be undertaken as part of their
Virtual School Victoria (VSV) subjects will only be     regular VCE. Some of our students have attended
offered to students who have displayed the much         Deakin University, Monash and Federation
needed discipline to undertake these subjects.          University in the past as part of HES.
A high degree of personal discipline must exist,
as no set classes exist for these studies. Students     According to VCAA (Victorian Curriculum and
may be able to enrol in correspondence studies in       Assessment Authority) students can only
one of a wide range of subjects offered by Virtual      undertake one HES in the course of their VCE.
School Victoria, subject to meeting the relevant        Similarly, only one HES result can contribute to a
eligibility criteria and based on the availability of   student’s ATAR.
a supervising teacher. The school must approve
any such enrolments and may choose to decline           As HES is designed for independent high-
an enrolment based on previous reports and              achieving VCE students, these subjects can
assessments. Students will be assigned a Belgrave       only be undertaken by Year 12 students on the
Heights Christian School supervisor to oversee the      recommendation of the Head of VCE & VCAL. A
completion of all work requirements and to liaise       HES can be a valuable contribution to a student’s
with the Head of VCE & VCAL, as required.               ATAR. Additionally, students may also receive
                                                        credits at a University (after they finish Year 12)
                                                        for the units undertaken in their HES, and in some
                                                        cases, they may even receive preferred entry.

                       BHCS SENIOR PATHWAYS INFORMATION HANDBOOK - VCE & VCAL, 2021                PAGE 17

If students wish to modify their VCE Program, then     UNSCORED VCE PROGRAM
the following procedure is to be followed.
                                                       If a student’s internally assessed scores and/or
WITHDRAWING FROM A UNIT                                indicative results predict a UG or not-satisfactory
                                                       result for external exams, the student may consider
Consult with the Head of VCE & VCAL to discuss         not sitting the external exams and instead receive
possibilities. If the proposed change is agreed to     an unscored or non-assessed VCE. This can still
by the Head of VCE & VCAL in conjunction with the      constitute a satisfactory VCE “pass”, provided all
Pathways/Careers Advisor and parents, then the         other outcomes are met, but will not be accredited
student will have their VCE Program updated.           with an ATAR for university entrance. Students will
                                                       still need to meet the minimum requirement for
                                                       satisfactory completion of 16 units, as specified in
TRANSFER FROM ONE UNIT                                 the section ‘Entry to VCE Studies’. This will mean
TO ANOTHER                                             that they will be able to achieve their VCE, without
                                                       a final ATAR score, provided they successfully
Consult with the Head of VCE & VCAL to discuss         complete their current units.
possibilities and then complete a Change of
Subject Form. If the proposed change is agreed         An unscored or non-assessed VCE means that all
to by the Head of VCE & VCAL in conjunction with       of a student’s results for assessments and levels
the Pathways/Careers Advisor and parents, and          of achievements are set to N/A. Only the unit
it is acceptable in terms of timetabling, then the     outcomes will be submitted as these are based on
student will have their VCE Program updated.           the work they are required to complete at school.
                                                       These are simply an S or N result dependent upon
                                                       their successful submission of the work required.
WITHDRAWING FROM VCE                                   Please note that completing a non-assessed VCE
                                                       does not equate to a reduction in school fees.
Consult with the Head of VCE & VCAL to discuss
withdrawing a student from VCE. Should a student
                                                       We encourage students who wish to undertake
withdraw, without consulting the Head of VCE &
                                                       an unscored VCE program to discuss this with the
VCAL, resulting in an official withdrawal, they will
                                                       Head of VCE & VCAL. Should they wish to proceed,
be given a “J” result (did not complete) for all the
                                                       a student’s parents/guardians will need to sign the
Units in which they are enrolled.
                                                       relevant permission form. We strongly recommend
                                                       that any students who wish to undertake an
                                                       unscored VCE program to make this decision with
                                                       their parents/guardians as early in the school
                                                       year as possible, as it does have a flow on effect
                                                       for their VCE results, and late transfer into an
                                                       unscored VCE program may result in a small ATAR.

                       BHCS SENIOR PATHWAYS INFORMATION HANDBOOK - VCE & VCAL, 2021               PAGE 18

Students enrol in VCE studies with a reasonable      Special Provision will NOT be granted for:
expectation of being able to achieve the outcomes
of the study design, and to demonstrate their        • Absence from school or study without
achievement fairly in both the school assessment         evidence of significant hardship.
program and the external examinations.               • Circumstances affecting students that are of
                                                         the student’s own choosing.
For each unit a student is generally expected to
submit all specified work requirements for each      • The effect of faulty technology in the
unit.                                                    preparation of work.
                                                     It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that:
Special provision may be granted in exceptional
circumstances. It is intended to allow students      • An alternative system is available for use in
who cannot meet all of the regular course                case of computer or printer malfunction or
requirements the opportunity to satisfactorily           unavailability.
complete the unit.
                                                     • Work is saved in a backup file each time
A student is eligible for Special Provision at           changes are made. The backup file (USB stick/
any time while studying for the VCE if they are          CD) should NOT be located in the same place
adversely affected in a significant way by:              as the computer.
                                                     • Hard copies of work in progress may need to
•   Illness (physical or psychological);                 be regularly produced to meet drafting and
•   Any factors relating to personal environment;        authentication procedures.

•   Other serious cause; OR;                         Special Provision will not be granted based on
                                                     circumstances looking back.
•   Impairment or disability, including learning
    disabilities.                                    If a student feels that they require Special
Supporting documentation MUST be provided for        Provision arrangements to enable them to
each/any of the above circumstances.                 complete their studies,they should contact
                                                     the Head of VCE & VCAL who will discuss their
Undocumented circumstances which impact on           eligibility for Special Provision and the type of
the submission of work are not in themselves         special provision available.
grounds for Special Provision. However,
arrangements are applicable for students
experiencing severe hardship.

                        BHCS SENIOR PATHWAYS INFORMATION HANDBOOK - VCE & VCAL, 2021              PAGE 19

The VCAA recognises that some students with a           at school. Students who have been granted ESL
disability/illness may require Special Examination      status on the basis of unfamiliarity with the English
Arrangements to enable them to access the               language are not eligible for Special Examination
examination questions and communicate their             Arrangements for this reason alone.
responses in a timed examination.
                                                        Special Examination Arrangements include:
Students who believe they might be eligible for
Special Examination Arrangements must discuss           • rest breaks
this with the Head of VCE & VCAL. The school            • extra working time (extra reading and/or writing
must then apply to the VCAA by completing                   time in addition to the scheduled writing time)
the application form including the appropriate          •   permission to use assistive technology
supporting medical, psychological and educational           (e.g. computer or Assistive Hearing Technology)
documentation. If students have a long-term
impairment, their school needs to provide details       •   alternative format examination papers (such as
of the arrangements which have been provided for            enlarged print, electronic text and Braille)
them at school. The VCAA will not approve Special       •   assistance from a reader, and/or a scribe, or a
Examination Arrangements to students who have               clarifier
long-term impairments where there has been no           •   an alternative examination venue, such as a
demonstrated requirement for the arrangements               separate room, a home or a hospital.

The Derived Examination Score (DES) is calculated       leading to the examination to be eligible for a DES.
by the VCAA and may be used in lieu of an
examination result where the student has met the        The DES is not intended to compensate for learning
VCAA eligibility requirements for the provision.        or achievement that has not been possible because
                                                        of long term illness or other ongoing conditions
The DES is intended for students who are                that have been present during the year. These
significantly affected by ill health or by other        circumstances are covered under Special Provision.
personal circumstances at the time of an
examination and whose examination result is             If a student is ill in the lead up to or on the day of
unlikely to be a fair or accurate indication of their   an examination, even if they are able to attend the
learning or achievement in the study, or where          examination, or if other personal circumstances
they have been unable to attend the examination         affect their capacity to perform in the examination,
due to such circumstances. An examination score         they should contact the school immediately.
in these circumstances is determined by VCAA
from the student’s SAC/SAT grades, GAT scores           Evidence will be required for a DES application,
and the teacher’s prediction of the exam grade.         which will be handled sensitively/confidentially.
Students must have completed the course of study

                       BHCS SENIOR PATHWAYS INFORMATION HANDBOOK - VCE & VCAL, 2021                 PAGE 20

VCE results are made available to VCE students
in mid-December. The Pathways/Careers Advisor
is available to assist with change of preferences
via email and appointment until the close of
preference late December.

Students will be emailed an offer via VTAC if they
have been successful. These start mid-January
unless they have been made an early offer.

For the VCE Examination Policy, see Appendix 3.

Students’ response materials and audio recordings
remain the property of the VCAA and will not
be returned. Response materials may be made
available for inspection under certain conditions.
LOTE Oral component audio recordings are not
available for inspection.

Students must attend the University Orientation
(O) day in February to enrol. If students are away
on holidays arrangements can be made prior to ‘O’
day to enrol online or to nominate a Proxy.

Every student will need a Tax File number to enrol.


VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning)        Secondary students, in the context of applied
is a two year senior school certificate that is an      learning, underpin the principles of VCAL.
alternative to the VCE. VCAL includes components
of Vocational Education and Training (VET) and          The VCAL acknowledges these principles by the
Further Education (FE) qualifications. The School       development of knowledge and:
runs the VCAL certificate at Intermediate and
Senior level, which recognises completion of            • employability skills that help prepare the
a Senior Secondary qualification and primarily             student for employment and for participation
prepares students for further studies at the next          in the broader context of family, community
VCAL level, in the Victorian Certificate of Education      and lifelong learning
(VCE) and in VET and/or employment. VET Training        • skills that assist the student to make informed
is a compulsory requirement for completion of              vocational choices within specific industry
VCAL certificates at Intermediate and Senior level.        sectors and/or facilitate pathways to further
The VCAL qualification aims to provide the skills,
knowledge and attributes to enable students to          On completion of the VCAL, students will be able
make informed choices about pathways to work            to make informed choices about employment or
and further education. Personal development,            education pathways.
students’ interests and pathways for Senior

There are no formal entry requirements for              Each VCAL unit is 100 nominal hours in length,
VCAL studies. The VCAL has been designed to             and each unit that is successfully completed
accommodate flexible entry and exit. Students can       contributes one credit toward the VCAL at the
enter at the appropriate level of VCAL to suit their    appropriate award level. The nominal hours
learning needs, abilities and interests.                include both scheduled and unscheduled time.

COMPLETION OF                                           VCAL STUDENTS
LEARNING PROGRAMS                                       UNDERTAKING VCE UNITS
Each student undertaking VCAL must undertake            Any student undertaking a Unit 3/4 subject
a learning program that includes development            should refer to the VCE Information regarding
of Literacy and Numeracy Skills, Industry               exams, the GAT and other associated assessment
Specific Skills, Work Related Skills and Personal       requirements. For information regarding
Development Skills (more about these learning           transferring between VCE and VCAL, refer to the
programs can be found on the following pages).          relevant section on page 4.
These learning programs are designed to allow
students to achieve the required credits and
meet all course requirements, while being at the
appropriate level.

                       BHCS SENIOR PATHWAYS INFORMATION HANDBOOK - VCE & VCAL, 2021               PAGE 22

A student must successfully complete a learning         Students are awarded S (Satisfactory) or N (Not
program that contains a minimum of 10 credits           yet satisfactory) results. The VCAL course does not
and includes:-                                          have graded assessments.

• curriculum components to the value of at least        Upon successful completion of the requirements
   one credit for each of the four VCAL curriculum      for a VCAL, students will receive a VCAL
   strands                                              certificate and a Statement of Results. Successful
• a minimum of two VCAL units                           completion will be certified in July or December
                                                        in each enrolment year. Additional Statements
• one credit for Numeracy                               of Attainment or certificates will be provided by
• curriculum components to the value of six credits     the registered training organisation (RTO) for
   at the level of the VCAL award (or above), of        successful completion of VET or FE curriculum.
   which one must be for Literacy Skills unit and one   Students who commence a VCAL program, but do
   for a Personal Development Skills unit.              not complete it, will receive a Statement of Results
                                                        at the completion of each year of study
Students may carry credit forward from the
previous award level into the level in which
they are currently enrolled. VCE units may be
included in the VCAL learning program, to meet
the requirement for a minimum of 10 credits.
At the VCAL Intermediate and Senior levels, the
learning program must also include accredited VET
curriculum components to the value of a minimum
of one credit in the Industry Specific Skills strand.
One credit is awarded on successful completion
of 90 nominal hours of accredited VET curriculum.
The VCAL program may also contain curriculum
components drawn from VCE studies and FE
accredited curriculum. One credit is awarded on
successful completion of 90 nominal hours of
accredited FE/VET curriculum.

It has been suggested by VCAA that as of the            For more information regarding the GAT, see the
year 2021, all VCAL students may be required to         relevant information on pages 15-16.
complete the GAT (General Achievement Test),
even if they are not undertaking any VCE subjects.

                       BHCS SENIOR PATHWAYS INFORMATION HANDBOOK - VCE & VCAL, 2021                PAGE 23

VCAL students will attend BHCS on Mondays,            Students are also required to undertake work
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. They still begin     placements as a part of the Structured Workplace
their school day at 8.55am along with the Year 11     Learning (SWL) component of VCAL. Their work
and 12 VCE students.                                  placements will take place during a designated
                                                      time in Terms 2 and 3 as two week blocks.
The VET Component of the VCAL Course should
take place on Wednesdays at their chosen Training     VCAL students are responsible for getting
Organisation.                                         themselves to and from their Certificate course
                                                      location, as well as to and from their work

VCAL students will not be required to purchase
textbooks. VCAL students will still be required to
bring a laptop for their studies at BHCS and bring
along basic stationery items in order to complete
their work. Textbook materials will be supplied for
VCAL students by the School and their relevant
Training Organisation.

                       BHCS SENIOR PATHWAYS INFORMATION HANDBOOK - VCE & VCAL, 2021             PAGE 24

AIMS                                                    • Reading for Public Debate - Demonstrating
                                                           that meaning has been gained from reading
The aim of these units for both Intermediate and           persuasive, discursive or argumentative texts
Senior VCAL is to develop student knowledge             • Oracy for Self Expression - Using and
and skills relevant to reading and writing and             responding to spoken language to
oral communication. Students will demonstrate a            communicate to others
practical application of these skills in the contexts
of everyday life, family, employment, further           • Oracy for Knowledge - Using and responding
learning and community.                                    to spoken language in informative talks
                                                        • Oracy for Practical Purpose - Using and
                                                           responding to spoken language in instructions
LEARNING OUTCOMES                                          and transactions
• Writing for Self Expression - Writing recount,        • Oracy for Exploring Issues and Problem Solving
   narrative or expressive texts                           - Using and responding to spoken language in
• Writing for Practical Purposes - Writing                 discussions to explore issues or solve problems
   instructional and transactional texts
• Writing for Knowledge - Writing reports,              ASSESSMENT
   explanatory and expository texts
• Writing for Public Debate - Writing persuasive,       Assessment in Literacy is ongoing and is based on
   argumentative and discursive texts                   both teacher observations of a student’s activities
                                                        and student written reports.
• Reading for Self Expression - Demonstrating
   that meaning has been gained from reading
   narrative, recount or expressive texts
• Reading for Practical Purposes - Demonstrating
   that meaning has been gained from reading
   instructional or transactional texts
• Reading for Knowledge - Demonstrating
   that meaning has been gained from reading
   explanatory, expository or informative texts

                        BHCS SENIOR PATHWAYS INFORMATION HANDBOOK - VCE & VCAL, 2021               PAGE 25

AIMS                                                   • Designing a Numeracy-based Project Plan in an
                                                          industry Area
Numeracy skills is designed to develop, refine         • Applying Numerical Skills in an Industry
and extend student knowledge and skills relevant          Context
to identifying, applying and communicating
mathematical information in the contexts of            • Using Appropriate Software Tools and Devices
everyday life, family, and employment, as well as         to Represent Data
investigating and applying numeracy knowledge          • Communicate the Results of a Project
in industry areas linked to their VET units or
employment. Numeracy skills corresponding with
these contexts include mathematical knowledge          ASSESSMENT
and techniques, financial literacy, planning and
organising, measurement, data, representation,         Assessment in Numeracy is ongoing and is based
design, problem-solving, probability, statistics and   on both teacher observations of a student’s
using software tools and devices.                      activities and student written reports of
                                                       investigation and problem solving activities
• Numerical Skills and Processes - Performing
   multi-step computations with and without
   software tools and devices.
• Financial Literacy - Performing monetary
   calculations, managing personal and business
   finances, and understanding risk in a range of
• Planning and Organising - Identifying,
   interpreting and using numbers and
   measurement to make decisions about time,
   location, data and resources.
• Measurement, Representation and Design
   - Using units of measurement to measure,
   represent and interpret objects, plans and

                       BHCS SENIOR PATHWAYS INFORMATION HANDBOOK - VCE & VCAL, 2021             PAGE 26

AIMS                                                     • Use information and communications technology
                                                             in relation to a work related activity.
These units are designed to develop employability
skills, knowledge and attributes valued within           SENIOR VCAL:
community and work environments as a preparation
                                                         • Learn about basic conditions and entitlement of
for employment. This equips students with the skills
                                                             a specific industry
and thought processes required to consider and
choose from the range of pathways. Students will         •   Obtain and communicate information in
also develop a knowledge of occupational health and          response to work-related OH&S issues.
safety, preparing them for the workplace.                •   Develop knowledge and understanding of OH&S
                                                             in a work related context
LEARNING OUTCOMES                                        •   Identify problem or safety hazards that can affect
                                                             the safety of the work environment.
INTERMEDIATE VCAL:                                       •   Contribute to team objectives to achieve safe
                                                             work procedures.
• Learn about basic conditions and entitlement of
    a specific industry                                  •   Use information and communications technology
                                                             in relation to work related activity
•   Obtain and communicate information in
    response to work related OH&S issues                 •   Learn to analyse and organise information for a
                                                             work related goal
•   Develop knowledge and understanding of OH&S
    in a work related context                            •   Communicate information and ideas for work
                                                             related goal
•   Identify problem or safety hazards that can affect
    the safety of the work environment                   •   Plan organise and manage activities for a work
                                                             related goal
•   Contribute to team objectives to achieve safe
    work procedures                                      •   Identify and solve problems for a work related
•   Use information and communications technology
    in relation to work related activity                 •   Work with others and in teams to achieve a work
                                                             related goal
•   Learn to analyse and organise information for a
    work related goal                                    •   Use information and communications technology
                                                             in relation to a work related activity.
•   Communicate information and ideas for work
    related goal
•   Plan organise and manage activities for a work       ASSESSMENT
    related goal
•   Identify and solve problems for a work related       Assessment is ongoing and varied. Students will
    purpose                                              be assessed on their demonstration of learning
                                                         outcomes in a range of contexts, which could
•   Work with others and in teams to achieve a work
                                                         include direct observation, written work, oral
    related goal
                                                         presentation, and project implementation.

                        BHCS SENIOR PATHWAYS INFORMATION HANDBOOK - VCE & VCAL, 2021                   PAGE 27

AIMS                                                   • Manage problems related to a complex social
                                                         issue or community activity
Students will have the opportunity to develop          • Actively contribute to group cohesion to manage
knowledge, skills and attributes throughout the          a complex social issue or community activity
Personal Development Skills units, which lead
towards:                                               SENIOR VCAL:

•   the development of self                            • Plan and organise to completion a complex
                                                           project in an autonomous manner
•   social responsibility
                                                       •   Demonstrate an awareness of social diversity
•   building community                                     within a complex project
•   civic and civil responsibility, for example        •   Apply strategies to improve communication
    through volunteering and working for the           •   Demonstrate leadership skills for group and
    benefit of others                                      teamwork
• improved self-confidence and self-esteem             •   Use decision making skills in a group or team
• valuing civic participation in a democratic
    society                                            •   Research a community problem or issue that
                                                           affects citizens/members in a community
LEARNING OUTCOMES                                      •   Establish or build on an external partnership
                                                           to address and/or promote awareness of a
INTERMEDIATE VCAL:                                         community problem or issue
• Plan and organise a complex activity                 •   Plan, organise and complete a complex
• Demonstrate knowledge and skills in the context          community project, utilising project management
    of a complex project or activity                       skills in an autonomous manner
•   Demonstrate self management skills for goal        •   Demonstrate effective teamwork skills in relation
    achievement in the context of a project or             to a complex community project
    activity                                           •   Present and communicate ideas and information
•   Describe leadership skills and responsibilities.       relating to the complex community project
•   Demonstrate interpersonal skills to communicate
    ideas and information                              ASSESSMENT
•   Research and analyse the role of citizens/
    members in a community                             Assessment is ongoing and varied. Students will
•   Use a range of communication strategies to         be assessed on their involvement in activities,
    raise awareness of a complex social issue or       self-assessment, oral presentation, a portfolio of
    community activity                                 accumulated evidence and written reports.

                        BHCS SENIOR PATHWAYS INFORMATION HANDBOOK - VCE & VCAL, 2021              PAGE 28

for all VCE, VCAL and VET information -
for the VCAA VCE & VCAL Administrative Handbook 2019 -
for the VCE Exams Navigator -
for information on tertiary entry and the ATAR -
for post-Year 12 advice -
for Australian universities course information -
for information on government assistance for financing tertiary studies -
for student and youth allowance information -
for a range of information and advice on studying, working and services for young people -
students may be contacted about OnTrack, after they leave school -
a website to assist you in calculating your ATAR

Some of this information has been taken directly from the VCE Exams Navigator and VCE and VCAL
Administrative Handbook ©VCAA.

                       BHCS SENIOR PATHWAYS INFORMATION HANDBOOK - VCE & VCAL, 2021        PAGE 29

This is an excerpt only from the BHCS Pathways       doing. Effort and application is essential for a
Policy. The complete policy is available upon        VCAL student. A VCAL student completes their
request.                                             senior years with a TAFE Certificate, two years of
                                                     work placement and the Year 12 VCAL Certificate.
                                                     On completion of VCAL, students can move
ACCELERATING IN A                                    into apprenticeships, TAFE, university or the
VCE SUBJECT                                          workforce.

Year 9 students are introduced to VCE during         Case Study 1: Academic student who wants to go
Term 3 of their Year 9 studies. Although VCE         into a Trade
may still seem some time away, students may
choose to accelerate in a VCE subject in Year 10.    John is an academically able student who had
Accelerating provides a couple of outcomes; it       the choice of either VCAL or VCE, however,
gives students a taste of a VCE subject and allows   John knew that he was a practical, hands-on
them to spread the workload across 3 years.          learner. He also knew that he wanted to become
                                                     an electrician. By choosing VCAL he is able to
The decision whether or not to accelerate is based   undertake work experience in his chosen field
on the following considerations:                     and begin his pre-apprenticeship training, whilst
                                                     completing his Year 12 certificate.
• The student is considering VCE as their
   pathway. It is important to note that choosing    Case Study 2: A student who doesn’t fit the
   an accelerated subject does not rule out the      traditional classroom style of teaching
   ability to select VCAL in Year 11 or 12
• The student must be achieving a B+ in              Julia has found school challenging for many
   English, plus an average of B+ across Science,    years. The traditional approach of sitting in class,
   Mathematics and History/Geography                 following direction from teachers in areas she
                                                     thought were not relevant has been a struggle.
• An endorsement from English Teacher and/or         Julia is a changed person in VCAL as she is involved
   Homegroup Teacher                                 in projects that interest her. She finds worth
                                                     and purpose in the classroom work, whilst at the
                                                     same time learning valuable life skills in her work
VCE OR VCAL?                                         placement and at TAFE.
The choice between VCE and VCAL is based on
the preferred learning style of the student and
the desired outcome. A student who prefers
a ‘hands-on’ learning environment would be
best suited to VCAL, as VCAL students learn by

                       BHCS SENIOR PATHWAYS INFORMATION HANDBOOK - VCE & VCAL, 2020             PAGE 30

A student who is a more academically focused             Mathematics Choices
learner would be more likely choose the VCE
Pathway. VCE continues with the learning style           Foundation Maths in Year 10: Students who
that students are familiar with in secondary             undertake Foundation Maths in Year 10 cannot go
school. VCE has a ‘study ready’ focus for students.      on to General Maths in Year 11. The course in Year
Students are able to choose their subjects               10 is practically based and will not prepare them
and specialise in areas of interest and passion.         for General Maths in the following year.
Students who prefer the more traditional, familiar
classroom environment will be comfortable in VCE.        Maths Methods: Students who wish to study
A VCE student must have good time management             Maths Methods in VCE must be in Year 10 Maths
and study skills. This approach prepares students        Methods. A recommendation from the current
for entry into further study, university or the          math teacher is also required.
                                                         Other considerations
SUITABILITY FOR VCE                                      It is strongly recommended that a student who
For students who are achieving grades of D or            undertakes Physics also studies Maths Methods.
below in core subjects, a meeting will be held with
all stakeholders to discuss the suitability of the       A limit of two ‘Folio’ subjects is advisable.
student for VCE. A student who struggles with
Year 10 level work is likely to find the challenges of
VCE overwhelming.

English or English Language

This choice will be guided by the student and
the English teacher. English Language is a subject
that requires high level analytical skills and is best
suited to students who are curious about language
and feel confident in essay writing. In order to
move into English Language a recommendation
must be made by the current English Teacher. To
be considered for English Language the student
must be achieving at least a B+ in Year 10 English.

                        BHCS SENIOR PATHWAYS INFORMATION HANDBOOK - VCE & VCAL, 2020                     PAGE 31

This is an excerpt only from the BHCS Plagiarism      CHEATING
& Authentication Policy. The complete policy is
available upon request.                               When a student acts dishonestly or unfairly
                                                      in order to gain an advantage. This could be
DEFINITION OF PLAGIARISM                              undertaken in class during assessment or on work
                                                      completed outside of classroom.
“Plagiarism is the unacknowledged use of
another’s words and ideas. Direct quotations must
be accurately cited through in-text and end-text      extendedinvestigation/ExtendedInvestigation-
referencing. Writing another’s ideas in a student’s   Authentication-UndueAssistance.pdf
own words and/or changing the order of the
clauses and/or words is an act of plagiarism unless   STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES
the author of the original is accurately cited.
Plagiarism is a breach of VCE rules.”1                Students are:

In accordance with best practices and VCAA            • responsible for their own learning
guidelines BHCS will not tolerate plagiarism or
cheating in any year level.
                                                      • to develop honest and ethical lifelong
                                                          scholarship practices as a way of showing
                                                          respect for themselves and others
AUTHENTICATION                                        • responsible for submitting work by the due
Students must ensure that all unacknowledged              date. Work handed in after the negotiated
work submitted for assessment is genuinely their          deadline may be marked for feedback
own. Teachers may consider it appropriate to ask          purposes only, and could form part of the
students to demonstrate their understanding of            student’s formative assessment record
the task at, or about the time of, submission of      • responsible for ensuring an electronic backup
the work. If any part or all of the work cannot be        is kept of the assignments created. Problems
authenticated, the matter must be dealt with as a         with continued late submissions may result in
breach of rules.                                          the issue being referred to the Head of School
                                                          or Deputy Principal.
For School-Assessed Coursework undertaken
outside class time, teachers must monitor and
record each student’s progress through to
completion. This requires regular sightings of the
work by the teacher and the keeping of records.
It may be necessary for students to complete
an authentication form (available on VASS) if a
substantial amount of work is completed outside
of the classroom.

                       BHCS SENIOR PATHWAYS INFORMATION HANDBOOK - VCE & VCAL, 2020              PAGE 32
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