Wilfs Menu 2016 - Wilfrid Laurier University Students' Union

Wilfs Menu 2016 - Wilfrid Laurier University Students' Union
Served until 2pm

                   Hungry Hawk                                           Breakfast Skillets
   3 eggs, served any style, with bacon, sausage, toast        All Skillets are served with two eggs, any style
     and a generous por on of our home fries $8.99
                                                                                Meat Lovers
                  Eggs Benedict                             Hash browns, bacon, sausage and ham topped with
    2 poached eggs served on an English muffin and                     Wilf’s four cheese blend $11.49
ham then smothered in Hollandaise sauce with home fries                         Vegetarian
                  on the side $8.99                          Hash browns, mushrooms, onions, tomato, green
                                                           peppers and spinach topped with Feta cheese $10.99
             Smoked Salmon and
                                                                             Philly Cheesesteak
             Cream Cheese Bagel                           Hash browns, Philly Steak, onions, peppers, topped with
  Smoked Atlan c salmon, dill cream cheese, red onion,
                                                                    Wilf’s four cheese blend $11.49
 and capers on a fresh Montreal style bagel. Comes with
            a side of fresh fruit salad $10.99                                    Mexican
                                                            Hash browns, Tex Mex beef, green peppers, tomato,
         Toasted Bagel with Butter                        onions topped with Wilf’s four cheese blend. Served with
        Choice of plain or everything bagel $1.49                         a side of salsa $11.49

    Toasted Bagel with Cream Cheese                                             Benny
       Choice of plain or dill cream cheese $1.99          Hash browns, bacon, Wilf’s four cheese blend topped
                                                                    with Hollandaise sauce $10.99
Wilfs Menu 2016 - Wilfrid Laurier University Students' Union
                                                                   A generous por on of perogies, deep‐fried un l
                                                                    golden brown and topped with green onions.
                                                                       Comes with a side of sour cream. $6.99
                                                                      Ask your server to load them with cheese
                                                                               and bacon. $1.59 each

                                                                        Grilled Bruschetta Flatbread
                                                                      Fresh‐made brusche a served on top of a
                                                                      mul grain flatbread and topped with feta
                                                                                   cheese. $8.99

                                                                                 Nichols Nachos              H
                                                             Purple and gold nachos, piled high and topped with green on‐
                                                                  ions, tomatoes, seasoned ground beef and our four
                                                               cheese blend. Served with salsa and sour cream. $11.99
                                                                           Add a side of guacamole for $1.49
                                                                      Add crispy chicken or grilled chicken $3.99

                                                                                  Pickle Spears
                                                                   Dill pickle spears breaded then fried and comes
                 Wilf’s Spinach Dip                                 with a side of our signature ranch dip. $7.99
   Wilf’s classic spinach dip, served with a combina on
        of nachos and baked pita triangles. $10.49                              Shanghai Shrimp
                                                                 Popcorn shrimp tossed in our own sweet chilli garlic
                 Hummus and Pita
                                                                               cilantro sauce.$11.99
   Roasted red pepper hummus served with seasoned,
               baked pita triangles. $5.99                                  Mac & Cheese Wedges
                                                                       Creamy cheddar cheese mixed with s ck
            Garlic Bread with Cheese                                  macaroni and coated with a crispy cheddar
    Thick sliced bread smothered in garlic bu er then                 ba er. Served with a sweet chilli dip. $7.99
    toasted and topped with mozzarella cheese. $6.49
           Add Bacon to the garlic bread $1.99

    Healthy soybeans, steamed and dusted with kosher
       salt. A healthy way to start any meal. $4.99

                    Mozza Sticks
  Brew City beer ba ered mozzarella s cks are fried un l
golden brown, and served with a side of our marinara sauce
                    for dipping. $8.99

     A flour tor lla rolled with cream cheese, bell and
   jalapeño peppers, mozzarella cheese and hot sauce.
          Served with salsa and sour cream. $7.99
Wilfs Menu 2016 - Wilfrid Laurier University Students' Union
Add a slice of garlic bread for $0.99
           or with cheese for $1.99

                House Soup
    Wilf’s old fashioned tomato soup, served
        with a slice of garlic bread. $4.99
    Add cheese to your garlic bread for $.99

               Soup Du Jour
     Ask your server for today’s soup. $5.49
     Leanne’s French Onion Soup
       Tradi onal onion soup made with
       toasted croutons, and oven baked
           with Swiss cheese. $6.99

                     Garden Salad                                            Strawberry Salmon Salad
A fresh mix of Romaine le uce and baby greens, topped with            Fresh greens, strawberries, goat cheese, dried
 shredded carrots, cucumber and grape tomatoes with your          cranberries, walnuts, tossed in poppy‐seed dressing and
            choice of dressing. S‐ $5.99 L‐ $8.49                           topped with a salmon fillet. $14.99

                         Caesar                                                  Cali Chicken Salad H
  Crisp Romaine le uce tossed with Wilf’s original Caesar         Fresh baby greens tossed in our sweet onion vinaigre e
dressing, and topped with shredded parmesan cheese, bacon       dressing, topped with cashews, sunflower seeds, raisins, red
             and our homemade garlic croutons.                   peppers, feta cheese, topped with your choice of grilled or
                      S‐ $7.49 L‐ $9.49                                            crispy chicken. $14.99

                      Cobb Salad
  Wilf`s take on a classic! Chopped grilled chicken, bacon,
     hardboiled egg, diced tomatoes, Wilf`s four cheese
 blend on top of a bed of romaine le uce. Served with your
      choice of ranch or blue cheese dressing. $14.99

                All quesadillas come with a side of sour cream and salsa. Add a side of guacamole for $1.49
                Feeling extra hungry? Ask your server about adding one of our many sides star ng at $1.99

             Classic ‐ Brusche     a, green onions and our four cheese blend, toasted to golden brown. $8.49

             Spinach and Feta          ‐ Wilf’s fresh made Brusche a, spinach, feta cheese, and our four cheese
                                            blend toasted to golden brown. $9.99

        Buffalo Chicken        ‐ Our famous chicken fingers tossed medium, with tomato, green onion, and our four
                            cheese blend. Spice it up with hot sauce instead of medium. $10.99
Wilfs Menu 2016 - Wilfrid Laurier University Students' Union
The Seagram H
                                                                The meless Wilf’s classic. Crispy chicken strips, shredded
                                                          le uce, tomatoes, and our four cheese blend rolled in a tor lla with our
                                                                     BBQ ranch sauce. Give it a kick with one of our
                                                                              signature wing sauces. $11.69

                                                                                  Buffalo Chicken
                                                                 2 Chicken tenders dipped in Wilf’s medium wing sauce and
                                                              topped with mozzarella cheese, le uce, tomato, and ranch sauce.
                                                                 This tasty treat is served on an ar san ciaba a bun. $10.99

                                                                     Apple, Cheddar & Turkey Sandwich
                                                                  This deligh ul sandwich is filled with turkey, cheddar,
                                                                   Ontario Macintosh apples, baby spinach and honey
                                                                 mustard, served on a toasted ar san ciaba a bun. $10.99

                                                                                             Add Spin Dip
                                                                                             to any Item
                        Pulled Pork Wrap                                                       for 1.99
   A flour tor lla, loaded with pulled pork, Wilf’s four cheese blend,
shredded le uce and tomatoes then baked un l golden brown.
               Served with a side of fries. $10.99                                         The Hawker H
                                                                         Charbroiled BBQ chicken topped with Swiss cheese,
                Chicken Club Sandwich                                bacon, le uce, tomato, and Wilf’s own chipotle sauce. $13.99
    2 slices of fresh toast, mayo, grilled chicken, le uce,
         bacon, tomato and cheddar cheese. $13.99

             Guacamole Turkey Club
      Sliced turkey, bacon, Swiss cheese, fresh tomato,
         le uce and guacamole served on an ar san
                     ciaba a bun. $10.99

                    Grilled Cheese
        Wilf’s four cheese blend melted between two
  slices of fresh bread. Ask your server to make this grilled
     cheese four ways, and enjoy a new twist on a classic
                       sandwich. $5.49
                       Four Ways $6.99

               Chicken Caesar Wrap
    Crisp Romaine le uce, Caesar dressing, bacon bits,
  parmesan cheese and grilled chicken all rolled in a flour
                     tor lla. $12.99

                      Veggie Wrap
  Baby Spinach, house‐made hummus, goat cheese, grilled
peppers, zucchini, portabella mushrooms and onions. $11.99
Wilfs Menu 2016 - Wilfrid Laurier University Students' Union
It’s Greek to be a Laurier Golden Hawk
    This delicious dish starts with your choice of chicken, gyro,
     or falafel served on a toasted pita with Tzatziki, le uce,
      tomato, and feta. Served with a side of rice and Greek
                            salad. $13.99

                 Sesame Beef and Broccoli
      Thin‐cut steak strips sautéed in a pan with broccoli, and our
      delicious Szechwan sauce. Served over your choice of rice,
                        or lo mein noodles. $13.99

                       Green Curry & Rice                                           Wilf’s Famous Buffalo Fingers
 Thai green curry sauce flavoured with coconut milk, green curry paste,         Breaded, seasoned chicken tenders, served with a
spicy jalapenos, cilantro, shallots, and garlic. The sauce is ladled over red    side of plum dipping sauce. Want to spice it up?
peppers, yellow zucchini, snow peas and grilled chicken. Served on a bed        Have your tenders tossed in one of our signature
         of long grain rice and topped with green onions. $12.99                               wing sauces. $13.49

               Soup ‐ $1.99                        Sweet Potato Fries ‐ $1.49              Mashed Potatoes – $1.99
            House Salad ‐ $0.99                      Onion Rings ‐ $1.99                Loaded Mashed Potatoes ‐ $3.49
            Caesar Salad ‐ $1.99                       Pou ne ‐ $2.99                       Carrots & Celery – free
             Curly Fries ‐ $1.49                     Loaded Fries ‐ $3.49                    Long Grain Rice – free


           All burgers start with a half‐pound of ground beef and come topped with fresh tomatoes,
         red onion, leaf le uce and pickles and served on a toasted bun. Burgers are served with a side
           of fries or your choice of upgrade. Ask your server about making your burger gluten free.
          *Subs tute any beef pa y with a veggie burger pa y! Add a second burger pa y for $3.99.

                      Union Burger
            Taking it back to the basics. $10.99                                    Greasy Gator Burger
                                                                      This greasy burger is in recogni on of the Li le House of
            Union Burger with Cheese                                  Gators for winning Hawk Weekend 2016. Grilled cheese
       Your choice of cheddar, Swiss, mozzarella or
                                                                               bun, bacon and chipotle mayo. $13.99
            habanero cheddar cheese. $11.99

                   Southwest Burger                                                   Daddy Mac Burger
                                                                          Cheddar and applewood smoked bacon. $12.99
BBQ Sauce, sautéed mushroom and onions and a slice of
              mozzarella cheese. $12.99
                                                                                         Wil      A
                         The Texan                                                          f’s S dd
       Habanero cheddar cheese, BBQ pulled pork,                                          to a inach
                                                                                               ny i  Dip
       jalapeno peppers and onion tanglers. $13.99                                           1.9 tem
Wilfs Menu 2016 - Wilfrid Laurier University Students' Union
Add a slice of garlic bread for $0.99
                                                                    or with cheese for $1.99
                                                                All pastas available gluten free,
                                                                     please ask your server H

                                                                       Cajun Alfredo
                                                       Fe uccine tossed in our Alfredo sauce and pesto
                                                      with hot pepper flakes, and topped with your choice
                                                        of a Cajun chicken breast or a blackened salmon
                                                                          fillet. $14.99

                                                                   Four Cheese Penne
                                                    Penne tossed in our blush sauce and topped with our four
                                                        cheese blend then baked to perfec on. $11.99

                                                             Wilf’s Spin Dip Mac & Cheese
                                                   Spin Dip with Mac and Cheese do we need to say more? Spin
                                                                Dip, Cream Sauce, Smoked Bacon,
                                                               Parmesan, Cheddar, Jack, and Mozza
                                                                        Cheeses. ‐ $13.99
                                                                        Add Chicken $3.99

          Build your own!
               Sauces (choose 1)
     Pizza Sauce, Alfredo Sauce or Spin Dip

  Pepperoni, Black Olives, Fresh Mushrooms,
 Smoked Ham, Green Peppers, Red Peppers,
 Bacon, Jalapeno Peppers, Tomatoes, Onions,
      Spinach or Pineapple. $1.25 each

                Supreme Toppings:
Spicy Beef, Chicken, Spicy Chicken, Goat Cheese,
   Feta, Wilf’s Four Cheese Blend. $2.25 each
Wilfs Menu 2016 - Wilfrid Laurier University Students' Union
Soft Drinks                                           Hot Chocolate
Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Root                            $1.75
               Beer, Fanta, Nestea
                $2.49 (Bo omless)
                                                                            330ml $2.99
               Bottled Juices
   Minute Maid Orange, Cranberry, Lemonade
                                                                          2% or Chocolate
               and Apple $ 3.25
                                                                       Small $2.49 Large $4.49
                Coffee & Tea
                $1.50 (Bo omless)

                Soup ‐ $1.99                                          Grilled Chicken ‐ $3.99
             House Salad ‐ $0.99                                       Crispy Chicken ‐ $3.99
             Caesar Salad ‐ $1.99
                                                                       Veggie Fingers ‐ $2.99
              Curly Fries ‐ $1.49
          Sweet Potato Fries ‐ $1.49                                    Pulled Pork ‐ $2.99
             Onion Rings ‐ $1.99                                          Salmon ‐ $5.49
               Pou ne ‐ $2.99                                              Steak ‐ $5.99
             Loaded Fries ‐ $3.49                                          Bacon ‐ $1.99
          Mashed Potatoes – $1.99
                                                                       Smoked Ham ‐ $1.99
       Loaded Mashed Potatoes ‐ $3.49
                                                                     Breakfast Sausage ‐ $1.99
           Carrots & Celery – free
            Long Grain Rice – free

                                         Our pledge and promise to you, our guest. Our team will always go
                                          the extra mile to serve the freshest, tas est, and most local food
      Vegetarian Option                 ingredients we possibly can. Our 8oz all beef burgers are handmade
                                        with 100% Halal beef and are gluten free. Our grilled chicken is also
          Vegan Option                   100% Halal, locally sourced and completely natural. Our produce,
                                           fruit and breads are sourced through local companies to ensure
      H   Halal Option
                                           freshness and quality. We take pride in all of our food and will
                                           never serve you anything we would not serve our own families.
      Gluten Free Option
                                               Wilf’s offers a variety of dietary op ons. Although we
   If you require one of the             follow strict handling and prepara on procedures there is always a
 above dietary needs, please                         possibility of cross contamina on occurring.
       inform your server                We can never guarantee 100% that a menu item is gluten/allergen
 Some items may contain
                                                      free. Please make your server aware of any
   nuts and/or allergens
                                                            dietary concerns you may have.
                                     BASKET OF CURLY FRIES - $4.99
                                  BASKET OF SWEET POTATO FRIES - $5.99

                              WILF’s FAMOUS WINGS             H
An order of Wilf’s Wings tossed in one of our signature wing sauces. Served with carrots
                 and celery sticks with a side of ranch dressing - $11.99

                          WILF’s NEW Boneless Wings               H
    All white meat chicken lightly breaded and tossed in one of our signature wing
  sauces. Served with carrots and celery sticks with a side of ranch dressing - $11.99

                               Traditional Sauces
  Mild, Medium, Hot, Melt your Face off, BBQ, Honey Garlic, Sriracha Hot, Wet Cajun,
                              Caesar, Red Ale Chipotle

                                 Specialty Sauce
    Fire & Ice, East meets West, Texas Creole, Rock n `Roll, Sriracha Caesar, Honey
         Awesome, Sweet Caribbean Jerk, Smoke Apple Wood, Parm & Pepper
              (buy one appetizer and get one half price)

                    All you can eat Perogies for $10
                 (add cheese & bacon for $1.99 each)

                           Meal of the Week
                              for $.699

                             $0.75 Wings
            (with purchase of a drink - minimum 10 wings)

                       Fish & Chips - $13.99
Beer battered haddock served with a side of Fries (while quantities last)


                  Half priced Hungry Hawks until 4pm
                       (with purchase of a drink)
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