Service connection - Equipment Service Association

Service connection - Equipment Service Association

Service connection - Equipment Service Association

SERVICECONNECTION AID.EXPAND.PROMOTE.ENABLE.PROVIDE. The Newsletter of the Equipment Service Association AUGUST 2019 ISSUE 1 SEAL FAILURE: PRESSURE SPIKE By Sonny Goldsmith, Hercules Sealing Products Previously printed in the January 2011 ESA Newsletter Occasionally, when repairing a hydraulic cylinder, a loaded or unloaded u-seal may appear to be “broken” or “fractured” around the circumference of the seal where the seal lip joins the heel area of the seal. Or, an unloaded u-seal may appear to have had a sharp object penetrate the heel of the seal at the bottom of the u-cavity formed where the ID / OD lips meet.

This type of failure does not happen often but when found, the cause is most likely due to a significant pressure surge or “spike” in the hydraulic system. Pressure spikes would normally be caused by some problem outside of the hydraulic system. Examples of this would be scooping gravel with the bucket of a loader / backhoe or wheel loader and contacting a rigid, immovable structure (large rock or concrete object) while driving forward. This will cause an extreme pressure spike to be transmitted through the hydraulic system. These spikes will not be evident on a pressure gauge but will be many times higher than the system pressure and may also damage components in addition to the seals.

Frequently other damage which may signal a pressure spike would be bent cylinder rods, broken rod mounts, etc.

Here is a picture of an actual seal which has suffered damage due to a pressure spike. Notice the dark line which runs around the circumference of the seal at the “hinge” of the ID lip and seal heel. Illustration below shows the above failure. Seal Failure

Service connection - Equipment Service Association

2 GREETINGS ALL It seems like only yesterday I was writing about shorter days and summer flying by. Here it is August and we are talking about going back to school. As I travel to some of our branches, I get to speak with our sales guys and get a sense of what is going on out there. One guy told me about how the railroad was cutting their budgets and purchasing was told to buy from intercompany sources or national suppliers with contracts.

Customer service, technical support, and pick-up and delivery service do not mean that much anymore.

In another location, a customer moved his cylinder business to another supplier for a 10% savings. Local inventory and support didn’t matter that much anymore. There are countless other examples of this going on every day everywhere. As we all fight to keep up with the increased manpower challenges, rising business expenses, and shrinking margins, we have to find creative ways to remain profitable. One sure fire way is to “Do what the other guy can’t or won’t do” And usually that involves service. Service and repair is core to our association. Companies that can and do offer these services, typically enjoy better margins and less competition.

Many companies are reluctant to get into service because it requires a large investment in capital equipment, requires hard to find technicians, and comes with considerable liability risk. Those that can offer these services can and should command higher margins.

ESA exists to help our members solve these challenges by offering negotiated benefits that individually we may not be able to obtain, offer training tools and opportunities to develop our workforce, as well as create a network of like minded businesses that can share best practices, near misses and horror stories that help us avoid some of those same pitfalls. I would never tell anyone that this is easy, but I would argue that it is possible. I hope you get value from your membership and are willing to contribute to the association with your ideas, concerns and participation.

We are finalizing the details of the Fall Tech meeting which will be in Austin, Texas.

Look for that announcement very soon. Till next month! Regards, Rick Lindemann AUGUST 2019 ISSUE SERVICE CONNECTION | MONTHLY ESA NEWSLETTER FROM THE ESA PRESIDENT

Service connection - Equipment Service Association

SHOP TIPS ARCHIVE The below shop tip was originally featured in the August 2000 ESA Newsletter. SURFACE AREA APPROXIMATION By: Dan Turner, Turner Hydraulics, Inc. When you are in the field and need to come up with a quick approximation of the surface area of a cylinder’s piston, rod or annular area, try this quick method. There is a formula for area which is D. x D. x .7854. Instead of using .7854, use .75, or the fraction 3/4. What this means is that if you have a square, and draw the largest circle inside of it that you can, the area encompassed by the circle is about 3/4 of the area of the square.

If you have a 4” bore, to find the area, multiply 4 x 4 and then take 3/4 of it. Three fourths of 16 is equal to 12, and that is a good approximation. The complete math comes out to 12.57. The shortcut got us within 5%.

  • SHOP TIPS SUBMISSIONS: Have a Shop Tip you would like to submit to be featured in the newsletter? Email to Serina Hiemstra at shiemstra@ 3 AUGUST 2019 ISSUE SERVICE CONNECTION | MONTHLY ESA NEWSLETTER ESA Member Benefit Provider MSGPAY.COM/QUOTE
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  • HELLO@MSGPAY.COM Request a savings analysis today: SHOP TIPS
Service connection - Equipment Service Association
  • 4 Do you have employees in your organization that could benefit from gaining access to the members only area of the ESA website? Or are you an employee reading this newsletter and thinking, “Hey, I want access!” No problem! If you are and ESA member or an employee of an ESA member, you can now register for login to the Member’s only area of the ESA Website. This area includes access to our newsletters, member benefits, past fall tech and convention powerpoints and more! TO REGISTER: 1. Visit 2. Below the Red login button, click register. 3. Complete the steps listed and submit. 4. Once approved by the ESA, you will have full access to all the goodies behind the magical door. AUGUST 2019 ISSUE SERVICE CONNECTION | MONTHLY ESA NEWSLETTER ASSOCIATE MEMBER LOGIN UPCOMING EVENTS WELCOME NEW MEMBERS 2019 ESA Fall Technical Conference In conjunction with the FPDA Joint Industry Summit
  • October 6-9, 2019
  • Austin, TX
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  • Regular Member
  • Amityville, NY River Bend Hose Speciality, Inc. (Formerly Scotty’s)
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  • South Bend, IN
Service connection - Equipment Service Association

ESA SUPPORTING MEMBERS AUGUST 2019 ISSUE 5 SERVICE CONNECTION | MONTHLY ESA NEWSLETTER Cedar, MN Paul Johnson - (763) 452-0902 AGGRESSIVE HYDRAULICS, INC. Dallas, TX Paul Caudle- (214) 637-9301 ALLOYS & COMPONENTS, S.W. Fairfield, OH Bob Scheaf - (513) 874-3225 CFC SOLAR Robertsdale, AL Marlo Walker - (251) 947-5200 CRC DISTRIBUTION Clearwater, FL Rommy Flores - (800) 777-5617 HERCULES SEALING PRODUCTS Urbandale, IA Courtney Huff - (888) 697-8831 MSG PAYMENT SYSTEMS University Park, IL Sam Tripp - (708) 746-3032 NATIONAL TUBE SUPPLY Ashland, OH John Hovsepian - (419) 281-3700 OHIO TOOL WORKS Macomb, IL Linda Vohs - (586) 786-3920 PANAGON SYSTEMS Waukesha, WI Thom Farrell - (414) 988-6202 POWERX INTERNATIONAL Portland, OR Dennis Stock - (503) 281-0020 SEAL SOURCE New Philadelphia, OH Ron Sandy - (866) 388-6744 R & J CYLINDER & MACHINE, INC.

Chicago Heights, IL Allen Erickson - (708) 753-1850 TEAM TUBE LLC Sioux Falls, SD Tony Arenas - (888) 925-8882 Y2K FILTRATION

Service connection - Equipment Service Association


Service connection - Equipment Service Association

ESA MEMBER PROFILES AUGUST 2019 ISSUE 7 SERVICE CONNECTION | MONTHLY ESA NEWSLETTER BALTIMORE HYDRAULIC 2019 ESA Platinum Status Member 708 East 25th St. Baltimore, MD 21218 Web: Year Founded: 1962 Number of Employees: 25 Number of Locations: 1 Equipment Sold: Hydraulic Cylinders, Pumps, Seals, Fittings, and Hoses. Graco Automatic Lubrication Systems, Fassi Cranes & Jastram Steering Marine. Equipment Serviced: Hydraulic Systems, Components, Cylinders, Pumps, Valves, Grease Systems, and truck mounted equipment.

What’s Unique? Because we are a Service Company, we are very familiar with the pressures that come with unexpected breakdowns or outages. When “Murphy” strikes, our customers count on our expertise and experience to get them running again. We’ve been providing these services and solutions for over 55 years and although we have not seen it all, we’ve seen enough to know what works, BEERMAN PRECISION INC. 2019 ESA Platinum Status Member 4206 Howard Avenue. New Orleans, LA 70125 Web: Year Founded: 1947 Number of Employees: 60-70 Number of Locations: 5 Equipment Sold: Industrial Tools; Hydraulic; Pneumatic; Electric Equipment Serviced: Industrial Tools; Hydraulic; Pneumatic; Electric What’s Unique? Jack Kits, a source for hydraulic parts for Enerpac, Simplex, Power Team, OTC and all SFA Companies.

High-Pressured Hydraulic Hose wholesale offering 10,000 PSI DAKOTA FLUID POWER 2019 ESA Platinum Status Member 3409 N. Lewis Ave., Sioux Falls, SD 57104 Web: Year Founded: 1991 Number of Employees: 200 Number of Locations: 10 Equipment Sold: Pumps, Motors, Cylinders, Hoses, Fittings, Compressed Air Products, Filtration, Soil Probes, Power Units Equipment Serviced: Hydraulic Components & Cylinders, Compressed Air Products What’s Unique? Dakota Fluid Power sells and services both hydraulic products and compressed air products with technical staff trained in both areas.

Along with shop services, DFP offers a large territory for Field Service work. DFP has an OEM division specializing in automation applications, and hydraulic & electrical system engineering and manufacturing.

EMPIRE HYDRAULICS & MACHINE LLC 2019 ESA Gold Status Member 13428 Victory Lane, Adams Center, NY 13606 Web: Year Founded: 1985 Number of Employees: 12 Number of Locations: 1 Equipment Sold: Permco, White, Kawasaki, Cross, Galtec, Hyva Equipment Serviced: Cylinders, Pumps, Motors, Valves What’s Unique? Empire Hydraulics performs custom manufacturing, and has CNC-machining capabilities. We offer resell discounting for OEMs and retailers.

Service connection - Equipment Service Association


2019 ESA Gold Status Member 1100 Russell Rd. Westfield, MA 01086 Web: Year Founded: 1965 Number of Employees: 12 Number of Locations: 1 Equipment Sold: Pressure, temperature & load measuring instruments & high pressure hydraulics. Equipment Serviced: Pressure, temperature & load measuring instruments & high pressure hydraulics . What’s Unique? Committed Customer focus that enhances our Supplier’s business.

WANT TO SEE YOUR COMPANY HERE? Become a Platinum or Gold Status Regular Member TODAY and see your ESA Member Profile listing here! How do you become a member Email today! VALTEC HYDRAULICS, INC. 2019 ESA Platinum Status Member 1100 Pershall Road, St. Louis, MO 63137 Web: Year Founded: 1963 Number of Employees: 21 Number of Locations: 1 Equipment Sold: Cylinders, pumps, valves, filters, hose & fittings, high pressure tools and equipment Equipment Serviced: All types of Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment What’s Unique? Valtec Hydraulics, Inc. is a family-owned business.

We have been servicing the hydraulic and pneumatic industry since 1963. Since then, we have become a leader in the repair and remanufacturing of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, pumps, valves, motors and components. Our company motto: “If We Can’t Repair It, Scrap It.” TURNER HYDRAULICS, INC.

2019 ESA Platinum Status Member 1605 Industrial Drive, Carlisle, PA 17013-0728 Web: Year Founded: 1978 Number of Employees: 40 Number of Locations: 1 Equipment Sold: Eaton, Vickers, Char-Lynn, Aeroquip, Continental, Yuken, Eaton Electrical, Rotary Graco, Custom Hoist, Schrupp Accumulators Equipment Serviced: Industrial Hydraulic Components & Systems / Automotive Servicing Equipment What’s Unique? We are a service and distributor company, recently becoming an Eaton/Vickers distributor. We provide fluid power components & systems to most industries. We have machining and fabrication facilities allowing us to provide turnkey systems, including controls & automation systems.

We have systems running around the world & have provided service in several countries.

Service connection - Equipment Service Association

NEW Abentiy Savings Program This membership benefit is for ALL employees of an ESA Membership. As a member of the Equipment Service Association, one of the many membership perks is access to the Abenity Member Perks Program. What the heck is that you might ask? Abenity is a program that offers access to over 302,000 local and national discounts at work, at home or on the go! Save on thousands of hotels, restaurants, movie tickets, retailers, florists, car dealers, theme parks, national attractions, concerts and events.

How To Access:
  • Log in to:
  • Click the Green Register button next to the username and password field.
  • Fill out the required fields to setup you account and login.
  • Registration Code: ESA2018 NEW Ohio Tool Works Savings Program Ohio Tool Works is a proud supporting member of the Equipment Service Association and is pleased to offer special member only pricing for many of the products and services offered by OTW including:
  • Machinery
  • Tooling
  • Abrasives
  • Honing Oil
  • Training/Consultation/Field Service YRC Freight Savings for ESA Members As the original LTL experts, YRC knows how to move LTL freight with confidence. YRC’s broad portfolio of North American LTL services helps ESA Members by offering direct service to almost every point in the United States and nearly all of the Canadian population:
  • Cross-border services throughout North America
  • No-cost inbound guarantee on trade show shipments
  • Ground and air expedited and guaranteed solutions
  • Specializing in palletized shipments over 150 lbs. To get started, simply submit the enrollment form at and be sure to enter “ESA” in the Association/Group Name field. You will receive a confirmation within two business days. Once you receive confirmation that your account has been updated, you will begin saving when you ship with YRC Freight. Please note, you must be payer of the invoice to receive the savings.
  • MSG Payment Systems: Credit Card & ACH/ E-check Processing Solutions Since 2007, MSG Payment Systems has worked with the Equipment Service Association to provide members with payment processing services. Our solutions allow businesses to collect payments (both B2B and B2C) efficiently and at a competitive price while staying current on compliance rules and regulations. With over fifty years combined experience, we employ a team of highly-trained payments industry veterans whom you may call upon at your disposal. Our payment solutions include:
  • Virtual Terminal: Swipe or key-in credit card and ACH/E-check payments from a web browser.
  • Software Integration: Securely interface payments within your software and point-of-sale system.
  • Payment Terminal: Countertop terminals and PIN pads that simplify payment acceptance.
  • Mobile Payments: Accept payments anytime, anywhere on your phone or tablet.
  • Payment Page Builder: Customize a template page and accept credit card and ACH/e-check payments in minutes, no coding experience or web developer needed.
  • Ecommerce/Shopping Cart: Ecommerce solutions that make it easy to build and manage your online store. Additionally, we offer a suite of value-added solutions that deliver the most of your merchant account: SAVINGS PROGRAM DESIGNED EXCLUSIVELY FOR ESA MEMBERS AUGUST 2019 ISSUE 9 SERVICE CONNECTION | MONTHLY ESA NEWSLETTER
Service connection - Equipment Service Association
  • Next Day Funding: Qualified businesses receive money as soon as the next business day.
  • PCI Compliance: A complete PCI Compliance package to protect your customers and your business.
  • American Express OptBlue: Reduced pricing and simplified reporting and deposits on AMEX transactions.
  • Merchant Reporting: Web-based reporting portal with customizable reports and useful tools to manage your account. Request a complimentary, no-obligation cost analysis of your current provider to see how much you could save with ESA member program. Submit your request on our website or send two recent statements via email (, fax (515-334-7461), or call 888- 697-8831 for more information.

ESA E-Learning Program ESA has partnered with CFC Industrial Training, and Bob Sheaf’s team of experts to offer a new training resource. CFC Industrial Training’s E-Learning web-based training is now available to all ESA Member companies at a significant 40% discount off CFC’s regular pricing! For example, a basic hydraulic skills training program that can be viewed online typically costs $300, but for ESA Members, the cost will be $180 per individual! If you are aggressive with your training, you could also opt for a six-month, flat fee license that provides access to ALL courses. For up to 10 employees, the cost is only $800 for the six-month license.

Imagine being able to train 10 people for only $80 each!

Programs available through the CFC E-Learning portal include:
  • Basic Hydraulics Course
  • Building a Complete Hydraulic Operating System
  • Flow Controls
  • Hydraulic Filters
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Hydraulic Pressure Control
  • Hydraulic Pumps
  • Hydraulic Principles
  • Hydraulic Rotary Actuators
  • Hydraulic Symbology and Schematic Reading
  • Hydraulic Bucket Truck Overview
  • Hydraulic Directional Control Email to get your Coupon Code to access the 40% discount on CFC Industrial Training’s e-Learning Courses today!

NEW MSC Industrial Discount Program The Equipment Services Association is pleased to announce we have recently negotiated a program, on behalf of our members, with MSC Industrial Supply Co. for discounts on product pricing and shipping. This is a great opportunity for our members to leverage the buying power of our overall ESA membership to access better discounting structures than many may be able to obtain independently. In order to allow our members the flexibility to work on additional negotiations with MSC on their own behalf please note this is not defined as a national or contracted program but simply a baseline discount program offered as a courtesy to our ESA members.

Any additional discounts above the program offering are individually negotiated and are not guaranteed to all members of the ESA group. Therefore, in order to receive the benefits of the program you must submit your request for participation through the proper ESA channels. You will not receive any of the ESA program benefits by requesting them through your local representative, telesales contact, MSC customer service representative or self-registering directly on the MSC website. ESA’s Member-Get-A-Member Program ESA will credit your account $100 towards future meeting registration fees for EVERY new ESA Member that you recruit! If you have a prospective new member, let us know and we’ll roll out the red carpet! E-mail ESA Headquarters at and we will send your contact a “Prospective Member Packet.” If they join ESA, you will receive $100 credited to your account towards future meeting registration fees.


AUGUST 2019 ISSUE 11 SERVICE CONNECTION | MONTHLY ESA NEWSLETTER CHECK US OUT ON SOCIAL MEDIA! In today’s age, with the ability to connect and engage with people from around the world, ESA has found social media platforms to be an avenue to do just that with new/existing members. Help us spread the word by liking us and/or following us on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, engaging with and sharing posts that you find interesting/important, or inviting colleagues, friends and family to check out our pages. Let’s work together to spread the word! LINKEDIN: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: NEW ESA Classifieds & Help Wanted Newsletter Section Have something to sell or a position to fill at your business? No problem! Send your classifieds or help wanted positions to with the following information included and it will be featured in the upcoming newsletter:
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By: Brendan Casey, According to an article I read in Hydraulics and Pneumatics magazine, the average operating pressure of mobile hydraulic equipment will soon increase to 450 bar. This is an interesting development. Because while the operating pressures of mobile hydraulic equipment have been on the increase for over 30 years, they haven’t changed much since the current average operating pressure of 350 bar (5,075 PSI) was reached in the early 1990’s. It’s interesting because mobile hydraulic equipment already gets a much harder life than its industrial counterpart.

There are three main reasons for this: THE FIRST IS OPERATING ENVIRONMENT.

While there’s plenty of industrial hydraulic equipment working in dirty, dusty conditions and temperature extremes - this is the norm rather than the exception for mobile. THE SECOND IS TANK SIZE. Due to space and weight restrictions, the tank capacity of mobile hydraulic equipment is always less than ideal. This means that there’s less oil circulating in the system and it has a shorter dwell time in the tank to give up contaminants such as particles, water and air. AND THE THIRD IS OPERATING PRESSURE. Again, while there are plenty of high-pressure industrial hydraulic systems around, it’s mobile that always pushes the envelope.

And the reason for this is simple. In a hydraulic system, power is a product of flow and pressure. Similarly, force is a product of area and pressure. So if pressure is increased, flow and area can decrease for the same power and force respectively. On machines where space and weight are an issue the advantages are obvious.

So while this new operating pressure forecast of 450 bar is not surprising, it will further increase the stress on mobile hydraulic machines. Beyond the obvious material-strength issues - seals, hoses and other components must be designed to withstand the increased operating pressure, consider for a moment how this will impact reliability. As already stated, force in a hydraulic system is a product of pressure and area. So when operating pressure increases - so do loads on lubricated surfaces. Oil viscosity and film strength are vital to maintain full-film lubrication between heavily loaded contacts.

I already consider the oil to be THE most important component of any hydraulic system. But this will definitely be the case for mobile machines operating at 450 bar. Selection AND maintenance of the oil will be critical for optimum reliability.

Similarly, contamination control will be more important than ever. Why? Because the more heavily loaded the machine - the more susceptible it is to wear and damage from water and particle contamination. My prediction is the ‘next generation’ of mobile hydraulic equipment will present real challenges for both machines designers and equipment owners. For machine designers with little or no understanding of hydraulic equipment maintenance and reliability issues - their mistakes and omissions on the drawing board are going to be magnified in the field.

For mobile equipment users whose maintenance practices are unsophisticated or non-existent - their hydraulic equipment operating costs will soar.

The good news is this new generation of mobile hydraulic machines is still a couple of years away. So regardless of which side of the fence you’re on - OEM or end user, there’s still time to get your act together. And The Hydraulic Maintenance Handbook does all the hard work for you. PUSHING THE HYDRAULIC PRESSURE ENVELOPE - AGAIN AUGUST 2019 ISSUE 12 SERVICE CONNECTION | MONTHLY ESA NEWSLETTER ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Brendan Casey has more than 26 years experience in the maintenance, repair and overhaul of mobile and industrial hydraulic equipment. For more information on reducing the operating cost and increasing the up-time of your hydraulic equipment, visit his web site:

  • Aggressive Hydraulics
  • Dakota Fluid Power
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  • Devine Hydraulics
  • Valtec Hydraulics
  • New England Hydraulics I’d like to help support! Donations are Tax Deductible! The ESA Scholarship Fund was established to help provide scholarships to ESA members’ families, employees, and employee’s families, and is supported 100% by donations.

Please make checks payable to the ESA Scholarship Foundation Mail to: Equipment Service Association Attn: ESA/Pat Tombrello 1140 5th Ave. North Birmingham, AL 35203 All Donations to ESA Scholarship Foundation are Tax-Deductible. From: Address: In Memory of: In Honor of: If you would like a memorial acknowledgment letter to be sent, please provide address: Do not publicly acknowledge gift or contribution $25 $50 $100 $250 $500 $750 $1,000 Other _ _

AUGUST INTERESTING DATES & HOLIDAYS National Campfire Day August 3rd Relaxation Day August 15th Senior Citizen’s Day August 21st National Dog Day August 26th AUGUST 2019 ISSUE 14 SERVICE CONNECTION | MONTHLY ESA NEWSLETTER DISCLAIMER This newsletter provides content and references to information provided by third parties.

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Under no circumstances will ESA be liable for any loss or damage caused by reliance on information obtained in this newsletter. Nothing in this newsletter shall be deemed to be a recommendation of any third-party or to constitute any representation as to a third-party’s qualifications, services, products, offerings, information or any other content.


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